The Plandemic, Great Reset, and Stolen 2020 Election all Connected

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9/11 & Israel


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The pathological criminals known as globalists have known about the usefulness of medical tyranny in reshaping the world. It is the responsibility of citizens to become aware of this and fight back, without violence.

fauci gates
It has been known for decades that Bill Gates has developed multiple channels to depopulate the world of its citizens. Only now has there been an urgency, because the populist movement is gaining tremendous steam. It's now on never for Gates, He know we are winning and is desperate to reverse this.
covid cabal
The same people that pushed the Russiagate hoax are doing the Covid Hoax, ... the Zio Anglo American Deepstate (ZAAD) is the cabal. The British Empire has been colluding with Zionists since the 19th Century. The American Deepstate is a willing partner. Cultural Marxism is their main tool
TheVaxKills .... Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are international criminals and should be jailed permanently. Gates' depopulation goals are actually being executed with some success. The US population is decreasing...excess deaths are a leading cause.

doctor control
Medical tryanny is the most effective tool of the globalist NWO elite.
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Medical experiments with gain of function coronavirus components are still being pursued in America, As long as Dems are in power this will continue
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covid is a scam, coronaviurs, control population, deep state, depose trump, jews
Covid=19 is a scam, More and more evidence is being gathered for a final showdown. See the Plandemic Timeline for details

excess deaths
Excess deaths are piling up all over the globe. It's taboo for MSM to mention vaccident, vaxident, vaxxindent or any other related word.

9-11 nyc wtc7 silverstein rothschild israel nuked wtc patriot act iraq afghanistan war bush neocon zionists warmongers
As in Russiagate, the NYTimes was part of a circular news path were the State Dept fed leaks to the NYTimes who wrote stories based on the leaks. Then on the Sunday morning talk shows Cheney would site the stories as evidence of the 'truth'.

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