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Clinton scandals summary... election campaign, Wikileaks: Clinton and all close campaign staff lied to the FBI, Sheryl Mills, regarding attorney client privalege on or about March 2, 2015, should never have been granted and shielded all from questions about illegal server, emails al. all proving that the first FBI investigation was a cover-up, including Comey's role... Sheryl Mills told Obama (Mar 2, 2015) has emails from Hillary Clinton and they don't say, proving that Obama lied to the American press when he said he heard about the server along with everyone else from the press. Comey's second investigation opened up on Fri Oct 29th because of internal pressure form FBI field offices. Evidence that Lynch told all offices to stand down or actions to that affect. 675,000 emails on device that Huma Amedin failed to inform the FBI about turned up on a laptop belonging to her estranged husband Anthony Weiner, who himself is under investigation for sexting an underage girl. That laptop was connected to HRC illegal server in a bathroom closet in her residence (with Bill Clinton) in Chapaqua New York. It was a private unauthorized server with 22 unencryped special access program intelligence, connected to a Blackberry that the State Dept said she couldn't use... On Wikileaks 25 36336 , concerning DoJ Assistant AG Peter Kadzik who briefs Congress about Huma Abedin's email investigation, but in email dinner arrangements are discussed between Kadzik and Podesta... collusion... Podesta is chairman of Clinton campaign... all highly illegal considering investigations...There's a"'dump the emails' email... Podesta discussed this with Sheryl Mills on Mar 2, 2015, email 41841, "better to do sooner than later" says Podesta, ... all connected to Terry McCauliffe giving $675,000 to wife of ... FBI official (McCabe?) who went on to lead the investigation into the emails. Emails also expose Clintons statements to banksters that she has a public and private face... Goldman Sachs,... and Donna Brazille caught giving CNN town hall debate questions to Hillary Clinton more than once...Clinton Foundation is the power center of all related corruption, 100's of millions in pay-to-play, Doug Band, Rober Creamer... in violence dirty tricks at Trump rallies... on and on... and HRC involved in Turkey failed coup in Turkey in attempt to depose Erdegon, Gulan close to Hillary Clinton...constitutional crisis looming.


Cultural Marxism on Campus Jewish/Marxist rooted Political Correctness, Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism run amoc on US campuses academic safe zones, suppression of free speech on campus, professors fear lawsuits/job for upsetting students with 'controversial topics', fear mongering about abductions has paralyzed students and faculty. Most sacred thing in the world is the African American victim of racism ... questioning affirmitive action is blasphemy ... real laws... defined as a microagression ... Eric Posner asscociated questioning of affirmative action with Holocaust denial ... all has become the religion of social justice ... spreads into humanities and social science classes... Presidents of universities cannot tell the (highly sheltered) students to toughen up ... but are caving in to this 'victim' narrative ... by forcing 'offenders' to attend microagression and diversity training ... Harris calls it a moral panic ... classic meanings of words liberal / conservative completely untenable and getting worse... the 'illiberal left' is saying they now dictate what anybody can say on campus ... but any virtue carried to an extreme is a vice ... egalitarianism on steroids is extremism ... poor is good ... rich is bad ... Jewish roots of cultural marxism ... extreme inclusiveness ... can't marginal blacks ... can't say pre-natal testosterone partially determines infant behavior ... blacks, women, gays, hispanic/latino, native American, asian, and now Muslims protected / elevated ... politically incorrect to say anything in any form against them... is homophobia ... ....................................

9/11 Truth ... Israel Nuked the WTC with modified W-54 warheads stolen from the Pantex nuclear facility... Nanothermite was a factor but does not have sufficient detonation velocity to turn millions of cubic yards of concrete and steel in to very fne dust... Only Israel and the US have the means, motive and opportunity to execute the 9/11 false flag attack in New York.... the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were started as a result... Islamophobia is a purely manufactued invention of this cabal... massive changes to the fabric of American life were enacted as the result of 9/11, including major unconstitutional changes to surveillance and civil rights laws. A virtual fascist state was created by the Bush administration with the help of Israel. Donald Trump is the first real attempt to dismantle this horror. The Alt Right movement put him in power and is composed of tens of millions of citizens who have hundreds of millions of weapons to back up their claim... taking back our country should be a non-violent affaire.

Alt Right Manifesto : Alt Right Manifesto Nationalism is not equal to racism. Family values not equal to anti feminism. Resent corrupt warmongers/profiteers sanctimoniously pushing multiculturalism. Islamophobia was invented by corrupt warmongers/profiteers. Reject NWO globalism and the income inequality it creates. Bundling anti-Semitism with hate, racism and bigotry is disingenuous trickery. Political Correctness is a Jewish invention to suppress free speech. Cultural Marxism is real and rooted in Jewish Marxist ideology. Purge Marxist Critical Theory from academia. LGBTQ is an insignificant political issue. Tolerate and ignore. New scrutiny of 9/11, JFK and even the Holocaust are warranted. Freedom of speech is an unalienable right.

Fake News / 9/11 Truth, page to combat Facebook's utilization of Snopes, Politifact, FactCheck, AP and ABC News to flag and down-rank sites... do they flag 9/11 Truth?



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