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After the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building  7, the US Government decided to hire 4 companies for  an immediately clean-up.  
Many 911-victims groups and representatives of the NYFD (New York Fire Department) described this as  "destruction of evidence" or "evidence treated like  garbage".

Who are these four companies?
AMEC Construction Management, Inc.; Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.; Tully 
Construction Co., Inc.; and Turner/Plaza Construction Joint Venture. /national-20011120.html

Here are some background profiles: No.1
AMEC is a leading international provider of
specialised services and engineering solutions for
clients in manufacturing, commercial, infrastructure
and process industries, based in London.  
AMEC was also the only construction company, who was
working at both disaster sites in New York and at the Pentagon, Washington.  
In an interesting coincidence, AMEC also already
worked for the Pentagon in 2001, completing a
renovation of the same section of the Pentagon, Wedge
1 ($150 million costs), which was later officially hit by AA77.  
AMEC often worked together with the oil industry.  In 1999 BP Amoco awarded AMEC Process and Energy a
major support services contract.  
During the same period BP Amoco already supported the
election campaign of George Bush.
Totally they spent $2,989,073 between 1995 and 2000.


They had been not alone. Exxon spent $3,280,216 ,
Occidental Petroleum $1,544,774 and Texaco Inc.

Us Congress member Don Young (R-AK), also an Arctic Refuge drilling advocate, received $119,708 for his 1998 election, $133,850 for 2000, and so far $27,750 for his upcoming race in 2002.
"It was Young, incidentally, who suggested that
environmentalists may have been responsible for the airplane crashes into New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11. Attorney General
John Ashcroft received $151,149 from the oil and gas industry for his failed Se nate race in 2000..."
AMEC is also specialised in cleanups of fuel tanker
rollovers, their latest big job was a cleanup in New Mexico.  
Other clients include PharmaChem- or rail services.
AMEC also invented AFMS (Automated Frequency
Management Services), which "advises clients all over
the world on matters of radio regulations development,
communication policy, spectrum planning, and
computer-based frequency management and radio station
Part of AFMS is SPECTROCAN, which is a member of the
International Telecommunication Union, concentrating
on monitoring the radio spectrum for governments and
regulatory agencies around the world.

AFMS is a very popular akronym, therefore easy to be confused.
(i.e. Air Force Manpower Standard, Automatic Flight Management
System,Automated forms System etc...)  
The AMEC-AFMS was also involved in the analysis of the
malfunction of handheld radios which complicated the
rescue efforts of firefighters at the World Trade
It has been reported that an evacuation order
broadcast by Fire Chief Joseph Callan was not received
by some of the firefighters.  
In an analysis by Prof. Donald A Lund from April 2002,
Lund came to the conclusion, that currently "there is  a lack of available radio frequencies for
emergency responders and public safety officials
to use. As a result, existing frequency
spectrums are crowded."  
It would be interesting to hear the conclusion from AMEC/AFMS.  
Currently are conflicting reports around, if maybe the GE-Ericsson 800 megahertz radio system should be  standardized nationwide for emergency cases.  
AMEC works also together with the SAIC, i.e. Kyle Cook (SAIC)
and Chris Stransky (AMEC) in the County Project "Clean Water"
in San Diego.

The SAIC, on the other hand, is a mega tech specialist,
who also developes different communication standards.
One of their various companies is Telcordia.
Telcordia Technologies is specialised in Lazer Technologies or Space Imaging and a subsidiary of the SAIC, who just appeared in the news regarding their former employee Stephen Hatfill, who is one of the current suspects for the anthrax attack in autumn 2001.
Hatfill worked together with Jerome Hauer at the SAIC in 1999, who later directed the OEM and built the emergency center, also known as "the bunker" on the 23rd floor of Building 7.  
Hauer also organised the security job for former FBI terror specialist John O'Neill, who died in the Twin Towers.  
Corporate Vice President of Applied Research
Telcordia (formerly Bellcore Communications Research) is Robert W. Lucky, a specialist in "correcting distortion in telephone signals".  
Lucky is also on the Board of Trustees of ANSER, who established the Homeland Security in 1999.  
Both ANSER and AMEC are prime contractors of the Pentagon.
Chief Executive of AMEC is Sir Peter Mason, former
executive director of BICC plc, a huge Cable Company.
Among AMECs analysts and brokers are Deutsche Bank,
Merrill Lynch or UBS Warburg. Their auditor is KPMG
Audit Plc.  KPMG is in the meantime also represented by former
FBI-HQ Robert J. Chiaradio, who once ignored various
warnings about a possible terrorist attack and obscureflight school trainings in the United States.  
Chiaradio works since July 2002 at KPMG as "managing
director and lead advisor on homeland security".  
AMEC received another contract by the US Department of Defense on 13 December 2001 to "to provide
environmental engineering, professional, technical and
remediation services for the Air National Guard. The
Department announced that the contract has a total
potential value of up to US$598 million over ten
"...The new services contract closely follows AMECís
selection by the Department of Defense to extend its
provision of construction management and support
services at the Pentagon building following the
terrorist attacks of September 11. AMECís Construction
Management division had previously completed
renovations to Wedge 1 of the Pentagon and is
currently providing emergency repair and restoration
of the impacted sections. Specific contract details
have not been disclosed..."

On January 2002 AMEC received another contract about
$1.4 billion International Air Terminal to "complete"
John F. Kennedy International Airport.
AMEC is represented in the States by New York-based
Construction Management and has also other contracts
with airports like Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood
International, San Francisco International, but also
Hopkins International or construction contracts with
the New York Stock Exchange and the renovation work at
the Pentagon.
AMEC Construction Management is led by Mitchell Becker
and John Babieracki, a "a 30-year veteran in the
construction industry", who also "built 50-story
skyscrapers that grace New York Cityís skyline".

In May 2002 AMEC was joined by Homeland security and environmental risk scientist Laurel H. Pye  

In the last couple of months AMEC had been joined also
by wildlife biologists, ecologists, physicians or Air
Force Engineering Expert Col. Scott E. Streifert (US
Airforce/August 20, 2002).

Col. Streifert recently retired from the Air Force as
Support Group Commander at Travis Air Force Base in
His past activities with the Air Force have included
environmental compliance at the the Pentagon or
environmental management at Wright-Patterson Air Force
Base in Ohio.

Bovis Lend Lease

Bovis Lend Lease is based in London.
They have clients in the telecommunications-, health
care-, microelectronics- or pharmaceutical companis
and the british government.

They also work for the U.S. Department of Defence or with
the Department of Defence in Australia.  
Other clients are Johns Hopkins Medicine,
Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States,
Nokia, Lucent, Ericsson, Cisco, Nortel Networks, AT&T,
Telstra, IBM, the European Space Agency
or Schering-Plough, an American pharmaceutical company.
On August 26th, BLL announced a contract with Japans
3G mobile phone network.

Bovis Lend Lease is also partner of British Pretoleum
(BP) "Global Alliance".

On October 30, 2001 Bovis announced their division of
Bovis Lend Lease Pharmaceutical, a new company focused
on providing solutions to its global customers in the
pharmaceutical and allied industries.  
Bovis had also worked for the Pentagon before.
They built the Pentagon City Mall, Pentagon City's
Washington Tower office building and The Ritz-Carlton
hotel in 1990.

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