World War III Alert, Jewish Neocons Attempt to Start WWIII

ISRAEL inciting WWIII to Deflect A BRICS Alliance RESET

Israel has just picked WWIII attacking Iran and killing over 100 in the process.  Two bombs were remotely detonated at an Iranian Holy grave site for martyrs.  The perpetrators are believed to be the Mossad and possibly the CIA.   The reason?   The Western Cabal is losing.   Losers tend to bomb without strategy.  They fight randomly – like mentally unstable psychopaths.   The only thing missing from the Doctor Doom scenario is his white cat.   But that was just a movie…

What did Iran do to cause this maelstrom?   They exist.   Palestinians are Sunni.  Iran is Shia. This is NOT a war against terrorists, this is a war against the entire Middle East to deflect from the Zionist takeover of the West World.   To deflect from the Mossad involvement in the creation of Epstein Island.   To deflect from their involvement in taking down the Twin Towers and blaming the Middle East – resulting in the largest most costly war in history.   To deflect from their creation of ISIS to kill everyone – but Jews.

In 2022, Blinken, Egypt, UAE, Morocco, Bahrain and Israeli officials met in the Negev desert to discuss how and when they would destroy Iran and Palestine.  They posed for a group photo all giggles and hand holding to solidify their alliance in wiping earth of these Muslim peoples – Sunni and Shia.

Oddly, Iran, Egypt, UAE and Ethiopia just signed on to the BRICS alliance.   Israel is persona non grati.   The BRICS allegiance is purely peaceful trade, there is no other agenda other than mutual prosperity.   A novel idea that infuriates every Western Cabalist government.  Which is likely the main reason Israel attacked Iran.  Rage.

<p>Despite the monarchial governments of the Middle East juggling ties with the US and Israel, the people of these nations are in solidarity with their Muslim brothers in Palestine.   Thus a schism widens unless these monarchies clean house and realize allies are only allies as long as they do the bidding of Zion.  Otherwise their lavish cities will become fodder of bombs.  Like Iran.  Like Yemen.  Like Lebanon.  Like Syria.

The Cabal has no honor or loyalty, they only have Power.  Extending the War in Ukraine – extending the war in Israel – are the last hurrah of the fireworks display before it ends.   There may be a fire or two on the ground, but too much information has been released to retract.   And the House of Cards is tumbling like dominoes.   Just ask Kevin Spacey.

Iran has already stated that vengeance will be swift citing US and Israel complicity in the strike.   Hezbollah has vowed revenge for the Israeli drone strike in Beirut killing seven.  Turkey has arrested 34 Mossad agents in the country and Israel just keeps bombing without any consequence.   The pressure cooker is going to explode and the CIA and Mossad will be central to aftermath.
The strategy of giving aged stockpiles of weapons to Israel and Ukraine so that the US can deflect the ‘aid money’ back to the Pentagon and new weapon production was the brainchild of Blinken and Austin.  The problem?   They depleted inventories before consigning new contracts.  Thus the US, Israel and Ukraine are staring into the abyss of drag time.   It is no different than quitting a good job before lining up a new job…  But then neither Austin or Blinken are strategists – they are desk jockeys.  Blinken graduated with a bachelor in history before earning his law degree and never practicing…   Oddly, Columbia Law School doesn’t recognize Blinken in any of their notable graduates.   Nor do they seem to recognize Obama in their notable alumni.
Democrat, Bob Menendez, is accused of taking bribes from Egypt and Qatar.  Gold bars, a Mercedes, Cashola, are a few of his favorite things.   And suddenly the impeachment on Biden is moot and mute.   But Biden just extended US allegiance to Qatar…  via a ten year extension of of the largest Middle East military base operation of the US.   What bribe was offered?   Where is Mike Johnson?

Good ole Mikey is at the border taking a photo-op with 60 cabinet members as they look at the nonwall crisis.   Fark, the nonwall crisis has been ongoing for THREE YEARS!   Looking at it – again – is not going to stop the flow.   It is not going to do anything but scrape a nail on a chalkboard.  Ouch that hurt my ears.   So how much did my stocks make today?  Johnson has proven to be yet another blowhard.

Israel’s Netanyahu has come up with a solution for the Palestinians…   he wants to voluntarily send them to the Congo.   Voluntary means go or I will shoot your brains out and every living relative.   The Congo is a death trap.  The Congolese are now one of the major illegal immigrant marauders crossing from Mexico into the US.   Africans have replaced Hispanics.   Africans with diseases unchecked.   County health officials are now warning staff that immigrant health centers in the US are overwhelmed with Malaria, TB, Dengue, Polio, and unknown diseases.

The CDC is pushing every vaccine imaginable.   But 60 Cabinet members are visiting the Border

A Dire Warning: The US Plan To Make Ukraine Into Europe's 'Big Israel'
Tyler Durden's Photo
SUNDAY, SEP 03, 2023 - 02:00 PM

In his famous anti-Vietnam War speech, the late senator from South Dakota George McGovern told fellow Congressional leaders, "This chamber reeks of blood." On Saturday, journalist Max Blumenthal opened a hard-hitting talk at the Ron Paul Institute's "Which Way America...?" conference in D.C. by quoting those words, but applied them to the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Blumenthal said that in Ukraine, Washington continues "wasting the lives and bodies of over 150,000 men, and that's according to the Pentagon." Citing recent studies on the immense numbers of Ukrainians who have lost limbs after a year-and-a-half of fighting (which could be surpassing WWI rates), he said the true Ukraine casualty count could be closer to 500,000 - which marks a monumental tragedy and disaster.

The GrayZone journalist then said of today's Congress that "this chamber" not only "reeks of blood" but.. "they have wasted Ukrainian society on the mantle of anti-Russia hysteria" - as lawmakers in lockstep with the Biden administration continue to sink billions into Kiev.

Beltway liberal elites, Blumenthal asserted, still think Russia must be punished given they see Moscow as having brought the "bad orange man" to power in 2016. This is a big ideological aspect to what motivates the hawks, he said.

Further, Blumenthal explained that what's happening here is that the US ruling class has "militarized the culture wars while depicting Ukraine as the 'woke side' vs. Russia as backwards and oppressive."

But more importantly, the real "victors" are the major US defense contractors and their appendages like the K street neocon lobbying firms. Blumenthal highlighted that these, and the Biden administration, are operating with the bigger vision in mind of turning Ukraine into Europe's "big Israel".

By this is meant a permanently militarized 'Spartan' wartime state, which is funded and weaponized by Washington in perpetuity, and possesses all the latest cutting edge Western defense tech. But like with the state of things long evident inside Israel (in particular oppression of both Palestinians and Israeli political dissenters), democracy must be eroded at home for this to happen. Still, the defense tech peddlers in the military-industrial complex will 'win' no matter how much Ukrainian society and its people are sacrificed.

"In order to defend democracy in Ukraine, democracy must be curtailed at home," Blumenthal emphasized, drawing lessons from current examples of oppression of free speech in the West, particularly related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He noted here that his own investigative media outlet, The GrayZone, has had the bulk of its funding frozen by the popular platform GoFundMe. The outlet explained days ago [emphasis ZH]:

By this point, we had raised over $90,000 from over 1100 contributors. The generous contributions from our audience were accompanied by hundreds of messages of effusive support for our factual journalism holding imperial power to account.

And now, Gofundme is holding the donations hostage, refusing to transfer them to us, while failing to inform donors that it has effectively seized their money. The for-profit site has similarly refused to explain its freezing of their donations, issuing nothing more than a vague allusion – “some external concerns” – to pressure from powerful outside forces.

Gofundme’s financial sabotage follows the de facto sanctions imposed by Venmo and Paypal on our managing editor, Wyatt Reed, after he reported on the Ukrainian military’s targeting of civilians from the separatist side of the Donbas region.

Again, this is why Blumenthal could draw on recent personal experience in telling the Ron Paul conference audience that "democracy must be curtailed" in America in order to keep unlimited taxpayer dollars flowing into the Zelensky government's coffers.

Blumenthal continued... but "now Russia has no incentive to negotiate" given they have the clear military momentum amid a failing Ukraine counteroffensive. The US and UK likely had a window of opportunity in the initial months of the war to more easily open up serious diplomatic peace negotiations, but this was actively thwarted.

"We cannot have peace negotiations while war is being incentivized [by Washington interests] to this point," he continued while also referencing neocons like Bill Kristol, who has been leading a charge to silence any dissenting views from among Republican nominees and politicians on Ukraine.

"These operatives need constant opportunities" which a permanent proxy war in Europe enables, Blumenthal continued - just like with the constant and historic billions in aid flowing to Israel, which serves to cyclically fuel the accompanying global reach and outsized influence of the Israel lobby.

On this question of whether negotiations are possible even from Kiev's perspective, Zero Hedge asked Blumenthal what he thinks would happen in the unlikely scenario that Zelensky himself suddenly pursued peace talks with the Russians. Blumenthal responded as follows:

"If Zelensky were to pursue peace talks now before he's re-elected... due to the kind of social forces that have been unleashed by Maidan, he will face a far-right Nazi insurgency in his own country, and he will become public enemy number one among some of the most violent and militarized forces.

...Which is why he went and met with Andriy Biletsky, the founder of Azov. Zelensky was elected on a platform of peace by 73% of the population because you still had the ethnic Russian population participating in Ukrainian society. They have been completely driven out and the constituency he's working with is completely different now."

Below: Last month, Ukrainian President Zelensky held court with one of the most notorious neo-Nazis in modern Ukrainian history, Azov Battalion founder Andriy Biletsky.

Turning Ukraine into "a big Israel" will involve long-term funding to shape and place "America's unsinkable aircraft carrier not in the Middle East but in Europe," Blumenthal said.

But as Ukrainians continue to be slaughtered, it won't be a happy situation for a country to become a "big Israel", Blumenthal concluded.

* * *

Former US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro (from 2011 to 2017) is helping to push this Ukraine as "big Israel" concept forward, Blumenthal pointed out.

A partial list of key elements of Shapiro's road map for Ukraine was previously published by The Atlantic Council as follows:

Security first: Every Israeli government promises, first and foremost, that it will deliver security—and knows it will be judged on this pledge. Ordinary citizens, not just politicians, pay close attention to security threats—both from across borders and from internal sources— and much of the public chooses who to elect by that metric alone.
The whole population plays a role: The Israeli model goes further than Zelenskyy’s vision of security services deployed to civilian spaces: Most young Israeli adults serve in the military, and many are employed in security-related professions following their service. A common purpose unites the citizenry, making them ready to endure shared sacrifice. Civilians recognize their responsibility to follow security protocols and contribute to the cause. Some even arm themselves (though under strict supervision) to do so. The widespread mobilization of Ukrainian society in collective defense suggests that the country has this potential. In his comments, Zelenskyy reflected this reality when he said security would “come from the strength of every house, every building, every person.”
Self-defense is the only way: If there’s any single principle that animates Israel’s security doctrine, it’s that Israel will defend itself, by itself—and rely on no other country to fight its battles. The tragedies of Jewish history have embedded that lesson deep in the nation’s soul. Ukraine’s own trauma, forced to fight alone against a larger aggressor, reinforces a similar conclusion: Don’t depend on the guarantees of others.
But maintain active defense partnerships: Self-defense doesn’t mean total isolation. Israel maintains active defense partnerships, chiefly with the United States, which provides generous military assistance, but also with other nations with whom it shares intelligence, technology, and training. While Ukraine will probably not join NATO any time soon, it can deepen security partnerships with Alliance members and receive aid, weaponry, intelligence, and training to bolster its self-defense.
Intelligence dominance: From its earliest days, Israel has invested deeply in its intelligence capabilities to ensure that it has the means to detect and deter its enemies—and, when needed, act proactively to strike them. Ukraine will need to upgrade its intelligence services to compete against Russian capabilities and ensure that it’s prepared to prevent and repulse Russian attacks.
Technology is key: Although it relies on US assistance, Israel also chooses homegrown technology solutions for many of its greatest challenges. Multi-layer rocket and missile defenses, counter-drone systems, and tunnel detection technology are just recent examples. Ukraine—already home to bright technological minds—will know what threats it faces more than any partner; investing in its own solutions will allow it to be most responsive and adapt to new threats.


Neocon Warmonger Advocates Nukes to Nazis in Ukraine
June 13, 20230334
by Kurt Nimmo, Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics:

Violent Russian-hating Nazis wouldn’t nuke Moscow, would they?

Maybe you may remember Michael Rubin. He worked with Douglas Feith’s Office of Special Plans (OSP), a neocon pro-war outfit set-up in the Pentagon by then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The OSP’s objective was to create a series of false pretenses to invade Iraq in 2003.

According to Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose assignments included duties as a Pentagon desk officer, the Office of Special Plans represented a “subversion of constitutional limits on executive power and a co-option through deceit of a large segment of the Congress.”


Rumsfeld and vice president Dick Cheney used the OSP to publicize “hot garbage” from a cast of dubious characters produced by Ahmed Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress, including “Curveball” (Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, a German intelligence asset pretending to be an Iraqi chemical engineer).

The lies that killed over a million Iraqis were dismissed as “intelligence failures” and swept under the rug. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Rubin, and other neocons were never held responsible for the massive war crimes they perpetuated.

On June 9, Rubin, a “senior fellow” at the American Enterprise Institute (and former “fellow” at the Council on Foreign Relations), penned “Can Biden Deter a Russia Nuclear Attack on Ukraine? Yes, if He Gives Ukraine Tactical Nukes.”

Rubin demands the nazified post-coup government of Ukraine receive nukes. Rubin believes the 1994 Budapest Memorandum (exchanging Soviet-era nukes deployed to Ukraine in exchange for sovereignty) was a monumental error. “The simple fact is this: United States maintains nuclear weapons because they are an effective deterrent against other nuclear states. Ukraine should have the same right,” Rubin writes.

Rubin and his neocon co-conspirators are not interested in “an effective deterrent” in Ukraine; they are interested in destroying the Russian state, the same as they destroyed the Iraqi state. However, Iraq, despite neocon lies, never had nuclear weapons (and the chemical weapons they did possess were supplied US corporations). Russia controls the largest arsenal of nukes in the world.

The non-proliferation mafia might howl with outrage, but the West must gear its nuclear policy toward reality, not wishful thinking or an empty façade of a treaty regimen by which revisionist states no longer abide.

Please read between the lines. According to this entitled “senior fellow,” the neocon “reality” envisions nuclear war as the most effective way to overthrow Putin and dismember the Russian Federation. Rubin, of course, does not call directly for nuclear war. However, his demand that Ukraine be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons will result in precisely that outcome. Imagine Ukraine’s Azov Battalion neo-nazis using nukes to target the Kremlin instead of hit-or-miss drones.

Rubin’s clarion call for nuclear destruction was crossposted on 19FortyFive, a “center-right” website that has produced neocon propaganda subsequently picked up by The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Hill, Reuters, and Voice of America (CIA propaganda), among others. It should be noted that 19FortyFive was until very recently a “regional defense publication.”

With the Ukrainian counter-offensive underway, the threat that Russia might use tactical nuclear weapons is increasingly a likelihood. It would be unfair to blame Kyiv. There is no moral equivalence. Russia invaded Ukraine; not the other way around. So long as Ukraine was on the verge of victory, Putin would arrive at this point of nuclear retaliation.

Nonsense. Zelenskyy’s “counter-offensive” has thus far failed miserably, a fact even the war propaganda media is obliged to admit. Thus, Russia does not need to use nuclear weapons. Rubin, however, is able to make his bogus claim thanks to the fiction of Russian desperation over defeat, a false narrative telegraphed daily by a mendacious and cynically fantasist corporate propaganda media.

As should be expected, Rubin completely ignores the fact Russia went into eastern Ukraine to prevent the ethnic cleansing and slaughter of ethnic Russians. For the neocons, responsible for massive war crimes in the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Libya), human life is expendable. Disease, malnutrition, infant mortality, DU-produced cancer—these are the preferred tools for regime change and the destruction of targeted societies resistant to neoliberal serfdom.

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign 'No Climate Emergency' Declaration


Why is Crazy Netanyahu trying to promote American hawks to World War III?

October 12, 202335
Author: Yaroslav Dymchuk

The IntelDrop ....

While experts of all stripes are making forecasts regarding the likelihood of the outbreak of the Third World War, its main instigator has been identified. This is none other than the well-known Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A crazy 73-year-old Jewish leader is trying to provoke the United States into a war with Iran. If this happens, no one will sit on the sidelines. In any case, the neighbors and allies of the mentioned states are certainly…

Why does Bibi benefit from this conflict?
For some time now, Tehran has been to blame for all of Tel Aviv’s troubles. A very comfortable position – almost anything can always be shifted from a sore head to a healthy one. Meanwhile, Israel does not border Iran; moreover, they are separated by one and a half thousand kilometers. At the same time, Netanyahu is obsessed with the atomic threat posed by the Iranians. They say that the source of potential nuclear risks must be destroyed and the problem forgotten. Let us recall that Tehran and Tel Aviv are members of the nuclear club.

After the Hamas attack on October 7, Bibi had a convenient excuse to get even with Ibrahim Raisi. This would overshadow his blame for the surprise attack by radicals, and would also overshadow Netanyahu’s high-profile corruption cases and stalled judicial reform.

So, the Israeli leadership declared war on the Palestinians and soon struck back at Gaza. The Israeli Prime Minister has secured Western support, apparently having received carte blanche from Washington. In addition, the Americans sent a squadron of the VI Fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean and put their regional group on high alert.

Biden is senile, but not crazy
US President Joseph Biden is guided in his actions by the so-called concept of strategic deterrence. As a seasoned politician, he understands that despite the seriousness of the situation, the presence of foreign troops on Israeli territory in this case is clearly too much. And in order to repel Hamas, there is no need to call an aircraft carrier group 10 thousand km away from the Norfolk base in Virginia. But, taking this opportunity, Grandpa Joe wanted to flex his muscles on the eve of the elections.

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Putin clarified how the West is deceiving Russia on the “grain deal”
Imaginative detractors link the recent prisoner exchange deal between Washington and Tehran (implying the unfreezing of $6 billion in assets of Iranian origin) with Hamas aggression. And Netanyahu is ready at any cost to drag the United States into an escalation of the conflict according to the script he wrote. The motives involved are not banal foreign policy posturing and abstract military deterrence, but rather concrete things. However, whether the White House will agree to this is a big question!

Be that as it may, the Israeli cabinet once again called Iran the patron of Hamas. In turn, the American and European media circulated this thesis, trying to justify the Iranians’ participation in the shelling and armed invasion of southern Israel. Adding fuel to the fire, The Wall Street Journal published unconfirmed (that is, dubious) information that Iranian leaders and commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were privy to detailed plans for the attack.

It’s time to cut the Gordian knot…
Meanwhile, the State Department said that it does not yet have evidence of the involvement of Iranian Shiites in the incident. But for me, for example, it is obvious: everything that happened on October 7 is in many ways a spontaneous reaction of the Palestinian Authority to the lawlessness that the Netanyahu regime has committed against its residents over the last less than a year. Although, in addition to self-defense, there is another subtext there. It is no secret that the Arab world is split (this is a topic for a separate article), and Islamic extremists are strongly opposed to the recent rapprochement between Israel and the states of the Arabian Peninsula.

There is a stalemate. In addition to the fact that Israel, in the person of Netanyahu, is inciting the United States against Iran, it is also provoking it. The fact is that the pro-Iranian Hezbollah, based in Southern Lebanon, threatened that if Israel enters Gaza, it will not be happy. But for Tel Aviv, no matter how paradoxical and cynical it may sound, the principle “the worse the better” is just beneficial.

Yes, Tehran is no angel either, and its traces can be found in many regions of the East. But he never starts first. But the security forces of the Jewish state have been and continue to conduct intensive subversive work against Iran for many years. And since there are sometimes no visible reasons for this, this is done for reasons of prevention. Iran is forced to respond by supporting various anti-Western groups in the Middle East.

…Or tighten it even tighter?
Now Netanyahu faces a difficult task: to start a big war for the sake of war, and even with the wrong hands. If we follow the logic of the President of the United States’ solemn promise to end wars forever after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2021, Biden does not want a “grand nix.” It is easier and calmer for him to compete with the PRC and the Russian Federation, especially through the Taiwanese and Ukrainian prisms.

But the trick is that, despite this, Washington did not give up control over the Middle East – it simply made its presence there less noticeable. The Pentagon realizes that with his departure the region will take on Chinese-Russian-Iranian colors.It is quite possible that the Yankees will begin by putting pressure on Tehran to release the Israeli hostages taken by Hamas. However, he can send everyone to hell and, in turn, uses Hezbollah as a tool of pressure on Israel, which will create the preconditions for a broader confrontation that will involve the United States, which does not know how to play the red lines.

***Some analysts are inclined to compare the current situation with the situation on the eve of the so-called coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003. In fact, the situation now is much more dangerous, if only because with Raisi the same operation as with Hussein will not work. Yes, the Arab-Israeli conflict is doomed to infinity, even the Bible admits this. But for infinity, and not for the universal end. Therefore, Netanyahu must be aware of his responsibility not only to his descendants, but also to his ancestors…


Larry Fink and His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hellary Clinton's Treasury Department

The Intercept

BlackRock is the world's largest asset management firm, and Fink has assembled a veritable shadow government full of former Treasury Department officials there.

David Dayen
March 2 2016, 2:58 p.m.
Goldman Sachs paid Hillary Clinton $675,000 for three speeches, but an even bigger Wall Street player stands ready to mold and enact her economic and financial policy if she becomes president.

BlackRock is far from a household name, but it is the largest asset management firm in the world, controlling $4.6 trillion in investor funds — about a trillion dollars more than the annual federal budget, and five times the assets of Goldman Sachs. And Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, has assembled a veritable shadow government full of former Treasury Department officials at his company.

Fink has made clear his desire to become treasury secretary someday. The Obama administration had him on the short list  to replace Timothy Geithner. When that didn’t materialize, he pulled several members of prior Treasury Departments into high-level positions at the firm, which may improve the prospects of realizing his dream  in a future Clinton administration.

And his priorities appear to be so in sync with Clinton’s that it’s not entirely clear who shares whose agenda.

Clinton, for her part, has refused to rule out a treasury secretary drawn from Wall Street.

Fink’s ready-made team available for a move from Wall Street to Washington includes:

Christopher Meade, former general counsel at the Treasury Department, who now serves in a similar capacity  at BlackRock. Meade spent 2010 to 2015 at Treasury, with the last three years as general counsel.
Katheryn Rosen, a managing director at BlackRock, who cut her teeth in government as a senior policy adviser to Barney Frank on the House Financial Services Committee, helping to write Dodd-Frank. Frank is an adviser to the Clinton campaign. Rosen went from Frank’s office to a deputy assistant secretary position at Treasury in February 2011, working to build the Financial Stability Oversight Council, the Treasury-led super-regulator monitoring systemic risk. Prior to government work, Rosen spent 14 years as a managing director with JPMorgan Chase.
Kendrick Wilson, a vice chairman at BlackRock  since 2010 who has ties to Goldman Sachs, Lazard, and the Treasury Department. He advised Treasury while it managed the financial crisis and its fallout  in 2008 and 2009, before coming to BlackRock. At Treasury, Wilson brought his experience  advising financial institutions to carry out hastily arranged crisis-era deals, like the merger of Bank of America and failed subprime lender Countrywide.
Michael Pyle, who was a senior adviser  to Lael Brainard when she served as undersecretary to the Treasury for international affairs; he also worked at the White House for the National Economic Council and the Office of Management and Budget. He worked as a director at BlackRock  until at least October 2015 , though he apparently is now an economic policy adviser  to the Clinton campaign.
Fink’s most telling hire, however, is Cheryl Mills, arguably Clinton’s most trusted confidante. Mills was Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, was deputy White House counsel in the Bill Clinton administration, and is on the board of directors of the Clinton Foundation . Fink hired Mills for the BlackRock board of directors in October 2013, in what observers mused was a ploy to insinuate himself  into the Clinton inner circle.

Among other BlackRock officials with ties to Clinton: Senior Managing Director Matthew Mallow  is a “Hillblazer ” who has helped raise $100,000 or more in donations. Clinton held a fundraiser earlier this month at Mallow’s New York City home. There is no indication  of Fink himself contributing financially to the Clinton campaign.

It’s worth considering how Fink’s recent experiences might inform his approach at Treasury. Asset management firms invest pools of money into securities on behalf of their clients, which in BlackRock’s case include 94 of the Fortune 100. They don’t issue securities themselves; they just buy stuff.

Asset managers don’t package and sell dodgy financial products like investment banks, and don’t trade with borrowed money like hedge funds, so they are typically viewed as more restrained and less averse to regulation than their colleagues in those related industries.

But they are embedded in the broader financial system as voracious buyers of securities. For example, BlackRock holds major share amounts in nearly every mega-bank, takes funds from scores of Wall Street investors, and manages a majority of the federal government’s bailout programs . They may not create the risk, but they own a lot of it. Fink, who co-created the mortgage-backed security while a trader at First Boston in the 1980s, is a longtime respected figure on Wall Street; Geithner reportedly used him  as a conduit between Treasury and the financial industry.

He also knows how to work the levers of power to achieve his ends.

Whether buy-side firms like BlackRock represent a systemic risk to the financial system is the subject of some debate . Some believe asset managers could trigger problems by failing to pay off counter-parties, or being forced into a fire sale of their assets.

But Fink and BlackRock pushed hard to successfully resist the designationof asset managers as systemically important financial institutions (or SIFIs), which would be subject to additional regulation like larger capital requirements.

Fink also opposes efforts  to reinstitute the Glass-Steagall firewall between investment and commercial banks, as does Clinton.

In fact, Fink’s views on Wall Street are so similar to Clinton’s that it’s hard to see that as a coincidence. Most notably, Clinton’s financial reform plan is mute when it comes to regulating asset management firms as SIFIs.

Fink has in recent months stressed an end to “short-termism ” in the financial markets. For example, he wants to limit share buybacks  that pump up stock prices, and encourage investors to hold stock longer, to focus on long-term corporate performance. Clinton has mirrored this language  to such a degree that the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin suggested  that Clinton “could have been channeling Laurence D. Fink.”

While the call to end short-termism is in some ways laudable, in Fink’s case it certainly reflects his self-interest. Clinton’s tax plan, for example, would keep capital gains rates higher for short-term holdings and decrease the rate for investors who hold assets over five years. Because BlackRock buys and holds most of its investments, any policy favoring long-term strategies in the markets would improve the firm’s bottom line.

Victor Fleischer, a leading tax lawyer and professor at the University of San Diego, questioned Clinton’s embrace  of the short-termism argument in the New York Times earlier this month, saying it would “do little to address top-end income inequality,” since plenty of wealthy people buy and hold. And Fleischer explicitly worries that the short-termism idea originated from Fink. “I find it hard to shake the feeling that at the end of the day, in a Clinton administration, it would be Larry Fink, not the technocrats, calling the shots,” Fleischer wrote.

Fink has also promoted the privatization  of Social Security, while mocking the idea of retiring at 65, which is easy for a business executive who sits at a desk all day to say, rather than working on an assembly line or as a waiter. Fink owes his initial backing at BlackRock to Pete Peterson , the former commerce secretary who has been at the forefront of the campaign to cut or privatize Social Security. He sat on the steering committee  of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a stalking horse for Peterson’s ideas.

While Clinton has adamantly pledged not to cut or privatize Social Security benefits, Fink’s track record would cause concern among advocates, were he to obtain a cabinet post. And having a ready-made team of trusted advisers who know their way around the Treasury building and the players in a potential Clinton West Wing can only help Fink in that campaign.


Israel and Iran Are Both Run by Freemasons Plotting WW3
October 25, 2023

Islamists (Hamas) are the Muslim equivalent of Jewish Communists or Zionists.

Both sides are satanic Masonic cults. Their dogmas are just a pretext to rob their people of freedom and property.

Now they are joining to destroy us by staging a nuclear war. Pike's prophecy below is coming true! Muslim and Zionist leaders are literally Illuminati agents.

Albert Pike wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 regarding a conspiracy involving three world wars, that were planned to bring about a "social cataclysm." Pike's letter was on display in the British Museum Library until 1977. British Library denies the letter exists. (They're Masons too.) The world is controlled by Freemasons.

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual, and economic exhaustion."

·Albert Pike

First Comment from K-

Peter said (October 25, 2023):

Henry, the letters from Pike to Mazzini are a good prophecy. But I am nixed with the use of the word Nazi in his 2nd world war reasoning. This word was not around at the time of his letter.

You are mistaken Peter, The term Nazi or Nazism can be traced back to the völkisch Parties which date back to the 1800s. These parties created the Nationalist Socialist Party. Many members of the Nazis had actually been members of the Thule Society, even before becoming members of the Nazi party, like Rudolf Hess.

Albert Pike wrote extensively about the Mythical and Mystical Lost Tribe of the Aryans as being the source of Freemasonry. So you only have to connect the dots to actually see that this letter to Mazzini is 100% genuine and puts the debate about this argument about the word Nazi to bed once and for all. The letter is genuine behind a shadow of a doubt.

Iran Also Controlled by Satanists
This was written by an 18-year-old Iranian and posted here Oct. 4, 2010

From the beginning of the Islamic revolution, key positions such as the judiciary were handed over to Mullahs who had no experience in running the country. Commanders of the military, engineers, and doctors who opposed the regime were hanged because they were "enemies of Allah".

The Islamic revolution of Iran had nothing to do with Islam. Just like any other revolution in recent history, it was basically aimed at handing power to a few individuals. In the case of Iran's 1979 revolution, the state was handed over to the Khomeini cult, a Muslim Brotherhood group that has direct links with foreign intelligence agencies.

One must not be so naive as to believe Iran is an opposition against the new world order. We have TV shows made every year and fed to the public on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution showing the public that before that revolution Freemasons ran the show. It's very difficult for me to believe the notion that the British who fought Mussadeq so vigorously would suddenly give up Iranian oil and let the Mullahs take over the country's oil resources.

The true story is that the British instigated the Islamic revolution of Khomeini. The objective was to control Iran's energy by weakening it (reducing the Iranians to hunger) and to destroy Iran's religious and family-oriented society.

Many of our grand Ayatollahs are also Freemasons, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and I have reliable sources that tell me they have trips to London every few months to get their orders. One of the powerful figures of the cult regime of Iran is Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. He is the leader of a very powerful cult called the Haqqani School. Members include Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a top student of Mesbah), commanders of the revolutionary guards, the Basij militia, lawyers, judges, and the heads of major newsprints.

We have evidence that the same group was behind last year's election fraud and also the harsh crisis management that came after the election that resulted in many deaths, arrests, and many newspaper outlets being shut down.

Ahmadinejad's internal objective is to hand over power to members of the cult. Multibillion-dollar enterprises that were state-owned are now owned by the IRGC (i.e. the Revolutionary Guards.) Also, infrastructural projects, oil fields, housing projects, and many others are awarded to the IRGC. Any opposition such as the green movement or worker strike is handled by the IRGC secret service and the Basij militia.

For outsiders, Ahmadinejad might pose as a brave leader who dares to deny the holocaust or challenge the events of 911. He enjoys the kind of security that Obama does in New York City and he has the chance to sit down and talk with all major media outlets in the United States.

Meanwhile, it's noteworthy that after returning from the UN general assembly, Ahmadinejad was due to address the students of Tehran University but the plan was canceled unexpectedly. The reason is that the man who enjoys publicity in the US does not have the guts to face Iranian students; he simply fears that his presence might spark unrest in the university and destroy all the "achievements" that he gained from his trip to the USA.

On that same day, Ayatollah Khamenei was due to visit the city of Qom but his trip was canceled due to his unpopularity among top religious figures and their unwillingness to attend his welcoming ceremony.

Meanwhile, I am not sure if Ayatollah Khamenei is a member of the cult but we do know that his chief of staff is a member therefore the flow of information to the leader is controlled by IRGC secret service, and his decisions and speeches are against the opposition.

Khamenei supports developments in sciences and technologies that guarantee the survival of the cult regime. Meanwhile, he doesn't favor modernization of the country's economy and he truly opposes raising people's living standards. To me, he is in line with the British method of controlling the masses through hardship.

Iranian people are currently experiencing difficult times and the sad news is that they are told by government officials to prepare for even worse. We're experiencing a high inflation rate and high unemployment. Oil revenue has fallen and the latest round of sanctions on banking and energy sectors has made life very difficult for businesses. For example, in order to meet local demand for fuel, refineries are told to drastically reduce their industrial chemical production and to refine fuel instead.

Businesses are limited to telegraphic transactions for foreign trade; therefore foreign currency is in high demand resulting in higher prices on good imports. Making matters even worse, the incompetent and inexperienced government of Ahmadinejad is planning to overhaul the economy by increasing taxes on energy.

Iran's inefficient economy has caused serious social problems for families, especially the younger generation. To name a few of our social problems, we have the world's highest number of drug addicts based on a UN report, high divorce and low marital rates, promiscuity of the younger generation in schools and universities, rise in abortion and AIDS, an increase of crime rate and increased belief in magic and Satanism.

(Netanyahu and Fidelito in Masonic, thumb on knuckle handshake)

I believe that the main source of these problems is that our society and especially the young generation no longer have faith in values such as family, religion, and hard work. The cause is that the cult has taken away our basic rights and is feeding us a version of Islam that has led to the destruction of religion and society.

I have no doubt that Satanists are among the religious teachers in Qom since I have heard many true stories of child abuse. Our Mullah social engineers have made the public so confused that they no longer know what is right or wrong and therefore are ready to accept a NWO takeover.

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