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The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax

The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax

by Eustace Mullins
PT Barnum said it for all time, "There's a sucker born every minute." For more than four decades, the American people have been terrorized, not by a foreign threat, but by their own govern衫ent. In order for the Federal Reserve System central bankers to continue to loot the nation after the successful conclusion of the I Second World War, they had to invent a new threat. The only candidate was our erstwhile gallant ally, the Soviet Union. The central bank conspirators faced the task of continuing to mobilize the people against a terrible threat, taxing them heavily in order to save them from destruction.

Today, we are burdened by a $5 trillion national debt. Coincidentally, that is the sum we have spent on "national defense" since 1945. The World Order billionaires launched a complex, long-term plan to demonize Soviet Russia. Overnight, they would undergo a sea change, from the darlings of the American political Establishment to a dangerous and possibly overwhelming enemy. la my researches of more than fifty years, I finally located the smoking gun which exposed this conspiracy, a little known article in the August 1977 issue of American Heritage magazine, "Who Started the Cold War?" by historian Charles L. Mee Jr., editor of Horizon magazine, and author of one of the first cold war books, Meeting at Potsdam.


In this article, Mee writes that on Feb. 27, 1947, "President Truman met with Congressional leaders in the White House. Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson was present at the meeting, and Truman had him tell the Congressmen what was at stake. Acheson spoke for ten minutes, informing the legislators that nothing less than the survival of the whole of Western civilization was in the balance at that moment; he worked in references to ancient Athens, Rome, and the course of Western civilization and freedom since those times. The Congressmen were silent for a few moments, and then, at last. Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan, a prominent Republican who had come to support an active foreign policy, spoke up. All this might be true, Vandenberg said, but, if the President wishes to sell his program to the American people, he would have to 'scare hell out of the country'. It was at that moment that the Cold War began in earnest for the United States."

This is one of the most revealing statements in American history. This is the smoking gun which proves that the federal government used a terror campaign to frighten the American people into supporting four decades of Cold War spending on armaments. The initial campaign was the "atom bomb scare", which raged for some years; it finally lost its effectiveness, and was replaced by the ogre, based solely on falsified and invented CIA statistics, that Soviet Russia was the most terrifying military power, with the fastest growing economy, in the world. These two CIA claims were mutually exclusive; no nation could have the world's greatest military machine and at the same time support the world's fastest growing economy, but the statisticians successfully sold this scare story for years.


The Cold War, the Hegelian invention of Soviet Russia and the United States at each other's throats, the "free world" vs. the "slave empire", Capitalism vs. Communism, was the final triumph of dialectical ma負erialism, also invented by the German philosopher, Hegel. He laid down the dictum that to rule the world, you create a problem; you find an antidote to that problem; and you throw the two conflicting theses against each other, to result in a consensus or resolution. This diabolical and cynical formula reached its apogee in the Cold War. Hopefully, we will not see another such travesty of history.

Hard on the conclusion of the Second World War, the Colossus of the United States stood astride the entire world. With the world's largest economy, never touched by a single bomb or artillery shell throughout the war, the largest army, and a proud and victorious people, it was incredible that the United States could for a moment seriously regard the war-devastated Soviet Union as a threat. Stalin lost forty million people during the war; his nation was in rains. He desperately needed a breathing space in which to recover. Miraculously, the World Order invention of the Cold War came to his rescue. None other than Stalin's co-conspirator, Winston Churchill, was chosen to launch this new "problem".. Now unemployed, Churchill was desperate to get back into the limelight. At the invitation of President Truman, Churchill was brought to the United States to deliver a speech at little Fulton College, in Truman's home state of Missouri.

On March 5, 1946, at Fulton, Churchill made his famous "Iron Curtain" speech. He warned that an "Iron Curtain" had descended upon Europe, the Communist enslavement of the Eastern European countries. He failed to mention that he and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had joined at Yalta to deliver Eastern Europe to Stalin, with Alger Hiss, the originator of the plan, beaming in the background. Not a single journalist, anywhere in the world, mentioned Churchill's overwhelming personal complicity in creating and maintaining the dire situation which he now publicly deplored.


One of Washington's leading political strategists, Senator Arthur Vandenberg had warned his co-con貞pirators at the Feb. 27, 1947 White House meeting that to sell the prospective Cold War program, they would have to "scare hell out of the country". He had an interesting background. A millionaire newspaper publisher in Grand Rapids, Michigan (later to become famous as the home of President Gerald Ford), Vandenberg had been elected to the Senate in 192S. A rock-ribbed Republican, he voted against New Deal measures such as the Social Security Act. He was Republican minority leader, and Capitol Hill's leading isolationist. When the United Nations proposal came to Congress, no one in Washington doubted that Vandenberg would shoot it down.

All of Washington was amazed when Senator Vandenberg rose on the Senate floor, on January 10, 194S, and called for the establishment of the United Nations. As George Stimpson, founder of the National Press Club, later explained to me, America's leading isolationist had become a rabid internationalist in a single night. A beautiful blonde agent from British Secret Intelligence Service had been sent to his room. After an all night political discussion, Senator Vandenberg awakened to become the new champion of the United Nations. Although a little known story, it epitomizes how things are accomplished in Washington, today as yesterday.

This is the Senator who is described in the Dictionary of National Biography as "a jingoist and chauvinist who supported the aggressive foreign policies of Theodore Roosevelt and Taft." Franklin D. Roosevelt rewarded Vandenberg for his treachery by sending him as a special delegate to San Francisco with Alger Hiss to draft the United Nations Charter. The White House continued to shower gifts on Vandenberg, even going so far as to make his favourite nephew. General Hoyt Vandenberg, Commanding General of the United States Air Force.


During our discussions at the National Press Club in 1948, the subject of Senator Arthur Vandenberg's overnight conversion to the congressional champion of the United Nations was examined in detail. We recalled a fellow agent of the blonde British Secret Service agent who accomplished this mission, one Kaye Summersby, who had been chosen to mollify General Eisenhower, Commanding General of the entire European Theater during the Second World War. Summersby's intelligence training included the arts of the ancient Byzantine hetairae, who were skilled in the arts of "unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged". With Summersby as his chauffeur, Eisenhower was delivered to small country hotels in England, while his adviser, the political commissar Capt. Edward M. M. Warburg, of the banking family, ran the war from London. The enraptured general notified his superior, George Marshall, that he was divorcing Mamie Eisenhower to marry the princess of endless delights, which of course was never in the cards. Marshall promptly reported this development to President Truman, who was furious, notifying Ike that it was out of the question (Plain Speaking, by Merle Miller). Kaye ended her days as a permanent house guest on a Rothschild estate on Long Island.

Another British agent, Pamela Digby Churchill, married to Winston Churchill's son, later married Averill Harriman, the unofficial foreign minister of the United States. Harriman's exploits in travelling the world, instructing the heads of nations in how to conduct their affairs, was legendary. He became the subject of a series of novels by Upton Sinclair, chronicling the feats of one Lanny Budd (Harriman) throughout the world. Harriman spent the last two years of World War II at Stalin's Kremlin headquarters, dictating to Stalin how he should conduct the war. After his death, Pamela Churchill Harriman took over the Democratic National Committee. She is now our Ambassador to Paris, the most desired appointment in our foreign service, presiding over 1100 employees.


When Charles T. Mee Jr.'s historic article appeared in American Heritage magazine in August of 1977, the editors notified Averill Harriman and gave him the chance to reply in the same issue. Harriman's response was headlined "We Can't Do Business with Stalin". The Communist dictator who had been Harriman's lackey throughout the war was now dismissed as uncooperative! Harriman recounts in great detail the repressive policies of Stalin towards the captive nations in Eastern Europe (policies which Harriman himself had initiated), and goes on to denounce Mee's astounding report as "revisionist". "Mr. Mee has made his own sketchy revision of standard revisionist doctrine," quoting Mee's statement that "the Cold War served everybody's purpose." Truman needed an excuse for deficit spending, because without it he could not have kept the American economy busy and productive. Thus he waged a Cold War, after the hot war was won, to justify continued deficit spending. With the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan, the encouragement of American multinational companies, and a set of defense treaties that came finally to encom計ass the world, he institutionalized it."

As Charles T. Mee Jr. points out in his article, Stalin was a principal beneficiary of the Cold War. " Stalin needed the Cold War, not to venture out into the world again after an exhausting war, but to discipline his restless people at home. He had need of that ancient stratagem of monarchs鍟he threat of an implacable external enemy to be used to unite his own people in Russia." Mee also names Winston Churchill as a prime suspect in the Cold War conspiracy. He states that Churchill "emerged from World War II with a ruined empire, irretrievably in debt, an empire losing its colonies and headed inevitably toward bankruptcy. Churchill's scheme for saving Great Britain was to arrange to have America and Russia quarrel, while America and Russia quarrelled, England would㻡s American diplomats delicately put it'lead' Europe". As had been the case for some three hundred years, "leading" Europe and the United States meant that Great Britain would make frequent use of its secret weapon, the Secret Intelligence Service. Its powers included, as we have seen, reversing the entire foreign policy of the United States overnight, from isolation虹sm to an abject embracing of the United Nations; making the most prominent American general and future President a "love slave" of a ruthless intelligence agent, and much, much more, most of which we shall never know.


The first victims of the Cold War were not soldiers, they were American politicians who were reluctant to embrace the new campaign. The first casualty was elder statesman Henry Stimson, who wrote a memo to President Truman in the autumn of 1945, cited by Mee as the cause of Stimson's disappearance from Washington. Stimson's memo denounced the projected Cold War as a serious error, and called for "satisfactory relations" with Russia. Henry Wallace, Secretary of Commerce, also protested against the Cold War, he was allowed to resign. Mee identifies the "comers" in Washington as those who were quick to latch onto the Cold War as "the wave of the future". Those who tended to believe in an aggressive attitude toward Russia, were spotted, and promoted鎆oung men such as John Foster Dulles and Dean Rusk. George Kennan, then in the American Embassy in Moscow, was discovered after he sent a perfervid 8,000 word telegram back to Washington. "We have here a political force committed fanatically to the belief that with U.S. there can be no permanent modus vivendi, that it is desirable and necessary that the internal harmony of our society be disrupted, our traditional way of life be destroyed, the international authority of our state be broken." Mee mentions that, in his memoirs, Kennan says that he now looks back on his cable 'with horrified amusement'. "At the time, however, he was ideal for Truman's use, and he was recalled from Moscow and made chairman of the State Department's Policy Planning Committee, or as the New York Times called him, 'America's global planner'."


Critics of the new Cold War foreign policy quickly found a nickname for its architects, "the eggheads". Like George Kennan, they were liberal intellectuals, often prematurely bald, and unanimous in their dislike of the American people, whom they hated and feared, and their Constitution. Their goal, which they now seem to have achieved, was to liberate the federal government, which Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers had written to "bind down the government with the chains of the Constitution". While ostensibly following an "anti-Communist" policy, the eggheads never forswore their dedication to Marxism, and its monolithic state.

During the four decades of the Cold War, Hollywood, which never failed to bolster the goals of the Cold War architects, reserved its bitter scorn for "red-blooded Americans" who stood for flag and country. While forbearing from ever presenting lifelong Communists in a deprecating way, Hollywood made films deriding "anti-Communists" as flagwaving American Legion boobs, a stance which it continues to this day. If any one of the eggheads and their Hollywood lackeys were to be called a "patriot", they would be overcome with shame.


During most of its history, the Cold War was a propaganda war, in which the opponents hurled invec負ives at each other. However, the military-industrial complex cannot make billions of dollars from propa茆anda; there had to be occasions of real shooting. We endured the Korean War and the Vietnam War, with hundreds of thousands of casualties, while Soviet Rus貞ia did not lose a man in either war. Both Russia and the United States were careful to have the scenes of battle take place thousands of miles from their own lands, in poverty-stricken countries such as Korea and Vietnam. We had the Cuban missile crisis, a soap opera in which the media convinced Americans that they had been on the brink of atomic destruction, being saved just before the bombs were launched by the "incredible diplomatic skills" of John F. Kennedy and Khrushchev, neither of whom before or after this crisis had ever shown the slightest skill at diplomacy. The Berlin Wall was built, to prevent all of its population from fleeing the desolation of Communist East Germany. The egg虐eads greeted the Berlin Wall with praise. President John F. Kennedy made a special trip to Germany to put his seal of approval on the Berlin Wall, and to reassure the Communists that the United States would not re衫ove it. And we never did. It was the Germans themselves, driven beyond endurance, who ripped it down, much to the consternation of our eggheads in Washington.


Although few Americans recognize the name of George Kennan, he not only was the source of the nickname "egghead", he also was the bureaucrat entrusted with the maintenance of the Gold War in Washington for many years. He was named after his uncle. George Kennan, who spent many years travelling in Czarist Russia on "missionary work" for the world Communist movement. He was entrusted with many millions of dollars by Jacob Schiff, known as "A Prince in Israel", who was born in the Rothschild house in Frankfurt, and who, according to his grandson, John Schiff, had spent twenty-two-million dollars of his, personal funds to bring about the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Most of this money was spent on revolutionary propaganda, which Kennan, with journalistic cre苓entials, distributed throughout Russia. Some historians credit George Kennan as the pivotal force in the Bolshevik Revolution, pointing out that it was his distributing of thousands of revolutionary leaflets to officers in the Czar's Army which turned them against the regime and led to the downfall of the Czar.

George Kennan also worked with Jacob Schiff in financing Japan in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. The Japanese government decorated Kennan with the Gold War Medal, and the Order of the Sacred Treasure. (The World Order, by Eustace Mullins, p. 64). Schiff instigated this war to strike a blow against the alleged oppression of Jews in Russia, and to create a govern衫ental crisis by which the Communists could seize power. The "1905 Revolution" failed miserably; the Communists had to wait twelve more years, with Schiff's continued support, before they could seize power.


To those who have studied the history of the twentieth century, it is not at all paradoxical that the American government should have entrusted its foreign policy towards Russia to someone named after the man who is credited with bringing about the Bolshevik Revolution. When Franklin D. Roosevelt, repaying Communist support which gave him victory in his presidential race against Herbert Hoover, promptly extended diplomatic recognition to Stalin, it was George Kennan who was chosen to accompany Ambassador William Bullitt to Moscow to reopen the American Embassy. It was George Kennan who wrote the notorious 8,000-word "long telegram" sent from Moscow to Washington on Dec. 22, 1946, where, as he points out, it caused a sensation, and led to his being summoned back to Washington to head the newly cre苔ted post of head of Policy Planning.

Kennan states in his memoirs that he had the only office directly adjoining the office of Secretary of State General George Marshall, and that it was lie, Kennan, who actually drafted the text of the Marshall Plan.


However, it is as "X", the anonymous author of an article which appeared in the July, 1947 issue of Foreign Affairs, the official publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, titled "The Sources of Soviet Conduct", that George Kennan continues to be remembered in Washington. This article laid down the principle of "containment" which was to be official U.S. policy towards Russia for the remainder of the Cold War. No wonder the New York Times called Kennan "America's global planner". Henry Kissinger, who inherited the Kennan policy of the Cold War, wrote in White House Years, p. 135, that "George Kennan came as close to authoring the diplomatic doctrine of his era as any diplomat in our history."

Paul Kennedy, in The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, defined the "policy of containment" as follows: "The view from Washington was that a master plan for world Communist domination was unfolding and needed to be 'contained'." Walter Lippmann, who was a one-man think tank in Washington for fifty years, and an adviser to many Presidents, adopted Kennan's policy in his influential The Cold War; a Study in United States Foreign Policy, as America's senior elder statesman.

Kennan's "containment'' policy was just that; that the Soviet Union and world Communism would be contained, but never openly challenged or fought against. It was a permanent guarantee that the captive nations of Eastern Europe, which had been delivered to Stalin by Roosevelt, Churchill and Alger Hiss at Yalta, would never be liberated from Communism. An orga要ization championing the captive nations was for many years the most hated and derided group in Washington, Composed of a few Congressmen from Chicago and Cleveland who had strong ethnic backing from Poles, Czechs and other Eastern Europe countries, it was a political embarrassment for many years to the oligarchs of the Cold War.


In his memoirs, Kennan mentions that one of the principal sponsors of his containment policy was then Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, who later, as Secretary of Defense, became one of a long list of "Washington suicides", a special category a la Vince Foster. Although published in Foreign Affairs, a magazine read only by the Elite, it was quickly taken up by Arthur Krock of the New York Times, the most influential journalist in Washington. He reprinted the article in the New York Times, describing it as the "most important foreign relations document of the century". A shorter version of the containment article was then published in Life magazine. It had now inundated the country.

Kennan states in his memoirs, "I emphatically deny the paternity of any efforts to invoke the doctrine of containment today." He downplays both the "long telegram" and the article by "X", claiming that they have been "misunderstood". He modestly ignores the fact that he laid down the policy which our government has followed for forty years. His reward was a post as professor at the elite think tank in Princeton, the Institute for Advanced Study, where he has worked since 1950, with interim appointments as Ambassador to Russia and to Yugoslavia. He also was awarded the Albert Einstein Peace Prize, presumably for avoiding a Third World War by his policy of containment (my studies have shown that a Third World War between Russia and the United States was never seriously con貞idered by anyone in authority). It was only a "War Game".


The government propaganda techniques by which the American people were terrorized for some forty years began with the dire threat of nuclear annihilation. School children went through daily drills of falling to the floor in terror of the atomic bomb which would destroy their school. Their parents built backyard "bomb shelters" stocked with food and water. Because "scientific studies" showed that the radiation peril would last for at least five hundred years, the survivors apparently expected to spend that much time in their shelters. Nationwide philosophical debates ensued as to whether the survivors, huddled in their shelters after the blast, should open the door to neighbours or to "minorities" who had neglected to build bomb shelters, or whether they should shoot those who battered down the doors to get food. Hollywood loyally produced many movies about the coming atomic de苑acle, such as Dr. Strangelove, in which insane fascists were determined to use the bomb to destroy the civi衍ized world; War Games, in which a mad computer tried to trick the United States and Russia into destroying each other; and a steady stream of films depicting "Bette Davises" as little old librarians who were deter衫ined that students should be allowed to read the works of Karl Marx.


After years of exposure to the imminent threat of being vaporized in an atomic blast, Americans began to ignore the threat; many of them bulldozed their bomb shelters into swimming pools. It was obvious to our masters that new techniques of terror had to be developed. The Central Intelligence Agency now became the vehicle of mass terrorism. It became known as "the Company" under the leadership of stock promoter Bill Casey. He became highly skilled at peddling alarming statistics about the threat of Communism to Congress, who hastily voted vast increases in the "defense" budget. The oligarchs abandoned the now worn out doctrine of nuclear annihilation. There would be no need to spend two-hundred-and-fifty-billion dollars a year on tanks, guns and airplanes if they were all to be vaporized by a single bomb. The defense budget had been brought from a low of $13 billion in 1947 to a continuous budget in the hundreds of billions. With its top secret budget of hundreds of millions of dollars a year, never to be examined by anyone, the CIA sent its own James Bonds all over the world usually to attack and overthrow "anti-Communist" governments and "dictators" such as Ferdinand Marcos, who had been indiscreet in their denunciations of Communism. The CIA hired hundreds of journalists to write books and articles promoting its version of the Cold War, always at the highest prevailing rates.


The effect on both Russia and the United States of the Cold War conspirators has been devastating. Russia's economy is in a state of collapse, with no improvement in sight. The United States has been looted; its infrastructure, its roads, bridges and other assets need many billions in immediate repair. We have the $5 trillion Cold War debt; but the most destructive effect on our nation is the Cold War's effect on our morality.

The years of being terrorized by the atomic threat had a very destructive effect on morality. If we were to be vaporized at any time, it seemed worthwhile to seize the moment, to take pleasure, money and any other rewards while they were available, without (bought for the consequences, since there would be no consequences. We have now endured the effects of this poisonous doctrine for several generations.

The effect of the CIA propaganda lies about the "great Soviet Union" which might take over the world at any moment has been equally destructive. When conservative economist Paul Craig Roberts landed in Moscow during the height of the CIA propaganda campaign, he was stunned to find that Soviet Russia had "a Third World economy". I had proved in my writings that the United States taxpayer had been subsidizing the Soviet Union since 1917. In fact, Americans have been living a lie for four decades, the lie that we were in dire peril from "the Communist threat". This lie has been demoralizing; it has placed us on the brink of bankruptcy; and it poses the challenge to us: When are we going to get rid of our Cold War conspirators? They must pay the price for the destruction they have wrought on our nation. We must drive them out of every office; bring them to trial for their high treason; and restore the Republic which our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us. It is this task瑈ot sad jokes about "balancing the budget"𨫎hich will determine whether this nation will survive to the twenty-first century.

The Day That Should Have Lived in Infamy


October 7, 1940: The Day That Should Have Lived in Infamy

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
October 8, 2010

On October 7, 1940, exactly fourteen months before the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Lieutenant Commander Arthur H. McCollum penned a memorandum, recommending that the United States government provoke the Japanese into attacking America, and thus, allowing America to enter WWII with the American people fully behind the decision. The memorandum is called theMcCollum memo, and there is little mention of it in history textbooks.

FDR not only knew about the attack in advance, but his administration did everything it could to cause a Japanese attack on America. Photo: the National Archives.

Over the years there were rumors that “FDR allowed the Pearl Harbor attack to happen” but these were cast aside as crackpot conspiracy theories, backed by zero evidence. But such dismissals didn’t work when Robert Stinnett published his book“Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor”in 1999.Stinnett, a decorated WWII veteran and author, requested files about the attack, and the events preceding it, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He discovered that FDR not only knew about the attack in advance, but that his administration did everything it could to cause a Japanese attack on America. One of the most important pieces of information that Stinnett came across was the McCollum memo, which outlined eight points that the FDR administration could do to instigate a dramatic response by the Japanese without the Congress, or the American people getting too suspicious, like cutting off economic ties with Japan, refusing it oil, establishing relations with Japan’s main enemy, China, and other provocations. Stinnett’s book is centered on the new historical evidence that he gathered, which is rigorously documented.

He gave an interview to Douglas Cirignano in 2002 about how he came to his conclusion that the FDR administration pushed America into a war that the majority of the American people were dead set against prior to the attack on December 7. The interview is archived at the Independent Institute, and it is called“Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?”An excerpt:

Another claim at the heart of the Pearl Harbor surprise-attack lore is that Japan’s ships kept radio silence as they approached Hawaii. That’s absolutely untrue, also?

Stinnett:That is correct. And this was all withheld from Congress, so nobody knew about all this.

Until the Freedom of Information Act.


Is this statement true?—If America was intercepting and decoding Japan’s military messages then Washington and FDR knew that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor.

Stinnett:Oh, absolutely.

You feel it’s as simple as that?

Stinnett:That is right. And that was their plan. It was their “overt act of war” plan that I talk about in my book that President Roosevelt adopted on October 7, 1940.

You write that in late November 1941 an order was sent out to all US military commanders that stated: “The United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act.” According to Secretary of War Stimson, the order came directly from President Roosevelt. Was FDR’s cabinet on record for supporting this policy of provoking Japan to commit the first overt act of war?

Stinnett:I don’t know that he revealed it to the cabinet. He may have revealed it to Harry Hopkins, his close confidant, but there’s no evidence that anybody in the cabinet knew about this.

I thought you wrote in your book that they did…That some of them were on record for…

Stinnett:Well, some did. Secretary of War Stimson knew, based on his diary, and also probably Frank Knox, the Secretary of Navy knew. But Frank Knox died before the investigation started. So all we have really is Stimson, his diary. And he reveals a lot in there, and I do cite it in my book…You must mean his war cabinet. Yes. Stimson’s diary reveals that nine people in the war cabinet—the military people—knew about the provocation policy.

Even though Roosevelt made contrary statements to the public, didn’t he and his advisors feel that America was eventually going to have to get into the war?

Stinnett:That is right. Well, his statement was, “I won’t send your boys to war unless we are attacked.” So then he engineered this attack—to get us into war really against Germany. But I think that was his only option. I express that in the book.

Who was Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum and what was his connection to the Pearl Harbor attack?

Stinnett:He worked for Naval intelligence in Washington. He also was the communications routing officer for President Roosevelt. So all these intercepts would go to Commander McCollum and then he would route them to the President. There’s no question about that. He also was the author of this plan to provoke Japan into attacking us at Pearl Harbor. And he was born and raised in Japan.

McCollum wrote this plan, this memorandum, in October 1940. It was addressed to two of Roosevelt’s closest advisors. In the memo McCollum is expressing that it’s inevitable that Japan and America are going to go to war, and that Nazi Germany’s going to become a threat to America’s security. McCollum is saying that America’s going to have to get into the war. But he also says that public opinion is against that. So, McCollum then suggests eight specific things that America should do to provoke Japan to become more hostile, to attack us, so that the public would be behind a war effort. And because he was born and raised in Japan, he understood the Japanese mentality and how the Japanese would react.

Stinnett:Yes. Exactly.

Has the existence of this memo from Commander McCollum ever been revealed to the public before your book came out?

Stinnett:No, no. I received that as pursuant to my FOIA request on January 1995 from the National Archives. I had no idea it existed.

FDR and his military advisors knew that if McCollum’s eight actions were implemented—things like keeping the Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor, and crippling Japan’s economy with an embargo—there was no question in their minds that this would cause Japan—whose government was very militant—to attack the United States. Correct?

Stinnett:That is correct, and that is what Commander McCollum said. He said, “If you adopt these policies then Japan will commit an overt act of war.”

Is there any proof that FDR saw McCollum’s memorandum?

Stinnett:There’s no proof that he actually saw the memorandum, but he adopted all eight of the provocations—including where he signed executive orders…And other information in Navy files offers conclusive evidence that he did see it.

The memo is addressed to two of Roosevelt’s top advisors, and you include the document where one of them is agreeing with McCollum’s suggested course of action.

Stinnett:Yes, Dudley Knox, who was his very close associate.

The “splendid arrangement” was a phrase that FDR’s military leaders used to describe America’s situation in the Pacific. Can you explain what the “splendid arrangement” was?

Stinnett:The “splendid arrangement” was the system of twenty-two monitoring stations in the Pacific that were operated by the United States, Britain, and the Dutch. These extended along the west coast of the United States, up to Alaska, then down to Southeast Asia, and into the Central Pacific.

These radio monitoring stations allowed us to intercept and read all of Japan’s messages, right?

Stinnett:Absolutely. We had Japan wired for sound.

You claim that the “splendid arrangement” was so adept that ever since the 1920’s Washington always knew what Japan’s government was doing. So to assert that we didn’t know the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor would be illogical?

Stinnett:That is correct.

Why was Stinnett able to come up with an accurate and complete picture about the infamous Pearl Harbor attack when all others failed, particularly Congress?Historian H. Arthur Scott Trask explains the reasons in his review of the book called “The Conspiracies of Empire.”:

“How did Stinnett manage to uncover the truth when congressional investigations (in both 1945-1946 and 1995) failed to do so? The answer lies in Stinnett’s intelligence, integrity, and unflagging research effort (lasting 17 years), qualities that we know from experience are all too lacking in congressional investigations. But it also lies in a crucial Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the author in 1983. In that year, Stinnett learned of the existence of the Pacific War communications intelligence files of the United States Navy (a top secret file containing over one million documents relating to U.S. communication intelligence before and during the war). The author’s request was at first denied, but in 1994 the navy decided to declassify the records, or at least most of them. As the Stinnett soon discovered, key intercepts and documents were kept back, some were missing from the records, and other documents had been altered to conceal vital information. However, enough information was released, perhaps inadvertently, to enable Stinnett to piece together the truth.”

Nobody in the mainstream media has interviewed Stinnett since the book’s publication. In the interview with Cirignano, Stinnett said that besides a few favorable reviews by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers, the media has been silent. The truth about the real origins of America’s entry into WWII is effectively censored, as is the truth about 9/11. “Neither ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or Fox News have carried a word,” Stinnett says.

What is the lesson that we can derive from the U.S. government’s duplicity in the Pearl Harbor attack? Do we excuse FDR because Hitler died, the Nazis were crushed, freedom was saved, and America was seen as the land of heroes? Some say yes. After all, what if Germany defeated the British, and was on the verge of beating the Soviet Army, what would America do then? Wait like a dead dog, and pray that the Nazis wouldn’t cooperate with fascist insiders in America to overthrew its constitutional government, or that Hitler wouldn’t invade by sea? Wasn’t it smarter to draw America into the European conflict, and use its great resources, and powerful military to destroy a global menace? Sure, 3,000 people had to die, but nothing can be done without a necessary sacrifice.

I don’t see the attack that way, but I do understand this point of view, and it is logical in a warped way. But, I ask; what did the American people gain by defeating the Nazis? Millions of suburban homes, and nationwide highways, that’s about it. Meanwhile, the U.S. government hired Nazi scientists, established repressive institutions like the CIA, and grew its military into an unstoppable anti-democratic machine – a “military-industrial-congressional-complex,” as Eisenhower described it at the end of his presidency.

What did America’s victory in WWII really achieve? The American people crushed a global menace in Europe, while helping to create a global menace in their own backyard. And that global menace has overthrown democratically elected countries, killed millions of people, assassinated world leaders (including its own in 1963), committed terrorist acts, and war crimes across the world; all things that a global menace like Nazi Germany would’ve done, except America’s shrewd, elite-owned government did these crimes with a little more grace, behind a democratic facade.

Trask tackled the immoral dimensions and innate hypocrisy in American foreign policy in his review of Stinnett’s book:

“Here we have yet another example of Americans making use of the doctrine that the end justifies the means. Americans are quick to deny the ethical legitimacy of this doctrine when it is presented to them as a naked proposition, yet there is no doctrine that they more readily turn to in order to justify morally questionable practices. Do not those who defend the nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki argueas their first line of defensethat it was morally justified because it saved American lives? And can we not expect to hear in the near future from those who can no longer deny the truth, “Roosevelt’s duplicity was justified because it was necessary to stop Hitler.” The Christian’s response to this question was articulated by Paul two thousand years ago: “And why not say, ‘Let us do evil that good may come’? – as we are slanderously reported and as some affirm that we say. Their condemnation is just.” (Romans 3:8 NKJV).

We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Stinnett. Not only has he uncovered the truth behind Pearl Harbor, but in so doing he has exposed one of the greatest cover stories, or con jobs, of all time – American prewar naval intelligence and high command as keystone cop. After sixty years, America’s brave band of revisionist historians have been vindicated, while her servile crop of court historians have been pretty much disgraced.”

It is interesting that after seventy years the U.S. empire resorts to the same tricks to get its way in the global arena. Nine years ago, onOctober 7, 2001, America invaded Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks, another infamous example of government deception about another “surprise attack.” This time, though, American leaders didn’t just allow the attack to happen in America, they orchestrated it from scratch.

It is in some ways comforting to know that the age of government terror and official deception did not begin on September 11, 2001, because it probably means that we are near the end of an age, whereas December 7, 1941 was only the beginning.

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Stinnett’s book is important because it is not just another work of history to be put away under the “old news” category, it draws lessons that are relevant for today’s world, when America is in the middle of another manufactured war. The book helps reveal the big lie that “American power secures the free world.” Once we know that this is not true, and that the American people and the whole world have been lied to by U.S. leaders about America’s true history in the last seventy years, then we are more likely to change the current course by the treasonous U.S. government that is pushing the world towards destruction, and global chaos.

When asked by Cirignano about why he thought the book was important for our times, Stinnettanswered:

Stinnett:It’s important because it reveals the lengths that some people in the American government will go to deceive the American public, and to keep this vital information—in our land of the First Amendment—from the people. And that’s against everything I believe in.

Here are some links to get more information about Robert Stinnett’s bookDay of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor:

Stinnett’s page at the Independent Institute.

Stinnett – The Pearl Harbor Deception.

Stinnett’s three interviews with Antiwar’s Scott Horton (June 1, 2003; January 29, 2005; December 7, 2007).

Robert Stinnett, Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor, on the Power Hour – 1/4

Remembering the USS Liberty

Remembering the USS Liberty ... source Unz
There has been a lot of media coverage mostly written by Israelis or American Jews regarding Israel’s “victory” fifty years ago during the so-called Six Days War directed against its Arab neighbors but I have yet to see an account that mentions the fate of the U.S.S. Liberty. Nevertheless, the Liberty is not forgotten. This Thursday at noon at Arlington National Cemetery there will be a small gathering for the annual coming together with the survivors and friends of the most decorated ship in the history of the U.S. Navy, a victim of a particularly brutal and unprovoked attack by Israel that has been covered up for half a century by the powers that be in Washington. The moving service will include reminiscences by surviving crew members plus the ringing of a ship’s bell for each one of the thirty-four American sailors, Marines and civilians that were killed in the deliberate Israeli air and sea onslaught that sought to sink the intelligence gathering ship and kill all its crew. Present will be a number of veterans like myself and other Americans who are committed to ensuring that the story of the Liberty will not die in hopes that someday the United States government will have the courage to acknowledge what actually happened on that fateful day.

The Liberty survivors who will be present in Arlington on Thursday will be fewer than usual because the crew is having its own 50th anniversary commemoration in Norfolk, Virginia, home of the U.S. Atlantic fleet. In truth the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, has almost faded from memory, with a younger generation completely unaware that a United States naval vessel was once deliberately targeted and nearly sunk by America’s “greatest friend and ally” Israel. The attack was followed by a cover-up that demonstrated clearly that at least one president of the United States even back nearly fifty years ago valued his relationship with the state of Israel above his loyalty to his own country.

It was in truth the worst attack ever carried out on a U.S. Naval vessel in peace time. In addition to the death toll, 171 more of the crew were wounded in the two-hour assault, which was clearly intended to destroy the intelligence gathering vessel operating in international waters collecting information on the ongoing fighting between Israel and its Arab neighbors. The Israelis, whose planes had their Star of David markings covered up so Egypt could be blamed, attacked the ship repeatedly from the air and with gunboats from the sea. When one Israeli pilot hesitated, refusing to attack what was clearly an American ship, he was instructed to proceed anyway.

The most disgusting part of the tale relates to how U.S. warplanes sent to the Liberty’s aid from an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean were called back by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara acting under orders from President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who declared that he would rather see the ship go to the bottom of the sea than embarrass his good friend Israel. Ironically, the first ship to reach the Liberty and offer assistance was from the Soviet Union, an offer that was declined.

Johnson reportedly feared Jewish influence over Congress and in the media, which might work together to block his “Great Society” legislative initiatives, not to mention his expected reelection bid in 1968. It was an early manifestation of the power of the Jewish lobby in American politics and foreign relations. One has to hope that both LBJ and McNamara are currently burning in hell.

The incredible courage and determination of the surviving crew was the only thing that kept the Liberty from sinking. The ship’s commanding officer Captain William McGonagle was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic role in keeping the ship afloat, though President Lyndon Baines Johnson broke with tradition and refused to hold the medal ceremony in the White House, also declining to award it personally, delegating that task to the Secretary of the Navy in a closed to the public presentation made at the Washington Navy Yard. The additional medals given to other crew members in the aftermath of the attack made the U.S.S. Liberty the most decorated ship based on a single engagement with hostile forces in the history of the United States Navy.

The cover-up of the attack began immediately. The Liberty crew was sworn to secrecy over the incident, as were the Naval dockyard workers in Malta, and even the men of the U.S.S. Davis, which had assisted the badly damaged Liberty to port were ordered to be silent. A hastily convened and conducted court of inquiry headed by Admiral John McCain acted under orders from Washington to declare the attack a case of mistaken identity. The inquiry’s senior legal counsel Captain Ward Boston, who subsequently declared the attack to be a “deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew,” also described how “President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” The court’s findings were rewritten and sections relating to Israeli war crimes, to include the machine gunning of life rafts, were excised. Following in his father’s footsteps, Senator John McCain of Arizona has used his position on the Senate Armed Services Committee to effectively block any reconvening of a board of inquiry to reexamine the evidence. Most of the documents relating to the Liberty incident have never been released to the public in spite of the 50 years that have passed since the attack took place.

The faux court of inquiry and the medals awarded in secret were only the first steps in the cover-up, which has persisted to this day, orchestrated by politicians and a media that seem to place Israel’s interests ahead of those of the United States. Liberty survivors have been finding it difficult even to make their case in public. In April 2016 a billboard that read “Help the USS Liberty Survivors – Attacked by Israel” was taken down in New Bedford Massachusetts. The billboard had been placed by the Honor Liberty Vets Organization and, as is normal practice, was paid for through a contractual arrangement that would require the billboard company to post the image for a fixed length of time. It was one of a number of billboards placed in different states. Inevitably, Israel’s well connected friends began to complain. One Jewish businessman threatened to take his business elsewhere, so the advertising company obligingly removed the billboard two weeks early.

After fifty years, the dwindling number of survivors of the Liberty are not looking for punishment or revenge. When asked, they will tell you that they only ask for accountability, that an impartial inquiry into the attack be convened and that the true story of what took place finally be revealed to the public.

That Congress is deaf to the pleas of the Liberty crew should surprise no one as the nation’s legislative body has been for years, as Pat Buchanan once put it, “Israeli occupied territory.” The Lobby’s ability to force Congress and even the presidency to submit to its will has been spelled out in some detail by critics, first by Paul Findley in They Dare to Speak Out, later by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in The Israel Lobby, in Alison Weir’s Against Our Better Judgment, and most recently in Kirk Beattie’s excellent Congress and the Shaping of the Middle East.

Government willingness at all levels to protect Israel even when it is killing Americans is remarkable, but it is symptom of the deep corruption that has generated a tendency to go to bat for Israel reflexively, even when it is damaging to U.S. interests and to the rights that American citizens are supposed to enjoy. I note particularly legislation currently working its way through Congress and numerous statehouses make it illegal for any federal or state funding to go to any entity that supports the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, better known as BDS. BDS is a way to put pressure on the Israeli government over its human rights abuses that is both non-violent and potentially effective. Israel’s supporters have labeled BDS as anti-Semitic and have had some success in making any criticism of Israel labeled a “hate crime.”

So the treatment of the U.S.S. Liberty should surprise no one in a country whose governing class has been for decades doing the bidding of the powerful lobby of a tiny client state that has been nothing but trouble and expense for the United States of America. Will it ever end? As the Israel Lobby currently controls the relevant parts of the federal government and much of the media, change is not likely to happen overnight, but there are some positive signs. The BDS movement is growing in spite of the pressure it is experiencing and will not go away. And opinion polls suggest that the American people are finally waking up to realize that they are sick and tired of the entire farce playing out in the Middle East under Israeli direction. Israel, which aggressively spies on us, kills our citizens and takes billions of dollars of our tax money which could be better spent here, is no friend of the United States and never has been. Just ask anyone who served on the U.S.S. Liberty.


World War II...Nazi / Zionist Collaboration

  • 1900 ModernHistoryProject J. Henry Schroder Banking Company is listed as Number 2 in capitalization in "Capital City"  on the list of the seventeen merchant bankers who make up the exclusive Accepting Houses Committee in London. Although it is almost unknown in the United States, it has played a large part in our history. Like the others on this list, it had first to be approved by the Bank of England. And, like the Warburg family, the von Schroders began their banking operations in Hamburg, Germany. At the turn of the century, in 1900, Baron Bruno von Schroder established the London branch of the firm.
  • Educate Yourself Britain's Plot (Coefficients Club) to Destroy Civilization: The New Dark Ages Conspiracy ... on the members of the elite British group knows as the 'Coefficients' who eventually became the British Round Table. Other articles to be posted at this web site, will help explain how British oligarchs, working in cahoots with the Rothschilds, planned the creation of the state of Israel at the end of the 19th century in order to bring about the chaos we see today in the Middle East.
  • 1914 History on the Net Germany declared war on France. German troops poured into Belgium as directed under the Schleiffen Plan, drawn up in 1905. The British foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey, sent an ultimatum to Germany demanding their withdrawal from the neutral Belgium.
  • Mullins, Eustace ... The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb: Edward Stettinius Jr. was the son of a J.P. Morgan partner who had been the world's largest munitions dealer in the First World War. He had been named by J.P. Morgan to oversee all purchases of munitions by both France and England in the United States throughout the war.  John Foster Dulles was also an accomplished warmonger. In 1933, he and his brother Allen had rushed to Cologne to meet with Adolf Hitler and guaranteed him the funds to maintain the Nazi regime. The Dulles brothers were representing their clients, Kuhn Loeb Co., and the Rothschilds. Alger Hiss was the golden prince of the communist elite in the United States. When he was chosen as head of the prestigious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace after World War II, his nomination was seconded by John Foster Dulles. Hiss was later sent to prison for perjury for lying about his exploits as a Soviet espionage agent.nazi
  • 1914 EducateYourself British elites, again working with the Rothschilds, set up World War I by arranging for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent of Austria, to occur in Serbia. Naturally, Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia was allied with France and Great Britain at the time and Germany with Austria & Prussia. Franz's uncle, German Emperor Wilhelm II, threatened hostilities if Russia did not stand down its orders to mobilbize the Russian Army and Navy. They didn't, so Germany declared war on Russia and France. When German troops crossed the neutral Belgian border on August 4, 1914, Great Britain declared war on Germany-all dominos falling in place, as planned.
  • 1914 Tribwatch A.I. Kook spent the better part of World War I in London attempting to convince the Jews there to support Zionism. He played a role in the events rolling out from the Balfour Declaration of 1917, a Declaration (sponsored by Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild) that made the British government herself the official overseer of Zionism. After the War, Kook returned to Israel to become the chief Ashkenazi rabbi of the Jewish settlers...who had been settled predominantly by Edmond James de Rothschild. Kook was known for making alliances with secular Jews, the latter known as the "Maskilim" ("Enlightened Ones").
  • 1915 History of the Money Changers J. P. Morgan became the sales agent for the, "War Materials Board," to both the British and the French engaged in World War I, and becomes the biggest consumer on the planet, spending 10 million dollars a day. Furthermore, President Woodrow Wilson appointed banker, Bernard Baruch, to head the, "War Industries Board." According to historian, James Perloff, both Bernard Baruch and the Rockefellers profited by approximately 200 million dollars during World War I. A lot of people believe the key to an effective money supply is to ensure it is backed by something of worth such as gold. However, who do you think would control that gold? As Republican, Charles A. Lindbergh stated this year, "Already the Federal Reserve Banks have cornered the gold and gold certificates."
  • 1915 ModernHistoryProject During World War I, J. Henry Schroder Banking Company played an important role behind the scenes. No historian has a reasonable explanation of how World War I started. Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated at Sarajevo by Gavril Princeps, Austria demanded an apology from Serbia, and Serbia sent the note of apology. Despite this, Austria declared war, and soon the other nations of Europe joined the fray. Once the war had gotten started, it was found that it wasn't easy to keep it going. The principal problem was that Germany was desperately short of food and coal, and without Germany, the war could not go on. John Hamill in "The Strange Career of Mr. Hoover" [63] explains how the problem was solved. He quotes from Nordeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, March 4, 1915,
  • 1916 Answers The secret Anglo - Franco - Russian agreement of 16 May 1916, commonly known as the Sykes - Picot Agreement, divided the Arab dominions of the Ottoman Empire between Britain and France. Britain received the areas that are now Iraq, Jordan, and Israel; France got what is now Syria and Lebanon. The Balfour Declaration of 2 November 1917, also played a role in the disposition of Arab territories by the Conference of Paris. This was a letter from Lord Balfour, British foreign secretary, to Lord (Edmond de) Rothschild, a prominent British Zionist, that supported the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. These two documents, more than anything else, shaped the fate of the Middle East in the post - World War I era.
  • Educate Yourself Britain's Plot (Coefficients Club) to Destroy Civilization: The New Dark Ages Conspiracy ... on the members of the elite British group knows as the 'Coefficients' who eventually became the British Round Table. Other articles to be posted at this web site, will help explain how British oligarchs, working in cahoots with the Rothschilds, planned the creation of the state of Israel at the end of the 19th century in order to bring about the chaos we see today in the Middle East.
  • 1916 May Wikipedia The Sykes–Picot Agreement, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom and France, with the assent of Russia, defining their proposed spheres of influence and control in the Middle East should the Triple Entente succeed in defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I .... The agreement was concluded on 16 May 1916. The agreement effectively divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence. The terms were negotiated by the French diplomat François Georges-Picot and Briton Sir Mark Sykes. The Russian Tsarist government was a minor party to the Sykes–Picot agreement, and when, following the Russian Revolution of October 1917, the Bolsheviks exposed the agreement, "the British were embarrassed, the Arabs dismayed and the Turks delighted."
  • 1916 EIR World War I was Britain's geopolitical war, orchestrated by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), to break up the cooperation between the economic powerhouse Germany, and Russia. It was the threat to British imperial control represented by Bismarck's Germany, Russia under Alexander II, and other nations which were beginning to adopt the American System of economic development, that led the British to war, in an attempt to preserve the hegemony of their oligarchical financial system, and the empire which rested on it. Emblematic of the threat as perceived by Britain, was the Berlin-Baghdad railway project. ... The Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 was a secret deal signed by the British and the French, which redrew the map of the Middle East, assigning areas of direct control, as well as spheres of influence, to each of the two colonial powers.
  • 1917IAmTheWitness As a result of Germany's offer of peace the Rothschild war machine goes into overdrive in America, spreading propaganda which leads to President Wilson under the instructions of American Zionist leader and Supreme Court Justice, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, reneging on his promise to the electorate and taking America into the first world war on April 6.
  • 1918 The ForbiddenKnowledge World War I, which was itself a product of British geopolitics and especially of the British policy (to restore a London- centered world monetary system incorporating the gold standard), exemplified by King Edward VII, of creating an encircling anti-German alliance in order to wage war. The economic destruction of Europe was continued after 1918 by the Peace of Paris (Versailles, St. Germain, Trianon, Neuilly, Sevres) imposed by the Allies on the defeated Central Powers ... Dulles and ... wrote the treaty
  • 1918 September  PalestineRemembered Palestine occupied by Allied forces under British General Allenby.  30 October  World War I ends.
  • 1922 EIR The launching of the Pan European Union was bankrolled by the Venetian-rooted European banking family, the Warburgs. Max Warburg, scion of the German branch of the family, gave Coudenhove-Kalergi 60,000 gold marks to hold the founding convention. Even more revealing, the first mass rally of the Pan European Union in Berlin, at the Reichstag, was addressed by Hjalmar Schacht, later the Reichsbank head, Economics Minister and chief architect of the Hitler coup.
  • 1922 Dutroux Affair Fritz Thyssen became the earliest important financial backer of Hitler. In 1922, Fritz became acquainted with Pilgrims Society16 member Averell Harriman with whom he agreed to set up a US branch of the Thyssen interests, the Union Banking Corporation, managed by Prescott Bush, but its funds controlled by the Thyssens. In 1923, he gave general Erich Ludendorf, who inspired Fritz to support Hitler, 100,000 gold marks for the Nazis, prior to the attempted putsch by Hitler that same year. Most people, including industrialists, gave up on Hitler after the failed coup, but not Fritz, who became a close friend of Hitler and Hess. In January 1926, Dillon Read & Co., with Clarence Dillon (Pilgrims), James Forrestal, and William H. Draper mnning the company, created the German Credit and Investment Corporation. They also created Vereinigte Stahlwerke. In 1932, together with banker Hjalmar Schacht, another person with close friendly ties to Pilgrims Society members/Anglo-American bankers, Fritz organized a meeting between Hitler and Germany's leading industrialists, which proved instmmental in Hitler's rise to power the following year. 
  • 1922  June PalestineRemembered  British colonial secretary Winston Churchill issues White Paper excluding Transjordan from scope of   Balfour Declaration. Ignoring political criteria, White Paper authorizes Jewish immigration according to "economic absorptive capacity" of the country.  24 July  League of Nations Council approves Mandate for Palestine.  August  Fifth Palestinian National Congress, meeting in Nablus, agrees to economic boycott of Zionists (see 1901 entry on JNF).  October  First British census of Palestine shows population of 757,182 -78% Muslim Arab, 11% Jewish, 9.6% Christian Arab. It is often claimed that Palestine was empty until Zionist Jews made the Palestinian desert bloom, click here to read our response to this argument.
  • 1922 DeanHenderson In 1922 the Treaty of Jeddah gave Saudi Arabia independence from Britain, though the Crown still exerted considerable influence. To this day British mercenaries serve as bodyguards for the House of Saud.
  • 1926 KeynesatHarvard Keynes’ book, End of Laissez-Faire, was his most pronounced and clearcut advocacy of socialism. This Keynes work was not only enthusiastically embraced by Fascism but was listed as required reading by the League for Industrial Democracy and the Rand School of Social Science in the United States (both Fabian socialist). Harvard economic and sociological courses have repeatedly used the End of Laissez-Faire as required reading for undergraduates.
  • 1927 American-Bhudda Japan expert, geopolitician and Deutsche Akademie President Karl Haushofer. He emphasised the appropriateness of Shinto state fascism as a model for National Socialism.
  • 1927 History of the Money Changers In July, in Europe, Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman, Benjamin Strong of the Federal Reserve Bank, and Dr. Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank, met in conference. No public reports were ever made of these conferences, which happened on numerous occasions and were wholly informal, but which covered many important questions of gold movements, the stability of world trade, and world economy. Montagu Norman was obsessed with getting back the gold that England had lost to America during World War I and returning the Bank of England to its former position of dominance in world finance. Republican Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking & Currency Committee, from 1920 to 1931, would comment on this Bank of England plan in the midst of the Great Depression in February 1931 when he stated, "I think it can hardly be disputed that the statesmen and financiers of Europe are ready to take almost any means to reacquire rapidly the gold stock which Europe lost to America as a result of World War I."
  • 1929 TheForbidenKnowledge How the City of London Created the Great Depression ...
  • 1930 NFU Interactive "Bank for International Settlements (BIS)," is established in Basel, Switzerland in 1930. The same place as where 33 years earlier the first ever World Zionist Congress was held (1897) sought to dominate government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and 'legal' bribery ... Anthony Sutton: The purpose of the BIS, established under the so-called Young Plan, was to provide the Allies with reparations to be paid by Germany for World War I, but turned out to be a money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler's war machine. ... Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank,
  • 1930 Dean Henderson Rudolf Hess was the SS officer at the center of the secret Nazi-Vatican-US alliance during WWII. The Nazi business combine I.G. Farben, which made the Zyklon B poison gas used for the Auschwitz genocide, while using the prisoners there as slave labor, has morphed into Sterling Drug, Hoechst and Bayer.
  • 1931 Wikipedia Montagu Norman was a close friend of the German Central Bank President Hjalmar Schacht, who was a supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, and served in Hitler's government as President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics. As such, Schacht played a key role in implementing the policies attributed to Hitler. Norman was also so close to the Schacht family that he was godfather to one of Schacht's grandchildren. Both were members of the Anglo-German Fellowship and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). ... Norman knowingly authorized the transfer of Czech gold from Czechoslovakia's No. 2 account with the Bank of International Settlements to the No. 17 account, which Norman was aware was managed by the German Reichsbank. Within ten days the money had been transferred to other accounts. In the fall of 1939, two months after the outbreak of World War II, Norman again supported transfers of Czech gold to Hitler's Germany. On this occasion His Majesty's Government intervened to block Norman's initiative He retired (and promoted to barony) from the bank in 1944. Stephen Hagar: War monger Dulles and his Wall St. friends who had funded Hitler milked the WWII cash cow well into the Cold War.. Europe’s dominant cartels like, I.G. Farben were split up and the stolen loot was secretly transferred around the Bank of International Settlements in a shell game designed to conceal who got when where why. It was a win-win for Old Money, Rothschilds. ... Carrol Quigley: Schacht along with the Bank of England's Montagu Norman had critical role in the Hitler coup, Pan European Union, and top-down fascist ('NWO') in the 1930 creation of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), . Historian Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope—A History of the World in Our Time, described the BIS as a scheme to establish a dictatorship over world finance: ... Norman made sure that the "Hitler bonds" were warmly recommended in the City of London.
  • 1931 The ForbiddenKnowledge In 1931, Norman engineered a world financial disintegration ... making the depression worse ... by detonating the gold backing of the pound sterling. British actions amounted to the deliberate destruction of the pound sterling system, which was the only world monetary system in existence at that time. ...  blocs like the German Reichsmark and the Japanese yen would soon have to go to war to obtain the oil and other natural resources that orderly world trade could no longer provide.
  • 1931 Summer EIR "The BIS, nominally set up after the breakdown of 'normal' international financial relations in order to prevent a downward spiraling of international payments, in fact finished off the hapless Weimar Republic by its stern refusal to come to the help of a virtually bankrupt Germany in the crucial summer of 1931 ... In September, he (Schacht) was off to London and the United States, to 'sell' the Nazi option to the Anglo-American leadership, notably Bank of England governor and BIS director Montagu Norman, and the already influential Dulles brothers of Sullivan & Cromwell law firm, one of America's most influential—and the attorneys for IG Farben, and many other large German companies and provincial governments. Schacht's Hamburg friend and colleague, patrician Nazi Gerhard Westrick, ran the correspondent law firm to Dulles's in Germany." ... I.G. Farben was a prime Nazi target as an “instrument of international finance capital” dominated well-known Jews as, Max M. Warburg, Arthur von Weinberg, Alfred Merton, Ernst von Simson, Otto von Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Kurt Oppenheim. ... Haushofer helped protect I.G. Farben from Hitler's attacks on industrial concerns ... a meeting was setup between Gattineau, Haushofer and Hitler on the hydrogenation of coal.....
  • 1932 EIR  A decade after the Pan European Union was formed, in October 1932, Schacht delivered a major address before another PanEuropa event, in which he assured Coudenhove-Kalergi and the others, "In three months, Hitler will be in power.... Hitler will create PanEuropa. Only Hitler can create PanEuropa."
  • 1933 YouTube Grand Mufti, Pan Europa, Bush Crime Family, And Dulles' Real CIA Job ... more Otto Skorzany ... orthodox view on Holocaust, pro 9/11 Truth, anti-Fetzer, yes-planes, good info on Rudolf Hess, Thule, Alistair Crowley, Churchill ... at 48:00 min...
  • 1933 JanIAmTheWitness On January 30, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. He drives Jews, many of which were Communist out of Governmental positions within Germany. As a result of this, in July, the Jews hold a World Conference in Amsterdam during which they demand that Hitler re-instate every Jew back to his former position. ... The Zionists initiated the boycott of German goods in Germany and the US and it was reciprocated.
  • 1933 Wikipedia Rudolf Hess (1894 –1987), was a prominent politician in Nazi Germany. Appointed Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler in 1933-41, On 10 May 1941 he undertook a solo flight to Scotland, where he hoped to arrange peace talks with the Duke of Hamilton, whom he believed to be prominent in opposition to the British government ... to negotiate peace ... He was taken prisoner and eventually was convicted of crimes against peace, transferred to Spandau Prison in 1947 ... serving a life sentence. Repeated attempts by family members and prominent politicians to win him early release were blocked by the Soviet Union ... He was the third most-powerful man in Germany, behind only Hitler and Hermann Göring. ...  Hess signed into law much of the legislation, including the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, that stripped the Jews of Germany of their rights ...
  • 1933 Wikipedia Karl Haushofer ... was a German general, geographer and geopolitician. Through his student Rudolf Hess, Haushofer's ideas may have influenced the development of Adolf Hitler's expansionist strategies, although Haushofer denied direct influence on the Nazi regime. Under the Nuremberg Laws, Haushofer's wife and children were categorized as mischlinge (both Aryan and Jewish ancestry).. He became disillusioned after Germany's loss and severe sanctioning, retiring with the rank of Major General in 1919. At this time, he forged a friendship with the young Rudolf Hess who would become his scientific assistant. Louis Pauwels, in his book Monsieur Gurdjieff, describes Haushofer as a former student of George Gurdjieff. Others, including Pauwels, said that Haushofer created a Vril society; and that he was a secret member of the Thule Society. Zweig credits him with the concept of Lebensraum, though used in a psychological sense of a nation's relative energies. After the establishment of the Nazi regime, Haushofer remained friendly with Rudolf Hess, who protected Haushofer and his wife from the racial laws of the Nazis, which deemed her a "half-Jew". During the pre-war years Haushofer was instrumental in linking Japan to the Axis powers, acting in accordance with the theories of his book Geopolitics of the Pacific Ocean. Karl Haushofer was informally interrogated by Father Edmund A. Walsh on behalf of the Allied forces to determine whether he should stand trial at Nuremberg for war crimes. He was, however, ascertained by Walsh not to have committed war crimes. On the night of March 10–11, 1946, he and his wife committed suicide in a secluded hollow on their Hartschimmelhof estate at Pähl/Ammersee.
  • 1934 Dean Henderson ... In the spring of 1934 Bank of England Chairman Montagu Norman convened a meeting of London bankers who decided to covertly fund Hitler. Royal Dutch/Shell Chairman Sir Henri Deterding helped in this effort. He hoped Hitler would march on the Soviet Union and return RD/Shell assets seized by revolutionaries at Baku, Grozny and Maikop. 
  • 1934 Don't Tread on Me Norman Montagu and the Bank of England supplied Hitler’s regime with ample credit and even visited in May 1934. Hjalmar Schacht was rewarded by Hitler his old post as the president of the Reichsbank. During the American Depression, millions were being pumped into Hitler’s Germany as they built tremendous power. The ultimate plan was to have the Fascist Germans get involved in a bloody stalemate with Communist Russians, while the British and the Americans consolidate their grip on the world especially the Middle East where all of the oil was. The Federal Reserve Board pumped $30 billion into Germany during the US Great Depression.
  • 1937 Don't Tread on Me The highest levels of British society secretly backed Hitler including Neville “Peace in our time” Chamberlin, British press magnate Lord Beaverbrook, Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman and most notably King Edward VIII. ... The ultimate plan was to have the Fascist Germans get involved in a bloody stalemate with Communist Russians, while the British and the Americans consolidate their grip on the world especially the Middle East where all of the oil was. 
  • comment “Many Jewish families in Palestine changed their names to make themselves sound like they actually came from Palestine. And you wondered where all those Jews disappeared during World War II? Sheinerman became Sharon, Yezernitzky became Shamir, and Auerbach became Emanuel, and so on. And then multiply by a few hundred thousand. Voila! Millions of European Jews vanish from the face of the Earth – and build new lives in Palestine, etc.”
  • 1936-1939 Zionism_Israel Arab Revolt led by Haj Amin Al-Husseini (Wikipedia). Over 5,000 Arabs were killed according to some sources, mostly by British. Several hundred Jews were killed by Arabs. Husseini fled to Iraq and then to Nazi Germany. British White Paper (1939) severely restricts Jewish immigration.
  • 1938 Heretical The possibility of setting up a Zionist state on Madagascar (which was in fact first suggested by Herzl himself) also received consideration from the Nazi government. In 1938, Hitler agreed to send the President of the Reichsbank, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, to London for discussions with Jewish representatives Lord Bearsted and a Mr. Rublee of New York. The plan failed only due to intransigence on the part of the British government.
  • 1939 Energy-net The next generation of Warburgs included Siegmund G Warburg, of Hamburg. He received his initial training at the Rothschild bank in England. When the Nazi's started their takeover, he migrated to England. He started S.G. Warburg of London in 1939. It merged with the Seligman Brothers firm in 1957.  The finacial power of the Warburgs and Rothschild clans is worshipped by capitalists the world over. Yet, this empire continues to hide its true patriotic allegiance to the former rulers of Europe. With the Senator Gram's removal of the 1933 Steagal act, the U.S. insiders have been given the powers to reunite the old empire of the past.
  • 1938 Scribd The-Crime-and-Punishment-of-I-G-Farben The invasion of Austria on March 11, 1938, marked the beginning of Hitler's policy to move beyond the borders of Germany by force. I.G. was ready within days after the troops started to march. It presented the Nazi occupation officials with a memorandum entitled "New Order for the Greater Chemical Industry of Austria." 1 Essentially, the "new order" plan was a request for government permission for I.G. to take over SkodaWerke Wetzler, the largest chemical concern in Austria. I.G. made sure to clothe its plea with the rhetoric of German national interests. The erstwhile Jewish company was now ready to goose-step with Hitler. The absorption of the Austrian concern, I.G. promised, would aid in the pursuit of the aims of the four-year plan as well as promote the elimination of Jewish influence in Austrian industry. Skoda Werke Wetzler was dominated by the Jewish Rothschild, and I.G. made the most of this fact    see EndWhiteGuilt  Reznowski thesis: Summers said in a past email thread: "Hitler was Rothschild bait for Germany" --- and Germany remains effectively enslaved and broken to this day.
  • 1939 Telegraph six months before Britain went to war with Nazi Germany (and three days after the invasion of Czechoslovakia), the Bank of England willingly handed over £5.6 million worth of gold to Hitler – and it belonged to another country. The official history of the bank, written in 1950 but posted online for the first time on Tuesday, reveals how we betrayed Czechoslovakia – not just with the infamous Munich agreement of September 1938, which allowed the Nazis to annex the Sudetenland, but also in London, where Montagu Norman, the eccentric but ruthless governor of the Bank of England agreed to surrender gold owned by the National Bank of Czechoslovakia. The Czechoslovak gold was held in London in a sub-account in the name of the Bank for International Settlements, the Basel-based bank for central banks. When the Nazis marched into Prague in March 1939 they immediately sent armed soldiers to the offices of the National Bank. The Czech directors were ordered, on pain of death, to send two transfer requests. The first instructed the BIS to transfer 23.1 metric tons of gold from the Czechoslovak BIS account, held at the Bank of England, to the Reichsbank BIS account, also held at Threadneedle Street. The second order instructed the Bank of England to transfer almost 27 metric tons of gold held in the National Bank of Czechoslovakia’s own name to the BIS’s gold account at the Bank of England.
  • 1939 LaRouchePub Royal Dutch Shell's World War II-era chief Henri Deterding was a notorious backer of Adolf Hitler, and the company's banker in France, Lazard, was instrumental in creating Banque Worms out of a Shell-connected transport company; Worms was at the core of the Fascist Vichy regime in Nazi-occupied France. Royal Dutch Shell is even closer to the Rothschild banking interests, which took a stake in the company in exchange for some Russian oil properties.
  • 1939  TakeOverWorld  There is also vast evidence of collaboration between leading Zionists and Nazis ---  NOT to rescue Jews --- 800,000 Hungarian Jews and others were abandoned by the Zionists over the pleas of a Rabbi.  NOT out of fear ---  collaboration came from Zionists who had already relocated to Palestine, but who received Nazi leaders and broke a global boycott of Nazi goods.   Zionists were EAGER to exterminate "undesireable" Jews and cleanse Jewry of the poor,  the old and feeble, the religious and moral, old-fashioned Euro-Jews who were not "on program" with Zionism and founding the State of Israel.  They organized to prevent Jews from escaping Nazi-held territory to neutral territory.  They organized to prevent rescue funds from reaching Euro-Jews and to divert it to Zio-Jews and their new "ethnically pure" State.  This was based on a similar nationalist/racist/separatist ideology coupled with the recognition of Nazi power and the desire to personally and politically benefit from such power.
  • 1940 Aug EIR The "Banque Worms group" was closely allied with the Lazard banking interests in Paris, London, and New York, and with Royal Dutch Shell's Henri Deterding. Hippolyte Worms, the bank's founder, was one of 12 initial Synarchist Movement of Empire (SME) members, according to other French police and intelligence reports. The report itemized the aims of the Synarchists, as of August 1940: "to check any new social schemes which might tend to weaken the power of the international financiers and industrialists; to work for the ultimate complete control of all industry by international finance and industry; to protect Jewish and Anglo-Saxon interests;
  • 1941 Don't Tread on Me May The Royal Family strong supporters of the Nazi regime ... On May 10th 1941 Rudolf Hess who was Hitler’s Deputy in the Nazi party made a daring flight to Scotland in hopes of negotiating a peace with the Royals. Unfortunately for him, the Royals no longer were in control of the state and Rudolf  was captured and sentenced to life in prison. ...  many British citizens died directly from the Nazis that they created. ... The British Royal family changed it’s last name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor ...a marriage of two German dynasties. ... many of the aristocracies across Europe are interrelated and preside over many European countries. ... elite and aloof.
  • 1941  Wikipedia IG Farben During the planning of the invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland, IG Farben cooperated closely with Nazi officials and directed which chemical plants should be secured and delivered to IG Farben.In 1941, an investigation exposed a "marriage" cartel between John D. Rockefeller's United States-based Standard Oil Co. and I.G. Farben. It also brought new evidence concerning complex price and marketing agreements between DuPont, a major investor in and producer of leaded gasoline, United States Industrial Alcohol Company and its subsidiary, Cuba Distilling Co
  • 1941 Thomas McKittrick, an American banker, was president of the BIS. When the United States entered the war in December 1941, McKittrick’s position, the history notes, “became difficult”. But McKittrick managed to keep the bank in business, thanks in part to his friend Allen Dulles, the US spymaster based in Berne. McKittrick was an asset of Dulles, known as Codename 644, and frequently passed him information that he had garnered from Emil Puhl, who was a frequent visitor to Basel and often met McKittrick. ... Declassified documents in the American intelligence archives reveal an even more disturbing story. Under an intelligence operation known as the “Harvard Plan”, McKittrick was in contact with Nazi industrialists, working towards what the US documents, dated February 1945, describe as a “close cooperation between the Allied and German business world”. ... From the 1950s to the 1990s the BIS hosted much of the planning and technical preparation for the introduction of the euro. Without the BIS the euro would probably not exist.
  • 1940  MasterMason Knoop & Jones publish A Short History of Freemasonry to 1730.


The US Civil War was about Money not Slavery

A trail of treason .... source: EIR

To start the Civil War, this pre-organized anti-Union terrorist force would strike for secession in the South. Those who stayed in the North during the War would be known as "Copperheads ," with headquarters in Ohio. Before the war, Isaac Wise had two B'nai B 'rith local leaders in Cleveland: Simon Wolf and Benj amin F. Peixotto. Wolf and Peixotto also worked as political agents for Democratic Party boss August Belmont, the U. S. representative of the Rothschild banks-chief moneybags of the British crown, and British puppets . B anker Belmont paid for the Knights of the Golden Circle and Young America projects , which he helped plan while he was U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands. Benjamin Peixotto was editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a violently pro-Copperhead paper which furious citizens forced to shut down during the war. Wolf and Peixotto ran a Hebrew amateur acting group, which included their non-Hebrew friend John Wilkes Booth.

The war started in 1 861. Simon Wolf went to Washington as the B 'nai B ' rith representative in the national capital , joining Albert Pike's Southern Scottish Rite and Judah Benjamin's Confederate Secret Service operations . Wolf was almost immediately arrested by U.S. Army Counterintelligence director Lafayette Baker, who worked directly for President Abraham Lincoln and for Lincoln's Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. The B'nai B ' rith was understood to be a Confederate intelligence front. B ' nai B 'rith 's official history says that the "cruel" and "ruthless" Colonel Baker had Simon Wolf arrested "solely because he was a member of B'nai B ' rith." At the time , they say, Wolf was "defending several Southern Jews arrested in Washington and charged with being Confederate spies ." Meanwhile in Cincinnati , Isaac Wise's cohort Julius Ochs got in trouble when his wife, Bertha, was arrested for smuggling drugs to the Confederate Army in her son's baby carriage . Later, Julius and Bertha's son, the white supremacist Adolph Ochs , married Isaac Wise's daughter, and then bought the New York Times . Their daughter married Arthur Sulzberger. The U.S. Navy won an 1 862 Mississippi River battle, and the U.S. Army took Memphis , Tennessee . Isaac Wise's Memphis B'nai B ' rith agent, the British-born Abraham E. Frankland, was arrested, and admitted being a Confederate

spymaster. Julius Ochs sent him supplies in jail the same day, and Frankland was released on a $20,000 bond. We'll hear more of this degenerate Frankland shortly . The next year, B'nai B'rith leader Isaac Wise was nominated at an Ohio Convention to run for state senator on the radical anti-Union Copperhead election ticket. Wise's running mate for Ohio governor was Clement Vallandigham, then in exile in Canada, whom President Lincoln had banished from the country as America's leading traitor. The B'nai B ' rith leader's candidacy caused a crisis and a newspaper scandal . The Cincinnati Jewish community was overwhelmingly pro-Union. His own synagogue issued a formal demand for him to withdraw; Wise was forced off the ticket.


The conspiracy to kill Lincoln

At the close of the war, on April 14, 1 865 , John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln while another man simultaneously attacked Secretary of State William Seward. Lincoln died the next day . Here are some basic facts of the murder. Some months before he shot Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth deposited funds in the Montreal , Canada bank regularly used by the operatives of Confederate Secret Service head Judah Benj amin. John Surrat, a regular Judah Benjamin agent, confessed to plotting with Booth to abduct Lincoln , and admitted to using that Montreal bank for Benj amin's funds .

In the museum which they keep at the assassination site at Ford's Theatre , the National Parks Service displays a decoding sheet, found by police in John Wilkes Booth's trunk. Displayed alongside it is a matching coding device which was found in the office of Judah Benjamin . At the time John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, Booth's old acquaintance Benjamin Peixotto was international president of the B 'nai B 'rith . Only hours before going to Ford's Theatre to shoot the President, Booth met with his old friend B'nai B'rith Washington chief Simon Wolf, for a confidential discussion over some drinks . Simon Wolf later claimed that at this meeting , Booth told him about a woman who had turned down Booth's marriage proposal . That evening, Booth murdered Abraham Lincoln, and Wolf attributed the killing to Booth's anguish over his broken heart. (So, the "lone assassin" story of John Hinckley and Jody Foster is an old story.) Simon Wolf was later a prime founder of the Anti-Defamation League .

intimate friend of Albert Pike . Frankland had been in the Pike-Benjamin spy apparatus , and wrote a blistering attack on the U. S. attempt to reconstruct the South under equal rights . Frankland now stayed on to aid Pike in his postwar task. A notebook of Frankland's Kabbalistic Researches is kept in the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati . It is a compendium of espionage ciphers , black magic symbols, masonic ritual , and pagan religion. In his preface , Frankland acknowledges aid to his religious research by Albert Gallatin Mackey, grand secretary of the Scottish Rite , "and the Book Lohar on the Sephiroth, kindly loaned to me by Gen'l Albert Pike ." KKK boss Pike was simultaneously working o n h i s own satanic masterpiece , Morals and Dogma, published in 187 1. On page 38 of Kabbalistic Researches, Frankland lists assorted gods passed down by tradition from ancient times , including "Four of the thirteen great Gods of Assyria," plus the god "Bel ." Mackey writes that Frankland's god Bel is a form of Baal , and was worshipped by the Babylonians as their chief deity. This is, of course , the false god which the Old Testament Jewish prophets fought to expunge from Israel . Mackey says that since 187 1 the Royal Arch Masonic system has combined Bel with "Jah" for Jehova and "On" for the Egyptian sun god, into "JahBeIOn," as an "explanation" of God. The Hebrew menorah blasphemously used in the Royal Arch Masonic ritual is displayed in the Alexandria, Virginia masonic temple . Other pages of Frankland's notebook contain "Cypher" and "Private Cypher," "Philosophical and Hermetic Alphabet," "Cypher of the Rose Cross," and "Ten Cabalistic Spheres ." In his Morals and Dogma, KKK boss Albert Pike celebrates the collaboration between these two Memphis masonic chiefs , Pike and Frankland, at the height of the bloodiest assassination wave in U. S. history. Pike says, "One is filled with admiration, on penetrating into the Sanctuary of the Kabalah, at seeing a doctrine so logical , so simple , and at the same time so absolute . . . a philosophy summed up by counting on one's fingers . . .. Ten ciphers and twenty-two letters , a triangle , a square , and a circle-these are all the elements of the Kabalah. " So, upon the triumph of their KKK, Albert Pike appointed Abraham Frankland the head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the state of Tennessee , and an emeritus member of the Supreme Council . Simultaneously, Isaac Wise appointed Abraham Frankland the president of the B'nai B'rith district for Tennessee, Mississippi , Alabama, and Arkansas . At the beginning of this century, Isaac Wise's grandson Adolph Ochs, the owner of the New York Times, wrote a series of editorials attacking black voting rights in those southern states. This vicious editorial campaign helped swing the North behind the new anti-black Jim Crow laws which were then being written, which finally reversed rights gained

The New York Times 's Arthur Hays Sulzberger comes from a long line of traitors going back to Isaac Wise and his Confederate cohort Julius Ochs. by Union blood during the civil war. The Ochs-Sulzberger family, a great power in the B'nai B'rith, has remained in control of the New York Times ever since . Afterword Chorus: Sometimes persons who have been used by British intelligence manage to assert their own humanity and rebel. Take the example of Simon Bolivar, the liberator of several countries in [bero-America. After a lifetime of cooperation with Bentham and his agents, Bolivar realized his mistake and repudiated his former associate. This took the form, first of all, of an J 828 decree banning in Colombia all secret societies and fraternities, described as groups "disrupting public tranquility and the established order ." At about the same time, Bolivar issued another proclamation outlawing the teaching of Bentham in the university. Bolivar attacked Bentham and his school as "opposed to religion, to morality, and to the tranquility of the people, " and as a contributing cause in censpiracies and disorders in Bogota. Bolivar concluded that youth was being "given a deadly poison through those authors, which destroyed their religion and morals. " To replace Bentham, Bolivar mandated study of Latin, morals and natural law, constitutional law, and the foundations of the Roman Catholic faith.


source: Global Research

In an article on April 13, I used the so-called Civil War and the myths with which court historians have encumbered that war to show how history is falsified in order to serve agendas. I pointed out that it was a war of secession, not a civil war as the South was not fighting the North for control of the government in Washington. As for the matter of slavery, all of Lincoln’s statements prove that he was neither for the blacks nor against slavery.

Yet he has been turned into a civil rights hero, and a war of northern aggression, whose purpose Lincoln stated over and over was “to preserve the union” (the empire), has been converted into a war to free the slaves.

As for the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln said it was “a practical war measure” that would help in defeating the South and would convince Europe, which was considering recognizing the Confederacy, that Washington was motivated by “something more than ambition.” The proclamation only freed slaves in the Confederacy, not in the Union. As Lincoln’s Secretary of State put it: “we emancipated slaves where we cannot reach them and hold them in bondage where we can set them free.”

A few readers took exception to the truth and misconstrued a statement of historical facts as a racist defense of slavery. In the article below, the well-known African-American, Walter Williams, points out that the war was about money, not slavery. Just as Jews who tell the truth about Israel’s policies are called “self-hating Jews,” will Walter Williams be called a “self-hating black?” Invective is used as a defense against truth.

Racist explanations can be very misleading. For example, it is now a given that the police are racists because they kill without cause black Americans and almost always get away with it. Here is a case of a true fact being dangerously misconstrued. In actual fact, the police kill more whites than blacks, and they get away with these murders also. So how is race the explanation?

The real explanation is that the police have been militarized and trained to view the public as enemy who must first be subdued with force and then questioned. This is the reason that so many innocent people, of every race, are brutalized and killed. No doubt some police are racists, but overall their attitude toward the public is a brutal attitude toward all races, genders, and ages. The police are a danger to everyone, not only to blacks.

We see the same kind of mistake made with the Confederate Battle Flag. Reading some of the accounts of the recent Charleston church shootings, I got the impression that the Confederate Battle Flag, not Dylann Roof, was responsible for the murders. Those declaring the flag to be a “symbol of hate” might be correct. Possibly it is a symbol of their hatred of the “white South,” a hatred that dates from the mischaracterization of what is called the “Civil War.” As one commentator pointed out, if flying over slavery for four years makes the Confederate flag a symbol of hate, what does that make the U.S. flag, which flew over slavery for 88 years?

Flags on a battlefield are information devices to show soldiers where their lines are. In the days of black powder, battles produced enormous clouds of smoke that obscured the line between opposing forces. In the first battle of Bull Run confusion resulted from the similarity of the flags. Thus, the Confederate Battle Flag was born. It had nothing to do with hate.

Americans born into the centralized state are unaware that their forebears regarded themselves principally as residents of states, and not as Americans. Their loyalty was to their state. When Robert E. Lee was offered command in the Union Army, he declined on the grounds that he was a Virginian and could not go to war against his native country of Virginia.

A nonsensical myth has been created that Southerners made blacks into slaves because Southerners are racist. The fact of the matter is that slaves were brought to the new world as a labor force for large scale agriculture. The first slaves were whites sentenced to slavery under European penal codes. Encyclopedia Virginia reports that “convict laborers could be purchased for a lower price than indentured white or enslaved African laborers, and because they already existed outside society’s rules, they could be more easily exploited.”


Fraud Caused the 1930s Depression and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Source: GlobalResearch

Robert Shiller – one of the top housing experts in the United States – says that the mortgage fraud is a lot like the fraud which occurred during the Great Depression. As Fortune notes: Fraud Caused the 1930s Depression and the Current Financial Crisis

Shiller said the danger of foreclosuregate — the scandal in which it has come to light that the biggest banks have routinely mishandled homeownership documents, putting the legality of foreclosures and related sales in doubt — is a replay of the 1930s, when Americans lost faith that institutions such as business and government were dealing fairly.

The former chief accountant of the S.E.C., Lynn Turner, told the New York Times that fraud helped cause the Great Depression:

The amount of gimmickry and outright fraud dwarfs any period since the early 1970’s, when major accounting scams like Equity Funding surfaced, and the 1920’s, when rampant fraud helped cause the crash of 1929 and led to the creation of the S.E.C.

Economist Robert Kuttner writes:

In 1932 through 1934 the Senate Banking Committee, led by its Chief Counsel Ferdinand Pecora, ferreted out the deeper fraud and corruption that led to the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.

Similarly, Tom Borgers refers to:

The 1930s’ Pecora Commission, which investigated the fraud that led to the Great Depression ….

Professor William K. Black writes:

The original Pecora investigation documented the causes of the economic collapse that led to the Great Depression. It … established that conflicts of interest and fraud were common among elite finance and government officials.

The Pecora investigations provided the factual basis that produced a consensus that the financial system and political allies were corrupt.

Moreover, the Glass Steagall Act was passed because of the fraudulent use of normal bank deposits for speculative invesments. As the Congressional Research Service notes:

In the Great Depression after 1929, Congress examined the mixing of the “commercial” and “investment” banking industries that occurred in the 1920s. Hearings revealed conflicts of interest and fraud in some banking institutions’ securities activities. A formidable barrier to the mixing of these activities was then set up by the Glass Steagall Act.

Economist James K. Galbraith wrote in the introduction to his father, John Kenneth Galbraith’s, definitive study of the Great Depression, The Great Crash, 1929:

The main relevance of The Great Crash, 1929 to the great crisis of 2008 is surely here. In both cases, the government knew what it should do. Both times, it declined to do it. In the summer of 1929 a few stern words from on high, a rise in the discount rate, a tough investigation into the pyramid schemes of the day, and the house of cards on Wall Street would have tumbled before its fall destroyed the whole economy. In 2004, the FBI warned publicly of “an epidemic of mortgage fraud.” But the government did nothing, and less than nothing, delivering instead low interest rates, deregulation and clear signals that laws would not be enforced. The signals were not subtle: on one occasion the director of the Office of Thrift Supervision came to a conference with copies of the Federal Register and a chainsaw. There followed every manner of scheme to fleece the unsuspecting ….

This was fraud, perpetrated in the first instance by the government on the population, and by the rich on the poor.


The government that permits this to happen is complicit in a vast crime.

As the Great Crash, 1929 documents, there were many fraudulent schemes which occurred in the 1920s and which helped cause the Great Depression. Here’s one example of a pyramid scheme in Florida real estate:

An enterprising Bostonian, Mr. Charles Ponzi, developed a subdivision “near Jacksonville.” It was approximately sixty-five miles west of the city. (In other respects Ponzi believed in good, compact neighborhoods ; he sold twenty-three lots to the acre.) In instances where the subdivision was close to town, as in the case of Manhattan Estates, which were “not more than three fourths of a mile from the prosperous and fast-growing city of Nettie,” the city, as was so of Nettie, did not exist. The congestion of traffic into the state became so severe that in the autumn of 1925 the railroads were forced to proclaim an embargo on less essential freight, which included building materials for developing the subdivisions. Values rose wonderfully. Within forty miles of Miami “inside” lots sold at from $8,000 to $20,000; waterfront lots brought from $15,000 to $25,000, and more or less bona fide seashore sites brought $20,000 to $75,000.”
The real explanation is that the police have been militarized and trained to view the public as enemy who must first be subdued with force and then questioned. This is the reason that so many innocent people, of every race, are brutalized and killed. No doubt some police are racists, but overall their attitude toward the public is a brutal attitude toward all races, genders, and ages. The police are a danger to everyone, not only to blacks.

We see the same kind of mistake made with the Confederate Battle Flag. Reading some of the accounts of the recent Charleston church shootings, I got the impression that the Confederate Battle Flag, not Dylann Roof, was responsible for the murders. Those declaring the flag to be a “symbol of hate” might be correct. Possibly it is a symbol of their hatred of the “white South,” a hatred that dates from the mischaracterization of what is called the “Civil War.” As one commentator pointed out, if flying over slavery for four years makes the Confederate flag a symbol of hate, what does that make the U.S. flag, which flew over slavery for 88 years?

Flags on a battlefield are information devices to show soldiers where their lines are. In the days of black powder, battles produced enormous clouds of smoke that obscured the line between opposing forces. In the first battle of Bull Run confusion resulted from the similarity of the flags. Thus, the Confederate Battle Flag was born. It had nothing to do with hate.

Americans born into the centralized state are unaware that their forebears regarded themselves principally as residents of states, and not as Americans. Their loyalty was to their state. When Robert E. Lee was offered command in the Union Army, he declined on the grounds that he was a Virginian and could not go to war against his native country of Virginia.

A nonsensical myth has been created that Southerners made blacks into slaves because Southerners are racist. The fact of the matter is that slaves were brought to the new world as a labor force for large scale agriculture. The first slaves were whites sentenced to slavery under European penal codes. Encyclopedia Virginia reports that “convict laborers could be purchased for a lower price than indentured white or enslaved African laborers, and because they already existed outside society’s rules, they could be more easily exploited.”




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