JFK Assassination, Roger Stone Evidence, No Israel?

Roger Stone has released an important portion of long-suppressed info on the JFK assassination, but he has omitted any reference to Israel.

... Roger Stone Releases Evidence That JFK Was Murdered by the Deep State
November 6, 2021 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News
Roger Stone reveals who really killed JFK

Roger Stone has released explosive new evidence exposing exactly who within the Deep State assassinated John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1963.

The U.S. government are never going to willingly release the details of who really killed JFK, that’s why Stone decided to write a book detailing what really happened.

Stone, who co-authored ‘The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ‘ with Mike Colapietro, makes the case that the murder of JFK was masterminded by his own vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and that the CIA and mafia worked with LBJ to carry out the hit. reports: In a recent interview with Brannon Howse, Stone explained the motivations of LBJ, the intelligence community and the mob for wanting to remove JFK from office.

“It’s a murder mystery, as you know. It’s a page turner,” Stone said. “Not only do we reveal a number of things that were never made public by the Warren Commission investigation. But it’s a story that involves eye witnesses, finger print evidence, deep Texas politics. And I’m not an attorney but if you read this book and you don’t believe that Lyndon Baines Johnson working with the CIA, working with the banks, working with the big Texas oil, working with the military, working with the Secret Service orchestrated the murder of John F. Kennedy, well then you can’t be convinced because I make the case, a compelling case, in this book.

Howse said the book is instructive for those wanting to understand the power of the deep state and how it works behind the scenes to make sure it always keeps America moving in its desired direction.

“If you’re not learning the lessons of history you’re doomed to repeat it,” Howse said. “A coup d’état of the intelligence agencies taking out a sitting president. You’d think I’d be talking about what just happened with Donald Trump, maybe that’s where it all started.”

The book wastes no time dropping bombshells.

On page 2, Stone recounts a conversation with John Davis Lodge, the 79th governor of Connecticut from 1951 to 1955 and later serving as U.S. ambassador to Spain, Argentina, and Switzerland. He was the brother of JFK’s ambassador to Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge and Stone asked him who killed Kennedy.

Cabot is quoted as answering: “‘It was the agency boys, some Mafioso’s.’ He looked me in the eye, ‘and Lyndon.'”

Henry Cabot Lodge was also, according to Stone’s research, directly involved in the assassination of South Vietnam President Diem.

“Therefore, there was this entire assassination that took place behind Kennedy’s back. He was furious with the CIA. And he would have sacked Lodge as ambassador.

The downfall of Richard Nixon also takes on a new life in Stone’s book.

He uncovers, on Page 6, that Nixon suspected Johnson was a conspirator in Kennedy’s assassination and ordered the CIA to deliver all records from the assassination to the White House.

Nixon saw enough to know how it went down. He had to go. Watergate just “happened.”

“Nixon was never a particularly loquacious guy. He always looked forward and it was hard to get him to be retrospective on the incredible events of his life, unless you gave him a couple of cocktails. Then he became a lot more loquacious,” Stone said. “When I asked him who really killed Kennedy, he stared into his martini… he said ‘Lyndon and I both wanted to be president, the only difference was I wasn’t willing to kill for it.'”

But what about Lyndon Baines Johnson himself, the former U.S. Senate majority leader from Texas who became president under extraordinary circumstances? What were his motivations?

“People need to understand Johnson is mentally unstable, epically corrupt, nothing passes the U.S. Senate without a payoff. He’s a pill popper, a sadist, a womanizer,” Stone said.

Some who knew LBJ told Stone the man was so sick that if he had not been the president he would have been in a mental hospital.

Heading into 1963 Johnson knew he was facing at least two investigations into his corrupt activities which Stone details in the book.  Kennedy already was talking about replacing him on the 1964 ticket.

“He’s staring not only at political ruin but he’s staring at going to federal prison,” Stone said.

On that fateful day of Nov. 22, 1963, when the two were scheduled to make ride through Dallas, Texas, for the purpose of shoring up the base one year ahead of the 1964 election, Johnson strangely changed up the seating arrangements in the motorcade.  Instead of him riding in the main car with Kennedy, he argued in favor of Texas Governor John Connally.

“Johnson with knowledge of the conspiracy to assassinate the president… argued bitterly over the seating in the motorcade. It was a set up to get Kennedy killed,” Stone said.

Kennedy had run as a militant anti-communist but started drifting from his belief that the Soviets could not be dealt with diplomatically. This turned the U.S. intelligence agencies against him.

Kennedy refused to use the U.S. Air Force to provide support for the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, which was carried out by anti-Castro Cuban exiles, which unfolded early in Kennedy’s administration in 1961.

“So the deep state, military-industrial complex, whatever you want to call them in 1961 is deeply convinced that Kennedy is one of them,” Stone said. “But then as he seeks to establish a back-channel discussion with Castro through a French journalist, which the CIA clearly knows about, then in the fiasco with the Bay of Pigs in which Kennedy refuses to provide air support.”

For reasons still unknown, the number-two man at CIA canceled the air support that was supposed to come from Panama and then Kennedy refused to send in the Air Force.

In the end, the men charging the beaches of Cuba were “being cut to ribbons by sharpshooters… So the CIA believes Kennedy had no backbone, and Kennedy believes he’s been double-crossed by the CIA.”

Then there’s the Cuban missile crisis.

“The American people have been told this tale that Jack and Bobby Kennedy bravely faced down Nikita Khrushchev and he folded. That’s not true,” Stone said. “What the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies knew then and the American people did not learn for forty years was that the Kennedys made a secret deal with Turkey to remove our missiles from Turkey and Italy, changing the balance of power in Europe, and in return they have a pledge from Khrushchev to remove missiles from Cuba, but there is no on-site inspection. So the Kennedys really got taken to the cleaners by Khrushchev, the deep state knows it, they’re already angry about the Bay of Pigs, they want to go deeper into Vietnam and Kennedy is showing some resistance to that.”

On Nov. 23, 1963, the day after Kennedy was assassinated, LBJ reversed all of Kennedy’s executive orders “making it very clear we’re going deeper into Vietnam.”

Then there’s the backstory of Joseph P. Kennedy, father of JFK. He served as ambassador to Britain under Eisenhower and built his fortune bootlegging. He also had ties to the mob.

“He goes to the heads of the various crime families in Chicago in late 1959 and says ‘my son is going to be president so I want to leave here with a million dollars today,'” Stone said. “That’s a huge amount of money in 1959 but the heads of all the families nationwide are there.”

Among those present were Mickey Cohen, who ran the mob in Los Angeles, along with a mafia representative from Las Vegas. They stormed out of the meeting in anger.

“‘We own Dick Nixon. We’ve been supporting him since the beginning, your man’s not going to win. We’re going to win,'” they reportedly told Joseph Kennedy.

But Sam Giancana, representing the Chicago mob, received a consensus to give Joe Kennedy the million dollars in return for Kennedy’s pledge that his sons would overturn the Eisenhower plans to deport two mob leaders in Florida and Louisiana-Texas.

But after the election of JFK, his father, Joseph Kennedy, suffered a debilitating stroke, and could no longer speak.

“Well, Robert Kennedy goes after these two mob leaders with everything he’s got. One of them was actually kidnapped and dumped in Guatemala,” Stone explains.  “The mob has been betrayed by the Kennedys. In return for the million dollars and the pledge of an easier time under Kennedy’s Justice Department, the mob agrees to break arms and intimidate voters in West Virginia and Illinois and then later in Texas, and an argument could be made that they tipped the 1960 election to Kennedy. So you can see why they felt betrayed.”

Bottom line: LBJ, the CIA and the mob all had motives to .

If the facts revealed in Stone’s book ever became widely known and accepted, the American people would lose faith in the entire premise underlying their republic – the idea that the president works for them.

The facts behind the Kennedy assassination, combined with the blatantly stolen re-election of Donald Trump, indicate that the man elected to the highest office in the land must conform to the wishes not of those who elect him, but those entrenched in the global deep state. If a president strays from the global agenda of the elites who demand his obedience, he will be removed, one way or another.


article intro summarized:

  • Jewish gangsters-such as Meyer Lansky-who had a stake in reviving their Cuban gambling interests that they lost when Fidel Castro came to power
  • The CIA was primarily responsible, working hand-in-hand with certain elements in "the Mafia" and also in the anti-Castro Cuban movement.
  • THE LANSKY CONNECTION ... Lansky (Jewish) was not just another gangster. He was "the chairman of the board" of organized crime in the US. He fled to Israel after JFK's assassination.
  • Kennedy-before his death-was in a pitched battle with Israel. Some of JFK's communications with then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are still classified
  • The depth and breadth of the CIA's relationship with Israel's Mossad, however, was not so commonly known.
  • The Permindex Connection ... binds-the final proof that Israel's Mossad and the CIA were at the center of the assassination conspiracy and is universally and purposely covered up. Permindex was not a neo-Nazi entity. Israel's connection puts all the pieces together.
  • There were many people who were brought into the JFK assassination conspiracy and the subsequent cover-up who had no idea of the actual role that they were playing. Final Judgement clarifies this

The following "who's who"-if read in this context-provides the reader a quick glance at the key individuals who ultimately prove central to a complete understanding of the entirety of the conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Clay Shaw - If New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison had been permitted to carry out an unimpeded investigation and prosecution of Shaw, a CIA contract operative and a former director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans implicated in involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Guy Banister and other figures central to the JFK assassination conspiracy, Garrison would have divined Shaw's connections - through a shadowy corporation known as Permindex - to not only the Israeli Mossad, but also the international crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky.
Louis M. Bloomfield - Based in Montreal, Bloomfield was a long-time intelligence operative and a front man for the powerful Bronfman family interests. The Bronfmans were not only key international backers of Israel but also long-time figures in the Lansky crime syndicate. Bloomfield, one of the foremost figures in the Israeli lobby in Canada and one of Israel's leading international operatives, not only served as the chief shareholder in the Permindex Corporation on whose board of directors Clay Shaw served, but also had intimate ties to American intelligence.

Tibor Rosenbaum - One of the "godfathers" of the state of Israel and the first director for finance and supply for Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, Rosenbaum was a prime financial angel behind the Permindex corporation. His Swiss banking concern, the Banque De Credit International, also served as the chief European money laundry or the global crime syndicate of Miami-based crime chief Meyer Lansky.
John King - A close business associate of Tibor Rosenbaum's protégé and sometime front man, Bernard Cornfeld, King showed up in New Orleans in the early stages of Jim Garrison's investigation-before Clay Shaw's name had come up-and sought to persuade Garrison (through a bribery attempt) to give up the inquiry. Fortunately he failed in his scheme.

David Ben-Gurion - Prime Minister of Israel; resigned his post in disgust with JFK's stance toward Israel. in April of 1963; Said JFK's position threatened Israel's very survival.

Yitzhak Shamir - A long-time Mossad officer (based largely at the Mossad's chief European office in Paris), Shamir headed the Mossad's assassination squad at the time of the JFK assassination. A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of JFK's actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence.

Menachem Begin - In 1963, Begin (later prime minister of Israel) was a roving Israeli diplomat; prior to JFK's assassination he was overheard conspiring with Meyer Lansky's California henchman, Mickey Cohen, in a conversation that suggested hostile intentions by Israel against the American president.

Luis Kutner - Although known largely as a "mob lawyer," (who was long and closely associated with Jack Ruby, a sometime-client) Kutner also doubled as an international intelligence operative and functioned as an advisor to an ad hoc pro-Israel lobby group in the United States.
A. L. Botnick - Head of the New Orleans office of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, an intelligence and propaganda arm for Israel's Mossad; a close associate of New Orleans-based CIA contract operative Guy Banister who helped create Lee Harvey Oswald's preassassination profile as a "pro-Castro" agitator. Evidence suggests that Banister's manipulation of Oswald may have been carried out under the guise of an ADL "fact-finding" operation.

Arnon Milchan - Israel's biggest arms dealer, Milchan was "executive producer" (i.e. chief financial angel) of Oliver Stone's Hollywood fantasy about the JFK assassination-a fact which may explain Stone's aversion to exploring the Israeli connection to the affair.
Maurice Tempeisman - The international diamond merchant and Mossad operative who became the lover of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and used his connections to double-perhaps triple-her substantial fortune, thereby co-opting the Kennedy family forever.

Rudolph Hecht - An owner of the CIA-linked Standard Fruit concern, Hecht was a prominent figure in the New Orleans Jewish community and as chairman of the board of directors of the International Trade Mart was Permindex board member Clay Shaw's primary sponsor.

James Jesus Angleton - Angleton, the CIA's long-time chief of counterintelligence, was the CIA's primary high-level conspirator in the murder of President Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up. Angleton, who had been co-opted by and was totally loyal to the Israeli Mossad, played a major role in the effort to frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Final Judgment is the first JFK assassination study to delve into Angleton's role in the conspiracy.

David Atlee Phillips - A long-time high-level CIA official, Phillips was the CIA station chief in Mexico City at the time a strange effort was underway to implicate Lee Harvey Oswald as a Soviet KGB collaborator. If anyone in the CIA knew the truth about Oswald, it was Phillips. He confessed publicly that the story about Oswald being in Mexico City was not precisely what the CIA had long claimed.

E. Howard Hunt - Long-time CIA officer and liaison to the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. Testimony by ex-CIA contract operative Marita Lorenz placed Hunt in Dallas, Texas the day before the president's assassination. The full truth about Hunt's actual involvement in the affair may never be known, but there is no question that Hunt was deeply involved in the intrigue surrounding the president's murder. Evidence does indeed indicate that there was a conscious effort to frame Hunt for involvement in the crime.

Guy Banister -The former FBI agent-turned-CIA contract operative whose New Orleans office was a central point for international intrigue involving the CIA, the anti-Castro Cuban exiles and the anti-DeGaulle forces in the French Secret Army Organization (OAS). Under Banister's direction, Lee Harvey Oswald established a public profile for himself as a "pro-Castro" agitator in the streets of New Orleans.

David Ferrie - An enigmatic adventurer and CIA contract operative, Ferrie was closely involved with Lee Harvey Oswald during Oswald's stay in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, working alongside Oswald out of Banister's headquarters. The investigation of Ferrie by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison ultimately led to Garrison's discovery of Permindex board member Clay Shaw's ties to both Ferrie and Oswald.

Marita Lorenz - A former CIA contract operative, she testified under oath that one day prior to the assassination of President Kennedy she arrived in Dallas in an armed caravan of CIA-backed Cuban exiles who were met by not only Jack Ruby, who later killed Lee Harvey Oswald, but also CIA official E. Howard Hunt.

Guillermo & Ignacio Novo - Two brothers, veterans of the CIA-backed Cuban exile wars against Fidel Castro. According to Marita Lorenz, the Novo brothers were part of the armed caravan that arrived in Dallas one day before the assassination of President Kennedy. Many years after Dallas, the Novos were later convicted of participating in the murder of a Chilean dissident in collaboration with international adventurer Michael Townley who himself had ties to high-level figures implicated in the JFK conspiracy.

John Tower - In 1963 Tower was a newly-elected Republican U.S. Senator from Texas with close ties to the CIA. Shortly after the assassination he told associates of his own inside knowledge of the bizarre story of what really happened in Dealey Plaza. The story told by Tower suggests strongly that there were many unseen forces at work, manipulating many of the key players in the JFK assassination conspiracy. It was not until the release of Final Judgment that Tower's name was ever connected to the mystery surrounding the JFK assassination.

Victor Marchetti - A high-ranking CIA official who left the agency in disgust, Marchetti later made a career writing about the CIA. In a 1978 article he charged that the CIA was about to frame its long-time operative, E. Howard Hunt, with involvement in the JFK assassination. A libel suit resulting as a consequence of Marchetti's article resulted in a climactic finding by a jury that the CIA had been involved in the assassination of the president.

Robin Moore - A journalist with long-standing close ties to the CIA, Moore co-authored former CIA man Hugh McDonald's book, LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy which promoted James Jesus Angleton's false claim that the KGB was behind the president's murder-another of the disinformation stories that emerged following the assassination.

Meyer Lansky
- Chief executive officer and de facto "treasurer" of the international crime syndicate; active in gun-running on behalf of the Israeli underground; collaborated closely with American intelligence on a number of fronts; later settled in Israel. Researchers who have claimed that "the Mafia Killed JFK" have pointedly refused to acknowledge Lansky's preeminent positioning in the underworld.

Carlos Marcello - The head of the Mafia in New Orleans, Marcello owed his status to Meyer Lansky who was his chief sponsor in the crime syndicate. Marcello could not have orchestrated the JFK assassination-as some suggest-without Lansky's explicit approval.

Seymour Weiss - Meyer Lansky's chief bagman and liaison with the political establishment in Louisiana, he later served as a director of the CIA-linked Standard Fruit company and may actually have been a high-ranking CIA contract operative in New Orleans at the time of the JFK assassination.

Sam Giancana - The Mafia boss of Chicago, Giancana was a player in the CIA-Mafia plots against Castro; later murdered, probably at the behest of Santo Trafficante, Jr. His family says that Giancana admitted having been involved in the planning of the JFK assassination.
Santo Trafficante, Jr. - Although best known as the head of the Mafia in Tampa, Trafficante actually functioned as Meyer Lansky's chief lieutenant in the crime syndicate and as Lansky's liaison with the CIA in the Castro assassination plots.

Johnny Rosselli - A roving "ambassador" for the Mafia, Rosselli was the primary conduit between the CIA and the mob in the plots against Fidel Castro; may have arranged the murder of Sam Giancana for Trafficante and was later murdered himself.

Mickey Cohen - Meyer Lansky's West Coast henchman; Jack Ruby's role model and a gun-runner for the Israeli underground, Cohen collaborated closely with Israeli diplomat Menachem Begin prior to the JFK assassination;. Cohen arranged for John F. Kennedy to meet actress Marilyn Monroe who was assigned the task of finding out JFK's private views and intentions toward Israel.

Jack Ruby - A long-time functionary for the Lansky syndicate, Ruby was the Lansky connection man in Dallas and also engaged in CIA-linked gunrunning to the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. Evidence suggests there is more to Ruby's sudden "death" than meets the eye.

Jim Braden - A veteran personal courier for Meyer Lansky, Braden was almost assuredly in contact in Dallas with Jack Ruby prior to the JFK assassination. He was briefly detained in Dealey Plaza minutes after the president's murder, but those JFK assassination researchers who have mentioned Braden prefer to cast him as a "Mafia" figure rather than as Lansky's man on the scene in Dallas.

Al Gruber - A henchman of Meyer Lansky's West Coast operative, Mickey Cohen, Gruber and Ruby spoke by telephone just shortly before Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. It is believed that Gruber gave Ruby the contract on Oswald on behalf of his superiors.

Charles DeGaulle
- Repeatedly targeted for assassination by Israeli-allied forces in French intelligence and in the Secret Army Organization (OAS) who were angry that DeGaulle had granted independence to Arab Algeria. The Mossad-sponsored Permindex operation that also had a hand in the murder of JFK, laundered money used in the assassination attempts on DeGaulle.

Georges deLannurien - High ranking official in the SDECE, the French intelligence agency; pinpointed by a former French intelligence officer as the individual who (at the best of Mossad assassinations chief Yitzhak Shamir) contracted the hit team who killed JFK in Dallas.

Michael Mertz - A former French SDECE officer and the Paris connection for the Lansky-Trafficante heroin syndicate; alleged to have been one of the actual gunmen in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Said by some to be the legendary CIA contract killer, QJ/WIN.

Jean Soutre - A liaison for the French OAS with the CIA's E. Howard Hunt, Soutre maintained contact with Guy Banister's CIA- and mob-linked gun-running headquarters in New Orleans. Soutre may have been in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination. There is evidence linking Soutre to James Jesus Angleton's intrigue inside the CIA that affected French intelligence in a dramatic way.

Thomas Eli Davis III - A world-traveling mercenary with apparent links to both Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, Davis was taken into custody by the Algerian government for his subversive activities alongside Israeli agents in supplying weapons to the French OAS just prior to the JFK assassination. It is said that CIA operative QJJWIN (possibly Michael Mertz, one of the reputed assassins of President Kennedy) helped secure Davis's release from prison.

Geoffrey Bocca - A former propagandist for the OAS, Bocca later co-authored former CIA contract agent Hugh McDonald's book, Appointment in Dallas, which pointed the blame for the JFK assassination away from those who were actually responsible-the first of two suspect books put out by McDonald.

Christian David - A French Corsican criminal associated with reputed JFK assassin Michael Mertz, David has claimed knowledge of a French hit team involved in the JFK assassination. David himself was the chief suspect in the murder of a Moroccan dissident, Mehdi Ben-Barka, whose killing was orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad through anti-DeGaulle forces in French intelligence.

Mark Lane
- Retained by Lee Harvey Oswald's mother to represent her son's interests before the Warren Commission, Lane's book Rush to Judgment was the first major critique of the Warren Commission Report. In a libel suit filed against The Spotlight newspaper by former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt, Lane proved to the satisfaction of a jury that the CIA had indeed been involved in the JFK assassination. His best-selling book Plausible Denial outlined the circumstances of that libel suit and its ultimate conclusion.

Gary Wean - A former detective on the Hollywood beat of the Los Angeles Police Department, Wean discovered how Meyer Lansky's West Coast henchman, Mickey Cohen, was conspiring against John F. Kennedy on behalf of the Israelis. In a meeting with the former sheriff of Dallas County, Bill Decker, Wean learned a portion of the truth about what really happened in Dallas.

Edgar & Edith Stern
- Close friends of Clay Shaw, major financial backers of the pro-Israel Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, and owners of the WDSU media empire in New Orleans that not only played a major role in giving vast publicity to Lee Harvey Oswald's preassassination profile as a "pro-Castro agitator" but later sought to undermine Jim Garrison's investigation of Clay Shaw.
Johann Rush - As a young WDSU cameraman, Rush was on the scene to record Oswald's "pro-Castro" activities. He emerged-many years later-as the brains behind a "computer-enhanced" version of the famous Zapruder film of the JFK assassination that author Gerald Posner cited as "proof' that Oswald acted alone in the president's murder.

Drew Pearson - Accused by his own mother-in-law of being a "mouthpiece" for the pro-Israel ADL, Pearson had close ties to not only the Israeli lobby, but also the CIA and to President Lyndon Johnson and his cronies. It was Pearson who floated an unlikely story that Fidel Castro was behind the JFK assassination and who also played a major influence in shaping Earl Warren's perceptions of the tragedy.

Jack Anderson - As protégé of Drew Pearson, Jack Anderson likewise had strange connections that might have biased his own reportage on the JFK affair. Since 1963 Anderson has promoted a number of conflicting versions about "who really killed JFK" ranging from "the Mafia" to Fidel Castro or a combination of both.

Jack Newfield - A liberal columnist and some-time JFK assassination buff, Newfield has been a likewise long-standing devotee of Israel. He made a big splash with a highly fantastic story that missing Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa had "ordered" two Mafia figures to arrange the killing of President Kennedy. Not surprisingly, Newfield's ridiculous story was given wide play in the Establishment media.

Oliver Stone
- His Hollywood extravaganza, JFK, gave the public a fullblown, full-color, gory-in-every-detail conspiracy theory on the JFK assassination. Yet, Stone's presentation of the conspiracy was far from complete and failed to reach any firm conclusions. He deliberately suppressed the "French connection" which, in turn, was the long-hidden Israeli connection. Not only was Stone's chief financial backer Israel's leading arms dealer but also his film distribution company had its origins in the Lansky crime syndicate. What's more, one of the chief shareholders in the film company was none other than Bernard Cornfeld, long-time associate of Permindex figure Tibor Rosenbaum

Frank Mankiewicz - This former publicist for the Israeli Mossad-linked Anti-Defamation League had a peculiar part in the events that took place prior to the murder of Robert F. Kennedy. Then when Oliver Stone began promoting his film JFK, Mankiewicz popped up as his key public relations man.

Anthony Summers - Author of one book hinting that the Kennedy family were responsible for the death-maybe the murder-of actress Marilyn Monroe, Summers wrote another book on the JFK conspiracy. In neither book did Summers reveal explosive information (of which he was aware) that could have helped point the direction of those same forces which played a part in both crimes.

Robert Morrow - A former CIA contract operative who played a major role in activities on the periphery of the JFK assassination conspiracy, Morrow's book on his experiences is rife with detail, yet suspect in the eyes of many who had looked into his claims. Morrow's book absolves the key CIA conspirator, James J. Angleton, of involvement in the JFK conspiracy and portrays him as being "out of the loop" when, in fact, precisely the opposite was true. Is it a coincidence that Morrow's book publisher is an American affiliate of an Israeli publishing company?

G. Robert Blakey - An unlikely choice to serve as director of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Blakey had, just two years previously, served as a character witness for a long-time close associate of crime boss Meyer Lansky. When it came time to point the blame in the JFK assassination, Blakey targeted Lansky's protégé, New Orleans Mafia boss, Carlos Marcello, but looked no further. Blakey, likewise, found no role by the CIA-or any other intelligence agency-in the JFK assassination.

David Scheim - The author of a book that pins the murder of President Kennedy on "the Mafia," Scheim refuses to acknowledge Permindex board member Clay Shaw's intelligence connections and paints Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky as a low-level syndicate figure with no influence of substance. Scheim's book was published by the American front for an Israeli publishing company.

Richard Billings - A journalist with close ties to the CIA, Billings played a major role in the media's campaign to undermine New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigation of Clay Shaw. Billings emerged as the prime promoter of the outlandish theory that Garrison was a Mafia front man trying to take the focus off the Mafia and direct the attention toward the intelligence community.

James DiEugenio - Although a deep admirer of both John F. Kennedy and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, DiEugenio has tread lightly when inquiring into the ties between Clay Shaw and the Permindex operation with its multiple links to the Israeli Mossad and the crime syndicate.

Peter Dale Scott - His years of in-depth research on the JFK assassination have led him directly to the doorstep of the CIA, the Mossad and the Lansky Crime Syndicate, yet he has never been prepared to name names or point in the direction of those very forces, preferring to sidestep the issue.

see all the works of James Fetzer....for an in-depth view of all the above ... and more

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