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Will Mukasey sabotage the Rosen Weissman trial?  below



Mukasey, Gonazales replacement  ...


Conflict of interest, below


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News Research:
under construction Mukasey, Rosen, Weissman and Clinton  top
  • Alex Geana Blackwater / Blackstone group connections
  • Antiwar "in Rosen's own secretly-recorded words – about the Khobar Towers terrorist attack, which he claimed he had received from U.S. government officials ... "
  • Association for Civil Rights in Israel  
  • Bat Shalom (Israel) Israeli feminist org
  • Bradblog "She (Feinstein) also, apparently, is ignoring the fact that Mukasey is in favor of disenfranchising Photo ID laws
  • Bretton Woods Project critical voices on WB/IMF
  • First Amendment Center free press, free speech, 
  • Gorilla in the Room blog "Sibel Edmonds Case In The News The Sibel Edmonds case is heating up a bit. Read the latest about the Sibel Edmonds case here. ....  In an apparent greymail attempt, the defense has called 15 current and former government officials to testify - including Condi Rice, Douglas Feith, Stephen Hadley, Elliott Abrams and Richard Armitage."
  • Huffington Post, Martin Garbus
  • MERIP Middle East Research and Information Project
  • Miraserve, Movement for Islamic Reform Saudi reform movement
  • National Jewish Democratic Council   
  • News from Russia  Pravda, Israel, search
  • Oznik free Vanunu, Refusenik watch.
  • The New Israel Fund
  • Peace Now (Israel)
  • Scoop House Judiciary vs. Bush, Mukasey Over Contempt
  • Washington Note "On paper, Mukasey was a good choice. But in his performance, he decided to lick and polish the boots of Bush administration torture-meister, Cheney chief-of-staff David Addington. When that happened, Mukasey went to the dark side and abandoned the excellent efforts put forward by other Bush administration anti-torture advocates like Legal Adviser to the Secretary of State John Bellinger, former State Department Policy Planning Deputy Director Matthew Waxman, Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England, and former Counselor to Secretary of State Rice Philip Zelikow."
  • Tear Down This War. or did Ronald Reagan say Tear Down the Wall.
    • Summary
    • The shadow of Israel / AIPAC over Washington.
    • Latest trial date January 14, 2008 Forward
    • Judge T. S. Ellis III allowed issuance of subpoenas to 16 of 20 government officials including Rice, Hadley.   JTA  This weakens the government case.  Fed prosecutors failed in challenge to subpoenas, see Antiwar 
    • Conservatives use the threat-to-free-speech argument, but this is just a  smokescreen to shield  AIPAC as the leader of US of Israel. The info they passed to Israel was sensitive Iraq Iran secrets ...see  Secrets below.  Mukasey politically speaking has to shut the trial  down.  see Graymail below.
    • Defense attorneys say all this just normal channel of US info to Israel.  see US of Israel NFU
    • Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Schumer important in Mukasey (orthodox Jew) AG ascendance.  Wikipedia. Will he stop the case and protect AIPAC? He has pledged to recuse himself from the cases involving Giuliani and Kerik ... but what about AIPAC?
    • FAS Rosen Weissman case files.
    • This is the most important trial in the last 50 years and is being completely suppressed by mainstream media all over the world ... confirming the power of the Israeli leadership.  Its a complex case. The Israeli-controlled US media though won't have a problem spinning it away from  the dumbed-down, distracted readers of America.
    • and see Mukasey / Israel
    • Waxman letter to Mukasey on Fitzgerald's Plame evidence Dec. 2007 after McClellan revelations.
  • American Judicature Society Independent non-profit org supported by national membership of judges, lawyers...
  • Blog, JewishWeek
  • First Amendment Center free press, free speech, 
  • Freedom Forum of First Amendment Center 
  • Institute of Research, Middle East Policy
  • Jurist "If the White House is unable to successfully challenge the subpoenas it could be forced to drop the case against the AIPAC officials..."
  • Michigan Daily Bush Kerik homeland security chief.
  • Institute of Research "While compelled testimony from the authors of the most disastrous foreign policy in the nation's history may seem to be a welcome ray of light, it is unlikely to ever happen. The defense may be counting on this as a "graymail" strategy to get the case thrown out, thereby avoiding the embarrassment of current and former officials. Judge Ellis gave AIPAC reason hope it may work. It is likely that the subpoenaed witness will not appear on grounds of "executive privilege". If Ellis reads the news, he knows that this has already occurred when Bush administration officials refused to appear before Congress to discuss the firing of US attorneys. If this happens again, the case against AIPAC will be over ... "
  • Huffington Post  "Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein's endorsement of Michael Mukasey is stunning.  ... There are more reasons to reject Michael Mukasey's nomination than his evasive answers on waterboarding and unconstitutional expansive views of federal power. Years ago, Michael Mukasey defended the indefensible when his friend, Rudolph Giuliani, then a prosecutor, began subpoenaing defense lawyers before grand juries. ... It was one of the more substantial overreaches of the Giuliani years. And it is of particular relevance in today's criminal cases that bear the terrorism label -- a brand of cases where the government's failure rate today is very high. It can be aimed at the country's best defense lawyers and those lawyers that defend detainee, rendition and terrorism cases."
  • Antiwar "The indictment outlines a series of meetings between Rosen and at least two unidentified U.S. government officials – since identified as David Satterfield and Kenneth Pollack – in which the man who built AIPAC into a lobbying powerhouse turned his organization into a transmission belt that routinely moved classified information from Washington to Tel Aviv. ... The defenders of Rosen and Weissman argue that this is a First Amendment case, but there is no First Amendment right to engage in espionage – or else why aren't the Rosenbergs considered martyrs to the principle of "free speech"? This isn't just about passing information to Israel. Franklin is an associate of neoconservative guru Michael Ledeen and fellow Pentagon analyst Harold Rhode, with whom he traveled to Rome in 2001 to attend an unauthorized meeting with Iranian "dissidents" and the scamster Manucher Ghorbanifar, of Iran-Contra fame (which Ledeen also played a key role in, as Israel's go-between). "

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Giuliani / Mukasey / Feinstein / Kerik - Conflicts of Interest 

9/11 Investigation Pages Menu
Sibel Edmonds Judge Reggie Walton  Suspicious route to Edmond's Trial
Giuliani / Mukasey / Feinstein / Kerik Conflicts of Interest    top
    • Summary
    • The shadow of Israel over Washington
    • see WMR for details of these connections
    • Sen. Diane Feinstein, billionaire husband is Richard Blum, a military contractor after six years on Senate military construction committee, she finally resigned ... conflict of interest. 
    • Connect the dots between Giuliani companies, Giuliani's close personal friendship with Mukasey, Blum's casino construction projects with developer Sheldon Adelson and Mark Advent ... along with Giuliani Safety and Security Company LLC,
    • Connect the dots between Feinstein's husband's (Blum / Perini) construction companies and Schumer's wife (Iris Weinshall) who is the New York Transportation Commissioner and the monorail between JFK airport and the Pennsylvania Station...get it?  all friends of Michael Mukasey.
    • see Conflicts of Interest research on Mukasey / Kerik (indictment) / Marc Mukasey (stepson)
    • and Conflict of interest: Palfrey connections to Mukasey (stepson Marc is attorney for Harlan Ullman, Cheney friend, escort service user.)
    • see WMR for details of these connections
  • American Judicature Society Independent non-profit org supported by national membership of judges, lawyers...
  • US Attorneys Office for the Southern District of New York, 1970, Mukasey and Giuliani served together. 
  • Wikipedia, Sheldon Adelson
  • Wikipedia, Mukasey, orthodox Jew
  • Wikipedia Feinstein
  • Wikipedia, Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson owner
  • Wikipedia, AIRTRAIN, monrail, JFK and Penn station, Blum's company: Perini is a major AIRTRAIN contractor
  • Wikipedia, Schumer, Senator .... New York Transportation Commissioner is Iris Weinshall, the wife of Charles Schumer. see AIRTRAIN, Blum, Feinstein ... etc...get it?
  • Adelson, Sheldon casino and resort developer 
  • Apollo Management,
  • Attorney General, Mukasey 
  • Carlton Hotel Properties, see Feinstein
  • Carlyle Group
  • Cintra, Spain, toll road projects, search Giuliani connections
  • Fairmont Raffles Holding International, Blum on Board of Directors, 
  • Feinstein, Sen. Diane Republican in Democrat's clothing.  Schumer, Senator .... New York Transportation Commissioner is Iris Weinshall, the wife of Charles Schumer. see AIRTRAIN, Blum (contractor), Feinstein (Senator) ... etc...get it?  Thanks WMR.
  • Giuliani Security and Safety Company LLC, division of Giuliani partners, search Bernard Kerik.
  • Giuliani presidential campaign, Mukasey as advisor.
  • Harrah's Enterprise
  • Las Vegas Sands,  owner: Sheldon Adelson, see Cotai Strip casino complex, Macau, Adelson backs Guiliani
  • Macquarie Group, Australia, toll road projects, search Giuliani connections
  • McConnell, Mitch, Senator Conservative Senator
  • Marc Mukasey, more of Bracewell & Giuliani.  Kehilath Jeshurun Synagogue of New York, an orthodox and Zionist synagogue that is affiliated with the Ramaz yeshiva schools. ...  Russian-born Zionist leader Rabbi Moses Zevulun Margolies, 
  • Senate Subcommittee on Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Patterson Belknap Webb & Taylor,  ... Mukasey joined and Giuliani worked together ... Mukasey swore in Giuliani as mayor.
  • Perini Building Company, Macau
  • Sentosa Integrated Resort, Mark Advent, Stanley Ho, partner, 
  • TPG Asia, see Blum
  • URS a Blum (Feinstein) company
  • Washington Group International, toll roads, 
  • Whitehouse Bush
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Sykes Picot Agreement,   1948 Arab-Israeli war, Wikipedia     Go To PDF file


Supreme Court Search

Related Legal Issues
NSA, Domestic phone records database,  NFU pages index
  • Issues to research
  • How is the internet and phone system tapped?   Narus
  • Are there ties between the recent NSA warrantless wiretapping and the old 'Israeli art students' revelations?  How does Comverse Infosys (Verint), Amdocs, Telrad, Israel fit?
  • How does it all tie back to 9/11?  FoxNews, Carl Cameron, Israeli art students?
  • What lawsuits are now pending? 
  • What are administrative subpoenas, National Security letters?
  • William T. Crowell, Narus Board of Directors, was Deputy Director of Operations of NSA.
  • Wired News, Mark Klein, Whistleblower Outs NSA Spy Room  ...more 
  • Israeli companies dominate phone billing and firewall markets
  • News


International Courts   top
Stacking Courts   top
Supreme Court    top
'Protect Act' & Judicial Discretion    top
Walton Watch   top   Libby, Edmonds cases    and  see Suspicious Moves   and Leakgate
  • ABA Walton
  • GovExec "The judge (Walton) said he had no alternative but to dismiss the case "due not only to the nature of the information, but also because the imminent threat of terrorism will not be eliminated any time in the foreseeable future, but is an endeavor that will consume our nation's attention indefinitely."
  • Judge Reggie Walton, US District Court, District of Columbia
  • US DOJ Dept of Justice
Bush Fascism Watch

Stop Bush Fascism

Related pages Concepts

Who is George Prescott Bush?

Sibel Edmonds   top   
  • ABA Walton
  • GovExec "The judge (Walton) said he had no alternative but to dismiss the case "due not only to the nature of the information, but also because the imminent threat of terrorism will not be eliminated any time in the foreseeable future, but is an endeavor that will consume our nation's attention indefinitely."
  • Judge Reggie Walton, US District Court, District of Columbia
  • US DOJ Dept of Justice
9/11 Investigation Pages Menu
Sibel Edmonds Judge Reggie Walton  
Notes   Narcosphere, Narco News
Judge accused of excessive secrecy in FBI whistleblower's case By Bill Conroy, Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2006 at 07:46:03 PM EST FBI 

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is taking the judge in her federal court case to task for his seemingly over-the-top pursuit of secrecy at the expense of transparency and justice. In a motion filed today with the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., Edmonds claims federal Judge Reggie Walton has demonstrated a penchant for unwarranted secrecy, which has proven prejudicial to her litigation. As a result, she claims that Walton should not be allowed to continue as the judge for her case.

By the way, Walton is also the judge assigned to hear the criminal case of "Scooter" Libby, the former White House official accused of compromising CIA undercover operate Valerie Plame Wilson.  From a press release issued today by Edmonds:

Edmonds motion for recusal is based on Judge Walton’s pursuit of secrecy in his required yearly financial disclosure by redacting his entire disclosure statement, his deference to secrecy in his rulings on Edmonds’ previous claims where he was the presiding judge, and the unusual operations of the case assignment system concerning Edmonds’ cases. Narco News was the first media outlet to expose the fact that Walton’s financial disclosure statement was completely redacted in an article published on Dec. 17, 2005, on the Narcosphere.

From that story: The disclosure statement filed by Walton, which was obtained through the dogged efforts of a conservative watchdog group called Judicial Watch, is curious in what it does not reveal. Remember, this judge is arguably handling two of the most sensitive and potentially far-reaching challenges to the free press and the public’s right to know of our times. … So Judge Walton seems to be in a critical role in serving as the point man in the federal judicial system for two explosive cases — the Edmonds civil case and Libby’s criminal case — both of which have vast implications for the White House and for the country in general.

So shouldn’t we know who’s buttering Walton’s bread in terms of financial backing? Why have ethics rules mandating such disclosures, if the information is not disclosed in cases, such as these, where the stakes are so high?  Well, it seems, at least according to the only document that Judicial Watch could shake loose in its public-records quest, that Walton doesn’t think so. His financial disclosure statement, the one released for public inspection through Judicial Watch, is completely redacted, every line of it.

Edmonds was fired from her job as an FBI translator after blowing the whistle on alleged espionage being carried out by a fellow FBI employee. She was prevented from pursuing a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit filed in 2002 (based on alleged violations of her civil rights) because of the state-secrets privilege claim lodged by the U.S. government, a claim upheld by Judge Walton. That claim essentially shut down her ability to present evidence in the case under the smokescreen that it would jeopardize national security.

The U.S. Supreme court last year rejected Edmonds appeal in the case. She now has a separate case pending in federal court in Washington, D.C. Ironically, in both cases, Judge Walton was randomly assigned to hear her complaints at the District Court level. Walton also has been assigned randomly to hear the Plamegate case involving Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff.

Following is the full press release issued by Edmonds today, which includes links to her recent court pleadings:  

For Immediate Release- March 22, 2006 Contact for Commentary: Professor William Weaver, , (915.525.0483(M); 505.216.9853(H))

Federal Judge in Libby Trial Deliberately Hides Financial Background

Possible Violation of Federal Law Charged by FBI Whistleblower

Today, Sibel Edmonds, Former FBI Language Specialist and a whistleblower, filed a motion in D.C. Federal Court asking for recusal of Judge Reggie Walton from her pending case filed under the Federal Tort Claim Act. Walton is also currently hearing the perjury case involving I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, who is suspected of leaking the name of former CIA undercover operative Valerie Plame Wilson to the media.

Edmonds motion for recusal is based on Judge Walton’s pursuit of secrecy in his required yearly financial disclosure by redacting his entire disclosure statement, his deference to secrecy in his rulings on Edmonds’ previous claims where he was the presiding judge, and the unusual operations of the case assignment system concerning Edmonds’ cases. For the recusal motion filed by Edmonds Click Here

The redaction of Judge Reggie Walton’s entire Financial Disclosure Statement appears to be in violation of the Ethics in Government Act. The Ethics in Government Act requires that Federal Judges file a yearly financial disclosure statement with the U.S. Judicial Conference as a check on conflicts of interest. A disclosure may be redacted only to the extent necessary to protect the individual who filed the report and for as long as the danger to such individual exists. The Financial Disclosure Statement filed by Judge Reggie Walton in 2003 redacts all information except for the date of the filing and Walton’s name. This is highly unusual. According to a recent GAO Report, less than one percent of judges on average request complete redaction of their financial disclosure each year. For Judge Reggie Walton’s 2003 Financial Disclosure, Click Here. For the request letter sent to the U.S. Judicial Conference on March 6, 2006, asking for the release of Judge Walton’s unredacted financial disclosure statement Click Here.

In July 2004, Judge Reggie Walton disposed of Edmonds’ First Amendment case on the basis of the government’s assertion of State Secrets Privilege. On the same day as the decision, Judge Walton quashed a subpoena for Edmonds’ deposition by attorneys representing over 1,000 family members who lost love ones during the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In limiting the deposition in the case, Burnett et al. v. Al Baraka Investment & Development Corp., Judge Walton prevented the 9/11 attorneys from asking a majority of the proposed questions related to the attacks. These included even the most mundane questions, such as:

• When & where were you born? • Where did you go to school? • What languages do you speak? • What did you focus your studies on in school? • In what capacity have you been employed by the United States Government?

The convoluted route the Edmonds’ case has taken to Judge Reggie Walton’s courtroom appears suspicious and creates the perception that the system has been manipulated. Edmonds’ First Amendment case, filed in July 2002, was assigned to Judge James Robertson who recently resigned from the FISA Court in protest of warrantless NSA eavesdropping. In February 2003, Edmonds’ case was removed from Judge Robertson and reassigned to Judge Walton with no explanation provided. Edmonds filed a motion to request the case to be transferred from Judge Walton, and be assigned to Judge Ellen Huvelle who had been presiding over Edmonds’ related FOIA case since July 2002. The court granted Edmonds’ request and transferred her case to Judge Huvelle. However, two days later, Edmonds’ case was removed from Judge Huvelle and reassigned to Judge Walton with no further information or reason provided. On July 6, 2004, Judge Walton granted the government’s motion to dismiss based on the assertion of the State Secrets Privilege.

In March 2005, Edmonds filed in D.C. Federal Court a separate claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act, and the case was randomly assigned to Judge James Robertson. However, five days later, Edmonds’ claim was removed from Judge Robertson and reassigned to Judge Reggie Walton. This set of facts reveals apparent violations of local rules governing the assignment of cases.

Sibel Edmonds worked as a language specialist for the FBI’s Washington Field Office. During her work with the bureau, she discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. After she reported these acts to FBI management, she was retaliated against by the FBI and ultimately fired in March 2002. Since that time, court proceedings on her issues have been blocked by the assertion of “State Secret Privilege” and the Congress of the United States has been gagged and prevented from any discussion of her case through retroactive re-classification by the Department of Justice.

In January 2005, the Justice Department's Inspector General vindicated Edmonds’ claims when it declared that many of her charges "were supported by other witnesses and documents, and that her allegations were, in fact, the most significant factor in the FBI's decision to terminate her services."

Judge Reggie Walton was nominated to his position as a United States District Court of Columbia Judge in October 2001 by President George W. Bush. He served as President George H. W. Bush’s Associate Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the Executive Office of the President and as President Bush’s Senior White House advisor for Crime.



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