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Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, sexual torture ....  

destruction of evidence AP revealed Dec 2007


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Israel   top
  • Israeli spies: Rosen, Stev; Weissman, Keith; Kadish, Ben-ami; Pollard, Jonathan; Israeli Art Students; Berger, Sandy; 
Bioport, Vaccinations, Court Martial    top
supporting details, Bioport court martial, refuse vaccine  
  • Bioport, Carlyle, anthrax
  • Cipro
  • FDA gives BioPort ok to use quarantined anthrax vaccine on public
  • BioPort timeline
  • Maj. Glenn MacDonald USAR, sold Sadam Hussein anthrax warfare tech
  • Fuad El-Hibril, close to Bin Laden, was CEO of BioPort
  • El-Hibril operated a vaccine manf co. in England in 90's. Porton Products International, UK.
  • U.S. attack anthrax named Porton strain??
  • Sept 98, BioPort gets $45 million contract for vaccine.
  • Nov 98, Crowe & Bush sr. meet with Bin Laden
  • BioPort fails inspections, sterility tests, Bush jr oks vaccine use.
  • Hollister-Stier Labs subcontract vaccine 
  • Only forces not to get any Gulf War Syndrome were French, who did not get Porton vaccine.
  • BioPort fired, used Enron bookeeping tactics.
  • all these links above
  • Aug 2001, Whitehouse gets Cipro
  • Battelle Memorial Institute, Operation Jefferson, develops anthrax strain.  Hires William C. Patrick III to weaponize thru postal syst.  Battelle involved with BioPort
  • BioPort manuals found in caves in Afghanistan
  • Bush oks BioPort vaccine Jan 2002
  • Institute of Medicine says vaccine ok.  
  • Aug 2002, Timothy Read says anthrax from attack can be differentiated, arrests Stephen Hatfill, but all fake out.
  • American Free Press, see anthrax article.
  • Acambis
  • Asa Hutchinson, Dept of Homeland Security, Israel links, from Clinton impeachment demonizing efforts by conservatives
  • BioPort anthrax vaccine manufacturer
  • National Guard, in Natural Disaster?..."The review advocated more disaster-relief training and equipping of the National Guard, who are part-time troops under the command of state governors but can also be mobilized by the Pentagon in times of emergency.  "In truly catastrophic events state and locals may be incapacitated or overwhelmed or even worse," Townsend said.  "It may be that our military is the last and only resort. We need to plan and prepare for the Department of Defense to play a significant supporting role during future catastrophic events," she said Townsend said the "bright lines" should be preserved, referring to an 1878 law, The Posse Comitatus Act, which restricts the government from using the military in a law enforcement capacity within the United States. But the president can waive the law in an emergency.  The National Guard can support law enforcement functions in a way active duty military do not, Townsend said. "So you can preserve the bright lines and not seek additional authorities."  A change in law was not required for deploying military forces to help in disasters, she said. "We did not believe the president needed additional authority."
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Secret prisons, sexual torture  Extraordinary Rendition, Bush, sexual torture, prisoner abuse MORE
Texas, Rove, youth prisons  Rove, Gonzales, Sutton, implicated in failure to prosecute sodomy MORE 
CIA, Iran-Contra, Franklin  $38 million missing, Franklin Credit Union, CIA, Iran-Contra MORE
Ronald Roskens, USAID  Chancellor, U of Nebraska, fired, homosexual orgies, MORE 
8 U.S. Attorneys fired  Carole Lam fired, Abramoff, Cunningham, Foggo, Wilkes, Hookergate MORE
DiBiagio, Palfrey, Luna  Gov. Ehrlich,  DiBiagio fired, Luna murdered, Palfrey investigation, Hookergate MORE
Caging lists, USAttorneys fired   link: Rove assistant: Timothy Griffin, 2004 voter suppression, Goodling MORE
Mark Foley  Senate Page program / hypocrisy MORE
Ted Haggard  Gay male prostitute, cover-up, White House conference calls MORE
Jeff Gannon  White House visits, gay porn sites, Gosch MORE
Roy Blunt, Dennis Hastert  Foley cover-up, Abramoff, , FBI Investigation MORE
Brian Doyle, DHS,  Arrested, use of a computer to seduce a child, Dept Homeland Sec. MORE
Tony Blair  Pedophile investigations, D-Notices, cover-up MORE
Barney Frank    Franklin Scandal cover-up, Steve Gobie, Boston, Cardinal Law, Creighton U. MORE
Sen. Larry Craig  Long list of anti-gay, anti same-sex marriage votes, homophobia MORE
Michael Aquino  Presidio, sexual abuse investigation, day care centers, Reagan ties. MORE
Pope Benedict, Ratzinger  Catholic priest sexual abuse cover-up MORE

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KoreaGate  Sun Myung Moon, Congress, bribery MORE
Sarkozy statement:  "I'm inclined personally to think that you are born paedophile .." MORE
Fascism and pedophilia  ... disturbing similarities ..German Christian Church and the Nazi Party .. MORE
Covenant House  Father Bruce Ritter, pedophilia, Iran Contra, Bush family connections MORE
John Mark Karr  Thailand, child sex rings, Bush connections  MORE
John Lehman  "Coos Bay" cover-up 1982, 9/11 Commission, Franklin cover-up MORE
Gen. William Boykin  Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, sexual abuse of prisoners MORE
Southern Baptist Convention  Failure to deal with clergy sexual abuse info
Deborah Jeane Palfrey   D.C. Madam... threat to identify high-profile clients, Ullman, Cheney MORE
Venezuela  War on drugs? elections funding, pedophile networks MORE
Victor Ashe  Bush's bi-sexual?, Yale roommate, Ambassador to Poland MORE
Ed McAteer  Knowledge of Bush / Ashe Las Vegas sexual encounter MORE 
Mormons  Unreported sexual abuse, lawsuits abound MORE
  GOP Pedophile list  
Washington Times, Casseday Huffington Post , Soliciting  internet sex with what he believed was 13 yr old. 2006  
GOP Dirty Tricks  GOP Dirty Tricks, 50 years, hundreds of entries MORE
Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, sexual torture top   
  • Alternet search, Guantanamo
  • Amnesty International, UK Guantanamo Bay, latest news, releases
  • On July 11, 1990, Gary Caradori was killed along with his 6-year old son in the crash of his small plane, after a mid-air explosion, the cause of which was never discovered. He had told friends repeatedly in the weeks before his death that he was afraid his plane would be sabotaged. GeorgeWalkerBush, death list
  • Center for Constitutional Rights, watching the events of Guantanamo, detainees, Supreme Court decisions.
  • Center for Defense Information arms trade, children in war, missile defense info
  • Cooperative Research, Stephen Cambone, ritualistic sexual abuse
  • CounterPunch, "Secret World of Stephen Cambone ... 
  • FAS search National Intelligence estimate
  • Global Policy Watching Guantanamo
  • Guantanamobile Project
  • Here-Now, Supreme Court decision on Guantanamo  and related stories. Boston NPR News Source
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Insider Magazine, Wayne Madsen article, Expose the Christian Mafia
  • Karpinski, Janus, 
  • Ladlass, search: Boykin, Cambone, Nebraska, BSCT, sexual torture
  • News from Russia  Pravda, Israel, search
  • New Yorker, Seymour Hersh, May 2004, 
  • New Yorker, Jane Mayer, article: 'The Experiment', techniques of sexual and religious  humiliation of prisoners, developed by military behavioral scientists
  • Palast, Greg, UK  Guantanamo search.
  • Slate "Name: Mild, non-injurious physical contact, e.g. grabbing, poking, or light pushing (aka "a little bit of smacky face") Source: Decision Memorandum from Defense Department General Counsel William Haynes II to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, for commander, U.S. Southern Command, Dec. 2, 2002
  • SourceWatch (Center for Media and Democracy) David S. Addington,"Rumsfeld to Cheney to-Addington-to-Torture Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, told NPR November 3, 2005, that "he had uncovered a 'visible audit trail' tracing the practice of prisoner abuse by U.S. soldiers directly back to Vice President Cheney's office
  • SourceWatch, Boykin
  • The7thfire, Zionism, Zionists support of torture, Abu Ghraib "The most vitriolic systematic denigration of Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East is found in the writings an speeches of influential US-based Zionist ideologues, like the Pipes (father and son), the Kristols (senior and junior), the Kagans, Cohens, Goldhagens, ..."
  • Truthout BSCT, Behavioral Science Consultation Teams,
  • Veterans for Common Sense, Abu Ghraib, Rumsfeld
  • Yurica Report Guantanamo Bay
  • WSWS Lt. Gen. William Boykin, prisoner sexual abuse.   MORE below      WSWS
  • CIA, Pentagon inquiry
  • EIR search terms: spoon-benders, rape, sodomy, murder, deliberate systematic policy, first tried in Guantanamo, links to Presidio and Offutt Franklin Scandal, naked prisoners being forced  into sexual acts with one another, 'Darby photos', incite increased  terrorist recruitment, humiliate Muslims, young boys sodomized, at Abu Ghraib, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, Lt. Gen. William Boykin, Muslim-hating, Behavioral Science Consultation Teams, BSCT, SERE, sexual embarrassment, religious dilemma, desecration of the Bible, Koran, Undersecretary of Intelligence Stephen Cambone, Boykin is assistant, Task Force 20, Gitmo-ize Iraq, JFK Special Warfare School, 
  • Fay Report
  • Flocco, Cambone TopSecretNotes
  • Findlaw, War on Terrorism Special coverage
  • Griggs, Kay "Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins."
  • from World News
  • International Relations and Security Network, Swiss Contribution to the Partnership for Peace
  • Intellibriefs, Mindwars, Boykin, Somalia, intelligence
  • International Committee of the Red Cross, why did they wait months to report Iraq prison abuse.
  • Newstrove, Guantanamo Bay
  • Human Rights First, formerly Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
  • Justice, Dept of  press releases  
  • Judicial Watch  
  • PBS "SCOTT HORTON: Well, I think there is a direct line that run from Secretary Rumsfeld to Abu Ghraib and that runs through Maj. Gen. Miller. I think the major unanswered questions have to do with what led the secretary to decide to send Maj. Gen. Miller there. What is the role of Lt. Gen. Boykin and Steve Cambone in that process and why did that visit have the consequences we saw, not just in Abu Ghraib but also in other facilities in terms of violent treatment of detainees and use of sexual humiliation and military dogs?"
  • Taguba Report, SourceWatch
  • Tearerism, that concept of tearing down the phrase ' war on terror',  it has started in Great Britain.
  • Wikipedia, Abu Ghraib, sexual abuse, search terms: 2004, torture, Iraq, Baghdad Correctional Facility, 372nd Military Police, Taguba Report, 90% of the prisoners were innocent of any crime, 
  • Wikipedia Stephen Cambone, Germany, war crimes MORE
  • World Court, International Court of Justice
  • Gannon, Guckert, spent many nights in the White House,  ... visits when no news briefings, many with no record of entry or exit YouTube  How does this relate to Congress, Clergy, military sex scandals? Insider Magazine, Wayne Madsen Gannongate
  • American Center for Law and Justice search
  • American Conservative Union 
  • Anti Terrorism Coalition, Islam is taking over the world Action Alert help ACU lobby Congress on these issues  
  • Boykin, William Lt. Gen. ... said God put George Bush in the White House, 
  • Cambone, Stephen, Clairemont Graduate School, notes: undersecretary of defense for intelligence, Rumsfeld's chief henchmen, neo-con, PNAC, Wolfowitz, Germany, war crimes prosecution, Feith, Douglas, Stephen Cambone, Office of Analysis and Evaluation, threat to Generals, "Gray Fox", assassinations, circumvent Geneva Conventions, soften up Iraqi prisoners, interrogators, private contractors, Camp Cropper, Baghdad, Delta Force, abusive interrogations, Boykin, Christian warrior, Oregon revival tour, "a war against Satan", Christian God is mightier than Allah", Islamophobe, central role in torture scandal, General Miller, Col, Pappas, Israeli advice,
  • Council on Foreign Relations  corporate power to rural poor Republicans
  • Counter-Intelligence Field Activity, Stephen Cambone,
  • CSIS, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Stephen Cambone
  • Defense Security Service, controlled by Stephen Cambone
  • Debka File search
  • Defense Intelligence Agency, controlled by Stephen Cambone, 
  • EthicsDaily "Controversial Christian General Named in Prisoner-Abuse Scandal .. "
  • Global Security Guantanamo Bay, Camp X-Ray.
  • GospelGrace, Kay Griggs "Colonel's Wife Names Names In Military Homosexual Pedophile Underground ...Fags have a 3 point agenda: 1) decriminalize sodomy, 2) add fags to the protected classes as victims like blacks, and 3) criminalize Gospel preaching against fags.
  • Guantanamo Bay Naval Station official site.
  • Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Cambone, Boykin
  • National Imagery and Mapping Agency, controlled by Stephen Cambone
  • National Reconnaisance Organization, controlled by Stephen Cambone,  
  • National Review search on Guantanamo Bay, Rich Lowry
  • National Security Agency, controlled by Stephen Cambone,
  • National Security Agency, Stephen Cambone
  • Southern Baptist Convention, Bobby Welch, defends Boykin EthicsDaily  and sex offender registry EthicsDaily
  • Townhall search
  • US Army Criminal Investigation Command, UCMJ,
  • Washington Institute for Near East Policy US
  • Washington Post
  • Washington Post "Interrogators at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forced a stubborn detainee to wear women's underwear on his head ... The report shows that they were used on Qahtani several months before the United States invaded Iraq.  The investigation also supports the idea that soldiers believed that placing hoods on detainees, forcing them to appear nude in front of women and sexually humiliating them were approved interrogation techniques for use on detainees. "
  • SourceWatch,"'The idea was to get a handle on what worked in Cuba and to apply it to Iraq,"
  • WSWS "On September 16, Jonathan Idema was convicted in Afghanistan on counts of torture and other crimes. Idema was arrested after Afghan police found eight men tied up or hanging in his private prison in Kabul. Idema, a former member of the Special Forces, has claimed that he was acting at the behest of sections of the CIA and the Defense Department, including Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence William Boykin. Idema claims that he was left out to dry after his case became politically problematic for the administration. The Afghan judge refused to consider evidence of high-level American support for the operation."
  • Hidden Mysterious Soon afterwards, Boykin’s Pentagon intelligence group was discovered to have been involved with the torture and sexual molestation of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The sexual molestation of prisoners included male and female teens being held in Iraq. Also of note is the current head executive director of the OCF. He is retired Lt. Gen. Bruce Fister, the former head of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command.
  • Center for Constitutional Rights  "CCR TO FILE WAR CRIMES COMPLAINT AGAINST DONALD RUMSFELD  Opinions and Documents Background Brief on the Case Against Donald Rumsfeld (PDF) 177KB    Synopsis: On November 14, 2006, CCR will file a criminal complaint against former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in German Court. The complaint requests the German Federal Prosecutor open an investigation and, ultimately, a criminal prosecution that will look into the responsibility of high-ranking U.S. officials for authorizing war crimes in the context of the so-called "War on Terror." Former White House Counsel (and current Attorney General) Alberto Gonzalez, former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet, and other high-ranking U.S. officials are also charged in the complaint. The complaint is brought on behalf of 12 torture victims – 11 Iraqi citizens who were held at Abu Ghraib prison and one Guantánamo detainee – and is being filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the Republican Attorneys' Association (RAV) and others, all represented by Berlin Attorney Wolfgang Kaleck. The complaint is related to a 2004 complaint that was dismissed, but the new complaint is filed with substantial new evidence, new defendants and plaintiffs, a new German Federal Prosecutor and, most important, under new circumstances that include the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense and the passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 in the U.S. granting officials retroactive immunity from prosecution for war crimes. For full background on the complaint, please see the attached briefing paper."
  • Wikipedia "On 10 November 2006, the German Federal Government announced that it had decided, within the legal framework of universal jurisdiction, to permit the war crimes prosecution of Stephen A. Cambone for his alleged role in condoning the abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison during his tenure from 2001 to 2003 as U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence."
  • WayneMadsenReport "Blackwater was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince, a former US Navy SEAL and right-wing fundamentalist Christian from Michigan. Prince's father is Edgard Prince, who founded the Family Research Council with Gary Bauer. Erik Prince's sister is Betty DeVos, who is married to Dick DeVos, the son of Amway co-founder and Mormon bigwig Richard DeVos. The General Counsel for Erik Prince's Blackwater parent company, the Prince Group, is Joseph Schmitz, the Pentagon's former Inspector General. Schmitz's brother, John Schmitz, Jr. deputy counsel to George H. W. Bush and who is married to the sister of Columba Bush, Jeb Bush's wife. The father of John and Joseph was extreme right-wing Republican Congressman John Schmitz, Sr. Their sister is Mary Kay Letourneau, a former Washington State schoolteacher jailed for having sex with a thirteen year old American Samoan student who she later married."
  • MSNBC GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba - The Defense Department's former chief prosecutor for terrorism cases appeared Monday at the controversial U.S. detention facility here to argue on behalf of a terrorism suspect that the military justice system has been corrupted by politics and inappropriate influence from senior Pentagon officials. Sitting just feet from the courtroom table where he had once planned to make cases against military detainees, Air Force Col. Morris Davis instead took the witness stand to declare under oath that he felt undue pressure to hurry cases along so that the Bush administration could claim before political elections that the system was working.  His testimony in a small, windowless room -- as a witness for Salim Ahmed Hamdan, an alleged driver for Osama bin Laden -- offered a harsh insider's critique of how senior political officials have allegedly influenced the system created to try suspected terrorists outside existing military and civilian courts."
  • USA Today An Iraqi man who says he was tortured while detained at the Abu Ghraib prison is suing two U.S. military contractors. Emad al-Janabi claims in a federal lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles that he was abused for 10 months beginning in September 2003 by employees of CACI International Inc. and L-3 Communications, formerly Titan Corp. Al-Janabi says his jailers punched him, slammed him into walls, hung him from a bed frame and kept him naked and handcuffed in his cell. He claims contractors conspired to cover up the torture by destroying documents and other information. Pictures of prisoner abuse by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib ignited international outrage.
Secret Prisons for 'Terrorists',  Rendition   top
  • Amnesty International
  • Democracy Rising "Congressman Edward J. Markey (D-MA) has taken the lead on working toward ending torture by U.S. officials or by "rendition" of suspects to foreign governments for torture there.  He has introduced, along with 48 colleauges, H.R. 952 the Torture Outsourcing Prevention Act
  • Eurolegal Services International institutions, news, comment, Middle East affairs, Iraq Body Count, Iraqi resistance to occupation.  
  • FAS search National Intelligence estimate
  • Glasgow Media Group promote new research methodologies on the media
  • Global Policy Watching Guantanamo
  • Global Witness International 
  • Notes: Shannon Airport, Ireland, rendition flights,  March 2008, also Norway Hungary, Iceland, Gulfstream IV jet, N475LC, N478GS,  see also Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Stuttgart, Tbilisi Georgia, Glasgow, see also N71PG, N54PA Lear jets, 
  • Secret prisons, prison ships, planes, Italy, kidnapping.
  • CBS News Extraordinary Rendition..."the government policy wherein terror suspects are transferred from U.S. control into the control of foreign governments, so that interrogation methods that are not permitted under U.S. law may be applied to the suspects"
  • CBS The CIA ran secret prisons in Poland and Romania from 2003 to 2005 to interrogate detainees in its war on terror, Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty said in a report released Friday.
  • Council of Europe   see below
  • Findlaw, War on Terrorism Special coverage
  • Griggs, Kay "Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins."
  • Guardian: "Al-Libi, the New York Times claims, had been subjected to such rendition when he told his interrogators that Iraq had trained al-Qaida in the use of chemical and biological weapons. An assessment from the US Defence Intelligence Agency cast doubt on the claims because of the conditions of his captivity, according to both Mr Wilkerson and the New York Times's sources. Mr Wilkerson told the BBC the assessment was made before Mr Powell made his now discredited claims to the UN security council on contacts between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, but neither the then secretary of state or his office were told of it. Before the Iraq war, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Mr Powell frequently cited Mr Libi's statement as "credible evidence" that Iraq was training al-Qaida. If correct, the claims would suggest that rendition and the reliance on third country interrogations had played a role in the unreliability of intelligence before the March 2003 invasion of Iraq by US-led coalition.
  •  Andrews Air Force Base, rendition flights,  
  • Braxton Management Services, purported CIA front 
  •  International Criminal Court Protection
  • New York Times : Bush: Iraq War prisoners not entitled to Geneva Convention rules
  • Anti Terrorism Coalition, Islam is taking over the world Action Alert help ACU lobby Congress on these issues  
  • Council on Foreign Relations  corporate power to rural poor Republicans
  • Debka File search
  • Global Security Guantanamo Bay, Camp X-Ray.
  • Godman Army Air Field, Kentucky, rendition flights, 
  • GospelGrace, Kay Griggs "Colonel's Wife Names Names In Military Homosexual Pedophile Underground ...Fags have a 3 point agenda: 1) decriminalize sodomy, 2) add fags to the protected classes as victims like blacks, and 3) criminalize Gospel preaching against fags.
  • Guantanamo Bay Naval Station official site.
  • Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • National Review search on Guantanamo Bay, Rich Lowry
  • Phoenix Air Group, Inc, Cartersville, Georgia, 
  • VPC Planes, Wilmington, Delaware, 
  • Council of Europe   "Swiss Senator Dick Marty, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur, will present his report on alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states to the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights in Paris on Wednesday 7 June.  The report is scheduled for debate during the plenary session of the 630-members-strong Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg on Tuesday 27 June 2006.
  • The Council of Europe's action follows allegations revealed by the Washington Post and the NGO Human Rights Watch in 2005 about the existence of secret CIA detention centres in Council of Europe member states. On 1 November 2005, the Parliamentary Assembly launched an investigation for which Swiss Senator Dick Marty was appointed rapporteur. On 21 November 2005, the Secretary General, Mr Terry Davis, acting under Article 52 of the European Convention on Human Rights (see box), sent a questionnaire to the 45 States Parties to this convention (the 46th letter was sent to Monaco on 15 December following that country's ratification of the convention). On 15 December 2005, the Parliamentary Assembly requested an opinion from the Venice Commission on the legality of secret detention in the light of the member states' international legal obligations, particularly under the European Convention on Human Rights.  On 1 March 2006, the Secretary General released his report based on the official replies from all 46 member states. Report of the Secretary General Addendum to the report of the Secretary General Statement Speaking notes  On 22 March 2006, the Venice Commission published its opinion on the international legal obligations of Council of Europe member states in respect of secret detention facilities and inter-state transport of prisoners. Venice Commission opinion  "
  • Age, The -- RAAF, The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) allegedly asked a woman to cover up the fact her children (aged eight and 12)  were sexually assaulted by a senior officer --- Wing Commander Terry Morgan.--- Fairfax newspaper.  ... Morgan was convicted  of four counts of indecent acts on a child under 16, and possession of child pornography ... attempted cover-up didn't work.
  • WMR "The so-called "Australian Taliban," David Hicks, the Adelaide-born horse trader and kangaroo skinner imprisoned by the U.S. military for the past five years in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after being picked up by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, was flown to Australia from Guantanamo on a CIA rendition aircraft with an interesting history.  The Gulfstream Aerospace G550 that flew Hicks to Australia is registered to Time Works Leasing LLC, 223 Industrial Avenue, Teterboro, New Jersey. Time Works Leasing is being reported in some Australian media as a CIA front company. The Gulfstream's current tail number is N90AM. Previously, the plane's U.S. tail number was N592GA and it was transferred from Raven Acquisition Technologies of Washington state to Time Works on January 31, 2001. The plane has also been registered as tail number VP-CI, a Cayman Islands registration. However, FAA records indicate that the Gulfstream was transferred to the Caymans on April 5, 2006.
  • WMR "On May 22, WMR reported on the Gulfstream Aerospace G550 (Tail Number N90AM) that flew "Australian Taliban" David Hicks to Australia from incarceration in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Gulfstream's travel itinerary over the past 7 years closely matches those of other CIA rendition aircraft.  A Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database search reveals that the actual owner of N90AM is ProFlite LLC, an air charter company that is a Delaware limited liability company. ProFlite's principal place of business is 233 Industrial Avenue, Teterboro, New Jersey, the same address listed in FAA records for Time Works LLC. ProFlite's SEC filings also reveal that N90AM has been leased to Monster Worldwide, Inc., a Delaware corporation having its principal place of business at 622 Third Avenue, New York, New York, 10017.  A search of the New Jersey State Business Gateway Services reveals that Time Works LLC is a Foreign Limited Liability Corporation whose home jurisdiction is Delaware. Time Works' corporation filing papers were submitted on December 21, 2000 and its last annual report was filed on December 16, 2005. The corporation's status is "Active." There are two other entities listed in New Jersey's business registration database but they are spelled "Timeworks."  Time Works LLC's President is listed as Christopher Cummings of 222 N.E. Monroe Street, 8th Floor, Peoria, Illinois 61602. Listed under Officers/Directors/Members is Jeffrey Corron of the same Peoria address. Cummings and Corron are also listed as officers of the Marquette Group, a marketing group with offices at 222 N.E. Monroe Street, 8th Floor, Peoria, IL 61602.  Corron is listed as a contributor to the Bush-Cheney 2004 primary campaign under CFO, "Market Group," 222 N.E. Monroe St., Peoria, IL 61602."  
Israeli Spy List 

Pollard is hardly the only Israeli spy operating in the United States. He just had the misfortune to get caught. Here are just a few examples of the Israeli spy operations that have been detected.

1947. Information collected by the ADL in its spy operations on US citizens is used by the House Select Committee on Unamerican Activities. Subcommittee Chair Clare Hoffman dismisses the ADL’s reports on suspected communists as “hearsay."

1950 John Davitt, former chief of the Justice Department's internal security section notes that the Israeli intelligence service is the second most active in the United States after the Soviets.

1954 A hidden microphone planted by the Israelis is discovered in the Office of the US Ambassador in Tel Aviv.

1956 Telephone taps are found connected to two telephones in the residence of the US military attaché in Tel Aviv.

1954 "The Lavon Affair". Israeli agents recruit Egyptian citizens of Jewish descent to bomb Western targets in Egypt, and plant evidence to frame Arabs, in an apparent attempt to upset US-Egyptian relations. Israeli defense minister Pinchas Lavon is eventually removed from office, though many think real responsibility lay with David Ben-Gurion.

1965 Israel apparently illegally obtains enriched uranium from NUMEC Corporation. (Washington Post, 6/5/86, Charles R. Babcock, "US an Intelligence Target of the Israelis, Officials Say.")

1967 Israel attacks the USS Liberty, an intelligence gathering vessel flying a US flag, killing 34 crew members. See "Assault on the Liberty," by James M. Ennes, Jr. (Random House). In 2004, Captain Ward Boston, Senior Legal Counsel for the Navy’s Court of Inquiry into the attack swears under oath that President Lyndon Johnson ordered the investigation to conclude accident, even though the evidence indicates the attack was deliberate. Given the use by Israel of unmarked boats and planes, and the machine-gunning of USS Liberty’s lifeboats, the most likely explanation is that USS Liberty was to be sunk with all hands, with evidence left to frame Egypt for the sinking. This would have dragged the US into the war on Israel’s side.

1970 While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done.

1978, Stephen Bryen, then a Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffer, is overheard in a DC hotel offering confidential documents to top Israeli military officials. Bryen obtains a lawyer, Nathan Lewin, and the case heads for the grand jury, but is mysteriously dropped. Bryen later goes to work for Richard Perle.

1979 Shin Beth [the Israeli internal security agency] tries to penetrate the US Consulate General in Jerusalem through a “Honey Trap”, using a clerical employee who was having an affair with a Jerusalem girl.

1985 The New York Times reports the FBI is aware of at least a dozen incidents in which American officials transferred classified information to the Israelis, quoting [former Assistant Director of the F.B.I.] Mr. [Raymond] Wannal. The Justice Department does not prosecute.

1985 Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO, is indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear timing devices to Israel (Washington Post, 10/31/86).

1987 April 24 Wall Street Journal headline: "Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won't be Explored in Detail by Panels"

1992 The Wall Street Journal reports that Israeli agents apparently tried to steal Recon Optical Inc's top-secret airborne spy-camera system.

1992 Stephen Bryen, caught offering confidential documents to Israel in 1978, is serving on board of the pro-Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs while continuing as a paid consultant -- with security clearance -- on exports of sensitive US technology.

1992 "The Samson Option," by Seymour M. Hersh reports, “Illicitly obtained intelligence was flying so voluminously from LAKAM into Israeli intelligence that a special code name, JUMBO, was added to the security markings already on the documents. There were strict orders, Ari Ben-Menashe recalled: "Anything marked JUMBO was not supposed to be discussed with your American counterparts."

1993. The ADL is caught operating a massive spying operation on critics of Israel, Arab-Americans, the San Francisco Labor Council, ILWU Local 10, Oakland Educational Association, NAACP, Irish Northern Aid, International Indian Treaty Council, the Asian Law Caucus and the San Francisco police. Data collected was sent to Israel and in some cases to South Africa. Pressure from Jewish organizations forces the city to drop the criminal case, but the ADL settles a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of cash.

1995 The Defense Investigative Service circulates a memo warning US military contractors that "Israel aggressively collects [US] military and industrial technology." The report stated that Israel obtains information using "ethnic targeting, financial aggrandizement, and identification and exploitation of individual frailties" of US citizens.

1996 A General Accounting Office report "Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in US Security Arrangements With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors" found that according to intelligence sources "Country A" (identified by intelligence sources as Israel, Washington Times, 2/22/96) "conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally." The Jerusalem Post (8/30/96) quoted the report, "Classified military information and sensitive military technologies are high-priority targets for the intelligence agencies of this country." The report described "An espionage operation run by the intelligence organization responsible for collecting scientific and technologic information for [Israel] paid a US government employee to obtain US classified military intelligence documents." The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Shawn L. Twing, April 1996) noted that this was "a reference to the 1985 arrest of Jonathan Pollard, a civilian US naval intelligence analyst who provided Israel's LAKAM [Office of Special Tasks] espionage agency an estimated 800,000 pages of classified US intelligence information."

The GAO report also noted that "Several citizens of [Israel] were caught in the United States stealing sensitive technology used in manufacturing artillery gun tubes."

1996 An Office of Naval Intelligence document, "Worldwide Challenges to Naval Strike Warfare" reported that "US technology has been acquired [by China] through Israel in the form of the Lavi fighter and possibly SAM [surface-to-air] missile technology." Jane's Defense Weekly (2/28/96) noted that "until now, the intelligence community has not openly confirmed the transfer of US technology [via Israel] to China." The report noted that this "represents a dramatic step forward for Chinese military aviation." (Flight International, 3/13/96)

1997 An Army mechanical engineer, David A. Tenenbaum, "inadvertently" gives classified military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to Israeli officials (New York Times, 2/20/97).

1997 The Washington Post reports US intelligence has intercepted a conversation in which two Israeli officials had discussed the possibility of getting a confidential letter that then-Secretary of State Warren Christopher had written to Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. One of the Israelis, identified only as “Dov”, had commented that they may get the letter from "Mega”, the code name for Israel’s top agent inside the United States.

1997 US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, complains privately to the Israeli government about heavy-handed surveillance by Israeli intelligence agents.

1997 Israeli agents place a tap on Monica Lewinsky’s phone at the Watergate and record phone sex sessions between her and President Bill Clinton. The Ken Starr report confirms that Clinton warned Lewinsky their conversations were being taped and ended the affair. At the same time, the FBI’s hunt for “Mega” is called off.

2001 It is discovered that US drug agents’ communications have been penetrated. Suspicion falls on two companies, AMDOCS and Comverse Infosys, both owned by Israelis. AMDOCS generates billing data for most US phone companies and is able to provide detailed logs of who is talking to whom. Comverse Infosys builds the tapping equipment used by law enforcement to eavesdrop on all American telephone calls, but suspicion forms that Comverse, which gets half of its research and development budget from the Israeli government, has built a back door into the system that is being exploited by Israeli intelligence and that the information gleaned on US drug interdiction efforts is finding its way to drug smugglers. The investigation by the FBI leads to the exposure of the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, operated by Israel. Half of the suspected spies have been arrested when 9-11 happens. On 9-11, 5 Israelis are arrested for dancing and cheering while the World Trade Towers collapse. Supposedly employed by Urban Moving Systems, the Israelis are caught with multiple passports and a lot of cash. Two of them are later revealed to be Mossad. As witness reports track the activity of the Israelis, it emerges that they were seen at Liberty Park at the time of the first impact, suggesting a foreknowledge of what was to come. The Israelis are interrogated, and then eventually sent back to Israel. The owner of the moving company used as a cover by the Mossad agents abandons his business and flees to Israel. The United States Government then classifies all of the evidence related to the Israeli agents and their connections to 9-11. All of this is reported to the public via a four part story on Fox News by Carl Cameron. Pressure from Jewish groups, primarily AIPAC, forces Fox News to remove the story from their website. Two hours prior to the 9-11 attacks, Odigo, an Israeli company with offices just a few blocks from the World Trade Towers, receives an advance warning via the internet. The manager of the New York Office provides the FBI with the IP address of the sender of the message, but the FBI does not follow up.

2001 The FBI is investigating 5 Israeli moving companies as possible fronts for Israeli intelligence.

2001 JDL’s Irv Rubin arrested for planning to bomb a US Congressman. He dies before he can be brought to trial.

2002 The DEA issues a report that Israeli spies, posing as art students, have been trying to penetrate US Government offices.

2002 police near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in southern Washington State stop a suspicious truck and detain two Israelis, one of whom is illegally in the United States. The two men were driving at high speed in a Ryder rental truck, which they claimed had been used to "deliver furniture." The next day, police discovered traces of TNT and RDX military-grade plastic explosives inside the passenger cabin and on the steering wheel of the vehicle. The FBI then announces that the tests that showed explosives were “false positived” by cigarette smoke, a claim test experts say is ridiculous. Based on an alibi provided by a woman, the case is closed and the Israelis are handed over to INS to be sent back to Israel. One week later, the woman who provided the alibi vanishes.

2003 The Police Chief of Cloudcroft stops a truck speeding through a school zone. The drivers turn out to be Israelis with expired passports. Claiming to be movers, the truck contains junk furniture and several boxes. The Israelis are handed over to immigration. The contents of the boxers are not revealed to the public.

2003 Israel deploys assassination squads into other countries, including the United States. The US Government does not protest.

2004 Police near the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Tennessee stop a truck after a three mile chase, during which the driver throws a bottle containing a strange liquid from the cab. The drivers turn out to be Israelis using fake Ids. The FBI refuses to investigate and the Israelis are released.

2004 Two Israelis try to enter Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to eight Trident submarines. The truck tests positive for explosives.

This brings us to the present scandal. Two years into an investigation of AIPAC’s possible role as a spy front for Israel, Larry Franklin, a mid-level Pentagon Analyst is observed by the FBI giving classified information to two officials of AIPAC suspected of being Israeli spies. AIPAC hires lawyer Nathan Lewin to handle their legal defense, the same lawyer who defended suspected Israeli spy Stephen Bryen in 1978.

Larry Franklin worked in the Pentagon Office of Special Plans, run by Richard Perle, at the time Perle (who was caught giving classified information to Israel back in 1970) was insisting that Iraq was crawling with weapons of mass destruction requiring the United States to invade and conquer Iraq. There were no WMDs, of course, and Perle has dumped the blame for the “bad intelligence” on George Tenet. But what is known is that the Pentagon Office of Special Plans was coordinating with a similar group in Israel, in Ariel Sharon’s office.

With two suspected Israeli spies (at least) inside the office from which the lies that launched the war in Iraq originated, it appears that the people of the United States are the victims of a deadly hoax, a hoax that started a war.

The leaking of the investigation of AIPAC to the media on August 28th, 2004 gave advance warning to other spies working with Franklin. The damage to the FBI’s investigation was completed when United States Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the FBI to stop all arrests in the case. Like the Stephen Bryen case and the hunt for “Mega”, this latest spy scandal seems destined by officials who have their own secret allegiances to protect, barring a massive public outcry.

The organization at the heart of the latest spy investigation, AIPAC, wields tremendous influence over the US Congress. Through its members and affiliated PACs, AIPAC directs a huge flow of campaign cash in favor of, and occasionally against, Senators and Representatives solely on the basis of their willingness to support Israel. As an example, in 2002, U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham received so much help from pro-Israeli pacs that 76% of his campaign budget came from OUTSIDE the state of Alabama, mostly from New York.

Let me repeat that. A Congressman AIPAC wanted elected received more money from pro-Israel groups outside his state than from his own constituents inside his state. Who is that Congressman going to be thinking of when he votes in Congress?

So here is the mother of all scandals.

For two years, the FBI has suspected AIPAC of spying for a foreign country, and for those two years (and for decades before) that group suspected of spying for Israel has been reshaping the US Congress for the benefit of a foreign government.


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