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Daily Illinio, Chronicle of Jewish Power in Academia, UIUC

  • Don Clasen...Zionist dogma in academia is stifling even Jewish professors and scholars who are finding their careers in a dead end and their reputations smeared if they dare cross tribal red lines.
  • David Duke ... In the first half of the 20th century in the US, progressive Jews and civil libertarians decried what they termed WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) exclusivity, privilege and discrimination, citing their domination of the Supreme Court and their ‘over-representation’ throughout the elite centers of power. Having totally displaced and replaced the dreaded WASPS, there is nary a word from the plethora of civil rights groups and Jewish organizations claiming to be concerned with issues of discrimination and exclusion.
  • GlobalResearch ... John Kaminski ... No mystery in American history is ever solved because the actual facts of each case never reach the public for adequate examination and resolution. I mean, we still haven't solved the questions of who murdered Presidents Zachary Taylor and Abraham Lincoln, never mind who killed the Kennedy brothers or Martin Luther King.... Big Oil's connection to PBS and CIA links to Northwestern University (a famous training ground for journalists), Counterpunch and the Nation magazines, as well as Project Censored. All of these operations are suspect because they receive laundered money from corporate giants under the supervision of the CIA.... :"Is it likely that the Ford Foundation would fund the kind of alternative media which would be inclined to look deeply into the long-running control over US foreign policy exerted by the private and secretive Council on Foreign Relations, given the fact that the CFR counts among its funding sources the Ford Foundation and Xerox?
  • Occidental Observer ... there are strong indications that Jews are maintaining and even increasing their overrepresentation in elite universities at a level that is far above levels warranted by their academic performance. The overrepresentation of Jews in elite academic institutions has long been apparent, even correcting for Jewish IQ: On the basis of Richard Lynn’s estimates of Ashkenazi Jewish IQ [110.7] and correcting for the greater numbers of European Whites, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or 4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews is around 1 to 1 or less.
  • notes: NewsGazette: Twenty-one percent of those surveyed at the UI said they are frequently or occasionally blamed for the actions of the Israel government because they are Jewish. That compared with 26 percent at Michigan and 41 percent at Northwestern. Northwestern finished at the top of all three of those rankings. But Illinois scored higher than Northwestern on the question of perceived hostility toward Jews on campus, finishing No. 3 behind UCLA and CUNY-Brooklyn. Thirty-five percent of the UI Jewish students who were surveyed somewhat agreed, agreed or strongly agreed that there is a hostile campus environment. It was 43 percent at UCLA and 41 percent at CUNY-Brooklyn. "Although Illinois was perceived to have one of the most hostile environments toward Jews among the schools we studied, it was not perceived to have a particularly hostile attitude toward Israel," the report states. The study measured attitudes by asking if Jewish students were told Jews have too much power, exploit the Holocaust or are told Israelis act like Nazis. "At Illinois, where perceived hostility to Israel was much lower, only 7 percent reported hearing 'Israelis behave like Nazis,'" the study reports. The Brandeis study reported that "the most Jewishly engaged students, including those who are more closely connected to Israel, are the most likely to perceive hostility to Jews and Israel on their campus." It also said that "even at schools where hostility toward Jews and Israel are high, this does not dominate the lives of Jewish students." "Jewish respondents still tend to consider concerns over race and diversity, cost, student life, and safety and violence more 'pressing' campus issues than Israel or Jews," the report states source: NewGazette. and .By David Gehrig Only a few days after the U.S. Constitution's 226th birthday on Sept. 17, we in Urbana saw a dramatic demonstration that the First Amendment applies to all Americans, including — for better or worse — its bigoted idiots. On Sept. 22, the Urbana Free Library hosted (but did not sponsor) a 9/11 Truther talk by Jim Fetzer, a nationally known Holocaust denier. The central tenets of the Holocaust denial movement have been the same for four decades, since Nazi apologists like Ernst Zundel and Arthur Butz started printing them in the 1970s: — There's no reason to believe that Hitler wanted the Jews of Europe dead, they say. Sure, they'll admit that being a Jew under Nazi rule was a pretty bad gig, but wanting to wipe them all out? Hitler wasn't that crazy, they say. — Those gas chambers at the death camps? No proof they existed, they say. — And the number of Jews the Nazis murdered, 6 million? The deniers say that number was probably made up too, and the real figure was far, far lower. NewsGazette


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  • Kevin MacDonald Understanding Jewish Influence
  • American academia is a cess pool of corporate and Jewish influence. Any mention of seeking an independent investigation of 9/11, JFK assassination or the supposed Holocaust by any faculty or student is immediately met with a process that leads to the inevitable demise of that persons standing at the institution and the beginning of the end of their academic career. These actions are not the result of a focus on the veracity of the claims but purely a political decision designed to protect Jewish interests.. They are protecting their complicity in these events from public view.
  • jewish
  • Rockefeller, Ford and other similar foundations contribute vast sums of money to the relevant soft science programs and effectively control their staff and agenda.
  • Jacobin ... Who’s Afraid of BDS? MARK MONDALEK Meet the organizations and mega-donors trying to suppress pro-Palestine activism. MORE
  • American universities are no longer independent scholarly institutions, but merely extensions of the Government Military Industrial Complex.
  • American universities are infected with a cancer ... it's called Cultural Marxism... as theorized by Horkheimer, Adorno, Gramsci and others ... into the 'long march throught the institutions" to subvert, destroy the American culture and remake into a Jewish dominated, lifeless, compliant mass ripe for manipulaiton and exploitation,


  • NewsGazette ... A study by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute at Brandeis University reports the UI ranks near the top in terms of a campus atmosphere of antisemitism and anti-Israel attitudes. ... It indicated antisemitism at the UI stems from "more traditional antisemitic stereotypes and tropes, rather than criticism of Israel's politics." ... Among the academic groups supporting BDS is the American Studies Association, which is headed by former UI Professor Robert Warrior. ... 47 percent of the UI Jewish students somewhat agreed, agreed or strongly agreed that there is a hostile campus environment toward Israel. That compared with 48 percent at Michigan and 70 percent at Northwestern.
  • American Thinker ...
  • Commentary ... Dinnerstein, anti-Semitism in America, search terms: 1930s, heyday of American anti-Semitism, poisoning wells, Jews invented AIDS, blacks in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, rioted against their Jewish neighbors... In fact, he links the two topics by arguing that anti-Jewish views learned in Southern churches continue to inform the views of African-Americans who have dispersed throughout the country. In particular, Dinnerstein unflinchingly confronts the evidence of opinion polls “from the 1960’s through the 1990’s [which have] consistently found African-Americans more anti-Semitic than American whites,” ... Christianity has a powerful anti-Semitic impulse, America is a Christian country, and America is anti-Semitic.” ... General Ulysses S. Grant’s order expelling Jews from the territory of Tennessee in 1862, or the anti-Semitic rantings of Madison Grant in The Passing of the Great Race (1916), or the 1915 lynching of Leo Frank ... anti-Semitic views by individuals seemingly far removed from Christianity—e.g., Black Muslims and Afrocentrists, leftist enemies of Israel, and even denigrators of Jewish women as JAPs.
  • Daily Caller Salaita: "By eagerly conflating Jewishness and Israel, Zionists are partly responsible when people say antisemitic shit in response to Israeli terror." — Steven Salaita (@stevesalaita) July 18, 2014
  • GaleGroup ... American Jews have been able, to a limited extent, to exercise "ideational" or "soft" power--basically, moral suasion carried out through effective organization and public relations campaigns. Yet their soft power has succeeded only when there has been a "confluence of interests" between Jewish goals and American national priorities (36). Where such a confluence did not exist, American Jews' best efforts have failed to gain their political ends. American Jews have succeeded at times in influencing the political process, he argues, because they have mastered the skills of democratic organizing, training generations of activists coming up through the intricate system of communal affairs..
  • Israel National News ..uofiHolocaust denial, anti-Semitism at University of Illinois Days after posters blasting 'Jewish Privilege' found at University of Illinois, new anti-Semitic propaganda found posted in school library.. .“ENDING WHITE PRIVILEGE… STARTS WITH ENDING JEWISH PRIVILEGE” “Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population. 44% of these Jewish Americans are in the top 1%,” the posters read. Following a letter by UIC Chabad House President Eva Zeltser to school administers, UIC pledged to investigate the incident. MORE
  • Jewish United Fund of Metro Chicago ...JUF News ... The students opposed to BDS, organized under the moniker Coalition for Peace, succeeded last Friday at blunting the anti-Semitic impact of UIC Divest, the BDS campaign of the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter, which has aligned with Jewish Voices for Peace and some 20 other campus groups. Coalition for Peace unmasked the anti-Semitic aspects of the anti-Israel divestment campaign, which was cloaked under the guise of concern about human rights abuses generally.
  • Thesms . You see, for most of our history, we have been a people who have been powerless. The first Jewish kingdom started by King David lasted only seventy-five years before it was split apart by civil war. Then the two split kingdoms were conquered by the Assyrians and Babylonians. Finally, we had just one more semi-independent nation under the Maccabees before it was destroyed by the Romans. All told, then, when we look at the entirety of Jewish history, we find that we had our own kingdom for barely five hundred years. ... underscored by the War of Independence in 1948, the Six Day War in ‘67 and the Yom Kippur War in ‘73.
  • Ynet News ... Jewish Power is an Illusion ...Once again the Jews are dragging the United States into unnecessary conflicts with the Muslim world, once again they are serving the interests of a foreign state, once again their powerful capital is influencing the Senate and Congress members
  • Don Clasen...Zionist dogma in academia is stifling even Jewish professors and scholars who are finding their careers in a dead end and their reputations smeared if they dare cross tribal red lines. True to the pattern of Jewish revolutionary repression introduced by the Bolsheviks in 1918, so too now even scholarship is being politicized. One prominent case in recent years is that of Norm Finkelstein. A conscientious researcher who once described himself as a “forensic scholar,” Finkelstein’s academic career was blackballed out of top-tier universities once he began to wander into forbidden territory. In the writing of his Princeton doctoral thesis, he dismissed Joan Peter’s massively-praised book From Time Immemorial as “a monumental hoax” by a meticulous examination of every footnote she cited. Peter was making a case that there was no real Palestinian native population that Israel displaced, just a clash with immigrants from the Arab lands.
  • Israel National News Last week, posters accusing Jews of economically dominating the United States were found plastered around campus. “ENDING WHITE PRIVILEGE… STARTS WITH ENDING JEWISH PRIVILEGE” “Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population. 44% of these Jewish Americans are in the top 1%,” the posters read. Following a letter by UIC Chabad House President Eva Zeltser to school administers, UIC pledged to investigate the incident. “As we investigate this recent event, we strongly encourage all members of our university to exercise their right to free speech in a manner that recognizes these principles and avoids prejudice or stereotypes,” a statement issued by the UIC administration read in part. But on Saturday students discovered four new sets of flyers printed in a similar style and hung up around campus, including on a library message board. The new flyers make explicitly anti-Semitic references, and continue to accuse Jews of enjoying “Jewish Privilege” and controlling the US. One of the four new flyers compares Zionism to Nazism, contrasting a picture of Auschwitz where over 1.5 million innocent Jews were murdered, with a picture labelled “Gaza”. “The largest Concentration Camp [sic] in the world today is owned and operated by Zionists,” the flyer claims. The new series of flyers even appears to anticipate criticism of the anti-Semitic messages, claiming the documents are not anti-Semitic; rather they are part of the pursuit of “Social Justice”. “Standing up for Palestine is not anti-Semitic. It is not defamatory. It does not insult anyone. It is Social Justice”. A flyer appeared to question the veracity of the Holocaust and defend Holocaust denial, comparing the Holocaust to fringe conspiracy theory beliefs. “You are allowed to believe… “The Queen is a shape shifting reptilian and ‘The Globalists’ put chemicals in the water to make the frogs gay… “But when you question the 6 million they put you in jail in 17 countries. “Expressing a dissenting opinion about history is not a crime… It is a human right.” A third flyer expressed support for former University of Illinois professor Steven Salaita, who was booted from the school after a series of anti-Semitic tweets. The flyer blamed “a wealthy Jewish donor” for Salaita’s dismissal. The fourth flyer reinforced the message of last week’s posters, again calling for an end to “Jewish Privilege”. “Ending White Privilege… Intersects Ending Jewish Privilege.” “If Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population… Why do they get a special Privilege when it comes to top universities?” While last week’s posters were not credited to any group or individual author and left no evidence of whether far-left or White supremacists were responsible, the flyers found Saturday referenced the radical left-wing Black Lives Matter movement, #WeAreAllMuslims, and #StandWithPalestine. Following the second wave of anti-Semitic flyers, Arutz Sheva reached out to UIC for comment on the discovery as well as the investigation into the posters found last week. As of the writing of this report, the UIC has declined to respond.
  • Jacobin ... Who’s Afraid of BDS? MARK MONDALEK Meet the organizations and mega-donors trying to suppress pro-Palestine activism. ... “secret” anti-BDS summit was reportedly held in Las Vegas, while a Haaretz opinion column predicted that the “age of BDS” had officially begun. ... The Vegas summit’s fundraising take is a fraction of what wealthy donors give to fight pro-Palestine organizing in the US and abroad. In an attempt to catalog such fundraising efforts, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) — a network of Jews “committed to struggles for human emancipation, of which the liberation of the Palestinian people and land is an indispensable part” — published a report last year entitled “The Business of Backlash: The Attack on the Palestinian Movement and Other Movements for Justice.” The secretive closed-door summit was hosted by Sheldon Adelson — a billionaire casino magnate who once referred to Palestinians as “an invented people” — at his luxury hotel and casino, the Venetian. Early reports estimated the roughly two dozen mega-donors and fifty organizations in attendance raised at least $20 million. ... IJAN undertook the project because organizations like the ones allegedly present for the Adelson summit — the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Federations of North America, Hillel International, Christians United for Israel, the Middle East Forum, and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America — are extremely secretive and often act as intermediaries or “anonymizers,” intentionally obscuring the destinations of the funds they receive and distribute. ... To navigate around the methodological difficulties arising from these organizations’ opacity, the report’s authors drew from over ten thousand pages of publicly available tax returns from 2009 to 2012 (and 2013 when available) and also tapped public information concerning assets, budgets, grants, and donations. The result is a convincing outline of the network that binds these organizations together.... The Backlash Network The report tracks eleven major donors and their foundations — the Newton D. and Rochelle F. Becker Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Koret Foundation, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation, the Klarman Family Foundation, the Russel Berrie Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Sheldon Adelson Family Foundation, the Koch Brothers, the Moskowitz Foundation, and the Fairbrook Foundation — which hold a combined $10 billion in assets (not including their private wealth and individual giving) and use these funds to sponsor anti-Palestine, anti-Muslim activities in the US and abroad.
Wikipedia Daily Illini
The Daily Illini, commonly known as the DI, is a student-run newspaper that has been published for the community of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 1871. Weekday circulation during fall and spring semesters is 20,000; copies are distributed free at more than 250 locations throughout Champaign-Urbana. The paper is published by Illini Media Company, a not-for-profit corporation which also prints other U of I publications, and also and operates WPGU 107.1 FM, a student-run commercial radio station. While the IMC has no official ties to the university, university professors and others in the academic community serve on its board of directors. The newspaper's staff has both full-time professionals and amateur students. The paper is printed as a broadsheet, but downsizes during the summer months as a tabloid. Contents [hide] 1 Staff 2 Awards 3 Offices 4 Prominent staff emeriti 5 Controversies 5.1 Anti-semitism 5.2 Jyllands-Posten participation 5.3 Editorial accuracy 5.4 Salary Guide publication 6 2012 Financial Crisis 7 See also 8 References 9 External links Staff[edit] The editorial, business and production departments are staffed by students who are enrolled in a wide variety of degree programs, not just journalism. Several full-time professionals, including the newspaper's publisher and the advertising and circulation managers, are employees of IMC. Some students are paid for their jobs in reporting, editing, production and advertising, but some of the students work for free, as well. The Daily Illini staff completely changes once per year, known as "turnover" in the DI offices. "Turnover" means the current group of editors (editor-in-chief, news editors, sports editors, opinions editors and features editors, among others) finish their tenure at the DI in their current editing position, and a new group of editors fills these positions. The new editor-in-chief is chosen by some members of the IMC, and then the editor-in-chief chooses all of the other editors that will work under him/her. At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, the DI hires new reporters and staff members. All University of Illinois students, regardless of major, are encouraged to apply. Awards The DI regularly receives awards such as the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold and Silver Crowns and the Associated College Press Pacemaker Award. In February 2010, The Daily Illini was awarded the General Excellence award by the Illinois Collegiate Press Association. Their Web site, has been named the best college newspaper Web site in the state for the past four years. [1] Offices[edit] The newspaper's offices are currently located on Green Street in Champaign. In May 2006, the newspaper, along with the other IMC entities, moved east to a new building closer to campus on Green Street in Champaign. In doing so, the company consolidated the offices of WPGU, which had been in a separate location, with the offices of the rest of the IMC entities. Prominent staff emeriti[edit] Notable alumni of the newspaper include author and famed New Yorker editor William Maxwell, novelist Nelson Algren, ABC News political director Hal Bruno, Rape of Nanking author Iris Chang, Simpsons producer/writer Larry Doyle, film critic Roger Ebert, novelist Dave Eggers, folk singer Dan Fogelberg, High Times editor Steven Hager, Playboy founder/CEO Hugh Hefner, attorney Albert E. Jenner, Jr., columnist Robert Novak, Coast to Coast Live radio host Ian Punnett, advice columnist Dan Savage,[2] film critic Gene Shalit, and several Pulitzer Prize winners. Controversies[edit] Anti-semitism[edit] In January 2003, The Daily Illini printed a letter in its opinion section titled "Jews Manipulate America" A large amount of criticism followed soon after, calling into question the paper's editorial policy. The editors responded by defending their right to publish it.[citation needed] Critics noted that the publishing of this letter was not surprising to them after The Daily Illini's history of publishing other articles that appeared to be anti-Semitic.[10] Previous letters published in The Daily Illini have accused Israel of being guilty of genocide and another compared the Jews to Nazis. Moreover, while The Daily Illini apologized when it published a photo thought to be demeaning to black students, it refused to apologize for publishing a letter claiming that Jews manipulate America.[10] In December 2003, the paper published an article by Miriam Sobh called "Stop Turning a Blind Eye" that contained a quote attributed to Ariel Sharon that was fabricated. (See Alleged Ouze Merham interview of Ariel Sharon.[12]) The author later gave a full apology for using the fabricated quote. Despite the controversy that occurred from printing the falsely attributed quote the first time, The Daily Illini printed it a second time on November 19, 2004, in another article. The DI also published an anti-semitic comic strip on November 5, 2004, strip of I Hate Pam.[14] The paper acknowledged in a later editorial that the strip mocked Jews.[14] The comic was suspended for approximately four weeks. Jyllands-Posten participation[edit] The newspaper's former editor-in-chief Acton Gorton and opinions editor Chuck Prochaska made a controversial decision in February 2006 to print the cartoons from the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy that had previously been printed in Europe and had led to protests around the world and a few instances of violent rioting by offended Muslims. Gorton's column that accompanied the cartoons was cited to support the first view. Prochaska and Gorton were also criticized by fellow editors in a later editorial for not following protocol in previously discussing their printing, though it was revealed later that some of the staff did know about it in the hours prior to printing. A firestorm of letters and calls from all over the country and the world came into The Daily Illini expressing both support and outrage. Gorton and Prochaska were suspended with pay for two weeks to investigate whether proper procedures were followed. As of March 14, 2006, Gorton was terminated from The Daily Illini. Prochaska was offered the opportunity to return to his position but refused. Editorial accuracy[edit] The Daily Illini editorials were halted on September 22, 2006, after the September 20, 2006 editorial on the Midnight Madness basketball event was found to contain misinformation and misinterpretation. The paper resumed publishing editorials on October 9, 2006 with an editorial explaining the changes to the way editorials will be researched and published.[19] However, even with the new guidelines, on November 29, 2006, the newspaper printed an editorial[20] calling Representative Charles B. Rangel a Republican when describing his draft bill. Rangel is a Democrat.[21] Salary Guide publication[edit] On March 9, 2010 The Daily Illini published a guide to salaries on the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. The information was received through an Illinois Freedom of Information Act request. The online database [22] got the most number of hits on the site since they started tracking online traffic. 2012 Financial Crisis[edit] In February 2012, The Daily Illini enlisted the help of UIUC alumnus and film critic Roger Ebert to raise funds for the newspaper. The Daily Illini owed nearly $250,000 loan on their building. The 12 page broadsheet, which is very costly, played a part in the struggling company.[23] As the paper is funded and published by the Illini Media Company, it receives money from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign via mandatory student fees. These fees were approved by the University Board of Trustees.
Wikipedia Carey Nelson
Cary Nelson From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nelson speaking against casualization of academic labor at Yale University Cary Nelson (1946), is an American professor of English and Jubilee Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was president of the American Association of University Professors between 2006 and 2012, and has written about oil and gas industry funded research or "frackedemia". Contents [hide] 1 Education 2 Career 3 Published works 4 Bibliography 5 Notes 6 External links Education[edit] in 1967 Nelson graduated of Antioch College. In 1970, he received a Ph.D in English from the University of Rochester. His scholarship of the 1970s and 80s worked to expand the canon of modern American poetry. Career Since the 1990s he has increasingly focused on issues in higher education. In the words of Alan Wald, "With the appearance of Manifesto of a Tenured Radical in 1997. Nelson became an example of the committed scholar who conceived of the advance of his own career in the context of the amelioration of the rank-and-file of the academic community; more specifically, graduate students, part-time employees, and campus workers." From 2000-2006 Nelson was the second vice president of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). He was elected to a two-year term as president and was re-elected until 2012. In April 2006 Nelson was arrested, along with over 50 others (including Jane Buck, the outgoing president of the AAUP), as part of a unionization effort by New York University's graduate teaching assistants. In October 2015, Nelson stated regarding "frackemia" connections at the Leeds School of Business:"This is an example of complete collusion between the industry and academy that completely eliminates any sense of a university doing independent research. Unless the University of Colorado has a really lousy policy that basically says, ‘there ain’t no such thing as a conflict of interest,’ this is egregious." Published works He has published or edited twenty five books, including Manifesto of a Tenured Radical and Revolutionary Memory: Recovering the Poetry of the American Left. His academic focus is on modern American poetry. Bibliography No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom. New York University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-8147-5859-5
Wikipedia University of Illinois
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "University of Illinois" redirects here. For the university system, see University of Illinois system. Not to be confused with Urbana University. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign UIUC seal.svg Former names Illinois Industrial University (1867–1885) University of Illinois (1885–1982) Motto Learning and Labor Type Public flagship Land-grant Sea-grant Space-grant Established 1867 Endowment $3.3 billion[1] Chancellor Robert R. Jones [2] Provost Edward Feser (interim)[3] Academic staff 2,548 Administrative staff 7,801 Students 44,087[4] Undergraduates 32,878[4] Postgraduates 11,209[4] Location Urbana and Champaign, Illinois, U.S. Campus Urban 4,552 acres (1,842 ha)[5] Colors Illinois blue Illinois orange[6] Athletics NCAA Division I FBS – Big Ten Nickname Fighting Illini Mascot None (2007–present) Chief Illiniwek (1926–2007) Affiliations University of Illinois system AAU BTAA APLU URA Website UIUC I mark.svg The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, also known as U of I, University of Illinois, UIUC (deprecated[7][8]), or simply Illinois, is a public research-intensive university in the U.S. state of Illinois. Founded in 1867 as a land-grant institution in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana (together known as Champaign-Urbana), it is the flagship campus of the University of Illinois system and a founding member of the Big Ten Conference. The University of Illinois is a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified as a R1 Doctoral Research University under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, which denotes the highest research activity.[9] In fiscal year 2015, total research expedentures at Illinois totaled $640 million. The campus library system possesses the second-largest university library in the United States after Harvard University. The university also hosts the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and is home to the fastest supercomputer on a university campus. The university comprises 17 colleges that offer more than 150 programs of study. Additionally, the university operates an extension that offers educational programs to more than 1.5 million registrants per year around the state of Illinois and beyond. The university holds 647 buildings on 4,552 acres (1,842 ha) and its annual operating budget in 2016 was over $2 billion. Even though Illinois is a public university, only about 12% of the budget comes from the state; the balance is provided mostly by roughly equal parts student tuition and research grants. University rankings compiled by U.S. News & World Report, Times Higher Education and the Academic Ranking of World Universities rank Illinois among the top 50 universities in the world, and one of the top 5 engineering schools in the world.[16][17][18] History[edit] Main article: History of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [19] The original University Hall, which stood until 1938, when it was replaced by Gregory hall and the Illini Union. Pieces were used in the erection of Hallene Gateway dedicated in 1998 Between several cities, Urbana was selected in 1867 as the site for the new school.[20][21] From the beginning, Gregory's desire to establish an institution firmly grounded in the liberal arts tradition was at odds with many State residents and lawmakers who wanted the university to offer classes based solely around "industrial education".[22] The University opened for classes on March 2, 1868, and had two faculty members and 77 students.[23] " Gregory is largely credited with establishing the University as it is today. Gregory's grave is on the Urbana campus, between Altgeld Hall and the Henry Administration Building. His headstone (mimicking the epitaph of British architect Christopher Wren) reads, "If you seek his monument, look about you." John Milton Gregory, the university's first president The Library, which opened with the school in 1868, started with 1,039 volumes. Subsequently, President Edmund J. James, in a speech to the Board of Trustees in 1912, proposed to create a research library. It is now one of the world's largest public academic collections.[21][24][25] In 1870, the Mumford House was constructed as a model farmhouse for the school's experimental farm. The Mumford House remains the oldest structure on campus.[26] The original University Hall (1871) was the fourth building built; it stood where the Illini Union stands today.[27] During the Presidency of Edmund J. James (1904–1920), James is credited for building the foundation of the large Chinese international student population on campus.[28] [29][30][31] James established ties with China through the Chinese Minister to the United States Wu Ting-Fang[31] In addition, during James's presidency, class rivalries and Bob Zuppke's winning football teams contributed to campus morale.[21] On June 11, 1929, the Alma Mater statue was unveiled. The Alma Mater was established by donations by the Alumni Fund and the classes of 1923-1929. The statue stood behind the Auditorium until it was moved to its current location on August 22, 1962[32] Like many Universities, the economic depression slowed construction and expansion on the campus, but the old University Hall began to collapse in 1938. The University replaced the original university hall with Gregory Hall and the Illini Union. After World War II, the university experienced rapid growth. The enrollment doubled and the academic standing improved.[33] This period was also marked by large growth in the Graduate College and increased federal support of scientific and technological research. During the 1950s and 1960s the university experienced the turmoil common on many American campuses. Among these were the water fights of the fifties and sixties.[34] In 1998, the Hallene Gateway Plaza was dedicated. The Plaza features the original sandstone portal of the New Main University Hall.[27] The state of Illinois supplied roughly two-thirds of the university's budget while the federal government funded 90% of research.[35] In recent years, state support has declined from 4.5% of the state's tax appropriations in 1980 to 2.28% in 2011, a nearly 50% decline.[36] As a result, the university's budget has shifted away from relying on state support with nearly 84% of the budget now coming from other sources.[37] On March 12, 2015, the Board of Trustees approved the creation of a medical school, being the first college created at Urbana-Champaign in over 60 years.[38][39][40] Statue on campus titled "Alma Mater" by Lorado Taft Evolution of name[edit] The original name in 1867 was Illinois Industrial University.[41] In 1885, the Illinois Industrial University officially changed its name to the University of Illinois, reflecting its agricultural, mechanical, and liberal arts curriculum.[22] This remained the official name for nearly 100 years, until it was changed to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1982 (using the reverse of the commonly used designation for the local area, "Champaign-Urbana"), ostensibly to establish a separate identity for the campus within the University of Illinois system. However, the institution continues to be known as "the University of Illinois", or just "Illinois" in both the media[42][43] and on many of UIUC's web pages.[44][45][46] Starting in 2008, the university began rebranding itself as "Illinois" rather than UIUC, changing the website and email addresses from to Campus[edit] Green Street in Campustown Main article: Campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign See also: Campustown (Champaign, Illinois) The main research and academic facilities are divided almost evenly between the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign. The College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences' research fields stretch south from Urbana and Champaign into Savoy and Champaign County. The university maintains formal gardens and a conference center in nearby Monticello at Allerton Park. Four main quads compose the center of the university and are arranged from north to south. The Beckman Quadrangle and the John Bardeen Quadrangle occupy the center of the Engineering Campus. Boneyard Creek flows through the John Bardeen Quadrangle, paralleling Green Street. The Beckman Quadrangle is primarily composed of research units and laboratories, and features a large solar calendar consisting of an obelisk and several copper fountains. The Main Quadrangle and South Quadrangle follow immediately after the John Bardeen Quad. The former makes up a large part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences portion of the campus, while the latter comprises many of the buildings of the College of ACES spread across the campus map.[47] The campus is known for its landscape and architecture, as well as distinctive landmarks.[48] It was identified as one of 50 college or university "works of art" by T.A. Gaines in his book The Campus as a Work of Art.[49] The campus also has a number of buildings and sites on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places including Harker Hall, Astronomical Observatory, Louise Freer Hall, The Main Library, The Experimental Dairy Farm Historic District, and Morrow Plots. U of I's Willard Airport is one of the few airports owned by an educational institution.[50] Panorama facing north on UIUC's Main Quad Sustainability[edit] In October 2011, the Sustainable Endowments Institute gave the campus a grade of B for sustainability in its 2011 College Sustainability Report Card. Strengths noted in the report included the campus's adoption of LEED gold standards for all new construction and major renovations and its public accessibility to endowment investment information. The university makes a list of endowment holdings and its shareholder voting record available to the public. The weaknesses are areas such as student involvement and investment priorities. The Student Sustainability Committee is empowered to allocate funding from a clean energy technology fee and a sustainable campus environment fee,[51] while the university aims to optimize investment return but has not made any public statements about investigating or investing in renewable energy funds or community development loan funds. However, the biggest weakness of the university's sustainability is its shareholder engagement, as the university has not made any public statements about active ownership or a proxy voting policy.[52] Currently, the University of Illinois has 11 LEED certified buildings. Three of these are platinum certified (Business Instructional Facility, Lincoln Hall, and Bousfield Hall). Three are gold (National Petascale Computing Facility, Nugent Hall, Wassaja Hall). The rest are silver (Ikenberry Dining Hall, Evers Laboratory, Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory, Illinois Fire Service Institute, and Huff Hall).[53] In his remarks on the creation of the Office of Sustainability in September 2008, Chancellor Richard Herman stated, "I want this institution to be the leader in sustainability."[54] In February 2008, he signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, committing the University of Illinois to take steps "in pursuit of climate neutrality."[55] Academics[edit] University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign College/School Year Founded Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences 1867 Fine and Applied Arts 1867 Engineering 1868 Medicine 1882 Library and Information Science 1893 Applied Health Sciences 1895 Law 1897 Education 1905 Liberal Arts and Sciences 1913 Business 1915 Media 1927 Social Work 1931 Aviation 1946 Labor and Employment Relations 1946 Veterinary Medicine 1948 Carle-Illinois College of Medicine 2015 The University offers more than 150 undergraduate and 100 graduate and professional programs in over 15 academic units, among several online specializations such as Digital Marketing. In 2015, the University announced its expansion to include an engineering-based medical program, which would be the first new college created in Urbana-Champaign in over 60 years.[39][40] The university also offers Undergraduate students the opportunity for graduation honors. University Honors is an academic distinction awarded to the highest achieving students. To earn the distinction, students must have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.5/4.0 within the academic year of their graduation and rank within the top 3% of their graduating class. Their names are inscribed on a Bronze Tablet that hangs in the Main Library.[56] Several scholar opportunities include "James Scholars" where undergraduate students invited to pursue a specialized course of study for no less than two years of their undergraduate course work, "Chancellor's Scholars" where undergraduate students are invited to participate in the Campus Honors Program (only 125 members admitted per year), and "Senior 100 Honorary", which recognizes graduates for achievements in leadership, academics and campus involvement throughout their undergraduate education.[citation needed] The Leadership Certificate is a multi-semester structured program which aims to develop students' leadership skills through different kinds of curricula and programs.[57] Admissions[edit] Admission to UIUC is rated as "more selective" by U.S. News & World Report.[58] For fall 2014, UIUC received 35,822 freshmen applications; 21,150 were admitted (59.0%) and 6,937 enrolled.[59] For enrolled freshmen, the middle 50% range of SAT scores were 590-690 for critical reading, 700-790 for math, and 600-690 for writing.[59] The middle 50% range of the ACT scores were 26-32 for composite, 26-33 for math, and 26-33 for English.[59] Of the 43% of incoming freshmen who submitted high school class rank, 59% were in the top tenth of their graduating class and 90% were in the top quarter.[59] For the freshmen who were admitted for the 2016 school year by November 2015, the middle 50% range of the ACT composite was 27-32.[60] The middle 50% range for the SAT was 1320-1470. The middle 50% means that 25% of students are below the range and 25 students are above the range.[60] Admissions differ between the different colleges/schools in UIUC. The School of Social Work has the lowest ranges with the middle 50% range of the ACT at 24-27, and the middle 50% range of the SAT is 1150-1350 (out of 1600; for critical reading and math only). The middle 50% high school class rank is 74-90%.[60] The College of Education has the middle 50% range for the ACT and SAT (no writing) at 25-29 and 1200-1350 respectively. The high school class rank is 77-93%.[60] For the College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences (ACES), the middle 50% range of the ACT is 25-30 and the middle 50% range of the SAT is 1230-1390. The middle 50% high school class rank is 79-95%.[60] The College of Applied Health Sciences is similar with the middle 50% range of the ACT 25-30 and the middle 50% range of the SAT 1200-1350. The middle 50% high school class rank is 80-95%.[60] The College of Media has the middle 50% range for the ACT at 26-30, SAT (no writing) at 1230-1400 and the high school rank at 80-92%.[60] The Division of General Studies is also in that range with a middle 50% range for the ACT at 25-30, middle 50% range for the SAT (no writing) at 1300-1420, and a high school class rank of 79-94%.[60] The College of Fine and Applied Arts has the middle 50% range for the ACT at 25-30, the SAT score (no writing) middle 50% range is 1200-1390, and a high school class rank of 72-94%.[60] The schools start to make a more significant increase with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The middle 50% range for the ACT is 27-32, the SAT (no writing) is 1320-1450, and the high school class rank is 85-97%.[60] The middle 50% range for the ACT and SAT (no writing) for the College of Business are 28-32, 1320-1440 and the high school class rank is 88-97%.[60] The most selective college is the College of Engineering. The middle 50% range for the ACT is 31-34, the SAT (no writing) is 1400-1520, and the high school class rank is 92-99%.[60] Rankings[edit] University rankings National ARWU[61] 23 Forbes[62] 72 U.S. News & World Report[63] 44 Washington Monthly[64] 33 Global ARWU[65] 30 QS[66] 66 Times[67] 36 U.S. News & World Report[68] 47 In the 2016 U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) "America's Best Colleges" report, UIUC's undergraduate program was ranked tied for 41st among national universities and tied for 11th among public universities.[69] The graduate program had over 40 disciplines ranked by within the top 25 nationwide by USNWR, including 15 within the top five.[69] U.S. News & World Report ranked the undergraduate and graduate Accounting programs 2nd and 3rd respectively in the United States in their 2016 rankings.[69] The College of Business was ranked 47th nationally; the College of Engineering was ranked tied for 6th at the graduate level, with 9 disciplines ranked within the top ten.[69] Computer Science was ranked 5th in the country; Chemistry and Physics were also ranked within the top ten at the graduate level.[69] The College of Education was ranked by USNWR at 24th overall, with 3 programs ranked within the top ten.[69] The Graduate School of Library and Information Science was ranked 1st in the nation, with six programs ranked within the top ten.[69] The university was also listed as a "Public Ivy" in The Public Ivies: America's Flagship Public Universities (2001) by Howard and Matthew Greene.[70] "Although there is no formal ranking process for HR/IR programs, employers and students acknowledge that the University of Illinois is one of the top three programs" according to the School of Labor and Employment Relations website.[71] Kiplinger's Personal Finance rated Illinois 36th in its list of 100 Best Values in Public Colleges,[72] which "measures academic quality, cost and financial aid." The Princeton Review ranked Illinois 1st in its 2016 list of top party schools.[73] Internationally, the university was ranked 29th in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), with UIUC engineering ranked 4th;[74] it was also ranked 36th by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and 66th in the world by the QS World University Rankings. The University of Illinois’ online bachelor's degree in Earth, Society, & Environmental Sustainability was ranked 6th best by "Non Profit Colleges Online."[75] Round Barns found on the University of Illinois Experimental Dairy Farm Historic District part of ACES Research[edit] The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology is the largest interdisciplinary facility on campus with 313,000 square feet (29,100 m2) The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is often regarded as a world-leading magnet for engineering and sciences (both applied and basic).[76] Having been classified into the category comprehensive doctoral with medical/veterinary and very high research activity,[77] by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Illinois offers a wide range of disciplines in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is also listed as one of the Top 25 American Research Universities by The Center for Measuring University Performance.[78] Beside annual influx of grants and sponsored projects, the university manages an extensive modern research infrastructure.[79] The university has been a leader in computer based education and hosted the PLATO project, which was a precursor to the internet and resulted in the development of the plasma display. Illinois was a 2nd-generation ARPAnet site in 1971 and was the first institution to license the UNIX operating system from Bell Labs. Research Park[edit] Main article: Research Park, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Located in the southwest part of campus, Research Park opened its first building in 2001 and has grown to encompass 13 buildings. Ninety companies have established roots in research park, employing over 1,400 people. Tenants of the Research Park facilities include prominent Fortune 500 companies Capital One, John Deere, State Farm, Caterpillar, and Yahoo, Inc. Companies also employ about 400 total student interns at any given time throughout the year. The complex is also a center for entrepreneurs, and has over 50 startup companies stationed at its EnterpriseWorks Incubator facility.[80] This facility offers a bridge between the research of the university and the commercialization of technology. It provides services such as counseling, training, and networking events to startups. In 2011, Urbana, Illinois was named number 11 on Popular Mechanics' "14 Best Startup Cities in America" list, in a large part due to the contributions of Research Park's programs.[81] The park has gained recognition from other notable publications, such as and Forbes magazine. For the 2011 fiscal year, Research Park produced an economic output of $169.5M for the state of Illinois.[82] National Center for Supercomputing Applications[edit] Main article: National Center for Supercomputing Applications The university hosts the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), which created Mosaic, the first graphical Web browser, the foundation upon which Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer are based, the Apache HTTP server, and NCSA Telnet. The Parallel@Illinois program hosts several programs in parallel computing, including the Universal Parallel Computing Research Center. The university contracted with Cray to build the National Science Foundation-funded supercomputer Blue Waters[83][84][85] The system also boasts the largest public online storage system in the world with more than 25 petabytes of usable space.[86] The university celebrated January 12, 1997 as the "birthday" of HAL 9000, the fictional supercomputer from the novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey; in both works, HAL credits "Urbana, Illinois" as his place of operational origin. Prairie Research Institute[edit] Main article: Prairie Research Institute One of the research fields located on campus. Located off Florida Ave. The Prairie Research Institute is located on campus and is the home of the Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, and the Illinois State Archeological Survey. Researchers at the Prairie Research Institute are engaged in research in agriculture and forestry, biodiversity and ecosystem health, atmospheric resources, climate and associated natural hazards, cultural resources and history of human settlements, disease and public health, emerging pests, fisheries and wildlife, energy and industrial technology, mineral resources, pollution prevention and mitigation, and water resources. The Illinois Natural History Survey collections include crustaceans, reptiles and amphibians, birds, mammals, algae, fungi, and vascular plants, with the insect collection is among the largest in North America. The Illinois State Geological Survey houses the legislatively mandated Illinois Geological Samples Library, a repository for drill-hole samples in Illinois, as well as paleontological collections. ISAS serves as a repository for a large collection of Illinois archaeological artifacts. One of the major collections is from the Cahokia Mounds.[87] Big Ten Academic Alliance[edit] University of Illinois is a participant in the Big Ten Academic Alliance. The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) is the academic consortium of the universities in the Big Ten Conference. Engaging in $10 billion in research in 2014-2015, BTAA universities provide powerful insight into important issues in medicine, technology, agriculture, and communities. Students at participating schools are also allowed "in-house" borrowing privileges at other schools' libraries.[88] The BTAA uses collective purchasing and licensing, and has saved member institutions $19 million to date.[89] Course sharing,[90] professional development programs,[91] study abroad and international collaborations,[92] and other initiatives are also part of the BTAA. Accolades[edit] In Bill Gates' February 24, 2004 talk as part of his Five Campus Tour (Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Carnegie-Mellon and Illinois)[93] titled "Software Breakthroughs: Solving the Toughest Problems in Computer Science," he mentioned that Microsoft hires more graduates from the University of Illinois than from any other university in the world.[94] Alumnus William M. Holt, a Senior Vice-President of Intel, also mentioned in a campus talk on September 27, 2007 entitled "R&D to Deliver Practical Results: Extending Moore's Law"[95] that Intel hires more PhD graduates from the University of Illinois than from any other university in the country. In 2007, the university-hosted research Institute for Condensed Matter Theory (ICMT) was launched, with the director Paul Goldbart and the chief scientist Anthony Leggett. ICMT is currently located at the Engineering Science Building on campus. The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), which recognizes excellence in both individual and institutional achievements, has awarded two awards to U of I.[96] Discoveries and innovation[edit] See also: Stanford discoveries and innovation, Carnegie Mellon discoveries and innovation, MIT discoveries and innovation, and Cal Berkeley discoveries and innovation As of fall 2015 the university had 44,087 students.[4] Over 10,000 of them were international students, and of them 5,295 were Mainland Chinese.[110] The university also recruits students from over 100 countries[111][112] among its 32,878[4] undergraduate students and 10,245[4] graduate and professional students.[112] The gender breakdown is 55% men, 45% women.[112] UIUC in 2014 enrolled 4,898 students from China, more than any other American university. They comprise the largest group of international students on the campus, followed by South Korea (1,268 in fall 2014) and India (1,167). Graduate enrollment of Chinese students at UIUC has grown from 649 in 2000 to 1,973 in 2014.[113] Student organizations[edit] The Student Union Building called Illini Union The University boasts over 1,000 active Registered Student Organizations (RSOs),[114] showcased at the start of each academic year during Illinois's "Quad Day." Registration and support is provided by the Student Programs & Activities Office, an administrative arm established in pursuit of the larger social, intellectual, and educative goals of the Illini Student Union. The Office's mission is to "enhance ... classroom education," "meet the needs and desires of the campus community," and "prepare students to be contributing and humane citizens."[115] Beyond student organizations, the The Daily Illini is a student-run newspaper that has been published for the community of since 1871. The paper is published by Illini Media Company, a not-for-profit which also prints other publications, and operates WPGU 107.1 FM, a student-run commercial radio station. The Varsity Men's Glee Club is an all-male choir at the University of Illinois that was founded in 1886.[116] The Varsity Men's Glee Club[117] is one of the oldest glee clubs in the United States as well as the oldest registered student organisation at the University of Illinois. Fraternity & Sorority Life[edit] Main article: List of Fraternities and Sororities at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign There are 59 fraternities and 38 sororities on campus.[118] Of the approximately 30,366 undergraduates, 3,463 are members of sororities and 3,674 are members of fraternities.[119] The Greek system at the University of Illinois has a system of self-government. While staff advisors and directors manage certain aspects of the Greek community, most of the day-to-day operations of the Greek community are governed by the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council.[120] A smaller minority of fraternities and sororities fall under the jurisdiction of the Black Greek Council and United Greek Council; the Black Greek Council serves "historically black" Greek organizations while the United Greek council comprises other multicultural organizations.[121][122] Many of the fraternity and sorority houses on campus are on the National Register of Historic Places. Student government[edit] Foellinger Auditorium U of I has an extensive history of past student governments. Two years after the university opened in 1868, John Milton Gregory and a group of students created a constitution for a student government. Their governance expanded to the entire university in 1873, having a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. For a period of time, this government had the ability to discipline students. In 1883, however, due to a combination of events from Gregory's resignation to student-faculty infighting, the government formally dissolved itself via plebiscite.[123] It wasn't until 1934, when the Student Senate, the next university-wide student government, was created. A year before, future U of I Dean of Students, Fred H. Turner and the university's Senate Committee on Student Affairs gave increased power to the Student Council, an organization primarily known for organizing dances. A year after, the Student Council created a constitution and became the Student Senate, under the oversight of the Committee on Student Affairs. This Student Senate would last for 35 years.[124] The Student Senate changed its purpose and name in 1969, when it became the Undergraduate Student Association (UGSA). It no longer was a representational government, instead becoming a collective bargaining agency. It often worked with the Graduate Student Association to work on various projects[125] In 1967, Bruce A. Morrison and other U of I graduates founded the Graduate Student Association (GSA). GSA would last until 1978, when it merged with the UGSA to form the Champaign-Urbana Student Association (CUSA).[126][127] CUSA lasted for only 2 years when it was replaced by the Student Government Association (SGA) in 1980. SGA lasted for 15 years until it became the Illinois Student Government (ISG) in 1995. ISG lasted until 2004.[127] The current university student government, created in 2004, is the Illinois Student Senate, a combined undergraduate and graduate student senate with 54 voting members. The student senators are elected by college and represent the students in the Urbana-Champaign Senate (which comprises both faculty and students), as well as on a variety of faculty and administrative committees, and are led by an internally elected executive board of a President, External Vice President, Internal Vice President, and Treasurer. As of 2012, the executive board is supported by an executive staff consisting of a Chief of Staff, Clerk of the Senate, Parliamentarian, Director of Communications, Intern Coordinator, and the Historian of the Senate.[128] Residence halls[edit] Main article: UIUC Residence Halls Busey-Evans Residence Halls is one of many buildings on the NRHP Libraries and museums[edit] See also: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University Library, Main Library (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Spurlock Museum, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Grainger Engineering Library, and Krannert Art Museum Krannert Museum of Art The campus library system is one of the largest public academic collections in the world.[24] Among universities in North America, only the collections of Harvard are larger.[133] Currently, the University of Illinois' 20+ departmental libraries and divisions hold more than 24 million items, including more than 12 million print volumes.[24] As of 2012, it had also the largest "browsable" university library in the United States, with 5 million volumes directly accessible in stacks in a single location.[134] University of Illinois also has the largest public engineering library (Grainger Engineering Library) in the country.[135][24][136] In addition to the main library building, which houses nearly 10 subject-oriented libraries, the Isaac Funk Family Library on the South Quad serves the College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences and the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center serves the College of Engineering on the John Bardeen Quad. Main Library and home to Rare Book & Manuscript Library Residence Hall Library System is one of three in the nation.[137][138] The Residence Hall Libraries were created in 1948 to serve the educational, recreational, and cultural information needs of first and second year undergraduate students residing in the residence halls, and the living-learning communities within the residence halls. The collection also serves University Housing staff as well as the larger campus community, including undergraduate and graduate students, and university faculty and staff.[139] The Rare Book & Manuscript Library (RBML) is one of the Special collections units within the University Library.[140] The RBML is one of the largest special collections repositories in the United States.[141][142][143][144] The University has several museums, galleries, and archives which include Krannert Art Museum, Sousa Archives and Center for American Music and Spurlock Museum. Gallery and exhibit locations include Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and at the School of Art and Design. Hallene Gateway dedicated in 1998 by donations from the Alumni Alan M. and Phyllis Welsh Hallene[27] As of 2007, 21 alumni and faculty members are Nobel laureates and 20 have won a Pulitzer Prize.[150] In particular, John Bardeen is the only person to have won two Nobel prizes in physics, having done so in 1956 and 1972 while on faculty at the University of Illinois. In 2003, two faculty members won Nobel prizes in different disciplines: Paul C. Lauterbur for physiology or medicine, and Anthony Leggett for physics. Two alumni have been named IEEE Fellows in recognition of their contributions to computer technology. Fazlur Rahman Khan, considered to be the "Einstein of structural engineering" and the "Greatest Structural Engineer of the 20th century"[151] is an alumnus. Khan had been responsible for the engineering design of many major architectural projects, such as the 100-story John Hancock Center, and the 110-story Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower).[152] Richard Hamming, known for the Hamming code and Hamming distance, is also an alumnus. Alumni have created companies and products such as Netscape Communications (formerly Mosaic) (Marc Andreessen), AMD (Jerry Sanders), PayPal (Max Levchin), Playboy (Hugh Hefner), National Football League (George Halas), Siebel Systems (Thomas Siebel), Mortal Kombat (Ed Boon), CDW (Michael Krasny), YouTube (Steve Chen and Jawed Karim), THX (Tomlinson Holman), Andreessen Horowitz (Marc Andreessen), Oracle (Larry Ellison and Bob Miner), Lotus (Ray Ozzie), Yelp! (Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons), Safari (Dave Hyatt), Firefox (Joe Hewitt), W. W. Grainger (William Wallace Grainger), Delta Air Lines (C. E. Woolman), Beckman Instruments (Arnold Beckman), BET (Robert L. Johnson), and Tesla Motors (Martin Eberhard). Alumni and faculty have invented the LED and the quantum well laser (Nick Holonyak, B.S. 1950, M.S. 1951, Ph.D. 1954), DSL (John Cioffi, B.S. 1978), JavaScript (Brendan Eich, M.S. 1986), the integrated circuit (Jack Kilby, B.S. 1947), the transistor (John Bardeen, faculty, 1951 - 1991), the pH meter (Arnold Beckman, B.S. 1922, M.S. 1923), MRI (Paul C. Lauterbur), the plasma screen (Donald Bitzer, B.S. 1955, M.S. 1956, Ph.D. 1960), color plasma display (Larry F. Weber B.S. 1968 M.S. 1971 Ph.D. 1975), and are responsible for the structural design of such buildings as the Willis Tower, the John Hancock Center, and the Burj Khalifa.[153] UIUC alumni have also led several companies, including BitTorrent (Eric Klinker), Renaissance Technologies (Robert Mercer), Ticketmaster, McDonald's, Goldman Sachs, BP, Kodak, Shell, General Motors, Playboy and AT&T. Alumni have founded many organizations, including the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Project Gutenberg, and have served in a wide variety of government and public interest roles. Rafael Correa, President of The Republic of Ecuador since January 2006 secured his M.S. and PhD degrees from the University's Economics Department in 1999 and 2001 respectively.[154] Nathan C. Ricker attended U of I and in 1873 was the first person to graduate in the United States with a degree in Architecture. Mary L. Page, the first woman to obtain a degree in architecture, also graduated from U of I.[155] Philanthropy[edit] Over the last twenty years state funding for the university has fallen from 44.5% to 16.4%. Private philanthropy increasingly supplements revenue from tuition and state funding, currently providing about 19% of the annual budget.[37] Notable among significant donors, alumnus entrepreneur Thomas M. Siebel has committed nearly $150 million to the university including $36 million to build the Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science and the Grainger Foundation founded by alumnus W. W. Grainger has contributed nearly $200 million to the university over the last half-century. Controversies[edit] Chief Illiniwek[edit] Main article: Chief Illiniwek Chief Illiniwek, also referred to as "The Chief," was until 2007 the official symbol of the University of Illinois in university intercollegiate athletic programs. The Chief was typically portrayed by a student dressed in Sioux regalia. Several groups protested that the use of a Native American figure and indigenous customs in such a manner was inappropriate and promoted ethnic stereotypes. In August 2005 the National Collegiate Athletic Association expressed disapproval of the university's use of a "hostile or abusive" image.[156] While initially proposing a consensus approach to the decision about the Chief, the board in 2007 decided that the Chief, its name, image and regalia should be officially retired. Nevertheless, the controversy continues on campus with some students unofficially maintaining the Chief. Complaints continue that indigenous students feel insulted when images of the Chief continue to be present on campus.[157] Clout scandal[edit] Main article: University of Illinois clout scandal A series of investigative reports by the Chicago Tribune noted that between 2005 and 2009 university trustees, president, chancellor, and other administrators pressured admissions officials into admitting under-qualified but politically well-connected applicants into the university.[158][159] Although University officials initially denied,[160] then downplayed the existence of a "clout list",[161] the university later announced it would form a panel of internal and external representatives to review the past admissions process and determine possible changes.[162] The Chicago Tribune took the University to court for summary judgment on its Illinois Freedom of Information Act request for University admission records, which was granted[163] in March 2011. The University appealed, and a number of organizations, including the Electronic Privacy Information Center, filed "friend of the court" briefs[164] on behalf of both parties. Steven Salaita[edit] Main article: Steven Salaita controversy The Steven Salaita controversy was the result of a decision by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise to withdraw an offer of a tenured faculty position to English professor Steven Salaita because of a series of controversial tweets he had made in regards to Israel, Zionism and anti-Semitism.[165][166] Wise’s action prompted a national debate about academic freedom.[167][168][169] From the beginning the decision was supported by Wise and by the University's board of trustees.[170][171][172][173][174][175][176][177] Salaita quickly fought the decision declaring infringement on his academic freedom and insisted the university reinstate its offer rather than search for a financial settlement.[178][179][180][181] This began a long process of litigation. In August 2015, Chancellor Phyllis Wise resigned her role after accusations came forth she hiding emails that involved the rescinding of Salaita's job offer.[182] These emails included conversations regarding the Salaita Controversy. Shortly after Wise's resignation, 41 department heads, chairs and directors published an open letter calling "Acting Chancellor Barbara Wilson and President Timothy Killeen should call for the reinstatement of Steven Salaita at the September 2015 board meeting.[183][184][185][186][187][188] The Salaita case received national attention on academic freedom for faculty
Muftah There Is a “Palestine Exception” to Academic Freedom

In August 2014, Palestinian-American Professor Steven Salaita received an email from Phyllis Wise, the chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). He had just accepted a tenure-track teaching position in the university’s American Indian Studies program, and was due to start teaching in a few weeks’ time. Wise’s email notified Salaita that he was being terminated, effective immediately.

Salaita had already resigned from his position at Virginia Tech University, relocated his family to Illinois, and was actively preparing for his fall courses. He had also been closely following Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s brutal assault on the besieged population of Gaza that summer, which killed over 2,000 Palestinians. On his Twitter feed, Salaita had actively expressed his outrage over the wanton massacre. His tweets were sometimes eloquent and meditative, sometimes laced with profanity, sometimes strongly worded, and always impassioned. They were also the reasons why he lost his job at UIUC.

Salaita’s tweets included:

This is not a conflict between #Israel and “Hamas.” It’s a struggle by an Indigenous people against a colonial power. #Gaza #FreePalestine

— Steven Salaita (@stevesalaita) July 17, 2014


Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re defending #Israel right now you’re an awful human being.

— Steven Salaita (@stevesalaita) July 9, 2014


If it’s “antisemitic” to deplore colonization, land theft, and child murder, then what choice does any person of conscience have? #Gaza

— Steven Salaita (@stevesalaita) July 20, 2014


I repeat: if you’re defending #Israel right now, then “hopelessly brainwashed” is your best prognosis. #Gaza #FreePalestine

— Steven Salaita (@stevesalaita) July 20, 2014


#Israel’s bombardment of #Gaza provides a necessary impetus to reflect on the genocides that accompanied the formation of the United States.

— Steven Salaita (@stevesalaita) July 20, 2014

Although some had (unfairly) accused Salaita of professing “anti-Semitic” views, the problem, according to Chancellor Wise, was his “uncivil” demeanor in discussing Israeli atrocities against Gazans. As explained on the Chancellor’s Blog, Wise argued that Salaita had expressed his viewpoints using “personal and disrespectful words or actions that demean and abuse either viewpoints themselves or those who express them.”

But, Salaita (and many others) believed the real reason for Wise’s decision was pressure from wealthy donors who could not abide having a pro-Palestinian professor on campus. As journalist Nadeen Shaker wrote for Muftah,

The donors – largely pro-Israeli sympathizers– sent emails to Phyllis M. Wise, chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign campus, who ultimately withheld Salaita’s appointment. The emails, only three of which [had] been released to the public according to Salaita, threatened to withdraw and deny future funding to the university should Salaita’s appointment be finalized.

Many of these emails were made public, as a result of litigation over Salaita’s termination. In response to Wise’s unjustified actions, Salaita filed two separate lawsuits against the university, one to reinstate his employment and the other to release documents pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

After Salaita’s termination, heated public debate erupted around issues of academic freedom, civil rights, freedom of speech, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In the midst of it all, both the chancellor and Provost Ilesanmi Adesida resigned.

Throughout it all, Salaita received substantial support at the university in the form of student walkouts and a vote of “no confidence” for the university’s administration by over a dozen academic departments. More broadly, lectures and events at the university were canceled as part of a far-reaching academic boycott of the university. Many prominent academic organizations, including the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the Modern Language Association (MLA), the Society of American Law Teachers, and the American Studies Organization (ASA), issued public statements condemning the university’s treatment of Salaita.

Fuck Civility stickers and buttons to support Steven Salaita (Photo source: Flickr).

On Thursday, November 12, the saga between Salaita and UIUC finally came to a close, after Salaita agreed to settle his claims against the school. Pursuant to the settlement, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign agreed to give Salaita $600,000 and pay his legal fees, amounting to nearly $1 million in damages. The terms of the settlement stipulate that Salaita will not seek employment at the University of Illinois in the future and will drop all claims against the school.

After the settlement was announced, Salaita wrote on his Facebook page:

We settled the case against UIUC today, and I am deeply grateful for the support and solidarity from so many individuals and communities. Together, we sent a strong message to those who would silence Palestine activists and limit speech on campus. The activists, students, academics, and others who spoke up with petitions, demonstrations, and investigations proved that grassroots organizing can make a difference. This is an important victory, even if the bigger fight isn’t over. At this point I am ready to move beyond this particular matter and continue doing what I love—teaching, writing, organizing, and contributing in whatever way I can to struggles for justice.

Although Salaita describes the settlement as a positive development and wishes to put the ordeal behind him, many of his supporters consider it a pyrrhic victory.

After learning of the settlement, over eighty academics issued a statement expressing concern about its terms and implications for freedom of speech, academic freedom, and the proper functioning of an academic institution:

On account of the manner in which Professor Salaita was terminated the American Association of University Professors censured UIUC for its failure to conform to sound academic practices as established in AAUP principles. We feel strongly that the monetary settlement of Professor Salaita’s legal claim does not address the underlying breaches of academic freedom and widely accepted standards for the conduct of academic governance that formed the basis of the AAUP sanction in this matter. For this reason we urge the AAUP to not remove UIUC from its list of censured administrations until such time as UIUC adequately addresses the larger pall of uncertainty that has been cast over the manner in which academic freedom is understood and respected at UIUC.

In an essay for In These Times, writer and political activist Marilyn Katz noted some of the many questions that will remain unanswered now that the lawsuit is not going to trial, including the identity of those who reported Salaita’s tweets to the university and the extent and nature of the effort to unseat Salaita from his position. Most importantly, Katz wonders, “Was Salaita’s treatment the result of a zealous individual or part of a larger scheme that has tried to squelch the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement by trying to pass laws in state legislatures, city councils and elsewhere making divestment illegal?”

While much of the political debate about Salaita has centered around academic freedom and civil liberties, there has been little focus on the nexus between these issues and the Palestinian question, or, as the Center for Constitutional Rights describes it, the “Palestinian exception to free speech.” As writer and activist David Green wrote for Mondoweiss:

Usually lost in this discourse, however, is the question of Palestine. Legal discussions of administrative procedures and a broader discussion of academic freedom obviously have their places. But Salaita is targeted because of what he has said about Palestine. He is targeted because at a national level, the Israel Lobby is afraid that it’s losing its control of the narrative. He is targeted because the Board of Trustees and Phyllis Wise have shown themselves to be not only vulnerable to pressure but actively politically repressive, especially regarding Chris Kennedy (Chair of Board of Trustees) and his actions against Bill Ayers and Kilgore.

Salaita is targeted because he would represent the first voice of Palestinian background on this campus who has a record of substantial and articulate advocacy on this issue. He could have set a precedent and by his presence and voice begun to change the atmosphere on a campus that, other than Francis Boyle (International Law), has lacked a bold and persuasive advocate for Palestinian justice among its faculty, and has lacked scholars who forthrightly address Zionist colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and racism in their work. Salaita represents the return of the repressed and a harbinger of genuine openness, and on this basis he has been further and slanderously repressed.

Anti-Semitism & 9/11 Truth
  • American Free Press ... Now Donald Trump knows the truth about 9/11 ... An activist recently got close to billionaire GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to confront him over controversial statements Trump made concerning Muslims celebrating the September 11 false-flag attacks. Martin Hill, who maintains the website, had the opportunity to correct Trump, informing the maverick politician that he was wrong. It was Israelis, not Muslims, who were caught dancing and high-fiving following the terrorist event.
  • Brian Boru Nov 2016 "One of the most significant results of this Presidential campaign has been the political awakening of millions of whites. Trump told them the system was rotten and rigged so it became permissible for them to state that openly and with confidence rather than having to first look over their shoulders or wonder whether the person they were speaking to was safe to confide with. The vicious and blatant bias of the media and the opposition were confirmations in the minds of millions that the system was their enemy. They will not easily be lulled back to the suicidal mentality of before. Even if Trump reneges on his promises there will be no more naïve outlook about the system. The distrust will become even more entrenched and the ‘extremist’ message of this site and all the others like it will become more acceptable to the majority of whites. From their ranks will come the infrastructure for resistance to the kikes plans for our extermination." alt right guy..
  • trump
  • Bollyn With the election of Donald Trump we stand on the brink of a critical transition in American history. After fifteen years of intrigue and deception from the government and media about 9/11 and the fraudulent War on Terror, Americans rejected the naysaying pundits and voted for Donald Trump, who promises real change and reform. Trump prevailed in a valiant and hard-fought campaign in which he was opposed by the most powerful political forces in the United States, the political Establishment and the controlled media, the very institutions behind the deception of 9/11 and the War on Terror. ... Is 9/11 Truth anti semitic... no, it's just the investigative journalism tracking a heinous crime and criminals.
  • Breitbart The Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt said that President-elect Donald J. Trump “walks into the Oval Office with a more intimate relationship with the Jewish people than any other president in the history of the United States of America.”
  • Former Italian president Francesco Cossiga thinks 9/11 was an inside job?
  • Electronic Intifada ... In a column for Israel’s Ynet, Yaron London, long a prime-time host on Israel’s Channel 10, wrote that “a worldview which supports white supremacy matches our government’s (Israel) interests.” London elaborates on why the rise of white nationalism, a political movement many of whose adherents openly identify with the Ku Klux Klan and even Nazism, would be seen as beneficial to Israel. “To do the Netanyahu government justice, let me qualify my statement by saying that all forms of Zionism hold the perception that a certain extent of anti-Semitism benefits the Zionist enterprise,” London writes. “If Trump’s people are more disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews … we have struck quite a good deal,” he adds, noting that “Trump and his friends see Israel as a forefront against the barbarians.” “To put it more sharply, anti-Semitism is the generator and ally of Zionism,” London states.
  • German 9/11 Truth websites
  • Electronic Intifada How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis ... Former London mayor and long-time Palestinian rights campaigner Ken Livingstone is the latest victim of the UK Labour Party’s witch hunt over alleged anti-Semitism. TLA WENN Photos Last year, socialist stalwart Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party by a landslide. Since then, there has been a steady flow of claims by Israel’s supporters that Corbyn has not done enough to combat anti-Semitism. This has only accelerated in the lead-up to a major test for Corbyn, the UK local elections on 5 May 2016 ... an investigation by The Electronic Intifada has found that some of the most prominent stories about anti-Semitism in the party are falsified.
  • GlobalResearch 2016 Dec ... 9/11 Truth: British Muslims Overwhelmingly Reject the Official 9/11 Story ... A recent poll reveals that a maximum of 4% of British Muslims believe the official narrative of the 9/11 attacks. This is one of the strongest rejections of that story ever recorded. The sponsors of the poll have done their best to link these poll results to extremism and terrorism, but the data offer no support for this interpretation. The poll was released as both a set of data and an interpretative report on December 2, 2016. [1] The sponsor of the poll was British think tank, Policy Exchange, which had the polling company ICM carry out the survey. Policy Exchange, regarded as a highly influential institution, is known for its relationship to the Conservative Party. The current Chair of its Board of Trustees is well known neo-conservative, David Frum.
  • Institute for Historical Review Nationalism & Antisemitism in Modern Europe 1815-1945 book review ... Nationalism and Anti-Semitism highlights Polish attitudes toward their own Jewish "problem." Here, readers learn, quite likely for the first time, that anti-Jewish feelings perhaps ran stronger in Poland than in Nazi Germany. The author cites a 1938 British Foreign Office report on a meeting between the Director of the Central European Desk and the Polish Ambassador: Poland's Jewish problem was much more serious than Germany's. The Jewish population was proportionately much greater. The Germans were persecuting the Jews largely for reasons of doctrine; in Poland the problem was a very pressing economic one ... The [Polish Jews] would make good colonists in such a place as Northern Rhodesia, and would be anxious to emigrate at the rate of some 100,000 per year.
  • McDonald, Kevin Culture of Critique Jews have also adopted crypsis in order to take advantage of economic opportunities. There are many examples of temporary deception, such as Jewish traders posing as gentiles in order to avoid taxes levied on Jews in Arab countries (Stillman 1979), Poland (Weinryb 1972; Hundert 1986), and the Roman Empire (Grant 1973, 225). Reflecting these practices, in the early 5th century the Theodosian Code (CTh 16.8.23) prohibited conversions of convenience by Jews attempting to avoid prosecution for crimes and for avoiding compulsory public services, and in 787 the Council of Nicaea II prohibited such individuals from owning Christian slaves (in Gilchrist 1969, 157). Marrano traders posed as Christians when in Christian countries but revealed their Judaism when in the Ottoman Empire (Pullan 1983, 193).
  • Middle East Eye Dec 2016 it (supposedly new definition of anti-Semitism) could potentially make it more difficult for campaigners for justice for Palestinians, and Palestinians themselves, to speak out against Israel’s 68-year long colonisation and 49 years of illegal occupation. In fact, my previous sentence may itself now be judged to be on the edge of whether it is anti-Semitic.
  • NationalPost U of T, McGill University rank in top five of North America’s ‘worst’ schools for Jewish students ... Four Canadian post-secondary schools, including the University of Toronto and McGill University, have landed on a provocative list of North America’s 40 “worst” campuses for Jewish students. ... draw attention to the “rising” problem of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hostility faced by Jewish students. ... rankings: North American rankings, in which New York’s Columbia University placed No. 1 and U of T No. 3 followed by McGill ... University of Toronto “hosted a considerable number of events in recent years portraying the Jewish state as barbarous and colonialist” and cited recent incidents in which vandals defaced buildings and signs with swastikas.
  • PressTV 2014 ... according to the FBI, hate crimes, particularly against Muslims, grew by 6.8 percent in 2015 to a total of 5,850 incidents reported throughout the year, compared with the 5,479 incidents reported in 2014.
  • RealJewNews Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11? Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids
  • Take Our World Back ...  Why We are Past the Time of Peak Jew We find a correlation coefficient of 0.88 between Jewish control of the flow of information and its protective effects against "anti-Semitism", and given that Jewish control of information sources is in decline, this indicates that the time of peak Jew has passed. ... HoloHoaxers and Occam's Razor A hypothetical exchange between a Jew and a Gentile, with the charges of 'anti-Semitism' and 'racism' elided. ... Debunking the Myth of Anti-Semitism The Ashkenazi 'Jews' aka the Khazars are found to be the equivalent of "Daleks" - bent on conquering Earth whilst exterminating anyone who does not serve them. ... The Protocols of Anti-Semitism A trilogy that definitively demolishes the three central tenets of World Jewry, as in Parts One to Three below: Part One: The Protocols of Joly Refutes the nonsensical claim about the Protocols of Zion being a "forgery", Part Two: The Non-Destruction of the European Jews The 20th century Hoax demolished. This shows how the lunacy about 'Nazi' homicidal "gas chambers" is full of holes (except for the holes through which the Zyklon B was to be poured!), how Hoaxers' claims require that the Germans used tons of their poison gas to save their prisoners' lives at the exact same time and place that they were allegedly using kilograms of it for killing them, how Hoaxers fixed their 'study' to give them the results they needed, how a Hoaxer was recently desperate enough to dig at a cemetery, find a few bone fragments, and claim it as 'evidence' of "mass graves" ... Part Three: Israel's 9/11 False-Flag All the proof anyone could ever need. Includes new timing of eyewitness sighting of the "Dancing Israelis" at the Doric Apartment block, cross-referenced with the announcement on 1010 WINS of the first plane crash, between 4 minutes 9 seconds and 4 minutes 22 seconds after that crash. The witness, who saw the Israelis atop their van high-fiving, hugging each other, horsing around and having fun as they took video and still photographs of the burning WTC, was listening to 1010 WINS
  • The Realist Report Organized Jewish Community Almost Unanimously Condemns American Hero Donald Trump ... on critical issues pertaining to the overall agenda of the international Jewish community – namely, the cultural perversion and destruction of Western civilization, the promotion of “diversity” and massive Third World immigration to the West, and White genocide generally – organized Jewry will come together and stand united. ... the organized Jewish community almost unanimously supported the proposed invasion of Syria ...
  • WideAwakeGentile 1998, Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky blamed Jews for starting World War II, provoking the Holocaust, sparking the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia — and destroying the country ever since... “You will always find Jews where the war is raging because they realize that money flows where blood is spilled,” ... the rise of Nazism in Germany on the eve of World War II was because “there were too many Jews... “Jews themselves, Zionist leaders, often provoked anti-Jewish sentiments and Jewish pogroms.”
  • Juliane Baer-Henney, a spokeswoman for the German Justice Ministry, confirmed to the Post on the phone Wednesday that antisemitism in Germany has risen threefold in one year – 2,083 cases of attacks on Jews, Jewish property and hate speech against Jews last year, compared with 691 in 2014. MORE
  • notes.. ... In Sen’s case, MEMRI translated an interview in Turkey’s Vakit newspaper, in which anti-semitism was prominent, with Sen reportedly stating that Guantánamo “Was Filled With Jews,” and that “A Rabbi was Present at Interrogations.” Sen’s account in general is harsher than most accounts, and should, no doubt, be analyzed with care (as with that of Mohammed Mazouz, above), but on certain points his testimony corresponded with statements made independently by other ex-prisoners, as with the following description of the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in Guantánamo:
  • notes: Wikileaks The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews is a book released in 1991 by the Nation of Islam that asserts that Jews dominated the Atlantic slave trade.[1] The Secret Relationship has been widely criticized for being antisemitic and for failing to provide an objective analysis of the role of Jews in the slave trade. The American Historical Association issued a statement condemning claims that Jews played a disproportionate role in the Atlantic slave trade,[5] and other historians such as Wim Klooster and Seymour Drescher concluded that the role of Jews in the overall Atlantic slave trade was in fact minimal.[6][7] Critics of the book assert that it uses selective citations in order to purposefully exaggerate the role of Jews.[4][8] Volume Two of The Secret Relationship was published in 2010, with the subtitle "How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy".[9] Wikipedia ... . ...The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews ... The book has been labeled an antisemitic canard by some historians, including Saul S. Friedman, who contends that Jews had a minimal role in the New World slave trade.[3] Henry Louis Gates, Jr., head of the department of Afro-American studies at Harvard University, called the book "the Bible of new anti-Semitism" and added that "the book massively misinterprets the historical record, largely through a process of cunningly selective quotations of often reputable sources" Minister Louis Farrakhan displays the book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” during his speech Friday, March 25, 2011, at Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss.
  • notes:


Anti-Semitism & 9/11 Truth
  • Is 9/11 Truth anti-Semitic?... no, it's just the investigative journalism tracking a heinous crime and criminals. Israel (Zionists) have developed multiple schemes to deflect attention away from their extortion rampage, but not all are intimidated by their tactics.
  • Top 10 Jew haters in 2012
  • Trump comments: "Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people—or to make others—look bad"... “You have some of the signs and some of that anger caused by the other side,” ... “They’ll do signs and drawing that are inappropriate. It won’t be my people. It will be people on the other side to anger people like you.” ... false flag antisemitism ... and Steve Bannon ... “corporatist, globalist media”  thinly veiled reference to Zionist-controlled media, CNN...etc.
  • antisemitism
  • Take the Jewish Press' anti-Zionist test .... MORE ... Do Jews control America and Israel is behind both 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo.... etc. YES, YES, YES...
  • National Vanguard ... Israel Warns: Europe Will be Destroyed if Anti-Israel Boycott Continues ... THE VIDEO, released by a pro-Israel PR firm, depicts ISIS militants destroying European cities with Jerusalem’s blessing... Alternet ... In the opening scene, a massive boulder as large as an entire village, emblazoned with the logos of the Islamic State and the Al Qassam Brigades of Hamas, begins to roll down a hill towards a Disney-esque medieval municipality labeled “Europe”.
  • DialogInternational 1/16 In Germany, on the other hand, 9/11 Trutherism is mainstream, and is considered gospel on both the right and left. Trutherism is just a component of pervasive anti-Americanism, which- as the sociologist Andrei Markovits has written - is the flip-side of anti-Semitism.
  • Wikileaks below.... An Armenian government-affiliated national television network aired a hour-long documentary that labeled the leading oppostion candidatea "Zionist Jew" in cahoots with Israeli intelligence services just days before the election and distributed thousands of CDs of the program. MORE
  • Trump's America First campaign is seen as anti-Semitic by ADL who asked him to stop, but he made it integral part of his inaugural address, America First used by Lindbergh to keep US out of WWII, then Pat Buchanan,
  • Independent Anti-Semitic historian David Irving claims new support from teenage Holocaust-denying Trump fans ... The 78-year-old told The Guardian: “Interest in my work has risen exponentially in the last two or three years. And it’s mostly young people.
  • JPost 1/17 ...AntiSemitism attacks doubled in Germany from 2015-16, 194 to 461, due to refugee crisis and strengthening of extreme right, common thread between these groups was an opposition to political correctness, racial supremacy, resistance to multiculturalism and immigration. .. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Holocaust denial....
  • American Free Press ... Farrakhan draws 4000 to 9/11 Truth assembly ... exposed the war on Islam as a fabrication of the West...Israel / Saudi Arabia / UK / US... a false flag attack. Wikipedia states he his anti Semitic for his support for 9/11 Truth, Jewish dominance of the African slave trade
  • farrakhan
  • Farrakhan has repeatedly denied referring to Judaism as a "gutter religion" explaining that he was instead referring to what he believed was the Israeli Government's use of Judaism as a political tool. In a June 18, 1997, letter to a former Wall Street Journal editor Jude Wanniski he stated: Countless times over the years I have explained that I never referred to Judaism as a gutter religion, but, clearly referred to the machinations of those who hide behind the shield of Judaism while using unjust political means to achieve their objectives. This was distilled in the New York tabloids and other media saying, 'Farrakhan calls Judaism a gutter religion.' source: Wikipedia
  • Times of Israel 1/17 ... former London mayor Ken Livingstone’s remarks that “before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews,” Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had been “supporting Zionism.”
  • Politico The FBI reported that there were more Jewish hate crime victims last year than victims of all other religious groups combined. Nowhere is this problem worse than on college campuses where anti-Semitic incidents are escalating at an alarming rate
  • Atlantic ... only 54% of world's population say they've heard of the Holocaust and of those only 30% believe the official story is accurate..and 30% say Jews talk about it too much. Anyone not believing in the Holocaust is anti-Semitic according to Jews.
  • CNN Dec 2016 The UK government will adopt an international definition of anti-Semitism in order to tackle rising levels of hatred expressed towards Jewish people
  • NFU 99.9% of Jews will not question official Holocaust orthodoxy mainly because of intimidation, ignorance or financial malfeasance... (9/11 Truth and JFK assassination suffer from the same phenomena) The Holocaust is the greatest lie of modern times and sets the Jews apart in the anals of recent human history as perpetrating a hoax on the international community for their own collective benefit. It is not 'anti-Semitic' to exhort Holocaust revisionism, it is merely investigative journalism, science and truthseeking. It is tied to criminality and has no consideration of who the miscreants are.. MORE
  • Any mention of a genocide other the the Holocaust hoax, ... like 60 million Christians murdered in Bolshevik Revolution, Armenian, native Americans, Holodomor, Pol Pot, Dresden fire-bombing, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Tokyo fire-bombing, carpet-bombing every city during Korean War..., is considered 'anti Semitic'.
  • Philly ... Rabbi Robyn Frisch at Temple Menorah-Keneseth Chai in Tacony, ...was vandalized
  • Pew Research When asked whether they think groups of Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., most Muslims in the nations surveyed say they do not believe this. There is no Muslim public in which even 30% accept that Arabs conducted the attacks. Indeed, Muslims in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey are less likely to accept this today than in 2006.
  • Wikipedia finally added a Israel section to its 9/11 Conspiracty page... took over a decade more below
  • Breitbart (this website is a Zionist controlled-opposition rag designed to mitigate the white nationalist message. It is fully aware of the anti-Semitic of elements of the group. Any nationalist movement is a threat to Jews as obscurely documented in the Frankfurt School / Horkheimer / Adorno / Benjamin works including the Dialectic of Enlightenment ...tough to read and analyze but the central theme is combating anti-Semitism... Jewish power is the underlying schema in Cultural Marxism... Marxist revolution, its stated goal is dead in the water, and is just a smoke screen for ultimate world Jewish control.. Breitbart website is utterly careful in omitting or obscuring any mention of the Jewish roots (Institute of Social Research) of Cultural Marxism. Google it with the site: command to confirm.)
  • Death and Taxes blog ... What’s Jill Stein’s VP doing on a 9/11 truther and Holocaust denier’s radio show?
  • Tablet Mag Milo ... Donald Trump's little boy is a gay Jew with Jungle Fever
  • MackleMore ... DailyBeast raps rapper for being 9/11 Truther and anti-Semitic ... tweeted that Bush knocked down the towers... so is misinformed.
  • McDonald: abriged, Jewish intellectual movement: centered on Jewish interests, promote immigration, universalist rather than particularism, morality centric and attiude of moral superiority, centered around charasmatic leaders: Boaz, Trotsky, Freud, ... form a cohesive mutually reinforcing core, non jews play prominent roles, personify as evil and expunge dissenters, assoc with prestigious academic institutions, access to MSM,
  • Snopes Fox News is well above both CNN and MSNBC (anti-Trump, Jewish controlled) in television viewership and has picked up viewers since the 2016 election.
  • Daily Beast Macklemore, the Grammy Winning Rapper, Is a 9/11 Truther Who Likes to Play Anti-Semitic Dress-Up
  • DailyBeast Jew-Hater Christopher Bollyn Brings 9/11 False Flag Act to the Brooklyn Commons
  • APP ... JACKSON — Council members remain tight-lipped on a controversial move to ban dormitories in the town, even as the officials are peppered with criticism from Jewish residents who claim the measure singles them out for bias treatment. ... Dormitories are closely linked to the religious schools of the area's growing Jewish Orthodox community — a point not lost on several Jewish residents who spoke against the measure at a meeting last week. They contend the proposed restriction reflected anti-Semitism.
  • Aljameiner 2016 anti Semitism review, campus, BDS,
  • Aljazeera The last of the Semites It is Israel's claims that it represents and speaks for all Jews that are the most anti-Semitic claims of all.
  • AlphaHistory The push for German unification was another fertile ground for hateful anti-Semitism. During the mid-1800s there was no single German nation but a cluster of two dozen German-speaking kingdoms. Many nationalists wanted these kingdoms to unite to form a greater Germany, a nation that would rival the economic and military power of Britain, France and Russia. But the road to German unification was a difficult one, blocked by political obstacles and regional self-interest. Many who supported unification became frustrated by the lack of progress – and of course they blamed this on the region’s Jews. Anti-Semitic writers claimed the Jews feared a united Germany; they much preferred the status quo, with small, bickering kingdoms.
  • Express ... Jackie Walker, a Corbyn activist..., vice-chairwoman of Momentum, was heckled and jeered by a crowd after suggesting Holocaust Day should be open to “all peoples who've experienced Holocaust”. ... Jews are 'outraged'
  • NYTimes Ms. Conway denied that Mr. Bannon had a connection to right-wing nationalists or that he would bring those views to the White House. “I’m personally offended that you think I would manage a campaign where that would be one of the going philosophies,” she said.
  • Occidental Observer, Kevin McDonald Morris Amitay, former head of AIPAC and who now heads of the Washington Political Action Committee (whose motto is “A strong and secure Israel is America’s best interest”) favors a military strike. Both the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Jewish Democratic Council advocate a military strike. The Bloomberg article also notes that the ADL and the and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations are also on board. ... all supporting the contention that Israel is the main warmongering protaganist in the Middle East ... the alledged chemical attacks that precipitated the Syrian conflict were another false flag attack similar in intention to 9/11 WTC
  • Manny Friedman: “Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be “Tropic Thunder” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews? But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows. The time has come, though. We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country.” – Manny Friedman, Times of Israel, july 1, 2012
  • Nationalism Manifesto
    • Nationalism does not necessarily infer racism.
    • Family values include pro-feminism.
    • Resent corrupt warmongers/profiteers sanctimoniously pushing multiculturalism.
    • Islamophobia was invented by corrupt Neocon / Zionist warmongers/profiteers.
    • Reject NWO globalism and the income inequality it creates.
    • Bundling anti-Semitism with hate, racism and bigotry is disingenuous trickery.
    • Political Correctness is a Jewish Marxist invention to suppress free speech.
    • Cultural Marxism is real and rooted in Jewish Marxist ideology.
    • Purge Marxist Critical Theory from academia.
    • LGBTQ is an insignificant political issue. Tolerate and ignore.
    • New scrutiny of 9/11, JFK and even the Holocaust are warranted. Freedom of speech is an unalienable right.
    • Freedom of speech is an unalienable right.
  • Wikipedia Richard A. Falk, American professor emeritus of international law at Princeton U. ... UNHRC appointed him UN Special Rapporteur on the "situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967" ... He has questioned the legality of the Vietnam Afghanistan and Iraq wars...has called 9/11 an inside job, Boston bombing a hoax ... but Falk is a former advisory board member of the World Federalist Institute and the American Movement for World Government, as well as a former fellow at the Transnational Institute
  • PressTV Trump’s election shed more light on 9/11 truth: Scholar ... Donald Trump’s presidential election victory despite running an Islamophobic campaign shows how the September 11, 2001 attacks set the stage for Washington's anti-Islamic plots, says Kevin Barrett, an American scholar. ... “People have not really been worried about that; the kind of people who voted for [Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton and maybe even Bernie sanders… do not seem particularly concerned that 2 million people have been murdered by their tax dollars all over the world,” he explained.
  • Reason Some of the longtime Bircher ideas and themes that have slipped into the conservative mainstream and now sound like Republican talking points include, according to [Chip] Berlet, the belief that big government leads to collectivism which leads to tyranny; that liberal elites are treacherous; that the U.S. has become a nation of producers versus parasites; that the U.S. is losing its sovereignty to global treaties; that the "New World Order" is an actual plan by secret elites promoting globalization; and that multiculturalism is a conspiracy of "cultural Marxism."
  • Salon Jewish Americans are worried about the rise in anti-Semitism after this election cycle It's like something caused all this hatred of Jews ... American Jews gathered Thursday to wrestle with how they should confront an election-year surge in anti-Semitism, a level of bias not seen in the U.S. for decades....Shalom Hartman Institute, It’s often associated with far right efforts to preserve “white identity,” oppose multiculturalism and defend “Western values.” ... ADL officials said donations to their organization increased 50-fold in the days immediately after the election, ... Jane Eisner, editor-in-chief of the Forward, received image of a Nazi solder pointing a gun at her head

  • 9/11 Cult Watch Paul Stott ... A blog dedicated to exposing some of the more ludicrous theories concerning 9/11,...  We oppose its venal analysis, lazy research, dubious politics and the anti-semitism that lies at its core. did not like some of his (Shayler) antiSemetic rants. Even in comments I made 6 years ago here, I state that I think David Shayler is nuts....  "Was British MP Michael Meacher Murdered to Cover Up 9/11? ... The Sunday Times has today run a major article on John McDonell and his engagement with leading activists in the 9/11 'truth' movement. ... Dr Paul Stott of 9/11 Cultwatch takes a look at some of the associates of John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn. ... search terms: Make Wars History, a successor group to the Britain and Ireland 9/11 Truth Campaign, funded by Belinda McKenzie, 1928 International Treaty for the Renunciation of War, (Kellog-Briand Pact), see Chris Coverdale, Green Party, Stop the War Coalition, Mossad carried out 9/11, Joining them was the former MI5 officer and ex-Secretary of the UK and Ireland 9/11 Truth Movement, Annie Machon. ... Machon presents herself as a whistleblower, who left MI5 in 1996 along with David Shayler, in protest at its actions in support of jihadists in Libya.
  • ADL 12/16...Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Thrive 15 Years After Attacks ... Christopher Bollyn, Ken O’Keefe, and Kevin Barrett are three such conspiracy theorists who spread the theory that 9/11 was a “false flag” operation by Israel and the Jews to control world events and create wars for their benefit. search terms: American Free Press, War on Terror, O'Keefe: Neocons/Israel planned the 9/11 Pearl Harbor like event, Barrett on Operation Gladio B, Joint NATO/Israel project and see ADL Ten Years After 9/11 report in 2011... American and/or Israeli Jews were the only ones who had the "motive, means, and opportunity" to carry them out. See Gordon Duff and Alan Sabrosky articles
  • trump
  • Algemeiner ... list of worst universities for anti-Semitic activities ... Columbia University, Vassar College, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Chicago, University of California, Los Angeles, New York University, McMaster University, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, San Diego State University, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Tufts University, Ohio State University, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Swarthmore College ,Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin, Madison, University of Tennessee, Knoxville ,University of Washington, Portland State University, New York University ,San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California... including grafiti, Students for Justice in Palestine actions, attacks, verbal abuse, harrassment... pro BDS ... faculty pushing anti-Israel, anti-Jewish agendas in the classroom...anti Jewish behavior, Jewish students feel isolated, fearful, uncomfortable, racial remarks, Million Student March, Festival of Resistance, speakers refusals...Israel Apartehied Week/Month, Palestine Cultural Festival, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER),  speakers such as international BDS leader Omar Barghouti and Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian poet and activist, American Friends of Hamas, the Jewish state of practicing apartheid and calling for its destruction., Out of Occupation, mock evictions, White Pride demonstrations, anti multiculturalism speeches, glorifying attacks on Jews, General Union of Palestine Students, support for Joy Karega,  blaming “evil Jews” and “Zionists” for 9/11,  fliers warning “non-Jews” against “Jewish bullies” who try to manipulate university affairs,  active chapter of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), promotion of the isolation and delegitimization of Israel,  repeatedly bringing divestment motions to the Student Union,  A transgender activist cancelled a scheduled appearance at the school, due to pressure from anti-Israel students over Hillel’s co-sponsorship of the event. They claimed that the participation of Hillel (pinkwashing), ,,...etc.MORE BELOW
  • AlphaHistory The Protocols of the Elders of Zion first appeared in print in 1903 and their content contributed to another wave of violent pogroms against Russian Jews. In the end, Nicholas’ poor judgement and irrational anti-Semitism cost him both the throne and his life... in 2017 the Protocols are alive and well
  • Breitbart Nov 2016 Anti-Semitism rose threefold in Germany in one year, new official figures have revealed. The figures come as part of a wider focus on online hate speech. According to newly released figures from the Ministry of Justice, there were 2,083 cases of attacks on Jews, Jewish property, and hate speech last year, up from just 691 cases in 2014, The Times has reported.
  • CNN While President-elect Donald Trump has yet to denounce the alt-right by name, CNN's Chris Cuomo says he should. "It's about being a leader," Cuomo said on "New Day" Tuesday. "You denounce things that are wrong. That's what leaders do." He was responding to CNN political commentator John Phillips, who supported how Trump denounced "racism of any kind" after an alt-right leader urged people at a Trump victory gathering to "hail Trump" and "hail our people!" Trump did not, however, condemn the alt-right directly.
  • CNN Dec 2016 The UK government will adopt an international definition of anti-Semitism in order to tackle rising levels of hatred expressed towards Jewish people. It is the first country to embrace the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) explanation of the term, according to that organization. It aims to make it harder for culprits to get away with harassing and abusing Jews. The wording can be adopted by the police, councils, universities and public bodies in order to "call out" anti-Semites, according to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May -- although it is not legally binding.
  • DailyBeast Jew-Hater Christopher Bollyn Brings 9/11 False Flag Act to the Brooklyn Commons
  • Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of the Israeli right: "A Jew brought up among Germans may assume German customs, German words. He may be wholly imbued with that German fluid but the nucleus of his spiritual structure will always remain Jewish because his blood, his body, his physical racial type are Jewish." Jewish supremacism... taught from childhood on...OccidentalObserver
  • Daily Beast Macklemore, the Grammy Winning Rapper, Is a 9/11 Truther Who Likes to Play Anti-Semitic Dress-Up ... He’s a 9/11 truther who, on the track “Bush Song” off his 2005 EP The Language of My World, rapped the following: “Where’s Dick Cheney at? Probably off in Iraq / Findin’ some oil to tap, tell ’em I got up on that / And y’all still think it was bin Laden / When it was us and the Masons, plottin’ on oil profits
  • DailyMail Anti-Semitic rants of Muslim activists who won PM's praise: Members of taxpayer-funded anti-extremism group post conspiracy theories blaming Israel for US massacre ... Aysha Iqbal posted conspiracy theories claiming a series of mass shootings, including the US Sandy Hook massacre, were committed by Israel. Alongside a video entitled, ‘Israel did Sandy Hook, Newtown CT School Massacres says Michael Harris’, she wrote: ‘Truth be told.’.. NoDisInfo
  • Death and Taxes blog ... What’s Jill Stein’s VP doing on a 9/11 truther and Holocaust denier’s radio show?
  • DialogInternational 1/16 HIgh Number Of German 9/11 Truther Sites Reflects Resurgent Anti-Semitism WtcIt seems that every time September 11 comes around there is a flurry of 9/11 Truther activity in Germany. This past September 11 the influential left-oriented "critical" Web site NachDenkSeiten promoted a Telepolis piece by Super-Truther Mathias Bröckers (Terror und Tabu) where he stated that the WTC attacks had to have been carried out as an "inside job" ("9/11 nur als "inside job" durchführbar war"). Prominent Truthers routinely appear in magazines, or are invited by German universities to speak to packed auditoriums.
  • Express ... JEWISH people may flee Europe if leaders do not stop Islamic terrorism and growing anti-Semitism, a senior religious leader has warned.
  • Federalist ... Mar 2017 Fake news anti-Semitism? ... blame Trump? ... acts of anti-Semitism are actions of isolated individuals says Abe Foxman, former head of Anti Defamation Leage, but Jews have always accounted for the vast majority of hate crimes, far outweighing anti-Muslim acts... The UN is no help to Israel... The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights decided to weigh in on the issue in an address to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and included a diatribe against Trump. When the UN—one of the world’s leading sources of incitement and hypocrisy about Jew hatred ... search terms: Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour on deligitimization, Jonathan S. Tobin is a contributor to National Review Online
  • FCIR Florida Center for Investigative Reporting ... (no mention of 9/11 Truth, Zionist front) ... primary sources of Islamophbia ... Frank Gaffney at the Center for Security Policy, • David Yerushalmi at the Society of Americans for National Existence, • Daniel Pipes at the Middle East Forum, • Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Stop Islamization of America, • Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism
  • Fortune American Jews Alarmed By Surge in Anti-Semitism ... anti-Semitic imagery proliferated on social media, Jewish journalists were targeted and longstanding anti-Jewish conspiracy theories got a fresh airing. Much of the bias originated with the alt-right, or alternative right, a loose group espousing a provocative and reactionary strain of conservatism. It's often associated with far right efforts to preserve "white identity," oppose multiculturalism and defend "Western values."
  • Forward ... 9/11 Anniversary Sparks New Wave of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Read more: ... Groups affiliated with the Commons, including Jewish organizations, wanted the space to cancel a scheduled talk by Christopher Bollyn, a speaker who calls the attacks a “monstrous Jewish-Zionist crime.” “As a progressive community space, the Brooklyn Commons should not provide a platform for anti-Semitism,” said the New York chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, a group that seeks to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Read more:
  • Frontpage .. University to give honorary degree to anti-Semitic 9/11 Truther who said Republicans are terrorists..." Anti-Semitism in the Arab world, in fact, doesn't exist until well into the 20th century." ... Sut Jhally is best known for trying to exploit 9/11, initially promoting 9/11 Truther theories before switching to a more conventionally anti-American claim that the attacks were "blowback" for our foreign policy. Sut Jhally is best known for two propaganda flicks, Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire and Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land, the latter attacked Israel and supposed brainwashing of Americans, from a guy who was trying to do just that. Jhally had at one point endorsed David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor, a 9/11 Truther text,
  • Huffington Post ... In His Inaugural Address, Donald Trump Embraced Anti-Semites’ Slogan ... The Anti-Defamation League asked him to stop using it. He didn’t care.
  • Israellycool Adam Saleh, Who Cried ‘Islamophobia’ At Being Kicked Off Plane, An Antisemite And 911 Truther ... got kicked off a Delta flight from London to New York, just for speaking Arabic on the phone with his mother. ...
  • Jewish Press The most recent FBI hate crime report found that 58.2 percent of hate crimes motivated by religious bias were targeted at Jews. Jews make up 2.2 percent of the American population, so the FBI’s statistics make it clear that Jews are the most disproportionately attacked religious group in America. It should be troubling to everyone that an SJP member at Temple University physically assaulted a pro-Israel Jewish student two years ago, calling him a “Zionist baby killer.” But it should be far more troubling that the SJP chapter at Temple (like all SJP chapters) promotes itself as a progressive organization, claiming solidarity with movements such as Black Lives Matter.
  • Jezebel on Christopher Bollyn ... the Brooklyn Commons, a cafe and co-working space in Boerum Hill, is a place where the city’s progressives and radical leftists can feel comfortable. It is home, after all, to socialist literary darlings Jacobin magazine, the Marxist Education Project, and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. But on Wednesday night, demonstrators gathered on the sidewalk outside the commons to protest against the night’s speaker: Christopher Bollyn, a self-styled investigative journalist who was there to deliver a lecture on how the Jews did 9/11.
  • Pew Research When asked whether they think groups of Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., most Muslims in the nations surveyed say they do not believe this. There is no Muslim public in which even 30% accept that Arabs conducted the attacks. Indeed, Muslims in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey are less likely to accept this today than in 2006.
  • Politico Hadas Gold, ...on anti-Semitism since Trump was elected... a media reporter for Politico magazine, says: "Some of my colleagues got actual letters to their personal addresses at home - it was rather frightening. I mean, it's never pleasant to see your face with a bullet hole through it. These direct threats were something new, and they were almost always directly connected to Donald Trump."
  • TabletMag Trump has supported policies that sit uneasily with American Jews, and shown what some deem to be an alarming tolerance for anti-Semitic supporters and even a tone-deaf enthusiasm for some of their iconography. At the same time, Trump is the father of an Orthodox Jew and counts Jews among his closest advisers and supporters. ... There was Trump’s hesitance to reject the support of anti-Semitic former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke; his failure to condemn supporters who had been sending anti-Semitic death threats to journalist Julia Ioffe after she published a profile of Melania Trump in GQ; his habit of re-tweeting white supremacists; and his use of the slogan “America First,”
  • Times of Israel Diaspora Ministry reports surge in anti-Semitism, links it to far-right
  • Wikipedia 9/11 Conspiracy Theories ... In 2012, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has called for a scientific conference to look into the events of 9/11 and speculated that the attacks were an inside job. According to an international poll that same year, huge majorities in Muslim countries prefer to believe baseless conspiracy theories rather than listen to the mainstream facts of what happened on September 11, 2001, in New York City and Washington. Although al-Qaeda occasionally brags about its "achievement," 75 percent of Egyptian citizens, for example, still deny that Arabs carried out the attacks, as a Pew study reported in July 2011.
  • Snopes Fox News is well above both CNN and MSNBC (anti-Trump, Jewish controlled) in television viewership and has picked up viewers since the 2016 election.
  • Times of Israel 1/17 ... Diaspora Ministry reports surge in anti-Semitism, links it to far-right ... Increase in incidents against Jews also attributed to pro-Palestinian campus activity in the US; report blasts UK’s Labour Party, liberal immigration policies ...(no menton of Israel atrocities to Palestinians)

Anti-Semitism in Trump Era was ignored by the MSM during Obama administration....

  • Ivarfjeld ... the top 10 Global Jew-haters in 2012: MOHAMMED BADIE, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S MORAL GUIDE, “The Jews have dominated the land, spread corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profaned holy places. Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress. This will happen only through holy Jihad.”–; MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, “It has now been some 400 years that a horrendous Zionist clan has been ruling the major world affairs. And behind the scenes of the major power circles, in political, media, monetary, and banking organizations in the world, they have been the decision-makers, to an extent that a big power with a huge economy and over 300 million population, the presidential election hopefuls must go kiss the feet of the Zionists to ensure their victory in the elections.”; CARLOS LATUFF, cartoonist; EUROPEAN FOOTBALL (SOCCER) FAN’S ANTI-SEMITISM; UKRAINE’S ANTI-SEMITIC “SVOBODA” (FREEDOM) PARTY, OLEG TYAGNIBOK LEADER OF THE SVOBODA PARTY, Oleh Tyahnybok; Tyagnibok has called for purges of the approximately 400,000 Jews and other minorities living in Ukraine and has demanded that Ukraine be liberated from what he calls, the “Muscovite Jewish Mafia.”; GREECE’S GOLDEN DAWN PARTY NIKOLAOS MICHALOLIAKOS, GOLDEN DAWN FOUNDER; FAR-RIGHT HUNGARIAN JOBBIK PARTY MARTON GYONGYOSI, Jew-hate in Hungary is as high as during World War II.; NORWAY HONORS PROMOTER OF ANTI-SEMITIC CONSPIRACY CANARDS: TROND ALI LINSTAD, Trond Ali Linstad is a Norwegian follower of Ayatollah Khomeini... Trond Ali Linstad’s website warns readers to “beware the Jews” and the “influence they have in newspaper, in other media, and in many political organs.”Linstad depicts violence against Israel as a “great success” and supports use of the slogan -”Kharibat Khybarj” a jihadist term for terrorism against Jews. He also alleges “every president in the US must adapt to the Jewish lobby,“ which he says undermines US policy.–; Trond Ali Linstad, Despite his notorious record, in 2012 Linstad was nominated by King Harald V for the Royal Service Medal. The nomination was cancelled after public opposition; INFLUENTIAL GERMAN MEDIA PERSONALITY’S BIGOTRY JAKOB AUGSTEIN: OWNER / EDITOR, DER FREITAG WEEKLY, CONTRIBUTOR, SPIEGEL ONLINE, German journalists seems to have fotgotten how they worked for Joseph Gobbles, German journalists Jacob Augstein seems to have forgotten how German media worked for Joseph Goebbels... “The fire burns in Libya, Sudan, Yemen, in countries which are among the poorest on earth. But those who set the fires live elsewhere. Furious young people burn the American, and recently, the German flag. They, too, are victims, just like the dead at Benghazi and Sanaa. Whom does this all this violence benefit? Always the insane and unscrupulous. And this time it’s the U.S.Republicans and Israeli government.”; LOUIS FARRAKHAN:
  • Jewish Press ... 2017 You Think There is No anti-Semitism? Take the anti-Zionist Test By David Collier - 16 Adar 5777 – March 14, 2017 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet Photo Credit: {Originally posted to the author’s website, Beyond the Great Divide} This is designed for people who think there is no anti-Semitism in the anti-Zionist, anti-Israel movements. If you know any, ask them to take the test. Before you begin. Imagine: Someone you are connected to continually posts racist memes and comments on Facebook. On his time stream are constant references to racial slurs, using words and phrases that are unacceptable in society. Viscous, vile, offensive posts that draw on awful stereotypes and link back to white supremacy websites. What would you do when you saw them? I hope, as an anti-racist, you would delete him from your friends list or at least confront them about their offensive views. You may now begin the anti-Zionist test. When you have finished, please pass it on to your friends, or other anti-Israel protesters you know. THE ANTI-ZIONIST TEST A few days ago, I posted the result of an investigation into antisemitism inside Palestinian activism in the UK. Since its release, I have received abuse and threats. Some of the more measured criticism has been absurdly to throw the line that ‘anti-Zionism’ is nothing to do with antisemitism. So, I have designed a test to assist in measuring the level of ‘neo-Nazi’ antisemitism ‘IN YOUR ONLINE ENVIRONMENT’. anti-Zionist test part oneThe test starts with an easy exercise in identifying blatant antisemitism. Do you consider any of these comments to be antisemitic? The Jews were behind 9/11 The holocaust is the biggest myth of our time Charlie Hebdo was a false flag carried out by Mossad to make Jews go to Israel Ashkenazi Jews are all fake Jews Kristallnacht was instigated by Jews to promote War against Germany Babylonian Talmud advocates sex with child age three Israel kills people to harvest their organs The answer to this question is ‘all of the above’ and there is little ambiguity here. Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians has nothing to do with any of the above statements. If you have been answering no to the examples above, then you hold blatant antisemitic views and you do not have to participate any further in this anti-Zionist test. If however you answered ‘yes’, then please continue: part two Anti-Zionist testPlease access your Facebook account.Enter each of these words / phrases in turn into the Facebook search bar. Then, by using the left hand menu, filter each of the results to see only posts on the subject made by ‘your friends’ or ‘your friends and groups’: search Mossad Khazar Isis Israel 9/11 Paris False flag Organ trafficking Holocaust Scan the results of each of these words in turn. Your are looking for posts concerning global conspiracy, blood libel or holocaust denial. In this context, use of the word ‘Zionist’ is clearly misplaced. At this stage you can be inventive, mix words, use others connected to historical Jew hatred. Given the research I released last week, your activeness within the anti-Israel organisations is likely to influence the results you see. The more active you are in anti-Israel activity, the more antisemitic posts you are likely to see. If you are highly active and you engage in street protest, your search request will probably be inundate you with antisemitic posts. These are the types of images you are looking for: antisemitic facebook These are only a handful of examples, and I found thousands of related images when doing research into people who claim they are humanitarian, pro-equality and anti-racist. You should be highlighting any posts that imply the mossad / Jews / Israel are connected to some type of global control, conspiracy theory, blood libel or anything that is denying the holocaust. The websites these people link to hard core antisemitic websites. These are just some of the websites that you ought to be looking for: (I am not providing hyperlinks because many of these sites are considered not safe for work). These are not ‘humanitarian’, ‘universalist’ websites who are based on sympathy for Palestinians, but rather ‘neo-Nazi’ sites that push white supremacy, Jewish control and conspiracy theories. Again, these are just some examples: 911 truth websites anti-Zionist test part 3This is a simple exercise. Check your friends list and look for someone who has made this or a similar edit to his Facebook profile picture: truth 9/11 (Note how the Free Palestine flag takes center stage in ‘9/11 truth’ conspiracy theory). Not everyone who pushes 9/11 conspiracy theory is an antisemite, but most of the websites that support the conspiracy theories have tied it back into hard core Jewish global control. As an example, if they are using a version of this profile picture, for them anti-Zionist, is about engaging with a website that thinks Jews control America and Israel is behind both 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo. anti-Zionist test part fourI am quite confident that if you are engaged heavily in anti-Israel discussion, and have dealt with this test sincerely, then you are now fully aware that hard core antisemitism exists even within your own social media circle. A few final questions: Have you deleted any of your friends? Were you surprised at how many you found? How did /would you approach the subject if you confronted them? Did you just excuse it, push it all to one side? If the posts had referred to classic anti-black racism, would you have treated it the same way? Given the history of Jews and antisemitism, imagine a state of Jews. How do you think this state would be viewed by those who hate Jews? As I know how much antisemitism exists on the anti-Israel social media networks, there is clearly something ‘more acceptable’ within left wing groups about antisemitism when compared to other hatreds. Surely this has to change? You can sympathise with Palestinians, without associating with those that hate Jews. Can’t you? Thank you for participating in this anti-Zionist test. Please pass this test on to your friends. SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Turkey Bars Dutch Ambassador, Suspends Ties Next article Report: US Anti-Semitism, Hate Crime Up 20% in 2016 David Collier David Collier has been writing on the subject of Israel for years and is currently researching anti-Zionist forces on the university campus. During the Oslo years, he coordinated projects between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority and published his own newspaper which was printed in Ramallah.
  • Wikileaks .. ANTI-SEMITISM SHOWS ITSELF IN OFFICIAL ARMENIAN PROPAGANDA. Classified By: CDA Joseph Pennington for reasons 1.4 b & d. 1. (C) SUMMARY: Armenia's presidential election period bizarrely featured an unwelcome guest: anti-Semitism. A government-affiliated national television network aired a despicable, hour-long "documentary" of hate speech, that labeled the leading opposition candidate a "Zionist Jew" in cahoots with the Israeli intelligence service just days before the election; thousands of DVDs of the same program were distributed through university student organizations. State television news broadcasts continued the theme during the opposition's post-election rallies, provoking concern that a new and sinister element of hatred has become a tool of Armenian politics. While Armenia's small Jewish community continues to insist that anti-Semitism is unheard of in the country, GOAM efforts to denounce its opponents using anti-Jewish propaganda are, at the least, disturbing. Embassy complained to the government's anti-discrimination czar -- only to have her resign from the government days later, in protest over the larger political situation. END SUMMARY. 2. (U) As reported Ref A, in the days prior to the February 19 election, a viciously anti-opposition DVD began to be distributed primarily to youth groups and at universities. The DVD attempted to portray former President and leading opposition candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian (LTP) in the most crude and outlandish ways as, inter alia, an agent of the Israeli intelligence services and a "Zionist Jew" by virtue of his wife being Jewish. The documentary also mentioned by name the Jewish Amcit Country Director for the EBRD in Armenia as included in LTP's "Zionist plot." Surprisingly, the DVD's "documentaries" were reportedly aired on Armenia's second television channel, H2, on the evening of February 14, where, according to Nielsen ratings, it was viewed by some ten percent of Armenians watching television at the time. H2 is a privatized, formerly state-run network, whose owners are close to ruling party leaders. Its editorial policy is consistently pro-governmental. Among the basest of claims the program made was a "factoid" that when the former President had taken his oath of office in 2001--in front of the Catholicos, no doubt--he had not rested his hand on an Armenian bible but on a copy of the Talmud. (NOTE: Besides the preposterousness of the ancient book shown in the video being anything close to the 24-volume exposition on Jewish law, the claim drew in elements from the notorious Russian forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which purports that the Talmud is the Jewish blueprint for world domination. END NOTE.)
  • Wikileaks ... THE RISING TIDE OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND EXTREMISM IN NORWAY B. OSLO 1141 C. OSLO 1047 OSLO 00001189 001.2 OF 002 1. (SBU) SUMMARY: Anti-Semitism and Muslim extremism appear to be on the rise in Norway. On 22 September authorities charged four men for terrorism in the wake of an attack on the main synagogue in Oslo and related threats to the Israeli and American embassies. Two of the suspects are of Pakistani descent, echoing a growth of extremism in the Pakistani population residing in Norway. This extremism is apparent not only in a rash of anti-Semitic acts, but also in public debate where the image of Israel and the US are warped by misinformation. END SUMMARY. ANTI-SEMITISM, OR ANTI-ISRAELISM? 2. (U) On Sunday 17 September, multiple shots were fired at the Mosaic Religious Community synagogue in Oslo. See ref A for details. Four men in their twenties were arrested on Tuesday 19 September, including two men of Pakistani origin, one of Turkish decent and one who is ethnic Norwegian. One was recorded as stating that the way to solve problems in the Middle East was to slit the Israeli Ambassador's throat. 3. (SBU) The Islamic Council in Norway has been publicly supportive of the Jewish community in the wake of the shooting, sending sympathetic messages through the mail (and the press) stating that 'we are all minorities and should stand together.' One imam, Nehmat Ali Bokhabi, also visited the synagogue in a televised news report. Nevertheless, this same imam was quoted the previous week blaming the US for bringing terrorism upon itself. During the Lebanon crisis in the summer, denunciations of Israeli policies from many imams were extreme. Elements of the Muslim community are clearly hostile towards Israel and Jews. Oslo's synagogue was also the suspected target of an attack foiled by recent arrests in Italy and several newspaper articles stated that Norwegian Muslims were to take part in this attack. 4. (SBU) Newspapers this summer were dominated by public debate on anti-Semitism in the wake of the conflict in Lebanon (reftel B), and there was one known battery of a Jewish person that led community leaders to suggest that their members not wear religious symbols in public. There were several protests by Muslim groups in front of the US and Israeli Embassies. The Mosaic synagogue was vandalized earlier this year on several occasions. 5. (SBU) The escalating extremism and anti-Semitism may be more acceptable due to the increasing anti-Israeli tone that has appeared in mainstream politics and press, which is a sharp departure from the very pro-Israeli stance that was the norm just ten years ago. Jostein Gaarder, one of Norway's most famous authors and writer of the best-selling book Sophie,s World wrote an anti-Semitic article in the summer of 2006 that garnered international condemnation. The resulting debate made it clear that a significant number of Norwegian commentators support his views. This was followed by a recent poll, which showed that Norwegians were the most anti-Israeli of any European nation during the military action in Lebanon. Another poll showed that more Norwegians blamed Israel than Hezbollah for starting the recent war in Lebanon, a view the Foreign Minister called 'wrong.' Norwegian student groups and city councils have called for a boycott of Israel (as did the Finance Minister before later recanting.) On 25 September the Israeli Ambassador in Norway criticized the Norwegian Royal family for not supporting the Jewish population during its time of need in the wake of the synagogue shooting. After criticism from both the Foreign Minister and the press, the Israeli Ambassador apologized. EXTREMISM AND MISINFORMATION 6. (U) The synagogue attack comes on the heels of declarations by two leading imams in Norway that 9/11 was directed by the USG against itself and that Al Qaeda does not exist (reftel A). The imams involved were from the Pakistani community, which numbers about 30,000 and dominates the public discussion on Islam and integration despite the fact that there are several other large Muslim populations in Norway including Iraqis (20,000) Iranians (14,000) and Turks (14,000) who remain largely silent. Other Imams criticized their colleagues for the timing and tone of their comments, but indicated sympathy for the conspiracy theories themselves. The Pakistani community in Norway has its roots OSLO 00001189 002.2 OF 002 in the Kharian district of Pakistan, and many continue to send their children to that area for their elementary education, compounding the difficulties of integration. Gang members from the Pakistani community are very visible and wealthy, and have been involved in acts of violence over the years that continue to hurt the public image of Pakistanis in Norway. The most recent event was a startling daytime shoot-out in the popular port area of Aker Brygge this summer, where several gang members were wounded. Any hope that gang violence would stay in the shadows of the immigrant neighborhoods was shattered. 7. (SBU) Immigrants make up a quarter of the population in Oslo, with an unregistered unemployment rate of 44 percent. In several areas of town the immigrant community lives is what can only be called ghettos, despite the public welfare system's generous funding. Of the three non-ethnically Norwegian suspects in the synagogue shooting, two were unemployed. The Pakistani population is in many respects the most established in Norway with 40 years of history in this country, but very few pursue education beyond the age of 15, and many continue to maintain close ties and even homes in Pakistan. Arranged or forced marriages with partners from Pakistan are still common, leading for calls to establish a higher minimum legal marrying age. Only two Muslims have ever been elected to the Norwegian Parliament, both women. This combination leads to a sense of disenfranchisement in the Pakistani-Norwegian community that is exacerbated by the public extremism of several leading imams and a lack of successful role models in Norwegian society. Additionally, the access to information is limited at times by educational background and linguistic ability, resulting in a proliferation of misinformation. In a recent article by a well-known Norwegian commentator of Pakistani origin, he defended the imam's statements that Al Qaeda does not exist on the grounds of free speech, but seemed most delighted that the imam was able to express himself so well in Norwegian. GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSE 8. (U) The Norwegian government has not been entirely passive. In response to the shooting, the Prime Minister and Justice Minister visited the synagogue. Earlier, the Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion, Bjarne Haakon Hanssen (who is responsible for integration issues) was both quick to condemn conspiracy theories from local imams (inter alia saying that would hurt employment chances for Muslims), and was the first Minister to visit the Pakistani area from which come many Pakistani-Norwegians. He is publicly critical of forced marriages and decisions to send students to Pakistan for their education and expressed surprise at the amount of money that had been funneled into building homes in Pakistan from Norwegian-Pakistanis who were ostensibly committed to their adopted land. In recent years, the GON has dedicated significant resources to provide language training for incoming immigrants, and has tried to work with immigrant and second-generation youth to minimize inner-city violence. Nevertheless, official voices condemning extremist views are few. 9. (SBU) COMMENT: The shooting and threat of terrorism, which can be blamed in part on Norway's failure to successfully integrate its Muslim population, increases our concerns about anti-Semitism and extremism in Norway. Norway remains a very homogenous society, especially outside of Oslo, and the gang violence and religious intolerance is difficult for the Norwegian community to accept as a legacy of immigration. Extremist views in the Muslim community are more visible than before, after exploding onto the scene earlier this year in the cartoon protest. This combination of extremism and anti-Semitism is a surprise to many Norwegian authorities and with very few exceptions they seem uncertain how to combat it in public. Norway is justifiably proud of its reputation as a country for free speech, but this seems to hamper their ability to respond vigorously against radical views. END COMMENT. WHITNEY
  • CAMPUS ANTI-SEMITISM CONTINUED continued from Algemeiner article ...  maintained a memorandum of understanding with An-Najah University, a Hebron-based institution with a history of ties to terrorism and glorifying attacks on Jews -- a relationship for which the California university president continues to voice support. SFSU was also the site of the near-violent disruption of a lecture by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. No BDS vote has taken place yet at SFSU, but the school’s General Union of Palestine Students is actively pushing such a measure as part of its anti-Israel agenda, ... Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), which boasts a substantial coalition of anti-Israel supporters on campus. The group’s president reportedly posted on her Facebook page, "I follow/practice the Boycotts, [sic] Divestment and Sanctions as if it were my religion." Last year, SPHR urged students to support BDS with a video featuring young children saying, "500 kids just like me were killed in Gaza..." A second group, McMaster BDS, promotes the isolation and delegitimization of Israel on campus, repeatedly bringing divestment motions to the Student Union. ...  Students for Justice in Palestine launched a campaign to remove products, such as hummus -- made by the Israeli company Sabra -- from the dining hall, spurring Brown administrators to promise to offer a variety of alternatives to food from the Jewish state. In March, students on campus held an event featuring the controversial Israeli organization Breaking the Silence, made up of IDF veterans who accuse their state of war crimes. Another event was held by anti-Israel groups to commemorate the "Nakba" (the "catastrophe" of the establishment of the Jewish state), on Israeli Independence Day. In October, Jewish student Benjamin Gladstone penned a damning op-ed for the New York Times titled, "Antisemitism at My University, Hidden in Pain Sight." ... There are more than 20 organizations on this campus that engage in anti-Israel activity. Among these is a strong chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, which holds events like the International Campus Day of Action for Palestine and erects mock “apartheid walls.” Israel-related talks are regularly disrupted, including that of Israeli philosopher Moshe Halbertal, who was shouted down when he began to speak. In March, during an aggressive campus-wide campaign to pass a BDS resolution in the student government, Jewish and pro-Israel students said they felt unsafe and marginalized. The motion was ultimately struck down, due to efforts by pro-Israel campus groups, such as UMN Hillel and the school’s Students Supporting Israel chapter, ... The campuses of the City University of New York system have been the site of frequent anti-Zionist and antisemitic incidents, the most blatant of which took place at Brooklyn College -- among the schools listed as "hotspots" of antisemitism in a report conducted by Brandeis University and released in October. The school has an active chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, and the classroom often plays host to a political battleground between the campus's many Jewish students and their anti-Israel peers and professors. Jewish teachers have also been targeted. In one instance, a student in a group that crashed a Faculty Council meeting allegedly yelled "Zionist Jew" at a professor wearing a kippah. Though the college and the general CUNY system responded to widespread criticism by engaging in investigations of campus antisemitism, Jewish groups were disappointed with the results and say no meaningful change is on the horizon. ...  Canadian-Jewish media mogul Paul Bronfman announced he would cease donating money to York, when his attention was called to a virulently anti-Israel mural, called “Palestinian Roots” -- the winner of a 2013 student contest -- which had been hanging in the student lounge for three years. In addition, a BDS resolution was passed by the student government, with only one abstention, and five members of an advisory committee selected to advance “inclusion” on campus allegedly had a history of accusing Israel of committing genocide. But, the Jewish York community claimed a victory when one professor was fired for antisemitic social media posts ... UC Irvine, home of the infamous Irvine 11 case (wherein 10 Muslim students found guilty of disrupting a 2010 speech at the campus by then Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren were sentenced to informal probation), was the site of a violent anti-Israel protest this year. When a mob of 50+ demonstrators stormed a screening of an Israeli film -- shouting “Long live the intifada!” and “All white people need to die,” the filmgoers were forced to barricade themselves inside. One Jewish student who arrived to see the film was chased into a nearby dorm, from where she was rescued by police after calling 911. In addition, during this year’s Anti-Zionist Week on campus, a display called for “resistance” against Israel and glorified convicted terrorist hijacker Leila Khaled. In October, some 30 anti-Israel protesters disrupted an event featuring former Israeli Chief Justice Aharon Barak, requiring police to escort him and other attendees from the room. Other Israel-related events at the school have subsequently been held in secret, ...  anti-Israel activists at SDSU ambushed the university president and imprisoned him in a police vehicle, for what they considered to be his inadequate response to a poster on campus naming specific students as supporters of terrorism. Though a student government BDS resolution last year failed to garner the necessary ⅔ majority for its passage, it received a majority of votes. The divestment-from-Israel campaign is ongoing, with a substantial coalition taking part in the effort. One of the groups involved, Students for Justice in Palestine, said that it was compelled to cancel a scheduled lecture by Miko Peled -- who has called Jews "sleazy thieves" and attacks Israel regularly on social media -- after "Jewish allies confirmed that [Peled's] tweets were offensive ... Life at Stanford is reportedly “uncomfortable” for anyone who supports Israel. The anti-Israel atmosphere at the private research university in California is spread mainly by the school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. In addition, the student government, which successfully passed a BDS motion, has exhibited antisemitic behavior. One student senator was questioned about how her Jewish identity would affect her student government role where supporting divestment from Israel was concerned. Another student senator objected to a resolution opposing antisemitism, on the grounds that it was "valid" to consider whether Jews control the government and the media. Though he was not re-elected, he did garner many hundreds of votes. Some faculty members, too, are outspoken BDS promoters, including among them leading anti-Israel activist Professor David Palumbo-Liu. Nevertheless, Stanford Business School students recently returned from an extensive visit to the Jewish state, and it is reported that Jewish presence at the school is strong ... Northwestern University was named a “hotspot” of antisemitism and anti-Zionism in a recently released Brandeis study. According to one student leader, anti-Israel groups, such as Students for Justice in Palestine and NU Divest, have “co-opted many social justice movements” in the effort to promote BDS activity. Though the Illinois-based school hosts a wide array of Jewish and pro-Israel organizations, it is no stranger to antisemitic expression. Earlier this month, a Jewish professor walking near the campus Hillel was given the Nazi salute accompanied by calls of “Heil Hitler” by a man in a passing vehicle. Earlier in the year, two students were charged with vandalizing a school chapel with racist graffiti, including a swastika ... Jewish students at this school (UofMichigan) have reported feeling isolated on campus. Pro-Israel and Jewish groups have come up against 10 different BDS resolutions in the past few years, most recently in November 2016. Though all have failed, anti-Israel activists pledge to continue trying. One group, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), assembles annual anti-Israel displays on campus, such as mock Israeli checkpoints and an “apartheid wall.” This year, such a wall was erected on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, thereby preventing a meaningful response from the pro-Israel community, members of which were off campus celebrating the holiday. Last year SAFE members attempted to impeach a student government leader because he proposed engaging in constructive dialogue with pro-Israel students. ... The Tufts chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine hosts a popular, event-packed “Israel Apartheid Week," marked by the demonization of Israel and BDS promotion -- though proposed resolutions have not been passed by the student government. A post on the group’s Facebook page called activist organization Students Supporting Israel (SSI) "literally a hate group." As part of a campaign called the Palestine Advocacy Project, large stickers were placed around campus that featured distorted quotes from past and present Israeli and Jewish leaders, portraying them as advocates of torture ... Jewish students and faculty at UC Santa Cruz were subject this year to several antisemitic and racist attacks. In three separate instances, the campus network was hacked, causing printers to spew out fliers adorned with swastikas; phrases such as “k*** demon” and the claim that “f***-ing Jews control the f***ing media.” In addition, activist groups hold annual Israel Apartheid Week events. Five UCSC departments co-sponsored, with the school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, a lecture in which Israel was accused of ethnic cleansing. Late last year, an event held to express solidarity with Israeli victims of terrorism was interrupted by SJP students staging a "die-in" and justifying violence against Jews with signs reading, “Resistance is not terrorism.” ... Hunter College was the site this year of an antisemitic demonstration -- part of the countrywide Million Student March -- heavily promoted by Students for Justice in Palestine. Though the march was supposedly about lowering tuition or waiving it altogether, at the event in question, protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted: “Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea," “There Is Only One Solution: Intifada, Revolution,” and “Zionists Out of CUNY.” There were also reportedly shouts of "Jews out of CUNY" and "Death to Jews." A CUNY inquiry into campus antisemitism included an examination of this incident, but investigators concluded they could not confirm that it was specifically CUNY students involved.... University of Massachusetts, Amherst Amherst, Massachusetts In a landslide vote, the Graduate Employee Union at this campus passed an anti-Israel divestment resolution, while rejecting measures condemning antisemitism, and both students and faculty members continue to promote BDS on campus. One professor led a campaign to have the Israeli company Sabra, which produces spreads like hummus, have a “Boycott Israeli Apartheid” sticker affixed to its foodstuffs sold at campus stores. Over the past year, numerous swastikas were found in campus bathroom stalls, and dozens of white supremacy fliers were distributed at different locations. Some UMass Jewish students have complained of the lackluster response on the part of the administration to such expressions of hatred. .. DePaul University, Though this Catholic institution has stated that it will not consider divestment from Israel, DePaul hosts an annual fall Festival of Resistance, a series of educational and cultural events highlighting the "Israeli occupation." This year, printers at the school were hacked, and faculty was warned in an email that “antisemitic and white supremacist flyers [were] appearing in output trays throughout DePaul's campus.” A BDS motion passed a few years ago was recently defeated in the Student Senate, but it was a fight that pro-Israel students said was extremely challenging -- as the DePaul Divest coalition accused the campus Hillel of bribing student senators for their votes, ... Rutgers U, Several antisemitic incidents have been reported at Rutgers, with Jewish students -- who say they have a strong and tight-knit community -- claiming that the administration does not take their complaints about swastikas on campus and other issues seriously enough. The school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine regularly stages anti-Israel events -- among them the recent hosting of a lecture by radical anti-Zionist activist Miko Peled -- geared towards demonizing the Jewish state and promoting BDS. Rutgers is also home to a number of anti-Israel faculty members, most notably Professor Jasbir Puar, who accused Israel of harvesting the organs of Palestinians, among other blood libels, during a lecture at Vassar.  ... UC Davis, whose student body has passed a BDS resolution, has a purportedly “fragmented” Jewish community, members of which report being “fearful of retribution” for -- something that has caused the diminishing of such activity. Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are rampant on campus, and the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter regularly protests pro-Israel and Jewish events, such as an Artists4Israel exhibit and a lecture by Arab-Israeli diplomat George Deek. Earlier in 2016, swastika-adorned fliers -- asking "white men" if they were “sick and tired of the Jews destroying your country” -- appeared in printer trays across campus ...Ohio State: Anti-Israel student groups are very active at OSU, whose chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace recently co-hosted an initiative to shut down campus programs that sponsor free trips to Israel. Members of these groups vowed to monitor and record students who did not take part; vowed to impeach student senators who opposed the initiative; and openly threatened those who took, or were considering taking, the trips. Though a BDS motion failed twice to pass a student government vote, the effort to promote divestment from Israel continues. As part of that effort, activists engaged in an eight-hour "occupation" of the space outside the university president's office -- leaving the premises only after being threatened with expulsion and arrest. OSU was also the site of the November 28 car-ramming and mass stabbing attack, committed by a radical Muslim student, who was shot and killed by police. ... Wesleyan's student assembly voted in favor of a BDS motion a few years ago, and the Wes Divest coalition leading the anti-Israel initiative continues its attempts to push the university to boycott the Jewish state. The school's chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace are highly active, staging events and programs throughout the year that amplify virulently anti-Israel and antisemitic voices. A main focus of SJP is support for "#FreeRasmea," the effort to get convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odea absolved of charges in the US for “unlawful procurement of naturalization," after she lied about being a convicted murderer in Israel. ... UNC: Antisemitism at the University of North Carolina does not receive a lot of national attention, but one student said she believes the UNC school system may be heading the way of the infamously anti-Israel University of California campuses. Students have reported being spat on when wearing Stars of David or IDF sweatshirts, and say the administration has done little to protect the school’s Jewish population. The UNC Hillel chapter recently hired a rabbi who has led anti-Israel tours of the Jewish state. ... Harvard: During the Q&A period following a lecture delivered by a former Israeli foreign minister at the Harvard Law School in April, MK Tzipi Livni was asked by a supporter of Students for Justice in Palestine why she was "so smelly.” The administration called the incident an “embarrassment,” but officials and students worked to maintain the anonymity of the individual who had made the remark, so as not to derail his future job prospects. In other incidents at the Law School, an anti-Israel student group falsely claimed its activities were being suppressed by outside pro-Israel donors, and a visiting professor received a postcard filled with offensive messages, including the German phrase, "Juden raus” (“Jews out”). At the undergraduate school, an Iranian professor who regularly derides Israel and the Jews -- and is aligned with the Islamist regime in Tehran -- was employed as a visiting scholar ... University of Texas, Austin: This year, Jewish and pro-Israel students at UT Austin withdrew support from a program featuring renowned American-Israeli writer Caroline Glick, out of fear that her staunch conservative message might anger anti-Zionist peers with whom they were attempting to make alliances. The anti-Israel activism network on campus makes its presence known through an annual Israeli Apartheid Week, and previously disrupted an Israel Studies lecture, engaging in a smear campaign against an Israeli faculty member. Though the Zionist and Jewish community on campus is significant, the student body’s attitude toward Israel is reported to be "generally apathetic ... University of Illinois: UIUC has seen a steady stream of attempts to demonize and delegitimize Israel. In 2014-15, the school made headlines when it first offered a teaching position to anti-Israel activist Steven Salaita and then retracted it, when the board discovered a series of antisemitic tweets he had posted following Operation Protective Edge, Israel's 2014 war against Hamas in Gaza. More recently, after participating in "A Roundtable Discussion of Racism, Antisemitism: On Campus and Beyond” -- the president of the school's Students for Justice in Palestine chapter announced: "I have no will, no desire and, quite frankly, no f***ing time to deal with Zionist bullshit." Last year, the menorah at the school's Chabad house was vandalized three times. However, there is a strong grassroots pro-Israel student movement at UIUC, with a supportive on-campus Jewish leadership. ... Georgetown: Antisemitic graffiti has been found at this premier DC-based institution, most recently in a bathroom at the medical school. Dozens of faculty members have expressed their support for divestment from Israel, and some have ties to a group suspected of being a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Though no student resolution for BDS has yet been put to a vote, the school's highly active Students for Justice in Palestine chapter is focused on its campaign to delegitimize Israel on campus. However, an attempt in September to disrupt a panel discussion on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quickly and efficiently derailed by the moderator, winning praise from pro-Israel students ... Syracuse: Faculty, not students, lead the charge for divestment from Israel at Syracuse. One professor cited threats from and worries about BDS-supporting colleagues as her reason for rescinding an invitation to an Israeli filmmaker to speak on campus. Jewish and anti-BDS scholars found the incident "disgraceful and shameful," and argued it was in violation of Syracuse University policy, the principles of academic freedom and the First Amendment. BDS-supporting professors, for their part, subsequently denied they'd had anything to do with the cancellation. A month later, 37 Syracuse University community members published a letter asserting their support for academic freedom, while simultaneously urging the boycott of a conference on conflict resolution, because it was co-sponsored by Tel Aviv University ... Swastikas and other white supremacy symbols were found on the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus over the past year. Ranked regularly as one of the 50 top schools in America -- and a popular choice among Jewish students -- it has an active Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. The university's Teaching Assistants’ Association voted in favor of adopting a BDS resolution, and called on both the union's international parent labor organization and the University of Wisconsin System to divest from Israel. ... University of Tennesee: Campus watchdog group Canary Mission described a "cesspool" of antisemitism at this university, after students and alums associated with the school's chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine were found to be vocalizing and promoting anti-Jewish rhetoric on social media. One such post lauded Hitler as "a boss." Jewish organizations slammed UTK for its "tepid" response to the allegations and said administrators were refusing to recognize a serious problem on campus.
  • Politico When the Senate begins to consider President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to run the Department of Education, Congress should focus on the surge of anti-Semitism that continues to plague our nation’s campuses. Over the past few years, anti-Semitism has reached a tipping point around the country. The FBI reported that there were more Jewish hate crime victims last year than victims of all other religious groups combined. Nowhere is this problem worse than on college campuses where anti-Semitic incidents are escalating at an alarming rate. More than half of Jewish students reported experiencing or witnessing anti-Semitism in 2014 and 2015, according to two recent studies. Another study showed a 45 percent increase in campus anti-Semitism in the first half of 2016, compared with the first half of 2015. This year, the numbers are likely to be even worse: In the 10 days following November’s election, the Southern Poverty Law Center recorded no fewer than 100 incidents of anti-Semitic hate in the United States. ... search terms: OCR Office of Civil Rights, definition of anti-Semitism, religious discrimination, ancestral discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, State Dept definition of anti-Semitism: “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”, Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, much anti-Semitic hate speech is constitutionally protected, just as racist and sexist speech also generally enjoys First Amendment protection.Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and author of “The Definition of Anti-Semitism.” He is the former staff director at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and was delegated the authority of assistant secretary of education for civil rights.
  • JPost Spain’s Valencia region reportedly adopted a boycott against Israel as its official policy. A vote on Israel at the Provincial Council of Valencia, a semi-autonomous region with over 250 municipalities and 2.5 million inhabitants, took place during a general assembly on Dec. 29, according to the local faction of the far-left party València en Comú, which submitted the motion with other far-left factions. ... “It is a grand success for the Palestinian cause,” the statement also read, vowing to “keep on fighting until Palestine is free.” ... n Santiago de Compostela, the City Council was criticized after local media reported that its BDS motion, which is nonbinding and declarative, may have prompted El Al, the Israeli national airline, to abandon plans to add a flight to the cash-strapped tourist city. The Galician Association for Friendship with Israel told the La Voz de Galicia daily that in April, El Al opened a flight to Valencia rather than Santiago as a direct result of the boycott motion.
  • JewishPress 2017 Jan abridged: Obama when the US abstained on a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel for construction in Judea and Samaria (2) Under Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Semitism in the party has greatly escalated. Corbyn, who previously called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends,” also promoted his strategy adviser Seumas Milne, a Hamas proponent. (3) French Jewry, and reports of the refusal of some Muslim police officers to guard synagogues, the French government became the first member of the European Union (EU) to implement the requirement of labels on all Israeli goods produced beyond the Jewish state’s 1967 borders. (4) Leaders of the local German Teacher’s Union (GEW) in Oldenburg have called for a total boycott of Israel ... Merkel’s Conservative party passed a resolution declaring the BDS movement anti-Jewish and reminiscent of early actions taken by the Nazis against Jews. the US-based United Church of Christ (UCC) voted overwhelmingly to endorse BDS. (5) National Policy Institute (NPI) leader Richard Spencer mused out loud whether Jews were actually people or just a “golem” (an animated creature without human feelings) see Luegenpresse (Lying Press), Associated Press confirmed that the IRS had granted non-profit status to four racist groups, including Spencer’s Montana-based NPI, (6) Palestinian Authority President Abbas told the European Parliament in Brussels that Israeli rabbis were urging the government to poison the Palestinian water supply ... Hamas TV broadcast a play in which Palestinian children – dressed in military fatigues and armed with guns and knives – kill Israelis. (7) Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands Binyomin Jacobs said that most Dutch Jews have grown so accustomed to anti-Semitic insults on the street that they seldom bother reporting them. (8) Relations between Israel and Sweden plummeted last year after Wallstrom attributed the growing Islamic radicalism largely to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (9) Between 50 to 75 students from Catholic Memorial School in Newton, Massachusetts stunned spectators in March during a basketball game with Newton North High School when they shouted, “You killed Jesus, you killed Jesus” at their opponents. (10) Poland’s Attempt to Deny the Holocaust ... Prominent historian Jan Tomasz Gross, who documented Polish participation in the murder of Jews in wartime Poland, is in the crosshairs of Polish authorities who are considering charges that could put him behind bars for three years for “harming the country’s reputation.”
  • FCIR Florida Center for Investigative Reporting ... (no mention of 9/11 Truth, a Zionist front) ... primary sources of Islamophbia ... Frank Gaffney at the Center for Security Policy, • David Yerushalmi at the Society of Americans for National Existence, • Daniel Pipes at the Middle East Forum, • Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Stop Islamization of America, • Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism
  • New York Post Dec 2016 ... the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2016, a k a S. 10, was introduced in the Senate, read three times, and approved by unanimous consent without debate or amendment — all on one day. That sort of bipartisan consensus, which suggests a bill is so obviously unobjectionable that no discussion is necessary, usually means trouble, and this case is no exception. In the name of protecting Jewish students from discrimination, S. 10, if approved by the House, will encourage universities to suppress dissenting political opinions and have a chilling effect on constitutionally protected speech. S. 10, introduced by Sens. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Robert Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), codifies a controversial State Department definition of anti-Semitism that includes one-sided criticism of Israel and opposition to Zionism. Last year, the University of California declined to adopt that definition based on concerns that it would violate the First Amendment by deterring pro-Palestinian activism. S. 10 would have the same effect on a national scale, notwithstanding its assurance that “nothing in this Act . . . shall be construed to diminish or infringe upon any right protected under the First Amendment. ... It should be possible for a student to question the Holocaust or claim Jews control the media, two examples mentioned in the State Department’s definition, without triggering a federal investigation.”MORE
  • Jerusalem Post ... Era of antisemitism, a top European rabbi warned in response to a report released Tuesday about rising antisemitism in Germany. Juliane Baer-Henney, a spokeswoman for the German Justice Ministry, confirmed to the Post on the phone Wednesday that antisemitism in Germany has risen threefold in one year – 2,083 cases of attacks on Jews, Jewish property and hate speech against Jews last year, compared with 691 in 2014. Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page. “There is a rejection of mainstream politics, and we need to be aware of the waves of antisemitism sweeping across Europe,” Conference of European Rabbis president Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said. “As a society we must take measures to reject antisemitism and ensure that it does not become a new norm.”
  • The Heretical There are some who regard this kind of word-juggling as a peculiar talent of those mystical Zionists who are involved with the esoteric doctrines of Kabbalism. In these arcane and little-known affairs, letters and syllables take on a bizarre significance not found in any other tongue. “Occult” experts today declare that there are certain vocal sounds and calligraphic shapes that can be used to conjure up powerful reactions in the everyday world of phenomena. This supposedly is why Hebrew is the pre-eminent language of sorcery, just as the six-pointed Star of David on the Zionist flag is perhaps the most common symbol in the “black arts.” Whatever the truth of all this may be – and science today is approaching closer to the long-derided “irrational” side of experience – there is no question of Zionist word wizardry in view of their success in making the ridiculous neologism “anti-Semitism” a powerful psychological weapon. Nothing is surprising in this fraud-ridden business: it is a fact that the “anti-Semitism” conceit was coined in a half-jocular way by a 19th century Jewish journalist named Wilhelm Marr. That Marr himself was “anti-Semitic” is only one more wrinkle in the swirl. MORE
  • I24News German Justice Ministry documented 2,083 cases with an anti-Semitic background in 2015 ... a dramatic increase ... search terms: ... A memorial plaque at a Synagogue defaced with right-wing slogans., tourist denied service at Burger King for being Jewish, a student refused a seat on a train for wearing a Star of David necklace, anti-Semitic remarks by a police officer led to his resignation, 1/3 of Germans see Jews as 'different'... don't deserve the same rights ... zenophobia increases due to influx of asylum seekers, a German court ruled that circumcision contituted "unlawful bodily harm" rallies due to Operation Protective Edge occured all over the world, all fueled by increasing belief that Jews manipulate the media and banks for their own enrichment, waning memory of the Holocaust (hoax), court decisions have recently gone in Palestinian favor, comparisons of modern Israel and Nazi Germany rising,
  • Institute for Historical Revew ... The addition of "Holocaust Studies" to school curriculum has emerged as a growth industry in American education. Courses are being included for high school and college students, with the objective that no one may pass through the Halls of Ivy without becoming familiar with "the historical record of Jewish victimization." Courses require textbooks, and Nationalism & Antisemitism in Europe 1815-1945, by Shmuel Almog, is the first in a series prepared for use by college students and high school instructors by the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in cooperation with the Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History of the Historical Society of Israel. Editions are simultaneously being made available in the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Japan and the People's Republic of China. In his preface, Prof. Almog admits that the drive to focus attention on this topic has been prompted as a response to "the revisionist denial that the Holocaust ever occurred, or the attempt to diminish its magnitude." Revisionism and the new wave of nationalism sweeping through the former satellites of the crumbling Soviet Empire "obligate us to probe the history of Jew-hatred (and) the persistence of this phenomenon." ... What the author seeks to reveal is the persistence and continuity of anti-Jewish sentiment throughout Europe following the fall of Napoleon. Wherever peoples strove for self-determination, Jews were viewed with distrust by patriotic elements. Consequently, Almog observes, "modern antisemitism is incomprehensible without reverence to nationalism."
  • CNN Dec 2016 The UK government will adopt an international definition of anti-Semitism in order to tackle rising levels of hatred expressed towards Jewish people. It is the first country to embrace the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) explanation of the term, according to that organization. It aims to make it harder for culprits to get away with harassing and abusing Jews. The wording can be adopted by the police, councils, universities and public bodies in order to "call out" anti-Semites, according to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May -- although it is not legally binding. ... "Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities."
  • Breitbart Greece: Anti-Semitic 9/11 Truther Minister Resigns ... Kammenos’s Twitter account, @portaporta, no longer exists, but Greek websites were quick to screencap his offensive postings. In one tweet, he published a doctored image of the gates of Auschwitz; instead of reading “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work Makes you Free”), the sign read, in Greek, “Menoume Europi” (“We Stay in Europe”). The comparison of a Nazi concentration camp to the European Union offended many. In another tweet, Kammenos pondered aloud whether Jewish people were responsible for the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. “And let’s not forget 9/11. Of the 2,500 working in the Twin Towers, none of the Jews working there went to work that day,” Kammeno's said his staff wrote the passages and disavowed them...Tsipras has released a statement saying that Kammenos’s presence in the government “would not be compatible with the values” of his party. Tsipras appointed Kammenos at the behest of the head of ANEL, Panos Kammenos (no relation), who has previously claimed that Jews “don’t pay taxes” in Greece and has been widely accused of anti-Semitism.
  • Algemeiner anti-semitism 2016 review, Brandeis U. perspective, AMCHA study showed a 45% increase in campus anti semitism, but increased awareness of alt-right and left-wing forms, focus on disrupting pro-Israel events and harassing Jewish pro-Israel students... BDS weakened? ... events: Dec 26 abstention at Friday’s United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution condemning Israeli construction beyond the 1967 borders, (3) California Regents Condemn Antisemitic Anti-Zionism, ... Board of Regents of the University of California adopted formal “Principles Against Intolerance ...(3). Lawsuits and threats involving the American Studies Association, American Anthroprological Assc, Modern Language Association; (4) Congressmen Admonish the Education Department w/ Anti-Semitism Awareness Act; (5) Anti-Israel Activists Shut Down Irvine Film and Harass Jewish Students ... “disruption or obstruction of…University activities.” ... Mayor Nir Barkat Is Silenced at San Francisco State University ... loudly chanting, “Intifada, Intifada, Long live the Intifada,” “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free” and, finally, “Get the hell off our campus!” After at least 40 minutes of loud chanting, the protesters succeeded in shutting down the event, cheering as Mayor Barkat left the room; (6) BDS Activists Harass Milan Chatterjee (7) Oberlin College Fires Infamous Anti-Israel Professor ... for 9/11 Truth statements implicating Israel, (8) Ohio Passes Anti-BDS Legislation, Ohio Governor and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich became the 17th governor to sign an anti-BDS bill into law, (9) Law Students Stand Up to Campus Antisemitism, Harvard Law Students formed the eighteenth (“Chai”) chapter of the Louis D. Brandeis Center.
  • Vox (Pro Zionist)There were 7,000 anti-Semitic attacks under Obama. Updated by Sarah Wildman ... The 130 bomb threats called in to Jewish organizations across the US in the first months of 2017 have ... Overall, there was an average of 84 incidents a month under the Obama administration. Let’s step back for a moment and compare that to the 95 incidents between January and February 2017. That’s a 10% increase. It could be more once all the data comes in. Second, the amplification effect of social media has changed the impact of a single incident. It’s also not entirely true that anti-Semitic incidents that took place in the Obama years were ignored by the media, let alone the ADL. ... And as Allison Kaplan Sommer points out in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, “Frantzman’s math failed to factor in the unusual scale and nature of the 2017 bomb threat waves that caused some experts to sit up and take notice.” ... She notes that Paul Goldenberg, the national director of a Jewish organization called the Secure Community Network, told CNN he’d never seen anything like the current wave of threats in more than 20 years of work protecting Jewish facilities across the US. Yet Frantzman sees this hype coming not just from the press but also from the ADL. He quotes national director Jonathan Greenblatt, who told the organization’s national conference last November that “[a]nti-Jewish public and political discourse in America is worse than at any point since the 1930s,” citing the far right — and the far left. ... of a photo of Hillary Clinton next to a Jewish star of David emblazoned with the words “Most corrupt candidate ever!” atop a pile of money. The image seemed to speak to a series of ancient anti-Jewish canards about money and power. ... On this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Trump White House issued a statement that didn’t mention Jews. Trump has been alarmingly quiet about anti-Jewish threats ... Through two February press conferences — one held alongside the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu — the president could barely utter the phrase “anti-Semitism,” let alone condemn it, and dodged pointed questions about the increasing anxiety in the Jewish community. It took Trump until February 22 to actually call the threats to the Jewish community “horrible.” In his February 28 address to Congress, Trump proclaimed that “we are a country united in condemning hate.” But he appeared to undermine that message by having wondering aloud, the day before, if the attacks were faked to harm him politically. That’s preposterous. An ADL/ProPublica study published March 8 noted that “[a]fter years of decline, anti-Semitic crimes began trending upward in 2015, according to FBI data.” The increase, the study noted, seemed to have “accelerated” over the course of the second half of the election, “as Trump’s unique brand of nativist populism has helped to pull more extreme right-wing groups, some of them avowedly racist, closer to the political mainstream”:




Reject NeoNazis and the use of the swastika. It reinforces the Holocaust lie whose central theme is to blame the German people for an event that never occured and lay an interminable guilt upon them in order to extract hundreds of millions in reparations. ... No Jews died in gas chambers in Auschwitz. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did die from typhus, starvation and disease due to the chaos of war and Allied terror bombing of Germany. 60 million people died due to the Jewish Bolshevik Revoltution, Holodomor ... Zionists are trying to rub out this historical fact by endless Holocaust propaganda. The real story is how Zionists and Nazis conspired to enable mass emigration to Palestine to create Israel, the ultimate aim of Zionists...MORE

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No main stream media sites including Wikipedia are searched on this custom search page .... only websites dedicated to exposing the truth about 9/11, JFK assassination and the Holocaust hoax. This may include 'gatekeeper' sites such as, Architects & Engineers for 9/11, Chomsky 'gatekeeper' we mean websites who never mention Israel, UK or Saudi Arabia as complicit in the 'inside job' attack. The roots of 9/11 go back to the Jewish Bolshevik revolution, Zionist/Nazi Germany (chronology below), the Holocaust hoax (treachery to spur emigration to Palestine) ... Google restricts results to 10 pages (100 items)

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Yes to 'no planes', Israel nuked the WTC, the Holocaust(timeline below) is a hoax, the Mossad / LBJ assassinated John Kennedy & ISIS=Hitler.

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