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Debunking idea that 757 caused the generator trailer damage back to Generator 1 p19

and Global Hawk  p7

The right engine of a 757 could not have hit the top half of the generator trailer and bent over the fence posts?If you return the trailer to its original position, you will see that the bent over fence posts were directly under the portion of the trailer that was struck

It is very curious and significant to identifying the attack aircraft by studying which fence posts were left standing and which were bent to the ground?


Does the graphic below accurately depict a 757 hitting the trailer and striking the Pentagon at the first floor?  see trajectory info below

What caused the damage to the top edge of the generator trailer?
top edge


Right: Trailer photo rotated and righted
 source above photo Defend America and copy
More on Generator
The 757 would have hit the Pentagon at the second story level if it had also struck the trailer at the place that is speculated.  But there is very little damage to the second story (pre-collapse).  "Pentagon Building Performance Report"
top edge could not have been struck by 757 wing?

belowPurdue University Simulations -September 11 Pentagon Attack Simulations Using LS-Dyna 757-200
  • The 757-200 could not have have caused the damage to the generator trailer?
  • Does not explain damage to top edge of trailer.   The bottom ot the engine of the 757 would have had to be nearly at ground level to have the wing hit the top of the trailer.
  • Does not explain damage to (GREEN) area.  The engine is obviously round and the struck surface of the trail (GREEN) is curiously flat.
  • The (BROWN) line represents the bottom of the second story of the Pentagon.  The damage to the trailer would seem to point to the idea that the plane struck at the second story.....but this is not true....see ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers ASCE.  Only a handful of columns and only two window were broken on the second story.
  • If you return the trailer to its original position, the fence post that was bent over was directly under the object that smashed into the trailer  (ORANGE).  Its impossible for the engine to have hit only the top half of the trailer and also bent the fence post to the ground.
  • see large panorama light pole damage map  large file: 430k   and trajectory map below
  • see below  fbipart?

see Pentagon Research

left: shows a  near parallel to the ground trajectory

"Pentagon Building Performance Report" [PDF]) ASCE

  • Does the profile of a Global Hawk fit the damage to the trailer better than the Boeing 757?
  • The back of the Global Hawk may have been slammed to the ground as it hit the trailer and thus bent the fence pole to the ground?
  • The tails of the Global Hawk would fit in between the poles that are left standing?
  • 0catch, Global Hawk part?
  • The body is 4.8 ft. wide, tail span is 11.4.ft, V-tail angle is 50 degrees. source: Air

Did hitting the trailer force the attack aircraft to the ground and thus into the 1st floor of the Pentagon?

The wing span of the Global Hawk is sufficiently wide enough to account for the light pole damage.

Notice yellow dots below as representing downed light poles

Trajectory illustration:  For a 757 to have struck the building only at the first floor, would have required a descent so steep it could not have sheered of the lamp posts.    and: see large panorama light pole damage map  large file: 430k


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