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Charles Lindbergh?


The following notes are provided to document and, in a few instances, to expand and explain statements made in the speech which I gave before the Daughters of the American Revolution on March 12, 1959.

I have limited myself to a few basic references, citing, wherever possible, sources that may be easily obtained at the present time; full documentation would require many pages.

Books of which I give the title in CAPITAL LETTERS may be obtained at the prices indicated, from

P. O. Box 1808
Bakersfield, California 93301









Charles Lindbergh


Agree that the Civil War was the beginning of end for the old US republic, but when did the first POTUS serve come in serving aliens whose main concern was to rob and loot us and use us for war ? T.R. and Woody Wilson come to mind when I think of corruption. Corruption that is before FDR and LBJ slammed dunked US down the toilet of history.

Enemy alien's were in retreat or laying low during the Calvin Coolidge years, until the Nation was made ripe for F.D.R. in 1932, who was unqualified, but had the Banking interests of NYC fully behind him, as supported all that had started during the Civil war IMO.


The following notes are provided to document and, in a few instances, to expand and explain statements made in the speech which I gave before the Daughters of the American Revolution on March 12, 1959.

I have limited myself to a few basic references, citing, wherever possible, sources that may be easily obtained at the present time; full documentation would require many pages.

Books of which I give the title in CAPITAL LETTERS may be obtained at the prices indicated, from

P. O. Box 1808
Bakersfield, California 93301

The most recent and concise survey of treason and subversion in the United States is John Stormer's excellent book, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON (75¢). I accordingly cite is as basic documentation, and do not repeat in the following notes authority for statements (e.g. about Lauchlin Currie's Communist connections) that may easily be verified by consulting the index of Mr. Stormer's book and turning to the indicated pages.


1. On the planning of the Bolshevik capture of Russia in New York City, see especially Boris Brazol, The World at Cross Roads (Boston, 1921; out-of-print). Some of this information is repeated by Arsene de Goulevitch in his recent CZARISM AND REVOLUTION ($4.00), pp. 231 ff. On the financing of the Bolsheviks, see note 21 below.

If 1700 seems a small number for the capture of so huge a country, remember that Bronstein, alias Trotsky, boasted that he had paralyzed the centralized Russian government and taken over with only one thousand perfectly disciplined men in the right places; he used the "correct tactics," which were best described by Major Frank Pease in his booklet, Technicians and Revolution (out-of-print and very rare). Many Bolseviks had, of course, been planted in the Russian government. It is sometimes forgotten that the Bolseviks captured Russia with comparatively little bloodshed. It was not until after they had captured the government and supreme power that they began the wholesale butchery of decent Russians, of whom they eventually murdered some 20,000,000 for the fun of it. The victims naturally included many "intellectuals" and other over-educated nitwits whom the criminals had manipulated and used in the early stages of their take-over.

It is significant that a large part of the gang came from New York City. The Reverend Mr. George A. Simons, who had been in Russia in 1917, testified before the Senate Subcommittee on the Judiciary on February 12, 1919, that he had recognized many of the Bolshevik leaders and agitators as persons he had known in New York; he cited statistics to the effect that out of 388 major officials of the Bolshevik regime in St. Petersburg in December, 1918, only 16 were Russians; of the remaining 372, one was a negro from the United States and 265 were known to have come from the East Side of New York City. Robert Wilton, correspondent of the London Times in Russia for seventeen years, investigated the antecedents of the 565 most important Bolshevik officials in 1918-1919, and found that only 17 were Russians. See his Last Days of the Romanovs (London, 1920; out-of-print) and also the additional data given in the French translation, Les derniers jours de Romanof (out-of-print).


2. Harry Hopkins' acts of treason connected with the development of the atomic bomb were first discussed by Major George Racey Jordan in FROM MAJOR JORDAN'S DIARIES ($2.00). This treason continued, of course, after Hopkins died, and there is good reason to believe that the first atomic bombs exploded by the Soviet were assembled from parts shipped from the United States; see Medford Evans (former Security Officer for the Atomic Energy Commission), THE SECRET WAR FOR THE A-BOMB ($4.00). For another aspect of Hopkins' activity, see Admiral William M. Standley's Admiral Ambassador to Russia (out-of-print).


3. In his latest book, MARTIN DIES' STORY ($3.00), Congressman Dies says that Roosevelt was "furious," but he does not say that, as gossip in Washington reported at the time, he was ordered from the room. Congressman Dies now writes regularly for American Opinion.


4. When the bureaucrat said "a Communist," he probably meant any one willing to accept Communism as an inevitable "wave of the future," whether or not an actual Party member.

5. The most concise account of the "Sedition Trial" is to be found in The Sedition Case, compiled and published by the Lutheran Research Society in 1953; I understand that the book has just gone out of print. The book by Maximilian St. George and Lawrence Dennis, A Trial on Trial, was published before the absurd charges were finally dismissed; it is now out-of-print.


6. Broadcasts on this subject were given by Fulton Lewis, Jr., in November and December, 1958. On the background of Ripka and many other officials of Radio Free Europe, see Professor Kurt Glaser's CZECHOSLOVAKIA: A CRITICAL HISTORY ($5.50).

7. And, as was later disclosed, the State Department sent to Comrade Tito in Yugoslavia, obviously for transmission to his superiors in the Kremlin, an official note stating that the United States did not want a non-Communist government established in Hungary. With this assurance of the cooperation of Washington, the Soviet was emboldened to send in its Mongolian hordes to butcher the Hungarians.


8. On Admiral Hillenkoetter, see Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, AMERICA'S RETREAT FROM VICTORY ($3.00). Since I spoke, the enemies of the United States have acquired an apparently total control of our armed forces. When the Communist Conspiracy drove General Edwin A. Walker from the U. S. Army in 1961, it was obviously proclaiming its complete mastery of our Army. There have been many acts of terrorism to intimidate and silence military men who are loyal to the United States. For a partial list, see the forthcoming book by Major Arch E. Roberts, VICTORY DENIED (75¢ paper, $3.95 cloth).


9. I call attention to the presence of a large number of mongrels (hybrids) in Cuba because that is a fundamental datum. Official estimates of the population of Cuba are roughly in agreement, differing by only a small percentage in each category. An estimate for 1956 is: white, 71.8%; mulatto, 14.5%; negro, 13.4%; mongolian, 0.3%. Everyone agrees that the first figure is much too high and the second too low, since octoroons usually, and quadroons frequently, escape across the color line. The exact figures do not greatly matter. It is a rule of thumb in military intelligence (see, for example, William M. McGovern's STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE AND THE SHAPE OF TOMORROW, $4.00) that whenever ten percent or more of the population of a country is composed of a visibly different race, there will exist, no matter what the government or the dominant race may try to do about it, tensions which represent major and irremediable internal weakness. If there is, in addition, a large hybrid population, it must be taken for granted that the internal situation is potentially explosive and that government must be either more or less despotic or highly unstable.

On the current Bolshevik use of racial antagonism to expedite the liquidation of decent Cubans remaining on the island, see John Martino's excellent book, I WAS CASTRO'S PRISONER ($4.75).

The laws of nature cannot be repealed by the squawking of "Liberals" and neurotic "do-gooders." The current situation in Cyprus is an excellent illustration, and could, of course, have been predicted with mathematical certainty by any rational man years ago. For another current example, consider the old Belgian territory of Ruanda-Urundi, where it was certain that as soon as the Belgian troops were withdrawn, the Bantus would begin to exterminate the Watusi, as they are now doing.

Racial repulsions are powerful and ineluctable forces; they frequently exist where the differences are overlooked by casual observers. Few Americans realize, for example, that the upheavals in China during the early part of the present century were to a considerable extent caused by racial tensions between the Manchus and the Chinese majority.


10. In a speech available on a long-playing phonograph record ($4.00), it takes me fifty minutes to summarize the evidence which was available before January, 1959, to prove conclusively that Castro was a Soviet agent.


11. The most concise account of the betrayal of China to the Communists is Senator McCarthy's book, AMERICA'S RETREAT FROM VICTORY ($3.00).

12. When I said that "Baptista's men did not desert," I did not know that some of his ranking officers had been urged to betray him by "our" Central Intelligence Agency. Although observers earlier suspected that the super-secret C.I.A. had promoted the Communist conquest of Cuba, no proof was available until Ambassador Earl E. T. Smith testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security in August, 1960; see Smith's THE FOURTH FLOOR ($5.00). It is now virtually certain that some of Batista's officers accepted large bribes to sabotage operations against the Communists; it is not unlikely that the bribes were provided by American taxpayers, but no proof is available or will be available until the Central Intelligence Agency is investigated by Congress and forced to explain its participation in many acts of treason. Thus far, Congressmen have not been permitted to know how much of your money they appropriate for the C.I.A., since its funds are siphoned out of other appropriation by trick bookkeeping. The only specific information on the use of these funds was provided by a defector from the Soviet Secret Police (see articles in the New York, Journal-American, March 2-5, 1964), who knew what had been done with one remittance of $1,200,000 to the C.I.A.'s office in Vienna: one-third of this sum was given directly to the Soviet Secret Police, one-third was sent to the Communist Party in Italy, and the remaining one-third was sent back to the United States to the Communist Party here—doubtless to help finance the campaign against "right-wing extremists." Of course, $1,200,000 is a very small sum of money when one considers the scale on which the C.I.A. operates; observers, including Americans who were in the C.I.A. in its early days, estimate that it now extracts between one billion and two billion dollars per year from American taxpayers.

13. Of course, the Soviet bases are still in Cuba and are constantly being expanded and supplied with the best missiles that Soviet Russia can manufacture with the aid of working drawings and, perhaps models supplied from the United States. For a description of some of the missiles now in position for use against us, see the report by Eduardo Ulacia in The Guide (Coral Gable, Florida), March 2, 1966, pp. 1, 14, 17. Naturally, such news does not appear in our crypto-Communist controlled press, which believes that its function is to keep the American sheep quiet until butchering time.

At the time that I spoke, I did not foresee that Washington had another and even more important purpose in establishing a Soviet fortress in Cuba. The island now serves as a convenient center for training the technicians who are to direct the looting and burning of American cities when the "Civil Rights" program, financed by the captive American taxpayers, gets under way. The incident in Watts, California, was only a small-scale rehearsal for the real violence of which our "Liberals" have long dreamed. Cuba is also the location of radio stations that constantly exhort Negros in the United States to exterminate white men and rape white women as a necessary preliminary to racial equality.


14. When I spoke in March, 1959, my best estimate was that the State Department and its allies planned to convert the Dominican Republic into a Communist base before the end of 1960, which meant that the operation to overthrow General Trujillo would have to begin before the summer of that year. I am inclined to believe now that the planned operation was postponed rather than risk the possibility that the American people would insist on action in Cuba. A number of nasty "right-wing extremists" were publicly telling the truth about Castro early in 1959, and by the fall of that year they were able to give the exact location of various Soviet bases then under construction. Although the puke-machines of press and radio were able to keep the American people confused and paralyzed for the necessary length of time, the Conspiracy could not be absolutely certain in advance that they would succeed in doing so. A Communist operation in the Dominican Republic, if carried out before the bases in Cuba were complete, would have greatly increased the risk of effective public exposure.

On General Trujillo, see my article in American Opinion, June, 1961. He was murdered on May 30, 1961—by assassins in the employ of "our" Central Intelligence Agency, according to General Arturo Espaillat, former chief of the Dominican Intelligence Service.

The State Department's determination to establish a Soviet outpost on the island of Hispaniola remains unshaken. In 1962, after the murder of General Trujillo, lavish expenditure of money wrung from the tax-paying serfs in the United States procured the election of a notorious Communist, Juan Bosch (see American Opinion, September, 1963, pp. 37-50), but the decent people in the Dominican Republic threw the creature out. The Communists began an armed revolt on April 24, 1965. Washington, with the usual blather about "opposing Communism," rushed in American troops to kidnap General Wessin y Wessin and paralyze the anti-Communist forces that would otherwise have put down the revolt. As an embittered officer of our army told a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, that was the first time that our Army had been used to impose a Communist government on another nation. As I write, the results of the "free election" decreed by Washington are still in doubt, but the Communists, if their candidates should lose the election, can always order our Marines to do their work for them. Washington, having had to postpone its plans for a Communist Hispaniola for six years, is becoming impatient.


15. Budenz' TECHNIQUES OF COMMUNISM ($2.00) is one of the most informative books on the operations of the official Communist Party in the United States.


16. The title of Duane Thorin's book is A Ride to Panmunjom (out-of-print). For a confirmation of his observations from the Communist side, see William G. Goddard, The Story of Chang Lao (published by the Australian League of Rights, 273 Little Collins Street, Melbourne; $1.50 postpaid).


17. Dewey concealed the real implications of his "doctrine" from superficial readers by using contorted English and confused verbiage about "democracy" and "social good." Alert readers, however, can be counted on to see for themselves the necessary consequences of a denial that there is truth, intellectual or moral. An excellent study of the criminal mentality of the true Pragmatist was written by a former editor of National Review, Williiam S. Schlamm, and published in German under the title, Die jungen Herren der alien Erde. Since Mr. Schlamm uses as one of his prime examples the late John K. Kennedy, I understand that the publication of his book in English was stopped when Kennedy was assassinated.

It should not be forgotten that Dewey, together with other noted subversives, formed in 1905 the Intercollegiate Socialist Society as a recruiting organization. The name was changed to Student League for Industrial Democracy in 1821, and in 1935 to American Student Union, a Communist front which went underground in 1940, probably in anticipation of Roosevelt's Crusade to Save the Soviet. It emerged in 1947 as the Student League for Industrial Democracy, and became Students For a Democratic Society in 1959, which has an offshoot, commonly called SNICK, whose "leaders" boast that they are "more revolutionary than the Communists." The two facets of this organization, lovingly nurtured by "Liberal" professors, include most of the anthropoids that now fill many college campuses with their din and stench.


18. The book by Denis de Rougement was translated into English under the title, Man's Western Quest: The Principles of Civilization (out-of-print). An excellent recent guide to an understanding of the Bolsheviks' inner motivation is Louis Zoul's THUGS AND COMMUNISTS ($5.10; paperback, $2.00). To understand what the rabid beasts of the Conspiracy really want, one has only to examine the record of what they have done in every country that they have captured; many of them do not succeed in hiding their purposes in their writing, although few are quite so indiscreet as Marx' fellow-conspirator, Bakunin, who once said, "I believe in nothing, I read nothing, I think of but one thing; twist the neck, twist it yet further, screw off the head." Revealing statements may be found in many sources, e.g. the late Mart Cvetic's THE BIG DECISION ($1.00). An excellent short exposition of the true nature of Bolsheviks was given by Major Frank Pease in a valuable little booklet, Camp Fires of Ghenghiz (now very rare).


19. On the history of the criminal conspiracy in the United States to 1922, see R. M. Whitney's authoritative Reds in America, published by the Beckwith Press, New York, 1924, and now not only out-of-print but virtually unprocurable.

The murderous I.W.W. was founded in 1905, but did not become prominent until 1907. Foster later served in other subsidiaries of the International Conspiracy and was National Chairman of the open Communist Party in the United States when he published TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA early in 1932. The book was widely distributed until the Conspiracy saw that the coincidence between its program and the work of subversion and destruction begun by its secret agents in our government was becoming painfully obvious. The book was then suppressed by the Conspiracy's usual methods: copies of it disappeared from public libraries and bookstores were regularly visited to purchase (and destroy) all copies, whether new or used, that came on the market. It is said that very few copies of the original edition are in existence. One, however, was found by Americans and reproduced photographically, accompanied by a useful commentary ($4.74).


20. I should not now be so confident in placing the entire responsibility for the release of Trotsky and his accomplices on the American government. British writers who touch on the subject state or imply that it was pressure from Washington that induced the British authorities, who had intercepted the vermin and interned them at Halifax, to execute a complete volte-face and not only release the creatures but provide them with a naval escort to make sure that they reached Russia safely. This seems highly probable, because (1) the United States was the only nation in the world that could have exerted enough pressure to make Britain so completely reverse itself; (2) Wilson was politically indebted to Schiff, who had been the financial manager of the presidential campaign that put him in the White House, and who was financing the vermin; and (3) the elusive and sinister "Colonel" House, who, as is now known, did most of Wilson's thinking for him, was in the employ of Schiff and other international bankers. These considerations led me to accept the view that Britain had yielded to a protest from Wilson, who presumably claimed that the criminals, having sailed from New York, were in some sense under American protection (some of them acquired citzenship).

I am now inclined to believe that there were elements in the British government headed by David Lloyd George (a notably dishonest politician) that would have been glad to release the criminals on any pretext, and might have honored a request from Kerensky even without pressure from Wilson (although not, I believe, without consulting him and obtaining at least his approval). The decisive consideration, to my mind, is the fact that at about the same time and certainly without pressure from Washington the British released and sent to Russia an international criminal, third only to Lenin and Trotsky, whom they had under arrest as a German spy and should have shot, since the creature was almost certainly acting in that capacity, as did other vermin (including Lenin) while awaiting an opportunity to capture Russia. The spy was a former forger and accomplice in bank-robbery named Finkelstein, alias Wallach, alias Graf, alias Maxim Litvinov, later Prime Minister of the Soviet and once thought a likely successor to Stalin, for whom he negotiated with Franklin Roosevelt the United States' disastrous and degrading diplomatic recognition and economic support of the Soviet Union in 1933.

Lloyd George, who was willing to do almost anything to stay in power, was probably subject to the same kind of influences that directed Wilson. As Hugh Seton-Wilson says in his Pattern of Communist Revolution (London, 1960), "In the first months of 1919 (when the Bolsheviks could have been suppressed with a minimum of effort), Lloyd George and Wilson were both keen to reach agreement with Lenin." Later, both spoke unfavorably of the vermin, but did nothing effective to help the Russian people who were fighting desperately to free themselves from the subhumans who had taken control of their country. It is inconceivable that either Lloyd George or Wilson could have been ignorant of the nature of the beasts, but they may have imagined that only Russia would be destroyed by them.

Both Wilson and Lloyd George, according to Henry Wickham Steed, editor of the London Times, in his Through Thirty Years (London, 1924), secretly planned to recognize Soviet Russia and invite the vermin to participate in the Peace Conference at the end of the First World War, but were finally convinced that such a crime against civilization would be more than the American and British people would stand for.


21. The amount of money sent from the United States to finance the Bolshevik conquest of Russia and butchery of decent Russians is variously estimated. American Military Intelligence in 1918 estimated Schiff's personal contributions (presumably made through Kuhn, Loeb & Co.) as $12,000,000; copious quotations from this report may be found in Father Denis Fahey's The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World (out-of-print).

On the other hand, Schiff's grandson, who, given his interest in the estate, should have known, stated in an interview published in the New York Journal-American on February 3, 1949, that his grandfather had given from his own pocket approximately $20,000,000. Smaller, but still very large contributions were made, presumably as gifts, by other financiers residing in the United States.

To such gifts must be added loans. According to the former Russian Ambassador to the United States, (as reported in Arsene de Goulevitch's CZARISM AND REVOLUTION $4.00), the Bolsheviks transferred 600,000,000 roubles in gold to Kuhn, Loeb & Co. between 1918 and 1922, presumably in repayment of loans. That quantity ol gold was the equivalent of about $306,300,000 pre-Roosevelt.

Of course, the vermin were also financed from Germany; see the third volume of the United States Senate's Subcommittee on the Judiciary, 66th Congress, 1st Session, Document No. 62, generally known as the Overman Report (1919). It is now known that the German Government itself, presumably unaware of the virulence of the germs that it was using, financed the Bolsheviks as a means of destroying Russia. One of the principal intermediaries was Israel Lazarevich Gelfand, alias Alexander Helphand, alias Parvus, who went to Germany at the beginning of the World War, became suddenly and mysteriously very wealthy, and acquired great influence with the German government. For further details, see Stefan T. Posson's new book, LENIN ($7.95).

When I said that Lenin's "true name has never been satisfactorily ascertained," I was thinking of various reports (e.g. by the Russian historian, D. Petrovsky, in his book, La Russie sous les Juifs) that he was really a certain Chaym Goldman. I am now inclined to believe that the story was the result of the creature's attempt to explain one of the aliases that he used, and that he, like his equally degenerate and murderous brother (executed in 1887), was the son of a prosperous Tarter named Ilya Ul'yanov by a German Jewess named Blank or Berg or Bernstein. His real name, therefore, was Vladimir Il'ich Ul'vanov. In the course of his criminal career, the blood-thirsty animal operated under many aliases, such as Karpov, V. Ilyin, K. P. Ivanov, etc., and frequently used forged passports.


22. On Frankfurter's earlier activities, see Whitney's Reds in America, cited above. On his subsequent career, see articles in the American Mercury by Harold Lord Varney (May, 1957) and Thomas B. Quinn (February, 1958), and the article in American Opinion (February, 1963) by the distinguished jurist, Robert H. Montgomery. Frankfurter was identified as an "actor" in the "Bolshevik movement" in a report from the Special Assistant Attorney General of the United States dated February 23, 1921, which was filed in the National Archives, Department of State, Decimal File 1910-1920, under number 861.00-8795; I understand that this report (of which I have seen a copy) was removed from the Archives after it was discovered by a research worker in Washington some years ago. On the other aspects of the Frankfurter's activities, see Robert H. Montgomery, SACCO-VANZETTI: THE MURDER AND THE MYTH ($5.00) and the Veritas Foundation's report, KEYNES AT HARVARD: ECONOMIC DECEPTION AS A POLITICAL CREDO ($2.00). It should be remembered that, as James Burnham points out in his WEB OF SUBVERSION ($1.00), "almost the entire membership" of the first Ware cell of traitors in Washington, including such loathesome creatures as Alger Hiss, Nathan Witt, Lee Pressman, John Abt, Weiss (alias Harry Dexter White), and Lauchlin Currie, came out of the Harvard Law School and had been pupils of the Frankfurter before he was elevated to the Supreme Court.

23. Since I spoke, this one filthy nest of subversion has doubled its exactions from the American serfs. In 1965, it spent $5,739,388,296.00, and, as I write, it is predicted that the parasitic mass, now commonly known as PHEW!, will suck about six and one-half billion dollars from taxpayers in 1966.

24. On the poisoning of public water supplies, see American Opinion, March, 1963, pp. 51-65, and works therein cited; see also Robert M. Buck, The Grim Truth About Fluoridation (New York, Putnam's 1964; cf. American Opinion, April, 1965, pp. 48-50), and Dr. G. L. Waldbott, A STRUGGLE WITH TITANS ($4.75). Although the original purpose of "fluoridation" may have been merely to induce chronic diseases and thus facilitate the imposition of "medicare" as a means of capturing the medical profession and destroying its ethics, the use of drinking water to drug the population has other possibilities, more recently disclosed. As is well known, fluorides, in a concentration greater than that now officially administered to residents in many American cities, have long been used in Soviet "labor camps" to keep the slaves submissive until they are worked to death, but recently Dr. Holgar Hyden, working in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University, announced the development of a drug, tricyanoaminopropene, of which a minute quantity will clog the brain with excess protein and destroy its capacity for critical thought; he suggested that it could inexpensively be added to public water supplies, and guaranteed that it would reduce all who drank tap water to a state of such imbecility that they would believe whatever they were told on television or radio and do whatever they were commanded to do by their masters. (For the first announcement of this discovery, see, e.g. the Chicago American, February 11, 1961, p. 4). Another new drug, also tasteless and odorless, could be put into the public drinking water and would according to its enthusiastic promoters, have the effect of making the entire population sterile or, at least, incapable of begetting offspring that would be born alive; an antidote, which PHEW, by bleeding the taxpayers a little more, could supply free to its favorites, would ensure the continued fertility of criminals, degenerates, and savages. Thus within a generation civilized white men could, even without the immigration of masses of international vermin scheduled for the near future, be reduced to the minimum needed for the slave labor that, according to present plans, will toil to support the World Government.

25. Since I spoke, the World Health Organization has denied that Alger Hiss was ever president of it. It was launched at a convention sponsored and financed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (of which the infamous Hiss was the president) and announced in the Endowment's official publication, [/i]International Conciliation[/i], in a special issue dated March, 1948, which bears the subtitle, "World Health Organization." An encomiastic preface, which announces the formation of the World Health Organization, states that it will concern itself with "mental health, housing, nutrition, economic or working condition, and administrative and social techniques" everywhere, and advertises its first convention, to be held the following June, is signed, "Alger Hiss, President. February 21, 1948." That, at least, is studied ambiguity of the kind in which the traitor must have been expert. It is possible, therefore, that Hiss was not, as I supposed, the first president of the "World Health" rattlesnake, but only president of the snake that laid the egg from which it was hatched, but that is a technicality. It is noteworthy that the preceding issues of International Conciliation for many months were devoted to propaganda for the "United Nations," a Communist booby-trap for Americans of which Hiss was the principal architect.

On "mental health" and the diseased creatures that direct agitation for it, see Dr. Lewis A. Alesen, MENTAL ROBOTS ($1.50), and Ellen McClay, BATS IN THE BELFRY ($1.75 paper, $5.00 cloth). One should also study carefully the reported text of an inaugural lecture in a course of psychopolitics for American traitors at Lenin University by a homicidal maniac best known under the alias, Lavrenti Beria, which he used as chief of the Soviet espionage-and-murder apparatuus, now generally known as N.K.V.D., until he was liquidated by his employers. (He earlier used the alias of Berijev; his real name is said to have been Herman or Burmann.) A translations of this speech, together with a resume of the course, may be found in the booklet, Brain-Washing (Australian League of Rights, Melbourne; $1.00), which contains an introduction by the distinguished analyst of world affairs, Eric D. Butler.

26. When I spoke in March, 1959, I used as my authority a transcription of a lecture by Herbert Philbrick, former agent of the F.B.I., who informs me that he was citing the conclusions of Matt Cvetic, who also penetrated the Communist Party for the F.B.I. I subsequently went to Washington and made my own investigation by interviewing reputable and responsible persons who were in a position to know intimately the operations of the malodorous "Department of Health, Education, and Welfare." The results of that investigation were reported in American Opinion, October, 1959, pp. 48 f. My informants believed that "between seventy and eighty percent of the responsible officers in the Department are members or accomplices of the Communist Conspiracy," and added the interesting detail that "a congressional investigation (of PHEW) would disclose such falsification of travel records as to create presumptive proof that some members of the Department really serve as Communist couriers."

27. The invasion of Little Rock, Arkansas, by the U. S. Army on the orders of Dwight D. Eisenhower in open deflnance of the Constitution has since been eclipsed by the outrages subsequently perpetrated by revolutionary bands directed from Washington. Particularly memorable was the governmental outlaws' invasion of Oxford, Mississippi, which especially delighted "Liberals" eager to get the raping and the murdering started in the state which, till then, had the lowest crime rate of any of the United States. When the cockroaches swarmed into Selma, Alabama, early in 1965, the plan, formulated in Washington as early as October, 1963, when Brigadier General Eschenberg was sent to Selma to look over the ground and decide where to land paratroopers, called for the creation of an "incident" which could be used as a pretext for sending in soldiers to bayonet white men and women. The plan was defeated by the restraint and wisdom of the people of Selma and their officials. For what really happened in Selma, as distinct from what was reported in the liepapers, see Albert C. Persons, THE TRUE SELMA STORY ($1.00), and Sheriff James J. Clark, I SAW SELMA RAPED ($2.00); also the article by Scott Stanley, Jr., in American Opinion, May, 1965, pp. 1-10.


28. The resolutions of the Daughters of the American Revolution, unanimously adopted, were summarized in the American Mercury, August, 1958. I here list briefly the first six of the twelve points: (1) curb the Supreme Court's unconstitutional and illegal activities; (2) abolish the income tax; (3) abolish so-called Foreign Aid, "which is a definite Communist plan"; (4) repeal the GATT agreements, which are destroying many American industries; (5) withdraw recognition of Russia and all its satellites; (6) "get the United States out of the United Nations, and the United Nations out of the United States." Substantially the same resolutions were adopted by the D.A.R. at subsequent Continental Congresses.

29. Such was the situation when I spoke in March, 1959. Thereafter, the vermin, not content with banishing the magazine from most newsstands, resorted (according to its publisher) to buying up the printing establishments at which it was printed. The periodical, which bears one of the most honored names in American journalism, declined and almost disappeared. It has just been acquired by a new and vigorous publisher, whose first issue will pear in June, 1966. The American Mercury, P. O. Box 7213, Houston, Texas; $10.00 per annum.
Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?

We cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices of other peoples
to lead our country to destruction.

-Charles A. Lindbergh





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No main stream media sites including Wikipedia are searched on this custom search page .... only websites dedicated to exposing the truth about 9/11, JFK assassination and the Holocaust hoax. This may include 'gatekeeper' sites such as, Architects & Engineers for 9/11, Chomsky 'gatekeeper' we mean websites who never mention Israel, UK or Saudi Arabia as complicit in the 'inside job' attack. The roots of 9/11 go back to the Jewish Bolshevik revolution, Zionist/Nazi Germany (chronology below), the Holocaust hoax (treachery to spur emigration to Palestine) ... Google restricts results to 10 pages (100 items)

MS Excel Sort & Filter 2000 rows, 12 columns

Yes to 'no planes', Israel nuked the WTC, the Holocaust(timeline below) is a hoax, the Mossad / LBJ assassinated John Kennedy & ISIS=Hitler.

Interactive Spreadsheet - 9/11 Truth, JFK assassination, Holocaust revision & ISIS


Nazi Era Timeline
Clinton 9/11 Truth Timeline


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