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OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Most Destructive and Naked Act of Treason in U.S. History….
Posted on September 29, 2023 by State of the Nation
…Perpetrated by an Extremely Deceitful POTUS Imposter, his Plotting Administration of Turncoats and a Betraying Congress of Traitors

Submitted by A Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer
State of the Nation

It does not get any more dangerous and deadly for the American Republic than OPERATION TROJAN HORSE.  Here’s why:
KEY POINTS: Operation Gladio uses the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will then carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered by their CIA handlers.  Gladio is steadily and stealthily building a secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers-of-fortune in every major city in America.  Just as Syria was overwhelmed by Gladio-directed terrorist groups practically overnight, these strategically positioned terror cells are being readied to spring into action once the Deep State traitors push the button on the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution (aka CIVIL WAR 2.0) See: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

*Operation Gladio is the terrorist arm of NATO often known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.
The are actually numerous highly organized conspiratorial plots to destroy these once United States of America being carried simultaneously since Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was first installed in the White House on that darkest of days in January of 2009.  However, the communist takeover plan to violently usurp the entire U.S. Federal Government is by far the most devastating to the American Experiment … because this stealthy Uniparty scheme forever blows up the laboratory.

Therefore, if there’s one important thing that every single Patriot can do in 2023, it is blow the whistle on the rapidly unfolding American Bolshevik Revolution.

Why do you think the vast majority of illegal aliens now invading
all of our borders are young fighting age men from countries
with LOTs of ant-American angst?
Yes, these foreign mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, terrorists and extremists, anarchists and agitators, criminals and convicts, drug dealers and mules, rebels and revolutionaries, insurgents and insurrectionists are also being transported to all of the sanctuary cities and states to create overwhelming chaos, confusion, and conflict via rampant and violent criminal activity.  But that is only the preliminary stage of this NWO-inspired revolution necessary to soften up and scare the local populations, just as the bankster-funded bolsheviks did prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

So, the same occupants of this Trojan Horse (read Soros-paid trains ferrying illegals to the US border) are actually tasked with multiple missions for the privilege of coming to the states.

First, the illegals are methodically fueling the drug trafficking industry thereby overwhelming all 50 states with the current fentanyl crisis, as well as other drug-driven public health disasters.

Secondly, they’re on both sides of the human trafficking industry which is heavily involved in child trafficking, sex trafficking and slave trading.

Thirdly, a select group of the more experienced mercs and soldiers of fortune are directly involved in arms trafficking.

Fourth, many of the illegals are set up in highly organized criminal gangs throughout the big Democrat-controlled cities across America to commit shocking crimes and terrorist acts such as mass murders and bombings.

Fifth, the Gladio-overseen terrorist cells are operating in secret and completely outside of American society ready to execute terror operations whenever programmed to do so.

Sixth,  the Gladio-overseen paramilitary units are being covertly trained in clandestine military bases around the country which will function as the initial strike force, particularly against Patriots domiciled in the red states and more conservative cities.  The Christian South and Midwest are the real targets of this Bolshevik Revolution as the Left Coast and East Coast liberal bastions have already been effectively taken over.

Seventh, there are several other criminal conspiracies of a highly treasonous order which are also coordinated and choreographed by the forgoing list of co-conspirators identified in the subtitle of this post.  Of course, the detailed planning is being performed by the U.S. Intelligence Community just as the heavy lifting is being done by the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO.

None of these treasonous plots and traitorous schemes could be taking place were it not for the imprimatur and active sponsorship of the U.S. government.

If the Executive Branch, the Congress and the SCOTUS were really doing their jobs, none of these things would be plaguing the American people at this exceedingly dire moment.

Of course, as bad as those seven bullet points truly are, they don’t even compare to the other furtive crime sprees going on in the shadows 24/7 in an effort to further throw the nation into chaos and mayhem (e.g. Plandemic 2.0).

OCT. 4th FEMA Emergency Alert Test: Plandemic 2.0 Trigger,
Super Psyop, Dangerous Black Op, Or All 3
REMEMBER: The best disinfectant is sunlight … so shine the light on this darkness any way you can so as to preclude any of these eventualities from taking place.  Post and send out this exposé everywhere and anywhere—thank you!

A Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer
State of the Nation
September 29, 2023

The New American Bolshevik Elites
by Prof. Pedro Blas González

To the all too few who care enough to give tongue.
– Chapman Pincher
The Secret Offensive

Bolshevism’s New Class Elites

In order to understand the source and driving motivation behind the despotism of the internationalist, globalist elites that dictate American culture, mores, and politics today, one must first understand the communist ‘New Class.’

Communism has traditionally dazzled fellow travelers and sophomoric idiots by waving a proletariat ‘carrot’ in front of them since Vladimir Lenin forged Bolshevism with a hammer – at the start of the twentieth century. The proletariat, what is a vague invention of Marxists, was publicly billed as the inspiration and public relations campaign that would launch international communism as a movement.

The proletariat, the poor workers who will liberate the world from the money class and capitalists, a.k.a. the 1% who rule the world, will re-constitute the world as a communist utopia. This is the mantra of communism.

Before that fateful day when international communism takes over the world as a one-party world government: banking, industries, power grids, the indoctrination of children, and the use of natural resources to consolidate the control of the one-party state, communists warn that much blood must be shed.

Communism alleges that violence and ruthless suffering is necessary in order to rid the world of the aforementioned oppressors. That is clearly stated in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and the writing of Lenin, Mao, Jean-Paul Sartre, and a bevy of intellectual foot soldiers that take it upon themselves, as ‘committed’ communists, to spread communism throughout the world.

Communism’s traditional model of control and oppression of the people it rules over has always been disinformation, imprisonment, and physical violence.

Taking over financial institutions, industry, governments, and cultural and religious institutions continues to be deemed necessary to cleanse and purge the bad, capitalist blood that ‘oppresses’ the world. This is why Bolshevism censors, persecutes and imprisons its enemies as ‘enemies of the state.’ The word continues to be censorship, not ‘canceling.’

Bolshevism banishes political opposition, and as we are witnessing today with grassroots Trumpism’s blue-collar, working-class populism, creates show trials for people that Bolshevism considers obstacles to their plan for world domination.

Fast Forward to Current American Bolshevism’s Show Trials

The fall of the communist Iron Curtain in 1989 offered communism an opportunity to re-structure Bolshevism. Communist intellectuals pointed their finger at the past and asserted that communism would never make the same mistakes it made in the past. They hired public relations and marketing firms to aid them in this about-face.

After the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Marxism realized that in the age of television, mass media, and today’s Internet, the traditional power-grab grievances of Marxism have become tired and ineffective: class warfare, the affected (fake) song and dance about ‘the poor’ had to give way to alleged global warming and open borders that would make democratic nations less ‘white.’

Bolshevism relishes the public appeal that making apparent race relations corrosive creates. One difference between democratic governance and Bolshevik rule is that the former fixes crises and the latter manufactures them.

Hence, Bolshevism must rile up the masses about these and a slew of other time-sensitive and timely causes. Marx wrote that the causes that Marxism embraces are determined (To Be Announced) by Marxism according to its needs at any given time. This is why Bolshevism creates local, national, and international crises on demand. This is what Marxism refers to as perpetual warfare and why genuine peace is not in the best interest of Bolshevism. That is the Marxist playbook, plain and simple.

The re-organization of communism today focuses on indoctrination in schools, universities, Catholic and Protestant churches, and cultural institutions. This creates long-lasting disinformation, which is a staple of communism’s perennial warfare that destabilizes democracies. Yet, this is only one aspect of the culture war, what a recent former American president describes as ‘the dismantling’ of America.

The New American Bolshevik Elites

The Yugoslav former communist, dissident, and writer, Milovan Djilas’ The New Class, is one of the definitive books that offer a poignant and in-depth psychological description of the pathology of communists and their machinations to attain power.

Communist show trials are not only meant to discredit their victims and confuse the populace with disinformation, these show trials, the art of which communism has perfected, are the definitive tool that Bolshevism employs to destroy the opposition.

Under communism, only one-party rule is allowed. All opposition to the communist party must be squashed through character assassination, banishment, imprisonment, and firing squad.

The job of the communist New Class nomenklatura is to rule, not govern, over the New Soviet Man. That is – the proletariat – the poor that communism alleges to want to liberate from capitalism, are used as the ticket for Bolshevism to attain social-political power.

Bolshevism is the practice of totalitarian power. There can be no shame, guilt, decency, toleration for others on Bolshevism’s road to political power. These are signs of weak communists. What matters is raw power: disinformation campaigns, intimidation, cheating, violence, and murder. These are the tools (the means) that Bolshevism uses to attain its desired end.

Why has it taken so long for American Bolsheviks to incorporate this form of social-political violence in America, especially through show trials?

The four key components that make up this answer are:

1) Infiltration and weaponization of all government institutions, including the education system, which is charged with the task of indoctrination through disinformation.

2) Corruption of the judicial process.

3) Conversion of the financial and intellectual class elites into the New Class that is promised a central role in the totalitarian use of power.

4) The take-over of the free press, turning these people into elites who are promised a substantial share of absolute, state-power.

In communist nations, the four aforementioned components of Bolshevism are government agencies. In America, the final piece of the Bolshevik puzzle to fall in place is the conversion of the free press into a weapon of the one-party system.

Looking ahead to the managed decline and collapse of American democracy, these four components of American life and freedom must become the pressing priority of Americans in exposing the New Class of American Bolshevik elites.

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