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Scott Bennett, State Dept. whistleblower exposes UBS/CIA/Booz Allen connections to the funding of ISIS




Donald Trump, exposing Hillary Clinton's connections to UBS terrorist financing, Covington & Burling, Eric Holder, Lanny Bruer.






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  • Common Dreams "The American Bar Association's House of Delegates voted yesterday to call on President Bush and future presidents not to issue ``signing statements" that claim the power to bypass laws, and it urged Congress to pass legislation to help courts put a stop to the growing practice.
  • American Terrorist Dov Zakheim.coup d'état, Erosion of Civil Liberties, Exploitation, Facilitation, Israeli Collaboration, U.S. backed terrorism, U.S. Funding of Terrorism Abroad, War Crimes..U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression ...
  • TheZog .Who Controls America..Ashkenazi Jews..
  • VeteransToday .Psy-ops whistleblower: “I worked with 9/11 suspects Rumsfeld, Myers, Zakheim” We live in an age of out-of-control psy-ops… and nobody understands that better than Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command) and global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst – who is outraged that the CIA-linked Deep State is funding ISIS (“the best enemy money can buy“) and al-Qaeda.
  • TruthOut ...Birkenfeld was part of the criminal conspiracy at UBS to aid wealthy Americans to evade even their greatly reduced taxes brought to them by President Bush. The case against UBS led to such a weak settlement that UBS was widely perceived as having gotten off exceptionally lightly. O’Donnell performed with integrity and was a vastly more helpful and useful whistleblower than was Birkenfeld, so the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) demands in its negotiations with O’Donnell that he accept a far smaller award is bizarre...
  • Vidrebel ... Israel killed JFK and has ruled America ever since, If ISIS is a bomb, Israel is the bombmaker
  • American Bar Association search: Bush signing statements, poses a dangerous challenge to the constitutional checks and balances central to power in the US..
  • FT..on LIBOR scandal“UBS is close to finalising a deal with UK, US and Swiss authorities in which the bank will pay close to $1.5bn and its Japanese securities subsidiary will plead guilty to a US criminal offence. Terms of the guilty plea were still being negotiated, one person familiar with the matter said on Monday, adding that the bank will not lose its ability to conduct business in Japan. The pact between the bank and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, US Department of Justice, UK’s Financial Services Authority and UBS’s main Swiss supervisor Finma is expected to be announced on Wednesday, although last minute negotiations continue.”. .S
  • Hyman Larner, Lansky took over the Chicago mob from Larner, who had connections to Israel and the Shah of Iran.
  • PoliticalVelcraft..36 Rothschild UBS Banksters Face Criminal Charges In Liborgate Robbery: Rothschild’s Waterloo!. ..
  • VeteransToday, Scott Bennett bio Scott Bennett (full bio here) is the author of Shell Game and Follow the Money. He “was formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, and worked in the highest levels of international counterterrorism in Washington DC and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. He has developed and managed psychological warfare theories, products, and operations for U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and other government agencies.
  • ... .n
  • Bush White House search 800 signing statements..
  • Foreign Policy, Dov Zakheim .Looking to escape war and poverty in Syria, the Balkans, and North Africa, thousands of migrants sought refuge in the European Union this summer -- or died trying
  • Wikipedia ... treason..n law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation.[1] Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife or that of a master by his servant ..
  • Wikipedia ..They originated as the Venetian Jewish del Banco family, one of the wealthiest Venetian families in the early 1500s.[2] Following restrictions imposed on banking and the Jewish community, they fled to Bologna, and thence to Warburg, in Germany, in the 16th century, after which they took their name. The family re-established itself in Altona, near Hamburg in the 17th century, and it was there that M. M. Warburg & Co. was established in 1798, include: M.M.Warburg & Co., Warburg Pincus, S. G. Warburg & Co. (becoming UBS Warburg)...t
  • Wikipedia ... treason..n law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation.[1] Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife or that of a master by his servant. Treason against the king was known as high treason and treason against a lesser superior was petty treason. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor. Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor. Outside legal spheres, the word "traitor" may also be used to describe a person who betrays (or is accused of betraying) his own political party, nation, family, friends, ethnic group, team, religion, social class, or other group to which he may belong. Often, such accusations are controversial and disputed, as the person may not identify with the group of which he is a member, or may otherwise disagree with the group members making the charge. See, for example, race traitor, often used by White supremacists and of people in inter-racial relationships (cf. miscegenation). At times, the term "traitor" has been used as a political epithet, regardless of any verifiable treasonable action. In a civil war or insurrection, the winners may deem the losers to be traitors. Likewise the term "traitor" is used in heated political discussion – typically as a slur against political dissidents, or against officials in power who are perceived as failing to act in the best interest of their constituents. In certain cases, as with the German Dolchstoßlegende, the accusation of treason towards a large group of people can be a unifying political message ..
  • TheZog Who Runs Wall St.: Bank of America Corporation: Brian T. Moynihan(White European) – President and Chief Executive Officer; Charles H. Noski(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Financial Officer; Charles O. Holliday, Jr.(White European) – Chairman, Board of Directors; Barclays: Robert E. Diamond, Jr.(Ashkenazi Jew) – Group Chief Executive; Chris Lucas(White European) – Group Finance Director Marcus Agius(Jewish spouse: Katherine Rothschild) – Group Chairman; Citigroup: Vikram S. Pandit(Indian) – Chief Executive Officer John C. Gerspach(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Financial Officer Richard D. Parsons(Jewish spouse: Laura Ann Bush) – Chairman, Board of Directors; Credit Suisse Group: Brady W. Dougan(White European) – Chief Executive Officer David Mathers(White European) – Chief Financial Officer Hans-Ulrich Dörig-Blum(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Board of Directors; Deutsche Bank: Josef Ackermann(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Management Board and Group Executive Committee Hermann-Josef Lamberti(White European) – Chief Operating Officer Clemens Börsig(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board; Goldman Sachs Group: Lloyd C. Blankfein(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary D. Cohn(Ashkenazi Jew) – President and Chief Operating Officer David A. Viniar(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; JPMorgan Chase & Company: James L. Dimon(Sephardic Jew/Greek) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Douglas L. Braunstein(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Financial Officer Steven D. Black(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice Chairman, Board of Directors; Morgan Stanley: James P. Gorman(Ashkenazi Jew) – President and Chief Executive Officer, Ruth Porat(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, John J. Makhoul(Lebanese) – Chairman, Board of Directors; UBS AG: Oswald J. Grübel(Ashkenazi Jew) – Group Chief Executive Officer, Ulrich Körner(Ashkenazi Jew) – Group Chief Operating Officer, Kaspar Villiger(White European) – Chairman, Board of Directors; Wells Fargo & Company: John G. Stumpf(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Howard I. Atkins(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, David A. Hoyt(White European) – Senior Executive Vice President, Wholesale Banking; CME Group: Craig S. Donohue(White European) – Chief Executive Officer, Terrence A. Duffy(White European) – Executive Chairman, Phupinder Gill(Indian) – President; NASDAQ OMX Group: Robert Greifeld(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Executive Officer, Adena T. Friedman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Chief Financial Officer, H. Furlong Baldwin(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Board of Directors; NYSE Euronext: Duncan L. Niederauer(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Leibowitz(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Operating Officer. Jan-Michiel Hessels(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Board of Directors; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA): Richard G. Ketchum(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas M. Selman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Regulatory Policy, Grace B. Vogel(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Member Regulation; National Futures Association (NFA): Daniel J. Roth(Ashkenazi Jew) – President and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel A. Driscoll(White European) – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, W. Robert Felker(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Board of Directors; Commodity Futures Trading Commision (CFTC): Gary G. Gensler(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Dan M. Berkovitz(Ashkenazi Jew) – General Counsel, David Meister(Ashkenazi Jew) – Director of Enforcement; Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC): Mary L. Schapiro(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, Mark D. Cahn(Ashkenazi Jew) – General Counsel, Robert S. Khuzami(Jewish spouse: Julie Bauer) – Director of Enforcement; Summary: Of the fifty-one(51) senior executives of the major Wall Street banks, trade exchanges, and regulatory agencies, thirty-seven(37) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 72%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Wall Street banks, trade exchanges, and regulatory agencies by a factor of 36 times(3,600 percent). .
  • CNN Money UBS admits helping tax evaders Swiss banking giant agrees to pay $780 million and hand over account information after helping U.S. clients evade the IRS. Vanguard founder blames banks. - Switzerland's largest bank, UBS, has admitted helping U.S. taxpayers hide money from the IRS, and has agreed to pay $780 million in fines and restitution, and to turn over account information. The deferred prosecution agreement was approved Wednesday by a federal court judge in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "UBS admitted to conspiring to defraud the United States by impeding the IRS," the Justice Department announced late Wednesday. The statement says that UBS, "in an unprecedented move" based on an order by Swiss authorities, has agreed "to immediately provide the U.S. government with the identities of, and account information for, certain U.S. customers of UBS's cross-border business." UBS (UBS) also has agreed to end its business practice of providing banking services to U.S. customers with undeclared accounts. "Swiss bankers routinely traveled to the United States to market Swiss bank secrecy to United States clients interested in attempting to evade U.S. income taxes," the Justice Department said. The government document says Swiss bankers made a total of about 3,800 trips to discuss their clients' accounts. The government said that because the bank has acknowledged responsibility for its actions, has cooperated fully, and has taken remedial actions, the United States will recommend dismissal of the criminal charge "provided the bank fully carries out its obligations under the agreement." Two former UBS bankers have pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy for similar conduct. The acting head of the Justice Department Tax Division called Wednesday's agreement "but one milestone" in the effort to make sure U.S. citizens pay their fair share of taxes. "The veil of secrecy has been pulled aside, and we will continue to aggressively pursue those who shirk their federal tax obligations, or assist others in doing so," said John DiCicco, acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department Tax Division. IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman issued a warning to the taxpayers who held the accounts, telling them to voluntarily pay up. Shulman said the taxpayers should note that Wednesday's agreement also stipulates that the U.S. government will continue to seek enforcement of its court action. "People who have hidden unreported income off shore need to get right with their government. They should come forward and take advantage of our voluntary disclosure process," Shulman said. e
  • Wikipedia Brad Birkenfeld ... (born February 26, 1965) is an American banker and whistleblower whose disclosures to the United States government led to a massive fraud investigation against the Swiss bank UBS and other banks that had enabled tax evasion by U.S. taxpayers. In February 2009, as a result of the information he gave U.S. authorities, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced it had reached a deferred prosecution agreement with UBS that resulted in a $780 million fine and the release of previously privileged information on American tax evaders. As a result of the financial recoveries facilitated by his whistleblowing, Birkenfeld received a $104 million award from the IRS Whistleblower Office in September 2012.[9] The record-breaking whistleblowing award came less than six weeks after Birkenfeld had been paroled from prison, where he had been incarcerated for abetting tax evasion by one of his clients. Despite prosecutors recommending a lighter sentence due to his ongoing cooperation with federal authorities, in August 2009, Birkenfeld was sentenced to 40 months in prison and fined $30,000. Many advocacy groups from around the world criticized Birkenfeld's prosecution and sentence on the grounds that it would discourage financial industry whistleblowers. Birkenfeld was released from prison to a halfway house in New Hampshire on August 1, 2012 and was released and put on probation on November 29, 2012. Wikipedia predictably omits any information on Birkenfeld's relationship with Lt. Scott Bennett in uncovering UBS complicity in financing ISIS and other terrorist (US) organizations.
  • israelAntiwar Israeli Intel Chief: We Don’t Want ISIS Defeated in Syria Says ISIS Faces Difficulty, Loss Would Put Israel in 'Hard Position' by Jason Ditz, June 21, 2016 Print This | Share This In a speech at the Herzliya Conference, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, took Israel’s long-standing position that it “prefers ISIS” over the Syrian government to a whole ‘nother level, declaring openly that Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated in the war. Quoted in the Hebrew-language NRG site, linked to Maariv, Maj. Gen. Halevy expressed concern about the recent offensives against ISIS territory, saying that in the last three months the Islamist group was facing the “most difficult” situation since its inception and declaration of a caliphate. Israeli officials have regularly expressed comfort with the idea of ISIS conquering the whole of Syria, saying they find it preferable to the Iran-allied government surviving the war. At the same time, they were never so overtly supportive of ISIS and its survival. Halevy went on to express concern that the defeat of ISIS might mean the “superpowers” leaving Syria, saying this would put Israel “in a hard position” after being so opposed to the survival of the Syrian government. He then said Israel will do “all we can so as to not find ourselves in such a situation,” suggesting that the Israeli military is looking at direct support for ISIS as a matter of policy, and not just rhetoric.


Excerpts: pages 21-46 omitted, see Amazon.com

SHELL GAME: The Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection To Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command

SHELL GAME: The Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection To Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command A Whis tleblowing Report to the United States Congress Submitted by Scott Bennett, 2LT, United States Army (Reserve) 11th Psychological Operations Battalion To The Department of Defense Inspector General DATE: Memorial Day, May 27, 2013 OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION TO CONGRESS AND REQUEST FOR SPECIAL HEARING AND INVESTIGATION Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved parts may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. UNCLASSIFIED COMTENTS WHISTLEBLOWING REPORT DISCLOSURE PRESS RELEASE: SYNOPSIS PROEM (i) INTRODUCTION (ii) CONSPIRACY AND COVER-UP (2) UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND- BRAD BIRKENFELD-BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON (5) U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND-TERRORIST THREAT FINANCE-BOOZ ALLEN (5) JOINT INTERAGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER/ JOINT INTERAGENCY GROUP (9) INTELLIGENCE SHARING: FAILURE OR COVER-UP? (10) BUREAUCRATIC DYSFUNCTIONALITY (10) CONSPIRACY, TORTURE, AND BETRAYAL (12) BENGHAZI, LIBYA ATTACK PREDICTED (15) KILL THE MESSENGER (16) VIOLATION OF '1870 POSSE COMITATUS ACT' (16) UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND-BRAD BIRKENFELD INTELLIGENCE (22) WIKILEAKS: SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION (24) STATE DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR FOR COUNTERTERRORISM (S/CT) (25) U.S. SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND (25) DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE-CIA ASSASINATION ATTEMPT? (25) 'VVoVEDWARD SNOWDEN DISCOVERIES (25.5) NATIONAL COUNTERTERRORISM CENTER (NCTC) (26) MIKE MCGONNELL, DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENGE-BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON (26) SENATOR CARL LEVIN: ARMED SERVICES AND INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE (25) LETTER TO GENERAL JAMES MATTIS, COMMANDER U.S. CENTCOM (29) $104 MILLION DOLLAR PAY-OFF TO BIRKENFELD FOR REMAINING SILENT (30) LETTER TO GENERAL JEFF JACOBS, COMMANDER, USACAPOC, (30) LETTER TO INSPECTOR GENERAL, LYNNE HALBROOKS, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENS (30) LETTERS TO CONGRESS: HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, SENATE, COMMITTEES (31) ' LETTERS TO THE MEDIA (32) FALLING -INTO THE ABYSS (35) AN ARMY OFFICER'S DUTY TO COUNTRY (42) A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE UNITED STATES (51) CONSTITUTIONAL OATH: "AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC " (52) DONALD RUMSFELD AND GENERAL DICK MEYERS (53) BENGHAZI ATTACKS (53) INSIDE THE HEART AND MIND OF A MUSLIM TERRORIST (55) BRADLEY MANNING: THE HIDDEN STORY (57) THE ART OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE (61) PARASITE DEFENSE CONTRACTORS AND THE BUSINESS OF WAR (63) "TORMENTS OF THE GRAVE": DEFEATING THE MUSLIM IDEA OF MARTYRDOM (65) . BRAD BIRKENFELD--AN AMERICAN PATRIOT (67) BIRKENFELD 'S MISSING INTELLIGENCE AND MUZZLING BY DEPT. OF JUSTICE (68) A WOMAN'S LAMENT (69) CONNECTION TO PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND, AND ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER AND ASSISTANT A.G- LANNY BREUER (73) ABDULLAH AZZIZ: TERRORIST THREAT FINANCE CONNECTIONS (74) REQUEST FOR OFFICIAL CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION, HEARINGS (75) EPILOGUE: BRAVEHEART (76) DISCLOSURE This is a "whis tleblower" report to the American people. It has already been sent to the military, the Congress, the Courts, and the media. It's purpose is to inform minds, inspire hearts , and save lives--those of our servicemen, our allies , and our civilians--and our nation' s future. I am an American soldier, and Army Officer, and I write this in obedience to my sworn oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic ." In this case, I am defending against domestic enemies giving "aide and comfort" to the foreign terrorist enemy by not utilizing key financial intelligence relating to terrorist finance networks and operations; and thereby committing treason (as defined by Article 3, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution) against the people of the United States of America. Citi2ens--of America and our international coalition of allies--are encouraged to call and write the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the media, to demand that Congressional hearings be held to investigate the matter, provide an explanation, and hold all parties accountable. The following is a true story. DATE; May 27, 2013--MEMORIAL DAY ^ ^(^ ^ ^^^^ ^14^^ Scott Bennett, 2LT U.S. Army (Reserve) 11th Psychological Operations Battalion FPC Schuylkill, camp 2, A-14 P.O. Box 670 Minersville, PA 17954-0670 (570) 544-7100 fax: (570) 544-7296 Fed. No. : 29418-016 2LT, SCOTT BENNETTj USAR #29418-016, FPC SCHUYLKILL, P.O. BOX 670 MINERSVILLE, PA 17954-0670 (570) 544-7100 February 10, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : RE: Military whis tleblowing report to Congress on Psychological warfare and terrorist financing issues (follow up to the ''TOO BIG TO JAIL" Rolling Stone article Feb. 28, 2013). Attention Military Officers, Members of Congress, and the Media: If you're interested, I'd like to share with you a story which very well could win you both the Pulitzer for exposing it, and the U.S. Medal of Freedom for having the courage to face it. The story involves two military whis tleblowing reports to Congress. One report examined "Psychological Warfare Issues" which would be conducted against Americans; the other report examined terrorist financing by international banks and the intentional cover-up by U.S. government officials. One report prophetically warned of the Benghazi, Libya attacks; the other report addresses the deeper, more insidious aspects of the issues raised^in Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone article " TOO BIG ID JAIL ." Quite simply, the Rolling Stone article exposes only the tip of an oil-black iceberg of government corruption with regards to terrorist financing, global banks, defense contractors, and intentional military intelligence failures . The real story revolves around a whis tleblowing report to U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command on September 25, 2012; a secret Senate hearing; an assasination attempt by the Department of Justice against the whis tleblower ; and financial intelligence sharing failures at the highest level of government which can only be explained as either: 1) a treasonous conspiratorial manipulation of information by the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community against the military; or 2) a pathetic and scandalous bureaucratic blunder which has spilled the blood of servicemember s unnecessarily and wasted tens of millions of dollars. I invite you to review the bank statements, wiki- leaks cables, letters, reports, interviews, and other materials I have, and arrive at your own conclusion. I am an Army Officer with extensive experience at U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, and the State Department Coordinator for Counter terrorism Office (and other agencies). Before this I worked for the G.W. Bush Administration from 2003 to 2008, had a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, and specialized in Psychological Warfare and Islamic terrorist finance operations. Resume attached. Since you and your organization^ claim to represent the spirit of accountability in American government, and are recognized as champions of democratic freedoms, I invite you to honor that title and oath by contacting me for a further debriefing. If you're interested in the next "Watergate"/"Iran-Con:tra" scandal that reads like a Tom Clancy mixed with a "DaVinci Code" plot, contact me for details. WHO AM I: -rally yours, MILITARY ATTORNEY: Captain Avi Stone Avraham.R. Stone@us . army . mil Scott Bennett ABSTRACT Enclosed are exerpts from an 83-page military whis tleblowing report which influenced Edward Snowden ^ s decision to circumvent Congress and release his information directly to the American people. The report was written by an Army Officer and Psychological Warfare analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton -- the same defense contractor that employed Snowden . This analyst had a Top Secret/Sensitive Compart- mentalized Information (TS/ SCI) clearance 5 and worked in counter terror ism at the State Department , U.S. Special Operations Command , and U.S. Central Command in Washington D.C, and Florida. The report answers the following 1. Why did Edward Snowden feel he had to immediately go public? 2. What connects Booz Allen Hamilton, the NSA, the CIA, Union Bank of Switzerland , and Terroris t Threat Finance conspiracy and cover-up? 3. Who is the Swiss Banker entrapped by the CIA, whose identity was discovered by Snowden during his time with CIA in Geneva, Switzerland? 4 • Who are Booz Allen Hamilton players Edward Snowden , Scott Bennett , Mike McConnell , and James Clapper? 5. Who are the National Security Agency whis tleblowers Thomas Drake, William Binney, and J. Kirk Wiebe? ANSWERS : 1. Snowden went public because he had no choice. He discovered what had happened to 2LT Scott Bennett when he filed reports through official channels, and knew the only chance to warn Americans was by telling them. 2. Booz Allen Hamilton managed people and operations in Terrorist Threat Finance for the military and the intelligence community, yet after an analyst reported Swiss bank issues, he was fired, the report buried. 3. The Swiss Banker, Brad Birkenfeld, was indicted, convicted, and jailed after he exposed the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)-Terrorist Threat Finance connection to the Department ot Justice and intelligence agencies . 4. Scott Bennett was a Booz Allen Hamilton Associate and Army Officer who worked as a Terrorist Threat Finance analyst at U.S. CENTCOM, and was indicted, tried, and convicted on trumped-up charges after he sent two reports up the chain of command: one predicted the Benghazi attack; the other exposed the conspiracy and cover-up of the UBS- Birkenfeld- CIA Terrorist Threat Finance connection. Ironically Birkenfeld and Bennett ended up in the same unit, in the same prison, and compared notes--each connecting the others* dots to arrive at a terrifying conclusion, Mike McConnel was the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) during 2007-2009 and saw the intelligence reports from CIA about UBS-Birkenf eld . McConnell is now the Vice Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton and runs cyberwar, James Clapper is also an ex-Booz Allen executive and presently the Director of National Intelligence. He has seen Snowden and Bennett's Intel No one in government or Booz Allen Hamilton has even been questioned in the Terrorist Finance-UBS-Birkenf eld-CIA-Booz Allen Hamilton connection--ever . Clapper made the "least untruthful statement" before Congress when he lied about Snowden ' s NSA monitoring of Americans , and failed to discuss Bennett *s report confirming the UBS-Birkenf eld-CIA link Snowden released, as well as the connection to Booz Allen Hamilton both Snowden and Bennett shared. 5. NSA Whis tleblowers Thomas Drake, William Binney, and J* Kirk Wiebe were patriots indicted, prosecuted, and lives trashed after legally exposing illegality by the NSA. Most disturbing of all, Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, was a Booz Allan man . This is only an excerpt. The entire 83-page report may be obtained by contacting the Army Officer directly at: 2LT Scott Bennett^ 29418-016, P.O. Box Box 670, Minersville^ PA 17954-0670 (570-544-7100 for media call). Bennett's attorney: Jeff O^Toole (202-775=1550) otoole@otrons.com Bennett ' s military attorney : Capt . Avi Stone (avrahamcr « stone@us . army .mil) Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -JOHN 8:32 PROEM In Mel Gibson's masterpiece film "Braveheart" , there is a scene where the "nobleman" who betrayed William Wallace on the battlef ield--abandoning him during the fight in favor of bribe money and political title-^is asleep in his s_ubsidize_d bed.^. tossing and turning as he ' s tormented by the nightmare of a blue-face-painted, sword-swinging Wallace galloping on horseback against a backdrop of flames, chasing after him; startling him awake with terror. As he whimpers relieved that it was just a dream, the bedchamber doors suddenly burst open by Wallace atop a horse, as he rides in, steps onto the bed, unfurls a massive iron ball-and-chain , and swirls and smashes it down upon the face of the traitor. I anticipate this letter will no doubt have the same effect on certain people. For right now somewhere, in the dark, dank cubicles of U.S. Government , there is a nervous ly twitching cabal of parasitic lawyers and bureaucrats from the White House, the Intelligence Community, Congress, the media, and the military, who have been dreading and desperately trying to bury and stop this report from ever reaching the American public. Obstructionists whose skullduggery must now, with the weight and momentum behind this letter, come to a career-face smashing end; and their deeds be exposed as the acts of treason they are.

Amazon.com Shell Game: A Whistleblowing Report, by Scott Bennett



INTRODUCTION Nearly 40 years ago, a small team of men stood before a judge and tried to quietly settle a burglary incident. The strangeness of the incident--the military-intelligence (CIA) backgrounds of the men, the Democratic National Committee headquarters as the target--led a couple of intrepid "investigative" journalists to shame the press establishment by successfully doing what no other news media would at the time: They began asking questions and looking deeper. They discovered a political plot, triggered a Congressional Investigation, and as more men were dragged in to testify, revealed a government orchestrated conspiracy which eventually toppled a President with delusions of infallible Kingship. It was the story of the decade that rocked the legal foundations of our Republic. Then a decade later, a military officer answered the questions of Congress about duties he performed for his President--somehow without his President's knowledge--out of love of country. Then another American Intelligence Operative (a CIA agent) testified before Congress about how she was targeted and persecuted in order to hinder her husband who was exposing lies that were being used to justify a war to make a "Brave New World" cleansed of extremist ideologies .. .which included certain outspoken American political groups as seen by the recent IRS persecution of conservative 501. c. 4 "Tea Party" groups. The parallels of Nixon's "Watergate" conspiracy; LT. Colonel Oliver North's "iran-Contra" obstruction of Congress scandal; and Valerie Plaime's vindictive exposure and persecution, are all interconnected — by substance and innuendo-- to this current "Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)-Counterterroris t Threat Financing" and Rolling Stone's "Too Big to Jail" story. Only this is far worse. i Matt Taibbi's article "Too Big to Jail" in the Feb, 28, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone exposes the connection between terrorist threat financing and international banks like HSBC. Unf or tunately--or f ortunately--i t ' s only half the story. The Rolling Stone article reveals only the tip of an oil-black iceberg of government corruption with regard to terrorist financing, global banks, defense contractors, and intentional military intelligence failures . The real story revolves around a whis tleblowing report written by a U.S. Army Officer and terrorist finance analyst to U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command on September 25, 2012; a secret Senate hearing; an assasination attempt by the Department of Justice against the whis tleblower ; and financial intelligence sharing failures at the highest level of government which can only be explained as either 1) a treasonous conspiratorial manipulation of information by the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community against the military; or 2) a pathetic and scandalous bureaucratic blunder which has spilled the blood of service members unnecessarily , which wasted tens of millions of dollars, and exhausted our nation with war fatigue. The Army Officer had extensive experience at U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, and the State Department Coordinator for Counter terrorism Office, where he had worked multidimensionally as a psychological warfare analyst and defense contractor, and had a Top Secret/SCI security clearance--one of the highest in the nation. This Officer wrote two whis tleblowing reports to Congress. One examined impending psychological warfare attacks against the American people (and troops); the other exposed and analyzed terrorist threat financing by international banks and ii the intentional cover-up by civilian U.S. Government officials. One report prophetically warned of the Benghazi, Libya attacks; the other addressed the deeper, more insidious aspects of the issues raised in Matt Taibbi's recent Rolling Stone article about HSBC, terrorist bank accounts, and the concerted effort to punish and silence whistleblowers who discovered and reported intelligence to authorities whose job was to use such intelligence to defend the nation. For the purposes of brevity, the latter whis tleblowing report will be the focus in this article. After reviewing mountains of bank documents, wikileaks cables, reports, letters, interviews, and other materials, the Army Officer made some startling discoveries . iii FART I: SHELL GAME When it comes to financing international terrorists with secret foreign bank accounts and then covering it up and silencing the whistleblower who reported it, nobody quite does it better than the United States Government --more specifically the U.S. Department of Justice and the Senate. If you're reading this article in an American publication, then it means the U.S. media has not abandoned its sacred post as a preserver of freedom and vanguard of democracy, or the internet been unplugged as the blipping E.K.G. monitor of the U.S. Constitution's life support . If you're not reading this in an American publication, then they have abandoned their post--and oath--by refusing to speak truth, stuck their collective heads in the sand along with the Congressman and Senators who've read this report, and shamelessly sold their birthright for the sour pottage of Obama * s Orwellian patriotism to a paranoid new world of drone enforced Executive Orders. If the American media is not publishing this, then you must thank the outside world's media for standing-up for what is right and true and good, and having the courage to publish this inconvenient truth. This truth is a report written by a defense contractor and Army Officer who was a psychological warfare and terrorist threat finance analyst (with a Top Secret/SCI security clearance) for U.S. Central Comma^nd, U.S. Special Operations Command, and the State Department Coordinator for Counter terrorism Office from 2008 to 2010. This report exposed and analyzed in great detail how the Department of Justice, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations 1 under Senator Carl Levin (D-Ml) and then Senator . Barack Obama (D-IL), the Senate Armed Services committee (also under Senator Carl Levin), the Justice Department, the State Department, and certain agencies in the "Intelligence" community, colluded to betray, prosecute, and cover-up the Union Bank of Switzerland whis tleblower , Brad Birkenfeld, for exposing and reporting the UBS-Terroris t Threat Finance connection . This report was sent to Colonel Jeffrey Jacobs, Commander of U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command on September 25, 2012. After receiving no response whatsoever, the Army Officer felt compelled to send it to Congress and the Pentagon Inspector General a month later, out of a sense of duty and his "oath to uphold and defend the Constitution", which this ilicit Terrorist Threat Finance-Foreign Bank connection indicated. The report was sent to Inspector General Lynne Halbrooks, as well as over thirty (30) Congressman and Senators (including the committees on the Armed Services , Homeland Security , Terrorism, Finance , and Intelligence) as an official "whis t leblowing report". See attached list of names. However again , no response was given and nothing was done . The reason for this lack of response of course was one four-letter word which seems to symbolize our modern political-military leaders , as well as the psychosis suffocating our sense of national identity. That word is simply--yet with profound implications -- FEAR . By revealing the exis tence of this connection between UBS (and other foreign banks) and Islamic terrorists, the military and the intelligence community would be, once again, properly defined as bureaucrats in uniform as efficient as the Maytag repairman with an unplugged phone. They would be seen as either failing to discover 2 this terrorist threat finance dimension of the UBS-Birkenf eld whis tleblowing drama; or intentionally failing to act despite their knowing, leaving them with the blood of service men on their hands from the bombs and bullets bought with UBS wrapped dollars (similar to the pallets found in Iraq's early invasion). So FEAR governed the military -defense contractor and intelligence community response . Fear of exposure, accountability, and the repercussions against their ineptitude by a nation of outraged families and silent graves. FEAR also inspired politicians. Addicted to their lust for re-election and neutered by political-correctness, they frantically covered ears, eyes, and mouth in a hear-see-speak no evil (or truth in this case) fetal position posture of denial, hoping the report would "go away", or perhaps the writer of it mysteriously disappear into the echoe of a bullet. They feared that since the report explained how an assasination attempt may have been made by the Department of Justice against Brad Birkenfeld in the form of a forged letter sent to UBS claiming to be from Birkenfeld' s friend betraying that Birkenfeld was revealing "proprietary bank information" (aka, terrorist bank accounts) to the Justice Department, this might open a Pandora's Box of Patriot Act suspicion--a marriage they had already forced upon the American people. After all, the most logical party guilty of ordering the assasination attempt was the Department of Justice itself, specifically attorneys Kevin O'Connor and/or Kevin Downing, who interestingly had ties to ex-mayor of New York Rudy Gulianni, Abdullah Azziz (mentioned as an Al Qaeda financier in Matt Taibbi's recent article "Too Big to Jail"), and foreign banks. The report explained how one month after meeting with Department of Justice officials (and giving them his cell phone number), Birkenfeld' s 3 international banking friend from London had received a call from UBS asking him why he had sent them a letter exposing Birkenf eld's meeting with Justice Department officials. He denied ever writing such a letter, obtained a copy of it, showed it to Birkenfeld, and in shock and outrage at being violated, demanded to know what was going on. Birkenfeld then explained he was meeting with DOJ officials, but couldn't discuss the reasons. Despite confronting and demanding an explanation from the Justice Department about this letter, no response was ever given. The explanation was being written on the wall: Birkenfeld' s revelations about terrorist financing by UBS would expose accounts and activities by U.S. government agencies (Crooks-In-Action, aka CIA, no doubt) which mentally-medicated politicians simply would not want to have to sharpen their wits and give an answer for. So in order to not have to suffer the strain of honesty and give an answer to the American people about UBS accounts being used to finance terrorist threats against American sons and daughters in military uniform, a plan (or some might say treasonous scandal) was devised. The plan would be to bait Birkenfeld into giving testimony before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (chaired by Senator Carl Levin), and then switch the discussion to "American Tax Evasion and Money Laundering" issues, so that the Justice Department could entrap Birkenfeld with his own disclosures (despite his being promised immunity and good faith), cobble together a rickety legal case against him; then threaten, prosecute and silence him with a plea deal that would remove him from the public eye as quickly as possible (This is the real reason Carl Levin is rushing to retire from office — and save his pension Conveniently this would guarantee loyalty from UBS Chairman for the Americas Robert Wolf, and bind him into becoming a financial campaign donor and supporter of then Senator Barack Obama, who was also on the committee and running for President of the United States against John McCain in 2008 (Interestingly, Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General LannyBreur worked for the law firm Covington and Burling in private practice, and also represented UBS prior to their joining the Justice Department. This wasn't mentioned in Matt Taibbi's article explaining why Lanny Breur--and Eric Holder--gave deferred prosecutions to big banks"-including UBS. It was because they worked for these banks in the past, and no doubt expected to again in the future, that deferred prosecutions were given, and had nothing to do with the "red herring" of saving jobs or destabilizing the financial markets or global banking industry). However despite also being chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin refused to share any of the information disclosed by Birkenfeld about UBS financing terrorists through its secret Swiss accounts and internal instruments, such as the "Gptimus Foundation" , with the Armed Services organization whose centrals mission .i^as to combat, destroy and prevent terrorist threat finance operations and networks. This organization was U.S. Central Comma / ' Terrorist Threat Finance team managed by defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. I know this because I was a member of this team, and neither Senator Carl Levin, nor President Barack Obama, nor any member of any Congressional committee ever allowed Brad Birkenfeld' s testimony or financial information to be shared with us. It was only after I met Brad Birkenfeld after he was imprisoned that I discovered how incredibly valuable his financial information was, and how much obscene skullduggery, corruption and treason may have been committed against our military by allowing terroris t-UBS financial networks to remain undisclosed and untargeted for political gain. 5 It was only after I spent months with Birkenfeld piecing together all of the intelligence materials (i.e., Wikileaks cables, bank statements, reports, letters, interviews) he had accumulated in an effort to vindicate himself, that I stumbled upon an outrageous irony and as tounding--if not miraculous--coincidence . My job had been to work within the military-intelligence matrix to identify, analyze , track- down , and des troy terrorist finance networks and operations. Yet the information most necessary for combatting these terrorists was coming to me not from the intelligence community, but from a jail cell; not from a professional military analyst, but from an imprisoned civilian banker. And never would we have met had this same government which imprisoned him for whis tleblowing about Swiss banks financing terrorism, not also imprisoned me for discovering and trying to expose the same menace. Whether out of an impossible coincidence or Divinely orchestrated meeting. Brad Birkenfeld and I ended up not only at the same prison, but in the same dorm, down the hall from eachother; and upon meeting discovered our individual stories formed a fantastic revelation that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Here is where the story takes a turn toward the bizarre, if not supernatural, and makes the wise seem foolish by showing how accidents can really be appointments. I 6 I had been given a Direct Commission as an Officer in the United States Army (Reserve) based on my experience at the Bush Administration, advanced degrees , and prior work as a Psychological Warfare and Intelligence analyst at the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism (State/CT) Office, and U.S. Special Operations Command- Joint Military Information Support Center . After completing Officer training, I had been asked if I would consider becoming a Terrorist Threat Finance analyst at U.S. Central Command, and transfer to Tampa, Florida within the month. It would be more than a 9 to 5 job, it would be a mission to end the war on terror by destroying the enemy's ability to make war by evaporating his money. I was told they desperately needed my psyop and counterterrorism background, and would infuse my defense contractor work into my Army duty, so that I could both work and perform military drill at the same location. Although it meant relocating my entire life from Washington DC down to Florida, my love and duty to country came first, and I accepted the position. I informed my Army battalion (11th Psychological Operations Battalion) in the Wash. D.C. area, and began the process of transferring to U.S. Central Command. I was given a special VIP flight aboard the executive jet of U.S. Special Operations Commander, Admiral Eric Olson, and flew down with him personally to U.S. Central Command, and I was given temporary housing at MacDill Air Force Base. I had arranged to live on-base in order to facilitate my Army unit transfer, and also to be saf e(rX I had a Top Secret/ Sensitive Compartmentalized Information security clearance, which meant I was at the top of the terrorist wish list for beheading or extortion through family kidnappings, etc. At indoctrination training I was told "you are now a target, threats lurk everywhere, trust no one." I took it as sage advice. 7 Over the next four months I was trained and worked in every dimension, product, and agency which interfaced with the art and science of terrorist financial networks and operations. I also found myself head-butting against worshippers of mediocrity , bureaucracy, and the status quo (aka, government employees). My personality is that of an Alpha, extrovert, and fearlessly aggressive. Since eleven years old, I had been active in Boy Scouts (when men were still men), Civil Air Patrol (Air Force Cadets) , DeMolay (junior Masons) , high school sports , college fraternity (Alpha Tau Omega), and now Army Special Operations. As a warrior-soldier, I despised simpletons, weaklings, and cowards , especially among Officers , since they got better men killed. I had a nobler pedigree and history of proven leadership skills than most generals ... and they felt it. I despised bureaucratic inefficiency as the blood-clot in the mind of common sense, and sand in the gears of success. I didn't wait for problems to arrive, I went out to attack them with ruthless confidence and audacious creativity, which no doubt upset those whose jobs are justified by making organizational problems chronic. But like oil and water, laziness and I didn't mix. It was this volatile chemistry of personality which would eventually form the storm that would blow my odyssey off-course and banish me into Obama ' s archipelago of military-intelligence-financial secrets, shipwreck me onto Birkenf eld's "Alcatraz of misfit toys", and ultimately lead to my redemptive discovery of the "Grail" through Birkenfeld's documents which proved my suspicions--and reports--had been right all along: That Swiss banks like UBS (and HSBC) had, in fact, been financing terrorists, and the intelligence community was concealing it for political reasons. 8 Now in the interests of column space and copyrights--never mind national security--I cannot express here the vast labrynth of knowledge and experiences I absorbed whilst sojourning within the U,S. military- intelligence-political body, only to say that it was quite a "Fantastic Voyage". The fat, decay, and atrophy in ability and instinct to be creative, adaptable, and fearless in management and strategy seemed to, unfortunately, hobble our traditional American strengths of intellectual and technological genius. Yes, fighter planes, cruise missies, SEAL team Six, and drone assasinations are all healthy, motivation - enhancing inoculations for our national ego towards terrorism, but I am more interested in focussing on our weaknesses and disabilities in order to heal and rehabilitate them, than I am in self -complimenting and inflating the vanity of our military muscle. The reason is: the terrorist enemy doesn*t hit us where we're strong or protected, but where we're weakest and most vulnerable. So with this attitude, I went into my job as a Terrorist Threat Finance analyst to examine, probe, and dissect all aspects and personnel and operations involved in the mission, so that I could identify the problems and prescribe the solutions. I familiarized myself with all U.S. Government Agencies, military combatant commands and special warfare units, and defense contractors (both U.S. and foreign) who were engaged in counterterrorism, threat finance, and unconventional warfighting around the globe. I was given a work station in the Joint Interagency Operations Center (JlOC)--also known sometimes as the Joint Interagency Group (JIAG)--and worked with an assortment of government agencies including the State Department, Treasury, Justice, Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and some others (classified). I was tasked with interviewing all the different agency teams to discover their particular expertise in Terrorist Threat Finance, and formulate recommendations to improve their functionality. This meant identifying duplicative and unproductive operations within the agencies, developing plans and timetables for eliminating them, and synthesizing the best practices and expertise of the various government and military agencies into my Booz Allen Hamilton team. Of course, this was somewhat unpopular and strenuously resisted by certain agencies in the JIOC, since they had formed a "nest" in CENTCOM and built up a bureacratic culture - immediately after September 11, 2001; and typical of bureaucracy , they viewed every worker and task of their particular agency as essential, regardless if it was being duplicated by four other government agencies, the military, or their subcontractors, Since one thing military people (and bureaucrats) hate is to lose power to the private sector, the unfortunate result was a military- government-intelligence community dysf unctionality with regard to Terrorist Threat Finance; and a refusal to communicate, share information, or engage in a team effort by U.S. SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and other departments. It was a surreal turf war between military commands fighting for power; government agencies occupying space without really producing anything substantive ; and private sector contractors trying to modify the status quo and being reviled for it. It was the most bizaare circus of petty politics I had ever encountered. Most offensive to me as a military officer was the fact that this "power-struggle" between CENTCOM, SOCOM, civilian government agencies, and defense contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton, was extending the killing, maiming, and suffering of military personnel by dragging out the wars unnecessarily. By wasting time, resources, and refusing to exploit information about Swiss banks such as UBS (and HSBC) which 10 terrorists used to finance their personnel and operations, the sad (and perhaps treasonous) result was America's security was undermined, and our sons and daughters in uniform were being sacrificed because America's military-intelligence community leadership were acting like jealous infants pouting over favorite toys. Despite my vigorous--some might say furious--at tempts to synthesize interdepartmental intelligence to triangulate Swiss banks like UBS as the hub of the Iran, Haqqani, and European terrorist networks, as well as design psychological warfare campaigns, I was repeatedly blocked and discouraged from delving too deep or being too aggressively creative. Additionally my recommendations to more intelligently filter Islamic lecturers in order to avoid infecting young soldiers' minds with ambiguous, contradictory, and ecumenically ambidextrous propaganda had been scorned as "too harsh." It seemed endangering the mission by crippling soldiers with the paralysis of moral confusion on the battlefield was more acceptable a risk than a legal confrontation with terrorist apologists whose weapon was a twisted U.S. Constitution. The military higher-command "modus operandi" seemed to unofficially be "apply political-correctness non- judgmentally to all issues requiring judgment." Clever ?.. Yes . Saf e? .. Perhaps ... for a while. However despite my instinctive concern about flaws or contradictions in strategic communication (SC) materials, strategy, or leadership, I was told my job was not to improve CENTCOM but to stop extremists from financing global terrorism. And so, always the good soldier, I obeyed orders, saluted sharply, and pushed forward in my work and mission. 11 Although I honestly believed^-and still do—that my application of creative imagination to the counter terrorism analytical framework ( CTAF) was helping military commanders formulate better strategies and operations, as well as improving interagency intelligence sharing, I soon discovered how much it also was feared. It seemed my ' rocking- the-boat ' was gaining the attention of people who despise paying attention as a matter of temperment. Because one week after a moving truck delivered my household property (clothes, furniture, military gear, firearms and ammunition) into my apartment on base (arranged and paid for by my firm, Booz Allen Hamilton) I was stopped in my car at the front gate, arrested at gun-point by military police, taken against my will, and interrogated for twelve (12) hours under conditions the ACLU and most Congress Members define as torture in handcuffs. At first, I thought it was a training exercise to test a person's aptitude for special undercover operations , resistance to interrogation, emotional fortitude , or intellectual dexterity. The reason being, I had just completed a week-long training course in "Advanced Critical Thinking" (after being the first person in CENTCOM's history to 'test-out' of the prior mandatory 'Beginning' and 'Intermediate' courses--much to the chagrin of certain bureaucrats in Booz Allen Hamilton who got paid to give classes I didn't need). So, calmly and deliberately, I played along with what I thought was part of the game. However the missing component of subtle delicacy and psychological complexity in the blunt-force trauma sadistically applied by Detective Edward Garcia and his master LTC. Martin Mitchell quickly disabused me of this notion. MacDill Air Force Base Security Forces, and its Commander , had now shed the blood of one of their own, and shamed America like never before. 12 Despite my being a U.S. Army Officer and counter terrorism defense contractor with a Top Secret/ Sensitive compartmentalized information security clearance, despite my having worked at State Department Counter terrorism ( S/CT) , U.S. Special Operations Command, the Pentagon, and now U.S. Central Command, despite the piles of papers, briefings, and intelligence material I had written about America's enemies, I was now being treated like one. I was then berated and accused by a grotesquely rude Air Force policeman of incorrectly filling-out my on-base housing application forms (four months earlier), and not properly registering my firearms (locked in a gun safe) even though they had only arrived the week prior and had already been acknowledged at the entrance gate by inspectors. Here is where the story takes a turn toward the conspiratorial. I was then handed a "Be On The Look-Out" (B.O.L.O.) flyer with my photo and description on the front (l found out later after an Officer friend called me from Afghanistan that this flyer had been sent out to every military base around the world). With this, I had officially been given my "burn notice", as my identity and clearance had been shared with every terrorist looking for an analyst to kill or coerce.. They knew I now had to go underground. I couldn't help but shake my head and half-smile at the realization that I had somehow "crossed- the-Rubicon" and entered the ranks of "Jessie James", "Billy- the-Kid", and "Tuco" from the Old West WANTED POSTERS; chuckling as' Sergio Leone's theme song whistle from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" began to play in my mind. It seemed the smearing of my name had begun before my explanation of the situation had been heard, judging by condemnatory language used to describe me. Somehow a crime was being cobbled together, causing my nose to wrinkle as the once rose-flavored aroma of military- patriotism seemed to decay into the rotten manure stench of blasphemous rumors and sneaky schemes . ^ 13 It also reminded me of the betrayal of CIA agent Valerie Plaime Wilson, whose undercover status and security clearance was exposed by Washington Post reporter Bob Novack after Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff "Scooter" Libby and Richard Armitage (notorious for covering up Vietnam prisoners of war being alive) had leaked the information out of petty spite and vindictiveness . Their reason was because Valerie's husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, had accurately exposed and honorably challenged (out of love of truth and duty to country) inaccurate and dishonorable claims by the George W. Bush Administration about "yellow cake" (used in nuclear weapons fabrication) in Africa, which was cited in a State of the Union speech by the President as justification for the impending invasion of Iraq. Valerie (and Joe) had risked her life and sacrificed her family out of a patriotic duty to country, and was repaid by seat-warming political simpletons whose callous paws assaulted her fragile and intricate clandestine job like a labotomized gorilla snuffing-out a match. Interesting how things change when the political season shifts. 14 In a well-practiced sequence of moves, I was then handed a pink violation ticket, an unusually long and complex series of warrants and letters removing me from base and my position, and then given a termination notice from Booz Allen Hamilton, Although on a superficial level I knew this entire situation to be ridiculously wrong, outrageous, and tragic, I also had an odd feeling of peace somewhere in the abyss 'of my spirit that this was an essential part of a larger journey. I then packed up, returned to Washington DC and my army battalion, and cancelled my transfer. Back at my battalion, the Brigade Commander made a surprise visit and informed us of upcoming policy changes in the army, largely due to negative stigma given to Psychological Operations by another defense contractor named Mike Furlong. This was somewhat jaw-dropping to me in a 'deja vu'sort of way because I had worked closely with Mike at State Department Counterterrorism, and knew he had been fired and locked out of his office because of CIA complaints (he was far too efficient and a ' special operations ' type of guy) . Interestingly, later that year Rolling Stone magazine would report a story about other Psychological Operations Officers being persecuted by the Army for refusing to analyze and target U.S. Senators with behavior changing communication (the army wanted to cultivate a desire in them to* designate more money for psychological warfare). After hearing this, I wrote a lengthy report addressing the psychological warfare impact these policy changes would have on troops, our terrorist enemy, and our overall War on Terror mission, and submitted it up the chain of command (battalion commander LTC Joel Droba, Brigade Commander 'of 2P0G COL Burley, the Pentagon, and the Armed Services Congressional committee, and others). It was this report which forecast the attack upon the U.S. Embassy in Libya two years later. It was this report which could have saved lives, had it been properly applied. 15 Mysteriously, one month after submitting this official army report and nine (9) months after the MacDill AFB incident _I received an indictment letter for not properly filling out my housing forms and failing to register my firearms in time. -Revenge in this case was not "served cold", as Khan opined, but rather pulled out of the garbage can, reheated, and expected to be tasted as fresh. It seemed my report, which had originally been asked for, had struck a painful nerve and was a roadblock to someone's agenda. It was seen as the quintessential "straw that broke the camel's back", or rather the punch that bloodied the President's nose... and they were hell-bent to hit back. I was seen as the annoying buzzing bee, stinging their complacency and disturbingly not going away, and thus their emotional reflex was to "swat". And they did. Despite my requests for a military attorney to investigate the matter and be appointed to defend me (since it was a military situation involving my transfer of drill location), I was refused counsel and ignored. Amazingly--and I believe unconstitutionally-- the military was , for the first time, surrendering its jurisdiction to the Department of Justice, and a civilian agency was being allowed to prosecute a military matter in order to avoid the Code of Military Justice. The civilian attorney I had retained then filed a Motion to Dismiss stating that the military police had violated numerous constitutional protections, including the 1870 Posse Comitatus Act which strictly forbids the military from exercising police powers over civilians off-base and beyond military jurisdiction. I was technically a civilian contractor, out of uniform, and off-base property when the military arrested me at gun-point, removed me from my car, transported me onto base (effectively kidnapping me), and interrogated and searched me without a proper warrant or jurisdiction. And it was this constitutional protection which sets America apart from authoritarian nations, and: 16 must greatly concern all Americans when these rights are violated, abused, and disgarded by military presumption. However the Magistrate Judge j unwilling to rule against the military or the Justice Department (either out of constitutional ignorance, inability to comprehend the civilian-military jurisdictional separation, or struggling with Patriot Act fever) denied the motion to dismiss and pushed the case off on another judge for trial. While awaiting trial, the prosecutor (Ms. Sara Sweeney, AUSA) invented all kinds of exaggerations, had me followed by Secret Service, and engaged in the same illegal harrassment which the Justice Dept. had employed against Senator Ted Stevens (R- Alaska) , and had later been disciplined for--causing one prosecutor to commit suicide. Without delving into the gory details of trial (the full story can be read in the upcoming book " CONSPIRACY.,, TORTURE^. &. BETRAYAL AT U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND : How Islamic Paranoia, Political- Correctness, and Defense Contractors are Crippling American Military Commanders , Emasculating Political Leaders , and Labotomizing Counterterrorism and Intelligence Agencies.") and the government corruption which ensued, suffice it to say that due to my oath and a naive desire to protect the military (out of respect to my country) I chose not to reveal anything about my work or past experiences. The prosecutor wasn't as respectful. She waddled up to the podium, pulled down the microphone, and in a condescending, whiny voice as appetizing to the ear as fingernails screeching down chalkboards , unfurled a confusing tapestry of fuzzy logic and half-truths about military protocols (which she wasn't qualified to even discuss) to a jury who had no military experience. Amazingly, she also had the gall to dress-up a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in an Air Force uniform to deceive the jury into believing the military was engaging in a joint-prosecution against me. 17 (l later found out at an Army Investigation Board hearing that the military never participated in my prosecution, and was not aware, nor had given permission for AUSA Sara Sweeney to employ military legal resources against me--precisely because this would have allowed me to demand a military defense attorney and military courtroom trial) The prosecutor's argument was equally fantastical. She basically complained how in a spectacularly audacious and cunning series of moves, a lone psychological warfare analyst had single-handedly outmaneuvered and checkmated the entire U.S. military-intelligence community. And that by using his mystical charisma, encyclopedic mind, and hypnotic communication skills , was able to commandeer the private executive jet of U.S. Special Operations Commander Admiral Eric Olson; seduce love-starved female housing contractors into giving him an apartment on-base at U.S. Central Command; and then intimidate mentally lethargic military security guards into delivering his gun safe (full of firearms, ammunition, and military gear) onto the most highly guarded, top secret, impenetrable military-intelligence fortres in the world. She then apologetically went on to say how the U.S. military reaction when Bennett revealed his activities was one of shock, disbelief , and embarrassment--which then turned to resentment , paranoia (about their contracts and jobs being lost as a result of their incompetence), and lust for revenge against this act of bohemian moxie . Hence , the legal prosecution • What she purposely failed to mention was that because I was an Army Officer, nothing I had done was a violation of any military regulations or policies, and because of this the military was not prosecuting me. The Justice Department was simply engaging in a power grab as part of some long-term agenda, and the military was 18 ignorantly surrendering jurisdiction over its own soldiers, systems, and protocols to a civilian, politically-motivated law enforcement agency. It was akin to allowing the Highway Patrol police to travel to Iraq and give out tickets to tanks for speeding. It was not only unconstitutional , but asinine-- if not clinically insane. It was the very thing the Federalist Papers, the Articles of Confederation, and the Federal Constitution of the United States sought to absolutely prohibit: the civilian interference with internal military administration (not including necessary and intelligent Congressional oversight) and external maneuvers of war . I must confess a certain degree of amusement in this. What was tragically, yet comically, ironic was the fact that had I executed this operation as part of some covert top secret plan or contract to expose the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the U.S. Government, Intelligence Community, and Military (much like Army Special Forces soldiers used to do in the pas t for "shits-n-giggles" practice), I no doubt would have been given a medal of commendation , a generous financial bonus , and a Professorship to educate agents in clandestine operations, psychological manipulation, and bureaucratic obfuscation. But instead of being lavished with praise for exercising creativity and leadership, I was lashed with prosecution for refusing to submit . 19 Although a military protocol expert witness (Major Mark Brewer) had testified that nothing I had done violated military laws 5 the jury had been prejudiced and misled by the Special Assistant. U.S. Attorney (Timothy Goines) wearing an Air Force uniform and deceived into thinking there "was something more to the case" and that the military was prosecuting me • This government pettifogger made a paperwork error appear to be a Fort Hood shooting plot, and wore the "Captain America" myth to shame the jury into complicity-"lest their refusal define them as somehow standing against America. Strangely, I had been forbidden from wearing my Army uniform at trial--most likely because it would have neutralized the government's bias. To make a long story/end, the jury checked the "GUILTY" box, causing the AUSA Sara Sweeney to dance about uncontrollably like a demonically-possessed puppet, as I remained stoic. I was an American soldier, an Army Officer, and always would conduct mvself as one. I felt like C.S. Lewis' "Asian" being led to the "Stone Table" as the prosecutor's legal harem of hags, goblins, and trolls cackled and grunted in unseemly celebration of their wicked victory--albeit a temporary one--as the judge decreed her opinion and plunged the twisted blade of judgment. But like Asian, I knew without a shadow of doubt I would have my legal resurrection day (hopefully before the literal one) and in that day tear out the throat of the false accusations against me. The judge then proclaimed all of my firearms and ammunition would be confiscated by the State (despite them being 100% legal and not used as part of any crime), and after a few more handfulls of lies thrown at me 'by the "Yahoo" prosecutor, said I was to be "remanded into prison" and then sentenced. Five months later (after some excruciating experiences of enlightenment) I returned for sentencing, and instead of the expected 1 to 7 months guideline, I was given 20 36 months (increased by the prosecutor's intentional distortion of the gun law enhancement--which all Americans and freedom loving people should beware since it sets a precedent for confiscating all liberties, property rights, and protections). For the next few blurry months I was Charleton Heston's "Judah Ben-Hur", rowing defiantly in the Roman prison galley, and broodingly chomping at the bit for the day when I would return to the arena of Court and vindicate myself in the "Chariot Race" of argumentation. Like Ben-Hur, I longed--if not lusted--for the rematch, and the moment I would unleash my horses of truth, dominate the track, and whip, trample, and crush under foot the monstrous body of lies of the prosecutor. Until that day however, I would have to wear the paper jumpsuit of a prisoner, before the laurel wreath could crown me the victor. Over several months I travelled around the country by bumpy bus and plane, shackled in handcuffs and ankle chains, eating peanut-butter sandwiches on stale bread and sipping paper cups of murky water, as I was bounced around various jails. Indeed to endure the abusive treatment and filthy conditions of America's Bureau of Prisons is more than an education in character development, it is a time traveling adventure to a medieval world the average citizen has no idea exists that makes Stalin's Siberian Gulag seem like Day-Care. My encounter was painfully reminiscent of Rambo ' s Vietnam P.O.W. camp discovery, filled with bearded men missing teeth (there is no true dentistry in federal prisons despite the propaganda), some shivering feverishly, some hobbling on crutches due to limbs amputated from neglected cancers, some crawling out of their wheelchairs to reach the toilet, and some autistic or in other ways mentally retarded--all thrown into a menagerie of tatooed gangsters, managed by sadistically cruel security guards who must have tortured little animals in their own bullied childhoods. The medical neglect was akin to Nazi Holocaust experimentation, without the compassion. . 47 It was Tiot about fixing the problem anymore or analyzing the issue, it was about exposing the men who "fixed the game" to fail from the beginning: The Department of Justice, the Intelligence Community, Senator Carl Levin, President Obama, and the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. After everything came out, then the American people would have the choice of forgiving them, or disciplining them and casting them out of office and into prison (for those guilty of "serious crimes and misdemeanors") and/or be impeached. But at least average Americans would have the choice, and not the millionaire boys club of Washington D.C. 48 Strange as it may seem, it was not until I looked up amidst a meditative outdoor walk one day and beheld a familiar "Sign-in- the-Heavens" that I recognized what had really been happening to me , why , and mos t importantly what I was now expected to do with the experience . Chatting and pondering with a couple friends (one of whom an intelligence analyst whose material implicating U.S. government involvment in the September 11th World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks is more than compelling) the mysterious cosmic forces which seemed to have had brought us together like some episode of "LOST" (the TV show), I reflected on how my original military mission had been to defeat my nation's enemy by strangling his money--to put it simply. And that I was to do this by discovering, analyzing, and terminating terrorist finance operations, networks, and individuals. As fate would have it, at that precise moment of internal thought, one of my friends stopped mid-sentence, pointed overhead, and announced "...and 'X' marks the spot!" Intrigued, I glanced up and discovered a sort of coat-of-arms symbol in the sky which seemed to proclaim a subtle message only I could feel; a message that appeared as two planes' white exhaust trails crossed in a cloudless sea of blue, forming an immense 'X' with the center point descending directly upon us unusually fast. It may not have been a voice on high saying, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased" type message, but it was certainly close. It was close because the symbol was a deeply personal one. for me; it was the symbol of the flag of Scotland--a white 'X' on a blue field--and the country of my birth. I could almost hear the "Thus Saith Zarathustra" music transform the image into ephiphany , and stand my hairs to attention. 49 Smilingly gazing up at the sky-written sign of my origin, I recognized my destiny, and understood what next I must do. I realized in a moment of thunder-clapping clarity that I had been brought here to finish my mission, not in spite of it. I realized that by investigating, analyzing, reporting, and following-up on Birkenf eld's UBS-Terroris t Finance intelligence, I was still on mission , continuing to do my duty, and fulfilling my oath as an of f icer--despite the imprisonment inflicted upon me by my own government. For reasons I couldn't quite fully fathom myself, I was still obeying my original orders, honoring my uniform and flag, and serving my country. The irony--or miracle--was that it was only after I had been locked-up in a federal prison for a paperwork discrepancy on a single military housing form (violating every Constitutional principle and civil liberty imaginable) that I was able to discover the materials which would enable me to achieve my objective and protect my nation against terrorism-- my reason for joining the army in the first place. I had deciphered State Department cables which no one else could, and discovered a "DaVinci Code" level secret. In that discovery, I had been given a choice: either hide and ignore Birkenf eld* s revelations and commit acts of ommission by allowing terrorists to shed American blood through continuing their finance operations; or articulate and communicate the life and death implications of the intelligence, and expose it to the American people for judgment. Fortunately for the nation, my mother's upbringing led me to do the latter. 50 In this case the "job" had been originally assigned to me by President Obama and the military, except they didn't expect me to continue "working the problem" after they threw me in jail. Most likely they expected me to curl-up into a fetus position and be passive. But as Ronald Reagan would say years earlier about miscalculated political expectations, "They counted wrong." Lee Van Cleef's line from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" to his bed-ridden bounty-paying employer came to mind: "When somebody pays me to do a job... I always see it through", punctuating with the bang of his pistol. During this trance-like meditation on the symbol in the sky, I recalled my oath as an officer; and my mentor Colonel Jeff Jones who had hired me out of the Bush Administration to join his Psychological Warfare team at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.-G. > and also helped arrange for my Army Direct Commission. It reminded me of a scene involving a similar scenario and moral dilemma. The scene was from Tom Clancy's "Clear and Present Danger", in which Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) is having an intimate and intense final death bed conversation with his mentor, the wheezing, half- conscious Navy Admiral and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (James Earl Jones). Ryan is wrestling with the choice of either revealing the unconstitutional activities and betrayal of U.S. Special Operations troops (left to languish in a South American prison ironically enough) by a Machiavellian White House staff engaging in an artificially designed "War on Drug Cartels"; or simply remaining silent about the whole thing, and dramatically increasing his job security and political power through the- accumulation of secrets, favors, and leverage. Struggling to find his moral center, Ryan confides in his old mentor and asks for guidance. 51 James Earl Jones whispers to Ryan in a last testament before he dies, "You. . took. . an oath... to the people... of the United States", and then fades quiet. Ryan nods in acknowledgment, as his mentor passes ^ The memory of this scene was significant, because I too took such an oath, and swore to uphold it to my mentor. Colonel Jeff Jones (Commander, 4th Psychological Operations Group) before he died of brain cancer in 2010. My oath was to "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies , foreign and domestic . " My oath was not to a tattered and stained piece of papyrus in a museum tatooed with the dreamy scribblings of old men in white wigs and knee-high stockings, but to God's eternal and inviolable Law which motivated and established this Constitution to maximize and * protect mens ' lives, happiness, and prosperity in America. The Constitution was not an iconoclastic memory, it is_ a living and active and unchanging (except through Amending) license which empowered me, as an individual , with the abilities to lawfully wield weapons to protect my family, property, and future; practice and perfect my gifts, talents, skills, and knowledge to make a living; and imagine, create, express and share everything and anything that fulfills me within the confines and boundaries (moral and material) of the Constitution. It was not a bridle to control me, it was a key that kept the chains of sloth and fear from restraining me. It was a blade that prevented man from being consumed and suffocated under the "red-tape" of excessive and pointless (and destructive) government regulations (federal, state, and local) like the insidiously coiling death-wrappings of a mummy. In short, it was the Law of the Land. Colonel Jeff Jones was one of the most intelligent, gentlemanly, and imaginatively gifted leaders America has been blessed to have serve and wear the Army uniform. 52 He was also a genius at influencing target audiences, building brands, and synthesizing words, images, music, and feelings to change hearts and minds and f^obliterate the competing message. He was indeed a man modern Advertising agencies would either die to hire , or tremble and run from . From classic campaigns throughout history, to contemporary statesmen, scholars, and military experts around the world, COL Jones knew everything and everyone associated with the subject of Psychological Warfare (modernly watered down to the weaker term psychological operation). He was reveered by all in the community as the "Father of Modern PSYOP", and had been the architect of the campaigns in Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm I, Bosnia, and Haiti (and a few other skirmishes which must remain confidential). COL Jones had first seen me during a Pentagon meeting when I stood up, posed a question, and challenged Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dick Meyers about evolving psychological warfare to be more spiritually focussed. Shortly thereafter, COL Jones contacted me and asked if I would join a group and mission he was putting together with some Army Intelligence officers at Booz Allen Hamilton. He was very direct, professional, and skillfully blunt. He said he was assembling a small team of eclectic personalities and backgrounds to create a new kind of psychological warfare that utilized the mystical, psychosexual , and horror fantasies of the Muslim Extremist to define them as religious heretics ("Muf sidoon" , in Arabic) and isolate them from the indigenous Muslim population (the Umma). The team would be united by their uncommon traits of ruthless dedication to destroy the enemy; mastery of scholarly research and writing techniques in order to analyze, communicate, and teach this psychological warfare against Islamic 53 extremism and terrorism to the State Department, the CIA, and military personnel-- the three agencies essential to winning the war of ideas, and ones he knew intimately. His goal was to transform these agencies from neutered golden retrievers lazily sunbathing poolside into lean, dirty, ravenous wolves snarling and snapping for a bloody fight. He was determined to remove the bureaucratic retardation and willful indecision which was compromising--and defeating-- the military's psychological warfare capabilities; and redefine, if not completely eliminate. Congress ' s micromanaging of the information war — mainly because most American politicians had the queer defect of presenting American values not as "Adonis" to Muslim eyes, but rather a perverse "Punchinello". Plus given Islam's native fear and hostility towards the odd and magical, American efforts were naturally viewed as insidious and corrupt. Allowing politicians and bureaucrats to design artistic, multi-layered psychological warfare was like assigning thumbless mechanics to perform brain surgery. It was mutilating our image instead, of healing our future. An example of this were advertisments put' out by the State Department (under Hillary Clinton) in Benghazi, Libya using "inflammatory" language about homosexuality in its needed security contractors for hire. This of course outraged the Muslim Imams, which gave the Al Qaeda extremists the religious gasoline they could spray the crowds with. The advertisements were propagandized (or PSYOPed) into proof of an "American agenda to corrupt the sexual purity" of its Muslims --which is the most sacred (and .contradictory) dimension of the Muslim spiritual life. If anyone could accomplish this titanic task, it was COL Jones. Few men had inspired me with their intellect and character in the 54 past (aside from my Scottish grandfather), and COL Jones was one of them. Soonafter meeting him, I left the Bush Administration, joined his team, and prepared for an adventure of the mind few men have endured. I worked in secret buildings, on floors that didn't exist, and devised psychological warfare projects for the State Department Coordinator of Counterterrorism and U.S. Special Operations Command that the public would never know about, and that the Muslim extremist would never recover from. Unfortunately, in researching and developing these psychological warfare products, some of the materials I was exposed to--in particular the unspeakably grissly Al Qaeda videos of "infidel torture"--I may never fully recover from, and will certainly never forget. COL Jones wanted the best self-starting, creative, and aggressive team to dominate the defense contract market in Islamic counterterrorism communications . To do this , we had to watch, read, and understand everything the Islamic terrorist was brainwashed with, while maintaining the stone-cold detachment of a surgeon observing a medical operation. . .only in this case there was no anesthesia and the goal of the demoniacs was the thrill of inflicting agony on whomever they labeled "infidel". For what seemed like days, I was placed into a Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF), which is a kind of over-air conditioned, hyperbaric decompression chamber, where all sound from the outside world is absorbed from the air by foam cones and walls, achieving an almost otherworldly silence. It's like being in an airplane, with your ears feeling covered without the popping discomfort, while your voice is sucked out of the air. The only noise coming from the "Allah Akbar" chantings of the murderers and the screams and pleadings from their "infidel" (who are often Muslim Shia) victims. 55 I was shown video upon video of Islamic extremists sawing off the heads (and other limbs and appendages) of captured prisoners (Russian, Chinese, British, Danish, American) , soldiers and civilians; and torturing European female contractors in the most vile, blood-curdling ways no human eyes should ever see. I'm not ashamed to say it gave me a hatred and desire for vengeance and merciless annihilation of every single Muslim terrorist (and their financial enablers ) we encountered; and compelled me to accept a commission in the Army. After seeing these drug-induced, pornography addicted, terrorists dissect women and children (and perform other acts which will be constrained out of good taste) in ways which make Jack-the- Ripper seem like a sweet- voiced Vienna Choir boy , I emerged a changed man; not traumatized, but profoundly different. And if the American people ever saw the full scope of evil depravity and viciousness in these videos, they would not only change their views about Islamic extremism, but most likely compel the surgical use of nuclear weapons. Of course they might also crumple into thumb-sucking fetus positions of psychoneurosis as a result of the images , (which is the reason given by bureaucrats to keep these videos classified), but my guess is Americans would gird-up the loins of their minds and be motivated to destroy the enemy like never before. 56 Another extremely valuable lesson this research and training taught me, which the army seems pathologically obsessed with ignoring, was that men and women should not be allowed under any circums tances-- nevermind forced--to watch these videos together in the same SCIF chamber. It is painfully uncomfortable for the men especially; and cultivates a defensive posture in the women which restricts their ability to openly and spontaneously provide feedback, analysis, and deduce creative opportunities to exploit into counter-propaganda material--which is essential to the military commander and success of PSYOP missions. Again, why is this not only allowed, but in fact often ordered by Higher Command? Because, as epidemic in America's modern military, the fever of political-correctness has blurred and disoriented military commander's minds to the point they have become stammering, emotionally castrated old men without any memory of raw manhood, or any hope or pleasure in it. This in turn causes them to reject natural womanhood (delicate femininity), as predicted in Karl Stern's "The Flight From Woman", and George Gilder's "Sexual Suicide", and fosters an androgynous culture and doctrine within the military, which is neither healthy nor combat effective at destroying a non- androgynous enemy . Ironically, this failure to maintain a healthy balance and separation between the masculine and feminine characteristics of the military was one of the reasons why Army Private First Class Bradley Manning "popped" like an overshaken champagne bottle and haphazardly released information to Wikileaks, after the New York Times ignored him. An interesting case study in "insufficient training" which warrants brief examination for consideration across the military intelligence, PSYOP, and prisoner interrogation spectrum. 57 As an Army Intelligence analyst in Iraq, Manning's job was to thoroughly examine, absorb, and categorize key pieces of newly discovered information captured by Special Operations Forces raids, such as: video, computer files, documents, emails, phone records, financial statements, bank accounts, maps, and other psychographic information. When short-handed, he would have been assigned to "heavier" tasks, and here is where the trouble starts. He would have been exposed to materials most mature men could not s tomach--never mind the average hormone-crazed 19 year old kid. I was more "seasoned" in the world, was in my mid-30' s, and knew ahead of time exactly what I was getting into, why, and how to "compartmentalize" the materials (which in all honesty, a person can only tolerate for about 2 hours before having to leave the SCIF, take a non-speaking break, and go outside, cuddle and play with a dog or pet for a dose of unconditional love in order to tranquilize the spirit from the evil manifestations the person is being forced to analyze in the name of "PSYOP Research for National Security Purposes"). The fact that the army would be so dull--or blatantly stupid or cruel--as to expose a 19 year old kid fresh out of the womb of "Bible-Belt" American High School to watch videos that redefine inhuman savagery, and study documents he has neither the mind, nor temperment, nor the experience through which to filter the feelings produced, is a testament to why the U.S. military Special Operations Forces has continuously decayed in its talent pool of Intelligence Analysts, Psychological Warfare soldiers, and Prisoner Interrogation Experts . Interestingly , the Germans are among the best at understanding and managing this delicate balance* 58 Manning simply did not have the capacity to contain the information poured into him, and more importantly, could not digest the volatile acerbity of the suffering. This is logical. He himself already suffered from some chronic manhood deficits as a result of a harsh and distant father unwilling to show physical affection or intimate emotional warmth, which always precipitates (especially in boys) identity confusion, and its consequent symptoms of self-rejection and loneliness, which leads to sexual dysfunction, then experimentation, then guilt, and finally angry depression. When the boy has a high I.Q. and E.Q. (intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient) the frustration and anger intensifies into malice. No doubt PFC Manning had seen, though he shouldn't have, some of the videos I had, and lost it; furiously demanding what was being done by kinetic planners to stop these butchers--and thereby stop his painful, no doubt nightmare growing, forced exposure to the video materials he had to analyze. Another trigger of Manning's meltdown about nothing being done would have been the "unique" (one would even say contradictory) retribution visited upon the "Gay Pride" types in Iraq — those who glory and celebrate in consciously defining themselves as homosexual, rather than define themselves as heterosexuals who engage in the "Man-Love-Thursday" habit of male-to-male "soothing of tension", which they see as necessary as a result of their complications with women. A most bizarre, yet necessary phenomenon to understand in order to discover its underlying psychological warfare implications. But that is for another report. In any case, this complicated house of cards was largely responsible for setting-up and collapsing into Manning's backlashing betrayal of secret cables upon his return to the States. 59 He was hurt, and angered, not by the army, but primarily by what the army had exposed him to--and violated him with--wi thout carefully . preparing and mentoring him through it. Thus, I could empathize--somewhat--with PFC Bradley Manning's sense of contemptious frustration with his superior officers. Higher Command's character trait seems to be constant non-responsiveness; aggressive avoidance of all intellectual exertion; and revilement of any external accountability--especially by Congressional Oversight Committees managed by wisened old veterans. But that's another issue for a different report. There are two types of men: ihose who've been stung by combat and sickened by its sting, and thereby lost their minds and sensitive nature to some degree-- typified by their refusal to ever handle another weapon, for example. Then there are those men who acquire a slow, heavy, mature somberness mixed with indominable confidence. One is a sign of strength and wisdom, the other of cynical hostility and self-defeat. COL Jones was a man of strength and wisdom. He had stood by me in my darkest days of frustration with the military's political self-destruction, and calmly guided me in my balancing of choices. There was an intense gravity in his stare, that heavied you with the many years of his warfighting and diplomatic tours of duty. His eyes were similar to my father's, who as a Marine Corps fighter pilot in Vietnam (1968-69, Wake Island; R;0.K.; Chu-Lai) had flown more missions than most men. Like my father, COL Jones was unbreakably hard, yet strong enough to be soft-spoken and gentle in his command of men. He was a mixture of John Wayne and Brian Keith, iconic actors of old epitomizing sober American manliness. 60 --GOL Jones had left the army, as tny father had left the marine corps, when he sensed effeminate and debilitating compromises becoming official policy. Like the cartoon classic of Daffy Duck holding-up and fighting against a black gelatinous blob seeping into his space, rather than thrash-about and claw at it, GOL Jones prudently chose to save his battle for another day, and combat it in an asymetrical way: he had recruited, trained and positioned me in the heart of the Counter terrorism, Intelligence, and Military nexus. He made me his Liaison Officer to Special Operations Command, State Department, and the Intelligence Agencies. I was sent in to ferret out the bureaucratic blockages and straighten out the "stove-piping", analyze key problems and devise solutions, and implement them immediately without waiting for the impulsive doubt of bureaucrats and military opportunists to hobble the possibility of success. They were always primarily geared towards comfort, title, promotion, and legacy, with a secondary interest in actually winning the war of ideas. COL Jones' only interest, at all times, was defeating the enemy to defend his family. He was a man of action, not words. Yet no man could use words to win hearts and minds and battles, better than he. Without going into classified material, my work with COL Jones yielded products, strategies, and theories never before developed in the history of the psychological warfare battlespace. From comic books articulating Seyda Zeinab (they mystical female leader all Shiites revere, adore, and obey for Syrian operations), to the power of nightmares, "Team America", and Mormon-like International Public Service Announcements, COL Jones encouraged me in fearless creativity, moral conviction when speaking truth to power, and energizing and framing my work in spiritual duty. 61 It was out of this sense of duty that I left my path of international economic and political development work, and merged into a different world. I joined the fight on terror out of a loyalty and love of country, like my father and grandfathers before me. I combined my skills, knowledge, contacts, and experience in advertising, Hollywood comic book writing, film, and religious scholarship, with psychological warfare against Islamic extremism; and created quite a diverse product mix. I developed instinct diagrams, mind-mapping devices, strategic communication plans , hypnotic interrogation techniques , and other PSYOP products and techniques (vhich must remain classified outside this open-source report) that never before existed in the American military arsenal or training doctrine. Through my experiences at the State Department, Special Operations Command, and the Intelligence Community, I have seen things only a few men have, and that no normal man would ever want to. I have endured the emotionally exhausting and spiritually agonizing work of analyzing and counteracting Islamic extremist torture and execution videos, and have not had the option of looking away or skipping the worst parts. I have had to study every element of the videos in order to deconstruct them, identify sensitive information, analyze phraseology -and ideological underpinnin discover vulnerabilities, and recommend countermeasures to Islamist propaganda. I have seen Daniel Pearl's beheaders cry out gleefully, "Let's go to Disneyland", after cutting off his head^-something the non-Muslim world was, for some reason, spared from seeing. And I have read every philosophical treatise on jihad, religious brainwashing, and manual for socio-political-cultural division and isolation of the West, that has been published. 62 I had stared into the face of my enemy, and it was not the illiterate, fanatically bloodthirsty, emotionally unstable, boy- loving desert savage who uses his left hand for toilet paper, but rather it was those who prosper by extending the fight of this savage through acts of omission that enable his financing, thereby giving him "aide and comf ort"--which the U.S. Constitution defines as treason. It was very plain and simple to understand. ' If the enemy of my enemy is my friend , then the ally of my enemy is my enemy (and in this case the enemy of every U.S. military member and taxpayer). Thus my enemy was clearly and undeniably those parties giving substance and time, and therein hope and encouragement, to the enemy I and other servicemen--of both the U.S. and our allies--had been fighting to the death, as we were trained to do. However in the end, when everything was added up, the papertrail seemed to indicate the aiding of the enemy was, in fact, being funded by U.S. taxpayers, was being condoned by the Justice Department, the Intelligence Agencies, President Obama, certain members of Congress, and the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. It seemed we were fighting the enemy like parasites on a host, feeding off it just enough to not completely kill it, just maintain a constant groan of near death. And we were managing the war--and telling our allies to do the same--in a manner which, whether intentionally or not, treated global conflict like a smoldering fire, never allowing it to be completely extinguished in order to preserve just enough flame for the next shift of unionized, government paid water-bucket bearers (Haliburton, SAIC, Dyncorp, etc.); And every now and then a flame-up consumed some innocent, simpleton civilian sailing a boat near the Horn of Africa, or sight-seeing in some Middle-East city, or celebrating the Boston Marathon, 63 From a causitive analysis, I concluded that the real enemy was not the bloody murderers who torture women with power-drills; or sodomize, slice-up, and skin alive captured American and Russian soldiers (though Al Qaeda has written it fears Russian soldiers 100 times more than American, for retribution purposes), on film, to avenge historical wrongs that never occurred; or who hack-up unsuspecting British soldiers strolling the streets of London; or who threatened Danish cartoonists for drawing Mohammed with a big nose; or who shot and stabbed Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh for exposing the sadistic abuse of Women in his film "Submission" with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (\Aio agrees with me). As atrociously primitive and morally moronic as these trogladite abominations of the human species are, they are not the disease but rather the rotting flesh resulting from the disease--an essential distinction. Terrorists are simply the symptoms of our own weaknesses, specifically our failure--or refusal--to terrify them; and our own ineptitude at waging sensationally effective psychological warfare that inspires fear and puts them on the retreat, instead of naively and foolishly and effeminately trying to seduce them into admiring the cool logic of democracy (Which has never, and will never, work with a hot-blooded desert culture people, as the British know well). Why? Simply put, their brains are wired differently by their culture (Read "The Arab Mind" and "Sir Richard F. Burton"). Also, since Muslim extremists pass on their pathological obsessions and paranoia to their seven to eight children (average birth statistics), then Pat Buchanan's imminent decline of the West, and Pat Fagan's "Demographic Winter" was descending upon us like a silent, menacing storm waiting for its moment to unleash its pent-up wrath. 64 Fundamentally, the anthropological genesis of the terrorist infection comes from the U.S. government-military-media complex refusing to fully and finally sterilize the area of this body politic of nations by "cutting out" or cauterizing the Saudi Arabian funded Wahabism through all instruments of national power (inf ormationally , politically, economically, then militarily) . This was best done not through "whack-a-mole" drone and missle tactics, which is similar to "Caddyshack Carl's" blowing up the entire golf course (world) to rid the country club of one varmint--in this case a small band of schizophrenic, weepy, girl-fearing adolescents with beards. It was best done through multidimensional, mythopoetic , and spiritually authoritative (key words in the puzzle of the mind) psychological warfare and strategic communications--which was what I did for a living in my advertising and government-military careers--and which was the sole reason I took a Direct Commission as an Officer in the Army in the first place. I had met with and challenged face to face at a meeting then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dick Meyers. At a meeting at the Pentagon, I brought up the need for developing new PSYOP that struck at the center of gravity of Muslim spiritual beliefs, particularly suicide assisted "martyrdom", and gave as the solution the need to use against them their own concept of "Torments of the Grave", which is what they have historically feared most. Sadly, most of the military men in the room couldn't grasp the idea. 65 All this I did, not because I wanted to, but because I was told it was the only way to "get inside the hearts and minds" of the Islamic terrorist, and thereby counteract his perverse apocalyptic narrative by developing a superior message and brand of American values. This I did because I was told if I did not, my country *s ability to defend itself militarily in the war of ideas would be weakend, and my fellow Americans suffer. This I did because I am, a patriot ... and always will be. This I did because I promised my fellow soldiers, "I shall not fail those with whom I serve." And with this report, I honor and keep that army promise. 66 CONCLUSIQN Brad Birkenfeld is an American patriot and loyal to the people and culture and government of our United States, But how can it be that^after risking his life and sacrificing his career and future to empower the government with the informational advantage it sorely lacked and obviously desperately needed over the terrorist enemy (as seen in the government's subsequent payment of $104 million dollars to Mr. Birkenfeld), this same government--a cabal of retirement- obsessed bureaucrats , power- addicted politicians , and blood-drunk Tnili.tary-industrial-intel knuckle-draggers (officers above the rank of Captain)--betrayed Birkenfeld and buried his revelations; and then muzzled him and imprisoned him behind the iron mask of a felony charge? He discovered a deadly threat to the people of the United States, his countrymen, and came to the institution supposedly established by the people to guard their security, the Department of Justice (never in his wildest dreams expecting to be targeted for assasination by them , or one of their "contractors" , for disclosing his treasure of secret information and contacts) and instead of being welcomed, was scorned, legally beaten, and professionally crucified. Why was this done to him? The answer is simple, since the facts speak volumes: To continue metas ticizing a malignant fear and suicidal conflict based on deception, pride, and greed. To grow a war to cultivate careers. A war which, if it had been fought the right way, would have ended a decade ago (in other words 3 years after it started). Another whistleblower , Edward Snowden, although I don't agree with his methods, has also come forward to reveal the power and reach Booz Allen Hamilton exercises in its activities at the National Security Agency. Most revealing is that the National Director of Intelligence, James Clapper, was a Booz Allen Hamilton employee; as well as Mike McGonnel , Intelligence Community • 67 Indeed the monstrous, flaming-red, all-seeing "Sauron" eye of the American Government 's matrix of satellites (National Reconnaissance Office) , wiretaps (National Security Agency) , remote-control drones (Central Intelligence Agency), and vast army of winged, blue-monkey agents flying from the Dark Tower of the FBI-ATF-IRS-Homeland Security, failed to find (supposedly) or refused to use (most likely) what Brad Birkenfeld freely and enthusias tically gave : 19 , 000 bank account names , cell phones , hotel rooms, meeting dates, email addresses, and other vital information pertaining to potential terrorist financial networks and operations . None of which was ever shared with the military. It staggers the imagination to think that such treason or tragic comedy of errors could be committed by government and military and intelligence agency personnel, without the least bit of humility or repentance upon reflection. Perhaps most reprehensible of all is the fact that despite his pleading with the Justice Department to allow him to share this information with the right Army military Threat Finance team (mine) and an Officer who would fully exploit this information to combat terrorists and keep America safe (me), Birkenfeld was not only flatly denied this request, but then threatened violently by the Justice Department if he "spoke to anyone" --including other financial government agencies --about his information. He literally begged for a subpoena to warn the American people about terrorists and was forbidden, under pain of death, by Justice... a darker Shakespearean drama of egomaniacal motives I cannot imagine. This fact alone should slap- away the ashen expression of shock on American citizens' faces to one of mouth- frothing , beet- red outrage ; and move them to demand merciless investigations by Congress into this matter and all who betrayed their sons and daughters in uniform. After all, a generation of our children have been killed or crippled by these incompetents. And their '"blood cries out to us from the ground." 68 One of the starkest memories I have as an Officer, and indeed as a man, was beholding a young, beautiful, long blond-haired, blue-eyed girl (around 18-19 years old) who had just been released from Walter Reed Army hospital and was attending a Washington Nationals baseball game outing with a busload of freshly wounded soldiers. They were being honored by a sponsor and lined up in front of a crowd and "thanked for serving." The girl was in a wheel chair, and had both legs blown off at the knee due to her being shot-up while repelling out of a helicopter (l won't open the Pandora's Box of women in combat, but suffice it to say she should not have been forced into that situation by politically- correct commanders who hide from manly chivalry like vampires cowering from the sun). Her face expressed a nervous, tired estrangement, as if still in shock and not quite fully aware of what had happened to her, or why. Her same-age boyfriend (civilian), no doubt from high school, stood next to her in loyal support, yet with a tight-lipped tension, as if a thousand questions or statements were simmering in him. As I think upon her now, and how tearful it made me then, my own questions and statements begin to boil over from a scalding conviction; the conviction that only an Army Officer who was a Terrorist Threat Finance analyst assigned to stop banks from funding terrorism can have; the conviction only a soldier can have as he swears an oath to protect his country; and indeed the conviction only a man can feel as his deepest soul is stirred with the passionate fury to protect a y^ung girlfrom fanatical savages. The conviction that if just one Union Bank of Switzerland account which Birkenfeld gave to the American government was used to transfer one dollar to an Islamic charity, which then gave it to a courier, who then transferred it to a terrorist, who finally used it to buy the bullets and bombs that were used to maim that young girl, then the Justice Department. 69 Senator Carl Levin (and others in Congress), Leon Panetta (in his dual role as CIA Director and later Secretary of Defense), and indeed President Barack Hussein Obama, have blood on their hands, and I will freely sacrifice my career--and life if necessary-- to honor and redeem her by exposing this to the American people, her family, and cry-out to citizens to help her by sharing this story with others. 70 As Joseph Campbell would concur as being mythic destiny, and as Tolkien no doubt would noddingly approve from behind his wafting "Middle-Earth" pipe smoke, and as Frost has already said, "This path has made all the difference..." in this tale of "To There and Back Again." For had I not fallen into "Gollum's Cave", never would I have found Birkenf eld's "Ring of power", i.e. his documents , Wikileaks cables , bank statements , phone lists , photos , and other materials revealing UBS-Terroris t links and activities, and complicit Justice Department attempts to both silence him about it, and prevent him from informing the military minds who most needed--and were searching for--this vital information. Indeed truth ls_ stranger than fiction. However, instead of invisibility, Birkenf eld' s "ring" forced me and my past writing out of the shadows, making me visible to the horror of some in government. Birkenfeld was the proof that confirmed my research, suppositions, and predictions by bringing me to the source of the Terrorist Finance Network I had been hunting all along. Additionally, he not only substantiated my theories, but far worse, exposed inexcusable government failure and cover-up. Acts of bad faith or incompetence seemed to have been committed by: Senator Carl Levin (a.k.a., the "shoe-cobbler" as Dennis Miller keenly observes) , Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations which had Birkenfeld testify and examined his evidence, as well as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee which should have shared the information with the military (and according to Birkenfeld, never did); Hillary Clinton at the State Department and Coordinator for Counterterrorism (whom I worked for); Eric Holder at the Justice Department and his assassin henchmen Assistant U.S. Attorneys Kevin Downing and Kevin O'Connor (working with others in the intelligence agencies) who not 71 only orchestrated an attempted foreign plot or perhaps murder against Birkenfeld through betraying his whis tleblowing to UBS in a fraudulent letter pretending to have been written by Birkenfeld' s Islamic banker friend (whose phone they illegally tapped), but then falsely charged him with a non-existent crime and imprisoned him after he escaped their trap, and forbade him from ever speaking about the issue. to this day--hanging the sword of Damocles over his head in the form of threatening to take-back their $104 million dollar payoff; and obviously by President Obama himself who ran the show in exchange for campaign contributions from his UBS financial bundler Robert Wolf, Chairman of the Americas for Union Bank of Switzerland. And of course many other strange pieces of evidence, stories, and eccentric characters (military, intelligence agencies, media) which must, at least for now, remain excluded from this admittedly voluminous psychodramatic Congressional-Military Whis tleblowing report (part I), in the interests of space and time. But rest assured, this additional material will also be published, and has already been written and secured. After ensuring, to the best of our ability, no American military member (enlisted and Junior Officers) or his family will be damaged, compromised, exposed to terrorists (as I was), or in any way hurt as a result of the revelations in the next report, Americans will be shown the rest. With regards to the American News Media publishing this report, perhaps Frank Sinatra's "Second Time Around" will be sung by some vanguard of the Press in the coming days. ..but I doubt it. Something tells me--and I hope I'm wrong of course-- that most likely the only eyes which will gaze upon the bold colors of right (now bleeding pastels in America--as Reagan warned), and the only ears which will hear the melody and remember the tune of freedom, will be those of Europe... Time will tell. 72 What's the result of all this so far and what's the impact on American life? Unforgivably, American sons and daughters, and those of our war-allies, have been needlessly killed or ^maimed--physically and emotionally--as a direct result of this indefensible intelligence failure and or seditious conspiracy to conceal the truth. Additionally our allies have been subjected to internal socio-political upheavals' within their own citizenry because of it. The world's stability has been shaken as the foundations of civilization are fractured under the erratic hammer blows of American military power; and innocent American citizens have been unlawfully imprisoned, brutally abused, and cruelly hidden away from their families--in a coordinated attempt to silence them about this issue. And this is just what has been uncovered so f ar . Worst of all has been the complicity of politicians on Capitol Hill (aside from Rand Paul, the only leader to ever respond--albei tly by weak form letter) as well as the media--who seem beholden to the Union Bank of Switzerland. To say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, falls short of describing the devilish cabal at the heart of this issue. Once again Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer has administered a slap on the wrist with a deferred prosecution and small fine to UBS. A foreign bank--and therefore a foreign government--has secretly meddled with, influenced, and pressured U.S. politicians and government agencies (The President; the Senate; the Dept. of Justice; the Dept. of State; the Intelligence Community; the Dept. of Defense) to arrest and jail its own citizens for their patriotic whis tleblowing to the American people. In exchange for this "servicing", UBS has guaranteed positions on Boards, generous consulting payments, and promises of power — for the next 100 years. Examples of these seditious acts include: Phil Graham, former Republican Texas Senator (see UBS confidential meeting notes); 73 Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer supposedly working--when in private practice--f or the law firm Covington and Burling and representing UBS in private practice (reported to me in Birkenf eld's testimony); former Senator Barack Hussein Obama (now President) who served on Senator Carl Levin's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, heard Birkenf eld's original testimony before the committee, and examined in great detail the evidence Birkenfeld provided indicating UBS (as HSBC) may have been funding terrorism, as indicated by the banking statement of Abdullah Azziz (who was identified as a key Al Qaeda financier by Osama Bin Laden' s "Golden Triangle" in the Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi) and UBS' "Optimus Foundation"; contributions to Obama' s Presidential Campaign by UBS Chairman of the Americas Robert Wolf; Department of Justice Assistant U.S. Attorneys Kevin O'Connor and Kevin Downing, connected to former Mayor of New York Rudy Gullianni who in turn was supposedly connected to Abdullah Azziz (also a player in Saadam Hussein's "oil for food" bribery scandal); and Leon Panetta, former CIA Director, then later Secretary of Defense, who was also a Senior Level partner at my Defense Contractor firm--Booz Allen Hamilton; and other individuals and activities who can be examined in greater detail on the included report and list. Amazingly, just this week a colleague of mine from Booz Allen Hamilton' s Cyberwarfare team (assigned to the National Security Agency) has filed another whis tleblowing report about government abuses of intelligence and manipulative, unconstitutional designs against the American public. This has been shared with Glen Greenwald at The Guardian Newspaper, and will expose materials I have been reporting to Congress and the military for the past year. Hopefully Mr. Snowden (the Booz Allen Hamilton whis tleblower ) will reveal all the truth. 74 Since "Many are my persecutors and mine enemies ; yet do I not decline from thy testimonies", and "I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed" (Psalm: 119), seem to be somewhat fitting descriptors of my situation, allow me to say, in the most non-melodramatic way, that if--God forbid--any thing should happen to me, may this story not fall away. In full public view, under the scrutiny of a Congressional and Military investigation, let this report be examined, questioned, and tested under oath, and shared with the American people. For those who may condemn or criticize my exposure of this ineptitude or plot between Booz Allen Hamilton, the Obama Administration, and the Intelligence Community, I can only say, as God is my witness and judge, I could not go on remaining silent and allow my fellow military brethren to continue dying and being maimed for life by bombs and bullets financed by bank accounts that long ago I could have shut down, and would have shut down, had I only known... had I only met Brad Birkenfeld when I should have... when he was looking for me. Perhaps I could have done more, but I will let history be the judge, guided by the conscience of the American people . As for me, I have tried to "fight the good fight" assigned to me, defend my country from enemies "foreign and domestic", and run the race laid out before me by only choosing the most honorable, truthful, and patriotic paths along the journey. 75 EPILOGUE At the very end of the film Braveheart" there is a climactic scene where William Wallace's huge claymore sword is symbolically unsheathed and flung high into the air with roaring audacity--bagpip blasting in the background--as the skyward turned faces of a legion of kilted warriors on the field follow it with reverent awe as it spins through the air toward the shocked English army, and stabs defiantly into the green grassy hill as an ominous marker of freedom, and promise of victory. Inspired indominable, the men charge forward in screaming savage valor, and defeat the enemy to win their freedom* Similarly, may this letter soar through cyberspace, telephones, mailboxes, and social-networks, and achieve the same success by stirring-up our pride in America, inspiring our faith in God, and emboldening our passionate love of personal and cultural freedom To that end, my prayer is that this letter will only nourish the reader with wisdom; and that after reading, of me it might be humbly'said, he saw a danger, and warned of it. To help defend against tyranny, he served and led like a true officer of the United States Army. He fought against self-serving bureaucracies, powers, and principalities to break through and share with his fellow countrymen the truth they deserved to know. He fought with his words and expressed reality fearlessly, and earned the words "Well done thou good and faithful servant", the most eternal reward of all. He fought like an American soldier, or as Wallace might say, "He fought like a warrior-poet .. .he fought like a Scotsman . " 76


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  • Common Dreams "The American Bar Association's House of Delegates voted yesterday to call on President Bush and future presidents not to issue ``signing statements" that claim the power to bypass laws, and it urged Congress to pass legislation to help courts put a stop to the growing practice."
  • American Bar Association search: Bush signing statements, poses a dangerous challenge to the constitutional checks and balances central to power in the US.  


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