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Go to Russiagate page....Rachel Maddow and Wolf Blitzer demonized Trump for nearly three years, then the truth hit...their ratings suffered greatly

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There's no principle difference between NeoNazism, Jewish Chosenness and White Supremacism...all forms of supremacism are wrong....

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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Clinton Bush Obama death lists...over 300 names suspicious deaths...Clintons by far the worst

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Cultural Marxist goal is to destroy Christian nationalist culture. LGBTQ is just one disengenuously elevate LGBTQ above all other issues as a club against white males...all for Jewish megalomania

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The Yellow Vests movement in France has severely weakoned the (((globalist Jews))) despite government attempts to infiltrate groups with violent actors

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Immigration drives are funded by deep state cultural marxists to advance the cause of socialism then Communism

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Communism is just Talmudism politicized.. both seek centralized power, abolish the family, state and Christian religion

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9/11 was a false flag attack on America by a cabal consisting of Israel, US, Britain and Saudi Arabia...executed to start Iraq War

Trump, Crypto-Jewish Mob Boss

Vulture Capitalism is Jewish Capitalism ... below

  • Trump, Just another mob boss....just not under complete control of Jew Deep State.

  • Maybe a better description is that he doesn't and can never control certain areas of the US / Jew (deep state) government and his attempts to do so would mean that he would have to be 'disappeared'.

  • Articles by Wayne Madsen Report

  • (1) Media being lazy and ignorant in coverage of Trump scandal
    (2) Trump enabling Soros "color revolutions" in Macedonia and Serbia
    (3) Is drug money laundering among Trump's new worries?

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    June 2-4, 2017 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Media being lazy and ignorant in coverage of Trump scandal
  • The corporate media is being lazy and ignorant in its coverage of the scandal surrounding the Donald Trump administration and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. The media would rather claim the scandal is all about Russia, when, in fact, it encompasses at least two dozen different countries involved in money laundering, registration of dummy corporations, and providing passports for key members of the Trump Organization and its criminal syndicate partner, the Kushner Companies.
  • The major reason why Justice Department Special Prosecutor and former FBI director Robert Mueller has tapped Andrew Weissmann, the chief of the Fraud Section of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, to assist him in his investigation of the Trump White House are the ties of the Trump and Kushner families to securities fraud and money laundering schemes. These operations involve interlocking real estate deals between the Trump and Kushner organizations and implicate not only Donald Trump and his son-in-law and presidential special adviser Jared Kushner, but also Trump's sons, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump; Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump; and Trump's closest advisers, including individuals under congressional subpoena for the "Russia" investigation. The House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed documents maintained by President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen and Trump campaign spokesman Boris Epshteyn.
  • The "Russia" investigation is a misnomer. WMR has identified several nations other than Russia that are involved in varying degrees to the Trump/Kushner real estate empire. This combined family business powerhouse has used U.S. tax laws to either skirt the law or violate it completely. The Trump/Kushner enterprise has been the subject of numerous lawsuits. An examination of these suits reveals that the Trump/Kushner enterprise uses offshore tax havens, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, bribes -- in violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act -- limited liability corporations, dodgy banking institutions linked to money laundering, and various "pay-to-play" schemes to increase their profits. President Trump recently relaxed the law on political activities that may be engaged in by 501(c)(3) entities like the Donald J. Trump Foundation and his daughter's Ivanka Trump Foundation, the latter having recently received $100 million in donations from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The following list is of the countries, in addition to Russia, that are linked to what can safely be called the Trump-Kushner criminal syndicate:
  • 1. Albania 61. Macao
    2. Argentina 62. Malaysia
    3. Aruba 63. Maldives
    4. Australia 64. Malta
    5. Austria 65. Mexico
    6. Azerbaijan 66. Moldova
    7. Bahamas 67. Monaco
    8. Bahrain 68. Morocco
    9. Bangladesh 69. Namibia
    10. Belarus 70. Netherlands
    11. Belgium 71. New Zealand
    12. Belize 72. Panama
    13. Bermuda 73. Peru
    14. Brazil 74. Philippines
    15. Brunei 75. Poland
    16. Bulgaria 76. Portugal
    17. Cambodia 77. Puerto Rico
    18. Canada 78. Qatar
    19. Cayman Islands 79. Romania
    20. Central African Republic 80. St. Kitts and Nevis
    21. Chile 81. St. Lucia
    22. China 82. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    23. Colombia 83. Saudi Arabia
    24. Cook Islands 84. Serbia
    25. Costa Rica 85. Seychelles
    26. Croatia 86. Sierra Leone
    27. Cuba 87. Slovenia
    28. Cyprus 88. South Africa
    29. Czech Republic 89. Switzerland
    30. Dominica 90. Taiwan
    31. Dominican Republic 91. Tanzania
    32. Egypt 92. Thailand
    33. France 93. Tunisia
    34. Georgia 94. Turkey
    35. Germany 95. Turks and Caicos Islands
    36. Gibraltar 96. Ukraine
    37. Greece 97. United Arab Emirates
    38. Guatemala 98. United Kingdom
    39. Guinea 99. Uruguay
    40. Haiti 100. Uzbekistan
    41. Honduras 101. Vietnam
    42. Hong Kong 102. Virgin Islands (British)
    43. Hungary
    44. Iceland
    45. India
    46. Indonesia
    47. Iran
    48. Ireland
    49. Israel
    50. Italy
    51. Japan
    52. Jordan
    53. Kazakhstan
    54. Kenya
    55. Korea (South)
    56. Kuwait
    57. Kyrgyzstan
    58. Libya
    59. Liechtenstein
    60. Luxembourg
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview that "patriotic Russians" may have been involved in conducting computer hacking of Democratic Party computer systems during the 2016 campaign, but this was a politically correct way of naming the "FSU Mafia" or "Former Soviet Union Mafia." The FSU Mafia is overwhelmingly Russian and Ukrainian Jewish. Putin keeps some of these gangster-oligarchs close in order to ascertain the nature of their operations and whether they adversely impact on Russian state security. Some of these same mafiosi figures are also close to the Trump and Kushner organizations. Consider that some of those tied to Trump and Kushner and are under investigation have similar names, for example, Boris Epshteyn and Boris Birshtein, the latter involved in the defunct Trump Tower project in Toronto.
  • Epshteyn's dubious business methods are summarized in a lawsuit brought in Houston against him and his business partner. [Click here for lawsuit download]
  • In addition to the over 100 countries in which the Trump Organization is active, Mueller and Weissmann are scrutinizing the databases of the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) to discover links between known Mafia companies and those under the Trump umbrella. Trump Organization companies include:
    Sentient Jets LLC (Now/Known/As Trump Jets LLC)
    T International Realty LLC (dba Trump International Realty)
    The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc.
    The Trump Corporation
    The Trump Follies Member Inc.
    The Trump Equitable Fifth Avenue Company
    Trump 106 CPS LLC
    Trump 55 Wall Corp
    Trump 767 Management LLC
    Trump 845 LP LLC
    Trump 845 UN GP LLC
    Trump 846 UN MGR Corp
    Trump 846 UN MGR LLC fka 845 UN LLC
    Trump AC Casino Marks LLC
    Trump AC Casino Marks Member Corp
    Trump Acquisition Corp.
    Trump Acquisition, LLC
    Trump Books LLC
    Trump Books Manager Corp
    Trump Brazil LLC
    Trump Briarcliff Manor Development LLC formerly Briar Hall Development LLC
    Trump Canadian Services Inc
    Trump Canouan Estate LLC
    Trump Canouan Estate Member Corp
    Trump Caribbean LLC
    Trump Carousel LLC
    Trump Carousel Member Corp
    Trump Central Park West Corp
    Trump Chicago Commercial Member Corp
    Trump Chicago Commercial Manager LLC
    Trump Chicago Development LLC
    Trump Chicago Hotel Member Corp
    Trump Chicago Hotel Manager LLC
    Trump Chicago Managing Member LLC
    Trump Chicago Member LLC
    Trump Chicago Residential Member Corp
    Trump Chicago Residential Manager LLC
    Trump Chicago Retail LLC
    Trump Chicago Retail Manager LLC
    Trump Chicago Retail Member Corp
    Trump Classic Cars LLC
    Trump Classic Cars Member Corp
    Trump Commercial Chicago LLC
    Trump Cozumel Corp
    Trump Cozumel LLC
    Trump CPS Corp
    Trump CPS LLC
    Trump Delmonico LLC
    Trump Development Services LLC
    Trump Development Services Member Corp.
    Trump Drinks Israel Holdings LLC
    Trump Drinks Israel Holdings Member Corp
    Trump Drinks Israel LLC
    Trump Drinks Israel Member Corp
    Trump Education ULC
    Trump Empire State, Inc.
    Trump Endeavor 12 LLC
    Trump Endeavor 12 Manager Corp
    Trump EU Marks Member LLC
    Trump EU Marks Member Corp
    The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC (fka Trump University CA LLC)
    Trump Ferry Point LLC
    Trump Ferry Point Member Corp
    Trump Florida Management LLC
    Trump Florida Manager Corp.
    The Trump Follies LLC
    Trump Fort Lee LLC
    Trump Fort Lee Member Corp
    Trump Golf Acquisition LLC
    Trump Golf Coco Beach LLC
    Trump Golf Coco Beach Member Corp
    Trump Golf Management LLC
    Trump Home Marks
    Trump Home Marks Member Corp
    Trump Ice LLC
    Trump Ice Inc
    Trump Identity LLC
    Trump Identity Member Corp
    Trump International Development LLC
    Trump International Development Member Corp
    Trump International Golf Club LC
    Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited
    Trump International Golf Club Inc.
    Trump International Hotel and Tower Condominium
    Trump International Hotel Hawaii LLC
    Trump International Hotels Management LLC
    Trump International Management Corp
    Trump Kelowna LLC
    Trump Kelowna Member Corp.
    Trump Korean Projects LLC
    Trump Las Olas LLC
    Trump Las Olas Member Corp
    Trump Las Vegas Corp.
    Trump Las Vegas Development LLC
    Trump Las Vegas Managing Member LLC
    Trump Las Vegas Managing Member II LLC
    Trump Las Vegas Marketing and Sales LLC
    Trump Las Vegas Member LLC
    Trump Las Vegas Member II LLC
    Trump Las Vegas Sales & Marketing Inc.
    Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas Unit Owners Association
    Trump Lauderdale Development 2 LLC
    Trump Lauderdale Development LLC
    Trump Management Inc
    Trump Marketing LLC
    Trump Marks Asia Corp
    Trump Marks Asia LLC
    Trump Marks Atlanta LLC
    Trump Marks Atlanta Member Corp
    Trump Marks Baja Corp
    Trump Marks Baja LLC
    Trump Marks Batumi LLC
    Trump Marks Batumi Member Corp
    Trump Marks Beverages Corp
    Trump Marks LLC
    Trump Marks Canouan Corp
    Trump Marks Canouan LLC
    Trump Marks Chicago LLC
    Trump Marks Chicago Member Corp
    Trump Marks Cozumel Corp
    Trump Marks Cozumel LLC
    Trump Marks Dubai Corp
    Trump Marks Dubai LLC
    Trump Marks Egypt Corp
    Trump Marks Egypt LLC
    Trump Marks Fine Foods LLC
    Trump Marks Fine Foods Member Corp
    Trump Marks Ft. Lauderdale LLC.
    Trump Marks Ft. Lauderdale Member Corp
    Trump Marks Golf Swing LLC
    Trump Marks Golf Swing Member Corp
    Trump Marks GP Corp
    Trump Marks Holding LP (FKA Trump Marks LP)
    Trump Marks Hollywood Corp
    Trump Marks Hollywood LLC
    Trump Marks Istanbul II Corp.
    Trump Marks Istanbul II LLC
    Trump Marks Jersey City Corp.
    Trump Marks Jersey City LLC
    Trump Marks Las Vegas Corp
    Trump Marks Las Vegas LLC
    Trump Marks LLC
    Trump Marks Magazine Corp
    Trump Marks Magazine LLC
    Trump Marks Mattress LLC
    Trump Marks Mattress Member Corp.
    Trump Marks Menswear LLC
    Trump Marks Menswear Member Corp
    Trump Marks Mortoaoe Corp.
    Trump Marks Mtg LLC
    Trump Marks Mumbai LLC
    Trump Marks Mumbai Member Corp
    Trump Marks New Orleans Corp
    Trump Marks New Orleans LLC
    Trump Marks New Rochelle Corp.
    Trump Marks New Rochelle LLC
    Trump Marks Palm Beach Corp
    Trump Marks Palm Beach LLC
    Trump Marks Panama Corp
    Trump Marks Panama LLC
    Trump Marks Philadelphia Corp
    Trump Marks PhiladelPhia LLC
    Trump Marks Philippines LLC
    Trump Marks Philippines Corp
    Trump Marks Products LLC
    Trump Marks Products Member Corp
    Trump Marks Puerto Rico I LLC
    Trump Marks Puerto Rico I Member Corp
    Trump Marks Puerto Rico II LLC
    Trump Marks Puerto Rico II Member Corp
    Trump Marks Punta del Este LLC
    Trump Marks Punta del Este Manager Corp
    The Donald J. Trump Company LLC
    The Trump Marks Real Estate Corp
    Trump Marks Real Estate LLC
    Trump Marks SOHO License Corp
    Trump Marks SOHO LLC
    Trump Marks South Africa LLC
    Trump Marks South Africa Member Corp
    Trump Marks Stamford Corp
    Trump Marks Stamford LLC
    Trump Marks Sunny Isles I LLC
    Trump Marks Sunny Isles I Member Corp.
    Trump Marks Sunny Isles II LLC
    Trump Marks Sunny Isles II Member Corp.
    Trump Marks Tampa Corp
    Trump Marks Tampa LLC
    Trump Marks Toronto Corp
    Trump Marks Toronto LLC
    Trump Marks Toronto LP (formally Trump Toronto Management LP)
    Trump Marks Waikiki Corp
    Trump Marks Waikiki LLC
    Trump Marks Westchester Corp.
    Trump Marks Westchester LLC
    Trump Marks White Plains Corp
    Trump Marks White Plains LLC
    Trump Miami Resort Management LLC
    Trump Miami Resort Management Member Corp
    Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck LLC
    Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck Member Corp
    Trump National Golf Club LLC
    Trump National Golf Club Member Corp
    Trump National Golf Club Washington DC LLC
    Trump National Golf Club Washington DC Member Corp
    Trump Ocean Manager Inc.
    Trump Ocean Managing Member LLC
    Trump Old Post Office LLC
    Trump On the Ocean LLC
    Trump Organization LLC
    The Trump Organization, Inc.
    Trump Pageants, Inc.
    Trump Palace Condominium
    Trump Palace/Parc LLC
    Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC
    Trump Panama Condominium Member Corp
    Trump Panama Hotel Management LLC
    Trump Panama Hotel Management Member Corp LLC
    Trump Parc East Condominium
    Trump Park Avenue Acquisition LLC
    Trump Park Avenue LLC
    Trump Payroll Chicago LLC
    Trump Payroll Corp.
    Trump Phoenix Development LLC
    Trump Plaza LLC
    Trump Plaza Member Inc. fka Trump Plaza Corp.
    Trump Procida Fort Lee LLC
    Trump Productions LLC (former Rancho Lien LLC)
    Trump Production Managing Member Inc
    Trump Project Management Corp.
    Trump Properties LLC
    Trump Realty Services, LLC (fka Trump Mortgage Services LLC (03) & Tower Mortgage Services LLC)
    Trump Restaurants LLC
    Trump RHF Corp
    Trump Riverside Management LLC
    Trump Ruffin Commercial LLC
    Trump Ruffin LLC
    Trump Ruffin Tower I LLC
    Trump Sales & Leasing Chicago LLC
    Trump Sales & Leasing Chicago Member Corp
    Trump Scotland Member Inc
    Trump Scotsborough Square LLC
    Trump Scotsborough Square Member Corp.
    Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium New York
    Trump Soho Member LLC
    Trump Toronto Development Inc
    Trump Toronto Hotel Management Corp.
    Trump Toronto Member Corp. (formally Trump Toronto Management Member Corp)
    Trump Tower Commercial LLC
    Trump Tower Condominium Residential Section
    Trump Tower Managing Member Inc
    Trump Village Construction Corp.
    Trump Vineyard Estates LLC
    Trump Vineyard Estates Manager Corp.
    Trump Vineyard Estates Lot 3 Owner LLC (fka Eric Trump Land Holdings LLC)
    Trump Virginia Acquisitions LLC (fka Virginia Acquisitions LLC)
    Trump Virginia Acquisitions Manager Corp
    Trump Virginia Lot 5 LLC
    Trump Virginia Lot 5 Manager Corp.
    Trump Wine Marks LLC
    Trump Wine Marks Member Corp.
    Trump World Productions LLC y LLC
    Trump World Productions Manager Corp
    Trump World Publications LLC
    Trump/New World Property Management LLC
    Trump Castle Management Corp
    Trump Marks White Plains Corp
    Trump RHF Corp
    The Donald J. Trump grantor Trust – DJT is the Trustee Successor – Trustee is Donald J. Trump, Jr.
    The Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust
    And if the above lists of countries and companies are not enough to examine, consider all the firms linked to Trump and Kushner that are being looked at by the Special Prosecutor and his staff. They are headquartered in a multitude of locations with some being mere fronts for shady characters who have bought Trump condominiums in New York, Florida, and other locations.
  • The Trump-Kushner enterprise has enabled wealthy individuals, some subject to Interpol arrest warrants, to establish residencies at Trump or Kushner properties. Trump's private clubs, including Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, are being investigated for "pay-to-play" racketeering schemes. In April of this year, two former presidents of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana, each paid the $100,000 Mar-a-Lago initiation fee merely to be introduced to Trump to air their opposition to Colombia's peace agreement with the leftist rebel FARC group. The two presidents sought to bend Trump's ear prior to the president's meeting the following week with Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, who hammered out the peace agreement with the FARC through the good offices of Cuba. Florida Senator Marco Rubio was identified as an interlocutor for Uribe and Pastrana and he may also be subject to the Special Prosecutor's racketeering probe of Trump's business activities.
  • Companies linked to the Trump/Kushner criminal enterprise mostly bear nondescript names like Alferon Management, Trans World Metals, SDG Capital S.A., Eurasian Bank, Triadou SPV, S.A., Excel Venture I LLC, Bayrock Group LLC, FL Group (Iceland), Eurasia Resources Group, Olave Equities LLC (BVI), Lytton Ventures Inc., Westix Ltd., Arigon Overseas, Arbat Capital, Toromont Ltd. (Cyprus), Barlow Investing, Annex Holdings Ltd. (St. Kitts), Mission Capital LLC, Smetanka LLC, Strategy International LLC, Federal Bank of the Middle East (Cyprus), Colley International Marketing (BVI), Firtash Group DF Ltd., 1st Rate Investment, ME Moldova Enterprises AG, MAB International, Midland Resource Holdings Ltd., Seabeco Security International Inc. (Zurich), Kazbay, Azarpassilo Construction Company ((Iran), Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation (Tehran), and Inkombank.
  • Wealthy individuals, some of them on the lam from international law enforcement, have purchased Trump properties using corporate covers like Soho 311 LLC, Soho 3310 LLC, Soho 3203 LLC, K One Journal Square LLC, Baku XXI Century, and 65 Bay LLC. The Special Prosecutor is very likely looking at whether cash purchases of Trump and Kushner properties were first laundered and subsequently transferred to their respective businesses and/or Trump's political campaign coffers.
  • The Trump and Kushner criminal organizations have plenty to hide and Messrs. Mueller and Weissmann have their jobs cut out for them. WMR has attempted to draw the interconnecting relationships of the Trump-Kushner operations to the wider network of con men and foreign oligarchs. As seen in the photo below, it has been no easy task.
  •  trump organization enlarge
  • Because the investigations of Trump and Kushner are so complicated, the corporate media has taken the easy way out by calling the scandal the "Russian" affair. As seen from our report, Russia is but one of 102 nations and territories involved in the Trump and Kushner criminal syndicate. The scandal is a classic Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) case but the media would rather paint it as the plot of a James Bond flick.
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    April 28-30, 2017 -- Trump enabling Soros "color revolutions" in Macedonia and Serbia..

  • Although candidate Donald Trump castigated the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign for its close ties to hedge fund multi-billionaire George Soros, President Trump is carrying out Soros-directed "color revolutions" in Macedonia and Serbia, two nations with friendly ties to Russia. Moreover, rather than "drain the swamp" of Soros operatives, Trump ensured that a former Soros employee, Steve Mnuchin, now serves as the Secretary of Treasury.
  • Publicly, Soros has called Trump a con-man and a would-be dictator. Privately, what is occurring in Macedonia and Serbia is an attempt by Soros, working with Mike Pompeo's Central Intelligence Agency, to overthrow democratically-elected governments in both countries and replace them with pro-NATO and globalist-oriented puppet regimes of the United States and the European Union.
  • The current destabilization campaign is not only targeting the governments of Macedonia and Serbia, but also the Srpska Republic of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation. The CIA destabilization and coup efforts are, according to Balkans sources, part of an overall program code-named OPERATION WIZARD OF OZ. The operation is being staged from a joint CIA-British MI6 special station in Milan. The short-term goal of WIZARD OF OZ is to replace governments friendly to Russia in Macedonia, Serbia, and the Srpska Republic.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry and Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto have condemned Soros's involvement in Macedonia's destabilization. Szijjarto said that "far-away countries," meaning the U.S. and Britain, have been responsible for recent violent demonstrations in Macedonia.
  • The CIA and Soros want to ensure that the Macedonian nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party and its leader, former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who was forced out of office amid Soros- and CIA-financed street demonstrations in 2016, and President Gjorge Ivanov are forced from office. Soros and the CIA have groomed the pro-NATO and EU and anti-Russian Social Democratic leader Zoran Zaev to replace the VMRO-DPMNE. There are also plans afoot to eventually purge the VMRO-DPMNE from Macedonian politics in the same manner that the U.S. neocons destroyed the Ba'ath Socialist Party in Iraq and the pro-Russian Party of Regions in Ukraine. The VMRO-DPMNE is the successor to the anti-Ottoman Macedonian political party, also called the VMRO, during the period of Ottoman occupation of Macedonia.
  • The Trump administration has formed an alliance with the radical Islamist government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who Trump personally congratulated for winning a corrupted referendum in Turkey, by which Erdogan has now seized virtual dictatorial powers. Trump's sacked national security adviser, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, had a contract with Erdogan's government, which included offering a plan to kidnap exiled Turkish opposition leader Fethulleh Gulen from Pennsylvania to Turkey, where he would face certain execution.
  • An outcrop of the Trump-Erdogan alliance is the empowerment of pro-Turkish Albanian nationalists in countries like Macedonia to seize more power. Erdogan hopes to increase the influence of Albanian Muslims throughout the Balkans in an attempt to re-create the Ottoman Empire's foothold in southeastern Europe.
  • On April 27, VMRO-DPMNE supporters stormed the Macedonian parliament to protest the appointment of an ethnic Albanian, who represents the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) party. Some 100 of the VMRO-DPMNE protesters were injured by riot police. The Albanian party has demanded that Albanian be made one of the two official languages of Macedonia, something that the Slavic Macedonian-speakers have rejected because Albanians represent only 15 percent of the Macedonian population.Image result for vucic press conference Image result for gjorge ivanov press conference
    Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic and his government [left], as is Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov [right] facing coordinated pressure from George Soros and Trump administration.
  • As a result of the violence in parliament, the ethnic Albanian Interior Minister in the caretaker government, Agim Nuhin, resigned. Zaev, with the support of Soros and the CIA, refuses to meet with President Ivanov to help form a coalition government and stabilize the nation.
  • Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who has faced street protests similar to those taking place in Macedonia over his re-election sees a wider conspiracy by Soros and the West to undermine Balkans stability. Although Vucic won re-election with 55 percent of the vote, Soros groups charge that the vote was rigged and that Vucic and his Serbian Progressive Party stole the election. As in Macedonia, the Soros groups, backed by the CIA, are demanding that the Serbian Progressive Party government resign along with Vucic.
  • The Soros groups are now trying to paint Vucic as another Slobodan Milosevic, the same personalized demonization ploy that Soros has attempted with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and, before he began toeing the neocon and globalist line, Trump. Campaigns of painting political leaders as "Hitlers" and "genocidal killers" were refined by the CIA, working with Soros, to target not only Serbia's Milosevic but also Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Libya's Muammar Qaddafi, and Syria's Bashar al-Assad. Trump now routinely bashes Assad using the neocon and Soros rhetoric, something that likely does not sit too well with First Lady Melania Trump, a native of Slovenia, who has often spoken out in nostalgic terms about the former Yugoslavia, the first post-Cold War target of the neocons and Soros.
  • Another target of the neocons, Soros, and the Trump White House is Srpska Republic leader
    Milorad Dodik, who has also faced protests. There are demands from the Muslim-dominated Bosnia-Herzegovina federation government in Sarajevo for Dodik and his Serbs to give up constitutionally-guaranteed autonomy of the Srpska Republic and start taking orders from Sarajevo and cut ties with the Serbian government in Belgrade. Serbia and Russia have come to Dodik's defense and warned Sarajevo and its masters in the EU and NATO against any attempt to curtail the Srpska Republic's self-government.
  • Vucic is well-aware that before he left as CIA director, John Brennan visited Tirana, Albania on December 7, 2016, to give a green light for the establishment of a "Greater Albania" incorporating the Republic of Albania, Kosovo, Albanian regions of Macedonia, and Albanian pockets in Montenegro. The action would likely spell the end of Macedonia, with the remaining portions of the nation being absorbed by Serbia and Bulgaria. Greater Albania would become an important religious, military, and political ally of Erdogan's recreated Ottoman Empire. The plan by Soros, the CIA, NATO, and the EU for a Greater Albania now has the active support of Pompeo and the neocons within the Trump administration, including national security adviser and one-time General David Petraeus understudy Lt. General H. R. McMaster, and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.
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    June 22-23, 2017 -- SPECIAL INVESTIGATION -- Is drug money laundering among Trump's new worries?
  • U.S. strongman Donald Trump may have additional worries over the Justice Department special prosecutor's probe of the Trump Organization's and Trump 2016 presidential campaign's financial ties to Russian-Jewish mobsters and illegal campaign cash.
  • Trump's Mar-a-Lago club is linked to two former Colombian presidents who stand accused of supporting drug money-laundering right-wing paramilitary groups in Colombia. The links between drug cartels and Trump business partner and billionaire former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli have reportedly opened up new avenues for federal prosecutors.
  • Martinelli, who is under arrest by federal authorities in Miami, fled Panama after he was succeeded by his vice president Juan Carlos Varela. Varela met with Trump last week at the White House but there was no public mention of Martinelli's arrest at his Coral Gables home to enforce Panama's extradition request for the former president. Martinelli is charged in Panama with a host of corruption charges, including spying on his enemies and money laundering. Martinelli helped Trump open up the 70-story Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower Panama in Panama City in 2011 and Martinelli has shown an invitation he received to attend Trump's inaugural ball in Washington. Trump and Martinellli have referred to one another as friends. Martinelli is an investor in the Global Bank Corporation of Panama, which is a co-trustee of the Trump Tower in Panama City.
  • Image result for trump ocean club international hotel and tower
  • trump panama
    The building that narco-funds built: the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower in Panama City, Panama
  • A number of Russian Jews, including American citizens and many linked to the illegal narcotics trade, purchased condos in the Trump Tower in Panama. A Belarusian Jew, Alexander Altshoul, identified by Canadian authorities as a mobster, has been named as one of the principal individuals of interest involved in Trump's complex in Panama City. Altshoul was a principal player in one of Colombia's and Panama's largest real estate Ponzi schemes involving David Murcia Guzmán, the head of the DMG Grupo Holding SA and a Colombian narco-cartel leader. The bust of the Ponzi network in 2009 resulted in the U.S. government seizing eleven properties in South Florida and California.
  • The chief bag man for funneling DMG cash to the Martinelli campaign, some $900,000 in total, was Salomón ("Salo") Shamah. Martinelli named Shamah as his Tourism Minister even though he was known to the DEA office in Bogota to be a gun smuggler for the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), a right-wing paramilitary group linked to former Colombian President and Trump Mar-a-Lago club member Álvaro Uribe. Martinelli named Shamah as a cabinet minister even though the Panamanian Constitution bars cabinet positions for naturalized Panamanian citizens like Shamah, who was born in Colombia.
  • Martinelli has also been linked to Panama's Waked family, which stands accused by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of using their chain of duty-free stores to traffic in drugs and launder drug money. Among the laundering operations named by the DEA are Soho Mall and Millennium Plaza, as well as Balboa Bank & Trust -- all Waked business holdings under the Grupo Wisa holding company. Some of the investment money for the Trump Tower may have originated with Colombian narco-dealers, particularly the Valle del Norte Cartel and the associated AUC. Valle del Norte Cartel leader Murcia Guzmán has been linked by the Panamanian and Colombian press to illegal campaign donations to Martinelli. It was also discovered that Guzmán's real estate agency in Panama City, Homes Real Estate Investment Services, was selling Trump Tower condos to individuals purchasing them with laundered drug money. Guzmán's DMG business partner, Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, claims to have been Donald Trump's guest at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. Eric Trump dismissed Guzmán's ties to the Trump Tower as merely coincidental.
  • From Colombian narco cartel sources, initial funds for the Trump Tower development project may have been laundered through Panama's Colon Free Zone, a duty-free import and export area. Instead of calling the Panama City tower the Trump Ocean Club and Tower, it would be more appropriate to call it the "Trump Cocaine Club and Tower."
  • There is a strong belief that Trump publicly brought up the U.S. building of and former control over the Panama Canal in remarks, with Varela at his side, as a way of reminding the Panamanian president that the U.S. has ways to apply pressure on the Central American nation. The extradition request for Martinelli and Panama's recent scrapping of diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of China were top items in talks between Trump and Varela. If Martinelli is extradited to Panama to stand trial he would be in a position to expose Trump's connections to questionable businessmen and investors in Panama and the wider Caribbean region. Panama has also requested the extradition of Martinelli's two sons -- Ricardo Alberto Martinelli and Luis Enrique Martinelli -- who both fled Madrid to avoid arrest and are believed to be living in the greater Miami area.
  • The Minister of the Presidency in the Martinelli administration, Roberto Henriquez, is barred from leaving Panama as investigators probe his and Martinelli's roles in the money laundering and securities fraud that took place at Financial Pacific S.A. Salomon Shamah, who, along with Henriquez, were the only two Jews in Martinelli's strongly pro-Israel government, has been seen frequently as of late in Medellin, where his wife is an official resident. Shamah is of prime interest to the Panamanian Securities Market Superintendency (SMV) over the Financial Pacific scandal.
  • In 2009, while construction was underway on the Trump Tower in Panama City, Martinelli's cousin, Ramón Martinelli Corro, was arrested in Mexico City on suspicion that he was laundering money for the Sinaloa Cartel branch run by the Mexican cartel run by the five Beltrán Leyva brothers -- Marcos Arturo, Carlos, Alfredo, Mario Alberto and Héctor. Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli, who made his fortune in the supermarket business, has often been called the "Trump of Panama" by Panamanians. Martinelli was less admiringly called Panama's "narcocandidato," owing to his links with regional narcotics cartel chiefs and money launderers. The likelihood that the "Trump of Panama" may be soon heading to a Panamanian prison is likely unsettling for Mr. Trump, who is facing his own criminal investigation in the United States.
  • In May, Trump met at the White House with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Trump did not endorse the gem of Santos's presidency - a peace treaty hammered out with the left-wing guerrilla force, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In April, Trump secretly met at his Mar-a-Lago club with former Colombian presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andrés Pastrana. The meeting had been arranged by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, someone who has his own questionable ties to right-wing exiled Latin American businessmen, especially those from Venezuela, many of whom are linked to drug money laundering. The two Colombian ex-presidents reportedly each paid the $200,000 initiation fee to join Mar-a-Lago merely to have face time with Trump. Uribe and Pastrana pressured Trump to drop U.S. support for the Colombian peace deal, which is strongly opposed by paramilitary narco-terrorist leaders in Colombia.
  • The Trump Organization's man in charge of its Latin American operations is Camilo Benedetti, the brother of Colombian Senator Armando Benedetti, a former political ally of Uribe. Camilio Benedetti came under suspicion for corruption involving Colombian oil royalties. The case was dropped after Donald Trump, Jr. met in 2009 with Santos, the now president of Colombia. In 2006, Donald Trump, Jr. and his sister Ivanka discussed with then-President Uribe a planned Trump project in Cartagena. In 2005, Ivanka Trump and Panama City Trump Tower primary developer Roger Khafif discussed adding a Colombian firm to their Trump Tower project in Panama. Khafif, who is also involved in real estate in Florida, the Bahamas, and Colombia, is president of Newland International Properties, a Trump Organization partner, and part owner of Kedco Fashion Corporation and Rafkas Import/Export, both located in the Colon Free Zone.
  • Salo, Kahfif and the Trumps
  • trump cartel
    The cartel ties that bind: left-to-right: Salomón Shamah, Roger Khafif, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump; left-to-right: Donald Trump, Ricardo Martinelli, and Roger Khafif.
  • trump cartel
  • Uribe owes his political career to the Medellin Cartel, which propelled him into national office from the mayoralty of Medellin. Uribe took his orders as mayor directly from Pablo Escobar, the lord of the Medellin Cartel. Uribe was so corrupt, he was fired as mayor by President Belisario Betancur in 1983. The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency described Uribe as a close friend of Escobar in a classified 1991 report. Uribe's two sons, Thomas and Jerome Uribe, were identified as business partners of Colombian narco chief Murcia Guzmán.
  • After serving as president of Colombia from 1988 to 2002, Pastrana became Uribe's ambassador to the United States. Pastrana had been "dirty" since being elected as the mayor of Bogota in the 1980s, after allegedly being held "hostage" by Escobar. While in Washington, Pastrana helped coordinate the corrupt "Plan Colombia" anti-drug operations with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Uribe government. The plan was a cover for the narco-lords to commit acts of genocide against the working poor and native tribes of Colombia.
  • The bad news for Donald Trump is that Murcia Guzmán, who would know quite a bit about past Trump family dealings with Martinelli and Uribe, as well as Colombian and Panamanian drug money laundering through real estate purchases, is now part of the U.S. federal witness protection program. His knowledge of Trump Organization activities is at the beck and call of special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team. Mueller brought on to his prosecution team Andrew Weissmann, the Justice Department's Chief of the Criminal Division and an expert in Russian Jewish mob operations and witness-flipping, and Elizabeth Prelogar, a former Solicitor General lawyer who is fluent in Russian. Prosecutor Lisa Page, formerly with Justice's organized crime section, is a specialist in Bulgarian gangs, and Jeannie Rhee is a former assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and a specialist in white-collar crime. Mueller may want to add some prosecutors fluent in Spanish, because when it comes to Russian Jewish and Spanish-speaking "Kosher Nostra" mobsters in Latin America and Caribbean, it helps to have knowledge of Russian and Spanish.

  • Vulture Capitalism Is Jewish Capitalism

     • DECEMBER 18, 2019
    jew vulture capitalist

    “If man will strike, strike through the mask!”
    Ahab, Moby Dick

    It was very gratifying to see Tucker Carlson’s recent attack on the activities of Paul Singer’s vulture fund, Elliot Associates, a group I first profiled four years ago. In many respects, it is truly remarkable that vulture funds like Singer’s escaped major media attention prior to this, especially when one considers how extraordinarily harmful and exploitative they are. Many countries are now in very significant debt to groups like Elliot Associates and, as Tucker’s segment very starkly illustrated, their reach has now extended into the very heart of small-town America. Shining a spotlight on the spread of this virus is definitely welcome. I strongly believe, however, that the problem presented by these cabals of exploitative financiers will only be solved if their true nature is fully discerned. Thus far, the descriptive terminology employed in discussing their activities has revolved only around the scavenging and parasitic nature of their activities. Elliot Associates have therefore been described as a quintessential example of a “vulture fund” practicing “vulture capitalism.” But these funds aren’t run by carrion birds. They are operated almost exclusively by Jews. In the following essay, I want us to examine the largest and most influential “vulture funds,” to assess their leadership, ethos, financial practices, and how they disseminate their dubiously acquired wealth. I want us to set aside colorful metaphors. I want us to strike through the mask.

    Who Are The Vultures?

    It is commonly agreed that the most significant global vulture funds are Elliot Management, Cerberus, FG Hemisphere, Autonomy Capital, Baupost Group, Canyon Capital Advisors, Monarch Alternative Capital, GoldenTree Asset Management, Aurelius Capital Management, OakTree Capital, Fundamental Advisors, and Tilden Park Investment Master Fund LP. The names of these groups are very interesting, being either blankly nondescript or evoking vague inklings of Anglo-Saxon or rural/pastoral origins (note the prevalence of oak, trees, parks, canyons, monarchs, or the use of names like Aurelius and Elliot). This is the same tactic employed by the Jew Jordan Belfort, the “Wolf of Wall Street,” who operated multiple major frauds under the business name Stratton Oakmont.

    These names are masks. They are designed to cultivate trust and obscure the real background of the various groupings of financiers. None of these groups have Anglo-Saxon or venerable origins. None are based in rural idylls. All of the vulture funds named above were founded by, and continue to be operated by, ethnocentric, globalist, urban-dwelling Jews. A quick review of each of their websites reveals their founders and central figures to be:

    • Elliot Management — Paul Singer, Zion Shohet, Jesse Cohn, Stephen Taub, Elliot Greenberg and Richard Zabel
    • Cerberus — Stephen Feinberg, Lee Millstein, Jeffrey Lomasky, Seth Plattus, Joshua Weintraub, Daniel Wolf, David Teitelbaum
    • FG Hemisphere — Peter Grossman
    • Autonomy Capital — Derek Goodman
    • Baupost Group — Seth Klarman, Jordan Baruch, Isaac Auerbach
    • Canyon Capital Advisors — Joshua Friedman, Mitchell Julis
    • Monarch Alternative Capital — Andrew Herenstein, Michael Weinstock
    • GoldenTree Asset Management — Steven Tananbaum, Steven Shapiro
    • Aurelius Capital Management — Mark Brodsky, Samuel Rubin, Eleazer Klein, Jason Kaplan
    • OakTree Capital — Howard Marks, Bruce Karsh, Jay Wintrob, John Frank, Sheldon Stone
    • Fundamental Advisors — Laurence Gottlieb, Jonathan Stern
    • Tilden Park Investment Master Fund LP — Josh Birnbaum, Sam Alcoff

    The fact that all of these vulture funds, widely acknowledged as the most influential and predatory, are owned and operated by Jews is remarkable in itself, especially in a contemporary context in which we are constantly bombarded with the suggestion that Jews don’t have a special relationship with money or usury, and that any such idea is an example of ignorant prejudice. Equally remarkable, however, is the fact that Jewish representation saturates the board level of these companies also, suggesting that their beginnings and methods of internal promotion and operation rely heavily on ethnic-communal origins, and religious and social cohesion more generally. As such, these Jewish funds provide an excellent opportunity to examine their financial and political activities as expressions of Jewishness, and can thus be placed in the broader framework of the Jewish group evolutionary strategy and the long historical trajectory of Jewish-European relations.

    How They Feed

    In May 2018, Puerto Rico declared a form of municipal bankruptcy after falling into more than $74.8 billion in debt, of which more than $34 billion is interest and fees. The debt was owed to all of the Jewish capitalists named above, with the exception of Stephen Feinberg’s Cerberus group. In order to commence payments, the government had instituted a policy of fiscal austerity, closing schools and raising utility bills, but when Hurricane Maria hit the island in September 2017, Puerto Rico was forced to stop transfers to their Jewish creditors. This provoked an aggressive attempt by the Jewish funds to seize assets from an island suffering from an 80% power outage, with the addition of further interest and fees. Protests broke out in several US cities calling for the debt to be forgiven. After a quick stop in Puerto Rico in late 2018, Donald Trump pandered to this sentiment when he told Fox News, “They owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street, and we’re going to have to wipe that out.” But Trump’s statement, like all of Trump’s statements, had no substance. The following day, the director of the White House budget office, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters: “I think what you heard the president say is that Puerto Rico is going to have to figure out a way to solve its debt problem.” In other words, Puerto Rico is going to have to figure out a way to pay its Jews.

    Trump’s reversal is hardly surprising, given that the President is considered extremely friendly to Jewish financial power. When he referred to “your friends on Wall Street” he really meant his friends on Wall Street. One of his closest allies is Stephen Feinberg, founder and CEO of Cerberus, a war-profiteering vulture fund that has now accumulated more than $1.5 billion in Irish debt, leaving the country prone to a “wave of home repossessions” on a scale not seen since the Jewish mortgage traders behind Quicken Loans (Daniel Gilbert) and Ameriquest (Roland Arnall) made thousands of Americans homeless. Feinberg has also been associated with mass evictions in Spain, causing a collective of Barcelona anarchists to label him a “Jewish mega parasite” in charge of the “world’s vilest vulture fund.” In May 2018, Trump made Feinberg chair of his Intelligence Advisory Board, and one of the reasons for Trump’s sluggish retreat from Afghanistan has been the fact Feinberg’s DynCorphas enjoyed years of lucrative government defense contracts training Afghan police and providing ancillary services to the military.

    But Trump’s association with Jewish vultures goes far beyond Feinberg. A recent piece in the New York Post declared “Orthodox Jews are opening up their wallets for Trump in 2020.” This is a predictable outcome of the period 2016 to 2020, an era that could be neatly characterised as How Jews learned to stop worrying and love the Don. Jewish financiers are opening their wallets for Trump because it is now clear he utterly failed to fulfil promises on mass immigration to White America, while pledging his commitment to Zionism and to socially destructive Jewish side projects like the promotion of homosexuality. These actions, coupled with his commuting of Hasidic meatpacking boss Sholom Rubashkin‘s 27-year-sentence for bank fraud and money laundering in 2017, have sent a message to Jewish finance that Trump is someone they can do business with. Since these globalist exploiters are essentially politically amorphous, knowing no loyalty but that to their own tribe and its interests, there is significant drift of Jewish mega-money between the Democratic and Republican parties. The New York Post reports, for example, that when Trump attended a $25,000-per-couple luncheon in November at a Midtown hotel, where 400 moneyed Jews raised at least $4 million for the America First [!] SuperPAC, the luncheon organiser Kelly Sadler, told reporters, “We screened all of the people in attendance, and we were surprised to see how many have given before to Democrats, but never a Republican. People were standing up on their chairs chanting … eight more years.” The reality, of course, is that these people are not Democrats or Republicans, but Jews, willing to push their money in whatever direction the wind of Jewish interests is blowing.

    The collapse of Puerto Rico under Jewish debt and elite courting of Jewish financial predators is certainly nothing new. Congo, ZambiaLiberiaArgentinaPeruPanamaEcuadorVietnamPoland, and Ireland are just some of the countries that have slipped fatefully into the hands of the Jews listed above, and these same people are now closely watching Greece and India. The methodology used to acquire such leverage is as simple as it is ruthless. On its most basic level, “vulture capitalism” is really just a combination of the continued intense relationship between Jews and usury and Jewish involvement in medieval tax farming. On the older practice, Salo Baron writes in Economic History of the Jews that Jewish speculators would pay a lump sum to the treasury before mercilessly turning on the peasantry to obtain “considerable surpluses … if need be, by ruthless methods.”[1] The activities of the Jewish vulture funds are essentially the same speculation in debt, except here the trade in usury is carried out on a global scale with the feudal peasants of old now replaced with entire nations. Wealthy Jews pool resources, purchase debts, add astronomical fees and interests, and when the inevitable default occurs they engage in aggressive legal activity to seize assets, bringing waves of jobs losses and home repossessions.

    This type of predation is so pernicious and morally perverse that both the Belgianand UK governments have taken steps to ban these Jewish firms from using their court systems to sue for distressed debt owed by poor nations. Tucker Carlson, commenting on Paul Singer’s predation and the ruin of the town of Sidney, Nebraska, has said:

    It couldn’t be uglier or more destructive. So why is it still allowed in the United States? The short answer: Because people like Paul Singer have tremendous influence over our political process. Singer himself was the second largest donor to the Republican Party in 2016. He’s given millions to a super-PAC that supports Republican senators. You may never have heard of Paul Singer — which tells you a lot in itself — but in Washington, he’s rock-star famous. And that is why he is almost certainly paying a lower effective tax rate than your average fireman, just in case you were still wondering if our system is rigged. Oh yeah, it is.

    Aside from direct political donations, these Jewish financiers also escape scrutiny by hiding behind a mask of simplistic anti-socialist rhetoric that is common in the American Right, especially the older, Christian, and pro-Zionist demographic. Rod Dreher, in a commentary on Carlson’s piece at the American Conservative, points out that Singer gave a speech in May 2019 attacking the “rising threat of socialism within the Democratic Party.” Singer continued, “They call it socialism, but it is more accurately described as left-wing statism lubricated by showers of free stuff promised by politicians who believe that money comes from a printing press rather than the productive efforts of businesspeople and workers.” Dreher comments: “The productive efforts of businesspeople and workers”? The gall of that man, after what he did to the people of Sidney.”

    What Singer and the other Jewish vultures engage in is not productive, and isn’t even any recognisable form of work or business. It is greed-motivated parasitism carried out on a perversely extravagant and highly nepotistic scale. In truth, it is Singer and his co-ethnics who believe that money can be printed on the backs of productive workers, and who ultimately believe they have a right to be “showered by free stuff promised by politicians.” Singer places himself in an infantile paradigm meant to entertain the goyim, that of Free Enterprise vs Socialism, but, as Carlson points out, “this is not the free enterprise that we all learned about.” That’s because it’s Jewish enterprise — exploitative, inorganic, and attached to socio-political goals that have nothing to do with individual freedom and private property. This might not be the free enterprise Carlson learned about, but it’s clearly the free enterprise Jews learn about — as illustrated in their extraordinary over-representation in all forms of financial exploitation and white collar crime. The Talmud, whether actively studied or culturally absorbed, is their code of ethics and their curriculum in regards to fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, embezzlement, usury, and financial exploitation. Vulture capitalism is Jewish capitalism.

    Whom They Feed

    Singer’s duplicity is a perfect example of the way in which Jewish finance postures as conservative while conserving nothing. Indeed, Jewish capitalism may be regarded as the root cause of the rise of Conservative Inc., a form or shadow of right wing politics reduced solely to fiscal concerns that are ultimately, in themselves, harmful to the interests of the majority of those who stupidly support them. The spirit of Jewish capitalism, ultimately, can be discerned not in insincere bleating about socialism and business, intended merely to entertain semi-educated Zio-patriots, but in the manner in which the Jewish vulture funds disseminate the proceeds of their parasitism. Real vultures are weak, so will gorge at a carcass and regurgitate food to feed their young. So then, who sits in the nests of the vulture funds, awaiting the regurgitated remains of troubled nations?

    Boston-based Seth Klarman (net worth $1.5 billion), who like Paul Singer has declared “free enterprise has been good for me,” is a rapacious debt exploiter who was integral to the financial collapse of Puerto Rico, where he hid much of activities behind a series of shell companies. Investigative journalists eventually discovered that Klarman’s Baupost group was behind much of the aggressive legal action intended to squeeze the decimated island for bond payments. It’s clear that the Jews involved in these companies are very much aware that what they are doing is wrong, and they are careful to avoid too much reputational damage, whether to themselves individually or to their ethnic group. Puerto Rican journalists, investigating the debt trail to Klarman, recall trying to follow one of the shell companies (Decagon) to Baupost via a shell company lawyer (and yet another Jew) named Jeffrey Katz:

    Returning to the Ropes & Gray thread, we identified several attorneys who had worked with the Baupost Group, and one, Jeffrey Katz, who – in addition to having worked directly with Baupost – seemed to describe a particularly close and longstanding relationship with a firm fitting Baupost’s profile on his experience page. … I called Katz and he picked up, to my surprise. I identified myself, as well as my affiliation with the Public Accountability Initiative, and asked if he was the right person to talk to about Decagon Holdings and Baupost. He paused, started to respond, and then evidently thought better of it and said that he was actually in a meeting, and that I would need to call back (apparently, this high-powered lawyer picks up calls from strange numbers when he is in important meetings). As he was telling me to call back, I asked him again if he was the right person to talk to about Decagon, and that I wouldn’t call back if he wasn’t, and he seemed to get even more flustered. At that point he started talking too much, about how he was a lawyer and has clients, how I must think I’m onto some kind of big scoop, and how there was a person standing right in front of him – literally, standing right in front of him – while I rudely insisted on keeping him on the line.

    One of the reasons for such secrecy is the intensive Jewish philanthropy engaged in by Klarman under his Klarman Family Foundation. While Puerto Rican schools are being closed, and pensions and health provisions slashed, Klarman is regurgitating the proceeds of massive debt speculation to his “areas of focus” which prominently includes “Supporting the global Jewish community and Israel.” While plundering the treasuries of the crippled nations of the goyim, Klarman and his co-ethnic associates have committed themselves to “improving the quality of life and access to opportunities for all Israeli citizens so that they may benefit from the country’s prosperity.” Among those in Klarman’s nest, their beaks agape for Puerto Rican debt interest, are the American Jewish Committee, Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Honeymoon Israel Foundation, Israel-America Academic Exchange, and the Israel Project. Klarman, like Singer, has also been an enthusiastic proponent of liberalising attitudes to homosexuality, donating $1 million to a Republican super PAC aimed at supporting pro-gay marriage GOP candidates in 2014 (Singer donated $1.75 million). Klarman, who also contributes to candidates who support immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, has said “The right to gay marriage is the largest remaining civil rights issue of our time. I work one-on-one with individual Republicans to try to get them to realize they are being Neanderthals on this issue.”

    Steven Tananbaum’s GoldenTree Asset Management has also fed well on Puerto Rico, owning $2.5 billion of the island’s debt. The Centre for Economic and Policy Research has commented:

    Steven Tananbaum, GoldenTree’s chief investment officer, told a business conference in September (after Hurricane Irma, but before Hurricane Maria) that he continued to view Puerto Rican bonds as an attractive investment. GoldenTree is spearheading a group of COFINA bondholders that collectively holds about $3.3 billion in bonds. But with Puerto Rico facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, and lacking enough funds to even begin to pay back its massive debt load, these vulture funds are relying on their ability to convince politicians and the courts to make them whole. The COFINA bondholder group has spent $610,000 to lobby Congress over the last two years, while GoldenTree itself made $64,000 in political contributionsto federal candidates in the 2016 cycle. For vulture funds like GoldenTree, the destruction of Puerto Rico is yet another opportunity for exorbitant profits.

    Whom does Tananbaum feed with these profits? A brief glance at the spending of the Lisa and Steven Tananbaum Charitable Trust reveals a relatively short list of beneficiaries including United Jewish Appeal Foundation, American Friends of Israel Museum, Jewish Community Center, to be among the most generously funded, with sizeable donations also going to museums specialising in the display of degenerate and demoralising art.

    Following the collapse in Irish asset values in 2008, Jewish vulture funds including OakTree Capital swooped on mortgagee debt to seize tens of thousands of Irish homes, shopping malls, and utilities (Steve Feinberg’s Cerberus took control of public waste disposal). In 2011, Ireland emerged as a hotspot for distressed property assets, after its bad banks began selling loans that had once been held by struggling financial institutions. These loans were quickly purchased at knockdown prices by Jewish fund managers, who then aggressively sought the eviction of residents in order to sell them for a fast profit. Michael Byrne, a researcher at the School of Social Policy at University College Dublin, Ireland’s largest university, comments: “The aggressive strategies used by vulture funds lead to human tragedies.” One homeowner, Anna Flynn recalls how her mortgage fell into the hands of Mars Capital, an affiliate of Oaktree Capital, owned and operated by the Los Angeles-based Jews Howard Marks and Bruce Karsh. They were “very, very difficult to deal with,” said Flynn, a mother of four. “All [Mars] wanted was for me to leave the house; they didn’t want a solution [to ensure I could retain my home].”

    When Bruce Karsh isn’t making Irish people homeless, whom does he feed with his profits? A brief glance at the spending of the Karsh Family Foundation reveals millions of dollars of donations to the Jewish Federation, Jewish Community Center, and the United Jewish Fund.

    Paul Singer, his son Gordin, and their Elliot Associates colleagues Zion Shohet, Jesse Cohn, Stephen Taub, Elliot Greenberg and Richard Zabel, have a foothold in almost every country, and have a stake in every company you’re likely to be familiar with, from book stores to dollar stores. With the profits of exploitation, they fund campaigns for homosexuality and mass migration, boost Zionist politics, invest millions in security for Jews, and promote wars for Israel. Singer is a Republican, and is on the Board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. He is a former board member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, has funded neoconservative research groups like the Middle East Media Research Institute and the Center for Security Policy, and is among the largest funders of the neoconservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He was also connected to the pro-Iraq War advocacy group Freedom’s Watch. Another key Singer project was the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group that was founded in 2009 by several high-profile Jewish neoconservative figures to promote militaristic U.S. policies in the Middle East on behalf of Israel and which received its seed money from Singer.

    Although Singer was initially anti-Trump, and although Trump once attacked Singerfor his pro-immigration politics (“Paul Singer represents amnesty and he represents illegal immigration pouring into the country”), Trump is now essentially funded by three Jews—Singer, Bernard Marcus, and Sheldon Adelson, together accounting for over $250 million in pro-Trump political money. In return, they want war with Iran. Employees of Elliott Management were one of the main sources of funding for the 2014 candidacy of the Senate’s most outspoken Iran hawk, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who urged Trump to conduct a “retaliatory strike” against Iran for purportedly attacking two commercial tankers. These exploitative Jewish financiers have been clear that they expect a war with Iran, and they are lobbying hard and preparing to call in their pound of flesh. As one political commentator put it, “These donors have made their policy preferences on Iran plainly known. They surely expect a return on their investment in Trump’s GOP.”

    The same pattern is witnessed again and again, illustrating the stark reality that the prosperity and influence of Zionist globalism rests to an overwhelming degree on the predations of the most successful and ruthless Jewish financial parasites. This is not conjecture, exaggeration, or hyperbole. This is simply a matter of striking through the mask, looking at the heads of the world’s most predatory financial funds, and following the direction of regurgitated profits.

    Make no mistake, these cabals are everywhere and growing. They could be ignored when they preyed on distant small nations, but their intention was always to come for you too. They are now on your doorstep. The working people of Sidney, Nebraska probably had no idea what a vulture fund was until their factories closed and their homes were taken. These funds will move onto the next town. And the next. And another after that. They won’t be stopped through blunt support of “free enterprise,” and they won’t be stopped by simply calling them “vulture capitalists.”

    Strike through the mask!


    [1] S. Baron (ed) Economic History of the Jews (New York, 1976), 46-7.

    (Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)

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