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Excerpts from the actual GOP platform, know your opponent
black: actual text, red: NFU comments additional comments
RONALD REAGAN, then: (it must really piss-off both Georgies, always playing 2nd fiddle to RR.  Doesn't look like Bush is going to get his puppet regime in Iraq,....he may even eventually be known as the U.S. President who helped create the richest Islamic Fundamentalist country with hundreds of Billions of barrels of oil at it's disposal!
Introduction and Preamble (Freeing the slaves emphasis?...but fewer than 10% of Black-Americans vote Republican)
One hundred and fifty years ago, Americans who had gathered to protest the
expansion of slavery gave birth to a political Party that would save the Union – the
Republican Party.
In 1860, Abraham Lincoln of Illinois carried the Republican banner in the
Presidential election and was elected the Party’s first President. He became our nation’s
greatest leader … and one of our Party’s greatest heroes.
Every day, we strive to fulfill Lincoln’s vision: a country united and free, in
which all people are guaranteed equal rights and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.
His legacy goes beyond the borders of America. It can be seen in free governments all
over the world.
Lincoln’s successors have been united by a common purpose – defending
freedom at home and promoting it abroad.  (freedom, liberty are code words for wealth accumulation)
Bush Visionary?, Page 1
"Thanks to President Bush’s leadership, the skill of the American military, and the
commitment of our allies (?), today there are more than 50 million newly free people in the
nations of Afghanistan and Iraq – and America is safer." (?)
Medicare and Education Reform, Page 2  (giveawy to big pharmaceutical companies)
"He worked with Congress to strengthen Medicare by adding a prescription drug
benefit and giving seniors more choices to meet their individual health care needs.
And the President worked with Congress to pass historic education reforms to
ensure that every child can read. Today, higher standards and stronger accountability are
getting results in classrooms across America."  (pro voucher, anti-public schools)
Major Issues, Page 3
"Winning the War on Terror …
because our government’s most solemn duty is to keep its citizens safe.
Ushering in an Ownership Era …
because a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit will keep our economy strong and
provide more opportunities for workers and families.
Building an Innovative Economy to Compete in the World …
because America can compete with anyone, anywhere, thanks to our entrepreneurs and
risk-takers who keep us on the cutting edge of technology and commerce.  Wealthy superiortiy
Strengthening Our Communities …
because our children deserve to grow up in an America in which all their hopes and
dreams can come true.
Protecting Our Families …
because we respect the family’s role as a touchstone of stability and strength in an ever-changing
Linking the Iraq War with 9/11, Page 5
"A Comprehensive Strategy to Win the War on Terror, Promote Peace,
and Build a Better World
The world changed on September 11, 2001, and since that day, under the strong,
steady, and visionary leadership of President George W. Bush, Americans have helped
make the world not only safer, but better. The President continues to lead a steady,
confident, systematic campaign to defend America against the dangers of our time. We
are going after terrorists wherever they plot and plan and hide, changing the old course of
pinprick strikes that did little to get at the root of terrorism. We eliminated many of al
Qaeda’s key leaders and put the world on notice that nations that train, harbor, or finance
terrorists are just as guilty as the terrorists themselves.
We will not allow the world’s most dangerous regimes to possess the world’s
most dangerous weapons. (Iraq Invasion link to 9/11) Our message is getting through, as indicated by Libya’s leader,
who decided to turn over his weapons of mass destruction and cooperate with the
international community. Today, because America has acted, and because America has
led, the forces of terror and tyranny have suffered defeat after defeat, and America and
the world are safer.
On September 11, 2001, we saw the cruelty of the terrorists, and we glimpsed the
future they intend for us. They intend to strike the United States to the limits of their
power. They seek weapons of mass destruction (State of the Union Address deception?)to kill Americans on an even greater
scale. This danger is increased when outlaw regimes build or acquire weapons of mass
destruction and maintain ties to terrorist groups.
On September 11, 2001, we saw the spirit of courage and optimism of the
American people – that greatest assurance of the ultimate triumph of our cause. Courage and optimism led colleagues to help each other in escaping from collapsing buildings.  Courage and optimism led policemen, firefighters, emergency medical professionals, public works employees, our men and women in uniform, and selfless volunteers to run into burning buildings to save others and undertake a mammoth rescue and recovery effort. Courage and optimism led the passengers on Flight 93 to rush their murderers to save lives on the ground. (No mention of Flight 77?)
Courage and optimism led America’s parents and teachers to battle their own fears to keep children calm and safe. In those and countless other acts of heroism on that day, and many times since, terrorists have learned that Americans will not be intimidated. We will fight them with everything we have – and we will prevail.
President Bush answered the challenge of September 11, 2001, not only with
steadfast resolve, but also with vision, optimism, and unshakable confidence in the will
and faith of the American people. That is what we all saw on September 14, 2001, when
our President stood with the brave workers at Ground Zero and resolutely assured our
nation amidst our shock, anger, and grief that while the terrorists had struck first,
America would have the last word."  (EPA deception on of air quality at Ground Zero)
(Iraq War link to 9/11) 
Patriot Act, page 6
To protect our people, President Bush is leading America, staying on the
offensive against threats within our own country. He worked with Congress to establish the Department of Homeland Security (initially resisted by Bush) in the most significant reorganization of the federal government since 1947. The PATRIOT Act is being used to track terrorist activity and to break up terror cells. Now, the FBI can use tools that have been long available to fight organized crime and drug trafficking, (use terrorism argument to conduct domestic surveillance) 
but could not be used in the past to fight terrorism. Intelligence and law enforcement officials are sharing information as never before. The President transformed the mission of the FBI to focus first and foremost on preventing terrorism. Every element of America’s homeland security plan is critical, because the terrorists are ruthless and resourceful – and we know they are preparing to attack us again.  Would not appear before 9/11 Commission without Cheney)
Preemption, page 6
President Bush recognized that to overcome the dangers of our time, America
would have to take a new approach in the world. That approach is marked by a
determination to challenge new threats, not ignore them, or simply wait for future tragedy
'Terrorism', impediment to 'capitalism', page 6
“The supreme purpose of our foreign policy must be to maintain our
freedom in a peaceful international environment in which the United States and our allies and friends are secure against military threats, and democratic governments are
flourishing in a world of increasing prosperity.”
Broad definition of the 'enemy to capitalism': 'terrorist', page 7
"Republicans support President Bush’s steadfast commitment to the goal of a
lasting, democratic peace, in which all nations are free from the threat of sudden terror.  We affirm the three commitments of the President’s strategy for peace:
• Terrorists long ago declared war on America, and now America has declared war
against terrorists. We are defending the peace by taking the fight to the enemy. We are
confronting terrorists overseas so we do not have to confront them here at home. (al Queda substantially 
larger since Bush premption)
• Nations that support terrorism are just as dangerous, and just as guilty, as the
perpetrators of terrorism. Every nation must make a choice to support terror or to support America and our coalition to defeat terror. We are preserving the peace by working with more than 80  (Coalition of the Coerced) allied nations, as well as international institutions, to isolate and confront terrorists and outlaw regimes. America is leading a broad coalition of nations to disrupt
proliferation. We are working with the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy (BS)
Agency, (warned Bush of high explosives not being guarded properly) and other international organizations to take action in our common security. The global threat of terrorism requires a global response. To be effective, that global response requires leadership – and America is leading.
• There is no negotiation with terrorists. No form of therapy or coercion will turn
them from their murderous ways. Only total and complete destruction of terrorism will
allow freedom to flourish. We will extend the peace by supporting the rise of democracy, and the hope and progress that democracy brings, as the alternative to hatred and terror in the broader Middle East. In democratic societies, men and women do not swear allegiance to malcontents and murderers; they turn their hearts and labor to building  (War on Muslims)
better lives. Democratic governments do not shelter terrorist camps or attack their
neighbors. When justice and democracy advance, so does the hope of lasting peace.".  
Afghanistan Spin, no mention that Afghanistan is the opium capital of the world, again.  page 7
"Today, al Qaeda has been wounded, having lost many of its known leaders and
most of its important sanctuaries. America and its allies and friends have broken al Qaeda cells here in the United States and overseas. 
Saudi Arabia Spin and protection from scrutiny and involvement in 9/11. page 8
"Three years ago, terrorists were well-established in Saudi Arabia. Inside that
country, fundraisers and other facilitators gave al Qaeda financial and logistical help with little scrutiny or opposition.  Today, after the attacks in Riyadh and elsewhere, the Saudi government knows that al Qaeda is its enemy. Saudi Arabia is working hard to shut down the facilitators and financial supporters of terrorism. 
Coalition Spin, page 9, 31, 34
"Republicans appreciate the military, financial, and technical assistance provided
by the dozens of nations contributing to the reconstruction of Afghanistan and Iraq. The success of free and stable governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere will further shrink the space in which terrorists can operate. As the entire region sees the promise of"....  (Large 
regions of Afghanistan not under Karzai puppet control)
freedom in its midst, the terrorist ideology will become more and more irrelevant, until
that day when it is viewed with contempt or ignored altogether."
Blame the CIA. Where's the WMD????????????? page 10
"As Republicans, we do not equivocate, as others have done, about whether
America should have gone to war in Iraq. The best intelligence available at the time
indicated that Saddam Hussein was a threat. On that point, President Bush, members of
both parties in Congress, and the United Nations agreed. While the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction we expected to find in Iraq have not yet materialized, we have confirmed that Saddam Hussein had the capability to reconstitute his weapons programs and the desire to do so. (WMD?) Our nation did the right thing, and the American people are now safer because we and our allies ended the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, halting his decades-long pursuit of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. President Bush had a choice to make: Trust a madman or defend America. He chose defending America."
Bush opposers are same as terrorists, page 11
"We condemn inconsistent, ambiguous, and politically expedient statements on
that point. To the extent such wavering encourages our adversaries to fight harder, our
men and women in uniform suffer the consequences. Their mission is difficult enough.
Uncertainty about America’s commitment to that mission makes it immeasurably more
The real reason for the Iraq War, page 12
"We applaud President Bush for establishing a visionary and resolute policy – a
Forward Strategy of Freedom in the Middle East – to stand with the people of that region as they seek their future in freedom. Republicans support President Bush’s policy of working with every government in the Middle East dedicated to destroying the terrorist networks, while in the longer term expecting a higher standard of reform and democracy
from our friends in the region
Biological warfare defense, missile shield, etc, page 13, 21
creating Biodefense for the 21st Century, a national strategy for meeting the full
range of biological threats; 
• signing into law Project BioShield, which provides new tools to improve medical countermeasures protecting Americans against a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack; 
• putting in place major new biodefense capabilities; • creating the Container Security Initiative to screen cargo destined for the United States; and
deploying missile defenses to defend the United States and its friends and allies.
Veterans, page 20
As the traditional advocate of America’s veterans, the Republican Party has
continued to fulfill America’s obligations to them. When President Bush took office,
many of the programs designed to assist veterans cried out for modernization and reform.  President Bush and Congress have increased funding for VA health care by more than 40 percent since 2001. This additional funding has made it possible for the VA to improve health care access for veterans who need it most, including low-income veterans, those with service-related disabilities, and those who need VA’s specialized services. President Bush signed into law authorization for the concurrent receipt of both military retired pay and VA disability compensation for combat-injured and highly-disabled veterans. 
Free trade strategies, page 22, 26, 36
Decades of massive development assistance have failed to spur economic growth
in the poorest countries. Worse, development aid has often served to prop up failed
policies, relieving the pressure for reform and perpetuating misery. Results of aid are
typically measured in dollars spent by donors, not in the rates of growth and poverty
reduction achieved by recipients. These are the indicators of a failed strategy.
.............. to forge a new consensus at the United Nations Conference on Financing for
Development in Monterrey that the objectives of assistance – and the strategies to
achieve those objectives – must change.....providing resources through the 
Millennium Challenge Account to aid countries that have met the challenge of reform;
• improving the effectiveness of the World Bank and other development banks in
raising living standards;
• insisting upon measurable results to ensure that development assistance is actually
making a difference in the lives of the world’s poor; (diversion, distraction)  (poverty gap growing)
• increasing the amount of development assistance that is provided in the form of
grants instead of loans;
• opening societies to commerce and investment;
• enhancing public health in countries afflicted by epidemics and pandemics like
HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis;........
"Republicans support the leadership of the President and the Republican Congress
to advance prosperity throughout the Americas through free trade. We applaud the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement implemented by the Bush Administration – the first such agreement with a South American nation in U.S. history. We also applaud President Bush’s conclusion of a free trade agreement with six countries in our neighborhood – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.  We support the President’s goal of negotiating free trade agreements with Panama and the Andean nations. These initiatives complement the goal of achieving a genuine, comprehensive free trade area in the hemisphere. As Republicans, we believe that the Free Trade Area of the Americas is the best route to achieving that goal." page 26
Republicans applaud the renewal of the executive-Congressional partnership on
trade matters under Republican leadership. After a gap of eight years, the Administration
reestablished majority support in the Congress for free and fair trade by passing Trade
Promotion Authority and the other market-opening measures for developing countries in
the Trade Act of 2002.
We commend the strong record of President Bush and the Republican Congress in
using their authority to promote economic growth and economic freedom beyond
America’s shores, especially through free trade initiatives. We support the
Administration’s comprehensive strategy to promote free trade, exemplified by the
launch of the Doha negotiation of the World Trade Organization (WTO), regional and
sub-regional initiatives such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the Free
Trade Area of the Americas, and the Middle East Free Trade Area, extension of the
African Growth and Opportunity Act, and the conclusion of bilateral free trade
agreements with nations such as Australia, Morocco, Chile, and Singapore.
"using the International Labor Organization, trade preference programs, and trade
talks to improve working conditions in conjunction with freer trade."
support.......Middle East Free Trade Area by 2013 and highlight
the conclusion of Trade and Investment Framework Agreements with Saudi Arabia, 
'Go it alone', arrogance,  anti United Nations, page 24
"Republicans are guided by the conviction that no nation can build a safer, better
world alone. In addition to NATO, the Organization of American States, and other long-standing
alliances, the United States is committed to lasting institutions like the United
Nations and the World Trade Organization. While international organizations can serve the cause of peace, Republicans believe they can never serve as a substitute for, or exercise a veto over, principled American leadership. The United Nations was not
designed to summon or lead armies in the field and, as a matter of U.S. sovereignty,
American troops must never serve under United Nations command."
Anti World Court, page 25
"not impaired by the potential for investigations, inquiry, or prosecution by the
International Criminal Court, whose jurisdiction we do not accept as extending to
Americans. We support full implementation of the American Servicemembers Protection
Act, whose provisions are intended to ensure and enhance the protection of U.S.
personnel and officials."
Anti Abortion, (supressing women's rights) page 25
Any effort to address global social problems must be firmly placed within a
context of respect for the fundamental social institutions of marriage and family. We
reject any treaty or convention that would contradict these values. For that reason, we
support protecting the rights of families in international programs and oppose funding
organizations involved in abortion.  (Abstinence)
Human Trafficing, page 25
Americas Hemisphere (US Domination of Western Hemisphere), page 25
Republicans share President Bush’s vision of the Americas as a
fully democratic hemisphere, working together to achieve representative democracy,
security, and market-based development. We also applaud his proven track record in
advancing trade liberalization in the Americas in order to promote economic
development and democratic governance.
Using 'Illicit Drug Wars' and 'Fighting Terrorism' to suppress anti-capitalistic groups, page 26
"Our Party believes that the United States must continue to support the
democracies of South America with strong economic and security assistance. We
therefore endorse the increased support that the President and the Republican Congress
have provided to Colombia in the fight against narco-terrorists, in the eradication of coca
and poppy crops, and in the interdiction of illicit drugs and the extradition of criminals.
We also support the Bush Administration’s active strategy to help the Andean nations
adjust their economies, enforce their laws, defeat terrorist organizations, and cut off the
supply of illegal drugs." Similar to support of Right Wing Dictators against Left wing opposition groups (Kissinger, Pinochet era)   in the 60s,  70's and 80's in Latin America
Anti Castro, page 27
We applaud the President’s leadership in establishing an unprecedented level of
engagement with Africa, exemplified by the high priority placed on dialogue between the President and his African counterparts and supported by historic initiatives such as the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and the African Education Initiative. We further commend President Bush for visiting South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Botswana, and Uganda last year – the first
Republican President to do so.
Africa, conquest of oil, minerals, page 28
Republicans believe that South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia are leaders
for regional engagement and require focused attention. We applaud the President and the Republican Congress for deepening American engagement with those nations.
Republicans also applaud increased support for African nations that have chosen the path of economic, political, and social reform and are therefore eligible for funding from the MCA: Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Cape Verde, Mali, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Lesotho. We believe that to be effective, development aid requires pro-growth policies and strong reforms in the nations that receive aid. We endorse the MCA’s direction of resources to countries with governments that rule justly, root out corruption, encourage entrepreneurship, and invest in the health and education of their people.  Republicans also applaud the strong record of President Bush and the Republican Congress in promoting development and economic growth in Africa as a means to eradicating poverty and encouraging the habits of freedom and enterprise. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is bringing hundreds of thousands of jobs and investment opportunity to sub-Saharan Africa. Under President Bush’s leadership, Congress has extended AGOA beyond 2008 – an achievement that will help give businesses the confidence to make long-term investments in Africa. Republicans believe that the United States must continue to work to complete a free trade agreement with the................
Africa, Sudan, Supporting Christian backed SPLM, page 29
We applaud the efforts of the Bush Administration in working closely with the
Government of Sudan and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement to bring peace to Sudan. Sudan’s civil war is one of the worst humanitarian tragedies of our time,
Africa, Zimbabwe
The Bush Administration is working closely
with those nations to fight terror, and the Republican Congress has expanded efforts to
help governments in East Africa protect their people and to fight terrorist networks. We
will not allow terrorists to threaten African peoples, or to use Africa as a base to threaten the world. We hail the continuing cooperation of Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda, Tanzania, and other African nations in the War on Terror.
Same pattern as South America, using 'anti-terrorism' to suppress anti-capitalism groups.
Similar to support of Right Wing Dictators against left wing opposition groups in the 60s,
70's and 80's in Latin America. Most of Africas new oil discoveries are in Eastern Africa.
AIDS BS, page 30
Republicans are proud of President Bush’s historic leadership that has placed
America at the forefront of helping the people of Africa, their governments, and private
groups combat the catastrophic HIV/AIDS pandemic. We hail the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a five-year, $15 billion initiative, strongly backed by the Congress, to turn the tide against HIV/AIDS in the most afflicted nations of Africa and the Caribbean. No funds delivered
Asia, page 31
Korea, spinning nuclear proliferation issues.
The Republic of Korea is a valued democratic ally of the United States. Our two
nations are maintaining vigilance toward North Korea while preparing our alliance to make contributions to the broader stability of the region over the longer term. In concert with America’s allies South Korea and Japan, and supported by China and Russia, our nation is leading the international community to speak with one voice to demand the complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear programs.
Republicans support the Bush Administration’s efforts to protect the peace on the Korean peninsula. North Korea lies outside of the international system. Americans have shed their blood to stop North Korean aggression before and remain prepared to resist aggression today. requirements, our technological advances, and the strategic environment. America will also build on stability provided by our Asian alliances, as well as with institutions such as ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, to develop a mix of regional and bilateral strategies to advance progress and deepen our ties to the peoples of this region.
China (Taiwan), page 33
There are, however, other areas in which we have profound disagreements,
including human rights, China’s observance of its nonproliferation commitments, and
America’s commitment to the self-defense of Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act.
We support President Bush’s efforts to narrow differences where they exist but not to
allow them to preclude cooperation where there is agreement.
Burma, Myanmar
The Republican Party is committed to democracy in Burma, and to Nobel
Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and other democratic leaders whose election in 1990 was
brutally suppressed and who have been arrested and imprisoned for their belief in
freedom and democracy.
Diluting the power of 'old Europe' France, Germany...etc, page 34
Republicans hail the participation in the multinational coalition in Iraq of NATO
members that joined the Alliance in 1999 and 2004 – Poland, Hungary, the Czech
Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovakia – as well as the
contributions of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Albania, and Macedonia. Through their
dedication to the cause of security and freedom in Iraq, these nations – together with the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, and Norway – are
demonstrating their commitment to the values shared by members of the transatlantic
community. We also applaud the contribution of forces in Iraq by Azerbaijan and
Kazakhstan and support strengthening NATO’s partnerships with these nations and their neighbors in the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Slow pace of nuclear weapons reductions efforts. page 35
Ballistic Missile Treaty, which was a relic of the Cold War and treated Russia as an enemy. The President has strengthened this new relationship by concluding the historic Moscow Treaty on Strategic Reductions,
Middle East, (war on Islam)
It is important to reaffirm that the war we wage against terrorists is not a battle of
faiths. As the home to millions of Muslim believers, America welcomes the valuable role
of Muslim leaders in promoting peace. We recognize that acts of violence against
innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith. We know that in this
struggle against terrorism free nations have strong allies, of every faith, including
millions of people in the Middle East who want to live in freedom. As Republicans, we
share the President’s conviction that if that region grows in democracy, prosperity, and hope, the terrorist movement will lose its sponsors, lose its recruits, and lose the festering grievances that keep terrorists in business.  
We affirm our support for President Bush’s Forward Strategy of Freedom in the
Middle East, as well as the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative adopted at
the G-8 Summit this year.
support...National Endowment for
Democracy and focusing its new work on bringing free elections, free markets, free
speech, and free labor unions to the Middle East.
support ............Middle East
Partnership Initiative, which funds economic, political, and educational reform efforts in the Middle East and champions opportunity for all people of the region, especially
women and youth.
Israel, page 37
"The Republican Party shares President Bush’s commitment to the security of
America’s democratic ally Israel and the safety of the Israeli people. We remain
committed to ensuring that Israel maintains a qualitative edge in defensive technology
over any potential adversaries."
Israel land grab
Republicans agree with President Bush that Israel’s plan to remove all settlements
from Gaza and several settlements from the West Bank is a courageous step toward peace in the face of continuing terrorist violence. This initiative can stimulate progress toward peace as laid out in the Road Map launched by President Bush. Road Map abandoned
We also share the President’s view that as part of a final peace settlement, it is unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiations will be a full and complete return to the armistice
lines of 1949. Study the deception of Arabs by Western Capitalists in the creation of Israel (1949).
Ownership gives citizens a vital stake in their communities and their country. By
expanding ownership, we will help turn economic growth into lasting prosperity. As
Republicans, we trust people to make decisions about how to spend, save, and invest their own money. We want individuals to own and control their income. We want people to have a tangible asset that they can build and rely on, making their own choices and directing their own future. Ownership should not be the preserve of the wealthy or the privileged. As Republicans who believe in the power of ownership to create better lives, we want more people to own a home. We want more people to own and build small businesses. We want more people to own and control their health care. We want more people to own personal retirement accounts. Takes Money to Make Money, Top 1Percent Tax Cut...........
code words.
• Created a new, low 10 percent income tax bracket;
• Lowered individual income tax rates for all Americans who pay income taxes;
• Doubled the child tax credit to $1,000;
• Reduced the marriage penalty for 33 million married couples;
• Expanded education IRAs, made pre-paid tuition plans tax-free, and created a
deduction for higher education expenses;
• Phased-out the death tax that penalizes family-owned small businesses and farms;
• Simplified and expanded IRAs and 401(k)s so workers can save more for their
retirement; and
• Increased the adoption tax credit and the child care tax credit.
The law also quadrupled small business expensing so entrepreneurs can deduct from their taxes the first $100,000 of investment.  Because of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, 111 million families are receiving an average tax cut of over $1,500 and the overall tax burden on working Americans is the lowest it has been in 37 years. SUV giveaway, subsidy of auto industry.
The taxation system should not be used to redistribute wealth or fund ever-increasing
entitlements and social programs. Wealth preservation
Savings, page 39
• Increased the amount you can save each year tax-free.
• Made it easier to take your retirement plan from one job to the next.
• Allowed women who take time off from work to start a family to catch up on their
missed retirement plan contributions.
• Required more disclosure for employer sponsored retirement plans and required
that rules apply to both executives and rank-and-file employees.
Lifetime Savings Account (LSA), page 40
Lifetime Savings Account (LSA) so workers can save for a variety of needs, to
consolidate the three types of current law IRAs into a single Retirement Savings Account (RSA), and to consolidate numerous employer-based retirement plans into a single Employer Retirement Savings Account (ERSA).
Personal retirement accounts, page 40
Personal retirement accounts must be the cornerstone of strengthening and
enhancing Social Security. Each of today’s workers should be free to direct a portion of their payroll taxes to personal investments for their retirement. Windfall to investment banks, brokers 
The Self-Help Homeownership Opportunities Program helps low-income, page 41
families purchase a home. The most significant barrier to homeownership is the down
payment. We support efforts to reduce that barrier, like the American Dream
Downpayment Act and Zero Downpayment Mortgages.
page 42
Single-Family Affordable Housing Tax Credit. ...................... We see no role
for any federal regulation of homebuilding. We do foresee a larger role for state and local governments in controlling the federally assisted housing that has been so poorly
managed from Washington.
page 43
Enacted Health Savings Accounts, which allow individuals to save and pay for
their health care tax-free. Combined with a catastrophic health plan, they are an easier and less costly way for small businesses to provide health insurance for their employees.  
• Enacted common sense liability protections in the Terrorism Risk Insurance and
Health Savings Accounts, page 43
Private Property Rights, page 43
President Bush and the Republican Congress will safeguard private property rights by enforcing the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment and by providing just compensation whenever private property is needed to achieve a compelling public purpose. We oppose efforts to diminish the rights of private citizens to the land they own. Private property rights supersede environmental concerns.
We must maintain our commitment to free and fair trade, lower taxes, limited
regulation, and a limited, efficient government that keeps up with the new realities of a
changing world. No mention of enviromental or labor issues. No mention of tax cut to richest Americans
Lower Taxes and economic growth, page 44
We support legislation requiring a super-majority vote in both houses of Congress
to raise taxes. Wealth preservation.
We oppose all attempts by the United Nations to impose a
global tax and reject any claims of authority by United Nations to do so. Anti UN, conservative arrogance.
Because of the vital role of religious and fraternal benevolent societies in fostering charity and
patriotism, they should not be subject to taxation. US has one of lowest charity rates of all developed
Alternative Minimum Tax, Opposition, page 46
Fiscal Discipline and Government Reform
It is important to view the size of the deficit in relation to the size of the nation’s
economy. By that measure, today’s deficit, although unwelcome, is well within historical
ranges. A deficit that is 3.8 percent of GDP, as is now projected for this year, would be
smaller than the deficits in nine of the last 25 years, and far below the peak deficit figure of 6 percent of GDP reached in 1983. ........The U.S. deficit matches the average deficit within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and is below the levels of France, Germany, and Japan. Deficit OK, blame it on 'terrorism'.
Government Reform, Paygo, page 46, 47
To ensure that the federal government respects the burdens on taxpayers and spends only as much as is necessary to accomplish our common goals, we support extending the pay-as-you-go requirement for mandatory spending only.
Government should be: citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered; results-oriented; and market-based, actively promoting rather than stifling innovation through competition.
In July 2002, President Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the most far-reaching
reform of American business practices since the 1940s. Under this new law,
CEOs and Chief Financial Officers are required to personally vouch for the truth and
fairness of their companies’ disclosures.  (very little reform of financial statements tricks).  Fed Martha Stewart to the wolves, a big signal for women to remain under their glass ceiling.
Limited Spending Growth, Line Item Veto, Sunset Commission, page 47
We support a cap on discretionary spending that will limit the growth of overall spending while ensuring that priorities such as our nation’s security will continue to be met.
(Wealth preservation)
Government should be: citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered; results-oriented; and market-based, actively promoting rather than stifling innovation through competition.
Corporate Accountability, page 48
In July 2002, President Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the most far-reaching
reform of American business practices since the 1940s. Under this new law,
CEOs and Chief Financial Officers are required to personally vouch for the truth and
fairness of their companies’ disclosures. ...Corporate Fraud Task Force to
investigate and prosecute financial crimes; to recover the proceeds of those crimes; and to hold corporate criminals to account. (Investigate SEC budget cuts other than enforcement budget)
Enforcing Trade Agreements and Opening New Markets, page 49
An additional 6 million jobs are made possible by companies based in foreign countries investing here in the United States. Consumers have benefited – Check alleged bribery and intimidation of countries to force them to agree to 'war on terrorism' support.
In 2000 we resolved to renew Trade Promotion Authority so the President could
more easily negotiate trade agreements. In 2002 President Bush and Republicans in
Congress did exactly that. (No mention of labor or environmental issues)
The Administration has also made significant progress in negotiating multi-lateral
trade agreements, having just last month revived World Trade Organization (WTO)
negotiations for the final phase of the Doha round. (Corporate power over sovereign
Reforming the Litigation System (Tort Reform), page 50
America’s litigation system is broken. Junk and frivolous lawsuits are driving up
the cost of doing business in America by forcing companies to pay excessive legal
expenses to fight off or settle often baseless lawsuits................ (Trial lawyer spin)
Trial lawyers get rich from the misfortune of others. If small business is America’s economic engine, trial lawyers are the brakes: They cost hundreds of thousands of good jobs, drive honest employers out of business, deprive women of critical medical care – then skip out with fat wallets and nary a thought for the economic havoc and human misery they leave in their wake.
Transportation, page 51
Republicans strongly support a comprehensive transportation policy
agenda that enhances safety, reduces congestion, modernizes infrastructure, and promotes economic growth. (no mention of pollution issues)
Ensuring an Affordable, Reliable, More Independent Energy Supply, page 51
President Bush and Republicans in Congress recognize the need for a balanced energy policy that increases both energy production and conservation. (balance is code word = ignore environment, see state's lawsuits
on Bush energy policy)
President Bush released the National Energy Policy (NEP) report, a comprehensive plan to reduce America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy by increasing domestic energy production and supporting conservation and alternative and renewable energy.
Energy policy, page 51
President has already committed $2 billion over 10 years for clean coal research and development – which helps keep America’s coal industry strong and reduces the emissions associated with coal use. As part of that commitment, we support FutureGen, an international, public-private initiative to build the world’s first integrated sequestration and hydrogen research power plant that would burn coal more cleanly.
•The FreedomCar Partnership and Hydrogen Fuel Initiative include $1.7 billion over five years to begin building hydrogen cars and the infrastructure to support them.
• Using the most sophisticated technologies, we can explore and develop oil
resources here at home with minimal environmental impact. Our Party continues to
support energy development in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(ANWR), which, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, holds as much as 16 billion
barrels of oil – enough to replace oil imports from Saudi Arabia for nearly 20 years. The drilling footprint can be confined to just 2,000 acres (the entire refuge contains 19 million acres), about the size of Washington’s Dulles Airport, on ice roads that melt away in the summer, leaving little trace of human intervention. (Bush figures vigorously disputed) page 52
• Republicans Increasing supply, including the construction of a new natural gas pipeline from
Alaska to the lower 48, will bring needed relief to consumers and make America’s businesses more competitive in the global marketplace.
• We will work to unleash innovation so entrepreneurs can develop technologies for a
more advanced and robust transmission system that meets our growing energy demands.
• Republicans will continue to support renewable energy through extension of the
production tax credit for wind and biomass, as well as efforts to expand the use of
biodiesel and ethanol, which can reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil while
increasing revenues to farmers.
• President Bush supports construction of new nuclear power plants through the Nuclear Power
2010 initiative
Education. No Child Left Behind
The law is based on four fundamental pillars:
Ensuring stronger accountability for student achievement, for all children
• Encouraging education methods that work
• Providing flexibility and control to states and local communities
• Giving parents more information about the quality of their children’s schools and
offering them choices and resources for their children’s education  Results are now measured on the basis of student achievement rather than simply dollars spent. Students are benefiting from education reforms that set high academic
standards, encourage strong parental involvement, recognize the role of excellent
teachers, foster safe and orderly classrooms, and establish a commitment to teaching the basics of reading and math.  Our next mission is to take the reforms that we know are working in elementary schools and apply them up and down the education ladder – starting in early childhood education, so that children enter school ready to learn, and finishing in high 54
Local Control
We recognize that under the American Constitutional system, education is a state,
local, and family responsibility, not a federal obligation. Since over 90 percent of public school funding is state and local, not federal, it is obvious that state and local
governments must assume most of the responsibility...........
Historic Levels of Funding
President Bush and Congressional Republicans have provided the largest increase in
federal education funding in history
High Standards and Accountability
The President and Republicans in Congress recognize that states and local
communities are most directly responsible for the quality of education in their schools.
That is why the No Child Left Behind Act stipulates that the states, not the federal
government, develop an accountability plan that will work best for them.
Reading, page 55
Reading First initiative brings scientifically based reading instruction, including phonics,
to children in the early grades.
Options for Parents, page 56
The Republican Party strongly supports school choice, because choice creates
competition and competition puts the focus on quality. President Bush, Republican
governors, and members of Congress have worked to expand parental choice and
encourage competition by providing parents with information on their child’s school,
increasing the number of charter schools, and expanding education savings accounts for use from kindergarten through college.
Under NCLB, states and school districts publish report cards showing how well
students are achieving.................Parents of children in schools identified as needing
improvement can choose another public school or get tutoring or other help for their child.  .............President’s call to provide funding for new and existing charter schools.............. We believe that competition between schools is an effective option to improve the educational benefits for our children. The Republican Party supports the efforts of parents who choose faith-based and other nonpublic school options for their children.
High School Education
President Bush has proposed a number of initiatives to improve math
and science education, help striving readers, and raise standards for high schools.
Supporting Teachers
The No Child Left Behind Act set the goal of having a highly qualified teacher in every classroom by the 2005-2006 school year............
We must also work to reduce the barriers that are keeping qualified professionals
from entering the classroom by expanding alternative pathways to teacher certification – programs like Troops to Teachers.......... ........................maintain order and discipline in the classroom without the fear of litigation.  The law provides civil immunity in any state court and limits the financial liability of teachers, instructors, principals, administrators, and other education professionals for actions taken to maintain discipline, order, or control in the school or classroom. 
 Head Start and Early Childhood Education
We support the President’s “Good Start, Grow Smart” initiative, which
strengthens Head Start by increasing accountability.................Early Reading First ...............States should be able to coordinate preschool programs with Head Start programs in exchange for meeting certain accountability requirements.
Community College Programs
We support the President’s High-Growth Job Training Initiative, which has provided seed money to fund job training partnerships between community colleges and local high-growth industries.
Higher Education Funding
The President has requested record levels of Pell Grant funding. These grants will
help an estimated 5.3 million low-income students pay for higher education – one million more students than when President Bush and Vice President Cheney came to office.  Under a new Enhanced Pell Grant proposal, low-income students who take a rigorous high school curriculum – the kind of curriculum that will best prepare them for success in college – will be eligible to receive an additional $1,000 per year.
We applaud President Bush for fulfilling his pledge to increase funding for HBCUs and HSIs by 30 percent since 2001.  The President’s Personal Reemployment Accounts would provide unemployed workers flexible support and incentives in finding a job. And President Bush and Congressional Republicans are also providing unprecedented assistance for workers adversely affected by foreign trade – including additional training, income support, and health care assistance.  With English as our nation’s common language............. English empowers. For newcomers, it is the fastest route to mainstream American life,...............Furthermore, fluency in English should be the goal of bilingual education............ We advocate foreign language training.......
Protecting the Rights of Workers, page 57  (no mention anywhere about equal pay for women, minimum wage increases,....????)
We affirm the time-honored right of individuals to voluntarily participate in labor
organizations and to bargain collectively. We also believe that no American should be
coerced into an association they do not wish to join. And no one should be kept out of
a job for which they are qualified simply because they choose to remain independent of
labor unions. We therefore support the right of states to enact Right-to-Work laws.
President and Republican Congress have supported efforts to improve workplace safety without burdening businesses with costly and unnecessary regulations.
1.3 million additional workers now have guaranteed overtime protections.................For the first time ever, the regulations explicitly guarantee overtime protection to blue collar workers, police, firefighters, EMTs, factory workers, construction workers, and licensed practical nurses, among others.  With clearly defined overtime rules that recognize the realities of the modern workforce, employees and employers will have a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities.
Republicans have enhanced financial disclosure requirements for political campaigns,
corporations, and pension funds in order to bring about more transparency and
accountability in the political system. And the Bush Administration improved union
financial disclosure forms to offer union members more information about how their dues money is spent. We encourage management and unions to find common ground thereby ensuring economic viability for both.
Men and women who retire after decades spent in the workforce are entitled to the
pensions they and their employers have contributed............As part of
the 2001 economic growth and tax relief bill, workers’ pension payments are now
calculated on the basis of their best three years of earnings rather than their last three.
...............In addition, criminal prosecutions against employers and plan trustees who abuse pension and health plans have increased by more than 50 percent since 2001. 
True Solutions for Affordable, High-Quality Health Care, page 59
............We must attack the root causes of high health care costs...............
by: aiding small businesses in offering health care to their employees; empowering the
self-employed through access to affordable coverage; putting patients and doctors in
charge of medical decisions; reducing junk lawsuits and limiting punitive damage awards that raise the cost of health care; and seizing the cost-saving and quality-enhancing potential of emerging health technologies. It is also important that we reaffirm our Party’s firm rejection of any measure aimed at making health care a government-run enterprise.
Association Health Plans (AHPs)
We support legislation to enable small employers to pool together to offer health
insurance options to their employees. ......... providing health care coverage for
America’s uninsured, 60 percent of whom are estimated to work for or be dependent on
someone who works for a small business.  Medical Liability Reform, page 60
The medical liability system is harming our medical delivery system. .......most dangerous result of this is the declining availability of emergency trauma care and women’s health services. ... costs are so prohibitive that many obstetrics/gynecology practices are scaling back services or ..... . Junk lawsuits add at least $60 billion to health care......................costs in America because doctors are forced to practice defensive medicine, ordering extensive, unnecessary, and expensive tests and procedures to keep trial lawyers at bay.  Shamefully driven by the.........powerful trial lawyer lobby, Democrat Senators have repeatedly thwarted the efforts of the Republican majority to deliver meaningful medical liability reform.  ............High costs, medical errors, administrative inefficiencies, and poor coordination are all closely connected to our failure to use health information technology as an integral part of medical care.
.........Republicans support President Bush’s goal of ensuring that most Americans have
electronic health records within the next 10 years...........These electronic health
records will be designed to share information among and between health care providers only when authorized by a patient.
There is growing concern that employers and insurance companies will use genetic information to discriminate by denying jobs or insurance coverage to individuals who have predictive genetic markers for certain diseases.................. We support efforts to enact genetic discrimination legislation that is fair, reasonable, and consistent with existing laws to prevent discrimination.
In addition, we must take action to allow doctors and hospitals to review best
practices without fear of litigation.................good-faith efforts to improve quality and safety are targets for lawsuits based on new information that is made public in the review process.
Investing in Science, Technology, and Telecommunications
Republicans recognize that the role of government in the 21st century economy is
to foster an environment in which innovation can flourish. ...........we recognize the magnitude and pace of change require vigilance by government to make the most of the
opportunities, mitigate the possible downsides of rapid technological advancement, and protect the technology industry from modern day pirates at home and abroad – both those who violate copyrights and those who loot by litigation.
Manufacturing,  page 61
...................The continued primacy of U.S. manufacturing is due in large part to
the Administration’s manufacturing initiative, which represents the first time in modern
history that an Administration has made U.S. manufacturing a top priority. We support
the Administration’s efforts in this regard as a recognition of the critical role of
manufacturing to job creation, national security, and the economy.
Research and Development
America’s economy is undergoing a fundamental transition from one based
primarily on manufacturing to one based on innovation, services, and ideas. Two-thirds of America’s economic growth in the 1990s resulted from the introduction of new technology and 60 percent of the new jobs of the 21st century require post-secondary education, yet only one-third of America’s workforce has achieved that level.  The President has doubled the budget for the National Institutes of Health and increased the  National Science Foundation budget by 30 percent. 
President Bush and the Republican Party also support making the R&D tax credit permanent.
Congress and signed by President Bush, increased funding for nanotechnology research.  In addition, the President has dedicated $1.7 billion over five years to develop hydrogen  fuel cells and related next-generation energy technologies.
Telecommunications, page 62
Broadband .................and offer life-enhancing applications, such as
distance learning, remote medical diagnostics, and the ability to work from home more
effectively.................Republicans have implemented a wide range of policies to create economic incentives, remove regulatory barriers, and promote new technologies.........The President has signed
into law a two-year extension of the Internet Access Tax moratorium.........and make it permanent.  Republicans are working to reduce burdensome regulations that discourage broadband investment.  Wi-Fi and Wi-Max.......Administration has nearly doubled the amount of spectrum available............ Broadband adoption has grown 300 percent from December 2000 to December 2003 – from 7 million to 28 million lines.


.........Bush: "Citizens who hear the call of duty, who stand up for their beliefs, who care for their families,
who control their lives, and who treat their neighbors with respect and compassion.”
.................To ensure that all Americans have an opportunity to build better lives, we must provide the framework in which communities can flourish. That requires access to affordable and accessible health care, protection of America’s.........the maintenance of public safety and prosecution of people who violate the peace of communities, guaranteed rights and equal opportunities for all members of society Promoting Affordable, Accessible Health Care
......... We appreciate the fact that market-based health care has given America the most advanced medical system in the world. Proposals ..........such as Health Savings Accounts and Association Health Plans, provide economic benefits while also making health care more consumer-driven and increasing
access to high-quality, affordable health care. We reject any notion of government-run universal health care.........applaud .... reform the broken medical liability system that is raising health care costs and limiting patients’ access to doctors – doctors who are being driven out of their practices by excessive medical liability costs.
Strengthening Medicare
In 2003, the Congress passed and President Bush ........ adds a prescription drug benefit to Medicare. 2006. Until that time, beneficiaries have access to immediate and significant savings on prescription drugs through Medicare-approved prescription drug discount cards. Under the new drug benefit, seniors who like the coverage they have today can keep it. The new law will encourage employers to continue their retiree health benefits by
offering them subsidies for their current plans and giving them the option to supplement the new Medicare drug benefit in the same way they supplement current Medicare doctor and hospital benefits. 
The Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act improves many facets of the Medicare program. ..........and .......“Welcome to Medicare” physical, the program will contain new services and screenings to help detect and prevent heart disease, diabetes, and other major illnesses. .......
We also applaud the addition of income relation for the Medicare Part B premium.........
Community Health Centers, page 64
Community health centers are locally-controlled, private providers of
primary and preventive care services in the most underserved communities in the
country.........through the federal grant program.............provide access to doctors and nurses regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. One in four
children from low-income families receives health care at community health centers.
Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Waivers and state plan amendments approved by the Department of Health and Human Services have expanded eligibility
..........fostering the creation of innovative approaches to health care access and delivery by the states.
Health Insurance Tax Relief, page 65
We applaud the President’s commitment to increasing health coverage for all
Americans. He proposed a refundable tax credit that will make health insurance moreaffordable to millions of Americans who do not have employer-provided insurance or public insurance. The Treasury Department estimates the tax credit will extend insurance to between four and five million Americans.
The Trade Promotion Authority bill, supported by the Republican Congress and
signed by President Bush, provides a tax credit to help workers obtain health insurance coverage if they have lost their jobs due to international trade.
Women’s Health page 65
Women have unique health care needs. They are underrepresented.............The enormous increases in the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) brought about by the Republican Congress and President Bush are making possible groundbreaking clinical trials and new research into diseases and health issues that disproportionately affect women.
Republicans are dedicated to pursuing women’s health care initiatives that include access to state-of-the-art medical advances and technology; equality for women in the delivery of health care services;
Disparities in health and health care based upon race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or geography are unacceptable.
Historically, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Alaska Natives have experienced
poorer health outcomes and received lower-quality care than the majority of Americans.
Eliminating Health Care Disparities, page 66
Disparities in health and health care based upon race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or geography are unacceptable.
....(stats).................................Republicans are committed to addressing these health and health care disparities.........improve communication, collaboration, and understanding between patients and doctors. ............ We are funding research to find cures and treatments for illnesses that disproportionately affect minority populations, 
Investing in Cutting Edge Medical Research, page 66
America is the world’s leader in developing the medical and pharmaceutical
breakthroughs that have revolutionized health care. ......strongly support .......... biomedical research.
.....double funding for the National Institutes of Health...............committed to placing a high priority on continued world leadership in research,
while maintaining accountability for the use of resources and a responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards.
..........Republicans ..... support, important scientific....research without undermining the fundamental ethical principles
..........stronger emphasis on adult stem cell and cord blood stem cell research,
We strongly support the President’s policy that prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to encourage the future destruction of human embryos......... call for a comprehensive ban on human cloning.............and on the creation of human embryos solely for experimentation.............We do not end some lives for the medical benefit of others.”
Long-Term Care Insurance, page 67
There is a growing need for long-term care...........We encourage, ........ regulatory flexibility and sensitivity to individual needs in nursing homes and related facilities. . We support ....... and reward....individual responsibility and compassion by creating an above-the-line tax deduction for
premiums of long-term care insurance and allowing an additional personal tax exemption for taking care of an elderly parent at home.
Honoring America’s Veterans, page 68
..............honor our commitment to the 25 million veterans..........President Bush and Congress have increased funding for veterans services, including substantial increases in Veterans’ Administration (VA) health care funding.
President Bush has twice signed legislation effectively providing “concurrent receipt” of both military retiree pay and VA disability compensation for combat-injured and highly-disabled veterans,...............President Bush has fulfilled his promise to cut the disability claims backlog.............
We, as well as they, deplore the deliberate desecration of our flag and state that its deliberate desecration is not “free speech,” but rather an assault against both our proud history and our greatest hopes. We therefore support a Constitutional amendment safeguard Old Glory.
Respecting and Protecting the Environment, page 68
Republicans know that economic prosperity is essential to environmental progress. ...........Congressional Republicans to reform and innovation, air pollution has been reduced, water quality has improved, wetlands have been restored, and more than a thousand brownfields sites are being revitalized.............states ....should be given flexibility and authority to address many environmental concerns.
Finally, we link the security of private property to our environmental agenda, work the land, and own the land also love the
land and protect it. President Bush and the Republican Congress will safeguard private property rights by enforcing the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment and by providing just compensation whenever private property is needed to achieve a compelling public purpose.
Clear Skies, page 68
We support ..... Clear Skies proposal, ...... through a proven cap-and-trade system, will reduce by 70 percent emissions of sulfur dioxide,nitrogen oxides, and mercury. The market-based policies in Clear Skies, along with a 90 percent cut in pollution from diesel vehicles, will help protect public health. ...... provides regulatory certainty, enabling power plants to install state-of-the-art pollution control technologies.
Revitalizing Urban Communities
....... signed legislation to clean up more of the abandoned and polluted industrial sites known as brownfields.. By prioritizing cleanup of brownfields, we are encouraging growth on existing sites and thus preserving greenfields and undeveloped land. We are also opening usable land for small businesses and residents in hundreds of communities......
National Parks
.....has been fulfilling his campaign promise to address the $4.9 billion maintenance backlog plaguing the National Park system. .......and will move forward with common-sense management reforms .....
Land Conservation and Stewardship
Our air, land, and water have all become cleaner in the last four years – ......... The 2002 Farm Bill provided unprecedented
levels of funding to enhance conservation efforts by farmers and pass the Healthy Forests Restoration Act. This law, based on the President’s Healthy Forests Initiative
Protecting America’s Water Resources
...... is working ..... to fulfill his new national goal to increase wetland acres and
quality by restoring, improving, and protecting at least three million wetland acres over the next five years........including implementing a sensible plan to address coastal erosion in the Gulf Coast region.
Chronic water shortages in the West are one of the greatest environmental challenges....... .. expand the use...of proven tools like market-based voluntary transfers through water banks and other
water-marketing tools. 
We also endorse ...... the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. Our Party reaffirms the traditional primacy of states over water allocation. We steadfastly oppose diverting water away from the Great Lakes region.
Protecting Oceans, page 70
Republicans are committed to developing an integrated, comprehensive national oceans policy. The President and Congress have supported the work of the U.S. Oceans Commission.....
Global Climate Change, page 70
Republicans are committed to ..........relying on markets and new technologies to improve energy efficiency. These efforts will help reduce emissions over time while allowing the economy to grow. ..... strongly oppose the Kyoto Protocol and similar mandatory carbon emissions controls that harm economic growth and destroy American jobs.  
Modernizing the Endangered Species Act
The Endangered Species Act (ESA) ....... Our Party remains committed to the goal of protecting species ...., successes under ESA have been limited due to .....ever-growing barrage of litigation. Focus.......results-based cooperative conservation programs and voluntary agreements that encourage private stewardship. ......, ESA should require peer-reviewed science,....expansion of voluntary agreements with private property owners while ensuring ...... private property rights.
Agriculture and Rural America,  Page 71
American farm and ranch families embody some of the best values of our nation: President..... signed the 2002 Farm Bill, .......continues to pursue and enforce international trade agreements that affect farmers and ranchers. Republican policies are working, such as the recently revitalized WTO Doha round negotiations that will create new opportunities for U.S. farmers and ranchers by cutting foreign tariffs, expanding quotas for American products, and eliminating agricultural export subsidies.........
There is much more to rural America than agriculture, ranching, and forestry. The kind of economic development that generates family-sustaining jobs is critical to small towns and rural communities.
Revitalizing America’s Cities, page 71
...........New York’s turnaround is a testament to the great power of turning Republican ideals into policies and solutions. By focusing on economic growth and opportunity, business development, crime control, and the revitalization of urban eyesores, .......Lower taxes, ......., are stimulating development...... New homeownership opportunities are giving residents a stake in urban neighborhoods. ....... Faith-Based Initiative is extending the work of religious and charitable groups .............opportunity to inner cities. .........unprecedented homeland security funding
The District of Columbia
....... The city’s downhill slide was stopped in the 1990s, ......The D.C. homebuyer’s tax credit helped to revitalize marginal neighborhoods and should be reinstated. A landmark tuition assistance act ......District elementary and high school students are now benefiting from the $14 million D.C. School Choice initiative – the first federally-funded school choice demonstration program. ......., we support yielding more budgetary and legal autonomy to local elected officials................homeland security.  Combating Chronic Homelessness
chronic homelessness ....comprise roughly ten percent of the homeless population, ....... By taking on the toughest cases........
Protecting Our Rights, Fighting Criminals, and Supporting Victims, page 72
......strongly support an individual right to own guns,.... Second Amendment..........make more public lands available to hunters, to increase access to hunting clinics and safety programs for children and adults, ...........signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, which allows ... carry concealed guns in public while off-duty. We support ..... instant background check system for gun purchases and to ensure that records of lawful transactions are destroyed in a timely manner. ..... stop frivolous lawsuits against firearms manufacturers, which is a transparent attempt to deprive citizens of their Second Amendment rights. We oppose federal licensing of law-abiding
gun owners and national gun registration as a violation of the Second Amendment and an invasion of privacy of honest citizens.
...... enforce existing laws and hand down tough penalties against anyone who commits a crime with a gun. ..... support Project Safe Neighborhoods, a federal Constitutional amendment for victims of violent crime ...... We support ....death penalty in capital murder cases. ........protect pregnant women from violent crime by passing Laci and Conner’s law, ......violence against a pregnant woman kills or injures her unborn child, there are two victims and two offenses that should be punished.
work in progress


  • Brilliant twisting and distortion of concepts to provide lessons and examples to fellow Republicans on how to deceive and manipulate the American people.
  • What's not in the GOP Platform is very important.   example: equal pay for women.
  • RR, Jelly Beans. brilliant propaganda