A foreign intelligence angle to Harris County, Texas computer hacking case?     source: WMR

July 22, 2010 -- A foreign intelligence angle to Harris County, Texas computer hacking case?

Wilfrido Willie Mata was the IT director for the Harris County, Texas Sheriff's Office until this past May. Mata was fired after he contacted the FBI about Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia ordering him to do nothing as an outside hacker penetrated thre Sheriff's Department's computer system. Garcia then ordered the IT official not to report the operation to anyone else in the county government. Mata has filed a lawsuit against Garcia for violation of the Whistleblowers Act and wrongful termination.

Garcia also ordered Mata not to conduct a required security audit of the department's computer system in October 2009, which resulted in an investigation by the Harris County District Attorney's Office, which later determined no crime was committed.

After being ordered to take no action as the outside hacker penetrated the Sheriff's Department computer system, Mata went to the FBI, whick asked him to wear a wire. In October 2009, Mata informed the Sheriff's Department of his cooperation with the FBI. Mata was then fired.

The involvement of the FBI in the case may indicate a foreign intelligence angle to the outside hacking of the Sheriff's Department's computer system. WMR has previously reported on Garcia's contacts with a certain foreign government, contacts that were viewed suspiciously by Roland "Tony" Carnaby, the former CIA operative and President of the Houston chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) who was gunned down in April 2008 by two Houston police officers on a busy street after a high-speed chase.

On May 23, 2008, WMR reported: "If anyone knew more about Israel's penetration of the top echelons of Houston's city government and police force it was the one-time CIA station chief in Houston, Roland Carnaby, gunned down on April 29 by the very same police department he counted as among his friends.

WMR has learned that Adrian Garcia, a former Houston police officer, former chief of the Mayor's Anti-Gang Task Force, and current chairman of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee as City Councilman, paid a trip to Israel during the last few months, a trip paid for by the city of Houston and known to Houston Mayor Bill White. Garcia is currently running for Sheriff of Harris County. The trip to Israel raised a few eyebrows in Houston but Garcia claimed it was necessary and requested by the city. Garcia is a past "consultant" for the US State Department on "policing programs" in Central America. Garcia's trip to Israel is not the only one funded by the city for Houston law enforcement officials.

Carnaby was a frequent visitor to George Bush International Airport, where he often introduced Israeli security vendors and consultants to airport security officials, and NASA's Johnson Space Center."

On July 28, 2008, WMR reported: "Carnaby experienced an unusual incident the night before his death at a Houston restaurant, The Capitol Grille. A man, who appeared drunk carrying an open 'to go' order bag, approached Carnaby and asked him to look inside. Carnaby responded by stating he did not know the man, while, at the same time, reaching for his concealed pistol. The man apologized and quickly left the restaurant and got into a vehicle with diplomatic plates traced to Israel's Consulate General in Houston.

Houston is a center of intrigue for Israeli intelligence activity. Carnaby's associates voiced surprise that Adrian Garcia, current Houston city councilman and candidate for Harris County Sheriff, spent two weeks in Israel earlier this year, paid for by the city of Houston, for totally unknown reasons. Garcia was an acquaintance of Carnaby's, socially and professionally."

On November 24, 2009, WMR ran an additional story about Garcia: "Israel's search for replacement enriched plutonium hit pay-dirt when its intelligence service discovered that the Pantex nuclear facility near Amarillo, Texas, stores enriched plutonium fuel that is 99 percent pure plutonium that does not require reprocessing for another 60 to 90 years. However, the Department of Energy has plans to store much of the nuclear fuel now at Pantex at the very secure Yucca Mountain storage complex within the Nevada Test Site. WMR previously reported that Mossad agents are extremely active at military and nuclear sites in Nevada, including the Nevada Test Site. However, Israeli scientists may have already penetrated the security at the Nevada Test Site through a joint operation with the United States. WMR has learned that U.S. and Israeli scientists are co-testing newer electromagnetic core/pit compression techniques that does not use conventional explosives as the weapon detonator. Instead, the fuel is magnetically compressed. The technique overcomes the plutonium aging issue while allowing for the development of micro-nuclear weaponry.For example, 650 grams of force per square centimeter is all that is required to compress a plutonium core into a critical state. 750 grams is the minimum amount of plutonium that is needed in order to produce a nuclear explosion. One kilogram of plutonium produces an explosive yield equal to one kiloton of TNT. The Israelis discovered that only U.S. nuclear cores composed of plutonium alloys were ripe for theft at Pantex. The 99 percent plutonium fuel was more well-guarded. Because the older plutonium cores required refrigeration to keep them cooler than 150 degrees, the Israelis used refrigeration trucks to move the cores through the port of Houston and into refrigeration containers loaded on board ships belonging to Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company, a firm with close links to the Mossad. From Houston, the plutonium alloy cores were shipped to Israel and Dimona.

One individual who had the port of Houston under close scrutiny was CIA contractor/informant/source Roland 'Tony' Carnaby. Carnaby had set up a number of video surveillance cameras at the port of Houston and routinely uploaded the stored videos from the camera units to his Macintosh computer. In April 2008, Carnaby was shot to death by two Houston police officers after what was reported to have been a high-speed chase by police. After he was killed, the Houston police took possession of Carnaby's Macintosh computer. WMR previously reported that Carnaby kept Israeli intelligence assets and agents under close scrutiny in Houston and that he had a strange encounter with an Israeli Consulate General official the evening before he was shot. WMR also previously reported on Mossad's penetration of the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has visited Israel and is considered close to the Israeli intelligence operation in Houston. Garcia's overall agenda was also never trusted by Carnaby, according to our sources in Houston. Conveniently, security for the port of Houston comes under Harris County and Garcia. Radiation detectors routinely scan containers at Houston for the presence of nuclear materials, hence, it is important for the Mossad to counteract security at the port.

On August 13, 2008, WMR reported: 'WMR previously reported that slain retired CIA station chief in Houston, Roland 'Tony' Carnaby, gunned down gangland-style on April 29 by Houston police after his vehicle ran out of gas, not after a 'high-speed chase' as alleged by Houston police, had a tepid and wary relationship with Israeli intelligence operatives in Houston. Carnaby was contracted to the Port of Houston, as well as the two Houston area international airports, to provide security consultative services. An Israeli firm, Orsus, is currently installing an integrated security monitoring system that will link video surveillance, visitor control, and police dispatch systems to a 24-hour Port Coordination Center. It is known that Carnaby used a number of cell phones to dial into port video cameras to turn them on, stop them, and download captured video data. The Israeli firm was scheduled to begin installation of its system this month.The financial backers of Orsus include ComSor Venture Fund LDC, a joint operation of Comverse Technology, which includes its subsidiary Verint Systems, and Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Holdings Ltd. Other investors in Orsus include Israel's Koor Industries, the leading shareholder of Tadiran, the Israeli defense electronics firm; Cial Industries and Investment, an Israeli holding company; the Cedar Fund, an 'Israeli-related' venture capital firm; Israel Infinity Venture Capital Fund; and Poalim Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank.'  Search terms: Stinky, Pantex, William Bennett, Patriot missile, China Russia, Amarillo  see full story