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Conspiracy ... The Social Creditor for Political and Economic Realism














Alor Conspiracy ... The Social Creditor for Political and Economic Realism

The Social Crediter,

28 June, 1969




Vol. 49



28 JUNE,


Is. 3d. Fortnightly

That the world is in the grip of a conspiracy-conscious
and determined-long
ago ceased to be a theory. It is now
a very well documented fact.
Some of the facets of this conspiracy have been analysed
with great brilliance and a pretty wit by Dr. Medford
Evans*, who was once administrative officer on the U.S.
atomic energy project-a
position which placed him in contact with some of the key figures of that body and with considerable knowledge of the politics of atomic energy. In the
present book however, he discusses a number of key events,
and five key personnel-i-Dean
Rusk ("the most powerful
man in Washington");
Walt Rostow ("it is, therefore, an
American interest to see the end of nationhood");
McNamara, the man who has to a large extent disarmed the
'U.S. ois-a-ois Soviet Russia and has now moved on to head
the World Bank ("another piece of the World Government
becomes visible"); Clark Clifford, who wrote the bill unifying
the U.S. defence forces, thus enabling McNamara to disarm
them; Abe Fortas, the Supreme Court Justice with proved
Communist affiliations, and N. deB. Katzenbach, one of the
key figures in the no-win policy in Vietnam.
Among the key events which Dr. Evans considers in some
detail are the loss of the U.S.S. Pueblo; the assassination of
President Kennedy, which he regards as a coup d'etat,
opening the way for the "dangerous" President Lyndon
Johnson; and the "build-up" in Vietnam-a
"project in the
Socialist reconstruction of the world". Dr. Evans takes the
view, which we have not seen put forward elsewhere than
in this journal, that the 'war' in Vietnam has as its fundamental objective the transfer of American arms and equipment to Asia, as well as the construction of capital projects
which will eventually fall into the possession of the enemy.
When the Americans go (evidently, now, before much
longer) they will not take their bases with them, nor the
development projects on the Mekong River-another
project, again under Lilienthal.
Unlike so' many=otherwise
sound=arralysts+of rhe+corr-r-cspiracy, Dr. Evans is not confused about money power. He
makes the vital distinction between wealth and money. "Too
often (wealth) is thought of in terms of money. It is forgotten
that the value of money depends on the power-ultimately
the military power-of
the issuing agency . . . If the
United States loses its military independence, American
money will cease to be accepted, unless validated by the successor power, presumably the new World Government . . .
The prince must tax the wealthy man, not only for revenue
but to remind him who's boss. Any World Government
*'The Usurpers: Western Islands. Pp. 248 + Bibliography and
Index. Available f.rom K.R.P. Publications, 9/6 posted.

would have to distribute American wealth to underdeveloped
nations." Yes, Mr. Wilson? Did we hear you say something?
Dr. Evans puts the crux of the present situation thus:
"It is thought (by the Liberal Establishment)
that the
government of the One World of the future must have a
monopoly of nuclear weapons. Short of this, the best expedient is nuclear stalemate with mutual deterrence of the
nations, resulting in a balance manoeuvrable at the centre
(the Washington-Moscow Axis). The meaning of 'peace' is
simply: unified control ... World peace today means world
domination by an agency with monopolistic control of atomic
In accordance with this strategy, the U.S. Establishment
has been scaling down the supreme military superiority which
America possessed at the end of the war to a position of equality with Soviet Russia. The idea of this.of course, is to make
war impossible, thus paving the way to the coalescence of
the American and Soviet systems. This involves supplying
Russia with critical- materials and technical know-how, as
well as rendering American nuclear weapons unusable as,
Dr. Evans says, they already are-at
least in a war against
Communism. (They could be used-with
Soviet agreement,
of course-s-againsr Britain, should Britain take her 'independence' too seriously.)
The Usurpers makes very clear to what a dangerous degree Major Douglas's worst fears have already been realised,
The Usurpers cure no more for the death of American
soldiers than for the death of the Vietnamese, The people of
this generation, and perhaps the next, are expendable. It is
their wealth they want, in the service of Socialist Reconstruction of the World, for the greater glorification of World

is now apparently the target of the most
venomous hatred by its manipulators, a position we have
1.1§1.lIP~q fr()1I!JI!1flerial Russia; and the practical lesson to be
learned from this analysis is to direcT-our attention {()thecurrent Storm Centre. It is not in Russia, except as a fulcrum for Wall Street; Russia is finished; it is in New York."
(C. H. Douglas, Sept. 11, 1948.)
A selection of C. H. Douglas's observations during the
period of the Socialist Administration in Britain following
the end of World War II have been collected in a volume,
under the title The Development of World Dominion, at
present being published by Tidal Publications for the Social
Credit Secretariat. It will be available shortly at 13j- posted.
Advance orders should be addressed to K.R.P. Publications
Ltd., 245 Cann Hall Road, London, E.1l.








This journal expresses and supports the policy of the Social Credit
Secretariat, which was founded in 1933 by Clifford Hugh Douglas.
The Social Credit Secretariat is a non-party, non-class organisation neither connected with nor supporting any political party,
Social Credit or otherwise.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Home and abroad, post free: One
year 45/-; Six months 22/6; Three months 11/6.
Offices: Business: 245 Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, London E:ll.
Telephone: 01-5347395
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Editorial: Box 3266, G.P.O., Sydney, N.S.W. 2001
(Editorial Head Office).





Dr. B. W. Monahan, 4 Torres Street, Red
Hill, Canberra, Australia 2603. Deputy Chairmanc British Isles: Dr.
Basil L. Steele, Penrhyn Lodge, Gloucester Gate, London, N.W.I.
Telephone: 01-3873893. Liaison Officer for Canada: Monsieur
Louis Even, Maison Saint-Michel, Rougemont, P.Q. Secretary:
H. A. Secular, Box 3266, G.P.O., Sydney, N.S.W. 2001

Immediately on the conclusion of the 1939-45 war, Great
Britain commenced to lose the peace. Preliminary steps in
this direction were, of course, taken during the war, but
their effect became manifest in the pursuit of post-war policy.
By 1947 C. H. Douglas was driven to remark in these
pages: "A liberal estimate .of the electorate of Great Britain
at this time who=have even ·arrapproximate--ITIea-·of-wlrat·
being prepared for them, whether they ooee Labour, Socialist,
Communist or Conserootioe under present electoral conditions, would be one-half of one per cent. There is one
policy which can be effectively pursued in this country
without constitutional reform of the most drastic nature, and
that this is so is proved by the fact that only one policy has
been pursued since 1906, no matter what party has nominally administered it ...
The policy is that of the Slave
State and Factory Ghetto, of which Mr Harold Macmillan
(was) so strong a supporter." (T.S.C., June 7, 1947.)
Treason is defined as violation by subject of allegiance
to sovereign; ...
breach of faith, disloyalty. On this basis,
the attempt to enter the Common Market, and adhere to the
Treaty of Rome, is treason. The run-down of British defences, and the destruction of the home defences, is a breach
of faith-s-the first duty of a government is to provide for the
defence .of the people it represents. Adhering to international
financial arrangements which are patently strangling Britain is
adhering to the sovereign's enemies.
Those of our readers who claim that they cannot understand economics should understand this much. Current. economic theory is simply an elaborate and mystifying disguise
for the Slave State and Factory Ghetto policy, which is
dictated, with the collusion of the Socialists, from international sources, the most important of which are, for the
present, in New York and Washington. Remember Woodrow
Wilson's words: "England and France have not the same
views with regard to peace that we have, by any means.
Wh~n the war is over, 'we can farce them to our way at
thinking, because by that time they will, among other things,
be financially in our hands."* (Emphasis added).
Woodrow Wilson was dominated and ma.nipulated by
*See The Moving Storm, p. 114.




Page 2

28 June,


Colonel E. M. House, who was deeply involved in international conspiracy]. Now obviously having England "financially in our hands" does not have an ordinary financial
meaning; it means being in a position to force England to
pursue policies not in her own interest, and that is really all
the economics it is necessary to know. However, it ought to
be plain enough that if it did have a purely financial meaning
-the repaying of war debts-this
could only be effected by
enormous expons.. of. goods; but of. course industrialised
countries do not want the goods, and the non-industrialised
countries can not pay for them on a sufficient scale.
Thus clearly Britain is faced with an impossible task,
whatever Goeernment is in office. This situation is being
exploited to force Britain into the Common Market, and
this means the abrogation of British sovereignty. Internationalists are in favour of this; but, by definition, they arc
traitors. If they accomplish such abrogation by secrecy and
deception, they are conspirators-and
should be recognised
as such.
The economic arguments for joining the Community are,
of course, deception=-and
nonsensical economically. What
would happen to British debts? Is it thought they would
vanish? Who is going to be the market for all the sophisticated goods the "modern, efficient" Community is going to
produce? Japan? Russia? The U.S.A.? China?
The Big Idea, of course, is to universalise the Slave State
and Factory Ghetto, and to P.our the resources of the 'developed' areas into the 'underdeveloped'; and in this proiect
the. key institution is .the _World.Rank
and International
Monetary Fund. The British, as British, were, and to a
limited extent still are, an impediment to what Medford
Evans calls "homogenization of Man"-the
slave population
of the projected One \Y/orld. And with Douglas, "we do not
believe that the great majority of those who 'are doing nicely,
if temporarily, out of the distribution of stolen goods (which
is what confiscatory taxation amounts to) are unconscious
agents. They may disclaim responsibility tacitly if not vocally
for any hand in policy. It won't do: and the first step to a
healthier country is to make it evident that it won't do." But
of course, Wilson & Co. no longer disclaim responsibility;
they continue their ignominious efforts to surrender British
We take it that subscribers to this journal remain patriotic,
and we suggest that they make it known to their Representatives in Parliament that they are aware of what is going
on; that it is treason; and that it calls for impeachment.
After all, probably only Abe Fortas's resignation saved him
from impeachment, merely for having received fees from a
financial foundation guilty .of fraud. What is really happening to Britain must be made a public issue .._ .




An Opinion Research Centre poll (Sunday Ti11Z1es,May
25, 1969) Gh.oWS27% of those polled as thinking Mr.
Harold 'Wilson dishonest-s-a little more than one in four.
Eighty-seven per cent consider him intelligent, and 42%
Dishonesty of intent is a far more likely explanation of
Mr. Wilson's 'failures' than incompetence, which would
imply lack of intelligence. The most likely explanation is
that Wilson knows all about the scheme for World Government, and approves-furthers
by his policies-its
+See Fabian Freeway; The Actor.

Page 3


Saturday, 28 June, 1969

He announced in Parliament (Nov. 23, 1964) that "A defence policy which does not contain within itself the seeds
of further progress towards disarmament is one which in
the present state of the world We can no longer regard as
He has boasted that "a thousand years of
English history went out of the window" between 1945 and
1951. He has been-may
be still-a
Vice-Chairman of the
Socialist International.
British bankruptcy suits Socialist purposes, by, amongst
other things, providing a pretext for disarmament on grounds
of economy; but national armaments stand in the way of
World Government which, for Fabians, "is the final objective" (Labour Party Manifesto, 1964). And bankruptcy
has the further advantage that should the Conservative Party
come to power, they will inherit the bankruptcy, and be
under the orders of the World Bank Which, of course, is
the prime promoter of disarmament in favour of World
So we can only hope that the number of those who recognise the nature of Wilson's dishonesty grows to a point where
they will demand that something be done, before it is utterly
and finally too late.




Australians who are becoming increasingly concerned
about Australia's increasingly precarious defence posture will
find some startling disclosures concerning the FlU aircraft
in The Usurpers, referred to elsewhere in this issue. They
might also note that the U.S. State Department which
the Dutch into abandoning 'West Irian' to the
._....., Indonesians (who are probably just as Communist 'as ever)
is not going to do anything to ensure that "the act of free
is anything but an obscene farce; and the
Australian Department of External Affairs is not going to
either. Won't we be sitting ducks if the Chinese come to the
assistance of their brethren in Singapore and Malaysia?

Joining the Common Market
of Rome means
1/- posted

What the Treaty

Sir' Harry Legge-Bourke, M.P., said, " ...
probably very few
hon. Members, and certainly the vast majority of people in this
country have never read this document. I am afraid that many
Ministers and ex-Ministers have never read it".
No nation can ever, legitimately, of its own sole free will,
All members accept a superior form of government.

High Roml--ro-8oci:alism-in-1:l.S.A.By ROSE L. MARTIN
19/- posted


This most detailed and ca-refully documented account of
the origin, growth and present dimensions of the Fabian
Socialist conspiracy, with its now virtually total oontrol 01
the government administrations of both Britain and the U.S.A.,
is probably the most important book ever written showing how
the present disastrous state of the world has come about.
Though long, it is easily read; and no one who reads it could
any longer misinterpret the current world situation. Fabian
I Socialism now has nowhere to go but to Communism.

K.R.P. Publications Ltd., 245 Cann.Hall

Road, London, E.l1

The C.F.R.
(Council on Foreign Relations)
Conspiracy To Rule The World
By GARY ALLEN in American Opinion, April, 1969.
Quigley traces the lineage of the C.F.R. back to Cecil
Rhodes, the English adventurer who amassed a fortune in
the gold and diamond mines of Southern Africa. While· he
follows the conspiracy of the Insiders back no farther than
Rhodes, he does indicate that it did not begin even 'there.
And, he notes that the man who bent Rhodes as a collegiate
twig at Oxford was the notorious John Ruskin, noting of
the conspiracy Ruskin called the "new imperialism":
The chief changes were that it 'Was justified on
grounds • . . of social reiorm. and not, as earlier, on
grounds of missionary activity and material advantage.
Ruskin beguiled his students with tales of "England's
downtrodden masses," did his best to fill his aristocratic
charges with a sense of profound guilt, convincing them that
their privileged position could not be preserved unless their
power "could be extended to the lower classes in England
itself and to the non-English masses throughout the world."
So smitten with Ruskin's initial lecture was Rhodes that he
copied it in longhand and kept it with him for thirty years.
Ruskin's ideas about using noblesse oblige as justification
for the imperialism of the Insiders were used to rationalize
political activities aimed at capturing the immense wealth of
Southern Africa for Rhodes and the financiers and conspirators who were his backers. The indoctrination by Ruskin
was thus turned into an instrument of conquest by Rhodes,
on what we are asked to believe was the assumption-according to biographers Lockhart and Woodhouse-that
had chosen Cecil Rhodes to "paint the map of Africa red."
Rhodes' biographer Sara Millin was a little more direct. As
she put it: "The government of the world was Rhodes'
simple desire." Quigley notes:
In the middle 1890's Rhodes had a personal income of at least a million pounds sterling a year (then
abot4t five million dollars) rwhich he spent so freely for
his mysterious purposes that he 'was usually ooerdraum
on his account. These purposes centered on /xi.s desire
to federate the English-speohing peoples and to bring
all the habitable portions of the world under their
Cecil Rhodes' commitment to a conspiracy to establish
World Government was set down in !a series of wills described by Frank Aydelotte, a founding member of the
C.F.R. and American Secretary to the .. Rhodes. Trus.tees, in
his book .American Rhodes Scholarships. Aydelotte writes:
The seven wills [which Cecil Rhodes made between
the ages of 24 and 46 (Rhodes died at age forty-eight)
constitute a kind of spiritual au.tobiography . . . Best
known are the firs.t (the Secret Society Will ... ), and
the last, 'Wlvich established the Rhodes Scholarships ...
In his firs.t will Rhodes states his aim still more
specifically: "The extension of British rule throughout
the world, ...
the foundation of So' great a power as
to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the
interes.ts of humanity."


Page 4


The "Conjession of Faith" enlarges upon these ideas.
The model for this proposed secret society was .he
Society of Jesus, tl:ough he mensions also the Masons.
(Empnasis added.)
It should be noted that the originator onthe profane level
of this type of secret society was Adam Weishaupt, the
monster who founded the Order of Illuminati on May 1,
1776, for. the purpose of conspiracy .to .control ...:the vy<n:l<:i.
The role of Weishaupt's Illuminists in such horrors as the
Reign of Terror is unquestioned, and the techniques of the
Illuminati have long been recognised as models for Communist methodology. Weishaupt also used the structure of the
Society of Jesus (The Jesuits) as his model, and rewrote his
Code in Masonic terms. Aydelotte continues:


28 June,


At first glance it would appear that the Fabians were
working at cross-purposes with the Rhodes conspiracy since
Rhodes is said by 1';G admirers to have wanted to extend
"the British Empire" to encompass the entire world, while
the Fabians wished to dissolve that Empire into an international socialist Utopia. Yet the strategy of using Fabian
socialism clearly fits. Times were changing and a more subtle
and devious 'approach was necessary to accomplish Rhodes'
dream of W()l'ld Government. The new, ideology was doubtless provided by the Fabians. Those who doubt it have only
to note the well-known influence of the Fabians on those
organizations cited by author Frank Aydelotte when he proclaim" that the carefully indoctrinated Rhodes Scholars from

. . . In 1888 Rhod-es made his third wiU . . .
leaving everything so Lord Rothschild (his financier in
mining enterprises), with an accompanying letter enclosing "zhe Iwritten matter discussed between us."
This, one surmises, consisted of the first will and the
"Coniession of," since -m a postscript RJwdes says
"in considering questions suggested take Constitution
of the Jesuits if obtainable • . ."

. . _ have taken a prominent port in ihe 'Work of
such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relationr,
she Natiornal Policy Committee, the League of Nations
Association, Union. Noio, the Un.ited Nations Association, she Commission Far the Study of Organization
,af Peace, the Universities Committees on PaSit-Wat'
International Problems, the Institute O'f Pacific Relations, the World Pe-ace Foundations, and the research
group attached to the State Department . • .

Apparently for strategic reasons Lord Rothschild was
subsequently removed from the forefront of the scheme.
Professor Quigley reveals that Lord Rosebery "replaced his
father-in-law, Lord Rothschild, in Rhodes' secret group and
was made a Trustee under Rhodes' next (and last) will."

Note that all are both Fabian-oriented and working for World
Government. More distressing, Aydelotte concludes: "The
number of those going into government is constantly increasing."

The last will of Cecil Rhodes provides for bringing
. "Rhodes Scholars" from the Empire, Gertnsnyr and America
for schooling in internationalism at Oxford. The plan, according to Rhodes' fellow conspirator, William Stead:
that after tl-nir.tyyears there aoouid be "between two and three thousand men in the prime af life
scattered all iOIVerthe world, each one of nohom 'would
have impressed upon his mind in the moss susceptibce
period of his life the dream. of the Founder, each one
O'f sohom, mare over, zoould have been speciallymathematicaliy-s-selecxed
toioards the Founder's pur.
poses (World Government) ... "

Biographer Sara Millin writes of the qualifications
becoming part of this cadre:


In speaking af these atzributes (.desirable in Rhodes
Scholars) to Stead, Rhodes defined them, with iha: defensive cynicism of zhe romantic, as: smugness, brutality, unctuous rectitude, and tact.
At the very time the Rhodes Trust began to filter its
"scholars" into Oxford, the University was of course coming
under the academic domination of members of the Fabian
Socialist Society, providing the Rhodes Scholars not only
with the intended doctrination and preparation to become
part of an international government, but part of an international socialist government."
Quigley informs us approvingly that it was the aim of
the Rhodes group to promote the economic doctrines taught
in the London School of Economics. He does not mention,
however, that the London School of Economics was established by the Fabians to teach the economics of international
socialism. In fact, Professor Quigley is very careful to avoid
so much as a mention of the Fabian movement.
*See Rose Martin, Fabian Freeway, Western Islands, 1966.


What happens to Americans passing through the Rhodes
indoctrination .ar Oxford? ~Iank-~tte~sures·
us: "If
he have (.sic) the capacity for assimilation, if he can become
a part of what he meets, he may return from Oxford to the
United States a citizen of the world." And, there can be little
doubt of it. Some of the Rhodes alumni to wear the old
school tie in our government are Dean Rusk (C.F.R.), Walt
Whitman Rostow (C.F.R.), Senator J. William Fulbright
("formerly" C.F.R.) , Harlen Cleveland (C.F.R.), Nicholas
Katzenbach, and Senator Frank Church (C.F.R.).
Wormser, who served 'as counsel for the Reece Committee,
points out in his book, Foundations: Their Power And In.
[luence, that: .
At least one foreign foundation (the Rhodes Scholarship .Fund) has had a strong influenoe Ion our [oreign
policy . . . (it) has gained great influence in the
United States for British (Fabian) ideas. It has accomplished zhis by annually selecting a choice group of promising young men for study in England. The usually
Anglophile alumni of this system are to be found in
eminent positions in legislature, administration and education, and in the ranks of Americwz foundation officials. They [orm a patronage neizoorl: of considerable
That is very nearly the understatement
(To be continued)

of the decade.

The Men Who Rule America
By Medford Evans
9/6 posted
K.R.P. Publications Ltd., 245 Cann Hall Road, London, E.ll
Printed by E Fish & Co Ltd livwpool

  • Intro: In keeping with the world's elite craft in funding both sides of conflicts, Zionist/Western Bankers simultaneously financed the Bolshevik revolution and Hitler's rise to power, coldly surmising that lucrative wars could be hatched from the plan. They controlled the press, so were able to de-emphasize (in the West) Hitler's loathing and fear of Jewish communists, while whipping up a frendzy of anti-German/Nazi sentiment that would cloak their rearmament of Germany in the 1930s and reindustrialization of the Soviet Union under Stalin all to reap obscene profits from the mayhem of two world wars. The creation of Israel as a foothold on controlling Middle Eastern energy resoures was the most important sub-plot. The hidden goal of the Iraq War was to breakup Iraq into three separate regions which would ultimate facilitate the final phases of the creation of eretz Israel.



Reject NeoNazis and the use of the swastika. It reinforces the Holocaust lie whose central theme is to blame the German people for an event that never occured and lay an interminable guilt upon them in order to extract hundreds of millions in reparations. ... No Jews died in gas chambers in Auschwitz. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did die from typhus, starvation and disease due to the chaos of war and Allied terror bombing of Germany. 60 million people died due to the Jewish Bolshevik Revoltution, Holodomor ... Zionists are trying to rub out this historical fact by endless Holocaust propaganda. The real story is how Zionists and Nazis conspired to enable mass emigration to Palestine to create Israel, the ultimate aim of Zionists...MORE

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