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Sun Myung Moon dead

      Kim Jong Il assassinated in military coup

Syria / North Korea, Cheney, Israel, B-52 incident?

Mossad fingerprints on Cheonan propaganda war launched by Seoul below


Korea, 1945, Cheju Massacre, American Involvement

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  • WMR: August 22-24, 2011 -- With Kim Jong Il in Russia, enhanced activity behind Green Door ...   North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is making a rare foreign visit, to Russia to meet with President Dimitry Medvedev. Kim traveled by train to Ulan Ude, the capital of the Russian Far Eastern largely-Buddhist Republic of Buryatia, to meet with his Russian counterpart. Most of Kim's travels, which are only by train since he fears aerial assassination, are highly secretive.    ...   However, WMR has learned that the National Security Agency, from a secret base in Osan, South Korea, monitors North Korean intelligence agents traveling with Kim and those stationed abroad by monitoring mysterious Morse code "numbers" transmissions, coded messages sent to North Korean agents abroad from North Korean intelligence headquarters in Pyongyang. The NSA operation targeting the North Korean agents is code-named Green Door.    ...   NSA personnel, all Korean linguists, are now scanning frequencies known to be used by the North Korean Morse operators, including those used by the foreign service of the Voice of Korea in Pyongyang, to gain intelligence on the purpose of Kim's visit to Russia's Far East and what he is discussing with Russian leaders. Green Door was also active during past Kim train visits to China for discussions with China's leadership. Press reports from Russia indicate that the subject of Kim's discussions in Ulan Ude are a proposed natural gas pipeline that would carry Russian gas through North Korea to South Korea, a development that may result in South Korean independence from its military alliance with the United States and something definitely worth the NSA's surge monitoring of the North Korean numbers Morse transmissions.    ...   North Korea once transmitted numbers by voice but the practice ceased in 2000. The North's foreign intelligence service continues to broadcast Morse signals using calls signs CQ 113, CQ 466, CQ 747, CQ 432, CQ 974, CQ 863, CQ 735, CQ 211, CQ 515, CQ 303, CQ 707, CQ 909, CQ 295, CQ 616, and CQ 995.    ...   Kim's visit to Russia comes at a time when North Korea is seeking improved relations with Washington, discussing the return of the remains of American troops killed during the Korean War and sending signals that it is willing to discuss North Korea's nuclear weapons development program.   ...  
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Cheju Massacre, 1945


American Involvement in April 3 Cheju Massacre Bruce Cumings, professor of the University of Chicago shed light on the unprecedented blood bath on Cheju Island, which one survey claims the lives of 80,000 indigenous people on the island (of the total population of 300,000 at most at that time). His research to Korea’s worst nightmare was unveiled on Mar. 14 in Tokyo when he gave a lecture to hundreds of audience. Bellow excerpts from his speech. [*] The so-called "April 3 Cheju Islands Uprising" have been long considered a kind of taboo as media both at home and abroad virtually ignored to look into the truth behind the unprecedented killing-fields, which was triggered in Apr. 3, 1948 or shortly before the U.S. government, under the U.N. flag, unilaterally held the May 10 single election to employ its first president Syngman Rhee.  MORE BELOW  and Yahoo
Iran Attack by Cheney / Neocons stopped by US military? What is North Korea's role?

Bush quote: “I’ve told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them (Iran) from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,”  

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  • Notes: House Foreign Affairs Committee, accused Bush of withholding details of Israel's Syrian bombing, evidence of North Korean involvement in Syrian nuclear program would be grounds to void negotiated deals.  Congressional Republicans are demanding to be briefed on Isareli bombing of Syrian facilities, want evidence of assistance to Syria by Iran or North Korea on nuclear capabilities.  Or are they gathering impeachment facts? ... they want all members not just select few to see details. Rep. Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) Pyongyang's intentions? question six party talks,
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Korea Experts: U.S. Spurned '02 Kim Effort

Gregg and Oberdorfer write about their mission to Pyongyang in an opinion piece in Wednesday's editions of The Washington Post.  Kim's offer was conditioned on U.S. recognition of North Korean sovereignty and assurances of non-aggression, Gregg and Oberdorfer wrote.  They said they took the message to White House and State Department officials and urged the administration to follow up on Kim's initiative.

But the administration spurned engagement with Kim who, in response, the authors said, moved within weeks to expel the U.N. inspectors from the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency, withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty and reopen plutonium facilities that had been shut down since 1994 under an agreement with the Clinton administration.

Just a month before the November 2002 meeting with Kim, Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly had led a U.S. delegation to North Korea, where they confronted officials with intelligence information suggesting that the regime had secretly embarked on a uranium enrichment program in defiance of pledges in 1994 not to pursue nuclear weapons.

Multilateral efforts to negotiate a dismantling of the North's nuclear facilities since then have not prospered.  As Gregg and Oberdorfer point out, at the time they delivered Kim's message to senior officials in Washington, the administration was deeply immersed in what turned out to be an unsuccessful diplomatic effort in the U.N. Security Council to head off war with Iraq.  U.S. 0fficials were not immediately available for comment on Kim's reported 2002 overture to Washington.

Gregg and Oberdorfer said they see a new opportunity for a breakthrough with North Korea in Kim's conciliatory comments last week in which he raised the possibility of reversing his nuclear program and rejoining the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

They urged that Bush follow up on Kim's overture by communicating directly with him after consultations with Asian partners of the United States in six-party nuclear disarmament talks.

Cheju Massacre
American Involvement in April 3 Cheju Massacre Bruce Cumings, professor of the University of Chicago shed light on the unprecedented blood bath on Cheju Island, which one survey claims the lives of 80,000 indigenous people on the island (of the total population of 300,000 at most at that time). His research to Korea’s worst nightmare was unveiled on Mar. 14 in Tokyo when he gave a lecture to hundreds of audience. Bellow excerpts from his speech. [*] The so-called "April 3 Cheju Islands Uprising" have been long considered a kind of taboo as media both at home and abroad virtually ignored to look into the truth behind the unprecedented killing-fields, which was triggered in Apr. 3, 1948 or shortly before the U.S. government, under the U.N. flag, unilaterally held the May 10 single election to employ its first president Syngman Rhee.

Unanswered Question on Cheju Rebellion Cheju citizens waiting for execution by the US military - May 1948.I wish to address today a single question in my lecture, which is the legal and moral responsibility of the United States for the widespread massacres and unsparing brutality with which the Cheju-do rebellion was suppressed.

Under the relevant international law at the time from August 1945 to August 1948, the U.S. Army Advisory Government was the sole legal authorities in Korea, south of 38th parallel.

Under secret protocols, the U.S. also had an operational control of the south Korean Armed Forces and national police from Aug. 15, 1948 to June 30, 1949. The United States and the American people were then and remain today responsible for events that occurred during the occupation. It is that responsibility which I wish to demonstrate and assess today.

Recently some Koreans have begun to demand redress for their sufferings during the Korean War.

Last August, a group of villagers in Yondong County, made up of survivors and bereaved family members of the Korean War, petitioned the south Korean and the American governments for compensation for the massacre by American soldiers and pirates of at least 100 people in Chugok village in the period July 26 to 29, 1950. There were similar massacres by American and south Korean troops throughout the summer of 1950.

One former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency operative witnessed the systematic slaughter of 1,800 political prisoners at Suwon shortly after the Korean War broke out.

I’m quoting him, "I stood by helplessly, witnessing the entire affair. Two big bulldozers worked constantly; one made a ditch-type grave. Tracks loaded with the condemned arrived. The hands were already tied behind them. They were hastily pushed into a big line along the edge of a newly opened grave. They were quickly shot into the heads and pushed into the grave."

However horrible these episodes may be, they occurred during the wartime. On Cheju Island, similar things happened throughout the guerilla zone in peacetime under the American occupation.

Many others, who present here today, know much more than I do about the "April 3 Uprising."

At the time I conducted my research on this tragic episode in the history of Korean-American relations, very little material was available in Korean language, because of the uniformed suppression of information, a barrage of propaganda and historical revisionism by the south Korean government, and the relative distance and lack of involvement in Cheju affairs of the north Korean government.

I utilized the work of Korean exiles in Osaka, especially *Kim Bong Hyong and Kim Min Ju. But mainly I relied on secret documents in the American National Archives.

These materials include everything from local police reports to investigative studies done by the U.S. military government. They were all prepared in 1948-49 by the relevant authorities and information-gathering agencies.

Therefore, they are the best primarily documentation that historians can find. What I’m about to say or to tell you is not a matter of my opinion or interpretation. It is a well-documented and unteachable fact.

Active American Role No one will ever know how many islanders died in this onslaught. The American data long kept secret that 30,000-60,000 people were killed with upwards of 40,000 more having fled to Japan.

More recent research suggests the figure of 80,000 or more killed. There were at most 300,000 people living on Cheju Island in the late 1940s.

Effective political leadership on Cheju until early 1948 was provided by the strong left-wing People’s Committee that first emerged in August 1945 and later continued under the American occupation.

The occupation preferred to ignore the Cheju rather than to do much about the committee. It appointed a formal mainland leadership, but let the people of the island run their own affairs.

American Occupation Commander John R. Hodge told a group of visiting American Congressmen in October 1947 that Cheju Island was "a truly communal area that is peacefully controlled by the People’s Committee without much common term influence."

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. military government investigation estimated that approximately two-third of the population on the island were moderate leftists in their opinions. Former Cheju governor named Pak, chairman of a leftist organization, was "not a communist and was very pro-American."

The people, according to this report, were deeply separatists and did not like mainlanders. Their wish was to be left alone.

This survey determined, however, that Cheju had been subject to a campaign of official terrorism for months.

According to Counter-Intelligence Core Information, Pak’s successor Governor Yu Hae Jin was an extreme rightist, who had connections to the right-wing Kwangbok and Taedong youth groups. He was "ruthless and dictatorial in his dealing with the opposing political parties."

Governor Yu had built national police units on the island with mainlanders and refugees from northern Korea who worked together with what we call "ultra-rightist party terrorists."

Some 365 prisoners were in Cheju City jail in late 1947. An American investigator witnessed 35 of these prisoners crowded into a 10x12 foot cell.

Direct control of food rationing had also been placed in the hands of politicians responsive to Governor Yu, who operated out of myon or township offices.

Unauthorized grain collections had been five times as high as official ones in 1947.

In May 1948 as election proceeded on the mainland, the rebellion spread to the west coast of the island. Some 35 police and rightists were killed by May 15. On the next day, police began rounding up civilians, taking 169 prisoners in two villages, who were thought to have assisted guerrillas. No election could be conducted on the island.

By the end of May, the violence had left only the eastern coast untouched. Constabulary units swept the mountains from the east to the west.

A month later in June 1948, American Colonel *Rothwell H. Brown reported that Korean and American military units had interrogated 4,000 inhabitants of Cheju Island. Determining from these interrogations, the People’s Democratic Army had been formed in April, composed of two regiments of guerillas.

Its strength was estimated at 4,000 officers and men, although less than one-tenth of the army carried firearms. The remainders carried swords, spears and farming implements. In other words, that was hastily assembled as an army.

Interrogators also found evidence that the south Korean Workers’ Party had no more than six trained agitators and organizers from the mainland. None of them had come from north Korea.

With some 500 to 700 allies on the island, they established cells in most towns and villages. 60,000-70,000 islanders had joined the party, although it seemed much more likely that such figures referred to longstanding membership of the People’s Committee and mass organizations on the island.

I’m quoting a report, "They were, for the main part, ignorant and uneducated farmers and fishermen whose livelihood had been profoundly disturbed by the war and post-war difficulties."

In his own report, Colonel Brown said that the rebellion had already paralyzed all the civil government function. The south Korean constabulary, however, had adopted stalling tactics whereas Brown believed that vigorous action was required at that time. The people on the island were panicked by the violence but also would not yield to interrogators even under torture.

Colonel Brown said:

"Blood ties which link most of the islanders, the families on the island, make it extremely difficult to obtain information."

On May 22, 1948, Colonel Brown directed that the following procedures be used to break up the revolt.

Colonel Brown reported, "Police were assigned definite missions to protect all coast of villages from the guerillas, to arrest riders carrying arms and to stop killing and terrorizing innocent citizens. The constabulary was assigned a definite mission — breaking up all elements of the People’s Democratic Army in the interior of the island.

Colonel Brown also ordered widespread continuing interrogation of all those arrested, and efforts to prevent supplies for reaching the guerillas.

Subsequently, he anticipated the institution of a long-range program "to offer positive proof of the evils of communism and to show that the American way offers positive hope for the islanders."

From May 28, 1948 until the end of July, more than 3,000 islanders were arrested.

Much other evidence demonstrated active American involvement in attempting to suppress the rebellion. These included the daily training of counter-insurgent forces, the interrogation of prisoners and the use of American spotter planes to ferret out guerillas.

One newspaper reported that American troops directly intervened in the Cheju conflict in at least one incident in late April of 1948.

In June 1948, a group of Korean journalists criticized that Japanese officers and soldiers had secretly been brought back to the island to help in suppressing rebellion.

An American embassy official named *Everett Drumwright reported in May 1949, "the all-out guerilla extermination campaign - his term - came to a virtual end in April with order restored in the most rebels and sympathizers killed, captured or converted."

Ambassador John Muccio wired to Washington that "the job is about done."

Shortly, it was possible to hold a special election that finally could send Cheju islanders to the National Assembly in Seoul. None other than *Chang Taek San, a longtime head of Seoul Metropolitan Police, arrived to run for a seat.

By August 1949, it was apparent that the insurgency had effectively ended. The rebel leader, Ri Dok Ku, was finally killed. Peace came to Cheju Island but it was a peace of political graveyard.

American sources reported that 15,000-20,000 islanders had died but the south Korean official figure was 27,719. The north Koreans said that more than 30,000 islanders had been butchered in the suppression. The governor of Cheju Island, however, privately told American intelligent sources that 60,000 people had died and as many as 40,000 people had fled to Japan.

Officially, 39,285 homes had been demolished, but the governor of Cheju thought that most of the houses on the hills were gone. Of 400 villages, only 170 remained. In other words, one in every five or six islanders had perished and one half of villages on the island were destroyed.

To the extent that anyone knows about the guerilla conflict on Cheju, it is assumed to be externally induced by north Koreans with Soviet backing and weapons with Americans standing idly by.

Yet, the evidence shows that Soviet Union had no involvement with the southern guerillas, and north Koreans were connected mainly to attempt the infiltration of guerillas in Kangwon Province or along the 38th parallel.

Americans organized and equipped the southern counter-insurgent forces; gave them the best intelligence materials or commission; planned their actions, and occasionally commanded them directly. @

Intensified Intelligence War As the Cheju island insurgency progressed, the event got much more attention by international coverage. Rebellion at a southeastern port city of Yosu soon spread to other counties in South Cholla and South Kyongsang provinces. For a time it seemed to threaten the foundations of the Republic of Korea.

An American General named Roberts said he planned to "contain and suppress the rebels at the earliest moment" and formed a party to fly to Kwangju on the afternoon of Oct. 20, 1948 to command the operation.

This party consisted *Col. Hausman and other Americans from the Korean Military Advisory group and Counter-Intelligence Core, and Col. Chong Il Gwon.

Next day, Gen. Roberts met with *Song Ho Song and urged him to "strike hard everywhere and allowed no obstacles to stop him."

Roberts gave an instruction to Song: "Your mission is to meet the rebel attack with overwhelmingly superior force and crash it. Because of their political and strategic importance, it is essential that Sunchon and Yosu be recaptured at an early date. The liberation of these cities from the rebel forces would be moral and political victories of great propaganda value."

American C-47 transport planes ferried Korean troops, weapons and other materials. The Korean Military Advisory group spotter planes surveyed areas throughout the period of rebellion. American intelligence organizations worked intimately with army and Korean national police counterparts.

The guerillas built up their strength on Korean Mainland after the Yosu rebellion and American advisors were all over the war zone in the south, constantly shadowing their Korean counterparts.

The commander distinguished himself in this suppression of the Yosu rebellion was James Hausman, one of the key organizers of suppression of the Yosu rebellion, who spent the next three decades as, perhaps, the most important American operative in Korea, working in the liaison and nexus point between the American and Korean military intelligence organizations.

Hausman called himself father of the Korean Army in an interview, which was not far from the truth. He said that everyone knew this including Korean officers themselves but would not say publicly. Back in the United States, hardly anyone has ever heard of James Hausman.

In an off-camera, Hausman said, "Koreans were rootle bastard worse than the Japanese." He made their (Korean) brutality more efficient by showing them, for example, how to douse corpses of the executed people with gasoline to hype the method of execution for the blame on communists.

As early as February 1949, Everett Drumwright reported that in South Cholla Province, "there was some not very discriminating destruction of villages" by the south Korean army. But a week later, he demonstrated his own support for such measures if they were discriminating.

He even suggested that an American missionary be utilized for information on the guerillas.

Americans and Koreans were in constant conflict over proper counter-insurgent methods. But out of this tension, they used a mix of American methods and techniques of suppression that the Japanese had developed in Manchuria for combating guerillas in cold weather, mountainous terrain, implemented by Korean officers who had served the Japanese often in Manchuria. Those methods separated the guerillas from their peasant constituencies.

Cold weathers denied them of their undetective movement.

Military encirclement and blockade isolated base areas and prevent re-supply of food and weaponry. The draconian method broke the guerilla from people’s nexus.

Winter drastically shifted the advantage to the suppression forces. Large army established blockades usually between the mountains in the low line fields and villages. Small search of destroying unit would then enter the mountains to ferret out the guerillas, often by tracking them in snows.

As a former Japanese army officer put it, winter made guerilla stationary and counter-insurgent forces mobile. Guerillas held up in winter shelters, but the shelters were later detected and burned out. Rebuilding shelters was impossible because everything was frozen.

Conclusion In early 1950, Walter Sullivan, New York Times correspondent - who was almost alone among foreign journalists seeking out the truth about the guerilla war on the Korean Mainland and Cheju Island - wrote, "large parts of the southern Korea are darkened today by cloud of terror, probably unparalleled in the world."

"The guerillas made brutal assault on police and police took the guerillas to their home villages and torture them for information. Police shot them and tied them to the trees as an object lesson."

The persistence of the guerillas, Sullivan wrote, "puzzles many Americans here as does the extreme brutality of the conflict."

Sullivan went on to argue, "there is a great diversion of wealth in the country with both middle and poor peasants living marginal existence."

He interviewed ten peasant families and none of who owned their land and most were tenants. Landlords took 30 percent of tenant produce but additional exaction; government taxes and various contributions range from 48 to 70 percent of the annual crop.

Primary cause of the south Korean and the Cheju Island insurgency was the social unequity of land relations and huge gap between the tiny elite of the rich and the vast majority of the poor. North Koreans were barley involved in this, and indeed the strongest left-wing regions were precisely those farthest from the 38th parallel.

On Cheju Island, the same conditions were inflamed by a brutal Japanese occupation that led to a vast uprooting of the population, by the simple justice of the popular administration that took effective power on the island in 1945 and held it until 1948, and by the elemental injustice of the mainlander dictatorship that Rhee Syngman imposed. The American legal authorities did nothing about but aided and admitted him.

If it should come to pass that any Koreans succeed in gaining compensation from the American government for the events of 1945-1953, certainly the people of Cheju Island should come first.

On this hauntingly beautiful island, the post-war world first witnessed the American capacity for unrestrained violence against the indigenous peoples fighting for self-determination and social justice.



(The People’s Korea, April 4, 1998)

[*] Bruce Cumings (1943-) Professor at the University of Chicago. After attending Peace Corps during the 1967-68 to evade military service amid the Vietnam War, worked as English teacher in south Korea. In 1971-72, studied Korean affairs in south Korea and Japan. His book titled "The Origins of the Korean War" (published in 1981) still enjoys worldwide reputation today as standard study for modern history of Korea.

Kim Bong Hyong, Kim Min Ju, authors of the book titled "Chronicle of 4.3 Armed Struggle of Cheju Islanders" (published in 1963)

John R. Hodge, General Commander of South Korea Military

Rothwell H. Brown, Commander of South Korea Military in Cheju Region

Everett Drumwright, American embassy staff

Jhon Muccio, an Ambassador to U.S. Forces Korea

Ri Dok Ku, Supreme Commander of the People’s Democratic Army (killed in June, 1949)

Chang Taek Sang, Chief of the Metropolitan National Police Agency under U.S. Military

Chong Il Gwon and Song Ho Song, commanders of South Korea Constabulary, who were ordered to sweep the Yosu rebellion.

James Hausman, operation chief representing the (south) Korea Military Advisory group, who was ordered to suppress the Yosu rebellion.

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Mossad fingerprints on Cheonan propaganda war launched by Seoul
June 7-8, 2010 -- Mossad fingerprints on Cheonan propaganda war launched by Seoul

Israeli intelligence has been involved in the propaganda war created by the attack on a vessel in strategic waters. No, we are not talking about the attack by the Israelis on the Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara off of Gaza. According to WMR's intelligence sources in Asia, Mossad's fingerprints are all over the propaganda actions by the South Korean government of right-wing President Lee Myung-bak in the aftermath of the March "false flag" attack on the South Korean anti-submarine warfare corvette Cheonan in waters near a joint U.S.-South Korean intelligence base near North Korea.

Israel and the Blue House

President Lee's major conduit for his covert intelligence relationship with Israel is through his Foreign Minister, Yu Myung-hwan, South Korea's ambassador to Tel Aviv from 2002 to 2004.

Israel's propaganda support for the Seoul regime also involved the Obama administration, which was keen to create a tense situation on the Korean peninsula to convince the Japanese government of Yukio Hatoyama on changing its mind about seeking to move a U.S. Marine Corps base from Okinawa. The tactic worked. Hatoyama flipped on the American base and supported its continuing presence in Okinawa, citing the post-Cheonan sinking rise in tensions in Korea. As an added benefit for the neocons in the Obama administration, particularly Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Hatoyama government fell after it flipped on an important election campaign plank.

Almost immediately after South Korean, Chinese, Australian, and American journalists began to question the "facts" presented by the South Koreans and a hand-picked team of "independent" investigators from the United States, Australia, Britain, and Sweden, the Mossad propaganda mills in Asia went into full operation.

Chinese intelligence is increasingly convinced that the "North Korean" torpedo that was used to "prove" Pyongyang's role in the sinking of the Cheonan was not only of German manufacture but was provided to the South Korean and the American sabotage team by Israel.

The Lee government in Seoul maintains close economic links to the Israeli shipping firm ZIM Integrated Shipping Services (formerly ZIM American Israeli Shipping and ZIM Israel Navigation Company), which, although in massive debt, has been ordering container ships from the South Korean Hyundai Shipyards and Samsung Ships. Lee is financially connected to the large Hyundai conglomerate. ZIM's Chairman, Nir Gilad, is a former top official of Israel's Finance Ministry.

In 2005, after Australia expelled Israeli diplomat Amir Lati, aka "Laty," on suspicions he was involved in the stealing of New Zealand passports and of employing "honey trap" operations against the daughter of Australian Attorney General Phillip Ruddock and female Australian intelligence agents, Lati was reassigned to the Israeli embassy in Seoul.

Mossad and ZIM

Israel's influence in Asia was propelled by Israeli shipping tycoon Shaul Eisenberg, who died suddenly in Beijing in 1997 at the age of 76. Eisenberg, a close friend of Israeli President Shimon Peres, was linked to Mossad activities, especially those in Asia. Eisenberg arranged for the sale of a Canadian nuclear reactor to South Korea, a reactor that U.S. non-proliferation officials stated was capable fo producing nuclear weapons. Eisenberg also helped launch South Korea's massive industrial base, a base that is now closely linked financially to Lee's right-wing government. Eisenberg also controlled the Israel Corporation, a massive holding company that is a major share holder in ZIM. In the late 1970s, the Soviet KGB discovered that Mossad and Chinese intelligence were cooperating in Laos, India, Burma, Iran, Lebanon, and Afghanistan to carry out joint espionage activities and subvert governments.

The word from Asia is that Israel has as much influence in Seoul's Blue House, the South Korean presidential mansion, as it does in the White House in Washington.

One of Israeli intelligence's more influential influence-peddling operations in Asia is the Israel-Asia Center (IAC), founded in 2008. WMR's sources in Asia report that IAC is one of the largest Mossad non-official cover (NOC) operations in China, particularly in Shanghai where it is linked to ZIM shipping activities. The Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai is also an important Mossad station in China. New York-based ultra-Orthodox Jewish Chabad Lubavitch Houses in Asia also serve as covers for Mossad activities, ranging from drug and weapons smuggling to covert support for terrorist groups and human organ trafficking.

Other Mossad fronts in China include the Israel-China Institute; the Israel-China Coordinating Committee, which maintains operations in Beijing; and Israeli commercial offices in Hong Kong and Macao.

Mossad and its Asia "double game"

Israeli intelligence has played a "double game" in Asia. On December 5, 2007, the Japanese paper Yomiuri Shimbun reported that Israel was conducting secret operations with North Korea in the early 1990s that involved proposed Israeli investments in a North Korean gold mine. The paper also reported, "a senior official of the Israeli Foreign Ministry received a phone call at home from a senior North Korean official, and was asked, 'Would you like to hold talks with the husband of Kim Il-sung's daughter, Kim Kyong-hui, as he is in charge of missile development?" The son-in-law of Kim Il sung was Chang Song-taek, the first vice director of the Organization and Guidance Department of the Korean Worker's Party.

Mossad activities in Asia are primarily headquartered in Singapore where the Israeli military and intelligence establishment, which includes Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, maintains close links to the Singapore military. After Defense Secretary Gates was told by the Chinese government to stay away from Beijing, he participated in the Rothschild family-linked International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. After succeeding in destroying the center-left Japanese government of Hatoyama over the Okinawa base issue and after Hatoyama flipped on the Okinawa base, Gates triumphantly proclaimed that America's long-standing defense ties with both Japan and South Korea remained strong.

Gates, a former CIA director, also told the Singapore gathering, ". . . the president [Obama] spent some of the early years of his childhood in Indonesia, and he has written about how it impacted him – how it demonstrated that citizens of a vibrant, pluralistic society could live together in harmony." Gates failed to mention that young Obama arrived with his mother in Indonesia in 1967, two years after a CIA-installed military regime slaughtered a million Indonesian citizens, mostly ethnic Chinese and others, including supporters of ousted President Sukarno and Indonesian Communists. Obama's step father, Lolo Soetoro, was a senior military officer in the General Suharto army that carried out the executions of Indonesian Chinese and Communists on behalf of the CIA. Obama has postponed two visits to Indonesia.

The events of 1965-1966 were popularized in the 1982 film "The Year of Living Dangerously."

Not coincidentally, South Korea's Lee was invited at the last minute to deliver the keynote address at the Shangri-La conclave. The word from Beijing is that Lee received a bonus speaking fee plus "contracts" for money and resources that he needs to subvert democracy in South Korea and stage more false flag events like the Cheonan sinking. WMR has been told by reliable sources that the Shangri-La Dialogue is sponsored by the CIA and British intelligence and receives lucrative financial support from Rothschild interests in London and Paris.

The IISS activities in Asia are sponsored by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, chairman of E.L. Rothschild Ltd. and the person who is largely the impetus behind the Shangri-La Dialogue and the IISS-Citi India Global Forum in Mumbai. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IISS is Fleur de Villiers, a former public affairs consultant to the South African diamond conglomerate De Beers and an opponent of sanctions against the apartheid regime of South Africa.

Mossad and the CIA are increasingly working together in Asia. Both intelligence agencies advise the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) of the Philippines. NICA, Mossad, and the CIA are focused on the International League of Peoples Struggle, led by Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Secretary General Jose Maria Sison from exile in the Netherlands. Sison is accused of "terrorism" in his struggle against global exploiters of poorest of the poor, especially in the Philippines. Mossad, using its Chabad network, has been spying on CPP activities in India and Thailand. Mossad and the CIA are also active, along with Thai military intelligence, in operations against Pattani Muslims in the south of Thailand.


Kim Jong Il assassinated in military coup
December 22-25, 2011 -- Kim Jong Il assassinated in military coup

Kim Jong Il avoided flying because he feared aerial assassination. Instead, Kim traveled by train and only within North Korea and on rare occasions to China and Russia. However, it may have been during a train trip that Kim was assassinated.

WMR's well-placed Asian sources have reported that Kim Jong Il died as the result of an assassination plot by senior members of the North Korean military. As WMR reported on July 8, 2010, Kim narrowly escaped an assassination on April 22, 2004, when a massive explosion tore through the train station in Ryongchon, North Korea. The explosion destroyed 40 percent of the town and had the fingerprints of an Israeli intelligence operation. It was later discovered that a rigged cell phone triggered the blast, which also killed a dozen Syrian missile technicians working for the Syrian Center for Scientific Research were also killed in the blast. The Syrians were said to have been receiving training on the North Korean Scud C and D missiles that North Korea had sold to Syria.

Kim's train had just transited through Ryongchon a few hours before the explosion en route to Pyongyang from a trip to China.

North Korea's UN ambassador claimed the explosion was caused by two train cars full of dynamite and was an accident. However, it was unusual for a North Korean official to admit that dynamite was allowed anywhere near the Ryongchon train station during the same time the Dear Leader was transiting through the town. On May 24, 2004, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo reported what a North Korean official who was visiting China said about the explosion. The official said, "the North Korean National Security Agency has investigated the incident since it took place and concluded that rebellious forces had plotted the explosions targeting the exclusive train of Kim Jong Il. The security agency, in particular, gained evidence that cell phones had been used in triggering the explosion and reported to the North Korean leader that the use of cell phones should be banned for the sake of the leader's safety." North Korean security agents discovered the remnants of a cell phone with adhesive tape attached to it at the blast scene. The Mossad pioneered the use of cell phones in triggering explosions.

The reporting by North Korea's official state media on Kim's death was unusual. It said he died while on a train visit. However, satellite photos show that Kim's special train never left Pyongyang over the weekend. Kim's death was reported on Saturday, December 17. The official state media reported that Kim died from a heart attack. State media reported that Kim died from a "combination of severe acute myocardial infarction and serious renal shock while on board a field train."

WMR has learned that Kim Jong Il was conducting a purge of senior North Korean military and intelligence officers when he found that they had, without his knowledge, arranged to end North Korea's supply of missiles to Iran, Syria, and Egypt in return for Israeli enriched uranium for North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Kim discovered that the North Korean officers had misled him into thinking that North Korea was enriching uranium according to Juche self-sufficiency doctrine, when in fact, the North Korean enrichment program had failed. The North Koreans reached out to Israel in order to save face and not have to admit to Kim that their nuclear enrichment program for nuclear warheads had been a total failure.

It was reported in 2004 by the New Zealand media that Mossad agent Zev William Barkan, wanted by New Zealand for illegally attempting to obtain New Zealand passports, turned up in Pyongyang as a security adviser for the North Korean government. Barkan and other Mossad agents were in Pyongyang to negotiate a deal to build a West Bank-style security wall, with Israeli-manufactured motion detectors and night vision equipment, along the border with China.

When Kim realized that the North Korean uranium enrichment program was a farce, he canceled it and began executing some of the principal officers involved. However, Israel, which benefited from leaks of intelligence on North Korean assistance to Syria in its nuclear program -- leaks that resulted in the September 6, 2007 Israeli "Operation Orchard" attack on a suspected nuclear facility in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria -- wanted to put a stop to the taking down of its network of collaborators among the senior military and intelligence leadership of North Korea. Therefore, Israel, working with agents in North Korea, including some South Korean evangelical Christians who were able to blend into North Korean society, ordered that Kim Jong Il be taken out. The surviving North Korean military leaders who were part of the nuclear affair with Israel staged a coup and killed Kim Jong Il in the process. The present leader, Kim Jong Eun, Kim Jong Il's 27-year old son, despite the fact that his father made him an army general, is a mere figurehead who takes his orders from the now-ruling rebel military leaders.

The details of the coup and assassination of Kim Jong Il are being kept from the outside world and the North Korean people while the new regime digs itself into power. In any event, Tel Aviv is now calling many of the shots in Pyongyang from behind the scenes. There is also the issue of U.S. intelligence being caught off-guard by Kim Jong Il's sudden death. Israeli penetration of the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency is now so complete, its embedded agents would have been able to block the scenario unfolding in North Korea from being discovered by loyal American intelligence analysts.

However, unable to contain their glee at the success of the plot against Kim Jong Il, Israeli officials are already expressing confidence that the new North Korean regime will reduce their military ties to Iran and Syria.

Israel has long desired to create a united Korea as an "Israel of East Asia" in order to destabilize Asia as it has managed to do with the Arab Middle East and North Africa. Keeping China, Russia, Japan, and the United States pre-occupied with Korean peninsula politics takes pressure by three UN Security Council members off a Middle East peace deal, since Israel can use its proxies in Seoul and Pyongyang to turn up the heat on the peninsula at any time. But in the short term, it has benefited Israel to support North Korea's nuclear efforts. By supplying the north with enriched uranium, North Korea has not been as active in trying to raise hard cash by selling its missiles to Iran, Syria, and Egypt. North Korea, in return, was ensured a nuclear deterrence insurance policy against the military designs of South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

North Korean nuclear weapons also forced South Korea to turn to Israel for military weapons and technology, including the acquisition of Israel's Green Pine missile detection radar system.

It has now been discovered that the Isle of Man-registered vessel, M/S Thor Liberty, was transporting 69 Patriot missiles from Emden, Germany to South Korea, masked on the cargo manifest as fireworks. The ship was detained in Finland while it was picking up anchor chain. The missiles have been impounded by the Finnish military. Patriot missiles are manufactured by Raytheon. However, Patriot radar and missile technology has been obtained by Israel and in 1992 the Israelis were caught selling Patriot technology to China. The fact that Patriot missiles were being secretly shipped to South Korea may have been part of an assurance by Israel to South Korea that it would have ample weaponry to fend off a North Korean attack had the plot against Kim Jong Il failed.



February 13-14, 2012 -- Was that a Kim Jong Un security double who was killed in Beijing?

WMR has received the first indications from Beijing that something did transpire at the North Korean embassy in the Chinese capital but it was not the assassination by gunshot of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. For days, Twitter and the Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Weibo reported that the young Kim had been gunned down at the embassy during a visit to China. However, these reports were false.

According to our sources in Beijing, a security body double for Kim Jong Un may have been shot dead at the embassy. Why the double was in Beiijing is not yet known. Kim Jong Un is known to have a number of security doubles.

It is known that Kim Jong Un has been secretly working with the Chinese government to expel from the North Korean military elite those officers who reached an accommodation with the Israeli Mossad to cease supplying weapons to Iran and Syria in return for help in North Korea's nuclear technology.

WMR has been told that Kim Jong Un's aunt, Kim Kyung Hee, the sister of his late father Kim Jong Il, and her husband, Jang Song Taek, are the leaders of the pro-Israeli military elite and have been tasked by Israel to keep Kim Jong Un from reneging on the secret nuclear deal. There are numerous reports that Kim Jong Un's aunt and uncle are the actual leaders of North Korea and Kim Jong Un is a mere puppet.

However, Kim Jong Un discovered that his aunt and uncle were for responsible for the bio- assassination of his father, Kim Jong Il and he is now out for revenge. Kim Jong Un then, apparently, struck a deal with China which has its own network of influence in the North Korean military.

On December 31,2011, WMR reported: "Kim Jong Il to be administered a series of doses of toxins. The toxins ultimately built up in Kim Jong Il's vital organs, causing renal failure and heart stoppage. The plot by North Korean military officers resulted from a major split over a secret deal made by some North Korean officials with Israel. The secret compact was for North Korea to stop missile shipments to Syria, Iran, and Egypt in return for Israel supplying low-grade enriched weapons-grade uranium to the North Koreans."

It also appears that the internal feud in North Korea is pitting Israel against the United States. While Israel is backing the Kim Kyung Hee/JangSong Taek clique, the U.S. embassy in Beijing reportedly reacted with alarm over the first reports of Kim Jong Un's assassination at the North Korean embassy. However, once assured that Kim Jong Un was safe in Pyongyang, the CIA station in Beijing began to closely monitor Mossad activity in Beijing and Pyongyang. The Israeli clique in North Korea now feels besieged by Beijing ang Washington and the word is that the next assassination carried out by the wicked aunt Kim will not be of a body double of her nephew but the real thing.



 WMR-- Moonset but "Moonshine" continues    September 3-4, 2012
The Sun Myung Moon organization owns major media outlets, including United Press International, The Washington Times, and others around the world. Reports on the self-proclaimed Koran messiah, who died in South Korea at the age of 92 and has not yet risen from the dead as of the last wire from Seoul, are skewing or ignoring the true background of the late cult leader.

However, we can thank the "Reverend" Moon for one thing. His death, just after Mormon Mitt Romney's nomination to be President, has turned some attention toward the political roles of problematic religious cults. In this, the Moonies and Mormons share common ground: both claim to be Christian and both largely support the Romney campaign. However, neither the Mormons or Moonies are Christian but represent dangerous attempts to subvert Christianity by non-Christian forces. In fact, if elected. Romney would be the first non-Christian president of the United States. And that's something the Christian fundamentalists may want to ponder on for a bit.

The "Reverend" Moon, like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young before him, was the latest in a parade of relgiouis hucksters who. rather than merely be entertained by Elmer Gantry, saw him as a role model.

From the archives:

January 14, 2003, CounterPunch The Rev, Bush & North Korea Bush, Reverend Moon and North Korea by WAYNE MADSEN When President Bush added North Korea to his list of “Axis of Evil” nations, the influence of the self-declared reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the “Reverend” Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church, loomed largely over the White House decision-making process. The decision by Bush to throw into the trash heap of history eight years of a joint American-South Korean-Japanese dialogue with the reclusive Communist regime would ultimately result in Pyongyang returning to using the rhetoric of bygone years. Just as the Bush administration reintroduced to regular use the terms “segregation,” “civil rights,” and “ban on abortions,” the terms “demilitarized zone,” “Panmunjom,” and “38th parallel” would also re-enter the American political lexicon.

Bush, a self-described “born again Christian” who has maintained close links to Moon, hired David Frum as one of his speechwriters. Frum apparently came up with the term “axis of evil” for Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address but it seems likely that Bush, heavily influenced by the propagandists of the rabidly anti-Pyongyang Washington Times, decided North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il was Satan reincarnate. Years before North Korea announced it was restarting its nuclear enrichment facility at Yongbyon, The Washington Times splashed front page headlines about North Korea being a threat while other major newspapers and wire services treated the sensationalistic reports as a non-story or more probably, plain disinformation masked as “intelligence reports” and “leaked” by anti-Clinton Pentagon officials.

For twenty years, Moon’s main policy laundering enterprise for his incessant influence-peddling has been The Washington Times, the money-losing newspaper he owns outright through New World Communications, Inc., the paper’s parent publishing company. New World also owns Insight Magazine, The Middle East Times (based in Cairo), Zambezi Times (based in Lusaka, Zambia), newspapers in Uruguay and Canada, a textbook publishing company in Russia, and United Press International, the formerly well-respected wire service that fell on hard financial times and was bailed out by Moon’s seemingly unlimited cash flows.

Next year, an Insight magazine reporter is poised to take over as President of the venerable National Press Club in Washington. Thus, in a presidential election year, a Moon employee will have influence on what politicians and candidates are selected for televised luncheon speeches carried by C-SPAN and other cable news networks. Democrats and Greens should be very wary. Some former Washington Times officials claim The Washington Times and its affiliates are so tied in with Moon’s agenda, its reporters and staff should register with the Justice Department as foreign lobbyists under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Moon launched The Washington Times in 1982, just a few years after one of Moon’s associates, Tongsun Park, was indicted for paying bribes to a number of U.S. politicians. The paper, which has a dearth of advertising revenue, has lost more than $1 billion dollars since its inception. Nevertheless, it has become a powerful conservative voice throughout Republican ranks in both the White House and Congress. In 1996, former President Bush, who has taken millions of dollars in speaking fees from Moon, spoke before a Moon audience in Argentina and declared Moon to be a “man of vision.” Bush 41, who could never really grasp the “vision thing,” decided Moon had it.

Moon’s own background, which reportedly includes links to both the Korean CIA and its American counterpart, parallels that of other ethically-tainted individuals who have once again found sanctuary in a Bush administration: Elliott Abrams, John Poindexter, Otto Reich, and John Negroponte, all of Iran-contra infamy. The Washington Times was a leading supporter of the Nicaraguan contras and a chief apologist for the perpetrators of the arms-for-hostages scandal. Violating one of the main canons of journalism — that newspapers should not become part of or create their own stories — the Washington Times established the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to the contras circumventing the Boland Amendment that prohibited Federal money for the rightist guerrillas. Moon was also one of the few influential people who continued to defend Richard Nixon even as the President was resigning over the Watergate scandal.

In addition to his media empire, Moon also owns a Jonestown-type compound in Brazil called New Hope. He has also invested in the sparsely-populated and impoverished Marshall Islands. He has infiltrated one of the secessionist movements fighting for independence for the Angolan enclave of Cabinda. Moon’s favorites in Africa included some of the CIA’s most reliable clients: UNITA in Angola and RENAMO in Mozambique. Moon’s fronts even maintained a dialogue with Pol Pot’s murderous Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge murdered 3 million Cambodians. More surprisingly, Moon reportedly partly owns a hotel in Pyongyang and a North Korean Fiat automobile plant. His flirtation with mind control techniques is legendary. Parents have spent millions trying to deprogram their children from the effects of Moon’s Pavlovian brain bending methods. Moon’s mass marriages of unwitting American males to Korean wives, while humorous on the surface, nevertheless managed to trap Zambian Roman Catholic Bishop Emmanuel Milingo. At least one pre-eminent Washington Times reporter is said to have been enticed into one of his boss’s mass marriage ceremonies.

At the 20th anniversary celebration of The Washington Times held last year in Washington, Moon seemingly endlessly spoke in Korean at the alcohol-free affair. He said The Washington Times would “spread the truth about God to the world.” But in Moon’s world, he is God. President Bush sent a message to the banquet stating, “Since 1982, people across America and throughout the world have relied on The Washington Times as a distinguished source of information and opinion.”

Bush seems to value Moon’s commitment to family values. Bush named David Caprara, the head of Moon’s American Family Coalition, as the director of VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). Moon’s commitment to family values was exemplified at his 20th anniversary celebration of The Washington Times. The keynote speaker was Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the holier-than-thou radio talk show host who is the psychiatric part of the daily ration of right wing AM radio venom that is complemented by the political indoctrination of Rush Limbaugh and his clones. Schlessinger’s own commitment to family values was highlighted recently when she claimed the body of her 77-year-old mother from the Los Angeles County morgue after it had remained there for ten days after her unattended death in her condominium. Schlessinger, who lectures callers on how to keep their families together and wholesome, had not seen her own mother since 1984.

To Moon, however, disowning one’s parents is a hallmark of his brainwashing techniques. In 1973, while a college student in Mississippi, I was once lured into a Moon recruiting function. I met a young Jewish girl from New Jersey who was traveling around the country in a van with her fellow Moon adherents. As a native of New Jersey myself, I asked the young woman what her parents thought about her roaming about the country. She replied, “Parents, I have no parents. Reverend Moon is my family.” I wanted to call the nearest rabbi to help the poor girl get home to her parents who must have been worried sick. Nevertheless, Bush believes that Moon’s family value system is credible enough to appoint one of his adherents to head VISTA.

But Moon is not only a danger to young people. While Bush accuses Kim Jong Il of all kinds of evil affronts he seems to ignore some of Moon’s more bellicose and threatening comments. According to a 1978 House of Representatives investigation of Moon some of the more outrageous comments include:

—Unification Church members are to regard Korea with great reverence and look forward to the day when the Korean language will be spoken throughout the world.

—Members are to maintain a view to establishing a “unified civilization” of the whole world, to be centered in Korea and “corresponding to that of the Roman Empire.”

—God was helping Moon to set up a final battle involving the United States, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan.

—Moon’s plans are to manipulate seven nations at least, to get hold of the whole world: the United States, England, France, Germany, Russia, and maybe Korea and Japan. “On God’s side, Korea, Japan, America, England, France, Germany, and Italy, are the nations I count on in order to gain the whole world,” Moon stated.

The House of Representatives report on the activities of the Korean CIA in the United States found evidence that the Moon organization had violated a number of Federal and state laws. In 1984, Moon was convicted of income tax violations and spent 13 months in prison. But remember, in 1996, Bush pere referred to Moon as a “man of vision.” It should be noted that while Bush was head of the CIA, Moon was organizing a number of pro-American and anti-communist rallies and front organizations around the world. Moon was a convenient agent of influence for the CIA and Mr. Bush.

According to intelligence insiders, North Korean intelligence has quite a dossier on Reverend Moon and his payments to politicians in the United States and abroad. Some of the intelligence may prove embarrassing for some politicians, including the Bush family. So, here we are again. Noriega of Panama had the goods on the Bushes. He is now in a U.S. Federal prison; Sadaam knows what the Reagan-Bush administration sold him in the way of components for weapons of mass destruction. We are about ready to go to war against him. And Kim Jong Il has the juicy bits on Moon’s financial links to Bush pere and dauphin. Kim is now a member of the “axis of evil,” a man who George W. Bush hates because he “starves his own people.”

Congress investigated Moon’s operations in the late 1970s. It was at a time when Moon was involved with smaller scale influence peddling and brainwashing young college students into joining his cultist Unification Church, popularly known as the “Moonies.”

Now, at a time when Moon may be influencing United States foreign policy vis a vis North Korea, a known nuclear power, and risking a nuclear war in northeast Asia and hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of deaths, it may be time for Congress to once again launch an investigation of a man whose sole purpose is to unify the world under his direction. It has been over 60 years since the world heard a man talk like that: his name was Adolf Hitler.


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