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Pentagon surveillance cam, image manipulation. Trying to convince the world that an airliner hit the Pentagon Heliport: Image manipulation, outlining
Building renovation 
  • The attack jet sliced through renovated and non-renovated areas.
  • Debris removal?.....
see ASCE for details see also Pages  26,   7,   27
see Page 29, Phoenix Project, and 9/11 Memorial
Renovation   top
Nose cone stories 
  • Many stories about nose cone penetrating three rings of Pentagon?
  • They ignore 30 tons of aircraft engine parts entering building according to official reports
from: copyright: Colin Abbot  Boeing 757 below: Cone story from

Left: "Aircraft landed after full emergency due to a bird strike."


Obviously, the story on the right is total bunk.

It ignores the 30 tons of aircraft engines on a Boeing 757.

photo legend link

Excerpt:   "American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the western face of the Pentagon, penetrating the first and second floors, just north of the fourth corridor in Wedge 1, and traveled at a forty-five degree angle through the building’s three outer-most rings, E, D and C, before stopping just shy of the fifth corridor in Wedge 2. The nose of Flight 77 punched out into A-E Drive, a roadway between the B and C rings. The fireball and explosion that resulted upon impact was significant but was impeded in Wedge 1 by a sprinkler system that was recently installed as part of a building-wide renovation project first begun in 1993" article copy
The tail structure of a Boeing 757 is 44'6" high, or just at the bottom of the 4th floor of the Pentagon.   The area inside the yellow square is the entry point of the attack aircraft.

And the center line of the engines is just about level with the top of the first floor.  But only two adjacent windows were even broken on the second floor (ASCE report).  There's no way that a Boeing 757 crashed into this building.

above:  Boeing 757 aircraft engine: approximately weighing 15 tons. And see:The Pentagon Building Performance Report  (ASCE)  American Society of Civil Engineers.


see Summary of Attack Concepts     TOP  HOME   

Why are these photos manipulated?
  • .Is it part of a fear mongering campaign
More outlining?    Here are the original CNN images: September 11 Pentagon crash ,
The outlining tool size is remarkably similar in the upper and lower photos.
see for background and details Outlining  

CNN tape alternate source  original CNN images: September 11 Pentagon crashand backup CNN:Original CNN print screens top, bot

  Why the outlining and image manipulation
  • Outlining
notice black outlining around this shadow? changing the contrast, and brightness brings out the outline?
CNN tape alternate sourceoriginal CNN images: September 11 Pentagon crash ,   and backup CNN:Original CNN print screens top, bot



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