Jewish Racism and Supremacism, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genetics (Part 1)

In this article, the results of combining a number of concepts is analyzed, hopefully with an educational result. The first refers to this YnetNews piece (below) that exposes racism and supremacism as historical and contemporary traits of a significant segment of Israeli society. The second is the on-going and necessary citizen investigations by the alternative media of the 9/11, JFK assassination and Holocaust hoaxes that all have varying degrees of Jewish involvement.
To take this conglomeration a step further, it greatly expands the sphere that these hoaxes exist in to the extraordinary but documentable claims by a profusion of historians that Jewish leadership figures were complicit in perpetrating the mass murder of millions of Christians (including Bolshevik Revolution, Stalin era, World Wars I & II) over the last two hundred years or so. Are these atrocities the result, in part, of innate (genetic) destructive components of Jewish pathological motivations?


When referring to the term "Jewish leadership figures", it is generally meant that those leaders are a product of the consensus of the Jewish people, whether by deception, fraud or genuine acceptance is an open question (played out in modern Israel as a theocracy masquerading as a democracy.) It is also imperative to consider the gross disparity (and commonalities) in beliefs between secular nationalists and orthodox Jews in the big picture of the study of Judaism.
A recurring theme of this article is also that it is highly evident, given that over a long historical period dating back to the widely believed Exodus myth, that patterns of Jewish behavior have not changed or even have gotten worse. The same complaints of inordinate power, deception, abuse of usury and depravity appear over and over with remarkable consistency. This is a highly significant point and will be pursued.

Jewish Crimes Against Humanity
This claim of Jewish complicity in millions of deaths is surrealistic. It is not in the general conversational fabric of the world's citizens, but it is very real. We are living in an age of lies and coverups, where hundreds of millions of people died in utterly unnecessary wars whose initiation was prompted by an unseen presence of Jews. Expounding on the physical or political aspects of these lies as a means to bring justice has proven to be insufficient in remediating these horrific events. Alternative approaches are needed. This article adds to the effort some genetic issues that may be applicable in confronting what are the most horrific crimes and hoaxes (Holocaust) of our age. 9/11 and JFK assassination were, in reality, political coups. It is vital to view these as integral components of a long stream of religious and politically-inspired violence, in this article, limited to the era beginning in the mid 19th century.
But first some background information and assumptions are in order.
What is the motivation of YnetNews, one of the largest Jewish online sites, in writing this article that disparages a significant segment of Jewish society? It may stem from the palpable tension between secular nationalists and orthodox religious groups in Israel that entails significant threats including demographic, judicial and civil disputations that all have historical dimensions going back thousands of years. But there are fundamental and cohesive subjects that transcend and overwhelm any strife that may occur in Israel including pathological attachments to the Holocaust (hoax), Jewish victimhood, Jewish supremacism (insecurity), ethnocentrism, assimilation debates and strategies to counter Jew-hatred (anti-Semitism). The author of the article was not ambiguous in his mission.
Below is graphic and summary of the Ynet News article. It is generally focused on local enemies can easily be extrapolated to the world spanning thousands of years.


A summary of the article follows: (1)Haredi Jews, as depicted in the above pic, are victims of Zionist assimilationists who have corrupted and debased sacred Jewish values in their drive to create the state of Israel, while concurring that this was caused by anti-Semitism. (2) Haredi enemies are Jewish leftists, the High Court (Sanhedrin, Napoleonic), Reforms, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and even the Amalek (recurrent enemies of the Israelites, 1st century CE). (3) Secular education is responsible for sinking Jews into materialism, (4) the Reform movement referred as "treacherous", "nasty" and "despicable", (4) the Jewish Homeland was promised by the Creator of the Universe and that its inhabitants (including the enemy Palestinians) only had a choice of either accepting Jewish law or leaving altogether, (5) The Oslo Accords were the greatest disaster ever to befall Israel, (6) Democracy is tantamount to Naziism, (7) Palestinians should be thankful for everything the Jews have given them, (8) they discount Darwin with science books stuck in the 50s, (9) exhibit extreme mysogny, with only minor qualifications, (10) no mention of Ethiopian Jews and are condescending to Misrahi culture (Middle East ancestry Jews), (11) although they harshly criticise slavery, they use the term"kushim" that translates to "Negro".
These points are not just concerned with Jews against Arabs. It is Jews against non-Jews on a Biblical time-scale. The statement "the liberation of the Jewish Homeland was promised by the Creator of the Universe" has implications going back to the destruction of the First and Second Temples to the middle of the 19th century with the beginnings of the Zionist (more on this below).

Where's Chabad Lubavitch?
It must be mentioned and is entirely predictable that the inclusion of Chabad Lubavitch (Hasidic sub-group of Haredi) is nowhere to be found in the article. It is arguably one of the most racist and supremacist organizations on the planet. Menachem Schneerson (its most notable leader) was the author (sourced from Lurianic Kabbalah) of all manner of passages proclaiming (undisputed and concealed) that Jews are of a different species than non Jews, non-Jews only exist to serve Jews and their souls come from (three) satanic spheres..etc. Books by Israel Shahak, Elizabeth Dilling, David Duke, Shlomo Sand provide a wealth of information about this). This racism and supremacism is a component of modern mainstream Jewish thought?
dfgYosef and Netanyahu

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
To further illustrate this point, a reference to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is important. He founded the Shas Party and was the most prominent leader of the Orthodox community representing Sephardic immigrants from Arab and North African nations who comprise nearly half of Israel's Jewish population. He had the distinction of being one of the select few contemporary scholars to be cited in the Chabad's Likkutei Sichot of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. He died recently and an estimated half-million mourners made their way to the funeral procession in Jerusalem. In another 2016 YnetNews article, focusing on Israel's secularist population's fear that ultra-Orthodox ideology was over-running the state, the following sentence was included: " We've all heard Rabbi Ovadia Yosef say that gentiles were born to serve us. In the future such ideas will be taught to all of us," he says."

asfd Yosef funeral procession.

(above) A funeral procession (500,000 men and 0 women) by ultra-Orthodox followers of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a purveyor of hate against all non-Jews. Recent quotes include describing women as dogs and pigs, Arab people must be exterminated, Gentiles are like donkeys and exist only to serve Jews. They reject evolution, math, and science making them an intellectual drag on modern Israeli culture. They are the most racist and mysogynistic group in Israel. The divide between secular and orthodox populations in Israel is an enigmatic and immensely important consideration in analyzing Jewish culture.

Polls on Jewish / Arab relations

The takeaway in these polls: There's a high correlation between Right religiosity and racism in Israel, but even in the Center, a surprisingly large portion favors expelling all Arabs from Israel. In America, even with its problematic racial issues, a comparable question would never be found in any poll.

Using genetics to help understand Jewish racism and supremacism
In the context of this YnetNews analysis of these 100+ textbooks containing the racist and supremacist diatribes, it is clear that 2600-year-old Jewish religious turf battles (Jews versus non-Jews) are still simmering. Countless YouTube videos and other internet content continue to grind on this rivalry. Jews hold a massively disproportionate number of powerful international positions in relation to their population size while simultaneously being the most hated peoples on the planet. They have been accused of racism, apartheid, and supremacism since time immemorial from a wide range of entities that offer an abundance of proof for their beliefs. For the purposes of this article, a focus on genetics will be pursued in an attempt to shed light on this subject, knowing that it comprises only a minority portion of those causes, but is vital in a total understanding.


In addressing subjects such as hate and supremacism and the ultimate expression of those phenomena as mass murder, 9/11, JFK and the Holocaust hoax, scholarly sources would be a natural place to look for academic expertise on these issues, but this is nearly impossible. Modern university soft science departments are dominated by Jewish and philo-Semitic professors who are precluded from broaching any of these issues for obvious reasons too complex (suppression of academic freedom) to address here, but the immediate consequences are career destruction upon any attempt. Foisting non-Jewish Jewish apologists in front of the public is common and stealthy tactic allowing the Jewish agenda anonymity. Dick Cheney (with Scooter Libby) and his role in fomenting the Iraq War comes to mind.

fdsfsJewish hate crimes far outnumber all others combined.

To qualify what is meant by genetic, it is assumed for the purposes of this article, that humans learn how to behave from a number methods and sources. Genes primarily drive the behavior through motivations where the active goal is a local agent by which genetic influence from the distant past finds its expression. At the extreme, one of the earliest (millions of years) applications of genetics could be the consideration of group hunting (by animals and humans) as a basis for ethnocentrism. Only the closest of kin could be counted on, establishing the pattern. Education is another example. Nature is flush with examples of non-humans teaching their young. A higher than average focus on universal education in the Jewish culture is a cornerstone of their strategy to dominate. This strategy has the potential of changing the genetic makeup of its practitioners given a long enough time period. Eugenics is an important consideration here.
There is ample evidence of Jewish populations in countries where they were always a minority, shunning agrarian lifestyles, and exploiting those rural populations to the point of becoming victims of violent backlashes and pogroms. Over one hundred expulsions from various countries over the last three millennia raises the question why have they not changed their behavior in the face of these events? Is this perpetual obstinance a clue to genetic causes?
From the earliest record of Jewish history, there is examples of behaviors of numerous non-Jewish populations taking measures to protect themselves from intrusive Jews. In the Exodus (archeologically proven a myth) and its biblical references, it is detailed that Joseph, the son of Jacob became the Viceroy of Egypt, the second most powerful office, and that the Egyptian pharoah feared losing control to the large number of Jews in Egypt to the point of enslaving them. These same themes play out in over 100 expulsions of the Jews over the next 2600 years including Germany, Spain, England, France, Russia. The Jewish version of these events always and predictably omits any references to why they were expelled and focuses just on the expulsion in order to disingenuously garner sympathy and spike donations.
Is their uncompromising supremacism and the behavior springing from that supremcism stronger than the pain they are willing to suffer as a consequence of their actions? Evidently, yes. Suffering antiSemitism is seemingly just the cold cost of doing business, given that it has never changed in thousands of years. Is it genetically or developmentally innate? ... probably both, but to scientifically prove this has been problematic because of so many variables.

Behavioral Genetics mini course
A simple course in genetics in terms of behavioral genetics will help in this analysis.
All humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes (in the nucleus of cells), which are long strands of DNA molecules that contain the 19-20 thousand genes (segments of the chromosomes) that determine traits such as hair color, height...etc. but also affect behavioral traits (including mental disorder, cognitive ability, personality...etc), which are polygenic (possibly hundreds of genes affecting one behavior). The genotype is controlled by three factors including DNA, environment, and development (nature vs nurture). The Phenotype is the result of the genotypic interaction that is expressed in specific observable traits of the organism. Genetic variation in adaptations, through mutations in the replication of DNA, provides a wide range of traits for natural selection to work on. For humans, genes and culture (nature / nurture) interact in a feedback loop that, over time, alters DNA and vice versa. With cultural selection, teaching and learning (memetic evolution) transmit information which in turn alters their survivability in various physical and cultural environments perpetuating the loop. For behavioral genetics, variants can be tested for association with a behavioural phenotype, such as mental disorder, cognitive ability, personality.
Cultural behavior is the focus of this article... e.g., how much is genetics a factor in Jewish racism, supremacism (which is a manifestation of insecurity, fear), even seemingly minor effects that might sway the judgement of Jewish elite in calling for the revengeful execution of policies that led to the deaths of tens of millions of Russian Christians in the Bolshevik Revolution, complicity in the JFK assassination, Holocaust lies, or the nuclear demolition of the WTC on 9/11? Can polygenic factors nudge the propensity to initiate these horrific atrocities? Were these events a means of proving to themselves (Jews) that they could alter the course of world events, confirming their power and superiority, and are they just living the lie to convince themselves and others of their superiority. At the deepest level, their evolutionary motivation to exist is at stake, given the route that they have chosen.
Liars have to keep lying or perish. There are over 60 Holocaust museums around the world. They are all there to perpetuate a hoax because of a myriad of complex reasons. Who are they trying to convince? Themselves? Israeli citizens continue to vote into office pathological criminals that they believe will protect them from the ramifications of the justified hatred and distrust that exists of Jews worldwide. A recent Pew poll said that 39% of UK Jews hide their religious identity confirming their fear of being attached to the deepest nature of their culture.

Deep history of Jewish Supremacism
Since the era of Biblical fables surrounding Moses and Abraham, there has been a steady cycle of rise and fall of the fortunes of the Jewish people. At the very beginning and one of the cornerstones of their ideology/religion is that they are the progenitors of monotheism (there is plenty of evidence of plagiarism). Scholars quoted in Wikipedia confirm that the very foundations of the Abrahamic religions are scientifically unsubstantiated. At best they can be described as myths; at worst, lies and subterfuge. But they have used monotheism creation, their 'chosen people' attestation and the messianic world control proclamation to attempt to justify their supremacism, although their messianic prophecy has not come true, their advanced fortunes have advanced significantly. Science and the Roman invention of Christianity with its legion of 1.3 billion followers are its main nemisis and an imposing source of fear and consternation about what went wrong with their historic plans.
A constant theme throughout Jewish history texts is the mention of the destruction of the First and Second Temples and the ensuing exile (Nebuchadnezzar in 587 and the Aspasia in 70 AD). They are portrayed as another instance of the victimization of the Jews, ad nausem, with no explanation of the real details. In a close but relatively facile scrutiny, it is revealed that those two events were just ordinary machinations of the constant power plays among an ever-changing stream of regional rulers plundering their way across the Middle East. In both cases, the Jews refused to pay taxes and or homage to those Roman rulers and suffered the predictable consequences. It was not racial or discriminatory in any way, just business as usual. There is no basis for any extraordinary right for the Jews or any other group embroiled in similar situations of that era. It can easily be surmised that supremacism inspired in part the refusal to pay taxes and honor non-Jewish idols.

In antiquity, countless strategies were used to consolidate institutionalized religious belief and wrest it from the individual and establish its institutional control. It was akin to modern business monopoly creation in that having a single 'God' or corporate controller streamlined the process. Monotheism emerged successfully as an entirely viable choice that actually originated in Mesopotamia and Egypt along with Zoroastrianism which was also an important source of its emergence. Only a few obscure Jewish sources confirm these facts, while Jews continue to trumpet their claims of its creation. Israeli scholars concede that the Mosaic 'revelation' story is just tradition and have uncovered the real human sources of Judaic religious texts. The boiling cauldron of religious, philosophic and scientific thought continues to this day. The genetic-based curiosity of human beings to seek knowledge of their origins is one of the most important drivers in this quest, but has been used to exploit the populace. There are countless variant versions of religious teachings and no overarching authority to settle the argument about which one is correct. But ultimately it is decided individually and the propounders of Judaism lead the pack in supremacist rants that they are the most important.
Judaism can be characterized as a prime example of the most supremacist-inspired exploitation scheme that is enshrined in a religious ideology enforced by powerful social controls in a closed group resulting in a gene pool that has become significantly segregated from the genetic makeup of the surrounding society. It's considered a 'major' religion, but not because of it's size where its paltry fourteen million members and is dwarfed by the billions of Christians, Muslims, Hindus...etc. Their power doesn't come from numbers, but rather non-religious factors. Almost forty percent of Jews are secular nationalists and among those is a small elite occupy an inordinate number of positions of power in global government / business entities. It has often been theorized that Rothschild Zionists hijacked Judaism to exploit MiddleEast resources.
Non-assimilation and strict segregation edicts have been a mainstay of Jewish efforts to maintain their power and position. Elaborate rules prohibiting Jews marrying non-Jews are codified in Jewish law, where even non-Orthodox Jews follow a relatively strict set of commandments that include heavy marriage restrictions. The 56th of the 613 Mitzvot commandments states that Jews are "Not to intermarry with gentiles (Deut. 7:3)". This is just as racisct and supremacist as the modern drive to make Israel a Jewish state.

Inbreeding and endogamy
In a 2017 Forward magazine article excerpt, the following is presented: "In a much-discussed study published last year, three University of Utah anthropologists suggested that Jewish “superior” intelligence was the result of the selective “inbreeding” of Jews. The study proceeded to link the “genetics of intelligence” with the prevalence of “Jewish genetic diseases.” The authors wrote: “Perhaps most of the characteristic Ashkenazi genetic diseases fall into this category. Selection has imposed a heavy human cost: not crippling at the population level, cheaper than the malaria-defense mutations like sickle cell and G6PD deficiency, but tragic nonetheless.” Jews may be smart, but the cost is that they are an “ill people.” Of course, being an “ill people” was also a charge made by 19th-century antisemitic science."
And in a Haaretz article: "as one of most distinctive population groups in the world because of their history of endogamy and inbreeding, there exists around 40 diseases disproportionately carried, such as Tay-Sachs, Gaucher, Niemann-Pick, ucolipidosis IV, Krohnes disease, as well as breast and ovarian cancer."
These are obvious negative evolutionary factors in the Jewish world plan that are medically pertinent, but they also help to bolster the point that cultural evolution can have similar effects; in most cases much smaller in a micro sense, but statistically significant in a long-term macro analysis.
And this JTA article is summarized as follows: In designing and testing theories on how the body programs its 19,000 genes, Moshe Szyf, a geneticist and molecular biologist at McGill University in Montreal, has expanded the notion of Jewish guilt. Researchers studying the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors have found that they have higher rates of post-traumatic stress after enduring car accidents, possibly due to modifications in their stress hormone system inherited from their survivor parents. This is an example of epigenetics (heritable gene expression without DNA alteration) that has run amok.
The outward advantages of inbreeding can also lead to psuedospeciazation (the creation of a new species) or drifting from the norm, but with a significant risk of recessive disorders. Jewish cultural norms seem to include a tolerance for this preference because the behavior pattern has not changed in over 3000 years.
Ultimately, religion, as a human endeavor, is a waning phenomenon and is facing the fact that it is not ultimately necessary for human survival, although it was probably responsible for a significant amount of the domestication of humans over the eons. All historical human behavior can be sufficiently explained by evolutionary psychology, but powerful institutional forces resist this and perpetuate its practice.
James Fetzer's book, The Evolution of Intelligence, offers some important insights into an evolutionary basis for the construction of moralities and ethics that are completely independent of institutionalized religion where, in the book he mentions kin selection and reciprocal altuism could provide a basis for biologically based ethics. Fetzer (2005), Ruse and Wilson (1986). and could be valuable in understanding the intellectual divide between enlightened secular nationalists and orthodox religious traditions in Israel that, in turn, may provide the deepest deciphering the real motives behind their beliefs and actions.
The creeds of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Turtle Creator or any one of a hundred or more creationist theologies are just as credible as any modern mainstream religion on a purely philosophical basis. The world's religions are waning longterm, but oddly, Orthodox Judaism, in the short term, has not only bucked this trend but is surging in America and Israel even as they categorically reject science, evolution, and modernity. A large mass of scientifically illiterate reliogionists are threatening the political fabric of Israel. It may help to counter the high birth rate of the Palestinians in the demographic battles, but it has untold consequences for the future of Israel.

A continuum of genetics predictions from medical to cultural
There is a continuum of behaviors that can be predicted by genetics ranging from, for example, medical aberrations (disease), to learning ability, stress reaction, personality, alcoholism, hypersexuality, political ideology preferences, and egalitarianism to the most murky being specific behaviors or conditions such as a speculative Jewish gene (and specific behaviors attributed to that supposed gene) which are virtually impossible to pin down. A premise of this article is that racism and supremacism (insecurity, fear) behaviors are somewhere within this continuum, again reiterating that they are mostly attributable to educative and socializing processes (memetic evolution).

Genetics Loop
In the context of genetics, the execution of a particular strategy provides information that is used to advantageously adapt it to its environment and subsequently provides a motivation for its continuance and modifications thus enhancing survival and procreation.
Those who agreed with, participated in, and perpetuated racist and supremacist behavior as expressed in Torah and Talmud were more likely to remain in the group benefiting from its existence which enhanced procreation, all based on the group's belief that these were beneficial.
Intense mechanisms to weed out weak, unintelligent and non-devoted members concentrated the supremacist beliefs and behaviors are decidedly Jewish components of their brand of eugenics. It is the system that has allowed Jews to dominate the populations that they invade in a long history of a nomadic people without a country until 1948.
This Jewish supremacism is an absolutely taboo subject, where a disingenuous exaggeration of Nazi eugenics programs are foisted on the world to compliment that taboo. Nazi eugenics programs actually originated in America with the help of philo-Semites such as the Harrimans and Rockefellers. Multi-facited Jewish eugenics has existed far longer than any American or Nazi implementation and plays an important but clandestine role in world politics.
Actual genetic changes related to the "Jewish gene) argument are nearly impossible to prove, as attested by their failures in this field, but not for a want of effort.


Brain modularity (modularity of mind) is an important factor in a genetic analysis of behavior. For example, memory is a module that evolved (in part) from the process of storing and locating food to compensate for the small body mass of early mammals who did not have fat reserves. Once that module is available to other modules, new capabilities can come online. Also, brain (neural) plasticity, or the ability to reprogram areas of the brain to adapt to various vissicitudes or behavioral plasticity, a change in an organism's behavior due to changing environmental conditions, are valuable considerations that can be influenced by many factors. Whether or not DNA alteration over long periods of time occurs is of interest in evaluating evolutionary fitness and the analysis of Jewish racism and supremacism.
In considering brain modularity, the proposal is being made that the Jewish racism and supremacy can be addressed by considering it as a product of the admixture, to be simplistic, of at least two modules, that of fear and insecurity exhibited outwardly as the racism and supremacism and group behavior dynamics which Prof. Kevin MacDonald's work in group evolutionary strategy is particularly important.
The insecurity and fear have emanated from to the also continuous backlash to their crimes against humanity in the form of exile, pogroms and constant stream of anti-Semitic epithets.

The hate module, the 'chosen' people, and fear
In a cursory examination of the concept of hate from a psychological perspective, "in-group love", "out-group hate' , realistic conflict theory and integrated threat theory are useful, but for the purposes of this paper, a deeper understanding points to the psychology of insecurity, group and individual, as a fundamental consideration.
To be specific, Jewish insecurity could be brought about by the backlash from the 2000 year old claim by Jews that they are the 'chosen' people. Coupled with the highly successful strategy by the Jewish ethnogroup to pursue an educational advantage over non-Jews and the execution of that strategy in gaining vast wealth and power has garnered an inordinate amount of animosity towards Jews since Biblical times (pogroms, over 100 expulsions interminable Jew hatred because of racist and supremacist behavior towards non-Jews). The perpetuation of a Jew/non-Jew, state-within-a-state, anti-assimilation strategy is an important contributor. Insecurity from the backlash to these strategies breeds the reciprocal animosity (hate, racism, and supremacism). It has been stated that not all haters are insecure, but all haters are insecure. Evolutionary Psychology addresses these issues where brain modules are an important component.

dsfNortheastern Turkey and the origins of Yiddish.

Dr. Eran Elhaik and the Khazarian Hypothesis
The influence of Judaic power in Khazaria among the Byzantine and Arab wars that lasted for centuries prior to the Ottoman Empire is a crucial factor in analyzing Jewish ancestry if it is assumed that Khazarian Jews migrated to Eastern Europe after the fall of the Khazarian Empire in the 11th century.
It is necessary to point out that the strategy (consistent with stating they are the 'chosen people') of Jewish supremacism / racism was well established before the Khazarian people converted to Judaism and then migrated into eastern Europe, but it is the contention of this researcher that Khazarian genes help define what is thought of as the nature of the Ashkenazi Jews.
Dr. Eran Elhaik, who first entered the fray in the context of Arthur Koestler's book, the 13th Tribe, in 2012, by favoring the Khazarian Hypothesis (northwestern Jewish migration from Caucuses to Europe) over the Rhineland Hypothesis (Jewish eastern migration from the Rhineland), has now re-entered this discussion with new compelling evidence using a Geographic Population Structure (GPS) tool to locate the origins of Yiddish speakers’ DNA. In an excerpt from his article: "...genetics can now track DNA 1,500 years into the past, with village-level geographical accuracy. This accuracy was made possible with Geographical Population Structure (GPS) technology, which works in a similar way to the satnav geolocation system, and uses DNA instead of satellites to predict the most recent geographical origins of a DNA sample. To study the geographical origins of Yiddish, the native language of Ashkenazic Jews, my lab at the University of Sheffield has applied this GPS technology to the DNA of Ashkenazic Jews. Surprisingly, the results led us to northeastern Turkey, a finding that contradicts the orthodox view that the Ashkenazic Jewry emerged in Germany."
Obviously, mainstream Jewish thought opposes this view, but not with scientific evidence. As usual they denigrate Elhaik as a self-hating Jew and all the attendant epithets that accompany this. Yiddish was used in Germany to maintain their nonassimilation stance.
Elhaik's theory has also lent considerable support to the theory that Silk Road Jewish traders (in Khazaria) developed Yiddish in order to gain an advantage in commodity transactions. A Jewish strategy of developing complex systems intellectually unavailable to the average citizen for the purposes of exploitation is a phenomenon worthy of an entirely separate zone of investigation. This is just another example. The most infamous financial scandals in modern history utilizing nearly incomprehensible investment instruments were fabricated by the likes of Leo Koretz, Michael Milken, Bernie Maddoff, Marcus Agius (Libor scandal, married to a Rothschild) who are all Jews and probably are more than familiar with Yiddish.
Just Elhaik's willingness and bravery in challenging the 'establishment' on the origins of the Jewish ethnogroup should be considered in evaluating his thesis. His main impetus is enhancing Jewish disease science, not politics.
This is all another important point in considering genetics in an analysis of the 'Jewish Question' and also an example of just one more lie (Ashkenazis are direct descendants of the Israelites) to be documented and added to the list that Martin Luther specified in his 1640 book: The Jews and their Lies. The differences between the Rhineland and Khazarian hypothesis are too great to ignore the possibility (fact) that one side is lying. Qui Bono offers a solution to this dilemma.
In a conclusion concerning a 'Jewish gene' by a credible researcher, the following almost comical paragraph was included: "The growing field of omics offers vast opportunities to search for such biomarkers throughout the genome, exome, methylome, cellome, chromatinome, transcriptome, alleome, proteome, lipidome, interactome, spliceome, ORFeome, phosphoproteome, metabolome, mechanome, epigenome, histome, and phenome. Advances in the antibodyome and auto antibodyome as well as connectome, glycome, and kinome should also be considered. Special attention should also be paid to the physiome and neurome. It is not inconceivable that the microbiome, virome, bacteriome, or overall mycobiome, might be surveyed scrupulously to detect telltale hallmarks of “Jewishness.” However, until robust and reproducible evidence is forthcoming, in which a benchmark of the kind proposed here is employed, the alternative hypothesis must be upheld: Jewishness lies in the socialome". Obviously, this is not the conclusion of Israeli scholars and politicians that promotes the official Israeli genetic view of Jewish superiority. If they did otherwise, they would be out of a job.
In the context of behavioral genetics, a more careful analysis of the Khazarian culture and genetic background that can shed light on modern Jewish issues will be offered in Part II.

The Khazarian unseen influence
It is widely confirmed in academia that the Khazarians played a crucial a role in both stemming of the Arab advance into Europe and was generally a buffer between Christian and Muslim powers during the time surrounding the 8th century. The politically expedient move to convert to Judaism is seen as important strategically and had significant social consequences. There is a profusion of evidence that these Khazarian Jews migrated west into Europe, but also, and importantly, there are connections to Mongol and Turkic peoples in Asia. This is too vast a subject for this article, but one tantalizing fact is that both the Khazarians and Mongols showed some degree of interest in Tengriism which is just the tip of the iceberg in the consideration of influences on Jewish populations of Khazaria. The spheres from Mongol to Khazarian to Judaism are connected to some degree.
The fragility and brevity of life among the warring tribes in this era contributed to the Jewish (and all peoples) drive for wealth and power as survival considerations. The genes of undomesticated hordes of marauders may have been carried into modern civilization by Jews through the Khazarian connection. Acculturation has masked their presence, but not entirely.

Did the Mongol and Turkic cultures influence Jewish religious texts? Although cleverly denied or deemphasized by Jewish biblical authorities, the Torah and Talmud codify a plethora of do's and don'ts against non-Jews that is particularly horrific and was possibly a potent force in the rise of Christianity and the rejection of the tone of the Old Testament. Final versions of all those religious texts did not take final form until hundreds of years after the birth of Christianity and not that distant timewise from the window of the Khazarian, Turkic and Christian (pre-Byzantine) cultures of that period.

And in offering more evidence, after the 1905 (1904-1907) failed Russian revolution in St. Petersburg, there were at least three hundred thousand Socialist / Communist Jews that emigrated to the US through Germany, Poland, and Austria-Hungary as a result of the hostilities and pogroms generated against them because of their involvement in fomenting that failed revolution. Did these people contribute to the genetic makeup of European Jews (along with the Turkics and Mongols) that immigrated to Palestine? ... yes.

Perps, terrorists


Tens of millions of deaths by Jews of non-Jews were perpetrated, in part, for the cause of creating the state of Israel in WWW 1 & II. They are the most hated people on the planet, but also the richest and most powerful. Hate crimes against Jews far outnumber all others combined. Was it worth it?... apparently yes? Defensive accusations of anti-Semitism not only serve as a shield but have developed into a lucrative industry that covertly acts to bind the Jewish people together in their nefarious quest to be simultaneously victims and the most powerful and wealthy.

Pathological murderers elected
It is possible that their insecurity has prompted Israeli voters to elect pathological criminals that they believe will better protect them from the onslaught of Jew-hatred, strengthening the downward spiral of hate. The record speaks for itself. All major Jewish leaders have participated in the greatest terrorist activities the world has ever known. They include the relatively recent examples (Rothschild) like providing (and profiting) from mercenaries for the American and French revolutions, the murder of Tsar Alexander II, thousands of deaths in the failed 1905 Russian Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution (60 million, overwhelmingly Christians), complicity in steering Wilson into entering WWI that led to the Treaty of Versailles and WWII (another 70 million), Stalin, King David Hotel, crimes against the British mandate forces, colonialism-inspired wars in the creation of state of Israel, JFK assassination, USS Liberty, Vietnam War, 9/11, Iraq/Afhganistan Wars and ISIS. It is important to look at these as a long trail of death and destruction that they are.
Secular Nationalists Elite wield most power
The Jewish people (or rather the elite secular Zionists who wield the most power) seem to be locked in a psychological and physical battle including the pursuit of wealth and power through whatever means necessary and combating the consequences of pursuing that behavior. Their campaign to erect laws against criticizing Jewish policy has, ultimately, about the same effect as book-banning. Interestingly, in modern times, Netanyahu (secular nationalist Zionist) holds his power, in part, from his coalition with ultra-Orthodox parties, which is further evidence that power and influence in Israel is more important than religion.


Fake anti-Semitism
Fake anti-Semitism is a real phenomena. As there is a Holocaust Inc. exploitation industry, there is a Anti-Semitism Inc. and a steady stream of false flag anti-Semitic events. Although denied and obfuscated, passages in the Talmud specifically sanction Jewish actions against Christians including deceit and murder. Racism and supremacism are the root causes of this behavior.

Eugenics and DNA
By a steadfast adherence to ancient Judaic texts, Jews have convinced themselves (Pew polls say 50% in Israel) that they are superior to all other humans because they are the progenitors of and the anointed messengers of monotheism and developed a group strategy (eugenics-based) to reinforce and perpetuate their cause celebre. Any outward appearance that they disagree with this is merely a momentary realization of its embarrassing nature. It is the premise of this article that, to a certain undiscernable degree, is now coded into their DNA. It is categorically similar, for example, to the widely held belief that political orientation is heritable.
The Jewish eugenics strategy has existed from Biblical times to the modern era. But that strategy, or rather the public discourse about that strategy, was dramatically reversed in the 1960s in order to maximize demonization of Hitler as a component of Holocaust narrative. John Glad's book is an important reference to Jewish eugenics prior to 1960. Here is a link to Glad's book and a link to ADL's propaganda.


Hated elite Jews
Analogous to agricultural breeding, this eugenics-like strategy (Judaism) has lofted the Jewish people to the top of the proverbial pyramid of wealth, power and influence, but they are also the most hated people on the planet. Not only do they tolerate (crocodile tears) the hatred in their world of wealth, power and advantage, but use it as a rallying cry to unite their people. The BDS movement is decried, but in the same breath, it is characterized as impotent. It probably is a classic limited hangout operation that coincides with a plethora of tactics to manage the ubiquitous hatred of Jews around the world.


Eugenics mechanism, education, barriers, filtering
Genetic or eugenic purification came about through several channels including erecting intelligence walls that only the most fittest could overcome, erecting genetic barriers to non-Jewish penetration through marriage restrictions, endogamy, valuing wealth accumulation to a far greater extent than surrounding gentiles, universal education to those who could survive all other forms of filtering, It took over three thousand years to breed the highly ethnocentric stance and intelligenence needed for them to become a dominant international force that is only .2 percent of the world's population. The arbitrary claim that they are a "chosen" people is intricately woven into their schemes and should be carefully scrutinized as well as all other aspects.

Summary Part 1
To summarize Part 1, it is proposed that the hate, racism, and supremacism exhibited in the Haredi textbooks is in actuality a manifestation of the insecurity and fear (of anti-Semitism, pogroms and expulsions) generated by a Jewish ethnocentric strategy (eugenics, anti-assimilation and exploitation) that has remained essentially unchanged for around 3000 years. Behavior is mostly explained by an educative and socialization process but is motivationally underpinned by genetics, where Jewish behavior seems to be structured around the concept of tolerating the abuse generated from their exploitation of non-Jews to attain an elevated position in society in terms of wealth and power. That strategy is tied to a long and extensive string of heinous crimes committed against the non-Jewish populations of the world, including numerous forays (in modern times) into Tzarist Russia, Europe, the Middle East and America culminating in the 9/11 attacks that has led to the 'war on terror' and ISIS which was ostensibly an (failed) attempt to foment WWIII. Israeli / Jewish / Zionist fingerprints are all over these events. Genetics affects a continuum of phenomena from disease to behavioral manifestations that ultimately determine the survivability of a species. Knowledge of human socialization and genetics (nature / nurture) is necessary for understanding the Jewish Question and enabling the world's non-Jewish population to defend itself from the most hated predatory ethnogroup on the planet. Part 2 will fill in more details.

Conslusions: As stated in the article, Jewish behavior has not significantly changed in thousands of years and probably will continue for the forseeable long-term future. We need to get beyond the effort to expose Jewish crimes and focus on permanently segregating them (or rather any figure that seeks to influence humanity) which would obviously have the same effect as banning them from any governmental or business activity. The State of Israel should be dissolved. Of course, Jews have too much power to allow this to happen, but the effort wouldn't be as much a waste of time as present efforts exhibit.

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