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There's no principle difference between NeoNazism, Jewish Chosenness and White Supremacism...all forms of supremacism are wrong....

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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Clinton Bush Obama death lists...over 300 names suspicious deaths...Clintons by far the worst

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Cultural Marxist goal is to destroy Christian nationalist culture. LGBTQ is just one disengenuously elevate LGBTQ above all other issues as a club against white males...all for Jewish megalomania

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The Yellow Vests movement in France has severely weakoned the (((globalist Jews))) despite government attempts to infiltrate groups with violent actors

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Communism is just Talmudism politicized.. both seek centralized power, abolish the family, state and Christian religion

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9/11 was a false flag attack on America by a cabal consisting of Israel, US, Britain and Saudi Arabia...executed to start Iraq War

  • Biden Family Corruption Timeline

  • Keep in mind the Milken Conference...Michael Milkin organization, Jewish criminal bond trader, involved in this situation
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  • 2013..Conservapedia ...Beginning just before Joe Biden’s ascendancy to the Vice Presidency, Hunter Biden was traveling to Beijing meeting with Chinese financial institutions and political figures would ultimately become his investors. Finalized in 2013, the investment partnership included money from the Chinese government, social security, and major state-owned banks a veritable who’s who of Chinese state finance.[3] ... The records show that Hunter Biden and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe. Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, in particular, formed significant and consistent financial relationships with the corrupt oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky during their time working for Burisma and their firms made millions of dollars from that association while Joe Biden was vice president and the public face of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden, received $3.5 million in a wire transfer from Elena Baturina, who allegedly received illegal construction contracts from her husband, the former mayor of Moscow. Biden and Archer’s work with Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime illustrate the deep financial connections that accelerated while his father was vice president and continued after he left office. ... CEFC China Energy had reported assets of $263 billion in 2015. Its chairman, Ye Jianming, was arrested by the CCP in February 2018 and has never been heard from since. Patrick Ho, who headed a "think tank" funded by Ye and whom Hunter calls "the spy chief of China," was arrested in New York for bribing UN and African officials three months earlier. Hunter was paid $1 million to represent Ho. Ye had extensive business relations with Hunter and Jim Biden, Joe Biden's brother, gave them credit cards with a $100,000 limit, a personal gift o Hunter of a 2.8 caret diamond valued at $50,000. In a recording made sometime after Ye went missing, Hunter is heard speaking in an agitated tone,
  • 2020 Oct 20..ANDMag...Was Joe Biden’s Son Part of a Chinese Spy Operation to Steal U.S. Nuclear Technology? ... The China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) is a state-owned firm and is part of the Chinese government. It is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It has been implicated in the theft of highly sensitive American technology and the provision of that technology to the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, it appears that the General Nuclear Power Corporation was created for the sole purpose of stealing American nuclear secrets. In 2017 Szuhsiung Ho, a consultant employed by CGN was charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with “assisting CGN in procuring U.S.-based nuclear engineers to assist with designing and manufacturing certain components for nuclear reactors.” Ho ultimately pled guilty, paid a fine of $20,000, and was sentenced to two years in prison. CGN was formed in 2014. One of its cornerstone investors was the private equity firm BHR Partners, headed up by Vice-President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The company put $10 million into the initial public offering for CGN. BHR Partners was a joint venture between Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment fund founded by Hunter Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson in 2009, and the state-owned Bank of China. ... see ... A two-count indictment was unsealed today in the Eastern District of Tennessee charging Szuhsiung Ho, aka Allen Ho, a citizen of the United States; China General Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC), formerly known as the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company and Energy Technology International (ETI) for conspiracy to unlawfully engage and participate in the production and development of special nuclear material outside the United States, without the required authorization from the U.S. Department of Energy.
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  • 2020 Oct 20..TownHall...Here Are Hunter Biden's Alleged Text Messages Giuliani Just Turned Over to the Delaware State Police ... Rudy Giuliani handed over "very, very sensitive" text messages to the Delaware State Police that are allegedly from Hunter Biden to his father, former Vice President Joe Biden. In the text messages, Hunter allegedly accused his sister-in-law and former lover, Hallie Biden, of telling Hunter's therapist that he was sleeping with a 14-year-old girl. The alleged text messages said: She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate with [name redacted when she says that I face time naked with her and the reason I can't have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking [redacted] girls on face time. When she was present she said that [redacted] never said anything like that but the bottom line is that she I create and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids. If it stopped there I would let it go but then [redacted] friend [redacted] sober coach. ... According to Giuliani, there are "numerous pictures of underage girls" that accompany the text messages.

  • 2020 Oct 23...Gnews ... On October 23rd, GTV ,the media platform founded by the Whistleblowers movement, exposed a loan agreement signed by Hunter Biden as the borrower, in the loan agreement. According to the loan agreement, Hunter Biden was entitled to obtain 10% equity interest in BHR. But Hunter only paid 60% of the committed capital, the rest was financed through the lender, the CEO of BHR. ... Hunter Biden was a person who associated with power but hadn’t possessed much money at the time. The consideration he was paid for the loan agreement was the power granted to his father by the American people. CCP paid Mr. Hunter Biden much more than what was recorded in the loan agreement. Hunter Biden’s sex tapes told the world about what else CCP had offered to him. CCP fed Hunter not only some hot sexy Chinese celebrities but also underage Chinese girls. Hunter Biden, with his father’s power, was successfully corrupted by the CCP. He did not only take away the wealth from the common Chinese people, but also trash the dignity of all Chinese by raping underage Chinese girls. Biden family is totally compromised by the CCP,
  • 2020 Oct 23..NewsPunch...The FBI has agreed to interview former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, after he said Joe Biden was involved in son’s foreign business dealings. Bobulinski issued a statement to the press on Thursday evening in Nashville, shortly before the debate between Biden and President Donald Trump. He said the former vice president was “plainly familiar at least at a high level” with Hunter Biden’s business plans in China. Bobulinski further added that he was introduced to Joe Biden by Hunter Biden, and that they had an hour-long meeting to discuss the Bidens’ planned Chinese business ventures. Bobulinski also claimed that he has three cell phones that prove Joe Biden lied about knowledge of foreign deals in China ... Bobulinski said he is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, which he explained “was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.” He said he was brought on as CEO by Hunter Biden and James Gilliar, who was listed as the sender of the email....The Biden campaign fired back, calling the accusations a “desperate, pathetic farce executed by a flailing campaign.” Bobulinski was a guest of President Trump at Thursday night’s presidential debate. ... and ... “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face,” Biden family associate James Gilliar—the head of J2cR—says in one WhatsApp text message that Bobulinski provided to the Senate committees. “I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

  • 2020 Oct 24...GNews... Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, ...GTV ... The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World ... The video link: GTV... Thanks to Mr. Alvin Jiang (Mr. Jiang Zhicheng), Mr. Bruno Wu (Mr. Wu Zheng), Mr. Zhang Hongwei, Chairman of the Orient Group Inc.,and many more people who will remain anonymous. We apologize if the video from Hunter Biden has caused you any serious discomfort! But it is for the sake of justice that we, the New Federal State of China, have made this video public. Because the friends of the communist are our enemies. We will not allow anyone to steal from the Chinese people! We will not allow anyone to enslave the Chinese people! We will not allow anyone to abuse our children! This video shows only the tip of the iceberg of what is important in the Chinese Communist Party’s Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) program. They take advantage of all those Western politicians, celebrities, and their families who are greedy for Chinese wealth, and threaten them by getting hold of and recording their sex and drug videos, forcing them to sell out their countries and people, and even their own national security in order to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party’s world domination. U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party as one of the most successful political instances of the BGY program. He is also a target of the CCP’s 3F plan, which aims to “fall, fail, and fell,” to weaken, destroy and kill America! The Chinese Communist Party’s use of this tactic to threaten Biden and his sons and to bribe them with large amounts of wealth is one of the major causes of the disputes over the South China Sea, US-China trade, intellectual property rights, and energy prices, etc., as well as Biden’s provision of large numbers of CIA intelligence agents in China to the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party has such a BGY program in the United States and in several Western countries in Europe. We will have millions of videos and photos of government officials, corrupt people, traitors, and criminals colluding with the Communist Party to dominate the world. It doesn’t matter what country you come from, what ethnicity or color you are, or what party you belong to. The next person to be abused may be your daughter, your wife, your sister, so there are no party or ethnic borders when it comes to eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.
  • 2020 Oct 26..Meaaw...Why is Hunter Biden not addressing laptop leak and sex tape? Candace Owens slammed for calling it ‘obviously real’...After multiple pictures and videos allegedly exposing Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden engaging in a sexual act went viral on Saturday, October 24, Internet went into a frenzy. Now Democrat Candace Owens has claimed that the video was "obviously real." ... The video where a man can be seen engaging in sexual activity while holding a smoking pipe can be seen in the video, which was uploaded on the Chinese website, GTV. "Who the hell would remain silent if they were accused of smoking crack, harboring child porn, and posing seductively w/ their underage niece? COMMON SENSE: THE HUNTER BIDEN E-MAILS ARE OBVIOUSLY REAL OR HUNTER BIDEN HIMSELF WOULD HAVE ISSUED AN IMMEDIATE STATEMENT DENYING THEM," Owens tweeted on Sunday, October 25.
  • 2020 Oct 26...Gnews...BREAKING: Joe Biden betrayed CIA’s intelligence operatives in China ... Lude Media: As the Hunter Biden hard drivegate continues to unfold, several U.S. media outlets are beginning to backtrack and demand that Joe Biden come out with a detailed explanation of the matter. Recently, another U.S. CIA whistleblower claimed that the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been hiding and covering up evidence related to Biden’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party since 2005. More importantly, there has been evidence of Biden’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party in the CIA since 2003. This whistleblower claims to have 47 hard drives on hand that contain a wealth of information, intelligence and evidence, but were suppressed by the FBI starting in 2015. (Luther previously said there were 100 hard drives, now 47 are out and the Luther Explosion show will be verified step by step.) ... Since 2003, the CIA has been given information, 47 hard drives containing at least 10,000 files related to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. All of this information was from various top CIA intelligence officers and informants in all of the Chinese National Security who had access to the top secrets of the Chinese Communist Party. This list of informants was later sold by Joe Biden to Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, who executed 36 people in one fell swoop. These informants were hauled down a conference room and shot one by one directly on the spot! ...BBC ... May 2017 China crippled CIA by killing US sources, says New York Times ... Up to 20 CIA informants were killed or imprisoned by the Chinese government between 2010 and 2012, the New York Times reports, damaging US information-gathering in the country for years.
  • 2020 Oct 26...Gnews...Biden and Kerry Ukraine sucks up millions to sell out is America ... On October 23, 2020, Mr. Wengui Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, uncovered emails on Hunter Biden’s hard drive and how he traded for power, money and sex with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Revealed.In 2013 the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) colluded with the Biden and Kerry families through a Ukrainian energy company, and I have accessed some leaked documents to reveal the information. Leaked documents show tens of millions of Ukrainian dollars paid to the Ker Biden Jr Fund, with cash transferred from a Ukrainian gas company to several funds run by leading Democrats. The funds were run by former Secretary of State John Kerry, John Kerry Jr. another Kerry family member and Hunter Biden. “Leaked documents from the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine indicate that foreign funds were complexly transferred under the control of “corrupt funds” owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Junior, Junior Heinz and Hunter Biden”.
  • notes: Hunter Biden sex slaves Fingerlakes ... link Underground Railroad for Slaves in the US
  • 2020 Oct 27...Gnews...Hunter Biden’s laptop – the catalyst to end the CCP and drain the swamp ... 9·5in becomes a buzzword on internet recently. What does 9.5in really mean? The storyline started with the three hard drives unveiled by Lude Media as early as on September 24. A few days ago, President Trump has called the laptop from the hell, which echoes how evil it is, since the laptop opened a can of worm about the current presidential candidate Joe Biden of what he and his son Hunter Biden did during the time when he was the vice president. All the evidences of CCP-style corruptions are in the hard drive!
  • 2020 Oct 27...Gnews....Mr. R. Hunter Biden is not a vagrant, he has a very high-paying job! Who do you work for? Who pays? Where does the money come from?Who is he with?

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  • 2020 Oct 27...JamesFetzer...The Official Report Key Points of the Report: Joe Biden’s compromising partnership with the CCP ...Communist Party of China runs via Yang Jiechi (CPC’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission). YANG met frequently with BIDEN during his tenure at the Chinese embassy in Washington. Hunter Biden’s 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment partnership was set-up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions who are tasked with garnering influence with foreign leaders during YANG’s tenure as Foreign Minister. HUNTER has a direct line to the Politburo, according to SOURCE A, a senior finance professional in China. Michael Lin, a Taiwanese national now detained in China, brokered the BHR partnership and partners with MOFA foreign influence organizations. LIN is a POI for his work on behalf of China, as confirmed by SOURCE B and SOURCE C (at two separate national intelligence agencies). BHR is a state managed operation. Leading shareholder in BHR is a Bank of China which lists BHR as a subsidiary and BHR’s partners are SOEs that funnel revenue/assets to BHR. HUNTER continues to hold 10% in BHR. He visited China in 2010 and met with major Chinese government financial companies that would later back BHR. HUNTER’s BHR stake (purchased for $400,000) is now likely be worth approx. $50 million (fees and capital appreciation based on BHR’s $6.5 billion AUM as stated by Michael Lin). HUNTER also did business with Chinese tycoons linked with the Chinese military and against the interests of US national security. BIDEN’s foreign policy stance towards China (formerly hawkish), turned positive despite China’s country’s rising geopolitical assertiveness.
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  • 2020 Oct 27...GNews...The knowledge and proof of the Biden family’s “pay-for-play” activities were known at the highest levels of the Government, FBI & DOJ perhaps as early as 2003. Dennis Montgomery is a software designer and computer expert who worked as a government contractor for the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Defense Department. Montgomery designed and built “The Hammer” foreign surveillance supercomputer to keep America safe after 9/11. According to military sources, “The Hammer” is a powerful foreign surveillance tool intended to monitor terrorists and other foreign adversaries – threats external to the United States. On February 3, 2009, at the beginning of President Obama’s first term, John Brennan and James Clapper illegally commandeered “The Hammer” and transformed it into a domestic surveillance system that went operational at a secret government facility at Fort Washington, Maryland. ... Montgomery, who worked for John Brennan and James Clapper as a CIA contractor, turned whistle blower· to reveal how the Obama administration illegally turned “The Hammer” into a domestic surveillance tool to target his political enemies. Montgomery detailed how in 2009 the White House provided a list of 1200 individuals who would be specifically excluded from surveillance using “The Hammer”. These individuals were provided encrypted Blackberry devices whose secure encrypted network messaging did not travel over the Internet. Instead, these devices communicated through, and had access to information on, “The Hammer”. He also reveals that Brennan & Clapper ignored the exclusion list and surveilled Hunter and Joe Biden as well. “The Hammer” consisted of a repository of illegally collected surveillance data – personal communications, corporate and military intellectual property and US defense secrets. Only the 1200 Obama insiders had access to the data. It is believed that some of this information was passed to Russia and China as part of corrupt “pay-for-play” schemes, and for blackmail and leverage by Administration insiders. All the communications, activities and movements of Hunter and Joe Biden were known by the Obama Administration, the FBI and the DOJ since 2003. They withheld this evidence of corruption.
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  • The tattoo on Hunter Biden’s back is in the shape of an irregular bar in an up and down direction. Many netizens have interpreted this tattoo (Ref 5, 6) and most have stated that it roughly mimics the shape of Finger Lakes in upstate New York. ... see .... see ... in September, 2008, Hunter launched a boutique consulting firm, Seneca Global Advisors, named for the largest of the Finger Lakes, in New York State, where his mother had grown up. and New Yorker will Hunter Biden jeopardize his father's campaign? ...
  • 2020 Oct 26...GNews...Congratulations To Miles Guo on his latest single 《Fight For Hong Kong》. iTunes number one in many countries, creating another miracle ... On October 25, 2020 (EST), Miles Guo’s latest single “Fight for Hong Kong” was released for the first time .It was produced by the G Music team, and within a few hours, it topped the charts in several countries on the mainstream music platform iTunes, once again creating another miracle in the history of global music.
  • 2020 Oct 27...GatewayPundit...Hunter Biden’s “RUSSIAN BLACKMAIL PHOTOS” Uncovered – Hunter with Russians in Hollywood ... the Russians certainly are holding blackmail tapes on Hunter Biden to use against a Biden administration. We found the real blackmail photos. This has nothing to do with President Trump. But it does have everything to do with THE BIDENS. ... Hunter Biden, spent some time in 2018 with some Russians at a property in West Hollywood and engaged in perverted sexual activities. These acts were likely taped and photographed. As a result of this event, the Bidens became the likely targets of blackmail. Unlike the fake pee pee images which were alleged in the Steele dossier and the Russia collusion farce the Bidens truly do have a never-ending list problems that should disqualify them from ever holding public office again.
  • 2020 Oct 28...GatewayPundit...Hunter Biden Pictures of Himself Disrobed and Exposed With Certain Minor — Joe Biden Is Lying ... Text messages, videos and pictures were recently discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop that put Hunter and the Biden family in very compromising situations. Perhaps the most disturbing revelations in the many files on the Hunter Biden laptop is the family’s actions surrounding Hunter’s inappropriate and possibly criminal behavior with a certain minor. Former VP Joe Biden claimed the controversy with Hunter Biden’s laptop was created by Russia. Evidence shows this is not the case. ... On Monday we shared five texts related to the Biden family’s cover up of Hunter’s actions with a minor. The text messages involved Hunter Biden and his immediate family and a friend.  The text messages confirmed Joe Biden was looped in on Hunter’s illegal activity with a certain minor and attempted to cover it up. ... Hunter Biden sent the following text to a family friend where he shares that someone is accusing him of being sexually inappropriate around her daughter. This is why Hunter claims he is not allowed to be alone with that person: ... In another text message from Hunter to a family friend, Hunter shares that his mother, Jill Biden, propagates the claims that Hunter is sexually inappropriate around the children and VP Joe Biden is aware as well: ... In an email to colleague and fellow board member on Burisma, the now felon Devon Archer, Hunter explains how he is not allowed to be around a certain person without his father, Joe Biden, being there: ... And a fifth text message shows Hunter explaining to a certain person that her mom told former VP Joe Biden that she would call the police if Hunter tried to see that person: ... Was this because it would tarnish Joe’s political image? Most importantly, is the child safe now? This is not Russian disinformation. It’s coming from the Biden nuclear family. There are no records that any of this was brought to the attention of the police by the Biden family.
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  • 2020 Oct 29...GatewayPundit...Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member ... Joe Biden said his son Hunter had done “nothing but good things his whole life” per the Daily Mail in a report on Valentine’s day earlier this year: Joe Biden on Thursday defended his son, Hunter Biden, saying he was a ‘good’ guy who ‘has done nothing but good things his whole life’ even after he was made to pay child support to a stripper he impregnated out of wedlock. Last month, Hunter Biden agreed to pay child support to an Arkansas woman, Lunden Roberts, who was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club that he frequented. ... In November, DNA testing proved Biden, 49, as the father of Roberts’ child, after she filed a paternity suit in May 2019 in Independence County, Arkansas. ... On Monday it was uncovered that VP Biden and his wife colluded to suppress Hunter’s actions with a certain minor.  On Tuesday we uncovered information showing how Hunter put his family at risk for Russian Blackmail after participating in seedy actions in West Hollywood with at least one Russian woman.   On Wednesday we reported that Hunter took pictures exposing himself in the presence of a minor.  This morning we reported that Hunter was accused of “Walking Around Naked Watching Porn Masturbating and Doing Drugs” in front of a minor. ... We know this is Hunter’s account and one of the reasons is because of the screen shot below where one of his pages bookmarked is “Joe Biden Smiling”. ... But we also are able to confirm this account with Hunter because the pictures and videos in the account are also on the Hunter Biden laptop that was recently uncovered. There are pictures of two women on top of Hunter on PornHub and these same pictures were located on his laptop. ... One of the women in the picture with the two girls on Hunter’s PornHub account can also be traced back to a woman in a pool at a Hollywood location. We’ve also tied another picture on his home page with another picture on his laptop. This account is not made up. It is Hunter’s account: ... A shocking piece of information in this squalid story is found on Hunter’s site. The picture of the woman’s behind on his PornHub home page is that of a family member! Hunter also includes pictures of that same woman within his account.
  • 2020 Oct 29...NewsPunch....Leaked Audio of Hunter Biden Confirms He Colluded With ‘Spy Chief of China’ ... In the recording Hunter Biden confirms collusion between himself and disgraced Chinese businessman Patrick Ho. The clip was released by The National Pulse and consists of Hunter Biden venting about being at the receiving end of unwanted scrutiny from numerous sources. Hunter is clearly heard complaining about a New York Times reporter “calling about my representation of Patrick Ho — the f***ing spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing.“ “The richest man in the world is missing who was my partner,” Hunter admits. “He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment inside a $4 billion deal to build the f***ing largest f***ing LNG port in the world.”
  • 2020 Oct 31...AntiEmpire...Fury, Resistance in Europe Over New Doomsday Cult Lockdowns ... As governments once again shut businesses across Europe to stop a surge in coronavirus infections, acceptance of restrictions is fading and some small businesses are refusing to cooperate. The sense of a common goal and solidarity with front-line medical workers evident in the spring has given way to frustration among restaurateurs, hoteliers, retailers and other business owners who are rapidly running through their financial reserves. This month’s lockdowns are more targeted than in the spring and in some cases come with substantial aid for those affected. Yet they are raising more opposition everywhere, from lawsuits in Germany to riots and demonstrative flouting of the rules in Italy. Restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment and sport venues will largely close under the new measures. In France, curfews will confine people to their homes. Germany is barring hotels from hosting tourists for a month and banning normally legal prostitution. “The government wasted the summer and didn’t prepare for the second wave which everyone knew was coming, and now they are using the same lockdown as before,” said Antonio Bragato, owner of the Il Calice restaurant in Berlin. “But this will not end the pandemic.”
  • 2020 Oct 31...GNews...Ultimate Battle 10: The Timeline of Joe Biden Being Bought off by CCP ... Yangji Chi, Former Chinese ambassador to the US ...flipped Biden to China ...
  • 2020 Nov 1...GNews...Every single document or email from the Hunter Biden laptop is shocking to the world. The laptop files have already been updated on the cloud. All the US congress members and the media have access to them. The Daily Mails revealed that Hunter had set his password as Hunter02, perhaps a sign that the drug junkie has memory issues. The Daily Mail published a partial email found from Hunter Biden’s laptop, showing a list of cell numbers of government officials including those for President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The cell phone number list was provided by a Secret Service agent, according to Lu De. What the Daily Mail did not explain is how Hunter Biden would use the list. Lu De revealed that, in his show on 10/31/2020 last night, the purpose of sending Hunter this email is so that he could forward the phone list to the CCP. ... This is how the CCP infiltrated America. The CCP obtained the personal cell phone numbers available only to the Secret Service because the whereabouts of these members and their families were being protected by the United States Secret Service. A traitor among them had apparently supplied the list directly or indirectly to Kathy S. Chuang, who was hired by Rosemont Seneca, of which Hunter Biden was a co-founder. The CCP would secretly monitor and record the phone conversations of these officials who worked at the government at the highest level, in order to find their weakness and their dirty dealings, to blackmail them, and to own them. To find out if Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca is involved in money laundry business with the CCP companies, click on Wikipedia.
  • 2020 Nov 1...GatewayPundit...What We Found Out About Hunter Biden’s Apparent Fetish with the Finger Lakes Region of New York ... There's a Lucifer Falls in the Finger Lakes. Hunter B has the finger lakes tattooed on his back. Finger Lakes has a submarine base. Seneca Lake. Rosemont Seneca. This is getting very interesting. ...Some are concerned with Hunter’s tattoo because there is at least one recent report about human trafficking in the Finger Lakes Region per ... What really is the reason for Hunter’s fetish with the Finger Lakes Region of New York and Hunter’s regular payments to an Internet ghost from one of Hunter’s Finger Lakes’ companies?
  • 2020 Nov 1..RT...Documentary exposing Antifa censored by YouTube & Vimeo... for depicting scenes of EXTREME VIOLENCE? ... A conservative group's new documentary on Antifa – the group called just “an idea” by Joe Biden and defended by the media for its “mostly peaceful” protests – has been suppressed by Big Tech for terms-of-service violations. The documentary, called 'Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags,' was blocked within a few hours on YouTube and Vimeo after being released on Saturday night. The video was taken down for violations of the video-sharing sites' guidelines. While on YouTube the original version was apparently blocked due to copyright claims, Vimeo reportedly told the video's uploader:
  • 2020 Nov 2...Unz... Charlie Hebdo Rides Again ... Macron is surely a smart guy. He had a few good practical reasons to provoke French Muslims. Not an ideological man, he wanted to steal the right-wing electorate of Mme Le Pen. They are known for hating foreigners, first of all the large Muslim population of the republic. The Muslims do not fit the self-image of a Frenchman, the slim man in beret and mackintosh with a baguette under his arm. It was not hard to make this Muslim population angry, and then to manifest Macron’s iron fist in dealing with them, and voila! the nationalist voters are in the pocket of the French president. ... The replay was jumpstarted by Charlie Hebdo. This small satirical magazine of little artistic value usually publishes bad taste cartoons of public loo wall quality. It wouldn’t survive but for grants and government subsidies. It is so minor that it would not be noticed either but for the mainstream media that bring its message to the last immigrant banlieue. Now they have republished some nasty cartoons aimed at the Prophet Muhammad. ... France is leading the assault against free speech. French Writer Hervé Ryssen Jailed for Criticizing Jews;French Court Sentenced Alain Soral to Pay Jewish Organization $158,500 for Re-Releasing 128-Year-Old Book – say the recent headlines. The new French law bans “hate speech” on social media. The law obliges platforms and search engines to remove offensive content – including religious bigotry – within 24 hours or risk a fine of up to €1.25m. This law, and other hate laws are applied in defence of Jews, but strangely do not defend Muslim or Christian sensibilities.
  • 2020 Nov 2...GatewayPundit...Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America ... The latest NY Post forensic evaluation confirmed that Bobulinski’s email was legit. But apparently, this is not good enough for propaganda outlets like CNN, NYT and WaPo which continue to challenge these emails and any claim of “family” involvement. ... This content has been certified via traditional computer forensic techniques and has been authenticated via these sources and methods: ... Apelbaum also has evidence of payments from China. In the below image, Hunter is pressing Mervyn Yan from CEFC for payment and the subsequent wire transfers to his account and the Chinese payment to Owasco P.C, one of Biden’s businesses Note that last evening we reported that Hunter’s Owasco Company is where he is making recurring transfers to an individual who is a ghost with no Internet footprint, and Hunter’s company OWASCO happens to be the name of one of the Finger Lakes in New York. In another image, Apelbaum provides a Biden family contract with the Chinese CEFC and subsequent large wire transfers to a New York bank account controlled by Hunter and his uncle Jim and aunt Sarah: ...Apelbaum provides a letter between Hunter and China introducing Tony Bobulinski.  Apelbaum also provides evidence of Hunter’s earnings in 2015 which amounted to $2.5 million.  He then provides evidence that Ukrainian company Burisma payments to Hunter are not recognized as income.  Then Apelbaum produces some of the perks Hunter obtained as a result of his corrupt deals around the world.  This includes furs, diamonds and a discussion with the King of Jordan:
  • 2020 Nov 3...GNews...Email shows Hunter Biden received bribery from China ... On Decembe 5, 2017, Eric Schwerin, President of Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, wrote an email reminding Hunter Biden about an email by ‘Xin’ that ‘Jonathan’ is loaning money to the company’s US shareholders so that “they can repay the remaining amount of their registered capital” and that “the loan will be paid back from any distribution made”. ‘Xin’ is referring to Wang Xin, who is a management partner of BHR Equity Investment Fund Management that is part of Bohai Capital. Wang is also exposed by Lude Media as the illegitimate daughter of the Vice President of China, Wang Qishan. This email is clearing referring to a loan agreement that was exposed on and The document exposed is a multiple party agreement between Xiangsheng Li (original lender), Xin Wang (new lender), and Robert Hunter Biden, Eric D. Schwerin and Hunter Biden’s law firm Skaneateles LLC as joint borrowers. It seems that the ‘Jonathan’ in Schwerin’s email is referring to Xiangsheng Li, CEO of Bohai Capital. Eric Schwerin also mentioned in his email that the loan agreement was Hunter Biden’s suggestion to “avoid having to come up with more cash”. It is clear that this is a bribery of Hunter Biden by the Chinese Communist Party, which controlled all state-owned enterprises in China including Bohai Capital, whereby Hunter is gifted registered capital (shares) of Bohai Capital.
  • 2020 Nov 3...GNews...Email Strings – Reveals the relationships among CCP, Hunter Biden, International Organization, Plan Columbia
  • 2020 Nov 3...GNews...The War Room invited Jack Posobiec, Rudy Giuliani and Raymond Ibrahim on episodes 463 and 464 to further expose the $1 million contract between Hunter Biden and the CCP spy, Patrick Ho. Police already made the arrest, and Wray, the FBI chief director, should have been fired this morning. The criminal group organized around the Biden family sold the Americans to the CCP and other foreign governments including the Russians. When Hunter Biden served on the executive board of the Bohai Capital Holding Co., the CCP invested $30 million in buying facial recognition software, which was later used to persecute the Uyghur people in Xinjiang. The War Room acquired the exclusive evidence from the hard drive. According to Posobiec, the Heinz family will come forward to testify. It was a win-win trade between the Biden criminal group and the CCP, but it has been, and always will be, a significant loss for the innocent Chinese and American people. Every penny that the Biden criminal group made into their pocket came from exploitation, and thus is dirty with innocent people’s blood. Giuliani stated that crimes revealed were plotted against the U.S., which included espionage and hustling, and they were covered under the RICO Act. In January, Giuliani provided plenty of supporting evidence and witnesses to the court regarding the bribe that Biden received from Ukrainians. The FBI initially expressed interest but soon excluded Giuliani from the later investigation. Giuliani stated that he was wrong to think that Biden and the Democrats were not above the law.
  • 2020 Nov 4...GatewayPundit...Wisconsin voter fraud ... According to Mike Coudrey there are more votes than voters in Wisconsin. This is how Democrats nullified Trump’s record night! BREAKING: Wisconsin has more votes than people who are registered to vote. Total number of registered voters: 3,129,000 Total number of votes cast: 3,239,920 This is direct evidence of fraud. — Mike Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) November 4, 2020...Rudy Giuliani is heading legal teams and proposing possible national lawsuit.
  • 2020 Nov 4...AutoEmpire...We’re Relaunching the Brexit Party to Fight This Cruel and Unnecessary Lockdown "The truth is that the Declaration frightened governments and all of those who think that locking people up represents the moral high ground" ... When we launched the Brexit Party some 21 months ago, we were far from universally thanked for it. At times, the strength of the onslaught and personal attacks was terrifying. But we stood firm and won the primary battle. Now, however, while we are still keeping a close eye on Brexit, it is time to redirect our energies. That is why we have applied to the Electoral Commission to rename the party. We want to be known as the party of Reform. The name reflects the ambition: Reform UK. ... The institutions and policies that require change are formidable and once again we will have to take on powerful vested interests. The House of Lords, the BBC, the way we vote, law and order, immigration. Badly run, wasteful quangos are in abundance. The Home Office is not fit for purpose. This Government has taken cronyism to a whole new level. Waste of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash is off the scale. But the single most pressing issue is the Government’s woeful response to coronavirus. The “strategy” has been to terrify the nation into submission, coupled with a barrage of lockdowns, rules, regulations and threats. It is all about playing for time, in the hope that a vaccine miraculously comes along.
  • 2020 Nov 4...MintPress...Angelina Jolie’s MI6 Interview Shows Just How Connected Hollywood Is To the Deep State To some, the pairing of a Hollywood star and a veteran spymaster might seem strange. But, in reality, the silver screen and the national security state have always been intimately intertwined. ... The level of state involvement in Salt is far from abnormal. In fact, Alford and Secker’s book “National Security Cinema” details how, since 2005, documents they obtained showed that the Department of Defense alone had closely collaborated in the production of over 1,000 movies or TV shows. This includes many of the largest film franchises, such as “Iron Man,” “Transformers,” “James Bond,” and “Mission: Impossible,” and hit TV shows like “The Biggest Loser,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Master Chef” and “The Price is Right.”
  • 2020 Nov 4...AntiEmpire...Game-On for the Coup? ... “Through the night, all such ballots came from heavily Democratic areas posting unusually, improbably high turnout. 85% in Milwaukee? A city that turned out at only 61% in 2016, and even with Obama on the ballot in 2012, at 71%? But 85% for Sleepy Joe?” Editor’s note: Somehow Trump overperforming the polls by something like 7 points in Ohio ends up having near-zero bearing on WI and MI at the same time the two are posting historically and implausibly high turnout rates…throughout the day, the president consistently outperformed the polls. He crushed his 2016 performance in Florida. He also outperformed in Iowa, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas. Senators he was supposed to drag down with him, including Joni Ernst, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell, won handily. Even Susan Collins, who was supposed to be sure goner and lose by at least three, won by nine. A party that was “certain” to lose the Senate has kept it and gained (so far) six seats in the House. ... Looking at states no one expected Trump to lose, his overperformance is even more stark. The polling average for West Virginia was Trump +17; he won it by 39. Kansas was estimated at +9; the result was +15. Throughout the day the president was also outperforming his expected result in key states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. He even, for a time, looked like he was within striking distance in Virginia, a state Hillary Clinton won by five points in 2016. At one point the New York Timess “meter” had Trump’s chances in North Carolina at 92%. The needle was also sliding in the president’s direction in Arizona and Georgia, among others.
  • 2020 Nov 4...TruthtoPowerNews...Finkle-Think: How Jews Successfully Manipulate Masses, INCLUDING Dissidents ...Finkel-Think gets its name from the late gay, Jewish GOP political consultant who invented it, Arthur J. Finkelstein. Finkelstein has been deeply entrenched in American politics since the Nixon era. We’ve discussed Finkelstein extensively here, here, and here. TLDL; Finkelstein entered the American political scene at a time when America was 88% White and was just concluding what we now know was one of the most fundamentally transformative decades in U.S. history. Most prominently, the 1964 Civil Rights Act weaponized blacks as a means of further breaking down centuries old White America, while the 1965 Hart-Celler Act sowed the seeds of the rapidly accelerating demographic destruction we see today. It wasn’t enough to control groups of politicians via political blackmail – that could only get you so far. The only way to ensure the long-term success of these and countless other initiatives was to divide and polarize White Americans. ... Recipe for a Gourmet Finkelstein Kosher Sandwich Very few elections are won by convincing supporters of other parties or candidate to support your candidates. Their minds are made up by the time the election begins. The trick instead is to discourage supporters of your opponents to vote. To achieve this you run highly personalized negative campaigning against your opponent. Don’t demonize the party, demonize the candidate. People can be made to hate individuals more easily than institutions. Your base must be charged up on an emotional level by fear and hatred of the opponent. Old hatreds grow stale as motivators, so new enemies must be discovered, and if necessary invented. Make the opponent play on your territory by setting the agenda. Facts matter little in the emotional landscape of an election. Ultimately, Finkel-Think is a new version of an old trick, adapted for 20th and 21st century politics that is based on three principles: 80% of the public doesn’t care about the news Perception, not content, is what matters most to midwits The right 30-second soundbite can manipulate millions, ... biden felony ukraine
  • 2020 Nov 18...GatewayPundit...Flashback: Former Obama Vice President JOE BIDEN Was Accused of CLASS A FELONY CHARGES In Ukraine ... Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden was formally indicted on a Class A Felony in the Ukraine. Former Obama Vice President, Joe Biden, described how he threatened the Ukrainian President at the time that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire the prosecutor investigating Burmisa Holdings. Hunter Biden was on the Board of Burisma. Biden said in a Council of Foreign Relations gathering:
  • 2020 Nov 24...TheSun ... New Hunter Biden ‘evidence’ claims his ‘business associate got $6MILLION from China firm’ ... The five page report is an addendum to a September report that examined the Bidens' foreign links and focuses on former federal official John Robinson "Rob" Walker. ... Walker is the sole owner of Robinson Walker LLC and confidential records show that a pair of $3million wire transfers were deposited in a Robinson Walker bank account on February 23 2017 and March 1 2017. The transactions were made by Shanghai-based State Energy HK Ltd. The records state that it's "unclear what the true purpose is behind these transactions and who the ultimately beneficiary is," according to a report produced by the Senate's Finance Committee, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. The document calls the transactions "a direct link between Walker and the Chinese government and, because of his close association with Hunter Biden, yet another tie between Hunter Biden's financial arrangements and the communist Chinese government." At the time of the bank transfers, State Energy HK was "affiliated" with CEFC China Energy, which was under the leadership of Ye Jianming. Ye reportedly had ties to China's military and intelligence before he was taken into custody and disappeared in early 2018, The New York Post reports.
  • 2020 Nov 24...EpochTimes...Address Fraud ... Thousands of people registered and voted in Georgia using addresses of postal facilities or businesses, but making it look like they were residential addresses, according to a former Trump campaign official whose team analyzed the states’ voter data. ... thousand votes cast by those registered in non-residential, purely commercial addresses also disguised with ‘Apt,’ etc.” ... Nearly all those “who disguised a postal facility as their residential address” used an absentee ballot to vote, he said. ... Anyone who “knowingly gives false information when registering as an elector” can be charged with a felony and put in prison for up to 10 years or fined up to $100,000, the law says. Trump trails Biden by less than 13000 votes in Georgia
  • 2020 Dec 3...ProjectVeritas... CNN Spiked Hunter Biden Sex Tape scandal ... ZUCKER: CNN Won’t Go Down the ‘Rabbit Hole of Hunter Biden’… CNN VP: Cubans Vote for Trump Because They’re ‘Very Attracted to Bullies’… ‘That’s Terrifying’ …Call Participant: What in the World Are Haberman and Sherman Doing Retweeting That [Burisma] Story? ... Zucker: “The Wall Street Journal reported that their review of all corporate records showed no role for Joe Biden on the Chinese deal, and yes, I do put more credibility in The Wall Street Journal than I do in the New York Post.” CNN Senior VP Cynthia Hudson: “The only reason [Cubans in Miami] are supporting Trump is because of that [Biden is socialist] narrative—and that narrative, and the fact that sadly, I have to say, there's a population that's very attracted to bullies. No one is countering it properly in Florida, the Cubans are going to vote for Trump and that's terrifying.”
  • 2020 Dec 3...NaturalNews...Dominion voting machines WERE connected to internet during the election, exchanging data with Frankfurt ... Cybersecurity expert Phil Waldron, a retired Army colonel, has revealed that Dominion Voting Systems machines were, in fact, connected to the internet during the 2020 election. Speaking during a public hearing in Arizona on Monday, Waldron, the first of lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s witnesses to give testimony, stated on record that he personally knows how to “get in and corrupt” Dominion machines. Waldron also knows for a fact that Dominion machines were communicating with the covert CIA facility in Frankfurt when fake votes suddenly appeared out of nowhere for Joe Biden. ... The most common software used in Dominion machines is Smartmatic or an associated derivative, Waldron further revealed. Dominion’s user guides also explain how the process works, offering a play-by-play as to how they can be controlled and their data altered from halfway around the world. ... Election fixers used “Q snatch” to change votes from Trump to Biden ... Thanks to the backdoor access that was installed into Dominion machines by the likes of Eric Coomer, a Trump-hating member of Antifa, administrators with the appropriate credentials can “easily” access the system and thwart votes with minimal effort. ... At the 2019 Def Con event, hackers demonstrated this in real time, showing how it takes minimal effort to hack Dominion machines in a matter of minutes. A malware program known as “Q snatch” is said to record login credentials and, when activated by the right person, produce a username and password for access into the system. “Hackers have the ability to download spreadsheets of votes, change them, and re-upload them,” writes Zachary Stieber for The Epoch Times. In Michigan, for instance, this process was used to change votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, resulting in a Biden “win” in the state. It was also used elsewhere for the same purpose.
  • 2020 Dec 9...GatewayPundit...Joe Biden’s Brother James Biden Also Under Federal Investigation: Report ... according to a report by Politico published late Wednesday night. ... FBI agents, meanwhile, have been asking about James Biden’s dealings with the hospital company Americore Health, an operator of rural hospitals, as part of an investigation based out of the Western District of Pennsylvania, according to the person with direct knowledge of that investigation. In late January, FBI agents raided an Americore hospital in Ellwood City, Pa., and carted off boxes…Bobulinski said he raised concerns in 2017 to the former vice president’s brother Jim Biden, about Joe Biden’s alleged ties to a possible joint venture with a Chinese energy firm. Bobulinski, a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, was the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, which he said was the partnership between the CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming and the two Biden family members. “I remember saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this?’ ‘Aren’t you concerned?’” he told Carlson.
  • 2020 Dec 12...NationalPulse...Hunter Biden Subpoenaed For Details On More Than TWO DOZEN Business Deals ... Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma in particular have long dogged the policy work and political aspirations of his father, Joe Biden, now the president-elect of the United States. It’s unclear whether Hunter Biden’s work at the Ukrainian company is a central part of the federal investigation or whether prosecutors are simply seeking information about all his sources of income in recent years. ... APNews ... In addition to the Burisma-related request, the subpoena issued last week also seeks information on Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings and other financial transactions. ... The younger Biden joined the board of Burisma in 2014, around the time his father, then vice president, was helping conduct the Obama administration’s foreign policy with Ukraine. President Donald Trump and his allies have long argued, without evidence, that Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine influenced the Obama administration’s policies toward the Eastern European nation. ... For months, the U.S. attorney’s office in Pittsburgh has also been collecting information from Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and others as part of the Justice Department’s process to receive and analyze information related to Ukraine, including documents Giuliani wanted to present to prosecutors that he had been gathering in Ukraine about Joe and Hunter Biden.
  • 2020 Dec 12...NationalPulse...Hunter Biden Called His Father and Chinese Business Partner ‘Office Mates’ in September 2017 Email ... DailyCaller ... Hunter Biden sent an email to the manager of his Washington, D.C. office building in September 2017 asking her to make keys for his “office mates” Joe Biden and Gongwen Dong, who he said was the “emissary” for the chairman of the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC. ... Hunter Biden’s dealings with CEFC in 2017 were at the center of Tony Bobulinski’s October allegation that Joe Biden was “plainly familiar” with his family’s Chinese business dealings. Multiple news outlets have reported this week that a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs” is focused on his foreign business activities, including with CEFC.
  • 2020 Dec 13...NaturalNews Headlines... Chinese spy slept with American mayors, helped Eric Swalwell get reelected ...: Sidney Powell says that voting contracts made by GOP state leaders in Georgia should be investigated ... FEC regulations prohibit voting machines from being connected to internet ...House Republicans want Trump to keep fighting against election fraud ... Nebraska police will only enforce city’s mask mandate if complaints are raised ... Justice Department sues Facebook for hiring immigrants over qualified Americans ... Over 1,600 dams in America are in hazardous conditions: Analysis warns floods could damage entire communities .
  • 2020 Dec 12...NewYorkPost...America needs Joe Biden to face the grim facts about China ... Joe Biden’s not in the White House yet, but Beijing is already targeting his circle — even those close to them. Let’s hope that pushes the next president to rethink his out-of-date approach to the Communist colossus. ... China plays a long game, as the tale of accused spy Fang Fang shows. The young woman targeted up-and-coming politicians, and she had an eye for talent: Now-House Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) became one of her marks when he was a lowly city councilman. ... “If I could communicate one thing to the American people,” Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote in The Wall Street Journal, “it is that the People’s Republic of China poses the greatest threat to . . . democracy and freedom world-wide since World War II.” ... One Biden adviser gets it: Gen. Stanley McChrystal said China’s recent military-technology gains have “essentially changed the dynamic,” adding it’s possible Beijing could attack democratic Taiwan. “Biden’s First Foreign-Policy Crisis Is Already Here” warns Tanner Greer in Foreign Policy: Beijing’s retaliating against Australia for its moves to “publicize Chinese cyberattacks”
  • 2020 Dec 14...GNews...Hunter Biden’s “Hard Drive From Hell”: A List of Some Images, Footages and Documents From The Hard Drive
  • 2020 Dec 17...GatewayPundit...Email Uncovered Where Jim Biden Shares: “The Family Could Provide a Wealth of Introductions and Business Opportunities at the Highest Levels” ... In addition to the probe into Hunter Biden, federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business in which Joe Biden’s brother James was involved. Federal officials have asked questions about James Biden’s role in the business, according to a second person with direct knowledge of that investigation, who said it remains ongoing. ... According to reports from a year ago, Jim Biden was sued for his actions with others in allegedly attempting to steal the business model from a man in the hospital business.  The Federalist reported about Jim Biden’s case in May 2020:
  • 2020 Dec 17...GatewayPundit....Newly Released Texts Show Hunter Biden Associate Asked to ‘Get Joe Involved’ in China Deal to Make it Look Like ‘Truly Family Business’ ... In text messages dating back to 2017, Hunter’s now-ex-associates James Gilliar and Tony Bobulinski discussed a breakdown of the joint venture with CEFC, the “stakes” and appeared to suggest getting the now-president-elect involved. In another exchange, Bobulinski, in a text message to Gilliar on April 30, 2017, asked, “what is the deal w Jim Biden as he wasn’t part of the discussion but now seems a focal point.” Gilliar replied: “With H demons, could be good to have a back up, he strengthens our USP to Chinese as it looks like a truly family business, and I like the dude.”
  • 2020 Dec 17...Hannity...Senator Says Special Counsel Needed to Investigate Hunter Biden ... “If you believe a special counsel was needed to look at the Trumpworld regarding Russia — how can you say that there’s no need for a special counsel regarding Hunter Biden?” he added. ... and ...GatewayPundit ... GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: FBI Stonewalling on Briefing Congress on Swalwell’s Relationship with Chinese Spy Fang Fang ... “Swalwell is a national security liability. This is too important for the FBI to continue to stonewall,” Kevin McCarthy said. ... A Chinese spy raised money for Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) and planted an “intern” in his congressional office. A Chinese national named Fang Fang, AKA, Christine Fang targeted politicians in California between 2011 and 2015 at the direction of China’s internal spy agency and even had intimate relationships with two Midwestern mayors, according Axios. Fang was a “bundler” for Eric Swalwell and other Democrat candidates but it is also believed the Chinese spy and honeypot had an intimate relationship with Swalwell. To date, Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee and has access to highly classified information, has not answered questions about his relationship with Fang Fang.
  • 2020 Dec 29...GatewayPundit...Links Biden to Ukrainian Corruption – Burisma Indictment Reveals Ex-President Yanukovich Illegally Obtained $7.4 Billion Laundered Thru Fund “Close to US Democratic Party” ... As we reported at the time the head of Burisma Holdings was indicted in November 2019 in Ukraine. Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky. ... As we reported at the time the head of Burisma Holdings was indicted in November 2019 in Ukraine. Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky. ... Memos released earlier this month reveal Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian natural gas company, pressured the Obama State Department to help end the corruption investigation during the 2016 election cycle just one month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor probing his son Hunter. Joe Biden bragged about getting Viktor Shokin fired during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. The Burisma indictment reveals that former Ukrainian President Yanukovich illegally obtained $17.4 billion and laundered it through an investment fund close to the US Democratic Party.
  • 2020 Dec 29...EpochTimes...Congressional Probe Into Hunter Biden Neutralized Blackmail Risk: Ron Johnson ... Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said on Monday that public exposure following a Congressional probe into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings—while his father, Joe Biden, served as vice president—benefited national security by reducing the risk of blackmail by foreign powers. ... The report found that Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, while his father was in charge of U.S. policy toward the country, had the appearance of conflict of interest and “was very awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine.” It also claimed that Hunter Biden, his family, and a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s, Devon Archer, “received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.” The report also found that Hunter Biden made millions of dollars worth of “questionable transactions” with Chinese nationals connected to the Chinese communist regime and military. ... Johnson, in an interview with The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” in October, alleged Joe Biden was lying when he denied having knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings. He referred to claims by Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski
  • 2020 Jan 1...NewsPunch...Hunter-in-Hiding: New Photo’s Show Joe Biden’s Son Pushing Drugs on Vulnerable Women ... As Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer notes: Despite Hunter Biden’s widespread exploitation of women—some of whom were VERY young—his acts which included solicitation for prostitution, trafficking, revenge porn, and possession and distribution of cocaine, there hasn’t been even one serious investigation against him. On the contrary, the DOJ and various state DAs have been suppressing the evidence for years. Just like Epstein, who for years managed dodge every bullet, Hunter too has been riding into the sun-set unphased. The Delaware PD and DA for example had firsthand knowledge of these crimes but as late as December of 2018 made a conscious political decision to ignore them. Since the information about Hunter’s laptop came out, they have been hoping and praying that the MSM and FBI will discredit the laptop so they won’t have to explain their lack of action.
  • ...Over 140 Republicans To Challenge ‘Fraudulent’ Biden Electors
  • 2021 Jan 11...SotN...US Sanctions Ukrainians Who Revealed Evidence of Biden Family Corruption...You want evidence of an all-powerful globalist-controlled Deep State? ... US Sanctions Ukrainians Who Revealed Evidence of Biden Family Corruption This week, the Biden Family crime syndicate have begun the process of trying to bury one of its biggest international scandals. ... On January 11th, the United States Treasury sanctioned several Ukrainian individuals and media for revealing corruption in the Ukrainian government and against US President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter. These were accused of being “Russia-linked actors” and they were simply doing Moscow’s bidding, by revealing the truth. “Russian disinformation campaigns targeting American citizens are a threat to our democracy,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. The U.S. Treasury Department accused the seven individuals and four entities of involvement in a Russia-linked foreign influence network associated with Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach.
  • 2021 Jan 14...NaturalNews...OBEY: Cumulus Media orders all “conservative” talk show hosts to embrace Biden as “president” ... Right-leaning talk show hosts all across the country are being told that they can no longer mention the fraudulent 2020 election on their shows, and must accept the mainstream media claim that Joe Biden is the rightful “winner.” The head of Cumulus Media, which employs big “conservative” names like Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, and Mark Levin, issued a statement suggesting that any employee who from now on questions the 2020 election results while on the air will face termination for insubordination. ... Cumulus, based out of Atlanta, owns 416 radio stations in 84 regions across the country. Many of its stations broadcast in a talk format, which is largely dominated by conservatives
  • 2021 Jan 17 ...StateoftheNation...Biden to Offer Pathway to Citizenship for 11-20 Million Illegal Aliens in First Few Days in Office ... Biden’s legislation does not include money to support detention and deportation. Previous immigration bills passed under both Democratic and Republican administrations linked an expansion of immigration with stepped-up enforcement and security measures. The bill would provide a shorter pathway to citizenship for people with Temporary Protected Status, for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients and likely also for certain frontline essential workers, vast numbers of whom are immigrants. Biden’s proposal would be the most sweeping and comprehensive immigration package since President Reagan’s in 1986 Immigrants would become eligible for legal permanent residence after 5 years and wait 3 more years for U.S. citizenship.
  • 2021 Jan 19 ...GatewayPundit...Boogaloo Bois are Extreme Leftists ...MORE LIES: Democrat Media Complex Claims Anti-Trump ‘Boogaloo’ Terrorists Are Trump Supporters – New Evidence Proves Otherwise ... As the Gateway Pundit has reported, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Boogaloo Bois, a group intent on murder members of law enforcement in the hopes of sparking a second civil war, spearheaded, incited and perpetrating the attack. ... Democrat leadership has embraced Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but they are peddling lies about the political alignment of Boogaloo domestic terrorist group to marginalize the MAGA movement ... A Google search of Boogaloo would lead those investigating the group to the movement was spawned by ardent white supremacist Trump supporters. According to WikipediaNBCHuffington PostRolling Stone, CNN, Reuters, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Star TribuneThe Daily Caller  and The Nation, the Boogaloo Bois are a “far-right” militia. ...reality:... Boogaloo Boi leader Mike Dunn loves Trump so much he organized a fireteam inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 to “mock the defenses that protect Tyrants” like the president. While BLM and Antifa are typically in lock step with Democrat leadership’s anti-gun platform, the Boogaloo, dress in trademark Hawaiian shirts, carry military-style rifles. The group has been regularly providing security for BLM during protests and riots following the death of George Floyd in July.
  • 2021 Jan 22...StateoftheNation Henry Makow... The Jewish Satanic Death Cult Behind the Communist Revolution in America ... The Cabalist bankers use Organized Jewry (Zionism) and Masonic shabbos goyim as their instruments. Intelligence agencies do the dirty work. ... 5. Satanism, occultism, violence and sexual depravity in the entertainment industry. Major stars are all Satan worshippers. Their success isn’t based on talent alone. They have sold their souls to the devil. Increasingly our culture and entertainment reflect that of a satanic cult. 8. Attack on marriage and family by erasing traditional heterosexual values using pornography, sexual liberation, gender dysphoria, homosexuality and transgenderism. Sexual “liberation” is pure Satanism because it dehumanizes and makes sex an end in itself. Disregarding female rights by allowing trannies in their bathrooms. Canada issues apology to gays and new “equality” coin. Some say transgenderism is the worship of “the Beast” before his return ... Joe Biden has proclaimed that he is a "Zionist"
  • 2021 Jan 23...AimforTruth...The White House Has Been Stolen by the British- This is the War of 1812, V. 2.0 ... The Biden-Harris British Pilgrims Society handler, Sir Nigel Knowles, was Harris hubby Doug Emhoff’s boss at DLA Piper Plc. Sir Nigel Knowles is the longtime chairman of DLA Piper Plc where Emhoff worked until becoming interloper Kalama Harris’ newly-minted husband Sir Nigel Knowles and Sir Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister, were knighted on the same day by the Queen (2009). Sir Nick Clegg effectively runs Facebook today as vice president of global communications (2018) Baron Richard Allan, took over Facebook’s European operations in 2009; Allan’s grandfather was chief of staff for British intelligence in WWII and was lordified in 2010 Sir Nigel Knowles is a current director of SGO Corporation Limited (formerly Smartmatic Limited) chaired by Privy Councilor Lord Mark Malloch Brown who was lordified in 2006 SIR NIGEL KNOWLES’ SGO SMARTMATIC FELLOW DIRECTOR IS THE NOTORIOUS GLOBAL UN CRIMINAL LORD MARK MALLOCH-BROWN
  • 2021 Jan 23...AimforTruth ... China and Russia are diversions (sort of)... FYI, Leonardo has never been an Italian satellite system. It has always been controlled by the British Admiralty (look up Eurotech Ltd. and SpA). Just look who was given the GSA contract to run the U.S. Navy satellites in the top TOP-SECRET island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean: British SERCO (the island is also the home address of the .io domain for Bitcoin). Look where former C.I.A. director George Tenet became a director in 2006 followed by the former vice chairman of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff (2008): British QinetiQ ,which is controlled by the Queen, who knighted Clegg and Knowles that year Wake up folks and start calling out the British foreign interference in our U.S. elections, 2020 and earlier. The British have seized control of the White House, just like in the War of 1812 (the first Lord Rothschild-financed war against America) Note to first time readers of the American Intelligence Media: If you need evidence that any of the statements made above are backed by FACTS, just put the name of the person or event in our search bar and see the reports we have posted on them. more

  • 2021 Jan 23 ...NationalFile ...HOT MIC: Biden Says ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing,’ Signs Executive Order Anyway; The Lancet, COVID As Biden Became President, Medical Journal Quietly Retracted Study That Claimed Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective; FIREWORKS: Arizona GOP Meeting Erupts As Grassroots Disavow Ducey, McSally, Establishment Boos; ... Florida Bank Closes Donald Trump’s Accounts Without Explanation, More Banks Promise To Follow
  • 2021 Jan 24 ...NationalFile....(((ELECTION PSYOP 2020: The Well-Hidden Back Story))) ... “No one ever is selected by the puppet master to be the POTUS unless they agree to carry out an essential piece of the agenda. Once they sign the contract to become President of the U.S. Corporation, they work for the (Jewish-controlled) Federal Reserve not the American People. So, it’s the foreign owners of the FED who always choose the POTUS. However, that does not mean a POTUS, once installed in the Oval Office, cannot go rogue. JFK did just that. So did DJT.” — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer The further we get away from Election Day 2020, the easier it is to understand what really happened. As much as most folks will not want to believe the following irrefutable analysis, the stark reality provided by a deep insider within the U.S. Intelligence Community is exactly what happened. “Tel Aviv betrayed Trump with a new deal with Biden and so they threw him to the dogs. Sheldon Adelson and the Mafia have no trouble switching sides for the winner by hook or crook. Pence and McConnell also betrayed Trump. It was as though Trump walked as Julius Caesar into the Roman Senate to be stabbed to death. Any deal Trump makes with the system or Deep State will not be kept and they are secretly talking about ending him forever.” Trump's final sin was to not attack Iran ....more
  • 2021 Jan 24 ...NationalFile....(((ELECTION PSYOP 2020: The Well-Hidden Back Story)))...The Tel Aviv Connection The critical point here is that Sheldon Adelson, a primary bagman for the Khazarian Mafia was Trump’s largest campaign donor during the 2016 election cycle. Shelly was used to fund Trump’s campaign with his massive gambling revenues, as he also did in 2020 but to a much smaller degree by purposeful design. In a talk to an Israeli group in July, 2010, Sheldon Adelson said he wished he had served in the Israeli Army rather the U.S. military–and that he hoped his young son will come back to Israel and “be a sniper for the IDF,” a reference to the Israel Defense Forces. (YouTube video of speech) As a hardcore Neocon Zionist, Adelson only gave those HUGE donations to Trump on a quid pro quo basis, as is the case with every political campaign. This is why President Trump quite dramatically advanced so many cause célèbres directly associated with Zionist Israel. ... more
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...Liberty...Mossad Chief to Meet Biden, Set Out Terms for Overhaul of Iran Nuclear Deal Netanyahu set to dispatch Mossad chief Yossi Cohen to Washington to lay out Israel’s demands to the Biden administration ... Editor’s note: Truth in media: Israel gets to place demands on the US, courtesy of the weakness of the US President compared to some other, less formal institutions of the Empire. Left unstated is that Israel has only one goal in all of this: get the US to demand such harsh and humiliating terms from Iran that the nuclear deal is scuttled for good. ... the Prime Minister’s Office’s announced that Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat spoke by phone with his new American counterpart Jake Sullivan, in the first confirmed high-level conservation between Israeli officials and the Biden administration. “The two agreed to soon discuss many topics on the agenda, including the Iranian issue, regional matters and advancing the Abraham Accords,” the PMO said in a statement. In the US, Cohen and his team are expected to present the Biden administration with all the information gathered by Israel on the progress of Iran’s rogue nuclear program, according to the report, and demand what amounts to a radical overhaul of the 2015 deal with far more stringent commitments from Tehran to ensure it cannot attain nuclear weapons. ... Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said at a confirmation hearing on Tuesday that the administration would consult with Israel and other allies before a return to the 2015 deal.
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...GatewayPundit...Biden Admin Ramping Up Effort to Remove Andrew Jackson and Put Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill (VIDEO) ... The effort to replace Jackson with Tubman had stalled under President Donald Trump. “The Treasury Department is taking steps to resume efforts to put Harriett Tubman on the front of the $20 notes,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a briefing. Psaki rambled on about “diversity” on money before saying that they are “exploring ways to speed up that effort.”
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...GatewayPundit...Democrats Announce Trump Impeachment Trial Will Start February 8th — GOP Senators May Ask for a Secret Ballot to Hide Their Vote from Constituents
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...GatewayPundit...At Least One Third of the Nation Believes Joe Biden Stole the Election – Unchanged from December ... One third of the nation believes that Joe Biden won the presidency due to election fraud, according to a Monmouth poll released on Monday. The number is even larger amongst Republicans, 72 percent of whom believe that the election was rigged. The polling firm also found that ten percent of America will never accept Biden as president. “This result is virtually unchanged from November when 34% believed that fraud determined the outcome or that Biden’s victory would be overturned. Fully 72% of Republicans persist in believing that Biden’s win is due to voter fraud. Among Americans who still believe Trump lost due to fraud,
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...GatewayPundit...President Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’ – Will Carry On the Agenda of the Trump Administration ... This is one of the first actions coming from the President since he departed Washington DC. President Trump was up on election night by hundreds of thousands of votes in multiple states but early in the next morning, Democrat operatives added hundreds of thousands of additional ballots to the election and by the end of the week, the states the President won on election night were flipped to Joe Biden. Any fraudulent activities related to these events have never been forensically audited and the court cases surrounding the apparent fraud have never allowed evidence to be presented. US elections will never be free and fair in the future until all the fraud is investigated and adequately and independently addressed. The 2020 election was the largest steal in world history. Everyone but the President and the American people were involved.
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...GatewayPundit...After Pledging to Reopen Schools, Joe Biden Endorses Chicago Teachers Union’s Illegal Strike (VIDEO) ... The Chicago Teachers Union voted to refuse in-person work in defiance of CPS’s (Chicago Public Schools) reopening plan over ‘health and safety concerns.’ “We need new ventilation systems in the schools, we need testing for people coming in and out of the classes, we need testing for teachers as well as students,” said Biden when asked if he believes teachers who are on strike should return to school. Notice how out-of-breath Biden is while he is just standing at the lectern and mumbling through his answers.
  • 2021 Jan 25 ...StateoftheNation...U.S. Military Flag Officers and Enlisted Alike Will Never Forget This
  • 2021 Jan 26 ...NationalPulse... Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid ... The executive order, which executes key tenets of President Biden’s climate change agenda, was released on the former Veep’s first day in office. Section 7 of the massive order, which includes the revocation of the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, also revokes several climate and energy-focused executive orders penned by the Trump administration. Subpoint C notes that “Executive Order 13920 of May 1, 2020 (Securing the United States Bulk-Power System), is hereby suspended for 90 days.” The Trump-era order sought to ban, replace, and set new criteria on bulk-power system (BPS) electric equipment coming from a foreign country or national that poses a national security threat.
  • 2021 Jan 26 ...NaturalNews...Fauci Virus: Shocking new evidence proves Covid-19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID ... An investigation into the origin of covid-19 has uncovered a final trail of evidence that directly links Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to get unethical gain-of-function research on coronaviruses. The gain-of-function research that was conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China was intended to engineer highly contagious viruses “to learn about treatments and vaccines” to understand how to respond to an actual outbreak. The team that made this research possible was America’s very own public health experts at the NIAID, led by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, the number one expert in infectious diseases and leader of the federal coronavirus task force ... Fauci continued gain of function coronavirus research by secretly subcontracting it The original gain-of-function research goes back ten years, with a Netherlands study that involved ferrets. The researchers wanted to see if coronaviruses could be genetically manipulated so they could be transferred through the air. After demonstrating airborne transmission with ferrets, the researchers wanted to replicate contagion in humans. This opened up an entirely new, controversial science that involved manipulation in the genetic code of viruses. It was Dr. Fauci and the NIAID who funded the first ferret study. Ten years ago, Fauci co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post praising the research as “a risk worth taking.” He wrote, “Important information and insight can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory…
  • Fauci is now an advisor fake president Biden
  • 2021 Jan 27 ...RT...Biden’s top cyber adviser donated a lot to Israeli lobby AIPAC, say leftist reporters – and get accused of anti-Semitism ... An investigative report about ties between President Joe Biden’s pick for cyberwar adviser Anne Neuberger and AIPAC has unexpectedly landed two Democrat-friendly journalists in hot water with the Washington establishment. Neuberger is supposed to become Biden’s deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology on the National Security Council. A “rising” star at the NSA, Neuberger got promoted to cybersecurity chief in 2019, after overseeing “a preemptive strike” on Russia during the 2018 election, reveals an investigative piece by David Corn of Mother Jones and Ken Dilanian of NBC News, published on Wednesday. However, Corn and Dilanian also revealed that Neuberger used her family foundation to channel substantial donations to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).
  • 2021 Jan 27 ...StateoftheNation...Joe Biden Body Double Forget He’s Really Right Handed see pics of both left and right-handed writing
  • 2021 Jan 29 ...NationalFile ...FULL RELEASE: Ashley Biden Diary Reveals Child Sex Trauma, Drug Abuse, Resentment For Joe – Whistleblower National File has exclusively released the full 112 pages of the diary our whistleblower identified as belonging to Ashley Biden Patrick Howley by PATRICK HOWLEY October 28, 2020 Since Saturday night, National File has published dozens of pages from what our whistleblower has identified as the 2019 diary of Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. The diary was started while the author was in a drug rehabilitation facility in Florida, and details her romantic interests, crumbling marriage, struggle with drug and sex addiction, and family life as her father began to run for president. With limited redactions to protect the identities of private individuals, National File can now publish the full 112 page diary our whistleblower has identified as belonging to Ashley Biden. National File obtained this document from a whistleblower who was concerned the media organization that employs him would not publish the materials in the final days before the presidential election.
  • 2021 Jan 29 ...NationalFile ...Ashley Biden Diary ... National File’s whistleblower also has a recording of Ashley Biden admitting the diary is hers, and employed a handwriting expert who verified the pages were all written by Ashley. National File has in its possession a recording of this whistleblower detailing the work he did to verify its authenticity. In the recording, the whistleblower also adds that his media organization chose not to release the documents after receiving pressure from a competing outlet. National File has already reported several revelations from the diary, including the fact that the author believes she was sexually molested as a child and shared “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, the months of entries detailing the author’s struggle with drug abuse, the entries that detail the author’s crumbling marriage with multiple affairs, the entries showing the family’s fears of a potential scandal due to her brother’s new home, and those that show a deep resentment for her father due to his money, control, and emotional manipulation.
  • 2021 Feb 9 ...GatewayPundit....FLASHBACK from November 8: Complete List of Suspected Fraud Issues in 2020 Election Sorted by State with Recommended Actions on How to Address ... Below is a list of articles to date from November 8th where potential fraud has been identified in the 2020 election and actions recommended to be taken to address issues known to date. The issues and recommendations are categorized by state with an overall section first identifying all the actions to be taken across the states followed with additional actions to be taken at each specific state. Overall: Manually recount any state results where Dominion Vote Machines were used to tally results Focus on closely contested and swing states Focus on cities (i.e. Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, etc…) Focus on absentee and mail-in Ballots Investigate Biden only votes Identify dead people who voted Identify felons who voted Identify illegal aliens who voted Identify children who voted Identify individuals who voted more than once Identify newly registered individuals over 90 years old Identify non-registered voters and review Identify who made the call to stop counting in certain states, rationale for doing so and timing of the call.
  • 2021 Feb 9 ...GatewayPundit....EXCLUSIVE: Suspicious Vehicle Seen Escorting Late Night Biden Ballot Van at TCF Center on Election Night (VIDEO) ... Nov 4... a string of suspicious events changed the momentum for the Trump Team. GOP observers later testified that at 3:30 AM in the morning vehicles drove into the TCF Center and delivered fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden. ... At least three election observers later testified in sworn affidavits that they witnessed vehicles delivering fraudulent ballots to the TCF Center early in the morning on November 4th. Michigander Shane Trejo witnessed the 3:30 am Biden Ballot Drop that gave Joe Biden an outstanding lift. “There were thousands of ballots in each box,” Trejo says. “There were at least 50 boxes that I saw unloaded at 3:30 am, well after the 8:00 pm deadline for ballots to show up.” After these ballot drops Joe Biden took the lead in Michigan..
  • 2021 Feb 9 ...StateoftheNation...Here’s the British Kingpin Behind the Implausible Ascent of Kamala Harris ... see also FBCoverup ....), longtime chairman of DLA Piper, British Pilgrims Society handler for the pretenders Biden and Harris. Conspires with all “Big Four” public accounting firms to hide the conspiracy to takeover the American Republic by the British Empire. ... Knowles groomed Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff at DLA Piper for the Pilgrims Society – now folks, start saying “Pilgrims Society” – the name that cannot be named! Knowles conspires with major auditors to hide his global treachery on behalf of The Prince’s Trust, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, BDO, Ernst & Young and KPMG Knowles runs The Prince’s Trust, including in America, and does the bidding of the Crown and the Privy Council, directed by the Pilgrims Society Therefore, Knowles is the British imperial handler of the Pretenders in the White House ... Knowles’ DLA Piper employed Peter Comey, brother of FBI James B. Comey Knowles was a founding director of SGO Smartmatic that controls all election systems, including Dominion, worldwide – the various company names (Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, Premier, Diebold, ES&S) are a shell game since they all have common Optech software Knowles’ family reaches back to the beginnings of mass communications, propaganda, Victorian satanic spiritism-scientism, fascist banking and resource stripping, and vaccines as a weapon of war in the mid-1800s ... more
  • 2021 Feb 9 ...Unz...Another Zionist (Tony Blinken) Joins the Biden Team Neuberger will make our cyber secure? ... It does not require any particularly perspicacity to realize that the President Joe Biden Administration has been loaded with Zionists who not only believe in their own vision for Greater Israel but also in some cases have strong and enduring ties to the Israeli government itself. The new Secretary of State Tony Blinken comes from an American Jewish family that has well established ties to Israel. Blinken’s paternal grandfather was one of the founders of an organization that eventually evolved into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Blinken said at his Senate confirmation hearing that the new administration would “consult with Israel” before any possible return to the 2015 nuclear deal and he also made clear that there will be “additional conditions for Iran,” an odd position to take since it was the U.S. that withdrew from the agreement and introduced a harsh sanctions regime even though Iran was in compliance. More recently, Blinken claimed that Iran is weeks away from having the enriched uranium needed to make a nuclear weapon. Strangely enough, or perhaps not, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making the same claim since the 1980s.
  • 2021 Feb 10 ...AntiEmpire.....South Dakota GOP Introduces Legislation That Would Allow State to Nullify Biden Executive Orders Will be deemed "an unconstitutional exercise of legislative authority by the President” ... “The Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council may review any executive order issued by the President of the United States, if the order has not been affirmed by a vote of the Congress of the United States and signed into law, as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States,” the bill’s text reads. The bill sets up a process for reviewing the president’s executive orders, which would be submitted to the governor and attorney general so that the attorney general could “determine whether the state should seek an exemption” from the order or have it “declared an unconstitutional exercise of legislative authority by the President.” The bill targets orders that would “restrict a person’s rights,” specifically pointing to orders related to a “pandemic or other public health emergency” and “the regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” among other topics.
  • 2021 Feb 10 ...NationalFile...Joe Biden Phone Call On Hunter’s Laptop Links Him To Family Business Dealings ... “Don’t mention Joe being involved,” one of Hunter’s business partners James Gillar told another Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski in a WhatsApp text message, referring to Hunter’s overseas dealings. As we reported, Hunter Biden’s business dealings link him to Chinese espionage against America, with Joe Biden personally meeting the CEO of a Hunter firm that invested in a Chinese nuclear power company that the Obama DOJ charged with trying to steal American nuclear secrets. Joe Biden’s documented involvement in Hunter schemes draws even more alarming scrutiny on an email that showed up on Hunter Biden’s laptop from October 1, 2017. In the email, Joe Biden’s brother Jim informs Hunter that he spoke with “your father” Joe Biden. It must have been a good conversation because, as Jim says, “We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!!” “You need to call me now. Just got off the phone with your father. He is meeting with the O!! Some outrageous acquisitions!! We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!!,” Jim Biden wrote to Hunter in the subject line of the email.
  • 2021 Feb 11 ...GatewayPundit...THEY GOT CAUGHT: Dominion Owned Machines Removed 6% of Votes from Each Windham, New Hampshire GOP Candidate – Same Machines Used in 85% of Towns (VIDEO REPORT FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE) ... As we previously reported — A recent hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion-owned voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes. ... What makes the New Hampshire results even more suspect: ** Republicans flipped the New Hampshire Senate from 14-10 Democrat to 14-10 Republican in 2020. ** Republicans flipped the New Hampshire House from 230-156 majority Democrat to 213-187 Republican majority in 2020! ** Yet, Joe Biden who was 4th in Dem primary and Kamala Harris, who did not make it to the Dem primary, won the state 52.7 to 45.4 to Trump. These results are IMPOSSIBLE. ... Despite these recent findings New Hampshire Attorney General Anne Edwards, a Republican, has no plans to investigate the alleged voter fraud in the state.
  • 2021 Feb 11 ...GatewayPundit...Republican Senator Tom Cotton Presses Biden On Flood Of Unvaccinated Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border ... The letter from Cotton to Biden, signed by several other GOP senators, opens by noting Biden has re-implemented failed immigration policies from former President Barack Obama’s administration before adding that the Biden policies are endangering America’s public health as well as the nation’s public safety and economic well-being. The letter, which Breitbart News obtained exclusively ahead of its public release, is signed by Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), John Barrasso (R-WY), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Joni Ernst (R-IA), James Lankford (R-OK), Marco Rubio (R-FL), John Thune (R-SD), Mike Lee (R-UT), Rick Scott (R-FL), James Inhofe (R-OK), and Thom Tillis (R-NC). “We write regarding your administration’s efforts to severely weaken border security and immigration controls in the midst of an historic pandemic,”
  • 2021 Feb 11 ...GatewayPundit...Jovan Pulitzer Discusses What Accurate and Transparent Audits Really Are and Encourages Americans to Demand These Be Performed ... Inventor and election expert Jovan Pulitzer released a video today where he explained what it meant to perform an accurate and comprehensive audit of election results. He noted that he could perform an audit of the 2020 election results that would identify all valid ballots. He also believes the US could then use his methods to prevent voter fraud far into the future.
  • 2021 Feb ...NaturalNews...Democrats’ climate agenda will mimic their COVID tyranny ... For decades, the climate cultists from the “New Religion of First World Elites” have attempted to use fear — the destruction of the planet — and a fake cause — saving the planet — to convince Americans to vote for Democrats and enact the perverse science-denying climate agenda of the modern left. For a primer on how this would work, look no farther than 2020. As soon as the Wuhan virus entered the U.S. in early 2020, Democrats across the U.S. saw it as a means to a political end. Consumed with hatred and obsessed with the removal of President Trump, the 2020 presidential election was their primary political target. To help accomplish this, Democrats in politics and the media rampantly spread Wuhan virus fear porn. Subsequently, Democrat mayors and governors across the U.S. — encouraged and enabled by their like-minded allies in D.C. and the media — enacted widespread and economically devastating lockdowns and accompanying measures. In spite of the fact that most of these measures were unproven and unnecessary — time again has proven this true — the Democrats persisted because “orange man bad.” They also persisted because, to paraphrase David Horowitz, inside every leftist is a totalitarian screaming to get out. Because of their lust for political power — because they have made a god of government — leftists are always looking for the next problem that their government elites (supposedly) alone can “solve.” Again, the Wuhan virus provided an excellent opportunity for this.
  • 2021 Feb ...NaturalNews...Biden’s new “woke” military has a model in Mao’s China ... included is “Pepe the Frog” — an internet meme frequently posted by members of the political right to troll the political left. [Breitbart] The same article reveals that military leadership also warned soldiers against the “OK” sign, based on the hysterical liberal belief it is a “white nationalist” symbol. This isn’t a crusade against “extremism.” It’s a witch hunt for the slightest sign of public dissent from the radical ideological experiment the left is running on the military and the entire country. Defense press secretary John Kirby was inadvertently revealing whenhe recently remarked that “There may be cultural issues we have to deal with here.” That is exactly what is going on. There is a proud conservative, nationalist, and traditional culture that has been a part of the U.S. military for its entire history. And that culture represents a threat to the ideological project that is the military of 2021, so it must be marginalized and then stamped out. The impact this will have on military effectiveness is irrelevant; actually winning wars barely matters to the military of 2021.
  • 2021 Feb 12 ...ActivistP...Biden scraps policy requiring universities to disclose dealings with China ... President Joe Biden has scrapped a policy mandating that colleges and universities disclose all dealings with the Chinese government and its Confucius Institutes. The policy was enacted by former President Donald Trump to encourage transparency amid growing evidence that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda was infiltrating America’s education system. Under the policy, institutions that failed to comply would lose certification for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. Documents from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs confirmed that Biden scrapped the policy on Jan. 26. In 2018, Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act. As part of this bill, Sen. Ted Cruz placed a provision prohibiting funding to the Chinese-run Confucius Institute on American campuses. Based on previous reports, all but 10 of the 75 Confucius Institutes in the U.S. were located on a university campus.
  • 2021 Feb 12 ...NaturalNews....Mike Adams ... Situational Update ... many states are pushing back against Leftist BS... Utah open carry to all over 21 with few exceptions ... much more.S
  • 2021 Feb 12 ...GatewayPundit... Joe Biden to Allow 25,000 Migrants Seeking Asylum Into US Amid Covid Pandemic ... The first wave of an estimated 25,000 asylum-seekers with active cases in the “Remain in Mexico” program will be allowed into the United States on Feb. 19, authorities said. They plan to start slowly, with two border crossings each processing up to 300 people a day and a third crossing taking fewer numbers. ... In addition to allowing tens of thousands of asylum seekers into the US, Biden plans to introduce legislation to Congress that would provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens currently living in the US (more like 20+ million illegals).
  • 2021 Feb 12 ...WeLoveTrump...The DOD Plan To Purge Conservatives From The Military Sources claim that the Department of Defense is using 'extremists' as a ploy to purge conservative Americans from the armed forces. ... If these reports are true then the DOD pretty much has to remove the vast majority of service members from the military. I do not have any kind of statistical proof or anything, but I am willing to wager that the vast majority of men and women in our armed forces are conservative. The person studying Marxist gender studies at the local university is not joining the military, so who will be replacing most of our men and women at arms?
  • 2021 Feb 13 ...StateoftheNation...Biden hands over control of America’s power grid to communist China ... Hunter’s dad has already revoked an executive order signed by President Donald Trump that barred communist China and other hostile foreign entities from gaining access to America’s power grid. Deceptively named the “Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis,” Joe Biden’s order undoing Trump’s brings the United States one step closer to total absorption into the global system of technocratic authoritarianism. ... Under Trump, Chinese interference with American infrastructure was on the chopping block. Trump had actively sought to ban, replace and set new criteria for bulk power system (BPS) electrical equipment coming from foreign countries, meaning Chinese equipment with possible hidden backdoors would not have been allowed in the United States.
  • 2021 Feb 13 ...NaturalNews...Three 300,000 Biden Vote Dumps Late on Election Night in Virginia Cannot Be Adequately Explained or Tied to Final Results ... After rambling on about the vote drop the delegate then noted that the Edison data doesn’t matter anyway it’s the official state results that matter that can be found here. We looked at this site and we found that the results on the site don’t agree with the results on the Edison feed. The Edison feed is the official results from the election provided to the media on the night of the election. We reported in November on these results using the New York Times/Edison data feed from Election night. The Virginia delegate provided Edison data for Fairfax County only, which were the bulk of the entries posted late on Election Night. Next, we looked at the ‘official results’ at the link provided by the representative. Unfortunately, we were unable to tie these results to the Edison data provided by the representative for Fairfax County. Why are the data and results not transparent?
  • 2021 Feb 14 ...NaturalNews... German parliament ratifies Agenda ID2020 and Bill Gates’ “vaccination package” for global depopulation ... On Jan. 29, the German parliament ratified the implementation of Agenda ID2020, the next phase of the global Mark of the Beast rollout being ushered in on the back of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.” This centralized general electronic data collection program will profile every citizen in Germany and grant access to every government agency, police department, and three-letter agency, as well as to the private sector. Up to 200 points of information, and possibly more as time goes on, will be included in the program. These include people’s bank accounts, shopping habits, health records, including vaccination records, political inclinations, and probably even dating habits. If the government can use it against you, Germany wants to house it in the Agenda ID2020 database, which was designed by none other than billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates as part of his “vaccination package.” Backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), the program aims to inject every human being with microchips that can be remote-accessed using 5G and subsequent 6G technologies. The program’s private partners include many Big Pharma names such as Johnson & Johnson (J&J), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Merck & Co., and of course the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. According to Peter Koenig, writing for Global Research (Canada), ID2020 is shaping up to be “vaccine-implanted” and “remote-accessible by EM-geared computers, robots or algorithms.”
  • 2021 Feb 14 ...NationalFile ... Biden Attacks Guns: Demands Background Checks, Magazine Bans, ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Manufacturers Liable Joe Biden uses the anniversary of a school shooting to demand strict gun control across the country.. It is worth noting that there are no “weapons of war” or “assault weapons” available to normal Americans. No military in existence uses AR-15 rifles or other semi-automatic counterparts, instead using fully automatic weapons like the M-16 and M-4 carbine in the United States, the Type 95 Automatic Rifle in China, and the AK-74 assault rifle in Russia. Automatic weapons have not been available for purchase in the United States since the government made them illegal in 1986.
  • 2021 Feb 17 ...NationalPulse...EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Met With The Chairman Of The Chinese Propaganda Unit (2013) ...Seeking To ‘Influence Foreign Governments To Adopt Beijing’s Preferred Polices. ... A previously unreported-on press release from a U.S.-based Chinese Communist Party Consulate reveals that then-Vice President Biden participated in a welcome reception with Chinese Communist Party Vice President Li Yuanchao featuring Tung Chee-hwa: Prior to the meeting, Li Yuanchao held a welcome ceremony for Biden at the North Hall of the Great Hall of the People. CPPCC Vice Chairman Tung Chee-hwa and others were present. Tung Chee-hwa serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), which has been identified as the “highest-ranking entity overseeing” China’s United Work Front according to the U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission.
  • 2021 Feb 20 ...NaturalNews...Biden Says US Veterans and Former Police Officers Are Fueling White Supremacism in America ... The Police Tribune reported: ... “And you see what’s happening — and the studies that are beginning to be done, maybe at your university as well — about the impact of former military, former police officers, on the growth of white supremacy in some of these groups,” the President said. “You may remember in one of my debates with the former president, I asked him to condemn the Proud Boys. He wouldn’t do it. He said, ‘Stand by. Stand ready.’ Or whatever the phrasing exactly was,” he recalled.
  • 2021 Feb 21 ...NationalPulse....Joe Biden’s NatSec And China Policy Directors Served As Fellows At Chinese Communist Party-Funded Center. ... President Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Senior Adviser on China in Policy Planning Mira Rapp-Hooper served as fellows at Yale’s Paul Tsai China Center, which has taken millions in Chinese Communist Party cash and counts Chinese government and military-linked individuals as fellows and speakers, The National Pulse can reveal. ... Follow The Money. The center re-established itself in 2016 following a $30,000,000 donation from the son of the late Paul Tsai, Vice Chairman and co-founder of Alibaba Joseph Tsai. Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma, has close financial and personnel ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Joseph Tsai is also a “patron” of the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), a Chinese Communist Party-backed grouped exposed by The National Pulse for sponsoring trips to China for journalists and politicians in exchange for “favorable coverage” and part of the country’s United Front efforts “to co-opt and neutralize sources of opposition to the Chinese Communist Party” and encourage “positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”
  • 2021 Mar 24...StateoftheN...Hunter Biden had direct business ties to Chinese President Xi, bombshell emails reveal ...  he was very likely an economic pimp for his now-president father ... Everybody who has looked at the contents of the laptop confirms that it is 100 percent real,” ... emails that indicate Hunter Biden and then-business partner Devon Archer, both of whom co-founded Bohai Harvest RST Partners (BHR) and began doing business with Chinese entities in 2014, appeared to be in on coordinating a visit to Los Angeles by Chinese President Xi Jinping the following year. And recall, this was all during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. “President Xi will be making a stop in L.A. during his visit where LeTV has recently acquired an R&D center committing to invest between US$3-5 billion towards the research and design of electrical cars and intelligent vehicles,” a 2015 email to Biden and Archer notes.
  • 2021 Aug 13...StateoftheNation...Tes...Here’s the family tree proving WEC Founder, Covid Criminal & NWO Globalist Klaus Schwab is a Rothschild. .... Moritz Rothschild 1835-1916 married to Emma Rothschild, parents of Louis Rothschild 1864-1942 father of Melanie Rothschild 1860-1944, mother of Marianne Schwab (Rothschild) 1919-... married to Fred Schwab, father of Klaus Schwab .... source: Holocaust Center
  • 2021 Aug 15...StateoftheNation...Headlines: ... Israeli Scientists Claim It’s ‘Pure Luck’ They Were Already Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To The Outbreak ... CITIZENS GRILL GOVERNOR ON THE KILLER JAB (Video); Hawaii Fire Captain Pours Heart Out Against Governor’s Vaccine Mandate (Video); Flu/Covid Jabbed Americans Half the Official Total?; Mandating Tyranny Now You Are A Terror Threat; Guess what the new terror threat is in the UK?; Largest Concert Promoters to Require Proof of Complete COVID-19 Vaccination; CDC confesses to COVID-19 “vaccines” being a medical HOAX; Fauci, NIH have already developed the NEXT bioweapon to be released with HIV-like capabilities that suppress human immunity (Video); The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — Dr. Samuel White (Video); Now Fauci Says Covid Jabs May Be Needed Forever (Video); California Gov. Newsom Under Serious Recall Threat; Welcome to Biden’s Saigon! Totally staged as yet another HUGE U.S. military defeat.; Check Out This ‘Historic Court Ruling’ Against Wireless Communication; NWO Globalist-Directed Geoengineers Turn Up the Heat In Spain to Push Fake Global Warming Narrative; Are they triggering the California firestorms to exacerbate the Covid infection and mortality rates?!; Were these weapons purposefully left by the US military for the Taliban to retrieve.; OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA Ramped Up by Geoengineers with Parleys Canyon fire.
  • 2021 Mar 26...InvasionNews ... Headlines...As border crisis worsens, over 118,000 migrants “got away” from Border Patrol in less than six months; WEAPONIZED IMMIGRATION: Biden Regime using biological warfare yet again in West Texas as revenge for Keystone pipeline; US would quickly lose against China if they invaded Taiwan; Tucker Carlson: Is the military more concerned with wokeness than winning the next war?; Abbott deploys “Operation Lone Star” at Texas-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration; Leaked government document reveals migrant children are being held illegally in Border Patrol facilities; ABC shocked at Biden’s border incompetence after ‘hardline’ Trump White House, Tucker Carlson: No country could survive Biden’s border policies; Biden family accused of helping Chinese spies infiltrate American government; The ‘new Red Dawn invasion of America’ has begun: Under Joe Biden, America is wide open and ‘ripe for the pickings’ as the globalists kick their ‘end game’ into high gear; Biden’s America: 13 dead in serious crash near Mexican border were illegal aliens being trafficked
  • 2022 Jan ...AimforTruth.. GLOBAL GENOCIDE BY KING OF THE JEWS – ISRAEL-ABRAHAM BURLA see full article...Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla hides a centuries old family heritage interlocked with British Zionism and the Pilgrims Society NWO scheme ... his real name is Israel-Abraham Burla, according to Times of Israel file ...  and ....  Fauci’s maternal “Abys” family crest is a macabre crowned serpent eating a child and holding two buckets of gold (see above). Indeed, on Sep. 4, 1618, the Abys talc mine in Plurss (now Piuro), Italy collapsed and consumed about 2,500 souls instantly. The Abys family had already moved north to Chur, Switzerland, near Davos (headquarters of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum) when the devastating 9-11-level avalanche was triggered by their negligence. They were selling talc as a lubricant and to be added to medicines, now known to be a carcinogen. ... In Israel, the Rothschilds notoriously influence the policy of The Weizmann Institute of Science founded in 1934. Jacob Rothschild currently serves on the international board, as Rothschilds have since inception. ... Founder Chaim A. Weizmann served as president of the World Zionist Organization and later as the first president of Israel. ... Weizmann’s biotechnology research is interlocked with The Wellcome Trust in the UK (i.e., Pirbright Institute, Merial Animal Hospital, Gates Foundation, NIH, DARPA, UKRI), the U.N. WHO, and a plentitude of British scientists serving on Weizmann’s board of governors, including Nobel biochemists Sir Ernst Boris Chain and Baron Florey, microbiologist Sir Alexander Fleming. ... Shockingly, in 1972, Baron Victor Rothschild, who had just presented The Rothschild Report (1971) to the UK Parliament recommending the emergence of a new biotechnology push globally, almost singlehandedly invested in 20% UK and 80% US companies. ... He funded Nobel biologist Sydney Brenner to start doing DNA experiments on all of Israel (“due to the peculiar structure of the Jewish population”). ... After his Report, Victor Rothschild founded his new biotechnology companies—Biotechnology Investments Limited (BIL) (UK) and International Biotechnology Trust (IBT) PLC) (now run by Rothschild Asset Management).
  • 2022 updated...LaRouchePac..The Part I: The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed. Will You Act Now to Save the Nation? ...On November 23, 2018, someone started publishing purloined documents from the British military’s Integrity Initiative, an international network of politicians, journalists, academics, foundations, and military officers engaged in a very dirty black propaganda campaign funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, NATO, Facebook, and such intelligence quangos as the Smith Richardson Foundation here in the United States, all while posing as a Scottish charity. Then, on December 18, the House of Lords released a report on the imperatives of current British policy, imperatives for which the Integrity Initiative’s information warriors and a host of similar outfits, have been tasked to engineer popular support. ... The Integrity Initiative claims it focuses on Russian hybrid disinformation warfare, a form of irregular warfare they claim Russia is conducting. Its own purloined internal papers, however, expose the Initiative, rather than Putin, as the master propagandists, targeting and smearing those considered “subversives,” like British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, other anti-war figures, and Donald Trump. ... The liberated documents show that Sir Andrew Wood and Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal’s MI6 handler, who are both players in Christopher Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence, also have significant relationships to the Initiative. Skripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury, England, in one of 2018’s more infamous intelligence hoaxes targeting Russia. Steele, of course, wrote the very dirty and obviously fake dossier on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin which has sustained the Russiagate scandal for almost two years in the United States, throwing this country into a McCarthyite hysteria in which former defenders of the Constitution now demonstrate on behalf of the FBI and CIA and demand that a Special Prosecutor become, effectively, a fourth branch of our government.
  • 2022 Sep 14...EpochTimes...FBI Put Key Dossier Source (Danchenko) on Payroll in Apparent Effort to Conceal Dossier Fabrication ... Perhaps the most stunning disclosure is that Danchenko was given confidential human source (CHS) status by the FBI in March 2017. Notably, this was after Danchenko had disowned the Steele dossier in a January 2017 FBI interview, having admitted that it was based on gossip and rumors. Given the admission, there was no legitimate reason to extend the protections of CHS status to Danchenko, who no longer had any bona fide value to the FBI’s investigation into alleged Trump–Russia collusion. In fact, the FBI’s investigation ought to have ended as soon as Danchenko disclosed the true provenance of Steele’s reporting. ... The FBI’s goal in giving Danchenko the highly coveted CHS status appears to have been to take Danchenko off the grid. As a CHS, Danchenko enjoyed special protections and privileges. Crucially, the FBI was able to use his status to conceal Danchenko and his disclosures from congressional inquiries, such as the investigation by then-Rep. Devin Nunes led by Kash Patel. Other inquiries, such as Freedom of Information Act requests, could similarly be stonewalled by reference to the “sources and methods” justification for concealing the identity, and even the existence, of a CHS. ... The FBI had huge incentives to hide Danchenko. Although Danchenko told the FBI several lies in what Durham now describes was an attempt to reconcile what Danchenko had told Steele, the overarching message from Danchenko was that the dossier was untrue. This effectively ended any legitimate inquiry into Trump–Russia collusion. Danchenko’s disavowal also meant that the FBI’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page—which were issued based on the Steele dossier—were effectively invalidated.  The FBI had a legal duty to inform the FISA court about Danchenko but failed to do so. In fact, they successfully applied for two further FISA warrants against Page on the basis of the Steele dossier which they knew to be false. ... The timing of Danchenko’s elevation to CHS status coincided with two major developments. First, on March 20, 2017, then FBI Director James Comey told Congress that the Trump campaign was under investigation for alleged ties to Russia. At the time, Comey knew that Danchenko had shredded the investigation’s predicate, yet he chose to forge on regardless. Second, also in March 2017, Nunes found out from a whistleblower in the intelligence community that the Trump transition team had been spied on. Nunes complained that Congress hadn’t been given that information.Grap
  • 2022 ...AntiEmpire.. $4.2 Trillion Added to the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt in 12 Months? ...Next 10 largest foreign holders in September. This list is top-heavy with tax havens and financial centers, including those where US corporations have legal entities that hold US Treasuries, such as Apple in Ireland. In others words, some of these “foreign” holders are US entities, such as Apple, that are holding Treasuries registered in their foreign mailbox entities (the amounts in parenthesis indicate their holdings a year earlier):

    UK (“City of London” financial center): $425 billion ($413 billion)
    Ireland: $315 billion ($274 billion)
    Brazil: $265 billion ($303 billion)
    Luxembourg: $262 billion ($252 billion)
    Switzerland: $255 billion ($231 billion)
    Hong Kong: $246 billion ($242 billion)
    Cayman Islands: $232 billion ($250 billion)
    Belgium: $218 billion ($215 billion)
    Taiwan: $213 billion ($189 billion)
    India: $213 billion ($161 billion)
    Germany and Mexico, among the countries with which the US has the biggest trade deficits, are much further down the list: Germany in 20th place, and Mexico in 24th place.
  • 2022 ...StateoftheNation..The Jewish Conspiracy Behind The 1965 Open Immigration Law! ...Here Are The Names Of The Jews Behind The Open Immigraton Law of 1965:
    All Jews
    1. Senator Jacob Javits (NY)
    2. Congressman Emanuel Celler (NY)
    3. Leo Pfeffer (Former President of
    American Jewish Congress (AJC)
    4. Norman Podhoretz (Writer and Member of The Council of Foreign Relations)

    * Senator Jacob Javits played a prominent role in the Senate hearings on the 1965 bill. Javits authored an article entitled ‘Let’s open the gates’ that proposed immigration levels of 500,000 per year for 20 years with no restrictions on national origin. ... * Congressman Emanuel Celler, who fought for unrestricted immigration for over 40 years in the House of Representatives, introduced similar legislation resulting in the “Cellar-Hart Immigration Bill,” the precursor to the fatal bill of 1965. ... * Leo Pfeffer, a so-called, “Jewish Intellect,” (translate, “Christ-Hater”), wrote many treatises and books that propagandized for open immigration. ... * Norman Podhoretz, a former leftist, now a Jewish “neo-con,” (he’s still a leftist), also wrote many articles promoting open immigration. ...
    * Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, the ACLU, and the B’nai B’rith, (there is no end to their organizations), filed briefs in support of open immigration before the Senate Subcommittee in the early sixties leading up to the passing of the 1965 law. ... THE 1965 OPEN IMMIGRATION LAW IS PRESENTLY fulfilling the aims of the Jewish conspiracy as seen in its effects. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of America due to the massive influx of immigrants since the signing of the bill in 1965. ...
  • comment: The Jewish contrived 1965 Open Immigration Act show what lengths the Zionist Khazarian Mafia will do to control the world... this is indirectly connected to Covid-19 hoax showing that this cabal is totally capable of pulling something like the Covid Hoax off.
  • 2022 Sep 18...ActivistPost.. 10 Ways in Which Our Rights Have Been Usurped ..A recitation of the Bill of Rights—set against a backdrop of government surveillance, militarized police, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, eminent domain, overcriminalization, armed surveillance drones, whole body scanners, stop and frisk searches, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and the like (all sanctioned by Congress, the White House, and the courts)—would understandably sound more like a eulogy to freedoms lost than an affirmation of rights we truly possess. ... What we are left with today is but a shadow of the robust document adopted more than two centuries ago. Sadly, most of the damage has been inflicted upon the Bill of Rights. ... Here is what it means to live under the Constitution, twenty-plus years after 9/11 and with the nation just emerging from two years of COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates. ... The First Amendment is supposed to protect the freedom to speak your mind, assemble and protest nonviolently without being bridled by the government. It also protects the freedom of the media, as well as the right to worship and pray without interference. In other words, Americans should not be silenced by the government. To the founders, all of America was a free speech zone..
  • Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger whistleblower
  • 2022 Sep 18...StateoftheNation.. Did Jewish President Zelensky conspire with his Zionist masters to genocide the Ukrainian citizenry? ...article summarized and paraphrased: ...Zelensky is just a Zionist puppet, drama queen, fake comedian, the war is engineered by the Zionist master of the West, a genocide ... started by Obama in 2014, a continuation of the quest to dismantle and rape Russia, an effort that's been going on since the Bolshevik rvolution, The Russian response was initially led by the Spetsnaz special forces. The Ukraine war is a product of the Khazarian mafia, Ashkenazi banksters of the NWO, There is a secret plan to genocide the local population and replace them with Jews from Israel, The Jerusalem Project,
  • history: British / Jewish China opium trade: ... TaylorFrancisOnline The opium trade was legal within China between 1858 and 1917. Jewish entrepreneurs who had immigrated to China via India were deeply involved in the trade in this addictive, highly debilitating narcotic drug. Although plying a legitimate trade they were the targets of trenchant criticism, most notably from missionaries. Anti-opium groups spurred on by missionaries protested against the opium trade for reasons of ethics as well as fear that all trade with China might be stopped, as indeed had happened in 1839. This paper focuses on the nineteenth-century background to the opium trade, the anti-opium movement, the British government's attitude to the Baghdadi merchants and the end of the opium trade.
  • 2022 Sep Whole-Of-Government EO Begins: FDA Embraces Transhumanist Narrative On Latest COVID Shots ...> The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now advertising the new COVID booster as an “antibody update” to “recharge your immunity” — as if your immune system were a battery that needs recharging, or your immunity a software system that requires gene therapy “updates.” This is transhumanist lingo that has no bearing on real-world biology or physiology, and proves the FDA is onboard with the transhumanist ideas of technocracy pushed by the globalist cabal ... > According to a risk-benefit analysis looking at the impact of booster mandates for university students, between 22,000 and 30,000 previously uninfected adults (aged 18 to 29) must be boosted with an mRNA vaccine to prevent one COVID-19 hospitalization
    > For each hospitalization prevented, the jab will cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to three booster-associated myocarditis cases in males ... > A small observational study led by neurology researchers at the National Institutes of Health found “a variety of neuropathic symptoms” occurring within three to four weeks of COVID injection ... > Naturopath Henry Ealy and two Oregon state senators, Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, are trying to compel the state court in Oregon to order the impaneling of a special grand jury to investigate criminal data fraud by the CDC.
  • 2022 Sep 22...NaturalNews.. US government’s new Central Bank Digital Currency is a fast track to digital concentration camps ...The Biden regime has published a “comprehensive framework” pushing a private central banking-controlled Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to replace the paper fiat dollars we are all used to using currently. ... At the same time attacking decentralized cryptocurrencies, the Biden White House says that before the end of the year, all Americans need to be herded into a new digital paradigm of money that is controlled from the top down just like the current system – except with much more control. ... “CBDCs are digital currency issued directly from a nation-state’s central bank and serve as legal tender,” writes Kanekoa the Great of the Kanekoa Newsletter. ... “Critically, CBDCs are controlled by governments and therefore represent the polar opposite of the ideas – decentralization, open-source software, permissionless, peer-to-peer transactions – that made Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such a revolutionary technology.” ... Much like how communist China runs its infamous social credit scoring system, Biden’s proposed CBDC would be tied to people’s identities. As long as a person obeys everything the government says, he would be permitted to spend money and do things. ... Those who disobey the government would have their CBDC accounts shut down and their funds seized. (Related: Learn more about how private central banking is the root cause behind inflation, shortages, and other chaos.)
  • 2022 Sep 24...RT.. US military using tool that captures '93% of the internet' - senator ..Ron Wyden has demanded a probe into the warrantless use of data from a near-omniscient company US military using tool that captures '93% of the internet' - senator ... ©  Multiple branches of the US military have bought access to “petabytes” of American citizens’ private online data via a tool called Augury, giving them access to an almost omniscient set of data points, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) claimed in a letter to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) on Wednesday. ... The alleged data trove includes an individual’s email communications, browsing history, and other behavioral information, all on demand and without a warrant, ... The senator asked the OIG to investigate the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department’s purchase and use of any such records. He cited a report his office received from a military whistleblower regarding the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) buying and using netflow data from data broker Team Cymru.
  • 2022 Nov 11...NaturalNews.. Whistleblower: Joe Biden involved in family gambling business venture in Latin America while he was VP ...The informant told the Daily Mail Joe Biden’s involvement included conducting a conference call in 2012 with Hunter Biden, his business partner Jeff Cooper, the late Harry Reid, and his son Key Reid about an online gambling platform, Ocho Global, which was operating in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Argentina. ... “With the direct observations I had, it’s obvious Joe was participating in the business,” the source told the UK outlet. “He wasn’t passive, he was talking about it. If I had to describe him, he was like a member of the Board of Directors.” ... According to emails provided by the source from Hunter, Cooper had valued the gambling enterprise at roughly $30 million in 2011; its Argentina operation alone was worth $10 million in March 2012. ... In addition, emails show that Hunter Biden had an interest in the parent company of Ocho, called Eudora Global, which netted the first son a gain in 2015 of $300,000 as well as an “income of $77,000 and a long term capital gain of $584,000 in 2017 and a gain of $646,000 in 2019,” the Daily Mail reported. And by 2016, Hunter wound up with a 3 percent stake in Eudora, the report added. ... “It is unknown if Joe Biden received any income or kickbacks from the deal, as he tried to do with businessman and whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who revealed in 2020 that Joe Biden was promised ten percent cut of a deal with a CCP-linked Chinese energy company,” Breitbart News added — though it should be noted that a message found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop said that Joe Biden got a cut of roughly half of whatever Hunter managed to “earn” on his father’s political name and connections.
  • 2022 Nov 11...StateoftheNation.. “Mass Murder on a Massive Scale” via the Vax Perpetrated by the CDC ...The Custody Database of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky proves she is guilty of mass murder
    • Walensky’s Official Custody CDC Database confirms that she was well aware of the countless of disabilities and injuries suffered by millions of Americans — at an industrial scale — after they received their COVID-19 ‘vaccines’
    • Walensky knew that there were 700,000 Doctor Visits according to her own governmental database
    • Walensky knew that there were 6.4 million Health Impacts according to her own governmental database
    • Walensky knew that there were over 2,000,000 Serious Adverse Events / Serious Side Effects according to her own governmental database
    • Walensky knew that, post Covid vaccination and boosters, vaccine-induced injuries of Americans occurred on a massive scale
    • Walensky knew that millions of American workers were so severely injured to the point of not being able to work
    • Walensky knew that all of these injuries and disabilities were sustained subsequent to receiving CV-19 ‘vaccines’
    • Walensky continued to refer to the Covid ‘vaccines’ as “safe and effective” even though mass murder was taking place across America because of her explicit approval of the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccines’
  • Hunter Biden Sex Tapes ... on GTV website, Bitchute, GNews ... Fetzer Hunter Biden Sex Tapes Upstage "Laptop from Hell"
  • 2022 Nov 11...StateoftheNation.. Updates on the Brook Jackson’s Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit (Video) ...Biden regime in cahoots with Phizer to seal whistleblower information...
  • biden, blow job, china, extortion, bribery, traitor

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