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America's Jewish ambassador to Ukraine lauds neo-Nazi Ukrainian party

Kiev was hotbed of neo-Nazism even during Soviet times

Obama helping neo-Nazis re-write history of World War II

Canada is leading state-sponsor of neo-Nazi terrorism


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Croatian president extols nation's Nazi past






WMR America's Jewish ambassador to Ukraine lauds neo-Nazi Ukrainian party

February 25-26, 2014 -- America's Jewish ambassador to Ukraine lauds neo-Nazi Ukrainian party

Not since the massacre at a summer camp of social democratic Norwegian youth by the Israel-loving Norwegian neo-Nazi Anders Breivik has there been clearer evidence of the collusion between Zionists and neo-Nazis as the statement by the pro-Zionist U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that the neo-Nazi Ukrainian political party Svoboda "played an extremely constructive role during these three months of demonstrations." 

Pyatt's comments came in a February 24 interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer's question to Pyatt was: ". . . some of the supporters of the ousted regime have been calling the protesters Nazis, referring to some neo-Nazi elements out there. How prevalent are they, these ultra nationalists, in Ukraine right now?"

Pyatt replied that "[Svoboda leader Oleh] Mr. Tyahnybok, who we expect to play role in new government, was one of those who helped diffuse several of the Kiev crisis points over the past several months."

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who is married to arch-neoconservative Robert Kagan and is Jewish, told Pyatt in a leaked phone conversation now infamous for her words "Fuck the EU," told Pyatt that she wanted opposition leader Arseniy  to consult with Tyahnybok "four times a week."Tyahnybok had his photograph taken during the Maidan Square demonstrations with a smiling Nuland. Tyahnybok was also photographed with Senator John McCain.

Tyahnybok, although an ardent Nazi sympathizer, says he supports Israel. He stated at a Svoboda reception in honor of the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine that “I respect the position of Israel, which defends the interests of its citizens.” It is clear that Tyahnybok respects Israel's policy of racism toward Arabs, a view he shares with respect to foreigners, including Arabs, in Ukraine. Tyahnybok says he has an affinity toward the more nationalist parties in the Israeli Knesset, which would include the racist parties representing Israel's illegal settlers in the West Bank of Palestine.

Among other "accomplishment's" of Pyatt and Nuland are the toppling of statues throughout Ukraine honoring Vladimir Lenin; Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, the Russian  commander who defeated Napoleon's forces at Brody in western Ukraine; and a symbolic Ukrainian soldier who died fighting the Nazis.

Svoboda members and their allies have draped Nazi SS and Confederate American flags and banners inside Kyiv's City Hall. Neo-Nazis have declared their own zones of control throughout Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

The World Jewish Congress, a elading voice for Zionism, has called on Ukraine to ban Svoboda but as seen with Nuland's and Pyatt's policies, international Zionism is not speaking with one voice on the issue.


The neo-Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok and the American Zionist Victoria Nuland, wife of Robert Kagan, diplomat are all smiles. Not since the days of the Haavara (Transfer) Agreement of August 25, 1933 between the Zionist Federation of Germany and Chancellor Adolf Hitler [celebrated by the striking of a celebratory coin by the Berlin Mint -- above right], which helped pave the way for the creation of the State of Israel with the agreement to allow German Jews the right of exodus to the British mandate of Palestine, have the links between Nazism and Zionism been more evident.

Tyahnybok favors renaming various Ukrainian sites after Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist leader during World War II who fought on the side of the German Nazis against the Soviet Union. Svoboda has called for the banning of the Communist Party in Ukraine, hardly a sign of democratic principles in a post-coup Ukraine.

Although the neo-conservatives are self-congratulating themselves on what they believe is a defeat for Russia and a spur to action for similarly-minded fascists now waging warfare on the streets of Venezuela and Thailand, the fall of Kyiv to the fragmented Ukrainian opposition has a silver lining. The cooperation between Nazis and Zionists has, once again, re-emerged for all the world to see.

WMR Kiev was hotbed of neo-Nazism even during Soviet times

January 14-15, 2015 -- Kiev was hotbed of neo-Nazism even during Soviet times

The CIA archives contain an obscure newspaper article from the New York Herald Tribune, dated September 14, 1964 that points out that neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism ran rampant in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev even during the time of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. This fact makes the current love affair between neoconservative Zionists like Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, and incoming Central Intelligence Agency director David Cohen and the neo-Nazi imbued government of Ukraine all the more perplexing.

Senator John McCain, the new chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is flanked by neo-Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnbok [right] and gives his very best "Heil Hitler" salute to protesters at Maidan Square in Kiev last year.

The neo-Nazism of the Ukrainian government was recently on full display when Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, known affectionately as "Yats" by Nuland, described the Soviet Red Army's move into Nazi Germany not as a "liberation" but as an "invasion." Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently awarded one of Ukraine's top medals to Belarusian Serhiy Korotkykh, a member of the far-right Russian National Unity party and founding member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Society (NSS) in Russia. Korotokykh has recently been engaged in a pogrom of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine as a member of the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary unit financed and armed by Ukrainian-Israeli Zionist billionaire tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky.

The head of the Azov Battalion is Andriy Biletsky, a neo-Nazi activist who has switched his allegiance between the two main neo-Nazi parties, Svoboda and Right Sector. The alliance between Zionists like Kolomoisky and neo-Nazis like Biletsky must be viewed in the context of Ukrainian history where even Ukrainian Communist leaders during the Soviet Union expressed neo-Nazi sympathies in direct challenges to Moscow's wishes.

The Herald Tribune article describes the Ideological Commission of the Soviet Communist Party and Communist Party General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev as being furious over the 1963 publication by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of an anti-Semitic publication, complete with Nazi-like caricatures, titled "Judaism Without Embellishment." That publication was followed in 1964 by another book published by the State Publishing House of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in Kishniev titled "Contemporary Judaism and Zionism," which expressed similar Nazi-like views to the Ukrainian book but without the Nazi cartoons.

Nikita Khrushchev [left], like Vladimir Putin, had to deal with neo-Nazis in Kiev.

Today, the ideological sons and daughters of the crypto-Nazis who proclaimed they were Ukrainian Communists are in power in Kiev. Their major support comes from neoconservatives like Nuland, Pyatt, and B'nai B'rith. In 1964, the latter organization rented a room in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York where B'nai B'rith president Label A. Katz condemned the Nazi-like policies of the Ukrainian Communist Party which his successors actively support today in pro-Western Ukraine.

It is not the Russian government that should stand accused before the international court of public opinion but the neo-Nazis of Kiev and their Zionist Jewish enablers in New York and Washington, DC.

WMR Obama helping neo-Nazis re-write history of World War II

March 20-22, 2015 -- Obama helping neo-Nazis re-write history of World War II

By refusing an invitation to attend the May 9 celebration marking the victory of the Allies, and specifically, the Soviet Red Army, over Nazi Germany -- what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War -- President Obama has made common cause with neo-Nazis and Axis revanchists from Kiev and Berlin to Tallinn and Warsaw who are attempting to erase the USSR and its immense sacrifices in the war against fascism from the history books and various 70th anniversary commemorations of the war's milestones.

The George Soros and neo-conservative snubbing of Russia in commemorating World War II began with the Polish foreign ministry's refusal to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to mark the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp from the Nazis. Although it was the Soviet Red Army that liberated the death camp, Poland not only decided to snub Putin but it invited Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who has a number of neo-Nazis serving in his country's government, armed forces, and intelligence services, to the Auschwitz ceremony. A number of Ukrainians were allied with the Nazi SS in fighting against the Red Army. Their sons and grandsons, known as "Banderists" for Ukrainian Nazi leader Stepan Bandera, now rally around the Ukrainian nationalist and fascist cause in support of Ukraine's genocidal war against Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass region.

Polish foreign minister Grzegorz Schetyna attempted to re-write history by claiming Ukrainians, not Russians, liberated Auschwitz. Russia's Foreign Ministry responded to Schetyna by stating, "It's common knowledge that Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, in which all nationalities heroically served," adding that Poland was making a "mockery" of history.

Putin has said that there is a coordinated attempt by the West to belittle Russia's role in World War II. The latest attempt to diminish Russia's sacrifices in World War II have come with the announcement by many Western leaders that they will boycott the 70th Moscow anniversary commemoration of the end of the Great Patriotic War. Critics of the decision of the Western leaders to boycott the Victory Day ceremony note that by their actions Obama, Britain's David Cameron, France's Francois Hollande, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili, and others are trying to negate the deaths of 27 million Soviet citizens who died during the Second World War.

Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council and an ardent Polish nationalist and anti-Russian, announced that he would not be representing the European Union at the Moscow ceremony. Poland is hoping to lure those leaders boycotting Moscow to its own ceremony marking the end of World War II.

While Obama and his friends in NATO will not be in Moscow, Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who has demanded war reparations from Germany for his country, will buck the NATO boycott and attend the ceremony on Red Square. He will be joined by North Korea's Kim Jong Un in his first trip outside of North Korea since assuming power. Kim's grandfather, Kim Il Sung, was a Communist partisan leader against the Japanese occupiers in Korea.

Another NATO leader who will bolt from the Western military bloc and go to Moscow is Milos Zeman, the Czech president. Right-wing members of the Czech Civic Democrats Party are attempting to deny financing of Zeman's trip to Moscow. Zeman, if he does make it to Moscow, will reportedly be joined by Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Slovakia is also a member of NATO. Slovakia's President Andrej Kiska, who has links to the Church of Scientology, refused Russia's invitation to attend the Victory Day event. Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades will buck the wishes of other European Union leaders and be in Moscow.
Nicos Anastasiades

Also joining other leaders in Moscow who are ignoring the West's boycott of the May 9 event are Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian President Shri Pranab Mukherjee, South African President Jacob Zuma, Cuban President Raul Castro, Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliev, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, Kazakshtan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Armenian President Serzh Sarsyan, Tajikistan President Emomalii Rahmon, and Kyrgyzstan PresidentAlmazbek Atambaev.

There are also high-level government delegations expected in Moscow from the Netherlands, which is surprising considering the fact that Malaysian Airlines flight 17 departed from Amsterdam before it was shot down over eastern Ukraine. Although the Ukrainian regime has tried to lay blame for the shoot down on Russian-backed separatists, there has been no final conclusion as to the perpetrators. However, given reports from the Netherlands that crash investigators believe that the plane was shot down by air-to-air gunfire from Ukrainian air force warplanes, the presence of a Dutch delegation in Moscow implies that the Netherlands authorities may be aware of Kiev's culpability in the attack.

In what can only be considered a diplomatic slap at the Kiev regime and its Western supporters, the leaders of the self-declared people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine will be in the same Red Square viewing stand as the leaders from 30 other countries, including China, India, and South Africa, a fact that will confer a semblance of de facto international recognition of their status. In addition, the leaders of the republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia will also be present, constituting a diplomatic defeat for the authorities in Georgia who view the republics as integral parts of their state.

Kiev authorities, supported by ex-U.S. ambassadors, push for their own May 9 ceremony rivaling that planned in Moscow to celebrate victory over Nazism. Ironic, since the Kiev regime is backed by neo-Nazis who support Adolf Hitler and his Ukrainian henchman Stepan Bandera [left].  Baltic leaders boycott Moscow Victory Day event while their capitals host vigils for Nazi SS veterans. [right]. The U.S. embraces these proto-Nazi governments as allies. 

The Obama administration is applying intense pressure on South Korean President 
Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to refuse Moscow's invitation to the participate in the May 9 event. Venezuela, Brazil, and Nicaragua are expected to send high-level delegations to Moscow.

The leaders of the Baltic nations, where there have been recent ceremonies honoring the military veterans of their nations who fought alongside Adolf Hitler's troops, will not be in Moscow.

The leaders gathered in Moscow will witness troops from at least 10 nations marching alongside their Russian counterparts. Some Russian troops will be clad in the World War II uniforms of the Soviet Red Army. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she will skip the May 9 ceremony in Moscow but show up the following day, likely to apply further pressure on Putin over the Ukraine situation. Three former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine, John Herbst, Steven Pifer, and William Taylor, have called on world leaders to attend a Victory Day ceremony in Kiev and not Moscow. Such a move would be awkward considering the number of neo-Nazis embedded in Ukrainian military, police, and militia units.

WMR Canada is leading state-sponsor of neo-Nazi terrorism

Canada is leading state-sponsor of neo-Nazi terrorism

Canada, which holds the ignoble distinction of being more pro-Israeli than the United States, is also the leading state sponsor of neo-Nazi armed terrorist units fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The Canadian Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has permitted a number of Ukrainian-Canadian groups to provide material support to neo-Nazi militias, including the infamous Azov Battalion controlled by Ukrainian-Israeli oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, that have been responsible for carrying out attacks on civilians in the predominantly Russian-speaking Donbass region of Ukraine. The Ukrainian-Canadian groups rely on the support of many in the 1.2 million-strong Ukrainian community in Canada. The chief Ukrainian-Canadian organizations supporting neo-Nazi militias have links to the Stepan Bandera-led Ukrainian Insurgent Army that teamed up with Adolf Hitler's SS troops in fighting the Allies in World War II. Bandera's forces carried out mass executions of Jews and Poles in Nazi-held Ukraine during the war. 

Canada's military support for neo-Nazi units in Ukraine preceded by almost a year the recent announcement that U.S. Army troops would be training the Azov Battalion, led by Nazi Andriy Biletsky, which marches under German Nazi SS flags. Canada has also provided support for the Aidar Battalion, which is believed to have recruited Islamic State Chechen irregulars to its ranks. Aidar Battalion forces have, according to Amnesty International, beheaded Russian-speaking prisoners in eastern Ukraine.

The Harper government granted tax-free charity status to the Ukrainian aid group Army SOS, which works with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) to deliver military supplies, including drones and artillery targeting systems, to the Azov, Aidar, and other neo-Nazi battalions in Ukraine. Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader Andriy Parubiy, a leader, along with Oleg Tyahnybok, of the far-right wing Social National Party of Ukraine (Svoboda) that uses the neo-Nazi "Wolfsangel" symbol, was warmly received in Canada where he proclaimed that Canada was the Kiev regime's most trustworthy ally. The Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader was received at the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, and in the House of Commons.

Canada's large Ukrainian diaspora and the Harper government constitute a major state-sponsored terrorism support network for neo-Nazi Ukrainian militias.

The UCC has lined up a number of Canadian and provincial MPs and MPPs, and not just Tories, to support the delivery of "defensive" weapons to Ukraine. As with the "private" aid from Canada, it is believed that much of Canada's military equipment will end up in the hands of the neo-Nazi battalions. Canadian International Trade Minister Ed Fast and Conservative MPs Ted Opitz and Bernard Trottier, a friend of disgraced former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, attended a Ukrainian-Canadian fundraiser in Toronto that featured a large banner of Bandera, the Ukrainian Nazi commander. Opitz has banned from traveling to Russia because of his support for Ukrainian terrorism.

Much of the CDN$52,000 collected at the Toronto event was destined for the Ukrainian private militias. One of the Ontario parliament's Liberal MPPs at the forefront of calls to provide Ukraine with Canadian weapons is Yvan Baker, a former consultant for Mitt Romney's and Binyamin Netanyahu's former firm, the Boston Consulting Group. Although a Liberal, Baker has championed U.S. Senator John McCain's and U.S. House Speaker John Boehner's calls for providing the Ukrainian government with lethal force weapons. 

Baker's blatant pro-Ukrainian propaganda was on full display when he recently said, "Today, Ukraine is at war and the situation is dire. Russian-backed forces have occupied part of Eastern Ukraine and continue to advance. The soldiers I met are fighting against state-of-the-art equipment with outdated weapons, some from World War II." 

The "antiquated weapons" argument is an old Central Intelligence Agency propaganda trick that was used to justify arming the Afghan mujaheddin against the Soviets in the 1980s because of the false allegation that the mujaheddin were armed with only "World War I-designed British bolt-action Enfield rifles" against the better-armed Soviet army. The allegations are as false today with regard to Ukrainian forces as they were when this old canard was proffered by the CIA-influenced media, including CBS's Dan Rather (nicknamed "Gunga Dan") during the Soviet-Afghan war. The CIA has relied on support from Ukrainian-Canadian organizations like the UCC to support Ukrainian uprisings, including the 2004 Orange Revolution and the "Euromaidan" protests that resulted in the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych early last year.

Denials of their neo-Nazi underpinnings aside, it is common to see the Canadian Maple Leaf flag flying alongside Nazi, neo-Nazi, and U.S. Confederacy banners in Ukrainian mercenary battalion-held battle zones. Russia has accused Canada of harboring a number of Ukrainian Nazi war criminals over the years. The strong Ukrainian-Canadian lobby has prevented most of them from being extradited to stand trial for their war crimes. In November 2014, the Harper government was one of only three nations that voted against a United Nations General Assembly against the "glorification of Nazism." The other two "no" votes were those of Ukraine and the United States.

Ukrainian-Canadian groups have also resorted to xenophobic attacks on Canada's Russian-Canadian population. Last year, Ukrainian disrupted a World War II Victory Day ceremony, attended by many Russian-Canadians, in Winnipeg. Last June, Ukrainians entered the 
Russian Children's Educational Center in Winnipeg bearing a cake with anti-Russian profanity written on it. Winnipeg is a major center for Ukrainian neo-Nazi nationalist provocation. John-Paul Himka is a Ukrainian-Canadian professor who has warned against the links of major Ukrainian-Canadian organizations to the neo-Nazi Right Sector,Svoboda, Spilna Sprava, Bandera Trident [Tryzub imeni Bandery],Prosvita, and other fascist groups in Ukraine. In an April 2014 speech at Temple University in Philadelphia, Himka said of Canada's Ukrainian diaspora, "Nationalist forces were idolized in the Ukrainian immigration, and they’re very popular also in certain regions in Ukraine, and there are some links with the government in power right now." Himka also said that his speeches in Canada about the Ukrainian neo-Nazi movement, including the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, are often disrupted by Ukrainian right-wing nationalists.

WMR Croatian president extols nation's Nazi past

Croatian president extols nation's Nazi past

True to form for a series of right-wing heads of state and government installed by George Soros's operatives throughout eastern and central Europe, Croatia's president, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, a former deputy secretary-general of NATO, has shocked the Balkans by paying tribute to the Nazi Croatian nationalists who ran a puppet state loyal to Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Grabar-Kitarovic paid tribute to Croatian Nazi Ustasha members who were killed by Yugoslav communist partisans led by World War II partisan hero Josip Broz Tito. The Ustasha, along with their Slovenian and Serb loyalists to the Nazi puppet regime, were killed by the partisans in the Austrian town of Bleiburg and the Slovenian towns of Macelj and Tezno. The Ustasha members were attempting to flee among hordes of other refugees from Tito's forces at the war's end. The Ustasha sought the protection of British forces that were advancing from Austria toward the Yugoslav border. Many of the Ustasha leadership, including the Nazi puppet dictator Ante Pavelic, managed to escape and they fled to Argentina, courtesy of hastily-prepared Vatican passports authorized by Pope Pius XII.

Grabar-Kitarovic laid wreaths at Ustasha memorials in the three towns. The memorials in Bleiburg serves as a rallying point for neo-Nazis annually who come to pay tribute to the Nazi Ustasha killed by Tito's forces. She was accompanied at the ceremonies by Croatian Prime Minster Zoran Milanović, a member of the Social Democratic Party and a former member of Croatia's delegation to NATO in Brussels, and who, as is typical for a Soros loyalist, is a strong promoter of gender equality and human artificial insemination.

Grabar-Kitarovic, who was the public diplomacy chief for NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, represents a phalanx of Nazi sympathizers and aspirant nations who serve in senior government positions throughout NATO countries in eastern Europe, including the three Baltic states, Albania, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. WMR's Germany military source report that the NATO headquarters is rife with pro-Nazi senior officers on its staff, particularly those from Denmark, the Baltic states, and Belgium. Rasmussen was the prime minister of Denmark before becoming NATO Secretary-General.

NATO former deputy secretary general and current Croatian President saluting Croatia's Nazi past at Bleiburg [left]. NATO is rife with such Nazis sympathizers, especially within its Danish and Baltics contingents at its headquarters.

Grabar-Kitarovic's actions, during the period the world was commemorating the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis has led to condemnations from her own country, as well as others, including Russia and Serbia, that helped defeat Hitler and his allies. Last month, Grabar-Kitarovic failed to attend a commemoration at the Nazi concentration camp of Jasenovac where an estimated 83,000 people died at the hands of the Ustasha. The victims, although primarily Serbs, also included Roma (gypsies), Jews, and anti-Nazi Croatians in that order, mainly because the names of the many of the Roma killed were never registered.

The Central Intelligence Agency's interest in using Yugoslav minority groups led by Nazi and neo-Nazi elements is illustrated in a SECRET limited copy document, dated October 1985, titled "Yugoslavia: Internal Security Capabilities." The document points out that Yugoslavia's decentralized internal security forces after Tito's death in 1980 provided some unique opportunities to make common cause with those seeking to foment "ethnic or interregional conflict" in the country. The CIA took comfort in the fact that in 1985, Yugoslavia's state security network was "an array of regional and provincial organizations only loosely controlled by the federal government." In other words, Yugoslavia was a sitting duck for penetration by CIA-supported Nazi emigré groups, particularly the Croatians and Albanians.

In fact, the CIA report appears to relish in the fact that Albanians in Kosovo rebelled against the federal government in 1981, the year after Tito's death. The CIA document also states that for any significant regional discontent to materialize, the Yugoslav People's Army (YPA), "the national institution least affected by regional divisions," would have to be dealt with by the external forces hoping to capitalize on Yugoslavia's ethnic divisions. The 1981 Kosovo riots by Albanian nationalists apparently had the tacit support of the regional Kosovo communist leader and his two top security officials. They were removed from office by the federal government. A redacted paragraph providing more information on the Kosovo officials may include details of previous contact with them or their associates by the CIA station in Belgrade. The CIA report does state that Yugoslav Interior Minister Dobroslav Culafic stated that in 1984 and 1985, "16 underground organizations and groups with 362 members had been uncovered" in Kosovo. The former Interior Minister, Stane Dolanc, is quoted in the CIA report as stating that the Kosovo Communist leadership failed to apprise Belgrade on the extent of the Albanian nationalist  problems in Kosovo. The CIA report also describes nascent nationalists uprisings in Croatia, Vojvodina, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The CIA report mentions the Croatian "rebellion" of 1971, which saw a number of Croatian nationalists propose rights for the Croatian language and the idea of incorporating Herzegovina into the Yugoslav republic of Croatia. 

The Croatian nationalist rebellion, now dubbed by the Sorosites and their house organ, Wikipedia, as the "Croatian Spring," was put down by force and among those jailed was the future first president of independent Croatia, communist-turned-nationalist Franjo Tudjman. The current president, Grabar-Kitarovic, is a member of Tudjman's party, the Croatian Democratic Union, seen by many as the successors to the Nazi Ustasha fascists.



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