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W54 Mini-nuke modified to demolish the WTC.



WTC China Syndrome, 40' deep x 80' wide crater created from nuclear event.

The hijackers were patsies, just like Oswald.

CIA / Nazi collaboration pdf

Bandar Bush

Video fakery, no planes, flaws in video manipulation.


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Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth Peter H. Allen, Representative from Cheshire, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 2000-present; member, Environment and Agriculture Committee. Brae Antcliffe BA LLB, Elected Alderman to the Council of The City of Sydney, Australia, early 1980s for 3.5 years Berit Ås, former member of Parliament, Norway (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Shirley Bianchi, 1999-2007 District Two San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, California (Retired) Click here to see statement Michael E. J. Blastos, Mayor of Keene, NH, USA, 2000-2008; City Councilor, Keene, NH, 1976-1999. Eric Booth, elected Former Islands Trustee, Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee (Local Government), 2002-2005 Click here to see statement Dr. Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Click here to see statement Andreas von Bülow, former State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense, West Germany; former Minister of Research and Technology; former member of the German Parliament (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Donald R. Bustion, former Assistant Attorney General of Texas Giulietto Chiesa, Italian member of the European Parliament; vice chairman, Committee on International Trade; member, Committee on Security and Defense(Charter Member of PL911Truth) Gerard Chevrot, Municipal Councilor, Saint-Sixt, France Matt Cole, Board of Trustees, Town of Alma; Alma, Colorado, USA Wolfram Elsner, PhD, former head of the Planning Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the State of Bremen; director of the Bremen State Economic Research Institute; and Bremen State Official for Industrial Defense Conversion, 1989 - 2001(Charter Member of PL911Truth) Peter S. Espiefs, Member from Keene, New Hampshire (USA) House of Representatives, 2000-2008; former Judge of the Cheshire Country Probate Court, 1979-1999; former member Keene City Council. Douglas Nixon Everingham, Member, House of Representatives, Australia, 1967-75 and 1977-84, Minister for Health 1972-75, a Vice-President, World Health Assembly 1975, Parliamentary Adviser, UN delegation. Click here to see statement Jeanette Fitzsimons, Co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party since 1995, and member of the House of Representatives since 1999. Click here to see statement Constance Fogal, Canadian Action Party Leader, 2004-2008 (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Yukihisa Fujita, member of the House of Councilors, National Diet of Japan; Chairman, Special Committee on North Korean Abduction Issue and Related Matters; former member of the House of Representatives (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Ole Gerstrom, Member of Parliament, Denmark, 1973-1975. Click here to see statement Bill Goodacre, Smithers, BC, Town Council (12 years); elected Member of the British Columbia (Canada) Legislature, 1996-2001 Click here to see statement Honorable Art Goodtimes, fourth term County Commissioner for San Miguel, Colorado, USA San Miguel, Colorado, USA Click here to see statement Senator Mike Gravel, United States Senator (1969 - 1981) (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Roland Gustafson, Municipal Council, Haninge Municipality, Sweden, 2006-- Click here to see statement Betty B. Hall, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 1978-2002, 2004-present School Board Member, Hollis/Brookline School Board (COOP), 2003 Chair, Brookline School Board, 1963-1971. Dan Hamburg, former Californian member of the US House of Representatives(Charter Member of PL911Truth) Steve Hickey, Representative (R), South Dakota Legislature, 9th District, 2010~. Mr. Hickey serves on the Health and Human Services and on the Transportation Committees. Click here to see statement Joel S. Hirschhorn, Senior Staff Member, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment 1978-1990 (Charter Member of PL911Truth)Click here to see statement Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst and Special Assistant to the Assistant to President Ronald Reagan (1981 - 1983) (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Ferdinando Imposimato, elected Italian Senator, 1987-1992, and 1994-1996. Elected to the Chamber of Deputies (Parliament), 1992-1994 Click here to see statement Tadashi Inuzuka, member of the House of Councilors, National Diet of Japan (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Karen S. Johnson, former member of the Senate of the State of Arizona, where she was chair of the Family Services Committee (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Scott Kennedy, former Mayor and City Council Member (12 years), Santa Cruz, California Senator Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, member of Pakistan's Senate since 2006; member of Standing committee on Education and Science and Technology; member of Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs; Vice President of Jamaat e Islami (Pakistan) Click here to see statement Dr. Sergey Ivanovic Kolesnikov, Member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly (Parliament) of the Russian Federation. He is vice president of the Duma Commitee for Eco Defense. Former Deputy Director of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMN). Paul Lannoye, former Belgian member of the European Parliament, where he was vice chair of the Committee on Energy, Research, and Technology (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Kira Lukiyanova, Member of the Parliament of the Russian Federation (Duma). Vice-Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Duma. Jon Paul McClellan, chief election judge (appointed), Eastside Precinct, Orange County, North Carolina; former elected chair of the precinct organization. Click here to see statement Cynthia McKinney, former Georgian member of the US House of Representatives, where she was a member of the Armed Services Committee and the International Relations Committee (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Michael Meacher, Minister of the British Parliament; former Minister of the Environment; former Undersecretary for Industry (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Per Mohn, deputy representative to the Norwegian Parliament from Akershus, 1989–1993 Dr. Andrew J. Moulden, Leader of the Canadian Action Party(Charter Member of PL911Truth) David Nelson, Hate Crimes Working Group (appointed advisory commission), U.S. Department of Justice, Utah, 1997-2001 Click here to see statement Art, Olivier, '98-'99 Mayor of Bellflower, CA Click here to see statement Marty B. O'Malley, elected Democratic member of Council, Forest Hills, PA Click here to see statement Walter Pitman, Member of the Canadian House of Commons, 1960-1962, member of the Ontario Legislature, 1967-1971. Order of Canada, Order of Ontario Click here to see statement Bruce Randall, elected Longmeadow (Massachusetts) Water & Sewer Commissioner, 2002-2003, then Chairman, 2003-2004 Click here to see statement Barbara Hull Richardson, State of New Hampshire, House of Representatives, 1992- . Vice Chairman, Children and Family Law Committee Senator Fernando Rossi, member of the Italian Parliament (Senato), 2006-2008 Click here to see statement Val Scott, founding member of Canada's New Democratic Party; former Trustee and Vice Chairman of North York Board of Education, Ontario, Canada (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Click here to see statement Prof. David C. Smith, former Town Councillor, Mont Saint Aignan, Normandy, France Simon C. Smith, elected to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Great Bridge Electoral Division, United Kingdom Joel Tyner, third term county legislator for Clinton and Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York State; Environmental Committee Chair for Duchess County Legislature. Gianni Vattimo, member of European Parliament, 1999 - 2004 (Italy); Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs; Committee on Employment and Social Affairs; Committee on Culture, Youth, Education, the Media and Sport(Charter Member of PL911Truth) Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota (Charter Member of PL911Truth) Bruno Vézina, elected Mayor of Irlande, Quebec, Canada, 2003 Terry Wachniak, elected to City Council, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, from 1986 to Suzi Wizowaty, Representative for Chittenden 3-5, Vermont Legislature, USA. Click here to see statement Charles R. Weed, State of New Hampshire House of Representatives, Member for Keene, NH, 2000- . Member, Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee. Professor of Political Science, Keene State College. Click here to see statement Victor Zvagelsky, Member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly (Parliament) of the Russian Federation, and the head of the subcommittee of economic relations.
The 1001 Club: A Nature Trust is a trust that helps fund the World Wide Fund for Nature. It was established in 1970 by the then head of the WWF, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, with help from Anton Rupert, a South African entrepreneur. They persuaded 1001 individuals to join the club, where each member would contribute US $10,000 to the trust. The resulting $10 million fund helps to towards the WWF's basic costs of administration. The membership of the 1001 Club largely consists of managers of banks and multinationals from around the world. Examples from past and present include Sir Eric Drake of British Petroleum, Sir Val Duncan of Rio Tinto, Harry Frederick Oppenheimer and Sidney Spiro of Anglo-American Corporation, the British and French Rothschilds, Michel David-Weill of Lazard, Laurance and David Rockefeller, Henry Ford II, Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, Peter von Siemens, and Berthold Beitz of Krupp. Among the more remarkable members have been Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's older half-brother; Mobutu Sese Seko, the dictator of Zaire; BCCI founder and president Agha Hasan Abedi; Louis Bloomfield and Tibor Rosembaum; and the controversial businessman Nelson Bunker Hunt.
Rothschild and JFK: links of the lawyer "Montreal" Bloomfield (head of Permindex) with the Rothschild clan documented by a Québec author
Contrary to what the author Jim Marrs and many others claim there are no Nazi connection to the JFK assassination. In fact there is rather an anti-Nazi and even fiercely pro-Jewish connection!

According to the Israeli-American author AJ Weberman - which is not likely to be suspected of anti-Semitism - none other than the famous Jim Garrison himself had written a novel manuscript in which he clearly identified the Mossad ( Israel's secret service) as ultimately responsible for the assassination of JFK.


• World's Richest banking dynasty HAD intimate tie to assassination conspirators
By Michael Collins Piper Dozens of new books and reports from diverse sources purporting to bring-out "the truth at last" about the John F. Kennedy assassination is icts 50th anniversary are ignoring the very real suspiciously Rothschild connection to the JFK conspiracy.
Right now the big push is to pin blame for the assassination we train Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The "LBJ Killed JFK" theme is rampant, Even in the self-styled "alternative" media.
HOWEVER, AMERICAN FREE PRESS is Pleased To Be The first publication ever to report on the Findings of Maurice Philipps -an Otherwise unheralded researcher -who uncovered the never-before-Rothschild banking dynasty Revealed connection to a key player linked to the JFK conspiracy. Here's the story, one qui shoulds JFK Researchers strength-at least the honest ones-to take a new look at the Whole death of the president.
Today, ALTHOUGH the JFK assassination is the focus of a media frenzy, Many writers AVOID Delving Into (or Even mentioning) New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's unsuccessful 1969 prosecution of trade executive Clay Shaw for involvement in the JFK conspiracy, Knowing Garrison HAD turned up In Some leads pointing uncomfortable and controversial directions.
In fact, When Garrison lancé His investigation of Shaw HAD he unwittingly unearthed the "Rothschild connection" to the JFK conspiracy, ALTHOUGH Garrison himself Apparently not Realize About did it at first.
This Explains why There Was Such a concerted efforts coming from The Highest-levels-to derail and destroy the hard-driving prosecutor.
While Many first heard of Garrison's prosecution of Shaw through Oliver Stone's film "JFK" -which presented the JFK conspiracy as the work of LBJ and the military brass, aided by rogue CIA operatives-That There Was much more Stone left out.
This week-on pages 14-15-AFP Provides an annotated overview of the astounding revelations by Canadian writer Philipps Whose work Heretofore HAS-been suppressed.
ALTHOUGH Phillips's book, From Dallas to Montreal, is available only in French, Philipps HAS written in English de son research On His well-Documented website. *
Once you learn of what Philipps HAS uncovered, You'll Understand why so Many truth seekers are so Determined to suppress His Findings.
- * Http: //




Rothschild-Israeli Ties to JFK
• Researcher HAS found the mother of all connections entre Israel and the JFK assassination
By Michael Collins Piper
Oliver Stone's 1991 drama "JFK" focused on New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's prosecution of trade executive in 1969 (and longtime CIA asset) Clay Shaw for involvement in the JFK assassination conspiracy.
Stone goal diverted focus away from Shaw's link to a key appears in the overall operations of the Rothschild banking dynasty.
While Stone referenced-in passing-Shaw's membership on the board of a Rome-based corporate shell Known As Permindex, subsidiary of Reviews another entity, the World Centro Commerciale, qui Stone portrayed as a CIA front, he Provided only a sliver of the much bigger picture.
Documents unearthed by Canadian author Maurice Philipps Demonstrate beyond questions That Shaw's associate on the board of Permindex (its chief executive officer and primary shareholder), L ouis Bloomfield of Montreal, Was a longtime attorney for the Rothschild dynasty, PARTICULARLY for Baron Edmund de Rothschild of London, going back as far as World War II.
Having Studied Bloomfield's private files, qui Bloomfield Donated to the Canada National Archives, Philipps found what he Describes as "many documents" revealing the Rothschild connection qui HAS Heretofore Remained unknown except to Those Who Explored Philipps's website.
Today, AMERICAN FREE PRESS Becomes the first publication to report Philipps's Findings.


ALTHOUGH Bloomfield (who died in 1984) Donated His papers to the archives contingent upon Them being white Kept under wraps up to 20 Years After His Death, Bloomfield's widow Sought to extend the restriction up to 25 Years After her death. This Philipps Prompted to file following the result of qui Was That in 2006 the Federal Court of Canada ordered the files released.
Documents indicate indication Bloomfield Was So close to Rothschild That he (Bloomfield) incorporated (in Canada) -and Was a shareholder of Tri Continental Pipe Line Ltd. (Described by Phillips as "a major Rothschild company") to Israel qui Granted 49-year exclusive right on use of a 16-inch pipeline entre the Red Sea and Haifa in Israel.
The Israeli connection is no surprise. The Rothschilds-have-been Israel's Foremost bosses. In addition, Bloomfield and Montreal liquor baron Sam Bronfman-the head of the World Jewish Congress, with Whom Bloomfield Was aussi étroitement-associated -were Among a clique of money kings who, in the 1950s, bankrolled Israel's secret nuclear arms program. Selon Israeli author Michael Karpin, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion Referred To Those Donors as "consecrators," Suggesting, as Karpin Noted, "in Ben Gurion's eyes, the nuclear project Was holy."
While Philipps HAS never suggéré Bloomfield Was Involved in Any Way in the JFK assassination, Pointed Out That He Has Bloomfield's Rothschild connection has-beens Otherwise ignored.
Philipps's Findings on the Rothschild-Bloomfield link aussi put to rest the rumor That Permindex Was proof of "Nazi" involvement in the JFK conspiracy, is patently ridiculous theme propounded by one Mae Brussell Whose father, Rabbi Edgar Magnin, Was spiritual leader of the Jewish movie moguls in Hollywood.
In this realm Sami, Philipps HAS uncovered records indicating indication That, in Bloomfield's words, "the guiding genius" behind Permindex Was Rome-based Giorgio Mantello -Born George Mandel, a Romanian Jew - Whom Bloomfield Described as a "33rd degree Mason with the to closest connections in the Highest diplomatic circles. "
Mantello Was Clearly no Nazi. In 1989, then-Rep. Charles Schumer (DN.Y.) - A Jewish leader in Congress-Introduced a bill to award a congressional gold medal to Mantello Describing Him as "truly one of the great unsung heroes of the World War II era. . . one of the Most Outstanding examples we-have of a single individual. . . Mobilizing the world Against the atrocities of Nazi Germany. "
Declaring Mantello "Nearly 30,000 Jews saved from sure death Almost in the Holocaust, and Perhaps Hundreds of milliers more," Schumer hailed Him as responsible for Disclosing the "Auschwitz Protocol," vaunted as the first publicized claim of mass murder of Jews at the Auschwitz Labor camp in Poland.
(That the Auschwitz Protocol Was a fraud has-been proven by a host of historians Whose writings are available from THE BARNES REVIEW.)
Schumer aussi Said, "Mantello was extremely Useful to Both the American and British intelligence services. . . [HAVING] Slipped millions of dollars of Swiss That Were Necessary technical instruments for the war efforts out of Axis-Surrounded Switzerland and Into Allied hands. "
How and why Clay Shaw of New Orleans ended up in association with the Permindex operation is no longer a mystery.
Shaw's to closest friends, Who Provided the funds for His Defense Against The Powerful Garrison- Stern family, leaders of the Jewish community New Orleans-were primary Shareholders in the Apollo, Pennsylvania-based NUMEC nuclear facility from American nuclear material qui Was illicitly channeled to Israel with the cooperation of CIA chief of counter-intelligence, James Jesus Angleton, a Devoted ally of Israel as head of the CIA's Mossad desk.
Though Avoiding the Mossad connection, Many Researchers now say Angleton Was the key CIA appears in the JFK conspiracy.
The Sterns aussi WDSU owned radio and television, qui hyped Lee Harvey Oswald as a "pro-Castro agitator" at the time PRECISELY Shaw Was acting as a handler for Oswald in the summer of 1963 while Oswald Was in New Orleans as the set-up being white "patsy" in the JFK conspiracy.
So Shaw's Rothschild-and-Mossad connection via Permindex Was solidified by the Stern link to Israel's nuclear weapons program we now know JFK Was So Determined to stop, Reviews another item ignored by writers MOST JFK.
All told, a Variety of evidence Indicates Permindex fronted for a Mossad operation funding Israel's drive to assemble the atomic bomb.
A primary Permindex shareholder and the chief depository for funds ict-the Banque De Credit International [BCI] of Geneva-was the fiefdom of Tibor Rosenbaum, a Mossad arms procurement official Referred to as one of Israel's "founding fathers."
Was BCI chief également money laundry for the crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky, business partner of the aforementioned Sam Bronfman, associate of the Rothschilds and Louis Bloomfield.
In fact, Israeli Lansky's biographers notes That "after Israel est devenu a state, Almost 90% of purchases Single icts of arms abroad Was channeled through Rosenbaum's bank. The financing of; many of Israel's Most daring secret operations Was the carried out through the funds in [BCI]. "
We Understand now why Oliver Stone thing not to Pursue thesis avenues When He made "JFK."
The man who bankrolled Stone's film, Israeli arms dealer Arnon Milchan -listed as "executive producer" -was a primary player in Israel's nuclear program. Head of a global empire in weapons, chemicals, electronics, aerospace and plastics-operating in the sphere Rothschild -Milchan (Perhaps now the biggest mover in Hollywood) has-been Described as "Mr. Israel, "as" secretive yet famous, only goal Among famous people, "and is a close friend and business partner of Rothschild-sponsored media baron Rupert Murdoch.
ALTHOUGH Milchan-partnered with the interconnecting Rothschild-controlled media conglomerates Havas and StudioCanal in financing Stone's extravaganza-paid author Jim Marrs has reported about $ 200,000 for rights to His book Crossfire (a partial foundation for Stone's film), Jim Garrison's family Had to go to court promis to claim Proceeds from "JFK" after the blockbuster Claimed Milchan turned a loss. We procedural technicality, a federal court for Milchan Ruled Against the Garrisons.
Well-known writer JFK, AJ Weberman-a dual US-Israeli citizen-says Garrison ounce Showed Him an unpublished novel written Garrison HAD qui Weberman says was "a fictional Work That Placed the blame for John Kennedy's death on the Mossad."
ALTHOUGH Garrison JFK About did publish a novel, The Star-Spangled Contract, it About did not allude to Mossad involvement. Purpose if Weberman is To Be Believed, Garrison HAD ultimately figured out the Rothschild-Israeli connection to the JFK conspiracy.
And That says much about what; many of today's JFK Researchers are choosing to ignore.
Michael Collins Piper is a world-renowned author Who has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, and Canada .. He is the author of Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, Dirty Secrets, The New Babylon, The New Jerusalem, Huey Long vs. Wall Street and others. Call toll free 1-888-699-6397 to load Any of These books and for Shipping and Handling rates inside the US Outside the United States email for Shipping and Handling rates.

(Note: AJ Weberman is a source connected to Extreme Elements of the jewish community, SUCH AS the JDL.)

As Eric Jon Phelps bit serious, some tried to put on the back of the Nazis the JFK assassination. Mae Brussell had a great impact sour John Judge and Dave Emory, as well as a large part of the movement "patriot", because of the influence of Alex Jones and other freaks "big Nazi plot". She was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Beverly Hills owner of a large chain of stores (I. Magnin Dept. Store). His father was the most influential rabbi of the Jewish community in Hollywood. In his article "The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination: Evidence of link entre Nazis still in operation After World War II to the still unsolved murder of John F. Kennedy," Reinhard Gehlen identifies as one of the Nazis was subsequently hired by the United States to work for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which is the forerunner of the CIA. But the fact is that Reinhard Gehlen was an agent of the Israeli secret services! Because of its position within the OSS, he helped establish many bridges with Israel. Its role went in the same direction rather than tracking down a little Nazi refugees around the world. Far from bringing Nazis to the US government, he helped by its links with Israel in the hunt for Nazis, serving American institutions of all Nazi sympathizers who were there, contributing more than anyone to the full Zionization the government and the US intelligence apparatus. Thus the OSS became a veritable nest of Zionist spies. How might then accuse the CIA of being a haven for Nazis?

The Piper Report November 25, 2013

Download Here
JFK 50 years after: a reference book has just been published colligeant correspondence of JFK, and the editor acknowledges that the thesis of the book by Michael Collins Piper "Final Judgment" , that is to say, the central involvement of Israel in the assassination of JFK's "most intriguing" "Final Judgment" is the only conspiracy book mentioned in this book Sandler. The author can not be suspected of anti-Semitism or bias against Israel is a Jewish historian and respected publishing house that distributes the book is one of the most prestigious publishing house. This will probably not prevent the LICRA to require redaction of the passage in which the author only subtly endorses the thesis of Piper!
"I'll tell you one thing: I found articles - not tripped in publications but in very sophisticated publications - saying," Forget Lyndon Johnson, the CIA forget, forget Fidel Castro-- Mossad killed JFK because they were upset by what he had done to Ben-Gurion. "So you see, we drop a few bombs like this in this book, unproven ..." (Historian Martin W. Sandler reading at the JFK Museum, November 16, 2013, CSPAN2 | BookTV @ 51 min: 21 sec )

Excerpt from the new book containing the correspondence of John F. Kennedy:
In March 1992, Representative Paul Findley of Illinois, wrote in the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, "It is interesting. . . . to notice That in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, HAS never beens Mentioned. "Two years later In His book Final Judgment, author Michael Collins Piper Actually accusé Israel of the crime. Of all the conspiracy theories, it Remains one of the MOST intriguing.

What is indisputable is That, ALTHOUGH It Was Kept out of the eye of Both the Press and the Public, a bitter quarrel HAD developped entre Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion Who Believed That His nation's survival depended on it Attaining nuclear capability and Kennedy Who Was vehemently Opposed to it. In May 1963, Kennedy wrote to Ben-Gurion explaining why Convinced That He Was Israel's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability Was a serious threat to world peace. (...)

"As I wrote Mr Ben-Gurion, this government's [USA] commitment to and Support of Israel Could Be gravement jeopardized if it Should Be Thought Abebooks web Were Unable to obtenir reliable information was subject as vital to peace as the issue of Israel's efforts in the nuclear field. " [SOURCE: JFK letter to Ben-Gurion's successor ]

Kennedy left no doubt as to what the US response Would Be if "We Were Unable to obtenir reliable information" about the intent of the Dimona project [ie Israel's nuclear program], a Threat That selon l'une conspiracy theory lead to Israel's role in Kennedy's assassination.


From the JFK assassination to solicitor-client privilege
(...) Louis M. Bloomfield died in 1984. Now, several years before his death, unusual rumors had begun to circulate about him: because of the significant shareholder position it would have occupied in society Italian Permindex, some associate it with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
According to conspiracy theorists, indeed, Permindex served as a front for the CIA to orchestrate the famous attack. This thesis is similar to that of Jim Garrison, Attorney in New Orleans in which the investigation was told in 1991 by director Oliver Stone in the movie JFK. Note that the film does not mention Bloomfield Me. (...)
The theory on the involvement of Louis M. Bloomfield in the assassination of John F. Kennedy was still making its way. No wonder, then, that 20 years almost to the day after his death, an enthusiast of the record has made a formal request for access to the Bloomfield fund. The plaintiff, Maurice Phillips is the author of From Dallas to Montreal, Montreal-based industries in the JFK assassination. However, this request for access to the fund is denied in 2004. The reason given is that the widow's lawyer, to protect his privacy and safeguard the reputation of her husband, asked LAC does not make these public documents for 10 years after his own death.
Disagree, Maurice Philipps challenging that decision in court. The legal saga that followed lasted five years, during which he represented himself. His latest efforts have failed in March 2010, when three judges of the Federal Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the government.
But his efforts have not been entirely in vain. First, the pattern based on the will of the widow of Mr. Bloomfield was deemed invalid. LAC has therefore decided to make a majority of public documents, except those affected by professional secrecy, which were subjected to restriction of 50 years from the date of their creation.
So far, Maurice Philipps will have consulted almost 75% of the fund. (...)
He said the documents he could see far show that "the party Bloomfield describes as" the architect of the assassination "is a false conclusion, based on incomplete," he said.
But he believes that the Fund Louis M. Bloomfield still has many secrets to reveal.
"Only a minority of documents related to Permindex are now available to the public, namely those from before 1960 and have more than 50 years, he notes. The records after 1961 are kept secret by LAC and particularly those of 1962 and 1963. "






Some Who-have Recently Acknowledged the theory of Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination.

What Is the Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy?
• More and more top-notch Researchers acknowledge the Israeli connection
• It's time to forget about extinct dinosaurs Those like LBJ and focus on the real monster, qui Has Its tentacles wrapped around the planet today
By Michael Collins Piper

Amidst the cacophony from the repetitive-controlled media echoed Even in the "alternative" media-that Lyndon Johnson Was the mastermind behind the murder of John F. Kennedy, A Growing number of independent voices Otherwise Dared to say.

They Openly endorsed the thesis-first put forth in this author's out-of-print book, Final Judgment, first published in 1994-that Israel Was a frontline player Alongside the CIA in the JFK assassination conspiracy as a consequence of JFK's Determined efforts to prevent prevention Israel from building nuclear weapons, The Strategic cornerstone of the Jewish state's national security policy.

ALTHOUGH media giant Alex Jones-sponsored by Sirius, a Jewish-controlled satellite conglomerate-continuous radio to insisted LBJwas behind JFK's assassination, Even endorsing the work of author BarrMcClellanwhomakes the ridiculous, long-discredited claim That JFK assassination patsy Lee Harvey Oswald Was one of the gunmen were firing Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas-none-Jones keeps under wraps a lot of significant people believe are differently.

For example, popular commentator Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic, in a piece published on Iran's English-language website, "PressTV," wrote That Final Judgment "Makes a strong case Israel That Was a leading forces behind the assassination of JFK. "

Barrett 'cited French scholar and longstanding JFK assassination researcher, Dr. Laurent Guyenot, Who has endorsed the thesis of Final Judgment.

Guyenot admis That he HAD, until, Recently, refrained from reading Final Judgment, Having been, in His words , "Warned Against the book's bad reputation Among MOST JFK Researchers." Purpose Guyenot now says Final Judgment is "a book qui est in a category by itself "in all of the vast literature on the topic and The One That presents" really the 'unspeakable' "piece of the JFK assassination puzzle.

Another independent analyst, Don Fox-writing via Dr. Jim Fetzer's column at the website' cited Final Judgment and critiqued JFK writer James DiEugenio who, Fox Pointed out , "never mentions Israel or the Mossad're Having a motive to kill Kennedy. "

In fact, DiEugenio HAS Often vigorously Denounced the book's thesis.

Purpose now even "mainstream" media are being white Elements forced to acknowledge That There does exist a theory implicating Israel in the assassination.

On Nov. 16, The Dallas Morning News listed "ten popular conspiracy theories" about the assassination, Including: "The Israelis theory: JFK About did not supporting Israel's drive to build nuclear weapons. The Israelis Believed Joe Kennedy, the president's father, anti-Semitic and Was wielded influences over His Son. LBJ reversed US policy on Israeli nuclear arms once he est devenu president. "

Adding to the mix Was the publication of the first-ever book of JFK's correspondence, The Letters of John F. Kennedy , edited by Martin W. Sandler respecté historian.

Featuring contentious correspondence entre JFK and Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion over Israel's nuclear weapons program, Sandler referenced Final Judgment (the only book on the assassination hementions) and ASSERTS of ict thesis That "of all the conspiracy theories, it Remains one of the MOST intriguing. "

For daring to air the thesis, Sandler has-been attacked This by pro-Israel voices in the United States Such As National Review and The Washington Free Beacon , edited by the son-in-law of Zionist power broker William Kristol. And in Britain, Jewish historian Simon Schama, reviewing Sandler's book for London's Financial Times, complained que la book "bizarrely Gives space to the notion that [the] Mossadmight HAD-have a hand in the death" of JFK.

Then, in a presentation on Nov. 16 at the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum in, Mass. ( broadcast on CSPAN-2 ), Sandler Noted There Were Saying voices now, in Sandler's words: "Forget Lyndon Johnson. Forget the CIA. Forget Fidel Castro. Mossad killed Kennedy Because They were so upset over what he About did to Ben-Gurion. "

Responding to the surprise Obvious de son hearing Sandler commented That There Were "a few little bombshells we throw in [the book]" - Adding They Were "not proven," a remark program prompting the moderator to laugh and say, "I hear you. "

Even Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire -once called Expired "the big daddy of the conspiracy books on the JFK assassination" -was forced Into Including a passing reference (just one sentence) to the thesis of Final Judgment (goal notmentioning the book) in the revised edition de son book, noting, "There is the argument aussi That Was Kennedy Opposed to Israel's development of nuclearweapons andwas Demanding inspections of Israel's Dimona nuclear plant , has alienated That position Powerful Zionists. "

Marrs About did mention Final Judgment in the revised bibliography of Crossfire , ALTHOUGH That Was bibliography published only on the Internet-not in the book-in order, selon Marrs, "to save space."

In recent years Marrs HAD-been under fire from critics Who Revealed he HAD received Some $ 200,000 from Israeli arms dealer Arnon Milchan (a key player in Israel's nuclear weapons program) for the rights to Crossfire When Milchan bankrolled Oliver Stone's film "JFK," which Avoided mentioning JFK's secret war with Israel over nuclear weapons and the parts of multiple Alleged JFK conspirators to Israel and Its nuclear agenda Preferring to suggest the events in Dallas Were an "inside job."

No, the JFK assassination, just like 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombing (and the attack on the USS Liberty) -was an "outside job."

It's time to forget about extinct dinosaurs Those like LBJ and focus on the real monster, qui Has Its tentacles wrapped around the planet today.
Michael Collins Piper is a world-renowned author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He Has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and, of course, the United States. He is the author of Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, Dirty Secrets, My First Days in the White House, The New Babylon, Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs. Wall Street, The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within , Target: Traficant, The Golem: Israel's Nuclear Hell Bomb and False Flags. You can order Any of These books with a credit card by calling AFP / FAB toll free at 1-888-699-6397 or calling directly at 202-547-5585 to inquire FAB about pricing and Shipping and Handling fees.

JFK Assassination: Israel taboo suspect
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US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a visit in Dallas November 22, 1963 in order to prepare his re-election in the 1964 presidential election.
The murder scene was filmed by no journalist certainly because of technical resources did not allow it at the time. These stood further behind the motorcade.
But a man in the audience during the passage of the limousine JFK, a Abraham Zapruder, filmed the scene with his small camera. This video will travel around the world and will remain as the largest amateur video ever.
Soon a man named Lee Harvey Oswald, an employee of the School Book Depository located in the district of Dealey Plaza, where the attack occurred, is suspected and arrested in a cinema in the city first for murder a police officer Tippit then to that of JFK.
A gun was found on the fifth floor of the book depository with three sockets behind a pile of cardboard boxes.
Lee Harvey Oswald denies the charges against him and said to be a "pigeon" (Patsy).
Vice President Lyndon Johnson is sworn in and automatically become President as is the US constitution.
November 24, 1963, after a long interrogation during which Oswald continues to maintain his innocence during his transfer from the police station in Dallas in prison and under the eyes of millions of viewers, an armed man named Jack Ruby appears and kills Oswald of a bullet.
Jack Ruby is said to have revenge and to avoid Jacky Keenedy, wife of the assassinated president, having to face the face of the murderer of her husband. Therefore, no trial will take place ...
At the request of Lyndon Johnson and to reassure the US, a commission of inquiry is set up managed in order to establish the truth about the assassination. It is chaired by the President of Earl Warren the Supreme Court. The commission issued its report in 1964 in which Lee Harvey Oswald is declared only culprit.
The report would have fired three shots from the fifth floor of the book depository with the gun found: first passed through the neck and throat JFK before reaching the Governor Connally, the second would have missed its target and the third is the one who has broken the skull of JFK.
He acted only for political reasons as a communist.
Critics of the report of this commission have made numerous: the witnesses who heard shots from the grassy knoll (80% of control) and right in front of the limo are not heard, photographs of the head of JFK during his autopsy were rigged, the path of the magic bullet that hit JFK and Connally, Oswald was killed before his trial ...
Shortly after the attorney of New Orleans Jim Garrison leads his own secret investigation that lead to the arrest of a Clay Shaw he accused of being a member of the CIA complicity in the assassination. It will be acquitted at trial despite suspicions about it.
A new commission was established in 1976 by the House of Representatives (HSCA) to shed light on the death of JFK and Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968.
The report of this commission differs little from that of the Committee Warrent but admits the existence of a conspiracy with at least a second shooter.
For the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, numerous documentaries, books published in Media various theories: Lee Harvey Oswald was the only culprit, others claim that there was a conspiracy and lists the possible suspects: Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, Fidel Castro, the Mafia ...
However another suspect is never mentioned: Israel.
In his book Final Judgement, Michael Collins Piper says that JFK was assassinated by Israel because of his refusal to see this country to acquire nuclear weapons.

A few months before his assassination, Kennedy sent a stern letter to David Ben-Gurion, Israel's prime minister to ask for explanations about its nuclear program.
Ben Gurion decided to resign.
After the assassination of JFK, the policy United States toward Israel has experienced a 180 degree rotation. Lyndon Johnson not require any guarantee of Israel on the nature of its nuclear program and a pact to be renewed by his successors with Israel for their secretly ensure the right to nuclear weapons.
According to Michael Collins Piper, at least the CIA, the mafia is involved in the conspiracy with the head of Israel conspiracy.
Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Banister are related to Permandex company under the direction of Tibor Rosenbaum who financed Mayer Lansky who was head of the Jewish Mafia in the United UNite we also called the Yiddish Connection or Kosher Nostra.
Tibor Rosenbaum was known to lend money and provide arms to the Mossad, the Israeli secret service.
The film JFK Oliver Stone released in 1991 this all suspects possible ... except one: Israel
Strange? Not if we note that its producer is none other than Arnon Milchan "the biggest seller of weapons of Israel."
One can also add that Abraham Zapruder was the only filming the attack and that Jack Ruby s' actually called Jacob Leon Rubenstein and killed Oswald were both Jews.
Abraham Zapruder was there at the right place at the right time and Jack Ruby killed Oswald has certainly not revenge but to prevent him from speaking.
The American pilot John Lear accuses David Ben-Gurion to have given the order to assassinate Kennedy before he resigned to avoid being accused as Bassam Abu Sharif adviser Yasser Arafat.
The Washington Jewish Week newspaper of 9 October 1997 mentions a troubling phrase may be linked to the JFK assassination: "Israel should not apologize for the killing of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for all countries is to protect its people. »
Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear technician working in 1986 revealed nuclear program of his country when he was supposed to remain secret. Disclosure of this information was worth being imprisoned him. He also said that Israel was complicit in the assassination of JFK.


The media never speak of Israel as a possible suspect even possible culprit in the light of all these elements.
None of the books that have come out recently speak of Israel and the dishonesty of Laurent Joffrin Nouvel Observateur is evident when making a Video accusing Oswald and rule out any other track despite having certainly a scapegoat.
ReOpen911, known association to demand a new investigation into the attacks of 11 September 2001, decided to refer the killing JFK particularly through the interview with James W.Douglass author of JFK and the unspeakable. In it a suspect departed ex ... Israel "JD: I have found no convincing indication that Israel is involved in the Kennedy assassination. The story I wrote is about the reasons for his death. For Israel to be included in this story, it would have Kennedy resistance to Israel's nuclear weapons program is linked to plot against his life.
And if journalists and ReOpen911 were linked to the murderers?
How the killer of US President can remain quietly in a cinema watching a movie?
Murder is signed by Abraham Zapruder, Jack Ruby and Arnon Milchan!
Israel had the means and the motive to kill Kennedy.
More than ever, Israel is the number one suspect in the assassination of JFK if this is the real culprit!
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Final Judgment 
The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy

a book by Michael Collins Piper

Wolfe Press, 1995, paperback

Final Judgment documents how Israel's leaders, the Mossad, the Meyer Lansky-run organized crime syndicate, and a pro-Zionist faction of the CIA colluded to assassinate President ,John F. Kennedy. The general pattern of the JFK covert operation, to include the skillful use of "limited hang-outs," "patsies," and "false flags," has very likely been repeated in various later forms such as in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King, the mysterious death of former CIA Director William Colby, the very suspicious Oklahoma City bombing, and the Mossad-linked "controlled demolition" of World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. More recently, we have seen how the "High Priests of War" have flexed raw Israeli-lobby power by pushing American interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq and by promoting saber-rattling at Iran and Syria. 

JFK planned a military strike to prevent an Israeli-Red Chinese scientific partnership from building the first atomic bombs for China and Israel. He sought to thwart the CIA-Mossad-Meyer Lansky partnership that controlled the heroin trade stemming from the Golden Triangle by pulling U.S. troops out of Vietnam. JFK even transferred control of Cold War espionage operations from the CIA to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Through his support of Algerian independence and an "even-handedness" policy towards other Arab nations, JFK infuriated the French Secret Army Organization (OAS) and its Mossad supporters who had sent professional assassins against French President Charles DeGaulle. JFK's brother Bobby, as Attorney General, moved aggressively against the lower levels of Meyer Lansky-dominated organized crime in America. Lastly, the Kennedy family quietly talked about shutting down America's privately owned Federal Reserve banking cartel that has provided vital fiat money financing for Zionist projects.

The Kennedy brothers definitely made enemies who had not only the resources to carry out an assassination, but also had the web of allies in the controlled national media necessary to sustain a long term cover up. JFK entered office as a liberal playboy and ended up martyring himself in resonance with the ancient Celtic tune The Minstrel Boy. Final Judgment suggests that behind the scenes, JFK fought for the American national interest and lived up to the heroic imagery contained in his book Profiles in Courage and in the 1963 movie PT 109 about his WWII exploits.

For most Americans, Final Judgment is a high drama in another way. It is like Hamlet seeing the ghost. It addresses all the right "hard questions" about what has been done to America that are rarely addressed in so-called "mainstream" conservative literature.

This is our final judgment: the government of Israel, through its secret spy agency, the Mossad, orchestrated the conspiracy that ended the life of John F. Kennedy.  Through its own vast resources and through its international contacts in the intelligence community and in organized crime, Israel had the means, it had the motive, and it had the opportunity to carry out the crime of the century - and did.



Where in the world could anyone come up with the idea that Israel's Mossad had a hand in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Well, there's more to the story than meets the eye. All of the information which, taken together, proves this contention has already been committed to print. This book, Final Judgment, brings all of these facts together for the first time in a frightening scenario that makes sense.

Considering all of the theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that have been circulating for years, how could anyone ever suggest that Israel's Mossad was involved?

This was the reaction of more than a few people when apprised of the thesis presented in the pages of this book. Yet, I believe, that when you read this volume you will reach the same conclusion: that Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad, did indeed play a critical role in the JFK assassination conspiracy and its cover-up. The evidence, you shall see, is there.

It was several years ago that I first stumbled upon a hint that this was indeed the case. I came across a strange reference in the pages of a controversial work about the JFK assassination which alleged that rogue CIA operatives had been behind the president's murder, A. J. Weberman and Michael Canfield's Coup d'Etat in America, first published in 1975. The reference, simple as it was, appearing on page 41, read as follows:

"After the assassination, an informer for the Secret Service and the FBI who had infiltrated a Cuban exile group and was in the process of selling them machine guns, reported that on November 21, 1963 he was told, 'We now have plenty of money-our new backers are the Jews-as soon as they take care of JFK.' This man had furnished reliable information in the past."

I barely noticed the reference, but it did intrigue me. Who did this source mean when he referred to "the Jews"? This was the question I needed to answer. My immediate conclusion was this: the source meant Jewish gangsters-such as Meyer Lansky-who had a stake in reviving their Cuban gambling interests that they lost when Fidel Castro came to power. This was the logical answer.

Frankly, I laid the reference aside. It was just one lone remark out of perhaps millions of words written about the JFK assassination. It was nearly a year that went by before I came across the quotation again-while re-reading the same book. I pondered the quote for a moment, thinking, "This is interesting."

However, I once again cast those thoughts aside. I had already reached my own conclusions about the JFK assassination long before: The CIA was primarily responsible, working hand-in-hand with certain elements in "the Mafia" and also in the anti-Castro Cuban movement.

However, in the subsequent year that followed, I began to stumble across some interesting information.

In David Scheim's book, Contract on America, which contends that "the Mafia" was solely responsible for the JFK assassination, I saw a variation of the same quote referenced in the Weberman and Canfield book.

However, Scheim's rendition of the quote had deleted the reference to the alleged Jewish backers of the Cuban plotters. I began to think that there might be something more to the story after all, whatever the accuracy of the story allegedly told to the federal authorities.


It was around this time that I learned that a new biography of organized crime figure Meyer Lansky had been released. It was entitled Little Man:

Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life. The book-prepared in cooperation with Lansky's family-was little more than a puff piece for the deceased thug. Gossipy, full of inside information, and even entertaining at times, the book still somehow seemed to be missing a lot.

It was then that I returned to my library and pulled a book off the shelf that I hadn't re-read in perhaps fifteen years. It was Hank Messick's biography of Lansky. Re-reading this important book I began to see that Meyer Lansky was not just another gangster. He was "the chairman of the board" of organized crime.

All of the Mafia figures that had been repeatedly implicated in the JFK assassination were, in fact, Lansky's front-men-his subordinates, his underlings. In short, if "the Mafia" had a hand in the killing of JFK, then Lansky had to have been one of the key players.

Yet, as I quickly began to see in reviewing many of the works which allege that "The Mafia Killed JFK," Lansky's preeminent role was being ignored or otherwise under-played.

I was aware of Lansky's close ties to Israel. After all, Lansky fled to Israel when the heat was on in the United States. But how deeply did the Lansky-Israeli connection go?

My research into that question began to turn up some interesting facts relating to an Israeli connection to the assassination 2f John F. Kennedy.


Why would Israel have an interest in participating in the JFK assassination conspiracy? That was the burning question.

It was just about the time that I had begun to take a second look at the Lansky connection to the Kennedy assassination that several new works about the covert relationship between the United States and Israel were released providing never-before revealed information.

These books, cited extensively in Final Judgment, made it all too clear that John F. Kennedy-before his death-was in a pitched battle with Israel. In fact, Kennedy was at war.

This was something that long-time JFK assassination researchers had no reason to know about. Much of the material had long been classified. It was a secret-a deep, dark secret.

Some of JFK's communications with then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are still classified. Not even top-level intelligence officials with special security clearance have been allowed access to these potentially explosive documents.

This discovery made me realize that there was a lot more to the Kennedy relationship with Israel and a lot more about the JFK assassination than we had ever been told.


The long and close relationship between Israel and JFK's foes at the CIA is something which is becoming more and more known to the general public. JFK's own war with the CIA is common knowledge.

At the time of the president's assassination, however, the depth and breadth of the CIA's relationship with Israel's Mossad, however, was not so commonly known.

What's more, as I began to discover, Israel's allies in the Lansky Syndicate had much deeper relations with the CIA than most researchers have realized.

And while the stories of CIA-Organized Crime assassination plots against Castro have been told time and again, the evidence I began to discover told an even bigger story.

The pieces of the puzzle were all there. They simply needed to be put together. As the research continued, I repeatedly found myself stumbling upon new facts and information that continued to verify what was initially in my mind just a theory, but which I now believe to be the truth.


It is the little-discussed Permindex connection to the JFK assassination which is the tie that binds-the final proof that Israel's Mossad was at the center of the assassination conspiracy.

In the Permindex connection we find all of the critical elements which tie Israel's Mossad, the CIA and organized crime together in close-knit intrigue linked directly to the murder of President Kennedy.

Although researchers, over the years, have devoted much time and energy to pursuing a wide variety of questions relating to the JFK assassination controversy (focusing on controversies that will never be resolved) they have steered clear of the Permindex connection.

Those who have made any reference to Permindex have described it as some sort of "neo-Nazi" entity-even a remnant of Hitler's SS-but, as we shall see, nothing could be further from the truth.

To understand the forces behind the Permindex connection, which we examine in detail in this volume, is to understand the answer to the biggest mystery of this century: the question of who killed John F. Kennedy.


Just before I began the book I mentioned my theory to a rather well-known former United States congressman. He surprised me when he said, "I think you are on to something. I've believed for years that the Mossad was involved in the Kennedy assassination, but I never really took the time to look into it. I'm glad you're doing it, though. It will be an important book. It's a book I would have liked to have written myself."

Then, just after I finished the book, I sent a copy of the manuscript to another former U.S. congressman, thinking that he might have some interest in the subject. His response was perhaps a bit astonishing.

After the former congressman received the manuscript he wrote me a surprising letter in which he said, "I will tell you this. A retired Western European diplomat and intelligence officer with whom I've been in correspondence (and who has had disastrous experiences with Israel and the Mossad) has been urging me for the last four years to write the book that you have written."

He passed the manuscript on to the Frenchman who in turn wrote me a fascinating letter providing further information confirming my thesis.


The fruits of my labor appear in this book. I owe so much to all of those JFK assassination researchers who made this book possible. Their pioneering efforts laid the foundation for the construction of a framework which I firmly believe proves Mossad complicity in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

All of those who sought the truth-and sometimes risked their reputations (and even perhaps their lives) doing it-cleared the way for a final judgment:

Israel was the driving force behind the conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is the Israeli connection that pulls all of the pieces of the puzzle together into one complete picture. The role of 'j Israel in the JFK assassination is, indeed, the until-now "missing link."



While the following selection of names in this special "who's who" is by no means complete, it does provide the reader of Final Judgment with a brief overview of the facts relating to the involvement of the individuals in question with the circumstances surrounding not only the JFK assassination itself, but also the efforts to not only uncover the truth about the assassination-and also to bury it.

Following each name and description are references to the particular chapters in Final Judgment where details about that individual appear in pertinent part. The inclusion of any name in particular is by no means intended to suggest that the individual-unless specifically stated-had foreknowledge that the murder of President Kennedy was being planned.

As we note in these pages, there were many people who were brought into the JFK assassination conspiracy and the subsequent cover-up who had no idea of the actual role that they were playing.

The following "who's who"-if read in this context-provides the reader a quick glance at the key individuals who ultimately prove central to a complete understanding of the entirety of the conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of President Kennedy.


Clay Shaw - If New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison had been permitted to carry out an unimpeded investigation and prosecution of Shaw, a CIA contract operative and a former director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans implicated in involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Guy Banister and other figures central to the JFK assassination conspiracy, Garrison would have divined Shaw's connections - through a shadowy corporation known as Permindex - to not only the Israeli Mossad, but also the international crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky.

Louis M. Bloomfield - Based in Montreal, Bloomfield was a long-time intelligence operative and a front man for the powerful Bronfman family interests. The Bronfmans were not only key international backers of Israel but also long-time figures in the Lansky crime syndicate. Bloomfield, one of the foremost figures in the Israeli lobby in Canada and one of Israel's leading international operatives, not only served as the chief shareholder in the Permindex Corporation on whose board of directors Clay Shaw served, but also had intimate ties to American intelligence.

Tibor Rosenbaum - One of the "godfathers" of the state of Israel and the first director for finance and supply for Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, Rosenbaum was a prime financial angel behind the Permindex corporation. His Swiss banking concern, the Banque De Credit International, also served as the chief European money laundry or the global crime syndicate of Miami-based crime chief Meyer Lansky.

John King - A close business associate of Tibor Rosenbaum's protégé and sometime front man, Bernard Cornfeld, King showed up in New Orleans in the early stages of Jim Garrison's investigation-before Clay Shaw's name had come up-and sought to persuade Garrison (through a bribery attempt) to give up the inquiry. Fortunately he failed in his scheme.


David Ben-Gurion - Prime Minister of Israel; resigned his post in disgust with JFK's stance toward Israel. in April of 1963; Said JFK's position threatened Israel's very survival.

Yitzhak Shamir - A long-time Mossad officer (based largely at the Mossad's chief European office in Paris), Shamir headed the Mossad's assassination squad at the time of the JFK assassination. A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of JFK's actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence.

Menachem Begin - In 1963, Begin (later prime minister of Israel) was a roving Israeli diplomat; prior to JFK's assassination he was overheard conspiring with Meyer Lansky's California henchman, Mickey Cohen, in a conversation that suggested hostile intentions by Israel against the American president.

Luis Kutner - Although known largely as a "mob lawyer," (who was long and closely associated with Jack Ruby, a sometime-client) Kutner also doubled as an international intelligence operative and functioned as an advisor to an ad hoc pro-Israel lobby group in the United States.

A. L. Botnick - Head of the New Orleans office of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, an intelligence and propaganda arm for Israel's Mossad; a close associate of New Orleans-based CIA contract operative Guy Banister who helped create Lee Harvey Oswald's preassassination profile as a "pro-Castro" agitator. Evidence suggests that Banister's manipulation of Oswald may have been carried out under the guise of an ADL "fact-finding" operation.

Arnon Milchan - Israel's biggest arms dealer, Milchan was "executive producer" (i.e. chief financial angel) of Oliver Stone's Hollywood fantasy about the JFK assassination-a fact which may explain Stone's aversion to exploring the Israeli connection to the affair.

Maurice Tempeisman - The international diamond merchant and Mossad operative who became the lover of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and used his connections to double-perhaps triple-her substantial fortune, thereby co-opting the Kennedy family forever.


Rudolph Hecht - An owner of the CIA-linked Standard Fruit concern, Hecht was a prominent figure in the New Orleans Jewish community and as chairman of the board of directors of the International Trade Mart was Permindex board member Clay Shaw's primary sponsor.

James Jesus Angleton - Angleton, the CIA's long-time chief of counterintelligence, was the CIA's primary high-level conspirator in the murder of President Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up. Angleton, who had been co-opted by and was totally loyal to the Israeli Mossad, played a major role in the effort to frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Final Judgment is the first JFK assassination study to delve into Angleton's role in the conspiracy.

David Atlee Phillips - A long-time high-level CIA official, Phillips was the CIA station chief in Mexico City at the time a strange effort was underway to implicate Lee Harvey Oswald as a Soviet KGB collaborator. If anyone in the CIA knew the truth about Oswald, it was Phillips. He confessed publicly that the story about Oswald being in Mexico City was not precisely what the CIA had long claimed.

E. Howard Hunt - Long-time CIA officer and liaison to the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. Testimony by ex-CIA contract operative Marita Lorenz placed Hunt in Dallas, Texas the day before the president's assassination. The full truth about Hunt's actual involvement in the affair may never be known, but there is no question that Hunt was deeply involved in the intrigue surrounding the president's murder. Evidence does indeed indicate that there was a conscious effort to frame Hunt for involvement in the crime.

Guy Banister -The former FBI agent-turned-CIA contract operative whose New Orleans office was a central point for international intrigue involving the CIA, the anti-Castro Cuban exiles and the anti-DeGaulle forces in the French Secret Army Organization (OAS). Under Banister's direction, Lee Harvey Oswald established a public profile for himself as a "pro-Castro" agitator in the streets of New Orleans.

David Ferrie - An enigmatic adventurer and CIA contract operative, Ferrie was closely involved with Lee Harvey Oswald during Oswald's stay in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, working alongside Oswald out of Banister's headquarters. The investigation of Ferrie by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison ultimately led to Garrison's discovery of Permindex board member Clay Shaw's ties to both Ferrie and Oswald.

Marita Lorenz - A former CIA contract operative, she testified under oath that one day prior to the assassination of President Kennedy she arrived in Dallas in an armed caravan of CIA-backed Cuban exiles who were met by not only Jack Ruby, who later killed Lee Harvey Oswald, but also CIA official E. Howard Hunt.

Guillermo & Ignacio Novo - Two brothers, veterans of the CIA-backed Cuban exile wars against Fidel Castro. According to Marita Lorenz, the Novo brothers were part of the armed caravan that arrived in Dallas one day before the assassination of President Kennedy. Many years after Dallas, the Novos were later convicted of participating in the murder of a Chilean dissident in collaboration with international adventurer Michael Townley who himself had ties to high-level figures implicated in the JFK conspiracy.

John Tower - In 1963 Tower was a newly-elected Republican U.S. Senator from Texas with close ties to the CIA. Shortly after the assassination he told associates of his own inside knowledge of the bizarre story of what really happened in Dealey Plaza. The story told by Tower suggests strongly that there were many unseen forces at work, manipulating many of the key players in the JFK assassination conspiracy. It was not until the release of Final Judgment that Tower's name was ever connected to the mystery surrounding the JFK assassination.

Victor Marchetti - A high-ranking CIA official who left the agency in disgust, Marchetti later made a career writing about the CIA. In a 1978 article he charged that the CIA was about to frame its long-time operative, E. Howard Hunt, with involvement in the JFK assassination. A libel suit resulting as a consequence of Marchetti's article resulted in a climactic finding by a jury that the CIA had been involved in the assassination of the president.

Robin Moore - A journalist with long-standing close ties to the CIA, Moore co-authored former CIA man Hugh McDonald's book, LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy which promoted James Jesus Angleton's false claim that the KGB was behind the president's murder-another of the disinformation stories that emerged following the assassination.


Meyer Lansky - Chief executive officer and de facto "treasurer" of the international crime syndicate; active in gun-running on behalf of the Israeli underground; collaborated closely with American intelligence on a number of fronts; later settled in Israel. Researchers who have claimed that "the Mafia Killed JFK" have pointedly refused to acknowledge Lansky's preeminent positioning in the underworld.

Carlos Marcello - The head of the Mafia in New Orleans, Marcello owed his status to Meyer Lansky who was his chief sponsor in the crime syndicate. Marcello could not have orchestrated the JFK assassination-as some suggest-without Lansky's explicit approval.

Seymour Weiss - Meyer Lansky's chief bagman and liaison with the political establishment in Louisiana, he later served as a director of the CIA-linked Standard Fruit company and may actually have been a high-ranking CIA contract operative in New Orleans at the time of the JFK assassination.

Sam Giancana - The Mafia boss of Chicago, Giancana was a player in the CIA-Mafia plots against Castro; later murdered, probably at the behest of Santo Trafficante, Jr. His family says that Giancana admitted having been involved in the planning of the JFK assassination.

Santo Trafficante, Jr. - Although best known as the head of the Mafia in Tampa, Trafficante actually functioned as Meyer Lansky's chief lieutenant in the crime syndicate and as Lansky's liaison with the CIA in the Castro assassination plots.

Johnny Rosselli - A roving "ambassador" for the Mafia, Rosselli was the primary conduit between the CIA and the mob in the plots against Fidel Castro; may have arranged the murder of Sam Giancana for Trafficante and was later murdered himself.

Mickey Cohen - Meyer Lansky's West Coast henchman; Jack Ruby's role model and a gun-runner for the Israeli underground, Cohen collaborated closely with Israeli diplomat Menachem Begin prior to the JFK assassination;. Cohen arranged for John F. Kennedy to meet actress Marilyn Monroe who was assigned the task of finding out JFK's private views and intentions toward Israel.

Jack Ruby - A long-time functionary for the Lansky syndicate, Ruby was the Lansky connection man in Dallas and also engaged in CIA-linked gunrunning to the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. Evidence suggests there is more to Ruby's sudden "death" than meets the eye.

Jim Braden - A veteran personal courier for Meyer Lansky, Braden was almost assuredly in contact in Dallas with Jack Ruby prior to the JFK assassination. He was briefly detained in Dealey Plaza minutes after the president's murder, but those JFK assassination researchers who have mentioned Braden prefer to cast him as a "Mafia" figure rather than as Lansky's man on the scene in Dallas.

Al Gruber - A henchman of Meyer Lansky's West Coast operative, Mickey Cohen, Gruber and Ruby spoke by telephone just shortly before Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. It is believed that Gruber gave Ruby the contract on Oswald on behalf of his superiors.


Charles DeGaulle - Repeatedly targeted for assassination by Israeli-allied forces in French intelligence and in the Secret Army Organization (OAS) who were angry that DeGaulle had granted independence to Arab Algeria. The Mossad-sponsored Permindex operation that also had a hand in the murder of JFK, laundered money used in the assassination attempts on DeGaulle.

Georges deLannurien - High ranking official in the SDECE, the French intelligence agency; pinpointed by a former French intelligence officer as the individual who (at the best of Mossad assassinations chief Yitzhak Shamir) contracted the hit team who killed JFK in Dallas.

Michael Mertz - A former French SDECE officer and the Paris connection for the Lansky-Trafficante heroin syndicate; alleged to have been one of the actual gunmen in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Said by some to be the legendary CIA contract killer, QJ/WIN.

Jean Soutre - A liaison for the French OAS with the CIA's E. Howard Hunt, Soutre maintained contact with Guy Banister's CIA- and mob-linked gun-running headquarters in New Orleans. Soutre may have been in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination. There is evidence linking Soutre to James Jesus Angleton's intrigue inside the CIA that affected French intelligence in a dramatic way.

Thomas Eli Davis III - A world-traveling mercenary with apparent links to both Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, Davis was taken into custody by the Algerian government for his subversive activities alongside Israeli agents in supplying weapons to the French OAS just prior to the JFK assassination. It is said that CIA operative QJJWIN (possibly Michael Mertz, one of the reputed assassins of President Kennedy) helped secure Davis's release from prison.

Geoffrey Bocca - A former propagandist for the OAS, Bocca later co-authored former CIA contract agent Hugh McDonald's book, Appointment in Dallas, which pointed the blame for the JFK assassination away from those who were actually responsible-the first of two suspect books put out by McDonald.

Christian David - A French Corsican criminal associated with reputed JFK assassin Michael Mertz, David has claimed knowledge of a French hit team involved in the JFK assassination. David himself was the chief suspect in the murder of a Moroccan dissident, Mehdi Ben-Barka, whose killing was orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad through anti-DeGaulle forces in French intelligence.


Mark Lane - Retained by Lee Harvey Oswald's mother to represent her son's interests before the Warren Commission, Lane's book Rush to Judgment was the first major critique of the Warren Commission Report. In a libel suit filed against The Spotlight newspaper by former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt, Lane proved to the satisfaction of a jury that the CIA had indeed been involved in the JFK assassination. His best-selling book Plausible Denial outlined the circumstances of that libel suit and its ultimate conclusion.

Gary Wean - A former detective on the Hollywood beat of the Los Angeles Police Department, Wean discovered how Meyer Lansky's West Coast henchman, Mickey Cohen, was conspiring against John F. Kennedy on behalf of the Israelis. In a meeting with the former sheriff of Dallas County, Bill Decker, Wean learned a portion of the truth about what really happened in Dallas.


Edgar & Edith Stern - Close friends of Clay Shaw, major financial backers of the pro-Israel Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, and owners of the WDSU media empire in New Orleans that not only played a major role in giving vast publicity to Lee Harvey Oswald's preassassination profile as a "pro-Castro agitator" but later sought to undermine Jim Garrison's investigation of Clay Shaw.

Johann Rush - As a young WDSU cameraman, Rush was on the scene to record Oswald's "pro-Castro" activities. He emerged-many years later-as the brains behind a "computer-enhanced" version of the famous Zapruder film of the JFK assassination that author Gerald Posner cited as "proof' that Oswald acted alone in the president's murder.

Drew Pearson - Accused by his own mother-in-law of being a "mouthpiece" for the pro-Israel ADL, Pearson had close ties to not only the Israeli lobby, but also the CIA and to President Lyndon Johnson and his cronies. It was Pearson who floated an unlikely story that Fidel Castro was behind the JFK assassination and who also played a major influence in shaping Earl Warren's perceptions of the tragedy.

Jack Anderson - As protégé of Drew Pearson, Jack Anderson likewise had strange connections that might have biased his own reportage on the JFK affair. Since 1963 Anderson has promoted a number of conflicting versions about "who really killed JFK" ranging from "the Mafia" to Fidel Castro or a combination of both.

Jack Newfield - A liberal columnist and some-time JFK assassination buff, Newfield has been a likewise long-standing devotee of Israel. He made a big splash with a highly fantastic story that missing Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa had "ordered" two Mafia figures to arrange the killing of President Kennedy. Not surprisingly, Newfield's ridiculous story was given wide play in the Establishment media.


Oliver Stone - His Hollywood extravaganza, JFK, gave the public a fullblown, full-color, gory-in-every-detail conspiracy theory on the JFK assassination. Yet, Stone's presentation of the conspiracy was far from complete and failed to reach any firm conclusions. He deliberately suppressed the "French connection" which, in turn, was the long-hidden Israeli connection. Not only was Stone's chief financial backer Israel's leading arms dealer but also his film distribution company had its origins in the Lansky crime syndicate. What's more, one of the chief shareholders in the film company was none other than Bernard Cornfeld, long-time associate of Permindex figure Tibor Rosenbaum

Frank Mankiewicz - This former publicist for the Israeli Mossad-linked Anti-Defamation League had a peculiar part in the events that took place prior to the murder of Robert F. Kennedy. Then when Oliver Stone began promoting his film JFK, Mankiewicz popped up as his key public relations man.

Anthony Summers - Author of one book hinting that the Kennedy family were responsible for the death-maybe the murder-of actress Marilyn Monroe, Summers wrote another book on the JFK conspiracy. In neither book did Summers reveal explosive information (of which he was aware) that could have helped point the direction of those same forces which played a part in both crimes.

Robert Morrow - A former CIA contract operative who played a major role in activities on the periphery of the JFK assassination conspiracy, Morrow's book on his experiences is rife with detail, yet suspect in the eyes of many who had looked into his claims. Morrow's book absolves the key CIA conspirator, James J. Angleton, of involvement in the JFK conspiracy and portrays him as being "out of the loop" when, in fact, precisely the opposite was true. Is it a coincidence that Morrow's book publisher is an American affiliate of an Israeli publishing company?

G. Robert Blakey - An unlikely choice to serve as director of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Blakey had, just two years previously, served as a character witness for a long-time close associate of crime boss Meyer Lansky. When it came time to point the blame in the JFK assassination, Blakey targeted Lansky's protégé, New Orleans Mafia boss, Carlos Marcello, but looked no further. Blakey, likewise, found no role by the CIA-or any other intelligence agency-in the JFK assassination.

David Scheim - The author of a book that pins the murder of President Kennedy on "the Mafia," Scheim refuses to acknowledge Permindex board member Clay Shaw's intelligence connections and paints Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky as a low-level syndicate figure with no influence of substance. Scheim's book was published by the American front for an Israeli publishing company.

Richard Billings - A journalist with close ties to the CIA, Billings played a major role in the media's campaign to undermine New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigation of Clay Shaw. Billings emerged as the prime promoter of the outlandish theory that Garrison was a Mafia front man trying to take the focus off the Mafia and direct the attention toward the intelligence community.

James DiEugenio - Although a deep admirer of both John F. Kennedy and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, DiEugenio has tread lightly when inquiring into the ties between Clay Shaw and the Permindex operation with its multiple links to the Israeli Mossad and the crime syndicate.

Peter Dale Scott - His years of in-depth research on the JFK assassination have led him directly to the doorstep of the CIA, the Mossad and the Lansky Crime Syndicate, yet he has never been prepared to name names or point in the direction of those very forces, preferring to sidestep the issue.

David Cole / Stein

David Cole first achieved notoriety in 1992 with his interview of Dr. Franciszek Piper, head curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. According to imdb, Prof. Yehuda Bauer, a prominent Israeli Holocaust specialist, referred to it as "a powerful and dangerous video."

In the early 90's, Cole appeared on several popular TV programs, notably the Montel Williams Show and thePhil Donahue Show. According to Donahue, David Cole is "The Antichrist" and 60 Minutes called him a danger to mankind.

By 21, he had become infamous as the "Jewish Holocaust denier," though he explicitly never denied the Holocaust. By 25, he had a $25,000 bounty put on his head by Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League.

Here's a video of Irv Rubin "not" admitting to punching David in the face. Rubin would later die in jail while awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy to bomb government property.

After finally paying off Rubin, Cole faked his death in San Diego and eventually transformed himself into David Stein.

Listed on imdb as David Abravanel Stein, he became a respected documentary filmmaker, and produced thefinal film of Budd Schulberg, who wrote the Academy Award-winning screenplay for On the Waterfront.

By the mid-90's, his travels and research had made him an expert on the Holocaust. From imdb:

In 1994 he co-founded the Tinbergen Archives, a Holocaust education institution and research facility in Beverly Hills, California, and he served as its director of operations from 1994 until 2004.

Under David Stein's directorship, the Tinbergen Archives became one of the leading suppliers of Holocaust education materials to colleges and universities in North America...over the course of the next eight years he produced over a dozen internationally renowned documentary films about the Holocaust, World War II, and the struggle of peoples around the world against racism and intolerance.

In the 2000's, David "Stein" reinvented himself yet again as "a leading Republican Party organizer in LA, working with congressmen, Bush Administration officials, and Hollywood’s top-secret GOP underground (consisting of celebrities like Gary Sinise and Clint Eastwood), while at the same time becoming a leading conservative investigative journalist."

After becoming a member of the Friends of Abe, a "support group" for the politically conservative Hollywood elite, David formed his own group, the Republican Party Animals.

Despite having established himself as a successful Holocaust documentary filmmaker, he was outed in 2013 by an unhinged ex-girlfriend who revealed his "sordid" past as David Cole, the Holocaust revisionist.

In one fell swoop he was banned by the GOP for life and "David Stein's" career was ruined.

He was inspired to write a book about his experiences, Republican Party Animal: The "Bad Boy of Holocaust History" Blows the Lid Off Hollywood's Secret Right-Wing Underground.

Today, David offers a few updates and anecdotes on his youtube channel, including how he busted theMuseum of Tolerance in LA for using fake footage of Nazi "gas vans" from a 1960's documentary. Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government
By Dr. Harrell Rhome
There is ample evidence that world Zionism collaborated with the National Socialist government during the Second World War, in order to: (1) protect certain elitist Jews and their various interests; (2) pressure most of the Jews of Europe to leave; (3) thus, accomplishing the establishment of the state of Israel. More and more evidence has come to the forefront, demonstrating the truth about what at first seems to be an unlikely scenario. Nazis helping Jews? Jews helping Nazis? And, during the "Holocaust"? Is this some kind of conspiracist fantasy? How could this be? Stranger political bedfellows could not be imagined! But, when the facts are examined, as is often the case, truth is stranger than fiction.
In 2001, I was honored to publish an exclusive first-run feature of Prof.Dr. Clarence Lang's revealing and somewhat startling translation of an important historical document. It appeared in my print newsletter, The Revisionist Observer, No. 4, 2000
II. EXCERPTS FROM HOYER'S MEMORANDUM. (Since the excerpts are distinguishable, the translator, for the sake of clarity, has numbered them).
1. In all serious hate-filled literature in Germany and elsewhere, one hears only of collective and sole guilt of the German people. However, nowhere does one hear or read of a mutuality of guilt, yes, even that the main guilt falls on international Jewry, as to the fate of the Jewish people in the so-called "final solution".
2. Despite tempting financial offers from popular magazines, I was determined to keep silent. I did not want to stir up old hatreds and anti-Semitism. I kept silent, as I took for granted that time and the goodwill of many would help in healing the wounds of the past. This was until the opening of the so-called Israeli Agreement.
3. In the face of this, I became convinced, and am prepared to reinforce this with an oath that the "final solution" of Jewry (in so far as this concerned wartime Poland under German control, and from my vantage point of view), emanated from official Jewish and German departments (German, "Stellen"). Although attempts, on my part, to name exactly the responsible persons proved futile (however, as we shall see shortly, it could not have been Adolf Hitler), I became convinced that the deliberations of this "clique" took place on the departmental levels in the German Military Transportation Command (German, "Kommandatur") in "Akademizca" (English, "University") Street in Lemburg.
There, to the best of my knowledge, is where the details of the "final solution" were clearly laid out. Sephardic Jews (see Translator's Note below) could hardly have been victims, for these were taken out of Galicia by the hundreds, as entire families were flown out by the German Armed Forces with their Allies, in connection with the "final solution". Thus, in October 1943, sixteen selected Jews were taken from my labor camp to Lublin and then to the old civilian airport on the Chortower Highway and flown to neutral Spain, to be handed over to the United States, including a relative of Henry Morgenthau, a member of President Roosevelt's cabinet.
(Translator's Note: As to the terms Sephardim and Ashkenazim, the following seems pertinent. In Die Geschichte des Volkes Israel" ("The History of the People of Israel"), 1926, Ludwig Albrecht, a professed Christian, wrote on page 654: "The name Sephardim, designating the Spanish and Portuguese Jews comes from the biblical book, Obadiah, verse 20, "...the exiles of Jerusalem who are in the Sepharad shall possess the cities of Negeb."
"The name Ashkenazim, designating the German Jews comes from Genesis 10:2, 'The sons of Gomer, Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah...'.)
4. From July 1941 to march 1943, I was chief administrator (German: "Vorgesetzter") of some 250,000 Jews, officially organized as the German Four Year War Effort. Our orders included manufacturing army clothing, processing scrap metals, captured war materials and the like. These Jews were paid volunteers. To secure smooth operations, I had to trust "my Jews" as head of departments and keepers of logs. Through them I was informed of all world happenings, even on an hourly basis. This was, for me, incomprehensible and even fantastic. Thus, I got insights which left me speechless, for "my Jews" knew full well, what world Jewry had in store for them and they were as helpless as the German people themselves.
5. Now for some names. Is Siegfried Langsam, the onetime Austrian officer still alive? Are Walter Sonnenschein and Dr. Wachter with their wives still alive? What about Zuckerhorn, Spitze, Loewenstein, Gregor, Fackler and many, many others? Are they anywhere in the world? If so, let them now step forward and tell their people, as well as the German people, fearlessly, what took place in the Akademizca Street! At the time, they feared world Jewry, putting me in their confidence, didn't they? They pleaded for my help, knowing full well that I was utterly helpless in the face of these underhanded activities. From that street in Lemburg emanated actions which neither the German nor the Jewish people, nor the SS, nor the front soldiers knew about, or could have known.
6. Backtracking. On April 8, 1945, I was taken prisoner by the Americans in Aberhaid and under the tightest of security taken to Camp Aigen on the Main River to Kleinmuended near Linz on the Danube (as witnessed by the American Captain Kelly). My name was on an international list, yet during my three and a half years as a prisoner of war, no harm was done to me, neither by the Polish nor Jewish interrogators. This at a time when even the word Galicia, once the great Jewish center, was enough to be beaten to death.
Why didn't anything happen to me? (Translator's note: that is, he was not tried as a war criminal.) I was, was I not, a SS criminal, and for four years employed some 250,000 Jews? The Jewish interrogator, a born American, in Camp Regensburg, spoke privately about this, telling me that, indeed, about the same time as the Germans surrendered, May 1945, the Third American Army had two reports about me; one from the Polish Underground, the other from the Jewish Underground. Yet, I continued wondering, why did the Allies not touch a hair on my head? Was it fate? Was it providence? The Allies kept me simply as a war prisoner. But then a German court took over, in December 1948, among them a former German army judge, sentencing me 15 months in confinement. The charge was that I had "a high position" in the East.
7. Astonishingly, as a prisoner in Camp Moosburg, near Munich, in the Spring of 1947, I was forced to sweep streets, where I saw many of my Jewish co-workers from Lemburg, foremost in the Max Weber Square. Even the mentioned German army judge couldn't tell me, how they got from Lemburg under the Soviets to Munich under the Americans, in the midst of war-caused ruins and chaos. As I saw, things were going well for them. Very well, indeed! They looked very well, living elegantly, being provided superabundantly by UNRRA, doing big business with ration cards.
8. As for my claims that Hitler could not have known about this "final solution", I can provide the following personal experience in Warsaw.
In the beginning of 1940, I was commissioned by the governmental officials in Radom, Poland, to make large business contracts (furniture, iron beds, mattresses, laundries and the like) with Jewish firms in Warsaw. These were delivered promptly and reasonably priced. From our official papers, I learned about the establishing of the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw. With two of my officials and co-workers, Markowsky and Zwgieslsky, members of the Jewish Council of Elders, I drove to Warsaw to deal with the authorities in the Ghetto. They had their offices in Palais Bruehl, the seat of the former Polish Foreign Ministry. My official business was done in short order; the contracts were agreed upon and subsequently delivered.
As our official deliberations were ended, an orderly announced, "Officials! Leaders! The gentlemen have arrived." Some sixteen or seventeen serious looking Jews were ushered in, introduced and took their seats around a large oval table. In a festive short hour, recognition was given these Jews with personalized certificates (on white hard paper, 40 by 40 cm). On the left was a large golden national insignia with letters in Gothic and a seal with the original signature of Adolf Hitler.
These certificates assured the full protection of these Jews, their families and properties by the Greater German Reich. Included were words of thanks and blessings by Hitler in the name of the German people. Around this table with its distinguished Jews and in this festive hour, one sensed no hatred, no war and no conspiracy.
What was happening? Just by accident, I witnessed an event, international in scope. The aged Polish Marshall Josef Pilsudski, who died 1935, was, it seems one of the few responsible European statesmen who soon recognized the extraordinary, yet also dangerous, restless personality of the young German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Seemingly, this Pole wanted to direct Hitler peacefully into the precarious waters of foreign affairs and was determined to negotiate a long-term peace pact. But this was countered by a "clique" of English and French friendly members in the Polish Foreign Ministry. These found support from German conspirators on the highest military and diplomatic levels. These Jews, leading Zionists, realized what a dangerous game was being played and thwarted this by bribing them with millions of real gold- based currency. This is not unusual in the East, and not overly upsetting, in any case, generally very successful. It was, thus, through this intervention of these Zionists that the Non-Aggression Pact of January 1934 in which the Polish Foreign Minister, Josef Beck, [see Appendix] played a key role, was realized and the German conspirators were foiled. That is foiled for the moment, but this made them more successful the next time.
This great diplomatic event of 1934 was rewarded by Hitler in 1940 with personal letters of recognition and protection. Since these Zionists excluded the Sephardic Jews, one can thereby isolate the key to the "final solution", as world Jewry, having little regard for these assurances, wanted it differently, working through German conspirators.
9. As part of official duties, I became intimately acquainted with the Ghetto in Warsaw. There a small class of workers, artisans and professionals, did their duties faithfully and diligently. But, in this, they were forced to live miserably as the upper classes were involved in underhanded dealings in the black market. Thus by haggling, one could obtain in the Ghetto all which made life happy, pleasant and alluring. Over and above all of this, capsuled off, was a thin upper crust celebrating apocalyptical orgies, as champagne and various brands of beverages flowed freely with an abundance of exquisite foods. Meanwhile, the Jewish proletariat lay in the streets, starving, begging and dying.
Once in our discussions, I was told, impassionately, "Our race has to learn to sacrifice!" Later I was told by Jewish Fascists, "Of those here, we shall still let 60% 'bite the dust' before Madagascar." (Translator's note: For these Jews, this was to be the first step before the return to the Jewish homeland, Palestine.)
10. Regarding this, if the passionate wishes of the Roman Catholic churchmen, on all levels, had been granted, then even the Jewish babies in the bodies of their mothers would have been targeted. Even the thought of such hatreds gives one "goose pimples."
11. In conclusion, may I point out (Translator's note: As was already done by the editor in his preface.) that two weeks after the ratification of the German-Israeli Treaty, the Jews on their part, offered me DM30,000 for the Memorandum, handed, in the first instance, to the West German Government. Rejoicingly, I would have accepted this offer. I could have used the money very well, for I was as poor as millions of Germans and their fellow Europeans. But nothing would come out of this "little business deal", for it included a "little stipulation", namely, I was to verify by my signature that the Memorandum was fictitious.
[End quoting.]
This very same meeting of important, privileged Judaic Honorary Aryans is also cited in Adolf Hitler, Founder Of Israel, pp. 152-153.
"It appears from all the Hitler's destructive dealings with the Jews, ever since his Vienna days, that he differentiated Eastern Jews - as said Rathenau: "The Asiatic Hordes", or simply Heydrich: "The Mob" - from the small minority of the Western Jews whom he recognized, because they supported him in seizing the power with millions of dollars."
"In 1967 the "Institution On German History After The War" in Tuebingen, published a presentation of the German Deputy in charge of the "Four Year Plan", who in the former Polish Lvov (Lemberg) was supposed to organize work for a quarter million Jews living there. It said: "The negotiations with the 'contract partner' took place in the Office of the Armed Forces Transport commander at Akademicka Street (Academy Street). There, contingencies were made for the "final solution". Sephardic Jews living in Galicia as a minority, were separated and deported by hundreds with the German help and its Allies' airplanes, including entire families. That's how in October 1943, sixteen selected Jews from the Labor Camp in Lublin (the camp was installed on the grounds of a civil airport at Czwartkowa/ Thursday Street) were transported to Spain and from there to the U.S. Among them was a relative of President Roosevelt's advisor Morgenthau."
When I published this in my newsletter, we received mail noting the similarities of Hoyer's wartime assignment with the movie, Schindler's List. Just a curious coincidence? Had someone heard this story? Or similar ones? Remember, the memorandum was released in German in the late 1960s, and plenty of "Hoyer's Jews" survived the war, so who can really say? But, whatever the case, we could never expect Steven Spielberg to portray an SS General heroically, as a benefactor and friend of the Jews! It conflicts starkly with the current politically correct agenda, raising far too many questions as to what really happened during the so-called "Holocaust".
We really should not be surprised by collaboration between Nazis and Zionists. The National Socialist government, through its myriad of agencies and sub-agencies, did business with more than a few seemingly odd and incongruous connections, including Judaic Zionists. The Jews of Germany were the most assimilated in all of Europe, and had been for centuries. While never large in number, they were an important part of German life and culture. As to mischlinge (mixed, German-Judaics), more than a few families had this genetic admixture. Why should the culturally integrated Jews and their descendents, especially the mischlinge, not be expected to participate in political movements, of all sorts and on all extremes? Examine the actual governmental policies and programs of National Socialism. Once we move beyond racialist and outré esoteric occult trappings, (that is, to the actual political programs) there is nothing that would preclude Judaics from participation, at all levels. If truth be told, National Socialist paradigms, including extreme exclusivist elitist volkish nationalism, underlie the political protocols and policies of the Israeli apartheid state. AshkeNAZIs, indeed!
So then, wartime collaboration should be no surprise, and is easily verified. Did you know that some Jews lived openly in Berlin during the war, with synagogue services? When the Soviets entered Berlin, they found over 800 who had been sheltered in a special hospital that was open for them all throughout the war. http:// If the Germans were so intent on killing them all, how could this be?
What kind of "Holocaust" was that? Judaic folk also lived peacefully in other parts of wartime Europe. Gertrude Stein, et al, spent the war comfortably continuing their celebrity lifestyles in German-allied Vichy France, with close friends in high places.
And, we must not fail to mention the 155,000 (probably more) Jews and mischlinge who served in the German military. As we see, others were rewarded for their services to the Reich, with documents signed and sealed by der Fuerher himself! For more about Jews in wartime Germany, see Hitler's Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg, 2002. Hennecke Kardel, a Wehrmacht infantry lieutenant, was probably one of them. Even if poor General Hoyer did not survive for very long after the war, thanks to his courage and forethought, his testimony did. We must suppose he was eventually liquidated when the Powers That Be thoroughly considered what he actually knew, and the damage he could do. Not only that, he already said far too much by releasing his memorandum to the press. Horst Hoyer was a martyr for the truth, "letting the cat out of the bag" about wartime backroom deals between Judaics and Nazis. Unfortunately, this dedicated man likely suffered the fate of certain other "whistleblowers".
Neither the extreme hardcore admirers of Chancellor Hitler and the NS party nor ultra Holocaust fundamentalist Zionists will like this article very much. But whether you believe Kardel's hypotheses or not, this has been a productive exercise, giving us an odd and exceptionally curious behind-the-scenes look at covert cabals and their wartime wheeling and dealing. Through these unique lenses, we see the real roots and role of the ethnocentric ideology of Judaic volkish Zionist supremacism in the establishment and behavior of the Israeli ministate. The carefully constructed and agreed upon lies of the Allies about the war, its real causes, and the conduct of the war ­ but especially the slurs, innuendos and untruths about the German people -- are, more and more, being deconstructed and exposed. The truth is out, with more to come.
Let the light shine.
Wayne Madsen Report ... There's more nepotism in 2016 POTUS race than you may know
April 10-12, 2015 -- There's more nepotism in 2016 POTUS race than you may know

While a number of Democrats and Republicans grumble aloud about the 2016 presidential race turning out to be a replay of 1992's "Clinton versus Bush" campaign, which saw 2016 Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, defeat GOP frontrunner Jeb Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, for re-election, there is nepotism within the Republican primary race. The prospect of another Bush v. Clinton election prompted former Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley, himself a contender for the Democratic nod, to remark: "The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families."

But nepotism does not only affect the presidential race but also, possibly, the vice presidential stakes. As previously reported by WMR and recently re-investigated by additional sources in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, on-and-off again GOP frontrunner, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, is a cousin of Jeb Bush. 

Wisconsin insiders believe that the candidacies of Bush and Walker are designed to give the GOP faithful the false impression that there is a real contest within the Republican Party for the presidential nomination, when, in fact, Walker would settle for the vice presidential spot on a Bush ticket after giving Jeb Bush a spirited fight for the nomination. Such an outcome could ensure future control of the presidency and vice presidency, at least for one term, by members of the same extended family. 

Cousins Scott Walker [left] and Jeb Bush [right] prepare to hoodwink GOP primary voters by pretending to run against one another for the nomination. Get ready for a Bush-Walker ticket ensuring the same extended family will control the White House for the next sixteen years

On May 4, 2012, WMR reported: "A cousin of Wisconsin's unpopular Republican Governor Scott Walker, who is running in a rare recall election, has informed WMR that Walker is a member of the Bush-Walker family of former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George Walker Bush.

Governor Walker's cousin does not support his cousin's gubernatorial bid in Wisconsin."

Our report added that Walker's cousin reported that Scott Walker, like George Herbert Walker and George Walker Bush, is allegedly a descendant of George Herbert Walker, a wealthy banker originally from St. Louis. Walker eventually became the President of the W. A. Harriman & Co. in New York. Walker's daughter Dorothy married Prescott Bush. Dorothy and Prescott were the parents of George H. W. Bush.

Our original report stated, "George Walker owned a number of railroads, including the Missouri Pacific Railroad, that employed Scott Walker's relatives throughout the West, including Colorado.

In 2010, Scott Walker jokingly referred to George W. Bush as his 'cousin' because of their close political views. However, Scott Walker, who was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  is a descendant of the same Walker-Bush clan that sired both Presidents Bush."

Scott Walker's ancestor is said to have been George Herbert ("Bert") Walker, the St. Louis-born railroad and banking magnate. The promontory at the Bush family Kennebunkport, Maine estate, Walker Point, got its name from its original owner, Bert Walker, Jeb Bush's great grandfather.

Bert Walker's daughter Dorothy married the son of Ohio steel executive Samuel Prescott Bush, future Connecticut Republican senator and father of George H. W. Bush, Prescott Bush. The Ohio-based Samuel Bush made a small fortune selling steel from his Buckeye Steel Castings Company to Remington Arms, owned by John D. Rockefeller's first cousin, Percy Rockefeller. The Buckeye steel was used to make the barrels for the rifles used in World War I. 

Before and after World War II, Prescott, who worked for Brown Brothers Harriman in New York, provided financial services for a number of German war industry firms, including Hamburg-American Line, Union Banking Corporation, Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, Silesian-American Company, I.G. Farben, and Thyssen Industries.

Scott Walker's father, Llewellyn Walker, was a Baptist minister who moved from Colorado Springs to Iowa when Scott was 3-years old. The family ultimately moved to Wisconsin. Wikipedia, which excels at only providing partial biographies, conveniently states that two of Llewellyn Walker's grandparents were from Wales but makes no mention of his family ties to Bert Walker.

The railroad ties that bind: The Bush family-Scott Walker links via the Missouri Pacific Railroad, owned by Bert Walker and which employed Scott Walker's grandparents in Colorado.

There is also a family link between right-wing politician financiers Charles and David Koch and the Bushes. Dorothy ("Doro") Bush Koch, the sister of Jeb Bush, is married to Robert ("Bobby") Koch of the industrialist Koch family of Kansas. Although Bobby Koch worked for Democratic congressmen Tony Coelho and Richard Gephardt, he is now the head of the non-partisan Wine Institute, the lobbyists for the corporate wine industry. 

Charles and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries, have given millions of dollars to Republican candidates, including Scott Walker and George W. and Jeb Bush. The founder of Koch Industries, Texas oil man Fred Koch, reportedly joined Prescott Bush in providing commercial assistance to Nazi Germany before and during World War II. Koch is said to have sold oil to Germany via Prussia's port of Königsberg, where a relative of his, Erich Koch, was Adolf Hitler's appointed local Prussian governor.

Fred Koch was also one of the founders of the Wisconsin-based far-right John Birch Society. 

Scott Walker's parents: Back row, left to right: Pat and Llewellyn Walker with Scott Walker and younger brother David. Llew Walker is a direct descendant of the Walker railroad family that provided the Bush clan with its initial wealth

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Yes to 'no planes', Israel nuked the WTC, the Holocaust(timeline below) is a hoax, the Mossad / LBJ assassinated John Kennedy & ISIS=Hitler.

Interactive Spreadsheet - 9/11 Truth, JFK assassination, Holocaust revision & ISIS

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