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Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
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  • LieffCabraser  The Charles Schwab Corporation and certain affiliates filed a lawsuit against Bank of America Corporation,



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Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
  • 19 Century Dean Henderson Throughout the 19th century the British families of Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Inchcape, Baring and Rothschild controlled the Chinese heroin traffic. The Inchcape’s and Baring’s Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company (PONC) transported the dope around the world. When a British subject named Mohandas Ghandi spoke out against the opium trade in 1921, he was jailed by India’s British rulers for “undermining the revenue”.  The Rothschild and Lehman families both entered the US via the pre-Civil War cotton trade. [7] The Lehman’s made their fortune smuggling cotton to the Union and guns to the Confederacy. The southern cotton barons were the channel through which the British fomented the US Civil War.
  • 1865 Korten The U.S. Civil War (1861-65) marked a turning point for corporate rights. Violent anti-draft riots rocked the cities and left the political system in disarray. The huge profits pouring in from military procurement contracts allowed the industrial interests to take advantage of the disorder and rampant political corruption to virtually buy legislation that gave them massive grants of land to expand the Western railway system. The greater the profits the tighter the emergent industrial class was able to solidify its hold on government to obtain further benefits.
  • 1939  PalestineRemembered British House of Commons votes 268 to 179 in favor of White Paper issued by Colonial Secretary of State Malcolm MacDonald. White Paper calls for conditional independence for unitary Palestinian state after ten years; admission of 15,000 Jewish immigrants annually into Palestine for five years, with immigration after that subject to "Arab acquiescence" ; protection of Palestinian land rights against Zionist acquisition. British official estimates of Palestinians killed or executed by British military and police during Arab Rebellion is over 2,000 for 1936 and 1938 alone.  Total for all years is estimated at 3,500-4,000. About 500 Jews killed in same period. October  Stern Gang or Lochemay Herut Yisra'el (LEHI; "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel") formed by dissident IZL members led by Avraham Stern.
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  • 1944 Wikipedia Harry Dexter White (Weit) Harry Dexter White (October 9, 1892 – August 16, 1948) was an American economist, and a senior U.S. Treasury department official. He was the senior American official at the 1944 Bretton Woods conference, and reportedly dominated the conference and imposed his vision of post-war financial institutions over the objections of John Maynard Keynes, the British representative. After the war, White was a major architect of the International Monetary Fund andWorld Bank   Harry Dexter White was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the seventh and youngest child of Jewish Lithuanian immigrants, Joseph Weit and Sarah Magilewski,
  • 1946: IAmTheWitness On July 22 the future Prime Minister of Israel, Ashkenazi Jew, David Ben-Gurion, orders another future Prime Minister of Israel, Ashkenazi Jew, Menachem Begin, to carry out a terrorist attack on the King David Hotel in Palestine, to try and drive out the British. As a result of this 91 people were killed, most of them civilians: 28 British, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews, and 5 others. Around 45 people are injured. Menachem Begin went on to proudly proclaimed himself as, "the father of modern terrorism." Just to put the gravity of the attack on the King David Hotel into perspective, it was at the time the biggest death toll as a result of single terrorist action ever and was only surpassed over forty years later by the Bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.  ... False Flag attack
  • 1948 Wikipedia Nineteen Eighty-Four  British first edition cover Author(s) George Orwell Cover artist Michael Kennard Country United Kingdom Language English Genre(s) Dystopian, political fiction, social science fiction Publisher Secker and Warburg (London) Publication date 8 June 1949 ...  2003 Preceded by Animal Farm Nineteen Eighty-Four is a novel by George Orwell published in 1949. It is a dystopian and satirical novel set in Oceania, where society is tyrannized by The Party and its totalitarian ideology. The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thoughtcrimes. Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good.
  • 1948 Wikipedia William Ayers  In 1969 he co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s, in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.  ...    During the 2008 US presidential campaign, a controversy arose over his contacts with then-candidate Barack Obama. He is married to Bernardine Dohrn, who was also a leader in the Weather organization.  His parents are Mary (née Andrew) and Thomas G. Ayers, who was later Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison(1973 to 1980)   ...   Ayers became involved in the New Left and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)   ...   In 1973, new information came to light about FBI operations targeted against Weather Underground and the New Left, all part of a series of covert and often illegal FBI projects called COINTEL.[20] Due to the illegal tactics of FBI agents involved with the program, government attorneys requested all weapons- and bomb-related charges be dropped against the Weather Underground, including charges against Ayers   ...  Ayers worked with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in shaping the city's school reform program, and was one of three co-authors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge grant proposal that in 1995 won $49.2 million over five years for public school reform. In 1997 Chicago awarded him its Citizen of the Year award for his work on the project. Since 1999 he has served on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago, an anti-poverty, philanthropic foundation established as the Woods Charitable Fund in 1941   ...    The Weathermen were initially part of the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM)   During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, a controversy arose regarding Ayers' contacts with then-candidate Barack Obama, a matter that had been public knowledge in Chicago for years   see Diana Oughton  and  Seven Sisters colleges  ... and Chesa Boudin went on to win a Rhodes scholarship.
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  • 1948 Wikipedia Thomas G. Ayers was president (1964–1980), CEO and chairman (1973–1980) of Commonwealth Edison. Ayers served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University, the Erikson Institute, the Chicago Community Trust, the Chicago Urban League, the Community Renewal Society, the Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, and VP of the Chicago Board of Education.  Ayers also served on the board of directors of Sears, G.D. Searle, Chicago Pacific Corp., Zenith Corp., Northwest Industries, General Dynamics Corp. of St. Louis, First National Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Cubs, and the Tribune Co.  see OpEdNews WMR Wikipedia and THOMAS G. AYERS & BARACK OBAMA 
  • 1948 Wikipedia Cass Canfield
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    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • Marcus Agius is an in-law of the Rothschild family
    • Marcus Agius was the chairman of the British Bankers Association that sets the LIBOR along with Thomson Reuters
    • Fractional Reserve Banking (by Rothschild Zionist Central Banksters) is a predatory income distribution scheme to enhance the wealth of the 1%.  Fair alternatives exist.
    • 9/11 was a Bush / Cheney, Rothschild Zionist inside job
    • The same group of scum Zionists that amassed great fortunes from exploiting WW1, WWII and all other other wars since are still basically in power and are behind the creation of 'Barack Obama'.
    • Connect the dots: Looted WWII Japanese treasure, Breakup of the Soviet Union / illegal bond scheme and the 9/11 WTC gold and securities heist, & the Rothschilds
    • Economic booms and busts artificially created by Rothschild Zionist Central Banksters.  World Wide Housing Crisis
    • The Rothschilds and the Vatican Bank (Institute for Religious Works)
    • Empire of the City  Vatican, City of London, Washington DC
    • Rothschilds fund Islamaphobia as part of master plan after breakup of Soviet Union Cold War was ended.
    • Original Rothschild wealth originated in financing mercenaries of the German / British aristocracy to fight against American revolutionaries.

    • The Mormon Church, Romney, Rothschilds and Bain Capital. Mormons were originally part of Freemasons.

    • Rothschilds foment and continue to finance both sides of wars for the last 250 years.  see Erlanger,Belmont, Civil War  and China 2012

    • $Trillions in Dead Sea minerals stolen from Palestinians by Rothschild companies

    • First Jewish settlements in Palestine financed by Rothchilds, 1855

    • Blackstone Group (Rothschild company), parent corporation of one of three lease-holders for WTC 7

    • Cold War with USSR was a highly profitable, Rothschild-bankster hoax   and the "The Red Symphony"

    • WTC steel went to Rothschild Zionist connected scrap yards. (evidence removal)

    • 9-11 Judge Hellerstein is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad  security firm ICTS .. 

    • Rothschild Zionist Crown family of Chicago switched support from Obama to Romney.

    • Iran attack is about its Central Bank and Rothschild monopoly of nuclear fuel.

    • AMEC, a Rothschild connected company did WTC / Pentagon rubble cleanup (evidence removal)

    • Obama is a Rothschild Zionist controlled President, and see Khodorkovsky

    • Systems Planning Corp, Dov Zakheim, WTC 9/11 remote controlled aircraft, Rothschild connection

    • 2012 election voting machines  Rothschild connections.

    • Enron scandal and NM Rothschild employee Lord Please be directed to NewsFollow on Enron board. ... Qatar, Turkmenistan, natural gas, corruption.

    • COREXIT is a product of Nalco Holding Company which is owned by The Blackstone Group, Jacob Rothschild is on International Advisory Board

    • Victor Rothschild and J. Robert Oppenheimer ring leaders in Britain's biggest communist spy scandal. Nukes

    • Use Global Warming as means to further NWO agenda

    • NATO, Rothschild's Army

    • chart

    • Trillions in offshore accounts.

    • al Qaeda created  by Israel / Mossad / Neocons.

    • Link Rothschild to Auchi to Khashoggi to Obama  to BCCI.

    • Global Technology Partners, LLC is "an exclusive affiliate of Rothschild North America

    • Japanese WWII looted treasure, Breakup of Soviet Union, Barrick Gold and 9/11 links   (Project Hammer)

    • Soros / Rothschild connections
    • Rothschilds / Warburgs / IG Farben created Hitler, Banksters created Israel at the expense of the Palestinians.
    • CO2 Cap & Trade schemes, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Obama.

    • Bolshevik Revolution financed by Zionists. Marx, Trotsky and Lenin all changed their Jewish names.  see Victor Rothschild

    • Rothschild Zionists had complete control over the security and access to the WTC prior to 9/11.

    • Connect the dots: Apollo Management, Huntsman (Romney), Hexion, Obama, China stealth technology

    • Rothschild Front Organizations  and the Empire of the City

    • Zionists in Obama administration and Romney Zionist advisors
    • Rothschilds and 'WWIII' China/Russia  and Bo Xilai 'color revolution.
    • Capcom, involvement in BCCI, Rothschild at the core of BCCI
    • P2
    • Tony Blair controlled by Zionists to invade Iraq.
    • Link Rothchild to Madoff scandal through Jacob Ezra Merkin's father.  Link GM bailout to Jacob Ezra Merkin.  and also to 9/11 Judge Hellerstein
    • Zionists created Soviet concentration camps
    • Rio Tinto, Hutchison Whampoa.
    • Bible revisions financed by Rothschilds
    • Rothschilds funded Mao Tse Tung
    • London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) and London School of Economics are links to Rothschild / Dov Zakheim (9/11 mastermind) relationship.
    • Martin Frost The 'Rothschild Connection': in the invasion of Iraq

    • Illuminati=CFR, Bilderberg, Committee of 300 etc.

    • How Goldman Sachs Took Over the World

    • Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

    • Eric Cantor, Rothschild controlled Republican leader of the House of Representatives.
    • 1970 Middle East Oil Crisis & the Rothschilds
    • Lazard and the auto industry
    • 9/11 Judge Hellerstein is an orthodox Jew, a clear conflict of interest given Israel evidence ties to 9/11.
    • Canada, Bronfman, Desmarais, Barrick Gold, links to Rothschild

    • Nixon hated Zionists and so they removed him from office.
    • Vatican Banking Scandal Institute for Religious Works
    • Saud, House of Saud (Wahhabi) is Jewish, Rothschild agents
    • IMF Planned riots
    • BlackRock
    • Link Barrick Gold / Enron / Rothschild
    • BCCI scandal and the Rothschilds, Dr. Alfred Hartman
    • Rothschild and 'The Weather Channel'.

    • Jewish Billionaires

    • A path from Obama to Rothschild includes Valerie Jarrett, Chicago Tribune, Hollinger International, Telegraph.UK

    The ultimate victory for the Rothschilds would be a war between China/Russia  vs. The US where Rothchild companies supply both sides with weapons and materials, then declaring a 'new world order' as a solution to the mess they created through debt abuse; all consistent with the history of the last 250 years.  Very sad; they are very sick people.

    Rothschild setbacks

    • Sarkozy defeat, Merkel in trouble, Argentina Central Bank partially nationalized, Netanyahu election problems, SCO, ALBA, Iraq kicked out US, Afghanistan war winding down, US out of Afghanistan 2014, Chavez still in power, OWS, no attack on Iran yet, Pakistan closer to China, Iceland convicts banksters, EU anti-austerity movements gaining ground, Ron Paul surging in US (End the Fed), internet awakening to Rothschild banksters, Richard Lugar defeated, BRICs is growing in strength, Iran is trading gold for oil to circumvent SWIFT cutoff.

    • Eclinik Rothschild demise
  • 1948  Spartacus Frank Wisner (Wikipedia) was appointed director of the Office of Special Projects (Wikipedia). Soon afterwards it was renamed the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). This became the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the Central Intelligence Agency. Wisner was told to create an organization that concentrated on "propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world." Later that year Wisner established Mockingbird (Wikipedia), a program to influence the domestic American media. Wisner recruited Philip Graham (Washington Post) to run the project within the industry. Graham himself recruited others who had worked for military intelligence during the war. This included James Truitt, Russell Wiggins, Phil Geyelin, John Hayes and Alan Barth. Others like Stewart Alsop, Joseph Alsop and James Reston, were recruited from within the Georgetown Set. According to Deborah Davis (Katharine the Great): "By the early 1950s, Wisner 'owned' respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles."  
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    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
  • 1948  Outing Barry Obama's CT SS# Offers Hint Into Birth Controversy Question: Why does Barack Obama, who was allegedly born in Hawaii, have a social security number that was registered in Connecticut? Answer: Because John J. McCloy lived in Connecticut. McCloy led the secret CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) (go to NFU Obama Home Page) group that engineered Obama's Frankenstein-like birth. McCloy,the enigmatic father of the U.S. intelligence community, together with a small group of friends within the CFR, which included Adlai Stevenson, Nelson Rockefeller and Cass Canfield, Jr. literally designed Barack Obama, Jr.. McCloy worked for the owners of the Federal Reserve. McCloy served in the capacity of legal counsel for both the Rockefeller and the Warburg families. (Both families have close ties to the Rothschild banking family) Barack Obama’s maternal grandmother, Madelyn Payne, was an illegitimate daughter of the Rockefeller family. She was raised by an accountant for Standard Oil. Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's biological father? Obama’s secret biological father, Frank Marshall Davis, was the illegitimate son of Adlai Stevenson’s father, Lewis. Lewis Stevenson, Obama's paternal grandfather?  Lewis had cavorted with a black nursing attendant during a stay at health spa in Arkansas City, Kansas. Anna Marshall in 1924, mother of Frank Marshall Davis  ...   Cass Canfield, Jr., a New York publisher, had connections in Kenya to arrange for a “cover” father, Barack Obama, Sr., for the operation. Canfield had ties to Kenya as he had adopted the illegitimate son of an English royal who was born to wayward young woman, of the Vanderbilt family. Both the royal and the woman were members of Kenya’s Happy Valley set. Canfield learned of the infant as his family and the matron of the Vanderbilts had attended the same church in New York. Adlai Stevenson and Cass Canfield went on a secret mission to Kenya to arrange for a "cover" father for Barack Obama. Though Obama was born in Hawaii, the fact that Obama,Sr. was not his real father, obligated McCloy to secure a social security number for him. He accomplished this in Connecticut where McCloy was a resident. McCloy lived in Cos Cob,a suburb of Stamford. He was next door neighbors with Frederick Warburg, the head of the Warburg family who shared ownership of a bank with the Rockefellers. Remember Chase Manhattan?  Frederick Warburg  go to Capcom
  • Timeline,    Summary,    Alphabetic index   TOP   NFU
  • Rothschild Zionists created the fractional reserve (ponzi) banking system.
  • 1948  TheOverlordofChaos  Establishment of the Police State is planned to occur at the height of this planned chaos when region by region succumbs to military take-over as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law. The people will be in a heightened state of fear and panic and most urban areas will be in an anarchical state with lawlessness rampant and race warfare breaking out in many localities. A future RACE WAR is integral to the plan and so one is being being primed to cause massive panic, fear and hate and this is one of the main reasons for the rampant, unimpeded and unofficially encouraged massive immigration of non-whites and non-Christians into the West. In this state of anarchy the government will justify its move to martial law as necessary to control a panicked citizenry and curb racial strife. This new state of affairs –the Fascist Police State- will be ruthlessly enforced by the Cult trained military leaders and other people under the direction of the Illuminati.
  • John J. McCloy Wikipedia  was a lawyer and banker who served as Assistant Secretary of War during World War II, president of the World Bank and U.S. High Commissioner for Germany. He later became a prominent United States presidential advisor, served on the Warren Commission, and was a member of the foreign policy establishment group of elders called "The Wise Men."  He was a legal counselor to the major German chemical combine I. G. Farben, and was the Assistant Secretary of War from 1941 to 1945, during which he was noted for opposing the nuclear bombing of Japan. From March 1947 to June 1949, McCloy was president of the World Bank.
  • Manufactured Booms and Busts   Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • ScribD The total U.S. dollar money supply more than doubled between 1994 and 2005. (SeeFigure 1) If monetary growth had been regulated by the Federal Reserve at the pre-1994growth rates, the total money supply might have been in the range $3 trillion (32%) less than the $9.5 trillion it was at in 2005
    • Cephas-Library Greenspan
    • 1994 GramercyImages In 1994 both of the political parties owned by Wall Street managed to pass NAFTA which sent 50,000 manufacturing plants overseas. Since Wall Street knew the people who had jobs and bought homes were soon to lose their jobs due to NAFTA, we can easily conclude that those home loans were fraudulently induced which nullifies the contracts.. The bankers took this fraud a step further and bundled home loans into mortgage backed securities which were designed to fail. They bought Credit Default Swaps (CDS) to make it appear that these bonds were valid investment vehicles. It is illegal to sell a worthless security. CDS are unregulated and only appear to insure a worthless bond as the seller of a CDS is not required to set aside funds to pay for losses as would a fire insurance company. Brooksley Born was the head of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in 1999. She attempted to regulate CDS as she saw the inherent risks. Four Jewish men – Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers (Samuelson) and Arthur Levitt. The world financial community is now exposed to hundreds of trillions of dollars in CDS and derivatives that essentially did not exist fifteen years ago. The level of money in bonds is 3 times what it was 11 years ago. We are awash in credit ... 
  • 1949 Bollyn  B'nai B'rith was instrumental in gaining U.S. support for the nascent Zionist state of Israel in the late 1940s. The Jewish secret society of Freemasons used President Harry Truman's friend - and their agent - Eddie Jacobson of Kansas City (standing behind Truman) in off-the-record meetings in the Oval Office to persuade the president to approve the Zionist land grab known as the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan of Palestine and then to recognize the state of Israel the next year following the Zionist ethnic cleansing of nearly 400 Palestinian villages and towns. By applying pressure directly on Truman, B'nai B'rith dictated U.S. policy in spite of strong resistance from the U.S. Department of State. When Truman extended de jure recognition of the Zionist state on January 31, 1949, the only guests invited to the signing ceremony in the Oval Office were members of B'nai B'rith: Eddie Jacobson, the B'nai B'rith executive vice president Maurice Bisgyer, and the secret society's president, Frank Goldman . enlarge
  • Canada's Bronfman, Desmarais, Lauder and the Rothchilds   Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • 9/11 Commission revised  Ronald Lauder, (heir to the $4.2 Billion Estee Lauder estate) was the major investor in the operation ( collapse eastern European currencies  ) , He would turn out to be a major western investor in subsequent privatization investments. Lauder became a Reagan appointee as Ambassador of Austria largely as a result of his work as New York Finance Campaign chairman for the Republican Party, and is linked closely to the Bronfman family in his role as Treasurer of the World Jewish Congress Wikipedia (WJC lawsuit_against_Swiss_banks) . “Ronald Lauder: heir of his mother Estée Lauder's cosmetic billions, rightist ideologue, and leading Likud contributor and funding coordinator. Ronald Lauder is treasurer of the World Jewish Congress and a Trustee of the Special Reserve Fund of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith . His Ronald S. Lauder foundation, operating in the former East Bloc, paid for the ADL to open an office in Vienna, Austria, where Lauder was U.S. Ambassador in the 1980s. One of the WJC and ADL's top priorities in Central and Eastern Europe is the protection of hedge fund operator George Soros . The Lauder Foundation works in tandem with Soros's Open Society Institute, which advocates legalization of all narcotics and support for the Columbian FARC and other narco-terrorist agencies. After serving as U.S. Ambassador to Austria in the 1980s, Lauder personally became a major investor in "privatized" Eastern European properties. Lauder was named (by Secretary of State Sir Lawrence Eagleburger, former President of Kissinger Associates), to head the Central European Development Corporation (CEDC) that was created under a Federal act to function as a kind of pig trough for those with influence around the diplomatic community. CEDC is a consortium that mingles U.S. Congress-appropriated monies with those from private businessmen. With offices in Berlin and Budapest, CEDC invests in "privatized" Eastern European businesses for a nickel on the dollar.” [A Bigger Scandal: Illegal U.S. Funding of Sharon's Likud, Anton Chaitkin, Executive Intelligence Review, January 24, 2002]  see S1  see Muckety links to Lynn Forester de Rothschild, contributed to Obama 2008 campaign, Tony Blair, Austria, Robert B. Barnett, Andrew J. Stein, White House Domestic Council, Richard D. Parsons, Clinique Laboratories LLC, Charlene Barshefsky, Office of the US Trade Representative.  go to more
    • SEC  Rothschild / Lauder connection.  Elect Director Lynn Forester de Rothschild For Management
    • Vernon Jordan is link between Rothschilds, Valerie Jarrett and Obama  see Wikipedia Lynn_Forester_de_Rothschild, Vernon Jordan is on the board of her FirstMark Communications company.  Lady de Rothschild serves on the Board of Directors of Estée Lauder Companies, The Economist Group, Weather Central LLC and Christies International. Previously, she served on the Boards of Directors of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and General Instruments, Inc.  go to Jordan, board member list  and SourceWatch  According to Forbes magazine, Lynn Forester was a "successful entrepreneur in her own right before she brokered the deal of a lifetime last year, marrying Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who sits atop one of the world's oldest private banking families. Forester met the 70-year-old scion at the 1998 Bilderberg Conference   and see Valerie Jarrett ties to Thomas Ayers
    • go to  Connect Vernon Jordan / Wasserstein / Lazard / Rothschild
    • Pragmatic Witness Ronald Lauder, of the notorious Zionist company Estee Lauder Cosmetics, is a major player in the pro-Israel Lobby, boasting active membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, World Jewish Congress, Jewish National Fund, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Abraham Fund, Jewish Theological Seminary, and the ADL of B’nai B’rith
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
  • Timeline,    Summary,    Alphabetic index    TOP   NFU
  • The Funding of 9/11, Rothschild connection  Top

    Ferdinand Marcos' Gold,    Breakup of the Soviet Union (oligarch looted treasure),     9/11 WTC gold & securities and Chicago commodities trading, money laundering, hedge funds

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • over 3000 people were deliberately murdered on 9/11, thousands of Jewish people were warned to stay away from the WTC.
    • 1989 Doeda .... with the beginning of the first Bush Presidency in 1989, George H.W. Bush (& Leo Wanta) (Wikipedia) initiated a program with the Vulcans ) Wikipedia of covert economic warfare to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union (Wikipedia) and loot its treasure. .in a report prepared by Fitch IBCA (see MIT paper, Transcom), an international credit rating agency, that estimated a total of $136 billion was taken out of all of Russia between 1993 and 1998. this ... lined the pockets of the new Russian kleptocracy, but also flowed into the coffers of US and European financial institutions. (The BNY case may well involve a number of major European banks. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the investigation, said that Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Dresdner Bank, Westdeutsche Landesbank and Banque Internacionale of Luxembourg (all Rothschild connected banks) are being scrutinized for their role in the matter.)” [Bank of New York probe exposes ties between Western financiers and Russian Mafia, WSWS, James Brookfield, 8/27/ 1999]
    • Rothschild Octopus 1  Hartmann / Rappaport 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
    •  It is of significant note that two primary owner-investors in two of the key banks involved in the Russian money laundering scandal were Bruce Rappaport, a Swiss- Israeli banker who was involved with Khashoggi and George Bush Sr. in the Iran- Contra, October Surprise and BCCI scandals, and Dr. Alfred Hartmann. ZoomInfo enlarge“…what has never been identified in a single major Western press investigation was that the Rothschild group was at the heart of the vast illegal web of BCCI. The key figure was Dr. Alfred Hartmann, the managing director of the BCCI Swiss subsidiary, Banque de Commerce et de Placement SA;  and see  Project Hammer Wikipedia  all this is connected to the  Ferdinand Marcos Gold Wikipedia  and illegal Brady Bonds created by Alan Greenspan and George HW Bush in 1991that came due on 9/11.    Project Hammer, a multi-billion dollar covert operation, whose investments remain shielded.  The use of covert and illegal funding for a policy not approved by Congress would remain acceptable and was funded by Black Eagle Trust Wikipedia. and Yamashita's Treasure Wikipedia..(see Marcos, Phillippines, Japan war treasure.  Also see Gerald Corrigan, General Earle Cocke, Edward Lansdale, General Charles Willoughby, Secretary of War John J. McCloy..etc)  see also Analysis-News, Golden Lilly Treasure, Black Eagle Fund.  and Webabuser black-eagle-fund-shadow-CIA  Connect NM Rothschild Continuation Trust via Swiss banks.  In plot to breakup the Soviet Union see Leo Wanta Wikipedia  and Portland Indymedia
    • Looting of Russia, 1990's to fund 9/11 Rothschild Banks McCain / Keating Five Hartmann / Rappaport background Iran Contra / Rappaport Funding the Afghan Mujahideen BCCI
    • Google Books  The Organized Criminal Activities of the Bank of Credit and Commerce ...
    • Black Eagle Trust Fund  ... also see Seagraves Report (Google books below.  WantToKnow The Yamashita gold would become the cornerstone of the Black Eagle Fund, from which many covert operations (Project Hammer)of the U.S. intelligence would be funded.  Wikipedia In 1992, Imelda Marcos claimed that Yamashita's gold accounted for the bulk of the wealth of her husband, Ferdinand Marcos   Wikipedia  lawsuit Roger ROXAS and The Golden Budha Corporation, a foreign corporation, Plaintiffs-Appellees/Cross-Appellants, v. Ferdinand E. MARCOS and Imelda Marcos, Defendants-Appellants/Cross-Appellees. ...seventeen gold bars. and Hawaii Star Bulletin:  The jury awarded the Roxas (accused Marcos of stealing golden statue and gold bars) estate $6 million in damages for battery and false imprisonment, and also awarded the Golden Budha Corp. damages of $22 billion for the gold bullion and $1.45 million for property that included the statue. With interest, the jury award swelled to more than $40 billion. The Atlanta-based Golden Budha Corp. represents the claims of Roxas, who said that in the 1970s he discovered the boxes of golden bars and the one-ton statue. The treasure had originally been taken from Asian countries during World War II by Japanese Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita and hidden in tunnels about 150 miles north of Manila.  The decision was reversed later on.  and Wikipedia Rogelio_Roxas  was a former Filipino soldier who had worked as a locksmith before allegedly discovering in a cave north of Manila a hidden chamber full of gold bars and a giant golden Buddha statue — which Roxas estimated to weigh one metric ton — on a plot of state-owned land near Baguio General Hospital, in Baguio City on January 24, 1971.[1] Roxas claimed that the Buddha's head was removable and that it concealed a hollowed-out portion within the statue that contained at least two handfuls of uncut diamonds. The cache was alleged to be a portion of the legendary  Yamashita treasure.  On April 5, 1971, Roxas claimed that armed men purportedly from the National Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Investigation Service forcibly confiscated the gold bars and statue from his home in Aurora Hill, Baguio City. On April 19, 1971, the military deposited a Buddha statue at the Baguio City Court; however, Roxas proclaimed that it was not the same statue taken from him. Roxas later claimed that then-President Ferdinand Marcos orchestrated the raid and was in possession of the treasure. Roxas was arrested in Cabanatuan City by three men in civilian clothing on May 18, 1971 and jailed for several years.  Christopher Story doc on Project Hammer $4.5 Trillion. see VaticProject Durham Trush, Project Hammer  AnteChamber Russel Herrman-Herman.
  • 1954  MasterMason The Rev Walton Hannah publishes the anti-Masonic book Masons by Degrees.  Pick & Knight publish The Pocket History of Freemasonry.  Freemasons are imprisoned in Spain.
  • 1954: IAmTheWitness "The Lavon Affair." Israeli agents recruit Egyptian citizens of Jewish descent to bomb Western targets in Egypt, and plant evidence to frame Arabs, in an apparent attempt to upset American/Egyptian relations. Israeli defense minister, Ashkenazi Jew, Pinhas Lavon is eventually removed from office, though many think real responsibility lay with David Ben-Gurion. A hidden microphone planted by the Israelis is discovered in the Office of the US Ambassador in Tel Aviv.
  • 1954 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser is sworn in as the Premier in Egypt. He Declares Egypt independent of Western powers and looks to open relations with the Soviets. Britain withdraws an offer to build the Aswan Dam (which would later create 50% of Egypt's electrical production). Nasser allowed the Soviets to build it and stated his plan to nationalize Egypt's Suez Canal. He pressed for the British to remove their troops. That same year Israel attempted a false flag operation to prevent the British from leaving the Suez and to paint Nasser's party as terrorists. It was known as Operation Susannah better known today as the Lavon Affair since Israel's Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon (a fall guy) was forced to resign.
  • 1954 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline the Lavon affair. Israeli IDF agents bomb American and British targets in Egypt and try to blame it on the Egyptians. On July 23 one of the bombers Philip Nathanson has his bomb go off prematurely in his pocket lighting him on fire. By searching his house it was discovered that the bombings were a false flag operation. Israel's Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon is forced to resign in 1963 six years after the event, however his signature had been forged on a document by Zionist Colonel Benyamin Givli and his spy ring. (Shmuel Azar, Yosef Carmon, Victor Levy, Dr. Moshe Marzouk, Meir Meyuhas, Robert Dassa, Phillip Nathanson, Marcelle Ninio, Avraham Dar and Meir Za'afran)
  • 1954 comment: "In 1954 the Anglo- Iranian Oil Company changed its name to British Petroleum and became an international consortium that shared profits with Iran at a 50-50 split. The company was 40% owned by Iran, 40% owned by 5 American companies and 20% owned by Royal Dutch Shell and the French Petroleum Company. No Iranians were allowed on the Board of Directors or to audit the company. The 5 American companies include Exxon (Rockefeller), Gulf Oil (Mellon), Mobil (Rockefeller), Standard Oil (Rockefeller) and Texaco (George Bush); all of which were controlled, merged or or owned by parent companies affiliated with the Rockefeller family over time."
  • Timeline,    Summary,    Alphabetic index    TOP   NFU
  • 1955 
  • 1955: IAmTheWitness Edmond de Rothschild founds Compagnie Financiere, Paris.
  • 1955  MasterMason Dr Mauro Bari (PGM of the Philippines) is opposed by the Roman Catholic Church from holding public office on the grounds that he is a Freemason.
  • Al Rajhi Bank, Rothschild, HSBC, Money Laundering      Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • Senate Report HSBC money laundering, Al Rahji Bank, terrorist financing   and Executive Summary below   and Al Rajhi terrorist financing connections
    • 2012 San Francisco Chronicle HSBC Holdings Plc’s head of group compliance, David Bagley, told a Senate hearing he will step down amid claims the bank gave terrorists, drug cartels and criminals access to the U.S. financial system by failing to guard against money laundering.  The lender ignored links to terrorist financing among its customer banks, including Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based Al Rajhi Bank, which had ties to terror groups through its owners, according to the report. Internal documents show HSBC decided to cut ties with the bank before reversing itself under pressure from Al Rajhi, which received shipments of $1 billion in cash from HSBC’s U.S. operation from 2006 to 2010, according to the report.
    • 2011 Dean Henderson  HSBC The World's Dirtiest Bank ... In late July 2011, First Niagara Financial Group announced that it would buy 195 retail bank branches in New York and Connecticut from HSBC for around $1 billion. [1] HSBC acquired the branches when it bought the spooky Marine Midland in 1980. According to Global Finance, the UK-headquartered HSBC Holdings is the world’s 3rd largest bank with $2.36 trillion in assets. [2] Formerly known as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation, HSBC has served as the world’s #1 drug money laundry since its inception as a repository for British Crown opium proceeds accrued during the Chinese Opium Wars. During the Vietnam War HSBC laundered CIA heroin proceeds.
    • Dean Henderson  Cantonese heroin trafficker William Jardine ... combining forces with fellow Anglo-Scot hongs, the Keswicks and William Sutherland Matheson, to form Jardine Matheson. The families launched the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC) after the second Opium War as a repository for their opium proceeds. HSBC, a subsidiary of the London-based HSBC Holdings, today prints 75% of Hong Kong’s currency, while the British Cecil Rhodes-founded Standard Chartered Bank prints the rest. HSBC’s Hong Kong headquarters sits next to a massive Masonic Temple.  and Wikpedia Rothschild former employees  Lord Leach of Fairford - Director of Jardine Matheson Holdings; Chairman of Open Europe and René-Pierre Azria - Director of Jarden Corporation; Managing Director of Blackstone Indosuez
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
    • Senate Report Al Rajhi Bank. After the 9-11 terrorist attack in 2001, evidence began to emerge that Al Rajhi Bank and some of its owners had links to financing organizations associated with terrorism, including evidence that the bank’s key founder was an early financial benefactor of al Qaeda. In 2005, HSBC announced internally that its affiliates should sever ties with Al Rajhi Bank, but then reversed itself four months later, leaving the decision up to each affiliate. HSBC Middle East, among other HSBC affiliates, continued to do business with the bank. 7 Due to terrorist financing concerns, HBUS closed the correspondent banking and banknotes accounts it had provided to Al Rajhi Bank. For nearly two years, HBUS Compliance personnel resisted pressure from HSBC personnel in the Middle East and United States to resume business ties with Al Rajhi Bank. In December 2006, however, after Al Rajhi Bank threatened to pull all of its business from HSBC unless it regained access to HBUS’ U.S. banknotes program, HBUS agreed to resume supplying Al Rajhi Bank with shipments of U.S. dollars. Despite ongoing troubling information, HBUS provided nearly $1 billion in U.S. dollars to Al Rajhi Bank until 2010, when HSBC decided, on a global basis, to exit the U.S. banknotes business. HBUS also supplied U.S. dollars to two other banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. and Social Islami Bank, despite evidence of links to terrorist financing. Each of these specific cases shows how a global bank can pressure its U.S. affiliate to provide banks in countries at high risk of terrorist financing with access to U.S. dollars and the U.S. financial system.
    • NYTimes Money Laundering HSBC reports links  Riggs regulator.
    • 2006 WMR Dubai -- the emirate has the smoking gun evidence tying the Bush criminal cartel to arms trafficking, Viktor Bout, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda. Internal documents from the UAE Central Bank in Dubai detail huge money laundering operations in the UAE according to financial industry insiders. Moreover, the Sharjah branch of HSBC Holdings PLC was tied to international arms trafficker Victor Bout, indicted in Belgium for money laundering and named in various UN reports as a chief embargo buster in Africa and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.  ...   American citizen Iqbal Hakim, a native of India, was the chief examiner for the UAE Central Bank. Hakim, yet another whistleblower who has been ignored and mistreated by the Bush administration and threatened by Bush's Persian Gulf potentate friends, discovered a suspicious $343 million per year money flow through an HSBC personal account in Dubai. The transactions were investigated by the FBI and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement but no prosecutions resulted.    ...   There are deep-seated ties between the Bush-Cheney criminal cartel, key GOP operatives, and the UAE. Significant questions about the oil industry’s ties to the U.S. military-intelligence complex were raised when Michael Trumpower, the owner of Prescott, Arizona-based company Matco, Inc. filed for bankruptcy shortly after George W. Bush's inauguration. In questionable financial moves similar to those of Enron, Matco traded on a lucrative oil concession it was granted for all offshore exploration off the Emirate of Fujairah for unsecured loans for equipment and services. Fujairah, one of the poorest of the emirates, is led by Sheik Hamad bin Mohammed al Sharqi, one of the more fundamentalist Wahhabi Muslims in the UAE leadership. Al Sharqi patronizes the Fujairah Islamic Call and Guidance Center, which has recruited a number of foreign adherents of Wahhabi Islam. These include Filipinos, British, Americans, Russians, and Sri Lankans. Moreover, all their native countries are targets of Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. In addition, a number of Pakistani nationals who worked at the National Bank of Fujairah were known by international law enforcement to be sympathetic to the Taliban.  ... and News.Sky The US Senate committee investigation found HSBC accepted more than £9bn from high-risk money-laundering countries such as Mexico and Russia without properly monitoring transactions.
    • IntelHub It was during the 1980’s US/Saudi-financed Mujahadeen offensive on the Afghan people that Dubai – one of the emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – became a duty-free port and drug money laundry, serving much the same role as Hong Kong had for the Illuminati banksters during the Vietnam War. Where Hong Kong had financed CIA opium for arms swaps in the Golden Triangle, Dubai served the CIA smack for weapons trade in the Golden Crescent – an area which comprises parts of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Golden Crescent opium production eclipsed Golden Triangle production just as the CIA was springing into action in Afghanistan. While international banks in Dubai laundered the proceeds, Sharjah – another UAE emirate – housed a duty-free airport specializing in covert weapons shipments. [1] Gold is the currency of drug and weapons traffickers and Dubai is the favorite hub in the global bullion trade.Wikipedia The British Bank of the Middle East dominates the Dubai gold trade. It is 100% owned by Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC), which also monopolizes the Hong Kong gold trade along with Kleinwort Benson, which has close relations with Rio Tinto, a company founded on Matheson family opium proceeds. Matheson’s heirs are the Keswick and Swire families which dominate the board of directors at HSBC, Jardine Matheson, P&O Nedlloyd and Cathay Pacific Airlines. [2] 
    • Wikipedia Board of Directors HSBC Bank of the Middle East: David G Eldon (Chairman) Wikipedia Connect Rothschild to HSBC via Noble Group , Simon Cooper (Deputy Chairman and CEO), Abdel Salam El Anwar, Alexander A Flockhart, Robert B Gray, Mukhtar M Hussain, Christopher J M Keirle, A Robin Monro-Davies, Abdul Hakeem Mostafawi, Abdulfattah Sharaf, Thomas L Slattery, Nicholas G Winsor ,Alexandre P Zeller  see HSBC, The Saudi British Bank, British Arab Commercial Bank
    • Dean Henderson
    • GateCapital HSBC Middle East has agreed to merge its Oman branch with Oman International Bank (OIB), the country’s fifth largest bank, HSBC said in a statement on Wednesday. HSBC will hold 51 per cent of the combined entity, which will be re-named HSBC Bank Oman SOAG. OIB will issue to new shares to HSBC equivalent to its stake in the combined entity, it said.  
    • Google Books Global Private Banking and the New Realities
    • PacificRim and SonsofLibertyAcademy research on the elite...
    • Wikipedia En+ Group  En+ Group is an energy-related company controlled by Oleg Deripaska. En+ Group ( owns a controlling interest in United Company RUSAL, owns the largest independent Russian power producer EuroSibEnergo, one of the leading suppliers of ferromolybdenum to the global market SMR, as well as significant coal assets and logistics business. It reported revenues of $15.3 billion in 2011. The formation of En+ Group was announced on 21 February 2006. It is registered in Jersey. In 2011 VTB Capital paid $500 million for a 4.35 percent stake in the company, valuing the company at around $11.5 billion. An IPO is planned on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2013-2014. Nathaniel Rothschild on board pic
    • 2010 SilverDoctors  SilverDoctors has previously reported that the president of the HKMEx Hong Kong Mercantiel Exchange was a previous director of the NYMEX, Albert Helmig. ... We now have conclusive evidence linking the creation (and ownership) of the HKMEx directly to Nathaniel Rothschild of the House of Rothschild! In June of 2010, the En+ Group became a founding member of the HKMEx according to MarketsWiki. The En+ Group is a Russian mining, metals, and energy company founded in 2002 according to the En+ Group website. And the En+ Group Board of Directors, again according to the  En+ Group  EnPlus: Vladislav Soloviev, Deputy Chairman of the Board 3. Oleg Deripaska, President, director 4. Artem Volynets, Director 5. Andrey Zagorsky, Director 6. Andrey Elinson, Director 7. Victoria Petrova, Director 8. Philippe Mailfait, Independent Director
    • HSBC Bank, Rothschild  ... PBC Peoples Bank of China (Central Bank) Zhou_Xiaochuan
    • 1966 Wikipedia Republic National Bank of New York is founded by Edmond Safra. Safra had previously opened the Trade Development Bank (and sold eventually) in Geneva, Switzerland, which acquired a 36% stake in Republic. see also Republic New York Corp, Republic National Bank, Kings Lafayette Bank, American Swiss Credit, Republic Factors Corp, Miami, LA, Safra Holdings, Bank Leumi of Canada, Citibank, London Gold Fixing, 1999 HSBC acquires Republic, 2001 pleads guilty to fraud (Japan) See Reference for Business History
    • Christophe de Backer has joined the Edmond de Rothschild Group on February 1, 2012, initially as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild in Geneva. His appointment was approved by the Board of Directors of Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild at a meeting held in Geneva on January 10, 2012. Christophe de Backer, age 50, joined HSBC France in 1990 and held various positions in the equity capital markets division before being named Chief Executive Officer of CCF Securities in 1998. He was promoted to Deputy CEO of HSBC France in 2001, becoming head of the asset management and insurance businesses. When Credit Commercial de France was integrated within the HSBC group, he strove to promote CCF’s specific experience in investment management.  Kewego money laundering.
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  • 1953 Time Magazine  Operating as a one-man subcommittee, Joe McCarthy last week picked up an old scent from the House Committee on Un-American Activities, subpoenaed some new witnesses, and came up with a striking instance of the flabbiness of the Truman Administration's loyalty program. McCarthy's principal quarry was Edward Rothschild, for 20 years a bookbinder in the vast Government Printing Office. Had Rothschild ever been a Communist? The question was highly pertinent because the GPO prints, along with its many dull governmental publications, secret military reports, and advance texts of important documents like Supreme Court decisions and the U.S. budget. Rothschild refused to...
  • 1953 comment: Anarchists believe in non-hierarchical organisation (living by consensus and agreed rules, not rule by chaos as some would have you believe), in mutual co-operation (building institutions and moralities where the measure of yourself is in your kindness, rather than your cunning) and a belief in direct action (if something needs squaring away, don't duck it or pass the buck, do it yourself).  
  • 1953 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Operation Ajax (see below)
  • 1953  MasterMason The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel is consecrated by the GL of S on 20th Oct.
  • 1953: IAmTheWitness N. M. Rothschild & Sons found the British Newfoundland Corporation Limited to develop 60,000 square miles of land in Newfoundland, Canada, which comprised a power station to harness the power of the Hamilton (later renamed Churchill) Falls. At the time this was the largest construction project ever to be undertaken by a private company.
  • 1954 to 1970, CliffordShack McCloy was chairman of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations
  • 1954 - GripesOnline Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands establishes the Bilderbergers, international politicians and bankers who meet secretly on an annual basis.
  • 1956: IAmTheWitness Telephone taps are found connected to two telephones in the residence of the US military attaché in Tel Aviv.  and  WhatReallyHappened Amdocs, Inc. the company which sub contracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies, is owned by Israeli interests  and Amdocs bod:  Robert A. Minicucci, Bruce K. Anderson, Adrian Gardner, Eli Gelman, John T. McLennan, Simon Olswang, Zohar Zisapel, Julian A. Brodsky, James S. Kahan, Nehemia Lemelbaum, Richard T.C., Giora Yaron
  • 1956  MasterMason The Feb 23rd issue of the Christian Science Monitor- has a long favorable article about Freemasonry.   The High Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church petitions the Minister of the Interior to withdraw government recognition of Freemasonry.  The Church of Nazarene states that it is opposed to Freemasonry.  The Oct 8th issue of Life magazine is devoted almost entirely to Freemasonry.
  • 1956 Zionism_Israel Suez Campaign. In retaliation for a series of escalating border raids as well as the closure of the straits of Tiran and Suez canal to Israeli shipping, and to prevent Egyptian use of newly acquired Soviet arms in a war, Israel invades the Sinai peninsula and occupies it for several months, with French and British collaboration.
  • Syria defends itself from Zionist / NATO / Saudi / al Qaeda / Rothschild Cabal   Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • RT ‘Don’t be duped by Western humanitarian rhetoric on Syria’ – Russia's UN ambassador  and RT Resorting to blackmail tactics in order to push through a UN resolution allowing the use of external force shows that the US is extremely frustrated that Assad has been able to hold on to power in Syria for so long, activist Brian Becker told RT.  Rothschild connection to Syrian opposition through Soros, Amnesty International Abdulrazak Eid, Frank Ghadry (AIPAC)... more below...
    •   NSNBC On 26 February 2012 the People of the Syrian Arab Republic will hold a referendum about a carefully crafted draft constitution. (1) A draft constitution that renders more liberties and rights to all people of Syria, than the constitutional rights enshrined in the constitutions of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Arab neighbors that are at the forefront of a relentless covert war of terror and attempted subversion against Syria. Waiting for the referendum, and for the word “go”, are also 40.000 NATO mercenaries, the vast majority of them Arabs, who are massed in a military staging area along the Jordanian-Syrian Border, and ready for the attempt to unleash a campaign of murder and terror that is supposed to become the “event” which those who are waging the war on Syria need to stage a media campaign that will propagandize citizens of NATO member states into “demanding” that NATO will wage yet one more “humanitarian war”.  Had Western Main Stream Media´s journalists a grain of integrity, they would long ago have picked up on reports that NATO is manufacturing the Arab Spring, that a NATO created army of chaos, terrorism, unspeakable suffering and death is massed inside Syria and along its borders, in Turkey, in Jordan, heavily supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the new Libyan government and army that recently has liberated tens of thousands of black Libyans to death;

      New York Times C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition By ERIC SCHMITT  June 21, 2012 WASHINGTON — A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.

      RT Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels  ...  American secret service operatives are distributing illegal assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers and other ammunition to Syrian opposition, the New York Times reports. But due to some rebels’ links to Al Qaeda, the CIA’s task is precarious.


    • CSMonitor A majority of Syrians are Sunnis, and Sunnis make up a bulk of the opposition to Syria’s regime, which is dominated by minority Alawites, followers of an offshoot of Shiite Islam.
      Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
    • Ozyism An estimated 10,000 armed men equipped with highly-sophisticated weapons, including anti-tank missiles, have reportedly entered Syria to help fuel the unrest in the country. European Phoenix -- Informed sources in the Qusayr village in Homs say the terrorists crossed into Syria from the Lebanese border and that they have taken positions in the suburbs of the restive city. ... The New York Times in their article, "C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition," confirms what many have already long known - that the West, led by the US and its Gulf State proxies, have been arming terrorists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, while berating the Syrian government for "violating" a UN mandated ceasefire and for "failing to protect" its population. The Muslim Brotherhood has been combated by nations across the Arab World to stem the tide of their sectarian extremism, violence, and their targeted erosion of secular nation-states. Ironically, the US which has claimed to have been fighting the forces of sectarian extremism and "terrorism" for over a decade now, have been revealed as the primary enabler of the most violent and extreme terrorist organizations in the world. These include, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Libya, Baluch terrorists in Pakistan, and the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) currently based in Iraq and being used as proxies against Iran.
      The New York Times claims that, "the C.I.A. officers have been in southern Turkey for several weeks, in part to help keep weapons out of the hands of fighters allied with Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups, one senior American official said," a unsubstantiated claim that was similarly made in Libya before Al Qaeda flags were run up poles in Benghazi by rebels flush with NATO cash and arms used to collapse the government of Muammar Qaddafi. In fact, it is confirmed that Libyan LIFG rebels, led by Al Qaeda commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj, have now made their way by the hundreds to Syria (and here).
    • 1960's Nader Library beginning in the 1960s, the Salafi became more formally allied to the Wahhabis, who became the principal patrons of the Brotherhood, which set up branches in most Arab states. With the CIA’s tacit approval, the Saudis provided funds for Brotherhood members who joined the anti-Nasser insurgency in Yemen in 1962.   ...  In 1962, with CIA encouragement, the Saudis established an organization called the Muslim World League. Underwritten initially by several donors, including Aramco, then a CIA collaborator, the League established a powerful international presence, with representatives in 120 countries. It was headed by then chief Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ibn Ibrahim Al al-Sheikh, a lineal descendant of Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab, and the presidency remains vested in the Saudi Mufti to this day. Included among its eight members were important representatives of the Salafi Muslim Brotherhood: Said Ramadan, son- in-law of Hasan al Banna, Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, leader of Brotherhood offshoot, the Jamati Islami of Pakistan, and Maulana Abul Hasan Nadvi, of India
    • David Icke 'US Republican Senator John McCain has called on Washington to consider arming Syrian opposition groups that fight against government forces.
    • Infowars Syrian opposition amazing CIA Credentials ...Syrian National Council (SNC): Bassma Kodmani, Radwan Ziadeh, Ausama Monajed, Hamza Fakher, Michael Weiss,
    • NakedFacts Syrian opposition PROPAGANDA:  The Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat is reporting that Major General Adnan Silu, former head of Syria’s chemical weapons program, has defected to the Free Syrian Army. Silu is also quoted as saying that rebels are in control of 60% of the country and that a brief NATO assault would be sufficient to topple the regime. Syria is believed to have significant quantities of chemical weapons, including mustard gas and various nerve gases. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is thought to be in control of these weapons, but reports indicate that he is moving chemical weapons out of stockpiles, sparking fears that he may be preparing to use them. Former Syrian Chemical Weapons Chief Defects
    • WMR After engaging in out-of-area invasions and occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya, the "North Atlantic" Treaty Organization, NATO, has transformed itself from a Cold War defensive alliance into a global offensive axis of nations that acts with or without United Nations authorization.  ...  NATO, under its own umbrella or the aegis of the UN or European Union, has established de facto neo-colonial governments in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, and Libya. Political advisers from NATO nations act as virtual colonial administrators in all these nations, exercising veto authority over the governments installed by Western military might. NATO's template for invasion and occupation is now being honed for north Sudan and Syria. more Syrian Opposition ... search terms: SFOR, Stabilization Force, EUFOR, European Force, Camp Butmir, EUPM European Peace Mission, European Union Special Representative EUSR, Muslim Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo Liberation Army, KFOR, ISAF International Security Assisstance Force, Cosmic Top Secret, Marc Grossman replaced Richard Holbrooke,  NATO training mission Iraq, AFRICOM, Operation Unified Protector, NATO plans also foresee NATO-directed regimes soon coming to power in Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran in the near future, with North Korea, Russia, and China in a more distant crystal ball.
    • Tariganter  The Independent of London (“America’s Secret Plan to Arm Libya’s Rebels”, journalist Robert Fisk reported that the Obama Administration had asked Saudi Arabia to arm the Libyan rebels. The Saudis have played this role for the City of London banker cabal for nearly a century – part of a quid pro quo which involves oil, arms, drugs and covert operations. (See my post, The Saudi Paymaster, or Chapter 3 of my book, Big Oil & Their Bankers…) The Saudis have also invaded Bahrain to save the al-Khalifa monarchy. The Saudi throne has long served as anti-democratic bulwark in the region for the London/Wall Street bankers and their inbred royal European shareholder brethren. It was all part of a plan hatched by the Rothschild-controlled Business Roundtable a century ago to seize control of Middle East oil. SAMA Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency  Reboot the Republic
    • 2012 Wartard Syria has no oil so there's nothing obvious for anyone to grab. That doesn't mean that Syria doesn't figure in to our global proxy resource war future. It's geography is pretty critical in Middle East strategic terms and that makes it important enough that Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel and the US all have a stake in how this mess plays out.
    • Atlantic Council Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO and Commander of U.S. European Command  and Counterpsyops  NATO’s Libyan attack is “a model intervention” that will likely be used in Syria, according to the U.S. ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, and NATO’s top military commander, U.S. Admiral James Stavridis.
    • 2012 BeforeItsNews Dean Henderson The attacks on Syria by western-sponsored terrorists and communists is well known to most of you by now. This is a refresher account of these crimes by the US stooges of the banking cartel, notably the Rothschild and Zionist klans. ...   It came as no surprise to students of Middle East history, when al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri called for the ouster of Syria’s “pernicious, cancerous regime,”. Progressive Syria has been targeted by al Qaeda in the past, and is currently under attack by Islamists from the CIA/Mossad-trained Free Syrian Army. When al-Zawahiri headed Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1984, Reagan’s CIA brought his mujahadeen buddy Ali Mohammed to the US where was put to work training Afghan terrorists in Brooklyn and Jersey City on weekends. During the week he instructed US Special Forces at Fort Bragg. In 1998 he helped bomb the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Blowback’s a bitch. 
    •  Ali Muhammed, Ali Mohamed has an almost unbelievable resume: Major in the Egyptian Army Special Forces, then Sergeant in the U.S. Army Special Forces at Fort Bragg, long-time al-Qaida operative and trainer of terrorists who bombed the New York World Trade Center, chief of security for Osama bin Laden, CIA agent, FBI informant, and applicant for a Department of Defense security clearance. In addition to being a fascinating tale of intrigue and deception, the Ali Mohamed story has important lessons about vulnerabilities in the personnel security system.  Wikipedia Ali_Mohamed, (born June 3, 1952) is a double agent who worked for both the CIA and Egyptian Islamic Jihad simultaneously, reporting on the workings of each for the benefit of the other. He came to the United States working as a translator for Ayman al-Zawahiri, who toured California mosques to raise money to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. While there, Zawahiri encouraged him to infiltrate the United States, to whom he later presented himself as defecting. Since he simply walked into the CIA office in Cairo and asked to speak to the station chief and offered his services, the Americans assumed he was an Egyptian spy, but nevertheless recruited him to be a junior intelligence officer.[2] When tasked to infiltrate a mosque with ties to Hezbollah, he simply informed the leadership he was an American spy intending to collect information; since a loyal American spy was also in the congregation, he reported Mohamed's bizarre behaviour to the CIA, who dismissed him and sought to ban him from entering the United States.[2] Ironically however, he was simply picked up by the Special Forces in the American army, who sent him to the Special Warfare school and encouraged him to pursue a doctorate in Islamic Studies and teach courses on the Middle East.  more
    • Wikipedia Syria Oppostion Abdulrazak Eid, ( Wikipedia) supported by human rights organizations such as Amnesty and Revivre) Syrian writer and thinker, participated in finding the Committees for the Civil Society in Syria, wrote the first draft of the Statement of 1000, and participated in drafting the Damascus Declaration, president of the national council of Damascus Declaration abroad.; Farid Ghadry, Syrian exile in the United States, leader of the Reform Party of Syria; Ammar Abdulhamid, Human-Rights Advocate, Founder of Tharwa Foundation, first Syrian to testify in front of American Congress 2006/2008 and briefed President of the United States.; Burhan Ghalioun, head of the Syrian National Council; Riad al-Asaad, leader of the Free Syrian Army; Riad Seif, former head of the Forum for National Dialogue; Riyad al-Turk, ex-communist politician and liberal democrat; Haitham al-Maleh, leading human rights activist and former judge; Anwar al-Bunni, human rights lawyer, democracy activist and political prisoner; Maher Arar (Wikipedia extraordinary rendition, Canada, lawsuit) , Syrian-Canadian human rights activist; Marwan Habash, politician and writer and pre-Assad Minister of Industry; Michel Kilo, Christian writer and human rights activist, who has been called "one of Syria's leading opposition thinkers" Kamal al-Labwani, doctor and artist, considered one of the most prominent members of the Syrian opposition movement; Tal al-Mallohi, blogger from Homs and world's youngest prisoner of conscience; Radwan Ziadeh, co-spokesperson for the Syrian National Council; Bassma Kodmani, an academic and spokesperson of the Syrian National Council; Randa Kassis, president of the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians;
    • Rothschild connection to Syrian opposition through Soros, Amnesty International ...Wikipedia Other leftist groups Soros funds includes the following; [14] the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, the Tides Center; the National Organization for Women; Feminist Majority; the American Civil Liberties Union; People for the American Way; Alliance for Justice; NARAL Pro-Choice America; America Coming Together; Campaign for America's Future; Amnesty International; the Sentencing Project; the Center for Community Change; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Human Rights Watch; the Prison Moratorium Project; the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; the National Lawyers Guild; the Center for Constitutional Rights; the Coalition for an International Criminal Court; The American Prospect;; Planned Parenthood; the Nation Institute; the Brennan Center for Justice; the Ms. Foundation for Women; the National Security Archive Fund; the Pacifica Foundation; Physicians for Human Rights; the Proteus Fund; the Public Citizen Foundation; the Urban Institute; the American Friends Service Committee; Catholics for a Free Choice; Human Rights First; the Independent Media Institute; MADRE; the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Forum; the National Council of La Raza; the American Immigration Law Foundation; the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee; and the Peace and Security Funders Group.
    • Wikipedia Farid Al-Ghadry (Frank Ghadry) is the Syrian-born co-founder and current president of the United States-based Reform Party of Syria, a party lobbying for regime change in Syria. Many of al-Ghadry's critics have compared him to Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi exile who lobbied the US government to invade his home country (Iraq). Ghadry has functioned as an American defense contractor and businessman, "Frank Ghadry," who represents himself as being born in Lebanon. Ghadry is a member of AIPAC  see Rothschild Israel's main lobbying group in the U.S., and has strongly supported all of Israel's recent wars in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.  and SourceWatch is co-founder and current president of the Reform Party of Syria (RPS), a "'US-based opposition party' of pro-democracy Syrians", and the president of the Syrian Democratic Coalition.  Ghadry is heavily involved with US-based neoconservatives, and is close to Liz Cheney and Wurmser.  and  HistoryCommons Like Chalabi, Ghadry is a rich Arab exile who has not been to his native country in decades, but wants to return and rule  ... Cheney ensured that Ghadry’s group received some of the hundreds of millions of dollars given to the “Middle East Partnership Initiative,” which contributes to opposition groups throughout the region  ... Ghadry describes notorious neoconservative political operator Michael Ledeen as “my friend.  ...  Ghadry’s hopes to lead Syria may be tainted by his apparent ties to GOP lobbyist and convicted criminal Jack Abramoff. In January 2006, the Reform Party of Syria’s headquarters were located very near the offices of Abramoff’s lobbying firm, Middle Gate Ventures, which was apparently partnered with the Reform Party.  ...  
    • Wikipedia Ammar Abdulhamid Abdulhamid was a visiting fellow in the Saban Center for Middle East Policy  (Saban, according to reports, personally recruited Martin Indyk, a former Clinton administration official and AIPAC's Rothschild former deputy director of research, as the center's Director. Launch The center was launched in May 2002 "with a special address by His Majesty King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to a select audience of policymakers in Washington, D.C) .at the Brookings Institution 2004-2006  Wikipedia  Martin Indyk Indyk began working as a deputy research director for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobbying group in Washington. From 1985 Indyk served eight years as the founding Executive Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a research institute specializing in analysis of Middle East policy. He has been an adjunct professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies where he taught Israeli politics and foreign policy.
    • Wikipedia Tharwa Foundation, encourages diversity, development and democracy in Syria and the broader Middle East/North Africa, ... linked to which is funded by Soros (Rothschild) Soros and openDemocracy (Wikipedia) has been funded by a number of philanthropic organizations, including the Ford Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust,
    • Wikipedia Bassma_Kodmani, Ford Foundation, CFR, Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI)  and RT Is it a mere coincidence that during the secretive Bilderberg meeting earlier this month in Chantilly, Virginia (USA) that brought together key global power brokers and decision-makers of this world, they also invited Bassma Kodmani, member of the Executive Bureau and Head of Foreign Affairs at the Syrian National Council to attend? Surely Mr Kodmani must have met and chatted with other Bilderberg attendees like Henry Kissinger, the “black prince” Richard Perle of Destroy-Iraq-fame, and key think-tank bosses like the Council of Foreign Relations’ Robert Rubin, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Hudson and Hoover institutes, the neo-con American Enterprise Institute and – oh, yes! – Thomas Donilon, Obama’s powerful national security advisor…   and  Wasn’t it Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinksi – co-founder and ideologue of the Rockefeller/Rothschild Trilateral Commission – who told the French “Nouvelle Observateur” magazine in 1998 that he masterminded the CIA’s “Operation Cyclone” which in early July 1979 whipped-up Taliban fighters against the pro-soviet regime in Kabul, thus triggering the soviet invasion of Afghanistan; boasting with president Carter that the soviets now had their Vietnam War?. All trained, financed, armed and supported by the US, Saudi Arabia, UK, Pakistan and Israel?
    • Syrian National Council  
    • WMR July 26-27, 2012 -- Soros's constantly-changing NGO color revolution support network A source who has worked on the inside of George Soros-sponsored color-themed revolutions in Iran, Ukraine, and Russia has told WMR that the multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon is now backing non-governmental groups that hide their intentions behind micro-loan financing schemes, like the one President Obama's mother advocated for in Asia, and human spiritual development programs.  ...  However, our source reports the actual goals of these reconstituted "New Age" groups include bringing about a new world order through nation-state destruction and the placement of leaders subservient to Western financial interests in power, especially in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, eastern Europe, and Latin America.    ...  Our source reports that two groups, in particular, are connected to the Soros, and, by default, the Rothschild family's plans to capture control of the world's gold and other precious metal supplies. Another silent partner in the Soros NGO movement is, according to our source, Saudi tycoon Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Wikipedia, who is said to be the financial liaison between Soros and the Rothschilds and the Muslim Brotherhood, which, through partially Soros-directed themed revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, ushered Muslim Brotherhood-dominated governments into power. The same scenario is now being played out in Syria. Bin Talal's agenda also includes pushing Wahhabi Salafist Muslim radicals into the top hierarchy of "Arab Spring" movements.  more or WMR search terms: Sanghata Global links to Monterey Institute of International Studies and International Crisis Group, CFR, the Panetta Public Policy Institute, micro-finance capitalism, Scott Horton, Singularity University ... all this connected to Rothschild plans to control world's gold and minerals, by destabilizing efforts in Muslim countries, Indonesia  ....Sanghata partner Lifeboat Foundation, Village Capital, Frontier Market Scouts.
    • Wikipedia Among his many assets are: a 95 percent stake in Kingdom Holding Company; more   91 percent ownership of Rotana Video & Audio Visual Company; 90 percent ownership of LBC SAT; 7 percent ownership of News Corporation (Murdoch to Rothschild); about 6 percent ownership of Citigroup; and 17 percent ownership of Al Nahar and 25 percent ownership of Al Diyar, two daily newspapers published in Lebanon.  In July 2005, Kingdom announced a joint venture with HSBC to invest in growth companies in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Board: Eng. Talal Ibrahim Al Maiman, Eng. Ahmad Reda Halawani, Mr.Sarmad Zok; Mr.Saleh Ali Al-Sagri, Mr.Taher Mohammad Omar Aqil, Dr.Khalid Abdullah Al-Saheem  see ArabianBusiness 
    • IslamicInvitationTurkey Saudi Arabia is basically toeing the policy of the Western powers, the policy of NATO in the Middle East in the name of the so-called Islam which it follows, the Wahhabi-Salafi Islam.  ...  Saudi Arabia from day one, the moment it was created by the MI6.  and Syria360...The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in its article, “Al Qaeda’s War for Syria,” cited officials from the US Treasury Department stating, “Al Qaeda in Syria (often operating as the “Al Nusra Front for the People of the Levant”) is using traffickers—some ideologically aligned, some motivated by money—to secure routes through Turkey and Iraq for foreign fighters, most of whom are from the Middle East and North Africa. A growing number of donors from the Persian Gulf and Levant appear to be sending financial support.”
  • 1956 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline With the Israelis being busted in their attempted false flag, and the soviets building the Aswan Dam, Nasser is sworn into become president. Israel invades Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and France and England bomb Egyptian targets. The Suez Canal is shut down. President Eisenhower stepped in to create a cease fire. The British award the southern portion of Egypt the Sudan independence (on paper).
  • 1956 November. Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Following Eisenhower's cease fire, UN peace keeping forces patrol the border between Egypt and Israel. They would remain there until May 1967. Following their removal, Israel invaded again that June 5th. Israel claimed Egypt was building amassing troops on their border but lacks the evidence to prove this and Russian Satellite photos show otherwise. If Egypt had made moves it may have been because they recently made a defense pact with Syria (knowing that the UN was leaving) and Israel shot down six Syrian aircraft in a preemptive strike.)
  • 1957–1960: CliffordShack The Dauletabad gas field structural feature was detected during geological surveys. Rockefeller's drool over discovery and plan for eventual exploitation of gas fields within 50 year timeline.
  • 1957  MasterMason The Grand Lodge of Japan is formed.  A court in England rules that Freemasonry is not a religion.  The Lutheran Church fails to achieve unity at a meeting due to the opposition of one group of its members to membership of Lodges by members of the Church.  Bernard E. Jones publishes The Freemason's Book of the Royal Arch.  Paul Nettl publishes Mozart and Masonry.
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  • 1957 GWB Bilderberg meeting. It will be recalled that the Bilderberg Conference is a creation of M16 under the direction of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The idea came from Alastair Buchan, son of Lord Tweedsmuir. Buchan was chairman at the time, and a board member of the RIIA and a member of the Round Table reportedly very close to the British royal family This was the same conference that welcomed Labour Party leader Dennis Healey to its ranks. Others in attendance were Francois Duchene, whose mentor, Jean Monet Duchenes, ran the Trilateral Commission member list under the tutelage of H. V. Dicks from Tavistock's Columbus Center. Among the governing council of this gigantic propaganda opinion-making apparat is included the following: Frank Kitson, a one time controller of The IRA PROVISIONALS, the man who started the Mau- Mau insurg ency in Kenya. Lazard Freres, represented by Robert Ellsworth. N. M. Rothschild, represented by John Loudon. Paul Nitze, representative of Schroeder Bank. Nitze has played a very prominent and substantial role in mat- ters of Arms Control agreements, which have AL- WAYS been under the direction of the RIIA. C. L. Sulzberger of the New York Times. Stansfield Turner, a former director of the CIA. Peter Calvocoressi, representing Penguin Books. Royal Institute for International Affairs, represented by Andrew Schoenberg. Columnists and Reporters, represented by Flora Lewis, Drew Middleton, Anthony Lewis, Max Frankel. Daniel Ellsberg. 
  • 1958-1965: CliffordShack McCloy chairman of the Ford Foundation
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  • 1958 Wikipedia Kenji Miyamoto  was a Japanese politician who led the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) from 1958 until 1977.
  • 9/11 - Barak to Klutznick to Emanuel to Obama via BCCI, Brzezinski, then all to Rothschild      Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    Rahm Emanuel Henry Crown Philip Kluznick Joel Sprayregen James Sprayregen Abner Mikva Newton Minnow Robert Rubin Ehud Barak David Axelrod
    • B'nai Brith and the assassination of Lincoln more..and ... Milton William Cooper (Wikipedia).  Created CAJI News service, and see EIR article The Ugly Truth About the ADL.  search terms: Simon Wolf, John Wilkes Booth, Tom Gerard, Roy Bullock ADL spying, more
    • The Creation of the first Jewish President, Obama Well not really, there's Truman, Eisenhower, Roosevelt...etc   ...Obama is a Chicago B'nai Brith / CIA / Thomas G. Ayers creation  and ... IfAmericansKnew
    • 1948 B'nai B'rith enlarge  more Secretive creation of Israel, Harry Truman. See Rothschild connection to Goldman Sachs / B'nai B'rith / JINSA / Obama and Bettylu Satlzman (daughter of Philip Klutznick (B'nai Brith), shopping center mogul / connection to Obama     JewishVirtualLibrary  B’nai Moshe, then the B’nai Zion and Christian Trumpets Sounding  3 men Clark Clifford, Benjamin Disraeli, Chaim Weizmann
    • 2004 Lester Crown has been the chairman of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, a group whose longstanding board members include Michelle Obama and  Watch.Pair Michelle Obama’s cousin is Rabbi Capers C. Funnye (Wikipedia), spiritual leader of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago's South Side. Funnye's mother, Verdelle Robinson Funnye (born Verdelle Robinson) and Michelle Obama's paternal grandfather, Frasier Robinson Jr., were brother and sister.  More search terms include: Ethiopian Hebrew, Institute of Jewish and Community Research, The Chicago Historical Society,   and see New York Times the man who married Funnye’s cousin Michelle.  Funnye is the first cousin once removed of Michelle Obama, the wife of 44th United States President Barack Obama.  Michelle Obama was a member of the Chicago CFR. 
    • Manufacturing a President  ...Thomas Ayers , David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Lester Crown, Bettylu Saltzman, Goldman Sachs, Philip Klutznick (B'nai Brith), Ford Foundation, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Valerie Jarrett, Vernon Jordan, CIA .... on and on ... more below.
    • 1968 PinchukFund Exhibition "Shoah by Bullets" attended by Baron Eric de Rothschild and see the Shoah Foundation, Board of Councilors:  Steven Spielberg Honorary Chair Edgar M. Bronfman Honorary Co-chair Renée Crown Honorary Co-chair Lew Wasserman Honorary Co-chair In Memoriam Wallis Annenberg, Russel Bernard, Gerald Breslauer, Jerome Coben, Stephen Cozen, Susan Crown David Eisman, Phyllis Epstein, Emanuel Gerard, Andrea Gordon, Douglas Greenberg, Eric Greenberg, Yossie Hollander, Robert Katz, William Lauder, Lee Liberman, Skip Paul Bruce Ramer, Harry Robinson, Michael Rutman, Jerry Speyer, Erna Viterbi, Casey Wasserman, Harold Williams.  and see the Tonka Report Amos Yadlin (New York Times) traveled to Chicago in an effort to enlist Crown’s help in convincing the administration to attack Iran. 
    • ChicagoJewishNews, Obama supporters: Abner Mikva, Chicago Congressman, federal judge, WH counsel; Joel Sprayregen, JINSA; Jewish Community Relations Council (supporter); Newton Minnow (Sidley Austin) (hired Obama); Bettylu Satzman, daughter of Philip Klutznick (supporter); Davis, Miner, Barnhill& Galland (Obama worked for them for 10 years); Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation, Hyde Park liberal, (supporter); Lester Crown, James Crown headed Obama's Illinois financial campaign; Alan Solow, attorney. see Bollyn,
    • B'nai B'rith is a fraternal Jewish organization, founded in 1843, ... and B'nai B'rith established the Anti-Defamation League in 1913. The ADL chief is Abe Foxman. Marc Rich was a major financial contributor to the ADL.  Michael Ledeen is on the JINSA advisory board. NoGW How Jews Took the WH
    • Connect David Axelrod to Rothschild
    • David Axelrod client Cleveland mayor Michael White...corruption case, Sam Miller, Aaron David Miller (son, U.S. Advisory Council of Israel Policy Forum, is Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center, and has been an advisor to six Secretaries of State.) more Rothschild connection.
    • Connect Rahm Emanuel to Rothschild via Wasserstein & Perella (Emanuel was managing director of the Chicago office in 1999) to Lazard to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. ... New York Times John Simpson, who ran the Chicago office of the investment banking boutique Wasserstein & Perella, had flown to Washington to meet with Rahm Emanuel at the behest of Mr. Simpson’s boss, Bruce Wasserstein (Wikipedia), a major Democratic donor ....  Wasserstein was also the head of Lazard. New York Times   ...and the Economist: before he joined Lazard, Bruce Wasserstein talked to Rothschild about buying a stake and running its investment-banking business. But the family did not warm to the forceful American. Lazard's gain and Rothschild's loss?...  and New York Times Dealbook  ...Mr. Rosenfeld (of Rothschild North America) isn’t the first Lazard alumnus to rejoin the firm in recent years. Shortly after Mr. Jacobs took over as chief executive in 2009 after the death of Bruce Wasserstein (Rahm Emanuel), the investment bank hired Felix Rohatyn as a special adviser.   other search terms include: Appellate Court Judges Thomas E. Hoffman and Shelvin Louise Marie Hall.   Goldman Sachs / Emanuel.
    • Connect Vernon Jordan / Wasserstein / Lazard / Rothschild
    • Valerie Jarrett, The Creation of a President
    • Jarrett was chairman of the Chicago Stock Exchange and was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (any entity connected to a Central Bank has the Rothschild name on it. She has been vice chairman of the University of Chicago's board of trustees, chairman of the university's hospital board and a vice chairman of the team preparing the city's bid for the 2016 Olympics—one of the mayor's most cherished initiatives.   and see Valerie Jarrett ties to Thomas Ayers
    • Philip Klutznick and the creation of Obama
    • The ADL established its bank accounts at Sterling National, and, according to IRS records, invested in bank stock. The only other outside investment into which the ADL would ever put its own money would be the American Bank and Trust Company (ABT) more below, David Gravier), another New York City bank which listed ADL National Commissioner and B'nai B'rith International President Philip Klutznick as a director. ABT would go under when shady Mossad financier David Graiver (Wikipedia) made off with all the bank's deposits and then ostensibly died in a mysterious airplane crash over Mexico. JewishVirtualLibrary Chicago Zionism
    • Connect Klutznick to Rothschild.University of Chicago Library  In 1978, Klutznick initiated a commission headed by Baron Guy de Rothschild to examine the economic implications of Arab-Israeli peace for Israel and the international Jewish community. Another focus of his leadership was Jewish culture, demonstrated in efforts to strengthen and reorganize the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture and Beth Hatefutsoth, the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. Klutznick's service as WJC President was brief. He took a leave of absence upon his appointment as Secretary of Commerce in 1979, and chose to leave the position to his replacement, Edgar Bronfman, after leaving the government.
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
    • Connect Rothschild to B'nai B'rith via British / American Intelligence Operations
    • Wikipedia Burgess and Blunt, Cambridge Five  The Cambridge Five was a ring of spies, recruited in part by Russian scout Arnold Deutsch in the United Kingdom, who passed information to the Soviet Union during World War II and at least into the early 1950s. see Philby, Maclean, Burgess, Blunt and Rothschild more
    • 1964 Wikipedia Victor Rothschild (3rd Baron) was recruited to work for MI5 during World War II in roles including bomb disposal, disinformation and espionage, winning the George Medal. Because of his association with Burgess and Blunt, he was questioned by Special Branch at the time of Blunt's unmasking in 1964 (though not publicly until 1979 by Margaret Thatcher) and was apparently cleared, subsequently working on projects for the British government  more   and see Google Books: Philby, The Hidden Years, ...Roger Hollis is himself a Soviet agent, and is backed by the powerful Victor Rothschild. and Google Books Glasgow Herald, James McKillop.
    • Wikipedia Irwin Suall  was an American socialist and researcher. He was national director of fact-finding for the Anti-Defamation League from 1967 to 1997 in which capacity he directed that organizations undercover intelligence gathering on extremist groups. He was also criticized for expanding the focus of his activities to Black-nationalist, Arab and leftist groups as well as far-right organizations  and see EIR Ugly Truth About the ADL In the San Francisco probe alone, police uncovered evidence that the ADL had illegally penetrated 20 different police agencies in California alone, and had also gained access to classified police files in Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, and a half dozen other cities across the country. see Leagle ADL v. SUPERIOR COURT 79 Cal. Rptr.2d 597 (1998) Court of Appeals of California, First District, Division Two. November 16, 1998. see Tom Girard, Roy Bullock more
    • EIR Ugly Truth About the ADL Lansky Boland could also emerge as a pivotal figure in a renewed probe of the Jonathan Jay Pollard spy scandal. A graduate school classmate of Pollard's at a special national security studies program at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy, Lansky Boland was placed in a job with the CIA at the same time Pollard went to work for a Naval Intelligence unit Both Pollard and Lansky Boland were proteges of the Fletcher program director, Dr. Uri Ra'anan. Ra'anan was a former Israeli intelligence officer who in the 1960s set up an Israeli spy unit at the national headquarters of B'nai B'rith, the parent organization of the ADL Pollard,  nbppnews search Meyer Lansky, Lansky Boland.
    • EIR ADL Ugly Truth Not only is the ADL emphatically not a Jewish civil rights lobby; the ADL, and its parent agency, B'nai B'rith, have been, from their inception, arms of the British secret intelligence agencies and secret societies that are sworn enemies of the United States. The B'nai B'rith and the ADL have used their nominal Jewishness to conceal their actual allegiance and agenda. The early history of B'nai B'rith is part of one of the ugliest chapters in the British-led Confederate secessionist insurrection against the Union in the 19th century.  search terms: Ku Klux Klan, Medellin Cocaine Cartel... U.S. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant targeted the Order of B'nai B'rith as a Confederate spy agency.   Campaigner-Unbound
    • Connect Bettylu Saltzman to Obama ..coming soon
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
    • Connect Penny Pritzker to Obama coming soon
    • 1988 NAFTA  --  Connect Rahm Emanuel (ChicagoMag chief architect of NAFTA) and Robert Rubin (Goldman Sachs SECFilings)  via the passage of NAFTA, (, Nafta's politico-commercial nexus is best symbolized by Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, once the co-chairman of the largest underwriter of Mexican financial deals, Goldman Sachs. to (connect to Rothschild)
    • In January 1995, one year after the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and immediately after Rubin was sworn in as Secretary of Treasury, Mexico was suffering through a financial crisis that threatened to result in it defaulting on its foreign obligations. President Bill Clinton, with the advice of Secretary Rubin (Goldman Sachs) and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, provided $20 billion in US loan guarantees to the Mexican government through the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF).   and see ChicagoMag Emanuel for NAFTA   ... notice that Wikipedia never mentions NAFTA on Emanuel's page. Nick Deardon Obama's first appointments included Rahm Emanuel, pro-war and pro-Wall Street; Robert Rubin and James Jones, fierce advocate of the expansion of Nato; and Dennis Blair, formerly a strong supporter of US ties with the barbaric President Suharto of Indonesia.   Arlen Specter (Russian Jewish, Spekter) involved in coverup of Kennedy assassination.  Bollyn Crown introduced Emanuel to John W. Rowe, the former chief executive of Unicom, who made Emanuel a millionaire in 1999 after he left the Clinton White House, where he had single-handedly pushed the disastrous NAFTA bill through Congress.  Steven Nasatir, President, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.  Peter R. Orszag worked with Emanuel on NAFTA.
    • Go to: Connect Lester Crown to Rothschild
    • Connect Obama to Goldman Sachs Wikipedia Greg Craig is currently a partner in the Washington, DC office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, one of the largest law firms in the United States. In April, 2010, it was reported that Craig was engaged to advise financial giant Goldman Sachs on litigation strategy before the Securities and Exchange Commission filed its civil suit. Skadden is a long-time lawyer to Goldman. Concern that a recent Obama Administration member would lobby on behalf of such a high-profile object of both regulatory and legislative attention was expressed and deflected. Though there is a two-year Administration ban to avoid revolving door concerns, Craig said "I am a lawyer, not a lobbyist," and legal representation is not covered by the ban.
    •  SunTimes Antoinette Cook Bush (a Valerie Jarrett cousin who is a partner at Skadden)
    • 2008David Axelrod ran Obama's 2008 Campaign and Rahm Emanuel becomes WH Chief of Staff  
    • / Bollyn Axelrod and Emanuel began working together to defeat Senator Charles H. Percy (R-Ill.) in 1984 ...  Begin wanted Percy removed from his position of power in the U.S. Congress and Klutznick made it happen.
    • Daily Newscaster The conviction of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in 1986 exposed the existence of a ring of U.S. officials spying for Israeli intelligence. Pollard was found guilty of passing secret documents to his Israeli handlers, what caused U.S. Intelligence agencies the most concern was that Pollard new document titles and serial numbers that he did not have the necessary security clearance to access. Only someone with the highest level clearance could have passed this information to mole Pollard. ... Fast forward to May 7th, 1997 when a call was intercepted by the National Security Agency between an Israeli embassy official and the head of Israeli intelligence that revealed the presence of a top-level mole in the U.S. government. The Israeli diplomat was eager to gain access to a specific communication between Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Yasser Arafat. The Israeli diplomat asked the Mossad chief, Danny Yatom to get the information using their high level operative in the U.S. government code named “Mega,” Yatom scolded the diplomat saying, “This is not something we use Mega for.” ... Rahm Emanuel has the right connections in Washington D. C. and deep personal and family ties to the nation state of Israel. During the Clinton presidency he was a close personal advisor to Bill Clinton holding top secret clearance and able to access virtually any document or secret held by the United States. Is Ramn Emanuel Mega?
    • Allianz Global Risk, Offices in Chicago and New York, Rothschild
    • Wikipedia Penny Pritzker billionaire   and DejanLucic elite fundraisers (Orin Kramer, Penny Pritzker, Alan Solomont, James Rubin
    • Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times are both owned by a Chicago Zionist named Samuel Zell.
    • Obama CBOT, CME, CBOE?
      • Connect Goldman Sachs / JINSA  to Obama  more below
      • James Sprayregen BusinessWeek Mr. James H. M. Sprayregen is the Co-Head of the Restructuring Team at Goldman, Sachs & Co. He was a Restructuring Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP Wikipedia . Mr. Sprayregen rejoined Kirkland & Ellis in December 2008 and was based in the Chicago and New York offices,  ...see also Lord, Bissell & Brook, Rudnick & Wolfe,  Bourse Partners II, Park Capital, L.P. Mr. Sprayregen served as a Director of American Bankruptcy Institute ... CampaignMoney Glencoe, IL contributed to Romney for President.
      • Joel Sprayregen   Joel Sprayregen is a former ACLU staff attorney and National Vice-Chair of the Anti-Defamation League. Connect Joel to Obama via ADL to B'nai Brith to Klutznick to Bettylu Saltzman.   See American Thinker, TruthTellers, Manta Sprayregen, Glencoe, IL  JINSA Vice President  123People Relatives: James H Sprayregen, Linda R Sprayregen, Marilyn J. Sprayregen Tracy W Sprayregen,  Shefsky Law. Also see Bollyn on Emanuel, Klutznick, Bettylu Saltzman (Wikipedia). .. and  DirkEiler on  Edmond Safra, BCCI, Marc Rich, Picciotto.  AntiOligarch
      • Connect Obama to Goldman Sachs  ... BigNews ...  Back when Obama was a freshman candidate for Senator he was selected to be keynote speaker for the Democratic national convention in 2004.   ...   It was the launch of his presidential campaign (Obama 2008) and Goldman executives soon gave over $800,000 to jump start the Obama presidential bid along with collecting millions of dollars from their fellow Wall Street firms and clients. Oh yes, Robert Rubin (Wikipedia) became the Obama economic expert, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs. Billionaire Warren Buffet became his most trusted economic advisor, a man who was to invest $5 billion in Goldman Sachs in the height of the economic meltdown. Yet Buffet was also a personal guest of Lord Rothschild at a private conference at his English estate. and FireDogLake
    • Connect Obama to Aon Corp to IISS Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank to Rothschild  Patrick Ryan is chairman of the Aon Corporation and a co-chair of Obama’s deep-pocketed presidential inaugural committee (  and ... Aon Special Risks Appoints Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank as a Special Advisor LONDON, 15th March 2004. Aon Special Risks, the market leading Counter-Terrorism, Political Risks and Kidnap and Ransom insurance broker and risk consultant, today announced that Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank would be joining the company as a non-executive special advisor. see Aon media room  and  IISS  Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE  ... is a Director of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited. see IISS
    • 2008 Mail Allistaire Darling  and  ... The 'Better Together' campaign he leads has brought in big-hitting media strategists Blue State Digital, which helped bring US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande to power. 
    • Marc Rich / Clinton / Emanuel / Amdocs Mega NFU Page  and Middle East NFU  Wikipedia Glencore  Rothschild, Glencore,  Wikipedia   on Glencore / Rothschild connection via Philipp Brothers see Wikipedia Engelhard, Marc Rich, trader. LaRouchePac Philipp Brothers, Lazard. he oil spot market was created in 1969 by the Lazard/Rothschild-allied Philipp Brothers, then the world's largest metals trader. Philipp Brothers, largely in the person of their top trader Marc Rich, began by selling small quantities of Iranian crude oil to independent refiners.  The oil shocks of 1973 and 1979, which were orchestrated by the financier oligarchy under the cover of the OPEC oil embargo and the fall of the Shah in Iran, resulted in a shift in oil pricing away from long-term contracts toward the Rotterdam-based spot market. By "spot" is meant, that one buys the oil at a market only 24-48 hours before one takes physical (spot) delivery, as opposed to buying it 12 or more months in advance. In effect, the spot market inserted a financial middleman into the oilpatch income stream in much the same way that deregulation would later do for electricity. see IPE and NYMEX  ... Scooter Libby was Marc Rich's attorney, and Chief of Staff to Dick Cheney.
    • Connect Obama to Rothschild via the Pilgrim Society ... Walter Annenberg of the Annenberg Challenge Wikipedia was a member of the Pilgrim Society
    • Serendipity Libby was the behind-the-scenes Svengali responsible for the disastrous Clinton Presidential pardon of Rich, working directly with "former" Mossad operatives Zvi Rafiah and Avner Azulay.
    • 1997 and Mega Group, (Martin Indyk (Wikipedia) Clinton administration mole hunt, search terms: Yatom, Mossad, NSA, Warren Christopher, Arafat, Hebron withdrawal, Mr. X - Pollard's inside controller, Monica Lewinsky, Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, blackmail,  EIR  and Mega Premel page  1997 Israeli agents place a tap on Monica Lewinsky’s phone at the Watergate and record phone sex sessions between her and President Bill Clinton. The Ken Starr report confirms that Clinton warned Lewinsky their conversations were being taped and ended the affair. At the same time, the FBI’s hunt for “Mega” is called off.  and May 7, 1997 Mega Israeli spy United Jersalem investigation quietly dropped. see Franklin, Rosen, Weissman indictment case not quietly dropped
    • Aangirfan Chicago FBI agents Robert Wright and John Vincent began investigating the Al Qaeda money trail between Chicago and Bin Laden. Their investigation was spiked by FBI headquarters in Washington. FBI agent John P O'Neill got close to the connections between 'Al Qaeda,' the Saudi government, and the CIA and MI6.
    • Feb 1997 United Jersalem (conservative) article: "Supposed spies for Israel have included David Tenenbaum, an Orthodox Jew and engineer who worked at the U.S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command in Warren Michigan. Tenenbaum was charged with passing sensitive information on the Patriot missile and advanced armor to Israel. (Detroit Free Press, Feb. 20, 1997) More than a year later the case was quietly dropped, with the FBI stating only that "The case is closed. No criminal charges have been filed." United Jersalem (conservative)
    • EIR, Amdocs overhauled Whitehouse telephone system, check Insight Magazine, and Mega.   and Emanuel, Rahm, WMR: MEGA, entered Chicago synagogues same time as Mossad agents, Ames and Hanssen names leaked to cool trail to Mega, Emanuel knew that Hanssen spied for Russian and Israel at at the same time, Hanssen and Emanuel had a relationship,  
    • Indymedia New Orleans  Marvin Rosen (Mossad)  see (NFU Marvin Rosen), chief Obama fundraiser 2002, linked to David Rosen Hillary Clinton fundraiser, and Mel Sembler (Florida), both Rosens fundraisers for Joseph Lieberman (see Michael Eisner),  link Rosen to Rahm Emanuel via PROMIS software, Robert Hanson and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and laundered profits, Israel and the Russian Federation.  ,
    • Jack Abramoff connection?  Richard Dennis, Chicago Commodity trader
    • Chicago Tribune James Warren, British Intelligence agent, see Bill Frist,
    • Emanuel  CivicCommittee members, Crown
    • 2012  Wikipedia Rahm Emanuel  Rahm Israel Emanuel (born November 29, 1959) is an American politician and the 55th and current Mayor of Chicago.  He was formerly White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama. He served as senior advisor to President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1998 and as a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Illinois's 5th congressional district, from 2003 until his resignation in 2009 to take his position in the Obama Administration.  ...  During the 1991 Gulf War, Emanuel volunteered with the Israel Defense Forces as a civilian helping to maintain equipment.  They are members of the Chicago synagogue Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel, Emanuel is a close friend of fellow Chicagoan David Axelrod, chief strategist for the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Axelrod signed the ketuba, the Jewish marriage contract, at Emanuel's wedding  ... Rabbi Asher Lopatin of Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation,   senior advisor and chief fundraiser for Richard M. Daley  ...  Emanuel's knowledge of the top donors in the country, and his rapport with "the heavily Jewish donor community" helped Clinton amass a then-unheard-of sum of $72 million, Emanuel became a senior advisor to Clinton at the White House,  joined the investment banking firm of Wasserstein Perella, where he worked until 2002,  made $16.2 million in his two-and-a-half-years as a banker. At Wasserstein Perella, he worked on eight deals, including the acquisition by Commonwealth Edison of Peco Energy and the purchase by GTCR Golder Rauner of the SecurityLink home security unit from SBC Communications
    • Go to Housing Crisis manufactured by Rothschild Search terms Freddie Mac, Rahm Emanuel, FOIA, Obama, OFHEO,    Emanuel "indicated his support of President Bush's position on Iraq. He has aligned himself with the right wing of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Leadership Council.   on WH Chief of staff position...Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, said that the choice indicates that Obama will not listen to the "wrong people" regarding the U.S.–Israel relationship
    • He was named in the BCCI criminal bank scandal, in the death of Vince Foster and the stolen Promis software scandal of the Justice Dept, and in the 1996 campaign finance scandal involving allegations of Red Chinese money.   NFU page   more search terms: Household International, Household Bank, Nugan Hand Bank, William Colby, Chicago Andreuccetti, Mossad, soybean trading, foreign currency dealings, CBT, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange.Rothschild  ...   and BeyondWeird Colby BCCI, AbundantHope  Rothschilds and the Chicago Board of Trade, Marc Rich (Reich)  Rense, NFU BushFortune2  Nicholas J. Bua, who was the Special Justice Department Counsel to whitewash Reagan White House complicity in stealing the PROMIS Software in the Inslaw Affair
    • Solving 9/11Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod have been working together since 1984 when they teamed up to help Paul Simon defeat Sen. Charles Percy (R-Ill.).  Teamed up with Bettylu Saltzman.
    • Former Goldman executives who hold senior positions in the Obama administration include Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Mark Patterson, a former Goldman lobbyist who is chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; and Robert Hormats, the undersecretary of state for economic, energy and agricultural affairs. With regard to his personal political views, Blankfein has described himself as "a registered Democrat, and a Rockefeller Republican ... conservative on fiscal issues and more liberal on social issues".
    • Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, Elena Kagan, Peter Orszag, Jacob Lew,
    • Skolnick Marc Rich Secret Accounts
    • Percy Sutton (Wikipedia) / Obama / Harvard video  connection: Percy Sutton spoke of  Dr. Khalid al Mansour, paid Obama's Harvard costs via Prince al Waleed bin Talal, and see 
    • To begin his meteoric rise toward the White House, money originated from what Clarice Feldman of American Thinker calls the “Gang of Four”— Soros, Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing and Herbert & Marion Sandler. All are Jewish billionaires.  and John Rogers Jr.   and  Creation of First Jewish President / Percy Sutton   and see Murdoch, Rupert / Rothschild
    • TheOtherMcCain President Obama’s top political strategist to have deep ties to the American Communist Party (CPUSA) and other leftist individuals and organizations.  ...  as a political reporter for the Hyde Park Herald, which Kengor says brought Axelrod to the attention of Don Rose and David Canter. Both of these men were associated with the Communist Party and other far-left organizations.
    • Robert Orszag / Emanuel more,  search Iceland, Citigroup, NAFTA, Emanuel,
    • Paul Goldstein .. B'nai Brith Britains Weapon Against America
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
  • 1959 - GripesOnline "The Mid-Century Challenge to U.S. Foreign Policy" is published, sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers' Fund. It explains that the U.S. "cannot escape, and indeed should welcome...the task which history has imposed upon us. This is the task of helping to shape a new world order in all its dimensions - spiritual, economic, political, social."
  • 1959 Wikipedia Penny Pritzker 2011 Forbes listed her as the world's 651st richest person, daughter of Sue (Sandel)[7] and Donald N. Pritzker (1932–1972), co-founder of the Hyatt hotel chain, contributed to these campaigns:  George W. Bush, Joe Lieberman, Bill Bradley, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Accused of looting family trusts, Ms. Pritzker and cousins Tom and Nick were sued by cousin Liesel Pritzker and Matthew Pritzker.  ... and search terms include: Olympic Village Subcommittee, Chicago, Pritzker, president of Pritzker Realty Group, ...didn't happen.  more.. The head of the Chicago 2016 bid committee was Patrick Ryan, chairman of the Aon Corporation and a co-chair of Obama’s deep-pocketed presidential inaugural committee. (Under Ryan’s watch at Aon, the company settled a massive corruption probe with 3 states for $190 million. see . ...  media room  Aon Special Risks Appoints Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank as a Special Advisor LONDON, 15th March 2004. Aon Special Risks, the market leading Counter-Terrorism, Political Risks and Kidnap and Ransom insurance broker and risk consultant, today announced that Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank would be joining the company as a non-executive special advisor.  and Michele Malkin Olympic cronies
  • 1959  LouisProyect Elbit Systems. Lester Crown’s father, Henry Crown, first took a “controlling block of stock” in General Dynamics in 1959, and when Henry passed away in 1990 (having retired some years earlier) Lester was already serving as their chairman; although at present the only member of the Crown family serving on General Dynamics board of directors is Lester’s son James S. Crown (who is also a board member of JPMorgan Chase) .
  • 1959  MasterMason 21 Freemasons are imprisoned in Spain, without trial, under the 1st March 1940 law.  1960  A further 14 Freemasons are imprisoned in Spain.  H.V.B.Booth publishes The Royal Order of Scotland.
  • 1959 Wikipedia The Atlantic Institute (full name - Atlantic Institute for International Affairs) is an independent, non-governmental institute which promotes economic, political, and cultural relations among NATO alliance members and the international community in general. Based in Paris, France it was founded in 1961. The institute was approved by the NATO Parliamentarians Conference in June 1959 and opened formally on January 1 of 1961. Former Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland was the first Chairman of the institute, while Henry Cabot Lodge became Director-General later that year. Headquarters initially were at the Hôtel de Crillon, site of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Funding was supplied by the Ford Foundation, with a further $800,000 given between 1969 and 1973. In 1978, talks were held to consider a merger between the Atlantic Institute and the Trilateral Commissionmember list On July 12, 1984, the offices of the Institute were bombed by the left-wing guerrilla group Action directe,
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  • 1960: CliffordShack Ann Dunham's (Obama's mother) pregnancy engineered by Rockefeller clique within Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
  • 1960s: CliffordShack Enormous oil and gas resources discovered in Turkmen– (Turkmenistan) discovery of 62 trillion cubic feet Dawletabad gas field in 1960s became the largest gas field find in the world outside Russia and Middle East.
  • 1960s ConspiracyPlanet The Rothschilds had purportedly paid off a $500 million lien against the Church (Mormon, LDS) from its acquisition of worthless Florida swampland in the 1960s.  George Bush Shares Masonic Handshake of "Full Fellowship" with LDS Church President, Thomas Monson.  TheMoneyTeachers Deseret Ranch now covers an area 50 by 30 miles (80 by 48 km), with a separate section surrounding Kenansville in Osceola County."  Rothschilds got Congress to pass the 1987 Industrial Loan Banking Law and since then Utah has been the key money laundering location for the Rothschilds/Federal Reserve.
  • 1960s Obama WMR/NFU Beals' significant report remains relatively obscure to those outside the field of applied anthropology but what it detailed is a critical indictment of the CIA and Defense Department in co-opting young and inexperienced field anthropologists like Dunham Soetoro to conduct "data mining" for CIA and Pentagon covert "counter-insurgency" operations. Dunham Soetoro's receipt of funding from the Ford Foundation is a troubling aspect of President Obama's upbringing. Far from being raised by a leftist "flower child" of the 1960s who for a time reportedly lived on food stamps, young Barack Obama was raised in a family that was never without need or want but benefited from a CIA-funded regime that permitted anthropologists like Dunham Soetoro to collect large tax-free salaries abroad while conducting dubious research for the CIA via foundation-laundered funding.
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  • 1961: CliffordShack Barack Obama, Jr. born to Ann Dunham. Dunham, employed by the Ford Foundation and the Asian Development Bank in Pakistan. Wikipedia To address the problem of poverty in rural villages, she created microcredit programs while working as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development. Dunham was also employed by the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and she consulted with the Asian Development Bank in Pakistan. Towards the latter part of her life, she worked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia, where she helped apply her research to the largest microfinance program in the world.  LewRockwell According to a published report in the September Rock Creek Free Press of Washington, D.C., investigative reporter Wayne Madsen says Obama’s mother Ann Dunham worked “on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation.” The East-West Center had long been affiliated with CIA activities in the Asia-Pacific region, Madsen says. WMR
  • 1961: CliffordShack David Rockefeller proposed that the Port Authority build a World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. 
  • 1961  MasterMason The Grand Lodge of India is formed by the UGL of Em the GL of I, and the GL of S.   Harry Carr publishes Mother Kilwinning Lodge.  Robert L. Duncan publishes The Reluctant General - a biography of Albert Pike.
  • 1961 Wikipedia Atlantic Council is a Washington, D.C. think tank and public policy group whose mission is to "promote constructive U.S. leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic community in meeting the international challenges of the 21st century.  Board of Directors  Robert Abernethy, Timothy D. Adams, Ralph Bahna, Wesley K. Clark, Paula Dobriansky, Henry Kissinger, Judith Miller, Alexander Mirtchev, James Schlesinger, Walter Slocombe, David A. Wilson, Maciej Witucki, R. James Woolsey, Dov S. Zakheim, Anthony C. Zinni go to more
  • 1962 LaRouchePub Both Herman and George Brown (Halliburton founders) were important figures in the internationally dominated Houston business world. Herman Brown was a director of the Rothschild-linked First City National Bank (ScionofZion) and pipeline operator Texas Eastern, which he and George founded to buy the "Big Inch" and "Little Inch" pipelines after World War II. George Brown served as chairman of the politically important Rice University for 15 of his 25 years on its board, and served on commissions for Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson, as well as on Texas State commissions from the 1930s through the 1970s. 
  • 1962  MasterMason Liberty Lodge No 70 formed in Biaritz, France as a travelling Lodge to serve Spanish Freemasons.   H.C.Ronins-Landon publishes Mozart and the Masons - new light on the Lodge of Crowned Hope. Harry Carr (editor) publishes Minutes of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel)
  • 1962 - GripesOnline "The Future of Federalism" by Nelson Rockefeller claims that current events compellingly demand a "new world order." He says there is: "A fever of nationalism...but the nation-state is becoming less and less competent to perform its international political tasks...These are some of the reasons pressing us to lead vigorously toward the true building of a new world order...Sooner perhaps than we may realize...there will evolve the bases for a federal structure of the free world."
  • 1963: CliffordShack Ajami arrived in the United States in the fall of 1963, just before he turned 18. He did some of his undergraduate work at Eastern Oregon College (now Eastern Oregon University) in La Grande, Oregon. He did his graduate work at the University of Washington, where he wrote his thesis on international relations and world government, and earned a PhD.
  • 1963 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline JFK tells Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion that Israel will not be allowed Nuclear weapons. Israel builds a nuclear facility in Dimona anyway. Kennedy demands inspections. Israel lies to the US, even going as far as building another phony plant for them to inspect. JFK sees through this. The US pressure contributes to Ben-Gurion's resignation. Levi Eshkol replaces Ben-Gurion and Kennedy goes after him.
  • 1963 MushroomGeeks Further it is clear that the Kabaala-ists bankers financed and collaborated with the Nazis, just as they today collaborate with the Sun Myung Moon cult.
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  • 1963  MasterMason Knoop, Jones, & Hamer publish Early Masonic Catechisms (2nd ed). H.L.Haywood publishes Masonic Essays.
  • 1963 History of the Money Changers President Kennedy issues dollar bills carrying a red seal, and called United States Note. A lot of people believe he was already printing his own debt free money and that is why he was killed, in much the same way as President Lincoln. However, these United States Notes carrying the red seal were merely a reissue of the Greenbacks introduced by President Lincoln. What could have been motive though, is that on June 4, President Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the United States government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. This order gave the Treasury the power to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury. This meant that for every ounce of silver in the United States Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new debt free money into circulation.  Kennedy was assassinated November 23,1963.  See NFU-Bush Body Count
  • 1963 - GripesOnline It is alleged that just ten days prior to his assassination, President John F. Kennedy tells a Columbia University audience: "The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans' freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizens of this plight."
  • 1963 November Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline JFK is assassinated. (see the rys2sense JFK document) in short the CIA and Mossad at the delight of the MIC and Israel, kill the president and later his brother and blame the JFK shooting entirely on a patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. The RFK murder was also a false flag and they framed a Palestinian. [Again the JFK and RFK murders can not be summarized in a time line so if you wish then please see the forum for those documents.]
  • 1963: CliffordShack Kennedy assassinated. McCloy, legal counsel for The Fed's Rockefeller and Warburg families, implicated in assassination and cover-up.
  • 1963, CliffordShack December McCloy was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with Special Distinction, by President Lyndon B. Johnson 
  • 1964 Zionism_Israel PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) founded with the aim of destroying Israel. ThePalestinian National Charter (1968) officially called for liquidation of Israel.
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  • 1964  MasterMason On 29th Dec, Bishop Mendez Arceo of Mexico, expresses his view at Vatican II that Roman Catholics should make peace with the Freemasons of the World.  Harry Carr (editor) publishes Collected Prestonian Lectures.  Alec Mellor (a Roman Catholic) publishes Our Separated Brethren - The Freemasons. He later becomes a Freemason and a member of Phoenix Lodge of Research No 30 (GLNF).  Discussions were held in England as to whether to modify the ancient penalties of the Craft degrees.
  • 1965
  • 1965  MasterMason The BBC presented a program entitled Freemasonry - The Open Secret purporting to be an expose of Freemasonry.
  • 1965 Cannonfire  To protect American business interests, the CIA engineered a coup in Indonesia in the 1965-67 period, which led to one of the most appalling episodes of mass murder in history. Over 500,000 people died in the resultant bloodbath, which ended with the installation of a CIA puppet named Suharto. Lolo Sotero, Barack Obama's stepfather, was the key liaison between Mobil/Stanvac and the Suharto regime.  search terms include: American Mobil, Rockefeller, Caltex, Sukarno
  • Link Rothchild ABN AMRO John Alexander, Chairman Chairman LCF Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management Limited London Dick van Ommeren Managing Director ABN AMRO MeesPierson Amsterdam Sylvain Roditi Deputy General Manager Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild SA Geneva Dirk Wiedmann (appointed 24 June 2011*) Member of the Executive Board Private Banking & Trust Rothschild Bank AG Zürich * Mr. Wiedmann was a director of LCH Investments NV until 24 June 2011 and was appointed to the Board of Supervisory Directors, subject to regulatory approval, on that day Rick Sopher, Chairman Managing Director LCF Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management Limited London Brad Amiee Research Analyst Leveraged Capital Holdings Inc. London Dick van Duijn Director LCF Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management Limited London Henk Edgar Compliance Officer ABN AMRO MeesPierson Amsterdam Antonio Foglia Director Banca del Ceresio Lugano Richard Katz Chairman or Director of several investment funds Miki Kliger Chief Executive Officer EDRIS Asset Management Ltd Tel Aviv Franck Payrar Director Family Office and Asset Management Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe Luxembourg Alexandre Pini First Vice-President Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild SA Geneva Dirk-Jan Schuiten Chief Investment Officer AA Advisors Amsterdam Hubert Tonson la Tour (to 24 June 2011) Director Edmond de Rothschild International Funds Ltd Bermuda Barbara Vannotti-Holzrichter (appointed 24 June 2011**) Head Fund Research Rothschild Bank AG Zürich and MarketWatch Trading Capital Holdings, Rothchild   and link ABN AMRO to BCCI
  • 1967 Zionism_Israel Six day war - Israel destroys the Egyptian air force on the ground, conquers and occupies Sinai and Gaza, then conquers the West Bank from Jordan, and Golan Heights from Syria.UN resolution 242 called for Israeli withdrawal, establishment of peace.
  • 1967  The Five Arrows Group was formed to undertake international investment banking business, consisting of NMR de Rothschild Frères and Pierson, Heldring, Pierson
  • 1967  MasterMasonThe UGL of E celebrated its 250th anniversary, and publishes Grand Lodge:1717-1967.
  • 1967 Global Research CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates McCallister’s claims, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches. He names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York. Schauf lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals who own large shares of the Fed. [3] The Schiffs are insiders at Kuhn Loeb. The Stillmans are Citigroup insiders, who married into the Rockefeller clan at the turn of the century.
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  • 1967 ScionofZion the ten member banks of the Federal Reserve: Rothschild Bank of London Warburg Bank of Hamburg Rothschild Bank of Berlin Lehman Brothers of New York* Lazard Brothers of Paris Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York* Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy Goldman, Sachs of New York Warburg Bank of Amsterdam Chase Manhattan Bank of New York   and see Modern History Project the seven men.
  • 1967 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline With LBJ was president, UN peace Keeping forces are removed from the Egyptian border with Israel.   YouTube Mexican / Israeli false flag, Missing Links
  • 1967 History of the Money Changers Congressman Wright Patman, then the Chairman Of The House Banking And Currency Committee, stated in Congress, "In the United States today, we have in effect two governments...We have the duly constituted government...Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution."
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  • 1967. IAmTheWitness The ADL is caught operating a massive spying operation on critics of Israel, Arab-Americans, the San Francisco Labor Council, ILWU Local 10, Oakland Educational Association, NAACP, Irish Northern Aid, International Indian Treaty Council, the Asian Law Caucus and the San Francisco Police. Data collected was sent to Israel and in some cases to South Africa. Pressure from Jewish organizations forces the city to drop the criminal case, but the ADL settles a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of cash.
  • 1968: CliffordShack The Dauletabad arch was confirmed by seismic surveys. 1972–1974: Exploratory wells confirmed existence of natural gas reserves.
  • 1968  Brianiaradio 1968 Minnesota Trial Court's decision holding the Federal Reserve Act unconstitutional and void and holding the National Banking Act unconstitutional and void was never appealed or vacated?
  • 1968  Wikipedia Mitt Romney Romney had missed much of the tumultuous American anti-Vietnam War movement while away, and was surprised to learn that his father had turned against the war during his unsuccessful 1968 presidential campaign. Regarding the military draft, Romney had initially received a student deferment, then like most other Mormon missionaries a ministerial deferment while in France, then another student deferment. When those ran out, his high number in the December 1969 draft lottery (300) ensured he would not be selected.
  • 1968 Wikipedia Troyspace “In 1968, Evelyn de Rothschild was appointed a director of Paris-based de Rothschild Frères while Guy de Rothschild from the French branch of the family became a partner at N M Rothschild & Sons. In 1976 he took over as bank chairman from Victor Rothschild and in 1982 became chairman of Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, the coordinating company for the merchant banking group. He became co-chairman of Rothschild Bank A.G., Zurich in 1994, serving until 2003 when he oversaw the merger of the family’s French and UK houses. David René de Rothschild of the French branch took over as executive chairman of Rothschild International after the different branches had been merged and Sir Evelyn continued as non-executive chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons. In 2003, he founded with his wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a holding company, E.L. Rothschild, to manage their investments in The Economist and various enterprises in India.
  • 1968 Wikipedia Philip Morris Klutznick  (July 9, 1907 – August 14, 1999) was a U.S. administrator who served as U.S. Secretary of Commerce from January 9, 1980 to January 19, 1981 under President Jimmy Carter. Klutznick and his company American Community Builders (ACB) went on to work in partnership with Marshall Field's department stores, building major shopping malls in the Chicago suburbs,  ...  longtime associates Ferd Kramer, Jerrold Loebl, Norman Cohn and Lester Crown. Klutznick was also a major leader of the American Jewish community.  ...  he was the president of B'nai B'rith International and briefly also president of the World Jewish Congress.   and family company, Truman, Eisenhower,  The B’nai B’rith Philip and Ethel Klutznick Exhibit Hall is established in Washington. Known today as the Klutznick National Jewish Museum    Klutznick and Crown are friends 
  • Lester Crown General Dyanmics Klutznick & Lester Crown Thomas Ayers & Lester Crown Vatican Bank money laundering Director of Continental Bank Michelle Obama Continental Bank & BCCI

    1968 PinchukFund Exhibition "Shoah by Bullets" attended by Baron Eric de Rothschild and see the Board of Councilors: BOARD OF COUNCILORS Steven Spielberg Honorary Chair Edgar M. Bronfman Honorary Co-chair Renée Crown Honorary Co-chair Lew Wasserman Honorary Co-chair In Memoriam Wallis Annenberg Russel Bernard Gerald Breslauer Jerome Coben Stephen Cozen Susan Crown David Eisman Phyllis Epstein Emanuel Gerard Andrea Gordon Douglas Greenberg Eric Greenberg Yossie Hollander Robert Katz William Lauder Lee Liberman Skip Paul Bruce Ramer Harry Robinson Michael Rutman Jerry Speyer Erna Viterbi Casey Wasserman Harold Williams.

  • 1968 Wikipedia Lester Crown  (family birth name Henry Krinsky) Lester Crown (born June 7, 1925) is the son of Chicago financier Henry Crown (died 1990), who created Material Service with two brothers in 1919, which merged with General Dynamics in 1959.[2] He has been a perennial member of the Forbes 400 list since 1982. Lester controls family holdings, including large stakes in Maytag, Hilton Hotels, Alltel, Aspen Skiing Company, New York's Rockefeller Center, and pro basketball's Chicago Bulls. He also holds a stake in the New York Yankees, being a Partner since 1973. Presumably, the large stake held in Bank One at the time of the 2003 Forbes 400 listing has converted to JPMorgan Chase stock and was derived from an interest in First Chicago Bank, which was enumerated in the 1998 Forbes 400 list as First Chicago NBD shares. Recent achievements include brokering a controversial agreement to expand O'Hare International Airport, and spearheading the funding of the new Cook County Hospital (Stroger Hospital). He is a major benefactor of Jewish charities, universities and the Aspen Institute. He is the chairman of the Commercial Club of Chicago and Chicago Council on Global Affairs. His current hometown is Wilmette, Illinois.
  • 1968 Wikipedia Henry Crown & Company, General Dynamics
  • 1968 Wikipedia After Richard M. Nixon was elected President, he appointed Walter Annenberg (Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama) as ambassador to the Court of St. James's in the United Kingdom.  Connect Rothschild to the Court of St. James via St. James Place. Cosmopolis  Annenberg was named Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 1968 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline RFK is murdered. Press blames a Palestinian man for the murder. A man who can not even remember the days events. However in in March of 2008 two Scientists independently uncover a second shooter and match the gun used to one of Kennedy's security guards through acoustic analysis from an unknown recording of the shots fired. 13 shots fired and the said shooter had a gun with only 8 bullets maximum. Also RFK was shot from behind and his accused assassin was in front of him. The Palestinian may have been just a patsy. (who would desire such a thing?) The UN unanimously passes the UN resolution 242 requiring Israel to return the occupied territories taken by force during the war Israel started. Israel ignores this.  All prior to Yom Kippur
  • 1968 - GripesOnline Nelson Rockefeller pledges that "as President, he would work toward international creation of a new world order."
  • 1968 - Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Operation Shock - Sabotage of power plant and Nile bridges in Egypt 1968 - Operation Gift - Sabotage of 14 Arab airliners in Beirut International Airport, Lebanon 1969 - Operations Orchard 22, Orchard 37 - Assaults on high voltage wires and a control antenna in Egypt 1969 - Operation Bulmus 6 - Assault on fortified Green Island, Egypt 1969 - Operation Rooster 53 - Seizing an entire Egyptian radar installation
  • 1968  MasterMason Bro Harry Carr meets with Cardinal Heenan in London on 8th March to discuss the relationship of Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church. As a result of these discussions, the anti-Masonic tracts sold in Roman Catholic churches in London are removed from the stacks.
  • 1968 The Club of Rome which began in 1968 and in 1991 their chairman said that they would be using the idea of global warming in order to further their agenda of an one world government    ...EcoFascism  Bertelsmann AG, controlled by Germany’s Mohn family (also militant Nazis), is Europe’s largest media conglomerate and the top publisher of English-language books. Mohns’ current matriarch, like her recently deceased husband, is a full member of the ultra-green Club of Rome.
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  • 1969 History of the Money Changers Congress approves laws authorizing the Federal Reserve to accept the IMF's, "SDR's," as reserves in the United States and to issue Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for SDR's.
  • 1969  MasterMasonThe Masonic Book Club is formed in Bloomington, Ill, USA and publishes its first book in 1970 - a facsimile of the Regius Poem. A Pocket History of Freemasonry by Pick, Knight, & Smith is published
  • 1970
  • 1970s TheForbiddenKnowledge Vancouver, B.C., San Francisco, New York, London, Manchester, and Amsterdam (not to mention Macao and Hong Kong) are some of the big bases of Triad Operation. Money is made by extortion, gambling, prostitution, drugs, or any other way to make a profit. The Triads have worked with the CIA in creating the drug network. The creation of the Golden Triangle as a source for drugs was a joint CIA-Triad operation. The Chinese communists couldn’t pass up the opportunity to debauch America. The Red Chinese government has secretly worked with the Triads in supplying heroin and opium knowing that these drugs were going to U.S. military bases. U.S. garrisons In Germany were supplied high grade drugs that came through the Triads, either grown under Triad supervision or in places like Red China. One of the kingpins in this drug trade was Lumpy Ho, whose business fronts were known as the Dutch Connection.  and Xithous369 Triads, Freemasons, Rothschild
  • 1970 Wikipedia David Stirling Worried that Britain was losing its power after the War, Stirling organised deals to sell British weapons and military personnel to other countries, like Saudi Arabia, for various privatised foreign policy operations. Stirling along with other associates formed Watchguard International Ltd, formally with offices in Sloane Street (where the Chelsea Hotel now stands) before moving to South Audley Street in Mayfair. Business was chiefly with the Gulf States. He was also linked along with an associate Denys Rowley in a failed attempt to overthrow Gaddafi of Libya in 1970/71. Stirling was the founder of private military company KAS International (aka KAS Enterprises)  and see Wikispooks 1001 Club
  • 1970s YellowBrickRoad The Quantum Group of Funds are privately owned hedge funds based in Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) and Cayman Islands. They are currently advised by George Soros through his company Soros Fund Management. Soros started the fund in the early 1970s along with Jim Rogers.
  • 1970 LaRouchePub pdf Middle East Oil Crisis
  • 1970s PROMIS was first developed by Inslaw during the 1970s under contracts and grants from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA)  Nicholas J. Bua (Wikipedia), who was the Special Justice Department Counsel to whitewash Reagan White House complicty in stealing the PROMIS Software in the Inslaw Affair
  • 1970 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Nasser dies and his vice president Anwar Sadat becomes president. Sadat enjoys support from the Muslim Brotherhood. MB was first supported by the West as a force against the "atheist" Soviets but that just became blowback and created a large force of Anti-Western nationalists.
  • 1970s 911Blogger The British parent company, AMEC, provides “engineering and project management services to the world’s energy, power and process industries.”[18] It is a major international player in the oil and gas industry, as well as in other natural resource industries. AMEC had a significant presence in Saudi Arabia dating back to the late 1970s, providing support to the national oil company Saudi Aramco, which is by far the richest company in the world.[19] Executives and board members at AMEC included former directors of NM Rothschild, Kellogg Brown and Root (now Halliburton), and SG Warburg.
  • 1970  Unhypnotize Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild was very influential within the UK security services. (aangirfan: MI5 and MI6 .) Edward Heath in 1970 made Rothschild the head of the government's Central Policy Review Staff.  Unhypnotize Israeli connection to London Tube bombs.  Search ICTS
  • 1970 History Commons An FBI wiretap at the Israeli Embassy in Washington picks up Richard Perle, an aide to Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson (D-WA—see Early 1970s), discussing classified information with an Israeli official. This is the second time Perle has been involved in providing classified information to Israel (see Late 1969). This data was given to Perle by National Security Council staff member Helmut “Hal” Sonnenfeldt, who has been under investigation since 1967 for providing classified documents to the Israelis. [ATLANTIC MONTHLY, 5/1982; AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, 3/24/2003; COUNTERPUNCH, 2/28/2004]
  • 1970 - AriesComputer Zbigniew Brzezinski [who later became President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor] writes a book entitled "Between Two Ages." He has nothing but praise for Marxism: "Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision...Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief...Marxism, disseminated on the popular level in the form of communism, represents a major advance in man's ability to conceptualize his relationship to the world." He also describes how war can be waged against a nation without its citizens even realizing they are under attack: "Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised. One nation may attack a competitor covertly...techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm, thereby weakening a nation's capacity and forcing it to accept the demands of the competitor."
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  • 1970: IAmTheWitness While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Ashkenazi Jew, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done.
  • Thomas Ayers, Godfather of Chicago Politics, Obama     Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • Thomas G. Ayers Wikipedia , father of William Ayers, was the godfather of Chicago politics and funded the creation of Barack Obama, the President  on board of directors of General Dynamics, First National Bank of Chicago and the Chicago Tribune.  See below how these are connected to Lester Crown (Henry Crown), Valerie Jarrett, and William Ayers.
    • Tea Party  It is known that Obama launched his political career at a 1995 fundraiser at (William) Ayers’ Chicago apartment and that the two served alongside each other from 1995 to 2000 on a $100 million education foundation, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC. According to documentary evidence, it was (William) Ayers who helped hire Obama at the CAC.  ...  Also, Obama and Ayers served as paid directors of the Woods Fund, a nonprofit that channeled money to leftist causes.  (Saul Alinsky brought William Ayers and Obama together in 1988). ...  Ayers started attending the ABCs Coalition’s (Alliance for Better Schools Coalition) monthly meetings, held ... in a conference room on the 57th floor of Chicago’s First National Bank downtown headquarters.  Thomas Ayers (father) was on the board of First National Bank of Chicago see Wikipedia )   
    • reference: (Watch.Pair), OpEdNews / WMR,   AyersCCI College of Commerce & Industry, OpEdNews Obama betrayal.
    • StuartBramhall privatization champion Arne Duncan, McGeorge Bundy, Webster Tarpley.  Little Tboca, Axelrod, SteadyDrip Commercial Club of Chicago,
    • Thomas Ayers, on the board of the Chicago Tribune, Valerie Jarrett's husband (Dr. William Robert Jarrett) worked for the Tribune, see Wikipedia  In 1983 Jarrett married Dr. William Robert Jarrett, son of famed Chicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett  
    • Watch.Pair Thomas G. Ayers, arranged for Obama’s first job at the prestigious Jewish law firm of Sidley & Austin, where Michelle Robinson also worked. ... it was in that 86-88 time frame that Obama likely met up with the Ayers family  ... Obama returned in the summer of 1989 to work as a summer associate at the prestigious Chicago law firm of Sidley & Austin  ... Sidley had been long time outside counsel to Commonwealth Edison. The senior Sidley partner who was Comm Ed’s key outside counsel, Howard Trienens, was a member of the board of trustees of Northwestern alongside Tom Ayers (and Sidley partner Newton Minow, too). It turns out, Bernadine Dohrn worked at Sidley also.
    • Thomas Ayers, on the board of General Dynamics, The Henry Crown family owns General Dynamics.   Lester Crown’s father, Henry Crown, first took a “controlling block of stock” in General Dynamics in 1959, and when Henry passed away in 1990 (having retired some years earlier) Lester was already serving as their chairman; although at present the only member of the Crown family serving on General Dynamics board of directors is Lester’s son James S. Crown   Rothschild (also a board member of JP Morgan Chase) see connections to
    • Klutznick Papers UofChicago
    • Connect Thomas Ayers and the First National Bank of Chicago to BCCI
    • Wikipedia Bert Lance  Lance was implicated in the BCCI scandal of the 1980s and early 1990s. He was involved in deals with notable BCCI luminaries Agha Hasan Abedi, Mochtar Riady and Ghaith Pharaon and with BCCI's largest borrower, P. S. Prasad, and joined with Arkansas-based power investor Jackson Stephens in facilitating BCCI's takeover of Financial General Bankshares. Lance and Stephens made millions in the wake of BCCI's collapse. In January 1978, Lance sold his stock in National Bank of Georgia to Ghaith Pharaon, while on the same day, BCCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi paid off Lance's $3.5 million loan at the First National Bank of Chicago.
    • Sidley Austin SteadyDrip Commercial Club of Chicago, SteadyDrip research  Commercial Club of Chicago Rothschild
    • The Chicago Public Education Fund was the predecessor for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, there leadership council members included Virgina Aronson - Sidley Austin LLP - managing partner and R. Eden Martin - Sidley Austin LLP – counsel. Sidley Austin LLP is a Law Firm where Michelle Obama was a Lawyer and Barack Obama was an Intern. New York Daily News Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dohrn (William Ayers wife) they all three worked at Sidley Austin LLP in 1987. Bernardine Dohrn was a Litigator for the Sidley Austin LLP firm.
    • WTPOTUS Real Estate / Money Laundering / Philanthropy Schemes All the players in this game of hoarding US tax$ and doing money laundering schemes have solid connections. In fact, there is even a solid connection between Obama and Thomas Ayers (Bill Ayers father). The same holds true for Peter Geithner (Treasury Secretary Geithner’s father). The Fathers of these men were all involved in real-estate schemes while each one claiming to be a “Philanthropist” (aka Communist) and setting up fronts to funnel in Grant money. The Obama-Ayers connection has been presumed to be only that between Obama and William Ayers. However, there is a direct Obama-Ayers connection between Obama and Thomas G. Ayers (photo), father of William Ayers and the retired president and CEO of Commonwealth Edison, that predates the 2005 mortgage with Northern Trust.   
    • Watch.Pair Barack Obama owes his rise from obscurity to the office of President of the United States to high-ranking members of the Prieuré de Sion Wikipedia , Thomas Ayers Wikipedia, Gaylord Freeman New York Times, and the other Prieuré de Sion / Bank of Chicago directors, John Drick and A. Robert Abboud.  ...John Drick, A. Robert Abboud, and Gaylord Freeman were three members of the Prieure de Sion that were associated with the First National Bank of Chicago. John Drick had started as an assistant cashier in 1944 and became a vice-president three years later. In 1969 Drick became both the president and one of the directors of the bank. He also was on the board of a number of other companies including, Stephan Chemical, MCA incorporated, Oak Industries, and Central Illinois Public Service. The Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance (the Guardian Assurance) in London where P.J. Freeman worked had shared a building with the First National Bank of Chicago which had Gaylord Freeman as chairman of the board of directors.  Watch.Pair Thomas Ayers / Obama   Chase Manhattan, Continental Illinois, and First Chicago(FNB of Chicago) the power houses behind Trilateralism. First Chicago Corp.
    • continued First National Bank of Chicago and its parent, First Chicago Corp. also collaborated with British Intelligence, MI6, via First Chicago Bank’s liaison with Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance. The latter was bought by the largest insurance company in the world, AXA, which is located in Paris.  see Rothschild Scoreboard-Canada
  • 1971  MasterMason Bro Harry Carr has several more conferences with Cardinal Heenan. This les to a friendly relationship developing between the Craft and the Roman Catholic Church. On 26th April it is rumored that the Church is about to change its rule about barring Masonic membership to its members.  King Solomon's Temple in the Masonic Trition by Alex Horne is published.  Early French Exposures by Bro Harry Carr is published.  Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, which is generally believed to contain Masonic themes, is examined by Jacques Chailley and his comments published.
  • 1971 Dejan Lucic-Nathan Philip Rothschild (1971) Young Nathan is the son of Jacob Rothschild, from whom he inherited innumerable managers, agents, and an influence over the vital political, economic, media and military institutions all over the world, including even the Butrint archaeological site in Albania... The companies and corporations “RIT Capital”, “Atticus Capital”, “JNR Limited”, “NM Rothschild”, “Vanco”, “Trigranit”, “British Petroleum”, Rio Tinto, are only a part of the resources which are at the disposal of the new king in his crusade for the east. To achieve this he has at his service not only the western nomenclature in the EU, NATO, Great Britain, but also numerous financial and political operatives all over Europe and Asia (Soros, Berezovski, Djukanovic, the Mitals...).
  • 1971 History of the Money Changers All the pure gold had been secretly moved from Fort Knox, sold to international money changers for the $35 per ounce price, and is believed to now be kept in London. This is also when President Nixon repeals Roosevelt's Gold Reserve Act of 1934, allowing Americans to once again buy gold. As a result of this gold prices began to soar. In fact, 9 years later, in 1980, gold sold for $880 per ounce, a staggering 25 times what the gold in Fort Knox was sold to the international bankers for.
  • 1971 Inter-Alpha Bank Group AIB Group Banco Espírito Santo Santander, Spain Soc Gen ING Bank Intesa Sanpaolo KBC Bank Nordea National Bank of Greece Commerzbank The Royal Bank of Scotland Group AIB Group, Eire BANCO ESPIRITO SANTO SA, Portugal Santander, Spain Soc Gen, France ING Bank, the Netherlands Intesa Sanpaolo KBC Bank, Belgium Nordea, Denmark, Finland and Sweden National Bank of Greece, Greece Commerzbank The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, UK   and Wikipedia   and Seeker401 The Inter-Alpha Group was formed in 1971, as a syndicate of six oligarchic European banks, the year the Nixon Administration foolishly took the dollar off gold and destroyed FDR’s Bretton Woods system of fixed currency rates. That move opened the door to imperial currency warfare, the creation of the petrodollar market, and ultimately the Brutish Empire’s control over the U.S. dollar.  ProjectWorldAwarness Lord Jacob Rothschild, the behind-the-scenes controller of the Inter-Alpha Group, was a partner at Rothschild at the time he set up the Inter-Alpha Group in 1971, using its resources and then leaving in 1980  ...
  • LaRouchePub 
  • Inter-Alpha Group 
  • 1972: CliffordShack Khalilzad meets Cheryl Benard, when they were both students at the American University of Beirut. (Benard has an entry in the Internet Movie Database from her work as a child actor in German movies.) What was a German Jewish girl, born in New Orleans, doing at the American University in Beirut? Zalmay Khalilzad is long been known as a Zionist poodle. His wife Dr. Cheryl Benard, the Austrian-Jewish woman is senior policy adviser at Ziocons think tank RAND. ZK's role model is Fouad Ajami and this guy has some funny Persian/Afghani accent. He most likely recruited Zalmay & Cheryl for the Mossad. "Wherever you dig in Lebanon you find a spy," political science Professor Hilal Khashan of the American University of Beirut was quoted as saying by The Media Line, a regional news portal.
  • Cap and Trade CO2 scheme
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  • 1972 Great Dreams During December 1972, the UN General Assembly unanimously elected Maurice Strong to head UNEP. Also Secretary General of both the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which launched the world environment movement, and the 1992 Earth Summit, Strong has played a critical role is globalizing the environmental movement. ... and  ...  Maurice Strong and Al Gore on Cap and Trade...Great Dreams  Strong, the silent partner, is a man whose name often draws a blank on the Washington cocktail circuit. Even though a former Secretary General of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (the much hyped Rio Earth Summit) and Under-Secretary General of the United Nations in the days of an Oil-for-Food beleaguered Kofi Annan, the Canadian born Strong is little known in the United States. That’s because he spends most of his time in China where he he has been working to make the communist country the world’s next superpower. The nondescript Strong, nonetheless is the big cheese in the underworld of climate change and is one of the main architects of the failing Kyoto Protocol. Full credit for the expose on the business partnership of Strong and Gore in the cap-and-trade reduction scheme should go to the investigative acumen of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)  ... search terms include: Molten Metal Technologies, pump and dump stock scheme, lawsuits, AZL, cronyism, Joyce Foundation, John Ayers, etc... go to Maurice Strong and the Oil for Food Scandal (BCCI, Capcom), TheZog Who is Behind the Climate Change Hoax ... This involves a 10 TRILLION dollar a YEAR scam shown to involve: Maurice Strong Al Gore Richard Sandor George Soros Barrack Hussein Obama Valerie Jarrett David Blood Mark Ferguson Peter Harris Franklin Raines (Brother of Bill Ayers) John Ayers. Chicago Climate Exchange [CCX] Climate Exchange PLC European Climate Exchange Sustainable Performance Group Joyce Foundation Generation Investment Management [GIM] Goldman Sachs [GS]
  • 1972 LaRoucePub BCCI was founded in 1972 by Pakistani banker Agha Hasan Abedi, it was initially capitalized by the British-run Sheik Zayed of Abu Dhabi, incorporated in Luxembourg, and conducted all of its real business in London. True, Abedi was closely allied with the Pakistani military, especially with Gen. Mohammed Zia ul-Haq, who took power in 1977; and BCCI was used as a laundromat for the billions of dollars a year generated by the hundreds of heroin laboratories in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province (NWFP) that processed Afghani opium and smuggled it onto the world market. Likewise, BCCI was the central bank for the British and American arms flows to the Afghan Mujahideen.    goto BCCI
  • 1972  MasterMason A Register of Grand Lodges Active and Extinct by George Draffen is published.
  • 1972  Chagataikhan George Bush Sr, .. transformed the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), a small Pakistani merchant bank, founded in 1972 by a Pakistani partner of Adham (Agha Hasan Abedi); into a world-wide money-laundering machine, buying additional banks around the world to create the biggest clandestine money transfer and whitening network in history.  Wikipedia
  • 1972 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Munich murders. 11 Israeli athletes are killed by Black September a group formed after thousands of Palestinians were forced out of Jordan. Israel will blame the PLO again, without evidence, and use this very untactful public event of 11 people killed on the world stage while the world was watching the Olympics in Germany, to retaliate and kill over 100 people.
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  • 1973 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline April Operation Wrath of God and Operation Spring of Youth. Israel raids Lebanon in the early morning and assassinate three of the highest PLO leaders in their homes a long with over 100 other people. The justification was because of the Black September attack in Munich. Whether or not Black September even had anything to do with the PLO is heavily disputed. 
  • 1973 SilverBearCafe Pilgrims Society member John M. Meyer Jr., Knight of the British Empire, head of J.P. Morgan & Company, founded Depository Trust Company of New York in 1973. It's now known as the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and is a member of the Federal Reserve System; see discussion of how the DTC has turned back concerns and investigations concerning naked short selling It's more Pilgrims Society subversion "seizing the wealth necessary."
  • 1973 Wikipedia Nixon Operation Nickel Grass was an overt strategic airlift operation conducted by the United States to deliver weapons and supplies to Israel during the Yom Kippur War. The Military Airlift Command of the U.S. Air Force shipped 22,325 tons of tanks, artillery, ammunition, and supplies in C-141 Starlifter and C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft between October 14 and November 14, 1973.  ...   led to the 1973 oil crisis.
  • 1973 Zionism_Israel Yom Kippur War (October War). In a surprise attack on the Jewish day of atonement, Egypt retook the Suez canal and a narrow zone on the other side. Syria reconquered the Golan Heights. Following massive US and Soviet resupplying of the sides, Israel succeeded in pushing back the Syrians and threatening Damascus. Ariel Sharon was instrumental in the successful crossing of the Suez Canal, which cut off the Egyptian Third Army. Israeli casualties were unacceptably high however, and both Syria and Egypt celebrate the anniversary of the war as a victory.  British Prime Minister Edward Heath makes Lord Victor Rothschild the head of his policy unit. Whilst he is in that role Britain enters the European Community.
  • 1973  MasterMason A Commentary on Masonic Ritual (2nd Edition) by E.B. Cartwright is published, with comments by Bro Harry Carr.  Emulation - A Ritual to Remember by C.F.W.Colin is published.
  • 1973  Wikipedia SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) was founded in Brussels in 1973, supported by 239 banks in 15 countries. It started to establish common standards for financial transactions and a shared data processing system and worldwide communications network designed by Logica [2]. Fundamental operating procedures, rules for liability, etc., were established in 1975 and the first message was sent in 1977.  see Open Offshore Bank Account for Nonresidents Online Banque Privee Evelyn de Rothschild, Geneve
  • 1973: CliffordShack Ajami joined the politics department of Princeton University where he did not get tenure. He made a name for himself there as a vocal supporter of Palestinian self-determination. He did his graduate work at the University of Washington, where he wrote his thesis on international relations and world government, and earned a PhD.
  • 1973 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline October Yom Kippur War. October 6th on the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur Egypt and Syria strike back and regain control over their stolen territories, territories the UN mandated that Israel return which Israel refused. (Israel had also been making intense border fighting with Egypt over the Suez since 1969) Another UN resolution, the same as 242 is passed, which Israel ignores by building Settlements (racial colonies) into Palestine. Egypt upheld its half of the resolution and withdrew their troops. The moment Egyptian troops left Palestine, Israel re-occupied it and began building its colonies. The UN passes 338 calling for a cease fire.
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  • 1973: IAmTheWitness In his book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen states, "One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is the Rothschilds were Jewish… ….The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organisation called The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an instrument to try and convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all Jews.   In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities.  Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs…  ….Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews… ….The Rothschild empire helped finance Adolf Hitler."”    ...  George J. Laurer an employee of the Rothschilds controlled IBM, invents the UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode which will eventually be placed upon every item traded worldwide and bear the number, 666. The Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, Verse 17 through 18, states the following in relation to this number, "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."  The whole Satanic aims of the Rothschilds are now in full view of the world, everything bought or sold carries the mark of the beast, 666. N. M. Rothschild & Sons British Newfoundland Corporation, Churchill Falls project in Newfoundland, Canada, is completed.   ...   N. M. Rothschild & Sons also create a new asset management part of the company which traded worldwide. This eventually became, Rothschild Private Management Limited. Edmond de Rothschild, a great-grandson of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild, bought the cru bourgeois estate of Château Clarke in Bordeaux.
  • 1973 US Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline (Nixon) sends Israel 2.2 billion dollars (during the Yom Kippur War)
  • 1973 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline OPEC raises gas prices 130% causing an oil shortage in the US (This was a direct response to Israel's war and the US giving them aid)  Israel gets 90% of its oil from it's stolen territory Sinai and from Iran while Iran is under the CIA installed US puppet Shah. (see 1953 Operation Ajax at the bottom for details)
  • 1973 - GripesOnline International banker and staunch member of the subversive Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller founds a new organization called the Trilateral Commission. He invites future President Jimmy Carter to become one of the founding members. Zbigniew Brzezinski is the organization's first director.
  • 1973 - GripesOnline The Club of Rome, a U.N. operative, issues a report entitled "Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System." This report divides the entire world into ten regions.  Wang Hao, a historian at the China Institute of International Studies, has recorded that Mao's deputy Zhou Enlai met David Rockefeller in June 1973.
  • 1973 Wramsite, new information came to light about FBI operations targeted against Weather Underground and the New Left, all part of a series of covert and often illegal FBI projects called COINTEL. Due to the "illegal tactics" of FBI agents involved with the program, government attorneys requested all weapons- and bomb-related charges be dropped against the Weather Underground, including charges against admitted ringleader Bill Ayers!
  • 1974-Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline now US created co-economic dependency with Saudi Arabia via Bin Laden construction, US firms, and the IMF. (this was to break OPEC) (here is how it was done) This was a mile stone for the NGO/economic hitmen strategy. 
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  • 1974 History of the Money Changers A New York periodical publishes an article claiming that the Rockefeller family were manipulating the Federal Reserve for the purpose of selling off Fort Knox gold at bargain basement prices to anonymous European speculators. 3 days after the publication of this story, its anonymous source, long time secretary to Nelson Rockefeller, Louise Auchincloss Boyer, mysteriously fell to her death from the window of her ten storey apartment block in New York.
  • 1974  MasterMason The Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (as the Roman Inquisition was renamed by the Pope in 1965) sends a letter to the various Episcopal Conferences on 19th June informing them that Cannon 2335 prohibiting its members from joining Freemasonry is to be interpreted to apply to such groups as are opposed to Church.
  • 1974 Wikipedia Gush Emunim was an Israeli messianic and political movement committed to establishing Jewish settlements in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights.[1] While not formally established as an organization until 1974 in the wake of the Yom Kippur War, Gush Emunim sprang out of the conquests of the Six-Day War in 1967, encouraging Jewish settlement of the land based on the belief that, according to the Torah, God gave it to the Jewish people.[2]   and see EIR
  • 1975
  • 1976 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Israeli Shin Bet stages a false flag hijacking to put blame on the PLO. Israeli agents 'helped Entebbe hijackers' (This story broke June 2007) Sayeret Matkal was sent to rescue the hostages however the blames should have been placed on The PFLP and Israel itself not the PLO. This event will forever be pointed at as to accuse the PLO of being terrorist to politically make them illegitimate.
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  • 1976: IAmTheWitness Ashkenazi Jew, Harold Rosenthal, aide to Ashkenazi Jew, Senator Jacob Javits, states, "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." 1978: Ashkenazi Jew, Stephen Bryen, then a Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffer, is overheard in a Washington D.C. hotel offering confidential documents to top Israeli military officials. Bryen obtains a lawyer, Nathan Lewin, and the case heads for the grand jury, but is mysteriously dropped. Bryen later goes to work for Richard Perle.
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  • 1976 Chagataikhan Safari Club  The Safari Club- An Alternate Super Intelligence Agency. In September 1 1976, a group of countries got together and established a newly formed secret cabal of intelligence agencies called the Safari Club. It included France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Iran. The club was a brain child of Alexandre de Marenches, head of the French external intelligence service SDECE. It was likely formed with the connivance of CIA to compensate for it’s paralysis after Watergate - as a means of circumventing US Congress which had tied down the CIA! Acutely conscious of the Soviet threat these countries had decided that if the US could not do anything to counter it, they would!
  • 1976 Wikipedia JINSA Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Founded in 1976 In the late 1980s, JINSA underwent a profound repurposing of mission which, although retaining the interest in maintaining and strengthening the U.S.-Israeli defense relationship, widened its focus to general U.S. defense and foreign policy, with missions and meetings with national leaders and military officials from countries as diverse as Ethiopia, Belgium, South Korea, India, Bulgaria, Italy, the Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Spain, Eritrea, Jordan, the People's Republic of China, Hungary, United Kingdom and Germany, ...  JINSA is closely associated with the neoconservative movement and U.S. Military Industrial Complex.  JINSA Leadership - Officers and the Executive Committee David Ganz President Morris J. Amitay Vice Chairman Phillip Aronoff Vice President Ira "Bob" Born Vice President Dr. Armeane Choksi Vice President Hon. David Dewhurst Vice President Ted Dinerstein Chairman, Programming Robert Friedman Member at Large Joel Gemunder Vice President Benjamin Gettler Chairman, Policy & Resolutions Committee Mark Helbraun Vice President David Justman Co-Chairman of the Board of Advisors Sharon Turboff Katz, D.D.S. Vice President Robert Keats Vice President Jonathan Kislak Chairman, Editorial Board, The Journal of International Security Affairs Randall J. Levitt Vice President Myra Rosenberg Litman, M.D. Vice President Michael Nachman Vice President Herb Ornstein Member at Large Nina Rosenwald Vice President Michael Salzhauer Vice President David Schachne Vice President Larry Siedlick Vice President Steve Silvers, M.D. Vice President Joseph Spindler, M.D. Treasurer Joel Sprayregen Vice President David P. Steinmann Co-Chairman of the Board of Advisors George Violin Vice President Edward Weiss Member at Large Stephen Wertheimer, M.D. Vice President Leonard Yablon Vice President
  • 1976 PeoplesConference IPCO City of London Inc. Becoming a Sovereign State in 1694, when King William lll of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the Private Bankers. By 1812, Nathan Rothschild crashed the English stockmarket and scammed control of the Bank of England. .. Today, the City State of London is the worlds financial Power Center and the wealthiest square mile on the planet.   .It houses; Rothschild controlled 'Bank of England' Lloyds of London The London Stock Exchange All British Banks The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks 70 USA Banks Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as 'THE CROWN'.
  • 1976 Wikipedia David Graivier (connections to ADL, Klutznick) more The Montoneros' banker, Secretly, however, Graiver became the investment banker for the Montoneros guerrilla group. He reportedly laundered US$17 million in funds that the Montoneros had received from illicit activities, principallykidnapping. These investments included a variety of interests in both Argentina and overseas, and by 1976, Graiver owned a significant stake in Jacobo Timerman's La Opinión (one of the leading newspapers and the leading magazine publisher in Argentina), the Galerías da Vinci retailer, as well as banks in Argentina (Comercial de La Plata and the Bank of Hurlingham), New York (American Bank and Trust and Century National Bank), Brussels (Banque pour l’Amérique du Sud), and Tel Aviv (Swiss-Israel Bank). These and other assets amounted to around US$ 200 million by then, and the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, considered Graiver one of the three leading Jewish banking figures in Latin America (with José Klein, in Chile, and Edmond Safra, in Brazil).
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  • Looting of Russia, 1990's to fund 9/11 Rothschild Banks McCain / Keating Five Hartmann / Rappaport background Iran Contra / Rappaport Funding the Afghan Mujahideen BCCI
  • LA Times and pic   BCCI Official in Venture With Keating : Banking: The ex-owner of Lincoln Savings reportedly formed an offshore firm with a director of scandal-plagued Bank of Credit & Commerce International in 1986. October 05, 1991| JAMES S. GRANELLI | TIMES STAFF WRITER Former Lincoln Savings & Loan owner Charles H. Keating Jr., moving into the international investment arena in 1986, helped to form an offshore currency trading firm with a key director of the scandal-ridden Bank of Credit & Commerce International. The director, Alfred Hartmann, also was chairman of a small BCCI-owned bank in Geneva that has been linked to drug-money laundering and was chairman of a Zurich-based institution involved in providing $3 billion in loans to fund Saddam Hussein's nuclear, chemical and ballistic missile programs in Iraq.
  • 1976  LarouchePub BCCI became a "crown jewel" in the British offshore hot money system because of its ties to the City of London.   ...  In 1976, BCCI established a Swiss base of operations by purchasing 85% of Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP) of Geneva. The remaining 15% was retained by the original owner, Thesarus Continental Securities Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Under BCCI control, BCP was managed by Alfred Hartmann, a former senior official of UBS. Hartmann eventually became chief financial officer for BCC Holding, and was the person most accountable for the "lost" $23 billion. While serving as BCCI's "man in Switzerland," Hartmann was always operating on behalf of the Rothschild family. Hartmann was president of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich, was vice-chairman of NY-Intermaritime Bank of Geneva (run by Mossad operative Bruce Rappaport), and was a member of the board of directors of the elite N.M. Rothschild and Sons in London.
  • 1976  MasterMason A Freemason at Work by Bro Harry Carr is published.
  • 1977 Jock Green-Armytage Graduated from McGill University with a BA in Economics and received his MBA from Columbia University. He joined NM Rothschild & Sons Limited in 1970 and was appointed an executive director in 1977. He was Managing Director of The Guthrie Corporation plc between 1982 and 1988 and was a non-executive director of NM Rothschild & Sons Limited from 1988 to 1997. He is Chairman of JZ International Ltd and Chairman of AMEC plc and a non-executive director of JZ Equity Partners and a number of other companies. and SJBerwin  TheVillage G-A should step down, Telegraph.UK 2006 Mason retiring,
  • 1977  MasterMason Several Prince Hall Lodges in South Africa give up their Charters from the USA and join the regular Craft in South Africa.  Quatour Coronati Lodge publishes in facsimile the 1723 and 1738 editions of Anderson's Constitutions in one volume.  • 600 Years of Craft Ritual by Bro Harry Carr is published.
  • 1977 Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions Pilgrims Society member Edmund de Rothschild attends the 1st World Wilderness Conference. At the 4th conference Maurice Strong will inform everyone that Edmund was the founder of the environmental movement
  • 1977 Wikipedia Gaith Pharaon, former Saudi Ambassador to all Europe, 1948-54, attended Harvard Business School (and board of associates),  formed REDEC, annd was key player in global oil / banking, 70s and 80s, investor, Interdec Inc, CRS Group, Moran Co. bought banks for James R. Bath (Bush), currently a player in the mid East, invested in Arbusto Energy, In 1987, the Harken Energy was desperate for money, and a bank that was half-owned by BCCI gave Harken a $25 million loan. Another Saudi investor and Pharaon partner, is Abdullah Bakhsh, who joined the board of directors as a part of the deal. Bakhsh's banker was Khalid bin Mahfouz, who had his own shares in Arbusto/Harken, via the inheritance of Salem Bin Laden,   ...Pharaon was listed on Forbes The World's 10 Most Wantedfor his involvement in the BCCI scandal, but was removed?, with Attock Energy, was awarded $120 mil contract, jet fuel to Afghanistan, see also Khalid bin Mahfouz
  • 1977 Wikipedia James Riady .. is the deputy chairman of the Lippo Group, a major Indonesian conglomerate. He is a Chinese Indonesian, and also the son of Mochtar Riady, founder of the group. The group has recently signed an agreement with Khazanah of Malaysia to relinquish its majority stake in Lippo Bank Riady's entry into the American business community began in 1977, when he was persuaded by Arkansas banking moguls W. R. Witt and Jackson T. Stephens, and founders of Stephens Inc., one of America's largest investment banks outside of Wall Street, to become partners in the Stephens's Worthen Banking Corporation, after the younger Riady was sent by his father, Mochtar Riady, to set up a banking presence in the United States. Mochtar Riady was also interested in helping Jimmy Carter's former budget director, Bert Lance, sell stock he held in the National Bank of Georgia, though the deal never materialized. Through their dealings with Stephens Inc.
  • 1978 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Anwar Sadat the president of Egypt and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign the camp David accords.  February 1979 Shah is forced to take a "vacation" to Egypt never to return to Iran.
  • 1978 Martin Frost Information on Forstmann's connections to the Rothschilds are sketchy but notable. It begins in 1978 with US businessman Derald Ruttenberg, "a friend and associate of.. .banker Lord Rothschild" and board-member of J. Rothschild International, who played a "key role" in the creation Forstmann, Little & Co.121 Jacob and Forstmann later became friends. In fact Forstmann credits his brief relationship with Princess Diana to Jacob's personal intervention, meeting her in 1994 at a dinner hosted by Jacob. "I think Jacob thought it would be a good idea for the two of us to meet and it was", Forstmann told the Telegraph}22 Then in 2004, after taking control of IMG, Forstmann appointed Sir Evelyn de Rothschild to IMG's board of directors. In addition Rothschild North America provided banking services to IMG.123
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  • 1978  •MasterMason  The Craft in the Far East by Bro Christopher Haffner is published.  The York Legend in the Old Charges by Alex Horne is published.  Prince Hall, Life and Legacy by Dr Charles Wesley is published and reviewed in AQC vol 90, pp 306-322.
  • Trillions in Offshore Accounts  ... it's immoral.

    • 2010 Tax Justice Network The three private banks handling the most assets offshore on behalf of the global super-­‐rich are UBS, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. The top ten banks alone commanded over half the top fifty % asset total an increased share since 2005. • The number of the global super-­rich who have amassed a $21 trillion offshore fortune is fewer than 10 million people. Of these, less than 100,000 people worldwide own $9.8 trillion of wealth held offshore
    • RT Wealthy tax evaders, aided by private banks have exploited loopholes in tax legislation and stashed over $21 trillion in offshore funds, says a report. The capital drained from some developing countries since 1970 would be enough to pay off national debts. The findings show the gap between the haves and the have-nots is much larger than previously thought. The document, entitled The Price of Offshore Revisited, was commissioned by The Tax Justice Network (pdf file) campaign group and leaked to the Guardian. The report provides the most detailed valuation of the offshore economy to date. "The problem here is that the assets of these countries are held by a small number of wealthy individuals while the debts are shouldered by the ordinary people of these countries through their governments," wrote James Henry, expert on tax havens and former chief economist at consultancy McKinsey in his report. The document cites the world’s leading private banks as cherry-picking from the ranks of the uber-rich and siphoning their fortunes into tax-free havens such as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. The wealth of the super-rich is "protected by a highly paid, industrious bevy of professional enablers in the private banking, legal, accounting and investment industries taking advantage of the increasingly borderless, frictionless global economy."  TaxJustice blog
    • US Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations New Data Show Corporate Offshore Funds Not “Trapped” Abroad: Nearly Half of So-Called “Offshore” Funds Already in the United States  ...   WASHINGTON –New data released today [PDF] by Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., chairman of the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, show that large multinational U.S. corporations with substantial offshore funds have already placed nearly half of those funds in U.S. bank accounts and U.S. investments without paying any U.S. tax on those foreign earnings.   ...   “Some multinational corporations say they want to bring foreign funds back to America, but can do it only if they get a special tax break,” said Levin. “They claim their foreign funds are otherwise ‘trapped’ abroad, but new data show that is not true. Many U.S. multinationals have already invested a large portion of their foreign funds right here in the United States, taking full advantage of the safety and security of the U.S. financial system to protect their money while paying no U.S. taxes on those funds to support the U.S. system.”    ...   Earlier this year, a survey was sent to 27 U.S. multinational corporations and found they held more than half a trillion dollars in tax-deferred foreign earnings at the end of FY2010. The survey also found that 46% of those foreign earnings – almost $250 billion – was maintained in U.S. bank accounts or invested in U.S. assets such as U.S. Treasuries, U.S. stocks other than their own, U.S. bonds, or U.S. mutual funds. more  search terms: federal tax code Section 956(c)(2)  ... allows U.S. corporations to use foreign funds to make a wide range of U.S. investments without incurring tax liability
    • Moses Singer ..... domestic and international estate planning and asset protection, including the use of sophisticated estate planning techniques in the representation of high-net-worth individuals..... use of offshore trusts and estate planning strategies for wealth preservation and succession planning. ... clients include professionals, real estate developers and owners, closely-held business owners and directors of publicly-held companies. His practice also includes estate administration and the representation of clients in taxpayer disputes at the federal, state and local levels.
    • 2011 fa-mag (SEC loophole) Constellation is a family office, a luxe kind of financial advisor first established by the Rockefellers, the Guinness brewing family and other dynasties. Family offices manage money, handle taxes and, in some cases, buy private jets, scout vacation homes, hire butlers and find drug treatment programs for wayward progeny. The latest financial titan to set up a family office is George Soros. In July, his hedge fund Soros Fund Management LLC told clients it would during the rest of the year return money to all outside investors, amounting to less than $1 billion of its $25.5 billion in assets, and would then operate as a family office. Single family offices are not required to register with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  HSBC No. 1 The list, which ranks 50 firms by assets, is topped by HSBC Private Wealth Solutions, a unit of London-based HSBC Holdings Plc’s private bank. Private Wealth Solutions oversees $102 billion for families in 18 offices around the world. ...  The number of individuals worldwide with $30 million of liquid assets to invest rose 10.2% to 103,000 in 2010, according to a June report by Cap Gemini SA and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, a unit of Bank of America Corp. That $30 million club controls $15 trillion of capital in total.
  • 1979 the October Surprise, Reagan dirty tricks to defeat Carter, Iran illegal weapons sales.
  • 1979 Bibleoteca Pleyades Paul Volcker ... Chairman Federal Reserve System 1979-1987. Identified by BND officer Hans Langemann as a person who attended the December 1, 1979 meeting of Le Cercle in the Madison Hotel in Washington.... Volcker became a member of the advisory board of Power Corporation in 1988 and is a friend to Canadian Paul G. Desmarais, Sr., a Privy Councillor and controlling shareholder of Power Corporation since 1968 (Desmarais and the Belgian Albert Frère jointly own about half of the major industries in France and Belgium, including Suez, Société Générale, Total, Imerys, and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert). Director of Prudential Insurance 1988-2000. Chairman of Wolfensohn & Co. in New York 1988-1996. North American chairman of the Trilateral Commission 1991-2001. Chairman of the newly created J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn & Company from March 1992 to 1995, Wolfensohn & Co.'s London-based joint venture. Volcker has called for a breakup of the nation's largest banks and a reimplementation of many aspects of the Glass-Steagall Act which prevented commercial banks from engaging in investment banking activities such as trading securities.  ...   and  member list
  • Paul Desmarais,  has also been a member of the advisory councils of Carlyle, Chase Manhattan Bank (his son Andre now is a member of J.P. Morgan Chase's International Council), and Barrick Gold Corporation (set up by international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi who's first employer was the Bin Laden family and has close ties to the British throne; Barrick also employed Bush Sr.; the later discussed Rothschild buddy Vernon Jordan ; and was headed by Peter Munk, a 1001 Club member and skiing partner of Prince Charles). In 1992 he was appointed a member of the Canadian Privy Council, the same year that Maurice F. Strong, Conrad M. Black, and Charles R. Bronfman (brother of Edgar Bronfman, Sr.) were also made members. Power Corporation is one part of a large international business empire, that together with the relatively obscure Frere family, virtually co-owns the state of Belgium (GBL; Suez; SG; Tractebel). Desmarais and his son hold many directorships in these Belgian and French companies.
  • 1979 Wikipedia News Corporation News Corp was created in 1979 by Rupert Murdoch as a holding company for News Limited. News Limited was created by Murdoch from the assets he inherited in 1952 following the death of his father, Sir Keith Murdoch, and subsequent expansion. The main asset left to him was ownership of the Adelaide afternoon tabloid, The News. News Limited operates today as News Corporation's Australian brand, operating out of Surry Hills, in Sydney.  News Corp Rupert Murdoch Chairman and Chief Executive Officer News Corporation José María Aznar Former President of Spain President FAES - Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis Natalie Bancroft Director News Corporation Peter L. Barnes Chairman Ansell Limited James W. Breyer Partner Accel Partners Chase Carey Deputy Chairman President and Chief Operating Officer News Corporation David F. DeVoe Chief Financial Officer News Corporation Viet Dinh Professor of Law Georgetown University Sir Roderick I. Eddington Non-Executive Chairman for Australia and New Zealand J.P. Morgan Joel I. Klein Executive Vice President CEO, Education Division News Corporation Andrew S.B. Knight Non-Executive Chairman J Rothschild Capital Management Limited James R. Murdoch Deputy Chief Operating Officer News Corporation  Chairman and CEO, International News Corporation Lachlan K. Murdoch Executive Chairman Illyria Pty Ltd Arthur M. Siskind Senior Advisor to the Chairman News Corporation John L. Thornton (HSBC, China) Professor and Director of Global Leadership Tsinghua University of Beijing Stanley S. Shuman (Director Emeritus) Managing Director Allen & Company LLC  ... Lord Rothschild is deputy chairman of BSkyB  Andrew S.B. Knight  is Chairman, J. Rothschild Capital Management Limited News Corp. – director; Reader’s Digest Association Inc. – director; RIT Capital Partners – director; Rothschild Investment Trust Capital Partners plc – director; Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust Plc – director; The Economist – editor.     go to Creation of First Jewish President / Percy Sutton   and see    and see the Advocate Weblog Rupert Murdoch owned publication News of the World junked an exclusive scoop on exposing sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke as a pedophile because of fear of reprisals or disapproval from Murdoch. see Phil Hall, Graham Johnson   and more on Andrew Knight  ... was visitor of Camp Mandalay, Governor of the Ditchley Foundations (website) since 1981. Editor of The Economist and expanded its offices to Brussels. Director of Rothschild Investment Trust since 1997. Important functions at News Corp. and BskyB. Director of Reuters. Governor of the Atlantic Institute for International Affairs. Governing council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Member of the Steering Committee of Bilderberg.
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  • 1979 - GripesOnline Barry Goldwater, retiring Republican Senator from Arizona, publishes his autobiography “With No Apologies.” He writes: “In my view the Trilateral Commission represents a skilful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centres of power - political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. All this is to be done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community.” 
  • 1979 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Israel withdraws from Sinia, Ayatollah Khomeini leads Iran into a Theocratic Republic.  Saddam installed as President of Iraq coming back from Egypt where he had been exiled (for attempting a coup). The CIA brings him back to Iraq.  ...the US lost power over Iran. Khomeini nationalizes Iran's Oil.  ...Iran takes 63 US hostages December 25th 1979 Russia invades Afghanistan  CIA financed Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviets. 1979-1988 May 15th 
  • 1979  MasterMason Pope John Paul II visits Chicago while the Grand Lodge is in session. The Grand Master and Grand Wardens, by special invitation, attend a Mass conducted by the Pope in Grant Park.  Freemasonry is banned in Iran. Several Arab nations assume an anti-Masonic stance under the erroneous belief that the Craft is controlled by the Jews.
  • 1979 Zionism_Israel Peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel.
  • 1979 DeanHenderson The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was a watershed event. With the Shah deposed and the Iranian Consortium nationalized, the Four Horsemen- Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell- and their Rockefeller/Rothschild owners sought to create a more comprehensive security system for the safeguarding of Persian Gulf crude oil.
  • 1979: IAmTheWitness The Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty in 1979 was underwritten by United States aid which pledged $3 billion annually to Israel from the United States taxpayer (not even a drop in the ocean when you consider the amount they make off the Federal Reserve).   Shin Bet (the Israeli internal security agency) tries to penetrate the US Consulate General in Jerusalem through a “Honey Trap”, using a clerical employee who was having an affair with a Jerusalem girl.     ...   Baron and Baroness Phillipi de Rothschild in a joint venture with Robert Mondavi, begin the construction of a pyramid in Napa Valley, California, where the leader/founder of the Church Of Satan, Ashkenazi Jew, Anton LaVey, was based. This is known as Opus 1 (which means, the first work), and the front for this temple is that it is a winery.
  • 1979 to 1989: CliffordShack Soviet War in Afghanistan The Illuminati attempted to have their Russians neutralize Afghanistan for the future natural gas pipeline across Afghanistan. Khalilzad worked as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. During that time, he worked closely with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Carter Administration's architect of the policy supporting the mujahideen resistance to the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.
  • 1980
  • 1980 Care2 Jacob Rothschild resigned from the family's bank NM Rothschilds in 1980, started RIT Capital Partners. He is chairman of Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild foundation, chairs the Jewish Policy Research, dedicated to promoting issues affecting Jews worldwide.  Wikipedia  Yad Hanadiv was established in memory of Baron Edmond James de Rothschild (“The well-known benefactor”) Yad Hanadiv was instrumental in the construction of the Knesset building and The Supreme Court of Israel, and in the establishment of Educational Television,[4] The Open University, The Centre for Educational Technology, Centre for Science Education (HEMDA), MANOF Youth Village, The Jerusalem Music Centre at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, The Institute for Advanced Studies, The Water Research Institute in the Technion, The Environment and Health Fund, The Israel Institute for School Leadership (Avney Rosha), the GuideStar.
  • Skolnick The Archbishop of Chicago is also the Treasurer for the Church for the whole Western hemisphere. And he deposits those funds in the Continental Bank of Chicago, owned jointly by the Vatican, the Queen of England, and the Rothschilds, all of whose representatives always sat on the board of directors of Continental.
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  • 1980 Wikipedia Georgia Guidestones inscription: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living new language. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. Balance personal rights with social duties. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. search: Alex Jones,
  • 1980s EIR   ...  the Tony Blair and Colin Powell propaganda drivel were themselves linked to Rubin and his fellow Israeli pranksters, through Ahmed Chalabi's discredited and corrupt Iraqi National Congress (INC). Chalabi, University of Chicago protégé of the late utopian Albert Wohlstetter (Wikipedia), then fugitive swindler, was adopted as the Iraqi oppositionist-of-choice by Israeli "X Committee" agent and chairman of the Defense Policy Board Richard Perle and his British Arab Bureau handler, Dr. Bernard Lewis, in the 1980s.  search terms: Iraq dossier, Coalition Information Center, Likudnik, Rabil, Dr. Barry Rubin, "X Comiittee" , Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle,
  • 1980's comment  Tim Geithner was a teenage playmate of Obama (1980s) when Geithner's father, Peter Geithner, was a rep. for the Ford Foundation, stationed in Indonesia, working with Ann Dunham Soetoro, Obama's mother. There is only about two weeks difference in the ages of Obama and Tim Geithner.
  • 1980-1988 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Iraq and Iran have a war where the US sells weapons to both sides.  Iraq gets chemical weapons (from Rumsfeld) from the US and uses them on Iran and on the Kurds.    ...   rewind 1986 the heart of Iran contra affair (Iran needs these arms because of the war with Iraq whose leader is Saddam installed by the CIA and who has gotten chemical weapons from the US. The US through Israel also arms Iran. Kissinger quoted as saying nothing is better than to get them to kill each other. more
  • 1980 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Start of Iraq Iran War. (Just a year after the US lost control over Iran and installed Saddam in Iraq "to fight communists" the typical rationalization.)
  • Thomson Reuters Propaganda

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • Kohlberg Canada's Rich Troubled Thomson Family On March 10, 2006, Benjamin James Ludwick Thomson, the future Lord Thomson of Fleet and heir to the country's greatest fortune, was born in Toronto  ...  It also comes on the heels of a more public revelation involving Taylor Thomson, David's younger sister. That surfaced with the unsealing in February of a U.S. federal indictment charging Anthony Pellicano, the notorious Los Angeles private detective, and seven others, with 112 counts of racketeering, conspiracy and other charges. The case has been dubbed Hollywood's Watergate, given the industry insiders and celebrities dragged into its web - Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Sylvester Stallone among them.  search Rothschild
    • Thomson Board of Directors: David Thomson Wikipedia, Chairman, Thomson Reuters; W. Geoffrey Beattie, Deputy Chairman, ; James C. Smith President and Chief Executive Officer, Manvinder S. Banga, Operating Partner; Clayton Dubilier & Rice, LLC; Mary Cirillo Corporate Director; Steven A. Denning, Chairman, General Atlantic LLC; Lawton Fitt, Corporate Director; Roger L. Martin Dean, Joseph L. Rotman School Of Management, University Of Toronto; Sir Deryck Maughan, Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co; Ken Olisa Corporate Director, Vance K. Opperman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Key Investment, Inc.; John M. Thompson, Corporate Director; Peter J. Thomson Chairman, The Woodbridge Company Limited; Wulf von Schimmelmann Corporate Director  Liborgate
    • 1980's Heathrow Airport was privatized in the 1980s under the reign of Margaret Thatcher. It is now owned by BAA a private company (until very recent purchase by Ferrovial) that is often confused with the term British Airport Authority which no longer exists.  BAA is led by Marcus Agius.  BAA was recently purchased by Spanish conglomerate Ferrovial. Not all were happy with the decision. Marcus Agius - will stay on as a BAA leader even with the new "Spanish" owners.  Marcus Agius (Wikipedia) is an in-law to the Rothschild Dynasty. Very little is ever said of this in most media outlets or stories. Married to Katherine Rothschild, a scioness of the "Rothschild banking dynasty of England.  Ferrovial major spanish conglomerate with links to fascism under General Franco of Spain.  Ferrovial is led by Rafael Del Pino. He was trained at the Illuminati Hive known as MIT and did " a stint" at Boston Consulting Group.  Rafael Del Pino gives speeches at Francisco De Vitoria University , Madrid Spain.  Francisco De Vitoria University is run by Regnum Christi (Wikipedia) and The Legionairres of Christ - in english, Legionarios De Cristo in Spanish. It is described as ultra-conservative and seems similar to Opus Dei.  Rothschild family members founded Israel. The war on terror in large part helps Israel to survive by having Western Civilization on its side in the battle against Islam. Wikipedia Marcus Agius Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius (born 22 July 1946) is a British-Maltese financier and businessman, currently the Group Chairman of Barclays. He has also been appointed the senior non-executive director on the BBC's new executive boardAgius has been a non-executive Director of Barclays since 1 September 2006, and succeeded Matthew Barrett as Chairman from 1 January 2007. His current salary is £750,000. He was previously chairman of the London branch of investment bank Lazard and non-executive chairman of BAA Limited. He is married to Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of England, with two children, and has a close involvement with the Rothschild family estate, Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.
    • Times of Malta Marcus Agius is the son of a Maltese trade commissioner who served in London in the pre-war years and Chairman of the London branch of Lazard,  and...Chairman of the Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London..   The bank said Mr Agius will remain in post until an "orderly succession is assured" and added Barclays non-executive director Sir Michael Rake has been appointed deputy chairman.  Libor is set on a daily basis by panels of banks and used to help set "swap rates" - the borrowing rate between financial institutions. These rates in turn are used to price a vast range of products such as corporate loans and fixed-deal mortgages.
    • FreeMasonryWatch Conrad Black / Thomson / Telegraph, Andrew Knight, Lord Beaverbrook
    • Lord Turner Adair, Chairman, the FSA Adair Turner was appointed FSA Chairman in September 2008.  He is a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and at Cass Business School, City University. He became a cross-bench member of the House of Lords in 2005. Until September 2008 Lord Turner was a non-executive Director at Standard Chartered Bank; from 2000-2006 he was a Senior Adviser, Vice-Chairman of Merrill Lynch Europe, and from 1995-99, Director General of the Confederation of British Industry. Prior to that, he was with McKinsey and Company from 1982-95, and between 1992-1995, built McKinsey's practice in Eastern Europe and Russia. He was previously Chair of the Overseas Development Institute.
    • NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Legendary dealmaker Bruce Wasserstein is looking to add a dozen investment bankers to the ranks of Lazard LLC in the United States. ... Currently working partners own 60 percent of Lazard, with the rest owned by external capitalists, ... Lazard Thursday also unveiled plans to better unite its three offices and named four executives the post of deputy chairman. Georges Ralli will run Lazard Paris, Kenneth Jacobs will head Lazard in the U.S., Georges Braggiotti from Italy will spearhead expansion in Europe, and Marcus Agius will oversee Lazard London.
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart


  • 1980 Wikipedia In 1980, Silverstein won a bid from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to construct 7 World Trade Center, to the north of the World Trade Center. Silverstein was interested in acquiring the entire World Trade Center complex, and put in a bid when the Port Authority put it up for lease in 2000. Silverstein won the bid when a deal between the initial winner and the Port Authority fell through, and he signed the lease on July 24, 2001.
  • 1980: The global phenomenon of privatization starts. The Rothschilds are behind this from the very beginning in order to seize control of all publicly owned assets worldwide.
  • 1980  Connect Rothschild to Drexel Burnham Lambert via the Concorde Group and Jeremy M. Josse Advisor ... Mr. Josse is CoHead in the Workout Group at Rothschild, Inc. in New York City since 2008. Prior to this he was Director in the European Investment Banking Group of NM Rothschild & Sons in London, a position he held since 2001.
  • 1980  LaRouchePac IPE (Oil trading market London), which was created in 1980. Today (2004), the IPE is run by a Knight of the British Empire and former Royal Dutch/Shell official, Sir Robert Reid, and has a board which includes Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, representatives of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Credit Lyonnais, and French oil giant Total. In 2001, the Atlanta, Georgia-based Intercontinental Exchange purchased the IPE. The Intercontinental Exchange's board includes the retired CEO of Royal Dutch/Shell's trading arm Coral Energy, the Chicago Board of Trade's Richard Sandor (himself a former banker with Banque Indosuez and Drexel Burnham Lambert), and one Jean-Marc Forneri, a banker who from 1994-96, was a partner at Demachy Worms & Cie., where he ran the investment-banking activities of Group Worms. World War II U.S. Intelligence services identified Banque Worms as the central powerhouse of the Synarchist fascist movement in Vichy, France.
  • 1980 American Thinker Percy Sutton ... Legendary lawyer and politician Percy Sutton has died at the age of 89, and the major media are omitting mention of one of his most notable acts. The former Borough President of Manhattan, Sutton had a long and distinguished career as a lawyer (he was Malcolm X's attorney) and media mogul, who purchased radio stations in New York and other cities, making them into high rated black-oriented outlets. He also purchased and renovated (thereby saving from the wrecking ball) New York's legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem. To top it off, Sutton was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, one of the most celebrated groups in military aviation circles. A man of great accomplishment, whatever else one might think about his politics, and a man worthy of great respect. However, one of Sutton's most notable moments is absent from the media hagiographies I have seen: he stated on television that he knew that an Islamic supremacist, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and advisor to a wealthy Saudi, had paid for Barack Obama's education at Harvard Law School.   go to Creation of First Jewish President / Percy Sutton
  • 1980 NewsMax Khalid al-Mansour a.k.a. Don Warden  ... the lengthy interview, al-Mansour confirmed that he frequently spoke on university campuses, including Columbia, where Percy Sutton suggested he met Obama in the late 1980s, and confirmed his close relationship with Prince Alwaleed.... 
    ...Although many Americans have never heard of Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (his full name), he is well known within the black community as a lawyer, an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an author, an international deal-maker, an educator, and an outspoken enemy of Israel.... In the 1960s, ...he was known as Donald Warden, when he founded the African American Association in the San Francisco Bay area,... search: Huey Newton, Bobby Seale.... Percy Sutton, a former lawyer for Malcolm X and a former business partner of al-Mansour, Mansour says he was raising money for Obama’s graduate school education, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United States. In 1989, for example — just one year after Obama entered Harvard Law School — The Los Angeles Times revealed that al-Mansour had been advising Saudi billionaires Abdul Aziz and Khalid al-Ibrahim in their secret effort to acquire a major stake in prime ocean front property in Marina del Rey, Calif., through “an elaborate network of corporate shells in California, the Caribbean and Europe.” ...  The billionaire in question is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal....Politico  Obama denies Percy Sutton story     go to Creation of First Jewish President / Percy Sutton  Connect Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal  to Rupert Murdoch to Rothschild it Guardian ... it was News Corporation's second largest shareholder after Rupert Murdoch, Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who appeared to deliver the coup de grace to Rebekah Brooks's newspaper career.
  • 1980  MasterMason Rose Croix - A History of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales by A.C.F. Jackson is published.
  • 1981: CliffordShack Obama visits mother in Indonesia, and travels to Pakistan and India. Transfers to Columbia University in New York City, where he majored in political science with a specialty in international relations. There he is mentored by Mossad agent Khalizad and Brzezinski.
  • 1981 Hkej  Armand Hammer traveled to Beijing. 0n July 3, 1981, a meeting between Hammer and Deng Xiaoping was held in the Great Hall of the People. The deal was on the Shanxi mine Present there was Sen. Albert Gore." that would be Vice President Al Gore's late father.  
  • 1981 History of the Money Changers When President Ronald Reagan took office, his conservative friends suggested to him that he return to a gold standard, as a means to curbing government spending. President Reagan was on board with this idea and so he appointed a group of men called the, "Gold Commission," to undertake a feasibility study and report their findings back to Congress. 1982 President Reagan's, "Gold Commission," reports back to Congress and makes the following shocking statement concerning gold, "The U. S. Treasury owned no gold at all. All the gold that was left in Fort Knox was now owned by the Federal Reserve, a group of private bankers, as collateral against the National Debt."
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  • 1981 Zionism_Israel Israel destroys Iraqi nuclear reactor in daring raid. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is assassinated while on the reviewing stand of a victory parade.
  • 1981: IAmTheWitness Italian Neofascist Organization P-2 Banned; Had Ties to American Neoconservative Ledeen
  • 1981  Wikipedia De Benedetti became deputy chairman of the Italian bank Banco Ambrosiano in 1981, by acquiring 2% of the capital, but left after only 61 days. In April 1992, Carlo De Benedetti and 32 other people were convicted of fraud by a Milan court in connection with the collapse of the bank. Benedetti was sentenced to six years and four months in prison, but the sentence was overturned in April 1998, by the Court of Cassation.
  • 1982 Zionism_Israel Massive Israeli invasion of Lebanon to fight PLO.
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  • 1982 NicosiaMoneyNews The (2012 Paris Orléans) reorganisation of assets, once completed, would double the market value of Paris Orléans from €550m to more than €1bn. It reflects David de Rothschild’s determination never again to give up family control. This had become his raison d’être ever since his “traumatic” experience of seeing the family’s French bank nationalised by François Mitterrand in 1982, an act that prompted this bitter response from his father, Guy de Rothschild: “A Jew under Pétain, a pariah under Mitterrand.”
  • 1982 AIPAC executive board includes Bernice Manocherian. Amy Friedkin, Tim Wuliger, Lonny KaplanSteven Grossman,
  • 1982: IAmTheWitness From September 16 to 18, future Prime Minister of Israel and then Defence Minister, Ashkenazi Jew, Ariel Sharon, orchestrates Israel's invasion of Lebanon, which provided ariel lighting in order to facilitate the killing of between 1000 and 2000 men, women and children in the Sabra and Shatila massacres.
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  • Soros / Rothschild connections   Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • 1993 TheVertigo EIR In addition to being a Bush appointee, R. Mark Palmer, it turns out appears to have been a collaborator with George Soros in his efforts to unhinge Eastern European currencies. “(Soros) has been controlled for some time by a fellow called Hartmann. Hartmann was operating out of Zug, Switzerland, which is one of the banking centers, through the N.M. Rothschild Continuation Trust. Hartmann was the man who controlled the BNL and BCCI simultaneously, or coordinated it, which were not Pakistani or Gulf banks; they were British Commonwealth banks, controlled through this Rothschild intermediation. He worked for them, and still does. Now on the American side, his controller or coordinator has been Gerald Corrigan, who's going to work for him on the Russian side, and a State Department official, R. Mark Palmer, who went to work for Soros even before he fully quit his job at the State Department.”[There Is a Worldwide Crash in Progress; We Are In A Depression Already'', Lyndon Larouche, interviewed by Mel Klenetsky, August 4, 1993, Shofar  “So Soros, the big derivatives speculator operating in central Europe, the man who ran the run against the pound, the run against the franc, and so forth, is a creature of this. This involved Gerald Corrigan of the New York Fed, now retiring to join Soros's Russian operation; and this involved R. Mark Palmer, a State Department official. So this is an Anglo-American operation by those interests which ran BCCI, BNL, to try to bankrupt European currencies.” [How Europe's Economic Crisis Could Become the Worst Crisis in Six Centuries, Lyndon Larouche, interviewed by Mel Klenetsky, August 18, 1993] (Breakup of Soviet Union)
    • 1996 BibliotecaPleyades Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one Richard Katz. He is at the same time head of the Rothschilds Italia S.p.A. in Milan and is also on the board of the commercial bank N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London. Another member of the board is Nils O. Taube.  See HedgeFundJournal Katz is currently a Director of Leveraged Capital Holdings Investments and Asian Capital Holdings Fund. He sits on the Executive Committee of Quantum Endowment Fund where he has been a Director since 1986. Furthermore, he sits on the boards of directors of Quantum Industrial, Quantum Realty and Asian Infrastructure Development Holdings Ltd. Privee Edmond de Rothschild Katz has been active in banking and international finance for more than forty years, holding roles such as Director of N. M. Rothschild & Sons in London from 1977 to 1993 and Managing Director of Rothschild Italia S.p.A. in Milan from its founding in 1989 until 1992.  See RealJewNews  An independent Muslim Kosovo is also in the interest of the Rothschilds because it is the “Serbian Kuwait” with its enormous reserves of lead, zinc, gold, and coal. Soros has invested millions of dollars through his International Crisis Group in an effort to possess Trepca for the Rothschilds a rich mining area in Kosovo. Oil interests also figure into an independent Kosovo for Soros and the Rothschilds. Kosovo’s independence from Serbia is crucial to the interests of the Rothschilds’ mining companies since it would give them clear passage for snatching mineral wealth away from Christian Serbia and its sponsor state, Putin’s Christian Russia.
    • 1996 Dejan Lucic George Soros and his connection to the Rothschilds Soros is a Hungarian Jew (a Khazar), born in Budapest in 1930 as György Schwartz (in 1936 his parents changed their surname to Sorosz).He was educated in London and in 1950s he went to the USA. An important role in his development was played by the famous Khazar Karl Popper Wikipedia, who approved Soros’s projects and was his guru. George (Schwartz) Soros, the main agent of the Rothschilds ...  Throughout the world, this grey eminence is represented as the “Robin Hood of the computer age”, because he seemingly takes the money from the rich countries and via his foundations generously gives it to East Europe and Russia. In this way he installs “democracy” and “civil society” in countries which suffered and were exhausted during communism, the very communism that was forced onto these countries by those very Rothschilds. He built his career upon financial speculations all over the world, mostly thanks to his family of investment funds “Quantum Fund”, whose managers, and at the same time his agents, are Italian and Swiss financiers.    ...   The connection between Soros and the Rothschilds is achieved through a network of confidential people who sit in administrative committees of funds, trusts, companies, banks... One of those people was a certain Richard Katz (Wikipedia)(also a Khazar), a member of the “Quantum Fund” committee. At the same time he was head of “Rothschild Italia S.p.A.” and a member of the committee of the commercial bank “N.M. Rothschild & Sons” in London. Another important player is Nils O. Taube, also a member of Quantum and a partner of the investment group “St .James Place Capital”(Wikipedia), which now belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild. The connection is also realized via Societe Generale Bank and its manager Michael Cicurel, who is chairman of Edmund Rothschild’s management and a member of the Rothschild & Cie Banque board. Another frequent partner of Soros’s was James Goldsmith (a Khazar), related to Rothschild dynasty.
    • 1996 TheVertigo On the board of directors of Soros's Quantum Fund N.V. is Richard Katz, a Rothschild man who is also on the board of the London N.M. Rothschild and Sons merchant bank, and the head of Rothschild Italia S.p.A. of Milan. Another Rothschild family link to Soros's Quantum Fund is Quantum board member Nils O. Taube, the partner of the London investment group St. James Place Capital, whose major partner is Lord Rothschild. London Times columnist Lord William Rees-Mogg is also on the board of Rothschild's St. James Place Capital.” “[The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros , William Engdahl, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), November 1, 1996]
    • 2011 WMR George Soros and his CIA, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), International Republican Institute (IRI), and National Democratic Institute (NDI) minions -- the latter two dedicated to spreading the myth of competitive American politics to the rest of the world -- are using a simple story of police and judicial corruption in a small Indonesian town to craft the next themed revolution. The target for the Sorosian democracy manipulators -- who are, in essence, political alchemists who wring their hands over maps of the world in expensively-furnished suites in a myriad of non-profit organization offices in New York and Washington, DC -- is the world's most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia. The theme for the nascent Indonesian revolution, which is designed to implant political leaders who are more compliant to the wishes of the international bankers, e.g., the Rothschilds and their ilk who pull Soros's strings, is the unlikely sandal, the cheap flip-flop that is common footwear throughout Southeast Asia.
    • 2012 RT Other Americas Society members include powerful regional and global business and political leaders, like World Jewish Congress chairman Eduardo Elsztain (George Soros’ Argentine business partner) and Gustavo and Patricia Cisneros owners of a powerful Venezuelan opposition multi-media conglomerate. Co-chairing the America’s Society with David Rockefeller is John Negroponte, who served as George W. Bush’s ambassador to the UN and Iraq, and was also his National Security Advisor. Often, it is little-known facts like these that help “join the dots” to get the real picture of where power lies, but which the Western mainstream media all but ignore. Just as they ignored the fact that the Global Power Masters imposed Mario Monti as president of troubled Italy who also “happens” to be European Chairman for the Rockefeller-Rothschild Trilateral Commission with its large mega-banker membership.  member list
  • 1982 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline June 6 Israel invaded Lebanon with US support. This was based on terrorist attacks from Lebanon (yeh well now I say maybe) Israel targets civilians and and is so brutal that they receive world wide criticism aside from the US of course. Hezbollah is established as a response to the invasion. Israel occupies Southern Lebanon.
  • 1982 Wikispooks Viscount Etienne Davignon (Bilderberg leader )... He was also a key figure behind the report on the future of the Atlantic Alliance (Harmel report) and he presided over the committee which prepared the first proposals regarding political cooperation between EEC members (Davignon Report, 1974-1975). Following the oil crisis in 1973, Davignon chaired the international conference that established an oil-sharing treaty. First president of the International Energy Agency 1974-1977. Worked as vice-president for the European Commission from 1977 to 1985, where he was in charge of industry, research and energy... In 1982, as Industry Commissioner, Davignon challenged Pehr Gyllenhammar (Wikipedia Volvo, Chase Manhattan, Kissinger Associates, Aspen Institute; later on managing director of Lazard, vice chairman of Rothschild Europe, and chairman of Rothschild Pension Funds) to organize a group of top European businessmen to lobby the European Commission. The Gyllenhammar group was to become the highly influential European Round Table of Industrialists or ERT, drawing up policy for Europe. 
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  • 1982  CuttingEdge Billy Graham received the Illuminist Templeton Award [Read about Templeton Award above under Bill Bright]. Even though Templeton is a pantheist and Illuminist through and through -- a man who does not believe in either the Bible or Jesus Christ as God -- Graham praised him greatly.
  • 1982 Biblioteca Pleyades Lammont Du Pont, Lammot (Copeland) was also a director of Wilmington Trust Company, a director of Christiana Securities, father in law to James Biddle, who married his daughter Louisa. James Biddle is a direct descendant of Nicholas Biddle, head of the British affiliated (Rothschild-Windsor) second Bank of the United States. The du Pont family was the largest funder of The American Liberty League, the main institute behind the 1934 fascist plot against FDR. Lammot, for example, donated at least 15.000 dollar to The American Liberty League      see also  Viscount Reginald Esher (Rothschild connections)  Pilgrim Henry Morgenthau.
  • 1983 Georgia Congressman Lawrence PattonMcDonald was a mentor to Ron Paul and called for Congressional investigation of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission (Pilgrims Society fronts) and was on board Korean Air Lines flight 007 when a Soviet fighter jet shot it down with 269 passengers aboard near Sakhalin Island on September 1, 1983
  • 1983 According to the Financial Times, Kovner launched Caxton in 1983 "with backing from the Rothschild family."  From 1986 through to 1999, Kovner managed an offshore investment fund for Global Asset Management (GAM). GAM, set up by Gilbert de Botton in 1983, had two owners: de Botton, who had worked for Rothschild banks in the US and Switzerland, had a 60% share; and Jacob Rothschild, who had the remaining 40%. GAM consisted of ninety-six hedge funds of which Kovner's, with 12 per-cent of assets, was both the largest and "one of the top performers."When Kovner scaled back his hedge-fund in 1995 the Wall Street Journal noted that he would "continue to manage money for the wealthy Rothschild family of France."
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  • 1985 History of the Money Changers In order to illustrate that the great majority of money is not even printed these days, please see the following speech by the late Lord Beswick which appeared in HANSARD, 27th November 1985, vol. 468, columns 935-939, under the title, "Money Supply and the Private Banking System," which states, "Lord Beswick rose to call attention to the statement made by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 23rd July 1985 that the 96.9 per cent increase in money supply over a five-year period has been created by the private banking system and without Government authority….    ...  The noble Lord said, 'My Lords, on 10th June this year I asked Her Majesty’s Government by what amount the money supply had increased in the five-year period to mid-April 1985. Interestingly, they gave me the answer in percentages and not in pounds. Having given him prior notice, perhaps the Minister would be good enough later to give me the answer in money terms.
  • 1983 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Rumsfeld travels to Iraq and provides them with "pesticides" chemicals weapons.
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  • Bain Capital, Huntsman, Romney and the Rothchilds  Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • 1882  The Edmunds Anti-Poligamy of 1882 Act (Wikipedia) stripped polygamists of the basic rights of U.S. citizenship, denying them the right to vote, serve on juries or hold office. Not dissimilar to current immigration raids, U.S. federal agents hunted and arrested polygamists. Polygamists were forced to leave the country or risk jail. All four of George’s (Mitt’s father) grandparents would live out their days in Mexico, with Anna’s mother Dorsey being the last to die — in Chihuahua in 1929.
    • 1984 comment: Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by Bain & Company partners Willard Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss. In addition to the three founding partners, the early team included Fraser Bullock, Robert F. White, Joshua Bekenstein, Adam Kirsch, Stephen Pagliuca and Geoffrey S. Rehnert. Bain Capital's original $37 million fund was raised entirely from private individuals in mid-1984, led by Ricardo Poma, a Salvadoran businessman.
    • Huntsman Corporation, China, packaging, petrochemicals. Jon Huntsman Jr. Ambassador to China under Obama.
    • 1984 Village Voice (2012) His specialty was flipping companies—or what he often calls "creative destruction.  Bain would slash costs, jettison workers, reposition product lines, and merge its new companies with other firms. With luck, they'd be able to dump the firm in a few years for millions more than they'd paid for it.  In the midst of that 1994 campaign, one of Romney's companies, American Pad & Paper, bought a plant in Marion, Indiana. At the time, it was prosperous enough to be running three shifts.  Bain's first move was to fire all 258 workers, then invite them to reapply for their jobs at lower wages and a 50 percent cut in health care benefits.
    • 1984 Wikipedia .Bain Capital...does not mention connections to Zionists, Israel, the Mossad or the Rothschilds.  It does mention the Blackstone Group and the Carlyle Group   Bain Capital’s Brookside Capital Partners and recently launched Woodbine Capital Advisors
    • 2001 Wikipedia In early 2001, Bain purchased a 30% stake in Huntsman Corporation  and David Michael Rothschild  Wharton School of Business PhD Candidate in Applied Economics  ...Eric Saint-Guillain
    • 2003 RumorMillNews: Todd Staheli, who was a Vice President of Shell Oil (Rothschilds) was brutally murdered while searching for oil in the same part of Utah where Wolverine Oil and Gas now have operating wells. Todd was raised in Spanish Fork Utah. The oil field lies directly South and under the County he grew up in. Perhaps it was in Spanish Fork where Todd first heard the obscure prophecy made by Brigham Young pertaining to a massive oil field being discovered in Utah. He and his wife's mysterious murder in December of 2003 directly preceded Wolverine Oil and Gas's announcement that they had found oil in the very same area Todd was exploring, outside of the auspices of his employers at Shell Oil. Mitt Romney, in a manner of speaking, owns the State of Utah. He also has various connections to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other Satanic Psychopaths that run the Oil Industry. These groups have been very generous to his campaign. * Goldman Sachs (Rothschilds): $234,000 in donations to Mitt Romney. * Citigroup (Rothschilds): $178,000 in donations to Mitt Romney * Merill Lynch (Rothschilds): $173,350 to Mitt Romney * Morgan Stanley (Rothschilds): $170,350 * Lehman Brothers (Rothschilds): $144,000  see DeseretNews Wolverine,
    • 2006 Atrueoff Research Ms. Gadiesh further and one learns that prior to joining Bain & Company, and before working closely with Mitt Romney, Ms. Gadiesh served in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army. Currently, her impressive resume lists that she sits on the board of directors of the Peres Center for Peace, an organization headed by yet another former chief of staff of the Israeli military, Lt. General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak. Avner Azulay, a top-level MOSSAD operative, the managing director of the Marc Rich Foundation, is also on the executive board of the Peres Center. Ms. Gadiesh headed up your “transition team” when you occupied the Governor’s mansion of Massachusetts in 2002. Is Ms. Gadiesh your MOSSAD/CIA “Handler” Mr. Romney? Is it just a strange coincidence that she has shadowed your every step – from Harvard, to Bain & Company, to the Governor’s Office?.
    • 2009 Billingham, UK – The Pigments division of Huntsman Corporation (NYSE:HUN) today announced that it will increase prices of all titanium dioxide pigments sold in North America, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
    • 2009 The MoneyTeachers and LDSFreedomForum Citibanks toxic derivatives, which forced the bank's subsequent collapse, were fraudulently transferred to a Salt Lake City "Key Bank" in order to make Citibank look better during the recent audit. Reportedly, Romney is working with the White House and Fed, to move these toxic assets into the LDS Church's investment portfolio. These toxic derivatives would place trillions of dollars of liabilities on the Church's books. Derivatives are responsible for the largest transfer of wealth in the World's entire history. Estimated at $1,000 trillion dollars outstanding in the global market. In this one case, Romney would become a major player in helping to loot the LDS Church! (Source) and Mail-Archive  Sankaty Advisors LLC
    • 2011 JudeoFascism Romney’s financial backers are a who’s who of the Republican Jewish establishment, and his foreign policy advisers are culled from some of the pro-Israel community’s best and brightest. Romney published a list of his foreign policy advisers, including many who have been active in or are close to the pro-Israel community, such as Norm Coleman, the former U.S. senator from Minnesota who is now active with the Republican Jewish Coalition; Dan Senor, the co-author of a book on Israeli technological innovation who often works with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee; and Dov Zakheim, a former top Pentagon official in various Republican administrations who also is active with the American Jewish Committee...
    • 2011  Aangirfan Mad Mormons work for Mossad, CIA   ...  "Orit Gadiesh, born in Israel in 1951, has worked closely with Mitt Romney since at least 1991, and probably much longer since she joined Bain & Company in 1977, when she was 26.  "Romney appointed Gadiesh to his transition team when he became governor of Massachusetts in November 2002.  "Gadiesh is the daughter of Falk Gadiesh, an Israeli brigadier general and former member of the general staff who reorganized the Israeli army in the 1950s after a stint at MIT.  "During the early 1970s, she worked in the war room, a bunker where Gen. Moshe Dayan was in charge." source: Bollyn.   & much more
    • 2011 Dov Zakheim (9/11 mastermind) is Romney advisor: see  Mitt Romney’s Special Adviser on Foreign Policy and former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Dov Zakheim made the following statement after tonight’s debate in Washington, DC....Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate...  and other advisors: USNews  John Lehman, Michael Chertoff, Eric Edelman, Michael Hayden.
    • 2011 Seeker401 In recent days, the fact that Mitt Romney has millions of dollars parked down in the Cayman Islands has made headlines all over the world. But when it comes to offshore banking, what Mitt Romney is doing is small potatoes. The truth is that the global elite are hiding an almost unbelievable amount of money in offshore banks. According to shocking research done by the IMF, the global elite are holding a total of 18 trillion dollars in offshore banks. And that figure does not even count any money being held in Switzerland.  IMF offshore tax avoidance
    • MoneyTeachers  could answer the questions of how Illuminati Globalists, like Joseph Cannon, Chris Cannon, Mitt Romney, Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid, the Marriotts, and a slew of others have risen to prominence within the Mormon Church.  Swiss Billionaire Robert Vincent de Oliverri, the second richest Rothschild in the world at the time, joined the LDS faith after two missionaries knocked on his door. In what appears to be a "hand-off" from the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds, Oliverri flew into Salt Lake City and wrote a $500 million dollar check to pay off the Rockefeller lien. (Florida swampland deal).  Rense, MoneyTeachers Huntsman, MormonsTruth  ... Gareth Williams spy
    • 2011 The Mitt Romney campaign thought they had the perfect place staked out for their fundraiser in London...The home now belongs to wealthy financier Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a well-connected American lawyer and entrepreneur. But one major problem got in the way: the Lady joined up with one of Romney’s rivals, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. (3rd cousin to Mitt) She hosted a dinner for him last week at another one of her homes, in New York, and says they raised $1.2 million.  Search terms: Jon Huntsman Sr., John Romney, Kevin Madden (senior advisor to Mitt Romney), Olympics, Hunstman U. S. Ambassador to China under Obama.  MoneyTeachers: Political power and corporate greed vs. Mormon Doctrine and scriptural tradition. Some critics of the LDS Church feel that the Church leadership is in the process of exchanging one for the other. Still others blame the "Mormon Illuminati", Mormon multi-millionaire families like the Eccles, Romneys, and Marriots, for the pressure on the Church to become an acceptable institution to the Satanic/Luciferian conspiracy that runs this evil world of ours.
    • 2012 WMR / T-Room Bo Xilai had close relations with former U.S. ambassador to China and former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. In fact, Huntsman’s daughter dated Bo’s playboy son, Bo Guagua, who was known for driving his trademark red Ferrari around Beijing. Moreover, the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu is Peter Haymond, a friend of Huntsman and a fellow Mormon.
    • 2012 Geoplotical The plan by Bo and his wife to take over power in Beijing and circumvent the plans by Xi Jinping to become China's next president, succeeding Hu Jintao was supported by the Rothschilds; Soros; the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a close friend of Bo; and the U.S. "Mormon diplomatic contingent" in China that included former U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman and the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu, Peter Haymond, who ordered Wang handed over to the Beijing authorities.
    • 2011 Titanium Oxide, stealth technology, Dupont, Huntsman, Walter and Christina Liew, Tim Spitler (titanium oxide specialist) suspicious suicide,
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
  • 1985
  • 1985  IamtheWitness MT (Macedonia telecom) is indirectly controlled by the Rothschilds through “Blackstone Group”, a major financial-investment group which was founded in 1985 by their agents Peter G. Peterson and Stefan Schwartzman (a Khazar). Both of them had previously made careers in Rothschild branch offices “Lehman Brothers” and “Kuhn Loeb Inc.”. Blackstone group is the leading stockholder of “Deutsche Telekom” (T-Mobile), which also incorporates the Hungarian mobile phone company Matav – the owner of the Macedonian mobile phone company MT. “T-Mobile” is the second largest mobile phone company in Macedonia.
  • 1985 Wikipedia Blackstone was founded in 1985 as a mergers and acquisitions boutique by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, who had previously worked together at Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc.  
  • Connect Obama to Rothschild via Peter G. Peterson, via the Pilgrim Society and SourceWatch  The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Reform was initiated by President Barack Obama and parallels the Clinton-lead Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform of 1994. It strongly mirrors the 1994 charge to cut "entitlement" spending (spending that aids individual citizens) as the way to cut the deficit, rather than other kinds of spending that benefits corporations. The Commission not only has many of the same players involved in the Bill Clinton-initiated 1994 effort to dismantle so-called "entitlement spending," but more significantly, it is rife with those who were involved with the Peterson Foundation-funded America Speaks town halls. This includes the likes of Paul Ryan, Judd Gregg, and Kent Conrad, all of whom, not surprisingly, also partook in the Peter G. Peterson Foundation-lead April 2010 "Fiscal Summit," also known as America’s Crisis and A Way Forward." This summit also included names like Robert E. Rubin, Bill Clinton, then Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag (who now works for Citigroup),Alan Greenspan, and David M. Walker on its roster.
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  • 1985 - GripesOnline Norman Cousins, President of the World Future Society and honorary chairman of Planetary Citizens, says: “World government is coming. In fact, it is inevitable. No arguments for it or against it can change that fact.”
  • 1985 Assatashaku Jonathan May attempted to free us from the shackles of the Federal Reserve by creating an alternate banking system with instruments backed by land, raw materials, mineral deposits, oil, coal, timber, and other wilderness holdings. Jonathan aided Governor Connolly and the Hunt brothers in their effort to corner the silver market. The silver would have been used to create a "Bank of Texas" issue of "real" money. This would have destroyed the Federal Reserve had the Hunts been successful. The federal Reserve entrapped Mr. May by intentionally routing his credit instruments through the Federal Reserve, Jonathan May was illegally arrested, illegally tried, and illegally imprisoned in the Federal Prison at Terre Haute, Indiana.
  • 1985 Wikipedia  Civil disorder, also known as civil unrest or civil strife, is a broad term that is typically used by law enforcement to describe one or more forms of unrest caused by a group of people. Civil disturbance is typically a symptom of, and a form of protest against, major socio-political problems; the severity of the action coincides with public expression(s) of displeasure. Examples of civil disorder include, but are not necessarily limited to: illegal parades; sit-ins and other forms of obstructions; riotssabotage; and other forms of crime. It is intended to be a demonstration to the public and the government, but can escalate into general chaos. Wikipedia list of civil unrest in the U.S.
  • 1985: IAmTheWitness Eustace Mullins publishes, "Who Owns The TV Networks," in which he reveals the Rothschilds have control of all three major U.S. Networks, which are: NBC; CBS; and ABC. The New York Times reports the FBI is aware of at least a dozen incidents in which American officials transferred classified information to the Israelis, quoting (former Assistant Director of the F.B.I.) Raymond Wannal. The Justice Department does not prosecute. Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO, is indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear timing devices to Israel.    ...   N. M. Rothschild & Sons advise the British government on the privatisation of British Gas. They subsequently advise the British government on virtually all of their other privatizations of state owned assets including: British Steel; British Coal; all the British regional electricity boards; and all the British regional water boards. A British MP heavily involved in these privatisations is future Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont, a former Rothschild banker.   ... 
  • 1985 IntelHub In 1985 Drexel Lambert S&L crook Michael Milken helped Houston Natural Gas merged with Internorth to create Enron. Kenneth Lay headed Houston Natural Gas and became chairman and CEO of the new company. Enron was the biggest corporate contributor to George W. Bush’s campaign to become Texas Governor.  In 1993 Wendy Gramm, wife of Senate Banking Committee Chairman Phil Gramm (R-TX), joined the board of Enron where she was chair of Enron’s Audit Committee. Wendy Gramm came to Enron straight from her job as 12-year chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), where she ostensibly aided in the cover-up of BCCI, Capcom, Mena drug trade and S&L scandals. At CFTC Gramm’s main task was to oversee the complex derivatives market, a favorite haven for drug money laundering due to its opaque nature.  Enron’s spooky board also included Herbert Winokur, who sat on the board of Cincinnati cocaine king Carl Lindner’s failed Penn Central; John Duncan, board member at Gulf & Western, owned by Lindner and Detroit mob boss Max Fischer; Ronnie Chan, board member of Standard Chartered, the London gold fixer and Hong Kong currency printer whose Dubai branch was used to wire money to the 911 hijackers; John Mendelsohn, chair of the Department of Medicine at Lawrence Rockefeller’s Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where the Shah of Iran had been “treated”; and Lord Wakeham worked for Rothschild and was on the board of Enron ..  Lord John Wakeham, former British Secretary of State for Energy who headed NM Rothschild & Sons in London.  see Enron Creditors Recovery Corp  The Enron Corp. Board of Directors announced today its plan to restructure the Board as part of the company’s reorganization process under Chapter 11. ... The following Board members announced that they would resign, effective 30 days from today: Ronnie C. Chan, John H. Duncan, Robert K. Jaedicke, Charles A. LeMaistre, Paulo Ferraz Pereira and Lord John WakehamWikipedia NM Rothschild Notable employees: Baron Wakeham - Leader of the House of Lords (1992–1994); Leader of the House of Commons (1987–1989)   and VoxFux Enron    and   BigNews The first major change to the regulatory framework that opened the door to Enron and the sub-prime crisis occurred in 1991, when Goldman Sachs, through a subsidiary called J. Aron, argued that even though it was an investment bank it should be granted the same exemption given to commercial traders in the commodity markets because it was in the business of buying commodities as a middleman. It was granted by the CFTC. A second turning point came when Congress passed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, that formally allowed investors to trade energy commodities on private electronic platforms outside the purview of regulators. Critics have called this piece of legislation the "Enron loophole," saying Enron played a role in crafting it. In the months after the act was passed, private electronic trading platforms sprang up across the country, challenging the dominance of NYMEX.  and see Independent.UK fixer
  • ..............and see Enron links to Oil for Food Scandal, Maurice Strong, Cap and Trade, Obama
  • 1985 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline largely because of Hezbollah, Israel withdraws part of its forces from occupied Lebanon.
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  • 1985 BaltimoreChronicle The truth is that the Saudis have been trying to get hold of nuclear weapons for decades, with the active help of their business partners, the Bush Family. As the New Yorker reported years ago, the Saudis paid Saddam Hussein at least $5 billion from 1985 to 1990 to support his nuclear weapons program, with the understanding that they would get some of the big bombs for themselves.   article: BaltimoreChronicle Uranium Enrichment: The Bushes, The Saudis and The Bomb, by Chris Floyd, 2008
  • 1986 Mullins: The Wall Street Journal has led the expose of the current financial scandals which have supposedly rocked Wall Street.  ...   You will read here for the first time the names of the major players, names which the Wall Street Journal dares not mention. The first name is Rothschild. Not once has the Wall Street Journal, during its current "expose", dared to mention the vital information that Drexel Burnham Lambert (pronounced Lambeer), is the New York branch of Banque Bruxelles Lambert, of Brussels, Belgium or that the enormously wealthy and powerful Lamberts are the Belgian branch of the Rothschild family. Baron Lambert is regularly listed as an attendee at Bilderberger meetings.
  • 1986 CaptainsLog The 1986-87 insider trading scandal was an almost Jew-only affair. Besides Boesky and Dennis Levine, Carl Icahn was possibly involved (owns TWA), plus Davis Brown, Daniel Silverman, Robert Wilkis, Michael David, Morton Shapiro, Martin Siegel, Robert Salsbury, Andrew Soloman, and Michael Milken (junk bond “genius”) [H: Let's not leave out the able-bodied help in the above manipulations of the entire Judicial system, Bar Association, groups like Shea & Gould and political figures supported by these groups.]
  • 1986 WMR/NFU Stanley Ann Dunham Obama's mother: While working for the various CIA front entities, including the Ford Foundation, World Bank, and International Labor Organization, Dunham also spent time in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Philippines, and Thailand, all of which are of no surprise considering her Asian ties, but also, unusually, Ghana. Dunham re-applied for her U.S. passport in Honolulu on April 27, 1986. She supposedly left Hawaii for Indonesia in 1988 to complete her PhD in anthropology from the University of Hawaii. However, she also reportedly lived in Pakistan from 1987 to 1992 working for the Asian Development Bank.  Dunham was officially registered as a student at the University of Hawaii from the fall semester of 1984 to the summer semester of 1992, when she finally earned her PhD. Dunham's two-year employment contract for the Ford Foundation ended in December 1982, before which she may have been involved as a Javanese speaker with the Suriname exile community to help plan the CIA's overthrow of the country's left-wing dictator Desi Bouterse. Dunham reportedly returned to Jakarta to work for Ford until 1984. There is no indication as to when Dunham went to Ghana but in the mid-1980s, the country and one of its northern neighbors, Burkina Faso, were hotbeds for CIA activity.

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  • 1986 History of the Underground Rupert Murdoch, decided to take on the militant, left-wing printers at Wapping in East London in 1986 after sacking thousands of printers, Abeles stood with him shoulder to shoulder, using TNT trucks to break through picket-lines to deliver Murdoch’s newspapers throughout Britain. TNT’s contract with Murdoch’s News Limited was worth $100 million, and it helped transform TNT into one of the leading transport companies in Britain. Wapping coincided with a deepening relationship between Abeles and Murdoch.2

  • 1987 Cephas-Library Appointed by President Reagan to succeed Paul Volcker as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in 1987. Greenspan had succeeded Herbert Stein as chairman of the President's Council of Economic 187 Advisors in 1974. He was the protégé of former chairman of the Board of Governors, Arthur Burns of Austria (Bernstein). Burns was a monetarist representing the Rothschild's Viennese School of Economics, which manifested its influence in England through the Royal Colonial Society, a front for Rothschilds and other English bankers who stashed their profits from the world drug trade in the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. The staff economist for the Royal Colonial Society was Alfred Marshall, inventor of the monetarist theory, who, as head of the Oxford Group, became the patron of Wesley Clair Mitchell, who founded the National Bureau of Economic Research for the Rockefellers in the United States. Mitchell, in turn, became the patron of Arthur Burns and Milton Friedman, whose theories are now the power techniques of Greenspan at the Federal Reserve Board.
  • 1987: IAmTheWitness Edmond de Rothschild creates the World Conservation Bank which is designed to transfer debts from third world countries to this bank and in return those countries would give land to this bank. This is designed so the Rothschilds can gain control of the third world which represents 30% of the land surface of the Earth. On April 24 the Wall Street Journal reveals the, "Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won't be Explored in Detail by Panels."
  • 1987 Pragmatic Witness Avraham Bendor, former head of Shin Bet, and Peter Zvi Malkin, agents that worked with Harel since he founded Mossad, gained control of the World Trade Center’s security through an agreement with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 1987. The name of the company was Atwell Security of Tel Aviv, a subsidiary of Eisenberg Group, owned by Israeli tycoon and Mossad-connected arms dealer, Shaul Eisenberg.
  • 1988: IAmTheWitness The ADL initiate a nationwide competition for law students to draft anti-hate legislation for minority groups. That competition is won by a man named, Joseph Ribakoff, whose thesis proposes that not only must hate motivated violence be banned, but also any words which stimulate: supiscion; friction; hate; and possible violence, these must also be criminalised.
  • Rothschild Octopus 4  Hartmann / Rappaport 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • Looting of Russia, 1990's to fund 9/11 Rothschild Banks McCain / Keating Five Hartmann / Rappaport background Iran Contra / Rappaport Funding the Afghan Mujahideen BCCI
  • 1990 PPPHS Bruce Rappaport  Baruch (Bruce) Rappaport was born in Haifa where he met his wife and life partner, Ruth. He served in the British Army and was among the founders of the Military Police, graduated from Law school and served in the Military High Court of Appeal. In his search for "his way" in the world, Bruce arrived in Geneva in the late 1950’s, and began his successful business career by providing support services to shipping companies.  ...  Bruce Rappaport became the largest private investor in the Bank of New York .... Several years later, the Bank of New York became a partner in the bank founded by Bruce in Geneva – Bank of New York – Inter Maritime Bank.  Scribd Collateral Damage  Rappaport, Iran Contra    cmkmgrapevine  Sheikh Ahmad Turki Yamani, then the Saudi minister of petroleum; and Sheikh Abdel Hadir Taher, the governor of the Saudi state oil company Petromin   SpitfireList Suadi intelligence, Mah­fouz, Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud, Sheik Abdul­lah Taha Bakhsh,
  • al Qaeda Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • 1989 WMR July 28, 2010 -- The top secret Israeli-US program to establish "Al Qaeda" Press clips gathered by the CIA and discovered in the National Archives' stored CIA files point to an agency keenly interested in any leaks about the highly-classified CIA-Mossad program to establish Osama Bin Laden and the most radical elements of the Afghan Mujaheddin as the primary leaders of the anti-Soviet rebels in the 1980s.   ...   WMR has pored through the CIA files and a complicated picture emerges of America's and Israel's top intelligence agencies, in cahoots with Saudi Arabia, establishing financial links and carve out intelligence programs to provide manpower and financial support to Bin Laden and his allies in Afghanistan. It was these very elements that later created the so-called "Al Qaeda," which the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook described as nothing more than a "database" of CIA front organizations, financial supporters, and field operatives. However, one component omitted by Cook in the Al Qaeda construct is the Israeli participation.    ...   Thanks largely to the CIA station chief in Riyadh in 1986-87, millions of dollars from the Saudi government, particularly then-deputy Prime Minister Prince Abdullah, now King Abdullah (Wikipedia), and wealthy Saudi businessmen were funneled to the most radical leader of the Afghan rebels, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf (Wikipedia),  for whom militant southern Philippines Muslim rebels named their organization, the Abu Sayyaf (Wikipedia) group.    ...   Accounting for only two percent of the mujaheddin (Wikipedia) guerrillas in the field in Afghanistan, Sayyaf's group began receiving hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of recruits from other countries, more than other six major mujaheddin groups fighting the Soviets. The tilt to Sayyaf was a result of the intercession of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Saudi intelligence, the CIA, and Mossad. Another key Saudi intermediary was Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan (Wikipedia), who the Bush family has dubbed "Bandar Bush" because of his close links to the Bushes, and who was the Saudi ambassador to the United States on 9/11.    ...   The Reagan White House's intermediary with Sayyaf's group during 1986 and 1987 was Michael Pillsbury (Wikipedia), the Assistant Undersecretary of Defense for Policy who continues to serve as a Pentagon consultant. Eventually, with the urging of Salem Bin Laden, and his older brother Osama, the CIA gave the green light for Sayyaf to bring into Afghanistan a dedicated group of Arab fighters, recruited from countries such as Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries. Some of the Syrian volunteers were refugee survivors of Syrian President Hafez Assad's massacre of Sunni Muslims in Hama in 1982. Ironically, the first Arab training camp was established in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border and was known as Maasada, or the "Lion's Den." Masada is the site of the Roman siege of Jewish forces in 72 where the Jews committed suicide rather than surrender to the Romans. Masada is Hebrew for "fortress."

      HSBC Money Laundering Offshore Trillions Saudi Banks Rajhi Gulf Cooperation Council LIBORgate Aspen Institute & the Middle East NATO Obama / Chicago Capcom Housing Crisis
    • WMR not much has been reported on Israel's role in providing financial and military assistance to Bin Laden's and Sayyaf's Mujaheddin forces at Maasada in Afghanistan during the war with the Soviets.  ... 60,000 rifles, bought for $3.6 million from the Indian Defense Ministry in September 1983,  (full article)...  via Sherwood International Export Company  ...was believed to be a Mossad front  ...  search terms:
    • WMR / Just Another Inside Job  It is clear, once again, that the West is using al-Qaeda as a proxy force to destabilize the Sahel in the interest of a later full-scale military intervention on the terms of NATO and the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council. The casualties will be the people of the region, not the billionaire potentates who direct such activities from their luxurious palaces in Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai." In what has become a self-fulfilling prophecy by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and various neo-conservative think tanks, the Pan-Sahel region of North Africa is rapidly falling under the control of extremist forces, most notably Ansar Dine in Mali, Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, and “al Qaeda” in the Maghreb (AQIM). However, it has become apparent that the funding for these groups originates in the Wahhabist-ruled potentates of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.  more search terms:
    • Wikipedia Abdul_Rasul_Sayyaf Sayyaf was a member of the Afghan-based Ikhwan al-Muslimin, founded in 1969 by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Dr. Burhanuddin Rabbani and having strong links to the original and much larger Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Ustad (Professor) Abdul was a professor at a small Islamic university called The Shariat in Kabul until 1973, when he plotted with Burhanuddin Rabbani and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to overthrow President Daoud Khan. The coup failed and he was forced to flee to Pakistan[3] but was arrested when he returned
    • LibyaAgainstSuperPowerMedia  Gladio / Stay Behinds  With the end of World War II rapidly approaching, and both the USA and the UK beginning to develop long term strategies to stop the spread of Socialism and the influence of the USSR and China in Europe and world wide, US and UK Intelligence services began to build a network of ardent German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Italian, and other European Nations National Socialists and Fascists. Those secret operatives would develop into NATO´s“Stay Behinds”. A secret, well financed, well armed, discrete and politically well connected covert army, which would be the first line of resistance in case of an occupation of any Western European Country including Turkey by the USSR.
    • FriendsofSyria Webster Tarpley, NATO wings clipped in Syria
    • Negroponte, Ambassador Robert Ford. death squads,  Salvadorean Solution
    • 1989 Wikipedia Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency program to arm, train, and finance the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, 1979 to 1989. The program leaned heavily towards supporting militant Islamic groups that were favored by neighboring Pakistan, rather than other, less ideological Afghan resistance groups that had also been fighting the Marxist-oriented Democratic Republic of Afghanistan regime since before the Soviet intervention. [1] Operation Cyclone was one of the longest and most expensive covert CIA operations ever undertaken;[2] funding began with $20–30 million per year in 1980 and rose to $630 million per year in 1987.  al Qaeda, database
      Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart
    • 1991 Global Research it was public knowledge that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, as was critical funding for bin Laden's al Qaeda network and for his earlier Arabic anti-Soviet fighters in Afganistan. Al Qaeda's predecesor was, in fact, bin Laden's 50,000 highly disciplined "Arab-Afghan" mujahideen, who were the most elite among Ronald Reagan's famous "freedom fighters", that were covertly given massive U.S. CIA support.
    • 2001 WMR Four Americans flew with "Air Bin Laden" flight transporting Bin Laden family members to Saudi Arabia and Europe nine days after 911. The post-911 domestic flights of Bin Laden family members out of the United States with the sanction of the Bush White House were not the only instances where Americans have flown with the family that spawned "Al Qaeda" leader Osama Bin Laden. WMR has obtained a passenger list from a September 20, 2001 Aero Services private charter flight from Le Bourget Airport, north of Paris, to Geneva, and on to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (King Abdulaziz International Airport-OEJN). On the list are a number of Bin Ladens, as well as four Americans, including a Los Angeles Police Department officer named Jason Blum who flew to Le Bourget from Los Angeles. A previous list provided to Sen. Frank Lautenberg showed Mr. Blum departing from the Bin Laden party in Boston.The newly obtained list shows he accompanied the Bin Ladens to Paris Le Bourget. The other three Americans on the passenger list are J.P. Buonono, Joseph Allen Wyka and Ricardo V. Pascetta.  
    • 2005 -WMR - The Bush-Saud-Bin Laden Axis Continues to Flourish. Saudi King Fahd has officially accepted the resignation of Saudi ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan (affectionately nicknamed "Bandar Bush" by members of the Bush family). But his replacement should shock every American citizen, especially those who lost loved ones in repeated "Al Qaeda" terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and abroad. The Saudis have shot a hypocritical blast at the United States by naming Prince Turki al Faisal, the former head of Saudi intelligence and current ambassador to London, as their next ambassador to Washington. During his 27-year stint as head of Saudi intelligence, Turki met on several occasions (at least five times) with Osama Bin Laden and his lieutenants. Turki was originally named in a $1 trillion lawsuit filed by families of the victims of 911. The lawsuit claimed Turki helped fund Bin Laden ..  Turki's uncle, Kamal Adham, had his fingerprints all over the BCCI scandal, along with the GOP's Ed Rogers. Adham, a major BCCI shareholder, was called the "grandfather of BCCI's Middle East Intelligence Network." From Sen. John Kerry's report on BCCI :  and ... 911Review 9/11 lawsuits  ... the act of participation of Prince Turki in the facilitation of the funding of al Qaeda directly in Afghanistan.
    • Global Research US Treasury Confirms that Al Qaeda Runs Syrian "Rebellion" The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in its article, "Al Qaeda's War for Syria," cited officials from the US Treasury Department stating, "Al Qaeda in Syria (often operating as the "Al Nusra Front for the People of the Levant") is using traffickers—some ideologically aligned, some motivated by money—to secure routes through Turkey and Iraq for foreign fighters, most of whom are from the Middle East and North Africa. A growing number of donors from the Persian Gulf and Levant appear to be sending financial support." The "Free Syrian Army," whose composition consists of not only Syrian sectarian extremists, but Libyan terrorists from the US State Department listed "Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" led by Abdul Hakim Belhaj, is the manifestation of years of US, Saudi, and Israeli aid since at least 2007.
  • 1988 Zoominfo Alfred Hartmann ... BCCI Director and President of the Geneva Branch Chubb Group Chief Financial Officer BCC Holding Managing Director of the Swiss Branch Bank of Credit and Commerce International Administrator Bank of Credit and Commerce International Head Bank of Credit and Commerce International President Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. President Swiss Chemical Manufacturer's Society Head BCCI Chairman enlarge BCCI Managing Director of the Swiss Branch BCCI Board Memberships and Affiliations Board Member N.M. Rothschild and Sons  James B. Nicholson, Trustee vs. Harmon - Witness John McCain, 22 Oct 2008 [cached] Gokal introduced Keating to Alfred Hartmann, a BCCI director and president of the Bank's Geneva branch. ... Steven Pizzo reported in the NATIONAL MORTGAGE NEWS that Hartmann provided $3 billionin loans to Saddam Hussein for nuclear, chemical and ballistic missile programs just preceding the Gulf war and is the director most closely linked to the laundering of Medullin Cartel drug money. ... In 1986, Keating, Hartmann and other BCCI directors met in London, Paris, Zurich, Phoenix and the Bahamas where they founded a corporation known as TRENDINVEST. The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11 [cached] After the BCCI took over this bank it installed Alfred Hartmann as manager. Hartmann then became the chief financial officer for BCC Holding and thus one of BCCI's most influential directors. Hartmann was a member of the British banking establishment through his connections with the Rothschild family, being a member of the board of directors of N.M. Rothschild and Sons, London, and president of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. (4) progressive era » 2009 » July, 16 July 2009 [cached] July 9, 2009 Al, The Villages, Fl writes:  ... Alfred Hartmann, a bizarre Swiss banker who was also a administrator of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Hartmann also was president of the Swiss Chemical Manufacturer's Society. In 1989 the U.S. Sto-ries in the Swiss compress cite Hartmann in 1986 complaining that sales of Swiss chemical producers was MO down and that hip markets had to be developed. George Soros and the Rothschild Connection, 9 May 2007 [cached] was Dr. Alfred Hartmann, the managing director of the Swiss branch of the BCCI (Banquede Commerce et de Placement SA), head of the Zurich Rothschild bank AG and member of the board of N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London.He was also on the board of the Swiss branch of the Bruce Rappaport, Alfred ..., 14 Oct 2001 [cached] Bruce Rappaport, Alfred Hartmann, and BCCI ... BCCI and BNL shared a key figure in common, Alfred Hartmann, who was on the board of directors of both banks and the head of BCCI's secretly controlled Swiss affiliate, Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP). and see OpEdNews Iraq-Bush-I-and-BN-and-B-by-Stephen-Pizzo
  • Technion see Rothschild / Rappaport  and Google Books Rothschild / Rappaport   and Rothschild / Rappaport  WikiSpooks
  • 1988 - GripesOnline In an address to the U.N., Mikhail Gorbachev says: “World progress is only possible through a search for universal human consensus as we move forward to a new world order.”
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  • 1988 IamtheWithness9/11 Olmert, who has long been tarnished by allegations of financial crimes, was implicated in a financial scandal involving forged receipts for donations to the 1988 Likud campaign, of which he was co-treasurer. This affair culminated in the March 1996 conviction of three other Likudniks, including Menahem Atzmon, Wikipedia ICTS the Likud treasurer. Olmert was also later indicted in the Likud affair, but was acquitted.  Wikipedia ICTS Executive Officers of ICTS International include Menachem J. Atzmon (CSU since 2004), Alon Raich (CFO since 2008), and Managing Directors Avraham Dan(since 2008), Ran Langer (since 2004), and Ranaan Nir (since 2002).[7] Atzmon, the Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2004, holds controlling shares, owning more than 55% of ICTS International through a family trust  Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel in 1996 for campaign finance fraud, and his business partner Ezra Harel, took over management of security at the Boston and Newark airports when their company ICTS bought Huntleigh USA in 1999. UAL Flight 175 and AA 11, which allegedly struck the twin towers, both originated in Boston, while UAL 93, which purportedly crashed in Pennsylvania, departed from the Newark airport.
  • 1989: IAmTheWitness Many of the satellite states in Eastern Europe, through the influence of Glasnost, become more open in their demands of freedom from Communist governance in their Republics.  Many revolutions happen in 1989, most of them involving the overthrow of their respective Communist governments and the replacement of them with Republics.    ...  Thus, the hold the Communists had over Eastern Europe (the Iron Curtain) becomes very weak. Eventually, as a result of Perestroika and Glasnost, Communism collapses, not only in the Soviet Union but also in Eastern Europe.    In Russia, Boris Yeltsin (whose wife is the daughter of Joseph Stalin’s marriage to Rosa Kaganovich) and the Republican government takes steps to end the power of the Communist party by suspending and banning the party and seizing all their property.    ...  This symbolised the fall of Communism in Russia, and resulted in the start of a mass exodus of 700,000 Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel.   ...   In the Israeli Journal, Hotam (24 November 1989), there is a report of a speech that then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Ashkenazi Jew, Binyamin Netanyahu, gave to students at Bar Ilan University in which he states,   "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories." The London and Paris Rothschilds announce the launch of a new subsidiary, Rothschild GmbH, in Frankfurt, Germany.
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  • 1989 Dejan Lucic Independent Kosovo is also in the interest of the Rothshilds, because it is the “Serbian Kuwait” with enormous reserves of lead, zinc, gold, coal...Since the occupation of Kosovo and Metohija (Kosmet) Soros has invested a lot of money and effort in getting hold of Trepca for the Rothshilds. An important link in the chain is Agron Dida, deputy minister of energy and mining in Kosovo government, who was elected to this office after being a member of KFOS (one of Soros’s organizations). Independence is crucial to the interests of Rothshilds’ mining and metallurgical companies, since it would provide them with a clear passage for snatching mineral wealth and energy resources which are in low supply in the world. In the meantime the Alferon company has bought over the metallurgical plant Feronikl, which owns several open-pit mines. Alferon is owned by three businessmen from Kazakhstan (i.e. Rothshilds’ tycoons, one of them being Alexander Mashkevic, also a Khazar) and is part of the ENRC (Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation) .
  • 1990
  • 1990's Of the seven oligarchs who controlled more than 50% of Russia's economy during the 1990s, six were Jews: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusin-sky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mi-khail Friedman, and Vitaly Malkin. Berezovsky also controlled the state television station and several newspapers, while Gusinsky's media empire controlled NTV, Russia's only national independent TV station, as well as major radio and print outlets.   ...Putin is an old KGB hand, and the KGB is notorious as a pale, Slavs-only club. Since he rose to power, most of the OJs (Original Jewigarchs) have been forced into exile or jailed, replaced by goyim with old ties to Putin.
  • Rothschild Octopus 5  Hartmann / Rappaport 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • Looting of Russia, 1990's to fund 9/11 Rothschild Banks McCain / Keating Five Hartmann / Rappaport background Iran Contra / Rappaport Funding the Afghan Mujahideen BCCI
  • 1990 SomeUnknownHistory Hartmann was also chairman of the Swiss affiliate of the Italian BNL bank, which was implicated in the Bush sr. administration illegal transfers to Iraq prior to the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The Atlanta branch of Italian BNL, with the knowledge of George Bush sr. when he was vice president, conduited funds to Helmut Raiser's Zug, Switzerland company, Consen, for development of the Condor II missile program by Iraq, Egypt, and Argentina, during the Iran-Iraq War. Hartmann was vice-chairman of another secretive private Geneva bank, the Bank of New York-Inter-Maritime Bank, a bank whose chairman, Bruce Rappaport, was one of the illegal financial conduits for Col. Oliver North's Contra drugs-for-weapons network during the late 1980 and he used BCCI as one of his preferred banks to hide his illegal funds.  Kycbs McCain / Keating   Criminal State McCain / Keating  
  • 1990 PPPHS Bruce Rappaport  Baruch (Bruce) Rappaport was born in Haifa where he met his wife and life partner, Ruth. He served in the British Army and was among the founders of the Military Police, graduated from Law school and served in the Military High Court of Appeal. In his search for "his way" in the world, Bruce arrived in Geneva in the late 1950’s, and began his successful business career by providing support services to shipping companies.  ...  Bruce Rappaport became the largest private investor in the Bank of New York (established in 1784, considered among the most important banks in the world). Several years later, the Bank of New York became a partner in the bank founded by Bruce in Geneva – Bank of NY – Inter Maritime Bank.
  • 1990  LondonSpeakerBureau David de Rothschild  National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Clean up the World Ambassador and UNEP Climate Hero Print this profile Send to a friend David de Rothschild is an adventurer, environmentalist and the founder of MYOO, a meaningful marketing agency, online zine and adventure group, specializing in sustainability consultancy, material science and product design. It is MYOO's goal to inspire dreams, fuel conversation, share innovations and activate change in order to give nature a voice. David's passion and commitment to action has seen him ski, dogsled and kite to both the North and South poles as well as visiting some of the world's most…   (left gatekeeper)
  • 1990's  The Libertarian Theocrats When American society collapses under the combined weight of massive foreign debt, military overstretch, and internal decadence, Gary North hopes to have a network of churches ready to step into the breech. In preparation, he has written book after book aimed at educating Christians on how to live debt free, avoid electronic surveillance, and develop the skills necessary for surviving economic collapse. “In short, North’s version of Reconstructionism blazed a path for the militia and Christian survivalist groups of the 1990s to follow.” (“”)
  • Timeline,    Summary,    Alphabetic index   TOP  NFU
  • 1990-91 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline US war on Iraq The US used false testimony. Posing as Nayirah, a little girl gave heart-wrenching story of the Iraqis ripping babies out of incubators, a story that was repeated from three months by the US media. "Nayirah" was Kuwait royalty. She was the daughter of Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait's Ambassador to the US and she fabricated the entire thing. The US also used false reports of a build up of troops on the Saudi Arabian border. But Russian satellite photos of the area, on the same day Bush Sr. was making his claims, as reported in the St. Petersburg Times showed no build up.
  • 1990 - GripesOnline In his book “The Keys of This Blood,” Catholic priest Malachi Martin quotes Pope John Paul II as saying: “By the end of this decade we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations...a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of survival. One world government is inevitable.”
  • 1990 Richard Parsons  Legal Schnauzer  Parsons Richard Hohlt was recently hired by Citi chairman Richard Parsons as a ”consultant”. Hohlt is a former aide to Richard Lugar. His roster of clients has included, among others, JPMorgan, Washington Mutual, TimeWarner, Philip Morris, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chevron, and the Nuclear Energy Institute. He’s a close associate of Karl Rove and collaborated with Robert Novak in outing Valerie Plame. He was a George Bush “Super Ranger” bagman.  see RawStory on Hohlt   Among these 83 lobbyists are McCain's chief political adviser, Charlie Black (JP Morgan, Washington Mutual Bank, Freddie Mac, Mortgage Bankers Association of America); McCain's national finance co-chairman, Wayne Berman (AIG, Blackstone, Credit Suisse, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac); the campaign's congressional liaison, John Green (Carlyle Group, Citigroup, Icahn Associates, Fannie Mae); McCain's veep vetter, Arthur Culvahouse (Fannie Mae); and McCain's transition planning chief, William Timmons Sr. (Citigroup, Freddie Mac, Vanguard Group)."  and SmugMug Vernon Jordan and Richard Parsons pic  kai milla, vernon jordan, valerie jarrett, ann parsons, richard parsons   and BeauProductions  Dime Savings & Loan.
  • Kissinger  --  Obama Zionist Advisors, 9/11 and Rothschild Connections   Top

     Hollinger Khodorkovsky Defense Policy Board Pilgrim Society Bronfman Trilateral JP Morgan BCCI Lord Carrington Atlantic Council KGB
    Henry Kissinger is involved in all of the above organizations that have close ties to Obama and the Rothschilds
    Bankster Think Tank Members, Companies, Organizations

    Links to Obama and Rothschild

    IISS NM Rothschild Aspen Pilgrim Society Tony Blair's ministry
    • Fleur de Villiers
    • Bill Emmott
    • Peter Forstmoser
    • Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank
    • Professor François Professor
    • Dr Kurt Lauk
    • Nigel Newton Dr Risto Penttillä
    • Lord Powell of Bayswater
    • Thomas Seaman
    • Jens Tholstrup
    • NATO / Senator site
    • Bayh, Evan
    • Boren, David L.
    • Bradley, Bill
    • D' Amato, Alfonse M.
    • Dodd, Christopher
    • Feinstein, Dianne
    • Graham, Bob
    • Kerrey, Bob
    • Kerry, John F.
    • Rene Pierre Azria - Blackstone
    • Michel de Carvalho Citigroup
    • Sir John Collins  - Shell UK
    • Douglas Daft -Coca Cola
    • Dudley Eustace - Nielsen
    • Pehr Gyllenhammar
    • James Lawrence - Unilever
    • Lord Leach of Fairford, - Open Europe
    • Baron Moser
    • Paul Myners - Guardian
    • Robert S. Pirie - Bear Stearns
    • Gerald Rosenfeld - Lazard,
    • Wilbur Ross
    • Baron Vallance  RBS
    • Baron Wakeham
    • Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank
    • Istel, Yves-Andre
    • de Rothschild, Lynn Forester
    • Yochelson, John N.
    • Madeleine Albright
    • Graham Allison
    • Samuel Berger
    • Stephen Biegun
    • James Cartwright
    • Eliot Cohen
    • Philip Zilikow
    • Robert Zoelick
    • Jessica Mathews
    • Condoleeza Rice
    • Thomas Pritzker
    • John Podesta
    • Sam Nunn
    • Nicholas Kristoff
    • Richard Haass
    • Diane Feinstein
    • Skadden / CFR
    • Lieberman, Nancy A  (Joe)
    • Freyer, Dana H
    • Flom, Joseph H
    • Bialkin, Kenneth J
    • James Baker
    • Richard A. Boucher
    • Peter Carrington
    • Henry Catto
    • Prince Charles
    • William J. Crowe, Jr. 2007
    • Steve Forbes
    • Henry Kissinger
    • Philip Lader
    • Sandra Day O'Connor
    • Peter G. Peterson
    • Prince Philip
    • Lord Robertson
    • David Rockefeller
    • Edmond de Rothschild 2009
    • Raymond Seitz
    • George Shultz
    • Cyrus Vance 2002
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    • Richard Holbrooke 2010
    • Warren Christopher 2011
    European Round Table CFR / Aspen  site Carlyle Group Goldman Sachs Atlantic Council
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    • Sir Stephen Egerton,
    • David Gore-Booth
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    • Cecil family
    • Gordon Brown
    • .
    • Jonathan Aitken le Cercle
    • John N. Yochelson
    • Nancy Bearg-Dyke
    • Campbell, Kurt M
    • Firestone, Charles M
    • Isaacson, Walter S.
    • Nagorski, Zygmunt
    • Reiling, Peter A
    • CFR / Ford Foundation
    • Berresford, Susan Vail
    • Geithner, Peter F
    • Offenheiser, Raymond C.
    • Solnick, Steven L
    • Thomas, Franklin A
    • Ford Foundation 2000
    • Henry B. Schacht
    • Paul A. Allaire
    • Alain J.P. Belda
    • Susan Berresford 2012 more
    • Lloyd C. Blankfein
    • Michele Burns,
    • Gary D. Cohn
    • Claes Dahlback
    • Stephen Friedman
    • William W. George
    • James A. Johnson
    • Lakshmi N. Mittal
    • James J. Schiro
    • Debora L. Spar
    • Goldman Sachs / CFR
    • Hormats, Robert D.
    • Hurst, Robert J.
    • Loy, Frank E.
    • Paulson, Henry M. Jr.
    • Thornton, John L.
    Obama advisors Bank of England Chatham House Bush Administration GTP & Kissinger Assc
    • David Axelrod
    • Larry Summers,
    • Ezekiel Emanuel
    • Thomas Frieden
    • Douglas Shulman
    • Richard Haass
    • Hillary Clinton
    • Lloyd Blankfein
    • Ken Feinberg
    • Cass Sunstein
    • Daniel Fried
    • Kathleen Sebelius
    • James Johnson
    • Bob Bauer
    • Jim Messina
    • Peter M. Rouse
    • Mona Sutphen  UBS
    • Fed Reserve New York 2000 bod  site
    • Sanford I. Weill
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    • Charles A. Heimbold, Jr.
    • 2011
    • Richard L. Carrion  Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
    • Jamie Dimon  JP Morgan
    • Paul Mello   Solvay Bank
    • Chatham House 2001
    • Lord Hurd of Westwell
    • Lord Robertson of Port Ellen,
    • Baroness Williams of Crosby,
    • Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge,
    • Peter Cooke,
    • Adrian Lamb,
    • Lavinia Allison,
    • Sir Leonard Appleyard,
    • Sir John Birch,
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    • Jonathan M. Fry,
    • Lord Goodhart,
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    • Global Technology Partners
    • William J. Perry,
    • Ashton B. Carter,
    • Robert J. Hermann,
    • Paul G. Kaminski,
    • John P. White,
    • Irving Yoskowitz,
    • William Perry
    • John Deutch
    • DLJ
    • Kissinger Associates
    • Pehr Gyllenhammar,
    • Lord Carrington,
    • Lord Roll,
    • Lawrence Eagleburger,
    • Brent Scowcroft,
    • Etienne Davignon


    Commercial Club of Chicago Commercial Club of Chicago Commercial Club of Chicago Commercial Club of Chicago Commercial Club of Chicago
    • Gary D. Ahlquist
    • Ellen S. Alberding
    • Grace Barry
    • James A. Bell
    • Marshall M. Bouton CGA
    • William J. Brodsky
    • Kathleen L. Brown
    • John H. Bryan  Sara Lee
    • Frank M. Clark  Com Ed
    • Thomas A. Cole  Sidley
    • Stanton R. Cook  Tribune
    • A. Steven Crown
    • James Crown
    • Lester Crown
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    • Stephen Cruise  UBS
    • Milton F. Darr, Jr. LaSalle
    • William J. Doyle  Israel Chem
    • Brian W. Duwe  Skadden
    • Rahm Emaneul
    • Charles L. Evans Fed
    • Wade Fetzer  Goldman
    • Michael T. Foley  Zurich
    • David W. Fox  JP Morgan
    • Matthew R. Gibson Goldman
    • Richard C. Godfrey  Ellis
    • Tony W. Hunter  Tribune
    • Verne Istock Bank One
    • Valerie B. Jarrett
    • Silas Keehn  Fed
    • Cary Kochman Citigroup
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    • Robert S. Osborne Booz
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    • Samuel Skinner Trauig
    • Donna F. Zarcone Economic Club of Chicago
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    Stanley / Stonebridge rpt Stanley / Stonebridge rpt B'nai Brith Chicago Top Chicago Jews Fed Res Chicago
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    • Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
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    • 1998
    • Lester McKeever  Washington Pittman
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    Chicago CFR / CCGA Chicago CFR / CCGA Chicago CFR / CCGA Chicago CFR / CCGA Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Michelle Obama
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    • Melamed, Leo   CME Group
    • William Osborn, Northern
    • Porter, Richard, Kirkland El
    • Qasim, Imad, Sidley Austin
    • Shapiro, Morton, Pres  NU
    • Sprayregen, James, Kirkland
    • Tilton, Glenn JP Morgan
    • Waddell, Fred, Northern Tr
    • Zimmer, Robert Trustee UC
    • Freidheim, Cyrus Sun Times
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    • James Dimon  CEO
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    Bank of England  1990's Bank of England      
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    • Paul Tucker
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    • Lady (Susan) Rice CBE
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    • Bradley Fried
    • Tim Frost   site


  • 2008 Washington Post  Barack Obama's Team of National Security Heavyweights, By Henry A. Kissinger Friday, December 5, 2008 includes Henry Kissinger, General James Jones... go to Kissinger, Obama advisor   Obama Zionist Advisors list 2008 More Zionist Advisors: Rahm Emanuel , White House Chief of Staff; Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury; Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve; Peter Orzag, Director of the Office of Budget Management; David Axelrod, Chief political advisor; Larry Summers, Chief Financial Advisor; Ezekiel Emanuel, White House Medical Czar; Thomas Frieden, Director, Centers for Disease Control; Douglas Shulman, IRS Commissioner; Richard Haass, President of CFR and Obama’s ambassador-at-large; Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman-Sachs; Ken Feinberg, Corp. Executive Compensation Czar; Cass Sunstein, Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs; Daniel Fried, Overseer of USA’s gulag camps; Steven Rattner, Director, Obama’s Task Force of Auto Industry; Alan Bersin, Special Representative for Border Affairs; Todd Stern, Climate Change Czar; Carol Browner, environmental advisor and Energy Coordinator; Gary Gensler, Chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission; Elena Kagan, U.S. Solicitor General; Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden; Eric Lander, Chairman, Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; Jacob Lew and James Steinberg, Deputy Secretaries of State; Ellen Moran, White House Director of Communications; Mary Schapiro, Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Commission; Sheila Bair, Chairperson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); Mona Sutphen, Deputy White House Chief of Staff; Donald Kohn, Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve Board; Richard Holbrooke Wikipedia, Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan; , Karen Mills, head, Small Business Administration; Jon Leibowitz, Chairman, Federal Trade Commission; Julius Genachowski, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission; , Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration; Susan Sher, Chief of Staff for First Lady, Michelle Obama, Henry Kissinger, Susan Rice - ambassador to the UN; Michael McFaul - head of the Russian desk at the National Security Council; Elena Kagan - solicitor general of the United States; Anne-Marie Slaughter - State Department policy planning staff; Neal S.Wolin - deputy counsel to the president for economic policy; Ezekial Emanuel - senior counselor at the White House Office of Management and Budget on health care policy; Lawrence Summers - head of the National Economic Council; Peter Orszag - director of the Office of Management and Budget; Peter Rouse - senior advisor to the president; Mona Sutphen - deputy chief of the White House staff.
  • Timeline continued below
  • Creation of First Jewish President
  • Rothschild Zionists control Obama   Top

    Libor Thomson Reuters 9/11 Rothschild North America Obama / Romney B'nai Brith  Rahm Emanuel BCCI Bain Hitler Soros The British Chatham / Aspen
    • Summary   Link Obama to Rothschild         Alphabetic index

      Obama linked British / Israeli Rothschild link
      Davignon, Etienne   Bilderberg Chairman Rothschild / Bilderberg
      Mandelson, Peter     Rothschild / Mandelson
      Netanyahu, Benjamin   Israel Rothschild / Netanyahu
      Rich, Marc Rahm Emanuel, Israel Bill Clinton Rothschild / Israel
          Bronfman Rothschild / Bronfman
          Desmarais Rothschild / Desmarais (Privy Council)
        QuinetIQ   Rothschild / QuinetIQ
      Tony Blair     Rothschild / Blair
      Jewish Policy Center   Israel Rothschild / Netanyahu
      Lord Carrington   Telegraph.UK Rothschild / Carrington
      Al Waleed bin Talal, Prince Percy Sutton Obama / al Waleed / Harvard tuition Rothshild /al Waleed / Murdoch
      Auchi, Nadhmi Tony Rezko  Nadhmi Auchi / BCCI / B'nai Brith, Rahm Emanuel Rothschild / Auchi
      Ayers, William Chicago Valerie Jarrett / Vernon Jordan Rothschild / Ford Foundation
      Axelrod, David Philip M. Klutznick of Chicago  B’nai B’rith Rothschild / B'nai B'rith
      Blackwill, Robert   Peterson, Peter  
      Aspen Strategy Group, Baker, James, Davignon Pritzker, Jordan, Vernon, Perry, William Pilgrim Society, Zelikow, Trilateral Rothschild North America, Rand Corp
      Blair, Tony Tony Blair is Obama advisor Rupert Murdoch  Rothschild / Murdoch
      Brennan, John   Mandelson, Peter  
      John Bryson (Sec of Commerce)   Pacific Institute of International Policy Rothschild / Pacific Institute
      John Bryson (Boeing)   Boeing Company Rothschild / Boeing
      John Bryson (Walt Disney, ABC) Gerald Rosenfeld - Former CEO Rothschild North America Legg Mason Nathaniel Rothschild - Co-Chairman of Atticus Capital LLC Rothschild / Rosenfeld
      Brzezinski     Rothschild / Brzezinski
      Chertoff, Michael Emanuel, Rahm, Mossad, father Irgun Chertoff's mother, Mossad founder Rothschild / Chertoff
      Greg Craig WH counsel   Skadden Rothschild / Scadden / London
      Crown, Lester Henry Crown   Rothschild / Henry Crown
      Emanuel, Rahm Chicago Mayor, Obama chief of Staff Israel / Zionist  / B'nai Brith Rothschild / Emanuel
          Eisenber, Saul  
      Feinberg, Ken     Rothschild / Feinberg
      Ford Foundation    Atlantic Institute for International Affairs) Rothschild / Atlantic Institute
      Gamaliel Foundation, (Soros)   Ford Foundation Rothschild / Soros
      Geithner, Tim Timothy Geithner (father) Ford Foundation Rothschild / Ford
      Gensler, Gary   Goldman Sachs Rothschild / Goldman Sachs
      Hormat, Robert   Goldman Sachs Rothschild / Goldman Sachs
      Jarrett, Valerie, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago   Rothschild, Bank of England
      Jarrett, Valerie, husband at Chicago Tribune Tribune owned by Hollinger (Telegraph)  Rothschild / Lord Carrington
      Henry Kissinger   Kissinger is Obama advisor Rothschild
      Joyce Foundation   Ford Foundation Rothschild
      Klutznick, Philip B'nai Brith B'nai Brith ADL Rothschild / B'nai Brith
      McCloy, John Connecticut Social Security number Warburg, Stephenson, Cass Sunstein Rothschild
      Patterson, Mark   Goldman Sachs Rothschild / Goldman Sachs
      Perle, Richard     Rothschild / Perle
      Reed, Bruce Democratic Leadership Council Emanuel gave 2008 DLC national convention speech Rothschild / DLC / Clinton
      Rice, Condoleeza  WND   Perry, William Rothschild / GTP
      Perry, William   Defense Policy Board Rothschild / DPB
      Perry, William   -Rothschild North America Rothschild / North America
      Penny Pritzker     Rothschild / Pritzker
      Rubin, Robert Bill Clinton Goldman Sachs Rothschild / Rubin
      Saltzman, Bettylu Philip Klutznick  B’nai B’rith Rothschild /  B’nai B’rith
        Continental Bank, Chicago   Rothschild
      Tides Foundation   Tides Foundation (Soros) Rothschild / Soros
           White House Office of Public Liaison.   Rothschild
      Woods Fund   Ford Foundation Rothschild / Soros
      Zakheim, Dov,  9/11 Defense Policy Board London School of Economics Rothschild / Zakheim

      sites: FedUpUSA, ModernHistoryProject,

    • Connect Lester Crown to Rothschild           and B'nai Brith
    • Chicago Tribune Nathan Cummings, chairman of Consolidated Foods Corp, a bid to purchase a controlling interest in A&P, ... gathered a group of backers that included Henry Ford II, Chicago industrialist Col. Henry Crown, the Rockefellers, the British branch of the Rothschild family, the United States Steel Corp. pension trust and Harvard and Yale Universities... annual sales $7 billion.
    • HiddenMysteries In 1968, Israeli Finance Minister Pinchas Sapir (Wikipedia), the creator of Israel's "offshore" banking system, sponsored a "millionaires conference" in Jerusalem. All in attendance were in one way or another connected to the Israeli intelligence apparatus responsible for the weapons and money that helped create Israel in 1948. Among them were : Louis Boyar and Sam Rothberg - Henry Crown - Max Fisher - Ray Wolfe - Shaul Eisenberg (ThinkAboutIt) (Globes, Rothschild) - Raphael Recanati - Philip Klutznik. Out of this conference, the Israel Corporation (Wikipedia) was formed.
    • Paul Goldstein .. B'nai Brith Britains Weapon Against America
    • See these Shaul Eisenber links Eisenberg, Shaul Mossad, Eisenberg, Shaul, Russia, Eisenberg, Lewis
    • Possible path between Rothschilds and Obama via Valerie Jarrett, to her husband at the Chicago Tribune to Hollinger to Rothschild  ... go to Capcom...and see Valerie Jarrett ties to Thomas Ayers
    • NYTimes Valerie Jarrett has never worked in Washington, her great-uncle is Vernon Jordan, the well-known Democratic power broker. go to  
    • 1978 Wikipedia White House Jewish Liason, has existed since the Carter administration  ...  At times, the post has operated within the White House Office of Public Liaison.   see also
    • 1985 Jewish Policy Center Wikipedia ..  founded in 1985, is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank tied closely to the Republican Jewish Coalition.
    • 2008 Bibliotecaplaydes  Zionist Jew Timothy Geithner was confirmed as Secretary of Treasury by Obama on November 22 2008… another banner day for the global Zionist Rothschild elite. Geithner, who was born to a Jewish family in Brooklyn NY, has been serving the Rothschilds as the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 2003.  and Wikipedia  His father was the director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation in New York in the 1990s.  During the early 1980s, Geithner's father Peter oversaw the Ford Foundation's microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham Soetoro, President Barack Obama's mother, and they met in person at least once.  and InvestorsHub Proof Tim Geithner works for Rothschild globalists and wants America to fail. ... And third, Geithner completely overlooks what has brought significant parts of Europe to its economic knees. He should spend more time with the authorities in Iceland or Ireland or Switzerland, countries where “financial globalization” allowed banks to become big relative to the economy.
    • 2001 LittleTboca David Axelrod is Obama’s Senior Advisor and Campaign manager and has been hanging out with Obama since 2001. Axelrod is one of the highest level Rothschild Zionist agents/controllers of the Obama administration. Axelrod was commissioned in 1992 by Klutznick to make Barack Obama “our first black president,” Philip M. Klutznick of Chicago, the former president of B’nai B’rith International the global voice of the Jewish community, is an international Jewish organization … and the World Jewish Congress. George Soros is a Rothschild Zionist agent, not only donates to Obama but is one of Obama’s puppeteers. Obama’s advisors and czars who are connected to Rothschild Zionism include Cass Sunstein. Cass appointed two Rothschild Zionists (Carol Browner & Todd Stem) to take charge of the climate change and global warming. Ken Feinberg was appointed by Obama to be the special pay master for the companies bailed out by our stimulus money and yes, Ken is connected to the Rothschild Zionists. Economic Czar – Larry Summers, Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg, Guatanomo/Military Jails Czar -Daniel Fried, Car Czar – Steven Rattner, Border Czar and there’s so much more. So when you wake up tomorrow and wonder why Obama acts and sounds like a crazy man – you know who the real puppeteers are and you’d better believe that David Axelrod is destroying our Nation under the watchful eye of the Rothschild Zionists.
    • Webster Tarpley Obama is a creature and puppet of finance capital and of the Wall Street bankers and investment bankers, as represented by the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group , Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones Society, Ford Foundation, and Chicago School of Friedmanite economics. The family business which Obama inherited from his mother (a Ford Foundation anthropologist and counterinsurgency operative who also worked for the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development) was to work for foundations. And this is what Obama has done in his life, working at various times for or with the Gamaliel Foundation, the Woods Fund, the Joyce Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation,
    •  "The Real Crime of M. Khodorkovsky" by F. William Engdahl
    • "Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President." — Abner Mikva (Jew) Former White House Counsel, Clinton Administration
    • Some research by NAUinfo Obama Jewish backers: Tide Foundation, Drummond Pike, Gerald Kellman / Saul Alinsky (Wikipedia), Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing, Herbert and Marion Sandler, Marilyn Katz SDS, Robert Borosage IAF, Barney Frank, Apollo Alliance, SEIU.
    • Watch.Pair André Malraux was a Communist who became a Fascist, but was secretly a Synarchist and a member of the Prieuré de Sion, which conspires to establish a Jewish theocracy ruled by the Learned Elders of the 33º and their priest-king, the Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. While Andre Malraux was meeting with Pres. John Kennedy from 1961 through 1963, the future Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion (1963-81), Gaylord Freeman, was also meeting with JFK. As Chairman of the Board of the First National Bank of Chicago, a Federal Reserve Bank and BIS member bank, and its parent, the First Chicago Corporation, Gaylord Freeman held official positions in several U.S. administrations – Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford and Carter. Also on the Board of First Chicago was Thomas G. Ayers, the father of Bill Ayers. Under the patronage of Thomas G. Ayers, young Barack Obama made the right connections in Chicago’s Jewish community thus insuring the success of his career. Thomas Ayers also financed Obama’s rise to power as the President of the United States.
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO / al Qaeda / Zionist / Saudi cabal Privitization Le Cercle Money Laundering Syria chart


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    • 1984 comment: Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by Bain & Company partners Willard Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss. In addition to the three founding partners, the early team included Fraser Bullock, Robert F. White, Joshua Bekenstein, Adam Kirsch, Stephen Pagliuca and Geoffrey S. Rehnert. Bain Capital's original $37 million fund was raised entirely from private individuals in mid-1984, led by Ricardo Poma, a Salvadoran businessman
    • 2008 Connect the dots: Wikipedia Dubai Ports World controversy, Norm Coleman  ...  also search Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors Ltd, unreported by Romney.  see Bermuda Online search Provence Management II Stitchting c/o Rothschild Trust, Victoria Street, Hamilton
    • 2008 SourceWatch Freedom's Watch
    • 2009 Wikipedia Carl Forti  MotherJones carl-forti-romney-super-PAC  SourceWatch  Freedom's Watch,
    • 2011 JudeoFascism Romney deep into bed with wealthy Jewish Zionist Israel-firsters  ...   Romney published a list of his foreign policy advisers, including many who have been active in or are close to the pro-Israel community, such as Norm Coleman Wikipedia , the former U.S. senator from Minnesota who is now active with the Republican Jewish Coalition Wikipedia; Dan Senor, the co-author of a book on Israeli technological innovation who often works with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee; and Dov Zakheim Wikipedia, a former top Pentagon official in various Republican administrations who also is active with the American Jewish Committee...
    • 2012 Council for the National Interest, on Romney Israeli-firsters)  ...  Romney’s financial backers are a who’s who of the Republican Jewish establishment, and his foreign policy advisers are culled from some of the pro-Israel community’s best and brightest. Romney has cultivated Jewish Republicans since he launched his unsuccessful bid in 2007... “Every major Jewish Republican fundraiser has been with Mitt” since then. Search: Dan Senor, Mel Sembler Wikipedia, Fred Zeidman Wikipedia, Dov Zakheim.  Romney Zionists.  TheHill Coleman
    • General Dynamics, Crown Family Chicago, General Electric, Imelt. Colin Powell (Zionist), John McCain,
    • 2012 Jewish Policy Center board: Chairman: Richard Fox, Honorary Chairman: Sheldon B. Kamins, Vice Chairmen: Marshall J. Breger Michael David Epstein, General Counsel: Jeffrey P. Altman, Executive Director: Matthew Brooks, Director of Policy: Matthew RJ Brodsky, Senior Director: Shoshana Bryen, Senior Research Associate: Samara Greenberg, Board of Trustees: Diana Epstein Cheryl Halpern Joel Hoppenstein Eliot Lauer Mark L. Lezell Herman Obermayer J. Philip Rosen Walter Stern, Board of Fellows: Richard Baehr William J. Bennett Mona Charen Midge Decter David Frum Rabbi Joshua Haberman David Horowitz Irving Kristol z"l Rabbi Daniel Lapin Michael A. Ledeen Michael Medved Larry Miller David Novak Daniel Pipes John Podhoretz Norman Podhoretz Dennis Prager Tevi Troy Ruth Wisse
    • 2012 NakedCongress Carl Forti, a founder of Restore Our Future and its spokesman, predicted that as many as 20 Republican-leaning super PACs would seek to oust Obama  IWatchNews Forti / Romney, UncleScam, HumanEvents Scytl, no Soros connection.
  • 1990 - GripesOnline Peter Kawaja, in charge of security for a company called Product Ingredient Technology in Boca Raton, Florida, learns to his dismay that the factory he was led to believe was manufacturing a cherry flavoring is actually producing chemical/biological agents to be shipped to Iraq. He also discovers that this is being done with the full knowledge and consent of the FBI, the CIA and the Bush Administration. When he attempts to alert authorities, government agents seize the documents he has collected and his wife is killed.
  • 1990 Leo Wanta Wikipedia, NewsMax, Rense  see Christopher Story Wikipedia and WorldReports, ArcticBeacon, Brtaniaradio Global Security Fund set up by Jacob Rothschild,   Dastych‘Global Security Fund’, consisting of off-balance sheet USG (U.S. Government) funds originally worth $27.5 trillion raised from 200+ international banks, is a fund which was set up to finance the ‘management’ of the ‘post-Cold War’ environment. The accumulated value of these funds, held offshore in bank accounts linked to Title 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence corporations established under President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333 (, is now believed to exceed $70 trillion. The original $27.5 trillion was raised from the 200+ banks at a deep discount for 20 years at 7.5% per annum.  To avoid these funds being liberated, Leo Wanta, who afterwards became Somalian ambassador, was imprisoned in Switzerland and the United States, and was repeatedly poisoned when in prison. None of this deterred Leo Wanta when he was released from prison, from continuing to claim his legal right as administer of this immense fund, through the AmeriTrust Group Inc (Corporationwiki). The reference which shows this is title 18 USC Section 6 offshore bank accounts, authorized under President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333.  (
  • 1990  Bruegel Nicolas Véron .. His prior experience includes working for Saint-Gobain in Berlin and Rothschilds in Paris in the early 1990s  Véron is a member of the Business and Economic Advisory Group of the Atlantic Council,  CFA Institute, International Corporate Governance Network. A French citizen, a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique (1992) and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (1995)
  • 1990's Billionaires CNN  Baron Edmond de Rothshild, 64 and family Geneva SWITZERLAND $2.0B Compagnie Financiere Benjamin & Edmond de Rothschild, Geneva; 7% of Hachette and holdings in other French corporations; real estate. Baron Edmond is heir to two of the five main branches of the famous Rothschild banking family. The modest-size Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild channels money into Rothschild's other banks scattered about the Continent.  also mentioned: SHEIKH RASHID BIN SAID AL MAKTOUM (Sidley Austin, BCCI civil action)     Barn toWire Breeder's Cup entrants: Edouardo de Rothschild (England's Legend), Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum (Spring Oak)  Wikipedia History of Dubai
  • 1990 - GripesOnline Sept. 11,  In an address to Congress entitled “Toward a New World Order,” George Bush says: “The crisis in the Persian Gulf offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times a new world order can emerge. We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders.” [But who were the founders of the U.N. and what exactly were their intentions? At least 43 members of the U.S. delegation to the founding conference in San Francisco were also members of the CFR. The Secretary General at the U.N. founding conference in 1945 was a U.S. State Department official named Alger Hiss. It was later determined that Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy. He was convicted of perjury for lying about his pro-Soviet activities. And Hiss was not just an aberration. The U.N. has always chosen socialist one-worlders for leaders.]
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  • 1990 Wikipedia Adnan Khashoggi He was implicated in the Iran–Contra affair as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and, in a complex series of events, was found to have borrowed money for these arms purchases from the now-bankrupt financial institution the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) with Saudi and US backing. In 1988, Khashoggi was arrested in Switzerland, accused of concealing funds, held for three months and then extradited to the United States where he was released on bail and subsequently acquitted. In 1990, a United States federal jury in Manhattan acquitted Khashoggi and Imelda Marcos, widow of the exiled Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, of racketeering and fraud.[6] see also: Khashoggi, along with Ramy El-Batrawi, was the principal financier behind GenesisIntermedia, Inc. ...Valerie Red Horse...  Khashoggi's unwillingness to pay his margin loan to Native Nations Securities, and Native Nations (and Red Horse's) inability to pay its debts to MJK Clearing, began a series of bankruptcies that ended in the largest payout in Securities Investor Protection Corporation history. Native Nations Securities and MJK Clearing both eventually filed for bankruptcy.
  • 1990's  9/11 Commission Revised, John Kerry The recruitment of hijackers previously settled in the US. Adnan Khashoggi (owner of Genesis Aviation) is a business partner with retired General William Lyon (on the Board of Kellstrom Industries, Inc., an Israeli owned company) in a venture called Wings of Democracy, an attempt to penetrate the commercial Iraq air business. Lyon is the founder of several university diploma-mill operations in California (American Commonwealth University, also known as William Lyon University) which are speculated to be CIA front operations used for providing US visas to foreign operatives. These operations are directly associated with the entry to the US by two of the 9/11 hijackers in the early 1990s. Lyon is a major Republican fund raiser in Orange County, associate of Karl Rove, financial backer of the swift Boat Veterans, and keynote speaker at the Republican national convention.
  • BCCI Congressional bribery list (partial list) Cong. DAN ROSTENKOWSKI (D-Illinois) see Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, Mena, Ark. and Cong. MARTY RUSSO (D-Illinois), Cong. THOMAS FOLEY, Cong. GLENN ENGLISH, Cong. CARDISS COLLINS, Cong. E (Kika) de la GARZA, Cong. RICHARD GEPHARDT, Cong. JAMES WRIGHT, Cong. ROBERT MICHEL, Cong. RICHARD DURBIN, Sen. THOMAS DASCHLE, Sen. JAMES JEFFORDS, Sen. LLOYD BENTSEN, see Enron, Sen. ALFONSE D'AMATO, Sen. JESSE HELMS, Sen. RICHARD LUGAR, Sen. DONALD RIEGLE, Sen. PATRICK LEAHY, Cong. DAN GLICKMAN, Sen. ALAN DIXON, Cong. DAN GLICKMAN (D-Kansas) In the Clinton administration he became head of the Department of Agriculture. BCCI/Banca Nazionale del Lavoro were implicated in a huge Atlanta scandal where billions of U.S. dollars disguised as "Agriculture" loans, were used by Daddy Bush to supply weapons to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. Glickman was reportedly part of the coverup.Sen. ROBERT BYRD (D-West Virginia) There is strong reason to believe that he and some of his staff members know a lot about the murder in 1991 of Journalist/Author Danny Casalaro in West Virginia, also about the apparent frame-up of computer wizard Michael Riconosciuto.
  • 1991 Chicago Tribune WASHINGTON — Was the recent mysterious death of a journalist investigating a link between BCCI and high government officials really a suicide? Did Washington lawyers Clark Clifford and Robert Altman know what BCCI was really up to? Who else knew? When did they know it? And how high does the trail lead? The rumor mill has been fueled by the death of free-lance journalist Joseph Daniel Casolaro, who was found with his wrists slashed in the bathroom of a West Virginia motel room Aug. 10 after meeting a source for a book he was researching-on, among other things, the BCCI scandal. Casolaro was out to prove a theory that linked the Iran-contra affair; the so-called October Surprise deal, which the Reagan presidential campaign is alleged to have struck with Iran in 1980 for the delayed release of U.S. hostages; and the Inslaw case, in which the Justice Department is accused of illegally selling software to the Middle East. BCCI, he believed, was the financial conduit for all these deals. Casolaro was not the only one investigating the scandals, although no one has yet managed to prove the speculative link. Last month a British journalist working for the Financial Times of London was found murdered in a Guatemala hotel room shortly after telling his editors in London he had stumbled on a story linking BCCI with illegal arms transfers between Guatemala and the U.S. Congress will hold hearings on the October Surprise allegations in the fall.
  • Wikipedia Bert Lance  Lance was implicated in the BCCI scandal of the 1980s and early 1990s. He was involved in deals with notable BCCI luminaries Agha Hasan Abedi, Mochtar Riady and Ghaith Pharaon and with BCCI's largest borrower, P. S. Prasad,  and joined with Arkansas-based power investor Jackson Stephens in facilitating BCCI's takeover of Financial General Bankshares.(See OpenJurist) Lance and Stephens made millions in the wake of BCCI's collapse.  In January 1978, Lance sold his stock in National Bank of Georgia to Ghaith Pharaon, while on the same day, BCCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi paid off Lance's $3.5 million loan at the First National Bank of Chicago. The following month, Lance helped BCCI with their hostile bid for Financial General Bankshares of Washington. The attempt failed, but three years later, BCCI secretly acquired the bank (renamed First American Bankshares) using 15 Arab investors as nominees. The next year, Lance introduced Jimmy Carter to Abedi. In 1987, First American Bankshares acquired National Bank of Georgia from Pharaon. BCCI was terminated in 1991 and it was subsequently revealed that the bank had done many illegal activities, including secretly controlling several U.S. banks, in violation of federal banking statutes.
  • 1991 Bilderberg US attendees: Paul Allaire (CEO Xerox, CFR), George Ball (Lehman Brothrs, CFR), Robert Bartley (Editor-Wall St. Journal, CFR), Robert Blackwill (Professor-Harvard, CFR), Michael J. Boskin (Presidents Economic Advisor), Nicholas Brady (Secretary of Treasury), John Chafee (Senator-Rhode Island, CFR, TC), Bill Clinton (Governor-Arkansas, CFR, TC), Charles Dalara (Assistant Sec. of International Affairs), Kenneth Dam (IBM, CFR), Diane Feinstein (Ex-Mayor-San. Francisco, TC), Catharine Graham (CEO-Washington Post, IA, CFR, TC), Maurice R. Greenberg (CEO-AIG Insurance, CFR, TC), J. Bennett Johnston (Senator-Lousianna), Vernon Jordan (Attorney, CFR, TC), Henry Kissinger (CEO-Kissinger Associates, CFR, TC, KGB), Charles Mathais (Attorney, Ex-Senator, CFR), Jack Matlock (Ambassador-USSR, CFR), Charles Muller (Murden & Co., Friends of Bilderberg Inc.), William Quand (Brookings Institute, NBC News, CFR) John S. Reed (CEO-Citicorp Bank, CFR), Rozanne Ridgeway (Pres.-Atlantic Council, CFR, TC), David Rockefeller (CEO-Chase Manhattan Bank, CFR, TC), John Shad (Philanthropist) Thomas Sions Jr. (Ambassador-Poland), Alice Victor (Rockefeller's Secretary), John Whitehead (Ex-Depty Sec. of State, CFR), Brayton Wilbur Jr. (CEO-Wilbur-Ellis Co., CFR), Douglas Wilder (Governor-Virginia), Lynn Williams (Pres-United Steelworkers Union), Grant Winthrop (Attorney), James Wolfensohn (Pres., James Wolfensohn Inc., CFR), Robert Zoellick (State Dept. Economic Advisor)  and from Britain: Gordon Brown (Opposition MP - Parliament), Lawrence Freedman (Professor), Christopher Kegg, Andrew Knight (Editor - News International), Lord Roll of Ipsden (Conservative Politician, Warburg Banker), Patrick Wright (Head of Diplomatic Service)
  • 1991: IAmTheWitness Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, on January 16 of this year the United States and Britain began an aerial bombing campaign of targets within Iraq. On 24 February the ground campaign commenced which was to last 100 hours until on February 28 when a horrendous war crime occurred.    ...   This crime was the slaughter of 150,000 Iraqi troops with fuel air bombs. These Iraqis were fleeing on a crowded highway from Kuwait to Basra. President George Herbert Walker Bush ordered United States military aircraft and ground units to kill these surrendering troops, they were then bulldozed into mass unmarked graves in the desert, some still alive.   ...   President Bush then ordered a cessation of hostilities. What was the significance of this slaughter and President Bush declaring the war over on this day? Well it was the day the, "Day of Purim," fell on this year. This the day the Jews celebrate their victory over Ancient Babylon, now based within the borders of Iraq and a day when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against their perceived enemies.    ...   At the Bilderberg Conference on June 6 to 9 of this year, in Baden-Baden, Germany, David Rockefeller (a Rothschild) made the following statement, "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world, if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practised in past centuries."
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  • 1991 History of the Money Changers At the Bilderberg Conference on June 6 to 9, in Baden-Baden, Germany, David Rockefeller made the following statement,   "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world, if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.  But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."  Note: Click here for a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a list of people at the Bilderberg Conferences.
  • 1992GripesOnline “The Twilight of Sovereignty” by former Citicorp Chairman Walter Wriston (CFR) is published, in which he claims: “A truly global economy will require compromises of national sovereignty. There is no escaping the system.”
  • 1992 Rys2sense Israel False Flag Timeline Neocons launch DPG papers
  • 1992 YellowBrickRoad Soros’s Quantum Fund became famous for “breaking” the Bank of England, forcing it to devalue the pound. Soros had bet his entire fund in a short sale on the ultimately fulfilled prediction that the British currency would drop in value, a coup that netted him a profit of $1 billion   and some organizations he started: Advancement Project, Air America Radio, All of Us or None, Alliance for Justice, America Coming Together, America Votes, America's Voice.
  • 1992 FDIC Senior Interagency Group members include: Dick Thornburgh, L. William Seidman, Timothy Ryan, Roger Jepson, William Sessions, Fred Goldberg, Nicholas Brady, John Laware, Robert Clark, Joseph Little, John Simpson, Charles Clauson.
  • 1992: IAmTheWitness In March, former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Paul A. Volcker became Chairman of the European banking firm, J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn and Co. Stephen Bryen, caught offering confidential documents to Israel in 1978, is serving on board of the pro-Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs while continuing as a paid consultant, with security clearance, on exports of sensitive US technology.  “The Samson Option,” by Seymour M. Hersh reports, “Illicitly obtained intelligence was flying so voluminously from LAKAM (a secret Israeli intelligence unit, a Hebrew acronym for Scientific Liaison Bureau) into Israeli intelligence that a special code name, JUMBO, was added to the security markings already on the documents. There were strict orders, Ari Ben-Menashe recalled, “Anything marked JUMBO was not supposed to be discussed with your American counterparts.” The Wall Street Journal reports that Israeli agents apparently tried to steal Recon Optical Inc's top-secret airborne spy-camera system. On September 16th Britain’s pound collapses when currency speculators led by Rothschild agent, Ashkenazi Jew, George Soros, borrow pounds and sell them for Deutsche Marks, in the expectation of being able to repay the loan in devalued currency and to pocket the difference.  ....  This results in the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont, announcing a rise in interest rates of 5% in one day and as a result drives Britain into a recession which lasts many years as large numbers of businesses fail and the housing market crashes.    ...   This is right on cue for the Rothschilds, after they had privatised Britain’s state owned assets during the 1980’s, driven the share price up, and then collapsed the markets so they could buy them up for pennies on the pound, a carbon copy of what Nathan Mayer Rothschild did to the British economy 180 years before, in 1812.   ...  It cannot be overstated that the Chancellor of the Exchequer at that time, Norman Lamont, prior to becoming a MP, was a Merchant Banker with N. M. Rothschild and Sons, who he joined after reading Economics at Cambridge.
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  • 1992 History of the Money Changers The third world debtor nations who had borrowed from the World Bank, pay 198 million dollars more to the central banks of the developed nations for World Bank funded purposes than they receive from the World Bank. This only goes to increase their permanent debt in exchange for temporary relief from poverty which is caused by the payments on prior loans, the repayments of which already exceed the amount of the new loans. This year Africa's external debt had reached 290 billion dollars, which is two and a half times greater than its level in 1980, which has resulted in deterioration of schools, deterioration of housing, sky-rocketing infant mortality rates, a drastic downturn in the general health of the people, and mass unemployment.   The Washington Times reports that Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, was upset that most of the incoming foreign aid was being siphoned off, and he stated,  "Straight back into the coffers of Western Banks in debt service."  This year American taxpayers pay the Federal Reserve 286 billion dollars in interest on debt the Federal Reserve purchased by printing money virtually cost free.
  • 1992 Dutch authorities and El Al admit Flight LY1862 carried sarin components and DU depleted uranium,  YouTube
  • 1992 Wikipedia In 1992, Marcos claimed that her fortune came from Yamashita's Gold. In February 2006, Marcos insisted that her husband had acquired his wealth legitimately as a gold trader. By the late 1950s, she claimed, he had amassed a personal fortune 7,500 tons of gold, and after gold prices climbed in the 1970s, the Marcos family was worth about $35 billion. However, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has no record of the Marcos family declaring or paying taxes on these assets[citation needed], and the source of their wealth remains open to investigation.
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