Google Custom Search Engine ... Link 9/11, JFK Assassination, the Holocaust & ISIS

No main stream media sites including Wikipedia are searched on this custom search page .... only websites (see below) dedicated to exposing the truth about 9/11. This may include 'gatekeeper' sites such as, Architects & Engineers for 9/11, Chomsky 'gatekeeper' we mean 9/11 Truth websites who never mention Israel, UK or Saudi Arabia as complicit in the 'inside job' attack. These gatekeeper sites provide an abundance of accurate information (to maintain credibility) on 9/11 ... we just help with the details they purposefully exclude. Google restricts results to 10 pages (100 items)

MS Excel Sort & Filter 2000 rows, 12 columns

Yes to 'no planes' and Israel nuked the WTC

9/11, JFK, Holocaust revision & ISIS Interactive Spreadsheet

W54 Mini-nuke modified to demolish the WTC.



WTC China Syndrome, 40' deep x 80' wide crater created from nuclear event.

The hijackers were patsies, just like Oswald.

Bandar Bush

Video fakery, no planes, flaws in video manipulation.

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