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9/11 Pentagon Memorial

The Truth will honor the victims

Pentagon Memorial
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Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
  • Inconsistencies between attack aircraft flight path and memorial images depiction of that path?  Was a memorial design chosen to reinforce the idea that the attack aircraft steeply descended into the Pentagon?
  • The recent surveillance tape shows a low level, parallel-to-the-ground flight pathand YouTube
  • But Titan Systems report says it was a steep dive, and memorial images support this view.
  • Curious outlining of gate shadows?
  • Unbelievable that a surveillance camera could miss a Boeing 757. 
  • Why weren't 84 other tapes released?


Memorial images
and see  Pentagon  image manipulation

How could a surveillance camera not capture the image of a 225,000 lb. commercial airliner?


New Pentagon video (sham) YouTube

and see below analysis of  area inside yellow circle (below).  This is the frame immediately before impact.  Notice on right panel (below) the 'white patch'.  Does this patch confirm low level, parallel-to-the-ground flight path?  Yes.

Are the above images supposed to illustrate a steep dive of the attack aircraft?

see Titan Systems description of flight path  and how it contradicts latest video release by Pentagon

The flight path of the attack aircraft was parallel to the ground and at light pole level.

MORE on page 4 and see curious outlining of gate shadows,

MORE on page 6




Boeing 757

The brown image flipped over...and steep dive?

Titan Corporation quotation from their After Action Report: "....interrupted by the sight and sound of a commercial airliner in steep descent, banking sharply to its right before disappearing beyond the horizon".

Titan Corporation info

Is there an effort to conceal the fact that the last 1/3 mile of the attack aircraft flight was level and at lamp post height.  And is the PentagonMemorialFund logo an effort to promote the idea that it was a large airliner?

and Page 4

or see speeded-up sequence 270k file

small aircraft entering from right, CNN photo sequence


Flight path trajectory images?


source: Why are these images in this graphic? What is this?
and print screen of front page here   What? Why?  hi res version  or nfu copy
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  •  All promoted government photos of 9/11 Pentagon feature the collapsed section...none before the collapse.  Is there an effort to persuade that the attack caused the collapse.  The lingering fire, not the attack, caused the collapse.


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