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  • Factor8, Kelly Duda, prison officials doctored medical records, show NOT carrying disease,  American Film Institute Festival, showing, 
  • Prorev Arkansas prison system AIDS scandal cover-up, not reported in 1992 election.
  • Indymedia, Omaha Bill Clinton's "Killer Prison Blood" scandal -Author James Pattison MORE below
  • Salon Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal, "One thousand Canadian victims demand answers from Clinton and others about the export of contaminated blood products from U.S. prisons long after they were no longer sold domestically.
  • Salon, Blood Money
  • Notes: search terms, elite best kept secrets, prison-aids tie, manslaughter, prison system incubator of AIDS, blacks nine times as likely as whites to contract AIDS, not exclusive to gay white men anymore, unprotected sex behind bars, homosexual men, intravenous drug users, prison inmates,  incubator in black neighborhoods after infected prisoners return, Clinton sat on his hands despite evidence of clear mismanagement, whistle blower: Michael Galster, office fire-bombed, 
  • Arkansas Democrat, newspaper, 80 articles written but ignored by national press. 
  • Blood Trail, novel, Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal
  • Canada 
  • Canadian Red Cross, stopped collecting blood from inmates in 1971.
  • Encyclopedia of Arkansas Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal, Cummins Penitentiary, Dr. Edwin Brown resigned in disgust, Clinton knew, HIV,
  • IMDB, Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal, movie review
  • Scotland, Clinton testify, hemophiliacs, infected with hepatitus, liver virus, UK, clotting agents, transfusions, 
  • Wikipedia "Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal is a feature length documentary by Arkansas filmmaker and investigative journalist Kelly Duda. Through interviews and presentation of documents and footage, Duda alleges that for more than two decades, the Arkansas prison system profited from selling blood plasma from inmates infected with viral hepatitis and AIDS. The documentary contends that thousands of victims who received transfusions of a blood product derived from these plasma products, "Factor 8", died as a result.
  • UK Haemophilia Society
  • Washington Weekly
  • ABCNews Arkansas prison system AIDS scandal cover-up, not reported in 1992 election.
  • Arkansas Penal System, Cummins Unit, Clinton governor, still operating in 1994, last state to cease selling prisoner's plasma.  genocide.
  • CNN News blackout, Clinton, Arkansas, AIDS blood scandal, 1992 election.
  • FBI, knew Montreal-based blood plasma middlemen shipped tainted blood,
  • FDA, Arkansas plasma sent to Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Italy, Canada, hepatitus C, wrongful handling of blood supplies, contaminated blood from prison donors, warnings ignored, plasma collected at centers licensed by the FDA in prisons in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, 
  • FreeRepublic  F A C T O R 8: THE ARKANSAS PRISON BLOOD SCANDAL (... or how can Hollywood support a clinton, Mr. Gere?)
  • NBC News News blackout, Clinton, Arkansas, AIDS blood scandal, 1992 election.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
  • Washington Post, "Answer to AIDS Mystery Found Behind Bars"
  • Notes: Reagan also silent on AIDS,
  • Indymedia, Omaha,  Bill Clinton's "Killer Prison Blood" scandal -Author James Pattison Date Created 22 Oct 2006 More details... Date Edited 22 Oct 2006 02:14:43 PM License This work is in the public domain BAD BLOOD Canadian media, including the Calgary Sun and Ottawa Citizen, are reporting that tainted blood from Arkansas prisons made its way to a Montreal blood broker in the 1980s when Bill Clinton was governor. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating. At the time, American sources were not accepting prisoners' blood because of possible HIV contamination. OTTAWA CITIZEN WASHINGTON POST ADMITS PRISON-AIDS TIE ...  ONE OF THE BEST kept secrets of the American elite has been that its prison policies have not been tough love but, at best, massive negligent manslaughter. Not only has the war on drugs killed more young black American men on the streets than were killed in Vietnam, but the prison system is a primary incubator for AIDS. This has been ignored and denied by the mainstream media so for the Post to headline "Answer to AIDS Mystery Found Behind Bars" is a bit of a step forward. Writes Richard Morin misleadingly, "It is one of the most puzzling mysteries of the AIDS epidemic: Why did blacks, in little more than a dozen years, become nine times as likely as whites to contract a disease once associated almost exclusively with gay white men? Two researchers say they found the answer in an unlikely place: prison." In fact, there's little puzzling about it. We have repeatedly pointed to the tie between AIDS and prisons not only because of the amount of unprotected sex behind bars but because prisons have served as an incubator in black neighborhoods after AIDS-infected prisoners are released and resume heterosexual sex. Here is just one example of the damage that has occurred, again something the archaic media largely failed to report: PROGRESSIVE REVIEW, 1999 - In the mid-1980s, as contaminated blood flowed from Arkansas inmates to other countries, then-Governor W.J. Clinton sat on his hands despite evidence of severe mismanagement in his prison system and its medical operations. . . Some of the killer blood ended up in Canada where it contributed to the deaths of an unknown number of blood and plasma recipients. An estimated 2,000 Canadian recipients of blood and related products got the AIDS virus between 1980 and 1985. At least 60,000 Canadians were infected with the hepatitis C virus between 1980 and 1990. Arkansas was one of the few sources of bad blood during this period. . . Other Arkansas plasma was sent to Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and Italy. In a case with strong echoes of the Arkansas scandal, a former premier of France and two of his cabinet colleagues are currently on trial stemming from the wrongful handling of blood supplies. Some of the blood in the French controversy may have come from Arkansas. A 1992 Newsday report on the French scandal noted that three persons had been convicted for their role in distributing blood they knew was contaminated: "Throughout the 1980s and later, blood was taken from prison donors for use in blood banks despite a series of directives warning against such a practice. According to the report, donations from prisoners accounted for 25 percent of all the contaminated blood products in France. Blood from prisons was 69 times more contaminated that that of the general population of donors." The Arkansas blood program was also grossly mishandled by the Food and Drug Administration. And the scandal provides yet another insight into how the American media misled the public about Clinton during the 1992 campaign. The media ignored a major Clinton scandal despite, for example, 80 articles about it in the Arkansas Democrat in just one four-month period of the mid-80s."
  • Encyclopedia of Arkansas "In 1985, the Arkansas Board of Corrections hired the Institute for Law and Policy Planning (ILPP) in Berkeley, California, to conduct an independent investigation into HMA’s practices. At the same time, Governor Bill Clinton ordered the state police to conduct a similar investigation. The institute discovered instances in which HMA had violated its state contract in forty areas, including poor health assessment and recordkeeping and the hiring of unlicensed, uncertified, and unqualified staff. In contrast, the state police investigation found only that a few HMA employees had been running a small-time gambling operation. Clinton urged a swift end to the investigation. ADC director Art Lockhart, about whom many allegations of impropriety had been raised, was not punished; being an employee of the ADC board, he could not be fired by Clinton, and he had a protector in the powerful state Senator Knox Nelson of Pine Bluff."
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