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British Royal family pedo empire, satanic ritual child abuse, cannabilism
HealthImpactNews... and video summary of Nicholas Veniamin, of “We The People.” British royal family, especially Prince Andrew, good friends with Ghislane Maxwell, the royal butler, Paul Kidd, pimped underage kids to royal family members, Kidd was a senior footman to the Queen Mother between 1979 and 1984. Lord Louis Mountbatten is another case, he was a pedophile and serial abuser of children, and the Kinkora scandal linked Mountbatten to a child prostitution ring in Belfast, Ireland that included ritual sexual abuse, all covered up by police until 1981. The kids were pimped out to the elite class. He introduced Jimmy Saville to the royal family. He was the most prolific abuser in British history and was good friends with now King Charles, all were involved in satanism. He was a regular visitor to the royal palace. He was knighted by the Queen. Lady Dianna was bullied by Prince Charles and Ghislane Maxwell, she threatened to expose the pedophilia in the royal family. The Queen was implicated in the disappearance of native children in Canada. In Kamloops, the Queen invited ten children to a picnic and they were never seen again. Prince Phillip made a special request to visit the Bohemian Grove attended by a very limited guest list. In 2012 a body was found on the Queen's estate, Sandringham. Arizona Wilder in interview with David Icke said she witnessed satanic rituals put on by the royal family, where they drank human blood and consumed human flesh, with jeweled goblets and daggers, a symbol of phalus going into a vagina, all wore robs with nothing on underneath, as they participated in sexual orgies during the rituals,

Joachim Hagopian, Ukraine Game Changer: Humanity at the Good vs. Evil Epic War Crossroads
October 4, 2022 James Fetzerblog
Joachim Hagopian
There is the bloodline ruling elites embodied by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, European royal families, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other lesser visible Illuminati lineages, all Hell bent on gaining absolute dystopian control over the earthly devil’s dominion, and virtually everything on it, especially a subjugated, majorly reduced human population. Because they own the criminal banking cartel for centuries now, over time they’ve subversively acquired ownership and control through bribery and blackmail all major governments, in particular the United Nations and European Union, but also all the largest transnational corporations including Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media and the military industrial complex, and through subversion, infiltration, bribery, blackmail and murder, every major national and international judiciary system also under their lawless power and corrupted control. By anonymous ownership of all the controlling shares within the three largest investment firms – BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, they have a lock on virtually every precious commodity and resource of any value on earth.

This tiny elite group goes by any number of names – the international criminal cabal because that’s what it is, the more generic ruling elite, the Deep State, the Khazarian Mafia, the W.E.F. (World Economic Forum), and are further cloaked by powerful, subversive occult secret society cults, some dating back to the days of Babylon, among them the Freemasons, Jesuits, Malta Knights, Illuminati, Talmudic Zionists, the Pilgrim Society, Skull and Bones, the Fabian Society, Marxism, Order of the Garter, and they control all the world’s largest, most influential think tanks and trust funds as well. From three sovereign entities considered their unholy trinity of power the above bloodlines and organizations operate the City of London (home of the Rothschild private central banking cartel atop the economic predatory food chain), Washington DC (the geopolitical-military bastion of global control) and the Vatican (religious control center). Three other significant power centers include Brussels (NATO, EU), NYC’s Wall Street, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and United Nations, and Hollywood (mind control propaganda machine).

Through various hierarchical organizations and elite “think tanks” like the Bilderberg group, CFR, the Chatham House, the Trilateral Commission and the Committee of 300, the crime cabal cherry picks and sends its movers and shakers to meet regularly behind closed doors in order to do the formal “dirty bidding” of their bloodline masters, planning the next series of engineered crises deploying their trademark M.O.s of “problem, reaction, solution” and “divide and rule” tactics, implemented through 24/7 false narrative propaganda deception to brainwash and mind control the public masses.

Promoting and financing both sides to every conflict, war and divided enemy camp through controlled opposition (i.e., the Cold War, War on Terror, War on Drugs, Civil War, West vs. East, whites versus blacks, illegal aliens versus citizens, democracy versus communism, liberal versus conservative, Democrats versus Republicans, Christian versus Jews, Christians versus Moslems, upper class versus lower classes, men versus women, the state versus family, the young versus old, patriots versus the liberal woke. The ruling elite atop this power pyramid are masters of deception, cunningly pitting one group against others, busily manufacturing all wars, economic depressions, pandemics, even turning natural weather events into intensified, geoengineered, unnatural disasters, all towards power consolidation and absolute megalomaniacal control. We are at the crossroads in the heat of battle between good and evil.

When the Israeli military intelligence entrapment operation led by Jeffrey Epstein and Guislaine Maxwell cast the public spotlight behind the curtain exposing sexual blackmail and child sex trafficking on the heels of the intertwined Clinton-Podesta Pizzagate following UK’s wake-up with the shocking Jimmy Savile-BBC-Jill Dando-royal family-Princess Diana pedophilia connection, the ruling elites as pedo-overlords of the worldwide child raping network were scandalously outed as emperors without clothes (King Charles’ best bud Savile and Prince Andrew’s bud Epstein), fearing full public exposure of their ungodly sins would be their ruinous end. But no matter how hard the Establishment tries to marginalize, deny, whitewash and demonize, the masses are waking up more every single day to recognize the elites’ previous unthinkable sins against both children and humanity.

Due to the elites’ propensity for perversion and debauchery, the pedo-Establishment death cult reformalized its UN Agenda 21 from 1992, deciding its implementation had to be sped up because too many states and world citizens were catching on to the nefarious “vision” of the overambitious, highly centralized control matrix and its VIP bad habits. Hence, Agenda 2030 was spawned in 2015 as a fitting precursor to the rollout of Covid-19 genocide based on the Rockefeller Operation Lockstep playbook. Again, behind benign false banners of sustainability, multiculturalism, green energy and climate change, the elites are targeting and destroying the farmers that grow our food as in America and Europe, especially farmers in Holland as the world’s second largest agricultural exporter and Biden paying US farmers to either not plant or destroy crop yields. The purposefully systematic sabotage depriving farmers their crucial fertilizer, willfully burning down countless food processing plants like there’s no tomorrow, sudden suspicious cattle die-offs, the unprecedented massive culling of almost 100 million birds in North America and Europe alone driving up poultry prices sky high under a questionable avian bird flu no corporate media touches.

All of these alarming developments orchestrated by the elite are intended to make certain that famine and starvation become inevitable within our near future, between the drastic food and fertilizer shortages coupled with the acute diesel fuel shortage essential to food services, vis-à-vis trucks transporting and farm tractors producing the food. Throw in the prospect of hyperinflation and food becomes both unaffordable and increasingly scarce to a growing percentage of our global population. Yet this is precisely the unfolding Luciferian eugenics scheme mapped out decades in advance by globalist forerunners like the Club of Rome, aimed to methodically depopulate an “overpopulated” earth (by Malthusian deception).

Nearly a half century ago, the now 99-year old globalist Zio-master Henry Kissinger promoted the concept of weaponizing food as the go-to method of population control, paving today’s pathway to starving millions as part of the elites’ depopulation agenda. Elites stealthily misused an environmentalist movement as the well-intended, benign hook to convince multiple generations that survival of the human species depends entirely on zero carbon emissions and robust promotion of renewable green energy technologies. Under this banal pretext of green energy to fight climate change, the masters of deception have effectively brainwashed millions if not billions around the globe, having created their Trojan horse, genocidal elites are now busily depopulating our planet according to recently demolished Georgia Guidestones as their once metaphorical human sacrificial altar.

Today Bill Gates’ world is all about the threat of climate change. Yet four years ago Bill Gates was caught on camera accidentally letting it slip that the climate change agenda is one big scam that he laughingly brags has “screwed up people’s minds.” His fleeting honesty exudes the elites’ condescending contempt for how stupid the public is to so easily buy into their false propaganda mind control bullshit intended to condition the populace to embrace elitist buzzwords like “sustainability” and “multiculturalism” as political correctness weaponized to silence free, honest expression and subversively neutralize First Amendment rights. Our gullibility becomes their entertainment.

With Bill Gates in recent years buying up most of America’s farmland with intent not to grow food, instead make meat unavailable to the masses, investing and promoting a daily diet of synthetically fake, genetically modified nonmeat, topped off by the Gates brand of mealworms and insects as our next big food staple for the hungry, food-deprived masses, after getting filthy richer off his eugenics bioweapon patents committing genocide against the lowly human race, making another $7.5 billion during the pandemic. The contrite excuses the elites use in their thinly veiled justification for their murderous crimes only add insult to our injury and death. The criminal evidence of genocide has Bill Gates dodging lawsuits yet still a free man walking as an untouchable cabal overlord still pitching his warped ideas, graphically illustrating the two-tiered justice system where the 1% continue getting away with mass murder while those wanting to hold perps like him accountable are criminalized as domestic terrorists.

The Deep State Khazarian mafia launched their nonexistent Covid-19 fake pandemic with the expressed purpose to cause global panic in order to drive home their premeditated bioweapon genocide. But in response when public pushback learned too much criminal truth and mobilized such strong opposition and resistance to this unprecedented crime of the ages, unmasking Klaus Schwab’s World Economic  Forum’s (WEF) “Great Reset” teamed with the now King Charles III (whose father’s death wish was to be reincarnated as a killer virus) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as prime pandemic architects, working in tandem with UN and its World Health Organization. Live Event 201 in late October 2019 was dress rehearsal for the COVID pandemic sponsored by the Gates Foundation and Schwab’s WEF at the exact same time that Chinese in Wuhan were suddenly dropping dead once 5G was initially turned on. Gates, Schwab and the UN conspired with Big Pharma and all the Schwab groomed puppet presidents, and prime ministers alongside Dr. “Mengele” Fauci, Birx et al, aided and abetted by Big Tech and MSM’s criminal complicity to censor all lifesaving information. Now that all these criminal players are finally publicly exposed, at the present moment they are all trying in vain to dodge their karmic bullets. Thus, elites’ consolidation of power on steroids to one world government control is the endgame not coming soon enough for them.

By mid-2021, the elites realized COVID was not their be-all-to-end-all of the human race as they hoped, clearly their coldblooded depopulation scheme wasn’t working fast enough to prevent the people from catching on as refusing the jab was on the rise. Their one world government brass ring they counted on it leading to was still too far out of reach, so it was time for their Plan B rollout. To fill the strategy of tension void since omicron was no longer feared, another terrifying crisis was urgently needed to engulf the global population with yet more divisive panic and terror. Piggybacking off the fading pandemic that had by design induced the stacking up of a worldwide supply chain bottleneck, enter their next standby crisis –  another recycled round of Cold War 2.0, featuring Ukraine/NATO/US versus Russia with Taiwan/US/NATO versus China on deck, straight out of the elites’ never-ending “never let a good crisis go to waste” playbook.

Building up the tensions in late 2021 with the media focused on Putin’s 100,000 troops at the Ukraine border just as the fading pandemic ran its failed course (though more  variants and Monkeypox were feebly inserted as go-to pandemic fillers), by February 24th, 2022, the next bigtime crisis was launched with Putin’s Special Military Operation into Ukraine, aka his “unprovoked invasion” and the World War III nuclear Armageddon campaign misdirection was on fulltime. This next “wag the dog” episode was meant to drown out truth percolating over the real science extent of vaccine death and injury damage. But it was Ukraine to the rescue, providing the 24/7 false narrative spun retread of the old biblical “David vs. Goliath” fable, starring as David the Ukrainian drama queen professional actor Zelensky and of course as villainous Goliath the demonized Putin reprising his familiar role leading his big bad invading Russian bear. It was seamlessly more of the same “safe and effective” lie in reverse, with little David aka Zelensky fighting to save world democracy on our behalf, so anything you can give to his coffers so the little underdog Ukraine can defend its “democracy” against the devil himself Putin.

Never mind that Z-man outlawed all Ukraine’s opposition parties and shut down all media not under his direct control, is alleged to hire CIA assassination squads and through his notorious Mirotvorets, has a public enemy hit list to harass and endanger perceived anti-Ukrainians holding a different version of events from his own nonstop lies. Oh, and his nation is the European money laundering organized crime capital for trafficking babies and raped children, harvesting and trafficking human organs, the east-west gateway for the most drug trafficking, and Ukraine’s black market and dark web traffic more illegal weapons than anywhere else in Europe. CBS admitted at least 70% of all the West’s heavy arms shipped to Ukraine end up sold on the black market. But keep those guns and money coming in – so far $65 billion and counting, from DC alone.

Speaking of which, over a half year later the scandalous Ukraine saga sadly still continues. Add another $12 billion this week to Zelensky’s coffers, topping off Biden’s “gift” to Kiev again at a $65 billion money drain exhausting both US taxpayers and a depleted US military arsenal, rendering good ol’ USA’s defense totally indefensible from enemies both foreign and domestic storming our borderless, wide open southern gate, while leaving the US defenseless for the upcoming West vs. East World War III endgame, all brought to you by the globalist “Great Reset.” Such is DC’s warmongering insanity choking the life out of America.

But with the Nord Stream pipeline leaks spilling methane gas into the Atlantic Ocean clearly a terrorist act committed by the US at the behest of the Khazarian mafia, the life being choked out of Germany and Europe is even faster. The US rush to clean green energy at the expense of starving and freezing lots of people to death, while committing a criminal war act betraying its “close” Western ally, deliberately causing history’s biggest greenhouse methane gas leak, says everything you need to know about who is really running this world. And if there’s any doubt about who benefits from the mess, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was beaming through his latest press conference, repeating the word “opportunity” three times when referring to the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage:

Ultimately this is also a tremendous opportunity. It’s a tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy and thus to take away from Vladimir Putin the weaponization of energy as a means of advancing his imperial designs… [United States is] the leading supplier of LNG [liquefied natural gas] to Europe.

With the US clearly benefiting the most from the two blown up pipelines, air flight patterns over the exact location at the time of the explosions detect US planes, plus US military helicopter and undersea activity in the area earlier in the month are also on record. Additionally, within days prior to Putin’s Ukraine intervention, both Biden and Victoria Nuland are both on record separately assuring that the Nord Stream pipelines would be neutralized. Plus, a former Polish Defense Minister actually wrote thanking the US for destroying them. On top of all this compelling evidence incriminating the United States government as the guilty party that detonated explosives to take out the pipelines last week, idiot Blinken either blatantly doesn’t care that his over-exuberant boast incriminates him as well, or the head of American foreign policy is such a moron, he knows not what he says. Either way, the US is a criminal corporation employed by the Khazarian mafia to commit ecological terrorist acts against Western allies. Again, bloodline controllers owe no allegiance to any country or regional alliance. That US has now been outed as an enemy to Germany makes no difference to the lawless crime cabal running the show, in fact it’s divide and conquer progress.

With last week’s referendums unanimously voting for annexation of the Donbas region (almost 99% in favor), Zaporizhzhia (93%) and Kherson (87%) rejoining Russia, after their fellow ethnic Russian citizens overwhelmingly exercised their democratic right toward self-determination, braving Ukraine shelling in some cases, the long-awaited game changer has arrived. A September 30th update on Ukraine from analyst and former US Marine intelligence officer and UN arms inspector Scott Ritter stated:

By holding referenda in the occupied territories about joining Russia (all of which passed by an overwhelming majority), Russia has changed the very nature of the conflict, transforming it from a fight between Ukraine and Russia on Ukrainian soil, to an existential battle with the ‘collective West’ over Mother Russia itself.

Russia’s new red line for Ukraine is any further attacks on Russia’s new territory is a direct attack on Russian soil, and if Ukraine/NATO/US cross that line, they have already been explicitly warned by Putin, Forein Minister Sergei Lavrov, Security Council Deputy Dmitry Medvedev and Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova that Moscow will deploy its nuclear weapons to defend its homeland. Not to be outdone, with hyperbolic threat, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on CBS’ September 25th “Meet the Press” warned:

If Russia crosses this [nuclear] line, there will be catastrophic consequences for Russia.

Unlike before, Ukraine/NATO/US attacking this brand-new Russian territory with advanced long-range Western weapons systems now constitutes a direct attack by the West against Russia. On Friday September 30th when Putin made his landmark speech welcoming the new territory, he told Ukraine “to cease-fire and return to the negotiating table.”

Ukraine’s immediate same day response to Putin’s game changing checkmate is to apply for NATO membership. According to a Hal Turner report dated October 1st, “Instead of stopping its attacks, Ukraine attacked worse.” Putin is sending trainloads of the Russian Iskander-M hypersonic missiles to the Kherson region. Russia’s advanced hypersonic nuclear capable stealth missiles are long range, anywhere from 415 km up to 500 km (over 250 to over 300 miles) at a 6-7 Mach speed again. Once the Iskander system is positioned, poised and at the ready, and once Putin retaliates against Ukraine should it continue its artillery shelling on any Russian soil, risking a widening war to open up, possibly spreading beyond Ukraine to NATO Europe, it’s game over for Ukraine and for that matter even NATO. If that’s not enough, the Daily Mail reported on Monday October 3rd that a Russian Belgorod submarine left its Arctic port and NATO is quick to speculate it may be out testing its latest doomsday toy, a Poseidon drone that can unleash a 1,600 foot nuclear tsunami that can wipe out any coastline target. With the stakes now so much higher, if Ukraine/NATO/US is still killing people in the newly annexed Russian territory, they’re playing Russian roulette.

All the while, the elite has meticulously ensured that the exact timing to collapse the global economy will match its entire spectrum of converging manufactured crises intending the most direly destructive world impact. A recent leaked report from the Rand Corporation, another major NWO think tank, a full month ahead of Putin’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine, dated January 25th, 2022 specified that a weakened Germany and Europe would automatically strengthen the US, enabling Washington to manipulate Germany and Europe to go along with its sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine [pre-invasion] conflict, which would automatically cut off Europe’s energy supply from Russia and collapse their economy. Again, this is a full month prior to Putin sending his troops into Ukraine.

Thus, this entire debacle causing the destruction of Europe is the result of calculated planning by the elite. You can’t get any more diabolical than stabbing your closest allies in the back. This also adds to the already incriminating evidence that the US blew up the Russia-to-German pipelines last week, confirming that the US neocon puppets in DC, following their bloodline masters’ orders from City of London and Rome, that owe no allegiance to US or Europe, apparently have plotted the start of the imminent nuclear world war perfectly timed with the global economy collapse as well as Europe’s collapse, ultimately the collapse of Western civilization.

Adding to these never before seen elite created existential mega-crises, the long-planned, growing supply chain shutdown producing acute worldwide shortages of fertilizer, grain, food, fuel and parts, and the Dark Winter Biden promised, millions of the vaccinated with weakened immune systems from Covid-19 death jabs will soon be dying in unprecedented numbers.

Since we already know who the genocidal perpetrators are, arrests and prosecutions need to be made public now. Enough of all the unconfirmed hopium insisting for years now that thousands of sealed indictments are resulting in Gitmo military tribunal convictions and executions, claimed only by fringe websites. Before Europe and America are destroyed completely, we need substantiated proof now, not more wishful thinking fantasy that justice is being served. We need proof that the white hats even exist.

In the meantime, this week’s hurricane Ian’s devastation is one more reminder that all of these catastrophes taking place on earth now have been planned long in advance, including a full gamut of unnatural “climate change” disasters – floods, draughts, potential water wars, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes, on top of everything else the evil ones are throwing at us. The relative handful of bloodline psychopaths creating all these deadly disasters essentially are bringing us their Great Reset. Unnatural geoengineered killers are designed to drive home the climate change hoax despite the inconvenient truth of fifty years of doomsday predictions that never happened, attempting to desperately justify rigid greenhouse gas mandates carrying absurdly suicidal outcomes, ensuring that the already devastating food and energy shortage crises turn deadlier, causing widespread famine and mass starvation across the planet. Taking all this mind-blowing horror into account, you can’t get any more sinister and demonic.

The latest US hurricane Ian has been blatantly geoengineered from a naturally occurring minor tropical storm, then manipulated, intensified to Category 4 level, and even rerouted by the notorious climate directed energy weapon geoengineers pushing the controllers’ fake climate change agenda to wreak maximizing havoc on millions of Red State Floridians. Meanwhile, as always, the fake scientists are busily reporting to the fake news media that climate change added a 10% more wallop to Ian’s precipitation, and how climate change is rapidly fueling all the hurricanes’ strength into far more powerful and deadly events.

Biden said last Thursday September 29th with precrime smugness that Ian “could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history.” As of Tuesday October 4th, with the rising death toll reaching 103, Ian is the 5th all-time most powerful hurricane in mainland US history with maximum sustained winds of 150 MPH and a second landfall in South Carolina. The weather warfare cabal is milking every unnatural disaster it creates to deliberately push its diabolical climate change hoax and green energy agenda to further depopulate the planet with the genocide of the ages.

The WMD arsenal that the elites are currently deploying to wreck our lives trying to kill us appears limitless, underscoring the urgency to hold the perps to account for their crimes. The cabal’s circular argument of deception that everything horrible happening on earth now is due exclusively to humans interface with fossil fuels or livestock manure, from climate change to humans’ greenhouse gases, all exponentially causing a growing danger, and that we’ll all soon be dead unless climate change is adequately addressed with zero carbon and green energy mandates deliverable only through strictly enforced compliance. Hence come draconian laws put into place causing severe food and energy shortages posing a very real danger of famine, starvation and freezing to death this winter in what amounts to premeditated murder. The false narrative fake news obscures all hardcore facts – like the nearly depleted US military weapons arsenal is due to the majority ending up lost in Ukraine’s deep dark web and booming black market; or that virtually every major catastrophe threatening life on earth right now is due to Luciferian controllers wanting at least 90-95% of us dead, all in the name of their unholy god Lucifer. And the difference determining the outcome of this epic war between good and evil rests almost entirely on whether the truth prevails over deception.

Through this filtered, contextual lens examining each week’s current events, a whole new light as in Lucifer the light-bearer is shined on the inversed darkness. For instance, a week ago the US terrorist pipeline attacks against “close” ally Germany destroyed any chance of Russia’s natural gas supplying and sparing the energy-deprived nation from the disastrous consequence of deindustrialization, collapse of the national economy and fall of EU’s powerhouse nation-state, delivering Dark Winter doom and gloom to Germany and its people. Their deadly fate’s been sealed, compliments of the Judas US puppets following their demonic masters’ orders. If the most affluent, economically stable, most powerful nation within the European Union can be brought to its knees by Luciferian thugs running the international Khazarian mafia, then Third World nations around the globe have little chance of surviving the coming hell-storm. From Germany’s point of view, with “friends” like the US, who needs enemies? Angry Germans may understandably seek revenge against America. And what US ally will ever trust Washington again? But the bigger picture here is, the real criminal operators aren’t so much the puppets doing their masters’ bidding as the globalists atop the predatory food chain pulling their strings, that again hold no loyalty to any nation, only an unquenchable compulsion for more power and control.

Growing worldwide disobedience and pushback are refusing to comply with the overreaching, overexposed,  kleptocratic, WEF-groomed regimes stripping away our sovereign power and rights as both individuals and nations in order to centrally control and enslave us. We have the enormous advantage of outnumbering our identified and known enemy a million to one. The push toward localization, banding together in common unity and faith, practicing increasing self-resourcefulness opposing the elites’ scheme towards over centralization, can bolster our defenses against their over-the-top tyranny and oppression.

As immediate practical, do-able actions strongly recommended by former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and government whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts, remove your money from the large central banks to smaller local or state financial institutions, and use cash and far less debit and credit cards as two huge steps to neutralize and disempower the centralist controllers. And with all our collective heart and might, we absolutely must resist the enemy agenda to passively accept implementation of their world bank digital currency (WBDC) system as their ensnared trap to instant social credit score-frozen bank account imprisonment death… a cashless dystopian society under nightmarish centralized control. We owe our children a future worth living and only we together through mindful action and active resistance can deliver it. But we must act now as the window is fast closing.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for over 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global Research, and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!

The American Republic is only the latest victim of this Khazarian plot to rule the whole world.
SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé presents critical history about the Khazarian Cabal going back millennia.  It has never been so urgent for the world community of nations to understand who is really behind the never-ending wars and devastating conflicts, incessant chaos and cultural confusion, as well as the engineered financial breakdowns and economic collapses.  Only when humanity truly comprehends the bankster mentality of the Khazarian Clan, before there was even a Khazar Khaganate, can the entire planetary civilization be liberated from such a terrible scourge.  The important research posted below does a great job piecing together the multi-century crime scene puzzle of the utterly ruthless Khazarian Mafia.
N.B. It’s never been so imperative for the whole human race to become aware of the jailers who set up this prison planet.  For planet Earth has been transformed into a financial and economic penitentiary in which each and every human being is incarcerated to serve out their respective life sentence.  Now, meet your prison warden.


Now that we know where to look in history, the solutions can start to flow:

The Rothschilds (ca. 1744-present) did not invent mammon, but they currently lead this pagan Babylonian trek through history to control humanity through debt slavery

The Babylonian Hammarabi Code (ca. 1755–1750 B.C.) permitted usury (item 100), including in the city of Nippur

Five hundred years later in 1186 B.C. (12th century B.C.) the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt into Canaan, under the leadership of Moses occurred

The Canaanite (called Phoenicians by 500 B.C.) worshipped Ba’al and Moloch, practiced child sacrifice, and were charged usury by the Israelites

Fifteen centuries later, the Babylonian Banking Houses of Egibi and Murashu (Nippur) were the actual “Jewish” subjects of admonition by many of the Jewish Prophets against usury (ca. 6th-8th centuries B.C.)

The detailed archives discovered in 1874 of the Egibi and Murashu Banking Houses in Babylon show that these “Babylonian Rothschilds” did not follow the instruction of the Jewish Prophets against usury

These Radhanite* “Jews” controlled the Babylonian banking system, controlled the Silk Road trade with China, intermarried with the Turkic peoples of Persia, Khazaria and Sogdia and ceased to be Judean (truly Jewish) many centuries earlier.

*named after a suburb of Babylon
In short, the “Jewish” controllers of banking in Babylon were fake Jews, and have been to this day

Some 27 centuries later, the Rothschilds and their fellow fake-Jewish bankers—worshipers of Ba’al, Moloch and Mammon (via Sabbatean Frankism)—continue the evil pagan traditions of debt slavery, usury, human trafficking, and child sacrifice. These Babylonians rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi”—while hiding as Judean Jews and using “anti-semitism!” propaganda epithets to mask their promotion of the usury sin. (They’re not Jewish nor semitic.)

Mammon and the sin of usury is the central demon plaguing our world today; it must be cast out (and we must stop practicing usury as both purveyors and co-dependent victims)

The Year of Jubilee must be declared
Oct. 07, 2022—The practice of usury has been almost universally condemned as unfair, discriminatory, and sinful by moral men and woman of the world since time immemorial—no matter their religion be it Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, or Moslem, or philosophy be it Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, or Aquinas.

Debt Jubilee for Christians and Jews

Fig. 2—Gabriel, McKibben. (Oct. 06, 2022). Debt Jubilee for Christians and Jews. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. YouTube version. (Raw *.mp4 video file). Video: AIM/AFI.Note: The mask shown above is an 8th century A.D. mask of an intoxicated Sogdian King. The foreign origins of this mask from China are here implied by his exaggerated facial features. These include an aquiline nose (hooked), elongated earlobes, prominent cheekbones, and deep-set eyes surmounted by lashed eyebrows. Source: Smithsonian Institution. Source: Smithsonian Institution, Freer Sackler, The Sogdians, Influencers on the Silk Road.
So, why do we accept usury as our way of life today?

Credit cards, house mortgages, loans, bonds, consumer debts, college debts, car debts, business debts, debt, debt, debt.

Who is to blame for this sinful state of affairs?

Well, certainly us as the victims. We have allowed this practice to continue.

We are similar to the enablers in the alcohol addiction of a family member—we enable the addiction by acquiescing to the dysfunction.

More directly, the blame must be laid squarely at our fiat currency and fractional reserve banking system, and the people who control it, and have done so for some three millennia, as we shall prove.

Compared to the arc of history, the Jew Rothschilds and other fake-Jewish families like the Barings and Warburgs, are almost contemporary history as compared to the long line of usurers over the last 27 centuries who have so sinfully influenced human affairs.

We feel compelled to put “Jewish” in quotes because we have discovered that the Rothschild-esque bankers today are not Judean or even Jewish—they are pagans.

Rather, they are from Turkic-Persian-Babylonian-Sogdian-Khazarian stock whose convert progenitors melded into the various kingdoms of the ancient world, notably Persia and Babylon; they were put in charge of their banking, currency, taxation, administration, engineering, industry, shipping, communications, accountancy, trade, commerce, industry, and law along the Silk Road to China.

These fake Jews became the intermediaries between the kings and queens and their subjects. As long as these fake Jews collected the taxes successfully, they were given the keys to the empire.

This fake Jew dominance of Babylonian banking occurred before the 7th century B.C.—at the time of the writings of many Scriptures, including Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Zephaniah, Nahum, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Micah, Zephaniah, Psalms, Haggai, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.

Rome was founded (ca. 753 B.C.); Athens was ascendant (ca. 490 B.C.)

In short, around the 7th century B.C., humanity saw a burst of spiritual energy in both the seen and unseen realms to lead humanity on a higher pathway. God was speaking mightily to the world through the children of Israel during this period.

God was calling the Children of Israel to repentance; to turn from their evil ways and seek righteousness.

God, through his Prophets, repeatedly condemn usury—

For example: Exodus 22:25-27, Deuteronomy 23:19, Ezekiel 18:13, Psalm 15:5, Leviticus 25:36, Proverbs 22:7, Nehemiah 5:10-11, Ecclesiastes 2:26.

Indeed, Deuteronomy 15:1-7 called for a “Year of Jubilee” where all debts would be cancelled every seven years.

The wealthy “Jewish”  Banking Houses of Egibi and Murashu—the Babylonian Kingdom’s bankers (“Babylonian Rothschilds”) — described below, ignored the pleas of the Prophets to forgive debts so as to make the people debt slaves. Nothing in their archives describes forgiveness of debt.

Nehemiah 5:9-13 pleaded with the Houses of Egibi and Murashu (yes, these very Houses):


Here we have indictable proof that the exact evil banking practices of the fake-Jewish Banking Houses of Egibi and Murashu in Babylon—at the height of their power and influence—has continued in an unbroken timeline to the fake-Jewish House of Rothschild today.

In the actual writings of the Egibi and Murashu, we have hard evidence that they ignored the admonition of the Prophets against charging interest on debt.

Worse, they funded human trafficking of all sorts, including branding slaves, castrating males to sell them as eunuchs, selling boys and girls for pedophilia, selling women into prostitution.

Babylonian fake-Jewish banking in Babylon continued along the Silk Road trade with China from 130 B.C. to 1000 A.D.

The breaking point between Babylon, Islam and Europe was the rise of Seljuk Turk Islam. They overran Babylon, redirected Silk Road commerce, blocking it from their enemies, then attacked the Holy Land, triggering the First and Second Crusades (1096-1099 A.D., 1147-1149 A.D. respectively).

Perhaps the ultimate counterpart to the evils of Babylonian bank usury and human slavery system that was disrupted, was the miraculous and well-documented discovery of the Holy Lance of St. Longinus in Antioch by Peter Bartholomew and Raymond of Toulouse. Raymond was the conqueror of Jerusalem and later founder of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar created the first Christian no-interest loans not based on usury.

It was the Holy Lance that led the first Crusaders to victory in Jerusalem against Babylon’s fake-Jewish usurers. (That very lance of St. Longinus is believed to exist today and is in the stewardship of a Patriot.)

The Seljuk Turks forced the fake-Jewish (Turkic-Persian-Sogdian-Khazarian) banking houses of Babylon, then well known in Europe as Radhanites, to move north into Turkey.

These fake Jews rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi,”** and had earlier, as Radhanite (Babylonians), encouraged their brother Khazarians to “convert” to Judaism in order to open a northern route for the Silk Road through the Khazarian empire in the Crimea and over the Caspian Sea.

**Name chosen from the Noahic (Mt. Ararat) cities in Turkey named İşkenaz, Eşkenez, Aşhanas, and Aschuz.
The Radhanite (Babylonian) fake Jews had offices all over Europe. It appears that they rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi,” introduced their secret Yiddish trading language, and ensconced themselves into the royal houses of Europe as “Court Jews”.

Since we have discovered that these fake Jews ran Babylon, it is inconceivable that they did not take over the royal “Christian” houses of Europe, then engaged their fellow Turkic Radhanite banker brothers as “Court Jews” and as the excuse to continue charging interest in these Christian countries where usury was forbidden.

So in reality, we are concluding that the crowns of Europe were deceiving the public about their blood relationship with their Court Jews. This deception enable their Ashkenazi-Khazarian-Sogdian-Turkic cousins to charge interest in banking so that they would be seen not to be violating the Scriptures against usury.

Even the hardened socialist British historian Sir Arthur Koestler (1977) call this “the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

Curiously, at this very time, The Knights Templar (1118-1312 A.D.) were chartering the first banks that DID NOT charge interest on loans.

This Knights Templar plan was wiped out when the Pope stripped the Templars of their assets and gave them to the Knights Hospitallers (1099-present, The Knights of Malta), who would acknowledge the Pope’s ownership of papal lands they had been contributed by crusaders.

* * *

In 1874 on the site of the ancient city of Babylon (Djumdjuma), a secret archive of about three thousand well-preserved terra-cotta jars, packed full of small tablets covered with writing, were unearthed by Arab diggers and archeologists.

The British Museum purchased one of these troves. They were “contract tablets” that described several centuries of immense Egibi & Sons and Murashu & Sons wealth and influence transacting carefully dated money affairs of every kind and size, including tax collection, checks, bank drafts, securitized money-lending with interest and penalties, conduct commercial courts, penal legislation.

Egibi and Sons appear to have reached the zenith of its wealth and power under Nebuchadrezzar. Professor Friedrich Delitzsch tells us, ” All the financial business of the court was entrusted to this firm through several centuries.

The Banking Houses of Egibi and Murashu were wealthy fake-Jewish trade merchant families in Babylon in the 6th and 7th century B.C. who actually controlled the commerce of Babylon.

The Egibi banking family was founded by “Jacob” who most scholars agree was Jewish. (Wikipedia censors make a feeble attempt to distance Jacob from Judaism.)

The Egibi and Murashu families traded in gold, silver, spices, leather, perfume, currency, banking, law, accounting, debt, commodities, branded male and female slaves, boys, girls, castrated eunuchs, cattle, grain, etc.

Fig. 4—Matthew W. Stolper. (Oct. 01, 1976). The Genealogy of the Murašu Family (leading Jewish banker in Babylon ca. 5th century BCE), Journal of Cuneiform Studies, Vol. 28, No. 4, 12 pgs., PDF p. 13. The University of Chicago Press. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.Click here for the caption text contained in this graphic.
We are discovering three interlocked demons from ancient Babylon: Mammon, Moloch and Ba’al. Many among The Children of Israel—since before 600 years before Christ—worshipped these demons. They loved money and sacrificed their own, and their children, to this day.

The Bible confirms this multiple times. For example:

Leviticus 18:21: “Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Moloch, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD”);

Jeremiah 32:35: “They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Moloch, though I never commanded—nor did it enter my mind—that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.”

Matthew 6:24: JESUS CHRIST: “No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve  God and mammon.”

Babylon means “sown in confusion.” Mammon is old Aramaic for “riches.”

Since nearly a millennia before Christ, these demons have directed fake-Jew dominance in banking, money, trade, gold, silver, law, commerce, debt, tax collection, contracts, civil engineering and government, almost always for foreign kings and princes.

The challenge of reading Jewish history is to understand what “Jewish” even means.

Originally it was the Twelve-Tribe descendants of the biblical patriarch Jacob Deuteronomy 27: 12. The Quran (7th century A.D.) Surah 7 (Al-A’raf) verse 160 even states that the people of Moses were split into twelve tribes who fled Egypt in 1513 B.C. and settled in Canaan.

Reuben (Hebrew רְאוּבֵן‎‎ Rəʼūḇēn)
Simeon (שִׁמְעוֹן‎‎ Šīməʻōn)
Levi (לֵוִי‎‎ Lēwī)
Judah (יְהוּדָה‎‎ Yəhūdā)
Issachar (יִשָּׂשכָר‎‎ Yīssāšḵār)
Zebulun (זְבוּלֻן‎‎ Zəḇūlun)
Dan (דָּן‎‎ Dān)
Naphtali (נַפְתָּלִי‎‎ Nap̄tālī)
Gad (גָּד‎‎ Gāḏ)
Asher (אָשֵׁר‎‎ ’Āšēr)
Benjamin (בִּנְיָמִן‎‎ Bīnyāmīn)
Joseph (יוֹסֵף‎‎ Yōsēp̄), later split into two “half-tribes”:
Ephraim (אֶפְרַיִם‎‎ ’Ep̄rayīm)
Manasseh (מְנַשֶּׁה‎‎ Mənašše)
Within 1000 years after the Exodus, “Jewish” merchants, traders and bankers are to be found living and working all over Europe, Middle East, Eurasia and China.

For example, the Book of Deuteronomy was written in the 7th century (641-609 BC). Indeed, the Bible called on the Children of Israel to declare a “Day of Jubilee” (canceling of debt) every seven years. Deuteronomy 15 called on the Children of Israel to stop occult practices like the sacrifice of sons and daughters in the fire, sorcery, omens, witchcraft, spells, spiritism. Deuteronomy 18:9-13.

The Babylonian (Radhanite) fake-Jewish banks controlled the Chinese Silk Road trade and were only disturbed by the rise of the Seljuk Turks.

With that event ca. 1000, they rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi,” constructed a new secret trading language, Yiddish, and took over the royal lines of “Christian” Europe, we believe these new facts are telling us.

The Ashkenazi-Persians-Babylonian-Turkic-Khazarian fake-Jewish bankers opened a northern route through Khazaria, and simultaneously bifurcated the royal families of Europe into fake Christians rulers and their fake “Court Jews.”

Historians tell us that Sogdian-Khazarians had large aquiline or hooked noses that set them apart in China.

In fact, the capital of Khazaria, Atil or Khazaran, was a western-most trading hub along the Silk Road (at the mouth of the Volga River in present day Astrakhan, Russian Federation).

The Babylonian (Radhanite) traded spices, dyes, perfume, porcelain, horses, camels, honey, wine, incense, medicines, steel weapons, furs, gold, silver, paper, gunpowder, jewelry, silk, eunuchs, women, girls, boys, eunuchs, camels, wool, brocade, linen, glassware, pearls, precious stones, leather, royal purple, coral, castor, slaves.

Curiously, the Silk Road Turkic brother-merchants of Sogdia and Khazaria just disappeared from history after the 8th century for the Sogdians, then 11th century for the Khazarians. More likely, they were censored out of our collective consciousness.

Genetically, Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi fake Jews (Radhanite) emerged from four towns in modern-day Turkey, namely İșkenaz, Eskenaz, Așhanaz, and Ashkuz.

Sir Arthur (1905-1983) rose to prominence during the emergence of a new and ruthless British banking corporatism that has now enslaved the world in onerous debt.

The central controller of this agenda is the British Pilgrims Society headquartered in the The City of London financial, press and legal district.

Sir Arthur was born in Budapest, Hungary to a Jewish family, lived on a kibbutz, was a Zionist, communist, Marxist-Leninist, parapsychologist, and a prolific historian and novelist. He was knighted by the Queen in 1972 (New Year’s Honours).

The “hoax” Koestler decries is the largely successful censorship of the true history of the Jews of Europe.

Koestler believed that had this true history of the Jews been told, the six million Jews (really 60,000 who died by disease, starvation and execution) murdered by the Germans in the concentration camps in WWII would not have happened—because they were Khazarian fake Jews who were neither Hebrew or semitic, and in fact,

… they were more Aryan than the Germans!

Koestler shows with thoroughly sourced scholarship that the Ashkenazi fake Jews of Europe are descended from semi-nomadic, Turkic, Sogdian, Khazarian traders from the Caucasus who converted to Judaism ca. 8th century, and are not from semitic Hebrews.

Vigorous attempts are made to discredit this hypothesis, but they ring hollow. They are buried in misdirection and scrambled DNA verbosity. These counters typically start with snarky comments that turn off sincere scientists and overwhelm laymen.

For example, just look at the extensive information on their Silk Road trading partners to their east, the Sogdians. It is extensive.

However, these mercenary historians want us Westerners to believe that the Jewish-convert Khazarians were bereft of a rich cultural history over hundreds of years like their fellow Turkic Sogdian neighbors? This is preposterous. Khazarian history has been censored from our collective consciousness, we believe.

(NOTE: Modern archeology shown at the Smithsonian has discovered Sogdian art and writings in China that describe a people with large, hooked noses as sculpted on Sogdian art displayed at the Smithsonian. Notably, the Sogdians and Khazarians are both of Turkic stock and likely share common facial features. Indeed, Sogdians were alternatively sought out, and at other times persecuted in China, and were identified by their large noses.)


We believe this censorship is designed to protect the British Zionist fiction of the “Great Diaspora” as a centerpiece of their dominance of Israel and the Middle East in the 20th century.

We believe it is also designed to mask the Khazarian convert heritage of its banking and corporate aristocracy led by the Windsors (Saxe-Coburg and Gotha), Rothschilds and other Radhanite (Babylonian) German families.

The British Pilgrims Society’s Jewish hegemony fiction dies when the truth of their fake-Jewish Turkic blood actually being Khazarian-Sogdian since ca. 1000, and not semitic.

The “antisemitic” and “pogrom” propaganda screeds that have worked so well will lose their potency as this becomes widely known.

In short, the argument against Kharzarian origins of fake Jews is the best fake history (“hoax”) that money can buy from mercenary historians, as Koestler—a likely Khazarian-Sogdian fake Jew himself—points out.

These historians jump through hoops to dismiss multiple new haplogroup (DNA) studies that discredit the classical stories of the “diaspora” of Israeli and Sephardic Jews “migrating” into the Rhineland (Germany).

Think about it. There was no need to “migrate” like inchworms. These locations were a month’s journey by land or a single ship ride by sea.

Those haplogroups favor Khazarian/Turkic origins of Jewish converts from the land mass spanning Turkey in the southwest, to the Aral Sea in the east, to Kiev across to Rostov-on-the-Don in the north.

History shows us that the Turkic Khazarians and Sogdians to their east were great traders along the Silk Road from China into Byzantium and Europe.

They traded in spices, silks, furs, women, girls, gold, silver, luxuries and slaves. These facts are undisputed.

Khazaria became the favored “northern route” into China once the Moslem Seljuk Turks captured Babylon.

We believe the answer is because it would reveal that the “Christian” nobility and “Jewish” bankers of Europe were both Khazarian-Babylonian-Radanite-Turkic-Sogdian.

It would also reveal that the Babylonian-Radhanite “Ashkenazi” rebranding at the time of the fall of Babylon was a complete hoax.

The conspiracy is between fake-Jewish bankers and their fake Christian royal blood brothers.

They have protected this usury behind the propaganda of “antisemitism.”

Finally, we have an explanation for the fact that a preponderance of the bankers and corporate leaders in our world today are fake Jews and Christians—they are, in fact, Khazarian-Sogdian from the steppes of Eurasia.

They are the blood beneficiaries of “The most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.” (Koestler).

This also explains why these “Jews” are largely anti-Israel and anti-Russia, we believe. They are not Hebrew nor are they semitic, and they seek revenge because the Rus’ ruler Sviatoslov I driving them out of Khazaria in 965-969 A.D.

Usury is condemned in the Bible.

The exception was that is can be charged to foreigners.

This means that Jews cannot charge interest to fellow Jews, nor Christians to other Christians.

See Deuteronomy 23:19, Deuteronomy 23:20), Leviticus 25:35-38.

Jesus said you cannot serve God and money (mammon) Matthew 6:24).

St. Paul said the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (1 Timothy 6:9-10).

Proverbs says “The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the Lord will prosper.” Proverbs 28: 25.

The demons who promote usury

The U.S. Treasury reports that the total national debt for 2021 was $1.32 quadrillion. That’s $1,315,070,000,000. That is $3,092 for every citizen in 2021 alone.

The Treasury writes:


This is a boldfaced lie. The City of London (British)  banks associated with the Pilgrims Society, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Barings and the London Assurance Company (John Barker, John Barker Church, Geo. Washington’s aide de camp), who were in league with Alexander Hamilton (also a Geo. Washington aide de camp).

When the historical investigation focuses on usury as human society’s core sin, suddenly, the Babylonian worship of mammon, Ba’al and Moloch (Sabbatean Frankism) can be seen, unwound and destroyed.

The fake Christian and fake Jew banker and royal proponents of usury must be exposed.

A global Year of Jubilee debt reset must be declared

Some Jews Involved in the Great Covid Reset
December 10, 2020/32 Comments/in Featured Articles/by Karl Haemers
Jews have been an integral part of Western elites since the Enlightenment, and they have a very prominent profile as an anti-populist elite in the United States. So it’s not at all surprising that they have a role in statist, top-down, “let the experts handle it” responses to Covid. The following describes some of the more prominent Jews playing a central part in this unfolding story. There is no attempt here to label the Covid response as some sort of Jewish conspiracy—just that Jews are very involved at several levels.

Charles Lieber, Chair  Harvard Chemical Biology Dept., Director Lieber Research Group

As early in the Covid timeline as late January, 2020, the story of Professor Charles Lieber selling nanotech secrets to the Communist Chinese emerged. We were told Lieber was allocated $1.5M by the Chinese to set up a naanoscience lab at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT). He also received $50,000/mo. plus “living expenses” of over $150,000/yr. from at least 2012 through 2015 under China’s Thousand Talents recruitment program. According to the Dept. Of Justice press release, “In return, Lieber was obligated to work for WUT ‘not less than nine months a year’ by ‘declaring international cooperation projects, cultivating young teachers and Ph.D. students, organizing international conference[s], applying for patents and publishing articles in the name of WUT.'”

Since Lieber was also receiving a lavish $15M in US government grants, his crime was in not disclosing this conflict of interest when questioned by federal agents in 2018. He also lied to Harvard, which when questioned, falsely—apparently unknowingly—asserted Lieber’s denials. Further charges of tax offenses were added relating to the money Lieber received from the Chinese. Lieber pled not guilty. In a move of classic chutzpah, Lieber has gone on to sue Harvard  in a civil suit, trying to get his employer to pay his criminal legal costs. Harvard has refused, but a court will decide. Lieber’s criminal case is still pending resolution.

The relevance of Lieber’s case to the Covid pandemic is profound when we assess the extraordinary research and development in nanotechnology applicable to vaccines and medical technology that Lieber has been involved in throughout his career. To summarize portions of Lieber’s biography at Harvard:

.”..pioneered the synthesis of a broad range of nanoscale materials, the characterization of the unique physical properties of these materials and the development of methods of hierarchical assembly of nanoscale wires, together with the demonstration of applications of these materials in… biological and chemical sensing (and) neurobiology…”
 .”..published over 340 papers in peer-reviewed journals “
.”..principal inventor on more than 35 patents.”
.”..Co-Editor of Nano Letters, and serves on the Editorial and Advisory Boards of a large number of science and technology journals.”
“In his spare time, Lieber has been active in commercializing nanotechnology, and has founded the nanotechnology companies: Nanosys… and the new nanosensor company Vista Therapeutics …”
Some awards: NIH Director’s Pioneer Award, Einstein Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wolf Prize in Chemistry, Nanotech Briefs Nano 50 Award, World Technology Award in Materials…
Some memberships: National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine,  Honorary Fellow of the Chinese Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science…
Given these references to Lieber’s known and public involvement with China, displayed openly on his biography page at Harvard, we must wonder if all the scandal is more theater to build the view of a false conflict between the US and China, and feed a potential psy-ops myth that the Covid virus was bio-engineered in China with US support. Or perhaps Lieber’s case is being used to divert attention from other US funding of China’s bio-weapons industry. If it’s a bioweapon, engineered by the US, China, both or anyone else, it is another failure if the goal is mass slaughter on a scale like the Black Death, given the absence of increased all-cause mortality compared to the yearly average.

The possibility of nanotechnology applied to medicine and biology, including injection with new vaccines, is very real. One of the companies that Lieber founded “in his spare time,” Nanosys, uses nanotech in its quantum dot displays. While Nanosys does not mention direct biological interface use for its displays, a great deal of news has emerged focused on the intentions of Bill Gates and associates to deploy quantum dot tattoos that accompany subcutaneous vaccine implants in the hand. The bioluminescent tattoo left behind (using Luciferase) can be read by scanners to affirm that this patient has been administered the vaccine. Lieber’s nanotech research and development with Nanosys is at least an indirect contribution to this controlling vaccine-status-tracking technology.

Lieber’s spare time allowed him to also co-found Vista Therapeutics, which is directly engaged with the nanotech-biological interface. Vista’s NanoBioSensor claims “Real-time, continuous flow… detection and measurement of your biomarker in minutes.” It performs “Detection and quantification…of proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) even single viral particles!” Beneath a picture of Lieber attending some lab device, the caption reads: “Vista co-founder Charles Lieber shows detection of a single influenza A virus with the technology at the heart of the NanoBioSensorTM.” Lieber’s involvement with nanotech applicable to the Covid pandemic is made clear by his founding of Vista Therapeutics.

One other link shows how Lieber’s nanotech is directly connected to the pandemic. One of the most central aspects of the current Covid phenomenon is Operation Warp Speed, essentially a US military program to develop new genetic vaccines in record time to be deployed by the US military to almost the entire US population. The vaccine coordinator of OWS is Matthew Hepburn, who formerly was a project director at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). “COL Matthew Hepburn joined DARPA as a Program Manager in 2013. He aims to address the dynamic threats of emerging infectious diseases with potential impact on national security. Prior to joining DARPA, COL Hepburn served as the Director of Medical Preparedness on the White House National Security Staff.” The best information available on OWS and Hepburn comes from an interivew with investigative journalist Whitney Webb, in which she notes: “[Hepburn] oversaw the development of ProfusA,1 an implantable biosensor that allows a person’s physiology to be examined at a distance via smartphone connectivity.”

Now consider that the Lieber Research Group (LRG) at Harvard has DARPA as one of its five major sponsors. Two of the other four are Naval and Air Force research offices. Here are some of the research areas the LRG is engaged in for the US military, with direct Covid opportunities today and in the very near future:

.”..biological nanostructures involved in communication, to blur the distinction between man-made and living systems.”
.”..recording of electrical and/or biochemical signals from individual cells and subcellular structures …  and in-vivo recording from simple organisms through animals.”
.”, engineering and novel technologies at the interface between nanoelectronics and the life sciences… and the development of novel cyborg cells and hybrid nanoelectronics-innervated tissues.”
.”..exploring the creation of cyborg cells and biochemical targeting of nanoelectronic devices to form well-defined cell/device junctions.”
“Cyborg tissue. … biomaterials that seamlessly integrate arrays of nanoelectronic devices with synthetic tissues. … 3D nanodevice arrays interconnected as tissue scaffolds, together with 3D cell culture… including advanced tissue-on-chip diagnostics and powerful new actively monitored/controlled tissue implants.”
.”..integrating electronics within the brain and other areas of the nervous system, which involves the development of neural network-like mesh electronics and a noninvasive delivery method into targeted distinct brain regions via syringe-injection.”
.”..enhancing human performance via brain-machine interface.”
Since Lieber is working for DARPA, this last most likely refers to super-soldiers, but much of the rest is clearly applicable to the kind of medical surveillance technology that is to accompany the Covid vaccines under the Gates’ ID202 and other programs. Even if the new vaccines are not formally legally “mandated,” such bio-integral monitoring and tracking of vaccine status will make acceptance of vaccines so thoroughly coerced that to reject them will amount to ostracism from the new global society, amounting to death by cut-off from the only life-support systems in town.

The Wolf Prize that Lieber received is bestowed by an Israeli Foundation, and many recipients are Jews. Lieber’s criminal case attorney Marc Mukasey may be the highest profile trail lawyer in the nation, and is Jewish.

Mark Suzman, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Chief Executive Officer

On almost the exact same date as Lieber was arrested,  on February 1, Mark Suzman officially became the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Suzman had already been at the foundation for thirteen years. According to his bio: “Mark joined the foundation in 2007 as director of Global Development Policy, Advocacy, and Special Initiatives. Prior to becoming CEO, Mark served as managing director of Country Offices, president of Global Policy and Advocacy, and chief strategy officer. In these roles, he built and oversaw the development of the foundation’s offices in India, China, Africa, and Europe, and managed the foundation’s relationships with government, private philanthropists, and civil society.”

Suzman appeared on a panel at the World Economic Forum in 2019, focused on Africa’s challenges in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (14:00). Suzman was formerly an official at the UN, and spoke mainly of funding and financing for Africa’s health and education sectors, and of course deployment of vaccines. He also mentioned “digital financial inclusion” for Africa, a major step toward the One World Currency planned for all humanity. Suzman also touted a “dual insecticide” which can overcome the resistance malaria mosquitoes have developed to the “first generation” of insecticides, that did little more than empower mosquitoes to overcome the natural sickle-cell resistance Africans had developed over millennia, and poison the landscape and water supplies, contributing to other health problems.

It would be surprising if Suzman was not involved in arranging the Gates Foundation’s participation and funding for the infamous Event 201 at Johns Hopkins University on October 18, 2019 — a “global pandemic exercise” shockingly similar to the “real” pandemic that ensued less than three months later. This suggests foreknowledge and planning for the pandemic, although foreknowledge and planning have been denied by JHU. The Foundation’s representative was Chris Elias, President of the Global Development Division, most likely  working closely with Suzman at Global Policy and Advocacy.

Soon after accepting the appointment to CEO, Suzman released a letter, “Reflections to Guide our Next 20 Years.” His statement is full of globalist and radical left phrasing, such as “the world’s willingness to cross borders, [including] those that run between nations,” “dismantle the harmful gender norms,” “reaching out to enemies to build a new culture, one centered on equality for all,” “the massive challenges of climate change and gender inequality” and “the equality of human beings.” Throughout Suzman praises violent Communist revolutionary Nelson Mandela, and repeats the Communist propaganda about apartheid South Africa where Suzman was born and raised.

We will return to this letter and its references to Suzman’s activist great aunt.

A Washington Post article announced that “Gates … did have an early window into the spread of the virus,” although Suzman noted that “‘We got an early heads-up about [it]”  ̶ ostensibly because of the Gates Foundation’s presence in China, which Suzman worked to establish. Most likely it was because Suzman was a central part of advance planning to position the Gates Foundation for the spread of the pandemic to the West.

The article also mentions Gates’ infamous “prediction” in a TED talk (38 M views in 43 languages): “His knowledge of infectious diseases led him to the conclusion in 2015 that a pathogen-based pandemic could sweep over the globe, killing indiscriminately and destroying economies. ‘If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war,’ Gates said in his TED Talk, which seems eerily prescient today.”

Eerie, yes.

Immediately after becoming CEO, the Foundation under Suzman granted $100 Million to, among other projects, speed the development of new vaccines. Two months later, the Foundation granted another $150 Million. Some of this was “financing to quickly spin up manufacturing facilities.”

At that time, Suzman gave an interview in which he repeated the Foundation’s mission, as he so often does: “We’re about making sure every person on the planet in the United States and around the world … has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. Every statement we make, every action we take, is toward that end.” This interview appeared on April 15, and focused on the Foundation’s “transparency.”

Six days earlier, Children’s Health Defense posted an essay disclosing that Gates-funded vaccine programs had decimated children’s health with paralysis of 500,000 in India, sterilization of millions of women in Kenya, and other mass manglings and deaths around the world. Suzman did not address this when discussing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “transparency,” nor its mission to “make sure every person on the planet has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.” This is a hard message for the millions of vaccine-maimed and -mangled people of the world — the same people Suzman and Gates claim they are trying to save. Perhaps they are acceptable collateral damage.

Now we return to Suzman’s letter when he accepted the offer to become the Gates Foundation CEO in February. In most of the mainstream and “independent” media reporting on Suzman, no mention is made of his racial and religious affiliations. And this is continued in his letter, which contains some biographical disclosures: “My great aunt, Helen Suzman, spent her life trying to tear down the regime. She served in South Africa’s parliament for 36 years, many of them as literally the only voice opposing apartheid.”

“There is Helen, of course, and during a moment while I was driving in Cape Town along what’s now named ‘Helen Suzman Boulevard’ in her honor, I reflected on how her influence has shaped me. Her resolve to stand up for what was right and to speak up for those without a voice, combined with her unflinching commitment to a core set of principles around the equality of human beings and the simple, yet powerful approach to ‘go and see.’ As part of my tenure as CEO, I have set a goal, which I hope would make her proud…”

For Mark Suzman himself, strangely no Wikipedia entry exists. For Suzman’s great aunt, we do have a Wikipedia entry that reveals their family racial and religious affiliation. After learning that Helen “represented a succession of liberal and center-left opposition parties.” She also helped found the Progressive Party and worked to improve prison conditions for Communist criminals of the African National Congress including Mandela:

“Suzman was born Helen Gavronsky in 1917 to Frieda and Samuel Gavronsky, Lithuanian Jewish  immigrants.”  Her husband Moses Suzman, a prominent physician in South Africa at that time, and the source of the family name, was also Jewish.

Cass Sunstein, Chairperson, WHO Technical Advisory Group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health; Professor, Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School

A more recent important date on the Covid timeline occurred in mid-October, when World Health Organization Director and Bill Gates creation Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus appointed Cass Sunstein to Chair the WHO’s Technical Advisory Group on Behavioral Insights and Sciences for Health. Sunstein’s bio there reads:

Cass R. Sunstein is currently the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard. He is the founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School. … From 2009 to 2012, Cass was Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and after that, he served on the President’s Review Board on Intelligence and Communications Technologies and on the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board. He is author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Let us review some of Sunstein’s history to assess whether he should be in charge of convincing the people of the world to have under-tested vaccines injected into their and their children’s bodies.

In 2008 Sunstein co-wrote a scholarly paper titled “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures.” The Abstract states: “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups.” This is not limited to online infiltration, but also In Real Life (IRL) agents joining groups to disrupt their belief in “conspiracy theories.” One example given is belief that the events of 911 “were carried out … by Israel.” Sunstein is advocating beyond-Orwellian thought control by labeling any views that deviate from Establishment narratives as “conspiracy theory,” and recommending direct infiltration and disruption. The KGB was hardly more blunt.

He advocated for discrediting the “false” conspiracy theories, but affirming the “true” ones—essentially the time-worn Jewish anti-populist perspective that politics and opinion should be molded by elites. Only Sunstein and the “experts” can tell the difference, and they’ll tell us. In Sunstein’s new role at WHO, this will surely apply to vaccine “conspiracy theories.”

In 2013, after Edward Snowden was deployed to inform the American people that they were under mass surveillance so they would self-censor through fear, President Obama continued the theater by appointing Sunstein and others to a new expert panel that would assess the National Security Agency’s programs. The Guardian, one primary channel through which this psy-op reached the liberal masses, reported on Sunstein’s notorious 2008 paper, his proposal to reformat the First Amendment to Free Speech, and his high-power wife, Obama-appointee as Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers. An ACLU attorney is quoted as including Sunstein among “folks… deeply enmeshed in the intelligence community.” This was partly because Sunstein had already been an official inside the Obama Administration,  Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The voyeur protecting the spy brothel, indeed.

Given Sunstein’s training and history, it’s reasonable to think that this panel was never meant to sincerely assess privacy issues of government surveillance by agencies like the NSA. Sunstein’s specialty is in rebuilding public confidence—or at least promoting doubt of “conspiracy theories”— in government surveillance and psy-ops programs.

Nudge, Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness was a popular book Sunstein and  a co-author published in 2008. “The book draws on research in psychology and behavioral economics to defend libertarian paternalism [sounds like an oxymoron] and active engineering of choice architecture.” It is challenging to translate this, but basically the book advocates the anti-populist perspective that for economic and behavioral “experts” (libertarian paternalism) restricting and managing peoples choices to get them to behave in ways the “experts” decide is best for them (engineering choice architecture). We can easily see how this could be applied to Sunstein’s new job at WHO, forcing the new genetic vaccines into people against their natural and reasonable “hesitancy.”

Sunstein was appointed to the original founding Pentagon Defense Innovation Board (DIB) of 2016. “The DIB “provides independent recommendations to the Secretary of Defense and other senior DoD leaders on emerging technologies and innovative approaches that DoD should adopt to ensure U.S. technological and military dominance. The Board is comprised of leaders from across the national security innovation base to provide diverse insight on DoD’s biggest challenges. The DIB has previously weighed in on key focus areas for the Department, including AI, software, data, digital modernization, and human capital.” Its mission: “to provide the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and other senior leaders across the Department with independent advice and recommendations on innovative means to address future challenges through the prism of three focus areas: people and culture, technology and capabilities, and practices and operations.”

Other appointments at the time of Sunstein’s were Neal DeGrasse Tyson, the public astronomy spokesman, and Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s multi-multi-billionaire and media mogul. Others on that board were Chairman of Alphabet Eric Schmidt, co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman, CEO of CNN Walter Isaacson, CEO of Instagram Marne Levine and VP of Google Capital Milo Medin among other big tech, big academia, big media and only one defense contractor (United Technologies).

The DIB has three sub-committees, and Workforce, Behavior and Culture is Sunstein’s department.

Should we feel settled knowing the Department of Defense is employing high-powered Harvard professors to study “people and culture” and “workforce, behavior and culture”? That’s us! We’ve known for a long time that the government military and intelligence departments treat We the People as a domestic enemy, and Cass Sunstein has been a key contributor to their psychological warfare operations.

Sunstein will need all his expertise as a master mass mind manipulator to convince the people of the world to accept the new covid vaccines. Successive polls have shown Americans are increasingly reluctant to trust these vaccines. It will be Sunstein’s role to reverse that trend, just as Jews Edward Bernays and others reversed American “isolationism” from World Wars I and II. Sunstein will no doubt use all his acumen to subvert these legitimate fears and convince, persuade and coerce his target audience—the people of the world—to dutifully take their vaccines.

Wikipedia profiles, Early Life sections, are often (not always) good for ascertaining racial/religious affiliation. Sunstein’s Wikipedia entry tells us: “Sunstein was born on September 21, 1954, in Waban, Massachusetts, to Marian (née Goodrich), a teacher, and Cass Richard Sunstein, a builder, both Jewish.” Sunstein is listed in Wikipedia’s extensive list of Jewish American Writers.

BTW notes:

Robert Walmsley, who founded the Harvard Professorship that Sunstein now holds, is the father of current pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKlein CEO Emma Walmsley.

On the Pentagon Defense Innovation Board with Sunstein in 2016 was Walter Isaacson , Jewish president and CEO of the Aspen Institute—and much else including CEO of CNN and editor of TIME. The Aspen Institute organized and hosted the now-infamous conference in Rwanda in August 2019 addressing threats to global health, co-sponsored by the Gates Foundation, and attended by Black Illinois  Representative Bobby Rush (D). Rush returned to the US and sponsored the Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act, with the inauspicious bill number HR6666.

Another Jew on the Pentagon’s Innovation Board with Sunstein was the Marne Levine current COO of Instagram and former assistant to Jewish Secretary of  Treasury, Chief World Bank Economist, and Harvard President Larry Summers.

At least two others on the WHO TAG, Dr Varun Gauri and Dr Fadi Makki, formerly worked at the World Economic Forum. The WEF is perhaps the epicenter for implemtation of the global technocratic control grid it calls the Great Reset, in response to the covid crisis.

Tal Zaks­, Chief Medical Officer, Moderna Therapeutics

Still early in the Covid timeline, on March 16, Moderna Therapeutics, one of the top candidtes for developing and selling a vaccine for covid, appointed Tal Zaks its Chief Medical Officer. Zaks started his commercial vaccine career at pharma giant GlaxoSmithKlein in genetic research. Before joining Moderna, “Dr. Zaks was senior vice president and head of Global Oncology at Sanofi, where he was responsible for all aspects of oncology drug discovery, development and commercialization.” Zaks’ work was focused on developing new cancer drugs.

Reports conflict about the effectiveness and safety of Moderna’s previous vaccine attempts. A Times of Israel article in May stated: “Zaks said the battle against COVID-19 marked the firm’s ninth bid to develop vaccines against viruses, ‘and we succeeded with the previous eight.’ Thus, he said, ‘the degree of confidence within the company was always high’ that it would succeed this time, too.” Another report, however, from arguably the best investigative researcher working today, Whitney Webb, states: “RNA vaccine companies, including Moderna…, have been unable to get their products licensed for human use, largely due to the fact that their vaccines have failed to provide sufficient immunity in human trials. Examples of these ineffective vaccines include…Moderna’s efforts to create a vaccine for the Zika virus.” The Times of Israel article focused on Zaks’ over-enthusiasm that “Our Vaccines Work” as the headline blares. His claim was based on only 8 of 45 trial participants who “appeared to produce an immune response.” This does not inspire confidence. Children’s Health Defense assessed Moderna’s Phase I trial as a “catastrophe,” with “20% serious injury rate.”

Moderna released the second of its preliminary phase 3 results on November 30, but on its Investors page and through the Business Wire online publication. Moderna claimed a 94% effectiveness. “Today’s primary analysis was based on 196 cases, of which 185 cases (from 30,000 total) of COVID-19 were observed in the placebo group versus 11 cases observed in the mRNA-1273 group, resulting in a point estimate of vaccine efficacy of 94.1%.” These were in the mild to moderate symptom cases. Understand that Moderna split a total test population of 30,000 people into half placebo and half vaccine, assessed that 196 got covid, claimed that 185 were in the placebo group, and announced a 94% effectiveness rate.

“Moderna plans to request an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and conditional approval from the European Medicines Agency. … Moderna announced that the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting to review the safety and efficacy data package for mRNA-1273 will likely be scheduled for Thursday, December 17. … By the end of 2020, the Company expects to have approximately 20 million doses of mRNA-1273 available in the U.S. The Company remains on track to manufacture 500 million to 1 billion doses globally in 2021.”

Here let us review Moderna’s disclaimer regarding “forward looking statements” in its investor-oriented press release: “The forward-looking statements in this press release are neither promises nor guarantees, and you should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements because they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, many of which are beyond Moderna’s control and which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These risks, uncertainties, and other factors include, among others: the fact that there has never been a commercial product utilizing mRNA technology approved for use; the fact that the rapid response technology in use by Moderna is still being developed and implemented; the fact that the safety and efficacy of mRNA-1273 has not yet been established; despite having ongoing interactions with the FDA or other regulatory agencies, the FDA or such other regulatory agencies may not agree with the Company’s regulatory approval strategies, components of our filings, such as clinical trial designs, conduct and methodologies, or the sufficiency of data submitted; potential adverse impacts due to the global COVID-19 pandemic such as delays in regulatory review, manufacturing and clinical trials, supply chain interruptions, adverse effects on healthcare systems and disruption of the global economy; and those other risks and uncertainties described under the heading ‘Risk Factors.'”

Moderna’s phase 3 trial was evaluated by “the independent, NIH-appointed Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB).” How “independent” the DSMB is toward Moderna is revealed in this report based on documents which show that the NIH owns up to half the patents for Moderna’s new vaccine.

In evaluating the safety of Moderna’s new mRNA vaccine, ingredients including nanoparticles (linking back to Prof. Lieber) and PEG, a synthetic chemical, have been shown to likely be dangerous to the health of those who allow it to be injected. Moderna did not reiterate the health damage the vaccine did in its second press release, but its first one, on November 16, reveals that “Grade 3 (severe) events…after the second dose included fatigue (9.7%), myalgia (8.9%), arthralgia (5.2%), headache (4.5%), pain (4.1%) and erythema (2.0%).” This totals over one third (34.4%) one presumes the effects on older people are worse. While some severe events are no doubt overlapping, meaning it is not likely a full one third of test victims endured these symptoms, suffering more than one of these symptoms is a far worse horror for those who did.

Despite this vaccine having no approval of any government agency as yet, “the U.S. government has agreed to provide up to $1.525 billion to purchase supply of mRNA-1273 under U.S. Department of Defense Contract No. W911QY-20-C-0100.”

A couple years after joining Moderna, in 2017 Zaks gave a public lecture focused on the medical potential of “gene editing.” He openly used the phrase “hacking the software of life.” Today Tal Zaks is a main spokesman and promoter of Moderna’s under-tested, likely ineffective, quite possibly dangerous mRNA vaccine. It has financial and organizational ties to the US government’s NIH and the US military’s DARPA. Zaks himself has a long career of promoting under-tested dangerous drugs, including other vaccines, and will join the marketing and promotion of Moderna’s vaccine for the unsuspecting masses. Moderna already has a signed contract with the Pentagon for a further $9 billion to buy a half billion doses. We only have about 320 million people in the US. These syringes are not just for the military, they are for everyone.

From his Moderna bio: “Dr. Zaks received his M.D. and Ph.D. from the Ben Gurion University in Israel…” The Times of Israel article calls Zaks “Israeli.”

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab has emerged into infamy as the grim specter of today’s The Great Reset. Among many other horrors, The Great Reset, quoting Schwab, will “lead to fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.” This concept is clearly elaborated in Schwab’s  book (ghost written by Nicholas Davis) The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as this year’s book Covid-19: The Great Reset. They discuss implantable microchips to read biometric data, brain scans at borders instead of passports, and other dystopian nightmare techno-realities. This is transhumanist globalism openly championed by a man formerly on the steering committee of the very influential Bilderberg Group.

Schwab’s Wikipedia entry notes that he has received over a dozen honorary doctorates, and then notes that he “is an honorary professor of the Ben-Gurion University of Israel.” Schwab also was … a member of the Peres Centre for Peace.” Simon Peres was a former Prime Minister of Israel.

In a remarkable synchronicity, “Klaus Schwab was having breakfast with Rabbi Arthur Schneier at his Park East Synagogue in New York when the two jets struck the World Trade Center,” according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Schwab decided to move the annual January WEF meeting from its usual Davos Switzerland location to New York City the following year.

Researchers agree that information on the background of Klaus Schwab is difficult to find. Most Wikipedia entries contain a section “Early Life” or “Family History” that reveals useful background, but not so with Schwab. The only reference to his earlier life in his Wikipedia entry is a parenthetical entry after his name: “born 30 March 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany.” Other bios on Schwab also mention he was born in Germany, but not that he is of German ethnicity. Even an essay titled “Getting to Know Klaus Schwab” makes no mention of his birth, ethnicity, religion or childhood.

This entry gives us the most content on Schwab’s childhood available: “Klaus Schwab was born in 1938, in Germany, but on the Swiss border. His father, who was a businessman, was able to cross that border during WWII, while the son and his mother had to stay behind in a country that became progressively more and more war-ridden. It made the young boy acutely aware of the strangeness of borders: destruction and death on one side, peace and prosperity on the other.” A convenient and compelling influence for someone advocating One World Government and listing “Nationalism” among other scourges of humanity such as poverty, war, disease, racism and climate change.

These and other associations Schwab has had with Israel, the vague references to his having been born in Germany but not stating that he is of German ancestry, and other affiliations he has had with Jews around the world are not definitive on their own. Schwab has had associations and affiliations with many peoples, notably the Chinese, as we would expect from an oligarch organizer “doing good” for the world. However, no other mention of Schwab’s racial and religious identity has been found, and similar to what we have seen with these other Jews involved with the Covid agenda, his Jewishness is not just downplayed, it may be excluded altogether. Possibly, Klaus Schwab is a crypto-Jew.

Dishonorable Mention: The Council on Foreign Relations

Brief mention must be made of the top leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations, an influential body right up there in the ranks of the WEF and Bilderberg Group. The CFR has been actively and extensively involved in the Covid agenda since it began, and in June conducted a panel event called “Learning From Past Pandemics.”This featured a number of Jews, pro-Zionists explaining how disease scares in history should inform our response to the deadly Covid today. One presenter even compared Covid to the Black Death.

Of the four members of the CFR leadership—President, Chairman,  and two Vice Chairs—three are Jews. Richard Haas has been President for seventeen years, with the usual past trajectory through Rhodes Scholar, government agencies, advisor to Presidents, etc. CFR Chair David Rubenstein, co-founder of one of the largest investment firms in the world, the Carlysle Group, is also a board member of the World Economic Forum. His ethnicity is obvious. Vice-Chair Blaire Efron is another Jewish billionaire investment manager and worked at UBS Warburg bank earlier in his career. Jami Miscic is the other Vice-Chair, and while not Jewish, is also President of the Kissinger Institute, and formerly worked at Lehman Brothers investment bank (gone bankrupt), both Jewish institutions. A more detailed analysis of the CFR is found here.


We have examined just some of the more prominent Jews involved in and profitting from imposing the Covid agenda. Their Jewish affiliations have been neglected in most reports, but here we expose some covert Covid Jews operating in our crucial year in world history, 2020. Further developments will reveal whether we are shifted into the Great Reset technocratic control system long prepared for us, or arise to reject this grim future and retain and expand our inalienable freedoms and rights.

Covert Covid Jews II
by George Mackenzie

In my first article Some Jews Involved in the Great Covid Reset, we exposed Jews operating at key positions in the greatest influence over our world at this time, and perhaps for much of human history, the Covid-19 phenomenon. While some Jewish media continues to develop the view that “conspiracies” abound that Jews are responsible for covid, other Jewish media celebrates the role of Jews in covid.  Even what claims to be Christian media takes note of the Jewish role in covid promotion and profiteering. As the world-transforming influence of covid continues to intensify, the following is a further investigation into other Jews of prominence and power pushing and profiting from a covid agenda.

Albert Bourla, Chairman & CEO, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, DVM, PhD

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has emerged as one of only a few top covid vaccines being distributed around the world at this time, along with Moderna (AstraZeneca is another). Already we are seeing vaccine injury, referred to as “health impact events”, compiled by the US Center for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  As of December 18th, ACIP reported 112,807 people had received the Pfizer vaccine in the US, with 3150 “health impact events”, defined as “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional”. This comes to a staggering 2.7%, far beyond similar metrics for covid itself. This is also only after the first dose, and two doses of the Pfizer covid vaccine are intended.

More on the damage Pfizer’s vaccine can do is presented in Pfizer’s own document of December 10th on its clinical trial results, chapter 5.2.6, which is surely understated. Children’s Health Defense also did an in-depth analysis of the damage mRNA vaccines can do and are already doing in this question format to the FDA. In summary: auto-immune damage, allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, PEG chemical poisoning, pathogenic priming, and more “adverse health events”.

Chairman and CEO of Pfizer is Albert Bourla. Bourla is a Veterinary doctor, and his PhD in “biotechnology of reproduction” is from a veterinary school, yet he is overseeing the deployment of the new Pfizer mRNA vaccines to as close to all humans in the world as possible. We must wonder if his doctorate in the biotechnology of reproduction has anything to do with the news that mRNA vaccines could inflict sterility on vaccine recipients. A former Pfizer VP Dr. Yeadon and European medical administrator Dr. Wodarg present the science for the possibility of the vaccine preventing the formation of the placenta during pregnancy in their Petition to the European CDC (see section XI)

Bourla’s bio at Pfizer makes no mention of his racial/religious affiliations, except to misleadingly say “He began his Pfizer career in 1993 in the Animal Health Division as Technical Director of Greece.”

We gain some clue to Bourla’s heritage from the Atlanta Jewish Times article, which says his “…parents survived the Nazi devastation of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki, Greece” (While it is true some Jews from Thessaloniki were imprisoned by the National Socialists, their own accounts of the holocaust refute the official narrative). Bourla’s Wikipedia entry, however, is more helpful. It starts off stating Bourla “is a Greek business executive and veterinarian…”, but under Early Life we read: “Born into a Thessalonian Jewish family…”

Perhaps Bourla’s role at Pfizer trying to administer dangerous vaccines to all of humanity leading to possible sterilization, yet as a veterinarian, aligns with the extreme Talmudic view of all non-Jews as Goyim sub-human animals.

Mikael Dolsten, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer and President, Worldwide Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer

Also at Pfizer is science officer Mikael Dolsten. The only reference to Dolsten’s potential Jewish heritage on his Wikipedia page states “He pursued scientific studies in immunology and virology 1981 at the Weizman Institute of Science in Rehovot Israel.” He is celebrated by Jewish media outlets such as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency as a “Jewish Immigrant” (who hopes the US stays a melting pot).

Like many covid Jews, Dolsten had close connections with the topmost levels of US government. “Mikael advised the Obama Administration on regulatory and drug development issues as well as Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative to accelerate cancer research,” according to his Pfizer bio. Dolsten is also on the boards of some of the biggest drug development and promotion organizations in the world, such as PhRMA, and the Accelerating Medicines Partnership, a public-private partnership that includes the National Institute of Health. As most have noticed, it is the NIH sub-agency National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Disease (NIAID) from which covid front man Anthony Fauci, non-Jew, is operating.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency article of November 16th reports that when Dolsten found out from preliminary trial results the new Pfizer vaccine “was over 90% effective, he and his colleagues literally leapt with joy at a corporate office in Connecticut.” Not surprising, given the immense profits Pfizer is already making as the vaccine deploys in the US and around the world. Dolsten’s joy was presumably not dimmed by analysis showing “no supporting data for the claim” of  90% effectiveness, despite extensive efforts to find such data.

Drew Weissman

University of Pennsylvania Pereleman School of Medicine, Professor, MD, PhD

Similar to Charles Lieber’s nanotech research leading to today’s applications of the technology in medicine from the first essay in this series, Drew Weissman’s RNA research is the “Technology (that) Helped Make the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Possible”, and the “technology the promising (Pfizer) vaccine is based on”. Weissman’s bio at UPenn states: “Dr. Weissman’s laboratory focuses on the study of RNA and innate immune system biology and the application of these findings to vaccine research and gene therapy.” In Penn Medicine News, “Through research conducted in Penn laboratories beginning decades ago, Drew Weissman… discovered in the early 2000s that introducing certain chemical modifications into messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) molecules can greatly increase its therapeutic potential—a discovery that plays a critical role in two of the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates that rely on the use modified mRNA being separately  developed by Moderna and Pfizer…”

Further, “Dr. Weissman will discuss the science and impact of the groundbreaking research that resulted in this fundamental discovery about mRNA biology that has helped pave a path to these new modified mRNA vaccines soon to be deployed in the global fight against COVID-19.”

Of note, sponsor and patron of Weissman’s department at UPenn Ronald Perelman is a multi-Billionaire Jew with a trail of corruption and dirty dealing—what his Wikipedia entry calls “controversy”.

Susan Ellenberg PhD

Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Another Professor at UPenn , Susan Ellenberg, got her original degree in Social Relation/Mathematics and a PhD in Statistics. She now works in the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn in the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics. Her Clinical Expertise includes clinical trial methodology—such as the recent covid vaccine trials—as well as Bioethics.

Ellenberg co-authored a paper with a Chinese-America CDC researcher back in 1998 titled “The complicated task of monitoring vaccine safety”. The abstracts starts out asserting vaccines are “our most cost-effective medical interventions”. It does admit vaccines “are not without controversy. Vaccines, like all other pharmaceutical products, are not entirely risk-free…” Ellenberg and colleagues must interpret the data for us all “to ensure public confidence in immunization programs”. Hold that thought.

Ellenberg also co-authored a number of papers about Data Monitoring Boards, supposedly independent bodies that oversee clinical trials. The abstract of her paper published in 2015 titled “Data monitoring committees for pragmatic clinical trials” states: “…protocol adherence is often purposefully not addressed in pragmatic trials in order to accurately represent the clinical practice setting and maintain practicability of implementation; there are differing viewpoints as to whether adherence should be assessed and acted upon by DMCs in these trials.” Hold that thought too.

In 2016, she was co-author of the paper “Data Monitoring Committees — Expect the Unexpected”. It asserts trial “monitoring is motivated primarily by an ethical imperative”. Of course it is. “To allow investigators and sponsors to manage the trial without bias, as well as to ensure an objective assessment of the accumulating data, independent committees, known as data monitoring committees (DMCs), (or)  data and safety monitoring boards (DSMB)… are established to perform this monitoring function and to make recommendations regarding trial modifications, including early termination, to investigators and sponsors.”

Ellenberg’s 2018 paper “Rigorous Clinical Trial Design in Public Health Emergencies Is Essential” states: “Improved planning and collaboration among research and humanitarian organizations, and affected communities, in the interepidemic periods are needed to ensure that questions regarding the efficacy of vaccines and treatments can be definitively answered during future public health emergencies.” We will see how well she answers the vaccine question during the current covid emergency.

All this becomes more relevant when we learn that Susan Ellenberg was a member of the Data and Safety Monitoring Board that evaluated the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) Covid vaccine trials, focused primarily on the Moderna mRNA vaccine (the Pfizer vaccine did not participate in Operation Warp Speed). We learn this from the Penn Medicine News announcement of a “virtual press event” scheduled for December 14th, titled Health Policy Experts Join Together to Discuss COVID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Plans, “In conjunction with the FDA’s EUA Advisory Committee meetings… for the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and… for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine”. EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization, just one of the “warp speed” aspects of this unprecedented rapid development and deployment of vaccines. Ellenberg is described on this panel as “a member of the Data Safety Monitoring Board overseeing Operation Warp Speed’s COVID vaccine trials”.

Also on the panel was her Perelman School colleague Steve Joffe, another member of OWS’s DSMB. A name check reveals Joffe is most likely Jewish, since his name is “a Hebrew-language surname”, in common with a Russian physicist, Marxist revolutionary, Israeli general, reproductive rights advocate, former lawyer to Nelson Mandela and a rabbi, among others.  So add dangerous lucrative vaccine promoter to the list. Another panelist was Jonathan Epstein, MD, Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer, Perelman School of Medicine. Relationship to the infamous Jeffrey is unknown and not likely, but Jonathan’s Jewish identity is most certain. Drew Weissman, the mad doctor who invented the mRNA technology, previously reviewed, was also on this panel.

Let us return to another statement from Ellenberg’s publications. “This process (DCMBs) continued to evolve and became the general approach for most federally sponsored randomized trials during the 1970s and eventually for the increasing number of phase 3 industry-sponsored trials, with some modification of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) model.” That NIH model was “modified” by industry. Considering her role at OWS’s DSMB in 2020, we are reminded that Ellenberg reassured us in 2016 “The evolution of (DSMBs) continues as the art and science of clinical trial performance itself evolves.”

As was presented in my first article in this series, the OWS DSMB was anything but “independent”, as biotethicist Susan Ellenberg knows it should be. The National Institute of Health appointed the OWS DSMB, but the NIH itself owns significant patent rights on the Moderna vaccine its Board was assigned to monitor. A more clear conflict of interest could not be imagined. And the NIH at least partially funded some of Ellenberg’s research papers.

So it is shocking to consider just how lax Ellenberg’s DSMB was in releasing the Moderna mRNA vaccine. My previous essay details the fraudulent process for establishing “effectiveness”, as well as some of the declared and known safety hazards of that vaccine the DSMB was supposed to evaluate. Dr. James Lyons-Weiler declared that the Moderna vaccine showed a 21% “adverse health event” incidence, a staggering amount. He also expressed his outrage that animal trials were circumvented, despite Lyons-Weiler’s attempts to urge the trials to include them, since animal trials are most likely to catch  pathogenic priming, a phenomenon where good immunity seems to be conferred by the vaccine, only to see extreme auto-immune response upon encounter with the natural disease. In previous animal trials, all of the test ferrets, the animal with an upper respiratory tract most similar to humans, died. This is most likely why animal tests were skipped in the Moderna trials, and Ellenberg and the DSMB let it slide. This is surely what she meant by “the evolution of DSMBs” as an art and science: the art and science of waiving dangerous, unnecessary and ineffective vaccines rapidly past monitoring, and into people’s bodies at “warp speed”. The real warping was in the monitoring.

Because of the OWS DSMB, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar was emboldened to make the following statement on November 18th: “Because of President Trump’s founding and leadership of Operation Warp Speed, even as we face daunting epidemiological trends around the country, we have reasons for optimism. With Monday’s announcement from the independent data and safety monitoring board for Moderna’s candidate vaccine that it showed about 95 percent efficacy, we now have two safe and highly effective vaccines that could be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration and ready to distribute within weeks.”

They are all in it together against the rest of us. Under-tested, rapidly and insufficiently approved mRNA vaccines are now upon us. And the pharmaceutical companies, the government, and those who manufacture and administer the vaccines have no liability. A recent Israeli news report made that clear. That certainly makes it easier to pass monitoring.

I could not find a single reference to Ellenberg’s racial/religious affiliation, nor any mention of her personal life. Strangely, this is not available from the usual sources or any other I could find. For all we know, this is a married name, but based on name, typical behavior and other affiliations, we should suspect Ellenberg is Jewish.

Even More Jews in the Great Covid Reset

In my next article, we will explore still more of those Jews who operate within the Global Medical Cartel who are imposing and exploiting the Covid phenomenon for profit and control. An examination of the Jewish involvement in the epicenter of the Great Reset itself, the World Economic Forum, should complete the study—though this series could go on almost indefinitely. Jews constitute .2% of the world’s population, but to say they are over-represented in 2020’s Great Reset process is a gross understatement.

Seven Things About Klaus “Great Reset” Schwab That Make Him More Dangerous Than Ever!
Posted on January 18, 2021 by State of the Nation
by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu_
No intro needed for the villain of the season.

He’s a former member of Bilderberg’s Steering Group. Unsurprisingly, I admit, but wait.

Bilderberg is governed by a Steering Committee which designates a Chairman; members are elected for a term of four years and can be re-elected. There are no other members of the Bilderberg conference.The Chair’s main responsibilities are to chair the Steering Committee and to prepare with the Steering Committee the conference program, the selection of participants. He also makes suggestions to the Steering Committee regarding its composition. The Executive Secretary reports to the Chairman. – Source

Last few years, he’s been preparing to step down from the WEF leadership, which will be taken over by a team. We don’t know who’s in this team, but I’ll shave my head if China isn’t well represented.

2015 interview
Klaus Schwab is also very involved with another elite organization that studies how to change The Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they can harmonize it with the globalist agenda that includes a global citizenship, among others.

The Global Citizenship Commission was convened, under the leadership of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the auspices of NYUs Global Institute for Advanced Study, to re-examine the spirit and stirring words of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The result this volume offers a 21st-century commentary on the original document, furthering the work of human rights and illuminating the ideal of global citizenship. What does it mean for each of us to be members of a global community? Since 1948, the Declaration has stood as a beacon and a standard for a better world. Yet the work of making its ideals real is far from over. Hideous and systemic human rights abuses continue to be perpetrated at an alarming rate around the world. Too many people, particularly those in power, are hostile to human rights or indifferent to their claims. Meanwhile, our global interdependence deepens. Bringing together world leaders and thinkers in the fields of politics, ethics, and philosophy, the Commission set out to develop a common understanding of the meaning of global citizenship one that arises from basic human rights and empowers every individual in the world. This landmark report affirms the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeks to renew the 1948 enterprise, and the very ideal of the human family, for our day and generation. Members of the Global Citizenship Commission include: K. Anthony Appiah, Laurel Bellows, Nicolas Berggruen, Paul Boghossian, Gordon Brown (Chair), Craig Calhoun, Wang Chenguang, Mohamed ElBaradei, Fonna Forman, Andrew Forrest, Ronald M. George, Asma Jahangir, John Kufuor, Graça Machel, Catherine ORegan, Ricken Patel, Emma Rothschild, Robert Rubin, Jonathan Sacks, Kailash Satyarthi, Klaus Schwab , Amartya Sen, John Sexton, Robert Shrum, Jeremy Waldron, Joseph Weiler, Rowan Williams, Diane C. Yu (Executive Director).”-Source -Publisher’s press release.

On 9/11, the founder and president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, was having breakfast with Rabbi Arthur Schneier at his Park East Synagogue in New York when the two jets struck the World Trade Center, Schneier said. Schneier, who heads the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, a coalition of business and religious leaders in New York, had intended to discuss increasing the participation of religious leaders at the economic forum. After the attack, the notion seemed even more urgent. With Schneier´s assistance, Schwab decided to commemorate the world disaster by moving his forum — traditionally held in the Swiss ski resort of Davos — to New York City, Schneier said. And he doubled the number of religious leaders to 40, including eight Jews. While Western nations have distanced religion from public life in recent decades, the forum´s new line is to embrace religion, understand its traditions and glean its wisdom. As international companies expand their markets and governments and corporations see peace as essential to progress, leaders increasingly are giving religion a role in enhancing international stability. – Source
That’s not surprising either if you were aware he’s also a member of the Peres Centre for Peace. Or of the Dan David Prize  he was awarded by Israel in 2004.

Idon’t know when you started counting, but Klaus Schwab was already at “Globalism 4.0” during the World Government Summit of 2019. Did you even know there was a World Government Summit? I admit I’ve missed this one until recently.

And then there’s this:

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