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This page is | • Be Jew Aware - Your Life May Depend On It. | • Jew Shock will change your ideas. | • We are in a race between constructive civilisation and Jewish evil.
• Misunderstanding Jews is like misunderstanding electricity: it may kill you | • 'Counter-Semitism' is Jew Realism. | • It takes centuries to understand other peoples. | • Lying is Jewish 'Science'—but also 'Truth'. | • Truth is like a brick; one truth builds on another until there is a magnificent building. But untruths cannot be made into buildings. | • If whites do not move past the "Denial Phase" they will NOT survive.

 Jadar lists Jew-aware sites. Some of these are disinformational; I try to identify them.
  My joff site lists many sites suppressing the Jewish problem ("off the Jew radar"). I try to show this is harmful.

This version v. 9 December 2023. By 'Rerevisionist' of Started 9 February 2014/ Alexa approx ratings added 7 Feb 2015/ New sites added fairly often/ I use now; remember the figures are from a collection of self-selected people, with their own concerns. They are not taken from logs.

    * I can't guarantee the information is up to date. Some sites have junk *
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Keep sharp! Sites' awarenesses vary with time and Jewish policies. WW2 Jews acting as a unit is the most censored issue. Many sites are holohoax-aware and 9-11-aware. Some are Germany/ Italy/ Japan/ E Europe/ Far East war-crime frauds aware. Some are Khazar-aware and Zionism-aware. Some are US war crimes aware. Nuclear awareness seems rare; N means NOT nuclear-aware, where I checked.
    False-flag Jew sites suppress large numbers of topics, such as the 'Fed', weapons funding, Jew debt offloading, AIDS, NASA, 9/11, holohoax, nuclear information, media-forced psyops, terrorism in Palestine, Jew spies around the world, and other Jewish frauds. All wiki sites known to me are largely fraudulent fake.
    Readers can often identify Jew frauds by their sudden simultaneous appearances on many websites, all claiming the same things. Lies about 'the free world', lies about Islam, lies about Jew influence on religions, lies about gender, lies about control of countries, simultaneous lies about Russia, China, Syria or whatever, lies about elections, lies about the coronavirus fraud, are common.
    Expect 'news' sites, genuine or not, to get more hits than reference sites, just as newspapers get more readers than even the best books.

VIDEO sites have been weakened for years by Jewish attacks. Any video on Youtube, or now on Bitchute, is more or less phoney; I haven't yet removed them from my pages; sorry. They are left partly to show what their censorship is like.   Many ‘CHRISTIAN’ sites, especially in the US and Russia, are (((Jewish))) junk.   Many militaristic or 'national' sites exude infantile violence, designed to impoverish people other than Jews.

• Alphabetical List of Jadar (J-dar, Jewdar, Jew aware, JQ, jew wise) sites below. Right-click for new window. Some may be false-flag; I can't guarantee. Jewish lies tend to be compartmentalised; there are very many of them.
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• My file of hostile, Jew and crypto-Jew sites is here: Joff sites, Jews off the radar; fake news and fake information, Jew frauds, bogus charities and organisations, war pretexts...

FIVE STAR JEW-AWARE SITES  (as determined by
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Most of these sites have very useful information, with new material added fairly often. Struck-out means probably crypto-Jew false flag.

10 News Denmark (Danish news site) 10 news .dk

20th Century Truth Can't identify popularity, or URL information. Site mainly concerned with World War 2 and World War 1. Largely concerned to identify Jewish lies and mass murders.

aangirfan blog  (Jew-aware mixed material on assorted world topics including Mossad, CIA, MI6. N)  ASHARQ AL-AWSAT means something like 'The Arab World'. It appears to be Arabic, and not specific to any modern country or state. It includes Iran. If siterankdata is correct, it is about site #10,000 in the world. 'Created on 2001-02-07'. Seems based in USA.
      I've counted this site as Jew-aware, but I see little evidence that it exposes Jews as inventors and/or promoters of Islam. Nor does it expose Jews and crypto-Jews as bogus leaders in Arabic countries. That and its popularity probably mean it is Arabs seen through Jewish eyes. seems to have had a restart. With e.g. firm views on COVID. Siterankdata reports it as Now looks like routine rubbish - What follows was Jan 2018. Seems Jew-registered and based in Japan. SEEMS TO HAVE REPLACED SINCE ABOUT JULY 2017. It was a Canadian site, popular there, apparently with two principals and other contributors. Field McConnell seems to be their frontman. More Jew-aware than it was. Some nuke interest.) Canadian revisionism

AbundantHope  (Strange US-style Christ-related material; shrewd on Jews in the world N)  Doesn't have its own WhoIs data. But has many, many articles dating back to 2010. Edited by Colin Liddell, supposedly a Protestant Scot who takes writing and editing seriously, looks at 'right wingers' amusingly and not always accurately—but is not too good on politics. He doesn't understand Jewish influence worldwide and is outdated as regards WW1 and WW2. Unaware of Miles Mathis and Hexzane527. Wrote a good piece Kabullshit, published also in Occidental Observer, though it falls at the fence of analysing mineral costs. I don't think I'd heard of him before. But promising. But could be just a Jew-funded phoney. Reminds me somewhat of Jonathan Bowden, including limitations. Nothing I could see on freemasons/ common purpose/ secret groups.
      AffirmativeRight.blogspot seems to have had a promotional campaign from about July 2019, judging by siterankdata. In late Oct 2021, postings were made to OccidentalObserver on a piece by James Lawrence, which included comments on Kevin MacDonald. I also looked at a 'conversation' on Youtube (273 views supposedly in 9 months) which is a dull meta-chat on mainstream Jewish media. He isn't very good on MacDonald and knows (or says) nothing on Talmudic stuff or real Jewish activities, and has no idea about the world wars and why they happened after 1913. He doesn't know Jews were installed by Cromwell after a bitter war. And so on. So my revised view is that AffirmativeRight is worthless. It's really not even disappointing; just more padding. Incidentally, nothing on the financial structure.  Created 2014. Hosted in Iceland, I think. Well and calmly written. 'A pro-White perspective on jewish influence and the tendency toward treason it inspires. Stop immigration. Eject the invaders. Hang the traitors.' 'Tanstaafl' or 'Tan Staafl' on whites, jews. Detailed examination of Yiddish, Jewish language use, deceits, anti-white fanaticism. I've just noticed TANSTAAFL = There ain't no such thing as a free lunch'. Sounds American, though site was TANSTAAFL does Internet radio.
      Takes a deep and wide view. A pro-White perspective on jewish influence and the tendency toward treason it inspires. On Jewsplaining, screeching Jews, anti-White Jewing, jewShock, superjewess. Democracy as codeword for Jew rule. Jewspeak, jewing. "Wokeness" is a Jew contruct. 'Many jewsmedia pundits have noticed this moralizing. Most critique its religious character, and its war-like character, while ignoring its jewy character.'
      Here he is, well-worded on 'self-deception by Jews': White minds recoil from such thoughts, but the lies jews tell about why jews lie are, in fact, just more jew lies. Jews tell these lies upon lies with the best interests of jews in mind, implicitly if not explicitly. It’s that simple.
      Has a Spanish language link which redirects to which seems an old site on a small part of English history.

Ajit Vadakayil  (Revisionist from India. Tanker captain.) Indian revisionist  (Established late 2015. Has amusing media articles by Brandon Martinez (I recommend Martinez for his white Spanish view, including Palestinians as descendants of Moors who invaded Spain helped by Jews, important as part of the total white world; and some very censored material on Jews in the 'Spanish Civil War'; and his Kalergi piece. Here's his manifesto) and Brian Snyman, Charlemagne, Guest Contributor, & Sean Jobst. Titles include Disgustingly Fat Negress Lizzo is Time Magazine’s ‘Entertainer of the Year’, Norwegian Liberal Whore Teaches Hajis How to Treat a Lady, Jew Cunt Amelia Dimoldenberg Says Whites Are Privileged While Confirming Negro Stereotype About Fried Chicken, and Rabid Jew Maniac Bret Stephens Demands that the Goyim Take Down Iran For Israel. Good review of Cuck, I presume from Netflix. Mixture of politics and media to show Jewish power. I don't know how technically competent it is on science, law, money.
    Interesting 'debate' Martinez Absolutely Torches Slippery Triggered Jewboy November 5, 2021. Example of Jewish techniques: note the interruptions and greater volume. Actual techniques include referring to the 'Holocaust' as though this Jew fraud was genuine, and incorporating it into 'survival of the fittest' style; complete omission of the Federal Reserve money scam in the USA and world; omission of company control by Jews; references to 'Christians' as traditional others, ignoring their Jewish roots; and requests for names of political puppets by title—under-secretary for defense style; and denial that US Presidents are Jewish. Martinez doesn't seem aware of these things.
      Brandon Martinez seems unaware of Pogrom Revisionism (see within, and Holocaust Revisionism (he's far too lenient to Jews: see eg. ) and accepts simple accounts of expulsions from many 'states'. He appears in online 'debates' where Jewish liars plumb this sort of thing.
    Martinez added Shifty Hebe Debate Recap on the NeoCons as a Jewish group; and on facts on funding from showing (for example) the insignificance of Christian support for zionism. But statistics are hard to present..  Created on 1998-05-08. Hosted in USA, I think in Washington DC. Not directly relevant; or perhaps it is, being connected with Jewish lies and the militaristic side of Jewish violence.
    Important Note: This website lays stress on Armenia being an early Christian country, without understanding that accepting Jewish (or whatever) superstitions may not give them benefits. I think they should amend this part of their site.   Australia League of Rights  Australia League of Rights. Created 1999. White Australia site founded by Eric Butler. Small intro to Butler here, on my site. Obviously, Jew aware. Appears not to be widely known, though seems to have gained in popularity as Australia is seen to be under attack by Jews and their subordinates.
    Disappointingly, Butler's most controversial work, The International Jews is not on this site! but plenty more of his work is. Butler seems to have been an early advocate of Hitler-as-agent but did not succeed in fully understanding international Jew networking. Or in persuading fellow Aussies. If anyone has info on Butler's WW2-as-Jewish, I'll put it online.
      Site is mixed with Social Credit material and looks taken over by it. A COVID comment says 'big pharma' controls the thing, with no mention of Jews, so I assume it has long ago been taken over. Not in any case for my taste well-designed, as the topics are not clearly introduced. Not up-to-date; it even includes Youtube and Bitchute as though they are serious. Has a blog, at Probably N. Sad. 

AltCensored  Established August 2018. WordPress site. Censored, Banned, Limited State, Videos. About 3500 videos in May 2019. Has a search feature, but of course it can be pain to locate videos. They are a mixed bunch but may be worth a try to hunt down videos which seem censored or banned. For example I found Fred Leuchter there, Eric Hunt with fake chimney under construction, David Irving videos, Robert Faurisson in Sweden, Alison Chabloz in several videos. BUT 'Tommy Robinson', 'Alex Jones'. I couldn't find any of mine. Could be a false flag site.  Created on 1995-08-10. Mainly I think by Jared Taylor. The son of immigrant missionaries in Japan, where he spent his early years. (No info on their money or beliefs; Christianity has made little headway in Japan, unsurprisingly. I'm guessing his parents were in effect subsidised by Jews). He also lived in Paris, France, and parts of Africa. He is racially aware. BUT he is apparently married to a Jewess, who I'd guess insists on Jew unawareness. Anyway, American Renaissance never discusses Jews, Jew money via the Fed, Jew money in Europe, Jews in China, Jews running the slave trade and importing blacks into the USA, which JT says is a disaster, the fraud of the 'Holocaust', Jews and 9/11, recent wars and their costs and damage. Sad because discussion or genetic transmission of emotions, such as hate of people seen as alien, is essential to understanding of the world.
    As with Kevin MacDonald, he has many supporters who presumably want half-truths. I noticed that Martinez of The Martinez Perspective recommends him, despite Martinez' Jew awareness. As with most nominally popular sites, much support comes from Jewish-prompted 'hasbaras' and the rest. I found some references in my own site, from 1999, and around 2007, and 2012. Such sites may come to be known as 'First wave revisionism' websites, or as covert Jew sites.
      Nov 2021: I noticed an article on the 'Royal Family'. Curious Jew-style deadness. Says without comment that Britain (meaning (((Britain))) wanted black rule in Rhodesia, which became 'the worst country in the world'. Nothing on Jews and the Dutch-supported fiat money invasion. You'll get no insight from this website. It could be used as one of many sites following a jew-controlled script, but of course very many people have been unable to escape the intricately-webbed censorship. At present amren (according to alexa) get about as many looks as my site, here. It probably fails to hold an audience for any length of time.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
 UPDATE 27 Oct 2023 Hitchcock announced online he is supported by Mark Elsis, another of these pestil;ential interminable Jew fakes and funders. Well, I suppose Hitchcock has to get money—US fundamentalists, Jew liars, I suppose anyone will do. I'd guess this is why Hitchcock terminated our previous friendship & why his site is now rubbish.

(Author of Hitchcock: Synagogue of Satan (that link is my 2010 review). His sites include Internet radio talks and interviews on EuroFolkRadio). Getting better. I've done six videos with them (some were on Bitchute, but had to be moved - e.g. on the Jewish Question). Unfortunately a few of his interviewees are uninformed and/or stupid, which is a shame. One episode looked into 'reverse speech'; another an absurd piece on Fukushima. The common thread is 'end times' and belief in 'Yahweh'. A bit disappointing for critics of Jewish nonsense. 'Eurofolk' must be aimed at white folk. He told me he gets no figures on viewer numbers. Hitchcock is naive on such issues as the IRA, which in unsophisticated style he takes seriously, thinking it independent of 'intelligence'.
    I've become disillusioned with this site. June 2022 mentioned Roe vs Ward in the USA being overturned, or said to be overturned. Neither of them mentioned selective abortions by blacks, likely to lead to black population growth in the USA.
      The site is 'Christian' in the USA sense, simple and ignorant, keen to take money for mentions of 'Jesus'. A regular contributor is Peter Hammond, once of Rhodesia, who has visited many African countries, offering them the wonders of Jewish tracts. He presumably is paid (no details ever given), and presumably pays out little to Africans. He says he's been in many wars in Africa. The underlying policy of Christianity, relying on Jews for money and for their 10%, while giving Jews covert support, seems understood by almost nobody. No wonder they like conversion, while concealing details. Somewhere I reviewed a book on English Missionaries, Geoffrey Moorhouse's The Missionaries, Published by Eyre Methuen 1973, showing from their application forms that their interests were travel to exotic places, with no interest in religion.
      Some of my reviews are: A J Broomhall Hudson Taylor and China's Open Century (vol 1 of 6) on 'one of the world's greatest missionaries of all time.' Though in fact Jews were active in China in the 19th century. | Eileen Egan Such a Vision of the Street - Mother Teresa (1985) with a lot of detail and slight lifting of financial shenanigans. | Albert Schweitzer My Life and Thought (1931) unusually hypocrisy-free | J H Oldham Christianity and the Race Problem (1924) Once well-known | Reginald Lane Poole Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning (1884) Attempt to show there was Medieval Thought. I doubt if there are any books surveying the impact of missionaries.
    Nick Griffin (once of the British National Party) is occasionally hosted by Hitchcock, and might have been a good speaker, except for his avoidance of Jewish issues and currencies. Episode ACH (1832) revisits his 1998 and 2008 trials. Though this material casts no forward shadow; it seems to be to show his alertness, so listeners won't notice its lack of reflection in modern times, now. The EU and its Coudenhove-Kalergi underpinnings in mentioned, but not its Jewish funding. Griffin showed no awareness of the founding and funding of Islam by Jews. But he also states that China and Russia will introduce a new currency. Since Russia and China appear to be dominated by Jews, this looks like the final sloughing off of the US dollar under 'President' Biden. But, typically, Griffin avoids useful comment and Hitchcock, equally typically, makes faint praise. For a once-party leader, this is miserable stuff. 

Adrian Azzopardi Youtube Channel (Popular Youtube Playlist Site with collected Jew-aware references on very many topics, but all from other sites - Stalin, Jewish mass murders, Hitler, National Socialism, baby parts sales etc etc. N)

Deutschland (Leading German site. I'm assuming Jew awareness; tricky in ZOG Germany. Uses vBulletin. Ads for related info. Some English titles - scroll to bottom) Attermeia Germany  ('America's last real newspaper'. Usual sensationalist US style. Was Spotlight. However it is recommended by the scholarly Barnes Review, though Barnes Review itself is a bit at sea; for example they promote a book Fascism: Child of World War I despite the fact that Jewish 'communism' came first. Includes writing by John Friend, Tony Blizzard, who has Youtubes; worked for Liberty Lobby). N  German site. 'Another world'. Good on the Coronavirus fraud. Recommended by and looks good. 

Angry White Dude  Mostly US, blacks, Muslims and Jews in Wordpress format. US site. Includes handgun advice. Some analyses of Jews and ZOG and anti-white policies, BUT not enough on 'Jews'. Ambrose Kane  [Online material but without helpful explanation] 

anti white media 

Dontell Jackson on black slaves and Jews 

Balder Ex Libris  (Online downloadable 'rare and missing' books on Jews and Jewish history. Some in French. Archives back to late 2011. Search engine for titles and authors and subjects)  

Barnes Review  (Long-established Revisionist history site since 1994 + book sales. Large site. 'Is it true and is it interesting?' Many detailed articles in printable pdf format; entire sweep of history. Unfortunately it has NO SITE SEARCHER except for book titles)

BBC  (High ranked site - #100 in the world. Pure propaganda. But I thought I'd mention it.)
Shut it down, the Goyim Know! is a slogan, but the site appears to be non-existent now

Ben Klassen (1918-1993) (Bernhardt Klassen; born in Ukraine) lived his whole life before Internet. There are some websites, such as and but there are no public figures for downloads by Wordpress sites, as far as I know.
      His work is a combination of conventional religious outlooks blended with something like Darwinism, and has medical/ farming/ disease/ race etc beliefs based on 'Nature'.
      Klassen's White Man's Bible (1981; no info on publisher, style of publication, etc) is sometimes copied without acknowledgement; I'll list the largely standalone chapter titles here, despite the length. Remember some of it may have propagandist/ harmful intentions.
      1. Goals of Creativity: The Four Dimensional Religion | 2. Never Again Through the Serpents Eyes | 3. Recognizing Your Enemies — A Matter of Life and Death | 4. The Hoax of Medicine | 5. Salubrious Living - The Creative Way to Super Health | 6 Frugivora— Finding Our Category in Nature's Dietary Scheme | 7. Natural Nutrition — The Key to Creative Super Health | 8. Most Ailments Stem From Toxemia | 9. Fasting — Nature's Most Effective Means of Restoring Health | 10. Sugar — The Most Damaging Narcotic in the History of Civilization | 11. The Medical-Drug/Chemical Complex | 12. Breaking the Bonds of Medical Tyranny | 13. A Sound Environment - Getting Back to Organic Farming/Living Soil | 14. Recovering our Precious Topsoil — Organic Farming | 15. On a World-Wide Scale: The Encroaching Desert | 16. Nature's Model for Organized White Society on a Global Scale | 17. Only a Homogenous Society Can Be Governed and Can Endure | 18. The Melting Pot — The Ugly American Dream | 19. Civilization Without a Racial Religion — A Self-Destructive Process | 20. The Glory and the Catastrophe that was Rome — A Lesson For all Time | 21. Colonization — A Basic Urge in Every Creature of Natures Realm | 22. The Magnificent White Race | 23. White Mans Criminal Negligence in Protecting the Survival of His Own Kind | 24. The Will to Live — The Underlying Basis of All Life | 25. Goal and Soul | 26. We Have the Genes | 27. Protecting our Gene Pool | 28. Creativity and Eugenics | 29. Who Needs Niggers? or, Elimination of the Black Plague | 30. The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo — A Forerunner for White America | 31. The Racial Spectrum — From Primates to the White Race | 32. We Shall be Masters of Our Own Manifest Destiny | 33. The War With Mexico 1846-48 An Unfinished War | 34. Parasites and Predators — The Majority in Nature's Scheme | 35. Unrelenting Warfare Between the Parasitic Jews and Their Unfortunate Victims | 36. World Jewry Declared War on Germany Before They Took Action Against Jews | 37. The Six Million Lie | 38. Russia, Israel and the United States | 39. Israel's Dastardly 1967 Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty | 40. The Brutal Truth About Inflation and Financial Enslavement | 41. The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race | 42. Henry Ford and the Jews | 43. Confessions of a Jew — The Devastating Ramifications of Paul of Tarsus | 44. The Story of the Emperor's New Clothes | 45. Superstition and Gullibility — The Achilles Heel of the White Race | 46. Gullibility Rating Quiz | 47. The "Christianity" Hoax — No Spooks in the Sky, No Historical Evidence | 48. Fear and Terror as Christianitys Ultimate Weapon | 49. Hell — The Ultimate Horror Concept of a Depraved Mentality | 50. Observations About the Devil and Hell | 51. Thumbscrew and Rack | 52. The Spooks in the Sky Swindle | 53. The Curious Relationship Between Father, Son and the Devil | 54. The Lonesome Ghost Blunder Bloopers all at the Expense of Suffering Humanity | 55. A Concocted Old Testament — The Foundation of Jewish Solidarity | 56. A Few Obvious Questions We Would Like Christians to Explain | 57. Why We Indict Christianity So Strongly | 58. Our Frame of Reference in the Universe | 59. Life, Death and Immortality | 60. Quo Vadis? Racial Loyalty, Racial Treason | 61. The Guilt Complex and the "Fairness" Neurosis | 62. Love and Hate | 63. The Self-Destruct Relationship Between Helper and Recipient | 64. Law and Order vs. Violence, Terrorism and Self-Preservation | 65. Enabling the White Race to Protect Itself from a Hostile Government | 66. The Sixteen Commandments | 67. A Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny | 68. Creativity and Creators — What We Are and What We Are Not | 69. Creativity and Government | 70. Two Chapters Continued | 71. Questions and Answers about Creativity | 72. Our Organizational Goals | 73. Fight or Die! "We Can't Win!"— The Most Common Alibi of the Cop-Out Mentality  Site with horrors; I was amazed it has a Holohoax section, and stills and videos on Jews in the USSR and eastern Europe gangraping German women and Children. Possibly it is a way to publicise without Jews trying their usual defamation. Includes staged fakes, nuclear treaties turned down by Israel, lung cancers, etc. Rather odd contrast of grammar and spelling precision with some porn. As yet this site is nuclear naive N. Possibly intended as anti-cruelty site.  Tries its best to situate 'Jews' and their world policies over time. By US standards it's good on such things as middle east countries and peoples as they were—Euphrates, Pharisees, Hebrews, 'Jesus was not a Jew'—and their history, notably Khazars—and the last few centuries: invention of the word 'Jew', appearance in 18th century 'revised' bible translations, Hagee types in USA, Scofield Bible and similar intrusions, Judahites, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve Bank, Rothschilds. BUT of course fixated on 'Jesus', Satan,  (This site!) Assorted revisionisms, notably Jews, history, education, money, nuclear frauds—a perennial favourite—reviews including jewish junk media, many books, and unusually including science as a subject for revisionism. Removed from jewtube a couple of years ago; I use bitchute pro tem but put some videos on my own site. I recognise 'coronavirus' as a Jewish scare. Includes information from a few other sites, such as Instauration, a search engine of Miles Mathis' impressive site, and copies of hexzane527  on WW2. N.   

Blanch Europe .com  French language + translations. March 2016; registered Nassau, New Providence. Nous devons préserver l'existence de notre peuple et l'avenir des enfants blancs. Black murderers; (((British))) judge decides alien minors get priority; 'moderate Islam' absurdity; 'Martin Luther King' Jew control; multiple sexes...  French blog Sans Concession hosted in USA. Founded 2018, I think; WordPress site. Founded by Vincent Reynouard, and has articles and videos by him, mostly WW2 and the holohoax. Seems to have naive view of Hitler and nuclear weapons and no doubt other things. Which of course may be deliberate. 

   Christopher Bollyn   [listed below]  '.. look behind the curtain' N

Breizatao  (Jew-aware Breton site)  (I heard this thru 'Fascist Lemming'; hadn't consciously noted it before). Jewish headlines (saves you watching for them; only reason for a mention) with attempts at humor. N and unaware of anything else.

CairnsNews.Org  Australian site with North Queensland items, established June 2014 hosted in California. (Newer by many years than CairnsNews.Com, which seems discontinued). Good piece on the COVID fraud and Jewish politicians. Looks good though it's conceivable it's controlled, designed to enlarge the gap between pro-COVID dimbos and anti-COVID. On this subject, see hexzane527's piece on COVID at . I first saw this site on 

Frequency of the expression 'Judeo-Christian' in American English  Started 2011. NOT yaeger, not jaeger, not jeager! Interesting piece here on 'special treatment' for Jews, with multiple examples of frauds and scams, and US law ignoring or underacting or encouraging. 'Special treatment' is a typical padded phrase, hiding the truth. I don't want to suggest this is just a USA problem; Victorian England, 'revolutionary' France, Russia, China, India etc have all been like this.
      I noticed Carolyn Yeager in a comment in the Occidental Observer, 13 Feb 2022. I think I had a slight bias against her site for its use of WordPress, a utility program which always restricts the reading part to a fairly narrow central strip. I also dislike her site because she's a lover of Hitler, without considering the obvious possibility that he was a partner in causing white loss in the Second World War. I've done my best to look into this, with Hexzane527 and his shrewd observations.
      Metapedia on Carolyn Yeager seems reliable.  Started 31 July 2000. Suggests need for promotion of revisionist sites; I'd never heard of it for over 20 years. It's the main reason I started Jadar. Includes Jesuits and Jews. Material on Tibet.
    Tuesday, August 10, 2021 Missing intellectuals- Dead,"Disappeared"? So Many! —interesting piece
    Has a youtube channel which is worrying. but this needs a Google sign-in.
    Hard to judge: Lots of material on Chinese spies, Chinese crime, Rupert Murdoch's Chinese wife (or ex), (((Chinese))) Communist Party, building-up of Chinese industry (or apparent build-up). Seems light on the COVID fraud and nuke frauds. I couldn't find anything on Chinese collaborators with Jews, both freemason/Common Purpose types and thugs/ secret police types. Or on Trudeau, forced immigration into Canada.  Created Nov 2013. Unusual site posting articles exposing some truths about Jews (holohoax fraud, violence, legal absurdities etc). But not others, notably forced immigration. They may be Lutherans, noted for taking money. They say they dislike "noise" masquerading as "news". Claim to be a group of anonymous Christians, non-denominational, around the world; but may be jew-funded. Not much on science. Includes memes, i.e. downloadable graphics. Gives advice on browsing secretly. Doesn't face the issue of 'Jews' starting Christianity.
      Note: This may be too harsh, or simply wrong. Aug 4 2019 has
      Nov 15 2121 has Poles burn 13 century edict is their library of approximately 500 Jew-related books and pamphlets, many obscure but good. N  (William Frinck's site, as name suggests mainly Biblical Christian. Includes books e.g. by Kenneth McKilliam) N|

Christopher Cantwell Seems Discontinued  (Login site; comments moderated. White race defence. I tried searching for 'Jews' to get into the site. News-based, contemporary topics, worldwide.) was replaced by, but this no longer works properly. CM tells me that took his domain names and controlled his site. * It looked to me that the 'host' may offer free websites, perhaps in the hope of getting ideas from them; like companies that invite new ideas, then take over good ones. More likely they're small and fear Jewish retribution. *
      His site is archived here (opens in new tab). Two Tucson sites give their unintelligent accounts of events here and here. 'Desert Rock' refers to his band, Chuck Wagon and the Wheels, who do songs satirising things like Discos, the Jerry Springer Show, the effects of beer, and strange fashions. (They're on Youtube, at least for the moment).
Seems to have been removed  Has been online for 15 years. I think I only just became aware of this site. One long scrolling list of memes, including 9/11 truths and others, plus many links to other sites and videos of mainly 20th century Jewish evils. Lists Jews (including in June 2021 Jewish appointees by 'President Biden'). Has many white-on-white hard to find links. Immense amount of data which all are invited to share. In my view, naive about Hitler (see how Jews won WW2 which looked at the arguments in Maultsby which according to Wayback machine appeared first in June 28th 2019. This is more than a year after my Master Race piece started, which included argument lists on Hitler, which were older) and naive about nuclear weapons: Maultsby doesn't appreciate the logic that Hitler was part of world-wide Jewry. Looking again, there seems to be a lot of rubbish about 9/11, accepting most of the official story; however, this may be outdated—there's a set of hundreds of links down the left side: 9/11 BUSH'S Role | 9/11 RABBI DOV ZAKHEIM | LARRY SILVERSTEIN | Jew 'Art Students' | Pentagon Infestation | Donald Rumsfeld | DICK CHENEY | WTC Building 7 | WTC Building 6 | Ptech | THERMITE | Commission Fraud | Traitors - Suspects | PATRIOT ACT | Began Oded Yinon Plan. AND MANY MORE. Anyway, it's popular, and lots of it is excellent. But in my view it doesn't consider e.g. wars against small countries, Kahal stuff, etc. (See hexzane527  on this. And on 'Jewish science'.) Best to view it as listing stuff which is already accepted as Jewish fakery, but not reliable on other material, especially on which Jew fantasies rest.  (Jewish genocide of whites with timeline; long-term summaries of Jews, plus paedophilia, police scandals, Fabian Society, 9/11, Coudenhove-Kalergi, Holocaust fraud, saving Africa, NASA fraud, 'Labour' party, 'truth movement' and shills etc ... Revived since Sept 2017. Long-term contributor. Probably British.  is a 9/11 research site/ forum (from Nov 2010; there may have been earlier versions) with some very good information, including the Jewish angle to this fraud. Extended to include false flags, Apollo, and local media frauds. It takes a lot of care to project a serious fact-checking and troll-excluding image. I found an April 2015 comment from Simon Shack on his Jew awareness, and withdraw a comment that I made; my apologies. In fact this is entirely serious. I think I looked at a point where they were being heavily trolled.
      Has a new forum on 'gaslighting' - shining light onto pathology of deceivers. The site triggers a warning from Malwarebytes which seems nonsensical to me.
      On 21 March 2018, Simon Shack launched his 'Geoaxial binary system'. if you're interested. Looks like rubbish to me. Sigh.  (Campaign for Open Debate on the Holocaust - Bradley Smith. Very long-established, with archives. It has an associated site
  Holocaust Handbooks which is a source for genuine books on the Holohoax—as I type, Amazon has removed serious books of that type from its site, presumably permanently. Amazon of course was funded by Jewish paper money).
      Since Smith's death CODOH has expanded its remit. Codoh at one time discussed the Holocaust fraud and little else; and strictly enforced a one-topic-only-at-a-time policy. It never managed to isolate topics, and had continual new entrants who didn't know what had been written before. The present version has not been successful in looking into the influence of Jews before, during, and after the war. ? Site with information on Jews in USA (financing the Jew coup in Russia), Jews in Poland, Roumania, Germany, Russia ..., guLAG system, Jew mass murderers, burial zones in woodland, etc. 'EU rejects eastern states' call to outlaw denial of crimes by communist regimes' and other endless Jewish frauds and propaganda. Not a huge site but helpful overview. Brian A Wilkins 'is the Editor-in-Chief'. 'Official blog of . Started 6 Jan 2021. Hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland. Typically about 200,000th site, according to .
      Mix of reports, including people harmed by Covid 'vaccines' repeatedly reported (not just dropped), sudden deaths, propaganda use of 'celebrities', related issues—vaccine passports, sacking of non-compliers, reports on big companies, crops, food, plants, animals, famines, nitrogen and carbon myths etc. Marred for my taste by promotion for pine needle tea.
    **NB Their guidelines don't mention Jews or race; I'm unsure if they have any policy on Jews, but their material seems sound. However they regard Ashkenazis as modern Jews and have articles on them.** It's possible the site may be controlled propaganda

Craig Murray blog  (One of many sites by quite eminent people. In this case, a diplomat who I think was in Africa. Good on technical military people, sometimes unpublicised non-bullshit types, opposite of Jew conspiratorial types and participants in criminal conspiracies, and media owners. Knows about international law ignored by 'Jews', drones etc. Good on the corruption of British political parties, and the US. But seems naive about false flags, and such things as the BBC, 'a mouthpiece for the Conservative Party', clearly not understood. Worse, not much on Jews. N)

Culture Wars  Created 1997; Registered with Tucows in Canada. Site edited by Eugene Michael Jones. Roman Catholic emphasis. Kulturkampf. Jones seems to have shifted to explicit Jew awareness, despite the links of Roman Catholicism with Jews. It's perfectly possible this attitude will ultimately be more successful than rationalism. Likes 'logos'.

 Daily Sceptic  Interesting website. I doubt it shows Jew awareness and therefore must be suspected of being just another gatekeeper site. Seems to be very good on COVID but may be naive on the politics. I've just seen it was claimed to have been set up by Toby Young; not a good sign—see Wetherspoons and Free Speech Union may be slow as it's a big page. 

Daily Veracity .com  Started May 2020; very new site. Looks popular. Wordpress site; mostly videos. I noticed it on Brandon Martinez of and reconquista europe. Probably too new to judge, but seems pro-white. Some Jewish mention. Little Muslim mention. Little weaponry.

Lasha Darkmoon  (Anonymous female Euro-classicist b 1978; links to other material of variable quality. Site is incompetently moderated and may be derivative. As might be expected from a classicist and poetess, weak on science/technology, and weak on any history not of Greek or Latin style. But it does talk about race replacement in Europe by Jews.
      Offensively unaware of nuclear fraud issues, which of course weakens her site. She is hopelessly unaware of nuclear power problems, and a sea with climate change caused by carbon problems. Don't expect anything useful on power, electricity, fuel, synthesis of hydrocarbons. Similarly not much use on medical issues and weaponry issues. N)  (David Duke. Interesting material on Jewish lobbies and the 'Russian' Revolution etc. Recent looks at Jewish child murder videos, Jewish sex exploitation (Epstein et al), prostitution. Plus material still very alive from his books. (See e.g. my review of Duke's 'My Awakening'). N)  (French Language Site. Very popular according to - #1500 in France, #43000 world. Established Feb 2017. Wordpress. Many articles (and graphics) seem to be translated into French/ retitled in French. May be US-based. Photo pf the late Faurisson; Judéeo-Bochévique, Mussulman, la Révolution Raciste, Négrophobie, l'afrobougnoulisation des villes at villages... , les terroristes juifs du CRIF, de la LICRA ...
      Looks a bit like a Jew-aware version of 'Charlie-Hebdo'. I'm not fluent enough in French to get subtle nuances, but this may be a genuine alternative site. It's been a target of some opposition, but this may be a warning to websites generally—that's the kind of thing les Juifs do.  Francophonic Dieudonné site started Sept 2012. Includes show information and videos from past shows. 

Direkt Seems to have been shut down  Austrian-based German-language site with serious news articles  Bavarian site; has been there for 8 years. Recommended by Jan Lamprecht. 

 DorsetPatriot ?Stars (this site is not listed in siterankdata).   Dorset is in southern England. Interesting site which has links to many other sites, indicated by their logo symbols, and quotes their statements and memes.
    The layout is a bit too techie and gnomic for my taste. But some of the links take you directly into sites, which can be usefully quick. I noticed these sites (and there are a few more) some of which aren't that good:-
    FalconsCAFE | The Dollar Vigilante | The Crowhouse | Contrarian Dude | King World News | UK Column | David Icke | The Martinez Perspective {I recommend this for its hypermodern unabashed slang] | Bexit FACTS | Horus, Gematria Effect News | Miles W Mathis | Hugo Talks | kateshemirami | Warmaster Horus | Horus | Sixth Sense | The Light Paper | Plandemic | Paul Joseph Watson | Way of the World | Sarah Cain | Cis White Male with Extra Privilege.  Dr Lorraine Day's site. More than half is variously-detailed material on 'alternative' medicine. Her website started in June 1997, and is one of the earliest continuous sites in existence. I first heard of her in relation to the AIDS fraud, mention here. She seems to prefer Béchamp to Pasteur, and I;ve seen her accept the idea that Pasteur was a friend of Jews and no doubt funded by Jews. This is intersected with Christian material, which she says proves God says the correct life will lead to good health.
      However, she is Jew aware, in a long-term sense—she knows about Jews in London after Cromwell, for example, but (I think) not earlier, as in Jews trying to enter families of aristocrats/'aristocrats'. She believes in a literal 'Satan', and 'the Lord', which I have to pretend to take seriously. At the time of writing (March 2021) she is reprinting her new book The Deliberate Destruction of America and the World - Who's Doing it and Why? which includes much on 'Jews'. Not in the same style as other sites here, as it's largely medical and Biblical. But—who knows—it may be very influential. Lorraine Day

Égalité & Réconciliation  (Established 2010, possibly in Roubaix. French site. 'Gauche du travail, droite des valeurs, pour une Réconciliation Nationale. Fondé en 2007 par Alain Soral'. High ranking in France. Liked by Alison Chabloz. Includes info by regions, with handy maps). N) 

Electronic Intifada  Electronic Intifada. Focused on Palestine. Many contributors; some Jews. Founded 2000? Daily news format. Has site searcher. LOOKS TO ME LIKE A FALSE FLAG SITE suggesting the poor holocausted Jews should keep their stolen land and fraudulent money. But I may be wrong - about a year later it may have firmed up. Hard to assess but probably worth a read. Nothing that I could see on Jewish 'Fed' fake money, nothing suggesting Britain's so-called 'Labour' and 'Conservative' parties are other than Jewish. N

English-language Forum at  (Forum in English at, which may or may not be related to Pravda, Jewish-run USSR 'truth' propaganda. Established 1998; Moscow based. Has a lot of Jew realism, some of it repulsive, though probably true; after all, Russians suffered under Jews since 1917 and before).

Fars News  Iran news website. At present, a lot of military news - Syria, Russia, NATO. N 

Robert Faurisson Blogspot- French language  (Star rating of this subsite not known; however blogspot is very popular in Germany) Faurisson in French

Fellowship of the Minds dot com  (Reclassified with apologies as it mentions Jews where needed. Hypocrisy on bogus 'refugees'; Michael Moore hypocrisy; Soros; false flags and psyops; Obama)  Started March 2014. Seems related to a Whitaker website. Specialises in memes and mantras and memorable phrases: 'ANTI-RACIST is a CODEWORD FOR ANTI-WHITE', WHITE GENOCIDE, AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS ... WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY'
      [July 2021]: This site had a boost from Alexa,recording it as #58,000, a huge leap from 500,00 and less, plus erratic listings before. It posts Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, and James Edwards (of the Political Cesspool) of the Stop White Genocide Party.

Fort Russ Blogspot UK and
Fort Russ Blogspot .com  (Pro-Russia site; may be useful for information on Syria, Turkey, and the fake and mercenary ISIS. And the effects of forced migration on Europe. Seem to be different versions: France, Germany, Italy etc. but these may be redirected links, not translations. But it lies about 9/11 and is nuke-naive. So treat with caution. N )

Four Winds 10  (Created 1998-02-18. Apparently by Chris Donahue.) Some very good pieces: Jews and Internet, Palestine, Pearl Harbor, black op in Paris, 13 Nov 2015, presumably Jew centred. But frenetic and chaotic; I searched for 'Jews' and much material was rather old. Some material on Jesuits! Some material by people surnamed Bellringer. Some painful rubbish from 'Valley of Radiance'. Bad layout.
    Naive on WW2; nothing on new view with world-wide Jews running it. Stuff on 'Nazis', 'concentration camps' etc which is suspiciously Jew propagandist. And completely nuclear naive) N  (David Irving's Focal Point Press site. Second World War history. Free downloads of most of his books on not-for-money basis. Big searchable details of his books, and also of letters, media comments, exchanges with official 'historians', and detail on for example the fake 'Holocaust'. Irving often links to articles in Jewish news and misinformation sources. Late 2016: the propaganda film Denial has many comments by DI. N)

Freethought Nation  (Freethought in a genuine sense, not Shermer/Randi/Dawkins fake. Seems to be Acharya S = D M Murdock's own site. One of the few sites examining both Jesus and Moses as manufactured fakes. Since the death of D M Murdock the site is far less popular N)  Belgian Site, Flemish part. I noted this site on Jan Lamprecht's South Africa site. Popular but I'm unsure of its stance.  (Jew aware - BUT 100% pro-Jew. Remind yourself how evil Jews are. Quite grotesque to read about Palestine and its invaded people, for example. Seems to be based around a Horowitz who was supposedly a Vietnam War activist, but looking back worked for Jews, pretending that genocide in Vietnam was an American idea, ignoring Jewish money profited from mass murders. Nothing on Jewish paper money. Supports the fantasy of nukes as an excuse to bomb countries Jews hate, e.g. Iran. Probably aimed at simple Americans who believe these filth are Biblical 'Jews'. Backward—and what else would a group be who seriously imagine, with no evidence, they in effect have birth certificates going back to prehistory? BEWARE N) Jewish flag  I'm guessing the star rating; siterankdata hasn't updated Germar since Nov 2022, about 8 months ago. To my amazement it was started on 15 June 2004, on GoDaddy. I only found it today, i.e. when I'm typing. It's a Wordpress site, in their 'graphene' style, appropriately for a chemistry PhD. His PhD appears to be on an obscure topic, reminding me of many German strains of thought.
      GR is fluent in English. His most recent (May) piece states in effect that he's OK and not about to be pounced on, as rumours have suggested. And he is fed up with being a slave, having work forced on him by 8.5 billion lazy people. And he has family obligations.
      At present, his site has three columns; the left has seven videos, in order of importance from Amazon against free speech and Auschwitz cyanide, to only two on Lipstat's lies. The middle column is a note which I've summarised above, and a write-up by a friend on his works and on his reasons for adopting Holocaust revisionism, to avoid writing too much himself about himself. The third column is the traditional archive, with dates running back through time, a convention which I dislike because good stuff you know is there is hard to find. But below that is Navigation, which lists topics in detail and has links to them.
      There's a topics list with drop-down menus along the top. I with he'd reconsider the colour scheme: he chooses grey on white text i the body of his works, and has dark grey in the drop-downs.
      This site is extraordinarily well-written and pleasing and well-tempered. (Though he does describe his wife as grumpy'!) It is very largely 'Holocaust' based, with a link to the Holocaust Handbooks website. I hadn't know that he dropped out of that in 2005, having another confining engagement.
      I looked for 'nuclear fraud' with his site's searcher, but it wasn't there. Nor was this site. Nor was COVID. Nor was Kevin MacDonald. But 'David Irving' is listed, with 21 results. And 'Federal Reserve' came up with 6 results, though I couldn't see their significance. Looks as though he is a one-topic man, with a sideline in science.

Globalfire  News and history and Jews (half in German Germany with English version. Archive from 2003-2012)  'Centre for Research on Globalization'. Created May 2001. ( was started in May 1996; there are other similar URLs. I haven't checked them). Has very many articles on issues pushed by the Jewish media. At present it has a piece on Jews suppressing the Nakba; or that's what it looks like. I don't think the site is au courant as regards nuclear stuff, and Jewish control behind the scenes. But searching their site for Jews produces mixed results. Has articles on NATO, US, probably UK. May even be a pro-white Jew-aware site which erases Jew-pushed white crimes. Or may be a jew-disguise site, e.g. saying Jews (who control paper money) are 'smart' when of course nobody else could fund e.g. Youtube.
       On balance, this site is probably phoney. But I'll leave it here

 GOYIM tv (site is  Mostly a video channel. Listed by subjects - 911, Bible, Censorship, CoIntelpro etc. Registered Sept 2020, i.e. near start on COVID fraud. Ranking about 120,000 in siterankdata. From about Nov-Dec 2022 it seems to hav been targetted; it's hit rate dropped, and its rank fell (according to siterankdata) to about 700,000.
      Wide range of topics (not nuclear stuff, though). For some reason I've neglected this site despite its importance, possibly because it leans on the notoriously Jew-censored Bitchute. Good on 20th century US politics; see for example Jews and gun control in the USA and elsewhere to try to disarm whites. I haven't checked their videos on US war crimes. has high resolution flyers, under the slogan Every single Aspect is Jewish. Every Single Time is a similar slogan.
      See for example this page which displays a high-res flyer plus a selection of lo-res images which can be selected to be higher.
      Here's their COVID flyer.
      And here's their Jewish media ownership flyer.

Goytalk  From April 2018. 'Where Goys can be Goys'. Newish. Standard stuff. May be largely fake; includes some Jew poseurs, and says nothing about Hitler as a selected actor type. So be warned. Also accepts the Jewish concept of Jews. Nothing on e.g. the Jewish calendar and other such in-house material N

Click for Gumballs Population Movements Video

Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told  (Long video revising WW2. Available as DVDs)

 Hoaxashian is Paul Taylor, who has no website that I know of, but spent a lot of time commenting on hoaxes and frauds, using a standard software program which allowed 155 mins free. He was criticised by Jewish trolls in their usual impolite style. I mention him here because I found I had grabbed at least two of his videos. There may be more elsewhere; the last I heard of him he was hectored all the time. He emailed me so much I felt I had to block him, which didn't help anyone.
The real story about Brigadier Sir Tom Moore and
2020 Sept Hoaxashian on a media story on a supposedly shot policeman. I may have other videos, all in his standard screencastomatic format.

John Kaminski .org  Started April 2017. Godaddy site, but hosted at Mountain View. Interesting essays, but in my view not good enough on science frauds, 'nukes', one-man Hitler, JFK 'assassination' etc. But says things about Jews, emphatic and interesting. Regards USA as run by violent Jewish censoring groups.
      Note also John Kaminski .info 
      Other sites are |
      and archive links |

History Reviewed .com or ( seems to have gone).  (South African site with revisionist-style articles, facts on Jews, black corruption under Jews, Africa and violence, videos, comments. Jan Lamprecht almost single-handedly has done more for awareness of South Africa and Boers than anyone else. Includes recent events. Tends to blame 'communists' rather than Jews, left over from Jew 'news'. Very good on black thefts and land grabs and secrets. Good on Jewish anti-gun activity. But a bit science-naive.
      March 2020: I'm afraid his site posts some feeble, copied stuff; but it seems to have strengthened by 2020. Includes material on rich blacks pretending whites are the problem. For example N ) South Africa revisionism is another of Jan Lamprecht's sites, much of it on black atrocities against white farmers poked by Jews
      2022: For my taste, naively militaristic and violent. And Hitler-loving. Untouched by the likelihood that Hitler was a puppet of Jews. And untouched by considerations of costs of war, and assessments of outcomes: gung-ho and exulting in deaths of weak people. Matches the USA/Jewish interest in profits for Jews, and costs of weapons. For example, he has a video on the invasion of Russia, as presented by ordinary historians, by Sweden, France, and Germany (Charles XII, Napoleon, Hitler).
      Jan 21st 2022: jews-vs-the-us-military-in-korea-and-vietnam-macarthur-wanted-to-nuke-china/ is a good example of Lamprecht's childish naivete. And, at this time, dangerous. He doesn't even know that 'Vietcong' was a US expression, or that nukes are a fraud, or that Jews controlled China and Russia. He likes the (((US))) Army, despite its long violence against Hitler, who he thinks acted alone against Stalin. Modern revisionism looks at finance, weapons, possibilities that deaths were an aim of war.
      Jan appeared on The Sonny Thomas show which in my view showed a weakness in the presentation of both of them. They both like wars such as Vietnam. Not that they would even think of doing anything individual; they expect equipment, supplies, backup, consumables, food, pensions, and everything else. They want to invade and bomb and kill. Just because the Jews tell the media repeatedly that they were an enemy. Sonny Thomas is still talking about Jane Fonda and Ellsberg and calling them 'traitors'. After all that time he hasn't learned to identify Jews as a special interest group in the USA.

Henry Makow  (Says he was born as a 'Jew', in effect a race; apparently in Poland. Believes in 'the Holocaust', and also in nuclear weapons—whether he has inside knowledge is unclear; he may just be a simple type. Fervent believer in Rothschild domination, though as far as I can see with no detailed financial evidence. Fails to separate movements and crypto-movements and leaves a mass of slang: full of Communists, Red, Left, Zionists, Illuminati, Freemasons, Masons, New World Order, God, Satan, Jesus, Churches, Possession, Crowns, Fascisti, Papacy, Bernard Fay (1893-1978)'s 1935 book, "Revolution and Freemasonry: 1680-1800" in France. American 'Revolution' and civil liberties, equal opportunity, no taxation without representation fake promises. He may have recognised that this stuff, when not explained clearly, is unattractive and anyway incomprehensible; and added feminism as a target, at a time when many people weren't Jew-aware and couldn't understand Jew attacks on whites, families, normal sex etc. Doesn't do anything for me. If you visit here, be critical. The most important part is infiltration by secret 'Jews' and allied thugs etc, notably Masons in the early USA and Jews in the Roman Catholic church, but a lot is omitted—wars, middle ages, China etc )  Castle Hill Publishers ('CHP') and Holocaust Handbooks and CODOH seem to have merged or united in some way; Castle Hill was run by a Mr Hancock, but after his death the handbook series seems to be published, edited and partly written by Germar Rudolf, who has a PhD in chemistry and was 'triggered' by the doubts over cyanide and Auschwitz. Vol 1 is Dissecting the Holocaust, dating from about 2000; now there are at least 36 titles in all, formidable and scholarly.  'Created' 22 Dec 2010. 'RationalWiki', Jew-controlled site, says it 'is a website that promotes pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and other miscellaneous bullshit.' However it has material on Rothschilds, Weishaupt, and Jewish influence, including the French Revolution. Missing children, Clinton dead associates, the climate scam. Not good on evidence. N Could be risky site attempting to distract. But omits most real stuff, e.g. WW2, 9/11. Most likely to be Jew site. Maybe run by stupid Jews?

May have vanished  (Daryl Bradford Smith exposing jews ('without being anti-semitic'?) with French version France and Jews)

Institute for Historical Review  Started March 1998. For a More Just, Sane and Peaceful World. Long, detailed, revisionist site.
      Has a mix of up to the minute articles, for example on Biden, assumed to be USA President; China assumed to be an up-and-coming enemy of the USA—but Jews and Rothschilds worldwide are not recognised; Hiroshima and the supposed atom bombs. Not in my view first-rate. Also sells books, I think by buying in lots, which may be, or have been, published elsewhere. I don't think many are general or theoretical or over-arching; like many alternative books, they are usually narrow in topics.  (Islamic fundamentalist)

INCOGMAN on GAB New Feb 2021 is down 15 Dec 2020. WordPress claims to have taken it down. If you have a serious site, don't use WordPress or Youtube or Bitchute ...

Just a sample from
Just a sample from  (Replaces a WordPress blog. US author with many comments on ZOG. Inc photo work eg censored mudshark madness - white women victims of blacks | Jew Reality vids and jew-spew vids accurate) Alexa rates it now at 2.5 millionth (was 500K) but it's impossible to know, as they don't say where their figures are from. 270K siterankdata. and .com, maybe others  Started June 2002. Hosted by wildwest, from San Jose, California. 'What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine' (Alison Weir on Israel, Palestine, Middle East, USA. Includes taxes, UN resolutions, house demolitions, deaths. Lots of plaudits and approval. BUT Alison Weir seems wholly ignorant of Jews worldwide and their wars, frauds, lies. See Published the late Alexander Cockburn. See also
      Jews and Muslims from north africa invaded Spain and ransacked it for 700 years. Spaniards ae not enthusiastic abut rights for Palestinians. Probably the site is aimed to move Palestinians from eastern Med to white countries. Just guessing  (Articles on militarism, ISIS, Russia, 'Holocaust' etc which look largely fake to me; could be based on info from arms companies, for example. But 9/11 looks correct. Completely naive about nuclear material; also assumes without evidence the Jewish 'Holocaust' was genuine, always a sure marker of Jewish fraudulence. Nothing on Jewish money power, possibly the most important junk news marker. Interesting to see what they say about Assange; as usual impossible to be sure of anything. Has links to Jewish/ state etc media; I looked at the Christian Science Monitor, which had a piece on the perennial fake of Chernobyl, and looks exactly like all the other US junk.
      Maybe I've been unfair, looking again. I don't know. Many important issues are raised; but there's little of help. )  Created 8 Nov 2004; but first waybackmachine later, Jan 2006. Godaddy site; seems to be HTML on twitter. Very popular if Alexa's figures are right. For no particular reason I don't remember it.
    Interesting mixture of pro-white (or pro-Jew?) pieces on black violence, and on Jew support for blacks in exchange for promotion of feeble blacks and mixed-race people. (Some of these are the result of Jewish race-mixing with blacks). Not afraid of gritty stuff on Jew violence and e.g. material on Biden 'puppet Resident' as a clown supporting the absurd Capitol hoax and the 'white supremacy' hoax. Nuke naive (see pictures of fake nukes). Puzzling list of links to mostly weak blogs: Infowars, What Really Happened, The Liberty Daily, Lew Rockwell, Whatfinger News, Mises Institute, BlackListed News, Zero Hedge, LifeSite, The Red Elephants, Big League Politics, Breitbart etc suggesting he site may be finance-based, perhaps anti-law-as-it-is-in-USA, and concerned about violence. I couldn't find much historical depth, e.g. WW2, Cold War, Hiroshima, Fed and so on.

Infostormer  (Started 2014. Seems US-based. Quotes articles worldwide, prefaces with commentary, and accepts comments. Significant jew-related news items worldwide. Quite amusing vocabulary (faggots, monkeys etc) reacting to Jew campaigns of the past as well as present. N) ?popular in Australia

Intellihub  Sensational speculations on news

'Rowan Atkinson' apparently fathered by a Russian Jew. Note the crypsis. And also the denial of genetic facts by 'Jews' ('Interesting Times' in Dutch)  Site has existed about 8 years. Good on Covid; amusing on Biblical absurdities; possibly good on WW2, absurdity of Anne Frank etc. Article on ex-'Nazi' refurbished holiday homes, sold by Jews. I couldn't find William of Orange or Cromwell; may be here, though. They looked at my site, possibly to get it listed here. Use Chrome to ease translation if you're not Dutch. Germanic view, but not from Germans. They don't know about Miles Mathis.  High ranking site, was notably in Canada, now US and UK and Italy. Forum rather than news site, uses Invision, not Wordpress (I think). International news. I don't know whose site this is. Created 2011, updated May 2016. 'Global Fascist Community'. Probably controlled pseudo-opposition; shows all the usual signs. Be cautious. N Ironmarch in Canada

Japan's #5 site, by 'Akira' anti-Kike  (Seems to be by a Japanese in America. Lots of world-wide material, I think mostly in English). Interesting to see anti-Kike material, for example crit of 'award-winning films' which must have 'minorities' etc.
    NOT AWARE of nuclear crits in e.g. and seems to accept the myths of Hiroshima etc; could be a false-flag site. N My nuke material seems to be censored in Japan - this site gets very few hits from Japan. If you're Japanese, why not contact 'Akira' and tip him/her/they off? 

Jewish Contributions  Ironic site on supposed Jewish 'contributions'. For example, 'infotables'—what are sometimes called 'memes'—on Frankfurt School, 'COVID' and the US Jewish CDC, Facebook, Communist Jews in China, 'LGBT' and similar nonsense, 'adult' industries, anti-Trump, feminism waves, Joe Biden's cabinet..... In my view, naive about so-called nuclear weapons. Couldn't find NASA
      'Cards' on people and families, e.g. Sackler, Freud, Bernays, Silverstein, ADL. Lots of material. Liked by Andrew Joyce.

Jew or not Jew? (Database of names, with opinions of whether Jew or not) 

Jewish Was Ted Carruthers and The Tedster, of New Zealand. Seems to have been up since about 2010, but blog sites and Wordpress sites are held as groups, andoften have no very well-defined start point or records. I've given this 5 stars, but have no evidence for popularity.
      This is a NEW ZEALAND site, and must be important for all Aussies and NZers learning about Jew fake money and lies and Second World War. 

 Jewish Racism blogspot  Christopher Jon Bjerknes: website on Jews and Zionism, with a bias against the Jewish cult of Einstein. Published his own print-on-demand books on lulu. I can't tell from online sources how long this site has existed. He has been described as a Jew, online—so if he is genuinely new I'd expect evidence of Jews operating across the world, including the USSR and USA, against non-Jews. Has videos with Talmudic and Old Testament texts and insights into Jew attitudes, e.g. fake demonstrations, destruction of non-Jew monuments, Moschiach etc. may have changed to allow Alexa info on individual sites; at any rate seems popular in UK. There's a spoiler site jewish racism.  N )
      Adam Green's site is

The Jewniverse (Long-established (since 2007) site, popular in USA. is associated. "Jewniverse | the inspirational, the extraordinary, and the just plain strange". Noticed this in a comment on Bob Dylan. Was 'The Times They Are a-changin' a comment on Hart-Celler immigration?) 

Jew Watch  (Frank Weltner. A lot of categorised information, largely 20th Century; for example, here's UK media 'Jews'. Many downloads. 'The Jew Watch Project Is The Internet's Largest Scholarly Collection of Articles on Zionist History. Free Educational Library for Private Study, Scholarship, Research & News About Zionism...' BUT doubts of Miles Mathis about Weltner, and note the rather absurd preface on religious freedom for Jews which may just be a legal protection). Regards itself as a library; includes copies of work on e.g. 'Jewish hate hoaxes', Rockwell and other US 'Nazis' (but warning from Miles Mathis, ADL funding etc. Has downloadable pdf files of books of the sort Amazon banned. N--the 'nuclear' stuff is mostly Jew-naive, probably inserted because it reads like concerned Jews pleading for sanity, rather than the truth, which is jews faked the entire nuke issue. See nuke lies site).
Another site is if Frank Weltner's site goes.
Here's a small 16MB video, of Weltner describing an absurdly tiny monument to white genocide in Russia by Jews.

  Joshf731 Currently at   Seems to be an Internet researcher, seeking evidence. The site at present hosts The Jewish fifth column in Japan dated 24 April 2022, a long list of references. (Includes the Marco Polo site famous for being closed after running a Holohoax fraud magazine article. I'd assumed this was through 'American' control of Japan, but it could be due to Jewish control of Japan). I have no information on joshf731, not even whether it's more than one person, or gender—the 'f' could mean female. However, he/she/they seem to be very good pioneering researcher(s).
      As the URL states, one location for his material is, which however has very elaborate copyright legal stuff, and may turn out to be an attempt to monopolise Internet writing; I find its policies obscure.

I list here Josh's work in the first part of 2022:
The Jewish fifth column in Japan A collection of research on Jewish activity in Japan with brief commentary. Archived here: Josh Apr 24 2022
Chameleon Judaism ... Hiding in plain sight - All these disguises of the shapeshifters are quintessentially Talmudic—derivative of the deceitful parable of Moed Katan 17a that teaches Jews that when... Josh Apr 16 2022
The Jewish population is much higher than we are told - Part II Josh Apr 4 2022
White Slave Trade and Jews Josh Mar 23 2022
Theodor Herzl: Zionist Jews are traitors Josh Feb 24 2022
Eleanor Roosevelt was a crypto-Jew - Louis Marschalko, The World Conquers (1958): “Roosevelt's well-known wife is herself a Jewess” Page 74 Jewish Standard: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Jews... Josh Feb 17 2022
Newspaper from 1880 outlines exactly what the Jews did decades later to take Palestine - Max Nordau was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl told the 6th Zionist Conference in 1903, that there would be... Josh Feb 13 2022
PERESTROIKA DECEPTION - SINO-SOVIET SCISSORS STRATEGY EXPLAINED. - Soviet Defector Mr. Anatoliy Golitsyn - New Lies for Old, 1984: "Underlying all of these strategies is the fifth strategy, that of the disinformation... Josh Feb 11 2022
WEF, Putin & Xi working to Dugin's Multipolar Eurasian plan (Global Jewish-communist slavery) - The Western NWO is a decoy whilst the Jewish-controlled East fortifies its position. The Eastern NWO (Russia, China, Israel) is to be the champion NWO... Josh Feb 10 2022
Protestants in large are Jewish slaves - The Jews created a fake Christianity - Protestantism - that they could manipulate into the direction of helping the Jewish conspiracy because they knew... Josh Feb 7 2022
Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia was a crypto-Jew. Josh Feb 2 2022
Document proving Churchill was working with Weizmann to create Israel Josh Feb 1 2022
Influential Zionist organization ties with Jewish terrorist group in Palestine - Declassified FBI document on the ALFP says: “The purposes of the ALFP were to bring about the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine and to assist Jews... Josh Jan 31 2022
Freemasons and Jews hate the authority in Russia, Masons wield an extended power (1879) - The Jews and Freemasons decades later took over the country. Josh Jan 31 2022
Jews financing Bolshevism - Dearborn independent. [volume] (Dearborn, Mich.), 02 Oct. 1920: “Well, the fact is this: they [Jews] are favoring that movement [Bolshevism]. Today, at... Josh Jan 29 2022
Karl Marx, a Jewish celebrity - In Volume IV of The Jewish Encyclopaedia, there are two pages of “autographs of Jewish celebrities.” They are arranged in alphabetical order, Karl Marx... Josh Jan 28 2022
American Black Jews are numerous - Evidence Obama is Jewish included. Josh Jan 27 2022
Jew and Freemason works to undermine Catholic influence - Wikipedia entry: Ernesto Nathan “He also strove to promote a secular education system, at a time when education in Rome was still dominated by Catholic... Josh Jan 27 2022

It's possible 'Josh' is based in Israel, judging by some Miles Mathis articles]

Journal Neo .org  (New Eastern Outlook. Could be largely Americans disenchanted with 'Jews'. Might be Jewish media trying something new; who knows. But it looks Jew-aware. N  (Talmud, race, Jew violence. Much expanded since I looked last; has a lot more material. IP location Mountain View, a red flag. 'An ultranationalistic form of Jewish fundamentalism' is Wiki's verdict on judeofascism. Could be a good site; certainly has a lot of material, could be hidden Jewish triumphalism; I don't know.)
    The site has considerable output. For example, on the COVID fraud. Jewish newspaper headline style may be intended to disgust; deliberate confusion of messages may be intended as a deterrent. Site owned by Chris Moore, says
      This sentence shows what they mean by 'judeofascism': Lavrov says Judeofascists are a tiny minority of Jews. Really?. I don't think the usage has spread, perhaps because of the way 'fascism' is used. Many good articles; keeps up to date, mostly be 'mainstream' media 'news'.

Khamenei.IR  Iranian site which Alexa records as #9,000 in the world and #200 in Iran. Doesn't seem to acknowledge Islam as in effect a Jewish forgery, to try to control Arab mobs—often successfully. Much material on US and worth reading up US (or perhaps Jewish) coups, violence, support for Saddam Hussein and war from Iraq. Holocaust skeptic. I'm unsure about nuclear issues, but it's possibly nuke aware. 

Koschertified (Stars not known to me) Uploaded Jan 2017. Site informing on Kosher certified foods, I think in USA only. Kosher certification is a money-making scheme; find out which products are registered. Another site was called coincidence detector; I believe it identified Jews in TV and videos, but was taken down by, of course, Jews

Le Pommier Joyeux (Cheerful or happy apple tree; I think as opposed to the Biblical apple tree of evil) Alexa says #3500 in the world.  French site, founded 10 Oct 2016. IP in California, with easy machine translation. List of fakes/ hoaxes (regularly updated): July 2016 includes: 'Hippies' with parents in the 'military communities' | Crisis Actors | Pourim (Purim, a Jewish 'holiday' in 1946 | J F Kennedy supposed murder | Bataclan fake | ... much of this seems taken from Miles Mathis, but I don't know if there's a connection between them.
      ... Adolf Hitler scam | Famous false deaths | French faked revolution | False attacks | 9/11 simulated? | Battles, fake images, Videos, "death" of Yitzhak Rabin
 Includes hexzane527.
      Disappointingly, many of the linked blogs are missing or unavailable. And many are Jew-naive; for example WinterWatch has many eye-catching headlines, but says noting about Jews. 

The London Forum - Youtube Channel  (The London Forum has a new (2015) Youtube channel, of talks delivered in London. 5 stars is an exaggeration; but the talks are worth watching. Unfortunately there's some evidence that Jeremy 'Jez' Turner is a police or 'intelligence' spy N

Lucify  (Finnish site inc. English. Vast flows of aliens to Europe, in maps-with-arrows visualisations. Based on UN data. Can be embedded. Included for importance; not explicitly Jew-aware)

Metapedia (English Language)  (Encyclopedia using wikipedia-style software. Many languages; many editors. All the articles are revisionist and Jew-aware. They seem to have revised themselves; I hope so. Recommended above Wikipedia.
      Not very easy to use. For a time the site was (I think) taken over by hostile, presumably Jew-funded, types. I hope it's better now, but the page on Hitler says nothing on the likelihood of Hitler being Jew-controlled. Nothing on Seems run by Daniel Friberg in Goteborg, Sweden N).  (French site I think based on clips from French TV which I need hardly say is Jew-dominated.) French revisionist TV and video

Some of the online sites used by
Genealogies, Names, Families |* |* | [NB Jewish] | ['celebrities'] | [last resting places] | [ancients; non-authoritative] | | | | [Genealogies] |* | [NB Jewish?] |* | ['William Addams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services'] | | [free family trees] ||| Archives, Books ||| Popular Beliefs, Enquiries, Questions | [writing info e.g. researching legal jargon] | | semiticcontroversies blogspot | [ has vanished] | | [vellejo high school 62 yearbooks | [for fans of mass 'culture'] ||| *Seem relevant, but I think not used
Miles W Mathis  (One of the most important research-in-revisionism sites. First-class material on post-war Europe, crypto-Jew families, Lenin, Marx, Mussolini, Hitler, Royal Families, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon and the French Revolution, and smaller issues such as the Dayton 'monkey trial', Salem Witches, writer Jack London and musician John Lennon). BUT he seems isolated and without strong support, unless you count a Jew or too. A Meet Miles question/ answer/ comment site in Mid-May 2018 yielded, literally, no new intelligent comments (apart from mine!), but a lot of adulation, and defensive snapping by ignorant satellites.

Just to explain about Miles Mathis who unfortunately seems to be in bed with a site called cutting through the fog—which might more accurately be called adding to the fog. I'm deeply sorry about this nonsense.

Note: I'm not connected in any way with Miles Mathis, and rarely communicate. I wish he'd talk online, but like very many intelligent people, he simply doesn't. I've texted/emailed with many people (in diet, physics, nuclear stuff, education, religions, history, ...) who unfortunately are equally unchatty. And I'm uneasy with the poor quality of one of his supposed supporting sites.

Email to which is unposted. October 26, 2021 at 1:28 pm –

I looked at my logfiles and was surprised to find about 36 from cuttingthroughthefog, which I’d thought is moribund, judging (I fear) by the average level of comment. They were from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada etc, though about half from he USA. They all pointed to my piece on Miles Mathis.

May I just make a few points. As far as I’m concerned, I never ‘fell out’ with Miles. It’s just that he never emails etc with me. The email quoted about flying fucks was something I recently found; I don’t think I’ve seen it before. That search engine on my site was set up with freefind, a completely standard bit of software which anyone can use, though like most software the techies behind it don’t make it easy. I think I copied the idea from David Irving. I even offered it to Miles, to add to his site; given the password, he could have had it on his site for years. However, he doesn’t talk to me.

I also would have liked a long discussion online with him. [I once suggested a number of topics, with ten minutes on each]. I have quite a high opinion of my chats, and their download numbers are quite high, though less that they were on Youtube from which I was of course banned by Wojshit. For example Lords of the Nukes. Many online talks of course are of dismal quality..

Hexzane527 is (as far as I know; I’ve never had any contact, which anyway might be risky for him in France) the best writer on WW2 as a possible mutual joint arrangement by Jews to kill off others. A good hypothesis which I did my own version of ( where ‘master race’ is not the Nazzies. I collected together his PDFs and assembled them with titles and an index on my site; partly because they’re very hard to find, even if you know they’re there, and partly in case they vanish. Come to think of it, I did much the same with Miles’s PDFs after they disappeared once, what now seems a long time ago. I don’t know if Miles has even noticed. He doesn’t talk to me.

Anyway, I’ll leave but let me just express surprise that such a fertile writer as Miles should have so few intelligent comments. Oh – I just noticed one very good comment, on COVID as an ‘opportunity’!


Comment from 2020, probably by Miles Mathis.  Suggesting he can be a rude c*nt. And also that he can be imperceptive and make bad judgements.   I found this by chance using, new-to-me secret searcher based on google.   I don't remember what this was about!   However, I'm not a 'spook'.

Michael Mannheimer .net Finland muslims jews (German-language site; seems split between Panama and USA - could be a German speaker in USA. Established Nov 2014. All-German site, plus English translation, which I presume must be self-censored against truths about Jews. Recommended by Jan Lamprecht. Has mentions of 'Holocaust' fraud. The biggest historical taboo now for Jews as far as I know is Hitler NOT as an individual, but as part of worldwide Jews orchestrating wars and deaths.) Palestine Founded 2004. ... a growing need for supporters of, in particular, the Palestinian cause, to master ... information gathering, analysis and dissemination. This requires well organised, focused and targeted operations. Such initiatives are virtually non-existent in the West today. The Middle East Monitor (MEMO) was established to fill this gap. This has staff writers. I couldn't find any discussions of Jewish policies and outlooks. (Or I think of Moslem and Christian). It seems to consist of news, rather than intelligent speculation on the future or past. But at least it seems to present some other views to the Jewish media. Finland muslims jews Founded mid-2011. Seems to be online only. Its staff are largely computer people plus a lawyer and seem fairly insulated from Jew BS. I found this site through an article on demolition of a holohoax fraud building in Marrakech. And material in 'undocumented migrants' from sub-Saharan Africa landed in Morocco. I was surprised by its popularity. However it does have World Bank and GoogleAd links. Morocco Finland muslims jews (Finnish site which is staggeringly popular there. I'd never heard of it.) Canada race and jew problems

National Vanguard  (Founded by William Pierce. Lots of material including Jews, US history and propaganda, race and opposition to Christianity, Revilo Oliver. Good authors inc. Chris Rosetti, Thomas Dalton of The Great Christian Hoax, Bradford Hanson...
    Empathy without Sympathy is a very good piece by Andrew Hamilton. (It is also here on counter-currents).

    Seems related to national alliance (US) at Rather irritating 2020 attacks on China N)
      Thomas Dalton is published by Castle Hill in the UK, and apparently by Clemens and Blair 'since 2015' on 'National Socialist Germany, the Holocaust, and the Jewish Question' but also consider 'related topics in history, politics, philosophy, and social theory.'

NCCFIRE.ORG [=North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement]  Created 2008 Expires 2027. Scottsdale. "NCFIRE verifies the illegal alien status of each individual we post in our Monthly Child Rape reports through the arresting agency of each individual."

Neon Crusader [WAS] 'Reporting the Truth' (hosted by Wild West) was set up 7 April 2020. Already 480K rank; I've left it at 5 stars).

New (also  (Very new site: May 2016. Apparently hosted in Arizona. Wordpress theme 'MH Magazine'. Seems to have several writers, inc. Russ Winter. Too new to judge; looks promising though with good material on Orlando hoax. (Update: Nov 2017, 17 months later: many good pieces). Part of their mission statement is: core issues: the misuse of U.S. and NATO troops in foreign military interventions, the lopsided Israel First agenda in the U.S. and U.K. in particular and the excessive influence of the extremist Likudnik Jewish lobby and their controlled media. Recent good piece on 'staged misdirection' - fake events for e.g. phoney charities. May be inadequately anti-Jew N)

nodisinfo  (Hard to judge. Includes Psyops; mostly US - 9/11 and Sandy Hook and others, mostly fake shootings as 'gun control' propaganda, on video, mostly recent, but also JFK. Seems Christian. But very N as e.g. on Fukushima)

Nordfront  (Nordic news - Sweden, Norway, Finland) Sweden Norway Finland

Nordic Resistance Movement  Nordic Site ( Iceland,  Norway,  Sweden,  Finland,  Denmark) Party I think founded in Sweden. WordPress site, founded Jan 2018, hosted in US. Includes English language (EN). Activism, events, interviews, local towns. Nine points. Both Parliamentary and extra-Parliamentary.

Northern Truth Seeker  Created in 2000. Now hosted I think in Google cloud, or something like that. Author appears to live in Canada. Exceptionally detailed on the Covid plandemic/ Flu d'etat. numbers USA gumballs populations Started December 1996. Famous for Roy Beck's 'Gumballs' video, showing high numbers of poor people in countries around the world. Effective presentation. The conclusion seems to be that the numbers are so high, they can stay where they are; but not enter the USA.
      I just found a site which includes about 20 articles by Beck, though I haven't checked the site, which seems to date only from 2019. But it includes slash stuff about the Jewish 'Southern Poverty Law Center', which is good.
      Beck does not mention the replacement idea, popular with Jews, and associated with Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignatiev, Soros, and others. This site isn't very Jew-aware in fact, but does at least mention Jews, and mentions Christians without drawing attention to their dependency on Jew paper money. Beck doesn't I think discuss Jewish money, population densities, i.e. area of countries, or arms (or fake science programs).

Occidental Dissent  (Started July 2006; 'whitetearoom' Wordpress.) I looked again here on the good news of Noel Ignatieff's death. Southern USA with Australian following. Mostly southern US news, but contrary to Jew media lies. Looks e.g. at 'Southern Poverty Law Center' as source of lies and anti-white race policies, and Jewish media lies. American Racial History. Events. Confederacy. Confederate history. Forums. Not as good on Jews, nukes, US wars, WW2 as I'd like. But it's refreshing to see support for the US south. Hunter Wallace's site, it says.)  (Kevin MacDonald's The Occidental Observer (or TOO). More or less daily journalism; some good contributors. Jews vs whites. Comments were heavily trolled; less so now. Not good on holocaust as a fraud, science frauds such as NASA, Jewish money frauds, US violence, or even Khazars; it's (I hope) a transitional site, and may improve itself, or more likely slowly decline into redundancy if serious sites increase. Wordpress 'Redline' style.
      But completely nuke naive, war crimes naive, and even holohoax and 9/11 naive; it's also Federal Reserve naive, and does not consider the possibility that Jewish co-operation in the US, France, Germany, Britain, and Russia worked to start world wars.
      I think now that the site is only good for a few writers; and they are diluted too much.
      MacDonald is keen on the idea that Jews only exploit whites, for reasons based on dubious genetic ideas. In fact their methods have worked worldwide, including China. This site started Nov 2007 (or 8, or 9). N)
        [I've just noticed which seemed at first sight to be a fake to distract from It seems to be a supposedly in-house paper of a Los Angeles college, presumably in fact with computer support. It has little of serious interest. Of course.]

Occidental Observer: update July 2023
Two years later, TOO only allows comments from paying members. This may be a business model; who knows. I'd expected the site to slowly decline, and indeed it shows almost no sign of energy.
      My qualification there is owed to a few contributors such as 'Tobias Langdon', whose recent piece on the Jewish-owned Windward ship (it brought unwanted Jamaican to a Britain trying to recover from what is now obviously the Jewish victory of World War 2). 'Langdon' incidentally despises 'Chuck the Cuck', King Charles III, who, it occurs to me, mumbles about God, a symptom of his utter subservience to Jewish fantasy. Langdon names a few Jews, such s the owner of Britannia Hotels, who makes money by billing the government tor illegal immigrants lifeboated to the UK by volunteers. Landon's statistics are a bit uncertain, and he says nothing about whites and others killed by whites in wars. But that's a defect shared by TOO. 'Langdon' seems to be a convinced Christian: his 21 July 2023 piece Nick's Pics: The Amazing Atheistic Adventures of Sleazy Semitic Sex-Pest Nick Cohen is on institutionalised sexual groping and harassment by Jewish scribblers in things like the Jewish Chronicle. But note that he still accepts the Jewish God.
      The point here is that articles like Langdon's are standalone, isolated, one-offs which remain undeveloped. They are mixed with simple unanalytical rubbish, such as a silly article on Poland and Catholicism, and another silly article reviewing a book on a town facing Jewish incursion, and other incursions&mdas;without giving the reason for the inflow..
      MacDonald has said how upset he was, when people at his beachfront university ignored him—something I'd have thought was a positive advantage, given the poor quality of American academics.
      MacDonald came to fame with his Culture of Critique 25 years ago, and two other books. Critique was expensive, but print-on-demand publishing grew along with Internet and made it affordable. It is still printed, unchanged, uncorrected, and unenlarged. It mainly looks at Jews in US academia, and shows little appreciation of any other serious Jewish material, such as the Kahal system, money-printing under Jewish control, and promotion of wars.
      His most recent book (after a quarter of a century!) is the disappointing Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition of which my review has repeated criticisms, I'd guess with no effect. Culture of Critique is my review of his only famous book, mostly dating from the time I hope MacDonald might do better. He didn't, and never will.

Orwell's Daughter (Wordpress)  (I couldn't find much info on this site; seems to date from Jan 2014. The star rating may be wrong. ?American woman who regards white males as cowards and pussies; probably correctly enough. Pro-mothers—mothers created men, who respond disgustingly. White women the most targeted for rape on the planet. Jew aware. Not Christian: 'White people will disappear like the dinosaur [because] they luv Jewy Geezus more than their own people. Jewboi born of a virgin jewess -- & the fags of the White race masturbate to this garbage.' 'White Nationalists' regard white women as Jews do the Holohoax. Interestingly anti-white-American—among others—based on the view that Jew porn and anti-family activities have debased white males. N) Added 7 Aug 2017.  Created Jun 24 1994. Seems hosted in the US. Very popular site, judging by I noticed this on David Irving's site; Burying the Nakba: How Israel systematically hides evidence of 1948 expulsion of Arabs. Outline allows you to read and annotate articles, from online news or 'news' - it's not very clear - and presumably remove ads and clutter and boxes and typeface confusions. Added 6 July 2019.  Started 21 Nov 2019. Hosted on Wild West Domains, in Arizona, which I've noticed has quite a few intellectual fact sites. It lists pro-White research websites and has many subdirectories - Advocacy groups. Artists, Books, Boycotts, Charities, Communities, Dating... Lawyers... Poltical Prisoners...
      Seems to be in pure bare HTML, not a WordPress site, which of course may eject some sites. Seems to have no illustrations. Includes a link to my site here (which is where I heard of them). Put here 9 Oct 2021.

James Petras Website  (Is or was an academic sociologist. Mostly U.S. politics but rest of the world too, notably with reference to 'Jews'. Spanish articles; site is popular in Spain. I haven't read much of this site.) Petras USA Petras Spain

Political Velcraft  (Jews and USA Government and Corruptions. Good on white slaves, meaning enslaved whites). But what on earth is "vel craft"?  (Iran-based news site - different perspective from 'western' Jew lies). Iran flag

Radikal Portal  Seems to be German-based site, masquerading as Scandinavian BUT BEWARE PRO JEW- included to give you some idea of jewish BS deluge forced into Europe. Possibly funded by Soros. has replaced RadioAryan  (Radio Albion started on 25th September, 2019. VIDEO/AUDIO SITE Site with many downloadable interviews, in mp3 format. Seems to be run by 'Sven Longshanks'; I've read a March 2023 news report on legal action against Sven Longshanks, which says that ownership of the site, and his life's work, is his claim. I have to say I doubt the legal action is serious: Allchurch doesn't even report it on his site, and it looks like a fake to me, to try to warm up the embers of Jewish lies—'holocaust', camps etc. But it may be a typical Jewish manoeuvre, chipping away at legality one bite at a time. The barristers seem to be emphasising hurt feelings, the idea probably being to insulate Jews against truth. A typical Jewish ploy is to infiltrate a legal change when other people are away—think of the 'Federal Reserve' Act, for example, or freeing illegal incomers at the last day of a sitting.
      The material is rather feeble, including something like fundamentalist Christianity and anti-Darwin, and lightweights listed as Sven Longshanks, Max Musson, Dr M R Johnson, Mark Collett, Grandpa Dan, Dennis Wise. I've just seen (9 ap 23) 'Mark Collett welcomes much-loved movement elder Jared Taylor'! Oh, dear. This made up my mind that Radio Albion is phoney.
      Eight talks about Kevin McDonald's books with Sven and 'Horus'; Horus adds little, judging by the samples I heard (click on link)

      Previously (March 2017) hosts were: Sven Longshanks, Matthew Heimbach, Matt Johnson, Grandpa Lampshade, Dennis Wise, Harold Covington, Messerschmitt, Matt Parrott, Subal, Tony Hovater. They've gone for explanations of contents, in my view important as signposting. Listings by first names of speakers. Includes 'bootlegs', I presume taken from other sites.
      [Will W Williams says of Harold Covington and at Hadding Scott’s blog that features much of the SOB’s rap sheet, here: ]  Belgian Site, Flemish part of Belgium, i.e. was part of the Netherlands. I noted this site on Jan Lamprecht's South Africa site. Popular but I'm unsure of its stance. 

The Realist Report  (Reads Jewish press and media as key to Jewish lies. Seems to be John Friend's site; he now has a blog)  (Detailed articles; alphabetical list of topics. 'Brother Nathanael'; not Nathaniel, or Nathanial! Possibly not what it seems) Created in 2007. IP in Chicago. rates this as 4 starts in Aug 2020.

Red Ice Creations  (WARNING: Red Ice does not investigate Jews; I included it in joff sites. But some of the contributors are good) N
Redress Online  'Exposing injustice, disinformation and bigotry'. Interesting Israel stooges list. Writers listed largely academics. Arabs, Palestine, Israel info which seems very good. (I'm unsure why I included it as 5-star)N
Refugee Resettlement Watch  (Seems to be largely Ann Corcoran's site and forum. Started in 2000; 2017 update, probably related to Trump's swearing-in. Jew-aware and also looks into fake Christian 'charities', supposedly Lutheran, Roman Catholic etc, which are paid from ZOG paper money, but contribute nothing to solve the problems once they've caused them. You might start with their 'About' section, and/or Trump Watch begins today — there is a mass of information on US states, Jew and church frauds, individual politicians and collaborators, Federal Government, some Europe comment, and so on).

Renegade Tribune) (I found this via ShiksaGoddess's Youtubes. Kyle Hunt is 'publisher of the Renegade Tribune and the founder of Renegade Broadcasting, where he hosts Solar Storm. He also organized the 2014 White Man March and created the film adaptation of Hellstorm'. General news site with a number of writers, and audios. Includes Second World War truth, false flags and 'intelligence' frauds, temple prostitute theory of Jews, Christianity as a Jew fraud. All in a typically US/Jew media style of frantic semi-education.
      On 14 Jan 2022, I posted to the following, which never appeared. Kyle Hunt seems to be just another Hitler promoter, avoiding the hard questions: but I'm unsure. There's a piece (21 Oct 2022) on Jews sent to poison Palestinian wells being exposed 75 years later:

I've just found these comments after looking for C J Bjerknes online, particularly his book Beware the World to Come.
. I hope it's not too late to comment.
. [1] Bjerknes' book seems to have been discontinued. I looked on (book printer) online, and links now show 404 file not found. Possibly he's been trodden on; I don't know.
. . . I reviewed Beware in some detail on and found it very interesting (though the layout and index aren't as good as I'd have liked). He gives a lot of information on Jewish 'thought', but I find no reviews of it.
. [2] The earliest Hitler revisionist that I've found appears to be French, nicknamed hexzane527. I have cut out the WordPress stuff from his articles and out his articles in my own site, making it clear it's his own English text. He looks at WW2 and has a few dozen very good questions on anomalies in WW2.
. . . See for his various articles. I've added my own titles.
. [3] Another article is ['master race' being you-know-whos] which is my own long file with links at the start, again looking at oddities in that war. In my view, WW2 was won by Jews.
. And more. The issues are hugely important and affect the whole presentation of WW1 and WW2. Please be serious.
. Rae West

 Jeff Rense  says Puzzling site with mix of sales junk (as with other sites) and with no overview. I include it because of its list of flyers (which may be from some other source) general97/flyers.php with jews' photos all connected with Jewish issues (though not the Fed, war frauds, charities...). Every Single Aspect of media control, COVID, black slaves, ... 50% of politically selected generals, abortion, gun control... LGBTQ+, Biden Campaign, Trump's Campaign, Mass Immigration, Ukraine-Russia War

Revilo Oliver .com  (Site commemorating Professor Revilo Pendleton Oliver, 1908-1994. On Jews, Civil War, American History, American Revolution. Jews an unique race, parasitic and predatory. Christianity, including 'The Jewish Plague' on early Christian sects. University of Illinois. Related to Kevin Alfred Strom. Includes selling off of his papers. 'Liberty Bell' says: During World War II, Dr. Oliver was Director of Research in a highly secret agency of the War Department, and was cited for outstanding service to his country. Hm.)

Right of the  ('Setting the record straight'. Wordpress founded May 2018; registered Panama. Very fast ascent; I don't know how it was promoted. ROTR team of writers. 'Right' in established but uneasy sense. Reminds me of NewObserverOnline, but more Jew-aware. (And somewhat of HistoryReviewed): Picture, caption, topics usually ignored/underplayed by the media: immigrant murders, immigrants with no skills, Jewish murders in Israel. Topics listed as All Posts | Egalitarian Myth | Entertainment | Fake Right | Family | Finance | Health | Hidden Hand | History | Music | Politics | Right Direction | Society | South Africa. Seems naively Christian; may have been set up or funded by church(es). Nothing systematic on military, bases, wars etc.; some science fraud N
      Seems to be down at present, or perhaps hi-jacked. It was renewed in Jan 2020 and has been the subject of typical frantic Jew lies and scheming. has been (I think) down longer. Founded by a Hungarian, I'd guess a victim of Jewish butchery and crime. I don't know of any mirrors.  (Wikipedia format, widely known; claims Metapedia is a jew shill site; judging by their entries on Lenin, they are right. May be split from them. Founded Oct 2015. Very successful newcomer. Secure login. English and Hungarian languages. Includes good news items, largely about Jews, Zionists, Israel, Jew frauds. And for example Alex Jones' Jew Wife Jews Him Intensely/ Wealthy French who push mass immigration in France refuse to take migrants into their home once confronted with a homeless migrant despite their claims beforehand/ 100 Worst Landlords in New York City -- The majority are Jewish! / President Trump's 5 latest betrayals of his campaign promises.)

Robert Faurisson Blogspot  Created 2000, in the Netherlands. Revamped June 2018. Alexa figure may be misleading; I don't know if blogspots are listed individually. Unusual in having entries dated from and including 1972. French, German, English. (Earlier version above, under 'F'  (Russia TV site with videos. Gives SOME alternative views. BUT BEWARE DOES NOT investigate Jews seriously) N 

Rudolf, Germar see Germar Rudolf  Created Aug 2014. Based in USA, or Singapore; seems to be by an American. Many videos; some subtitled 'THE JEWISH QUESTION'. Not in my view first rate; WW2 and world Jews is only partly gone into. Silly Hitler praise. 'Patriotic' song mentioning Kursk etc - obviously aimed to get silly goyim killed. Naive on Russian Orthodoxy. Nothing that I could find on Japan and nuclear frauds - Jews understand lies and deception, but not science. Anyway; popular site.  (Online photos of sites, notably WW2, including over 5,000 accurate pictures and interpretations of well-known 'Holocaust/Holohoax' sites shown to visitors. Seems to be hosted in California and/or Florida. There is nothing on sites of Jew mass murders in Russia and e.g. Poland, Hungary.) N

Seznam  ( is a Czech search engine. It is unique, or unusual, in specifically limiting itself to what it decides are high quality sites. I don't know its criteria, but it does appear to be good for searching. Nukes & Jews Czech intro). Czech flag  By Stephen McNallen. Seems to be an Incomedia website, not a type known to me. Don't know when it was established. And the domain name seems to be for sale. However it seems to have had some good material on crypto-Jews. Shows signs of abandonment—e.g page for OccidentalObserver contains HTML markups, but no content yet. Claims Since the completion of the pages on Kyle Hunt, Sinead McCarthy and Renegade Tribune/Radio (some of the only fully complete pages) the truthful information relayed there and the call for a boycott has caused a massive collapse in the viewer numbers of the Renegade Tribune but this claim pivots on the reliability of stats report programs.
      MISSION OBJECTIVES ... To restore the mainstream status of European Americans supporting our racial interests and natural, nationalist principles at a majority level...  From Feb 2004. Very high ranking; supposedly c. 25,000 in the world. Signs of the Times - Independent Unbiased Alternative News. I have doubts about this site; scraper site? holocaust lies ignored? But much seems sound

smoloko clickable linkExample of Neon Crusader/Smoloko clickable link, to identify subject matter
Neon Crusader [WAS] 'Reporting the Truth' (hosted by Wild West) was set up 7 April 2020. Already 480K rank; I've left it at 5 stars).
    Seems to have been closed by Jew action - 7 Dec 2018. (World events, Jew aware; started May 2014. Varied topics. Krylienko material. First World War, Fed, Rothschild, bankers, Freemasons. Interesting layout, with clickable square visuals with headlines and text. I guess the site is a surname. In my view N)
  Here's Jan Lamprecht on what happened:   Note: not to be confused: a site revisionisthistory is a trash spoiler site by a Jewish-handled halfbreed, called 'Malcolm Gladwell'

Socio-Economics History Blog  (Sociological details including on Jews, Gaza etc / Economics = reports on real world policies, jobs, etc / History - includes modern provocations, EU - Mostly or all sourced from big media worldwide)

Speisa dot com  (VIDEO SITE widely popular. Despite crap ads, includes videos which may have been kept out of Youtube - though I haven't checked - on immigrants, black crime. I haven't checked Jew awareness) SOTNAKA SOTN. Registered 1997. Or 2010. Seems to have moved around a lot; presently in Grand Cayman Island. Lots of material, now, on the coronavirus fraud. Includes comments on Bill Gates, including claims of polio spread in India. Includes some Jew material, e.g. on the Rothschilds. Includes 5G too; apparent experts in electromagnetism keep quiet. stop mensonges French language site (I think by Hexzane52) founded Sept 2012 hosted in USA. WordPress site. La vérité nous libèrera ! Has a lot of crank stuff however. May be just another Jew crap site.  Well-known for its forum. BUT it is so light on information on Jews that it's likely enough this is a phoney site. Judge for yourself.|

The Truth Seeker  (Jointly-written news-style site; Wordpress format, with archives. Very strong Alexa ratings, assuming they're genuine. Appears to be a joint site with Lasha Darkmoon's, sharing articles and moderators. This double event, and publication of rubbish by 'Fred Reed', means probably it's just a waste of time. Puzzling mix: includes John Pilger, occult stuff, Gerrish but not much on Common Purpose, Rebel of Oz. Looks good on e.g. false flags, Holohoax, Israel founding lies and crimes. Naive about 'nukes' and NASA; could this be its point, in fact?
      13 March 2022: Some very good videos on the Ukraine hoax, the home-a-refugee hoax with scum like Steven Fry and Jo Brand and other unfunny comedians, the COVID fraud, Starmer and the failure to act on Savile, and the rather old holohoax. So my reservations are probably unjustified. N

Theuglytruth on bombings in Belgium March 2016
Comment from 'The Ugly Truth'  Started 2006. Expires 2020 currently. San Francisco based host. 'Intelligent "anti-Semitism" for thinking Gentiles'. Very active site; many good articles. Looks to me naive about US power abuses. Interesting material on Arabia, US frauds, Palestine, petrodollars. Just possibly in my view a fake, to leak nuke deception. Disallowed my Pollard the 'spy' comment. But OK on the death of Wiesel the serial liar. But completely nuclear ignorant N NOW APR 2020 NOW MARCH 2021  ( is Mike King's site. Mostly very varied individual shortish articles; such topics as Baruch's Generals, Anne Frank; Churchill's mad professor, Hitler and Jesse Owens, Doomsday Clock, Myth of military-industrial complex.
      One of the leading revisionist sites on Jews and wars, including of course good material on the Second World War and the USA. However, the writer(s) seem to be naive Hitler worshippers, unaware of overarching Jew nation idea. So it's not possible to take them completely seriously. King seems to be rather isolated, and continues to accept myths (Lincoln assassination, nuclear bombs etc) which have long been exposed. And note that there's an anti-evolution outlook, which is sad and wrong. Possibly he's insufficiently exposed to sophistry, and a bit unsophisticated in the etymological sense.
      King seems to have worked for years in marketing and sales and ads, not history. I think his technique is to pick a smallish topic from WW2 or post-1945 USA and concentrate on that. I'm reminded of Lauritsen, an 'AIDS' critic, who worked in product development with its careful measurement of consumer reactions.
      Mike King's The Bad War (2015) is his magnum opus. How much is genuinely original, I can't say. King appears in some videos; search "real history chan mike king video" and see what you think.
  Note: for some reason, I think because this site looks and feels to me like an email site, I found to my surprise I hadn't included this until now. 7 Mar 2016: here it is!)

A sample of his style:
‘... let's review Mike's Rule About Revolution:
There has never been, and there will never be, a "spontaneous" sudden uprising of "the people" which did not have a pre-existing, well-funded, secretive "higher-up" organizational structure behind it.

This holds true for both "good" and "bad" uprisings / mass protests / riots / revolutions -- including the American Revolution of the 1770s, the French Revolution of the 1790s, the European revolutions of 1848, the American race riots of 1919 and the 1960s, the Eastern European "Velvet Revolutions" and China's Tienanmen Square uprising of 1989, the Los Angeles riot of 1992, the Arab Spring revolts of 2010-11 and all of the Soros "color revolutions" of the past 30 years. You see, the "people" are an inert mass -- nearly all of whom will join the "movement" only after the secret planners and provocateurs get the fun started. But even politically active citizens will NEVER "spontaneously" rise up and rush to the barricades on their own initiative. We may therefore dismiss the following Slimes' assessment of the motive behind the rioting as simplistically superficial rubbish.

From the article: "The continuing nighttime turmoil [France, early July 2023]has signaled that anger over the killing of the teenager has yet to subside. Nahel M. was of Algerian and Moroccan descent, and his killing has tapped into a deep-seated resentment toward the police, who have long been accused of violence and discrimination by residents of France’s marginalized suburbs."

Hear that? It was "anger" that "spontaneously" started this. (rolling eyes) --- Further down we pick up this little clue which, to the astute, negates the "spontaneity" theory.

"Down the street, small groups of black-clad people had assembled, building barricades and preparing firebombs."’  Large site, apparently by Arlene L Johnson from Gray's Inn Road, London. In about 12 sections; one is, or was, The Journal of History (2010) and includes a piece 'Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World's Media - Author Unknown'. However, testimonials include Howard Zinn and a 'holocaust survivor'. Likely to be largely phoney, therefore. Since 5-5-99 and possibly part of the 9-1 Jewish fraud. Caution!

Truthjihad  (Islam, Jews, corruption. Nuke naive)  Founded Nov 1997; may have had multiple changes. Very high ranking, which of course may be artificial. I have reservations about this site. But it has to be mentioned. This attributed to Alison Weir on Israeli swindles in France and USA, keeps referring to Jew officials in Israel as 'colleagues' or 'opposite numbers', which of course they aren't. The numbers involved are helpful but not very clear. But people concerned over possible naivete of small people might direct attention to all this. But most of the stories avoid the serious issues of Jews, by misdirection to side effects, such as horrible stories about WW1 with no analysis on Jewish secret manipulations, money and profits. Essentially it's a fake site. I've tested it with nuclear material, and Jews' roles in world wars, and A J P Taylor (obsolete WW2 Jewish-descent historian) and my posts don't appear.
      It says 'Submitted comments have been licensed to The Unz Review and may be republished elsewhere at the sole discretion of the latter'; probably fishing for critical new material, which Jew always rely on. And it publishes selected titles (for example, Kevin MacDonald's) which are acceptable. It has some apparently technical information on spying and hardware which omits the nitty-gritty and emphasises things like ARC which are necessary; and has material on US lawmaking which isn't useful in assessing bribe liability and on on. I *think* Unz in effect has lists of memes which are deemed exiting by allowed for publication; classified weapons which were asked for by some Jewish deputation in a book illustrate the type. Bullshit on holocaust 'denial' illustrate the memes being pushed. See also joff/index.html#unz. N

Vanguard News Network  Founded November 2000. Hosted by Dreamhost, or Godaddy? Not sure. Wordpress site, with comments. I think this is Alex Linder's site, following William Pierce. Pieces on (for example) 'white privilege', immigrant riots in Europe, wealth transfer as a result of the coronavirus fraud, 'Cultural Marxism', Jewed culture, politics, facts about Israel, white philosophy. white thoughts... Why Europeans must reject Christianity, an Alex Linder topic. Black statistics (official US). Arguments on killing Jews, since they killed whites. Interesting site. I haven't been able to find a shorter URL link, though (below) is also Alex Linder's.
      Linder was visited by the FBI in August 2018. There's an interview with Jan Lamprecht online.

Vastarinta  (Finnish site; seems to be national socialist) Finland  (Internal US politics; not good analysis. Jew corruption e.g. David Gelbaum funding Sierra Club only if immigration not mentioned. Race violence. BUT generally naive on 9/11, Holocaust, Fed...N)  (Seems to be annie-logical's site. Popular. Not in my view clearly linked and explicit. Lots of menacing, repetitive sound which in my view is irritating. I can't find enough clear info to judge this site. Though it seems to never mention Jews.)

vnnforum  [ Many topics, and of course interactive. Long section on jew influence. Can be read if not a member. Alex Linder's site. Good articles on use of English, sharpened by jew verbal habits. N] from vox popoli.  Started July 2000. May be Netherlands-based. Very popular in Anglophone world. Wide range of topics (though I could do without comic books & computer games). Many authors & writers, interviews, books. By Theodore Robert Beale. Needs a site searcher imho

VoxNews  Established May 2002. 'Arq Group Limited'. Harry "Vox" Stuckey: his voice strikes me as better than most US presenters. Site has many videos. Includes material on eg H1N1 and Ebola viruses; direct stuff, but nothing on the weak (but money-making) technology in biology. Weak on Jews. Usual 'right wing' and 'left wing' assumptions. Usual use of e.g. Snowden. Even has Steven Hawking. I couldn't find anything useful on 'Nukes'. Relatively good on historical comparisons, eg the 9/11 fraud used for US wars etc. Doesn't really belong as a 'jadar' site; but it may leak some useful stuff.

Wake Up From Your Slumber  WUFYS. Est. 2006. Fraudulent Jewish money, good on WW2; credited with a piece 'How Hitler Defied the bankers'. Good on the Holohoax and its manufacture. Widened to related issues, e.g. Ukraine, Syria, Arabia; but I have doubts because it likes journalists and seems to have inconsistencies. Surges in popularity e.g. in UK, Spain, Romania... N  ( where to = the island of Tonga. Packed front page with no clue how much hidden detail there is. Seems to me a mixed bag, some very good, some less so, apparently assembled by somebody quite good at picking likely common errors such as 'Holocaust', 9/11, Jews, world politics, but not well-informed enough to be confident. The site seems to take flat earthism seriously; probably the site's a grab-bag of stuff. Possibly Eustace Mullins. For this reason the site ought to be noted, but isn't maybe quite reliable. Emphasis on medical, biological etc)  (Started 1990. 'The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!' LA? Chicago? Michael Rivero's site. Has news items more or less daily. Good varied material (e.g. ridicule of P J Watson, of Infowars/Youtube; material on Hillary Clinton; Obama's band of thieves. But many ads, clumsy site search, and N )

White Biocentrism Forum  Started July 2013. Categories include
PROVENANCE: Dr. William Pierce | Ben Klassen| Dr. Revilo P Oliver | Kevin Alfred Strom | Ludwig Klages | Thomas Paine | Matt Koehl | William Gayley Simpson
THE ENEMY: Lexicon | Mainstream Media | "Hate" Watchdogs & Pressure Groups | Hollywood | Advertising | Feminism | The Art World | Egalitarians

White Genocide Project dot com  (White genocide project. Interesting material on anti-white stuff from Jews mainly. By white countries: Australia, USA, Canada, Sweden, UK etc)

White Rabbit Radio  (Slogan- and ad-conscious site, on White genocide endgame)  (Golden Dawn, Greek patriotic party. English and Greek) Greece

Zero Hedge  (Financial site which seems seriously Jew-aware. Policy of anonymity. May be mostly personal rather than macro picture. Uses standard ads)

THEZOG.INFO I'm guessing 5 stars. This site is suspended (June 2020-ish) and I have little info on it. Maybe it will return.

The ZOG When I looked in Nov 2020, it was here. Looks good, and looks detailed, with sets of articles on Who Controls ..." Banking/Finance Who Controls the Economy? | Wall Street? (Part 2) | Wall Street? (Part 1) | Goldman Sachs? | American International Group? | the Treasury Department? | the Federal Reserve System? (Part 1) | the Federal Reserve System? (Part 2) Mass Media Who Controls Big Media? | Hollywood? | Television? | Music? | Radio? | Advertising? | the News? (Part 1) | the News? (Part 2) | Government/Politics Who Controls the White House? | the Senate? | the Congress? | the Supreme Court? | the State Department? | the Justice Department? | the Defense Department? | the Treasury Department? | Social Engineering Who Controls the Ivy League? | the Think Tanks? | Professional Sports? | the Anti-Defamation League? | the Southern Poverty Law Center? | the American Civil Liberties Union? | Who is Behind Gun Control? | Who is Behind the Climate Change Hoax? "New World Order" | Who Controls the Group of Thirty? | the Bilderberg Group? | the Trilateral Commission? | the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 1) | the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 2)
    I don't think any of this is controversial. I haven't found any information on visits; Wordpress sites don't seem to be accounted separately for outsiders.

Zuerst!  (Deutsches Nachtrichtenmagazin) German flag

Zundelsite  (Ernst Zundel's site - pioneer 'Holocaust' researcher. Zundel died, but his site continues ) BUT NOTE Faurisson probably an agent by Hexzane527 suggests the whole revisionist/'negationist' movement was designed to ultimately arrange Europeans to expel Jews.

Non-Five-Star Sites listed alphabetically

These sites may have great merits, but may be too specialist, up-and-coming, single topic, slow, unlucky or reference-books style; therefore not as popular as the sites listed above.  (Collected material on Jews. N)

20th Century Truth  (Seems to have been started in 2016. I couldn't find any authors' names. Wordpress site; these tend to be impenetrable. Has a lot of evidence on 20th century Jews, partitioned into numerous topics. It does not consider the idea that worldwide Jews collaborated to push 'gentiles' into war, and that Hitler was a puppet. It's a stage in revisionism of the world wars. It does not have a site searcher. If you like it, it looks good, with a few reservations. Though it could be another gatekeeper.)  (Renamed from Pagan site linking Jews with promotion of both Christianity and Islam, and general idea of divide and rule - Irish, Slavs, Germans, Russians etc as targets. Can't spell 'anti-semitic'. Angelfire hosted. Lots of material but in my view without a helpful overview.
      English-Language Library is their collection of pdf files, mostly written by JOS (=Joy of Satan, Satan being understood in a positive sense). Unfortunately they give titles but little info on content. N 

Adelaide Institute  (Fred Toben in Australia - 'Holocaust' investigator)

Airstrip4 - The Madhouse Update  (Twin site to 'I am an Englishman' - statistics hidden by the Jewish media. Up to date news search items. Mostly around Britain) British media lies

Stormfront Jewish feminists
Image from

AladdinsMiracleLamp (spelt  (Archived collection of other websites' material, some very up to date. Wordpress site, rather pathless and unfathomable; maybe its author hasn't worked out indexes. Can't tell when it was started)

Albion Tribune  (British. New) CLOSED. But Albion Tribune is on Twitter  (Archival Alex Linder site. And Jan Lamprecht of South Africa. From late 2013. '... longer or more useful writings, whether snippets, analects, columns, reviews ...' some from VNNForum. Started Jan 2005.)  Started 2008. Author of 'The Color Purple', 1982 novel filmed by Jew fanatic and liar Spielberg. Seems to have increased hits since her 2017 piece 'It Is Our (Frightful) Duty To Study The Talmud'. Michael A Hoffman says she's a student of the Talmud, which is high praise.

Alison Chabloz wordpress  Woman singer/songwriter. Site existed since 2000. Rather international, including France and Britain; she was married to a man with a French name. 'Musician, Revisionist, Bilingual dissident.' Piano or guitar accompaniment to her detailed revisionist words. UPDATE Dec 2016 - Private prosecution by a Jewish 'charity' in Britain for her Youtube (((Survivors))). She has about 6 songs on Youtube and an Edinburgh fringe performance. Edinburgh seem to have banned her of course through Jew supremacist complaints. If her videos are on youtube, but banned in some country, try substituting for
    Alison Chabloz put up a page 15/Mar/2019 Alexander Jacob ~ The End of American History? robotically voiceovered, presumably by A Jacob, of a script looking at things like Francis Fukuyama, the US as utopia, Jews being 'allowed into' England after Cromwell, 'Communism' as equality, Puritanism as a movement rather than injunction to economy, and generally assorted Jew-promoted rubbish. What is going on?

James Allchurch does not appear to have his own site, so I don't have figures even from siterankdata. (Bjerknes and Green, other Jew-critical video users, have their own sites, so it's possible to be fairly sure what they're saying). James Allchurch broadcasts on Internet as 'Sven Longshanks' in for example 'Radio Albion'. The first I heard of a legal case against him was 22 March 2023, on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's site, in a painfully weak broadcast. Google has a long list of state- and Jew-dependent websites, the usual newspaper-style junk, and regional official sources. It's possible the whole thing is a set up, intended to make weak legislation seem official.  Incomplete records, I read: seems to be at Hessen, in or near Frankfurt, but I don't know when this was started; I include it because it's run by, or used by, Gerry, who contributes to Miles Mathis's website, on ancient world revisionism. (See where you may get info, with luck).
      The site design is a bit weak and watery. Try and look at the documents, e.g. Ten Commandments or Deuteronomy, and try to work out the Semitic-language meanings.  German site: 'Other world online'. I don't know enough German to read it. Since 2017? Remember these people were bombed, burnt alive, raped, murdered. 

Andrea Carancini .it Italian site; started about 4 years ago. But I have no information on its popularity.
      I noted an article by Germar Rudolf, who says that Ingram (a or the book wholesaler in the USA) is stopping distribution of his 'Holocaust' handbooks, and is setting up a warehousing and distribution system. The site seems mainly concerned with this rather old issue, which of course is still being lied about by Jews. 

All Nationalist Network radio DIGITAL RADIO SITE unfortunately festooned with adverts and not signposted effectively. is  and says it allows people to arrange their own online radio shows.

Alternative Right blogspot  (Central scrolling strip, with podcasts, ads, and links to related sites. For my taste, unclear layout)

AltRight NotRight  (Alt Right like NAACP, a race group pushed by Jews, aimed to have the opposite effect from advertised. Site started Nov 2017. At present, just one piece, a pdf file in two columns, colour pix, links. By Nick Griffin. Most of the contents deals with to male homosexuals, perverts, and underage sex types. Including these well-known names (but many more): Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart, 'Tommy Robinson', 'Laura Loomer', Info Wars, Paul Joseph Watson, Theodore Dalrymple [despite his pseudonym, a Jew], Al Qaeda, Matt Heimbach, MGTOW, Richard Spencer, James O'Meara, Millennial Woes, The London Forum, Daily Stormer, Weev, Charlottesville, National Action, Frank Gaffney, Peter Rushton, 'Max Musson'...
      Nick Griffin (of the BNP, 2004-2014) says nothing on Jewish money frauds, and appears to believe the holohoax fraud, and 'Nazi' in the Jewish media sense. Nothing on 9/11. Believes in Christianity, despite its Jewish roots and imho complete failure, and says nothing of the Jewish roots of Islam. No idea of possibilities of Jews fomenting WW1 and WW2. I'll try to arrange a talk with Griffin, but I'm not hopeful.
      Worth a read, but useless as a guide.  (In the style of MacDonald's Occidental Observer. Even includes the Jew-avoiding Jared Taylor. Some acknowledgement of Jews. All serious implication of US policies: Jews in 9/11, wars in the Middle East for Jews, Fed money, US war crimes, separation of Jews from Americans, Jew fake science, seem to be omitted. ) Unknown Stars. I found this site via the White Date site. Clearly Jew-aware voices in debate/ conversation/ music. Some is very funny. One of them referred to 'Uncle Adolf'; they might be naive.  Site by 'Gerry' but I can't find much about it from whois. Seems Jew aware; but this may be hidden or denied by references to 'Phoenicians'. Interesting material on ancient languages, referring in particular to loans and debts. Used sometimes by Miles Mathis's PDFs. At this time of writing, the latest update is Version 2021-11-01  Seems to have started in 2011. Wordpress site using only ventral band of screen, with pictures, and filed-away year and month articles. Martin Webster contributes. Something of a memorial to the 1930s: world Jewry, collaborating against 'goyim', is not a concept known to this site, which thinks WW2 was Germany vs Britain and so on, not a big fraud funded by Jewish loans. Similarly the look at British politics in the usual way, unaware e.g. that Jew started the 'Labour Party'. No idea about nukes, science fraud, biology frauds.  (Started 2010, updated Sept 2018. Popular in Russia and east Europe and Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Has online books and articles, including The Synagogue of Satan 1821-1875 with links; and including Russian translations or originals, no doubt why the site has large Russian readership. Some material imho is not fully revisionist, such as Fukushima.)  (Blog which seems to have ceased in 2010, but is still online. 'Reasoned analysis of the Jewish Question')  Claims to be pro-semitic; but I doubt this. The name may mean anti-'Jewish'. I found this by following links in a supposed info-on-websites automated site. Created 1999. Possibly British. Has a right-hand column of 'Viewer recommended sites', a mixture of direct links to genuine and fake Jew realism sites, which readers might find useful. (It doesn't have my site, or Miles Mathis; maybe long words are banned, or maybe it's a covert anti-Muslim site). The left hand column, 'Categories', has a mixture of archived extracts of sites, including Ernst Zundel, RamZPaul, 'Tommy Robinson' (Yaxley-Lennon?), USS Liberty, Noam Chomsky, Occidental Observer, Southern Poverty Law Center, Netanyahu, B'nai B'rith, etc etc etc. But the layout is terrible, probably because they store large amounts of material.
      As I write, its radio-button question is 'Who raped and strangled Mary Phagan..' etc. So I'm fairly sure this is a site designed to attract people who've been encouraged to accept myths about Jews. N  (Started Feb 2012. Hosted in USA, but has European information. Short blogroll: Anti-Zionist League | Carolyn Yeager | HolodomorInfo | Labour25 | Peter Quiggins | ProThink | Scott Roberts. Accurate on Jews in Britain. And their techniques. Not an open group, for tactical and security reasons. But their logo looks like the discredited National Action) AZL anti-Zionist League Mixed topics, all Jew-related to aware people - 'Communism', race. hatred, media, wars, money, academia, culture...  Site suggested to me by 'Thor'.  Portuguese language. No information on popularity. The '88' suggests it may be a naive pro-Hitler site, unaware of the idea that Hitler was of course just another Jew actor. But maybe it's OK. (Alliance for Europe, Alliance for Peace and Freedom) AZL anti-Zionist League (Established 2016-Feb-29,IP in Roubaix, France. EU funded I think for MEPs and ex-MEPs of what they'd call 'Far Right'. Favours family etc and is somewhat Jew-aware, but not enough. Seems to have made little impact; may be largely to promote their books. Executive Board formed 2015 has Roberto Fiore, Artemis Matthaiopoulos, Stefan Jacobsson, Jens Püse, Thomas Vandas, Gonzalo Martin Garcia, Daniel Carlsen, Hervée van Laethem, Olivier Wyssa. N)  2009 site which may be Australian. Sort of primer, guide, or thoughts on Aryans and Aryanism

Aryan women  (Seems to have vanished)

Ascertain the  "A site devoted to help the visitor to distinguish truth from falsehood..." However, it is Islamic  Came across this site by chance. Wordpress style in 3 columns. It claims: "News And Analysis Ignored By Mainstream Media With Specific Emphasis To Middle East, Pakistan, China, Russia And Eurasia." Looks like a site making claims about 'BRICS'. Seems completely anonymous. Whois says it's sited in San Jose and was started in 30 Aug 2016. Its own search does not mention Mathis, or Caskie, or Bjerknes, or me. Or even Kevin MacDonald. So it looks crypto-Jew and essentially fake.
      To test this I poked about a bit: here's Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax copied from Unz. Long, dull, possibly intended to post Jewish memes rather than say anything useful. No conclusion. I found three parallel pieces, 'search results for the Occidental Observer': "Secure Tolerance:" the Jewish plan to silence the west. It sounds MacDonaldish, only mentioning the west and putting Jews centrally. And turns out to be by Andrew Joyce, in August 2020. I haven't checked for accuracy. But Joyce's name is easily missed.
      On Jews and Plagues is an interesting subject; again turns out to be Andrew Joyce's work—one of the best authors in the Occidental Observer. Poverty and Crisis: Sucking Humanity Dry is a piece of the sort that's been around for at least a century, listing supposed assets of millionaires/billionaires, and increasing impoverishment with sketchy details, and lacking anything on population sizes. Turns out to be by Colin Todhunter of —I saw a reference to Chossudovsky, the Canadian version of Chomsky, and about as useful. Another piece is on The Censorship-industrial complex and by now I recognise the format: the typography and emphases are the same as the Occidental Observer: presumably its rather monotonous rectangles of text are everywhere out there. This piece is by a self-styled Australian, Andrew Lowenthal, from 'Brownstone Institute'. If you're looking for analysis of (e.g.) Ukraine, or nukes, or the real meaning of money, you won't get it here.  [‘TURKISH PEOPLE ARE BRAINWASHED: Modern (Secular) Turkey was founded by Zionist Crypto-Jew Donmeh; Masonic Dictator Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) was a Zionist Gay Jew (Yahudi) & British Agent, Freemason, Sabbatean and Illuminati (New World Order); Refuting the lies of the Crypto-Jewish secular kemalist Zionist regime which occupied the Ottoman Turkish territories after the First World War’.
      Started with Kemal 'Ataturk'. A lot of information on Jews in Turkey. Detail on planning Armenian genocide. "Sabbateanism (Donmeh) is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. ..." BUT it believes in 'the Jewish Holocaust'! Based in Iceland]

Avotanyu Jewish surnames  [Consolidated from several phonetic lists]

Balder's blog  Seems to be Danish author, registered Panama in 2002, Wordpress. Detailed and multi-language: English, Danish, German, on the Second World War and subsequent Jewish lies. In Jan 2019 David Irving noted most or all of its 'Fantastic Holocaust Survivor Stories' had been taken down

Biblicism Institute  Bible, 'Jews', money

REMOVED Birmingham Nationalist  (May have vanished. Seems to have been Paul Hickman's site).

Birobidjan Bible Jews Pharisees Rothschild (Jews already have a homeland - Birobidjan. Michele Renouf's site. Jewish violence and lies. See ) Bible Jews Pharisees Rothschild Referred to by Jan Lamprecht of . Run by Jew-aware IT/digital engineer, aware of 9/11 frauds. Unfortunately, for my taste his site is vague and doesn't clearly state what it's about. Seems to have been started Jan 2016, hosted in Dublin. Frederick C Blackburn  [2014 site mostly Jews in USA. Has some insights into fakes, e.g. Berkeley staged punch, 'antifa' jewish porn girl, 'Alt Right' names in a bad light, but largely unsourced and for my taste unpleasantly presented. BUT I found a shaky piece on Miles Williams; and I found a good piece on John Locke, the Dutch 'not-so-glorious' revolution, puritans etc - a jumble which ought be be sorted out!]

William Blum  Site started 2006. By a journalist who observed Chile. Concerned with US overthrowing governments. And CIA etc. Interesting for that, but does NOT mention Talmud or much about Jews, and is completely nuke-naive. May be another distraction site, of Chomskyesque type.  (Christopher Bollyn. Important writer, I think best known for work on Rupert Murdoch and 9/11 as Jewish).
      The website seems to have been founded in November 2006. Siterankdata gives information up to Jan 24 2023, but I know this site isn't accurate. This site shows more activity! Bollyn spent time in Israel after it was invented, and other places, such as Norway.
      The website according to ranks #673,055—but this figure dates from Oct 9 2018 and has never been updated! It was 'created' on 14 March 2021, which is late for a 9/11 site. It has an Indian name. I haven't checked the history; there was an earlier site, from 2019, which seems discontinued.
      Bollyn looks to me like limited opposition, unconsciously or not, presenting an official alternative view (though I may be wrong). He has information on Silverstein, who looks like a seedy strip show operator, put there as distraction. Obviously the whole thing needed military and CIA and FBI involvement. And it's off that he has videos on Youtube, which censors anything serious on Jews. Bollyn doesn't provide comparative figures; understandable for most people's limits, and a useful strategy in spreading alarm. Every day the modern world deals in vast sums of money, difficult to get into perspective. A comment made about the insurance payouts is that is was all arranged, the insurance industries increasing their raters by a small amount to cover the costs.
      His website is mostly links to his books; he doesn't put his conclusions out there first. And spends (or spent) a lot of time in speaking. I don't know if his books include details of trawls through corporation ownerships and interlocks with 'intelligence' groups; and money flows. I hope so, but doubt it; these things are difficult. Ditto with American arms supplies and money from taxes.
      I'd expect limited critics to avoid any Jewish ongoing scams: he's orthodox on JFK and probably the entirety of WW1 and WW2, war deaths, nuclear issues, Jewish 'philosophy', etc. So I'm uncertain. This piece was prompted by a video by Jan Lamprecht.

REMOVED Bolton BNP  ('The Patriot brings worldwide news'. Has links (and heavy metal stuff) but seems to have been inert since 2014) Started May 2017.  Interesting site set up for legal action against SPLC, a hugely-funded Jew defamation site. Breathing Space for Dissent, LLC, is a Maryland Limited Liability Company created by Glen Allen. The SPLC has never been subjected to legal disclosure, the site claims. See The SPLC for the general statement on the 'SPLC'. Supported by Occidental Observer.

British Peoples Party  (Ex-BNP format site; assorted info)

British Renaissance  (NEW site. Possibly suggested by Amren, American Renaissance. Undertakes to address Jewish issues. With Andrew Joyce, expert on Jewish influence and maleficence. But where are David Irving, Tony Shell, Green of MigrationWatch, Michele Renouf, Kemp...?)

The British Voice  ('Protecting British People'. Searchable site. Articles on secrecy, immigration, political liars, BBC, 'bolsjewics', large-scale frauds etc, with comments. Interesting section on English/British development of law and constitution, English Constitution - Fact or Fiction? but written in a etmyology-should-mean-today's-meaning style.   Irregular Alexa rankings; I don't know why)

Brother Nathanael channel (May be too good to be true; seems well-funded for example, and avoids some issues). May be part of the long-terms association of Jews with Christianity  See Brother Nathanael Videos Site
YOUTUBES Brother Nathanael videos only  (Fromm) Canada and Jews

Andrea Carancini  Italian site, apparently from mid-2016. Seems sound, though slightly naive re Jewish contributions. Carancini may be a translator, I infer.  (Seems to be Greg Bacon, from 2007. Good articles on e.g. WTC6 suppressed info, false flags, crisis actors, Deir Yassin, 9/11, war crimes in Israel, Apartheid Israel, proxy USA wars for Israel etc)

Willis A Carto  (Site specifically dealing with, and selling books owned by, Willis Carto of the 'Liberty Lobby'. Some worrying friends etc; 'Mark Lane [Jewish lawyer from US who was part of the JFK fraud] was a good friend of Willis Carto'. Author list includes: Harry Elmer Barnes, Alain de Benoist, Avery Brundage, Carroll Quigley, Taylor Caldwell, Cleveland M. Bailey, E. E. Moore, Ed Fields and J.B. Stoner, Eustace Mullins, Frank A. Capell, Garrett James Hardin, General Robert E. Wood, Ivor Benson, J. Howard Pew, James H. Madole, James J. Martin, John M. Ashbrook, John Toland, Joseph P. Kamp, Lawrence Dennis, Marianne Thomas, Mary M. Davison, P. A. del Valle, Ralph Townsend, Revilo P. Oliver, Robert Kuttner, Robert Welch, Russell Maguire, Tyler Kent, Westbrook Pegler, William F. Buckley, Willis J. Ballinger, Wilmot Robertson. I think these people probably did useful work, but stalled and stuck.) 

The Chosenites  (Seems to be Wordpress site hosted in the USA, but written by a German. Thoughtful articles in English on Germany and Jews, mostly 2013 and later I think) Chosenites

Chris  (Wordpress site apparently run by a British tattoist and run from Rejkjavik. I don't know the site well enough to be sure about it. However it has some serious info on Jews. And some interaction with frauds, such as psyops, and seems to have been jailed—if that wasn't just a fake to worry people. I liked this site partly for its 'moon landing' and related frauds; e.g. the Chinese seem to have been running frauds exactly like the Americans. I was pleased to find this supporting evidence that China is run by 'Jews'.) But he says somewhere he copies from other sites; in my humble opinion it is better to acknowledge them—after all, there are millions out there and there's a lot to be said for assembling interesting collections, rather then looking furtive. 

Most of these busts have had their noses smashed. This looks replaced
RECOMMENDED  Little info on popularity. Seems to have been started in December 2022; may have been earlier versions. . Some HTML protection for secrecy.
      Good on the Jewish invention (or re-invention) of Christianity and other religions, introducing their own crap into it. Good 20 min video mostly on Constantine. Seems to be by 'Steve H'.
      Part of a comment from Occidental Observer (It's typical of that site to exclude many of the best commenters from articles). ‘Christianity came out of the ‘Alexandrian School’ in Alexandra, Egypt. Philo Judaeus (Philo the Jew) wrote the first draft. His nephews Tiberius Julius Alexander aka “Josephus” (who became the Roman Prefect (the head of the Roman army and the second most powerful man in the empire next to the emperor) and the governor of Roman Egypt), and Thaddeus Alexander Herod aka “Paul the Apostle” put the finishing touches on it. Thaddeus Alexander Herod was the brother of Berenice who was the queen of the Roman Empire through her relationship with her cousin Titus. Tiberius Julius Alexander’s was also Berenice’s ex brother-in-law.
      The Alexandrian School in Egypt was basically a proto-Frankfurt School where jews specialised in taking existing religions and then remaking them with a jewish messiah and slave making ethos. ...’

      However, ChristCuck or Christianity Exposed seems to me to underrate the symbiotic element (as he does when considering Rome). No doubt there were financial considerations, such as lifetime careers, just as in the Middle Ages, and now.

Christians-for-Truth  Founded Nov 2013. Contributions from I think 4 anonymous Christians. Drew my attention by an article on a Mossad crook 'Rafi Eitan' seeming to endorse AfD of Germany.
      Other article at the time: Are Jewish Slumlords -"Ghetto Profiteers"- Causing Orthodox Jews To Be Attacked In Brooklyn? | Record Seizures Reveal Violent Migrant Gangs Fueling Illegal Drug & Weapons Traffic in Europe | Holocaust Survivor Gets Police Protection After Italians Become Fed Up With Her Tall Tales | Jews In Luxembourg Shut Down Scheduled Public Debate On Definition Of Antisemitism | Are High-Dose Flu Shots Marketed Toward The Elderly A Silent Method Of Euthanasia? Interesting downloadable book list with e.g. Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews (by Hungarian Itsvan Bakony). Many other titles. On impulse, I copied their library list so the titles can appear in searches of my site.

Christian Observer  (Founded May 2017, though archives go back to 2013; name change? May be based in Tennessee. 'Test all things. Hold fast to what is good.' Searching for 'Jews' finds Balfour Declaration, Communism based on Judaism, Freemasons, common root of Islam on Jews, Scofield Bible, Noachide Laws, Michael Hoffman. Agent Orange; Challenger Crew Alive and Well, another False Flag Media Event. BUT some suspect stuff: flat earth, chemtrails). 

CODOH Founder  (Bradley Smith of CODOH. His own site; possibly to keep his work going. Includes downloadable PDF files of Smith's Reports 1990-2015. Bradley Reed Smith perhaps to distinguish himself from another Bradley Smith who wrote on WW2)  ('Council of Conservative Citizens')

Come-and-Hear  (Carol Valentine's guide to the Talmud. 'Come and Hear' seems to be a translated expression form the Talmud.) syas it was created in 2002-06-12, but I'm pretty sure I remember it before that. The online material is incomplete; it says about 63%. Much seems rabbinically approved. Includes Elizabeth Dilling, straddling WW2.

Jim Condit
 condit-jim-jr-final-solution-adolf-hitler.mp4 is a video by Jim Condit Jr which has been on my site for a long time. But I forgot to link it in. It represents in my view an intermediate stage in revisionism.

Communism Blog  (Jews who were 'Communist'. And murders)

Controversy of Zion  (Books, articles etc mostly based on Douglas Reed. Plus e.g. David Duke, multiple languages, various Jew issues etc)  Godaddy site, but registrant is in Washington, D.C. Whatever that means. Registered 2009; updated 2018. Peaked Nov 2018 if Alexa can be trusted. Possibly a Bill Gates scandal on underage girls. Says 7-11 was named by a Jew paedophile. Good explanation of the EU and Jews and Freemasons. Vote rigging, identifying Jews, Neocons and Bolsheviks; quite a large and refreshing menu. BUT seems nuke-naive, and Hitler naive, so it may be another Jew splinter.

Council of European Canadians  Started recently, on Nov 11 2020 (11 11?). Tucows site perhaps in Canada. Heavily redacted for privacy. Started with many more hits than now. Has a few, not many, Jews-aware articles. But lots on Canadian issues, such as race replacement. My attention was drawn to this by David Ashton, posting in Occidental Observer. 

Creativity Alliance  (US white racial church)  (added here 24 sept 2022; siterankdata figure from then) Started 31 July 2000; looks like it's been there 20 years, but that's just blogspot. The author was one of many people in effect wakened by Internet from his earlier Jew-naivety. Site is a WordPress site, and includes 12 main topics. He takes other people's postings and copies them, but sometimes under several titles - for example, K MacDonald on a reunion, most of its people being hopelessly unaware; this piece is copied I think under 6 headings. There are lots of similar copies, without much attempt at criticism; the inevitable result is a mixture of different styles and beliefs. This (and the following of one media hack ) all suggests the author(s) are not ready for an Internet piece. And in fact, though I include this in jadar, there's not much about Jews. It's saddening that McDonald's site includes this, but not better material.
      As far as I can tell he was heavily influenced by the US version of Christianity, supported by Jew money.

CrushZion  (Romanian?)  (WordPress site, created April 2018. Wide-ranging site: WW2 truth, race, Jewish-promoted immigration to wreck white countries, crime figures, South Africa... Seems popular in both USA and Russia.   *BUT* not too good on wars and their causes & seems reluctant to go into depth about Hitler, or Jews. No site searcher. Possible fake site. May be N)

Daily Bale News  [Newspaper format UK site started 2013 by Joshua Bonehill-Paine. May not be genuine]

Daily Slave  (Seems to be the same as 'Destroying Jewish tyranny' - many detailed daily uncompromising articles, usually US, varied material on race, US politics, Jews, including the 3-hour film Questioning the Holocaust. Seems to be one of the sites accused by NewObserverOnline of plagiarising their material; much, maybe all, their material seems second-hand. WordPress format. Hosted in Netherlands.)

DAILY STORMER HAS (OR CLAIMS) A HISTORY OF BEING CENSORED OR BANNED. YOU ARE RECOMMENDED TO SEARCH ONLINE FOR CURRENT URL OR URLS. Daily [latter has 'Game Uprising' bulletin board] Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer on the 'Jew enemy'. Started 2013. Wordpress format; new articles very few days. Several other writers looks too cosseted to be genuine; huge fluctuations in hits suggest they manipulate Alexa N  Note the 'v' in Evropa! Some connection with . Created Feb 2017. Interesting mixture of recent news by country, with some historical material and media psyops and lies. Accepts eg population replacement, Islamic infiltration, with lower-key Jewish crits. English language. I couldn't find much deep revisionism of eg nukes, Christianity, economics.

Deir Yassin remembered  (Small single-issue site.)

Despicable Ones (eclectic) 

Destroy Zionism  (not very clear)  (General 'awakening' site to jews and white genocide. Since Jan 2012. Jews, but also health, heritage, law, Africa, shills, Germany and NSDAP, red herrings, core issues.... etc)  according to Founded in 2000. 'This is a blog chronicling the Genocide of the European peoples, the greatest crime in all of history.' Wide range of interests including The Jew as Ally of the Muslim, The Problem with Feminism: Why Feminisation Leads to Third-Worldization, and The Real Holocaust Denial is the Jewish Refusal to Admit Their Role in Communism. Engish language

Dutch Anarchy  (Site by Villem Felderhof, an ex-pilot. Reports from France and Europe. Includes Talmud and France, gilets jaunes (yellow jackets), vaccines, air quality in aircraft etc. Wordpress, since Dec 2016.

earthlinggb  (Commenter presumably in Britain. )

REMOVED elderthe1st 

Elliot Lake News  [Canadian] Canada and Jews

English News .org  Combines English/white history in a folk runic Asatro/Asatru sense, with anti-immigration, and awareness of Jewish malice. Interesting piece on 'National Action' as anti-white Jewish blackwash group. Attributed to a 20-year old, Dan Rayner. Founded August 2014, I think, but last entries were archived in 2015.

DELETED endZOG  (ZOG=Zionist Occupation Government. Good combination of factual analysis, extreme satire, and Jew-shock narrative comment.)

Erasing Us  (I.e. erasing whites. Southern USA website. Jews aware and also blacks and their background aware)  (Europeans in Canada site. Some jew realism though doesn't seem to have a consistent line.) Canada whites

European Action  (Movement for a free Europe; lists 7 objectives. Apparently by Ghibellinum Publishing. Multilingual, including Iranian)  European and Palestinian site, 'independent', but rather sketchy and incomplete. ->media hub -> News from Palestine has news items. COVID stuff at present (Feb 2021). Started 26 Sept 2014. Registered London NW9. Doesn't say much about Jews and history of Jews, Islam, etc; possibly it's a Jew-controlled site, in fact; there's nothing I could find on Jewish policies and actions and Talmudic stuff. But it looks serious. Their old copyright message should be updated.

Europa The Last Battle  Swedish documentary in 10 parts on similar lines to Dennis Wise's The Greatest Story Never Told. Credited to Tobias Bratt, of Sweden. Mostly 2017; Bratt I think does the voiceover. Book section (English) includes abridged edition of the Gulag Archipelago. I haven't listened to the full video. But appears to be standard-ish pro-Hitler account, ignoring the possibility that the NSDAP was itself Jew infiltrated, e.g. with 'Night of the Long Knives' removal of patriotic Germans. Doesn't seem to realise that British and American means (((British))) and (((American)))—two sides each, not just one. Also ignores the likelihood that Christianity ended as a Jewish movement. Seems nuclear naive. N Founded July 2019 by 'Lucius Vanini' of USA. Not yet recognised by Alexa. 'Inspired by love and guided by rigorous reasoning, historical fact and anthropological evidence, it is as antipodal to blind hatred as the North Pole is to the South Pole;'  Founded 18 April 2018, Woocommerce Wordpress site, including a forum. Founded by Simon Harris, Englishman—Nottingham Uni psychology graduate, I think in Spain. [Harris is often a name taken up by Jews]. Mini-biog shows fast rise in Jew awareness. I found this site via Kevin MacDonald and Boas. Publishes books through KDP, an Amazon self-publishing scheme , both Kindle format and paperback. Has about ten contributors and authors. I heard from Alison Chabloz that Simon Harris died; RIP

Europeans Worldwide Wordpress  (The Voice of Ethnic-Europeans Worldwide ... A Readers Global Co-Operative). There is an Ethnic-European subsite with e.g. a good piece on Jew-owned advertising agencies. Whites site which I heard of via Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Writers seem to be anonymised; Mike Walsh seems to be a ghostwriter, or author—several books are listed online ( e.g. Megacaust, Ransacking the Reich, The Complete Reich Legend Uncensored..., but the publisher and other details are annoyingly hard to find, and there's confusion with other Walshes. Well-written material on European history, crypto-Jews in prominent positions, Foreign Aid scams, Holohoax, Soros, animal slaughter, forced invasion. Jews as parasitical vermin. Pro-Hitler. Interesting on Putin and Russia. UN. Several pieces daily, I think. World War II treated as purely nationalistic, not recognising that networking Jews vs the rest of the world seems the way to view the mass slaughter.
      Note added about a year later: Brian Ruhe and Mike Walsh talked on Youtube. My best guess is that Walsh is in effect outdated—he doesn't look at the Holohoax, or other Jewish frauds, including the Federal Reserve—he doesn't seem to know the root of Jewish money since 1913. He is correct on Jewish mass murders in the USSR, but still thinks 'America' and 'the British Empire' were responsible for wars. He also doesn't identify the NSDAP as a possible Jewish front—German Jews partaking of Jewish warbucks. He quotes numbers of deaths—notoriously hard to quantify. So I'm uncertain about this site.  (The E U Times. Festooned with ads, rubbish about UFOs. But may have useful stuff. )  (From May, 2013. Jews as parasites. World wide news.)  (Can't tell when this blog was started. I found the site via a good book review here).  (Links to several sites, some on Keywords include Satanism, Adolf Hitler, Aryanism, Devil, Christianity, Nazis, National Socialism and the Occult, Heinrich Himmler, 666 -- mixed site, unclear what's there. Popular in Italy Italy)  Since Oct 2012. Last few years, mostly. Large number of fake stories and fake reporting, notably on black crime. It's not clear that the site is Jew aware, but I'm guessing it leans that way.
      Some link with

 Falsification of History by John Hamer  Started 3 Aug 2016. John Hamer (I think I only heard of this author in 2023) wrote other books, including Falsification of Science. It's not clear whether these are printed books or electronic books, or who published them. From what I can tell, his work is revisionist but with limitations, such as being creationist and anti-'racist', and pro-Hitler despite being aware of Jews in the Third Reich, and not knowing about Lincoln and JFK. He is nuke and COVID aware. I haven't seen any of his books; they sound good, but not perfect. I think he's British, from northern England.

Email from John Hamer:
1. My entire book list may be found in the Amazon link below, but for your info they are (in chronological order of publication)... The Falsification of History   |   RMS Olympic (the truth about the Titanic myth)   |   Titanic's Last Secret (a novel based on the above)   |   Behind the Curtain (vols 1 & 2) (An exposé of the banking industry)   |   JFK - A Very British Coup (the involvement of the British Crown empire in the JFK assassination)   |   The Falsification of Science   |   With Shannon Rowan: Welcome to the Masquerade (a detailed analysis of the covid psy-op). 2. All available in printed AND electronic formats. All self-published.
3. I am definitely a 'revisionist' but my work is not exclusively 'H' related. I cover the whole spectrum of so-called 'conspiracy theories.' Behind the Curtain is the source of all my research on the 'H'!
4. I am absolutely not 'anti-racist.' I believe 'racism' is simply a term invented to demonise anyone who questions the ongoing agenda to destroy the white race.
5. I am a creationist - if you mean by that that I do not subscribe to the idea of evolution - which is so simple to prove as incorrect. This does not mean however that I am religious. I certainly do not follow any organised religion, but I am a spiritual person. I would be interested to know by the way, why you state that 'creationist' is a limitation?!
6. Definitely 'pro-Hitler.' I am absolutely aware of a massive 'J' presence in the SS (for example)!
7. Definitely Lincoln and JFK aware!
8. I am also definitely a Brit - from north east England.
Regards, John


Art of FarStar88  (Cartoonist from Rhodesia/ South Africa. His own site May 2015. Visitor figures not on Alexa. Sample is reduced from the original to make the file smaller »)

Fakeologist  Canadian site which didn't live up to its promise. But some good items.

Father Feeney  (1950s Jew-aware Catholic in USA)  Manifesto of the Christian Party. Sidebar shows interests, including Jews/911, guns, 'AIDS', 'Holocaust', IQ, Israelites, NWO, Homicide, blacks, whites, Talmud. Obviously Jew-aware.

Robert Faurisson Unofficial Blog  (Despite the name, this looks genuine) Faurisson in English

Robert Faurisson Unofficial Blog  (Subset of previous site; German language) Faurisson

Norman Finkelstein  (If you seek an honest Jew, looking at major issues, this isn't one. Rather odd site that looks hacked. Little content) N

ARCHIVED OR REMOVED First Light Forum  (About 50 topics on Jews - Sex Slaves, banking, Rothschild Conspiracies, Talmud...) SUSPENDED  New site 29 April 2020, but had a prior existence too. Wordpress Merlin theme. Fitzpatrick Informer, apparently led by Timothy Fitzpatrick, a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy. Andy Sloan and Jude Duffy listed as contributors. Irish? 'Exposing the Judeo-masonic-Bolshevist conspiracy' - looks at Jews, Freemasons, Bolsheviks; Soviet system as copy of Jewish synagogue Kahal. Chabad Lubavitch etc. WordPress site—picture plus text. Sections on Perestroika Deception, HOAXID-19, Putin Fraud, JQ, Soviet Israel, Controlled Opposition. Variety of interesting material: E Michael Jones as fraud; Michael Hoffman associated with Iranian Jews; Arabs and Jews; Dugin; Koch brothers; Perestroika fraud; Alex Jones and learned helplessness; Putin support for 'Black Lives Matter'. Stalin. Connections between Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, nations, Jews, 'left' and 'right'. Looks good.
      But has some odd links to other sites, e.g. one saying 9/11 was a Russia/Palestine operation! But this might be an automated search link. A better link is to the Daily Mail headline that universities face funding cuts if they don't accept absurd 'definition' of 'anti-Semitism'. No mention of eg Miles Mathis, or big-lies; no mention of Helen Zille in south Africa as a Jew.
      Very good material on "Chinese Communism" as Jewish. How Jews Took Over China.
      Unfortunately, this site seems rather impermeable. But its material is good. Seems to be Roman Catholic apologist (i.e. not Russian Orthodox or other varieties). Nuke naive too. Fitzpatrick banned me on March 7, 2021 and makes it clear he has neve read me or Miles Mathis.N

The Foremost Problem  (Problems of whites vs Jewish 'Cultural Hegemony'. Lists of pro-white books.)

Leo Frank murderer  (single-issue site on US murder case) 
      For a view of the Leo Franck case as yet another Jewish collaboration, the ADL, see

The Freekorps . net  (German word is Freikorps. Jew-aware details mostly WW2. The planned destruction of Germany.)

JohnFriendsBlogspot  (New site from John Friend. Very Jew aware. Not to be confused with a Yoga John Friend. His work is scattered on several sites, including Youtubes.) 

John Frenz - Anti-ZOG  ('First Amendment Exercise Machine'. Site is 

FreeSpeechMonika  Monika Schaefer site, in English. Section on Psychological Warfare. 'My human right to speak'. Many interesting links, by Alfred Schaefer. Slightly naive stuff on e.g. NASA, Jewish wars.  (Site started Jan 2015. 'News for the Blind. | News that isn't in the Lamestream Media'. Has an article on Jews and killing North and South American Indians, a new idea to me. Donmeh Jews in Turkey; US Civil War caused by Jews; Putin lying about the 'Holocaust'. Some of his figures seem exaggerated to me.) [Added 28 July 2017]  (Dutch language site) Dutch flag  New Zealand site; design, then food, now general 'conspiracy' awareness. Can't find when it started. Seems to be FrOt. They think tablets [and phones] are the best thing ever to happen to websites! Seem to be both Jew and nuke aware 

Frum Heretic 

Fuck the Jews .com  Mostly videos. Fairly standard material; rather uncritical. A Hitler-loving site, which now seems rather outdated.

Further Glory  'Holocaust' and Camps News Analysis

Futurist  Australian site, also using twitter. Views of the USA and their history, and commentary on Jews and their malice and aggression. Plus of course Australian fightback. Doesn't seem to have large numbers of viewers. Interesting crits of Pauline Hanson. Aussie flag  English and German language site since April 2013 with details of killings of Germans, mostly in/after WW2. Wir Deutsche sind alle Opfer: total belogen, betrogen, verfemt, beraubt, und vergewaltigt; ca. 15 Mill. Deutsche Zivilisten wurden meist nach dem Krieg ermordet. Since mid-2013; hosted in USA. Includes cine film of the time, of Die Rheinwiesenlager/RhineMeadowCamp for example. Includes Jew lies, obviously.
      Includes black killings of whits in South Africa German flag 

Charles Giuliani does not appear to have his own site, so I don't have figures even from siterankdata. (Bjerknes and Green, other Jew-critical video users, have their own sites, so it's possible to be fairly sure what they're saying). Giuliani has Truth Hertz Radio on another site, and on, this latter apparently on Zio-hijacking. He's in a site called which looks a mock revisionist site only 'exposing' stuff already exposed. His videos are also on . He has a degree in theology and is heavily critical of Biblical absurdities, but seems less alert of Jewish absurdities.
      Giuliani was attacked in 2012 by  Wordpress site; heavily Biblical. new (Dec 2015) seems to be Sean M Madden, of Massachusetts, in man/woman partnership with Mufidah Cassalias or 'Mufidah Cassalias'. Registered in France; interview with Vincent Renouard; Adrian Chetwynd campaign (I have no info on him). Anti-Jew World Order. Sells books. Has Youtube site and facebook. Nuke and science naive in my view N

gaschamberhoax  Gas Chamber Hoax videos

Generation Identitaire  The star rating may be an underestimate; Alexa seems to have taken action against this French (and English) site, acting against forced invasion into France of fake refugees. Includes a well-known monochrome video. And 'Defend Europe' action in the Alps. Highest position perhaps 500,000. Created Nov 2017. French. 

Thomas Goodrich  ('Hellstorm' and Japan atrocities author. Unusual informal style)

Goyim Gazette  'Real News from Real Jews'—mostly taken from 'Jewish' writings. Written as only Americans can, with trivia, indignation, mass media alarmism, historical bits which may be true or not, like Fundamentalist preaching, in a wearying style which I suppose must appeal to some people. Seem to be numbered issues which are undated.

GrandpaLampshade Blog  (Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center. Wordpress site, run by a southern USA man. Mostly US politics and race. The writer(s?) specialises in satirical comments on blacks, Mexicans, and Jews which is more difficult than it sounds, because for the moment real life-n ZOG USA approximates to insanity. A subsite with comment exchanges is )  (Canadian journalist. Author of The Host and the Parasite. I can't assess this site—stuff on Orwell for example which is average; Felton can be a Jewish name; little grasp that I can see of Vietnam. But it may be OK).

Patrick Grimm Archive  (UK URL site, registered in USA. Doesn't appear on Alexa etc. Created 2009. Archive site of Jew-aware material by Patrick Grimm).  (Sites, often video news, and links to assorted reports of crimes; plus a list of links to blogs.)  New site; created on 2020-04-06. Seems based in Geneva. Has videos by Andrew Joyce mainly informing on Jews.

 Karl Haemers See Taboo Truth below.

hardons-blog  (John Hardon RIP; may have stopped 2014. National Socialist. wide range of articles)  (Very new site registered 5 July 2016. Sinead McCarthy (='Shiksa Goddess') site. Mixed material. '..White Nationalist Heathen women writers, artists and film makers. We write about women, parenting, homesteading, self defense, current affairs and philosophy.' Jew and Nuke aware. Too early to judge.)  Planaetary Overview, including concerns about Jewish bankers, Jewish corruption of sciences, wars against humanity  (Created May 1998. Some Jewish material 1. 'Luke O'Farrell' writings: unfortunately the real author, Stephen Whittle, seems to have been scared off, unsurprisingly. 2. Simon Sheppard on Anne Frank, 3. Jailed-by-jews experience.)
      Interesting material (usually taken from other secondary sources) on such things as cannibalism, whites taken as slaves by Muslims in north Africa, black GIs in Britain during WW2. For my taste these are rather innumerate and rather ahistorical. Nothing on the Jew origin of Islam. Jewish material seems to have been removed, no doubt as a result of his victimisation by post-WW2 Jews. There's little on Jews up to WW2. For example, Jewish control of paper money since 1913 (the 'Fed') is not mentioned—like many writers Sheppard can't understand the pressures of money on women, arms manufacturers, media and so on. So marred by women-control-men rubbish, imho derived from his misunderstanding of crypto-Jews masquerading as suffragettes. He's not a deep researcher into suffragettes, even quoting the Jew Webb without drawing useful conclusions. How to fall for psyops. Incidentally, his work says nothing about groups of people. With e.g. gloating over wartime prostitution 18 July 2017: Sheppard is 'researching' a compound applied to the skin. I'm guessing this is a dangerous cosmetic to lighten dark skin. '.. he was arrested on suspicion of making 'racially aggravated complaints about an African' ... [and] re-arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. ... His computers have been taken away again.' Must have been a horrific ordeal.
     March 2020: Absurdly gullible on 'coronavirus'. Gullible on Hitler treated as an isolated individual. Seems to be unfortunately just another one-horse person. goes to the same site; so does I presume these are Sheppard's sites. Miles Mathis in http://mileswmathis/lenin.pdf explicitly states that misdirects.
      Sheppard seems to be in jail in Hull on a charge relating to sex suggestions to young girls. I can find no information from Sheppard on what happened; perhaps he's not allowed to comment; perhaps he really is some type of shill; perhaps his defence is unconvincing. I just don't know. N

Hidden in Plain Site  "THERE ARE repeating patterns in Jewish deception that allow you to recognize Jewish lies when you hear them, even if the talking head you are listening to is not a Jew." Seems to have been started in June 2014, presumably by Cartier McCloud, who sounds Irish Canadian. Lots of material, including from other sites. Difficult to navigate; no search engine, no topics list, no mission statement. E.g. "Every single one of the original Jewish developers of the movie industry divorced their Jewish wives and married beautiful Christian starlets. N

Heritage History  General history site. I found this through its Jewish history books. But it includes Greece , Rome. Britain, America. Includes modern home schooling. Includes Peter the Great to 'Russian Revolution'.  (Little-known continental site in three languages. Includes German corpses used in holohoax fraud photos, Birobidzhan massacres of Jews by Jews, Poles, Ukraine fighting etc. Site appears to be by Michael Palomino, started late 2014. Has some weak stuff; may be largely scraper material, or a make-available-by-translation site. Has a site Switzerland on Switzerland. N) German Spanish English language

History of Money (  History of money, notably paper money and fractional reserve and (in effect) bad money driving out good. Includes of course wars (US Civil War planned in Europe), Andrew Jackson (and see Miles Mathis on understanding Jackson), Rothschilds, Lincoln, WW1 and WW2. Established 1999 but no information on writer(s). 'An Alternative Peaceful Revolution'.  (New site on 2016-8-16, though it had existed before. No impact as yet. May be a German site, or German-American, judging by its few links. Little on USSR, Italy, Japan and probably N)

History Lessons Deleted  Jew aware. German deaths. But nothing on other Jew massacres.

Hitler the Jew and the Faked WW2  The blogspot format hides the dates of establishment etc. Most interesting site know to me on worldwide Jews arranging war between them, presumably to kill off 'goyim' and get legal title to assets. I've copied some of this to my own site where it's more readable in my view.  (Hoff. 'The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People - What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?' with evidence)
    This site is up, but last postings seem to be in March 2017. It has some interesting posts, for example 'Flanders' on the 1799 death of the Sultan of Mysore, the richest man in the world, and Rothschilds getting his gold. However, the site seems Hitler-loving, in my view a common error. ezrapoundofflesh is or was another good contributor. is listed with 1.6 million sites; I have no info on popularity of this one. 

Holocaust Deprogramming Course  (List of evidence from mainstream people of IHR and CODOH. Solid info on the holohoax. Started May 2014.)

Holocaust Historiography Project  (Archives, books, clippings, video and Internet material mostly on the faked 'holocaust', and Second World War. With unusual material, e.g. Der Giftpilz, The Toadstool, instructional book for children)

Holocaust Hoax Museum (List of evidence against the 'Holocaust' fraud)  (Mark Elsis. Single pdf file by a -German-French Catholic in the USA. Historical details and links)  (Jew mass murders in Ukraine and Europe. Three Holodomors asserted, but infuriatingly doesn't state what they were. Assyrian Christians seem not to be mentioned) Ukraine and Jews

holohoax101  Since 2012. The Fundamentals of the Holocaust Hoax. Simple layout with commentary and photos. Leads on to Holohoax 102, 103, 201, 202. Includes facsimiles of documents, Chomsky, mass graves of victims of Jews, Soviet photos, records kept secret by Allies, etc. ? stars. IntlJewryWonWW2 Also Youtube channel 2.2M views. Blocked in France and Germany. Very many videos, including monochrome films from 1930s and others. I've only just noticed this site. The war was imposed on Germany, they say; I'm not sure if they think Hitler may have been a Jewish agent. Started 2000-3-3.  (Catholic site, I think Roman Catholic, which informs about Jews in detail. Includes Gaza. Thinks Hitler's Germany financed Jews. N)  Replaced; Hufschmidt is this subdirectory. A lot of accurate Jewish deception material. N  Site suggested to me by 'Thor'.  Portuguese language. Not much information on Blog sites (they are usually assessed collectively, though this has Siterank info). I can't really assess the site, but put it up in good faith.  Jan 2017 site - fairly new. WordPress 'Tortuga'. 'Home of Rebel Yell'. Lots on southern USA and Jews interfering with blacks (considered stable in USA before people like Lyndon Johnson) then 'Civil Rights' fraud by Jews and Jewish feminists. Includes BBC, Britain, hypocritical 'green' movements. I wish these people would lay out more clearly what their saying, contents, etc. Slightly naive about 'left', 'right', psyops, historical stuff. N
      May have a connection with  (Site by James L Miller. Degrees in physics and high-energy physics. "Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness: The Jewish Attack On The Western World. ... a coup took place in the United States - our government was hijacked by a group of Jewish globalist Super-elites." Some articles back from 2009. Unusual as science background. I'm watching for nuclear awareness but could find none N)

Inconvenient History  (very detailed 'Holocaust' and Second World War revisionism. Jews' part in causing wars and destruction. Started 2009. Richard Widmann of CODOH - Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.)

Indian Goyim Party  Website about Jews in India (and Pakistan). Statement of aims primary objective of this site is to spread awareness among millions of dumbed down indoctrinated brain-poisoned goyim sheeps of India and ultimately suggest to them a solid solution towards attaining freedom from centuries of jewish tyranny, usury, lies and deception. Has a section 'kikewatch in India'. Comments in Hindi I think, in English alphabet. 

Inside the Eye Created July 2012; updated July 2018. Based in Amman (I think); popular in Arabia. Appears to be run by Dennis Fetcho ('the Fetch'). Wordpress site; many video thumbnails. Proud of its chatroom. Many contributors well-known in exposing and opposing Jews. Some articles valiantly commenting on jew bias, anti-white policies  (US subscription-only publication from 1976-2000. US based; newsy mixture of longish articles with small news items on Jew and race issues.)
      My own site mirrors Instauration.  New site started 2019-05-21. 'We are a grassroots network of ordinary people fighting for a just and lasting peace for the Palestinian people.'  (International Men's Organization (I think). Mainly on Freemasons and Mafia; may be false flag as it seems to have nothing on 'Common Purpose'. But Jew aware: Jews in BBC, homosexual promotions etc N)

Irish Savant Blogspot  *Very good piece the-talented-mister-zakheim.html (dated July 2014). If Alexa is to be trusted, this site is much less known than it deserves to be. It's a blog (at, which was founded in 2000). Since 2007, Irish savant has written a new piece roughly every three days, filed away in one-month chunks. These are social observations (woman's frozen egg failure - what happens with Latinos - 'African town planning') mixed with deeper research (childless EU 'politicians' - bank loans to South African farmers - Jews such as Shatter and Ronit Lentin harming Ireland - economic history of abolition of slavery - Jews in the Roman Catholic church). Savant's writing style is brilliant—though his chosen grey typeface is a bit pale for me. And he has a long list of interesting commenters.
      I think I know who he is, judging by literary style, and I'm a bit puzzled about an earlier rather hostile review I wrote; he's slightly weak on science, imho. And he could do with a site searcher, in my view; and he might review his blogroll, which includes Infowars (Alex Jones selling crap). But the content is generally painfully accurate. But intermixed with weak comments, numerous piffling and silly attitudes, and arranged in formless chaos.

Ironwand Blogspot  'I am an Englishman' on crime, Jews etc

Israelite Watchman 

Israel Lobby Archive  ('.. dedicated to educating Americans..' ... '... Archive is an independent research unit ... at The Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy in Washington DC. ... collects and publishes declassified documents about the Israel lobby, most obtained through Freedom of Information Act filings with law enforcement officials and US intelligence agencies...' new FBI documents on 9/11 recently uploaded.)  April 2015. Includes Alison Weir and If Americans Knew. Sidebar with info on Jews, AIPAC, ADL, AJC, think tanks etc etc

Israel Shamir net  (New site with little content, but registered 2012. Copyright is claimed, but message made unclear; could be an unoriginal trawl para-site collecting info conceded by Jews? N)

J-dar Canada  Jews in films - put in title; see analysis. Canadian site Jews and film

Jailing Opinions which is also  (On Faurisson, Dresden bombing, and others. Lady Michèle Renouf's: model & advertising background; she was blacklisted. See
      In a talk with Swedish site Cui Bono? here she revealed she was lead choice for The Shining but wasn't happy about acting nude. At the time, she wasn't Jew-aware; had she been, she'd have had leverage after being in a Kubrick film.  'International Day of Commemoration in honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz "Death Camp" Narrative' Registered 2013, in Panama (I think). 27th January was when Jewish forces 'liberated' Auschwitz. Single-topic site. Good accurate detail on the holohoax.

Hollowhoax  Started Nov 2017. Ditlieb Felderer site (I think).

Jewish Tribal Review  (part of which has a very bipeaked readership, with many in Mexico). Long list of Jewish references, apparently parked at The latest date I could find is 2002. 'Links to online articles ... Jewish and Zionist influences ... ethnocentrism ... power ... wealth .. Judeocentrism ... political lobbying.'

Japanese revisionism  

JAR2  (says its the site of former Voice of Russia World Service investigative journalist John Anthony Robles II. Doesn't like Wikileaks or Assange regarding it/them as traps. (Assange leaked a BNP membership list). Groups MI6, Mossad, CIA together. Not keen on the Clintons. Fighting 911 criminals. Very odd piece on Lenin, NOT mentioning Jews. Lots of articles, including on 'hate', 'racism', etc. No nuclear doubts. Looks like rubbish, to be honest.)

Jesus Never Existed .com  Seems to be a British site, by Kenneth Humphries, started Sept 2001. Very roughly 400 articles, including other languages. Debunks 'Judeans' in Egypt etc and generally critiques Biblical writings attributed to Jews. For my taste omits some things: slave ships as Jewish, Islam as both cruel and scholarly, Greek Orthodoxy's survival, Talmud, Jew funding.  (Site of Lady Renouf with a solution to the Jewish Question: move them to Birobidjan)

Jews Bomb Germany 154 cities listed alphabetically  (Started 2000?) Jew World order (Whois says created Feb 2017; but also Nov 2007. Seems to be based in Monterey, New South Wales, Australia. Includes registrations of .com, .org, .net. "Jew World Order - Muslim Terrorists = Israel & CIA in disguize [sic] defaming terrorizing & plundering the World | Jew World Order". Holocaust Gallery. Cancer cures that work—I haven't looked to a common thread here—the links seem not to work. Their DISCLAIMER implies everything is just copied without support. They seem to allow postings on payment of $5 

Jim's Blog  (No idea who this is. Since 2008. Hard to judge; e.g. aware of global warming scam, but considers it anti-white. Nuke naive. Probably under pretence of insider info gives spin. But some stuff seems OK on Jews)

Jim Condit Jr See below for site  (Real Jewish Achievement. Propaganda site But perhaps worth a look for the phonies within, and the implicit recognition that Nobel prizes are just Jew bullshit)  (Started 2008. 'John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but now is adrift in America, running from the poisons that have been put in the Gulf of Mexico by madmen who are trying to rule the world by destroying it. A journalist who served as editor at no less than eight different small newspapers over a period of three decades, Kaminski more recently has distinguished himself on the Internet as one of the very few who wholeheartedly opposes this Jewish perversion of reality that now threatens the health of every living thing on Planet Earth.')
      Just another not trustworthy 'American' writer N

Johnson Matthew Raphael Johnson's site  I first heard of Matthew Raphael Johnson here, with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, show #893, discussing Putin, Ukraine, the USA very effectively, including the truth about Russian laws on truth in history. With the Barnes Review. Jew (and 'antifa') aware, and financially aware, but not nuke aware, and not aware that Hitler and the NSDAP may have been Jewish. Site established Nov 2015.  Established 2000, Godaddy site, apparently run from Kuala Lumpur. Online Jew-aware free booklets, including Jew propaganda. It's not clear whether the versions (some pdf, some .doc, no doubt others) were made by the site. Rather untidy layout; I looked for Arnold Leese material, but there's not a complete works list that I found. Also has race-referring books, e.g. on Indian Wars. Many readers in US, and India  Unusual Roman Catholic, but anti-Jew, site. 7 years later: the Catholicism may have been toned down; but it's still adamant the the Church opposed Usury, despite the evidence of collaboration; e.g Lincoln Cathedral is 100 yards from the medieval 'Jews House'. So it's possible this site is 'kosher'!
      Icelandic-based site on, started Dec 2015, with assurances of non-removal). Possibly South American Roman Catholic. Educational site under about 12 headings. Torah and modern history included. Inquisition as myth: modern site inc false flags, 'The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews, and heretics, and schismatics, can ever be partakers of eternal life...' I have not found an examination of the Gospels as possibly Jewish fakes.
      Their 'big lies' section includes some obscure Jewish things, such as Chabad, and looks like a good exploration subsite.
      Interestingly, aims at conversion of everyone, like Michael Hoffman II. At the time of writing (10 Nov 2022) their search doesn't work; I tried it on Belloc, Bjerknes, Russell, and other things, which it didn't find. Doesn't pass my tests for dispassionate comment, which is a shame. Some links with sites on misleading Bible translations. Started just before Christmas 2015. Good information on memes, funny videos etc,, in 'Resources'. N) 

Judas.Watch  (Started November 2015. 'Documenting anti-White traitors, subversives, and highlighting Jewish influence.' Has countries, topics, organisations (e.g. BBC), interesting network diagrams with names and pictures, eg Soros, search engine for curious seekers—search for Jewish Yearbook for large numbers of groups.
      Watches for Jewish or Jew-front traitors: Gary Lineker, Michael Rosin, Rashida Jones, Haim Saban, Michelle Obama, Barbara Roche are spotlit at the time I write. Contributors from around Europe. Popular in Norway)

judgewatchuk  One of several information sites set up at the time of hte BNP and not updated since 2013-ish. Goes with thefallenlist and Liars, Buggers, Thieves (on local politicians, presumably Jew-funded) and UK 'enrichment' news  (Just another inside job. May be a UK site. Largely Jewish. new to me; may be another 'scraper' site, taking other people's material; or may have some originality. Been around since 2009; registered in Mountain View, California. Thinks Amnesty International is 'respected'. My best guess is it's compromised.) Jew aware

Justice for Chinese  (Site recognising the effect of Jews in China, including the opium wars and the 'Revolution' and Mao. Largely in Chinese.) Youtube

Justice 4 Germans = Many accounts (including first, from Austin App) of the truth about WW2, including mass rape. Many comparable websites. Information on true causes of WW1 and WW2, and on Jew media lies and deception. Recommended for gullible people who may have believed the Jewish lies and BS. But assumes Hitler was as portrayed by Jews, when the chances are Jews orchestrated WW1 and WW2. Not much on money from war. Not much on spies, or generally on anti-white activity. Last entries appear to be in 2015. 

k0nsl blog  (Unusual blog: part computer techie, part Jew-aware material largely on WW2 and the Holohoax. Devnet software group. Seems to be a fairly serious Swedish or German hacker, familiar with some hacker groups. I only heard of this site from viewers of my Youtubes. I was surprised that it's quite popular)

 Karl Haemers See Taboo Truth below

Katana17 (was a wordpress site; not now)  (French? White societies are being deliberately destroyed by organized Jewry. Copyright-free documentation)
      Puzzling site which seems to consist mostly of transcripts of talks. People include James Delingpole (who seems to be a Roman Catholic. He seems to like crypto-Jews of the Melanie whatsit, Dalrymple, Starkey and other useless types, and in one himself, unaware of the sources of "woke" crap. I'm on one of his emailing pleas for money)., Morgoth, Andrew Joyce, Laura Towler, Ann Bressington, Horus, Millennial Woes... all in transcripts. Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
      An extreme example of this change in world view, is coming to terms with the realization that the so-called, "Holocaust" is, in fact, a diabolical hoax against the German people and Whites in general. Coming to realize that the "evil Nazis" were in fact the, "good guys", while the "good Allies" were dupes of organized jewry. That organized jewry was the behind the scenes instigator, engineer, of WW I, the so-called Russian Revolution, and WW II (among other major wars).

Kevin  (Jew-aware but not Jewish-US war crimes aware: in Sept 2015 he still referred to Vietnam War protestors as 'hippy-dippy'. Culture of Critique N)  Started Dec 2018. By Adam Green. Interviews, including C J Bjerknes with very informed Jewish fanaticism info. Emphasis on Palestine, Israel, 'Noahide Laws', Chosen People (2 hrs 30 mins) - perhaps aimed at naive Americans. New site; seems good.  'Maurice Pinay' is said to be a pseudonym of a number—smallish?—of Roman Catholics. Most or all are presumably now dead. The Spanish book Complot contra la Iglesia seems to have been published in October 1962, about the time of the start of the Second Vatican Council. The authors may (for all I know) have been involved in the Spanish 'Civil War', and/or with Jesuits and Opus Dei and others. It's not clear who translated it into English, and when, and how authoritative the text can be considered to be. It tries to deal with 'Communism'—in fact of course a Jewish movement—and Freemasonry, plus a general overview of Jews and their activities, such as converting to Catholicism, doing harm, then converting back to Judaism. Very unfortunately, Christians have a tendency toward what used to be called 'Jesuitry', itself taken probably from Jewish traditions of deceit. And they tend to avoid mention of money and wealth and assets. And they have a tendency to individualism; while 'Jews' stick together, no doubt subordinating themselves to huge wealth, whites are likely to split into heresies, cults, and bickerers. Possibly these things are genetically determined.
      In my view, anyone who can reduce 'Judaism' to a simplified list, or flowchart, or diagram of what they consider their obligations, and infer from them actual practises of Jews—or proceed vice versa—would do more to help understanding of 'Jews' and how to combat them than almost anything else.
      This blog cannot (I presume) be run by any of the original writers, if indeed they are known.

Landover Baptist  (Wordpress; probably Jewish site aimed at simple white US Christians. Anti-Jesus, anti-Christianity, anti-Catholic. Nothing honest about 'Jews'. Worth a look if you're a naive Christian in the USA)

Prof George Lees' Revelations [This site is hosted on Google. No indication of popularity] (Since 2012? Chaotic site by I think ex-neurology professor, originally from Otago, NZ. Very nuke-naive. Much unsourced material, including modern war crimes and arms trading etc, but with evidence of work on e.g. bloodlines, medical or drug corruption, company directors, 'Chilcot Inquiry' on Iraq etc. Hard to assess. Earlier blog And he has Youtubes at 

Alex  Started 2015. Apparently part-Swiss USA writer. Anti-Jewish view, including of complete extermination. Dislikes people who lie for money about Jews.
      Vanguard News  (Started 2000) is Linder's too. Short commentaries on items. Dr William Pierce extracts. Emphatic anti-Jewish views. Emphatic views on blacks. (He lives in the 'deep south', I think).
      Talks online with Jan Lamprecht of South Africa & History Reviewed.  Wakening based on pre-Internet study (like David Duke). Material on murders of whites. It has to be said Jan Lamprecht is naive about Jew lies and psyops, and military matters and their finance, which weakens his site very much. N Another of his sites is  (Since 1910. 'Throwing Stones at the Devil'. Choose Demons: Jewish, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow. And Other Stuff. By William Frinck of Christogenea.)

Little Revolution  (New site by Patrick Little, standing (note: May 2018) against Jew Dianne Feinstein. Courageous activist who protested AIPAC. Ex-US army IT specialist.)

Jüri Lina  (Estonian in Sweden. Archives in Russia and Estonia. Has books on Bolshevism, Freemasonry. And DVDs on the fake world, illusions etc. Swedish and English. Interesting; had to summarise.)Estonia  

Charles Lindbergh .com  (Charles Lindbergh and America First. There are other sites on the Lindbergh baby murder case and Jews. Note added 17 July 2017: see Miles Mathis on Lindbergh for convincing material on Linbergh's entire family as fakers)

John Londen  (British writer. BUT site seems to have vanished in Oct 2015)

London BDS  (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction against Israel. After all, they did this against Germany!)

Sven Longshanks see James Allchurch

Loquendo Laxe  (Broadly speaking, a man living in S E Asia. Possibly Anglo or German. Mixed Jew-aware info on white extermination by Jews, Jewish infiltration of Britain, Communism, National Socialism. Layout a bit impenetrable) Anglo German revisionism

LordKalki  [mostly 2012]

LostScribeMedia  Since May 2010. Main writer seems to be 'Khanverse'. 'Articles, poetry, spoken word, music, films, movies, radio shows, interviews, and discussion for Truth, Love, Unity, Justice, and Peace.' May be Radio Islam style site. Amusing piece against Gilad Atzmon. N

Louis  Seems to be by Kapil Dev. 'Textbook history is either a Political agenda or agreed fiction. Let There Be Truth And Freedom to Speak It.' ?Dutch site, created 2000. Topics are History Index/ Economic Index/ Masonic Index/ Indian Index on Kashmir, partition etc/ Excerpts 'Mein Kampf'. Infuriating site as it lacks sources & evidence. Sets cookies. Naively Hitlerian, N

The Madhouse  [Britain and Jewish influence]  (Articles, and blogs, on racial definitions vs race denial Jews, Europe, Merkel, Turkey, Jews etc. Has Metapedia page. Not very clear layout. This site looks like a fake to me; probably just another collection of Jew rubbish, promoting myths that Jews are currently working on.) 

Mask of 

Masters of Deception  (Zander Fuerza's site (I think). Mostly 9/11 and Jews) Matthew Raphael Johnson's site  I first heard of Matthew Raphael Johnson here, with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, show #893, discussing Putin, Ukraine, the USA very effectively, including the truth about Russian laws on truth in history. Very Jew (and 'antifa') aware, and financially aware, but not nuke aware. Site established Nov 2015.  Example of the pseudo-'fact check' site. Apparently based in Texas, though perhaps not in the USA. Founded 2000-10-02; now it's just over 20 years old. ... non-profit, non-partial and non-political platform for those serious Media Contributors and Observers who crave to know and like to help to prevail the whole truth about current affairs, ... [sic; possibly French Canadian input?]
  I found this via a video saying Vernon Coleman (medico in UK) is a Jew. I haven't checked much here, but their 2003 piece on Vernon Coleman is very Jew-aware. It's possible Jewish fake news sites are a slow reaction to this site. But a phone number the give may link to Colnbrook, Berkshire, suspiciously near a British Army propaganda site.
  So don't get excited. A long browse reveals assorted rubbish. N

Mike Piper Report links to–

Michael Collins Piper  (Michael Collins Piper 1960-2015 'iconoclast journalist' N)

Middle East Rising  (Newspaper format. English language. Middle East, notably Palestine. News items look serious: US crimes, US aggression such as bombing Yemen, awareness of media liars, murdered Palestinians, though I haven't read enough to be completely sure this isn't just another Jewish site (they had a joke piece by Chossudovsky, for example), though it seems to have been attacked, suggesting it is what it seems. Look and see! However, it looks good. Seems middle-east centred, including Pakistan, Russia, and other areas. 'Partnered with the Liberty Beacon'. N)

Ian R Millard  (By Ian R Millard, who had a miscellaneous career, some of it as a barrister. Dislikes Zionists and their legal manipulations in Britain with e.g. 'Action Against Anti-Semitism' and other flimsy constructions; party politics; .... Also  with his blog musing on e.g. Eurasia; housing; immigration). N

Mindweapons in Ragnarok  (Founded 2010, I think by 'Kievsky'. And/Or 2013. Material by Tobias Langdon and others. Underrates war crimes: a piece recently think green berets are intelligent. Some Buddhist angles. Some emphasis on white competence. Largely anti-'Liberal'; and dislikes Islam and Judaism. More recently, suggestions against 'liberals' though for my taste lacks sharp criticism of Jews, for example quoting Chomsky as 'we know who wins' if violence starts; in fact it has been Jews)

Ministry of Peace  (James Thring's site. Very bearded, Jew aware, but not nuke aware)

Mjolnir  (Online and paper magazine started (I think) 2010. Alternative right and European myths and beliefs, hoping for a white Renaissance) Polish and English Jew info (Michal Monikowski in Perth. Polish and English)

morbus ignorantia wordpress German revisionism (German site. 'The disease of ignorance')

Mothman777 Jew info with some science (Jew world-view. But with doubtful science)

MourningTheAncient German revisionism (May 2018, but site was music/ art/ poems since late 1990s. Unusually high in Russia. . Relevant here is the linked subsite, linked here; it has images and facts worldwide about WW2 and the huge lies and deceits and crimes of the 'Allies')

Murder by media 2 SUSPENDED. NO INFO ON REPLACEMENTS ETC. Canadian race truth site (Canadian site with material from other websites on race problems, Jews.) Canada race and jew problems

My Name is Joe Cortina  Mystery Worshipers wordpress  'Mystery Worshiper' seems to be a Canadian who has moved around, whose site exposes Christian Zionism. Lots on Jews after the 1917 coup d'etat. Recognises historical swirls around 'Christianity'. Since c 2009

Jonathan Cook Israel Palestine (Journalist reporting on Israel and Palestine. Started Sept 2012. Liked by David Irving. 'Nazareth based'. Includes book sales, tours, interviews. Nuke naive/disinformant and may well be an Israel-based Jewish false flag; e.g. includes Noam Chomsky, Gideon Levy, Ken Loach)

Nationalist Correspondent Blogspot British nationalist site Occasional info on British National Front. With grassroots material. And Jewish incursion into Britain. UK

National Front  (British National Front. New site; central scrolling format. Little content as yet)

Nationalist Asatru  (European) >a href="" >National Protectionism  ? (Our Race is Our Nation = ORION site on white race preservation, and Jewish promotion of race destruction. May be inactive).

National Socialist Literature sites include (multiple languages; mostly J Streicher's Der Stürmer but e.g. British magazines), (includes e.g. speeches by Hitler), and (Bulgarian)
National Socialist Worldview  Hadding Scott's website. Started Feb 2021. Wordpress site. Most seems to fate from before 2020. (Click on the small red links to change topics). I found this site when hunting for Kevin Alfred Strom. It seems to me a bit outdated. No real revisionist stuff e.g. me and Mathis and nukes

National Socialist Europa  (National Socialist site, Neues Europa, largely about Germany's 3rd Reich, including videos, speeches, songs, printed matter. Section on race has Jewish material.)

National Socialist Worldview  (Hadding Scott on issues, history, ideas. With links)

Nation of Islam Research Group  (noirg abbreviation for Nation of Islam research group. GoDaddy site, founded March 2012. WordPress theme MH Purity. Seems to have several main topics: (1) Louis Farrakhan. (2) Leo Frank and Mary Phagan murder case, which led to the founding of the ADL (Jewish 'Anti-Defamation League')—and perhaps may in time lead to the end of the ADL and other Jewish supremacist rackets. (3) The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews on transatlantic slavery and Jew shipowners and slaveowners, but not Jew pirates. (4) Material on Amistad a junk Spielberg film. (5) including Alice Walker. (6) Some material on Islam though I doubt they explore whether it was founded by Jews. Linked with National Vanguard  (Created 1995-07-17. Expires 2019-07-16 unless updated. Interesting mixture of articles on intelligent life?, science and pseudo-science, mass media in USA, Hitler—but not the idea of Germans under secret Jewish group and WW2 as rigged by Jews. I'm not sure if this site was attacked and removed etc; appears to have been Dr William Pierce's site, National Vanguard. Try*/ for wayback machine snapshot on natvan).

NSDAP ('Nazi') Gerhard Luack's site  (German National Socialist (NSDAP) badly designed. Some accurate material. German German glag NSDAP and English)

THIS SITE WAS FOR SALE IN JUNE 2021 > > > NewObserverOnline  (News; good short summary pieces sometimes daily, from worldwide sources. Est. 2013; in transition to full Jew awareness; e.g. good pieces on Kurds, USA, Syria; 'drowned boy' hoax; immigrant nonwhite invasions; black & Jew crime censorship; South Africa; invaders to white countries; faked statistics on crime, IQ, and numerous topics. Good linked video system. 'Truenewschild' theme. Seems to have had constant attacks...) N BUT there are concerns which vitiate much of the site, eg. the fact that Jews push for invasion of white countries is not mentioned—they pretend voters can influence the policy; and the site censors comments on Jews in the EU; the publishing arm Ostara reprints Stalin, who of course has no comment on Jew finance, as though it's a serious work of economics; it has unrevisionist French Revolution material; it has a book on Armenia with no comment on 'Turkish Jews'; it refers to governments, eg French, omitting the Jew portion   May have been removed or attacked; seems (Sep 2017) moved to tumblr:
    [... Same articles, in different format, probably because its Content Server is different, here too
      At this time (April 2018) is down; moreover several sites with similar names have appeared. Possibly there's a turf war over the name 'Observer'; but I don't know. (June 2018) The situation looks stable. Presentation of e.g. Assad and Syria, fake 'refugees', Jew frauds is ever-improving—not through ideology, but through undeniable evidence.
      One theme of this site is that homogeneous races produce societies in their biological image, and race mixing tends to their average, so white societies start to collapse with immigration of lower types. BUT they think Jews are homogeneous, and Israel is a racial state, when in fact Jews interbreed when possible. A serious weakness in their view of states. ]April 2020: not updated for months

New World Order University .com  (Appears to be run by Larry Olsen, and sells his book(s) thru Publications Resource. Founded Dec 2007; seems to be a connection with Mountain View. Jew aware, but seems not nuclear aware)

Nido-del-Cuco blogspot Long-established Spanish site (with English). Cuckoo's nest refers to Jews. 

Nordic Antisemite  (WordPress site from 2014, hosted in USA by Wild West Sites; looks to me related to  . Interesting Germanic site with WW2 accounts, and anti-Germans in the USA and 'white nationalists', and Jews as evolved parasites and unhesitating viciously deadly liars. May have been targeted: hit rate plummeted, but has since recovered. I liked their piece on Stiglitz, 'Jew' 'economist'. Some is disguised antiwhite stuff.)

Northern Truth Seeker  (Includes good false flag/ crisis actor pieces for example Virginia Shooting Fake)

North West Nationalists blogspot  (started 2006. Includes Martin Webster's Electronic 'Loose Cannon' and 'Watch on Zion'. And party politics, child sex scandals)  (US National Socialist Movement; 25-point manifesto. Detroit based? News items in USA mostly, of headline type, mostly external links.

John de Nugent [Part of] Jew aware sites film news media

nwioqeqkdf blogspot Jew aware sites film news media (Morgoth's Review. British site. Jews in Hollywood, news, papers, film, TV, everyday life)

Odinia One of several Odinist sites; total rating may be higher:  Takes long-term overview of whites vs Rome, Byzantium, Jews. Possibility that Odinism might become (or recover) stability as a white/European religion. Includes of course Jews in modern times, including genocides. is another site.  Jewish finance underpinning, e.g. in US War 'of independence'. Another Odinist site, mingled with;  Site suggested to me by 'Thor'.  Portuguese language. Not much information on Blog sites (they are usually assessed collectively, though this has Siterank info). It is titled NACIONAL REVOLUCIONÁRIO and may be an 'extremist right' site; I don't know.

Open Borders for Israel   (Facebook site. Satirical with good countermemes) 2008-2013 supposed to be archives. I could find no content. 

REMOVED Luis Ortega, Peru  (Spanish-language site with Jew-related material) 

Ostara Publications  (Arthur Kemp's sales site for reprinted books on race, racial history, world history, whites, wars, South Africa, USA, etc. Most of the titles were once well-known; you may recognise some as having been disparaged, condemned, banned. These editions have added new notes. Mixed titles, some on Jews, but not a library of essential books-about-Jews. Seems to have been established 1998)

 Added 3 Oct 2022 Overdue Revolution wordpress This is a guess: nothing in siterankdata:  This site appears to be run by a solo Canadian young man. Very plain Wordpress. It has content from 2020, 2021, and 2022. Liases with cuttingthroughthefog, the only site discussing and chatting with Miles Mathis, though there seem to be differences. cuttingthrough censored anything from me; it's possible that both sites disallow any discussion of nuclear power and weapons (both in my view frauds) and some other issues, such as Harold Hillman's biochemistry, though he is aware of Gilbert Ling. More directly Jewish are the issues of the "Holocaust" and the Second World War, neither of which are tackled.
    The site owner id anonymous and keeps his distance in videos—as far as I know. But he has promising pieces on Ukraine, events in Canada, coronavirus, the whole topic of revisionism, and other matters, so I must withhold my judgement.

Patriotic Alternative UK Jew aware sites film news media 28 March 2017 registration. I'm uncertain about this site, which seems largely 'black' immigrants. But it may be worthwhile. I only heard of this site when looking up ex-activists. Site founded June 2016, apparently hosted by The Patriot Society in Texas. May have been started by Jim Dowson. Similar format to NewObserverOnline, videos plus brief text, looking at subjects not in the Jewish media. Seems to have been set up to oppose the sewage outflow of Jews supporting Hillary Clinton, and back Trump. Seems to have been renamed from, set up almost the same day in 2016. Both have teaser junk ads. Despite inclusion here, it's not very Jew aware. I think it may represent controlled nostalgic whites who haven't yet understood their control by Jews. N

Peter Cooney enabler  (Seems to be hosted in San Francisco, but I can't easily find info on its dates, though November 2014 looks right. Roman Catholic, i.e. traditional Roman Catholic, 'Traditional common sense European Catholicism', including Jews/Masons in Ireland, McGuiness as Mossad etc; Chabad Jew Synagogues in 'every major town' - add to Masonic Halls, Friends Meeting Houses, and presumably, I now see, Cathedrals and Churches. North Korea, Israel, Jews and both World Wars, etc. Seems to have a firm world-wide overview, but as always it's hard to be sure. N) First posted 7 Aug 2017

Pieville net  Started March 2019. One of Alex Linder's sites. He's an outspoken campaigner for getting rid of Jews, in view of their record. Good speaker. NOT .com

Political and Science Rhymes  (Jewish frauds)

The Political Cesspool  (James Edwards 'Political Cesspool' Mostly on USA. May well be a fake site: 9/11 naive, for example. N)

Trad Youth . org  (Looks US based; from 2013; may be Matt Parrott's. 'Traditionalist Youth Network - Tradition is our Mission'. Jew-aware; doesn't seem much content. Upcoming events and Join-a-Chapter sections)

The Poison Apple of the World  (World interest, including I think China. Gazi/ Israel/ war crimes. Many Jewish frauds and wide feeling for Jewish corruption and evil. Seems to have been started in Singapore in 2013) (Polish & English languages forum. Includes 'Holocaust' Mythology and other revisionist material. Seems to have taken present form Dec 2016) 
Carlos Whitlock Porter  (Holocost made in USSR)

Pragmatic Witness  (By Whitewraithe, a US woman. N)  (Delaney)  (videos)  Since 2014. Hosted in Reykjavik. Simple uncommented list of website links. Each listed in a rectangular box. Doesn't include sites (like this one and hexzane's and Miles Mathis) which are very Jew-aware. I noticed two errors - altright is wrong; should be alt-right; and ingogman. Nothing on races. Not much on science. Similar domains -,,,, seem to be taken; perhaps squatted. Links to Africa. Verdict: some good sites, some missing.

The Purity Spiral  (New site, started Jan 2017, registered in Denver, Colorado. Not many articles. Karl Radl seems to be the main contributor. Link to Radio Aryan suggesting possible association). First Uploaded 30 July 2017

Quds Day *Seems to have vanished ** Many Quds sites seem to be Jew-run.  (Palestine vs Israel)

Peter Quiggins  (Liverpool-based author; information on range of 'Jewish' activities. Mostly very good. Looks Hitler-naive to me. Hosted in Wordpress; so can't tell how popular the site is; and there's always a chance Wordpress may remove it - may be underestimated because of these things. National and socialist. **Interesting material on organ harvesting, baby parts, deliberate ruin of Britain's NHS/National Health Service, Jewish/Israel companies trying to run NHS ** Not in my opinion so good on drawbacks of transplants, e.g. lifetime of drugs needed **) is a very good piece from Peter's own experience. But eight years old. (Similar lessons to Stanko on Texas beef). UK flag

Racial Nationalist Library  (Canadian site. Arthur Topham edits. Good on Zionism and Jews, and Canada's hostile 'elite'. Too many copied youtubes for my taste. Mr Topham seems to me over-verbose, though. 'Created 2008, updated 2014'. His Canadian news sheet (24 pages) tried to cover major issues, he says). Canada ZOG  (Alternative version of named by me for me!)  (Ahmed Rami in Sweden. Very good and informative site promoting Islamic alliance against Jews. Youtube site in Arabic, English, French, German, other languages. ) RamZPaul has a daily video show on various sites including The RAMZPAUL Show unusual combination of discussion plus 'news' on politics with some Jew awareness. But not very much; he hasn't understood that US bureaucracies often are headed by Jews, with self-imposed interests not shared with the 'goyim'. Ditto with police. Ditto with retail. Ditto with education...  'Random Acts of Kindness'. Christian Site on Jewish Crimes (and 'Christian' hirelings). THIS SITE HAS BEEN REMOVED (Real facts media . com is a completely new website Feb 2016, Alexa figures April 2016 say #380K in USA. Hopes to present statistical and reliably accurate information on the modern world, notably of course Jewish-backed policies, starting with reports on non-white invasions into USA, Europe, Russia, ANZ. BUT it has nothing on Jews yet; it may be a fake hasbarat site, as prefigured by Mozilla and Soros) 

Redress One  Aims to have complete history of Jews both in antiquity and modern times. School of thought that Jews should be punished for all their crimes. Site since 2012. Very USA influenced: US Revolution, CAFRs, Constitution, Income Tax, Social Security, etc. Not for my taste well arranged. Not to be confused with  Started 2006. Seems to be a huge collection of Jew-aware links. Not much commentary. Seems unpopular, but if you're looking for sites, if you search the page(s) you may find a good link.

Rehmat's world  (Bahrain Muslim who looks at e.g. Jewish lies, Holodomor, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bengal famine, Palestine, Germany controlled by Jews..)

Renegade Tribune  Video site, avoiding Youtube. Hosts their own videos, banned by Yotube. Created 2017-02-05. Hosted in Canada, based in USA I think. Number of videos not clear to me; 30 at present?? Wordpress site; good quality video.  RBN. NOTRepublican. Very amusing Andrew Anglin Presidential Campaign 2020 article. Lots of anti-'Christian Zionism' pieces, eg info on 'Scofield Bible', info for Catholics, ending wars for Zionists. Epstein material. Says @2019 - somewhere, probably meaning copyright. Good pieces on Google 'as Google has made it their mission to annihilate the independent media.' - 'Over 400 links Google doesn't want you to visit'. Some/?all is taken from other sites; I don't know with what authorization, but the sources all seem listed  (Metzger. White Aryan Resistance. Supposed anti-war site. Jew-aware, but not in my view as much as should be the case).

Resistance Radio .TV  (Set up Sept 2016. Aimed at British audience. Includes Jack Sen, Andrew Brons, Nick Griffin. Interesting as having SOME Jew awareness. Doesn't like Larry Nunn. BUT does not mention Jew money—pretends mass invasion is lucrative, rather than paid by Soros types. Brons has been in nationalism for years, but looks like a plant, having achieved nothing. He and Griffin must get pensions from the EU as ex-members. On balance seems unlikely to do much. Uncritical of false flags. No mention of science anywhere.  (Michael Hoffman's long-established site. Includes revisionism on a range of subjects, including Jewish lies/ holohoax, white slavery, Roman Catholicism and topics such as usury, Talmudic information on Judaics, film and other media reviews, and more controversial occult analyses (e.g. 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare'). Sells books, DVDs, CDs. Note seems to have its own troll or bait site,, with lightweight New Yorker Jewish trash.)  (Website by Linda Shaitberger, who died in April 2013. Reposted by Simon Sheppard. Information on the Second World War; includes Adolf Eichmann memoirs in Argentina, in both German and English. Sheppard states that these were unpublished until his site posted them.)  (One of Michael Hoffman's sites. Combines Roman Catholicism of a serious sort with wide knowledge of 'Judaics' and Biblical matters - Hoffman recognises the genetics of 'Jews' is uncertain; they are self-styled Jews. His Talmudic and other knowledge includes their hatred for 'gentiles' and legal material: see Hoffman on Justice Scalia as a front for Jewish judge-made law, as opposed to e.g. the U.S. Constitution and debated laws.)
      As far as I know, one of his most recent books, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit was banned by Amazon in 2018, but is available by direct ordering. revisionists (Short WW2 revisionist site apparently c 2000. Apparently is Max Weber's site, hosted on Godaddy. Created 9 Jan 2000. List of names (e.g. Austin App, David Irving, Fred Leuchter) but in my view looks dated, omitting many important topics. revisionists Newish site, started Sept 2018. On Dreamhost. 'At Revision Media we provide an independent talk radio broadcasting platform and online publication for people maintaining sovereignty through exchange of information, perspectives and ideas.' - not very clear what they do; do they host videos for example? Specific names: Graeme Sutherland, Steven Douglas Whitener, Willem Felderhof. I COULD FIND NO MENTION OF JEWS so this may well not be a jadar site. Listening on 30 May 2019, I have to say I thought the speakers were terrible. 

Germar Rudolf Germar Rudolf Germar Rudolf is one of a number of revisionists, specifically of the Jewish fraud of 'the Holocaust', in his case prompted largely by the 'Prussian blue' colouring in Auschwitz brickwork. Bilingual site in English and German. He has a German PhD in chemistry, a serious qualification (as opposed to Jew joke 'qualifications'). He has contributed to many (two dozen?) hefty volumes on the holohoax. I'm assuming he's Jew aware. Judaica section (English).    Site appears to be created near the end of 2015, by Matthew Raphael Johnson (ethnic and religious background not mentioned) under the title The Russian Orthodox Medievalist. He states This is an online compilation of the academic essays and lectures of Professor Matthew Raphael Johnson. Given Russia's extraordinary rebuke to American arrogance since 2000, revisionist work on Russian and Slavic history is sorely needed, especially in conjunction with the critique of globalization. ... He says he's an Orthodox Nationalist.
      If you're looking for the real record of Jews in Russia and Poland and Ukraine, and perhaps Hungary and Czechia, this may be a good site. I doubt he deals with the Orthodox Church as a money-seeking force against ordinary Russians, though. He may be good on such topics as Genghis Khan and Tartars and Tartaria. He doesn't seem to me very good on Jews around the world, though that may be only because he lists a large number of his essays with no information (such as subtitles) on contents. I don't think he has much on wars since about 1900, including with Japan.
      PhD from University of Nebraska. Gives an email address if you'd like his views on Putin etc.
      A good example is The Myth of the Russo-Japanese War in pdf format, rather like Miles Mathis's papers.  (Dawson)

Saboteur 365  (Sabotaging the Jewish agenda. Seems to be new - Feb 2014. By 'Paladin justice' sick of lies. Goes for race and other realism. BUT N and other things hint it may be not what it seems)  (Detailed historical Material on Jews, Talmud, Khazars, expulsions etc)

Scott Roberts has no website, but was Youtube only. Very good on rational criticism of Jews and on (for example) no auditing of the Federal Reserve, while every US person is liable to be investigated.

Sean Bryson .com  (Sean Bryson, from Notting Hill, has had a website for years, but I'd thought it was closed; anyway it's now up. The tagline is opposing anti-white racism. Unfortunately, for my taste, Bryson says little about Jews—for example, not recognising the Jew influence over the US Declaration of Independence, or the avoidance of Jewish issues by Molyneux, Paul Weston, Western Spring etc. His politics were triggered by the Gulf War. It has a new forum, tucked away.

SeptemberClues  (9/11)

Shadow Masterminds - Corrupted Planet  (Jews and religion. Jew by topic: in Government, in hospitals, 'posing as good guys', pedophilia, political, spies, Kinsey, Jewish rapists, killers, organ harvesters, journalists, terrorists, drugs 'debate' and control of pseudo-oppositions.... Doesn't have a site searcher, I think, so not entirely easy to find references.)

protocols of zionModern English reduction of the Protocols of Zion to individual phrases. (Source not known to me).  (Middle East. Palestinian Holocaust (Nakbar). Wide spread of topics, including crypto-Jews: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Africa and north African states, China, Syria. And other geographical material. Nuclear naive N. May be fake as there's little on Palestine or on US/Jew money)

Snippits and Slappits  (Canadian. News comments, mostly as graphics with verbal notes) Canada and Jews

SocioEcoHistory.Wordpress () (Same format and seems related to Peter Winter Blogpress which is Holohoax and related lies. However general material on middle east, Trump, Iran, Jews and lies, though I have some reservations, e.g. Alex Jones mentioned as though serious, and site seems fundamentalist Christian)


Real WW2 Holocaust (of Germans).  (8 blog sites by SoldierofYah inc Biblical and Exposing the Holocaust Archive/Hellstorm, 9/11 Jewish/Mossad, Combatting Jewish genocide of whites, Truth Seeker Archive)
Clutch of similar-format, similar appearance South African sites:– 
  African Crisis 
  Afrikaanse Liberaal 
  Ban Judaism dotcom  A GoDaddy site; registered 2008, expiry at present Oct 2017. Seems to have been renewed 2014. Rather unfocused site with ads and irreleventsia (e.g. airline tickets getting costlier, stock exchange tips, uncritical Biblical material, Bare video links. Youtube link WAS BUT REMOVED)
  History Reviewed Jan's site

South Africa Project  (Monica Stone largely, on Rhodesia and South Africa and Jews and Muslims; and 9/11)  Deanna Spingola of Chicago. I have a couple of online talks with her, which were made at the time with Skype, which I can't use any more. Here's our 2013 talk. We spoke for three hours (part 1 part 2 part 3) in 2020, not very successfully; for one thing, she has ad breaks.
      For a long time I was puzzled why she should be tolerated by online Jew trolls. It turns out she's a conventional Hitler-is-a-hero believer, who doesn't realise that Hitler was put into place by Jews and their fellow-travellers, just as Mussolini was, and probably their Japanese equivalent. She's proud of her research efforts, but has never checked flows of money—admittedly, made very difficult—so she conforms to the conventional Second World War narrative, except for the fake atrocities against Jews which she knows are a hoax.)
      I listened to online talks of hers, often made with not very good speakers, who had no knowledge of her. She's worked on the US 'Civil War', the Federal Reserve Act, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, and serious topics, but (and this is painfully annoying) doesn't stick to her topic and start with her conclusions. I still don't know her view on the 'Civil War' except that 1848 Jews in some quantity went to the USA.

Spinwatch Spinwatch Feb 2021 says: 'Spinwatch and are projects of Public Interest Investigations (PII), a non-profit company (number 0532986). PII is funded by grants, donations, royalties, proceeds from book sales and other writing and research commissions.' Hosting evidence, incomplete, says spinwatch existed for 18 years; hosted in Netherlands. Lots of issues, including fracking, D-notices, NHS, Grenfell building, Jews in 'British' politics. Their search engine finds Jews; I don't think they go into great detail though. 'Coronavirus' is entirely absent from their site.
    In Feb 2021, David Miller, Professor of Sociology who was I think at Bath University and at Glasgow, now at Bristol, was made newsworthy with headlines of the 'Jews feel intimidated' type, and Zionism as a racist, imperialist thing. He's a 'founding director' of Spinwatch. It's not stated if he thinks he's a Jew; I'd guess he is. has some material. His basis seems to be to oppose 'Islamophobia'. But Islam itself is (like Christianity) partly a Jewish construction. And they seem to ignore Talmudic stuff. I hope Spinwatch is useful; but the odds are in favour of its being part of the ZOG structure and not honestly investigative. N
      Older review:  (Spinwatch. Seems to be a British site created December 2003. Doesn't really belong here: seems to be an attempt to liaise between Muslims and Jews. The first I heard was 'The Israel Lobby and the European Union' (by D Cronin, S Marusek, and D Miller) which may be in the style of Mearsheimer & Walt on the USA's Israel infestation.) N)

Stan Stas blog  Blog started 2000, but apparently restarted Jan 2017. Unusual but punchy comment on Jewish power, world-wide empire rather than just USA or Europe, 'Mafia' as Jewish, Iran, Trump, Piper, Epstein .... Wordpress archives back to 2015. BUT worryingly N  Site which I only hear of in Aug, 2023. Based in east London, England, in Brayford Square, off the Commercial Road. Websire registere November 2007 according to - it has been there for 16 years, yet I've not heard of it! Siterankdata gives it 4 stars by my criteria. It's an unusual wide-format Wordpress site.
      Looks like the Jew-aware part of Nationalist and Empire Loyalist people. And some pieces from the group against 18B's wartime arrest-without-trial scheme. They republish articles, for example on the Kalergi Plan—I heard of Kalergi and them by complete chance on, which seems traditionally Roman Catholic vs Jews. In my view they haven't understood the symbiosis between Jews and Roman Catholics.
      Steven Books lists large numbers of publications. Like many groups trying to untangle Jewish influence, there's quite a bit of leftover Jewish influence which they haven't removed, in the same way that 1930s radicals were careful to say they fought in WW1, and 1950s and later fought in WW2. They seem to have unrevised views on Hitler. The site has links to Youtube videos, in my view a red flag.
      They are anti-world government, although it may only be possible to combat Jews effectively by world-wide methods. They seem to be part of the general process of ignoring other Jew-aware people: I can see nothing on Miles Mathis, or me for that matter, and only hostility to Bjerknes. is not a single site, but a hosting site, much simpler than website hosts, and quite a bit simpler than sites like WordPress involving a lot of learning. Substack resembles such sites as facebook and twitter, but allows people to set up their own sites and attach paid subscriptions, which frown at people subscribing free, and request upgrades to paid versions. In the last few months I'd noticed a few of these. Joshf731 has a site. These send out emails to subscribers & tend to need regular material.
      Substack started in 2010, though it could have been sold on. If siterankdata is to be believed, it has been around the 500th most popular sites in Internet, though reporting stopped at February (it's now the end of August).
      There's a repetitive quality about some of substack's subsites. my-awakening-to-the-jewish-question has Kevin MacDonald (but not his only new book) and recommends his website and 6 others, all rather compromised, and largely Christian, unaware incredibly of the link with Jews. Some of the sites (on the COVID fraud for example) seem good to me. But I used their site searcher on 'Jews' and on 'race' just as examples and didn't find much. So, as might be expected for any new media operation, controlled opposition has to be expected. It's founder (or alleged founder) said the top 10 sites made (I think) $25M between them. Watch but be cautious! Watch for closedowns, which have happened for most sites, e.g. Facebook and Youtube and Bitchute. 30 Aug 2023  (Site by Adam Austin, from Florida - see the 'About' page. Includes an elaborated version of The Protocols of Zion, Basic Training for Revolutionaries by US quotations, then French/ Russian/ Hungarian etc. With comments in brackets by Adam Austin, Jacksonville, Florida. "When I realised that all our fvcking problems come from Jews, I realised it's a distraction from the Jew. Jews get other people to fight their wars. We secured ancient Babylon in Iraq... opium .. WW2, play all the non-Jews against each other ... I'm not racist ... it's a distraction... I am 100% racist against Jews...". Adam Austin audio

'Sven Longshanks' see James Allchurch

SyrianFreePress  (News about Syria, ISIL/ISIS, USA and Jews, but also Britain, France etc. Seems pro-Russia and pro-Putin, though they're aware of Putin's jew links. Very little online info that I could find)

 taboo truth and also (No info on the site; only available for substack. Does not appear on
      New site, as far as I know, first appearing on Kevin MacDonald's Occidental Observer online. At the time of writing his name wasn't even listed in their writers' list! His first article (Apr 19 2023) was I think on Prager as a Jewish 'University'. He has published a book Covert COVID Culprits which promises to list the Jews who arranged that astonishing fraud; the Occidental Observer put an review of it online, but it's hidden away and I can't relocate the link to it.
      Haemers may be one of these people still unable to criticise National Socialism, and who may accept the mythology—financial figures given by Jews—at face value. He's aiming for subscribers and has realistic targets.
      He writes well and is fearless, ridiculing clowns like Tucker Carlson, attacking the taboos about Jews, examining possible solutions to Jewish problems. I don't know if he'll accept writers of the Occidental Observer type, or include reciprocal site URLs, since isolation is a temptation with unfunded-by-Jews alternative sites. I hope he becomes a significant force.
      Three months later: Haemers uses a standard online site, with built-in automate requests for donations; same style of site as others I looked at. He talked online with John Friend, who follows the junk media in knowing little about the topics of his interviewees. Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed; he seems to be a naive Hitler believer type, probably explaining why Haemrers gets little criticism. Haemers seems not to appreciate the possibility that Hitler's Germany was run by Jews just like the USA and USSR. And (this is newer to me) that China was also infiltrated and run by Jews. (And possibly explaining his presence on the Occidental Observer. He was discussing 'National Socialism' in the USA with its few tiny groups, at this time easily identifiable as stooge types. Haemers doesn't seem to understand that science has been contaminated by Jews; in his talk with 'Red Ice radio' on his book on COVID he quoted without doubts stories of Jews in the US giving secrets to the Chinese, probably a re-run of pretences that Jews in the US gave 'atom secrets' to Russians; same mistake as Kevin MacDonald. So I have to withdraw my optimistic previous review. Sigh.

tabublog  (9/11 and N and Holohoax aware, but weakened by support for astrology etc)

takebackyourpower  (Set up Aug 2012. Woo Commerce WordPress site. Hosted apparently in Holland. I was told online they mention Jews, though I couldn't find much. Interesting piece on two 'veterans' conducting a citizen's arrest on local government corruption grounds in Michigan. Largely about smart meters and 5G—this is the 'power'; I'm agnostic - but wish experts would speak)  but seems to have been demoted I recommended their 9/11 survey and 'Jew' population timeline and other articles. Very simple HTML format. English language. Registered with 'Wild West'. Since Dec 2005. Was 'Khazar Plutocracy Orchestrated 9/11 And Fabricated "Gas Chambers" Hoax'. Most recent article is a detailed crit of van Pelt's 'expert' testimony at David Irving's legal action against 'Professor' Deborah Lipstadt. lists short article titles. Linked to by Michael A Hoffman.N) seems to be from the same source. An unofficial report into the Iraq War, notably the Jewish aspect. First uploaded June 2016 (and registered for 1 year).

Tarig Anter wordpress  (Turk or perhaps Khazar-centric maps and interpretations of world events. Includes Islam. May help with revisionism back to the 'Abrahamic' religions, as revisionists recognise the importance of western and central Asia).  Founded 2000; updated 2017; simple Wordpress. Possibly New Zealand author(s). Looks for 'Jews': Ed Sheeran, Anna Eberstein, Judi Dench, Jeff Bezos, Mick Jagger, for example though the evidence, though well-written is not conclusive imo. Media TV Jews with inferior race sidekicks. (Look at NZ 'news' on Youtube if you don't believe this). And politicians, billionaires, elites spending huge amounts of money to prevent native people from defending themselves. No inbuilt search engine. You might try subdirectories /2018, /2017 etc. 

Telling Films  (Lady Michèle Renouf's site, largely on Birobidjan; and on personal appearances e.g. in Iran; and 'swindlespeak'; and others on Israeli war crimes, Palestine, whites)

jadar homepages
Another drawing by FarStar88  (Texe Marrs)

The Alternative Hypothesis .org  (Race-mixing, racemixing, race mixing. Its risks, dangers, effects. Started 2016. Looks US with some UK contributions. Not much awareness of Jews as trying to force race-mixing, hoping this to be damaging. But it's quite a popular site. Apologies if it turns out not to be seriously Jew-aware)

The Six Million Fact of Fiction No info on popularity. Site by Peter Winter. May be based on Did Six Million Really Die? Available as a pdf download. July 31 2000 site established. Appears to be a Google site.

The tap  (H M T Curteis)

The End of Zion Archives go back to 2013. Registered with WildWestDomains. Outspoken, funny, anti-PC and with in-house cartoons. Personal comments on Kike politicians, 'entertainers', crooks, puppets, pornographers, viciousness. Mostly I think US and Canada. May be Dr James Sears site, judging by stylistic clues. Nuke naive though.  10 July 2019 - very new site, not yet on Alexa. Godaddy website builder. A website/blog dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the Nations of Europe and people of European lineage worldwide. At present, by Lucius Vanini. Open letter to Western Jewry (April 2020)  (Roberts)

Target Freedom USA .com  (Jim Condit Jr's website. There is another site which seems to be fake, against him. Condit is famous for a videotape on the 'final solution of Adolf Hitler' which is good but a bit unfocussed. He's Catholic and seems to accept the Jewish origin of Catholicism as acceptable. I think he's nuke naive. Activist against US election fraud and other issues.)

The Flame UK  (Seems to have been a paper news source, moved to Internet in 2008. Includes Good Jew-aware articles on the entire world situation, including USA, UK, Africa. Updating is erratic; probably written by a few enthusiasts; probably including Bernard Franklin, who states 'I have been trying to make the public aware of the fact that the UK is under anti-British Jewish rule since 1939.' May be specifically Christian. Downloadable as a single pdf file) N  (Goyim resistance. Australian; + German version)

*Removed? The Truthful One .com  (Good US site, revived 2015, on links between Jews, Israel, central banks, false flags/crisis actors including 9/11, anti-white and anti-free speech ops. Christian aimed) 

The Traitor Within  (Detailed British-based general survey site; links to many other sites. But many of the sites are discredited; it is very possibly a junk site spiced with a few good ones)  (The truthful one: since July 2011, I think. 'Revealing the truth so you can be free'. May be a spoof or splinter of '' as it has false flag/ crisis actor info, but nothing on Jews.)  Created on 2010-03-09. Seems to be hosted on GoDaddy. I've heard of this before, with its portraits of e.g. Belloc. 'Wayback machine'*/ gives images from 2010. Its current Wordpress website design dates from 2015. They don't seem to like dates. I looked here after seeing an interview of Katie Fanning (of Manchester; also known as Katebubba) by Brandon Martinez. She mentions Jews and may be new and original. Probably unaware of serious revisionist trends such as nukes, pogrom revisionism, Jewish origins of other religions, Christianity as collaborators, Fed Reserve.

Truth Over Tradition is a Wordpress site (registered June 2018). News & Commentary from a Christian Identity Perspective. Aimed at US whites, I'd guess WASP-ish - eg rational arguments against the Trinity, discussions of black violent crime, race in English-language translations of the Bible, Jews as mentioned in the Bible, Jew media, stories about tribes and which of them are or aren't 'Jews'. Fundamentalist stuff in effect for Christians who are a bit naive, eg opposing evolution and full of Biblical stuff. Not so good on white violence in wars, often (always?) Jewish. I couldn't find discussion on fake science. Has quite a large number of similar sites linked to it.
      Sep 2019 topics include Sacklers squirreling 1 bn in Switzerland, The Jew Pieczenik Confesses That Jeffrey Epstein Was a Pedophile Blackmailer Working for Israel's Mossad, Hook-Nosed' Jews are Angry With the Deaf, Colt Stopping Production of the AR-15, Savage Ape Stabs White Woman 100 times and Pins Her Heart to the Wall with a Knife, Is the Swamp Drained Yet?, NBC Wants You to Confess Your ‘Climate Change' Sins

The Wakeup Call jadar Jew aware May 2016 forum hosted in Sofia. 'Prosilver' forum - Not recommended by me! This site mentions me, rerevisionist, which is encouraging from an honesty point of view. Even seems to be nuke-aware. But I think the constricted presentation makes it too difficult to use. -->  (Zionist Occupation Government: Impressive lists of 'Who Controls'). AND  (and and The Zionist Occupation Government. List of psyops and claimed CIA links. Includes:
      William Regnery's C.I.A. Connections | Richard Spencer's | Mike Enoch's | Jared Taylor's | William Johnson's | David Duke's | Don Black's | Jeff Rense's | Alex Jones' C.I.A. Connections
      Jewish list: Steven Anderson – 1/4 Jewish | Andrew Auernheimer ("weev") – 1/2 Jewish | Christopher Bollyn – Jewish | Daniel Burros – Jewish | Francis Cohen ("Frank Collin") – 1/2 Jewish | Gordon Duff – 1/4 Jewish | James Fields, Jr. (né Bloom) – Jewish | Benjamin Fulford – Jewish | William Gale (né Grabifker) – 1/2 Jewish | Joel Gilbert – Jewish | Joshua Goldberg ("Michael Slay") – Jewish | Jordan Gollub – Jewish | Paul Gottfried – Jewish | Andrew Greenbaum ("Davis Wolfgang Hawke") – 1/2 Jewish | William Hovater ("Tony Hovater") – 1/2 Jewish | Eric Hufschmid – Jewish | Rob Jacobson – Jewish | Michael Kadar – Jewish | Nathanael Kapner – Jewish | Max Keiser – Jewish | Felix Lace ("Black Pigeon Speaks") – Jewish | Douglass Mackey ("Ricky Vaughn") – Jewish | Stefan Molyneux – 1/2 Jewish | Michael Peinovich ("Mike Enoch") – 1/2 Jewish | Jack Posobiec – 1/2 Jewish | Jon Rappoport – Jewish | Michael Rivero – Jewish | Jeremy Rothe-Kushel – Jewish | David Seaman – Jewish | Michael Shrimpton – Jewish | Owen Shroyer – Jewish | Michael Snyder – Jewish | John Stadtmiller – 1/4 Jewish | Robert David Steele – 1/2 Jewish | Vladimir Stepankowsky – Jewish | Nathan Stoltman ("Lift the Veil") – Jewish | Andrew Torba – Jewish | Emanuel Trujillo ("Mana Truhill") – 1/2 Jewish | Henrick Van Der Windt – Jewish | Mark Weber – 1/2 Jewish [Note by RW - watching Weber's planned speeches, which ignore the certainty that Jews fund fakes, and ignoring US war crimes, and ignoring the need to remove assets from Jews, I concluded that Weber was/is just another plant] | Paul Wittenberger – 1/2 Jewish | Milo Yiannopoulos – 1/4 Jewish
      As for Adolf Hitler, I don't believe he was a shill, but I believe he was used without realizing that.
      George Lincoln Rockwell was quite possibly the biggest intelligence spook in the history of the American WN subculture
      Mussolini was indeed very suspicious. I don't know if you were aware, but one of the founding families of the Fascist party was a very prominent and wealthy Jewish-Italian banking dynasty
      Paul Nehlen and Patrick Little. Those are two real life U.S.S.O.C.O.M.
      The Alternative Right Jewish Zionist PSYOP | The European Right Jewish Zionist PSYOP | The Republican Party Jewish Zionist PSYOP | The Donald Trump Jewish Zionist PSYOP | The Hillary Clinton Jewish Zionist PSYOP | Donald Trump Research
      Many others, including 'Karl Radl', 'Red Ice Radio', and 'Tommy Robinson'

Seems to have taken over from the previous site, though both still exist. Likely lists of Jews in e.g. Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, Big Media, Senate, Congress, Advertising, Hollywood, News, SPLC, JDL, ADL, the White House, Supreme Court, Government, Politics, Finance, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook etc. I couldn't find opinion pollsters though. Registered in Panama, 2013(?)).

Thulean Perspective  (TimesWarp - What The New York Times doesn't tell you about Palestine and Israel. Started late 2013, by Barbara Erickson. Possibly based in Berkeley. But may be site a designed to avoid separation of US interests generally, from Jewish interests.)  (Andre)  (David Chase Taylor. This site may be another phoney)

Truth Be Known  (The late D M Murdock (aka Acharya S) on Moses (and Jesus) as myths. Not on modern 'Jews', but worth mentioning as part of revisionism. I don't know how original her work is) 

Truth Hertz radio  (Charles Giuliani. Looks moribund. Last entry seems to be 2012. Weebly Jewish) (? Alexa doesn't know it) The Truth Times seems established June 2015 with 2014 info. Jewish NWO - very good on fake New Zealand shooting hoax.

TruthStream Media by Aaron and Melissa Dykes  Hosts their own videos. Some appear good, but the truth is I haven't checked for Jew awareness. They may be just a Gnostic Media style privileged couple.  ("Don't believe what they tell you" site; despite the name this is mostly ZOG material)

UK lockdown  [British; abandoned 2010?]

Uncensored History  "Dark Chapters of History". I can't find when this site was started. It's in fact more Jewish junk, with nothing on Jews funding and starting wars. It's main point is to claim the 'allies' (i.e. Jews supporting war in UK, US etc) and Jew-controlled USSR had about equal rates of rape—despite the fact the Russians, Ukrainians etc were mass murdered, as we Germans. Nothing of course on Jew-caused violence of any sort. Typical Jew propaganda. I first noticed this in David Irving's site

Unity of Nobility   See Chuck Maultsy (above).   Stars not known. Hard to assess site, apparently started in March 3 2005. Some connection to Jacksonville, Florida. The URL I've selected had a left-hand margin list of (I think) all its contents, unlike the others, making it a useful page. But this list uses Java and seems erratic; if it's not there, your navigation is trickier. It has its banner TRUTH BOMBERS - 9/11 TRUTH - HIDDEN HISTORY, JEWISH CRIMINAL POWER AND THE HOLOCAUST FRAUD EXPOSED and the list goes from COVID PANDEMIC to MEME COLLECTION, VIDEO COLLECTION, Open letter to Americans, Wisdom of the Bar Flies, and A Pilot's Memoirs. There are roughly 300 links in their list, all named id[number].html, where number seems to be 1 to 300ish. .
      The site is in HTML and not a Wordpress site, so Wordpress can't remove the site. Generated with Trellix Site Builder (about which I knew nothing; on inspection it seems more interested in computer security, and perhaps was chosen because of that). Its title is the same as capitalised, above and seems to have started with holocaust exposées; it has a lot on that, starting perhaps with Zündel. But it is pro-Hitler (includes the 1938 'Man of the Year' Time thing. But later advances seem missing: nuke frauds, Hitler as yet another Jew, world-wide jewry, science frauds, Jews in India, China and the East, though COVID is included. I could not find any other URLs which redirect to it, though this would be an obvious option.
      Googlesafe says 'no unsafe content found' | Norton Safeweb says OK | ScamAdvisor says The trust rating is high. Might be safe (it's being careful. It says the same about big-lies) | Sucuri says No malware found & site is not blacklisted.
      Lots of details; quite a huge site. Might be run by Jews as partial-disinformation; I just don't know. Much is OK, and it's a collective set of presentations of other people's work, not so much with its own views.

USS Liberty Veterans  (Survivors of the Jewish attack on the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean, under LBJ)

Verum et Inventa  (Author's site. Links false flags and Jews convincingly. Non-events in France covered. But mixed with crap).

Vexman's Thoughts on Wordpress  Because it's on Wordpress, no popularity figures are available, as far as I know. 4 stars is just a guess. It has an annoying 'We value your privacy' cookie notice. And most of the page is wasted.
      I found this through cuttingthroughthefog, itself unhelpful. Vexman says he (or they, etc) is in Slovenia and indeed has piece on Slavs and slaves. What is original seems present in other sites. But maybe it's good on southern Europe.  (Includes debt, Jews, and Bilderberg Listing 2016, and Catherine Austin Fitts. N )

Violence Against Whites  Includes 'hate crime' frauds and hoaxes, one of several sites on swastika frauds, black hoaxes, sex crime fakes Voice of Europe - Doesn't mention Jews. Stories only concerned with Islam. Nothing on Jews funding migration. Rubbish. Seems to have been resurrected July 2016

Wake-upBeforeItsTooLate  Rather in-your-face site 'created 2016-04-09' but also 'records ... since 2011-01-20'. Possibly by Clive Birnie. Youtube is einrib4truth with many liked videos. Starts with Rothschild and money, and expands to e.g. 9/11. Needs to be proofread. Nuke aware). ? Berkeley graduate Elena Haskins' site from 1997-2012, revived 2015. Has material stored on Information on California's invasion by nonwhites. Regards white males largely as ineffectual dupes and fools of Jews and their derivatives. Ingenious comparison with 'auto-immune disease' (NB but this concept is probably wrong; see my Hillman material)

Watchfulness WordPress .com  (2003 registered in USA; seems to do more now. Criticisms of 'Anglo-American-Judeo Elites' with Christian revival outlook, and Catholic or Orthodox views, with dislike of Francis. Historical material; not much on science. I found it rather insubstantial; but who knows )

Way of the World  (Seems to be video only; three stars just a guess. Interesting white videos on white genocide. Jew awareness somewhat muted and may not exist; see e.g. video on Jordan Peterson. Mystical stuff, e.g. Evola won't appeal to many)

Wear's War  Promotion for e.g. a book by John Wear, Germany's War. Atrocities and horrors as perhaps a genre started by Bacque and likely to increase. Some Jew information but not much. Apparently a retired Southern US accountant. I don't know when the site and book appeared.

Well Aware 1  ('Behold the power of 1'. Site by Ed Chiarina Jr = 'DallasGoldBug' and Richard B Dawson specialising in false flag actors, and fake charities. But with many incredible comparisons e.g. JFK same person as J Carter. BUT MAY BE a joff site)

Wermold and Wermold   Seems to have been discontinued

Western Spring   Now deleted  Created March 2012. Wordpress site. Brainchild of a Mensan activist who was in the BNP in its optimistic days. Has its own money-based scheme of action. Three featured articles each time, by Frederick Dixon or Max Masson. As I look, there's an article on 'hundred handers' and their black and white messages, and two pieces on 'coronavirus', but omitting the jewish printed money aspect, and the wrong virus analysis. Sad material on 'blacks' and charities and lies. Other sections: 'Which Way Now', 'Electoral Corruption'. 'The Need for New Vision'.

Western Voices World News  Long-term (est 2007?) News site including forums. Largely on Jews pushing immigration onto white countries, and Muslim info. Mexico. 'Racism'. White achievements. Section on core issues. Poss Australian-owned.

 West's Darkest Hour .com (replaces  Apparently based in Brea, California, and started in September 2018. [ William Pierce etc. Website I think by a Spanish (or Portuguese) American, César Tort, who considers Christianity to have been a disaster. This was a common point of view in Victorian England, incidentally; so much so that its defenders didn't even bother to describe it—Bertrand Russell was this type, though in a very dilute form. This file is a good overview. I don't know any person who has considered the deletion of civilisations as a fairly common event.
      Accounts of visits to friends, family, and others. He describes meeting Arthur Kemp.
      Tort leans to Spain and Portugal, and their empires mostly in Mexico and southern Americas, but also some European tribes, such as the Visigoths, giving him a feeling against interbreeding and miscegenation. He's aware of the blacks imported into Latin America—more than in the north. But he doesn't seem to know about Jews behind the scenes, Marranos for example, and Moslems, which greatly weakens his evidential bases. He knows nothing of Miles Mathis.
      However, the entire money aspect is ignored—obviously a steady income was desired by many people, with nominal beliefs making a tacked-on faint afterthought—think of the Church of England, or the sad American loudmouth types in their shacks. And the funding of weapons is ignored. My tries to include all this, and also to include Islam. The website says Christianity must be rejected (though I don't think it has plans for distributing the assets, or what if anything to substitute, apart from true beliefs about whites). ]
      Interesting site, presenting a lot on the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking parts of the world. Rather naive Hitler worship (in my view), and rather verbose, evading direct descriptions. Needs updates!

Image from 'We Thought They Were White' - removed. Weebly is a jewish site.
We Thought They Were White  (Black and Jew revisionist site, by Dontell Jackson, aiming for black-white unity: truth about Jews and slavery, West India Company, Jews behind the 'Civil Rights' USA movement, Jews exploitation of blacks, etc. Seems first established in 2005)

white biocentrism  (Forum; topics include William Pierce, Ben Klassen, Revilo Oliver, Kevin Strom, Ludwig Klages, Thomas Paine)

whitecivilrights-com/  (See David Duke's eponymous site above. This site seems a saved version of and has a large range of topics, mostly USA based and 'communism' based.)  (White Nationalism. Site by Yggdrasil. Includes essays, white-supporting film/videos, and online library of books)  Mostly inside story of media lies, violence, and Jewish financial power against black and white South Africans. Buying politicians. Paying puppets. Murders. Looks reliable. A lot on fake stories on Apartheid. Rhodesia, Namibia, etc. Popular in south Africa. The African story is (I hope) slowly clarifying. South Africa flag

WhiteNations . com, net, org, info  (Forum which seems to have been reinvented in May 2016, by Fred O'Malley. (I don't know what that is). Seems to be in California. Very little presence yet)

The White Network  (Scott, Yeager et al)

The White Network Archive  ('Read-only copy of frozen as-is on 15 April 2014'. Scott, Yeager, Tanstaafl et al. Many very good writers and good radio broadcasts BUT they haven't bothered to indicate the contents, presumably expecting people to spend hours and days and weeks listening)  (Swedish English-language. Many articles on varieties of anti-white violence and crime. Articles on WW2, National Socialism)

White Independent Nation (UK)  (White Independent Nation (UK) promoting white nations)

Whites Will Win  (Outspoken site of James T. Laffrey, who gives an account of his 2008 awakening. With list of jew-aware sites. He's rather new to revisionism, which may explain some of his incomprehension on e.g. energy. Oct 2021: has videos on Liberty Bell, visiting Revilo Oliver who needs restatements. Realistic, but may possibly be accused of inciting violence. Says that Jews are the enemy, and it's legitimate to kill enemies.)

      My White TV is Jim Laffrey's video site. About 1 hour each. Included Dr Lorraine Day, but without asking her about the 'kill shot'. He put up a video nominally on Miles Mathis, though including my site. Disappointingly, he barely dealt with Mathis's many issues; I'd hoped for a serious consideration at last—Mathis (and me, too) has never had a serious critical exam. Laffrey adopting the 'fools rush in' principle. The video is a sample: this one on Vernon Coleman, yet another Jewish phoney. He has lived in Vietnam, and seems to expect them to be polite to Americans.
      In one of his videos, he says he explained to someone he met that he [Laffrey] is an expert on Jews. just as his conversation partner was an expert in his own work. This seems a bold claim, but he's right. In any field, almost all experts are limited; consider medical people for example, most of whom have narrow specialisations. Or lawyers. Or engineers. Or teachers. The world needs large numbers of experts on Jews! 

Wide Awake Gentile  (Started 2013; Jewish frauds, Jewish acts, includes China, India)

Wide Eye Cinema  (Videos in categories Health, Corporatism, False Flag Ops, Secret Societies, Mind Control. 'Corporatism' meaning EU, global warming hoax, Common Purpose, War on Drugs... There are difficulties locating the videos on their site. Mixed material; some, but not much, on Jews. Marginal Jadar. )

William de Hewitt  (One of several sites presumably by William de Hewitt. Registered 2015 at WildWestDomains, in California. News items, including South Africa, maritime law, Boers, ANC, Jewish corruption, warmongers, Popeye the Sailor Man, Trump, Halal, AIPAC ... Seems N) (stars ? - not recognised.) Created 2017-05-17. Carto 7/17/1926 - 10/26/2015. Has Carto's correspondence. I found a letter on Kant being given a small house to live in. About 30 inc Goering, Kenneth Goff, Ludovici, Archibald Roosevelt, Murray Rothbard, F Toeben. That sort of thing. Articles, Liberty Lobby, personal library etc

Winston Smith - Ministry Of Truth  (INVITATION ONLY. POSSIBLY HAS BEEN MENACED. Detailed news cuttings of Jewish lies; emphases in red. These are taken from varied sources, including newspapers and historical books. I noted as an example an 1889 article on Auschwitz as a human trafficking centre with bribery by officials - Auschwitz being in railway communication with German sea-ports. Hard to find because of its concealment within 'blogspot')

Peter Winter Writing blogspot  ('Jew'/WW2 writings, based on Did Six Million Really Die? and updated on concentration camps. And writing on Deir Yassin, Anne Frank, and other atrocities, scandals etc. Has or had free download of The Six Million. Fact or Fiction? 7th Edition. See also

WinterWatch (Was  (Ziomedia and the Middle East. Includes Brussels false flag (with jewish 'security' by ICTS) and other media frauds and anti-Muslim war provocation. Includes 9/11 half-truth and money markets, effects of Jewish frauds. Body Language Analysis: BBC Interviews Prince Andrew — But Did He Lie? Privatized Prisons for Illegals Incentivize Trojan Horse Evil and Corruption (immigration CCA Epic Investor Partners GEO - Jews making money etc... 22 million illegals in USA) typical things.
      From British history viewpoint, two very interesting articles look at Disraeli and Palmerston Henry John Temple (1784-1865), dubbed 3rd Viscount Palmerston, was the British Empire's black operations chief in the first half of the Victorian era... and 'Colonel' Mandell House
      Looks sound though no sources. I found some 'AIDS' stuff (including poppers and 'tape head cleaner' vintage 1990. Difficult to download Wordpress. EXCEPT N and 9/11 evasion and expressions like 'neo-Nazi'. Name may come from Russ Winter, who seems to write a lot of it)  (Winter turning. Other side of Germany and WW2.)

Wir Sind Monika  (We Are Monika; German site, I think mainly one subject, Monika Schaefer, jailed in Germany at the instigation of Jews. She is the sister of Alfred Schaefer, who has some Internet presence on the subject.)  Established Feb 2012. Wordpress site. Many monochrome photos. Popularity spurt in 2020. This is NOT Christopher Jon Bjerknes' site, as I'd thought. Advocates Hitler-was-right school. Does not examine the idea that worldwide Jewry controlled the whole shebang of WW2, chiefly to cause whites to kill each other. Since they don't list it, try my article

XAT.ORG See 'History of Money'

Yushkov, Roman Not a website as far as I know. But Roman Yushkov is famous for being prosecuted under Russia's Jewish-promoted law to suppress truth about WW2. 

Zion Crime Factory 

Ziomania  (Peoples claiming to be 'Jews', quite a lot of detail, by 'a woman of color')

Ziopedia  (Wordpress version of therebel)

Zio-watch  which is related to Dr Patrick Slattery's The National Bugle with 'Slattery University', links to books etc. The National Bugle has four columns: War and [US] Foreign Policy, Immigration and demographics, Elections and Politics, and Other News. It is Jew aware. Has podcasts. Lots of variety. Imho could use more detailed descriptions. Not nuke aware.

Note: sites which are good, but show no sign of awareness of Jewish influence, have been excluded. For example shows energy and effort, but is not Jew-wise.
Sites which repeat material which is widely-known, but seem to add misinformation, and/or do not repeat true information which is not yet widely known, have been excluded. For example,, So have sites which claim common Jews are entirely innocent such as,, A truly odd site is it has an 'advisory board' of stellar revisionist names, and yet has no mention of Jews. Red Ice Radio is another oddity. So is American Renaissance; Jared Taylor never mentions Jews, giving an absurdly lop-sided website.
Conventional supposed 'left wing', revolutionary, critical in the Frankfurt School sense, shill sites evading Jewish issues, Stalinist, Trotskyite etc etc sites which are Jew-run or heavily Jew-influenced have been excluded. is one example of very many; so is James Randi's fake 'educational foundation'. Some 'right wing' sites, such as low-grade anti-'PC' sites, are excluded. Sites such as IQ man Chris Brand, and some sites on education and on law and policing, fervent but unable to connect Jewish dots, are excluded.
Big-lies site has info in Truths about Jews

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