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Clean, shiny aircraft wreckage?

National Fire Protection Assoc.



Omar Saeed / 911, Pakistan


& Sibel Edmonds

No aircraft parts were near the heliport at the time of the attack.  One hour later an aircraft part was underneath the heliport window. 
  • No aircraft parts were seen outside of the Pentagon building other than the clean shiny parts at the heliport.
  • The heliport is hundreds of feet away from the impact area.


Above: Notice how far away from the impact site the heliport is and there doesn't appear to be any parts near the left window of the first floor of the heliport?

below: Now the aircraft part is under the window

above: The shiny aircraft part is not by the heliport.




Left: Its difficult to see, but the part by the two firefighters is in front of the heliport, that is hundreds of feet from the impact site.

Are these all the same part?  above- under the window and below?



Are these the same parts? and The only red fire truck on the scene is near the heliport.  The part could fit into the van.  more on page 14 or page 10

  The aircraft part with the American   Airlines letter C under the window in above picture does not appear in the photo with Rumsfeld?   The part had to have been placed there, and was not there as a result of the aircraft attack.  Notice the shadows and smoke.


Was the van at the heliport at the moment of impact? Yes
  • The van was at the heliport before any fire trucks arrived

National Fire Protection Association 
  • Photos of initial smoke plume from attack.
  • How is it that Reagan National fire fighters at are within 2-3 minutes of the attack scene responding to a private vehicle accident?
  • The seven minute fire
  • Reports on initial activities of all first responders
  • Additional reports
Below: exerpt from NFPA article.  Search: Pentagon    full article copy
"The ARFF foam units knocked down the bulk of the fire in the first seven minutes after their arrival, said Captain Michael Defina, who was the shift commander that day at National"  full article copy: National Fire Protection Association.
. And from the After Action Report in Response to September 11: "Damage, although severe, was constrained in area and the fire was brought quickly under control."
How the National ARFF crews found themselves in front of ground zero on September 11 started with a motor vehicle accident on the upper level of the airport's Terminal B.

While Captain Defina and his crews were watching the World Trade Center attacks on television at the ARFF station, they were dispatched to the motor vehicle accident. Although the airport, located in Arlington, Virginia, was not on alert, Captain Defina said he had a feeling Washington, D.C., could be another terrorist target.

"Normally, the shift commander doesn't respond to motor vehicle accidents,'' he said. "But something didn't sound right about it."

Captain Defina was the shift commander that day because the battalion chief was across the river in Washington for a security briefing on an upcoming meeting.  Defina responded to the vehicle accident in the battalion chief van, along with Rescue Engine 335, under the command of Captain John Durrer, and a medic unit.

Unknown to Captain Defina and his crews, hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, outbound from Washington Dulles International Airport with 64 people on board, was only minutes away from slamming at 0938 hours into the Pentagon, about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) from National.

At the accident scene, where a driver with a diabetic reaction had struck several vehicles, the firefighters were working with their backs to the Pentagon.

"I heard a dull roar. The noise didn't belong with the noise you were used to hearing within the airport," Captain Defina said. "I turned and saw a smoke plume arise."


  • Reagan National's Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighters  (ARFF) were one of the first responders.
  • Captain Defina, in command, "said he had a feeling.....Washington D.C. would be next"
  • Defina and crew heard impact of attack jet as they responded to private vehicle accident within 2-3 minutes of Pentagon
  • Ordered fire fighting units from Reagan International to the Pentagon (Foam Unit 331 and Serv-329)
  • Observed fire fighters from Fort Meyer (who manned heliport) trying to distinguish blaze of unit 161 near heliport
  • Arlington County's Engine and Truck 105 were seen and their crews were entering the Pentagon.
  • Reagan National crews called for more help
  • More foam trucks were ordered in from Dulles.
  • Defrina and crews went inside that afternoon, reported seeing nose gear.
nfpa report_1.pdf

nfpa report_2.pdf

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh  Times of India revealed that Omar Saeed was acting under the direct orders of the head of Pakistani intelligence and not Osama bin Laden. That in itself could perhaps have been explained away, as it was widely acknowledged that Islamic elements in the ISI were sympathetic to the Taliban and their al-Qaida guests. Yet tracing the "smoking gun" money trail to General Ahmad created an entirely new smoking gun that led straight back to Washington, D.C.  Global Research
Wikipedia, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (sometimes known as Umar Sheikh, Sheikh Omar[1], Sheik Syed[2], or by the alias "Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad"[3]) (b. December 23, 1973) is a British-born militant of Pakistani descent with alleged links to various Islamic-based organisations, including Jaish-e-Mohammed, Al-Qaeda, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and Taliban.

He was arrested and served time in prison for the 1994 abduction of several British nationals in India, an act which he acknowledges, he was released from captivity in 1999 and provided safe passage into Pakistan, apparently with the support of Pakistan and the Taliban (the hijackers were Pakistanis) in an Indian Airlines plane hijacking. He is most well-known for his alleged role in the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Sheikh Omar Saeed was arrested by Pakistani police on February 12, 2002, in Lahore, in conjunction with the Pearl kidnapping,[4] and was sentenced to death on July 15, 2002[5] for killing Pearl. His judicial appeal has not yet been heard. The delay has been alleged to be due to his reported links with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.[6]

Global Research  

the Times of India revealed that Omar Saeed was acting under the direct orders of the head of Pakistani intelligence and not Osama bin Laden. That in itself could perhaps have been explained away, as it was widely acknowledged that Islamic elements in the ISI were sympathetic to the Taliban and their al-Qaida guests. Yet tracing the "smoking gun" money trail to General Ahmad created an entirely new smoking gun that led straight back to Washington, D.C. - for General Ahmad had already been reported as having breakfast in the nation's capital with Senator Bob Graham and Representative Porter Goss on the morning of September 11 (Both Graham and Goss would go on to co-chair the joint Senate-House 9/11 inquiry). In fact, as early as September 9 - two days before 9/11, for those who didn't notice - Karachi News had weighed in with the following observation:

"ISI Chief Lt-Gen [Mahmud Ahmad's] week-long presence in Washington has triggered speculation about the agenda of his mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council... What added interest to his visit is the history of such visits. Last time Ziauddin Butt, [General Ahmad's] predecessor, was here during Nawaz Sharif's government, the domestic politics turned topsy-turvy within days. That this is not the first visit by [General Ahmad] in the last three months shows the urgency of the ongoing parleys."

If ever there was a paper trail leading to the 9/11conspirators, these articles provided the print-smeared paving. Taken together, they would conjure up the following plausible scenario: Omar Saeed, acting under the direction of General Ahmad and the ISI, had provided money and "training" (as reported in the Telegraph) to the hijackers while "false-flagging" himself to the hijackers as an operative of al-Qaida. The General, on the other hand, may have represented himself to Omar Saeed as acting exclusively under ISI authority, when in fact he was acting under the direction of his American-Anglo handlers. With Omar Saeed seeding the "legend" of a bona fide money trail leading back to bin Laden, the stage would then be set for Omar Saeed to take the fall as the main patsy providing the smoking gun of al-Qaida complicity for 9/11. Yet at some point, this carefully enacted "legend" began to unravel once Indian intelligence was able to establish (or just mischievously leaked) Saeed's link with General Ahmad, forcing a reluctant FBI - or, alternatively, a cooperative element in the FBI outside of the hermetically compartmentalized loop - to go along and confirm the findings. full article

Wikipedia continued

Former Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf, in his book In the Line of Fire stated that Sheikh was originally recruited by British intelligence agency, MI6, while studying at the London School of Economics. He alleges Omar Sheikh was sent to the Balkans by MI6 to engage in jihadi operations. Musharraf later went on to state, "At some point, he probably became a rogue or double agent".[7]

His complicity in the execution and the reasons behind it are in dispute.[8] At his initial court appearance, he stated, "I don't want to defend this case. I did this... Right or wrong, I had my reasons. I think that our country shouldn't be catering to America's needs."[9], but he subsequently appealed his conviction and is awaiting further progress while in prison. Sheikh's lawyer has stated he will base his client's appeal on the recent admission of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that he is the killer of Daniel Pearl.[8][10]

Contents [hide] 1 Early life 2 Kidnapping of American and British nationals, 1994 3 Hijacking and Release from prison 4 Media descriptions 5 Alleged connection to 9/11 6 Pearl kidnapping 7 Osama bin Laden rumors 8 See also 9 References 10 External links

[edit] Early life In his youth he attended Forest School, Walthamstow, an independent school in North-East London, whose alumni include English cricket captain Nasser Hussain and Peter Greenaway, the filmmaker. Between the ages of 14 and 16 he attended school in Pakistan, where his family had relocated, before returning to the United Kingdom to continue at Forest School.[11] He told school friends that he had been in Pakistan learning about jihad, but was not believed. He was a fine chess-player and won a junior London championship. Later, he attended the London School of Economics, where he studied Applied Mathematics and Economics. At the LSE, he came under the influence of Islamic fundamentalists and was instrumental in recruiting students to the cause around London.

[edit] Kidnapping of American and British nationals, 1994 He served five years in prison in New Delhi in the 1990s in connection with the 1994 abduction of three British travellers, Myles Croston, 28, Paul Rideout, 26 and Rhys Partridge, 27, and one American, Béla Nuss, 43.[5]

[edit] Hijacking and Release from prison In 1999, Indian Airlines Flight 814 was hijacked from Nepal. Its hijackers demanded his release along with Maulana Masood Azhar and Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar,who were leaders of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, to Pakistan.[11] The plane landed in Kandahar and Taliban militia surrounded the plane, pre-empting any Indian commando operation. After negotiations between the Indian government and the hijackers, the hostages were freed eight days after the hijacking occurred, although a passenger by the name of Rupin Katyal was stabbed to death by one of the hijackers. Omar Sheikh along with the two other prisoners were released in exchange for the hostages.

[edit] Media descriptions The Times describes Saeed Sheikh as "no ordinary terrorist but a man who has connections that reach high into Pakistan's military and intelligence elite and into the innermost circles of Osama Bin Laden and the al-Qaeda organization." According to ABC, Sheikh began working for Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence in 1993. By 1994 he was operating training camps in Afghanistan and had earned the title of bin Laden's "special son."[citation needed]

Wayne Madsen Report  January 9, 2008 -- Leaders' interviews throw more doubt on official 9/11 story

Recent interviews given by former Italian President Francesco Cossiga to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra and the late former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to David Frost, respectively, have thrown more doubt on the official 9/11 story and have shown the spate of Osama Bin Laden videotapes released since December 2001 to be fakes.

In November 2007, Cossiga said that 9/11 was an "inside job" carried out by elements of the CIA and Mossad. Furthermore, Cossiga said that one of the more recent Bin Laden videotapes, which threatened former right-wing Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, was a fake produced at Berlusconi's Mediasat TV studios in Milan. Cossiga said the tape fraud was discovered by intelligence officials in the Palazzo Chigi, the headquarters for Italian intelligence.  

In an interview with David Frost, aired by Al Jazeera's English service on November 2, 2007, Bhutto revealed that Bin Laden had been murdered by Omar Sheikh (Omar Saeed Sheikh), a British-born ethnic Pakistani who has not only been linked to high Pakistani intelligence and military circles, including the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, but also to such terrorist groups as Jaish-e-Mohammed, Harkat-ul-Mujaheddin, and "Al Qaeda."

Pakistani General Pervez Musharraf wrote in his book, "In the Line of Fire," that Sheikh was recruited by Britain's MI-6 and sent to work with Muslim recruits hired by Western intelligence in the 1990s to work with Bosnian guerrillas fighting the government of Yugoslav President Slobodon Milosevic. WMR has previously reported that Bin Laden and his units based in Darounta, Afghanistan were under the effective control of MI-6 and the CIA until 1995. This was confirmed in a French intelligence report obtained by WMR.

Sheikh was charged in the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and was sentenced to death after an in camera trial. He is awaiting an appeal of his conviction in a Pakistani jail. Sheikh was also involved in the kidnapping of British and American tourists in Kashmir. Sheikh was released by Indian authorities from prison after hijackers of an Indian Airlines plane demanded the release of Sheikh and other Harkat-ul-Mijaheddin members in Indian jails for terrorist acts.

The neocon media tried to explain away Bhutto's statement by claiming that she meant to say "Daniel Pearl" was murdered, not Osama Bin Laden. However, it was reported in Time magazine on October 12, 2006, that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), a renditioned prisoner of United States intelligence, claimed responsibility for Pearl's murder. The United States said it would try KSM with Pearl's murder. Even Musharraf confirmed in his book that it was KSM who murdered Pearl. Time reported that under interrogation that KSM confessed to Pearl's murder. Time also reported that Omar Sheikh said he was opposed to Pearl's murder, but according to Bhutto, not to Bin Laden's.


Wikipedia continued

In May 2002, the Washington Post quotes an unnamed Pakistani as saying that the ISI paid Sheikh's legal fees during his 1994 trial in India on charges of kidnap. However, this claim has not been confirmed by any other source.

US authorities have also named Saeed Sheikh as a key figure in the funding of the 9/11 attacks. [12]

[edit] Alleged connection to 9/11 On October 6, 2001, a senior-level U.S. government official told CNN that U.S. investigators had discovered Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (Sheik Syed), using the alias "Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad" had sent about $100,000 from the United Arab Emirates to Mohammed Atta. "Investigators said Atta then distributed the funds to conspirators in Florida in the weeks before the deadliest acts of terrorism on U.S. soil that destroyed the World Trade Center, heavily damaged the Pentagon and left thousands dead. In addition, sources have said Atta sent thousands of dollars -- believed to be excess funds from the operation -- back to Saeed in the United Arab Emirates in the days before September 11. CNN later confirmed this. [1]

The 9/11 Commission's Final Report states that the source of the funds "remains unknown."

More than a month after the money transfer was discovered, the head of ISI, General Mahmud Ahmed resigned from his position. It was reported that the FBI was investigating the possibility that Gen. Ahmed ordered Saeed Sheikh to send the $100,000 to Atta [2]; there were also claims that Indian intelligence had already produced proof for the Pakistani administration that this was so.

The Wall Street Journal was one of the only Western news organizations to follow up on the story, citing the Times of India: "US authorities sought General Mahmud Ahmed's removal after confirming the fact that $100,000 was wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh at the instance of General Mahmud."[3] Another Indian newspaper, the Daily Excelsior, quoting FBI sources, reported that the "FBI’s examination of the hard disk of the cellphone company Omar Sheikh had subscribed to led to the discovery of the "link" between him and the deposed chief of the Pakistani ISI, Mahmud Ahmed. And as the FBI investigators delved deep, sensational reports surfaced with regard to the transfer of 100,000 dollars to Mohammed Atta, one of the kamikaze pilots who flew his Boeing into the World Trade Center. General Mahmud Ahmed, the FBI investigators found, fully knew about the transfer of money to Atta."[4]  Wikipedia

911 Review   Depending on where or when you have read his name, he is known as Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh, or Umar Sheikh, or Syed Sheikh(if you write for CNN). For simplicity's sake, we will refer to him as Omar Saeed, a Pakistani-born former student of the London School of Economics who grew up in the suburbs of Great Britain. Under the alias of Mustafa Mohammed Ahmad, he was reported to have wired $100,000 to a bank account in Florida belonging to 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta.

"U.S. investigators believe they have found the 'smoking gun' linking Osama bin Laden to the September 11 terror attacks," wrote Julian Borger and John Hooper of The Guardian on October 1, 2001. That very same day, a terror group based in Pakistan, the Jaish-e-Mohammed, claimed responsibility for a suicide attack against the provincial legislature in Kashmir, leaving 38 dead - and Pakistan on the brink of war with India.

Wikipedia continued:    The Pittsburgh Tribune notes that there "are many in Musharraf's government who believe that Saeed Sheikh's power comes not from the ISI, but from his connections with our own CIA."[5]

Sheikh rose to prominence with the 2002 killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who at the time was in Pakistan investigating connections between the ISI and Islamic militant groups. In Pakistan, Sheikh was sentenced to death for killing Pearl, however his complicity in the execution and the reasons behind it are in dispute.

In an opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal, Tunku Varadarajan has claimed that “It is a fact that General Mahmud Ahmed, then head of the ISI, wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta before 9/11 through an intermediary."[13]

[edit] Pearl kidnapping Sheikh Omar Saeed was arrested by Pakistani police on February 12, 2002, in Lahore, in conjunction with the Pearl kidnapping,[14] He told the Pakistani court, however, that he had surrendered to the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency a week earlier.[15]

[edit] Osama bin Laden rumors In an interview given to David Frost in November 2007, Benazir Bhutto states that Osama bin Laden was killed by Omar Sheikh.[16] Omar Chatriwala, a journalist for Al Jazeera English, claims that he chose not to pursue the story at the time because it was an apparent slip of the tongue.[17] A month before Frost interview, in Oct 2007, Bhutto stated in an interview that she would cooperate with the American military in targeting Osama bin Laden.[18]

[edit] See also Omar Ahmed Khadr


Bob Woodward, book, The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008, Sept 8, 2008, Robert "Bob" Upshur Woodward, assistant managing editor, Washington Post, investigative reporter, ... Carl Bernstein, search terms: uncover Watergate,  Nixon, resignation, 12 best-selling books, Pulitzer Prize, served in the Navy as an aid to Chief of Naval Operations, Moorer, met Mark Felt, FBI Assistant Director, deepthroat, inside source on Watergate, book 'The Secret Man', DNC convention, 1972, wrote All the President's Men, Redford Hoffman movie, Ben Bradlee, editor, reporting on 'Nixon dirty tricks, Woodward interviewed Bush 43 four times, books: Bush at War, Plan of Attack, State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III, with Dan Balz, Camp David, Worldwide Attack Matrix, too close to Bush, Kerry, involvement in Plame scandal: deposition to Fitzpatrick, told him senior administration official leaked Plame identity to him in June 2003, November 2005 article revealed his special knowledge, casual, offhand by Armitage, part of confidential conversation of a 'source', asked Libby questions about Armitage, interview on CNN Larry King, junkyard dog prosecutor, consequences of Plame outing not that great, Downie, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, exaggerations, fabrications in books: John Dean and Ed Gray: Felt not the only deepthroat, also Donald Santarelli. Brad DeLong: in Maestro and The Agenda, The Choice, Clinton Whitewater inconsistencies, abandon critical inquiry to maintain access to high-profile actors, for glory, stenographer to the rich and powerful, At the Eye of the Storm, see Maureen Dowd, and The Brethren, and his sitting on information for publication of a book, The Commanders ...Powell opposed Operation Desert Storm, published after war voted for in Congress,  and Veil  he did not reveal that William Casey knew of arms sales to the Contras until after the investigations, and see Martin Dardis ... Watergate burglars, and Committee to Re-elect the President, ...and accused of fabricating deathbead interview with Casey, ... Reagan called him a liar, for whatever that's worth, and other books: Wired, Shadow,

Aug 19: buzz: likely to propel re-examination of the Iraq War into the headlines, for fall presidential campaign, Hadley encouraged participation, interviews with Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gates, ... publisher: Simon & Schuster, Amazon, Alice Mayhew, and see CBS, Viacom, 496 pages, 900,000, red, white, blue, gold cover, administration infighting, will be best seller, he'll be on 60 minutes, Sept 7, How does Woodward, Miller, Cheney, Libby fit with declassifying classified information to hype the war?.. Woodward was leaked Plame info in June 03, but sat on it for years, ... John Bolton, Marc Grossman are the neo-con links to Turkey, and Plame / Edmonds working on uncovering WMD proliferation, black market activities of Bushco.

Seymour Hersh, on Chain of Command  NYTimes  "We now have two major accounts of the road to war in Iraq, Hersh's ''Chain of Command'' and Bob Woodward's ''Plan of Attack.'' Hersh is the anti-Woodward. Woodward is official scribe to the inner sanctum, and his access -- to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell -- gives his account real authority, but at a price. In Woodward's world, everything is what the principals say it is. In Hersh's world, by contrast, nothing the policy elites say is true actually is.

Sibel Edmonds
Sibel Edmonds, the FBI whistle-blower who has been gagged for years by the Bush administration over intercepts she translated while at the bureau, was willing to go to prison to get her story told. She spent years trying to get her day in court, but the State Secrets gag against her prohibited her from telling her story even to a FISA judge. After years of trying to fight her way to through the maze of the US court system, Sibel Edmonds finally decided to tell her story no matter the consequences and offered to do so to any interested US media outlets.

Today, part of that story runs, but not in the United States, where not a single corporate outlet was willing to displease the White House and give Edmonds a platform. The Sunday Times Online, however, proved up to the task - somewhat. Here are the snips from that article:

Pakistan and other states to steal nuclear weapons secrets.

Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency's Washington field office.

She approached The Sunday Times last month after reading about an Al-Qaeda terrorist who had revealed his role in training some of the 9/11 hijackers while he was in Turkey.

Edmonds described how foreign intelligence agents had enlisted the support of US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions.


Among the hours of covert tape recordings, she says she heard evidence that one well-known senior official in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washington who were selling the information on to black market buyers, including Pakistan.

The name of the official - who has held a series of top government posts - is known to The Sunday Times. He strongly denies the claims.

However, Edmonds said: "He was aiding foreign operatives against US interests by passing them highly classified information, not only from the State Department but also from the Pentagon, in exchange for money, position and political objectives."

Let me help the Times here. The person against whom these allegations are being made is Marc Grossman. The Times could have published the name and also provided the denial from Grossman's camp. I find it incredibly disturbing that they would not name the official.

"She claims that the FBI was also gathering evidence against senior Pentagon officials - including household names - who were aiding foreign agents.

"If you made public all the information that the FBI have on this case, you will see very high-level people going through criminal trials," she said.

Her story shows just how much the West was infiltrated by foreign states seeking nuclear secrets. It illustrates how western government officials turned a blind eye to, or were even helping, countries such as Pakistan acquire bomb technology."

Those senior DOD officials who are not mentioned in the Times article, all but one are no longer in government. They are alleged to be Doug Feith, Richard Perle, among others. There is also one person who is part of these allegations, still serving in a high level position at the DOD. His last name begins with an E.

I have tried getting someone in broadcast and print media to run this story. My sources did not include Edmonds, but because of the sensitive nature of the information, I was concerned that she would go to jail anyway, unless I proved she was not a source - which would require me to reveal my sources.

I thought if I approached a big enough news outlet, the pressure generated by the public response would spare Edmonds jail time and I would not be pressured to reveal sources - something I would not have done anyway. Even a former high ranking CIA officer offered to byline the article with me if that would help sell a broadcaster/publication on running the story. No one was interested.

That the Times ran these allegations (she is under a state secrets gag folks, so it is not like she is gagged for lying) is encouraging. But that they omitted all names from the allegations is unethical. The point of a free press is not to protect the powerful against the weak, but to protect the public from the powerful. The Times was willing to stick a toe in, but was not willing to risk upsetting a foreign government (This is, after all, a British paper).

There are more names, including members of Congress and people serving in the FBI. This is what happens when basic government services as well as the most sensitive government functions are outsourced to the global marketplace.

Back to the Times article, which toward the end illustrates that someone in the editorial offices located a backbone, even if temporarily:

"She has given evidence to closed sessions of Congress and the 9/11 commission, but many of the key points of her testimony have remained secret. She has now decided to divulge some of that information after becoming disillusioned with the US authorities' failure to act.

One of Edmonds's main roles in the FBI was to translate thousands of hours of conversations by Turkish diplomatic and political targets that had been covertly recorded by the agency.


The Turks and Israelis had planted "moles" in military and academic institutions which handled nuclear technology. Edmonds says there were several transactions of nuclear material every month, with the Pakistanis being among the eventual buyers. "The network appeared to be obtaining information from every nuclear agency in the United States," she said.

They were helped, she says, by the high-ranking State Department official who provided some of their moles - mainly PhD students - with security clearance to work in sensitive nuclear research facilities. These included the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico, which is responsible for the security of the US nuclear deterrent.

In one conversation Edmonds heard the official arranging to pick up a $15,000 cash bribe. The package was to be dropped off at an agreed location by someone in the Turkish diplomatic community who was working for the network.

Let me again offer help to the good folks at the Times. The person in question is a Turkish military official who at that time also happened to sit on the board of a particular defense contracting firm.

"The Turks, she says, often acted as a conduit for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan's spy agency, because they were less likely to attract suspicion. Venues such as the American Turkish Council in Washington were used to drop off the cash, which was picked up by the official.

Edmonds said: "I heard at least three transactions like this over a period of 2˝ years. There are almost certainly more."

The Pakistani operation was led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, then the ISI chief."

Now, who is General Mahmoud Ahmad?

"Intelligence analysts say that members of the ISI were close to Al-Qaeda before and after 9/11. Indeed, Ahmad was accused of sanctioning a $100,000 wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, immediately before the attacks."

You can see why Edmonds had to be silenced for "diplomatic reasons." As though diplomatic (read: business) relationships are more important than national security. Let me give you one more snip from this incredible article (minus the censorship):

"Khan was close to Ahmad and the ISI. While running Pakistan's nuclear programme, he became a millionaire by selling atomic secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea. He also used a network of companies in America and Britain to obtain components for a nuclear programme.

Khan caused an alert among western intelligence agencies when his aides met Osama Bin Laden. "We were aware of contact between A Q Khan's people and Al-Qaeda," a former CIA officer said last week. "There was absolute panic when we initially discovered this, but it kind of panned out in the end."

It is likely that the nuclear secrets stolen from the United States would have been sold to a number of rogue states by Khan.

Edmonds was later to see the scope of the Pakistani connections when it was revealed that one of her fellow translators at the FBI was the daughter of a Pakistani embassy official who worked for Ahmad. The translator was given top secret clearance despite protests from FBI investigators.

Edmonds says packages containing nuclear secrets were delivered by Turkish operatives, using their cover as members of the diplomatic and military community, to contacts at the Pakistani embassy in Washington.

Following 9/11, a number of the foreign operatives were taken in for questioning by the FBI on suspicion that they knew about or somehow aided the attacks.

Edmonds said the State Department official once again proved useful. "A primary target would call the official and point to names on the list and say, 'We need to get them out of the US because we can't afford for them to spill the beans'," she said. "The official said that he would 'take care of it'."

Read the whole thing. I urge you to print it, email it, share it with everyone you know. Edmonds has said enough now that she may very likely go to prison, but she is a true patriot and she must have our support, in the media and also in the public sphere.


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