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 Petras, James, new book: The Power of Israel in the United States  ...  How the Jewish Lobby dominates US foreign policy
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  • Democratic Underground  According to FBI agent Theodore Cacioppi Madoff said that there is no innocent explanation, all but confessing. Ira Sorkin, who is representing Madoff, is a well respected lawyer with experience in enforcement as well as defense, but the law, the facts, and his clients aren't doing him any favors here. ... from FireDogLake
  • FireDogLake
  • OpEdNews  Two years ago the state of Israel began selling a national bank, Leumi, to private investors. One of those investors was Ezra Merkin. A Merkin fund called Ascot gave all $1.8 billion that Merkin had raised from investors to Bernard Madoff.
  • WakeUpFromYourSlumber
  • Silobreaker  A Luxembourg-based fund run by Switzerland's biggest bank UBS invested $1.4 billion with Bernard Madoff, the U.S. fund manager accused of running a $50 billion fraud, Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag said on Sunday.UBS declined to comment on the size of fund, ...
  • The Spoof   Tel Aviv - (Sorry Ass Mess): The Israeli secret intelligence service is hopping mad after Off-the-Wall-St trader Bernard Madoff lost 95% of the Mossad's pension fund in his $50 billion hedge fund collapse.   How come we didn't see this one coming?" the intelligence (sic) agency's CEO raged today after being told the Madoff Ponzi scam was modeled on Mossad's very own 1980s blueprint for bringing down OPEC securities.  ...   Madoff, 69, is said to have asked for FBI protection after rumors of irate Israeli spooks sending out a posse to 'nail his thieving ass' for the pyramid scheme.
  • Fortune  "Speaking as a Jew on Christmas, I would be less shocked if Santa Claus showed up to my house than if Bernie Madoff pulled off this fraud alone," says Ron Geffner, a partner at law firm Sadis & Goldberg who specializes in structuring, organizing and counseling hedge funds and other investment advisors.
  • Jews stealing from Jews... Zionists...
  • Wikipedia  Jacob Ezra Merkin (born 1954) is an American money manager, financier and philanthropist. He is the Chairman of GMAC and the general partner of Gabriel Capital LP, a $5 billion family of hedge funds. He is the son of prominent banker and philanthropist Hermann Merkin and author Ursula Merkin, and the brother of writer Daphne Merkin.  Merkin manages Ascot Partners LP, a hedge fund which was valued at $1.8 billion prior to the collapse of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.[1] He is a significant partner in Cerberus Capital Management and co-manages securities with Stephen Feinberg.
  • Goldman Sach Board of Directors, accused of fraud by Sen. Carl Levin:  Goldman Sachs Directors Executive Officers Management Committee Lloyd C. Blankfein Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John H. Bryan Presiding Director Gary D. Cohn President and Chief Operating Officer Claes Dahlbäck Stephen Friedman William W. George James A. Johnson Lois D. Juliber Lakshmi N. Mittal James J. Schiro H. Lee Scott, Jr. John F. W. Rogers Secretary to the Board   Lloyd C. Blankfein
  • WMR April 2, 2009 -- Stanford laundered and siphoned money from wealthy Latin Americans to fund anti-leftist rebellions     ....    An informed source close to the investigation of Sir Allen Stanford's failed Stanford Financial Group and Stanford International Bank has told WMR that there is another link between Stanford's activities and those of jailed Ponzi scammer Bernard Madoff. While Madoff defrauded a number of wealthy American Jewish investors, Stanford, according to our source, was doing the same with the investments of a number of Latin American Jews, especially those from Mexico and Venezuela.     ...    In some cases, however, Stanford, with the knowledge of the Jewish investors, was laundering and forwarding their money to groups planning the overthrow of elected progressive leaders such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina, and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. The leaders allegedly threatened the investments of Stanford's Jewish clients in each of the nations targeted for coups.   ...   In 2007, Venezuelan police raided the La Hebraica Jewish Community Center in Caracas and searched for weapons and explosives. Earlier, in November 2004, the center was raided by police for clues in the car bombing assassination on November 18 of government prosecutor Danilo Anderson. Police suspected that Anderson's killers may have had help from "foreign groups."   ....   full story
  • WMR  July 30 -August 1, 2010 -- Bush's ambassador to eastern Caribbean protected Stanford operations    ...   Mary K. Ourisman, the Texas-born socialite wife of Maryland car dealer Mandy Ourisman, helped provide diplomatic and legal cover for jailed former Stanford International Bank chief Allen Stanford, according to Stanford insiders who spoke to WMR. Mary Ourisman was George W. Bush's ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean States, which include Antigua and Barbuda, the headquarters for Stanford's one-time global banking and financial services empire that collapsed in 2009 after it was discovered to be a Ponzi scheme. Stanford is in prison in Texas and has been refused bail as a flight risk -- Stanford is also a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. He is scheduled to go on trial in January 2011, conveniently two months after the congressional election in November. Stanford's campaign contributions fell into the coffers of congressional members of both Democrats and Republicans.  more search terms: Mary Ourisman, Antigua, Barbuda, ponzi scheme, campaign contributions, Bush, GOP Laura Bush, St. Kitts-Nevis, St. Vincent, Grenadines, Texas, money laundering, Lester Bird, Baldwin Spencer, Debra-Mae Lovell, Horald Lovell, Hillary Cliton, Charlesworth Shelley, Hewlett & Company, north London office, Stogniew and Associates, Mexia, Anna Nicole Smith.   MORE  WayneMadsenReport
  • WMR previously reported on Sir Allen Stanford's aviation fleet and its curious links to covert U.S. intelligence operations. American International Group (AIG) is also in the aviation business and its subsidiary, International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), is one of the largest aircraft leasing businesses in the world.    ...    Last year, ILFC's CEO Steven Udvar-Hazy, a Hungarian emigre who founded ILFC in 1973, attempted to buy back ILFC from AIG. As a $65 million donor to the Smithsonian's Dulles annex, the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum annex at Dulles International Airport is named for Udvar-Hazy. The SR-71 Blackbird spy plane among other large aircraft, are on display at the annex. Udvar-Hazy, one of the world's richest men, may still get his wish to reacquire ILFC as AIG attempts to come up with much-needed cash. In 2006, Udvar-Hazy was one of the members of the official U.S. delegation to Hungary that was led by part-Hungarian New York Governor George Pataki to mark the 50th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of the country.   ...   Questions remain as to why a company primarily involved in insurance would have taken over an aircraft leasing business that leases Airbus and Boeing passenger jet liners to airlines, the super wealthy, and Hollywood stars. The answer may be found in AIG's classified files that would put the spotlight on AIG's clandestine work for U.S. intelligence since the company's founding in 1919 in Shanghai as American Asiatic Underwriters by Cornelius Vander Starr, the uncle of President Clinton's chief prosecutor, Kenneth Starr. In 1992, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg took over majority shares in the company from Starr.   ...   Greenberg, a close confidante of Henry Kissinger, was once considered by Clinton to head up the CIA after James Woolsey's departure in 1995 and Greenberg named Kissinger as chairman of AIG's International Advisory Board. AIG's one-time Vice Chairman was Frank G. Wisner, Jr., son of veteran Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and CIA veteran Frank Wisner, a one-time liaison to British agent Kim Philby, who later turned out to be a top Soviet spy. The senior Wisner allegedly committed suicide in 1965 using his son's shotgun.    more search terms:   SEC, ILFC, E. J. Daly,  Greenpeace, whaling , Amchitka, Alska,  World Airways last flight out of Saigon, 1975,  operation desert shield, desert storm,  rendition,  Tower Air, Evergreen International Airlines, Air America, Air Asia, Civil Air Transport, Intermountain Aviation, American International Assurance  full story  file
  • WayneMadsenReport March 16, 2009 -- Madoff took fall for New York's richest and most powerful politicians     ...    A reliable source who is close to both the U.S. Court for the Southern District of New York and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York's Organized Crime Unit tells WMR that Ponzi scammer Bernard Madoff, who was remanded to prison last week by U.S. Judge Denny Chin, took a "fall" for some of New York's most powerful and wealthiest politicians who were using Madoff's private investment scheme as a "front" to assist in a major real estate redevelopment plan for New York that stood, and still stand, to make the conspirators super-rich.   ...    Although the federal prosecutors in the case against Madoff claim the former chairman of NASDAQ and chief of Madoff Investment Securities refused to cooperate in their criminal conspiracy investigation of Madoff, the prosecutors have no intention of expanding the case beyond Madoff and possibly some of his family members.   ...   WMR has been informed by a well-informed New York legal source that Madoff is a second-tier player in a major real estate development plan that used some of the money skimmed off by Madoff's Ponzi scheme to fund some of the real estate development projects . WMR has been told that another second-tier player in the real estate scheme is none other than Madoff's trial judge, Chin.  more search terms: Tishman Speyer, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Metlife, Chin penthouse reward in Battery Park, destroyed email evidence, all pertains to Cornerstone Project, Grand Central Station, Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, casinos, entertainment centers, Vegas, Atlantic City, plane crash kills, Revel Hotel, Chin close to Mukasey, and Landlord lobby, West Side Lobby, and Bracewell Giuliani, Patterson Building, Chad Vignola, Giuliani Bloomberg mafia, McGreevey, Spitzer out, Israeli honey trap, Brener, Obama and Rahm Emanuel totally involved. full story
  • WayneMadsenReport The emergence of a connection between Bernard Madoff, the $50 billion Ponzi scheme fraudster and R. Allen Stanford's collapsed $50 billion Stanford Financial Group may center round the Bank of New York (BONY) Mellon's Pershing LLC, which bills itself as "a leading global provider of clearing and financial services outsourcing solutions to more than 1,100 institutional and retail financial organizations and independent investment advisers who collectively represent more than five million active investors."full story  more search terms: Russian-Israeli mafia, Grigory Loutchansky, money transfers, OPERATION SPIDERWEB,  FBI-EUROPOL,  Russian-Israeli dual citizens, money laundering arrests,  Menatep, European Union Bank, Benex connections to Marc Rich, Forest Hills, Grigori Loutchansky, NORDEX, nuclear materials smuggling, Sam Dombs, Khodorkovsky, Putin Antiqua.
  • WayneMadsenReport March 3, 2009 -- The CIA -- Who is it benefiting? The American people or American corporations? On February 26, 2009, WMR reported on a major date that may bear great significance on the collapses, bailouts, and investigations of a number of major international firms tied to CIA covert activities. WMR reported that on May 5, 2006, just three days prior to Dusty Foggo's resignation as the CIA's Executive Director, CIA director Porter Goss resigned. On the same day that Goss resigned, President George W. Bush signed an order exempting publicly traded companies from accounting and disclosure procedures required under the 1934 Securities Exchange Act for national intelligence reasons. Then-Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte was delegated the authority to exempt companies from compliance with the SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] law.   ...   What Bush did with one stroke of a pen was to exempt companies like Stanford Financial Group, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, American International Group (AIG), and other companies linked to U.S., and, in the case of Madoff, Israeli, covert intelligence activities, from normal oversight and regulation by the SEC. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI), then John Negroponte, no stranger to the world of subterranean intelligence operations, was empowered to exempt CIA front companies from SEC oversight. It is not known whether President Obama's DNI, Dennis Blair, retains this authority, but Congress should start asking about the Bush order and whether it remains in effect. And if the Senate and House Intelligence Committees insist on keeping any discussions about CIA front companies and slush funds behind close doors, the committees responsible for banking and securities oversight should stand their ground and reject any interference, based on the old canard of "national security," that may be offered up by the two dubious Democrats who chair the two intelligence oversight committees.  full story  more search terms: conflict of interest, Feinstein, Blum, Richard Ellis, Newabridge Capital, Blum Capital, AIG intelligence activities,  China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, Mongolia, URS Corporation, EG&G, Carlyle Group, Poppy Bush, American Himalayan Foundation, gold smuggling, Rep. Sylvestre Reyes, El Paso, Duke, Cunningham, Wilkes, Prescott Bush, Krongard, Banker's Trust, Blackwater, Xe, Marc Rich, Merkin, New York Fifth Avenue Synagogue, CIA links to business, BCCI, Savings and Loan, Iran Contra. 
  • WayneMadsenReport No one will ever know just how Charlesworth Shelley Hewlett, who ran CAS Hewlett & Company out of a small office sandwiched between fish and chips shops on South Bury Road in Enfield in north London, came to be the accountant for Allen Stanford's $50 billion financial empire that included Stanford International Bank (SIB). That is because Mr. Hewlett, known as a quiet gray-haired man to those who had offices in his north London office block, died "peacefully" a few weeks before the Stanford scandal hit the front pages. Hewlett was 73 but no one knows the reason for Hewlett's death.   ...   CAS Hewlett maintained only four other offices, three in the London area, including one in Ilford in Essex, England and another in Antigua, where SIB is headquartered.   ...   There are definite links between the Stanford scam and that involving Bernard Madoff's $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Perhaps the one most striking similarity between the two men is that they used small, virtually unknown accounting firms to handle multi-billion dollar enterprises that are usually audited by the large international accounting firms like Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ernst and Young. Madoff used Friehling & Horowitz, a small three-person firm in New City, New York, while Stanford used Hewlett with four offices of one to two rooms in the London area with no signs of regular employees. WMR has been informed by a knowledgeable source that Hewlett's rented offices had a desk, a filing cabinet, and a telephone. None of the telephones had answering machines. Neighboring office workers noticed an individual entering and exiting Hewlett's offices about once a week.   full story
  • However, the financial scandal is also a political scandal. Starting in this decade Madoff's giving became radically one directional. In the 1990's he gave to whoever was local, and to people who regulated the securities industry. Locally, Alphonse D'Amato and Jerrold Nadler were both on his contributions list. But in this decade, he and his youngest son Andrew began lavishing money on the Democratic Party. In all Bernard gave $128,000 to Democrats as a donor, but $100,000 of that came in the last three years to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. His wife Ruth gave heavily to Hillary Clinton and HILLPAC, their sons gave as well. The recipients? Back in 1999 they were backers of Bill Bradley, but over the long term, the tight cluster of giving was to Ed Markey, Chuck Schumer, and Ron Wyden. Frank Lautenberg got political contributions, and put his and his charity's money with them. That's a clear conflict of interest.
  • Jewish Journal Madoff is a trustee of the Yeshiva University and a long-time philanthropist in Jewish circles.  ...   According to Yeshiva University, "Bernard L. Madoff, a member of the University's Board of Trustees since 1996, was elected chairman of the Board of Directors of Sy Syms School of Business in 2000. Mr. Madoff is chairman of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, one of the nation's largest third-market dealers in New York Stock Exchange and over-the-counter securities. A benefactor of the University, Mr. Madoff recently made a major gift to the Sy Syms School."  
  • WMR Feb 09, February 27-March 1, 2009 -- Stanford's Latin American operations linked to U.S."counter-narcotics" efforts    ...   Although it stands accused of laundering money for narco-interests in countries like Panama, Colombia, and Mexico, the Stanford Financial Group of "Sir" R. Allen Stanford is being linked by investigators to the world of U.S. government covert and overt counter-narcotics programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.   WMR has learned from a knowledgeable source that FAA records point to a Stanford & Associates, Inc. address at 1329 Alum Springs Road #101 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The address is listed for Stanford's Learjet (N60CE), which was exported to Germany in 2001. The same address was used for HS 125-700A (N81QV), exported to the Cayman Islands in 2000, Cessna 650 (N1239L), exported to Germany in 2000, Another Stanford & Associates address is at 1661 N. Swan Road, Suite 200-6, Tucson, Arizona for a Learjet (N613SA), exported to Germany in 2000. more search terms: Gulf Stream G-IV, N2SA, N3SA, N1SA, N4SA, Abby Construction, Hawker 800XP, N14SA, N10SA, Fredericksburg, Laura Pendergest-Holt arrested, AV Craft, Zenithe Aviation, Alum Springs, Robert F. Stanford, Heather Hills, Bryan Stoelker, Andrea Stoelker, Oceaneering International, Inc. Judge Mark Fuller,  Senator Richard Shelby, Iceland 'special missions', Peruvian Air Force, Bowers, Cessna, Aviation Development Corporation, Maxwell AFB, Viva International, River Hawk Aviaiton, SEC, Eastern Caribbean Airlines Corp, Stanford Aviation,  The pattern is familiar to one informed source who contacted WMR. The source stated: "the CIA continues to created these false front aviation/parts corporations, infuses some government money to get them up and running, then sells them to another government- created entity and the CIA shaves off the excess cash." The pattern is similar to the CIA shell companies used to mask the agency's extraordinary rendition program that relied on chartered aircraft. full story
  • What Does It Mean  Russian Intelligence Analysts are stating today that US Military and Police Forces loyal to President-Elect Obama have staged the largest takedown in American history of a foreign Nations spy service operating within its borders.  ...   According to these reports, New York financier Bernard Madoff [pictured top left] was the target of Obama Forces as he is believed to have masterminded the financing of Israel’s vast espionage operations in the United States since the 1960’s.   ...   Mr. Madoff, who holds duel citizenship in both the United States and Israel, was apprehended this past week while attempting to flee the United States and move billions of Mossad funds out of New York, and which was thwarted by US District Court Judge Louis Stanton who said ‘the order he issued appeared necessary to prevent Madoff or an agent from moving funds out of the court's jurisdiction and to "preserve the status quo" for whatever may come from future proceedings’.   ...   These reports further state that the powerful US Attorney, and Obama ally, Patrick Fitzgerald was behind the takedown of Madoff and his Mossad backers who Fitzgerald has been investigation since the 2005 arrest of Pentagon Official Lawrence Franklin, and who was charged with passing American Military secrets to the powerful American-Jewish Lobby AIPAC which is known to be one of Mossad’s most powerful front organizations operating in the US.   
  • Rense  Sources say that most of his and his clients wealth were gained through issuing subprime mortgages to unqualified borrowers and then tranching the mortgages into CDOs and circulating the CDOs among US pension funds including GM, GE, IBM and Califorina's State pension fund. Some of the wealth was also gotten through investments in Vegas housing sub divisions and Miami condo projects at the height of the real estate bubble.   ...   Finally, sources say that the wealth from Madeoff's scam has been fully transfered to Israel and that "most if not all of the clients have been made aware" that their money is available to them in Israel and that it was felt that this was a necessary measure in protecting certain high level clients in the face of a collapse of the USA.   ...  A European bank executive has said early this morning that the Banks involved in Madeoff's fund were exposed through loads and leveraging and that these loans will be repaid in full from Israel.  
  • net comment: Former President Bill Clinton laid out a list of big-ticket donors to his foundation Thursday that is heavy with foreign governments and business interests sure to have a stake in the policies that Hillary Rodham Clinton carries out as secretary of state. Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments gave at least $46m, while corporate donors included Blackwater. The contributions went to the William J. Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit created by the former president to finance his library in Little Rock, Ark., and charitable efforts to reduce poverty and treat AIDS. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave $10m to $25m to the foundation, and other government donors included Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy and Jamaica. The Dutch national lottery gave $5m to $10m. The Blackwater Training Center donated $10k to $25k."
  • Jewish Americans are the most powerful and influential ethnic group in America. Jewish Americans make up 2 percent of the U.S. population yet comprise 40 percent of U.S. billionaires. 18% of Jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more. More than 55% of all Jewish Adults received a college degree and 25% earned a graduate degree. More than 60% of all employed Jews are in one of the three highest status job categories: professional or technical (41%), management and executive (13%) and business and finance (7%). Over 45% of large gifts made to charity are made by Jewish Americans. Over 50% of Jewish Americans live in just four states: New York, New Jersey, Florida and California. Jewish Billionaires: Lawrence Ellison, Sheldon Adelson, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer, Carl Icahn, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Samuel Newhouse, Jewish Media Executives: Rupert Murdoch .... Robert A. Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company; Philippe P. Dauman, CEO of Viacom; Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal; David Westin, President of ABC News; Donald Graham, CEO of the Washington Post; Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-In-Chief of U.S.News & World Report; Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr, Publisher of The New York Times; Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS Satellite Radio; Joanne Lipman, Editor-In-chief of Condé Nast Portfolio; Jann Wenner, Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine; Jewish Investment Bankers: Richard S. Fuld, Jr., CEO of Lehman Brothers; Lloyd C. Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs; Charles R. Schwab, Founder of the Charles Schwab Corporation; Prof. Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel; Bob Zoellick, President of the World Bank; Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve; Alan D. Schwartz, CEO of Bear Stearns; Bruce Wasserstein, CEO of Lazard LLC; Dr. Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank; Jean Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank; James Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase; Blake Grossman, CEO of Barclays Global Investors
  • WMR Jan 5 Today is third anniversary of Ariel Sharon's stroke.  Very convenient stroke after he sold Israel's Bank Leumi to Ezra Merkin, Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme partner-in-crime, and head of "Ariel" Fund Ltd. Sharon's stroke is as convenient as CIA director William Casey's on the eve of his testimony on Iran-contra (another scandal involving Israel).  
  • JTA Edwin Black: Why is the Fed giving Merkin $5 billion? By Jacob Berkman · December 30, 2008  JTA contributor Edwin Black brings up a legitimate question on Cutting Edge News: Shouldn’t the Fed have some reservations about handing General Motors Acceptance Corp. $5 billion to turn itself into a bank, when its chairman just lost a couple of billion by recklessly investing his own hedge fund solely in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme?  The Fed, as part of its financial bail out of the auto industry gave GMAC that and another $1 billion from the Treasury department just before Christmas, despite that its chairman, J. Ezra Merkin lost some $1.8 billion after investing all of the assets of his Ascot Partners hedge fund in Madoff – and dragging down with him scores of Jewish philanthropists and Jewish nonprofits by getting them to invest their money with him.  
  • Wikipedia  On December 11, 2008, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested Bernard Madoff on a tip-off from his sons, Andrew and Mark, and charged him with one count of securities fraud. On the day prior to his arrest, Madoff told his senior executives at the firm that the management and advisory segment of the business was "basically, a giant Ponzi scheme."[2]   ...   Madoff's funds depended in part on so-called "feeder funds" that funneled investor deposits directly to Madoff. Merkin's Ascot Partners was one such feeder fund, directing "substantially all" of its assets to Madoff. [3] Merkin became embroiled in controversy when Ascot Partners investors were told of the connection in a letter faxed to them on December 11th. [3] Many of them were not aware or told of the connection to Madoff, and in at least one case, Merkin denied any connection to Madoff when asked by an investor.[4]   ...   In an official letter distributed to Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Administration, Yeshiva University President Richard Joel stated that Merkin, who was Chairman of the University Investment Committee, managing its endowment of almost $1.985 billion (as of about 2 years ago), had invested about 200 million dollars in his own Hedge Fund, Ascot Partners, which was almost solely invested with the Bernard Madoff fund. As such, Merkin apparently earned large management fees for his Ascot Fund with the money of a University on whose Board of Trustees he sat. Although Joel implicitly acknowledged that the University's charter lacked a conflict of interest restriction on the management of school funds, Merkin resigned from all of his positions at Yeshiva that day.   ...   According to the New York Post, members of the New York-based Fifth Avenue Synagogue, for which Merkin served as president, "suffered a $2 billion bloodbath" as a result of the alleged fraud.[5]
  • Madoff, search terms:  from Time article   Harry Markopolos, the man who knew too much about Bernie Madoff, appeared in public on Wednesday, and this time the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was listening. ... In front of the House Financial Services Committee hearing, the former investment manager told how his nine years of repeated warnings to SEC enforcement officials went ignored and how they dismissed his detailed "red flag" reports. Markopolos also told the committee that tomorrow he will be turning over evidence to the SEC of another major Ponzi scheme, a $1 billion "mini-Madoff." It's expected that the SEC will pay closer attention to him this time. (Read "Bernie Madoff's Victims: Why Some Have No Recourse.") search terms: whistleblower, testimony, complex, sinister, hearing room, Paul E. Kanjorski, chairman of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Sponsored Enterprises, The hearing was the committee's second in a series to help guide the most substantial rewrite of the laws governing the U.S. financial markets since the Great Depression. Ultimately, Markopolos asked the committee to "restructure" the SEC, calling it "nonfunctional" and "harmful to our nation's reputation as a financial leader." ... feared for his safety, "investigative ineptitude" and "financial illiteracy." Rampart Investment Management in Boston, With the sober, academic look of an accountant, the former investment manager for(he is currently an independent certified fraud examiner) detailed Madoff's phony split-strike conversion strategies and oddly "unsophisticated portfolio management." Markopolos said Madoff's "math never made sense" and his "return stream never resembled any known financial instrument or strategy." Markopolos said Madoff was earning 82% of the S&P 500's return with less than 22% of the risk, but his returns only had a 6% correlation when Markopolos expected "something like a 50%" correlation, Chicago Board Options Exchange, But the biggest tip-off of a fraud was that Madoff reported his fund was down only three months out of 87, whereras the S&P 500 was down 28 months during the same period, split strike conversion strategy, the equivalent of Major League Baseball player batting .966 and no one suspecting a cheat., Madoff's greatest talent, the witness indicated, was his use of a "hook" or lure to play "hard to get" and the false security of exclusivity, a hallmark of a Ponzi scheme, Mike Garrity, At that point, Markopolos decided to go to the press. He told the committee he went to a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, John Wilke, but the editors never approved an investigative piece, so things went back to the SEC's Cheung, and there it stopped. "It is a sickening thought," but if the SEC or the Wall Street Journal "would have picked up the phone and spent one hour contacting the leads" provided, Markopolos said, Madoff would have been stopped in 2006, and "untold billions" would have been saved. Markopolos said he never went to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a nongovernmental regulator that oversees 5,000 brokerages, out of fear for his safety: "Bernie Madoff was chairman of their predecessor organization and his brother Peter was former vice chairman." Those links to Madoff, he felt, could have exposed him to harm, especially since a lot of feeder fund money "was coming from Russia and South America." FINRA was created in July 2007 through the consolidation of NASD and the member regulation, enforcement and arbitration functions of the New York Stock Exchange. The former chairman of FINRA, Mary Schapiro, is now the new head of the SEC, selected by President Obama and approved by the Senate Banking Committee last month  more  
Partial Madoff victim list, source: FinalAlternatives   
  • Name, funds, source
  • Fairfield Sentry (Fairfield Greenwich Group) (Madoff feeder fund) alternatives firm $7.5 billion firm  
  • FIM Ltd. (Kingate funds manager) money manager $3.5 billion media reports 
  • Grupo Santander bank $3.5 billion El Pais 
  • Rye Investment Management (Tremont Group) (Madoff feeder fund) hedge fund $3.1 billion Bloomerg News 
  • Kingate Management (Madoff feeder fund) alternatives firm $2.8 billion Bloomerg 
  • Bank Medici of Austria bank $2.1 billion Bloomberg 
    Ascot Partners (Madoff feeder fund) hedge fund $1.8 billion Wall Street Journal 
  • Access International Advisors hedge fund $1.4 billion Bloomberg 
    Fortis Bank Nederland bank $1.35 billion firm  
  • HSBC bank $1 billion firm  
  • J.P. Jeanneret Associates investment adviser $946 million Syracuse Post-Standard 
  • Benbassat & Cie bank $935 million Le Temps 
  • Union Bancaire Privee bank $846 million Le Temps 
  • Natixis bank $600 million Bloomberg 
  • Royal Bank of Scotland bank $600 million published reports 
  • Sterling Equities investment firm $500 million New York Post 
  • BNP Paribas bank $475.3 million Bloomberg 
    BBVA bank $404 million Reuters 
  • Fix Asset Management alternatives firm $400 million firm  
    Carl and Ruth Shapiro individuals $400 million WSJ 
  • RMF (Man Group) alternatives firm $360 million firm  
  • Reichmuth Matterhorn bank $330 million Bloomberg 
  • Normal Holdings . $302 million 
  • Pioneer Alternative Investments alternatives firm $280 million Bloomberg 
  • Maxam Capital Management (Madoff feeder fund) fund of hedge funds $280 million WSJ 
  • EIM Group bank $230 million Le Temps 
  • Rennert, Ira  individual $200 million FINalternatives 
  • Bank Austria bank $192.1 million Der Standard 
  • Tremont Capital Management (Tremont Group) fund of hedge funds $190 million firm  
  • M&B Capital Partners money manager $187.9 million El Mundo 
  • Fisher, Jerome (Nine West founder) individual $150 million media reports 
  • Shapiro Family Foundation, Carl and Ruth, charity $145 million Boston Globe 
  • Yeshiva University university endowment $140 million Bloomberg 
  • Aozora Bank bank $137 million firm  
  • AXA insurer less than $135 million Reuters 
  • Credit Mutuel bank $124 million Bloomberg 
  • Dexia bank $106.9 million firm  
  • UniCredit financial firm $100 million Bloomberg 
  • Hadassah charity $90 million JTA 
  • Unione di Banche Italiane bank $84.9 million Bloomberg 
  • Nordea bank $65 million Reuters 
  • Hyposwiss bank $50 million Reuters 
  • Korea Life Insurance Co. insurer $50 million Yonhap News 
  • Banque Benedict Hentsch bank $47.5 million firm  
  • Royal Dutch Shell pension $45 million Reuters 
  • Great Eastern Holdings bank $43.9 million Reuters 
  • Town of Fairfield, Conn. pension fund $42 million Associated Press 
  • Royal Bank of Canada bank $40.4 million Globe and Mail 
  • Wolosoff Foundation charity $38 million FINalternatives 
  • Bramdean Asset Management alternatives firm $31 million WSJ 
  • family of Sarah Chew family office $30 million Time 
  • Zuckerman, Mortimer B. Zuckerman Charitable Remainder Trust (New York Daily News owner's charity) charity $30 million CNBC 
  • Meyer, Arthur I. and Sydelle F. Meyer Charitable Foundation charity $29.2 million Palm Beach Post 
  • Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. insurer $22 million Bloomberg 
  • Madoff Family Foundation charity $19 million WSJ 
  • Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation charity $18 million Jewish Journal 
  • KSM Capital Advisors investment firm $15 million Indianapolis Business Journal 
  • The Phoenix Holdings insurer $15 million firm  
  • Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services insurer $14.2 million firm  
  • Koplowitz, Alicia  individual $13.7 million Europa Press 
  • Groupama insurer $13.6 million firm  
  • Societe General financial institution less than $13.5 million Reuters 
  • Baloise insurer $13 million Reuters 
  • Lautenberg Family Foundation charity $12.8 million media reports 
  • Kas Bank bank $12.3 million firm  
  • Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management pension $12 million Reuters 
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group financial institution $11 million Bloomberg 
  • Spring, Richard individual $11 million WSJ 
  • Hampshire County Council pension $10.7 million IPE 
  • RAB Capital hedge fund $10 million Reuters 
  • Roth, Richard individual $10 million FINalternatives 
  • United Jewish Endowment Fund charity less than $10 million JTA 
  • Korea Teachers Pension pension $9.1 million  
  • Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation charity $8 million Washington Post 
  • Michael Roth individual $7.5 million FIN alternatives 
  • Chais Family Foundation charity $7 million WSJ 
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles charity $6.4 million media reports 
  • Technion-Israel Institute of Technology university $6.4 million Globes
  • Vincent Tchenguiz individual $6.3 million FINalternatives 
  • The Ramaz School school $6 million FINalternatives 
  • Irwin Kellner (named plaintiff on first lawsuit against Madoff) individual $6 million lawsuit 
  • Julian J. Levitt Foundation charity $6 million WSJ 
  • Stony Brook University Foundation university endowment $5.4 million Bloomberg 
  • Berger, David individual $5 million FINalternatives 
  • Maimonides School (Boston) school $5 million Bloomberg 
  • Neue Privat Bank bank $5 million Bloomberg 
  • North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System pension fund $5 million  
  • Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (New York) synagogue $3.5 million Bloomberg 
    Dorset County Pension Fund pension $3.5 million 
  • Caja Madrid bank $3.1 million Cinco Días 
  • Merseyside Pension Fund pension $3 million media reports 
  • New York Law School law school $3 million lawsuit 
  • Peskin, Roger Peskin individual $3 million AP 
  • Swiss Reinsurance Co. reinsurer less than $3 million firm  
  • Global Specialised Opportunities 1 Bermuda-listed fund $2.8 million fund 
  • Banca March bank $2.7 million Cinco Días 
  • Aquila Capital Select 3 Zertifikat fund of hedge funds $2.52 million fund 
  • American Friends of Yad Sarah charity $1.5 million JTA 
  • Caisse des dépôts et consignations government-owned bank $1.38 million 
  • Chew, Robert and Sarah, individual $1.2 million Time 
  • SAR Academy (New York) school $1.2 million Bloomberg News 
  • Roitenberg, Harold individual $1 million Minneapolis Star-Tribune 
  • Arnold and Joan Sinkin individuals $1 million The Guardian 
  • Abbott, Steven individual less than $1 million WSJ 
  • Allegretto Fund hedge fund $790,000 firm  
  • Clal Insurance insurer $778,800 firm  
  • Mediobanca bank $671,000 firm  
  • Allianz Global Investors bank Citywire 
  • Austin Capital Management fund of hedge funds Reuters 
  • AWD financial services provider Citywire 
  • Bacon, Kevin and Kyra Sedgwick (actors) individuals New York magazine 
  • Banco Popolare bank MarketWatch 
  • Banesto bank Reuters 
  • Blumenfeld, Ed (Long Island real estate developer) individual Long Island Business News 
  • Norman Braman (former Philadelphia Eagles owner) individual WSJ 
    Chair Family Foundation charity FINalternatives 
  • Engelbardt family family office Variety 
  • Erste Bank bank Der Standard 
  • Fair Food Foundation charity Crain's Detroit Business 
  • Feinstein, Leonard (Bed Bath & Beyond co-founder) individual Newark Star-Ledger 
  • Fine, Stephen individual Reuters 
  • Flood, Barbara individual National Public Radio 
  • Foundation for Humanity (Elie Wiesel's charity) charity WSJ 
  • Goldberg, Avram and Carol, (Stop n Shop founders) individuals Reuters 
  • Greenberg, Joyce Z. individuals Houston Chronicle 
  • Gutmann bank Citywire 
  • Hillcrest Country Club members, (St. Paul, Minn.) individuals Star-Tribune 
    INTAC Global Preservation Hedge Portfolio (via Rye Investment Management) fund of hedge funds fund documents 
  • JEHT Foundation charity  
  • Henry Kaufman (former chief economist at Salomon Brothers individual WSJ 
  • KBC bank firm  
  • Knowsley MBC pension 
  • Last Atlantis Capital Managament fund of hedge funds fund documents 
  • Levy-Church, Kenneth and Jeanne (donors to Fair Food and JEHT foundations) individuals Jewish Journal 
  • Litwin, Leonard individual Bloomberg 
  • Liverpool City Council pension 
  • LLBW bank Citywire 
  • Loeb family family office CNBC 
  • Mirabaud & Cie bank Le Temps 
  • The Moriah Fund charity FINalternatives 
  • MorseLife charity Palm Beach Post 
  • Nomura bank WSJ 
  • Notz, Stucki & Cie bank Le Temps 
  • Oak Ridge Country Club members, (Hopkins, Minn.) individuals Star-Tribune 
  • Optimal Investment Services (Grupo Santander) alternatives firm 
  • Palm Beach Country Club  CNBC 
  • Roth, Eric (screenwriter) individual Los Angeles Times 
  • St. Helens MBC pension 
  • Sefton MBC pension 
  • SNL Reaal Groep financial services firm Bloomberg 
  • Spitzer, family of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer individuals 
  • Symphony Fund (via Pioneer Alternative Investments) fund of hedge funds fund 
  • Thema (Madoff feeder fund) hedge fund media reports 
  • Tucker, Jeff (Stone Bridge horse farm owner, Fairfield Greenwich Group founding partner) individual WNYT television 
  • Thyssen family family office 
    UBS bank Reuters 
  • Velvel, Lawrence (dean, Massachusetts Law School) individual WSJ 
  • Wilpon family (New York Mets owner) family office WSJ 
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U. S. Billionaires, 2004, 2008 data: Name, age, fortune in billions, City, State
1 William Gates 48 46.6 Medina WA
2 Warren Buffett 73 42.9 Omaha NE
3 Paul Allen 51 21 Mercer Island WA
4 Alice Walton 55 20 Fort Worth TX
5 Helen Walton 84 20 Bentonville AR
6 Jim Walton 56 20 Bentonville AR
7 John Walton 58 20 Bentonville AR
8 Robson Walton 60 20 Bentonville AR
10 Lawrence Ellison 59 18.7 Redwood Shores CA
11 Kirk Kerkorian 90 16 new since 2004
12 Forrest Mars Jr. 76 14 new since 2004
13 Michael Dell 39 13 Round Rock TX
14 Alain Wertheimer 80 12.9 new since 2004
15 Steven Ballmer 47 12.4 Redmond WA
16 Barbara Anthony 80 11.2 Honolulu HI
17 Anne Chambers 84 11.2 Atlanta GA
18 John Kluge 89 10.5 Palm Beach FL
19 Forrest Mars 72 10.4 McLean VA
20 Jacqueline Mars 65 10.4 Bedminster NJ
21 John Mars 67 10.4 Arlington VA
22 Philip Knight 70 10.4 new since 2004
23 Edward Johnson III 77 10 new since 2004
24 Abigail Johnson 42 9.8 Boston MA
25 Charles Ergen 51 9.1 Denver CO
26 George Soros 77 9 new since 2004
27 Sumner Redstone 80 8.9 Beverly Hills CA
28 Pierre Omidyar 36 8.5 Henderson NV
29 Dan Duncan 75 7.9 new since 2004
30 Keith Murdoch 73 7.8 New York NY
31 Donald Newhouse 74 7.7 Somerset County NJ
32 Samuel Newhouse 74 7.7 New York NY
33 Carl Icahn 68 7.6 New York NY
34 Robert Pritzker 77 7.6 Chicago IL
35 Thomas Pritzker 53 7.6 Chicago IL
36 John Menard 68 7.3 new since 2004
37 Eric Schmidt 52 6.6 new since 2004
38 Eli Broad 74 6.5 new since 2004
39 Stephen Schwarzman 61 6.5 new since 2004
40 James Kennedy 60 6.3 new since 2004
41 Blair Parry-Okedon 57 6.3 new since 2004
42 Hansjorg Wyss 72 6 new since 2004
43 James Simons 70 5.5 new since 2004
44 John Abele 63 5.4 Boston MA
45 Philip Anschutz 64 5.2 Denver CO
46 Jeffrey Bezos 40 5.1 Seattle WA
47 Michael Bloomberg 61 4.9 New York NY
48 Marvin Davis 78 4.9 Beverly Hills CA
49 Edward Johnson 73 4.9 Boston MA
50 Peter Nicholas 63 4.7 Boston MA
51 Shari Arison 46 4.6 Miami FL
52 Paul Milstein 85 4.5 new since 2004
53 Stephen Ross 67 4.5 new since 2004
54 Jeffrey Skoll 39 4.4 San Jose CA
55 Harold Hamm 62 4.4 new since 2004
56 Pauline MacMillan 76 4.4 new since 2004
57 Cargill MacMillan 80 4.4 new since 2004
58 John MacMillan 80 4.4 new since 2004
59 Whitney MacMillan 79 4.4 new since 2004
60 Marion MacMillan 76 4.4 new since 2004
61 Ty Warner 64 4.1 new since 2004
62 Donald Bren 71 4 Newport Beach CA
63 David Geffen 61 4 Malibu CA
64 Charles Koch 68 4 Wichita KS
65 David Koch 63 4 New York NY
66 Leon Black 57 4 new since 2004
67 Ray Dalio 58 4 new since 2004
68 James Sorenson 82 3.9 Salt Lake UT
69 Ronald Perelman 61 3.8 New York NY
70 Henry Perot 73 3.8 Dallas TX
71 Gordon Moore 79 3.7 new since 2004
72 Lester Crown 78 3.6 Wilmette IL
73 Maurice Greenberg 78 3.6 New York NY
74 Charles Schwab 66 3.6 Atherton CA
75 William Wrigley Jr. 40 3.6 Lake Forest IL
76 Daniel Och 47 3.6 new since 2004
77 John Menard Jr. 64 3.5 Eau Claire WI
78 Ray Dolby 75 3.5 new since 2004
79 Ira Rennert 74 3.5 new since 2004
80 Ann Walton Kroenke 54 3.3 Columbia MO
81 David Bonderman 65 3.3 new since 2004
82 Riley Bechtel 51 3.2 San Francisco CA
83 Stephen Bechtel Jr. 78 3.2 San Francisco CA
84 William Cook 72 3.2 Bloomington IN
85 Susan Thompson Buffett 71 3.1 San Francisco CA
86 Leonard Lauder 70 3.1 New York NY
87 George Kaiser 61 3 Tulsa OK
88 George Lucas 59 3 Marin County CA
89 Jack Taylor 81 3 St. Louis MO
90 Kenneth Griffin 39 3 new since 2004
91 Diane Hendricks 61 3 new since 2004
92 Richard LeFrak 62 3 new since 2004
93 John Paulson 52 3 new since 2004
94 T Boone Pickens 79 3 new since 2004
95 Donald Schneider 72 3 new since 2004
96 James Goodnight 61 2.9 Cary NC
97 Gérard Louis-Dreyfus 71 2.9 New York NY
98 Leslie Wexner 68 2.9 New Albany OH
99 Henry Hillman 85 2.8 Pittsburgh PA
100 Nancy Walton Laurie 52 2.8 Columbia MO
101 Craig McCaw 54 2.8 Seattle WA
102 Richard Schulze 63 2.8 Edina MN
103 James Coulter 48 2.8 new since 2004
104 Aubrey McClendon 48 2.8 new since 2004
105 T Denny Sanford 72 2.8 new since 2004
106 Tom Ward 48 2.8 new since 2004
107 Edgar Bronfman 75 2.7 New York NY
108 A Perenchio 73 2.7 Bel Air CA
109 Robert Rowling 50 2.7 Dallas TX
110 Preston Tisch 77 2.7 Harrison NY
111 David Gottesman 81 2.7 new since 2004
112 Roger Penske 71 2.7 new since 2004
113 Robert Bass 56 2.6 Fort Worth TX
114 Charles Johnson 71 2.6 San Mateo CA
115 Clemmie Spangler 75 2.6 new since 2004
116 Jon Huntsman 66 2.5 Salt Lake UT
117 Martha Ingram 68 2.5 Nashville TN
118 David Rockefeller 88 2.5 New York NY
119 John Simplot 95 2.5 Boise ID
120 Steven Spielberg 57 2.5 Pacific Palisades CA
121 Donald Trump 58 2.5 New York NY
122 Franklin Booth 84 2.5 new since 2004
123 Charles Brandes 65 2.5 new since 2004
124 William Conway 58 2.5 new since 2004


125 Daniel D'Aniello 61 2.5 new since 2004
126 Michael Milken 61 2.5 new since 2004
127 David Rubenstein 58 2.5 new since 2004
128 Lynn Schusterman 69 2.5 new since 2004
129 David Shaw 56 2.5 new since 2004
130 David Sun 57 2.5 new since 2004
131 John Tu 68 2.5 new since 2004
132 Richard DeVos 78 2.4 Ada MI
133 Barbara Piasecka Johnson 67 2.4 Carlo ,
134 Ted Turner 65 2.4 Lamont FL
135 Steven Udvar-Hazy 58 2.4 Beverly Hills CA
136 Matthew Bucksbaum 82 2.4 new since 2004
137 Ronald Burkle 51 2.3 Los Angeles CA
138 Charles Butt 65 2.3 San Antonio TX
139 Clive Calder 57 2.3 New York NY
140 Bradley Hughes 70 2.3 Bel Air CA
141 Ray Hunt 61 2.3 Dallas TX
142 Peter Kellogg 61 2.3 Short Hills NJ
143 Ralph Lauren 65 2.3 New York NY
144 Jay Van Andel 79 2.3 Ada MI
145 Thomas Barrack 60 2.3 new since 2004
146 William Hilton 80 2.3 new since 2004
147 Carl Lindner 88 2.3 new since 2004
148 Edward Roski 69 2.3 new since 2004
149 David Filo 37 2.2 Mountain View CA
150 Leona Helmsley 84 2.2 New York NY
151 Amos Hostetter 67 2.2 Boston MA
152 Rupert Johnson 63 2.2 San Mateo CA
153 Bernard Marcus 74 2.2 Atlanta GA
154 Carl Pohlad 88 2.2 Minneapolis MN
155 Leonard Stern 65 2.2 New York NY
156 Samuel Zell 62 2.2 Chicago IL
157 Phillip Frost 71 2.2 new since 2004
158 Barbara Carlson Gage 65 2.2 new since 2004
159 Helen Johnson-Leipold 51 2.2 new since 2004
160 Winnie Johnson-Marquart 48 2.2 new since 2004
161 Omid Kordestani 44 2.2 new since 2004
162 Marilyn Carlson Nelson 68 2.2 new since 2004
163 Donald Fisher 75 2.1 San Francisco CA
164 Doris Feigenbaum Fisher 73 2.1 San Francisco CA
165 Gordon Getty 69 2.1 San Francisco CA
166 Steven Jobs 49 2.1 Palo Alto CA
167 Randolph Lerner 40 2.1 Cleveland OH
168 J Ricketts 62 2.1 Omaha NE
169 Clemmie Spangler Jr. 71 2.1 Charlotte NC
170 John Catsimatidis 59 2.1 new since 2004
171 Phoebe Hearst Cooke 81 2.1 new since 2004
172 Archie Aldis Red Emmerson 78 2.1 new since 2004
173 James Leprino 70 2.1 new since 2004
174 Phillip Ruffin 73 2.1 new since 2004
175 Leonore Annenberg 86 2 Wynnewood PA
176 Ronald Lauder 59 2 New York NY
177 Patrick McGovern 66 2 Boston MA
178 John Morgridge 70 2 San Jose CA
179 Henry Nicholas 45 2 Laguna Hills CA
180 Richard Rainwater 59 2 Fort Worth TX
181 Steven Rales 51 2 Washington DC
182 Alan Casden 62 2 new since 2004
183 J Christopher Christopher 50 2 new since 2004
184 Joshua Harris 43 2 new since 2004
185 Leslie Lampton 83 2 new since 2004
186 Thomas Lee 63 2 new since 2004
187 Margaret Magerko 42 2 new since 2004
188 Frederik GH Meijer 88 2 new since 2004
189 Peter Peterson 81 2 new since 2004
190 Sheldon Solow 79 2 new since 2004
191 Jerry Speyer 67 2 new since 2004
192 R Allen Stanford 58 2 new since 2004
193 David Tepper 49 2 new since 2004
194 Andreas Von Bechtolsheim 52 2 new since 2004
195 William Wrigley 44 2 new since 2004
196 Leonard Blavatnik 46 1.9 New York NY
197 William Davidson 81 1.9 Bloomfield Hills MI
198 Louis Gonda 55 1.9 Beverly Hills CA
199 Donald Hall 75 1.9 Mission Hills KS
200 Michael Krasny 50 1.9 Vernon Hills IL
201 Mitchell Rales 47 1.9 Washington DC
202 Robert Rich Sr. 90 1.9 Palm Beach FL
203 Evgeny Shvidler 39 1.9 ,
204 Ernest Stempel 87 1.9 Beach ,
205 Glen Taylor 62 1.9 Mankato MN
206 Jerry Yang 35 1.9 Los Altos CA
207 Thomas Frist 69 1.9 new since 2004
208 Michael Jaharis 79 1.9 new since 2004
209 Joseph Mansueto 51 1.9 new since 2004
210 S Daniel Abraham 79 1.8 Palm Beach FL
211 Sheldon Adelson 70 1.8 Las Vegas NV
212 Herbert Allen Jr. 64 1.8 New York NY
213 Franklin Booth Jr. 81 1.8 Los Angeles CA
214 Charles Dolan 77 1.8 Oyster Bay NY
215 H Huizenga 66 1.8 Fort Lauderdale FL
216 Jess Jackson 74 1.8 Healdsburg CA
217 James Kim 68 1.8 Bryn Mawr PA
218 Bruce Kovner 58 1.8 New York NY
219 John Malone 63 1.8 Parker CO
220 Henry Samueli 49 1.8 Newport Beach CA
221 John Sperling 83 1.8 Phoenix AZ
222 Peter Sperling 44 1.8 Phoenix AZ
223 Jon Stryker 45 1.8 Kalamazoo MI
224 Ronda Stryker 49 1.8 Portage MI
225 Dennis Washington 69 1.8 Missoula MT
226 Amar Bose 78 1.8 new since 2004
227 William Connor 58 1.8 new since 2004
228 Alexander Knaster 49 1.8 new since 2004
229 Stewart Rahr 62 1.8 new since 2004
230 Kavitark Ram 51 1.8 new since 2004
231 Richard Farmer 69 1.7 Cincinnati OH
232 Thomas Frist Jr. 65 1.7 Nashville TN
233 Mary Alice Dorrance 54 1.7 Coatesville PA
234 Clayton Mathile 63 1.7 Dayton OH
235 David Murdock 80 1.7 Los Angeles CA
236 Haim Saban 59 1.7 Beverly Hills CA
237 Edmund Ansin 72 1.7 new since 2004
238 Louis Bacon 52 1.7 new since 2004
239 Edward Debartolo 61 1.7 new since 2004
240 L John Doerr 57 1.7 new since 2004
241 Philip Falcone 45 1.7 new since 2004
242 Timothy Headington 57 1.7 new since 2004
243 Michael Price 55 1.7 new since 2004
244 Wilbur Ross 70 1.7 new since 2004
245 Nancy Lerner Beck 42 1.6 Cleveland OH
246 Stanley Druckenmiller 50 1.6 New York NY
247 Blase Golisano 62 1.6 Rochester NY
248 Alec Gores 51 1.6 Beverly Hills CA
249 Tom Gores 39 1.6 Beverly Hills CA
250 Richard Kinder 60 1.6 Houston TX
251 Norma Lerner 67 1.6 Cleveland OH
252 Peter Lewis 69 1.6 Beachwood OH
253 Carl Lindner Jr. 84 1.6 Cincinnati OH
254 George Mitchell 84 1.6 Houston TX
255 Charles Munger 79 1.6 Los Angeles CA
256 John Fentener van Vlissingen 65 1.6 Atlanta GA
257 Peter Buck 77 1.6 new since 2004
258 John Calamos 67 1.6 new since 2004
259 David Cheriton 56 1.6 new since 2004
260 Fred DeLuca 60 1.6 new since 2004
261 Thomas Friedkin 72 1.6 new since 2004
262 Richard Hayne 60 1.6 new since 2004
263 Michael Ilitch 78 1.6 new since 2004
264 Brad Kelley 51 1.6 new since 2004
265 Randal Kirk 54 1.6 new since 2004
266 Igor Olenicoff 65 1.6 new since 2004
267 Ernest Rady 70 1.6 new since 2004
268 Bernard Saul 75 1.6 new since 2004
269 Walter Scott 76 1.6 new since 2004
270 Roger Wang 58 1.6 new since 2004
271 Lee Bass 47 1.5 Fort Worth TX
272 Frank Batten 77 1.5 Virginia Beach VA
273 James Cargill 79 1.5 Minneapolis MN
274 Margaret Cargill 84 1.5 La Jolla CA
275 Bennett Dorrance 55 1.5 Paradise Valley AZ
276 Gerald Ford 59 1.5 Dallas TX
277 Leslie Gonda 84 1.5 Beverly Hills CA
278 Herbert Kohler 65 1.5 Kohler WI
279 Edward Lampert 41 1.5 Greenwich CT
280 L Lowry Mays 68 1.5 San Antonio TX
281 Laurance Rockefeller 93 1.5 New York NY
282 Fayez Sarofim 75 1.5 Houston TX
283 Harold Simmons 72 1.5 Dallas TX
284 Jackson Stephens 80 1.5 Little Rock AR
285 Pat Stryker 47 1.5 Fort Collins CO
286 Sanford Weill 71 1.5 New York NY
287 Arthur Williams Jr. 61 1.5 Palm Beach FL
288 Dennis Albaugh 58 1.5 new since 2004
289 Roland Arnall 68 1.5 new since 2004
290 John Arnold 34 1.5 new since 2004
291 Ronald Baron 64 1.5 new since 2004
292 Andrew Beal 55 1.5 new since 2004
293 John Brown 73 1.5 new since 2004
294 Bharat Desai 55 1.5 2004
295 Israel Englander 60 1.5 new since 2004
296 Jeffrey Hildebrand 49 1.5 new since 2004
297 Hamilton James 56 1.5 new since 2004
298 Vinod Khosla 53 1.5 new since 2004
299 Marc Lasry 48 1.5 steve francis 2004
300 Thomas Marsico 53 1.5 new since 2004
301 Gary Michelson 59 1.5 new since 2004
302 William Moncrief 87 1.5 new since 2004
303 Jorge Perez 58 1.5 new since 2004
304 Trevor Rees-Jones 57 1.5 new since 2004
305 Marc Rowan 46 1.5 new since 2004
306 Tamir Sapir 60 1.5 new since 2004
307 Joseph Steinberg 64 1.5 new since 2004
308 Todd Wagner 47 1.5 new since 2004
309 Mark Zuckerberg 23 1.5 new since 2004
310 Barry Diller 62 1.4 New York NY
311 David Duffield 63 1.4 Lake Tahoe NV
312 Barbara Carlson Gage 62 1.4 Minneapolis MN
313 Irwin Jacobs 70 1.4 San Diego CA
314 E Kroenke 56 1.4 Columbia MO
315 James Moran 85 1.4 Deerfield Beach FL
316 Robert Naify 82 1.4 San Francisco CA
317 Marilyn Carlson Nelson 65 1.4 Minneapolis MN
318 John Sall 54 1.4 Cary NC
319 Frederick Smith 59 1.4 Memphis TN
320 Patrick Soon-Shiong 52 1.4 Los Angeles CA
321 Albert Ueltschi 86 1.4 Irving TX
322 James Clark 64 1.4 new since 2004
323 Robert Day 64 1.4 new since 2004
324 James Dinan 49 1.4 new since 2004
325 Bruce Karsh 53 1.4 new since 2004
326 Robert Kraft 66 1.4 new since 2004
327 Tracy Krohn 53 1.4 new since 2004
328 Anne Windfohr Marion 68 1.4 new since 2004
329 Howard Marks 61 1.4 new since 2004
330 Leandro Rizzuto 70 1.4 new since 2004
331 Patrick Ryan 70 1.4 new since 2004
332 Arthur Williams 65 1.4 new since 2004
333 Carl Berg 66 1.3 Atherton CA
334 Mark Cuban 46 1.3 Dallas TX
335 Richard Egan 68 1.3 Hopkinton MA
336 Victor Fung 59 1.3 Hong Kong
337 Charles Gates Jr. 82 1.3 Denver CO
338 William Hearst III 54 1.3 San Francisco CA
339 Stanley Hubbard 70 1.3 St. Mary's MN
340 Min Kao 46 1.3 Mission Hills KS
341 Henry Kravis 60 1.3 New York NY
342 Richard Marriott 65 1.3 Potomac MD
343 E Marshall 65 1.3 Dallas TX
344 Robert McNair 66 1.3 Houston TX
345 William Morean 48 1.3 St. Petersburg FL
346 George Roberts 59 1.3 San Francisco CA
347 Walter Scott Jr. 72 1.3 Omaha NE
348 Thomas Siebel 51 1.3 San Mateo CA
349 John Sobrato 64 1.3 Atherton CA
350 Theodore Waitt 41 1.3 San Diego CA
351 Margaret Whitman 47 1.3 Palo Alto CA
352 Mortimer Zuckerman 66 1.3 New York NY
353 Thomas Bailey 71 1.3 new since 2004
354 Stephen Bisciotti 47 1.3 new since 2004
355 Timothy Blixseth 57 1.3 new since 2004
356 S Treutt Cathy 87 1.3 new since 2004
357 Ian Cumming 67 1.3 new since 2004
358 Glenn Dubin 51 1.3 new since 2004
359 Frank Fertitta 46 1.3 new since 2004
360 Lorenzo Fertitta 39 1.3 new since 2004
361 Mario Gabelli 65 1.3 new since 2004
362 William Gross 63 1.3 new since 2004
363 Michael Heisley 71 1.3 new since 2004
364 Thomas Hicks 62 1.3 new since 2004
365 Michael Moritz 53 1.3 new since 2004
366 Nelson Peltz 65 1.3 new since 2004
367 Julian Robertson 76 1.3 new since 2004
368 Barry Rosenstein 49 1.3 new since 2004
369 Steven Roth 66 1.3 new since 2004
370 Walter Shorenstein 93 1.3 new since 2004
371 Daniel Snyder 43 1.3 new since 2004
372 George Steinbrenner 77 1.3 new since 2004
373 Henry Swieca 51 1.3 new since 2004
374 Hope Hill van Beuren Colket 74 1.3 new since 2004
375 Charlotte Weber 65 1.3 new since 2004
376 Arthur Blank 61 1.2 Atlanta GA
377 Phoebe Hearst Cooke 77 1.2 San Francisco CA
378 Edward Debartolo Jr. 57 1.2 Tampa FL
379 Archie Aldis Emmerson 74 1.2 Redding CA
380 Frederick Field 51 1.2 West Hollywood CA
381 Thomas Flatley 71 1.2 Milton MA
382 James France 59 1.2 Daytona Beach FL
383 William France Jr. 71 1.2 Daytona Beach FL
384 Christopher Goldsbury 61 1.2 San Antonio TX
385 Austin Hearst 51 1.2 New York NY
386 David Hearst 58 1.2 Los Angeles CA
387 George Hearst 77 1.2 Los Angeles CA
388 Robert Holding 77 1.2 Salt Lake UT
389 Joseph Jamail 78 1.2 Houston TX
390 James Jannard 54 1.2 San Juan WA
391 Leon Levine 66 1.2 Charlotte NC
392 George Lindemann 67 1.2 Palm Beach FL
393 John Marriott 71 1.2 Potomac MD
394 John McCaw 53 1.2 Seattle WA
395 Robert McLane 67 1.2 Temple TX
396 Winthrop Rockefeller 55 1.2 Morrilton AR
397 Melvin Simon 77 1.2 Indianapolis IN
398 Ollen Smith 77 1.2 Charlotte NC
399 Elizabeth Wiskemann -- 1.2 CA
400 Daniel Ziff 32 1.2 New York NY
401 Dirk Ziff 39 1.2 New York NY
402 Robert Ziff 37 1.2 New York NY
403 Marc Benioff 43 1.2 new since 2004
404 Peter Briger 44 1.2 new since 2004
405 Stephen Case 49 1.2 new since 2004
406 Richard Chilton 50 1.2 new since 2004
407 Leon Cooperman 64 1.2 new since 2004
408 Wesley Edens 46 1.2 new since 2004
409 John Edson 75 1.2 new since 2004
410 George Joseph 86 1.2 new since 2004
411 Arturo Moreno 61 1.2 new since 2004
412 Michael Novogratz 43 1.2 new since 2004
413 Richard Perry 53 1.2 new since 2004
414 Rajendra Singh 53 1.2 new since 2004
415 Thomas Steyer 50 1.2 new since 2004
416 JoyceRaley Teel 77 1.2 new since 2004
417 Peter Thiel 40 1.2 new since 2004
418 Samuel Wyly 72 1.2 new since 2004
419 Jerry Zucker 58 1.2 new since 2004
420 John Arrillaga 66 1.1 Palo Alto CA
421 Sid Bass 61 1.1 Fort Worth TX
422 Scott Cook 51 1.1 Woodside CA
423 Robert Friedland 53 1.1 ,
424 Alan Gerry 74 1.1 Liberty NY
425 Malcolm Glazer 76 1.1 Palm Beach FL
426 David Green 63 1.1 Oklahoma City OK
427 Pincus Green 68 1.1 ,
428 Marguerite Harbert 80 1.1 Birmingham AL
429 Marvin Herb 67 1.1 Chicago IL
430 William Kellogg 60 1.1 Oconomowoc WI
431 John Krehbiel 66 1.1 Lake Forest IL
432 Gary Magness 50 1.1 Cherry Hills CO
433 Billy Joe McCombs 76 1.1 San Antonio TX
434 Richard Peery 63 1.1 Palo Alto CA
435 Marc Rich 69 1.1 ,
436 Arthur Rock 77 1.1 San Francisco CA
437 Richard Scaife 71 1.1 Pittsburgh PA
438 Herbert Siegel 76 1.1 New York NY
439 Kenny Troutt 56 1.1 Dallas TX
440 Charlotte Colket Weber 59 1.1 Ocala FL
441 Oprah Winfrey 50 1.1 Chicago IL
442 Stephen Wynn 62 1.1 Las Vegas NV
443 Henry Zachry 69 1.1 San Antonio TX
444 Mary Anselmo 79 1.1 new since 2004
445 Michael Eisner 66 1.1 new since 2004
446 Paul Fireman 64 1.1 new since 2004
447 Dorrance Hamilton 79 1.1 new since 2004
448 Sidney Kimmel 80 1.1 new since 2004
449 Leonard Litwin 93 1.1 new since 2004
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460 Sergey Brin 31 1 Mountain View CA
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462 Steven Cohen 48 1 Greenwich CT
463 Gary Comer 76 1 Dodgeville WI
464 Roy Disney 74 1 Los Angeles CA
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467 Jerome Kohlberg 78 1 Mt. Kisco NY
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492 Marvin L Buzz Oates 84 1 new since 2004
493 Lynne Pasculano 66 1 new since 2004
494 Elizabeth Ann Hall Reid 85 1 new since 2004
495 Jim Thompson 68 1 new since 2004
496 Edward Watkins 72 1 new since 2004
  • WMR June 1-2, 2008 -- UPDATED 1X --George Soros and controlling the message from the LeftMulti-billionaire funder of "progressive" causes, George Soros, likes the message from the progressive Left, as long as he can control it. WMR has recently discovered that a number of journalists funded by Soros have practiced a form of journalism that can only be described as smothering stories to ensure they do not extend beyond that which is deemed permissible by Soros and his globalist-oriented denizens.  ...   What irks Soros and his bought-and-paid for journalists in the mainstream and "alternative" media is WMR's relentless investigation of the Russian-Israeli-neocon criminal syndicate and its pervasiveness in many of the political scandals in the United States and abroad. Whether it is the attacks of 9/11, the stolen U.S. presidential election of 2004, the dirty money surrounding jailed GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the financial strings that dangle from John McCain to the Rothschilds and the hedge funds contrivances, the downfall of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, the political prosecution of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, or the profiteering from the Iraq war and occupation, the Russian-Israel mob syndicate appears over and over again.   ....  Soros' hired journalist guns were apparently quite incensed over WMR's reportage on a fundraiser held in London for John McCain by Lord Jacob and Nathaniel Rothschild. WMR cited the fundraiser as a violation of U.S. election laws. The Rothschilds were not happy with the spotlight and neither was Soros and his affiliates, all of whom provide a convenient nexus between some so-called "progressives" and the meeting rooms of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Davos crowd, and the Bilderberg organization. Soros has been a director of the CFR. Small world.  ...   What Soros has managed to accomplish is permit the progressive Left a lot of wiggle room, as long as it does not target his favorite international financial constructs, including the Rothschild family interests and the cause of the Russian oligarchic tycoons, who after looting the Soviet and Russian Treasuries, now plan for the overthrow of the Russian government from comfortable exile in Britain, Israel, Ukraine, and the United States. The exiled Russian oligarchs have established an "iron alliance" with the neo-cons in Washington and New York, as well as Soros' Open Society Foundation and Institute, to help Eastern European and Central Asian former Communist countries to transform themselves into "democracies." In reality, what Soros and his friends have accomplished is to transform nations like Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states, Georgia, Ukraine, and others into vassal states of NATO, the World Bank, and predatory vultures like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the billionaire investors in the Carlyle Group, and subservient politicians ranging from Tony Blair and John Major to the Bushes, Nicolas Sarkozy, Stephen Harper, and Angela Merkel. In fact, Soros is an investor in the Carlyle Group. Small world.   more search terms: perception management, themed revolution, Orange Revolution, Rose Revolution, Tulip, Kyrgyzstan, NATO, hosting military bases, privitazation of public highways, bridges, water, toll roads,  speculators, money laundering, Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamed, wiped billions from their economy,  The rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the Kirchners in Argentina, Morales in Bolivia, Correa in Ecuador, Lugo in Paraguay and other progressive leftists was in reaction to the vulture capitalism practiced on the continent by Soros and his gang of global bankers and billionaire speculators.  Soros funded: Center for American Progress,, America Coming Together, McKinney, Gravel not invited ...   Harken Energy (partly owned by Soros) bought Spectrum 7, Salem Bin Laden early investor in Arbusto Energy (Bush).  International Crisis Group, interfering in domestic affairs, Kosovo; Islamabad; Belgrade, Sarajevo; Pretoria; Nairobi; Kabul; Osh; and Tbilisi

    There is one person who owes his business survival to Soros. In 1986, after George W. Bush's oil company Spectrum 7 went belly-up, Harken Energy bought it. Harken was partly owned by Soros. An earlier investor in Spectrum 7's predecessor, Arbusto Energy, was Salem Bin Laden, older brother of Osama Bin Laden. Small world.

    The globalists used contrivances like the International Crisis Group (ICG) to interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries. The ICG maintains offices in Pristina, the capital of breakaway Serbian province Kosovo; Islamabad; Belgrade, Sarajevo; Pretoria; Nairobi; Kabul; Osh; and Tbilisi -- either the ICG is present in these cities to end unrest or promote it. Among the board members of the ICG are neocon extraordinaire Kenneth Adelman; Bill Clinton's deep pocketed donor Frank Giustra of Canada; and Hillary Clinton's favorite general Wesley Clark. Also on the board is George Soros. Small world.  UPDATE 1: Right on cue, Soros-funded said on May 31 that former Bush White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan should donate all proceeds from his tell-all book to veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. does not say anything about General Wesley Clark donating his book proceeds to the victims of his deadly bombardment of Belgrade. McClellan will never be quite as taken care of by Soros' pals as has been Clark. Just another example of Soros controlling the message.



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December 18, 2008 -- UPDATE 1X. Clearstream scandal to return to haunt Sarkozy publication date: Dec 18, 2008 Previous | Next

December 18, 2008 -- UPDATE 1X. Clearstream scandal to return to haunt Sarkozy

WMR has learned from informed sources that French President Nicolas Sarkozy will soon face renewed charges that he received illegal foreign funds through the Lumxemourg banking company Clearstream. Luxembourg is a well-known tax haven that maintains strict confidentiality over banking and corporate records.

Then-French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin met with the recently-retired head of French military intelligence Philippe Rondot and EADS deputy director Jean Louis Gergorin. Gergorin told de Villepin that two names on the secret list of French politicians who had Clearstream accounts -- Paul de Nagy and Stéphane Bosca -- were pseudonyms for Sarkozy. It was believed by French intelligence that the names came from Sarkoy's father's full name, Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarkösy de Nagy-Bosca.

Clearstream reportedly represented a massive money laundering operation that financed political and other operations around the world. Banks and companies with Clearstream accounts included the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Bank Menatep of jailed Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Banco Ambrosiano (also known as the Vatican Bank), Bahrain International Bank (with reported links to Osama Bin Laden), and The Carlyle Group.

Sarkozy was Interior and, for a short time, Finance Minister in the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) government in which De Villepin served as Foreign Minister and Prime Minister.

Sarkozy's camp denounced the Clearstream list as a forgery and, as President, Sarkozy has put de Villepin under a criminal investigation. However, WMR has learned from sources close to France's General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) that Sarkozy's removal of Pierre Brochand,a Jacques Chirac appointee, as the head of DGSE in October will soon have unpleasant consequences for the mercurial Sarkozy.

DGSE classified documents could soon appear that will re-ignite the Clearstream affair and prove that Sarkozy's political career was financed by foreign funds. The revelations will reportedly exonerate de Villepin and Chirac, who have been charged by pro-Sarkozy elements in France of a criminal conspiracy to defame Sarkozy.

Sarkozy and his neocon allies were able to kill the story of Clearstream by lawsuits against journalists and criminal charges against French officials who were aware of the details of the case. An Excel spreadsheet of Clearstream accounts was removed from several web sites under threat of legal action. WMR obtained a copy of the 2002 spreadsheet.

The release of classified information on Clearstream may have repercussions far beyond France and shed light on an international quadrillion dollar scheme involving Israeli-connected gangsters to line the pockets of billionaires, launder cash, defraud banks, and loot national treasuries.

On February 5, 2008, WMR reported: "In the wake of the recent reports about former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds' revelations that Turkish, Israeli, and Pakistani operatives worked with top members of the Bush administration to smuggle nuclear technology and also engaged in money laundering and drug smuggling, comes the astrounding revelations about the French bank Societe Generale SA and three other banks being involved in laundering money from a Paris garment district through Israel.

The revelations about SoGen follow the massive swindle by SoGen junior trading partner Jerome Kerviel that resulted in a $7.3 billion loss for the bank. Kerviel, who has been likened by some in France to the French Jewish Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus in the infamous "Dreyfus Affair," stands accused of falsification, computer abuse, and breach of trust.

SoGen, Barclays France, Societe Marseillaises de Credit (owned by HSBC), and the National Bank of Pakistan are accused of laundering money in what is known as the "Sentier 2 Affair." The Sentier district of Paris is a center for garment merchants. SoGen chairman Daniel Bouton, still reeling from the Kerviel fraud, is charged with failing to uphold anti-money laundering laws in the case. He is charged along with six French rabbis, and 132 other people in the money laundering scheme that 72 million euros was laundered from France via Israel from 1996 to 2001. Fraudulent French checks were cashed in Israeli banks and exchanged for New Israeli Shekels (NIS), and then returned to France via the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) for clearance by the French banks. Israeli banks that handled the transactions received a commission for each transaction. However, no Israeli banks have been charged in the scandal . . .

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been unusually quiet on the Kerviel and Sentier 2 financial scandals. He likely wants no attention paid to the possible links between Kerviel, Sentier 2, and his own scandal that almost derailed his presidential candidacy: Clearstream.

On February 6, 2007, WMR reported: 'right-wing French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy received money from international American fugitive and Russian-Israeli Mafia kingpin Marc Rich, according to informed French sources. The money was transmitted through the Luxembourg-based Clearstream clearing division of Deutsche Borse. Sarkozy cleverly proclaimed his innocence in the French-Taiwan frigate bribery and money laundering affair, accusing French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin of being behind a political dirty trick. However, in squawking loudly about his innocence in the Taiwan scandal, Sarkozy diverted attention away from his receipt of funds from the Russian-Israeli Mafia Clearstream accounts of Bank Menatep, the bank owned by jailed Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Sarkozy, a committed neo-con who favors a hard line towards Arabs domestically and internationally, is reported to have received funds from Switzerland-based Marc Rich, via Menatep's Clearstream accounts, prior to and after Menatep's collapse in 1998. Menatep has been linked to a number of Russian-Israeli mafiosi figures, including Semyon Mogilevich, considered to be the most dangerous Russian-Israeli Mafia leader in the world. Rich's former attorney, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, is on trial in Washington, DC for perjury and obstruction of justice in the outing of a covert CIA officer.'

President Clinton pardoned Rich in a last minute deal worked out in January 2001, shortly before Clinton left office.

On January 30, Russian police arrested Mogilevich in Moscow and charged him with tax evasion. Mogilevich holds Russian as well as Israeli citizenship. In 2003, the US Justice Department indicted Mogilevich in Philadelphia and charged him and two associates with stock manipulation of the Pennsylvania firm YBM Magnex."

YBM Magnex was incorporated in Canada. The sizeable investments in the phony YBM Magnex by Canadian investment manager Sceptre Investment Counsel Ltd. resulted in a loss of investor confidence in the financial services firm and the departure of its top fund manager Allan Jacobs in 2007.

President-elect Barack Obama's selection of Clinton Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder as Attorney General will shine a new light on the Rich pardon. Holder approved the last-minute pardon for Rich in the waning days of the Clinton administration in January 2001.

Recently, the Canadian Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC) reported on a foreign spy operation in Canada that used a series of "folding tent" and brass plate corporations, as well as banks, to move move money and buy restricted commodities out of Canada. Canadian Tory and neocon quarters suggested that China, Iran, or Russia was the foreign spy agency cited by FINTRAC. There is strong evidence to suggest that the perpetrator was Israel's Mossad.

The FINTRAC investigation was part of a joint operation with U.S. authorities. The illegal transactions involved some $35 million, according to FINTRAC. In October, Israeli hacker Ehud Tenenbaum was arrested in Canada for the electronic theft of $1.8 million from a Calgary's Direct Cash Management Inc. Tenenbaum was arrested on a U.S. warrant for being involved in an international hacking ring that electronically looted money from banks in Russia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and other countries.

In 1998, Tenenbaum, code-named "The Analyzer," broke into Pentagon computers. As part of his sentence, Tenenbaum was ordered to help "Israeli organizations" to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Many informed computer security experts believe Tenenbaum went to work for Mossad.

Canada suspects that "white label" automatic teller machines (ATMs), privately-owned cash dispensing machines, are being used by the Russian-Israeli Mafia to engage in massive global money laundering. Tenenbaum and his associates withdrew money from credit and debit card accounts, to which money was illegally transferred, from ATM machines in Montreal and other cities.

In a scheme reminiscent of Bernard Madoff's $50 billion phony hedge fund Ponzi scheme run through his Madoff Securities in Manhattan, in September 2007, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) charged the founders of the bankrupt Portus Alternative Asset Management hedge fund with fraud. The two charged, Boaz Manor and Michael Mendelson, defrauded 26,000 Canadians and 700 foreign investors in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bermuda, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, England, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Cyprus, the Isle of Jersey, and the United States of hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of the money was used by the pair to buy diamonds. Manor fled Canada to Israel in March 2005 and denied any wrongdoing.

If the DGSE begins leaking documents on the massive underground world of illegal money movements, Sarkozy could find himself facing a criminal trial.

On May 11, 2006, WMR reported: " . . . the recent attacks on de Villepin from the neo-cons are said to have more to do with his opposition to any attack on Iran than on Luxembourg money tranches. European intelligence sources report that the attacks on DeVillepin (and Chirac) and the recent tirade against Russian President Vladimir Putin by Vice President Cheney, are all part of a coordinated attack against European leaders who oppose military action against Iran. With the loss of Italy, the neo-cons are trying to establish new bridgeheads in France and Russia. What has particularly piqued the neo-con anger with deVillepin is this recent quote from the French Prime Minister concerning an attack on Iran, 'My conviction is that military action is certainly not the solution . . . We have already lived through this type of scenario and we know that not only does it settle nothing, but it can raise risks. We have seen this in the most clear way with Iraq.' The neo-cons are using Clearstream and their man Sarkozy to hammer deVillepin as a way of clearing the path for Sarkozy to become the next French President. Neither deVillepin, Chirac, or the French intelligence services, all aware of Sarkozy's connections to the neo-cons, want to see the Interior Minister move into the Elysee Palace and steer France into the neo-con camp. DeVillepin is refusing to resign because he holds the trump card on Sarkozy and his friends, which include members of the neo-Nazi French National Front. Chirac recently said there are legitimate reasons to investigate Clearstream and lashed out at the neo-cons and their fellow travelers who are trying to sink the investigation of Sarkozy. Chirac said, 'Democracy is not the disrespect and exploitation to outrageous lengths of legal procedures under way.'"

UPDATE 1X. WMR has learned that the reported Chinese and Russian connections to the recent CSIS report that a foreign intelligence agency was illegally moving money electronically out of Canada is because Israeli intelligence operatives bought Russian and Chinese "off-the-shelf" companies to hide the Israeli connection to the caper. The operation, according to a well-placed WMR source, involves Canada's mining industry, particularly gold mining.


Pro-Israel Lobby in US Under Attack    and see UPI (conservative news, Sun Myung Moon) "Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, author of "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics" and Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard's Kenney School, and author of "Taming American Power: The Global Response to U.S. Primacy," are leading figures American in academic life.   and Harvard  , "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy".

The article, which is already stirring furious debate in US academic and intellectual circles, also explores the historical role of the Lobby.

WASHINGTON - (UPI) - Two of America's top scholars have published a searing attack on the role and power of Washington's pro-Israel lobby in a British journal, warning that its "decisive" role in fomenting the Iraq war is now being repeated with the threat of action against Iran. And they say that the Lobby is so strong that they doubt their article would be accepted in any U.S.-based publication.

Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, author of "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics" and Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard's Kenney School, and author of "Taming American Power: The Global Response to U.S. Primacy," are leading figures American in academic life.

They claim that the Israel lobby has distorted American policy and operates against American interests, that it has organized the funneling of more than $140 billion dollars to Israel and "has a stranglehold" on the U.S. Congress, and its ability to raise large campaign funds gives its vast influence over Republican and Democratic administrations, while its role in Washington think tanks on the Middle East dominates the policy debate.

And they say that the Lobby works ruthlessly to suppress questioning of its role, to blacken its critics and to crush serious debate about the wisdom of supporting Israel in U.S. public life.

"Silencing skeptics by organizing blacklists and boycotts -- or by suggesting that critics are anti-Semites -- violates the principle of open debate on which democracy depends," Walt and Mearsheimer write.

"The inability of Congress to conduct a genuine debate on these important issues paralyses the entire process of democratic deliberation. Israel's backers should be free to make their case and to challenge those who disagree with them, but efforts to stifle debate by intimidation must be roundly condemned," they add, in the 12,800-word article published in the latest issue of The London Review of Books.

The article focuses strongly on the role of the "neo-conservatives" within the Bush administration in driving the decision to launch the war on Iraq.

"The main driving force behind the war was a small band of neo-conservatives, many with ties to the Likud," Mearsheimer and Walt argue." Given the neo-conservatives' devotion to Israel, their obsession with Iraq, and their influence in the Bush administration, it isn't surprising that many Americans suspected that the war was designed to further Israeli interests."

"The neo-conservatives had been determined to topple Saddam even before Bush became president. They caused a stir early in 1998 by publishing two open letters to Clinton, calling for Saddam's removal from power. The signatories, many of whom had close ties to pro-Israel groups like JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) or WINEP (Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy), and who included Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Bernard Lewis, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, had little trouble persuading the Clinton administration to adopt the general goal of ousting Saddam. But they were unable to sell a war to achieve that objective. They were no more able to generate enthusiasm for invading Iraq in the early months of the Bush administration. They needed help to achieve their aim. That help arrived with 9/11. Specifically, the events of that day led Bush and Cheney to reverse course and become strong proponents of a preventive war," Walt and Mearsheimer write.

The article, which is already stirring furious debate in U.S. academic and intellectual circles, also explores the historical role of the Lobby.

"For the past several decades, and especially since the Six-Day War in 1967, the centerpiece of US Middle Eastern policy has been its relationship with Israel," the article says.

"The combination of unwavering support for Israel and the related effort to spread 'democracy' throughout the region has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion and jeopardized not only U.S. security but that of much of the rest of the world. This situation has no equal in American political history. Why has the U.S. been willing to set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of another state?" Professors Walt and Mearsheimer add.

"The thrust of U.S. policy in the region derives almost entirely from domestic politics, and especially the activities of the 'Israel Lobby'. Other special-interest groups have managed to skew foreign policy, but no lobby has managed to divert it as far from what the national interest would suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that U.S. interests and those of the other country - in this case, Israel -- are essentially identical," they add.

They argue that far from being a strategic asset to the United States, Israel "is becoming a strategic burden" and "does not behave like a loyal ally." They also suggest that Israel is also now "a liability in the war on terror and the broader effort to deal with rogue states.

"Saying that Israel and the U.S. are united by a shared terrorist threat has the causal relationship backwards: the US has a terrorism problem in good part because it is so closely allied with Israel, not the other way around," they add. "Support for Israel is not the only source of anti-American terrorism, but it is an important one, and it makes winning the war on terror more difficult. There is no question that many al-Qaeda leaders, including Osama bin Laden, are motivated by Israel's presence in Jerusalem and the plight of the Palestinians. Unconditional support for Israel makes it easier for extremists to rally popular support and to attract recruits."

They question the argument that Israel deserves support as the only democracy in the Middle East, claiming that "some aspects of Israeli democracy are at odds with core American values. Unlike the US, where people are supposed to enjoy equal rights irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity, Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and citizenship is based on the principle of blood kinship. Given this, it is not surprising that its 1.3 million Arabs are treated as second-class citizens."

The most powerful force in the Lobby is AIPAC, the American-Israel Public affairs Committee, which Walt and Mearsheimer call "a de facto agent for a foreign government," and which they say has now forged an important alliance with evangelical Christian groups.

The bulk of the article is a detailed analysis of the way they claim the Lobby managed to change the Bush administration's policy from "halting Israel's expansionist policies in the Occupied Territories and advocating the creation of a Palestinian state" and divert it to the war on Iraq instead. They write "Pressure from Israel and the Lobby was not the only factor behind the decision to attack Iraq in March 2003, but it was critical."

"Thanks to the lobby, the United States has become the de facto enabler of Israeli expansion in the Occupied Territories, making it complicit in the crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians," and conclude that "Israel itself would probably be better off if the Lobby were less powerful and U.S. policy more even-handed."

© Copyright 2006 United Press International




Israel False Flag Operations:
  • Operation Suzannah: from Wikipedia: "In the early 1950s the United States began pressuring the British to withdraw from the Suez Canal[citation needed], and thereby abandon two operative treaties, the Convention of Constantinople and the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 that made the canal a neutral zone under British control. Israel was strongly opposed to the British withdrawal, as it feared that it would remove a moderating effect on Nasser's military ambitions, especially toward Israel, but diplomatic methods failed to sway the British. In the summer of 1954 Colonel Binyamin Gibli, the chief of Israel's military intelligence, Aman, initiated Operation Suzannah in order to reverse that decision. The goal of the Operation was to carry out bombings and other acts of sabotage in Egypt with the aim of creating an atmosphere in which the British and American opponents of British withdrawal from Egypt would be able to gain the upper hand and block the withdrawal.[1]

    The top-secret cell, Unit 131, which was to carry out the operation, had existed since 1948 and under Aman since 1950. At the time of Operation Suzannah, Unit 131 was the subject of a bitter dispute between Aman and Mossad over who should control it.

    Unit 131 operatives had been recruited several years before, when the Israeli intelligence officer Avram Dar arrived in Cairo under a British cover. He had recruited several Egyptian Jews who had previously been active in illegal emigration activities and trained them for covert operations.

    Aman decided to activate the network in the spring of 1954. On July 2, a post office in Alexandria was firebombed, and on July 14, the U.S. Information Agency libraries in Alexandria and Cairo, and a British-owned theater were bombed. The homemade bombs, consisting of bags containing acid placed over nitroglycerine, were inserted into books, and placed on the shelves of the libraries just before closing time. Several hours later, as the acid ate through the bags, the bombs would explode. They did little damage to the targets and caused no injuries or deaths. Egyptian authorities arrested one suspect, Robert Dassa, when his bomb accidentally ignited prematurely in his pocket. Having searched his apartment, they found incriminating evidence and names of accomplices to the operation. Several suspects were arrested, including Egyptian Jews and undercover Israelis.

    The trial against those arrested lasted until January 27, 1955, when two of the accused (Moshe Marzouk and Shmuel Azar) were condemned to execution by hanging, two were acquitted, and the rest received lengthy prison terms. One suspect was tortured to death in prison, and another one had committed suicide. Israeli agent Avraham Seidenberg (Avri Elad, alias Paul Frank) had managed to escape.

    The trial was criticized as a show trial, and there were credible allegations that evidence had been extracted by torture. [1] The imprisoned operatives were eventually freed in 1967, in a secret addendum to a prisoner of war exchange.  Soon after the affair, Mossad chief Isser Harel expressed suspicion to Aman concerning the integrity of Avri Elad. Despite his concerns, Aman continued using Elad for intelligence operations until 1956, when he was caught trying to sell Israeli documents to the Egyptians. Elad was tried and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. In 1980, Harel publicly revealed evidence that Elad had been turned by the Egyptians even before Operation Suzannah. If true, this would imply that Egyptian Intelligence was aware of the operation from the beginning."


Bilderberg attendees publication date: May 19, 2009 Previous | May 19-20, 2009 -- 2009 Bilderberg attendees,  Held at Astir Palace Hotel in the suburban Athens resort of Vouliagmeni.  source: WMR WayneMadsenReport
Dutch Queen Beatrix

Spanish Queen Sofia

Prince Constantijn (Netherlands)

Viscount Étienne Davignon, Belgium (former vice-president of the European Commission and director, Kissinger Associates)

Josef Ackermann, Germany (CEO of Deutsche Bank)

Keith B. Alexander, United States (Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Director of the National Security Agency [NSA])

Roger Altman, United States (investment banker, former U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton)

Georgios A. Arapoglou, Greece (Governor of National Bank of Greece)

Ali Babacan, Turkey (Deputy Prime Minister responsible for economy)

Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Portugal (former Prime Minister of Portugal)

Nicholas Baverez, France (economist and historian)

Franco Bernabè, Italy (Telecom Italia)

Xavier Bertrand, France (French politician connected to Nicolas Sarkozy)

Carl Bildt, Sweden (former Prime Minister of Sweden)

Jan Bjorklund, Sweden (Minister of Education, Sweden)

Christoph Blocher, Switzerland (industrialist, Vice President of the Swiss People’s Party)

Alexandre Bompard, France (Europe 1 Radio)

Ana Patricia Botin, Spain, (President of Santander Bank Group)

Henri de Castries, France (President of AXA, the French global insurance group)

Juan Luis Cebrián, Spain (CEO PRISA Group)

W. Edmund Clark, Canada (CEO TD Bank Financial Group)

Kenneth Clarke, Great Britain (MP, Shadow Tory Business Secretary, former Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Luc Coene, Belgium (Vice Governor, National Bank of Belgium)

George David, United States (Chairman and former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, board member of Citigroup)

Richard Dearlove, Great Britain (former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI-6)

Mario Draghi, Italy (Governor of the Bank of Italy)

Anders Eldrup, Denmark (CEO Danish Oil and Natural Gas [DONG] Energy)

John Elkann, Italy (Italian industrialist, heir to the Fiat SPA)

Thomas Enders, Germany (CEO Airbus)

Jose Entrecanales, Spain (Acciona Construction Group)

Isidro Faine Casas, Spain (President Caixa Bank)

Niall Ferguson, United States (Harvard Business School)

Timothy Geithner, United States (Secretary of the Treasury)

Dermot Gleeson, Ireland (Chairman Allied Irish Bank Group, ombudsman for Diaond Trading Company, affiliate of De Beers)

Donald Graham, United States (CEO and chairman of the board of The Washington Post Company)

Victor Halberstadt, Netherlands (Professor, Leiden University)

Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Netherlands (Dutch politician, minister of Justice in the fourth Balkenende cabinet, member of the Christian Democratic Appeal)

Richard Holbrooke, United States (Special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan)

Jaap De Hoop Scheffer, Netherlands (NATO Secretary General)

Gen. (rtd.) James Jones, United States (U.S. National Security Adviser)

Vernon Jordan, United States (lawyer, adviser to President Bill Clinton)

Robert Kagan, United States (Co-founder, Project for the New American Century, columnist, Washington Post, New York Times, editor for The New Republic and Weekly Standard; arch-neoconservative)

Jyrki Katainen, Finland (Minister of Finance, Chairman of National Coalition Party)

John Kerr (Baron Kerr of Kinlochard), Great Britain (Deputy Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, independent member of the House of Lords)

Mustafa Koç, Turkey (President of Koç Holding)

Roland Koch, Germany (Christian Democratic Minister-President [acting] of Hesse)

Sami Kohen, Turkey (Columnist, Milliyet)

Henry Kissinger, United States (former Secretary of State, unindicted war criminal)

Marie Jose Kravis, United States (Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, former Board member Hollinger, Inc., wife of Henry Kravis, co-founder Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.)

Neelie Kroes, Netherlands (European Commissioner for Competition)

Odysseas Kyriakopoulos, Greece (S & B Group) Manuela Ferreira Leite, Portugal (Portuguese economist and politician)

Manuel Ferreira Leite, Portugal (Member, Portuguese Council of State, leader of Portuguese Social Democratic Party)

Bernardino Leon Gross, Spain (Secretary General of the Presidency)

Jessica Matthews, United States (President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Philippe Maystadt, Belgium (President of the European Investment Bank)

Frank McKenna, Canada (Deputy Chairman of the TD Bank Group, former Premier of New Brunswick and ambassador to the United States)

John Micklethwait, Great Britain (Editor-in-chief of The Economist)

Thierry de Montbrial, France (founded the Department of Economics of the École Polytechnique and head of the Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI)

Mario Monti, Italy (President of the Bocconi University of Milan)

Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spain (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Craig Mundie, United States (chief research and strategy officer, Microsoft, Inc.)

Egil Myklebust, Norway (Chairman of the board of SAS Group, Scandinavian Airlines System)

Mathias Nass, Germany (Editor of the newspaper Die Zeit)

Denis Olivennes, France (director general of Le Nouvel Observateur)

Frederic Oudea, France (CEO of Société Générale bank)

Cem Özdemir, Germany (co-leader of the Green Party/Alliance '90 and Member of the European Parliament)

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Italy (Italian banker, economist, and former Minister of Economy and Finance)

Dimitris Papalexopoulos, Greece (Managing Director of Titan Cement Company, SA)

Richard Perle, United States (American Enterprise Institute)

David Petraeus, United States (Commander, U.S. Central Command)

Manuel Pinho, Portugal (Minister of Economy and Innovation)

J. Robert S. Prichard, Canada (CEO of Torstar Corporation)

Romano Prodi, Italy (former Italian Prime Minister, former President of the European Commission)

Heather M. Reisman, Canada (co-founder of Indigo Books & Music Inc.)

Eivind Reiten, Norway (CEO BD Norske Skog, former Norsk Hydro)

Michael Ringier, Switzerland (Chairman, Ringier AG, largest media company in Switzerland)

David Rockefeller, United States (Founder of Trilateral Commission, close colleague of Allan Dulles and Rockefeller family in-law John Foster Dulles)

Dennis Ross, United States (special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton)

Barnett R. Rubin, United States (Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for International Cooperation)

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, Spain (Mayor of Madrid)

Suzan Sabanci Dincer, Turkey (Chairman of Akbank)

Indira Samarasekera, Canada (President of University of Alberta, Board of Directors Scotiabank)

Eric Schmidt, United States (CEO, Google, Inc.)

Rudolph Scholten, Austria (Director, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG)

Jürgen E. Schrempp, Germany (CEO DaimlerChrysler)

Pedro Solbes Mira, Spain (economist, Socialist, Second Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance)

James Steinberg, United States (Deputy Secretary of State)

Lawrence Summers, United States (economist, Director of the White House National Economic Council)

Peter Sutherland, Ireland (Chairman, BP and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International)

Martin Taylor, United Kingdom (former chief executive of Barclays Bank, currently Chairman of Syngenta AG)

Peter Thiel, United States (Clarium Capital Management LCC, PayPal co-founder, Board of Directors, Facebook)

Matti Vanhanen, Finland, (Prime Minister)

Daniel L. Vasella, Switzerland (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Novartis AG)

Jeroen van der Veer, Netherlands (CEO of Royal Dutch Shell)

Guy Verhofstadt, Belgium (former Prime Minister)

Paul Volcker, U.S. (former Federal Reserve director, Chair of White House Economic Recovery Advisory Board)

Jacob Wallenberg, Sweden (chairman of Investor AB and former chairman of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken)

Marcus Wallenberg, Sweden (CEO of Investor AB, former chairman of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken)

Nout Wellink, Netherlands (Chairman of De Nederlandsche Bank, Board of Directors, the Bank of International Settlements)

Hans Wijers, Netherlands (CEO, AkzoNobel)

Martin Wolf, Great Britain (associate editor and chief economics commentator, Financial Times)

James Wolfensohn, United States (former president of the World Bank)

Paul Wolfowitz, United States (former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, ex-President of the World Bank, current American Enterprise Institute scholar)

Fareed Zakaria, United States (journalist, Newsweek)

Robert Zoellick, United States (former managing director of Goldman Sachs, President of the World Bank)

Dora Bakoyannis, Greece (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Anna Diamantopoulou, Greece (Member of Parliament for the Panhellenic Socialist Movement)

Yannis Papathanasiou, Greece (Minister of Finance)

Georgios Alogoskoufis, Greece (former Minister of Economy and Finance, New Democracy Party)

George A. David, Greece (businessman, Chairman of Board, Coca-Cola HBC)


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