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Alan Premel, Former Intelligence Contractor, CIA Whistleblower, Hollywood Film Consultant, Actor & Comic Artist

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BJ Davis, Julia Davis, Alan Premel  below Lt Col Anthony Shaffer, Alan Premel 9/11 Truth, September Morn Roland Carnaby (deceased) CIA contractor
  • Allan Premel  ..is an entrepreneur, writer, Hollywood movie consultant, comic artist and former CIA contractor from a private global intelligence firm. Alan is also involved with the movie 'September Morn'.  In the vein of “Twelve Angry Men” it is a dramatic piece set with the stellar and award winning cast: Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, and more including Alan Premel.  Alan also was a consultant for the movie Top Priority - The Terror Within,  another docu-movie about Julia Davis' struggle with the U.S. Government as a ICE Whistleblower.  Follow Alan at Twitter, IMDb, Wiki Answers, LinkedIn, LastMemories Roland Carnaby. More below
  • Page 2 Whistleblower and best selling author of Operation Dark Heart, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Alan Premel, the Clandestine Comic spoke on stage at Samuel Goldwyn Theatre home of the Oscars at the 2011 Premiere of Top Priority the Terror Within.  And WhoTalking National Seccurity Whistleblowers Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Julia Davis and Alan Premel at the Premiere of Top Priority the terror within at the academy for motion picture arts and sciences in beverly hills may 16, 2012.  More below  and page 2
  • Page 3 September Morn  with Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson To Star In 9/11 'Truther' Film 'September Morn'  Also appearing in the movie are Nick Mancuso, Daniel Sunjata, John Heard, Judd Nelson, Anthony Shaffer. More
  • Page 4 Roland Carnaby was president of the William Francis Buckley chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers in Houston, Texas until he was shot to death by a police officer of the Houston Police Department ( HPD ) after a high-speed chase on April 29, 2008. ...He was a mentor to Alan Premel and also a huge figure in international politics.  World leaders attended his funeral. More
  • SEC Pangea Petroleum Corporation  ...  Company documents   UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, D.C. 20549 FORM 8-K ...   CURRENT REPORT  Charles Pollock resigned from his position as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective December 23, 2007. His resignation is not a result of any disagreement with the Company.    ...   Mr. Alan Premel was appointed President and a member of the Board of Directors on December 23, 2008. Until his appointment as President, Mr. Premel worked as an independent consultant for over 10 years, including internationally. He has advised energy companies as well other small to mid-sized companies.
  •  Alan Premel, Nada Prouty and Mark Zaid ...   Presenting the CIA butterfly to Nada Prouty at the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. at her book signing of her first book 'Uncompromised'. Was specifically designed and created for Nada Prouty personally and features two assassins hidden within the wings of the butterfly. 

  • And presenting national security lawyer Mark Zaid with a diplomatic immunity comic at the international spy museum for an intelligence and spy comics event entitled superman vs the KKK with Mark Zaids client Sabrina de Sousa who is featured in the comic along with Zaid and President Obama. 

  • Sabrina de Sousa   More




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Extraordinary Rendition, Afghanistan

Lara Logan, chief foreign affairs correspondent for 60 minutes

Pavitt's hat,   CIA

Alan Premel    







When Roland Carnaby had James Pavitt speak at an AFIO meeting in 2007, Carnaby gave Pavitt a grey cowboy hat. It was a cowboy hat picked out by Carnaby and Premel together since they both worked with Pavitt over the years. The witnesses to this event were the members of the Houston AFIO as it was presented Pavitt on the evening he spoke.  more










Alan Premel with James Woolsey, former director of the CIA


  • Alan Franklin Premel (1975) is a freelancer, writer, amateur movie critic, comic artist, entrepreneur and former CIA contractor from a private global intelligence firm in Houston Texas (Patriot Petroleum). Founder and creator of Intelligence Kids, Spy for the Cure and was formerly known as the CIA's covert comic and clandestine comic. A member of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC).
  • Background Premel resigned as a manager for a private global intelligence firm in Houston, Patriot Petroleum when the Italian government and SISMI, Italian intelligence services named Premel and his colleagues for extraordinary rendition activities in 2003 linked to the Iman rapido affair also known as Abu Omar. Premel was subpoenaed in 2006, resigned and accused the the firm of being a CIA front, held allegations of cover-ups, mis-management and was subpoenaed for his involvement in the CIA's extraordinary rendition program. Premel was arrested in March 2008 after refusing to cooperate with photos concerning Malta, Egypt, Morocco and his involvements in Italy as a supervisor 2002-2003 with a traveling tiger team where he has refused to cooperate with names and details after he was identified in photos.
  • Early Career Premel made his mark early as an accomplished track & field athlete and was a member of the Texas Junior Olympics for Track & Field and Cross Country for 8 years. Premel, attended Art Instruction Schools while creating his first business, AP Comics where he drew comics out of his home and designed logo's for business owners. He won first prize in the Houston Chronicle's art contest and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's Art competition every year he entered. He attended Humble High School from 91-94 and was a standout in Track, Cross Country, Football and was a member of FCA. He finished out his senior year at Berean Christian School where he was co-captain of the football and basketball teams. He found work in two family businesses Premco Courier, as a driver and another, Premel Building Maintenance as a Janitor.
  • College Premel attended Kingwood College and was in Phi Theta Kappa, International Honors Society and Delta Epsilon Chi and served as Texas State co-President and won 4th place at the DECA National Marketing Championships before continuing on at the University of Houston at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and representing Texas at the US Memoriad, US Memory Olympics in NYC, both in 2000. During college Premel worked two years as a special and private investigator with Global Investigations in Humble Texas. Premel finished out his education under the National Security Education Program and was granted an undergraduate intern for the Intelligence Community.
  • Intelligence Career While working under the auspices of a private firm for national security, Premel, became known as the covert comic where he routinely wrote office humor, moonlighted doing comedy and wrote and drew his first two comic strips, 'Godspy' and 'The Adventures of Patches and Cinders.' On Tuesdays, Premel started a weekly bible study group and coined it 'Christians in intelligence.' And In 2001, after the death of Mike Spann, the first CIA officer killed in Afghanistan, Premel created 'Intelligence Kids.' His motto was, 'Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders Today' and he toured and spoke publicly at schools educating children and teens k-12 on terrorism, intelligence and understanding 9/11 to promote awareness and recruitment for the intelligence community. In the final years of his service and tenure he attended the Sherman Kent Center for Intelligence Analysis also known as the Kent Center. Premel, resigned in 2006 after being linked into investigations and allegations of being linked to the CIA's controversial kidnapping and torture program known as Extraordinary Rendition.
  • Recent During the man hunts for CIA personnel tied to Extraordinary Rendition, Premel, and member of his global intelligence firm publicly discredit themselves to avoid being subpoenaed. During the witch hunts, Premels immediate boss and chief, Roland Carnaby, who was also pursued for rendition was shot and killed in a tragic shooting accident after he fled authorities fearing authorities were after documents he had in his possession linking him to rendition. The death of Carnaby and the disinformation campaign by local authorities in Houston and local media gave the firm needed space from the rendition cases. During the media onslaught it was uncovered that the FBI, in the summer of 2007 used FBI computers and servers to change, alter and discredit several individuals including Carnaby and Premel. Embarrassing details about Premel's relationship with former porn star syvette wimberly broke and the Houston chronicle reported Premel was a Fedex driver. Despite his denial of being tied to a global firm in Houston called Aspyr Global Intelligence, Premel, undergoes investigations and polygraphs with two dozen federal, state and local agencies and remains gagged by courts by a federal gag order.
  • Premel starts his career as an amateur film critic on Rotten Tomatoes and is a freelancer and ghost writer in Houston and contributes to a column in Barstool magazine as Jane Ho and appears on the cover of the Sept 2008, Barstool magazine cover. In Dec 2008, Premel, was named President of Pangea Petroleum and named a member of the board for Avstar Aviation in Jan 2009. In the summer of 2009, Premel becomes an advocate of the James Madison Project, Government Project on Secrecy and becomes a National Security Whistleblower as an advocate on government accountability and the reduction of government secrecy. Premel attended and was an advocate for rewritings on Secret Law by Senators Joseph Lieberman, Feingold and Lindsay Graham. In 2009, after the death of his mother, Premel, creates 'Spy for the Cure' and is listed a letter to President Obama as a whistleblower to reform enhanced whistleblower protection and remains an advocate and wants to testify on government accountability, rendition and the growing abuse of secrecy. In 2010, Premel, was named as a consultant and advisor for International Security Consultation Agency, has resumed his work for intelligence kids and is writing his memoir 'Plausible Deniability' his life as a civilian contractor and NOC operative. Premel is an advocate of the 'Free Desousa' campaign and Diplomatic Immunity for Sabrina Desousa, an accused spy who is also involved in the Abu Omar rendition cases.   MORE BELOW
  • Alan's security team  (enlarge)


Top Priority, The Terror Within, Julia Davis

  • Top Priority - The Terror Within   “Top Priority: The Terror Within” is a documentary film by Fleur De Lis Film Studios. It features an incredible true story of Julia Davis, a national security whistleblower who was falsely declared a “Domestic Terrorist” and subjected to retaliation of unprecedented proportions by the Department of Homeland Security.   ...   In spite of being extensively litigated and mentioned in a book, “Unsafe At Any Altitude”, these sensational events were suppressed from being covered by the media – until now. The truth is no longer a secret.    ...   “Top Priority: The Terror Within” explores issues that have sparked nationwide controversy such as the USA PATRIOT Act and illegal tactics improperly used against law-abiding Americans under the guise of “the war on terror”. Julia Davis, a former federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security, discovered and reported a breach of national security at the largest and busiest land border crossing in the U.S. on 4th of July, 2004. When the DHS failed to act on her reports, she took her concerns to the FBI/JTTF.   Documentary film "Top Priority: The Terror Within" will be made available for distribution to domestic and international buyers by Fleur De Lis Film Studios, as an official Exhibitor at the American Film Market 2012. AFM will take place in Santa Monica, CA, starting on October 31, 2012.  MORE

  •   Top Priority  CIA Whistleblower Alan Premel's review:   I had the pleasure to review the documentary ‘Top Priority, the Terror Within’ last Wednesday at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, home of the Academy Awards (Oscars). The retaliatory undertones ring loud and clear in Top Priority – Silence, Discredit and Destroy. After watching this well written and equally well directed docu-movie you will agree that no one understands the misfortune of being silenced, discredited and destroyed as well as Julia Davis.Directed by rising star Asif Akbar, Top Priority reserves no punches as it bravely tells the untold and unbelievable real-life story of National Security Whistleblower Julia Davis who once served our country as a customs and border patrol agent under the guise of the department of homeland security. Davis’ reward for drawing the attention and shedding light on a real-life breach of national security was to be arrested, discredited and branded a domestic terrorist by DHS.  MORE

  • Wikipedia Asif Akbar (director of Terror Within) is a Bangladeshi pop singer.[1] His debut album was released 30 January 2001 and was a great hit and acquired a lot of popularity for him in Bangladesh with the hit song 'Oh Priya Tumi Kothay!' [ ও প্রিয়া তুমি কোথায় ]. Twenty-five solo albums were to follow dueting alongside singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kumar Sanu, Bappa Majumdar, Dolly Shaontoni, Suzana ansar sonia, kaniz suborna, Munni, Monir Khan and many others He retired from commercial singing on 17/03/2010 to concentrate on his political career

  • IMDb BJ Davis  (Producer: Terror Within)   BJ Davis is a Member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Producers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild. BJ produced controversial documentary feature film "Top Priority: The Terror Within", which premiered at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on May 16, 2012. "Top Priority: The Terror Within" was released theatrically in New York and Los Angeles.    ...   BJ works as an Executive Producer, Producer, Director and Screenwriter, continually coming in on or under budget with all of his film and television productions. Bondable and bankable, he brings experience as a guild signatory with elite entertainment-industry unions. BJ has a degree in Communications and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.    ...   BJ was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Fame and served as a stunt double for five (5) Academy Award winners, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Caine and Art Carney. BJ's two world records are still standing to date: 1) a high fall from a helicopter into the ocean from the height of 180 feet, 2) an aerial neck suspension beneath a helicopter at 70 mph, at 1,000 feet for a period of 20 minutes of flight from Universal Studios to the Santa Monica Pier.  ...   BJ Davis directed Brandon Lee in his first feature film, which catapulted the son of martial arts great Bruce Lee into the spotlight. BJ has appeared in action films with such stars as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris. BJ worked as a Stunt Coordinator and made numerous appearances in Star Trek films, including "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987), "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993) and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991).    ...   BJ Davis fulfilled his longtime dream of saluting America's heroes, Medal of Honor recipients by creating the television series "Medal of Honor" (2000), hosted by Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds.    ...   BJ works in support of charitable organizations, such as the Therapeutic Living Center for the Blind (sponsored by the Conrad Hilton Foundation), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society.    ...   BJ Davis is the President of Fleur De Lis Film Studios, which is a full-service international production company for feature films, TV series, videos and documentaries.    ...   Davis' motto still echoes in all media markets of the entertainment world: "We do the difficult immediately, the impossible by appointment"

  • Wikipedia Julia Davis ...  Julia Davis is a former Customs and Border Protection Officer and a national security whistleblower.[1] She has produced, written, directed, and acted in several film and television projects.[2] Documentary film about Julia's case against the Department of Homeland Security, "Top Priority: The Terror Within" premiered on May 16, 2012[3] at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Contents   [hide 1 Whistleblowing disclosures 2 Settled litigation and media coverage 3 Background and education 4 Film and television 5 References [edit]Whistleblowing disclosures Julia Davis in uniform Customs and Border Protection Officer Julia Davis National Security Whistleblowers Julia Davis & Anthony Shaffer (author of the New York Times bestseller, "Operation Dark Heart") attending the premiere of the documentary film "Top Priority: The Terror Within" at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on May 16, 2012 On July 4, 2004, while serving as a Customs and Border Protection Officer with the Department of Homeland Security, Julia Davis discovered a breach of national security related to the entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries into the United States. This was a designated "date to watch" of paramount importance to the safety of the U.S. After local port management failed to act on this information, Julia Davis made a formal report to the FBI/JTTF. When media inquiries were made by the press with respect to Julia Davis' report to the FBI, Davis was subjected to retaliatory investigations. A Blackhawk helicopter and a Special Response Team were sent to raid the Davis residence. Files found within Osama Bin Laden's compound in 2011 confirmed that July 4/Independence Day was in fact a date of planned terrorist attacks on the United States, again re-confirming the validity of Julia Davis' official reports to the FBI/JTTF that have been closed with "no action" and without any investigation. Settled litigation and media coverage Department of Homeland Security settled lawsuits filed against the agency by Julia Davis and her family." Davis is mentioned in the book "Unsafe At Any Altitude". She has been interviewed on The Norman Goldman Show,The David Cruz Show, Dandelion Salad,  The Corbett Report, INN Radio, The Real Deal with George Calloway The Boiling Frogs Post with Sibel Edmonds and numerous other shows. Background and education Davis holds a Masters Degree in Aviation and Spacecraft Engineering. She also worked as Angelina Jolie's stunt double and is actively involved in many aspects of filmmaking. Film and television Julia Davis authored the screenplay for the feature film "Forget About It", starring Burt ReynoldsRaquel Welch,Charles DurningRobert LoggiaPhyllis Diller and Richard Grieco. "Forget About It" won the Best Picture Award at the New Jersey International Film Festival. Julia Davis produced and wrote the teleplay for the TV Series "Medal of Honor", hosted by Burt Reynolds. She directed 16 episodes of "Medal of Honor". Julia wrote and produced documentary film "Top Priority: The Terror Within", which premiered on May 16, 2012 at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Davis has written articles published in the Los Angeles Homeland Security Examiner, San Diego Reader, Red County and My Tek Life. Julia Davis appears on network television as a national security expert and is frequently interviewed by various media outlets. As of 2012, Julia Davis is a Senior Vice President of Production of Fleur De Lis Film Studios

  • Wikipedia Brittany Murphy  Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack (November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009), known professionally asBrittany Murphy, was an American actress and singer. She starred in films such as CluelessJust MarriedGirl InterruptedSpun8 MileUptown GirlsSin CityHappy Feet, and Riding in Cars with Boys. She voiced Luanne Platter on the animated TV series King of the Hill. Her final film, Something Wicked, is slated to be released on December 12, 2012. Murphy starred in several films, including Clueless (1995); Girl, Interrupted (1999); Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999); Don't Say a Word (2001); the TV adaptation of the novel The Devil's Arithmetic (2001); 8 Mile (2002) and Uptown Girls (2003) as well as many lesser-known films, such as Spun (2002) and Neverwas (2005), which was never released to theaters. In 2003, she starred in the romantic comedies Just Married and Little Black Book (2004) and the critically acclaimed Sin City (2005). She starred in two Edward Burns films: Sidewalks of New York (2001) and The Groomsmen (2006). Film critic Roger Ebert acclaimed her acting talent, giving good reviews to several of her films and comparing her to Lucille Ball. In 2009, she was cast in the Lifetime TV movie, Tribute, as the main character, Cilla. She was set to appear in the Sylvester Stallone film, The Expendables, which was released in August 2010. Murphy was also a voice actor. She voiced the character Luanne Platter on the FOX animated sitcom King of the Hill for the entirety of the show's run from 1997 to 2009, and Joseph Gribble until the fifth season. She also provided the voice for Gloria the penguin in the 2006 feature Happy Feet. She was nominated for an Annie Award for voice acting in the King of the Hill episode "Movin' On Up".[19] Murphy completed her last film, the thriller/drama Abandoned, in June 2009, released in 2010. In November 2009, Murphy left the production of The Caller, which was being filmed in Puerto Rico, and was replaced by Rachelle Lefevre. Murphy denied media reports that she had been fired from the project after being difficult on set, and cited "creative differences". Death and aftermath At 08:00 (16:00 GMT) on December 20, 2009, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to "a medical request" at the Los Angeles home Murphy and Monjack shared. She had apparently collapsed in a bathroom. Firefighters attempted to resuscitate Murphy on the scene. She was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on arrival at 10:04 after going into cardiac arrest. Shortly after her death, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the Associated Press: "It appears to be natural." An autopsy was performed the day after she died. Her death certificate listed the cause of death as "deferred". On February 4, 2010, the Los Angeles County coroner stated that the primary cause of Murphy's death was pneumonia, with secondary factors of iron-deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication. On February 25, 2010, the coroner released a report stating that Murphy had been taking a range of over-the-counter and prescription medications, with the most likely reason being to treat a cold or respiratory infection. These included "elevated levels" of hydrocodoneacetaminophenL-methamphetamine and chlorpheniramine. All of the drugs were legal and the death was ruled to be an accident, but the report observed: "the possible adverse physiological effects of elevated levels of these medications cannot be discounted, especially in her weakened state." Murphy was buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills on December 24, 2009. On May 23, 2010, her widower Simon Monjack was found dead at the same Hollywood Hills residence. In July 2010, Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter stated that the cause of his death was acute pneumonia and severe anemia. It was reported that the Los Angeles County Department of Healthhad considered toxic mold in their house as a possible cause of the deaths, but this was dismissed by Ed Winter, who stated that there were "no indicators" that mold was a factor. Murphy's mother Sharon described the reports of mold contributing to the deaths as "absurd" and went on to state that inspecting the home for mold was never requested by the Health Department. In December 2011, Sharon Murphy changed her stance, announcing that toxic mold was indeed what killed her daughter and son-in-law, and filed a lawsuit against the attorneys who represented her in an earlier suit against the builders of the home where her daughter and son-in-law died.  On January 11, 2012, Angelo Bertolotti applied to the Superior Court of California requesting that the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office be required to hand over samples of his daughter's hair for independent testing. The suit was dismissed on July 19, 2012 after Bertolotti failed to show up to two separate hearings.
  • YouTube comment  Federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security discovers a national security breach related to the entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries into the United States. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, former head of the DEA Robert Bonner can't afford any more media scrutiny, since his incompetence was already exposed in the NASA 'Challenger' disaster. To avoid the scandal, the full might of the government is unleashed against Julia Davis, her family and witnesses. This retaliation reaches the unprecedented magnitude, including four unexplained deaths, Hollywood and the Mafia, false imprisonments and the use of helicopters and airplanes for warrantless surveillance. Amidst many shocking revelations, this documentary provides a new insight into the deaths of well-known Hollywood figures unwittingly dragged into this scandal. The truth is no longer a secret. Release date: Summer 2012 



Alan Premel  ... 2007

    Pic compilation created by NFU  enlarge  

  • NewsFollowUp has researched this issue and has come to a conclusion that for a man who is reported to be a FedEx driver it is surprising to see pictures of him socializing with senior intelligence officers including James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA.  After seeing the whole collection of photos we're now convinced he is not a fake.  There are just too many photos and too much inside information for this to be a hoax.  It is true that Premel has completely alienated himself from portions of the Intelligence Community, but we do believe that he was a CIA agent, he worked with Carnaby as an intelligence contractor and understood Roland Carnaby better than anyone gives him credit.  We created the compilation above to better show that it is James Woolsey.

  • And see Pangea Petroleum, established by Alan Premel, has been launched, stay tuned for more.  see SEC

  • There's been an effort by the Houston Chronicle and others in the Houston area to discredit Alan Premel in connection to the case of the slaying of Roland Carnaby on April 29th, 2008.  We don't know the exact reason for this, but believe it is on-going and involves the protection of foreign nationals, key CIA networks and programs that Carnaby was involved in.   

  • The above summer 2008 picture we received is Alan Premel and former CIA Director James Woolsey at a cocktail party.  We've created a compilation to better highlight Woolsey who appears behind Premel. The faces of other guests have been blacked out to protect there identity.  

  • Premel's name and identity came out publicly last year in a disclosure case with Laura Madden, his ex-girl friend.  (Yahoo)  This event sparked his termination from the CIA, but a successful wrongful termination suit netted him millions.  We are not sure what happened to the multi-million dollar settlement from the CIA he received.   

  • And see Pangea Petroleum, established by Alan Premel, has been launched, stay tuned for more.  see SEC

  • TennTimes The events leading up to and around Premel's departure at CIA could not solely be based on threats from his legal proceedings with Laura Madden.  The disclosure of rendition activities would better explain why there has been so much friction and uproar in the past few months within the clandestine services.

  • Pic compilation created by NFU  enlarge  These are pics from a STS refresher course Premel took at Camp Peary.  Wikipedia Camp Peary is a military reservation in York County near Williamsburg, Virginia. Officially it is referred to as the Armed Forces Experimental Training Activity (AFETA) under the auspices of the Department of Defense, but it is widely believed to be the location of a covert CIA training facility known as "The Farm". It has a sister facility, "The Point", located in Hertford, North Carolina.

  • The pics confirm his participation in the intelligence community.   We believe that Alan Premel worked in the intelligence contracting field after his tumultuous career with the CIA.  He knew these people and they trusted him.   We believe there are hundreds of pics similar to this that will prove Premel's assertions.   Also see Harretz

  • Houston Chronicle "If one believes the various posts about him, Premel is a former CIA wunderkind who won the agency's highest award for valor before a nasty separation and lawsuit that netted him a multimillion dollar settlement." more


James Pavitt with Alan Premel.






Pic compilation created by NFU

CNN CIA covert operations chief James Pavitt retiring.


Skowcroft.com CIA former covert operations chief, James Pavitt






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  • The Premel and Carnaby picture (below) is a great picture and shows in great close up the great detail of these two men together in what they called Hotel Baghdad.  But what is so amazing about the pictures of Premel seen with these individuals out socializing and together is this picture of Alan Premel and James Pavitt.  Pavitt (above), the former DDO (Deputy Director of CIA Operations), the head of the National Clandestine Service CNN.  In the spy world, the #1 man below the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA Director.  This pic confirms our belief that Carnaby and Premel probably walked the halls of CIA together when James Pavitt who ran the show. 
  • April 29, 2008 - Premel and other members of the Houston firm are unaware of Carnaby's death and are in Washington in Room 226 of the Dirksen Office Building on a hearing concerning  'Secret Law' given by Senator Feingold.   more below and see Feingold,gov,  FAS Federation of American Scientists, AirAmerica, OpenHouseProject, ACLU
  • and April 31, 2008 - Alan Premel finds out via email about the death of Roland Carnaby when he arrives back in Houston.
  • Carnaby funeral.   See former President George Bush Senior at the front, Former KGB general Oleg Kalugin who was in Houston in November 2007 by invitation of Roland Carnaby.  On the back row, James Pavitt, other side George Tenet in the back row, in the middle an unnamed us policy maker and on the front an unnamed Lebanese officer.  source
  • June 2008 - A photograph of Roland Carnaby's funeral is released and shows former CIA director and US President George H Bush (41), Former KGB General Oleg Kalugin (who was with Carnaby in November of 2007 in Houston) former DDO of CIA James Pavitt on one side carrying a casket and on the other as clear as day in the back George Tenet and in the middle a US congressmen who was not named since they are still in active service and an unnamed Lebanese intelligence officer. The pictured was verified by intelligence experts as being all of the men in question and was analyzed to see if it was doctored by software such as Photoshop and it was proved as not a fake. This is undeniable proof that Carnaby was something more and officially resting the case on whether he was CIA.
  •  The connection between everyone in this case seems to be Patriot Oil & Gas. We believe it was a  CIA front company that  was ran out of Houston from the first Bush Administration until the current Bush.  Patriot Oil  came out publicly in the media as a legitimate front that was used in operations to Central and South America to fund weapons to rebel groups, to overthrow governments and set up friendly democracies.     
  • Would James Pavitt have been in a public setting, socializing and partying with Alan Premel if he had not known him?  These men in that field and with that experience do not just let random people come up to them and they certainly do not allow pictures with them.  So what are the odds of him knowing Carnaby, the odds of being with Woolsey on another night and the odds of being photographed with James Pavitt after being publicly tied into CIA, a cover company and Carnaby's firm.  Pictures are worth a 1000 words and we find no evidence of the use of Photoshop.  We believe we have proved Mike Tolsen at the Houston Chronicle wrong.
  • 2011, Israel's nuclear smuggling network was key element in Carnaby murder  more

Alan Premel, Roland Carnaby


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  • Some highlights
  • AFIO National, and AFIO Houston Chapter Officers, Roland Carnaby.
  • Alan Premel, early career and military training, Peary, more
  • BarStoolMag  article on Alan Premel, September 2008, cover and articles.  
  • Belvedere, Alan Premel, VIP, photos.  more
  • Carnaby was a mentor and father-figure to Alan Premel, ... but they also had major disagreements and turmoil in their business relationship.  see timeline
  • TennTimes The events leading up to and around Premel's departure at CIA could not solely be based on threats from his legal proceedings with Laura Madden.  The disclosure of rendition activities would better explain why there has been so much friction and uproar in the past few months within the clandestine services.
  • Carnaby and Premel, Patriot Oil & Gas, private intelligence contracting,  more  in timeline
  • Congressional testimony by Premel, Bush's Rendition Program. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence  Hearing/Meeting: Closed Hearing: Renditions Closed Date & Time Wednesday, February 14 2007 2:30 PM Location Hart Witnesses & Opening Statements  Prison ships.  more
  • Dockets, Justia, Susan Carnaby, ... Premel testimony in lawsuit?  more
  • YouTube Carnaby death, Lebanese family name Karnabe,  & YouTube  tn
  • Alan Premel knew Roland Carnaby for ten years and was his business partner, private intelligence contractors  and rendition.
Alan Premel with Roland Carnaby
  • The identity of Roland Carnaby is still that of a mystery.  An important part in unraveling who Carnaby was, and where he worked is closely wrapped up in the identity of Alan Premel.  In April of 2008, the Houston Chronicle ran an incriminating piece on Alan Premel being a fraud.  They were not aware at the time of the evidence that we present here.  See Houston Chronicle archives of Carnaby / Premel articles.  Again, we believe we have proved the Chronicle wrong.
  • Wayne Madsen has reported that Carnaby never knew Premel, but here's the proof he did.   Carnaby is said to have not allowed pictures with anyone unless they were CIA senior brass and officers he had worked with in the past.  Months later as investigators unravel this case and the mysteries surrounding it they are finding out that Premel was not only real but that he worked for the very company that Carnaby ran out of Houston.  It was a  private global intelligence firm.  
  • Premel, who was reported as working for FedEx earlier in the year and lived at home with his parents.  It is true that Premel carried a second job with FedEx because he has said that he received no benefits with Carnaby and the firm.  After Premel's 2005 divorce he needed healthcare benefits and turned to FedEx for a part-time shift.  His mother went through cancer treatments three times over  three years which had brought him to Houston in the first place.  
  • We truly believe that a disinformation campaign has been waged against Premel.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about these two.  Were confident that the court proceedings will prove that Carnaby was a bonafide contractor of the Intelligence Community.  Not only that he worked alongside CIA, but FBI, and the Secret Service
  • More on 'Palooza' soon.  more on Katy soon  
Houston Chronicle


see all Chronicle articles on Carnaby and Premel


  • Houston Chronicle May 11, 2008, Blogs, "CIA brother' spin zest into Carnaby mystery Friend's ex-wife calls claims about spy work hogwash.    By MIKE TOLSON Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle     ...     When it comes to Roland Carnaby, the truth is out there — way out there. So far out that you reach the blogosphere before finding anything that publicly connects him to his beloved Central Intelligence Agency, which he claimed to still patriotically serve when Houston police shot him down at the end of a crosstown chase on April 29.     ...     But even that obscure, blog-world confirmation is not what it seems to be, which is pretty much what you get with Carnaby, the curious 52-year-old son of Lebanese parents who spent much of his time in bars and restaurants dropping broad hints that he was somebody, or something, else.    ...    The "proof" of his tie to the CIA — denied repeatedly by the agency itself — comes indirectly through a Houston man, Alan Premel, who supposedly served with him and who has been linked to him on numerous Internet sites. If one believes the various posts about him, Premel is a former CIA wunderkind who won the agency's highest award for valor before a nasty separation and lawsuit that netted him a multimillion dollar settlement." see all Chronicle articles on Carnaby and Premel  and Crimeshots
Premel's family, and superiors.

Pic compilation created by NFU

 Alan Premel's family and a US Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel in Virginia, where he was stationed.

Premel's family, and superiors.

 Alan Premel, with family and friends.

  • TripAtlas "Alan Premel, author, artist and former CIA case officer, Balkans and OREA supervisor and DI Analyst of the ultra secret Analytic Red Cell. was forced to sue Tenet in his capacity as DCI during his tenure at CIA through a Wrongful Termination suit where Premel was awarded $41 million dollars after a tumultuous 4 year long Lawsuit where CIA gave Premel a bugged laptop and botched 3 re-investigations. Premel and Tenet are friends today.  Premel went on to speak to a closed session with the SSCI and continues to run a charitable organization for the families and children of fallen CIA officers called Intelligence Kids."  Source: Wikipedia  file
Feingold 'Secret Law' hearings
  • April 29, 2008 - Premel and other members of the Houston firm are unaware of Carnaby's death and are in Washington in room 226 of the Dirksen Office on a hearing concerning 'Secret Law' given by Senator Russ Feingold.  
  • By Mr. FEINGOLD (for himself and Mr. Whitehouse): S. 3405. A bill to prohibit secret modifications and revocations of the law, and for other purposes; to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Mr. FEINGOLD. Mr. President, today, the junior Senator from Rhode Island, Senator Whitehouse, and I will introduce the Executive Order Integrity Act of 2008. The bill prevents secret changes to published Executive Orders by requiring the President to place a notice in the Federal Register when he has modified or revoked a published Order. Through this simple measure, the bill takes an important step toward stemming the growth of secret law in the executive branch.
  • Feingold,gov,  FAS Federation of American Scientists, AirAmerica, OpenHouseProject, ACLU
College of Business at the University of Houston.
  • 2000 - Premel resurfaces in 2000 in Houston participating in a management internship for business school at a company called 'Building Enterprises' in Houston. He was attending graduate studies at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation through the College of Business at the University of Houston. Other reports indicate that he has a second job and that he was an OREA Supervisor. Whatever you believe cover story or truth we know that Premel is involved in a nasty wrongful termination settlement with CIA with kicks off the next year.   

The cartoon character 'Cinders' created by Alan Premel

  • Alan Premel started a company in Houston called 'Intelligence Kids'  where he spoke to children at schools on terrorism, intelligence and understanding 9/11.  It was launched in 2003 after the death of CIA officer Mike Spann, the first CIA operations officer in Afghanistan. It was registered with the county and Premel used his own funds to create t-shirts and prizes for young students. Again, why would someone who is a regular guy have connections to CIA through CIA kids, NSA's crypto-kids and start his own business specifically talking to children on intelligence?  Again, simply, he was something more then we have been told. Intelligence Kids has since been shut down in recent years and is no longer in existence.
Premel testified before a closed session of Congress with CIA's Director, General Hayden. 
  • During much of 2007 Premel was off the radar and then resurfaced in Washington for more detailed talks on rendition.  It was revealed that not only did he have knowledge about rendition activities and flights into eastern Europe, also that he was a CIA supervisor. 
  • Wikipedia Extraordinary Rendition   Extraordinary rendition and irregular rendition are terms used to describe the apprehension and illegal transfer of a person from one state to another.[1] "Torture by proxy" is used by some critics to describe situations in which the United States has purportedly transferred suspected terrorists to countries known to employ harsh interrogation techniques that may rise to the level of torture.    ....    It is alleged that the CIA runs a secret global abduction and internment operation of suspected terrorists, known as “extraordinary rendition”, which since 2001 has captured about 3,000 people and transported them around the world. It has been alleged that torture has been employed with the knowledge or acquiescence of the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom. Condoleezza Rice, then United States Secretary of State, said in an April 2006 radio interview that the United States does not transfer people to places where it is known they will be tortured.     ...    The US program prompted several official investigations in Europe into alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states. June 2006 report from the Council of Europe estimated 100 people had been kidnapped by the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on EU territory (with the cooperation of Council of Europe members), and rendered to other countries, often after having transited through secret detention centers ("black sites") used by the CIA, some sited in Europe. According to the separate European Parliament report of February 2007, the CIA has conducted 1,245 flights, many of them to destinations where suspects could face torture, in violation of article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.[7] A large majority of the European Union Parliament endorsed the report's conclusion that many member states tolerated illegal actions of the CIA and criticized several European governments and intelligence agencies for their unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation. Within days of his inauguration, President Obama signed an Executive Order opposing rendition torture and establishing a task force to provide recommendations about processes to prevent rendition torture.[8]
  • And in late 2007, Premel testified before a closed session of congress with CIA's Director, General Hayden.   ....   Premel, has knowledge about the extremely controversial program, Extraordinary Rendition.  ...   Now, it would not matter, the U.S. Congress in July 2008 passed new laws for rendition.  They made  it illegal to prosecute and hold CIA officers or U.S. Military personnel tied to the program in a court of law.  President Bush and Congress granted retroactive immunity to those U.S. officers who were awaiting rendition charges.   more  & Timeline
  • Congressional testimony by Premel, Bush's Rendition Program. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence  Hearing/Meeting: Closed Hearing: Renditions Closed Date & Time Wednesday, February 14 2007 2:30 PM  Witnesses & Opening Statements  Prison ships. 
Jamie Kennedy, Alan Premel


Wikipedia, Jamie Kennedy


Reality Show?

  • Aeonity  "Aside from dating a former porn star Premel has enjoyed the lime light and Hollywood A-list life through a number of celebs from dating both Rachel McAdams and Paris Hilton (wrong information on McAdams and Hilton), already has a reality show inked and ready for early 2008 which they are about to start filming will host actor and comedian Jamie Kennedy opposite of Premel and Hilton in a brand new reality show.   Jamie Kennedy  Jamie Kennedy   Jamie Kennedy and Alan Premel.  Kennedy performed at a USO event at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq, 2007.  Wikipedia
  • Aafia Siddiqui & Children , ABDEL AL GHAZZAWI aka Al Ghizzawi, Abdul Rahman, Abdul Ghappar , Abdulrahim Abdul Razak Al Ginco, Akram Kashkul Ali al-Dulaimi, Enaam Arnaout, Letter from Enaam Arnaout, Fayiz Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari, Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi, Maher Rafat al-Quwari,Majid Khan, Mohamed Mani Ahmad al-Qahtani. Mustafa Ahmed Hamlily aka Hamlili, Mustapha Labsi, Noureddine Malki, Omar Ahmed Khadr, Remember Abu Ghraib, Sabir Lahmar, Saifullah Paracha, Shaker Aamer, Tariq Biassi, Uzair Paracha, Mohamed Jawad, Journalist Parwiz Kambakhsh, Dr. Al-Arian Transferred to Virginia, for John Walker Lindh for Mohammed Khawaja, Free Farid Hilali Petition, Seyed Mousavi, Guantanamo: Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr, John Walker Lindh, Mohammed Omer - Journalist detained by Israel, Sami Al-Arian, Ziyad Yaghi, Statement From Hider Hanani aka Amar Makhlulif, rendition detainee list
Paris Hilton and Rachel McAdams
  • The reports that he dated Paris Hilton and Rachel McAdams are all wrong and part of a smear campaign.  The real story from our sources is that he didn't date McAdams but he knew her.  Premel met her through Roland Carnaby in New York at a gallery.  And as far as Paris Hilton goes, he also did not date her, but knew her in the context of entertainment productions involving spy themes placed in Berlin and London.  Roland Carnaby was fully aware of Premel's business dealings with McAdams and Hilton.
  • Nationmaster Baer's books See No Evil and Sleeping with the Devil were the basis for the 2005 Academy Award winning Warner Brothers motion picture Syriana. The film's character Bob Barnes (played by George Clooney) is loosely based on Baer. For this role Clooney won a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. To better resemble Baer, Clooney gained weight. When Baer learned of this, he was inspired to get back into shape. Baer shares his Hollywood pull with former CIA colleague Alan Premel who also oversaw script writing on Syriana.

  • In a strange series of events Alan Premel, was arrested after investigators ransacked his residence and found the stolen ipods that Roland Carnaby had given to Premel.  more  & Timeline
Alan Premel


Houston night life.

Pic compilation created by NFU

see Timeline  2008


Alan Premel, movie critic


Latin Grammy Awards, Houston

November 13, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen at two major events in one evening in Houston. The Houston Premiere of the new James Bond thriller 'Quantum of Solace.' Premel still continues to do movie reviews. And he is seen walking in on the blue carpet for the VIP-only after-party for the 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards  in Houston at Venue Nightclub. Guests included Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Flex, and Andy Garcia.
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  • Carrington Express One morning in the late stages of 2005, Alan Premel awoke in a pitch-black hotel room. The then, executive pay grade private security consultant knew he needed to see home, US soil and his family. Instead he had 3 weeks left on a tour through 3 far flung cities overseas in Europe for the Central Intelligence Agency. 
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  • RumorMill News Many people, including Skolnick and several women who were part of the CIA’s Project Monarch – the sex slave project, believe that Monica and her parents worked for the Israeli Mossad. Sources have told RMNews that Dr. Lewinsky and his wife were Mossad assets while they lived in Panama.

  • Soros His $$ support of  'left' sites do affect the news.  No reporting on reopening 911 investigation, Russian Israeli mob, 'left' gatekeeper,  and see  Carnaby CIA murder in Houston.  

  • Thewe.cc  US learned torture from Israel, Jabour, bucket as toilet, freezing, naked, 14 hour interrogation, Israel exports torture, 

  • WMR has also discovered that Carnaby's Texas Concealed Handgun License denoted the category "SA," meaning "Special Agent," a code that appears on the permits of law enforcement and intelligence officers in Texas, including CIA, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents. The Houston police who stopped Carnaby clearly saw this code on his permit. more   at AIPAC page.

  • WhatReallyHappened, Israeli Art Students, Houston, MOSSAD, Moving Systems Incorporated, falsified travel logs, Reisler, Katar, Elmakias, Sunke, Zui.  and Ron Hatchett, DOD, KHOU, Anna Werner:  Dallas, DEA, Earle Cabell Federal Building, student wandering the halls, arrested 15 people, phony passports, classified evidence.

  • WMR " WMR has learned that the Houston police official who refused to call off the chase after the FBI confirmed Carnaby's CIA status is under investigation by federal authorities and is suspected of being an Israeli intelligence mole within the Houston Police Department"  search terms: HPD refused FBI request to call off chase, Carnaby investigating Cheney alternate chain of command involved in Minot Barksdale nuclear weapons transfer... full article ...and  more  at AIPAC page.

  • WMR...the city of Houston refuses to abide by the plaintiff's request to preserve Carnaby's property as evidence ... and has disposed and dispersed that property, more search terms: laptop turned over to Secret Service, CIA identifications evaluations, Judge Keith Ellison, videotapes, audiotapes preservation,  full article

  • See WMR for latest on Carnaby .... role in identifying Israeli intelligence financing that made him public enemy number one for the Israelis.  Relates to Cheney, Lebanon, Iran attack.  more  


  • BarStoolMag  article on Alan Premel, September 2008, cover and articles.  more
  • Carnaby was a mentor and father-figure to Alan Premel, ... but they also had major disagreements and turmoil in their business relationship.
  • Carnaby and Premel, Patriot Oil & Gas, private intelligence contracting,  more
  • Congressional testimony by Premel, Bush's Rendition Program.  Prison ships.  more
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  • Alan Premel knew Roland Carnaby for ten years and was his business partner, private intelligence contractors   more
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  • Level Battle Field Doctrine and rendition?  more  and Jonathon Pollard

  • This page concerned mostly with the Premel / Carnaby relationship before Carnaby's death.  

  • Click2Houston   Carnaby chase, shooting death, Highway 288, April 29, 2008, "Investigators found credentials that showed Carnaby worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, which the CIA denies."  Premel was questioned and released by the HPD.

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  • See WMR for latest on Carnaby's work on Israeli issues.  ...Carnaby's role in identifying Israeli intelligence financing that made him public enemy number one for the Israelis.  Relates to Cheney Iran attack. full article and  more
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  • Alan Premel has challenges to overcome.  His reputation suffered because of a controversial relationship to a porn actress Laura Madden ... and he will be in court to face charges in the theft of Ipods.  Was he setup? ... to keep him quiet.  

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  • Kallinen said officers with the Houston Police Department failed to follow its own policy regarding chases and high-risk vehicles. ..... should have taken cover and talked Carnaby out of his sport-utility vehicle.  Guns returned to officers, ... court ordered to (Chronicle)  preserve evidence.
  • KHOU But Dr. Paul Radelat, who examined Carnaby’s body on behalf of the family told 11 News that the gunshot wound to his back was so devastating, that even if he had been in the “lobby of a hospital,” when he was shot he would likely have not survived.
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  • Rightcoast Carnaby possessed detailed information about former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's relationship with convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, information that connected DeLay and other top Republicans to pay-offs from organizations and individuals linked to the Russian-Israeli Mafia and Israeli intelligence. and WMR, PrisonPlanet
  • notes: Don Clark ...A former FBI agent named Don Clark made this public statement about Carnaby: "I only knew him as Tony," said Don Clark, FOX 26's security and law enforcement analyst and former FBI agent. "I had no idea what his name may have been or was. The name that was in the newspaper, I had never seen that name before."  GeneDios.LiveJournal
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  • notes:  Wayne Madsen Report "...has learned from knowledgeable sources that Carnaby also had information on Abramoff's Sun Cruz casino boat operation in Florida, a case that involved a mob hit on Sun Cruz's former owner Gus Boulis, and the events of 9/11 (see Abramoff / Rove )
  • World Net Daily Terry Lenzner
  • Notes:  One of the CIA's former counter-terrorism chiefs and pioneers in covert operations, Roland Carnaby retires.   ...   In the past few months, Mr. Carnaby, who has led a private intelligence firm in Houston, Texas has been delegating more and more daily responsibilities to his lieutenants and is completing his succession planning, say people familiar with the matter. A decision about his departure could come within weeks, though the situation remains fluid, say these people.   ...   Alan Premel, 32 years old, whom CIA recruited in 1997 and whom Carnaby personally recruited in 2002 to work with the private intelligence firm in Houston has emerged as the leading candidate to succeed him, added these people. A spokesperson familiar with the retirement plans stated that Premel and his current worries with the US Senate over allegations and ties to the CIA's Rendition program and his recent resignation from CIA amid a slew of disclosure cases pulls him out of the race for President and chief of such a power position within the intelligence community.   ...   The departure of Mr. Carnaby, 52, would mean the loss of CIA's most experienced, talented and high profile clandestine officers in management. Few executives who helped pioneer the commercialization of private intelligence and private security firms have remained on top for as long, except for some who can also claim founder titles, such as Patriot Oil, and Pan-American Shipping and Consulting Group.   ...  

  • Swanshadow comment: "This Laura Madden is really making a name for herself. She is dating, boyfriend, Alan Premel a former CIA officer, former professional track athlete, comic artist. How did a porn star end up with a guy like Premel? He has spoke in front of Congress twice. Once in a closed session on Intelligence matters and the second for Christians in the Middle East. Assyrian Christians and Philangists along with actress Rosie-Malek Yonan. He has been linked and already dated Paris Hilton and Rachel McAdams from the movie 'the Notebook'. She might be in this for the money, porn that is. Or she might be just in it for the sex and the fame. Well, she picked the right guy. Alan Premel is connected to Hollywood and has overseen script writing on two major spy movies and does movie reviews. He is also known as the CIA's former Covert Comic. He could turn this bad porn image into a good one. Premel does a lot of philanthropy and community charity projects for children. He started Intelligence Kids in 2003 when Johnny Michael Spann, former CIA officer was killed in Afghanistan. I feel sorry for him for his image which is obviously going to be run through the mud after dating her."

  • 2007 - Autumn 2007  Laura Madden is out of porn. Becomes a Christian and is cleaning up her life.  See Timeline, Alan Premel   We constructed this pic to support the no porn pic.  The first two are widely circulated on the net.  The third is not.  They are all Laura Madden.

  • Lawsuit by Young Jewish Attorney Charges Anti-Semitism at CIA-Source Says "They're Out of Control;" ADL Offers Sensitivity-Training  5/8/2008 JonathanPollard.org: Ciraslki helped legitimize Premel in an NBC interview - "Mr. Ciralsky's case is based on a CIA document which speaks of "rich Jewish persons and friends from college." Supporting Likud? The document says Mr. Ciralsky has ties to and supports the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and adds "He may not be telling more because it makes him and his family appear as fanatic supporters of the hard-line Likud party-and he does not want to be portrayed as such." ...According to a report by Seth Gitell in the Forward, the Ciralsky case has now deteriorated to a semantic brawl between Mr. Sher and Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. According to the Forward, after 14 years of refusing to help Jonathan Pollard because he did not believe anti-Semitism played a role in his case, Mr. Foxman has recognized that the CIA is chock-full of "discrimination, prejudice, and anti-Semitism." But, Mr. Sher said, Mr. Foxman has recognized these failings in the agency only because the CIA is now willing to pay the ADL for the organization's "sensitivity training."  N4042J N4222A N439CA N4489A N6161Q N713M N7241E N7369S N861CM N9216Q N933PB N960BW N961BW N962BW N962BW
    CIA Employee, Ciralsky, Claims Agency Harrased Him Over 'Israel Ties'  5/8/2008 JonathanPollard.org: Was there an Israeli angle to the neocon hit on Carnaby? Ciralski helped establish
    Premel as legitimate.  Adam Ciralsky on "DarkSide" Ops and Alan Premel  5/8/2008 NBC: by Adam Ciralsky, 9/25/07 - "I served at CIA in a legal capacity and i wanted to ask a former CIA officer their take on it. So we turned to recently resigned CIA former clandestine service officer and analytical red cell analyst Alan Premel for his input on the buzz surrounding bin Laden."  The Adam Ciralsky and David Tenenbaum Cases  5/8/2008 JonathanPollard.org: Ciralsky interviewed Alan Premel who has been linked to Carnaby.   "The following articles detail the case of Adam Ciralsky, a former CIA employee, and David Tenenbaum, a U. S. army engineer, both of whom were singled out for investigation as potential spies for Israel because of their religion."

  • TennTimes In the end it looks like Alan Premel might have won out. He has 3 private companies, all of which are tied linked and created around the Intelligence Community and he receives annual checks from CIA after a tumultuous 4 year long lawsuit against CIA. Where CIA eventually settled out of court. Premel, has taken the money and invested $30 million in Intelligence Shareholder Stock through the CIA's stock IQT and has solidified himself as an investor and philanthropist in Houston and Washington DC for numerous charitable causes. Alan Premel continues to run Aspyr Global Intelligence in a small suburb outside of Houston Texas.  

  • Posted By: bishop2pawn @ 02/18/2008 2:19:41 AM Comment: I closely followed rendition through the news over the past year and just recently watched a CIA officer, Alan Premel on Geraldo at large tonight after learning about Kosovo's independence. After checking on this man i read reports about his ties to rendition and coming out of the CIA this past year where even he was indicted on rendition and had to speak before Congress.. Rendition at the heart of it after all the propaganda, people have to realize that it was real. It happened and at the same time there was a war going on. People on all sides of war make mistakes. However, i think that if men were wrongfully imprisoned i think that they should have the governments involved apologize. But then when i think about it. If the governments apologize then it exposes sexret programs. So what are agencies like the CIA to do? I am appreciative of any type of medium who wants to take on issues of war or against war. With rendition, so much of it is going to be against the program because so much is not known about it. We have to entrust the testimonies of individuals such as CIA officers coming out now to get their takes on it. Only problem is, they cant talk about it. I look forward to seeing the truths coming out 20 years from now when people start talking.  N964BW N965BW N967BW N968BW N989BW

  • NiqueHappy  "At the premier Premel and Witherspoon did not arrive together. Alan Premel arrived with socialite Allyson Ivey Macarthur, a granddaughter of general douglas macarthur. The two arrived at the premier and were reported talking with her later in the evening" Rendition premiere.  (again wrong information, according to our sources, Allyson Ivey Macarthur is not related to the famous general)

  • CBS News You may not have heard the term "rendition," at least not the way the Central Intelligence Agency uses it. But renditions have become one of the most important secret weapons in the war on terror.  In recent years, well over 100 people have disappeared or been "rendered" all around the world. Witnesses tell the same story: masked men in an unmarked jet seize their target, cut off his clothes, put him in a blindfold and jumpsuit, tranquilize him and fly him away.   ...   They're describing U.S. agents collaring terrorism suspects. Some notorious terrorists such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind of 9/11, were rendered this way.   ...    But as Correspondent Scott Pelley reports, it's happening to many others. Some are taken to prisons infamous for torture. And a few may have been rendered by mistake.

  • AFIO Here are the officers for the 2007-2008 Lt. Col. William Francis Buckley Chapter of the AFIO (Houston). Roland V. Carnaby  rolandcarnaby@afiohouston.com, President; Alfred G. Platt fredplatt@afiohouston.com, Vice President; Peter C. Jackson peterjackson@afiohouston.com, Secretary; Ronald L. Gelner ronaldgelner@afiohouston.com, Treasurer; Michael C. Bechaud michaelbechaud@afiohouston.com Director of Security ... About AFIO-Houston Chapter The AFIO Houston Chapter is named in honor of: Lt. Col. William Francis Buckley, CIA Officer and American Hero Killed in the Line of Duty, 1985 ... We are mindful and appreciative of his sacrifice And grateful for his life of service and honor. AFIO-Houston is a rapidly growing chapter whose members include distinguished members of the Intelligence Community, political leaders, as well as area business and civic leaders. ... The chapter was formed about 20 years ago by the late CIA Officer Fred Redell. After a period of inactivity, we have renewed our mission under the leadership of AFIO-Houston President Roland V. Carnaby and his team (see the "Officers" page for more info).

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  • Beyond Secrecy, Aspyr Global  A battle hardened and battle tested CIA war hero from a little known covert CIA war in the Balkans against the Chechens. Premel emerged as a hero and recipient of the CIA's highest honors in including The Legion of Merit Medal, The Distinguished Intelligence Cross, and the Intelligence Star. Premel, a victim of discrimination at CIA in 2001 sued the Central Intelligence Agency for $41 million dollars and was awarded an undisclosed amount in late 2005.    file
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  • The Irgun blew up buildings and killed hundreds of innocent people in order to achieve the goals of militant Zionism in occupied Palestine."
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  • RumorMill News Pollard is being held is because he uncovered a secret United States operation called the “Level Battlefield Doctrine.”  To Northrup, the term “level battlefield” remains a benign epithet masking he policy’s truest intentions. The name is akin, Northrup said, to the term “incident at altitude” used to describe a crowded jetliner blowing up in mid-air. The Level Battlefield Doctrine’s ramifications are anything but benign. However, it has become the basis of American Middle Eastern policy, all be it, a secret one.  The Level Battlefield Doctrine states that Israel is responsible for the tensions that exist in the Middle East. Under this policy, the United States has developed a “back door” relationship with middle eastern countries supplying them with weapons in return for oil.   Jonathon Pollard
  •  History Commons "Human rights groups claim that the US is operating “floating prisons” as detention facilities for prisoners taken in the “war on terror.” The groups claim that the US is keeping prisoners aboard ships such as the USS Ashland, the USS Bataan, and the USS Peleliu (see December 27, 2001), and say that the Americans refuse to admit to the existence of such detainees. The human rights group Reprieve has asked that the US list the names and whereabouts of such “ghost detainees” held aboard US vessels. The existence of the detainees has come to light from a number of sources, including statements from US military officials, information provided by the Council of Europe and other parliamentary bodies, and prisoner testimonies (see June 2, 2008). Details of Detentions - Reprieve says the US has used as many as 17 ships as “floating prisons” since 2001. While aboard, the prisoners are interrogated, then rendered to undisclosed locations. Fifteen of those ships may have operated around the British territory of Diego Garcia, which hosts a large British-American military base (see July 27, 1971-May 26, 1973 and After February 7, 2002). According to information obtained by Reprieve, in early 2007, the Ashland was involved in the detention and rendering of over 100 individuals abducted by Somali, Kenyan, and Ethiopian forces during an upsurge of fighting in Somalia, and then interrogated by FBI and CIA agents. Those individuals have now disappeared, but many are believed to be held in prisons in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Guantanamo Bay, among other possible sites. One prisoner released from Guantanamo has retold the account of a fellow inmate’s detention: “[H]e was in the cage next to me. He told me that there were about 50 other people on the ship. They were all closed off in the bottom of the ship. The prisoner commented to me that it was like something you see on TV. The people held on the ship were beaten even more severely than in Guantanamo.” Clive Stafford Smith, Reprieve’s legal director, says the US military “choose ships to try to keep their misconduct as far as possible from the prying eyes of the media and lawyers. We will eventually reunite these ghost prisoners with their legal rights.… By its own admission, the US government is currently detaining at least 26,000 people without trial in secret prisons, and information suggests up to 80,000 have been ‘through the system’ since 2001 (see November 17, 2005). The US government must show a commitment to rights and basic humanity by immediately revealing who these people are, where they are, and what has been done to them.” British Officials Ask for Accountability - Andrew Tyrie, the Conservative MP who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on extraordinary rendition, says both the US and British governments must own up to their practices of rendition and “ghost detainees.” “Little by little, the truth is coming out on extraordinary rendition,” he says. “The rest will come, in time. Better for governments to be candid now, rather than later. Greater transparency will provide increased confidence that President Bush’s departure from justice and the rule of law in the aftermath of September 11 is being reversed, and can help to win back the confidence of moderate Muslim communities, whose support is crucial in tackling dangerous extremism.” Tyrie has requested that an investigation into the use of Diego Garcia as a rendition refueling stop be undertaken (see June 2, 2008). Liberal Democrat MP Edward Davey adds: “If the Bush administration is using British territories to aid and abet illegal state abduction, it would amount to a huge breach of trust with the British government. Ministers must make absolutely clear that they would not support such illegal activity, either directly or indirectly.” A US Naval spokesman says that none of its vessels have “detention facilities,” but admits that some detainees had been put on ships “for a few days” during their initial days of detention. He refuses to comment on reports that US Naval vessels stationed in or near Diego Garcia had been used as “prison ships.” [Guardian, 6/2/2008] Entity Tags: Council of Europe, Andrew Tyrie, Central Intelligence Agency, Clive Stafford Smith, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Edward Davey, Reprieve Timeline Tags: Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere"
  • In 2004 a Sky Way Aircraft Beechcraft BE-200, registration N391SA, flying under the false registration of N168D, was confiscated by the Venezuelan government after flying from Caracas Charallave airport to Santiago Marino airport on Margarita island. FAA records indicate that Sky Way's office of record was 341 8th Ave. SE # 3C, St. Petersburg, Florida. The FAA registration database also states, "N391SA has multiple records" in addition to its status as being "exported" to Venezuela and, thus, "de-registered" with the FAA. After the revelations about CIA rendition flights and proprietary companies, it was discovered that N168D was the tail number for a Casa CN-235-300 registered to Devon Holding and Leasing of Lexington, North Carolina. WMR
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  • Bush’s Pentagon Papers, The Urge to Confess, By Tom Engelhardt, They can’t help themselves. They want to confess. How else to explain the torture memorandums that continue to flow out of the inner sancta of this administration, the most recent of which were evidently leaked to the New York Times. Those two, from the Alberto Gonzales Justice Department, were written in 2005 and recommitted the administration to the torture techniques it had been pushing for years. As the Times noted, the first of those memorandums, from February of that year, was “an expansive endorsement of the harshest interrogation techniques ever used by the Central Intelligence Agency.” The second “secret opinion” was issued as Congress moved to outlaw “cruel, inhuman, and degrading” treatment (not that such acts weren’t already against U.S. and international law). It brazenly “declared that none of the C.I.A. interrogation methods violated that standard”; and, the Times assured us, “the 2005 Justice Department opinions remain in effect, and their legal conclusions have been confirmed by several more recent memorandums.” All of these memorandums, in turn, were written years after John Yoo’s infamous “torture memo” of August 2002 and a host of other grim documents on detention, torture, and interrogation had already been leaked to the public, along with graphic FBI emailed observations of torture and abuse at Guantanamo, those “screen savers” from Abu Ghraib, and so much other incriminating evidence.  and see N675BC, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, and N500ND, World Jet, Delaware, 
  • DandelionSalad comments  claims of secret cia jail for terror suspects on british island to be investigated by Ian Cobain and Richard Norton Taylor
  • Daily Newscaster The conviction of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in 1986 exposed the existence of a ring of U.S. officials spying for Israeli intelligence. Pollard was found guilty of passing secret documents to his Israeli handlers, what caused U.S. Intelligence agencies the most concern was that Pollard new document titles and serial numbers that he did not have the necessary security clearance to access. Only someone with the highest level clearance could have passed this information to mole Pollard.  ...   Fast forward to May 7th, 1997 when a call was intercepted by the National Security Agency between an Israeli embassy official and the head of Israeli intelligence that revealed the presence of a top-level mole in the U.S. government. The Israeli diplomat was eager to gain access to a specific communication between Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Yasser Arafat. The Israeli diplomat asked the Mossad chief, Danny Yatom to get the information using their high level operative in the U.S. government code named “Mega,” Yatom scolded the diplomat saying, “This is not something we use Mega for.”  ...  Rahm Emanuel has the right connections in Washington D. C. and deep personal and family ties to the nation state of Israel. During the Clinton presidency he was a close personal advisor to Bill Clinton holding top secret clearance and able to access virtually any document or secret held by the United States.  
  Roland Carnaby, Alan Premel News Archive
  • Premel / Carnaby file  source
  • Tue, 04/29/2008 - 16:57 — imanon (not verified) More on the houston police shooting: google for "Alan Premel roland carnaby", there's only one page returned in the search. that page is gone, so click the google cache link. The man that was killed by Houston police was a partner of the CIA agent that recently won many millions in a recent lawsuit against the CIA.
  • comments: When you start considering men who have worked in covert operations  you are dealing with a whole other set of rules, laws and policies change. Verifying someone like Carnaby and Premel is going to be next to impossible.   But if you a considering them as an intelligence officer, an intelligence analyst and within the definitions of a 'Known Intelligence Officer', it is very possible. You verify them through other agencies within the IC (Intelligence Community)? It is very possible to peg them and who they are through certifications, clearances and their journeys through different offices.  However, when you start getting into black areas, not gray areas, but black areas such as covert action you start to get a feel of what you are up against.  

    One of the most common misnomers on CIA is that it is an Intelligence Agency. That may be true in some aspects of the tradecraft and certain abilities CIA has. It does collect and disseminate raw and actionable Intelligence from the field.  But what the CIA really is and their role is that of a covert action agency. Things are not just done in secrecy but are done in absolute secrecy and absolute darkness.
    Carnaby and Premel types are rare cases, men who are hired through the IC to work as contractors outside the scope and definition of regular contractors. They are set up through private firms and out of the reach of existing regulations and laws. So when they have someone like Carnaby and Premel who are not only privately outed they are also discredited by government controlled news medias. Its standard procedure.  Carnaby's case is very similar to Premel's in that they both worked with each other hand in hand for years but the cases will vary so greatly in the simple fact that one man was killed and the other was left alive. So in Premel's case, we have a live officer to look at. You can see how they react, manuever, and evade things publicly. You have the liberty to not only verify a background but you can follow them and keep a check on them where they go from now on. With Carnaby it ended and everything can be blacked out. With Premel, who is a young-man still in his early 30's, this man has to continue living, working. 

    Even before the death it was well documented that there was a massive disinformation campaign against the two of them.  The material that surfaced was that  of  someone deliberately trying to discredit both of them.  Postings and anonymous content was so inaccurate it could have only have been written to discredit.  Both men lived remarkable lives and even if only some of the material is verifiable as true.  But the consistency and sheer weight of it all was just in  my opinion outrageous.  So when we consider this case are we considering the fact that we are dealing with  professional disclaimers?  Distributing  second and third hand information,  gleaned from professional disinformation specialists (CIA and others.) Such disinformation is being fed to  these dupes and stooges with the aim of discrediting legitimate whistleblowers and contaminating the truthful, factual information being exposed.
    For those who have followed this case from the beginning you have seen stories posted and retracted in the same days.  We've seen the police say Carnaby died of bleeding on the street one day to  him  dying in an ambulance the next, only to find out weeks later that he died in the hospital. So the public is left with serious questions about what is really going on.  We saw reports tell us  that he was shot three times, then it was one shot, then it finally rested upon a story which had two officers shooting but only one bullet entering Carnaby in the back and shattering his spinal column.
    So the next questions would fall on the bizarre course of events surrounding the autopsy.  We know now, almost six  months after the death that there was no autopsy performed.  We heard that Carnaby's widow had  requested to have the autopsy filmed.  Her request was denied despite a Texas law that requires it if the spouse requests it.  It was denied.  A second request was made by the Texas Rangers to have the autopsy filmed and the Rangers cited that they did not trust the FBI in their inquiries, outcomes and the autopsy.  It was denied. The FBI, then pushed for the autopsy to be filmed and they were also denied.  And up until the final day of the autopsy two days after Carnaby was slain, an independent assassination team was brought in to investigate.  The team immediately called it an assassination based on the first hand evidence and series of events.
    And even the independent assassination team was denied.  At this time, the federal judge presiding over the case wanted it to be filmed and it was denied. What was the secret behind the autopsy?  Some speculated that the man was still alive. Some questioned the police in a cover-up and used this as first hand evidence that they had lied about how many times Carnaby was shot and where he was shot. The disinformation campaign in the first days was so bad and outrageous that some were saying that Carnaby could have been shot before exiting the car.  And with the disinformation being so blatant it made many of us question if Carnaby himself had something he was going to expose.  A possible crime or corruption.  When you study cases of real whistleblowers who sound off on corruption and cases such as this put their lives on the line.  A whistleblower defies the liars and crooks in government; and as a result of exposing truthful, accurate, factual information (including names of perpetrators) usually become high-profile targets of the government agencies they expose.
    This does not mean to run off and start calling Carnaby a whistleblower.  Something obviously is wrong with this case. There was an obvious case to out and publicly draw attention to these two individuals in the summer of 2007. The majority of the slanderous and damaging articles drew attention to Premel.  So far in the aftermath of the assassination on Carnaby,  Premel has been the target of a dozen federal and state agencies. The simple fact that Premel, when first arrested by authorities had credentials on him.  If he was not a special contracted representative of any government office then why was he not put away in a federal prison for 25 years or longer for impersonating a federal officer.

    And Premel, seems to have a lot to say but has been personally gagged by his own court processes and two lawyers representing him. Carnaby's first call after speeding off was that he was set up. A question Premel had to have been asked in the first days after the death, "was there anything that Carnaby would consider as a threat to his life."  So when we could have had a great story laid out and told from Premel's perspective we can't. Already ahead of time it is already set up that the man who knew the most and who ran the firm for Carnaby was personally not able to talk, gagged and to remain silent on orders of his matters dealing with the courts.
    In my experience most of the people who are whistleblowers and who are out in the public eye making wild accusations are those who are attentions seekers and are seeking approval.  That does not seem to be the case.  We have not seen Premel out anywhere proclaiming his case and the postings we do have from him on sites are that of him saying "this is Alan Premel, this is ridiculous, take this down." And the individuals are usually blaming a government for something and making a voice against them.  We have yet to see any cases of Premel fighting the system and arguing anything.  CIA will never reveal the truth about their organization, their overarching agenda, their "mission", their operations, their personnel, their policies, protocols, affiliations and least of all their raison d'etre.

    To reveal the truth would be self-destructive.
    CIA philosophy goes something like this: A lie is the truth and the truth is a lie. When the truth is nailed down, simply deny it. Plausible deniabilty is among the most effective tools of tradecraft.  After all, fabricating lies, used to manipulate people, organizations and governments (including their own) by deception, is their stock-in-trade. And unlike most of the self-appointed political pundits, those who call themselves "journalists" and other commentators on CIA. So to protect the assets who are truly covert, would a government go to great lengths to cover up the identities of these men? Would they hide certain facts like their names, faces and the covert companies they worked out of to protect ongoing operations? Would they cover it up to protect targets, sources, methods and officers who are still in the field and not to mention foreign nationals who are aligned with them? Your right, they sure would. Black projects, covert operations and especially concerns and questions about what was going on in Houston and specifically why CIA personnel were in Houston since CIA does not define anything domestically.
    So would we really know if individuals are really of a covert nature and covert employment? No way. The truth will never come to light. Except for in this case which it has been reported that FBI, Secret Service, CIA and other representatives from various agencies are stepping up and standing up for Carnaby. I agree with many on this subject that if Roland Carnaby and Alan Premel were both contractors for CIA or NSA that it would not show up on their backgrounds. Say for instance both Carnaby and Premel are traveling from the US to France. Wouldn't you expect the FBI and even police to know who they are? You would if they were regular intelligence officers. Lets consider for a second that they are covert. Would you have the FBI knowing and seeing the status of covert officers. Some would argue that you would. Think about who else would know if the FBI knew.
    Any government would know and conversely all of their law enforcement agencies would know. So in saying this, it would mean that everyone would know who your covert officers are. Premel's background fits that perfectly. He is signed up for the USMC, tests into intelligence, has a certificate which was verified as being authentic. Suddenly, he falls off of the radar map and is never heard of again. A decade later emerges from the ruins of a bombshell story about him being tied to CIA activities, cover companies and in his defense presents 580 pictures that were verified as authentic and not photo-shopped. Carnaby also, has 30 years of connections to CIA and comes from a prominent Middle Eastern Shipping family which over 60 years of connections to CIA and the OSS. Not to mention his uncle was an intelligence officer who died while in service.
    Guys who are being photographed in and around settings where former CIA Directors and former US Presidents are concerned are legitimate guys. Photographs do not prove anything but they do shed some light onto something that is mysterious for the rest of us.  Roland Carnaby has a legitimate business in Houston with a family shipping business, it has been public knowledge that he has worked in conjunction with many private intelligence firms in Houston and the car that was involved in the high speed chase was registered to the "National Security Command Center."  I don't know what you think but if I went to the DMV to register my car I can tell you that I would be stopped and questioned immediately. And the fact that this man knew James Pavitt and was reported working closely with him with Patriot Oil which was located in Houston, to know that he had close ties with dozens of former high brass CIA officers and distinguished alum is all too real for me. It makes sense.
    Alan Premel started a company in Houston called 'Intelligence Kids.'  Officers have verified that they knew what the company was. That he spoke to children at schools on terrorism, intelligence and understanding 9/11.  It was a small business Premel started 2003 after the death of CIA officer Mike Spann, the first CIA operations officer in Afghanistan. It was registered with the county and Premel used his own funds to create t-shirts and prizes for young students. Again, why would someone who is a regular guy have connections to CIA through CIA kids, NSA's crypto-kids and start his own business specifically talking to children on intelligence?  Again, simple, he was something more then we have been told. Intelligence Kids has since been shut down in recent years and is no longer in existence. It seems that these guys were legit and that they even enjoyed giving back to what matters most, children.
    Now there is another story that was floating around about Alan Premel being the former covert comic. Why would a discrediting campaign have tidbits of realism in it? It has to be believable for even the ones who knew him to hold onto and grasp onto. We found out that not only has he checked out with everything else so far and with intelligence kids but that he also checks out with being the former covert comic. Come to find out that Premel is a gifted artist and even when the story went down there are dozens of people who have comics, political cartoons and framed sketches he has done over the years where he was known by that name. So to find out and hear that Premel actually not only drew but wrote for the CIA's 'What's news at CIA' newsletter says a lot considering he is supposed to be a FedEx driver.
    Carnaby never had the chance to prove himself with his pictures and they are still held up with his wife pending this case and further investigations. But what about the pictures Premel has come out with that are taken all over the world. NewsFollowUp is still trying to actively get access to them and post them to the site. Through all of this we are not only seeing that there is more to the story but seeing what happens when someone in a covert job setting is turned inside out. Premel has done a number of interviews which are no where to be found on the internet as well as the disappearing Carnaby articles that are being locked up by the family. So the next time you see a discrediting piece on one of these former officers lets read into it more and not get caught up in the government cover-up and disinformation. I am starting to realize one thing. That these guys were real, that they were involved with CIA and that there is more to the story.

  • Notes:  Intelligence Community  What is the IC? The IC is short and is what we would call the Intelligence Community. Generally, its one of the first things an officer will say if they are attached to an agency. The IC is a broad scale approach to cover. CIA personnel will normally say the IC or State Department since state cover is very common for case officers. They actually work for someone greater as a security contractor. So generally what they would say in a circumstance is that they are a private security contractor, gov contractor for a private security firm specializing in security and threat analysis. Typically what it is. This person is not an ops person or a field officer. All of their experience with being former military intel "01", and a spook is tied to another agency as a computer specialist. So its a broad range and can be IT, some kind of tech support or communications person when in fact they dealt with compromising systems and now have a second life working with a firm going into companies and exposing holes after other security companies have come in and said its safe. They are the type of guys who are good enough and experienced enough to compromise gov networks, systems and platforms that are higher than regular platforms    ....    Usually when someone says they are IC, they are usually consultants who are all 50-60 years of age. Retirees picking up a 2nd life for benefit reasons or because they are extremely valuable and are not yet ready for retirement fulltime.  So a lot of times you can get clearances, have SCI (compartmentalized specialty or specific clearance) for the IC and not for CIA. So you can work for them and get a CIA contract. There are 3 types of contracts at CIA for contractors.    ...    So a good example would be coming in as an IC member where it is not a cover job and you just show up as a member of the US Intelligence Community but not tied to a specific branch. You can be a gov contractor for NASA and not fit into the IC. How is this possible? Because NASA is not apart of the 16 agencies within the IC. So you see that a lot. And when you have clearances. You could be in a large Russian office for example which is huge. Say for example there are 1000 people in that office through the entire IC. For each agency, they have liason and "Advisors" actually they are joint IC advisors who work in conjunction with all the agencies on whatever the specific task is. So you could be in a Russian office with a high clearance. CNWDE is a clearance for weapons and nuclear material. So you could be a scientist or former scientist working with the IC or an analyst covering Weapons of mass destruction of proliferation and have a CNWDE clearance.  N6161Q N713M N7241E N7369S N861CM N9216Q N933PB N960BW N961BW N962BW N963BW N204FN N964BW N965BW  Now, just say the clearances are 1-15, and 15 is the highest level accessible in that office. You could have a CNWDE level 15 clearance and still not be able to look at counter intelligence intelligence, you would not have access to databases on certain gov, military and political persons.  


  • Wayne Madsen Report May 20, 2008 -- Carnaby had access inside the Israeli Prime Minister's office publication date: May 20, 2008 Previous | Next
  • May 20, 2008 -- Carnaby had access inside the Israeli Prime Minister's office
  • Roland Carnaby, the one-time CIA Station Chief for the Southeast Region, headquartered in Houston, had sources inside the office of Israel's Prime Minister. A source who knew Carnaby said the agent, killed by Houston police on April 29, had a certificate of appreciation personally signed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The certificate was embossed with the seal of the HaMossad leModi'in v'leTafkidim Meyuhadim  the Mossad.
  • Carnaby maintained close links to Israeli intelligence and sponsored and vouched for a number of Israeli security contractors who wanted to provide services to the George Bush International Airport in Houston. However, it is now clear that Carnaby obtained knowledge about Israeli and Bush administration plans to start a Middle East conflagration that was enough for elements inside the Bush White House, Israeli intelligence, and their contacts inside the Houston Police Department to have him assassinated.
  • On May 6, 2008, WMR reported: WMR has learned from its Middle East intelligence sources that a leak from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office resulted in the last minute scuttling of an Israeli intelligence operation in Beirut that would have started a series of events that would have likely resulted in the outbreak of warfare between Israel and Lebanon, Syria, and possibly, between Iran and the United States. 
  • Israel's Mossad planned an April 25 assassination, likely by its favorite method, a massive car bomb, of Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Because the assassination would have triggered the "perfect storm" for the outbreak of war in Lebanon, with the involvement of Israel, the United States, Syria, and Iran, an official in Olmert's office leaked the assassination plan. When it became apparent that there was a leak, Mossad scuttled the entire operation.
  • The plan was immediately known by the CIA and Hezbollah. It is known that retired CIA officer and contractor Roland Carnaby, a Lebanese-American, had close contact with all of Lebanon's various factions. On April 29, four days after the planned assassination of Nasrallah by Mossad, Carnaby was killed in broad daylight by Houston police. WMR previously reported that Carnaby had successfully penetrated a Mossad ring active in the Houston area.
  • WMR has learned from CIA sources in Lebanon that Carnaby maintained a close link to retired Lebanese General Michael Aoun, a major Christian leader who has allied his party to Hezbollah and its leader Hassan Nasrallah. Aoun was once considered an ally of Israel but broke his ties after Israel's devastating sneak attack on Lebanon in 2006.
  • It is likely that Carnaby was the nexus that served to pass the leak from Olmert's office to Aoun and then to Nasrallah. It was the plan for a U.S. and Israeli assault on Lebanon following Nasrallah's assassination that prompted the Hezbollah leader to carry out a show of force against the pro-US government of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora. Plans by the United States and Israel to attack Lebanon would have been coordinated with a military assault on Syria and eventually, Iran.
  • Carnaby was very close to former President George H. W. Bush, who WMR has been told is adamantly opposed to any U.S. military strike on Lebanon, Syria, or Iran. Although the senior Bush is beginning to suffer symptoms associated with Alzheimer's, it is also known that he has worked behind the scenes to stop further U.S. military attacks in the Middle East.
  • Carnaby was so close to the elder Bush that while at a Houston restaurant, the elder Bush, after spotting Carnaby at the bar having a drink with a friend, jumped up, ran over to Carnaby, and warmly embraced him. Bush is also reportedly incensed at Carnaby's shooting by the police and he has blamed the neocons who have infiltrated his son's administration for the death of his friend.
  • The elder Bush resents the heavy hand dealt by Vice President Dick Cheney to Syria's President Bashar Assad. Bush still recalls that it was Assad's father, Hafez Assad, who contributed troops for Operation Desert Storm against Assad's fellow rival Baathist Saddam Hussein. Bush also was appreciative that Bashar Assad's intelligence chief helped take out Hezbollah's military commander Imad Mugniyah in a Damascus car bombing in February. Mugniyah was blamed for the kidnapping and torture execution of CIA Beirut station chief William Buckley in 1985. Buckley was Carnaby's boss in Lebanon and Bush, as Vice President, was coordinating America's counter-terrorism program.
  • WMR has also discovered that before the planned assassination of Nasrallah on April 25, Carnaby was talking on his cell phone at a Houston restaurant. The patrons of the restaurant were startled to hear the mild mannered Carnaby began shouting in the phone, yelling "Who the hell ordered that?" and pounding the table. Those who knew Carnaby thought it was out of character but also knew that something serious was going on.
  • It is also known that Carnaby, fearful of a U.S. war with Iran, wanted to leave the CIA. He was reportedly very nervous, behavior described by a friend as "skittish," during the week before his death. WMR has also learned from a reliable source that Carnaby had information that he was trying to get to Washington the morning that he was killed. The Houston police impounded Carnaby's laptop computer, which contained details on a CIA non-official cover (NOC) network tasked with protecting U.S. and foreign ports from terrorist attacks and the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). That network, like Valerie Plame Wilson's Brewster Jennings & Associates non-official cover firm that tracked the proliferation of WMDs, may have been compromised to Mossad, which is considered by the CIA to be a hostile intelligence agency that seeks to damage U.S. national security.
 CIA's highly-secretive Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity near HertfordHarvey Point's "distinguished" alumni ...    March 4-6, 2011 --
WMR's article on the CIA's highly-secretive Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity near Hertford, North Carolina apparently rattled more than a few cages in upper echelon Washington, perhaps so much so that WMR experienced a communication outage on March 3 that was blamed by AT&T on a degraded cell phone tower in south Arlington, Virginia.

WMR spoke to a number of military personnel who served in the Tidewater, Virginia area who were unfamiliar with the Harvey Point base, once known as a U.S. Navy Supply Center, but which has existed for some five decades as a CIA's "special operations" training facility under Defense Department "cover."

Complementing the CIA's agent training facility at Camp Peary, Virginia, just outside Williamsburg, Harvey Point was once known as "Isolation Tropic", as opposed to Camp Peary, also known as "Isolation" or "The Farm." Harvey Point is sometimes referred to by CIA officers as "The Point."

The CIA has good reason to be silent about the operations at Harvey Point. For decades, under the guise of "counter-terrorism" training, Harvey Point has been training terrorists, including members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, anti-Castro commandos of Brigade 2506 and Alpha 66, the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA), Israel's Sayeret Matkal commandos, Angolan guerrillas of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Chechen guerrillas, the secret police of the infamous Greek colonels' junta, and the Honduran death squad Movimiento Anti-Communista Hondureno (MACHO), as well as CIA Latin America cocaine smugglers used in "Operation Pseudo Miranda" during William Casey's reign at Langley. The latter operation was described by former CIA operative Kenneth C. Bucchi in his 2000 book, "Operation Pseudo Miranda: A Veteran of the CIA Drug Wars Tells All." The training of the CIA cocaine smugglers, according to Bucchi, was conducted at Harvey Point and the Tonopah Test Range (Area 52), located 70 miles northwest of the CIA's top secret testing facility at Area 51 in Nevada.

Through the auspices of the International Police Academy, using the conduit of a CIA proprietary called International Police Services, Inc. (INPOLSE) of Washington, DC, foreign police officers were sent to Harvey Point for training in bombings, arson, and assassinations. There is some evidence in Guyana that members of Jim Jones's People's Temple and their Guyanese security liaison officers also received training in weapons use at Harvey Point. Jonestown is widely believed to have been a CIA MK-ULTRA mind control operation with the cover story that most of the Americans who died there did so after drinking poisoned Kool Aid. In fact, most were shot to death at close range.

In 2009, the archives of the Health Ministry of Guyana was gutted by a fire caused by an arson attack. Suspiciously, a contingent from the US Southern Command based in Miami was dispatched to Georgetown to "investigate" the fire. On October 24, 1979, almost a year after the Jonestown massacre, Vincent Teekah, Guyana's Minister of Education was assassinated by a gunshot at close range. On June 13, 1980, Guyanese opposition leader Walter Rodney was assassinated by a car bomb. Guyanese Defense Force officers were among those trained at Harvey Point and the CIA was linked to the assassinations of Teekah and Rodney.

One of Harvey Point's graduates was General Ziaur Rahman, who is believed to have participated in the assassination of Bangladesh President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on August 15, 1975, along with members of his family and staff. One of the generals involved was believed to be Ziaur Rahman who is alleged to have been working for the CIA. Two of Sheikh Mujib's daughters escaped assassination since they were visting West Germany at the time. One is Bangladesh's current prime minister, Sheikh Hasina Wazed. Ziaur Rahman became president in 1977 after serving as the de facto leader since the coup. Immediately, Ziaur Rahman reversed Sheikh Mujib's secular and socialist policies, turning Bangladesh into an "Islamic" republic tied to the West. On May 30, 1981, Ziaur Rahman was assassinated by a group of army officers.

Harvey Point was also involved in the training of other Islamists. In his 2000 book, "Unholy Wars," this editor's late friend John Cooley, the longtime Middle East correspondent for ABC News, wrote that Harvey Point was used to train the Afghan mujaheddin, including many irregulars who would later end up in the ranks of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden's "Al Qaeda" organization. At Harvey Point the Afghan guerrilla fighters learned about "sophisticated fuses, timers, and explosives; automatic weapons with armor-piercing ammunition, remote-control devices for triggering mines and bombs." Cooley further described tje Afghans' CIA training at Harvey Point, Camp Peary, and Fort Bragg. It included honing the Afghans' local skills of local Afghan skills of throat cutting and disemboweling, as well as more sophisticated training in bombing commercial aircraft, buses, cars, limousines, power plants and transmission towers, office buildings, airport terminals, hotels, movie theaters, and hotels.

Prime Minister Hasina recently forced Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammed Yunus off the board of Bangldesh's Grameen Bank and cited as one of the reasons Yunus's micro-loan program, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize, as "sucking blood from the poor" with micro-loan program. President Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, worked on micro-loan programs for the Ford Foundation, among other organizations, in Pakistan and Indonesia.

Harvey Point has also been used by Los Alamos National Laboratory to conduct nuclear material detection testing. In a 1998 paper delivered to the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Conference in Naples, Florida, technical details of the work at Harvey Point are described as follows:

"Quantrad Sensor, Inc. (QSI) licensed the Ranger (TM) technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in 1997. The Material Control and Accountability group at LANL uses the Ranger (TM) for in situ nuclear material (NM) confirmation measurements, medical isotope entry/exit confirmations, hand scanning, and shipper confirmations. QSI is developing new applications by adapting the LANL software to identify unknown isotopes for nuclear smuggling and other national security scenarios.

Initial efforts at Harvey Point expanded the existing LANL NM confirmation software to include more isotopes and a nontechnical display. After Harvey Point, QSI replaced the ruggedized detector (≈1 0%) with a higher-resolution detector (7.5%) and developed a real-time pattern recognition system, RangerMaster. As a basis for RangerMaster, a spectrum for each isotope in the library was simulated with SYNTH. Careful analysis of the SYNTH spectra revealed that all the isotopes in the library could be identified with a unique set of regions of interest (ROIs). Initial validation of RangerMaster (TM) was done with the SYNTH spectra and the archived data from Harvey Point. Next, actual field tests were conducted at hospitals and the DOE Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) operated by Bechtel."

Bechtel has long maintained a cozy relationship with the CIA. Before World War II, Steve Bechtel formed a military-industrial complex partnership with John McCone. McCone later became the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and later, director of the CIA. The CIA has used Bechtel to provide cover for non-official cover CIA operatives abroad.

While the U.S. Army's "School of the Americas," now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation, has been called the "School of the Assassins," Harvey Point can justifiably be called the "School of the Terrorists." And furthermore, the American taxpayers fund both operations without even a whimper from members of Congress. America: stick a fork in it, it's done.

WMR -- Israel's nuclear smuggling network was key element in Carnaby murder in Houston September 2011
Israel, working with deeply-embedded intelligence moles in the United States, including within the U.S. government and "off-the-books" intelligence front companies, has been pilfering spent U.S. nuclear fuel from American nuclear arms caches at a phenomenal rate over the last several years. U.S. and foreign intelligence sources have confirmed that much of the nuclear fuel has been shipped to Israel and other locations via the port of Houston.

The illegal smuggling of spent highly-enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium fuel from U.S. nuclear weapons facilities is the same outbound Houston shipping pipeline used by Bush-influenced Carlyle Group and the firm's front companies in Spain and France to ship precursor nerve gas chemicals to Saddam Hussein's Iraq in the 1980s, according to one Pentagon intelligence source.

The nuclear smuggling is a major back story to a September 8 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report titled "Nuclear Nonproliferation: U.S. Agencies Have Limited Ability to Account for, Monitor, and Evaluate the Security of U.S. Nuclear Material Overseas." The most serious finding in the GAO report states:

"DOE [Department of Energy], NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission], and State are not able to fully account for U.S. nuclear material overseas that is subject to nuclear cooperation agreement terms because the agreements do not stipulate systematic reporting of such information, and there is no U.S. policy to pursue or obtain such information. U.S. nuclear cooperation agreements generally require that partners report inventory information upon request, however, DOE and NRC have not systematically sought such data. DOE and NRC do not have a comprehensive, detailed, current inventory of U.S. nuclear material--including weapon-usable material such as highly enriched uranium (HEU) and separated plutonium--overseas that includes the country, facility, and quantity of material. In addition, NRC and DOE could not fully account for the current location and disposition of U.S. HEU overseas in response to a 1992 congressional mandate. U.S. agencies, in a 1993 report produced in response to the mandate, were able to verify the location of 1,160 kilograms out of 17,500 kilograms of U.S. HEU estimated to have been exported. DOE, NRC, and State have established annual inventory reconciliations with five U.S. partners, but not the others it has transferred material to or trades with."

The report also states that a nuclear cooperation agreement between the United States and Israel was allowed to lapse. The GAO report also states: "DOE's Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) removes U.S. nuclear material from vulnerable facilities overseas but can only bring back materials that have an approved disposition pathway and meet the program's eligibility criteria." WMR has been informed that because of the amount of HEU and plutonium smuggled from the United States outside of "approved disposition pathways," there is no way for the United States to know exactly where HEU and plutonium has been distributed, especially to unauthorized end-users who have been using the spent nuclear material in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) or U.S. export control laws. Countries that fall into this category, according to our sources, include Japan, Israel, South Korea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Syria, Iran, Burma, Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan, and Pakistan.

The major reason behind the nuclear material smuggling from the United States stems from Israel quietly re-establishing its global nuclear smuggling operations, rampant during the 1960s when it was working to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor capabilities have always been clouded in maximum secrecy but it is known that the facility suffered a major equipment failure in the 1990s that impacted on Israel's ability to re-process nuclear fuel. The diminished capabilities of the Negev Nuclear Research Center prompted Israel, in the 1990s, to actively smuggle nuclear materials, including enriched plutonium, to Israel. The smuggling operations immediately became known to the CIA's Counterproliferation Division and its non-official cover (NOC) Brewster Jennings & Associates operation headed up by Valerie Plame Wilson's. It was a major reason why Vice President Dick Cheney, his counsel Scooter Libby, State Department Undersecretary for Political Affairs (and President Obama's current envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan) Marc Grossman, and others within the Bush administration exposed the Brewster Jennings operations.

Israel's search for replacement enriched plutonium hit pay-dirt when its intelligence service discovered that the Pantex nuclear facility near Amarillo, Texas, stores enriched plutonium fuel that is 99 percent pure plutonium that does not require reprocessing for another 60 to 90 years. Israel gained access to the classified details of the Pantex operation by tapping into classified government communication networks through the Israeli-owned communication company AMDOCS. The Israelis discovered that only U.S. nuclear cores composed of plutonium alloys were ripe for theft at Pantex. The 99 percent plutonium fuel was more well-guarded. However, the older plutonium alloy cores were unstable and the shipment of the cores through the port of Houston required refrigerated containers to keep them cooler than 150 degrees.The Israelis used refrigeration trucks to move the cores through the port of Houston from Amarillo and into refrigeration containers loaded on board ships belonging to Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company, a firm with close links to the Mossad. The plutonium cores were shipped to Israel and Dimona.

One individual who had the port of Houston under close scrutiny was CIA contractor/informant/source Roland "Tony" Carnaby. Carnaby had set up a number of video surveillance cameras at the port of Houston and routinely uploaded the stored videos from the camera units to his Macintosh computer. WMR has learned from intelligence sources that Carnaby possessed a major secret about the smuggling operation: much of the nuclear material being shipped through Houston by Israel, more than its needs, was being re-sold by Israel on the international black market. On April 29, 2008, Carnaby was shot to death by two Houston police officers after what was reported to have been a high-speed chase by police. After he was killed, the Houston police took possession of Carnaby's Macintosh computer. WMR previously reported that Carnaby kept Israeli intelligence assets and agents under close scrutiny in Houston and that he had a strange encounter with an Israeli Consulate General official the evening before he was shot. WMR also previously reported on Mossad's penetration of the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Radiation detectors routinely scan containers at Houston for the presence of nuclear materials, hence, it was important for the Mossad to counteract Carnaby's security systems at the port.

It is known that Carnaby used a number of cell phones to dial into port video cameras to turn them on, stop them, and download captured video data. However, an Israeli firm, Orsus, was scheduled to begin installation of its own surveillance at the port, putting Carnaby's surveillance operations in jeopardy. The financial backers of Orsus include ComSor Venture Fund LDC, a joint operation of Comverse Technology, which includes its subsidiary Verint Systems, and Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Holdings Ltd. Other investors in Orsus include Israel's Koor Industries, the leading shareholder of Tadiran, the Israeli defense electronics firm; Cial Industries and Investment, an Israeli holding company; the Cedar Fund, an 'Israeli-related' venture capital firm; Israel Infinity Venture Capital Fund; and Poalim Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank."

Carnaby was, reportedly, working with the FBI on the Israeli nuclear smuggling issue and the FBI office in Houston requested that the Houston police call off their chase of Carnaby. It was too late for Carnaby. He was marked for assassination by Mossad and its friends in Houston area law enforcement because of his knowledge of the nuclear smuggling program. Israel was also concerned that Carnaby, a Lebanese-American with close ties to some of Lebanon's political groups opposed to Israel, might leak details of the operations to his Lebanese friends, information that would soon end up in the hands of Iranian and Syrian counter-intelligence.

One of the countries that received re-sold American plutonium fuel from Israel was Japan. However, the Japanese soon discovered that the plutonium for which they were paying the Israelis top dollar was too old and provided only short-life usable nuclear weapons. Japan decided to go it alone on their nuclear weapons development but not before they planned to blow the whistle on the Israeli and American smuggling operation to the International Atonic Energy Agency (IAEA). Before the Japanese could act, the super-quake struck Japan, along with the devastating tsunami. At that point in time, Israel and the Americans programmed their Stuxnet computer virus to trigger the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, the major site for Japan's nuclear weapons development program. Stuxnet, developed to disrupt Iran's nuclear program, is also effective against the nuclear power generation systems of other nations using standard supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software, including the plutonium MOX fuel processing operations at Fukushima. Stuxnet can be used to blackmail recipients of the smuggled plutonium material, including MOX fuel, into silence. The Fukushima disaster destroyed physical evidence of the Israeli smuggling operation to Japan. However, Japanese intelligence possesses other evidence of the Israeli smuggling operations.

The recent explosion at a MOX fuel plutonium processing facility at the French Marcoule nuclear power plant was a warning to France, courtesy of Stuxnet, not to support Palestine's bid for UN membership. It is not yet clear whether the MOX being used at Marcoule was developed from the unstable and old American plutonium cores smuggled and re-sold by Israel. However, U.S. intelligence has evidence that Israel has re-sold some of its stolen plutonium material to India in return for that nation providing Israel with missile systems and related technology.

The disassociation of the CIA and FBI from interest in Carnaby's murder in Houston was directly linked to the power of the Israel Lobby in Washington, which will stop at nothing to ensure that Israeli crimes and intelligence activities in the United States remain unexposed and unpunished.


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Timeline on the Roland Carnaby / Alan Premel Research 2008

  • 2008
  • Jan 25, 2008. Alan Premel is shown being listed as heading a newly formed and privately owned globally intelligence firm in Houston called Aspyr Global Intelligence. All and any references to this company and to these men has all been pulled from the internet except for public blogs which comments cannot be pulled. Four days after reports of Aspyr being made public they were retracted. Articles tying him to this firm as a philanthropist and someone to watch in the coming decades as a leader, a battle hardened hero from covert action in the Balkans against the Chechens. Which surprisingly is a region where CIA money and power controls the media. No reports would leak out about any US efforts there even if the CIA was there.
  • 2008 - Friends and associates in Houston who knew Carnaby and helped raise money for his newly created firm give $15k-75k in cash monies to him in 2007. One of the friends, a business owner in the Galleria shopping center in Houston Texas grew suspicious when she was receiving email messages from someone overseas who wanted to purchase Motorola two way radios from her business and have them shipped overseas to London and Australia. The emails all stopped after Roland Carnaby died. And after researching with authorities into an Identity theft case they discovered that the destinations were that of a shipping company overseas with Vincent S Karnabe listed as a board member. The radios through investigation were found out to be given to Hamas in support of a terrorist organization. Could Roland Carnaby have been running an operation to fund a terrorist group through such activities. Alan Premel met with the couple who are business owners and expressed his condolences in the matter after the death of Carnaby. Before his death they knew of where the radios were shipped but were unaware of Carnaby's real name and only knew him as 'Tony' for many years.
  • January 1, 2008 - Alan Premel rings in the New Year at club LAX in Vegas and is a guest of Paris Hilton's New Years Bash. Pictures, blogs and comments online all from Premel's Facebook place him in Vegas two days previously. No comments, links or pictures of Roland Carnaby there. We are seeing an even more detailed pattern of a party and social life consistent of someone connected and in the loop.
  • 2008 - In 2008, we not only saw Alan Premel on the cover of Barstool Magazine but he was seen all over Houston at private VIP only parties. At every party you saw one person consistently there besides the club owners, bouncers and photographers, you saw Alan Premel. We saw on his Myspace and Facebook sites that he was going out four times a week and attends every party. He had the pics to prove he was at events. Our source who said she was deleted on Premel's pages after she copied pictures told us that he was accused of being a ghost writer in Houston for barstool by an article called 'Ho Knows'. Ho Knows is written by a ficticious female party-goer. She goes on to tell that it was no secret who wrote anonymously under a pseudonym for Jane Ho. It was pretty obvious it was Premel due to the parties that were all talked about in the last year were all parties Premel attended. And that the articles praised places that Premel liked and bashed places he didn't. Some investigative research into Barstool yielded these results. Premel was on the Sept cover of Barstool Magazine. In that issue the photographer is listed as Andres D. Someone who is listed in watermark on all of the pictures Premel has that were leaked out. At every major VIP party in Houston she said you would see Premel and this photographer Andres D who she said was Houston's premiere social photographer. She said the danger behind these two being seen together was that club owners knew Premel was outed as being undercover.  (left, Premel in disguise)  So it made them feel uncomfortable knowing he was out four times a week and at every party knowing that he used to work undercover. Now, he knows the good and bad people and he is traveling with a photographer and is able to write a gossip column. Reason why Premel would be good at this? Because he wrote for years under an assumed name and pseudonym as the covert comic at CIA.
  • January 1, 2008 - Premel flies into Vegas the night before New Years. Premel's former friends says she does not believe that Premel saw Jamie Kennedy on this New Years trip. Comments, Pictures and activities at this time placed Premel at club LAX for Paris Hilton's New Years bash.  Sources say now after tracking this story that Premel arrived early to LAX and left early.  Pictures indicated that he left and attended a party hosted by Jay Z for a club that he recently opened in Vegas. Guests included David Beckham, NBA stars, Beyonce, and Oprah. Premel was not able to enter due to problems with the list and he was denied entrance into the club. Research reveals that this club is called the 40/40 club and that story lines up with the information we have uncovered from the web.
  • Feb 12, 2008. A press release is issued that shows Roland Carnaby retiring from his un-named security firm. Internet pages believed this was written and put out from Premel and his people at Aspyr.  Parts of the release make possibly damaging statements that Carnaby's numbers fees will be increased and after Carnaby leaves the firm will see a downturn.  Sources say that this article could not have been true since Premel took a sabbatical in 2006 and it never shows him returning to work at CIA.  And in the summer of 2008, Premel goes on record saying that he never worked with Carnaby after 2006. So what about the reports in Dec 2007 stating the numbers of the firm? Was this written by CIA in an attempt to set something up? Theorists had us believing that Premel wrote the press release without the authorization from Carnaby, possibly in an attempt to push Carnaby out  and take over the company for himself.  But sources are now saying that Premel upset with Carnaby left the firm before Carnaby and that the postings had to have been either from Carnaby or sources trying to arrange and set things up for later in the year.  Premel went on record in the summer of 2008 saying that he did not make the postings and why would he? He states that they are so flamboyantly outrageous how can you believe them and statements such as the ones made would only instantly hurt a reputation. Premel has gone on to publicly state that he believes that things were written by Carnaby. Why? Possibly in an attempt to verify someone else Carnaby could come to the rescue and be verified, vetted or vouched for.  Premel says if Roland Carnaby retired in January 2008, then why would he have a press release posted an entire month afterwards? And if he was no longer with the firm then why would he be making press releases saying he was. None of it makes sense? It could have only been done by someone else.
  • March 14, 2008 - Alan Premel is in Houston Texas and Premel's social friend on Facebook says that she was in attendance with him as they were VIP at a Clay Walker concert at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She verified that Roland Carnaby was there and that they ran into him after the concert in a private club inside Reliant Center which is special access or a members only club.
  • March 2008. Alan Premel is arrested by the FBI for ipod theft from Federal Express Corporation.  Sources inside CIA stated that Premel was taken into FBI custody and released to US Marshall custody from a holding facility. Documents from Harris County show Premel being picked up by the Harris County Sheriffs Department and transferred to a holding facility and then given over to the Houston Police Department. Why the different stories before the Carnaby assassination takes place?  Was Premel to be brought in before hand so that he would be gagged by the courts, by a lawyer and a publicist at the time Carnaby is assassinated?  Why is there no video evidence presented to the courts on this ipod theft?  Why was Premel not allowed to fight it?  The Houston source in the firm stated that Premel confessed to the theft in order to protect Carnaby. said "Tony was not the type of man you wanted to turn in and give his name" Turns out the ipods given to the three sources at the firm in Houston, Premel being one of them were all stolen ipods off of a shipping container who's destination was Houston and they originated from China.  Carnaby was in charge of port security. Where they came from no one will know since the intelligence rumor has it that 1000 ipods were on an order and did not have shipping papers. Carnaby having authority in the Port of Houston could have easily taken them. Regardless, we see a year later Alan Premel taking the fall for it. The entire story start to finish sounds more like a set up on not only Premel but Carnaby also by the numerous internet postings.
  • April 15, 2008 - Ben Ami Kadish is arrested and charged with four counts of conspiracy. CIA and the FBI claim that Kadish passed classified documents to Israel. He is important to the Roland Carnaby Conspiracy through Riad Hamad.
  • Rightcoast "Hamad was a significant donor to the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund. The FBI had Hamad under investigation for "supporting terrorism," a favorite canard used against Americans who support the Palestinian cause. Hamad had been a target of the neocons for years but they could never pin anything on him.  >On April 16, Hamad's body was found in Lady Bird Lake in Austin. His eyes had duct tape over them and his hands and feet were bound. The police ruled it a suicide. However, Hamad would be the first victim in an Israeli hit on individuals who helped U.S. back channels to the Palestinians and other groups targeted by Israel and the neo-con cell operating deep within the Bush administration, the Israeli-influenced cell that the FBI, in its arrest of Kadish, wanted to flush out." 
  • April 16, 2008 - One day after Ben Ami Kadish is arrested Riad Hamad, is found dead face down in Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas with duct tape around his eyes and mouth and is bound and tied around his hands and ankles.  Hamad, a school teacher was linked to Carnaby and Kadish through his financial contributions to the Palestinian Children's Fund which appeared to raise money for children in Lebanon but was funding three things. 1. Salam Fayyad 2. Mahmoud Abbas Fatah 3. Hamas. In Carnaby's endeavors from 2006-2008 he was funding private efforts and was involved in identity theft to purchase radios which were sent to Hamas.
  • April 28,2008. Federal sources close to this case have claimed Carnaby had proof a 'suitcase nuke' had arrived inside the U.S. from Israel.  It was said that Carnaby was chasing the device and the Israelis who had it.   We believe this to be a bogus report.  All the news reports out about him are all misleading and wrong.  An APB was out for him earlier that morning and there was no conspiracy behind it. The police did their job and confusion instantly started when he had a concealed hand gun license.  As a federal contractor he needed one. As a federal agent you do not. As a result, it raised a read flag and the police were following their instincts, training and were doing what they should have done. When they asked to see the credentials closer up he could have shown them, he did resist them and put them away. Anyone who has served in the military as well as the government knows that when you are asked to show your credentials or your military id you do not give them up.  Carnaby was also doing what he was trained to do.  He then did what no one should ever do and  fled the scene leading them on a 15 minute chase wildly across the city.  We do not believe he was  in hot pursuit of a suitcase weapon when they pulled him over.  If there was a suitcase sized weapon entering the city it would have come through port security and there are measures in place to detect this.  Carnaby would have been one of those sources in the know.  It would not have been Israeli, it could have been Soviet and leftovers from the Russian Siloviki and other powerful groups still selling and trading weapons leftover from the breakup of the Soviet Union."
  • April 29, 2008. Carnaby is pulled over for speeding and he presented his CIA credentials.  The police see that his car is registered to the National Security Command Center and that he is presenting his credentials. Normally, professional courtesy would have been granted but police officers question him since they were given an APB to pull him over that morning since his license plate and description was called in on a complaint.  A red flag was raised when he presented a CIA credential while possessing on record a concealed handgun license which made the officers question the authenticity of Carnaby's claim. The local police are only trained to know that a federal agent does not need a concealed handgun license but not a government contractor. After what is reported as an hour and a half long chase ends up being a 15 minute high speed chase through Houston. Carnaby stops after running out of gas . Houston police swarm the car as an officer bashes the window and screams for Carnaby to get out.  Upon exiting the video Carnaby is shot after he reached back into the car for more than three seconds. Police believed he was reaching for a weapon under the seat when he yielded a shiny blackberry phone.
  • April 29, 2008 - After being shot Roland Carnaby lays face down and is instantly handcuffed. Reports of his death change and give conspiracy theorists reason to think something is awry. Why wasn't Carnaby given any kind of aid? Why was he not fitted with a new clotting pack that those HPD vehicles in question were fitted with the proper new clotting packs two weeks earlier? Police reports indicated he died bleeding to death on the street, yet, no blood is visible at the scene of the arrest.
  • April 29, 2008 - The US Secret Service is the first to retrieve Carnaby's laptop from the scene of the crime until a CIA personnel from DC in the CIA's Security Division could inspect the credentials.
  • As Sy Hersh reported this weekend, there is a huge contingent within the American intelligence community that does not want a war with Iran and understands the gravity of such an event. Not even the Democratic Congress has been willing to take on the rogue contingent that operates under the aegis of the Office of the Vice President of the US.
  • April 29, 2008 - CIA Spokesman Paul Gimigliano denies Roland Carnaby instantly.
  • April 29, 2008 - Premel and other members of the Houston firm are unaware of Carnaby's death and are in Washington in room 226 of the Dirksen Office on a hearing on 'Secret Law' given by Senator Feingold.
  • April 30, 2008 - Susan Carnaby requests that the autopsy be filmed for two reasons.  Roland Carnaby had a hidden tattoo or marking on him that would have identified his body. And the other is to know exactly how many times he was shot by police since it was reported that only one officer struck and killed Carnaby shooting him in the back. Her request to have the autopsy filmed was denied.  In Texas, it is the law that if a widow makes that request that it be fulfilled.
  • April 31, 2008 - Alan Premel finds out via email about the death of Roland Carnaby when he arrives back in Houston.
  • April 31, 2008 - The Texas Rangers requests to have the autopsy filmed after Susan Carnaby is refused the autopsy granted to her by law. The Texas Rangers indicate that they do not trust the FBI's investigation into his assassination.
  • April 31, 2008 - An Independent Assassination Team arrives in Houston to start investigating the mysterious death of Roland Carnaby.  It is instantly considered an assassination due to Carnaby's ties to intelligence for over 30 years and his families connections to Intelligence for 60 years.  
  • WMR Former National Security Agency analyst and naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has been in Houston investigating the Carnaby case at great personal risk. Madsen believes Carnaby was involved both in heading off a potential war with Iran (by leaking Mossad plans to assassinate Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah just days before Carnaby himself was killed) and in trying to forestall a potential terrorist attack on the port. According to Madsen, “federal agents in Houston fear that ‘another 9/11-type part false flag’ attack is imminent, perhaps as early as July 4.”.......
  • May 2008 - It is discovered that former US President George H Bush (41) is owner of Roland Carnaby's office.
  • May 1, 2008 - Palfrey, the DC Madam dies and despite speculation and the timing of her death it is tied into the Roland Carnaby case.  We believe this is as crazy a tie in as the suit case nuke theory.
  • Archive  Wayne Madsen speaks to the McClendon Group at the National Press Club concerning the strange death of CIA agent Roland Carnaby at the hands of Houston police officers.
  • May 8, 2008 - One week to the day after Roland Carnaby's death, his close and personal friend in Houston, Landry's restaurant magnate Tillman Fertitta will head the Houston Police Foundation with his sights on raising money to support the police.  Shouldn't this raise concerns since one of his dearest friends is gunned down two weeks before.  Fertitta is an owner of a dozen restaurant chains, he is also a minor partner in the Houston Texans NFL Franchise and owns Houston's Bentley and Rolls Royce dealership, Post Oak Motor Cars, Ltd.
  • May 17, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen at another Vince Young party again at Shadowbar in Houston. This is Vince Young's birthday party and Premel is seen in the back in the VIP all night long. The social source says that Shadowbar is a protected place for Premel since he worked undercover there on Saturday nights from 2005-2007 assisting narcotics officers with the HPD.
  • May 2008 - Entire pages, entries, blogs and stories or Carnaby and videos are yanked and pulled from the internet.  No references to his burial or where he is buried is ever mentioned. The last mention of a funeral service is that his father Vincent S. Karnabe was pushing to get Roland buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Carnaby funeral.   See former President George Bush Senior at the front, Former KGB general Oleg Kalugin who was in Houston in November 2007 by invitation of Roland Carnaby.  On the back row, James Pavitt, other side George Tenet in the back row, in the middle an unnamed us policy maker and on the front an unnamed Lebanese officer.  source


  • June 2008 - A photograph of Roland Carnaby's funeral is released and shows former CIA director and US President George H Bush (41), Former KGB General Oleg Kalugin (who was with Carnaby in November of 2007 in Houston) former DDO of CIA James Pavitt on one side carrying a casket and on the other as clear as day in the back George Tenet and in the middle a US congressmen who was not named since they are still in active service and an unnamed Lebanese intelligence officer. The pictured was verified by intelligence experts as being all of the men in question and was analyzed to see if it was doctored by software such as Photoshop and it was proved as not a fake. undeniable proof that Carnaby was something more and officially resting the case on whether he was CIA.
  • June 20, 2008 - Alan Premel is again seen at Shadowbar nightclub in Houston Texas for the last party he is tied into with Vince Young and is post Carnaby death. Premel, now on probation from his ipod debacle is seen in all his pics holding Redbull, coincidently the same drink to all the private Redbull parties he attends.
  • Pravda "... the local Houston chapter president of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO). AFIO is a membership organization of current and former U.S. intelligence officers, primarily those who work or worked for the CIA and military intelligence agencies. AFIO's national board includes President George H. W. Bush who is honorary chairman. The honorary board also includes Shirley Temple Black, Frank Carlucci, (Carlyle Group) former National Security Agency (NSA) director Gen. Lincoln Faurer, former NSA director and CIA deputy director Bobby Ray Inman, former CIA and FBI director William Webster, and former CIA director James Woolsey. The chairman of the active board is M. E. "Spike" Bowman, the former head of the FBI's National Security Law Unit and the person who denied the Minneapolis FBI office a special warrant to search Zacarias Moussaoui's belongings prior to the 9/11 attacks.  Other board members: James Pavitt Wikipedia  Association of Former Intelligence Officers
  • July 2008 - Alan Premel is photographed at a private VIP only party with former CIA Director James Woolsey.
  • Woolsey is directly behind Premel. more 
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  • July 12, 2008 - Alan Premel is a guest at an all VIP Redbull Art of Can Exhibit in Houston's Galleria. Special guests are the Houston Texans and Kevin Costner.
  • July 29, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen again at another special event and again behind the scenes as a VIP with an all-access-badge on at the 311 and Snoop Dog concert at Houston's Sam Houston Raceway Park.  We are starting to see a pattern of Premel at special events and on the cover later on the Sept 2008 cover of Barstool Magazine.  The events demonstrate to us that Premel is more than just an ordinary citizen in Houston.  There appears to be a motive behind the Houston Chronicle and intelligence oriented websites to smear his image.
  • Sept 2008 - Alan Premel is seen on the cover of Barstool magazine in Houston.enlarge
  • Barstool magazine
  • Sept 2008 - Alan Premel is photographed with James Pavitt as they socialized and talked at an invitation only party.                                                
  • Wikipedia James Pavitt  James L. Pavitt (born February 19, 1946) was Deputy Director for Operations (DDO) for the CIA from 1999 until June 4, 2004. His sudden resignation – as well as that of his chief, DCI George Tenet the previous day – led to speculation that it was over the controversy surrounding Iraq weapons of mass destruction or 9-11 intelligence issues.
  • Oct 2008 - Dashcam videos of Carnaby's high speed chase are released dispelling the theory and confirming that we believe the story of a suit case nuke is ridiculous.
  • OpEdNews Suitcase Nuke story, wrong  "The probability of a major terrorist event in Houston, Texas over the July 4th weekend is in the 60-70% range. And that means the whole southeast corner of Texas and possibly all of the Katrina-devastated Gulf coast states are also at risk."
  • October 19, 2008 - A friend of Alan Premel's has reported on his Facebook page that Premel attended the VIP Grand Opening of Houston's House of Blues. It was a special invitation only party with 2,400 guests. He said Premel was on the blue carpet which was filled with VIPs ranging from the Houston Texans to local celebrities in Houston.
  • Nov 2008 - Seven months after the death of Roland Carnaby four  more individuals all un-named are said to have been killed. And all four were suspicious suicides. The CIA and the Carnaby's may be blacking out reports and stories updates making it hard to follow them.
  • Nov 2008 - Seven months after the death of Roland Carnaby, Alan Premel still has not been denied by CIA.
  • November 13, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen at two major events in one evening in Houston. The Houston Premiere of the new James Bond thriller 'Quantum of Solace.' Premel still continues to do movie reviews. And walking in on the blue carpet for the VIP-only after-party for the 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards in Houston at Venue Nightclub. Guests included Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Flex, and Andy Garcia
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