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Historical Development Leading Up To 9/11 As A Hoax

In 1958, two years after Forrester abandoned the project to its unnamed handlers at MIT, a non-government collective of retired war generals formed a corporation around it called Mitre, disguised for the time-being as a “branch” of MIT; the Whirlwind computer was rechristened as a component of their newly proposed air-based weapon SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment); and the concept was formally redefined as the premiere enterprise to further the “automation of war.” At its founding, Mitre trustees had access to every significant electronic invention in the previous (and next) fifty years, forming around and within two hugely significant macro-groups: the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, involving predominantly white engineering fraternities such as Sigma Xi and Theta Xi) and the Pentagon-area “research triangle” stretching from Virginia to North Carolina. The computer was born. And it was a weapon. MORE BELOW









Frankfurt School / Tavistock

  • by Jeffrey Steinberg

    Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, May 5, 2000.

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    The $9 billion a year video-game industry in America, which contributed mightily to the carnage at Littleton, Paducah, and Jonesboro, is far more than the mere commercial exploitation of techniques and technologies developed as ``legitimate'' training instruments for the military and law enforcement agencies. To understand the roots of this new form of ``Manchurian Candidate'' programmed terrorism, it is necessary to go back to World War II and the immediate postwar period, when there was a concerted effort launched, by the Frankfurt School and the London Tavistock Institute, to use the Marxist/Freudian perversion of psychology and other social sciences, as instruments for mass social control and brainwashing. The two pillars of the assault on the American intellectual tradition were cybernetics and the drug counterculture..

    At that time, a number of prominent social scientists openly spelled out their goal, of using the wartime-tested techniques of mass psychological manipulation, to pervert and control the American people. And in most instances, their emphasis was on children, and the need to destroy the fabric of family life.

    Lord Bertrand Russell, who joined with the Frankfurt School in this effort at mass social engineering, spilled the beans, in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society. He wrote: ``Physiology and psychology afford fields for scientific technique which still await development. Two great men, Pavlov and Freud, have laid the foundation. I do not accept the view that they are in any essential conflict, but what structure will be built on their foundations is still in doubt. I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology.... Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called `education.' Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part.... It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.''

    Russell continued, ``The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship.... The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.''

    Russell concluded with a warning: ``Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.''

    - Russell and the `Lethal Chamber' -

    Russell had been working on the concept of the scientific dictatorship for decades. In his 1931 book, The Scientific Outlook, he had devoted a chapter to ``Education in a Scientific Society.'' Here, he was equally blunt about his oligarchical totalitarian vision. Drawing the parallel to the two levels of education provided by the Jesuits, Russell asserted: ``In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play.... All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called `co-operative,' i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.''

    For the children chosen to be among the scientific ruling class, education was to be quite different. ``Except for the one matter of loyalty to the world State and to their own order,'' Russell explained, ``members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative. It will be recognized that it is their business to improve scientific technique, and to keep the manual workers contented by means of continual new amusements.''

    Russell, however, added one very strong caveat. ``On those rare occasions,'' he warned, ``when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw in his lot whole-heartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from performing it.''

    - Huxley's `Concentration Camp of the Mind' -

    Russell's blunt description of a ``scientific dictatorship'' was matched by the account of Aldous Huxley, author of the utopian tract Brave New World, in a speech on the U.S. State Department's Voice of America, in 1961, of a world of pharmacologically manipulated slaves, living in a ``concentration camp of the mind,'' enhanced by propaganda and psychotropic drugs, learning to ``love their servitude,'' and abandoning all will to resist. ``This,'' Huxley concluded, ``is the final revolution.''

    Speaking at the California Medical School in San Francisco, Huxley announced: ``There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.''

    Huxley's cohort in the 1950s experimentation with psychotropic drugs, Dr. Timothy Leary, of Harvard University's Psychology Department, provided another glimpse into the perverted minds of the Russell/Huxley/Frankfurt School crowd, in his autobiographical account of the Harvard University Psychedelic Drug Project, Flashback. Leary first quoted Huxley: ``These brain drugs, mass produced in the laboratories, will bring about vast changes in society. This will happen with or without you or me. All we can do is spread the word. The obstacle to this evolution, Timothy, is the Bible.'' Leary then added his own two cents: ``We had run up against the Judeo-Christian commitment to one God, one religion, one reality, that has cursed Europe for centuries and America since our founding days. Drugs that open the mind to multiple realities inevitably lead to a polytheistic view of the universe. We sensed that the time for a new humanist religion based on intelligence, good-natured pluralism and scientific paganism had arrived.''

    As these monstrous notions of mass social engineering were being presented as the ``humanistic'' alternative to world war in the age of the atomic and hydrogen bomb, two crucial projects were being launched, that would shape the implementation of this Brave New World, and bring us, today, to the world of Littleton, Paducah, Jonesboro, Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem.

    - The Authoritarian Personality -

    The first of the two projects was launched in January 1943, by a team of three social psychologists at the University of California at Berkeley, Else Frenkel-Brunswik (a founding member of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, known as the ``Frankfurt School''), Daniel J. Levinson, and R. Nevitt Sanford. What started out as a modest $500 grant to study the roots of anti-Semitism, would soon mushroom into the biggest mass social-profiling project ever undertaken in America, up until that time.

    In May 1944, the American Jewish Committee established a Department of Scientific Research, which was headed by Frankfurt School director Max Horkheimer. Horkheimer established a project, called Studies in Prejudice, with generous funding from the AJC and other agencies, including the Rockefeller foundations. The Studies in Prejudice offered employment to a number of Frankfurt School members who, for various reasons, were not coopted directly into the war effort (for example, Herbert Marcuse and Franz Neumann were brought into the Research and Analysis Section of the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, the forerunner to today's Central Intelligence Agency). Hedda Massing, Marie Jahoda, Morris Janowitz, and Theodor W. Adorno all worked on the Studies, and, under Horkheimer's direction, they all formally reconstituted the International Institute of Social Research, the transplanted incarnation of the original Frankfurt School of Weimar Germany.

    The most significant of the five Studies in Prejudice, produced for the AJC during 1944-50, was The Authoritarian Personality (New York: Harper, 1950). Authors Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson, and Sanford assembled a large research team from the Berkeley Public Opinion Study and the International Institute of Social Research, to conduct thousands of interviews of Americans, to profile their allegedly deep-seated tendencies toward authoritarianism, prejudice, and anti-Semitism. Dr. William Morrow, the leading protégé of Dr. Kurt Lewin, who was one key, bridge figure between the Frankfurt School and the Tavistock Institute, was a research director for the Authoritarian Personality project.

    The study was an exercise in self-fulfilling prophecy and Marxist/Freudian self-delusion. Long before the first survey questionnaire was drafted, Horkheimer and Adorno had written exhaustively about the ``authoritarian'' character of the American nuclear family, about the ``problem'' of the American people's belief in a transcendent monotheistic God, and about the underlying fascist character of all forms of American patriotism. They ``cooked'' the survey data, in advance, by devising a series of scales, purporting to measure the American population's tendency toward anti-Semitism, ethnocentricity, anti-democratic ideology, and, ultimately, fascism. Not surprisingly, the research team found the American public ``guilty as charged,'' and produced dire warnings that, unless a dramatic overhaul of the American ideology and mass culture were carried out, America would soon emerge as a Fourth Reich, repeating the horrors of Hitler on an even grander scale.

    The authors of The Authoritarian Personality let it all hang out in the concluding chapter of the book, in which they summarized their findings and spelled out their recipe for social transformation:

    ``It seems obvious, that the modification of the potentially fascist structure cannot be achieved by psychological means alone. The task is comparable to that of eliminating neurosis, or delinquency, or nationalism from the world. These are products of the total organization of society and are to be changed only as that society is changed. It is not for the psychologist to say how such changes are to be brought about. The problem is one which requires the efforts of all social scientists. All that we would insist upon is that in the councils or round tables where the problem is considered and action planned the psychologist should have a voice. We believe that the scientific understanding of society must include an understanding of what it does to people, and that it is possible to have social reforms, even broad and sweeping ones, which though desirable in their own right would not necessarily change the structure of the prejudiced personality. For the fascist potential to change, or even to be held in check, there must be an increase in people's capacity to see themselves and to be themselves. This cannot be achieved by the manipulation of people, however well grounded in modern psychology the devices of manipulation might be.... It is here that psychology may play its most important role. Techniques for overcoming resistance, developed mainly in the field of individual psychotherapy, can be improved and adapted for use with groups and even for use on a mass scale.''
    The authors conclude with this most revealing proposition: ``We need not suppose that appeal to emotion belongs to those who strive in the direction of fascism, while democratic propaganda must limit itself to reason and restraint. If fear and destructiveness are the major emotional sources of fascism, eros belongs mainly to democracy.''

    Eros was precisely the weapon that the Frankfurt School and their fellow-travellers employed, over the next 50 years, to create a cultural paradigm shift away from the so-called ``authoritarian'' matrix of man in the living image of God (imago viva Dei), the sanctity of the nuclear family, and the superiority of the republican form of nation-state over all other forms of political organization. They transformed American culture toward an erotic, perverse matrix, associated with the present ``politically correct'' tyranny of tolerance for dehumanizing drug abuse, sexual perversion, and the glorification of violence. For the Marxist/Freudian revolutionaries of the Frankfurt School, the ultimate antidote to the hated Western Judeo-Christian civilization was to tear that civilization down, from the inside, by turning out generations of necrophiliacs.

    If this statement seems harsh, consider the following. In his 1948 work on The Philosophy of Modern Music, Frankfurt School leader Theodor Adorno argued that the purpose of modern music is to literally drive the listener insane. He justified this by asserting that modern society was a hotbed of evil, authoritarianism, and potential fascism, and that, only by first destroying civilization, through the spread of all forms of cultural pessimism and perversity, could liberation occur. On the role of modern music, he wrote, ``It is not that schizophrenia is directly expressed therein; but the music imprints upon itself an attitude similar to that of the mentally ill. The individual brings about his own disintegration.... He imagines the fulfillment of the promise through magic, but nonetheless within the realm of immediate actuality.... Its concern is to dominate schizophrenic traits through the aesthetic consciousness. In so doing, it would hope to vindicate insanity as true health.'' Necrophilia, he added, is the ultimate expression of ``true health'' in this sick society.

    Erich Fromm, another leading Frankfurt School figure, who was instrumental as early as the 1930s in devising the scales used in the Authoritarian Personality study, devoted much of his seminal 1972 work, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, to the analysis of necrophilia, which he pronounced to be the dominant trend in modern society. Fromm defined necrophilia as all forms of obsession with death and destruction, particularly those with intense sexual overtones. Ironically, his ostensible ``cure'' for this mass social perversion was the drug, rock, sex counterculture of the late 1960s. ``Simultaneously with the increasing necrophilous development,'' Fromm wrote in his chapter on ``Malignant Aggression: Necrophilia,'' ``the opposite trend, that of love of life, is also developing. It manifests itself in many forms: in the protest against the deadening of life, a protest by people among all social strata and age groups, but particularly by the young. There is hope in the rising protest against pollution and war.... This protest is also to be understood in the attraction to drugs among the young.''

    - Liberation through Drug Abuse -

    It is noteworthy that one of the four directors of the Authoritarian Personality project, R. Nevitt Sanford, played a pivotal role in the 1950s and '60s experimentation and eventual mass usage of psychedelic drugs. In 1965, Sanford wrote the forward to Utopiates: The Use and Users of LSD 25, which was published by Tavistock Publications, the publishing arm of Great Britain's pre-eminent psychological warfare agency, the Tavistock Institute. Tavistock directed the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II, and dispatched many of its top brainwashers to the United States in the immediate postwar period, to work on the secret mind-control projects of the CIA and the Pentagon, including the MK-Ultra project, devoted to the study of LSD and other psychedelics.

    In his foreword to Utopiates, Sanford, who headed up the Stanford University Institute for the Study of Human Problems, a major outpost for MK-Ultra secret LSD experimentation, spelled out the argument for drug legalization that is, to this day, at the heart of the pro-drug movement's propaganda. ``The nation,'' Sanford wrote, ``seems to be fascinated by our 40,000 or so drug addicts who are seen as alarmingly wayward people who must be curbed at all costs by expensive police activity. Only an uneasy Puritanism could support the practice of focusing on the drug addicts (rather than our 5 million alcoholics) and treating them as a police problem instead of a medical one, while suppressing harmless drugs such as marijuana and peyote along with the dangerous ones.'' The leading propagandists of the drug lobby today--George Soros, Ethan Nadelman, et al.--base their argument for legalization on the exact same scientific quackery that Dr. Sanford spelled out in Utopiates 36 years ago.

    - The Cybernetics Group -

    One of the ``Big Lies'' permeating Fromm's Anatomy was the idea that the erotic drug-rock-sex counterculture was the antidote to the cybernetic, technetronic ``necrophilous'' society. In reality, the Frankfurt School and their closest allies among the Russell/Wells/Huxley British oligarchy, were the architects of both the cybernetics project and the counterculture project of the 1960s. In fact, the Cybernetics Group, sponsored by the Josiah Macy Foundation, was the umbrella, under which the CIA and British intelligence conducted their mass experimentation with mind-altering psychedelic drugs, including LSD-25, which experiment was, eventually, spilled out onto the streets of San Francisco, New York's Greenwich Village, and every American college campus, giving us the counterculture ``paradigm shift'' of 1966-72.

    <="" a="">The Cybernetics Group, known among its members as the ``Man-Machine Project,'' was unofficially launched in May 1942 at a New York City conference called the Cerebral Inhibition Meeting, sponsored by the medical director of the Josiah Macy Foundation, Frank Fremont-Smith. Among the participants were Warren McCulloch, Arturo Rosenblueth, Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, and Lawrence K. Frank. Rosenblueth, a protégé of Norbert Wiener, set out the broad parameters of the proposed effort. Speaking on behalf of Wiener and John von Neumann, he proposed to draw together a group of engineers, biologists, neurologists, anthropologists, and psychologists, to devise experiments in social control, based on the quack claim that the human brain was nothing more than a complex input/output machine, and that human behavior could, in effect, be programmed, on both an individual and societal scale. [fn1]

    World War II prevented the project from getting off the ground for four years. But shortly after the Japanese surrendered, McCulloch asked Fremont-Smith to convene a second gathering under the formal sponsorship of the Macy Foundation. The first of what would be a series of ten major conferences and year-long research efforts, between 1946 and 1953, took place in New York City on March 8-9, 1946, under the title, ``The Feedback Mechanisms and Circular Causal Systems in Biology and the Social Sciences Meeting.''

    What came out of that first meeting was not only a demonic drive to create the ultimate engineered society, based on the fusion of man and machine. A core group of 20 people constituted themselves as a task force to carry out this mission, and would spawn a series of permanent institutions, where the work would continue, to the present day. A year after the founding session of the Macy project, Wiener would coin the term ``cybernetics'' to describe their effort.

    Who were the ``Dr. Jekylls'' gathered around the table for the first of the Macy conferences?

    Warren McCulloch was the titular chairman of all ten of the conferences. At the time of the first meeting, he was a professor of psychiatry and physiology at the University of Illinois, but he would soon move to the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT.

    Walter Pitts, McCulloch's protégé, first at Illinois, and later at MIT.

    Gregory Bateson, the anthropologist and then-spouse of Margaret Mead, who would soon become the director of research at the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto, California, where he was a pivotal player in MK-Ultra and other secret government experiments with mind-altering drugs.

    Margaret Mead, then the assistant curator of ethnology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, who would function as the ``earth goddess'' of the Cybernetics Group, and would help launch the modern feminist movement, through her patronage of Betty Friedan, a student-protégé of Kurt Lewin.

    Kurt Lewin, founder of the Research Center for Group Dynamics at MIT, a leading Frankfurt School fellow-traveller, whose work with Frankfurt School founder Karl Korsch on linguistics would form a foundation of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Lewin's National Training Laboratory would later become part of the National Education Association, and would facilitate the transformation of public education in America into an approximation of Bertrand Russell's nightmarish scheme for teaching children that ``snow is black.''

    Paul Lazarsfeld, the director of the Bureau of Applied Social Research at Columbia University, who had been the wartime head of the Radio Research Laboratory at Princeton University, and had been the patron there of the Frankfurt School's Theodor Adorno.

    John Von Neumann.

    Norbert Wiener.

    An incredible collection of guests attended the Cybernetics Group sessions during their seven years of existence. Among them were Max Horkheimer, the head of the Frankfurt School, who collaborated with the Cybernetics Group, while directing the Studies in Prejudice.

    Dr. Harold Abramson, one of the CIA's top scientists engaged in the secret LSD experimentation, not only attended the Sixth Cybernetics Group conference, but worked with Dr. Frank Fremont-Smith, the research director of the Macy Foundation, on a series of spinoff conferences, where all of the top personnel of MK-Ultra were able to convene under Macy Foundation cover and finances, to plot out their mass drugging of America. In return, Abramson dutifully provided Fremont-Smith with ample personal supplies of LSD-25.

    The Macy Foundation also provided financing and publicity for the British social engineer Dr. William Sargant, whose 1957 book, Battle for the Mind, provided a ``how-to-do-it'' manual for mass brainwashing. Sargant spent 20 years in the United States, working on the MK-Ultra project and other secret mind-control efforts of the U.S. and British governments.

    Among the nastiest of the projects launched by the Cybernetics Group was the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH), whose first president, Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Rees, was the director of the Tavistock Institute, Britain's premier psychological warfare center.

    Rees, Mead, Lawrence K. Frank, Fremont-Smith and Horkheimer were all in Paris together, in the summer of 1948, to launch the WFMH. Although he had died the previous year, Kurt Lewin had been involved in the preparations for launching the Federation, through his involvement, under Frank, in the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, and the London-centered International Committee for Mental Hygiene, with a half-dozen Cybernetics Group members on its board. Both bodies oversaw a network of over 4,000 ``psychiatric shock troops,'' in Rees's words, who would be at the heart of a worldwide social-engineering apparatus, penetrated into every community.

    Margaret Mead and Lawrence K. Frank, two pillars of the Cybernetics Group, authored the founding statement of Rees's World Federation of Mental Health (both Mead and Frank would later succeed Rees as president), which they titled, ``Manifesto of the First International.'' Mead and Frank bluntly wrote: ``The goal of mental health has been enlarged from the concern for the development of healthy personalities to the larger tasks of creating a healthy society.... The concept of mental health is co-extensive with world order and world community.'' Frank even proposed to create a new religion of mental health.

    - Computers and Artificial Intelligence -

    For John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, the core of the Cybernetics Group project was the development of computers, and the prospect of combining high-speed computers with so-called Artificial Intelligence, to literally ``program'' the human race. Underlying all of these efforts was the unshakable, albeit preposterous conviction, most avidly presented by von Neumann, that there was nothing sacred about the human mind, and that the human brain was a machine, whose functioning could be replicated, and eventually surpassed, by computers.

    Dr. Jerome Wiesner, the president of MIT, which became the closest thing to the home of the Cybernetics Group, participated in several of the Macy Foundation sessions. He clearly stated this Luciferian view of man, in an interview with counterculture propagandist Stewart Brand, which appeared in Brand's 1987 book, The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at M.I.T.:

    ``I'm not arrogant enough to think that we're going to develop real thinking machines in a short time. But nerve signals travel at 300 meters a second. Electrical signals travel at ... 300 million meters a second. Also the components we make are much more reliable than neurons.... The higher degree of reliability of the components and the very much higher degree of speed of the impulses means to me you ought to be able to make machines that are just a hell of a lot better than the brain, if you knew how to do it.''
    Brand asked Wiesner, ``You expect that?''
    Wiesner: ``Yeah, not necessarily in my lifetime. No one has given a reason why it can't be done. They make all kinds of crazy arguments--`A computer doesn't have a soul.' How do we know that it won't have the same soul that we do? After all, humans will program it. I don't think questions about identity are very interesting.''
    Dr. Wiesner not only participated in the Cybernetics Group efforts of the Macy Foundation. In 1952, he took over the directorship of the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT, where Wiener, McCulloch, and Pitts had all taken up residence. Soon, the RLE had spun off the Artificial Intelligence Lab, with Dr. Seymour Papert and Marvin Minsky taking up the task of programming human behavior and interaction.

    By the 1980s, MIT had spawned the Media Lab, another direct outgrowth of the 1940s and 50s Cybernetics Group. Here, the social engineers worked hand in glove with the engineers and machine designers who were developing high-speed computers, computer graphics, holographics, and the first generation of computer simulators. Much of the work at MIT, and at the Artificial Intelligence labs at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, was funded through the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

    Steve Joshua Heims, the author of the semi-official history of the Macy conferences on cybernetics, The Cybernetics Group, reported that, by the 1980s, the cybernetics crowd had even spawned their own religion--an overtly pagan belief-system remarkably in keeping with Timothy Leary's call for a ``scientific paganism.'' ``James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis,'' Heims wrote, ``have examined how life--plants, animals, microorganisms--has influenced the chemistry of the atmosphere and the climate, and how life and climate have coevolved. Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, which relies on a detailed cybernetic analysis, contends that all life on earth acts in concert with the atmosphere to make one self-regulating system that keeps the earth a liveable habitat.'' Heims did admit, ``The validity of the Gaia hypothesis is currently the subject of scientific controversy.''

    Heims was far less guarded in his embrace of the work of the Media Lab, and the fact that the Media Lab was a direct outgrowth of the Macy Cybernetics project.

    ``McCulloch's and Pitts' 1943 approach to understanding mind and brain has had enthusiastic successors in the 1980s,'' he wrote. ``Consider next the new, transdisciplinary Media Lab instituted at MIT in the 1980s. Onetime Macy participant Jerome Wiesner (who was close to McCulloch, Pitts and Wiener), Seymour Papert and Marvin Minsky (important figures in the history of the artificial intelligence approach to mind and brain), are lab associates.... According to the initial proposal the lab was to provide for `the intellectual mix of two rapidly evolving and very different fields; information technologies and the human sciences'.... It deals with improvements in high-definition TV, satellite communications, fiber-optic cable TV, three-dimensional imaging, and data-compression to permit inexpensive transfers of full-length color film to a compact disk.''

    - LSD Freaks Meet Cyber-Hackers -

    In 1974, Stewart Brand, chief propagandist for both the psychotropic drug revolution and the personal computer revolution, published a collection of his previously published essays under the title, II Cybernetic Frontiers. Two of the essays consisted of interviews he had conducted with Gregory Bateson, one of the architects of the psychedelic revolution in America, through his posting at the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, where much MK-Ultra experimentation took place. Bateson was one of the four or five most influential members of the Cybernetics Group. The other, longer essay in the book, ``Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums,'' was first published in the December 1972 issue of the leading counterculture publication, Rolling Stone.

    Brand began the Rolling Stone piece with the startling boast: ``Ready or not, computers are coming to the people. That's good news, maybe the best since psychedelics.'' He continued, ``It's way off the track of the `Computers--Threat or Menace?' school of liberal criticism but surprisingly in line with the romantic fantasies of the fore-fathers of the science, such as Norbert Wiener, Warren McCulloch, J.C.R. Licklider, John von Neumann, and Vannevar Bush. The trend owes its health to an odd array of influences: the youthful fervor and firm dis-Establishmentarianism of the freaks who design computer science; an astonishingly enlightened research program from the very top of the Defense Department; an unexpected market-flanking movement by the manufacturers of small calculating machines; and an irrepressible midnight phenomenon known as Spacewar.''

    Brand provided a detailed explanation of Spacewar, perhaps the very first computer war game to be designed. ``Ah, Spacewar. Reliably, at any night-time moment (i.e., non-business hours) in North America, hundreds of computer technicians are effectively out of their bodies, computer-projected onto cathode ray tube display screens, locked in life-or-death space combat for hours at a time, ruining their eyes, numbing their fingers in frenzied mashing of control buttons, joyously slaying their friends and wasting their employers' valuable computer time.''

    If this sounds like a mild version of the latter-day souped-up sex and violence video games of today--it is!

    Beginning in 1963, when the U.S. space program was moved out of the military and housed under NASA, J.C.R. Licklider convinced his boss at ARPA (what would later be called DARPA) to devote a fraction of the agency's budget to computer research. At the time, the Department of Defense was the world's largest consumer of computers. Licklider became the director of an ARPA unit called IPTO (Information Processing Techniques Office), and, over the next years, disbursed millions of dollars to a wide range of computer and Artificial Intelligence research centers.

    Until 1969, when the Mansfield Amendment placed restrictions on how the Pentagon could spend its research and development money, there were no boundary conditions on the kinds of projects that IPTO could bankroll. Billions of dollars went into the early development of computer networking, computer graphics, ``virtual reality,'' simulation, and other key facets of what, today, is a $9-11 billion-a-year commercial industry of point-and-shoot video games. The Media Lab at MIT and the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab were two of the magnets for this money and the research work which fueled both the Pentagon training-simulation programs and the evolving video-game industry.

    In his book On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman recounts how the advent of high-speed computers allowed the social engineers, responsible for training soldiers to overcome their aversion to killing, provided an unsurpassed technology for stimulus-response behavior modification. The increasingly realistic video graphics, the advanced work on neurological processes--all hallmarks of the cybernetic ``man-machine'' project--transformed the U.S. military into a force of programmed killers, and ultimately became the social engineers' ``weapon of choice'' for twisting the minds of millions of America's youth.

    The social engineers seeking to fulfill Adorno, Horkheimer, Russell, and Huxley's visions of a perfectly engineered society, led by a ``scientific dictatorship,'' were never far removed from the computer and AI labs where the technologies were being developed and tested. It was only a matter of time that, like the LSD experiments of the 1960s, the secret military experimental phase ended, and the American population became the targets, this time, of the sex and violence self-programming of Doom, Quake, and the rest.

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Conspiracy theories[edit] John Rawlings Rees was a doctor of the original staff of the Tavistock Clinic, became deputy-director in 1926, and full-director in 1933. Became a consulting psychiatrist to the British Army in 1938. Medical doctor for Rudolf Hess since 1941. Founding president of the World Federation for Mental Health since 1948, which acts as a consultant to the United Nations. Died in 1969. According to an e-mail reply to enquiries of the present Tavistock and Portman Trust Dr J R Rees [John Rawlings Rees] took over as Medical Director after ten years, in 1933. He later played an important role as director of military psychiatry in the Second World War and many new ideas of group psychotherapy and institutional understanding came from the work of army psychiatrists, which were influential in the Clinic after the War. He was never given a knighthood. From another e-mail reply from the trust. See [1] This is part of a crackpot conspiracy theory. The cite is to a whacko personal website. It all tracks back to Lyndon LaRouche. Please stop trying to insert this conspiracist material into Wikipedia.--Cberlet 01:47, 10 July 2006 (UTC) What! I referred to information given by the Tavistock Trust, and written by Rees. I also refer to a biography of Kurt Lewis which confirms links with Tavistock and Rees. The involvement of Rees with Hess is well documented in the diaries he left from 1941 to 1945 and the Nuremeburg trial. You are obsessed with LaRouche, who I have never mentioned or quoted. Once again I ask that you only modify what I wrote as required by rules, do not wipe out my work. You should not remove a statement backed by the citation of a book by a reputable publisher written by a student of Kurt Lewis long ago - that can by no stretch of the imagination be attributed to a LaRouche conspiracy. -- 08:42, 10 July 2006 (UTC) It does see to me that the article you linked to refered to Rees as part of the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology, which is a different organisation. Can you provide any references [page numbe4rs, ISBNs, quotes?] --Duncan 11:48, 10 July 2006 (UTC) The official site of the Tavistock and Portman trust says that the Tavistock Clinic was founded in 1920. Much confusion has been caused to many people over the years by the various name changes. According to the official site, the 'clinic' carried out both clinical and consultancy work until 1948 'when 'it' became part of the new national health service.' In fact, I deduce that the new 'clinic' is a different entity from the original one, in that it only carries forward the clinical side, leaving behind the other activities under the name institute. So Rees might today be assumed to have been with the 'institute' doing research and consultancy, but of course there was no 'institute' when Rees began, as it all came under the heading of clinic. If you are suggesting that there might have been a different Rees, then this is of course very unlikely, since the man we are talking about is undoubtedly John Rawlings Rees, which seems a unique name. If you are suggesting that he did not work at the Tavistock Clinic, then this is not true, as the official site says that he did. There have been many other titles, such as Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (now simply Tavistock Institute according to the official site), and the Tavistock centre for couple relationships (formerly Tavistock Marrital Studies Institute (founded 1948 as the Tavistock Family Discussions Bureau), but they are undoubtably just divisional names given at various times to different activities under the same Tavistock organisation (originally Tavistock Clinic). I think confusion arises because when articles refer to the 'parent body' now they often refer the the 'Institute', and the clinic is just the NHS side of Tavistock activities. Originally it was the other way round, as there was only the 'clinic', out of which came the 'institute'. It's all the same Tavistock fundamentally, but strictly Rees was with the clinic. An official job description for Director, 'The Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology', talks of the 'Tavistock tradition', and goes on to say that the 'centre for couple realationships' is an operating unit of the 'Institute for medical psychology' [2]. It may be that the article simply muddled the names, using the most relevant present day one. -- 01:23, 12 July 2006 (UTC) No the article has not muddled the names: these different organisations with the word Tavistock in their titles are fully independent of each other. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (which is still that charity's formal name) is not part of the Clinic. The The Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology is also a separate organisation. I can also confirm that French's Mustard and France are not connected. --Duncan 12:40, 12 July 2006 (UTC) Material removed and now under condideration here:[edit] A controversial figure in the history of the original Tavistock Clinic was John Rawlings Rees, who has been accused by various commentators of setting up a world-wide network to undermine the values of Western civilisation [3] [4]. According to information from the current Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust [5], John Rawlings Rees was a doctor of the original staff of the Tavistock Clinic, became deputy-director in 1926, and full-director in 1933. He became a consulting psychiatrist to the British Army in 1938, medical doctor for Rudolf Hess since 1941 and founding president of the World Federation for Mental Health since 1948, which acts as a consultant to the United Nations. He played an important role as director of military psychiatry in the Second World War and many new ideas of group psychotherapy and institutional understanding came from the work of army psychiatrists, which were influential in the Clinic after the War. He died in 1969. The following quotes from Rees appear to confirm some of the allegations against him. "We can therefore justifiably stress our particular point of view with regard to the proper development of the human psyche, even though our knowledge be incomplete. We must aim to make it permeate every educational activity in our national life…. We have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine." - Quoted from "Mental Health", June 18, 1940 [6]. "Public life, politics and industry should all of them be within our sphere of influence…. If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity! If better ideas on mental health are to progress and spread we, as the salesmen, must lose our identity… Let us all, therefore, very secretly be ‘fifth columnists.’" - Quoted from "Strategic Planning for Mental Health". "Mental Health 1", no. 4, October 1940, pages 103-4) [7]. Rees has been linked to the Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism via Kurt Lewin. According to a biography of Kurt Lewin written by Alfred J Marrow, "Kurt Lewin was the key link in the Frankfurt School/Tavistock migration to America." Conspiracy theory material from the LaRouchites concerning Rees and Tavistock should not be added to this page, even if it is being laundered by various websites.--Cberlet 01:43, 12 July 2006 (UTC) Nothing hs been added here from 'LaRouchites'. The fact that LaRouch may have said the same thing does not make it 'conspiracy theory'. Our job is to sort out evidence for what is the truth before condemning something as a conspiracy theory and banning all further entries on that basis. Much of the evidence available, especially the published lectures, predates LaRouch by many decades, making LaRouch a minor commentator on this topic. David Icke has published masses of material that mixes fact with fiction, but that doesn't mean that it's all untrue, he's just repeating what he reads and is told indiscriminately. -- 01:59, 12 July 2006 (UTC) Wrong, our job is to cite reputable published sources, not repackage conspiracy theories from antisemitic crackpots.--Cberlet 02:28, 12 July 2006 (UTC) So what is a reputable published source if an article by the man himself in a journal is not good enough - or are you challenging the existence of those articles? Are you saying that the name of Rees was made up by LaRouch? Are you saying that a man of that name never existed at the Tavistock? If you concede that he did exist and was at the Tavistock then please say so here and allow an entry to that effect, as many would consider it highly relevant in view of the exceptional amount of material on the Web about him. If not, then say so and I will try to prove here that he did exist, and was there. At the moment, it is you who is looking like a total and irrational censor on this and other sites in regard to this issue. -- 08:43, 12 July 2006 (UTC) First, let me ask you to please read some of the Wikipedia rules and guidelines for citing reputable published sources. Second, you apparently do not understand the concept of citation. Here is one paragraph you posted: "Public life, politics and industry should all of them be within our sphere of influence…. If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity! If better ideas on mental health are to progress and spread we, as the salesmen, must lose our identity… Let us all, therefore, very secretly be ‘fifth columnists.’" - Quoted from "Strategic Planning for Mental Health". "Mental Health 1", no. 4, October 1940, pages 103-4) [8]. You do not have a copy of the the text ("Strategic Planning for Mental Health". "Mental Health 1", no. 4, October 1940). You have simply found the text on the website <>. This is the website of the Conservative Caucus run by Howard Phillips, an ultra-conservative ideologue who feels modern psychiatry is part of a communist plot. It is a website, and Phillips has no expertise in the field of psychiatry. Therefore, unless this quote is verified in a scholarly or major journalistic source, or tracked back to the original document, it cannot be cited on Wikipedia. The original text from the Tavistock page reads as follows: "The Second World War saw many of the Tavistock's professional staff joining the armed services as psychiatric specialists, where some (notably Dr Wilfred Bion) introduced radical new methods of selecting officers, using the 'leaderless group' as an instrument to observe which men could take responsibility for others, by being aware of their preoccupations rather than simply by giving orders. This led to reductions in the number of applicants rejected." source This is what you wrote: "The Second World War saw many of the Tavistock's professional staff joining the armed services as psychiatric specialists, where some [ -- notably psychoanalyst ] Wilfred Bion [and psychiatrist John Rawlings Rees-- ] introduced radical new methods of selecting officers, using the [so-called] leaderless group as an instrument to observe which men could take responsibility for others by being aware of their preoccupations rather than simply by giving orders. This led to reductions in the number of applicants [who were] rejected. [Rees became psychiatrist to Rudolph Hess during his imprisonment at secret locations in Britain from 1941 to 1945, when he was one of the three man team assisting at the Nuremburg Trial."] So what you have done is to plagiarize the material from the Tavistock page, wrongly insert the name of Rees, which is not mentioned on the Tavistock page, and insert the material about Rees and Hess, which has nothing to do with the Tavistock clinic unless you can find a reputable published source. I am revising the material accordingly.--Cberlet 13:00, 12 July 2006 (UTC) John Rawlings Rees was Director of the Tavistock Clinic (or not)[edit] Confirmation of the above fact can be found at the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing website [9]. This is a site for professionals which aims to put original texts relating to the field online. In its introduction to "The Shaping of Psychiatry by War" by John Rawlins Rees, the site says, "The Salmon Lectures, delivered by the consulting psychiatrist to the British Army and Medical Director of the Tavistock Clinic, compose this volume. The author's extensive experience with psychiatry during World War I as well as in World War II makes it the expression of mellowed observation and judgment." The article made available there was in "The Psychoanalytic Quarterly" 14:544-545 (1945). -- 21:52, 24 July 2006 (UTC) This source says he was Medical Director, which is not the same as being the Director. However, with this source I am happy to add to the article that he was medical director. However, my unreferenced understanding (my girlfriend work for the Tavi) is that his Tavistock work was up to 1939, and his Amry services was after that: that he did not hold these positions at the same time. It should also be noted, for example, how many sources incorrectly cite him as a member of the staff of the Institute, which did not exist at that time. That is an example of how polluted secondary sources are, and how careful and cautious we must be. --Duncan 10:45, 25 July 2006 (UTC) The issue is not about blocking accurate information about Rees and Tavistock, the issue is sifting out the outlandish and often false claims originally spread by the fanatic LaRouchites. Much of the information on the web about Rees and Tavistock is flawed.--Cberlet 12:49, 25 July 2006 (UTC) I agree. I think we have to be extra-vigilant on these pages. I will add in the reference to Rees. --Duncan 13:33, 25 July 2006 (UTC) The claims made about Rees are so widespread that it seems unlikely that LaRouch was the original source for them. In general they are consistent, and I cannot find any evidence to prove them untrue. That does not make them true of course, but it is not our job only to report truth here and I suggest that before referring to them as 'often false' you should produce evidence to that effect. To claim that he worked for the Tavistock Institute is actually no less correct than to say that he worked for the Tavistock Clinic, since the latter name was only the popular term used to refer to what should be correctly called the 'Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology' - the original Tavistock parent body out of which came the later Clinic and Institute that still exist today. Conceptually therefore, Rees would appear to have been in on the start of the work which was to lead to the naming of a separate department as 'Institute'. I think we need to recognise on this page the imporant fact that 'Tavistock Clinic' was the popular name used to refer to the parent body, as well as refering separately to the present day Clinic. I think your girlfriend's information is incorrect Duncan. Rees and his co-workers continued their involvement in the Tavistock throughout WW2, as indicated by the fact that Rees was elected onto the 'Interim Planning Commitee' that met to decide the future direction of the Tavistock in Autumn 1945. This is confirmed in the writings of Eric Trist, who joined the group at that time, and later became chairman of the Tavistock Institute. -- 12:28, 26 July 2006 (UTC) I think your post re-emphasises the need for us to distinguish between these different organisations. LaRouchite orginality is not an issue here: however, claims associated with them are under explicit review here at Wikipedia. The very fact than people equate the TIHR with the Clinic, and move staff and activities between them to prove their points, is also a real issue. --Duncan 15:14, 26 July 2006 (UTC) Duncan, you seem intent on keeping the various bodies that have gone under the name of Tavistock separate, and denying that they all came out of a parent body and thus have a common history that is of great interest given the world-wide influence of the Tavistock over eighty years. I don't understand how you can maintain this effort when the true history is written in detail in many places by founder members. Read the published accounts and you will see that there is no doubt about any of this. These accounts spell out how the original Tavistock 'clinic' was the parent body and how the original 'Tavistock group' went on to plan future strategy with the emphasis on object relations and on attempting to change society through many institutions. They spell out how government funding and grants were obtained, how projects were run that involved major businesses in developing new ways of relating, and even refer to the 'matrix'! Any conspiracy theory seems to be yours, against explaning the true history of the Tavistock. What links the various Tavistock bodies is continuity of key figures, like Trist, and Rees, and Bion. The changes in name only reflect the sort of organisational changes that occur in all big organisations for practical reasons, usually to do with separating out the funding of different activities. These too are all spelt out in detail by the key players themselves in their writings. Are you really suggesting that the Tavistock Institute was not born out of the original 'Clinic' as it was popularly known? If so you need to read the official history properly. Read the account by Trist at [10] fully, and you will surely be left in no doubt that he is talking about all that came out of the original Tavistock Clinic, which he clearly refers to as the parent body of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and all of the other Tavistock bodies that followed. -- 21:57, 26 July 2006 (UTC) Keep up this anonymous campaign of harassment and I will seek to have the page locked against anonymous edits. Stop being disruptive.--Cberlet 00:27, 27 July 2006 (UTC) <----------Pick a name. Any name. Let's discuss edits. But this anonymous multi-URL stuff has to stop. Edit in good faith. Edit with a single identity. And we move forward.--Cberlet 00:20, 31 July 2006 (UTC) Signing comments is a standard requirement: Help:Talk page#Basic rules for all talk pages, Wikipedia:Sign your posts on talk pages, Wikipedia:Username. --Cberlet 00:52, 2 August 2006 (UTC) Radovan Karadzic[edit] I think the Independent has accepted at face value a claim by the LaRouche organisation. Would he really have travelled to Britain so frequently to study at the Tavi? --Duncan (talk) 08:59, 5 August 2008 (UTC). I have removed the claim after getting the reply below from the Tavi. --Duncan (talk) 14:17, 5 August 2008 (UTC) Thank you for this. We are in discussion with the Independent about this gross inaccuracy. Please would you remove the reference. Eleanor Morgan PA to Chair and Chief Executive The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Tavistock Centre Location[edit] I presume the Tavistock(s) is/are located in London, so will add this to intro para Hugo999 (talk) 23:21, 27 August 2011 (UTC) Multiple issues tag[edit] I have removed the multiple issues tags, which were added in June 2014, for POV, advert and tone. Since comments were not added to the talk page to illustrate these supposed problems, they cannot be either agreed to exist nor can we agree ways to resolve them. --Duncan (talk) 11:34, 5 June 2015 (UTC) LaRouche[edit] LaRouche is best known for creating his own worldwide intelligence network. He and his associates routinely gain access to presidents and prime ministers. Governments and corporations will naturally generate propaganda around LaRouche in order to discredit portions of his intelligence information. Wikipedia gatekeepers who are truly interested in factual and truthful information will reach beyond propaganda-driven manufactured consensus around conspiracy theories, and focus on the facts before presuming information is of poor quality. Moderators need to be experts in propaganda and how it works before becoming qualified enough to identify poor quality information. Otherwise, moderators are at the mercy of propaganda. Norman Bailer, the former National Security Council senior director of international economic affairs, once described LaRouche's organization as "one of the best private intelligence services in the world." [1] (talk) 00:25, 14 June 2016 (UTC) Citations and verification[edit] More citations are still needed for the notables and 'new' paragraphs. Thanks for your help. --Po Kadzieli (talk) 12:23, 11 November 2016 (UTC) Approaching a Century.[edit] Having moved the text along, the subject deserves much further expansion as it nears 100 years from its foundation and the wonderful contributions made to it by the people of Scotland in particular. It has attracted other co-workers from all over the world. So please spare some time to adequately reflect this unique British and international institution. --Po Kadzieli (talk) 11:58, 12 November 2016 (UTC) Jump up ^

September Clues ... Historical Development Leading Up To 9/11 As A Hoax


By Hoi Polloi - January 2010


     It is unlikely that we will ever uncover a full and complete list of those who — for whatever personal reasons — contributed time and effort to the sinister magic trick of 9/11. However, without the existence of discrete and persistent social networks which skirt the scrupulous nature of responsible living, its success as a lie would not have been possible. We could go into an endless argument about the personal choices of those involved, and discuss how humans justify to themselves their own behavior, but those arguments – of course – are themselves self-justified and circuitously reasoned. Instead, I would like to share some clues into the nature of these persistent groups, as far as I’ve been able to isolate them, as well as my speculation given what we know about the 9/11 lies. 

     The historical development of the military event known as 9/11 is a large story. It is potentially an outlandish belief system that never quite addresses the problem of criminal identity. Since I am not in the business of belief systems, I will not be summarizing the world situation to get a brief and simplistic understanding of 9/11. Instead, I have formatted this paper as a working criminal investigation into a few specific time-and-place settings and people; followed by a speculative example of how one might view the world situation, based on this brief dossier. However, I want to stress that it is the personal responsibility of each reader to be highly wary of all such dossiers offered them, even by “journalists,” “informants” and “investigators.” Skeptical, critical thinking should be exercised to its fullest effect when exploring this topic; at this time, the world has become an extremely dodgy place for blind trust to exist outside your immediate circle, let alone in those who are only represented to you by digital and virtual means by a media system long devoid of a moral compass.

Historical Development of 9/11: Situations and People


PLACE: Sicily, Italy

     There is a term in Italian known as “Omertŕ.” It refers to a fearful phenomenon which few in the English-speaking world might understand, especially if they were to tap into the hackneyed stories of polite, adorable Mafia idiots which plague popular media. The true Mafia in Sicily is not a joke, but a cruel gang of thugs better represented by the villains of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai or its Hollywood interpretation Magnificent Seven. In Sicily, there are many unspoken rules which have been slowly enforced by the gang’s traveling bullies, such as “taxes” of supplies, food and money demanded each time a Mafia officer enters your establishment. L’Omertŕ is the household term expressed to answer questions that challenge the unpleasant situation. It is not hard to imagine the violent result of persisting with a question after l’Omertŕ has already been given as the answer. 

     Today, it may be appropriate to be aware of this kind of operation when the household term “conspiracy theory” is brandished as the answer to a question. In America or the UK, someone who pursues a better response than “conspiracy theory” is also “disappeared,” though not in the manner of hot lead as might be the case in Palermo. Instead, they are given a far more disturbing social death, an “invisible” status enforced by the same fear which paralyzes the sad people of mob-infested cities. It is even a death which can be temporary, people fading in and out of existence as their conversation goes closer or further away from the dreaded idea: we all support an intolerably ugly situation out of nothing more than a collective, slight nervousness. Let us dispense with such nervousness when honestly examining the following situations.


PLACE: Sacred Cow C-54, precursor to Air Force One, the sky
TIME: 1947

     It is July 26, and it has been about two years since United States President Harry S. Truman attended the funeral of his major promoter Thomas Joseph Pendergast, less than a week after Truman swore the oath. The only President to have fired large artillery weapons for America’s contribution to the first Great intra-European War was now being forced to handle a great deal of restless generals and admirals threatening mutiny against the existing military, because the Cold War was making them all terribly anxious to see real combat again. To satisfy them, and himself, his pen is running across the bottom of a document that will firmly establish the Air Force and the CIA. And to satisfy Americans, we are being told it is in the best interests of our security as a country and a people. Within the body of the former-Roosevelt transport, powered by Pratt and Whitney technology that would later take Americans into outer space for the first time, the U.S. Air Force was birthed.

The retired Sacred Cow

     A likely presence, then leading the charge of what came to be known as “The Revolt of the Admirals,” was an Arleigh Albert Burke, whose anxiety to reach physical combat with Japanese Destroyer vessels had had him driving his own boats at or beyond full speed toward the enemy (until a boiler burst, killing a crew member). In 1964, Burke would found the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) entrusted to such dark-minded “luminaries” as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright. 

     To understand why the post-war period was spent reforming and re-reforming military branches into a single unified authority, we must understand the nature of the frightening and ridiculous zeal with which men like Burke enter combat, foaming at the mouth. Note that the Air Force came into being asking if we must settle wars with faster, stronger nuclear bomb delivery methods or faster, stronger troop delivery methods – not asking whether it should have a need to exist at all. In short, the culture of paranoia, murder and cultural takeover didn’t reform with the acquisition of technical knowledge nor the “winning” of a war; on the contrary, it formed a sort of nervous fix for adding and coordinating new branches to create more “wins” as quickly and efficiently as possible – the results of which can be described in detail by today’s tumor-ridden children living among nuclear fallout and irradiated bullets.

The COCOM proposal, with commander's areas of irresponsibility

     Admiral Burke was the first Chief of Naval Operations under the 1947-formed organizational structure now comprised of distinct Army, Navy, Air Force and CIA players in the “theater” of war. The role of CNO is a sort of bureaucratic level of combat, managed from small windows and large computer screens. The conspicuous absence of so many branches and sub-branches from the common lists of military bodies might be explained by their individual interests in a particular ambition of Truman’s Presidency known as COCOM – or the Unified Combatant Command. Bases with this pseudo-authority are imbued by military standards with the responsibility in mass coordination of an increasing number of diverse methods of anti-human behavior cults. With each new war, the number increases, gaining new faces, names, symbols and leaders scrambling for ways to play king of the hill. Truman enacted the first of many Unified Command Plans as early as December 14th, 1946. One can use their imagination to guess what kind of seeping “forces” would now grow out of the holy military’s Sacred Cow.


PLACE: MIT, Boston, Massachusetts
TIME: 1944 - 1958

     Rather than mourning our loss of self-control with the hysteria of dropping horrific and evil nuclear weapons on a human population, the military world apparently perceived Japan’s fire-bombed and devastated population as worthy of “punishment” for the madness of their military generals. Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered for the madness of ours.

Afterwards, the perceived industrial “genius” of the second great intra-European war (commonly celebrated in patriotic circles as World War II) laid the groundwork for incredible new areas of research into the academic world’s growing addiction to outrageous death profiteering. Using celebration of our scientific application, and the post-war propaganda declaring our scientific strength, the Boston area drew a flood of eager scientists from across the country to contribute even further development to a science already taken too far.

Above:Future Mitre spook
Jack P. Ruina's
Nuclear Age Reader

Below: MIT students, 1956

     In 1944, then MIT professor Jay Wright Forrester, with perhaps a high of academic praise for “founding” the concepts of System Dynamics, began applying his research to a flight simulator to change the way wars could be waged. It is likely that our mad generals were nonplussed by the eerie silence of the terrorist bombers they hired to release the world’s first weapons of mass destruction detonated on a living civilian population. Should such gloomy Guses returning home with grave stories of horror be replaced by the erotic, happy hum of an indifferent machine, perhaps everyone could be as excited as they were to see the liquefied, boiling remains of a million innocent lives. Or rather, not have to see them at all. 

     What began as a method of controlling and flying war machines, turned into the first (publicly known) digital computer: Project Whirlwind. A number of generals swarmed out of the Pentagon (and out of retirement) to confirm various speculated theories on man-human symbiosis, war automation and the control of the system dynamics of humanity itself. Quietly, excitedly, and well-funded, Forrester spent twelve years on Project Whirlwind, developing and growing his experiment into a powerful basis for the Pentagon’s research into unknown theaters of war.

     In 1958, two years after Forrester abandoned the project to its unnamed handlers at MIT, a non-government collective of retired war generals formed a corporation around it called Mitre, disguised for the time-being as a “branch” of MIT; the Whirlwind computer was rechristened as a component of their newly proposed air-based weapon SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment); and the concept was formally redefined as the premiere enterprise to further the “automation of war.” At its founding, Mitre trustees had access to every significant electronic invention in the previous (and next) fifty years, forming around and within two hugely significant macro-groups: the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, involving predominantly white engineering fraternities such as Sigma Xi and Theta Xi) and the Pentagon-area “research triangle” stretching from Virginia to North Carolina. The computer was born. And it was a weapon.


PLACE: Geneva, Switzerland
TIME: February 23, 1947

     A group that might be finalized as the International Standards Organization (or perhaps some other acronym in Esperanto or whichever global language it dreams of falling into); the ISO is ostensibly a Latin doublespeak word for equality, which has to date shown neither concern nor success in implementing standards in the interest of equality. ISO is part of a network of globally ambitious players who share the same “netted globe” including the leader in deceptive economic management The World Bank, a series of tyrannous Dutch panels with acronyms across the icon’s equator, and a host of secret societies with uni-letter acronyms and less than charitable achievements under their belts. The ISO has the curious magical power of coordinating governments into accepting arbitrary, undemocratic decisions as law, either through treaties or national standards organizations, and therefore making it ironically without peer in the world. (Who standardizes the standards organizations so that we all can have one?) 


     While Truman mobilizes players and signs papers in a United States-based (for now) global military standard you may remember is called COCOM, the conscientious objector country begins standardizing everything else under ISO. It is only a matter of time before the – certainly planned – temptation to merge all acronyms is too strong to resist.


PLACE: ARPA development program: Mitre, Boston, MA and Pentagon, Arlington, VA
TIME: Early 1963

     CFR member Jack P. Ruina, humble professor of electrical engineering at MIT, is beginning involvement with a series of social psychologists working for the military under the exploding non-governmental branch known as Advanced Research Projects Agency. Just five years prior, MIT’s Lincoln laboratory had been transformed into the Mitre Corporation. The whole area of neuroscience, behavioral science and the control of human thought had excited developers like Ruina, working on computers capable of talking to one another and exchanging “thoughts” and information. One of the scientists eager to offer their research skills for the opportunity to observe previously unheard of numbers of people – and further develop system dynamics into a study coldly named “human terrain” – was the Pentagon (anti-)social psychologist behind “Psychoacoustics” and MIT VIP Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider.

Top: Jack P. Ruina
Above: Joe Licklider
It's curiously difficult to distinguish them.

     “Lick” had been interested in information technology, and had moved to MIT in 1950 as an associate professor, where he served on the committee that first established Mitre’s precursor MIT Lincoln Laboratory, as a “psychology program for engineers.” If psychological engineering gives you the shivers, and not the kind these folks get when there’s the smell of warm silicon in the room, you should know that the Rockefeller-funded Tavistock Institute had been working in this department since and throughout the first Intra-European War. Psychology of this nature began out of a “practical” need British war generals had to dissuade people from identifying with the physiological and mental trauma of war, and help people move on to a healthy, functional drive to kill the war generals’ enemies. Out of this rapidly developing tradition, the UK and the USA would form lasting partnerships in mind control and propaganda that apparently – if the 9/11 and 7/7 events are any indication – bouncily continue to this day. And out of that tradition, Licklider conceptualized the Internet with Bolt Beranek and Newman, Incorporated. (We must say “allegedly” due to the hoaxes that fill the road to truth about our government.) 

     According to a 1989 interview with Mitre trustee Doctor Ruina, he does not “recall” a great many details about how the military program actually started, how it was funded, or what purposes the military had for developing the Internet; except as, perhaps, a ballistic missile defense program. His emphasis and re-emphasis on the uselessness of behavioral science and computer combinations fail to even suggest that DARPA might become a sort of constant, general source of inspiration for all the ways in which imaginative human contributions to the Internet could be absorbed into the war hierarchy. Why would a Mitre spook be so wordily “defensive” about the subject of the very beginning of computer technology or its connections to Rockefeller-funded social study groups? Is it because the Internet was specifically created for the purpose of studying the potential for monitoring and controlling human behavior?


PLACE: Club of Rome, Bern, Switzerland
TIME: 1970

     Jay Forrester, system dynamics professor, Mitre co-father and world’s first computer animator (bouncing white ball on a black screen) has attracted the attention of the Club of Rome, a policy group dedicated to addressing the problem of world hunger and human self-destruction – not by responsible management of resources, the end of a colonial legacy of exploitation, or the pursuit of ancient, criminally greedy families Rothschild, Rockefeller and royal houses – but by the only apparent alternative – mass murder of millions of “useless eaters.” The Club of Rome expresses to Forrester that they’d love to avoid the latter solution (and we can guess where we might be asked by the rich and selfish members to shove any of the former) so Jay responds that he has a solution and begins work on a total, global system dynamic WORLD1 for Club of Rome to better understand their options outside of giving up a repulsively excessive lifestyle.


PLACE: Santiago, Chile
TIME: September 11, 1973

     Social psychologist and systems expert Anthony Stafford Beer had almost finished assisting unknown intelligence groups in a force experiment called CyberSyn, wherein the socialist republic might be “peacefully managed” from the safety of a single control base. Founded on World Dynamics concepts from Forrester’s final model WORLD2, the Santiago-based control room was allegedly “interrupted” by Chile’s dramatic coup d’état and supposedly decommissioned immediately after by the Pinochet regime. CIA involvement in the entire affair remains an exclamation point rather than a question mark. After Beer’s involvement in these events, he allegedly renounced all material wealth and tinted into quasi-obscurity near Toronto, from where he continued to speak on occasional “systems” revelations until his death in 2002. 

     United States Southern Command is experimentally birthed from these violent and far-reaching trials of the CFR’s authority. After creating another “experimental base” In the 1980s, allegedly internal conflicts in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and elsewhere in Latin America began to draw pronounced interest of systems people in the military; models for the implementation of similar control stations in the United States obviously being on the top of their wish lists. General Electric-slave/puppet Ronald Reagan created the impetus for a permanent, post-“Cold War” U.S. Southern Command involved in “counter-drug operations” and an increased scope of potential military actions, up until September 1997 when the formal COCOM base SOUTHCOM was introduced in Miami on the tumultuous “history” of this relationship. Studies of the true “system dynamics” between South and North American continents during this time would probably reveal much about the events of September 11, 2001.


PLACE: Undisclosed location of U.S. SouthCom
TIME: 1983-1985

     General Paul F. Gorman, Commander in Chief of a yet ambiguously located Southern Command mentally authors a powerfully insightful philosophy, which explains that the "secret" to peace is to prepare for war at all times and strike first. In a February 1992 document commissioned by the Institute for Defense Analyses under “DARPA Assignment A-132”, General Gorman praises the value of what might be called an early “Shock and Awe” strategy, romantically painting the gore like a pulp novel:

“In recent years, General DePuy has talked often about the ‘style’ of an army, pointing out that those armies acknowledged by historians to have been exceptionally efficient had a distinctive modus operandi--the methodical operational and tactical thrusting of Roman infantry, the mounted sweeps of the Parthians or the Mongols, the combined arms operations of the Byzantines under Belisarius, the amphibious raids of the Vikings. He believes that there is emerging such a style in armed forces of the United States, a way of waging war that combines the arms of our land, sea, and air services, draws adroitly on advanced technology, concentrates force from unprecedented distances with overwhelming suddenness and violence, and blinds and bewilders the foe.”


PLACE: The future site of U.S. SouthCom, Miami, Florida
TIME: September, 1993

     It has been seven months since the first “al-Qaeda” event in New York City, in which 5 sim-people are sim-killed during the controlled study of explosive terror events in an urban environment. The site was the North Tower of the World Trade Center. President Bill Jefferson Clinton – and America – has moved on. Canadians have lost a hard political battle against the Free-Trade expansionists that allowed the 1989 Bush-backed plan for a North American Union to come into play almost precisely coordinated with the European Union’s 1992 Maastricht Treaty. Our President gives the following messages in his signing of the NAFTA agreement:

“… I want to say to my fellow Americans, when you live in a time of change the only way to recover your security and to broaden your horizons is to adapt to the change, to embrace, to move forward. Nothing we do -- nothing we do in this great capital can change the fact that factories or information can flash across the world; that people can move money around in the blink of an eye. Nothing can change the fact that technology can be adopted once created by people all across the world, and then rapidly adapted in new and different ways by people who have a little different take on the way the technology works. 

“For two decades, the winds of global competition have made these things clear to any American with eyes to see. The only way we can recover the fortunes of the middle class in this country so that people who work harder and smarter can at least prosper more, the only way we can pass on the American Dream of the last 40 years to our children and their children for the next 40 is to adapt to the changes which are occurring. 

“In a fundamental sense, this debate about NAFTA is a debate about whether we will embrace these changes and create the jobs of tomorrow, or try to resist these changes, hoping we can preserve the economic structures of yesterday. 

“I tell you, my fellow Americans, that if we learn anything from the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the governments in Eastern Europe, even a totally controlled society cannot resist the winds of change that economics and technology and information flow have imposed in this world of ours. That is not an option. Our only realistic option is to embrace these changes and create the jobs of tomorrow.”

     Applause follows. SouthCom simmers. It is the first national base with the relatively new designation of COCOM authority. And it is about to go through the interesting transformation of becoming a spearhead against the rest of the entrenched military establishment, so far uncoordinated by Mitre, unjurisdicted by the unified COCOM and unstandardized by the non-government body ISO. And, we can guess, eager to ask for all three.


PLACE: New York City, NY
TIME: February 15, 1929

     James Schlesinger is born to Rae and Julius Schlesinger, Jews in a predominantly democratic, liberal, Jewish immigrant community. Schlesinger would dismiss liberalism, grow interested in economics (also known as “making money”) and as a young man study how to do it at Horace Mann and Harvard, before entering the money-military-Mitre portal Rand Corporation. Rand Corporation is presently overseen by Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and others, on whom Schlesinger must have made an impression. When Richard Helms refused to block public exposure of Watergate, Schlesinger eagerly offered to cover the globalists’ asses, and he became the director of the CIA. 

     The CIA and Rand Corporation are closely linked to a rather infamous group known as The Council on Foreign Relations – where a small but important number of public figures create policy for Rand to “develop” and CIA to “investigate” and other CFR members to “consider” – in other words manufacture, push and advertise. All three groups exchange members with the Mitre Corporation. Disagreeable public response to the occasional honest journalist pointing microphones at this network are met with small shifts and musical chairs before business as usual is restored by a grumble from Kissinger. One such non-incident was the dismissal of Schlesinger from his position as later Secretary of Defense for – laughably – asking for “too much money” for the defense budget. This farce of a disagreement only freed him to continue his so-called “speaking career” in which he traveled and lectured on the very poor, sorry defense budget he was apparently fired for speaking of. It also freed him to become a trustee of Mitre Corporation (of which he is, as far as today (September 6, 2009), the chairman of the board), oversee the 9/11 hoax, and then co-manage a certain post-9/11 Homeland Security Advisory Council.


PLACE: Strategic Air Command, Offutt Air Force Base, NE
TIME: 1967-1969

     Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, could certainly be considered Schlesinger’s friend, if not mentee, having served under him in the CIA during Schlesinger's influence. But the space program is heating up and our technology is getting us closer and closer to “the moon,” so Gates has skipped out of the CIA to do a stint at Strategic Air Command. He is probably wondering how many people will buy the flimsy tin-foil lander that is supposed to pass for an intrepid spaceship. While the world focuses on bouncing astronauts, Strategic Air Command is vying for its place in the killing game. SAC is the operational establishment in charge of land-based strategic bomber aircraft and land-based nuclear ICBM missiles from the year of Truman’s 1946 unified command acts. Gates serves at Strategic Air Command for a few years, possibly giving it some long-term CFR scope work for its transformation/merging into COCOM base U.S. Strategic Command, which occurs approximately 32 years later on September 11, 2001 under the watch of a certain Mitre friend Donald M. Kerr.


PLACE: Electronic Systems Division, Hanscom Air Force Base, MA
TIME: May 1977 to January 1981

     Vice Commander Robert "Tom" Marsh serves military functions in anticipation of a certain Command status headed his way. Such a promotion will likely include his “Pocket Rocket” badge, giving him clearance to launch intercontinental nuclear offensives. In the glazed, robotic eyes of the military, he has certainly earned it. Both during the nervous fog of Whirlwind’s developments circa 1956, as well as during the Apollo era circa 1969, Marsh steadily advanced Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s reconnaissance, strike and electronics warfare weaponry. In June 1973 the general received his first assignment to Air Force Systems Command headquarters, as deputy chief of staff for development plans – no small title in the CIA-CFR-Rand-Mitre crowd. Indeed, after this final promotion before retirement, General Marsh may start to have an interest in the Mitre Corporation …


PLACE: Texas A&M University (Formerly Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas)
TIME: August 1, 2002

     Gates was the interim Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University from 1999 to 2001. Today, August 1, 2002, he becomes the 22nd President of Texas A&M University, after declining the significant position of secretary at newly created Homeland Security. Gates has seen rare career turbulence for a man with his position in the grand fraternal order of whiteness. After his mysterious 1960’s mission at Strategic Air Command, whatever it was, and a return to the Mitre-Rand-CIA-CFR haven, Gates became deputy director of the CIA. In 1986, he allegedly received an infamous “report” (on an Iranian arms diversion) from Mitre trustee and then Deputy Director for Intelligence Doctor Richard J. Kerr. This point later blew up into an infamous media scandal designated “Iran-Contra”, wherein Gates consistently denied memory of any reference to such a document, was eventually rejected as a potential CIA director and was finally accused of passing intelligence to Iraq during its skirmish with Iran, all-in-all a ridiculous and apparently uneventful news-industry performance.

     Whatever the purpose of the media’s gluttony for this alleged scandal in particular, Gates simply went on, like Schlesinger’s post-‘dismissal’ career, to lecture and urge the United States to continue its path of self-destructive arms investment. He became president of Texas A&M University on August 1, less than one year after 9/11, and offered documents of public refusal when requests from the Bush Administration to be Secretary for Homeland Security or Director of National Intelligence came his way. Was a CIA director and Vietnam veteran being picked on and denied opportunity by his refusal to cooperate with Mitre’s story or is Gates merely being posed as a troubled person to disguise his knowledge of recent events? 

     Suffice to say, Texas A&M is an educational outreach of the “Intelligence” consumer groups and might be seen as a sort of “Mitre University” with young CFR initiates getting exposure to prominent American-Israeli dual citizen Zionists and other brands of jingoism. Texas A&M has two branch campuses: one in Galveston, Texas, and one in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. This is a university with land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant designations. In other words, a neoconservative military playground for junior. The illusion created around Mitre is that it is a group to reckon with if you are in the business of death and you don’t want to face re-education at the hands of Texas A&M. The so-called “hidden hand”, however, is a little too obvious. And ultimately, damning to all involved in even the mildest cover ups of its criminal activity.


PLACE: Unknown
TIME: May, 2006

     Doctor Richard J. Kerr is apparently being interviewed – by some means – by CFR publication editor Robert McMahon. Before “arriving” at his interview, Kerr might be reflecting on his remarkably accelerated rise to power. It had been an exciting time in the 70’s: while all those damned hippies sucked the herb, he – he – was leading research in high altitude weapons effects, nuclear test detection and analysis, weapons diagnostics, ionospheric physics weapons, and alternative energy weapon programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory. And from 1979 to 1985, Dr. Kerr was director of the whole shebang, where military toys are tested on – presumably; but we can’t always be – safe targets. Kerr waits for McMahon to paraphrase the questions he has requested to be asked. Bob had better not mess them up or he might just become a reporter at Texas A&M University. Hopefully, the façade of timid reporter versus bold, brusque interviewee isn’t seen for the CIA-Mitred sham it is. 

     Let’s see … things Kerr can say: the CIA does illegal activities. People always criticize them. They work hard, and are never appreciated. The CIA mustn’t be satisfied until the CIA does what’s best for America, even if Americans don’t like it. The CIA knows things. Important things. The CIA needs a hug. Those in the know are “predicting” and “forseeing” likely changes, though let’s not mention Mitre corporation’s constant role in developing them over long periods of time and implementing them through covert means. Let’s talk about something safe, something economists would like to read. 

McMahon: Let's talk about the public relations aspect you mention. Is that the very nature of the job, you're going to have a problem with PR? 

Kerr: Let's face it, the CIA is involved in illegal activities overseas, that's what it does. It's its business to collect intelligence. To do that involves a lot of activities that run contrary to laws in foreign countries. The objective is to protect U.S. national security so I think he will find a lot of issues related to that particular kind of problem that a director of central intelligence faces. It's not a position where you particularly have a lot of popularity. I mean, you have a lot of people who are going to argue that [the agency] does things that it should not do, that are contrary to the tradition and openness of the United States. So it's an uphill battle in terms of the public relations issue, but the real question is: Can he be an effective leader of the organization? 

McMahon: The period you served [in the CIA] was the heart of the Cold War right up to its end. Do you think the agency gets enough credit for some of the successes during that period? 

Kerr: Absolutely not. People look at the end of the breakup of the Soviet Union and the Velvet Revolution in Eastern Europe as, well, "those were easy things to do." They weren't. They were very complicated […] they don't give the policymakers nor intelligence near enough credit for that conflict situation. 

McMahon: What do you see as the most important area the CIA needs to focus on coming through this process? 

Kerr: I think working out some practical relationship between the director of national intelligence and the director of central intelligence, at least temporarily, because I think sooner or later that will be reorganized and there will be a change in it. I think that's an important issue. I think the relationship with defense becomes very important. Defense is a big elephant in this process, and it is increasingly looking as an organization that does its own intelligence, that makes its own judgments about intelligence independent of an independent organization like the CIA.


     The interview meanders, warbles, warns, and fades away. There is no mention of Kerr’s Deputy Directorship of the CIA from 1989 to 1992. No mention of his membership to London-based BAE Systems, the largest, most profitable weapons manufacturer in the world, unmonitored by, and top supplier to, her majesty’s defense since 9/11.

No mention of the vast business mergers and computer cooperations between Israel, America and the United Kingdom’s defense suppliers. Richard J. Kerr is asked to submit a picture. He submits the same portrait that once stood for his trustee position at Mitre, as if to signal a departure from the MIT gang. (Or is it - for some reason - difficult to photograph him?) Today, in his place on the Mitre board of trusty spooks, is the portrait of another Kerr.


PLACE: GEOINT Symposium, Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
TIME: October 23, 2007

     Donald M. Kerr, presumably but so far vaguely related to Richard J. Kerr, is giving a speech to a large body of people interested in Mitre’s next stage of development: quite literally and graphically, a global computer simulation of everything and everyone on the planet, and the predicted consequences of any given action; a program sometimes referred to in Masonic circles as Moriah, the wind of God; in intelligence circles as MARIAH; and in military circles as GEOINT, the keys to which would be – by design – prearranged to Mitre Trustee Admiral James Busey’s Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) for total global information awareness.

     Kerr discusses his role in the past ten years of sim-events in vague, double-speak terms, ironic warnings about transnational threats, and throughout it all, we are given subtle insight into: the Mitre fabrication of “al-Qaeda”, the purpose of its creation (to activate the StratCom base in Omaha, Nebraska as COCOM center for global control against fictional “terrorists”) and to use Kerr himself to make a slot for their GEOINT global sim to plug into the National Reconnaissance Office’s satellite networks. 


     Kerr proudly declares that his “people” were involved in every al-Qaeda attack leading up to 9/11, during his position at the FBI, which ended in August 2001, when he – coincidentally – switched to a CIA position. His “handling” of those events, including the U.S.S. Cole false flag event, involved the dissemination of (surely computer-generated) “aftermath” information to the FBI.

One can assume, based on the falseness of the 9/11 hoax and its invented villains, heroes and victims, that these micro-sims were created specifically to test the FBI’s and media’s handling of prototypical “sim evidence” software leading up to the gross public colossus of the 9/11 lie.


PLACE: Mitre Corporation, from Boston to Bedford, MA
TIME: 1958 – 1989

     The keeper of the computer’s military power, throughout its history, is a single man named Robert E. Everett; fraternal member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi; a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE; and a member of the National Academy of Engineering, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Everett single-handedly posted the most consistent tenure of oversight of Mitre, from its foundation, to its role in implementing 9/11. 

     In 1943, Mr. Everett became a member of the staff of MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory. In 1947, and in the wake of Truman’s Sacred Cow act, the Servomechanisms Laboratory absorbed Project Whirlwind.

Everett giving an early 'teleconference'
while President of Mitre

     In 1951, a large part of the Digital Computer Laboratory joined the newly formed MIT Lincoln Laboratory as Division VI. In 1956, Everett became head of Division VI of Lincoln Laboratory, where he was in charge of SAGE, Mitre’s premiere project, which he joined as Mitre’s founding technical director in October 1958. In March 1969, he was named executive vice president of MITRE and from 1969 to 1986, Mr. Everett served as president of The MITRE Corporation. Everett oversaw the creation of Mitre’s pioneering website in 1985. After receiving numerous accolades and awards from his brothers, in October 1989 President George HW Bush awarded Everett a medal of technological achievement for his (thusfar inexplicable) work in real-time computer technologies and applications. Why were the Bushes so pleased with his oversight of the Mitre corporation? 

     Mitre went on to put their people into every study group, government body, industrial board, fraternity and intelligence organization they could fit into and around. Answering Truman’s call for a unified coordinated military monitor and command of Earth, Mitre’s main role since its creation has been not to lead, but to lead the leaders. Its primary method of doing so has been the creation and stubborn persistence of coordinated, unified standards: standards of military measurement, standards of military language, standards of military might, military funding, military construction and operation. The process is meant to be a set of System Dynamics that can monitor and coordinate any and every area of potential military occupation. Based on every historic sign that the groups involved have a mental handicap in curbing aggression, we might presume they would only be satisfied with "everywhere, in every system, in every concept and intrinsically existent in every waking moment." This potential – as we should have learned from the general’s ceaselessly disgruntled behavior even when we concede to the carnage they demand – is what our spoiled and overfunded military perceives as their birthright. Group systems and communities that function without regard to the warrior bloodlust seem to be sent communications and/or threats, followed by officers from Mitre (or CIA or apparently which ever branch is closest) to “engage” the peaceful party into their war system. Ah, but that’s just l’Omertŕ, then?


PLACE: Associated Press, MSNBC, Washington Post Editorial Board, PBS News Hour, Fox News
TIME: Two weeks prior and leading up to September 10, 2009

     Donald Rumsfeld, the door-to-door salesman, performed a protracted series of perfunctory “interviews” at several news organizations across the country, presumably checking their readiness to expand Mitre’s synthetic theater of war into all the economic, scientific, academic and – of course – military and media institutions “engaged” in their psychological movement against common sense.


Rumsfeld flashing the "M" on Fox News
     As late as the night before September 11, 2001, meetings between news agencies and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld firmly established Rumsfeld’s declaration of war “against bureaucracy,” an avowal to be transformed – the very next day – into a war “against terrorism.”


PLACE: Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
TIME: February 3, 2009

     Nine days before the faked Buffalo “plane crash” which would have all the signatures, sim-victims, and media reporting qualities of another Mitre sim-disaster, Rockwell Collins apparently lays off 600 employees and sends them home. Rockwell Collins is the thirty-year leader in computing technology and military contracted simulation-interfaces, which also happens to have NORAD chief Ralph E. “Ed” Eberhart on its board of directors at the time of Operation Northwoods (also known as the terror drill 9/11). About a decade prior, when 9/11 was merely a twinkle in Cheney’s eyewear, Rockwell was investigating a start up technology known as Captimax. Apparently developed out of the need to keep advertisements stable and readable on stock car footage, the camera-stabilizing microchip could be installed in anything that needed to be front and center on live footage, including objects as otherwise difficult to film as blindingly fast missiles developed by strategic partner Raytheon. Bunker buster missiles – as hyped by hucksters Rumsfeld and Bush in the opening months of the 2001 Bush Presidency – are no stranger to Rockwell, which has been in the business of war since the industrial revolution.

“What we do doesn't come cheap. Space capabilities usually cost a great deal.” 
Another publicity still with the slight "M" sign

     Indeed, CFR Member Mister Eberhart is no stranger to the military uses for media; conspicuous as he is sitting on the board of a relatively tiny $1.4 million on-demand video distribution company called ObjectVideo, with Colin Powell's son, former head of the FCC Michael K. Powell. “Ed” also has quite the bling, being a distinguished, medaled member of the National Defense Industrial Association, whose founding principles in 1919 involved a resentment toward the defense industry for its “inability to scale up the war effort” as fast as the defense industry was able to scale up its money-making efforts. Eberhart and Powell are joined at ObjectVideo by fellow board members Scott Beattie and Mario Morino, who both have long connections to – none other than – the Mitre corporation.


PLACE: Mitre Corporation, Bedford, MA
TIME: 1996, Annual Report Board Meeting

1996 Cover of Mitre Annual Report

     The time has come to discuss Mitre’s next steps in the implementation of their masters’ ambitions for a global military tech-tatorship. The cover of their 1995 Annual Report gleefully portrays an eruption of smoke from what looks like the top of a certain familiar complex in New York City. Given the previous Mitre sim-bombing of the WTC just three years earlier, one can assume that the graphic isn’t a mere “insensitivity” but a boastful glorification of their decades-long preparation of what would soon become the advancement of the COCOM agenda.

     The 1996 Board of Trustee Membership looked like this at the time of the meeting (unintroduced in bold): 

• Victor A. DeMarines – newly appointed President and CEO of Mitre 

• James R. “too much money” Schlesinger – former CIA director 

• Doctor Jack P. “psychoacoustics” Ruina – Lick collaborator on the foundation of DARPA and Internet 

• General Paul F. Gorman (retired) – U.S. SOUTHCOM commander 

• General Robert T. Marsh (retired) – executive director Air Force Aid Society 

• Admiral James B. Busey IV (retired) – “Permanent Director” of the AFCEA and GEOINT slot-keeper 

• Doctor Richard J. Kerr – former principal deputy director to the CIA 

• Doctor David V. Ragone – mission critical venture capitalist and MIT senior lecturer 

• Doctor William “we need more carbon dioxide” Happer, Junior 

• Doctor George H. Heilmeier – CEO of Bellcore and standardizer of nation’s communication lines 

• Doctor Lewis M. Branscomb – director of General Foods, Mobil Oil, RAND, Mitre and LordCorp 

and Honorary Trustees: 

• Robert E. Everett – Mitre’s adoptive father

• William J. McCune, Junior – high ranking Masonic leader 

     Equipped with such connections, it should come as no surprise that on 9/11, Mitre pal “Ed” Eberhart engaged U.S. NorthCom into the COCOM fold under the pretense of the Northwoods “war drill”, while Bush somewhat “christened” cybernetics and media control center U.S. StratCom, all while the media fakery “unfolded” over the course of September 11, 2001, baffling and distracting even those in the military who might have had some knowledge about the mini “revolution”. By 2001, the 1996 Mitre reports had long ago established the conquering language of their viral sim-framework: known as the “Synthetic Theater of War” (or STOW), and its ambitions were always much larger than the United States; indeed their declaration of intent to format both the DOD and UK’s MOD intelligence networks C4ISR and C4ISTAR respectively into an “understandable” (read: measurable and controllable) version of their Mitre-grown “Architectural Framework” was met with unheralded and perfectly journalist-ignored success. It is 2009 as I write this, and several globalist-invented TV fakery events are occurring every year.


PLACE: Houston Casualty Corporation, Unknown Branch
TIME: November 2002

     Marvin P. Bush, younger brother to President Bush has just left position as board member of WTC and United Airlines security company Securacom/ Stratesec for a one year, post-2001 shift at Brokerage protectorate Houston Casualty, ending this month. As he departs the Houston, London, Ireland, Bermuda and Spain-based company, he perhaps reflects on the recently successful Bush-Walker-Blair takeover of the opium industry in Afghanistan, and is licking his lips for the rebuilding contracts about to be made available in a soon-to-be devastated Iraq. 

     Seven years later, on September 10, 2009, after Marv has long abandoned such prominent positions, HCC Insurance Holdings will send some speaker to the Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Insurance Conference in New York City. Keefe was one of the major sim-ployee “losers” on September 11, 2001, along with brokerages Cantor Fitzgerald, AON corporation and Marsh & McLennan, who have all received hundreds of contracts and opportunities since their imaginary, collective tragedy. A careful watch of these names reveals the regular interchange of the hundreds of thousands working in the many banking, stock, brokerage, insurance, reinsurance and speculative market companies once securely closed within the World Trade Center offices. It is not difficult to imagine what may be in store for them should they cooperate with Mitre’s exciting business opportunity-creating sims. Or the kind of deals they will be cut out of should they fail to act in accordance with the simulation. But after all, they are brokers – and in their business, the sustained success of a popular lie isn’t digging a deep hole. It’s the victorious management of an “information asset.” And if you think you’re going to make them let go of a profit-making scheme this big, you’ve got another thing coming. 

In fact, here comes another one. Live. On CNN.


PLACE: Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB)

Martin C. Faga (who looks remarkably like fellow trustee Everett with a prosthetic forehead, but that's a whole other level of the Mitre onion) was seemingly the CEO of MITRE Corporation on September 11, 2001.

     He is the former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space, former Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, former engineer for the CIA, former R&D officer in the Air Force and – of course – the recipient of a number of military and intelligence awards. This MITRE spook is currently the head of the Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB), which describes itself as: “an advisory committee established by Congress in order to promote the fullest possible public access to a thorough, accurate, and reliable documentary record of significant U.S. national security decisions and activities.” Laughably, under Faga’s leadership, not only were the FOX archives of the 9/11 morning broadcasts entirely “remixed” from other news stations (presumably to cover up the infamous “Nose Out” problem), but as of October, 2008 the archives of the morning 9/11 broadcasts became unavailable. Oh, and they collaborated with NASA to “discover” that the Apollo moon landing reels were written over – and only exist on backup copies in Australia. “Woopsie.”


PLACE: CINDE, Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency

     Eight years have passed since CINDE slipped the books and managed to appear in only half the tenant lists of the long-destroyed (then re-contracted) World Trade Center complex. Was the company real? Were any of the companies allegedly in the WTC at the time of its destruction - really there? Anyway, CINDE is ostensibly a group of companies "investing" in economic takeover. The Costa Rican face is a missionary sort - white ladies and salesmen, whose main purpose – whose focus – is planting the seeds of economic dependency in the heart of this battered “third world” country; a country that doesn’t need the sort of COCOM, ISO, Mitre corporation nonsense that such parties may think it needs. Perhaps the Costa Ricans are used to the economic hitmen, the sort of Blackwater broker terrorists who come with checks and promises of “renewal” and “development” and other corporate buzzwords for cultural destruction. Perhaps they see it as better than the flying bullets offered them when they remain stubborn. Then, there is the Stateside face of CINDE, which dispenses with pictures of starving children and proudly offers the names of Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Oracle as parties paying checks to get involved. It seems CINDE is acting like a Trojan horse for Oracle, a “system dynamics” maintenance company installed - among other threatening organizations - within BAE Systems, the Mitre-connected weapons corporation mentioned earlier. What is so critical about Costa Rica achieving technological bases for a company connected to arms dealing? For that matter, what is the whole historical issue we seem to have with South America?

     When Oracle achieves another “market” for human systems control, do they reflect on their connection to Admiral Busey’s AFCEA network, or do they just open a bottle of wine? Do the employees of Oracle think about their bosses sitting at AFCEA board meetings, glancing at the drooling military drones around them: Lockheed Martin, Mitre, Rand, Interface Incorporated, ManTech, Raytheon, Raytheon C3I Intelligence and Information, Microsoft, Boeing, IBM, IBM Federal, Northrop Grumman, Verizon, Qwest, AT&T, Motorola, IntelliSolutions ... and blink? Do they wonder how they managed to get into this mess, how everything seemed to fit so simply together as their colleagues shrugged through Mitre-suggested mergers, stiff military words about cluster computing or the science of “human terrain”? When they released that report the day after September 11, 2001 about losing sim-ployees in the sim-attack as an excuse to remain morose and silent as they “updated” the Oracle-based networks of our government, military contractors and defense departments, to create a more “secure” country … everyone just moved on. And nobody seemed to reflect when Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, making them the most powerful computer network in the history of the world – with access to every government, intelligence, private and satellite installation with an Oracle technician on hand. 

     Perhaps lying is okay. Maybe everyone does it. Nobody here seems to be worried. Why not push into Costa Rica? Why not base the new Iraq government on Oracle9i management systems with some ISO-9011 or something stamp of approval? Why not say Iran doesn’t know what’s going on with its own people, that the election was unfair, that they need Oracle voting machines and Oracle security systems? Why not let the bank robbers and Admirals have their global simulation controlled from a single computer? Why the hell not? There’s money to be made! Give the conspiracy theorists Alex Jones and Coast to Coast. Give them Rockefeller-funded David Ray Griffin to write a new religion. Move a Mitre guy from CFR to CIA, or maybe from FBI to RAND. Kissinger will explain it all. Obama will charm the ladies. Just don’t let them question our mergers. What do we tell them if they do? That’s the easiest of all. Tell them it’s just the honor among thieves. 

Tell them it’s l’Omertŕ.

Conclusion: The Fear of Losing our Fix Determines the World’s Collective Level of Immoral Behavior 

     Our addiction, if we have one – those of us interested in the truth – is to believe that most people are also interested in the truth and that if we can just get people hooked on our high, the world will be a better place. That may even be true, but is that the best approach for our interests? First, we have to stop and think about how many addictive lifestyles, belief systems and products there are in this world and which ones people are likely to choose before they select the “truth” drug. 

     They will give you people who have contacted the fake victims, and had long, revealing conversations with them. They will give you people who can explain that the video-game effects seen in the fabricated videos are actually real footage; yes, evidence of UFO technology which melts buildings like a Playstation animation, they have this technology and they’re keeping it from you! Sure! Any and all excuses to forgive the criminal media network for lying on a daily basis. How many people are aware that Associated Press and Reuters both are powered by the same criminal families? It doesn’t matter how they feed conspiracy theories, because they are still providing you with some version of a media fixation to substitute for the more useful critical thinking and discussions you could be developing among those close and dear to you. And by critical thinking, naturally, I don’t mean an agreement to follow the same alternative Internet sites, programs, foreign movies or music. 

     What is the purpose of keeping us all glued to the newspapers, magazines and media stories, or intranets like facebook and MySpace, spinning us in circles? They don’t care if someone wears black jeans or blue, if someone loves South Park or makes fun of it, as long as you aren't paying attention to them. The point of conformity is to get everyone interested in each other instead of letting our attention wander to the way we have all been shafted for the last hundred years in this country, and for the truly evil war crimes perpetuated in our name. There comes a time to put people away for using their power irresponsibly. And that time is now. The people are the media employees who permitted their name to be attached to the 9/11 hoax, and the figures who aid them, tolerate them or try to protect them from justice. The Mitre and Rand corporations must be indicted for treason and war profiteering. I will happily go to jail with them, if I get to grin at the Kerrs in the next cell over. But something tells me we won't even find out if the Kerrs are real people unless we can all face the power of three major addictions that they have gotten us hooked on: 

1.     Trade: once a practical survival mechanism, the exchange of one thing for another has always run the risk of being a swindle. But the swindling has become so advanced and abstracted from real, useful value, that we don’t realize the trade of a business stock is in fact the same as buying shares of people – one hair from the slavery trade. Indeed, the Masonic east coast bankers like J.P. Morgan, who made so much money from the rum used to swindle African chiefs out of their children, are deeply involved in the 9/11 scam. And as long as people don’t recognize buying, renting or leasing human beings for the humiliating and dishonorable practice that it is, our civilization will continue to be deeply sick. 

2.     Mining: another evolutionary skill, of resource gathering, has created another, troubling “cart-before-the-horse” scenario in which resources are collected faster than they can be used, transformed into objects that cannot be returned to “resource” status, and dumped in an ecosystem with even less transformative skills than humanity has. What’s more, the toys and candy we receive are often merely the industrial waste products of weapon creation factories. What else can be the result of stealing ever deeper and more forbidden resources than the eventual cluttering of our environment with a great deal of things which serve no further purpose except to outlast all life on Earth (and hurry the process of killing us while they’re at it)? 

3.     War: the least useful of evolutionary skills, combat is merely a temporary endorsement of territorial fear, anger and hate; which gives addicted partakers the undeniable but illusory sensation of defeating self-destructive behavior by engaging in races to destroy others faster than they can destroy themselves. Furthermore, the “redeeming” help offered afterwards is to push all three addictions, Trade, Mining and War, on a weakened and abused population eager to take aid from anyone – even those who just devastated them.

     9/11 is not so much the event that occurred on September 11, 2001; it is, more practically speaking, an enormous collaboration between the Trade, Mining and War addicts to present a conceptual package of major world addictions in one convenient “happy meal”. Is it any surprise that the pushers of such a drug would do so with elaborate and fantastic lies about its benefits and why we all supposedly need it? Is it any wonder that the world must seem a scary place full of crawling evil beards with razor blades hidden within, so you can buy the 9/11 brand and make it all go away? 

     Mitre might be errantly described as a sort of drug pusher of our worst addictions. But the culture of Hollywood - with the movie and record industries working hand in hand - is truly the pusher. The dazzling and hypnotizing entertainment and media industry, whose specialty is selling difficult concepts in the guise of exciting adventures, touching personal stories and unimaginative whistfulness; all with the sort of dreadfully cold amusement of business, so they could never be accused of having a bias. “We’re just giving people what they want.” Indeed. Mitre is more like the meth lab, the literal construction workers of viral “belief system dynamics” for the entertainment industry to sell with pretty faces and pumping soundtracks. The friendly, chuckling old saints building a nation-wide sickness with pocketbooks, plane tickets, handshakes, war drills and winks. There is an ample supply of “appearance” addicts in California who will do everything to show you how much they care about eventually, one day, maybe doing something … I dunno … let’s go to this new bar … 

     On September 11, 2001, two Mitre-guided COCOM bases materialized out of nowhere. Florida based U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) was joined by a mysterious place called U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) in Omaha, Nebraska and a pre-outfitted base (physically in Denver, Colorado but operationally -- who knows?) called U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM). After the alleged ‘classroom incident,’ Bush was apparently taken to USSTRATCOM to monitor the unfolding situation. One can assume such an urgent delivery of the executive branch was to peer through the war games with Ralph Ed “pocket-rocket” Eberhart and assure a successful “sell” of the 9/11 tale as it was being piped through television, radio, press and Internet distributors – perhaps via lucrative arrangements with Eberhart and Powell’s ObjectVideo chips. 

     As a sort of ultimate addendum to the embarrassingly misfired “industrial revolution” that is still traumatizing our sensitive species, the final purpose of mechanization – which had been left unfulfilled by humanity’s inherent safety measures against self-abuse – is now being pushed to its deadly extremes by a group forever persisting beyond humanity’s means. Allegedly to the ends of exploration and knowledge, we have agreed with their sad dependencies in the hopes of becoming untangled by tolerating their thrashing. We are requested on a daily basis to regard their abuses, exploitations, vast material wealth and paranoid security systems as merely coincident with humanitarian goals. Based on the well-known but just-as-well-denied consideration that power corrupts, we might consider the true motivations of those we’ve granted power in exchange for the occasional second-hand power high. 

     This is an age-old relationship, one that might be narrated in the following way: “I don’t want personal responsibility to something I need to survive, and others are happy to feign the ability to provide it. I am happy to pretend their offer matches my needs, even as it does me and my community harm – because I just want to belong to such a cool, interesting group that gives me so much.” 

     Thus, our desire for predictable and safe pleasures keeps us in a few irreconcilable cycles of self-destruction: 

1.     Life loses its mystery. Inspiration is replaced by jaded and cynical thoughts that cripple the imagination, our prime survival tool (not to mention a great deal of fun!) 

2.     Because we lack inspiration, we lose the inability to process lows. Depression and sadness hit harder and its effects are felt longer. Those around us cannot help us, because they are just as confused about the constant pressure to feel happy and satisfied. 

3.     Survival itself loses meaning. We turn to thoughts of past, future and alternative lives not our own, and focus on finding justification and survivalist meaning in our addictions, no matter how self-destructive.

     In exchange for this living hell, we give all our life force, energy and spare time (not spent indulging in our addictions) to the support of the system which provides them. In this case, that system is a series of gangs defining and maintaining distinct “nationhoods” – actually an artificial mockery of true nations – each comprised of a culturally engineered and tested set of addictive substances, services and “news events” to ensure that none of us escapes the “World Dynamics” model and the collective high we experience as “life.” 

Bibliography and NOTES in no particular order
(take all with appropriate grains of salt)

Mitre Corporation 

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MK-Ultra and Tavistock 

IEEE is a strange group, enormous, formed from the “founding” electricians of this country, and tied intimately to Mitre and to every major advancement of technology in the last 100+ years. They claim 125 due to their pre-merged branches. Apparently assembled as a whole in 1963, Nikola Tesla seems to be one of the only members whose technology has stayed hidden behind this monumental group. Observe the list of people who are members and their apparent accomplishments, and you'll understand quickly why Mitre is interested in having its members within the IEEE: 

• Leon Chua, MIT, Perdue, “hypothesizer” and development of the microchip memristor 

• Murray Turoff, developer of instant messaging technology, member of RAND corp 

• Steven M. West, developer of nCUBE – a multi-processor data output system, capable of rendering a 10-dimensional hypercube in 1985. In other words, extremely powerful 3-D was nothing – they were making 10-D over twenty-five years before 9/11. 

• Knight of the British Empire Tim Berners-Lee “Inventer of the world wide web” 

• Amar Bose, founder of Bose Speaker corporation, MIT, Tau Beta Pi 

• Percy Spencer, inventor of the microwave oven 

• Ivan Sutherland, father of modern computer graphics in 1963, Sun Microsystems and RAND Corp (Sun was recently purchased by Oracle corporation Search: CINDE in this paper) 

• Robert Adler, invented wireless remote control, Jewish-Austrian 

• Teruaki Aoki, Sr. EVP at Sony during 9/11 (It is a long-standing theory that the 2000 Sony Pictures movie Spider-Man was the “safe dump” point for the 3-D model of New York City used in the 9/11 sim. Sony Pictures Imageworks claims to have been commissioned seven years on the model, which seems inordinately long for something even as profitable as a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Sony’s Playstation 3 inexplicably branded their home video game system with the hideous and unmistakable font used for the title sequence of Spider-Man. The real Peter Parker must be spinning in his web.) 

• Edwin E. Catmull, co-founded Pixar, computer programmer for Boeing, President of Disney Animation (2006) 

• Allen B. DuMont, apparent developer of the modern TV network 

• Roger Easton, inventor of GPS 

• Thomas E. Everhart, US Energy Department in the 90's, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Kappa Nu, boards of Raytheon, HP, Agilent (Careful of this site, produced by “Soylent” media) 

Twitter as a Weapon 

Original Source of the 1995 Mitre Report and trustees 

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair (hey, how did another Bush/Blair dummy get into our “Intelligence” departments?) 


ObjectVide’s Mario connection to Mitre 

September 15, 1999 report by Schlesinger: “New World Coming” 

Donald Rumsfeld’s Buddies 

Medialink Worldwide: Buying the News for Commercial and Intelligence Purposes
Video news releases or VNRs (also referred to as fake TV news) are segments designed to be indistinguishable from independently-produced news reports that are distributed and promoted to television newsrooms. TV stations incorporate VNRs into their newscasts, rarely alerting viewers to the source of the footage. While government-funded VNRs have been most controversial, most VNRs are paid for by corporations; non-governmental organizations also put out VNRs. 

LORD Corporation
“LORD is a diversified technology company with a long history of developing breakthrough adhesive, coating and motion management technologies that significantly improve the performance of our customers’ products. We have provided innovative solutions to demanding aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial customer problems for more than 80 years.” 

David E. Jeremiah

• was selected February 7, 2006, by President George W. Bush to be a member of the President's Intelligence Oversight Board

• Jeremiah has served continuously as a member of the Board of Trustees at the MITRE Corporation since 1999. 

• He is also a member of the Board of Directors at the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs. 

About the McCune Family 

Protected Instant Photography 

Pacific Council 

Brookings Institution 

CFR and Trilateral Commission Member Lists (view skeptically as “complete”) 

Jack P. Ruina (about that lovely time he doesn’t recall exactly while developing the Internet) 

Admiral Busey

Every Director of the CIA since 1966 has been on board of CFR 

COCOM plan 

Eberhart on the New World Order they envision:
“Finally, in NORAD, we struggle with relevance. We struggle with the unfair accusation that we are a Cold War relic and that we have no relevance in this New World Order--Old War Disorder in many of our views. I argue that is exactly the wrong site picture. Air sovereignty is important and will remain important in a nation whose Armed Forces have to be able to guarantee that regardless of threat.

“Back to the cruise missile threat that we foresee in the future, I think it will become even more relevant in the years ahead. And we have adapted to this New World Order. There are 20 airplanes on alert out there today in both of these nations – a total of 20. Compare that to the 50s and 60s when there were more orange flight suits than green flight suits out there. More airplanes at Air Defense Command than at Tactical Air Command.” 

The Secret to War is … Striking First! by Gorman 

Gorman’s mysterious “Cardinal Point” … so much for pointing to anything cardinal
Is it ... ? ? ? 

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by Tom Burghardt 

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Oracle (merging with everything that touches it)

William J. Happer – the “anti-Al Gore” 

Truman National Security Project Educational Institute (fascinating read on how “intelligence” is treated like a commercial commodity) 

Lincoln and the war against the Bankers

All photos © their respective parties 

This report is the compilation of personal research and the research of others at, conducted from November 2007 to September 2009.

It is safe to assume some of this information will receive the application of digital white out or get sent through a digital paper shredder. Serves us right for trusting the Internet was made in our interests. If you care about it, join the movement to create an Internet free of pipeline dependencies: maybe send e-mails and sites by radio? Is it too late to learn psychic powers? :P

Thank you to all the uncompromised sources for staying strong.

Thank you to all the compromised sources for your generous information systems. It is clearly a cry for mental help. We hear you and we're working on it.

Thank you Simon Shack for the opportunity to share my perspective.

Thank you to all the anonymous supporters around the world.



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