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Imam Anwar al-Awlaki


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  • notes: Sudanese People's Liberation Front (SPLA), largely Southern Sudan-based, non-Arabic and secular, in contrast to the predominantly Muslim and Arab north. 
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Wayne Madsen Report "French anti-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere is expected to issue international arrest warrants for nine Rwandan government officials close to the pro-U.S. Rwandan President Paul Kagame for the 1994 missile attack on the presidential aircraft that killed the Rwandan and Burundian Presidents, members of their cabinets and staff, and the French crew. Although Bruguiere also said Kagame should be brought to trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania on charges of ordering the attack on the aircraft, an act of international terrorism that resulted in the mostly Hutu on Tutsi genocide in Rwanda that led to the deaths of some 800,000 people. As a sitting head of state, Kagame has immunity from prosecution under French law, but he can be prosecuted by the ICTR under international law.

Kagame was trained by the US Army in 1990 and was a U.S. client when he executed the terrorist attack on the "Rwanda One" aircraft. Kagame has also been a frequent visitor to the Bush White House, a supporter of Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq, and has become a celebrity among certain sectors of the human rights community, having attended several Washington, DC events sponsored by non-profit think tanks and even the Holocaust Museum. Unbelievably, at a 2005 appearance at a Woodrow Wilson Center function chaired by Lee Hamilton, an official of the Holocaust Museum actually praised Kagame, now a wanted international terrorist, as a man of vision.

Members of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), including their top operatives in Rwanda, Uganda, and the then-Zaire, were aware of the plans for the attack and actually helped train Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) forces in the use of Soviet-made SAM-16 missiles captured by US forces during Operation Desert Storm in the attack on the aircraft.  MORE BELOW

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  • WMR  "Obama's Rice problem   Oct 08,  The "other Rice," Barack Obama's chief foreign policy adviser Susan Rice, a former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs under President Bill Clinton, may have egg on her face as a result of the Somali pirate capture of a Belize-flagged Ukrainian freighter, the MV Faina, on September 25 off the Somali coast.   ...   The ship is carrying 33 Soviet T-72 tanks, anti-aircraft batteries, rocket and grenade launchers, and ammunition, which was reportedly destined for the government of South Sudan, a breakaway movement that is currently in a tenuous coalition with the central Sudanese government in Khartoum.   ...   Rice is a long-time supporter of the southern Sudanese Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and a virulent critic of the Khartoum government. The capture of the Faina by Somali pirates points to the existence of a secret arms supply line involving Ukraine's neocon government led by President Viktor Yushchenko, the government of Kenya, and the United States. The U.S. Navy is currently shadowing the Faina in a standoff with the Somali captors of the ship."
  • Sudanese People's Democratic Front (SPDF) Area of Operation: South Sudan. A tribal organization known for its violent resistance to the Sudanese government, had signed an accord with the government to cease activities but became active after the government failed to honor pledges for an independence move for the southern part of the country in Dec 2007. On January 16 of 2001 the group announced they would be joining forces with the Sudanese People's Liberation Front (SPLA), largely Southern Sudan-based, non-Arabic and secular, in contrast to the predominantly Muslim and Arab north.    ...   The Sudanese government accused Uganda and Eritrea of supporting the SPLA/M. In 1996 the US sent nearly $20 million worth of military equipment through Ethiopia (US Government is aiding Ethiopia in fight with Somalia Al-Shabaab), Eritrea and Uganda to help the Sudanese opposition in an attempt to overthrow Omar al-Bashir (president of Sudan). US officials denied that the aid was destined for the SPLA, but there were reports elsewhere that elite US forces (A-Teams) were working with the Sudanese rebel army.   ...   The Pentagon and CIA considered Sudan to be second only to Iran as a staging ground for international terrorism (al-Qaeda's home base in the 1990's was Sudan, Osama bin-Laden did a lot for Bashir's Government) see 5cWHP...;cd=3&gl=us
Rwanda genocide, U.S. complicity
 Wayne Madsen Report  continued:   Bruguiere's determination that Kagame and his US-supported forces were responsible for the missile attack on the aircraft mirror the conclusions found in two books written by this editor: Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999 and Jaded Tasks: Brass Plates, Black Ops & Big Oil. The arrest warrants against Rwandan government officials include Rwandan Armed Forces Chief James Kaberebe (alias Kabare) and Army Chief of Staff Charles Kayonga. The editor has also testified before the US Congress on official US backing for Kagame and America's role in the terrorist attack on Rwanda One.

The Bush administration's special ambassador for war crimes, Richard Prosper, intervened twice with the ICTR to prevent the testimony of this editor on the US involvement in Kagame's RPF attack on Rwanda One. One cancellation came from Arusha as the editor was en route to Dulles International Airport and after being inoculated against cholera and yellow fever and being on anti-malaria medication for two weeks. A third invitation to Arusha, one cleared by Prosper and the Bush State Department, was issued only after the editor's personal safety could not be guaranteed by the United Nations authorities in Tanzania.  US-trained client Paul Kagame of Rwanda: named by French terrorism judge as culprit in 1994 attack on Rwandan presidential aircraft.

Under pressure from both the Clinton and Bush administrations, the ICTR has avoided prosecuting the perpetrators of the attack on the Rwandan presidential plane. Successive ICTR chief judges, including Louise Arbour of Canada and Carla Del Ponte of Switzerland, under pressure from Washington and London, have maintained their mandates did not include investigating the attack on the Rwanda One aircraft. Del Ponte regretted that she left "unfinished business" in Arusha. That "unfinished business" clearly included investigating Kagame and the current US-backed Rwandan government.

It was clear then and remains clear now that the Bush administration did not want the issue of US support for an act of international terrorism over the skies of Kigali on April 6, 1994 to be brought up before an international tribunal by this editor or any other special or expert witnesses. In fact, Prosper and chief UN prosecutor Hassan Bubacar Jallow of Gambia have been aided and abetted in their cover up of Kagame's crimes by US military Judge Advocate General lawyers seconded to the ICTR prosecutor's office in Arusha and on loan from the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in The Hague.  The actions Judge Bruguiere in prosecuting a US-client state for terrorism, especially after considering the same judge successfully prosecuted Carlos the Jackal and Corsican terrorists and investigated Muammar Qaddafi and Zacarias Moussaoui, point to the fact that the US government can now be counted among the other state sponsors of global international terrorism."


Imam Anwar al-Awlaki White House Seeks to Dismiss Suit Filed for Radical Cleric Published September 25, 2010
AP This October 2008 file photo by Muhammad ud-Deen shows Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. The Obama administration on Saturday invoked the state secrets privilege which would kill a lawsuit on behalf of U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an alleged terrorist said to be targeted for assassination under a U.S. government program.     ...   In a court filing, the Justice Department said that the issues in the case are for the executive branch of government to decide rather than the courts.    ...   The department also said the case entails information that is protected by the military and state secrets privilege.    ...   The courts have sufficient grounds to throw out the lawsuit without resorting to use of the state secrets privilege, the Justice Department said in its filing.    ...   "The idea that courts should have no role whatsoever in determining the criteria by which the executive branch can kill its own citizens is unacceptable in a democracy," the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights said in a statement. "In matters of life and death, no executive should have a blank check."     .... Al-Awlaki's father, through the CCR and the ACLU, filed the case in federal court in Washington.    ...   The father has demanded that the government disclose a wide variety of classified information which could harm U.S. national security, Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement.   ."It strains credulity to argue that our laws require the government to disclose to an active, operational terrorist any information about how, when and where we fight terrorism," said Miller. Believed to be hiding in Yemen, al-Awlaki has become the most notorious English-speaking advocate of terrorism directed at the United States.  E-mails link him to the Army psychiatrist accused of the killings at Fort Hood, Texas, last year. Al-Awlaki has taken on an increasingly operational role in al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, the Justice Department filing said, including preparing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in his attempt to detonate an explosive device aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.    ...   Regarding the Christmas bomb attempt, al-Awlaki said in a May 23 interview with the media arm of AQAP that "No one should even ask us about targeting a bunch of Americans who would have been killed in an airplane," James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, said in a declaration accompanying the Justice Department papers.     ...   "Our unsettled account with America includes, at the very least, one million women and children. I'm not even talking about the men," Clapper's declaration quotes al-Awlaki as saying. The lawsuit filed on the cleric's behalf seeks to have a court declare that the Constitution and international law bar the government from carrying out targeted killings; seeks to block the targeted killing of al-Awlaki; and seeks to force the U.S. government to disclose the standards for determining whether U.S. citizens can be targeted for death.    ...   What al-Awlaki's father is seeking would be "unprecedented, improper, and extraordinarily dangerous," said the Justice Department filing, which neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a targeted killings program.    ...   The lawsuit would necessarily and improperly inject the courts into decisions of the president and his advisers about how to protect the American people from the threat of armed attacks, including imminent threats, posed by a foreign organization against which the political branches have authorized the use of necessary and appropriate force, said the Justice Department filing.    ...   If al-Awlaki were to surrender to the proper authorities, legal principles with which the United States has traditionally and uniformly complied would prohibit using lethal force or other violence against him, the department filing added.  foxnews