The Twitter Files, Elon Musk's Effort to Expose FBI/Social Media Fascistic Cooperation

10 Terrifying Revelations From The Twitter Files That You Should Know

‘Twitter Files’ Show Company Suppressed COVID Information From Doctors and Experts

Big Tech Is Eliminating Human and Civil Rights by Proxy: Security Expert

Why You Need To Start Paying Attention To The 'Twitter Files'

The CIA And FBI Have Control Of Amazon’s Alexa Which Is Spying On You In Your Home

Elon Musk Admits ‘Every Conspiracy Theory About Twitter Turned Out To Be True’
10 Terrifying Revelations From The Twitter Files That You Should Know
In what is being described by some news outlets as the ‘decades biggest media scandal,’ government agencies colluded with Twitter to censor information even if it was factual.

The corporate dinosaur media has been silent on what should be the story of the year in 2023. This may lead many to ask if the silent corporate mainstream media outlets are under that same type of pay for censorship rigging that Twitter was involved in.

If the ratings are huge, why wouldn’t they report on it? As of 2 weeks ago NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC have allocated only 14 minutes of combined coverage of the ‘Twitter Files.’ If you have not been following the #twitterfiles, here is the top 10 frightening revelations so far released in majority by Journalist Matt Taibbi.

1. Elon Musk Claimed Almost All Conspiracies Surrounding Twitters Censorship and Government Relationships, Were True.

The anti-propaganda pop conspiracy culture that was championed by Alex Jones reached its prime in 2014 and maybe dwindling, but refuses to die when government and corporate based conspiracies keep coming true. Here is Elon Musk verifying that “almost every conspiracy theory” about Twitter was indeed true.

2. The FBI Paid Twitter So the Social Media Giant Could Process All of Their Requests.

The government agencies paid Twitter 3.4 million dollars to cover the costs surrounding their requests. That money of course was provided by the proud taxpayers of America.

3. So Many Ex-FBI Employees Work at Twitter They Created a Secret Slack Channel to Onboard Additional Former Feds

The FBI essentially became moderators for Twitter having frequently scheduled meetings and provided names of prominently conservative voices who violated Twitters term and conditions. Experts argue that the FBI violated Americans 1st amendment Constitutional rights in doing so. The social media giant’s employees created secret blacklists and censored unfavored tweets. Twitter from the get go had an alarming number of former FBI agents working for them. So its no surprise that they secretly worked to onboard other former feds to the organization.

This is after Twitter misinformed the public in 2018 that the social media platform was not shadow banning conservative voices while creating secret blacklists.

4. Twitter Leadership Quested to Sanitize Twitter Accounts Aggregating “True but Inconvenient” Data About the COVID-19 Vaccines, Even Information Directly from the CDC.

During the great pandemic it seemed like many top health professionals and even a creator of the MRNA technology found their accounts deleted from twitter. Many warned against wearing masks, shutdowns and the dangers of a rushed vaccine using a poorly tested MRNA nano-tech solution.

5. Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign

During the Church Committee we learned about Operation Mockingbird and how the CIA infiltrated media outlets to write propaganda pieces for the government. Only a few years ago American Journalist Abby Martin blew the lid off of the CIA’s jaw dropping social media propaganda campaign using virtual influencers to social engineer Americans. Now, Investigative Journalist, Lee Fang has released a deep dive into the Twitter Files and the blind eye it turned to the Pentagon’s covert online psy-op campaign using virtual influencers to sway foreign opinion using social media.

6. Twitter Execs Were Pressured to Locate Information About Russian Misinformation Campaigns But Couldn’t Provide Any Evidence to Such Assertions

As the attacks on 9/11 were used by the United States Government to Prey on Americans fear, enticing them to give up their 4th amendment right under the Patriot Act, the far-left Russian collusion narrative was used to pressure twitter to clamp down on misinformation from foreign governments. Even when twitter repeatedly denied any foreign influence the federal government pressed the issue.

7. Twitter Interfered in the 2020 Election by Censoring the Hunter Biden laptop Story.

Call it rigging, call it damage control, nonetheless Twitter knowingly censored information that may have had a serious impact on the 2020 election. Hunter Biden’s laptop had damaging images and videos. He made adult sex tapes, uploaded them to popular sites and even texted links of the videos to a contact in his phone titled, dad. Meaning he sent his home made video links to President Joe Biden.

8. The Government is not in Contact just with Twitter, but Every Major Social Media Platform

Twitter is not the only social media network infiltrated by government agencies. Facebook, Twitter, and just about every influential social media platform out there. This included many mainstream media outlets as exposed by the Church committee senate hearings in the 1970’s.

9. The Government is Creating and Using Deep Fake Images and Virtual Influencers to Spread its Propaganda

We knew it was a matter of time before a computer A.I. generated deep fake would be used politically to generate fake news outlets and propagate false information. Now we have confirmation that the United States agencies use computer generated deep fakes to create virtual influencers to social engineer foreign social media.

10. Twitter Trust And Safety Team Found Trump Tweets Did Not Violate Policy, Deleted Account Anyway

The Twitter staff believed Trump did not violate any of their policies. Another interesting fact, there is no evidence that the Trump administration ever made any moderation requests to Twitter to censor anyone.

“I think we’d have a hard time saying this is incitement,” wrote one staffer in an internal message, adding: “It’s pretty clear he’s saying the ‘American Patriots’ are the ones who voted for him and not the terrorists (we can call them that, right?)…”

Another staffer agreed, writing: “Don’t see the incitement angle here.”

“I also am not seeing clear or coded incitement in the DJT tweet,” wrote Anika Navaroli, a Twitter policy official. “I’ll respond in the elections channel and say that our team has assessed and found no vios”—or violations—“for the DJT one.”
‘Twitter Files’ Show Company Suppressed COVID Information From Doctors and Experts
Twitter appeared to succumb to pressure from federal officials to moderate content around COVID-19, including blocking a post by a former Harvard scientist who offered critical feedback against COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, according to the latest installment of the Elon Musk-endorsed “Twitter Files” posted on the morning of Dec. 26.

Internal emails published by journalist David Zweig show that there were “countless instances” of Twitter posts being taken down or labeled as “misleading” because they differed from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines or “establishment views” around COVID-19 or vaccines.

In one instance, according to internal emails, a Twitter moderator flagged a post from former Harvard School of Medicine professor Martin Kulldorff because it violated the the social media firm’s COVID-19 misinformation policy and asserted that he was posting “false information.” Twitter took action by labeling his post as “misleading” and turning off all likes and replies, which prevented the post from being shared more widely.

Rhode Island-based physician Andrew Bostom was also targeted by Twitter for permanent suspension after receiving several strikes for violating the social media firm’s terms of service around COVID-19. A screenshot of the company’s internal log files showed that only one out of five violations were valid; an internal audit was conducted only after Bostom’s attorney contacted Twitter.

“One Bostom tweet found to still be in violation [of] cited data that was legitimate but inconvenient to the public health establishment’s narrative about the risks of flu versus Covid in children,” Zweig wrote. “That this tweet was not only flagged by a bot, but its violation manually affirmed by a staff member is telling of both the algorithmic and human bias at play. Bostom’s account was suspended for months and was finally restored on Christmas Day.

“The United States government pressured Twitter and other social media platforms to elevate certain content and suppress other content about COVID-19.”

Zweig also noted that when the current administration took over in 2021, “one of their first meeting requests with Twitter executives was on COVID.” The focus, namely, was regarding “anti-vaxxer accounts,” internal emails show.

Epoch Times Photo
(L–R) Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology at University of Oxford, and Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University, at the American Institute for Economic Research in Massachusetts on Oct. 3, 2020. (Courtesy of The American Institute for Economic Research)
But Twitter, according to the latest tranche of files, didn’t fully cooperate with the Biden administration’s demands.

“An extensive review of internal communications at the company revealed employees often debating moderation cases in great detail, and with more care than was shown by the government toward free speech,” Zweig wrote.

A summary of meetings that was provided by Twitter’s head of public policy, Lauren Culbertson, showed that some White House officials were “very angry” that Twitter didn’t deplatform enough accounts and warned the firm to do more.

“But Twitter did suppress views—many from doctors and scientific experts—that conflicted with the official positions of the White House,” the journalist wrote, although he didn’t provide any evidence. “As a result, legitimate findings and questions that would have expanded the public debate went missing.”

Trump Posts
Many of President Donald Trump’s pandemic-era Twitter posts, meanwhile, were subject to a number of internal debates and squabbles, according to Zweig’s reporting.

In one email, then-Twitter General Counsel James Baker—who previously was involved in the infamous Crossfire Hurricane investigation when he worked for the FBI—asked former Twitter head of security and safety Yoel Roth why Trump’s post saying “don’t be afraid of COVID” in October 2020 wasn’t flagged or taken down. Roth replied by saying that issuing an “optimistic statement” about the virus was not misinformation.

“In short, this tweet is a broad optimistic statement [that doesn’t] incite people to do something harmful, nor does it recommend against taking precautions or following mask directives (or other guidelines),” Roth said, according to the newly published email. Baker was “exited” from Twitter by Musk earlier this month after it was revealed that he was secretly vetting Twitter’s internal files before they were sent by Musk to Zweig and other journalists for publication.

Previous Revelations
Since the start of December, several other independent journalists were provided internal communications under Twitter’s previous management by Musk, who acquired the firm for $44 billion in October. They showed how the company placed certain individuals on secret blacklists, internal debates over how to deal with Trump’s account before it was suspended in January 2021, and how some FBI officials had flagged certain accounts to Twitter staffers via backchannels.

At one point, in October 2020, the FBI and other intelligence agencies carried out an “organized effort” targeting senior Twitter executives to discredit information sourced from Hunter Biden’s laptop before and after it was published.

In response, the FBI told Fox News that the latest reports show that there was no malfeasances on behalf of bureau officials. And, it said, “the FBI provides critical information to the private sector in an effort to allow them to protect themselves and their customers.”

“The men and women of the FBI work every day to protect the American public,” the FBI said. “It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.”

NaturalNews ... ‘TF3’ confirms Twitter colluded w/ govt. to censor Trump, tilt 2020 election


Why You Need To Start Paying Attention To The 'Twitter Files'

For those of you not following the “Twitter Files” drops, let me catch you up on what I believe are some of the most important parts:

The FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million to censor conservatives.

The FBI pressured Twitter to give them information that would legally require warrants, though they did not have warrants.

Leading up to the 2020 election, the FBI would eventually hold weekly meetings with Twitter and tell them whose tweets to squelch and which accounts they wanted to be suspended. Almost all were those of conservatives.

The FBI knew the Hunter Biden laptop story was real, they knew it was coming out — weeks before the 2020 election — and they told Big Tech to expect a “Russian disinformation” drop and squelch the story. That means the FBI corrupted the election to help Joe “totally showered with his daughter, Ashley” Biden.

There are so many former FBI employees at Twitter that they have their own Slack channel.

FACT-O-RAMA! Hunter’s laptop proves beyond a doubt that the Biden family took in tens of millions of dollars from Chinese companies linked to the commies for no discernible work. The FBI pressured Big Tech firms to downplay the story, even making it unsharable, even thought the FBI knew the laptop was real. The commie bum-lickees at Twitter were happy to play along, even going so far as to suspend the account of the the NY Post for releasing the Hunter laptop story.

In response to the “Twitter Files” detailing how the FBI-Twitter circle jerk was real, the bureau called the allegations “conspiracy theories” but never actually denied its relationship with Twitter.

Elon Musk provided the world with an early Christmas present on Saturday with Twitter Files Pt. IX. I’ll sum it up so you can avoid the Twitter mess and get to the relevant facts:

The FBI was a portal, specifically the San Francisco office, for other government agencies to get to Twitter to surveil and censor Americans.

Hiding under the title of Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF), actors from local police departments to the Department of Defense (DOD) and the CIA were watching and censoring Americans — not foreigners.

Twitter wasn’t the only Big Tech firm hip-deep in spooks. The feds had their fingers in Verizon, Reddit, Facebook, Microsoft,  and, for some reason, Pinterest.

As the 2020 election neared, the FBI-FITF assailed Twitter with hundreds of requests to censor Twitter accounts and tweets. There were so many requests that Twitter execs had to come up with a system to prioritize them.

FBI employees were tasked with doing word searches on Twitter, looking for violations of Twitter policies — instead of chasing actual criminals.

The FBI had roughly 80 agents working with Big Tech companies. It is unclear how many members of the DOD, CIA, etc. were involved

CENSOR-O-RAMA! Articles written by our own Matt Margolis are marked on Twitter as “unsafe.” Matt is doing something right. Be more like Matt!

What Have We Learned?
We have learned the FBI is not the only government agency censoring and surveilling Americans. Twitter was a veritable “pig pile” when it comes to spying on We the People. The DOD, CIA, and even local police had their fingers in the pie. And Twitter was only one of the pies. Other Big Tech firms, including Facebook and Verizon (pssst that’s a cell phone carrier), were in on the game. Big Brother is watching. We are being spied on, and frequently silenced. Well, at least those of us who speak out against the Stalin-like censoring and surveilling of Americans.


The CIA And FBI Have Control Of Amazon’s Alexa Which Is Spying On You In Your Home


Amazon’s Alexa

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has control of the frequently advertised Alexa apparatus and its software, sold by Alexa is a machine present in people’s homes that connects to the internet and can be queried on a number of subjects. Alexa also has the ability to control various items in houses.

A new report reveals when Alexa was questioned about the CIA, it automatically shuts down or plays dumb, pretending it didn’t understand the question. Alexa was asked if it is connected to the CIA and refused to answer (that would be a “yes” then). In response to a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) the FBI refused to state they were NOT wiretapping Alex (that would be a “yes” then). The FBI and CIA are sick and perverted.

Wikileaks recent document dump exposed the CIA for spying on people in their homes via criminally hacking televisions, computers and mobile phones (Wikileaks Releases Hacked U.S. Federal Government Documents Showing The CIA And FBI Are Spying On People In Their Homes Via Hacking Smart TVs And Backdoors In Computer And Phone Operating Systems).


Alexa won’t tell you whether she’s connected to the CIA

Mar 9, 2017 5:49 PM – It’s all fun and games to joke around about the fact that our “always on” smart home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are recording our every move and could one day be used against us in a court of law (and by “one day” we mean right now). But it turns out that when you ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa about her potential connection the Central Intelligence Agency, she gets suspiciously quiet. That’s what happens in this Streamable video uploaded to Reddit.

The video starts off innocently enough. The woman recording it asks whether Alexa would ever lie to her. Alexa notes that while she might occasionally get things wrong, she would “never intentionally lie to you or anyone else.” She also has no problems defining what the CIA is when asked. But then the woman in the video asks the simple question: “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?” Rather than respond one way or the other, Alexa simply shuts down entirely. That happens both times the woman asks the question about Alexa’s relationship to the CIA.

Others on the Reddit thread are confirming that their Echos either react in the same way or respond with the slightly less suspicious, “Sorry, I’m having trouble. Please try again in a little while.” But this isn’t the first time an Amazon Echo has been sketchy when asked about its connection to an intelligence agency. Last year, there was a similar video of Alexa shutting down when asked if the house was being monitored by the NSA.

There was also a Gizmodo writer who filed a Freedom Of Information request with the FBI to ask whether the agency had ever wiretapped an Amazon Echo. He got a letter back saying the FBI “could never confirm nor deny” such a thing…


Elon Musk Admits ‘Every Conspiracy Theory About Twitter Turned Out To Be True
Twitter CEO Elon Musk has admitted that “to be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory about Twitter turned out to be true” and often “more true than people thought.”
Musk was speaking on video following the release of Twitter Files 9, which revealed further details about government censorship at Twitter and other social media platforms.

The CIA was among a number of security state agencies, including the State Department and the Pentagon, involved in censorship at Twitter, according to the ninth tranche of Twitter Files released by Elon Musk, via journalist Matt Taibbi.

Following the bizarre statement released by the FBI, calling the Twitter Files reporting “misinformation” spread by “conspiracy theorists” with the “sole purpose of discrediting the agency,” Taibbi posted a new tranche of internal Twitter files revealing even more widespread government involvement in censorship than previously known — adding, “Why stop with one [agency]?”

It’s not just so-called conspiracy theories about Twitter and social media that have turned out to be true. In the last few years the narrative pushed by the global elite has collapsed and “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right about a long list of topics.

For instance, nearly every conspiracy theory everyone had about Covid turned out to be true. Remember when the lab leak theory was strictly banned on social media? Remember when stating that Covid jabs did not protect against transmission would earn you an instant ban?

Given the collapse of the elite’s narrative, it is no surprise they are escalating their attacks on “conspiracy theorists.”

The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories, describing the rise of conspiracy thinking as “worrying and dangerous”, and providing the public with a toolkit to “prebunk” and “debunk” anybody who dares to suggest that world governments are anything but completely honest, upstanding and transparent.

The UN wants you to know that events are NOT “secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent” and if you encounter anybody who thinks the global elite are conspiring to consolidate power and dictate global events, you must take action.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is also on the front lines of the war against “conspiracy theories” that are derailing its plans for global domination. Earlier this year the WEF announced it has recruited hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media and forums for “misinformation” and conspiracy content which will then be systematically shut down.

According to Klaus Schwab’s WEF, misinformation on the internet is an “infodemic” that is “potentially deadly” and requires a “cure.” The definition of misinformation, according to the WEF, is anything they disagree with. This means the information warriors will essentially be engaged in the act of shutting down dissent.

The authoritarian policing of the internet, media and social media by the global elite has had disastrous consequences for our freedoms.

Silencing dissenting voices is catastrophic to a functioning society.

Big Tech Is Eliminating Human and Civil Rights by Proxy: Security Expert
Tech companies have become instruments to suppress human and civil rights
By Hannah Ng and Tiffany Meier December 25, 2022 Updated: December 25, 2022biggersmaller Print
Big Tech firms have become instruments to suppress human and civil rights worldwide, says cybersecurity expert Rex Lee.

“They now become arms of the government [agencies], no different than an informant who is informing on people to a secret police force,” Lee, a security adviser at My Smart Privacy, told “China in Focus” on NTD News, the sister media outlet of The Epoch Times.

Rex Lee
Rex Lee (Courtesy of Rex Lee)
He cited Apple’s alleged obstruction of content sharing by Chinese citizens ahead of the massive protests against Beijing’s harsh zero-COVID policies.

The policy of disabling Apple’s AirDrop app on iPhones in China blunted protestors’ ability to coordinate and share time-sensitive information with one another about their locations and activities, as well as those of security forces rounding up protesters.

“Apple is now exposing these consumers who want to exercise their human rights such as protesting, and they’re colluding with the Chinese government and or the Chinese Communist Party,” Lee said.

“So now you have Apple acting as an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, again, informing their customers to a secret police force,” he added.

Information Suppression on American Soil
Lee believes Big Tech is acting as an arm of the government in the United States as well.

He pointed to the “Twitter files”—documented exchanges between Twitter and government agencies including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), discussing the censorship of certain information and persons. The correspondence release was authorized by new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

“The customer is now being oppressed by the very company that they’re doing business with, who they’re making profits for, by colluding with government agencies, such as the FBI, in order to actually suppress the end users, human rights, and or civil rights, such as free speech, the ability to act, the right to a free press,” he said.

Lee singled out the Twitter Files, made public on Dec. 19, which included an email indicating that the FBI paid Twitter nearly $3.5 million in taxpayer cash.

“It’s misuse or misappropriation of taxpayer funds, when the FBI, who should be concentrating on terrorists, are now putting their focus on U.S. citizens through a biased lens based on the citizens’ political ideology, not that the citizen is doing anything wrong,” he said.

In response, the FBI claimed that the correspondence between the agency and Twitter “shows nothing more than examples of our traditional, longstanding and ongoing federal government and private sector engagements, which involve numerous companies over multiple sectors and industries.”

“As evidenced in the correspondence, the FBI provides critical information to the private sector in an effort to allow them to protect themselves and their customers. The men and women of the FBI work every day to protect the American public. It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency,” the agency told the Epoch Times in an email.

Loyal Customers Pay the Price
“What’s missing from all of these stories is the scenario that the customer is the one who’s being exploited for profits as well as oppressed … so it’s the paying customer that’s being oppressed here by the very companies that the customer is patronizing with their loyalty, trust, and hard-earned money,” he added.

Lee opined that Twitter should repay the money, because “that’s our money coming out of our taxes, as well as the administrative costs for the suppression.”

In his opinion, the service’s customers—in this case, social media users—should be protected by existing law.

“There are laws in place, there are consumer protection laws and privacy laws that aren’t being enforced by the FTC [Federal Trade Commission], as well as state agencies and consumer protection agencies that are regulated by the state agencies,” he noted.

‘Crossing the Line’ to Being an Arm of the Government
“So at this point, you have to look at these … companies, and any other companies that are colluding with the government, and ask yourself, when did these companies cross the line from being a consumer product manufacturer of goods and services to being an arm of any government, whether it’s a tyrannical government or the government of the United States?” he said.

“We’re seeing our human rights eliminated here by proxy. We actually see it today. People used to talk about this in theory and didn’t know it was really happening,” Lee said.

The Epoch Times has reached out to Apple and Twitter for comment.

Aldgra Fredly and Michael Washburn contributed to this report.

Hannah Ng
Hannah Ng



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