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  • WMR blogger ...  tipper p. dickens (Mclean, Va) How history repeats itself even in the political-corporate controlled media organizations.... Much akin to your story, when LBJ was in power Lady Bird owned the only television station that had a license in the Austin area, and that station was affiliated with the then three major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC so they not only had the pick of what they wanted to broadcast, but more importantly what they didn't want to broadcast for political or corporate or any other personal reasons.  Also it kept any potential competition from establishing a television and radio base in Austin as their station had contracts with all three networks. If a license can not be obtained from the broadcast outlet and no competition and no freedom of electronic media selections. This was of course along before satellite television when rooftops antennas on homes easily brought in the signal, escpecial across the Texas flatland.  There was at that time a growing cable company offering extensive area coverage and growing rapidly right up to the Oklahoma state line. Who controlled that cable company? Well, your absolutely correct, Lady Bird Johnson, who also controlled Brown Root, the infamous Texas construction company (Today known as Halliburton's Kellogg Brown Root in the Iraqi/Afghan era) when it was the leading construction contractor in Viet Nam after LBJ escalated the war.  The big change in that realm is the intensification and diversity of special interest polio-corp., controlled media holdings.  The Alabama television stations technical problems in connection with only a select portion of the 60 Minutes presentation is hardy surprising.  
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