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How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11

source: Christopher Bollyn on RBN - April 4

May 5, 2010

I was on the Morning Liberty Show with R.J. Hender on Tuesday, May 4. The show was broadcast online at: http://republicbroadcasting.org from 7 - 9 a.m. (Central Time, USA). Hender said he will have Dr. Steven E. Jones on his show on Thursday, May 6, during the second hour. I look forward to hearing and calling in to that show with the brave and honest scientist who discovered the chips of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center.


We discussed my recent article, "How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11", which is spreading like wildfire on the Internet. The article is currently listed on more than 99,600 websites (Yahoo on May 5; Google lists 69,700).

I highly recommend reading the latest updated version of this article, below, and watching the embedded BBC interview with Ehud Barak, which was done within minutes of the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers with super-thermite (which has now been identified and proven). Remember, when you listen to Ehud Barak (one of the founders and chief of Israel's covert mission force, the Sayeret Matkal) explaining the meaning of 9-11 that you are REALLY listening to the first political/military "interpretation" of the attacks coming from one of the masterminds of the false-flag terror events that changed the world.

We also discussed the C.I.A.'s role in the 9-11 attacks, subsequent cover-up, and their not-so-secret war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A caller asked about fluoride and Prozac. I have edited a book about SSRI medications such as Prozac. Since this book has not been published, my edited work has not been made available to the public. I have posted one of the key chapters,"How SSRI Antidepressants Work" in the subject section "Nation on Prozac & School Shootings" at: http://www.bollyn.com/how-do-ssri-antidepressants-work

How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11

Updated - May 3, 2010

Badness always manifests in destruction and corruption, while goodness always manifests in preservation and benefit. - Socrates in Plato’s Republic (ca. 374 B.C.)

"Wanted" posters of Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak in Jerusalem, April 2010. Olmert and Barak are accused of bribery and corruption in Israel and indictable for serious war crimes in Gaza. Both men are architects of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. Olmert, for example, was on a secret visit in New York City on 9-11. When will we see posters in the United States calling for the arrest of Olmert and Barak?


IT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN that 9-11 was a Mossad operation - period. - Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

“And how can it be profitable for a person’s immorality to go unnoticed and unpunished? The consequence of a criminal getting away with his crimes is that he becomes a worse person.” - Socrates in Plato’s Republic, "Happiness and Unhappiness"

Ehud Barak, Israel's defense minister, has been in the United States for a week of meetings and speeches. He is, in my opinion, the key suspect of being the mastermind of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. I am providing this brief article to explain how I think he did it.

Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9-11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of the Israeli military's covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world. Barak, the real mastermind of 9-11, was the first person to call for a "War on Terror" - and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East. This is how false-flag terrorism works. The perpetrator is the first one to assign blame by pointing his finger at his enemy in order to shape public opinion, which is the real purpose of such atrocities.

Ehud Barak (Brug) was born at Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon on 12 February 1942. He enlisted in the Israeli Army at age 17, became a career army officer, and helped to found and lead the elite Sayeret Matkal covert operations commando unit. After serving as head of Israeli Intelligence and Central Command during the 1980s, Barak was appointed IDF Chief of Staff, in 1991. Barak was Israel's minister of defense during Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009. Based on the report of the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, written by Justice Richard Goldstone, Barak is legally responsible for a host of war crimes committed during that assault. The United States (and all other nations who have ratified the Geneva Conventions) are obliged to arrest Ehud Barak based on the evidence and findings presented in the Goldstone report.

Hillary Clinton laughing at her "friend" Ehud Barak's joke about her bat mitzvah as if his joke (delivered in barely understandable English) was hilarious. This is bizarre behavior (for a U.S. Secretary of State) and a classic example of how one overreacts to conceal an unpleasant situation. Clinton's reaction is meant to mask a sordid and sinister relationship between high-level criminals. Americans and Israelis certainly deserve better leaders.

At the American Jewish Committee gala dinner on April 29 Clinton again displays bizarre behavior vis-a-vis Ehud Barak. Is this proper behavior for a U.S. Secretary of State?

Ehud Barak at a news conference at the Department of Defense

Socrates' point that unpunished criminals become worse is very much the story of modern Israel. The most serious criminals of the Zionist state have never been punished in any meaningful way by the international community - or the United States. This laissez faire attitude regarding Zionist criminals has only enabled and emboldened the most unscrupulous and aggressive criminals to rise to the top of the Israeli government, where they sit today. The criminal audacity of Israel's leaders is, however, simply not sustainable for the long term because their rampant criminality endangers the Zionist state, its citizens, and even its supporters.

Zionist Jews and Israelis living in America, for example, may find themselves in a very uncomfortable position when millions of Americans realize that Israel and its supporters are behind the mass murder of 9-11 and the cover-up of the truth, as Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College, has repeatedly warned. It seems to be only a matter of time before this uncomfortable situation becomes a reality. It should be noted that the Israeli prime minister at the time of the attacks was Ariel Sharon, a Zionist extremist and terrorist who believes that American Jews (actually all Jews) should live in Israel. Sharon had a dream that one million American Jews would emigrate to Israel, while in reality more Israelis have chosen to live in America. Was 9-11 designed to force Jews to move to Israel?

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak (left) talks with Minister of Pensioner Affairs Rafi Eitan as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (center) waits to start the weekly cabinet meeting May 25, 2008 in Jerusalem. Eitan is wanted by the FBI for his role as the spymaster of Jonathan Pollard. Olmert was in New York City on 9-11 on a visit that has been kept secret. These three men know very well who was behind the terrorism of 9-11 - and it wasn't Osama Bin Laden and his band of twenty thieves.

Ehud Barak was prime minister of Israel from July 1999 until March 7, 2001, when he was replaced by Ariel Sharon. I attended an event at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois where both Barak, then prime minister, and Sharon were involved shortly before the election that brought Sharon to power. The fact that Barak and Sharon had travelled to Chicago together illustrated the utter fakeness of their rivalry.

Previous positions held by Barak include Head of Defense Planning and Budgeting, Head of the Israeli Intelligence Community, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Minister of the Interior in Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin's cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Shimon Peres cabinet, and Labor Party Chairman. If Israel is involved in 9-11, as Dr. Alan Sabrosky says (and which the evidence strongly indicates) Barak certainly knows all about it.


When Sharon assumed power in March 2001, Barak came to America. He supposedly came to the United States to work as a special advisor for Electronic Data Systems and as a partner with SCP Partners, a Mossad-run private equity company focused on "security-related" work - but this was merely his cover. His real assignment was to oversee the terror attacks of 9-11. As a partner with SCP Partners Barak was well placed to supervise the false-flag terror operation. The complex false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 required that the mastermind of the operation be in the country to manage the critical details.

One of the key aspects of 9-11 that Barak needed to arrange was the production and application of an advanced form of super-thermite, an extremely powerful explosive produced using nano-technology. In 2001, SCP Partners happened to have a suitable company in their portfolio, a private company called Metallurg Holdings, Inc., which has its office in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Today, SCP has another company called Advanced Metallurgical Group, N.V. (AMG) in its portfolio. AMG and Metallurg actually share the same phone number and address at 435 Devon Park Drive in Wayne. SCP Private Equity Partners L.P. and its management company named Safeguard International, which controls the metallurgical subsidiaries, are also both based at this address. AMG/Safeguard International have several subsidiaries, including one that specializes in the production of atomized aluminum (a crucial component of super-thermite) and others which manufacture specialized coatings of nano-composites.

Through these companies, SCP Partners, which included Ehud Barak from 2001 until 2007, clearly had the capability in 2001 to produce nano-composite explosives like the super-thermite used to pulverize the World Trade Center on 9-11. There are very few companies or countries in the world that have the capability to manufacture super-thermite, but Ehud Barak's company did - in 2001. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida, on the other hand, could not have anything to do with the super-thermite found in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers. The government version is a pack of lies designed to excuse a pre-planned war of aggression against Afghanistan. Ehud Barak was the first person to call for the U.S. to invade Afghanistan, which he did only hours after the attacks.

Chips of super-thermite found in the dust of the World Trade Center by Dr. Steven E. Jones


Rafi Eitan, the octogenarian Mossadnik who ran a spy operation against the United States using Jonathan Pollard, fled to Israel after Pollard was caught in 1985. Eitan was then offered the position as head of state-owned Israel Chemicals Corporation, which also has production and manufacturing facilities in the United States. In 1978, when Israeli intelligence began planning the false-flag terror operation of 9-11 (according to the documented comments of senior Mossadnik Isser Harel), Eitan was serving as Menachem Begin's "advisor on terrorism". This is the real reason that Rafi Eitan remained in the Israeli security cabinet until 2009 - he is one of the architects of 9-11.

Wikipedia Rafael "Rafi" Eitan (Hebrew: רפי איתן‎, born 23 November 1926) is an Israeli politician and former intelligence officer. Today he leads Gil and is a former Minister of Pensioner Affairs. In the past, he was in charge of the Mossad operation that lead to the capture of Adolf Eichmann. He served as an advisor on terrorism to Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and in 1981 he was appointed to head the Bureau of Scientific Relations, then an intelligence entity on par with Mossad, Aman and Shabak. Eitan assumed responsibility for and resigned over the Jonathan Pollard affair, and the Bureau was disbanded. From 1985 until 1993, he was head of the government's Chemicals company, which was expanded under his leadership. After 1993, he became a businessman, noted for several large scale agricultural and construction ventures in Cuba.

Contents [hide] 1 Biography 1.1 Career in intelligence 2 Post-intelligence career 2.1 Advisor to MI6 on Counter-Terrorism 2.2 Cuban business venture 2.3 Political career 3 Personal life 4 References 5 External links

[edit] Biography Eitan was born in kibbutz Ein Harod during the Mandate era. His parents were Zionist immigrants from Russia in 1923. His father Noach Hantman was a farmer and poet and his mother Yehudit Volwelsky, a social activist. They had four children, Rafi, Oded, Rina and Ami(Yechiam) and lived happily in Ramat HaSharon, a small settlement consisting of 100 families. Eitan went to a regular junior high public school, but finished his high school at the Agricultural School in Givat HaShlosha in 1940 before going to the London School of Economics for his BSc in Economics.

At age 12, engulfed in the prevalent Zionist sentiments of the day and to defend his settlement from Arab insurgencies, Eitan joined the Haganah from which he moved to the Palmach, a more elite part of the Haganah, upon completion of high school in 1944. Through clandestine operations, he was to assist the illegal immigration of Jewish refugees from Europe, who were fleeing Nazism, into Palestine. His most famous operation at this time was blowing up the British radar on Mount Carmel near the port city of Haifa. To reach it, Eitan had to crawl underground through sewers, thus earning the name 'Rafi the Smelly', which would differentiate him in later years from the other Rafael Eitan, a well-known Israeli Chief of Staff and politician. It was also during this time that he met Yitzhak Rabin, who would later become Israeli Prime Minister.

[edit] Career in intelligence During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Eitan served in Army intelligence, from where he was propelled to commanding posts in the internal intelligence agency (Shin Bet). Later, Eitan served as Chief of Coordination between Shin Bet and Mossad. This position would allow him the biggest triumph in a post-Holocaust Israel: the capture of Adolf Eichmann. In a daring mission, after much intelligence research recognized Adolf Eichmann alive and well, and living in Argentina, Eitan and his team went to Argentina to kidnap and take him to Israel, where he was tried and found guilty of atrocious crimes against the Jewish people during WWII. During the process of capturing Eichmann, Eitan personally vetoed the capture of Joseph Mengele, who was under Mossad surveillance, arguing that the eventual loss of focus could jeopardize the Eichmann mission.[1]

During 1964-1966, Eitan headed a two-year operation in which armaments sold and delivered by the Germans to the Egyptian government 'disappeared'. In those days, Israel had no peace treaty with Egypt.

Eitan was also involved in the secret planning and implementation of the attack on the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor in June 1981, an event widely criticized at the time by many countries.

[edit] Post-intelligence career Eitan continued his work in intelligence until 1972, when he left the organization and went on to the private sector, raising tropical fish and other agricultural ventures. But in 1978, the government of Menachem Begin, the then Prime Minister of Israel, called him back to be his advisor on terrorism, as Eitan was regarded and admired as one of the most respected experts in this field. In 1981, Eitan was named head of the Defense Ministry's Lekem, the Bureau for Scientific Relations, where he continued work on terrorism. According to the British journalist, Gordon Thomas, Eitan then participated in a partnership between Israeli and U.S. intelligence during the early 1980s in selling to foreign intelligence agencies in excess of $500 million worth of licenses to a trojan horse version of the Washington, D.C.-based, Inslaw Inc.'s people-tracking software called Promis, in order to spy on them.[2] In 1984, Lekem was put in touch with Jonathan Pollard, an American citizen, who worked on anti-terrorist activities at the US Naval Investigative Services. Pollard had contacted the Israeli government with top secret information on the terrorist activities of Israel's enemies. When Jonathan Pollard was arrested in the US in 1985, Lekem was disbanded. Eitan was offered then the position as head of the state-owned Israel Chemicals Corporation, from where he retired in 1993 at the age of 67. During his tenure, the company underwent a rapid expansion in terms of sales, development and manpower making it the largest government-held firm in the country.

[edit] Advisor to MI6 on Counter-Terrorism Further revelations from the book Gideon's Spies:The Secret History of the Mossad by Gordon Thomas, describe how the Thatcher government in Britain during the mid 1980's developed a relationship with Eitan as an advisor to MI6 on counterterrorism operations in Northern Ireland. This relationship came to a head in 1985, when Mossad agents helped track an IRA bomb team in Gibraltar. The three member IRA team was killed by the British SAS, under highly controversial circumstances. It was subsequently reported in British papers that Rafi Eitan and Mossad had played a surveillance role in the operation, and IRA command put out orders for assassination teams in Ireland and Britain to find and kill Rafi Eitan. Due to this threat of assassination, and the embarrassment of the Israeli government over Eitan's unauthorized relationship with the operation, Eitan left Britain and ended his relationship with Britain's intelligence services. This incident strained Israeli/British relations for several years.[2]

[edit] Cuban business venture In 1992, Eitan was approached by Irving Semmel, a successful Brazilian businessman, to bid on a contract for an agricultural deal in Cuba, which involved the cultivation of the largest citrus grove cooperative on the island. After winning the bid, Eitan built a partnership with four other international entrepreneurs to run the deal. The company GBM (Grupo BM) was incorporated in Cuba, but Eitan represents the company in Israel under the name 'Reesimex'.

Due to the success of the venture and the connections acquired, GBM also won the contract to build the world trade center in Havana, and a Holocaust Memorial at the center of the Old City of Habana. Recently, GBM was awarded the "Medal for Agricultural Work" by the Cuban government.

In addition to this deal, GBM has started expanding its business deals to the rest of Latin America. It runs various agricultural projects in the Dominican Republic, among others.

[edit] Political career Eitan was asked to represent the pensioners' party Gil in the 2006 Knesset elections. The party went on to win a large number of seats (7), despite predictions that it would not secure more than 2-3, at best, and would not pass the vote threshold, at worst. In the 2009 elections the party failed to cross the electoral threshold, and Eitan lost his seat.

In February 2010, Eitan remarked "In principle, when there is a war on terror you conduct it without principles. You simply fight it." [3].

[edit] Personal life Eitan enjoys good health and claims to be nowhere near retirement. In his spare time, he is known as an avid sculptor. Over the 30 years that he has been sculpting, Eitan has produced over 100 pieces. He recently had a one man show at the offices of the high-tech company "Brown".



Rafi Eitan was also involved in the 1968 theft and illegal smuggling of nearly 600 pounds of plutonium from a plant in Pennsylvania to Israel for the production of nuclear weapons. As the Pittsburgh Tribune reported in a series of articles about the stolen plutonium, Eitan is the key suspect:

Four other Israelis visited NUMEC on Sept. 10, 1968, and met with Shapiro [then-NUMEC President Zalman M. Shapiro, a staunch supporter of Israel] to "discuss thermoelectric devices (unclassified)," according to a Sept. 12, 1968, letter from Bruce D. Rice, NUMEC security manager, to Harry R. Walsh, director of AEC security and property management, seeking AEC approval for the visit.

The four visitors were: Avraham Hermoni, Ephraim Beigon, Abraham Bendor and Raphael (or, Rafael) Eitan.

In their 1991 book, "Dangerous Liaison," Andrew and Leslie Cockburn wrote, "At the time of his visit to Apollo in 1968, Eitan was acting as an agent for Mossad on special assignment to LAKAM ... a shadowy intelligence agency ... born in the 1950s with the express purpose of acquiring nuclear technology by any means."

Soon after the men's visit, 587 pounds of weapons-grade uranium reportedly went missing from NUMEC, according to Udall's papers.

In a recent article entitled "America’s Loose Nukes in Israel," Grant Smith wrote: "To date, all of the uranium-diversion masterminds, financiers, and beneficiaries have escaped criminal prosecution, even as U.S. taxpayers fund a nuclear waste cleanup at the (now defunct) NUMEC Apollo facility."

Eitan's unscrupulous character can be seen in a comment he made to the wife and lawyer for Jonathan Pollard, the captured spy he had managed:

Eitan told us the only thing he regrets about the Pollard affair is that he did not 'finish the job' before leaving the States. We asked him what he meant by this. Eitan replied, "If I had been at the embassy when Pollard came to seek asylum, I would have put a bullet through his head. There would have been no Pollard affair." - Esther Pollard, Maariv, March 30, 2006

Raphael Hantman a.k.a. Rafi Eitan “In principle, when there is a war on terror you conduct it without principles. You simply fight it." – Rafi Eitan to Ha’aretz, February 19, 2010

At SCP Partners Barak worked closely with another Mossadnik named Eitan - Yaron I. Eitan. Although Yaron Eitan looks very much like Rafi Eitan, the relationship between the two Eitans is not known. Rafi Eitan was actually born Raphael Hantman in Mandate Palestine to Noah Hantman from Minsk, Byelorussia. Rafi reportedly has three children, named Yael, Sharon, and Yuval.

Yaron I. Eitan

Sources and Recommended Reading:

"America’s Loose Nukes in Israel", by Grant Smith, April 14, 2010 http://original.antiwar.com/smith-grant/2010/04/13/americas-loose-nukes-in-israel/

Biography of Ehud Barak http://www.zionism-israel.com/bio/Ehud_Barak_biography.htm

"Government agencies investigated missing uranium, NUMEC", by Mary Ann Thomas and Ramesh Santanam, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 25, 2002 http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/specialreports/buriedlegacy/s_87948.html

Question and Answer Forum

Updated May 4, 2010

A fair number of very good questions come through Feedback to Bollyn.com (and email) which are likely to be of interest to other readers, so I have created this Q&A forum. The questions follow with the most recent first.

Most Recent Question: We met in the summer of 2005 when you brought William Rodriquez [9-11 survivor from the World Trade Center] to speak at the Schaumburg Library [Illinois]. You mention in your notice to Eric Hufschmid that you categorize him with Mike Piper and Darrel Bradford Smith – why? You also referred to Victor Thorn who seems to have lifted some of your ideas about Zionist involvement in 9/11. Are Piper and Smith disinformation agents?

I have Piper's Final Judgment. I think your research is impeccable and felt badly when you "left" AFP. Your online 9/11 book is amazing. I hope that you and your family are happy and secure. I have noted that people who divulge too much truth, like Sterling, Peggy Seagrave, and yourself receive similar treatment and have to flee.

Bollyn Responds: This is a good question about a subject that I don't usually delve into, but which certainly deserves to be discussed because it concerns the role of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) as the source of much of the deception and evil that afflicts our world today.


The people you ask about: Hufschmid, Piper, Smith, and Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn), are four detractors who have spent years attacking me and waging a vicious campaign of slander and libel against me and my family. What these agents of deception have done is spread lies and calumnies about me, my wife and children in an effort to discredit me and damage my credibility and reputation. Smith revealed how this vicious slander campaign works in a taped telephone conversation with Eric Hufschmid. I have written about this in an article entitled "Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can", which is exactly what Smith told Hufschmid to do. Why would Smith want to "slam" me, an honest journalist and leading 9-11 researcher?

While Hufschmid has not attacked me as maliciously as the others, he has made the ridiculous claim since the summer of 2007 that I have been kidnapped by the Mossad. Using this bizarre claim (which he stubbornly maintains despite abundant proof to the contrary) he says that my writing is "bait" approved by Israeli intelligence. Although he employs a different method, Hufschmid's slander against me has achieved the same result. He has successfully sown suspicion about my credibility and drawn attention to me as a person while completely marginalizing my 9-11 research, which he has ignored since 2007.

To understand what this slander campaign is really all about, and who is behind it, we need to employ some Socratic dialectic. We will start by asking a simple question: Are these people attacking me as a defensive tactic because I have attacked them or treated them badly?

No. I have not wronged any of these people and not even discussed them until after they began attacking me. As a matter of fact, I have helped all of them a great deal. I helped Piper, for example, with his RBN radio show when I filled in for him for several weeks in a row, while on the road with my family in the West during the summer of 2006. This required a great deal of time and effort on my part - with absolutely no compensation. Does Piper do his daily show from free?

I also helped Piper by appearing several times as a guest on his show, as I did for Hufschmid and Smith's "French Connection" show. While I agreed to be interviewed by Piper, Hufschmid, and Smith, I have always worked as an independent journalist (for Spotlight and AFP from 2000 until October 2006) and was never affiliated with any of them in any way. I have been interviewed by many people. Being interviewed by a person or having my material posted on somebody's website does not indicate any deeper association than that. The attempts to link me with Hufschmid and Smith are part of an intel trap to discredit my work by connecting me with them. Piper always introduced me with fulsome praise, calling me "America's best journalist, bar none." Piper, Hufschmid, and Smith have, as a matter of fact, all greatly relied on and gained from the original 9-11 research I have done. None of them can say that they have suffered because of knowing me. So why do they attack me?

Christopher Bollyn (left) and Darrel Setters (a.k.a. Darrel Bradford Smith) at Smith's home in central France, the morning after Thanksgiving 2005

Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Thorn) wrote a book about Israel's role in the 9-11 attacks (that I have not read), which must contain a great deal of my research. Thorn's book was published by American Free Press, where I worked from 2000 until October 2006.

Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn)

Although I was the first journalist to write about the Israeli role in the 9-11 attacks and have done far more research (for eight years) than any other writer on the subject, AFP was never interested in doing a book about 9-11 with me. This is an intelligence tactic called "stealing the thunder." If AFP were truly interested in exposing the Israeli role in 9-11, why have they not asked to publish my ground-breaking book, Solving 9-11 – The Deception that Changed the World?


So, what have I done to deserve being subjected to the vicious and concerted campaign of calumny, slander, and libel? What is it that I have done that bothers them so much that they spend time attacking me?

This is easy. Apart from raising my family, for the past eight years my only vocation has been to research and write about the false-flag terrorism of 9-11. As an investigative journalist I have led the way in investigating the role of Israeli intelligence and Zionist agents in the United States in the terror attacks of 9-11.

If my 9-11 research and writing is the reason these detractors are attacking me with slander and libel, who are they doing it for?

It stands to reason that these four are working as agents of an agency that is interested in my research being discredited and marginalized. Because my thesis is that the state of Israel and Zionists in the U.S. are behind 9-11, these must be the same entities behind the anti-Bollyn slander campaign. This makes sense because well-known Zionist entities such as Rupert Murdoch's FOX News, CNN, and the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz have all tried to smear me as an anti-Semite

Are these four detractors connected with a Zionist agency or the state of Israel?

Eric Hufschmid's father, with whom he works closely, is the father of the wife of Rupert Murdoch's son James, heir apparent of the Murdoch media empire. Smith is a former narcotics user who has several felony convictions that were suddenly cleared up immediately before he began his career with "The French Connection" in early 2005.

Piper and Makufka (a.k.a. Thorn) work for a newspaper called American Free Press, where I worked as an independent contractor (since the fall of 2001) after being hired in the spring of 2000. AFP claims to be an employee-owned newspaper, which is a deception meant to fool readers. AFP has no assets to own. Everything of value associated with the Liberty Lobby and American Free Press is held by a host of shell companies with names like "The Committee to Expose Bunk", which issued my paychecks, for example. Michael Piper is one of the people allowed to sign checks from these entities.


The person who is the mastermind of the shell game involving the assets of the Liberty Lobby is Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer who played a crucial role in the massacre at Jonestown, Guyana.

Mark Lane was present at Jonestown during the massacre. He is considered to have played a key role in provoking the massacre by playing on the fears of Jim Jones. This photo with Jones (left) was taken shortly before the mass suicide/massacre. How odd that Lane became the lawyer, and then owner of the Liberty Lobby several years later.

Lane has been the lawyer of the Liberty Lobby since the mid-1980s and received some $5 million in legal fees, according to a veteran Liberty Lobby insider. Lane, who served in U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany at the end of the war, acquired the assets of the Liberty Lobby in 1993 or 1994, according to L.T. Patterson (owner of Criminal Politics), who discovered this fact during a court process in which Lane was suing Patterson.

Who does Lane work for?

Lane must work for the C.I.A. Having worked for Army Intelligence in the mid-1940s, it stands to reason that Lane became one of the head honchos in the Jewish intelligence cabal in Army Intelligence that became the C.I.A. in 1949. This would explain Lane's role in his writings on the Warren Report, the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, Jonestown, and the so-called patriot movement at the Liberty Lobby.

But isn't the C.I.A. working to protect the nation and the people of the United States?

Obviously not. The C.I.A. was criticized for being asleep at the switch on 9-11, but it is really much worse than that. The C.I.A. actually works against the interests of the republic and the American people. The C.I.A. is obviously deeply involved in the commission of the terrorism crime of 9-11. Rather than preventing 9-11 or finding the culprits of the atrocity, the C.I.A. has been exploiting the 9-11 deception to wage war using drone warfare in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Asked about the C.I.A. attacks in Pakistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded as if she had no legal authority or control over the C.I.A., which was a remarkably candid response from a U.S. Secretary of State. Her response indicated that the C.I.A. is a rogue agency that acts outside the control of the U.S. administration. How can that be?

What is the C.I.A.'s interest in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The C.I.A. is clearly not interested in solving 9-11 or finding the culprits. We know that the Twin Towers were demolished using an advanced form of super-thermite (produced using nano-technology) and that the official version that Osama Bin Laden carried out 9-11 from a cave in Afghanistan is nothing but a pack of lies. The C.I.A. is involved in Afghanistan because that's where most of the world's opium is produced. George H.W. Bush, the former director of the C.I.A., was also a director of the Eli Lilly Company, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures Prozac. Bush was also one of the first students at Israel's Yonatan [Netanyahu] Institute of terrorism in 1979. Since the production of opium has skyrocketed since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, we can assume that opium production is one of the purposes of the war and occupation. Prior to the invasion of 2001, the Taliban regime, which the U.S. is fighting against, had succeeded in eradicating nearly all opium production in Afghanistan.

This explains why American Free Press was so strongly opposed to my articles about the dangerous effects of Prozac and similar drugs. When Ellen Mariani, a 9-11 widow, told me that the grieving relatives had been sent to Red Cross doctors who had prescribed Prozac – the editor at AFP cut it out of the story. My subsequent articles about serotonin-affecting drugs and school shootings were rejected out-of-hand. This was clearly a subject that the American Free Press did not want to take up.

One has to remember what Andreas von Bülow said about intelligence agencies in December 2001: "Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation." The first target of the deception and disinformation of the C.I.A. is the people of the United States. This is a rogue agency that must be disbanded if the American republic is to survive. The C.I.A. is no sacred cow, some sacrosanct institution that can be allowed to carry out its own agenda, wage war, and maintain secret prisons, all in the name of our democratic American republic. The C.I.A. is a rogue agency that is obviously an enemy of American democracy. The United States of America cannot survive as a democratic republic with the C.I.A. operating as the shadow government. The C.I.A. is nothing but a band of organized criminals operating under the guise of the United States. By dissolving the C.I.A. we would obtain answers to many of the crimes committed in the past 60 years.

Question: I am making an appeal that you repost the following important articles on your website or link to them somewhere. They are increasingly getting harder to find on the Internet. Many sites just link back to your site and yet they are no longer available at Bollyn.com Some people are just beginning to wake up - they really need to hear what happened and understand the nature and character of Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith. I hope to see this information on your site again soon.

"Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can" – Daryl B. Smith (Understanding the Methods of Defamation) Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid James B. Phillips Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid & Daryl B. Smith Bollyn Responds to Malicious Slander of Daryl B. Smith

Bollyn Responds: I have recently received quite a few questions about my detractors, namely Michael Piper, Daryl B. Smith, and Eric Hufschmid. I have reposted these articles under the section entitled The Cure for Disinfo. As the former German intelligence chief Andreas von Buelow told me in December 2001, "Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation." Marion Fulk, the retired scientist of the Manhattan Project and Livermore Lab, used to tell me that the government "has buildings full of agents" to do their dirty work. When we would go to a restaurant in Livermore after a day spent studying the effects of depleted uranium, there would be several agents tailing us and listening to our conversation. My detractors and those who slander and libel me are working for such people. The truth is coming out and we can all see who has been working for the truth and who has not. The functions of Michael Piper and sticky fly-paper operations like American Free Press are a bit more complicated and something I will take up in the next question.


Marion Fulk (left) and Christopher Bollyn at Fulk's home in Livermore, California

Question of April 14: In human history, are you aware of examples in which the entire population of a country believed in a lie for years, then discovered the lie? Does recognition of truth happen rapidly? What is the usual outcome? What do you predict Mr. Bollyn?

The Katyn Massacre Memorial

Bollyn Responds: Big lies are really not that unusual, especially when massacres are involved. History is littered with them. The Katyn Massacre comes to mind. The recent crash of the plane of the Polish president and 96 others has brought this extremely painful “Big Lie” back into the spotlight. The Katyn Massacre was the mass murder of some 22,000 Polish nationals by the Soviet secret police, a massacre which had been approved by the entire Soviet Politburo, including Joseph Stalin, Britain's ally in its "unnecessary war" against Germany. Nazi Germany announced the discovery of mass graves in the Katyn Forest in 1943 and was immediately blamed - without a single stitch of evidence - by the Allies and Western media for the atrocity. Hitler actually called for an investigation into the killings, although it was not until 1990 that the Soviet Union officially acknowledged and condemned the perpetration of the killings by the Soviet NKVD, and the subsequent cover-up.

The Ground Zero Cross

The massacre and terror atrocity of 9-11 are very similar to the Katyn Massacre. The blame was wrongly placed on Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida - without any evidence - in order to usher in the pre-planned "War on Terror" with an illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and subsequently Iraq. The crucial evidence of the crime of 9-11 was quickly destroyed and a politically controlled non-investigation managed under the direction of Michael Chertoff, a dedicated agent of the actual culprits - Israeli intelligence and their Zionist quislings in the United States.

Michael Chertoff was the key person responsible for the destruction of the evidence of 9-11 - and the cover-up. Chertoff, the son of an Israeli Mossad agent named Livia Eisen, is an Israeli by birth.

The Zionist-controlled media ignored the evidence of Israeli involvement and pushed the official version, which is really nothing more than a pack of lies. Nothing good will ever come from such evil deceit, and nothing good has come from the lies surrounding 9-11. For more than 8 years the world has been deceived about what really happened on 11 September 2001 and why we are engaged in the War on Terror - but the truth is coming out. The dam of lies and deceit is breaking and it is no longer possible to hold back the Truth. The culprits and those who have assisted the cover-up are becoming very uncomfortable. The liars and rats of the 9-11 deception will be washed away by the flood waters of Truth.

The Dedication of the Cross

Comment of April 9: Dear Mr Bollyn. I am one of your fans. I thought you would like this article, in case you did not read it yet. I wonder if Mr. Wilkerson [Col. Lawrence B.] might be one of many "whistle blowers" who come to light in coming weeks and months?

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent' The Times (U.K.) April 9, 2010 http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article7092435.ece

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld covered up that hundreds of innocent men were sent to the Guantánamo Bay prison camp because they feared that releasing them would harm the push for war in Iraq and the broader War on Terror, according to a new document obtained by The Times.

Donald Rumsfeld believed that releasing the innocent detainees would harm the Administration, according to a signed declaration by a top aide to Colin Powell.

The accusations were made by Lawrence Wilkerson, a top aide to Colin Powell, the former Republican Secretary of State, in a signed declaration to support a lawsuit filed by a Guantánamo detainee. It is the first time that such allegations have been made by a senior member of the Bush Administration.

Colonel Wilkerson, who was General Powell’s chief of staff when he ran the State Department, was most critical of Mr Cheney and Mr Rumsfeld. He claimed that the former Vice-President and Defence Secretary knew that the majority of the initial 742 detainees sent to Guantánamo in 2002 were innocent but believed that it was “politically impossible to release them”.

Who said never again? Guantanamo is a real concentration camp in our time. Children as young as 12 and 13 and elderly as old as 92 or 93 were taken to Gitmo. Why are the people behind this outrageous crime being protected from prosecution? When will President Obama close the Gitmo Gulag and begin an investigation of the abuses committed there? Why delay what has to be done? Answer: Yes, there will certainly be others coming forward who will expose the lies and deception of 9-11 and the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror." The real question is when and what kind of legal action will follow to investigate and punish those who are really behind 9-11 and the subsequent "War on Terror" that has destroyed so many lives? I recommend Andy Worthington's article of April 14. “Wilkerson Demolishes Bush, Cheney, And Rumsfeld’s Lies About Guantanamo” in The Public Record:

For Col. Wilkerson, who remains “extremely concerned that the Armed Forces of the United States, where I spent 31 years of my professional life, were deeply involved in these tragic mistakes,” the need for accountability has a particularly personal meaning, but for the rest of us, it should be no less important that torture was used to justify an illegal war, that it infected the U.S. military, that those who authorized it remain free to continue spreading their poisonous lies (in Dick Cheney’s case, at least), and that men continue to languish in Guantánamo as a result of it — and also as a result of the Obama administration’s unwillingness, or refusal to confront the very facts that Col. Wilkerson has disclosed.

Worthington's article is at: http://pubrecord.org/commentary/7416/wilkerson-demolishes-bush-cheney/

Wilkerson's signed statement (pdf) of March 24, 2010 is here.

Question of April 6: Dear Mr. Bollyn,

I have been reading many articles on the 9-11 atrocity and other major world events. I am a 46-year-old Ashkenazi Jew from London, England. I believe the Rothschilds and the banking conspiracy are behind EVERYTHING. When I bring the subject up with my peers and family, I am told it is anti-Semitic nonsense, probably paid for by the Saudi Arabians. If there is no actual proof, and the Rothschilds are so powerful, please help me to understand why so much data is available on the Internet. Am I missing something? Surely the Rothschilds would be able to prevent this data surfacing under libel or slander laws, or anti-defamation. Thank you. I look forward to your reply.

Answer: Yes, the Rothschilds are behind much of what goes on - especially when it concerns the outlaw state of Israel. The Rothschild family was the prime mover and financier of the Zionist project to settle Russian and Polish Jews in Palestine. The 1917 Balfour Declaration which promised British support for a home for world Jewry in Palestine was addressed to Lord Rothschild (Lionel Walter, 2nd Baron Rothschild 1868-1937), head of the English branch of the Jewish banking family - and unofficial head of British Jewry. The Balfour Declaration gave great impetus to the Zionist movement that eventually resulted in the state of Israel. The Rothschild bankers were obviously calling the shots in Britain in 1917. Lionel's father, the 1st Baron Rothschild, was able in 1875 to give £4,000,000 to Britain's first Jewish prime minister, D'Israeli (later Disraeli), to become the principal stockholder in the Suez Canal Company.

Prior to World War I Zionism represented only a minority of Jews, mostly from Russia, but led by Austrian and German Jews. By 1914 there were about 90,000 Jews in Palestine; 13,000 settlers lived in 43 Jewish agricultural settlements, many of them supported by the French Jew Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

The Rothschilds are able to control governments by being primary lenders of money to national banks, like the Federal Reserve. In the past 40 years the United States has gone from being the largest creditor nation to becoming the largest debtor nation. This is how the U.S. has lost its independence and much of its felicity. The greater the debt, the greater the control gained by the international bankers like the Rothschilds. (to be continued...)

Question of April 2: I just listened to Dr. Sabrosky's broadcast. He was pretty convincing although I felt he was a little short on details. He seemed to place a great deal of his case on the fall of WTC 7, but never once did he say anything about Larry Silverstein and only one very brief mention of nano-thermite. 9-11 was such a complicated operation and required the cooperation of many people. I'm sure you have told us before, but why was it necessary to bring down WTC 7? The fall of WTC 7 is so obviously controlled demolition, why would those responsible take the risk of exposing their crime by demolishing 7 in this way? There had to have been something in that building that was so important to make it worth their great risk to demolish it. Or did they simply feel so confident that they could do this in plain sight and have complete confidence in their control of our government and media?

Answer: The demolition of WTC 7 is the event that revealed to Dr. Alan Sabrosky and Dr. Steven Jones (and many others) that the official version of 9-11 is a pack of lies. Destroying WTC 7 was obviously crucial to the whole false-flag terror operation. There are two main explanations for this. First, it may have housed equipment and personnel that played a role in the destruction of the WTC towers, for example in the specially fortified bunker on the 22nd or 23rd floor. Secondly, it housed the offices of federal agencies involved in investigations of serious financial crimes. The destruction of the evidence would have been crucial in both cases. The vault beneath WTC 6 held much of the evidence for the federal agencies in WTC 7 and this vault was evidently cleaned out the night before 9-11, according to Kurt Sonnenfeld, the FEMA photographer who looked into it. The Zionist perpetrators have complete confidence that they could get away with this because of their control of our government and media, as you say, but the real key was having control of the buildings prior to 9-11 and having Michael Chertoff in the key position to control the destruction of the evidence and non-investigation of the crime.

WTC 7 was owned by Larry Silverstein and had been built with Israeli contractors in the mid-1980s, when the Zionist plan for the destruction of the WTC had already been developed. The main strategic reason for the Israeli false-flag terror of 9-11 was to usher in the "War on Terror" and bring the U.S. military into the Middle East on a permanent basis - to protect Israel's hegemony in the region. See: "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism" http://www.bollyn.com/america-the-target-9-11-and-the-history-of-false-flag-terrorism

Question of March 26: In a recent radio interview, Dr. Alan Sabrosky (a former director of the US Military War College, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research, among other highly impressive credentials) stated that top American military brass know Israel did 9/11. A four part series of this interview is on Youtube. Dr. Sabrosky stated that in recent weeks he has brought this to the attention of many high level military contacts, who now realize Israel's role in 9/11. Do you believe it's true that top military officers are just now beginning to realize what you've been saying, and if so, what might be the outcome?

Dr. Alan Sabrosky discusses increasing awareness in the U.S. military that Israel is behind 9-11 and disastrous war policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

IT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN that 9-11 was a Mossad operation - period. - Dr. Alan Sabrosky

If these Americans and those like them ever fully understand just how much of their suffering - and the suffering we have inflicted on others - is properly laid on the doorsteps of Israel and its advocates in America, they will sweep aside those in politics, the press and the pulpits alike whose lies and disloyalty brought this about and concealed it from them. They may well leave Israel looking like Carthage after the Romans finished with it. It will be Israel’s own great fault. - Alan Sabrosky, "Treason, Betrayal and Deceit: 9/11 and Beyond", Sept. 10, 2009 Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.

Answer: In the video clip, Dr. Alan Sabrosky (who says that he has Jewish ancestors) claims he has informed people at the highest levels of the U.S. military that Israeli Mossad criminals are behind 9-11. He says that most of the people in the U.S. military brass were not aware of Israel's role in 9-11 and are truly shocked and enraged when they realize that the U.S. has been duped and deceived by Israeli intelligence. I don't doubt that for a minute. I believe that the 9-11 deception was not understood by the people at the top. This is why the title of my book is Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World.

Had the deception of the false-flag terror atrocity been widely understood in the military, I certainly would not have been attacked, maliciously prosecuted, and tried in a corrupt Chicago court in 2007 with virtually no support from the U.S. military and other institutions. Articles about the conspiracy behind the brutal police attack and my trial can be found in The Bollyn Trial section.

There has, however, been a very significant and noticeable sea change in how the U.S. and British governments and media treat Israel during the past few weeks and I think that Dr. Sabrosky's revelations may be connected with that change. I am very encouraged by this development, to say the least.

Question of March 17: Just today, Wayne Madsen has disclosed another very important link in the chain of evidence: he reports that an El Al 747 departed from JFK for Tel Aviv at 4:11 p.m. on 9/11/2001 and it was full. Would you please pause for a moment to contemplate the evidentiary significance of confirming the complete list of passengers who embarked for Tel Aviv on that unauthorized flight?

Answer: I would expect that Ehud Olmert and many of the Israelis who were behind the terrorism of 9-11 were on this plane. As I pointed out in December 2007, Ehud Olmert, the Likudnik mayor of Jerusalem and deputy prime minister of Israel, was in New York City on the eve of 9-11. The fact that this high level Israeli politician was in New York City on September 10, 2001 has been kept secret. I would assume that this visit has been kept secret because it involved the false-flag terror attacks of the following day. I suspect that Olmert was in New York City during the attacks. It would, of course, be very interesting to get the passenger list. I will see what I can do.

Question and Comment: With the information that is now available, why has the insurance company that paid off on Lucky Larry’s [Silverstein] fraudulent World Trade Center terrorism claim not made some kind of effort to get their money back? Hope you can provide some insight on this. I would also like to comment on my view of the state of the world. Obviously things were not “hunky dory” prior to 9-11, but since that fateful day, the criminal network has been given a blank check to do anything. The American populace seems asleep, thinking only of shopping, sports, money – just making it through their own lives.

Answer: This is a very good question. Much of the money that has been paid out in 9-11 claims has actually come from U.S. taxpayer funds. I had read that the insurance companies were actually reimbursed in this way, but have not seen the documentation. The recently litigated payout to the first responders came from a $1 billion FEMA fund, for example. I will try to check if the WTC insurers were also compensated with U.S. taxpayer money.

One thing that needs to be understood about the ownership of the WTC towers is that agents of the state of Israel became the de facto owners of the WTC when Silverstein took control of the towers in late July 2001. "Sources in the Port Authority intimated that even though they were still in the vicinity, Silverstein was in control," Haaretz reported in its 2001 article, "Up in smoke". Through the Silverstein takeover, which was supervised by Lewis Eisenberg of the Port Authority, agents of Israeli intelligence gained access and complete control of the WTC property that was the target of their carefully planned terrorist attack.

Lewis Eisenberg at the scene of the crime - Eisenberg, a partner at Goldman Sachs, was the head of the Port Authority (the owner of the World Trade Center) in 2001 and was the key person who facilitated the property falling into the hands of Larry Silverstein.

The Silverstein takeover was essential to the Israeli's evil plan because in order to carry out such a sophisticated false-flag terror operation with complete security, owning the property was a requirement. Here are the three principal agents of the takeover:

Larry Silverstein, former owner of Runway 69, a Queens strip club, is a close friend and business partner of Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Silverstein has been close to Netanyahu since he served as Israel's ambassador to the United Nations. "For years they kept in close touch. Every Sunday afternoon, New York time, Netanyahu would call Silverstein," Haaretz reported. "It made no difference what the subject was or where Netanyahu was, he would always call, Silverstein told an Israeli acquaintance. A recent article on Voltairenet.org claims that Silverstein was treasurer of Netanyahu's terrorism school, the mysterious Jonathan Institute and of his electoral campaigns. I have not seen that before and will look to see if it is true. A good article on Silverstein's friendship and business connections to Netanyahu and Barak is "Up in Smoke" from the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz. (American Friends of the Jonathan Institute was established in Washington, D.C. in March 1977 and in New York City in care of Feder & Gopin in June 1977, two years before its first conference.) Silverstein was accused, along with Bill Clinton and Colin Powell, of being involved in drug smuggling and other crimes in a 1997 lawsuit Harry P. Miller v. Larry Silverstein, et al.

Lloyd M. Goldman, Silverstein's behind-the-scenes equity partner on the World Trade Center lease, was chairman of the finance committee of the American Associates of Ben Gurion University in 2000 and is currently national vice president. Ben Gurion University is affiliated with Israel's Nuclear Research Center - Negev (NRCN), which is involved in developing nano-composite energetic materials like the super-Thermite which was found in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers. The crucial question about 9-11 that needs to be answered is who made the super-Thermite that demolished the concrete of the World Trade Center, and who applied it to the interior surfaces, probably the undersides of the 220 floor pans? The evidence indicates that 9-11 was an Israeli-engineered act of false-flag terrorism, which would mean that Israel probably produced the nano-composite of Thermite. The Nuclear Research Center Negev, which is where Israel produces its nuclear weapons, has long been involved in development of super-Thermite. Lloyd Goldman's close connection to Ben Gurion University means that getting super-Thermite from the NRCN into the Twin Towers would practically be an in-house operation. Goldman is poised to take over the World Trade Center project when Silverstein, who is nearly 80, retires. See - "Meet the Other Trade Center Builder", Wall Street Journal, September 11, 2008

Frank Lowy, the third key partner in the World Trade Center takeover. Born in 1930 into a family of modest means in Slovakia (then Czecho-Slovakia), Lowy spent the war years in Budapest, then moved to Palestine where he fought in the underground for the Zionist army, the Haganah. By 17, he was in an elite commando unit of the Israeli Army, fighting behind enemy lines in the War of Independence. In 2006 he established Israel's Institute for National Security Studies, which incorporates the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies.




Comment of March 8: Chris, just wanted you to see this article....dang, I don't understand people lying about you this way, just wanted you to see it, thank you, and keep up the good work, N. http://www.takeourworldback.com/bollynfalseflag.htm

Bollyn Responds: I have not read the whole article but can clearly see by the style and content that it is written by Michael Bernard Piper (a.k.a. Michael Collins Piper) of American Free Press. This is obviously more of his nonsensical lies and slander. One needs to understand that Piper is paid to attack me on behalf of the Zionist Jew Mark Lane and the controlled opposition/flypaper outfit Lane runs out of the Liberty Lobby. If there was a fire in the HVAC unit on the roof of the building of the former I.B.M. Global Network Services (sold to AT&T a year before I left the company in May 2000), how should I know about it and what does it have to do with me? I was living in Germany where I had been since November 2001. How should I know about a minor fire in Schaumburg, Illinois? The main point of the article is to attack my credibility by calling me a liar, a Judas Goat, and an "intelligence operative". The detailed information about Piper and his show indicates that the source of the article is Piper, and he is lying throughout. He is the Judas Goat who is projecting his sins on me in an effort to sow suspicion about my work and motives. When Piper says that he "allowed" me to stand in and host his show during the summer of 2006 he is using the wrong word. I was asked to do this and tried to avoid it because it was an extra obligation that I would have difficulty doing as I was on the road in the western United States.

The real question is why does Piper, who lavished fulsome praise on me everytime he had me on his show in 2006 about being "America's best journalist, bar none", spend so much time and effort attacking me? Piper has obviously been tasked to do everything he can to sow suspicion about me and try to discredit my research and writing. He reveals how he tries to damage my credibility in these lines:

If Bollyn really were an honest truth teller and genuine investigative journalist, he would not be lying like this. And if a supposedly honest journalist is known to be lying about some matters of fact, how can his word be trusted on anything? Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

It is interesting that Piper and Eric Hufschmid are doing the exact same thing, albeit in different ways. Hufschmid claims that I have been kidnapped and that my articles are being written by the Mossad, while Piper calls me a liar and intelligence operative. Both of them want to sow suspicion, which once planted in a reader's mind, is very difficult to remove. But, what have I done to deserve this treatment?

Answer: I have investigated and revealed too much about what really happened on 9-11.

This is the same reason I was treated by the undercover police in Hoffman Estates as I was, and prosecuted as I was. It is interesting to note that Piper takes the word of the corrupt police of Chicagoland as gospel truth. My statement that the water had been turned off in the cell and that I was told "drink from the toilet" is supposedly disproven by the fact that there is a photo of a Hoffman Estates jail cell with a sink and toilet.

Michael Piper

It should be noted that Piper sent me a very nasty email in December 2001 as we prepared to go to Moscow for a 9-11 conference. I thought at the time that it couldn't possibly be from Piper and that someone must have hacked into his mailbox, but I now realize that this is exactly how he operates. He acts like he has a license to lie. He has never been a friend of mine.

Question of March 5: Is Barbara Olson back from the dead? An anonymous person sent me a photo of Barbara Olson (said to have died on 9-11) side-by-side with an image of Lady Booth, the wife of Theodore Olson, former U.S. Solicitor General. There is no doubt that these two women look nearly identical. The question is whether the Barbara Olson (born Barbara Kay Bracher in Houston on December 27, 1955) is the same person as Lady Evelyn Booth (born in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 26, 1960) - or do they simply look very similar? While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Ted simply chose a new wife that looked very much like his previous wife.

The similarity between the two wives of Ted Olson is remarkable. Is Lady Booth really Barb Olson after plastic surgery? The face on the right seems to have had cosmetic surgery.

Barbara Olson's ear, seen here, can be compared with those of Lady Booth. Are they similar?

Lady Booth Olson

This is an interesting question, which I will look into. What is very interesting about Barbara Bracher is that she earned her Juris Doctor at Yeshiva University in New York City. Yeshiva University is a private Jewish school which is very Jewish. Why would a young Catholic girl, who had worked for H.B.O. and Stacy Keach in Hollywood, choose to study law at Yeshiva University? It is possible that Barb Olson has Jewish roots and that this is why she chose Yeshiva University. Another odd thing about Barbara Bracher is that she lived in McLean, Virginia in the early 1990s which makes one wonder if she was working for the C.I.A.

While Barbara Olson had very close connections to orthodox Jews and Zionism, her husband actually worked to protect the crimes of the state of Israel when he defended the Israeli spy, Jonathan Jay Pollard. How did he get that case - and why did he take it? Ted and Barbara Olson's ties to Israeli intelligence need to be taken into consideration when pondering their roles in the false flag terror of 9-11.

As a partner of the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Theodore Olson served as lead counsel for George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore before the U.S. Supreme Courth, which secured Bush's election as President of the United States. Bush then appointed Olson as United States Solicitor General which he was from, 2001-2004. At Yeshiva University, Ted Olson recalled that Barbara Bracher had been the person who officially kicked the Palestinian office out of the United States:



In her third year of law school [Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University], Barbara somehow managed to finesse herself into an internship in the Department of Justice in Washington. And, as a very brassy and gutsy intern, she managed to be the only employee of the government of the United States willing, feisty, and fearless enough to personally serve the papers on the PLO mission to the United Nations in New York announcing that it was being expelled from this country—because they were terrorists. How proud Barbara was to tell that story to her friends at Cardozo!

Question of March 2: Have you heard that it is very possible that Dr. Steven Jones and his nano-thermite theory could very well be misleading the 9/11 Truth Movement down a false path? Dr. Judy Wood theorizes that a Directed Energy Weapon was used to turn the steel into dust. Her theory is very compelling, and this could very well explain why Steven Jones has gotten so far with his nano-thermite theory.

Answer: Yes, I have heard about that theory. I was probably the first person to have written about this "theory" of a directed energy beam being involved in 9-11 after having an interview with a "former" spy from East Germany, who admitted to having worked with the Mossad. See: http://www.bollyn.com/mossad-in-germany-and-9-11-disinfo

The evidence, however, of nano-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is solid proof that this advanced nano-composite explosive was used to pulverize the towers. This is not to say that other explosives were not used, such as cutter charges on the central columns or huge bombs in the basements of the towers. As Dr. Jones would say, the data doesn't lie. The theory of an energy weapon being used to demolish the towers is not supported by the evidence. I consider it to be a kind of red herring theory meant to distract people from the evidence of explosives and super thermite.


Question of February 26: It's been at least a week with no postings on your website? Are you OK? Inquiring minds want to know...

Bollyn Responds: Yes, I am fine. I have been busy doing the final editing of the first 14 chapters of my book, Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World. I did this and printed out the chapters for a supporter in Canada who requested a copy of the book. This took some time away from the article that I am working on, which is about Kenneth Feinberg, the Special Master of the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund. It will come as no surprise that Kenneth Feinberg is a high-level agent of the Israeli government and the Mossad. This article involved quite a bit of research but I hope to have it published in the coming days.

9-11 Special Master Kenneth Feinberg and his wife Diane "Dede" Shaff Feinberg are high-level agents of the state of Israel. Feinberg and his law firm was given an open account from the U.S. Treasury and doled out billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars - without any oversight or accountability - to the families of 9-11 victims to keep them from seeking justice and discovery through the courts. Some 98 percent of the 9-11 families took the money from the fund. Who got how much and who all got paid in the process is a closely guarded secret. Why? The 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund is U.S. taxpayer money after all. We have every right to see how it was disbursed.

Alvin K. Hellerstein: Orthodox Jew and devoted Zionist The same law that created the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund also stipulated that all 9-11 related lawsuits would go through the U.S. District Court of Manhattan, where Alvin K. Hellerstein, an orthodox Jew and devoted supporter of Israel has prevented any case from going to trial. Nearly every single lawsuit concerning a victim of 9-11 has been settled out of court. Thanks to the efforts of the dedicated Zionist team headed by Kenneth Feinberg and Alvin Hellerstein it is very unlikely that there will ever be a 9-11 trial for the worst terror crime in U.S. history. What kind of justice is that? Who are they protecting?

Comment: I am reading your book, Solving 9/11. Your quote attributed to Menachem Begin "We are the master race" supposedly delivered at a meeting of the Knesset seems far fetched. Did you check the source of that quote? I did a little checking and read that it was invented by Texe Marrs. Do you have any sources for the quote? Thanks, your work is fascinating.

Bollyn Responds: The addition of the Begin quote was a recent change. Since the quote cannot be sourced, I have removed it. The text now uses the Begin quote from Kapeliouk’s article: "[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs." - Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' New Statesman, June 25, 1982.

Comment from a Gulf War Vet:

Hello, I am not sure if this goes to Mr. Bollyn or not but I am giving it a shot. I was reading your August 15, 2004 article on depleted uranium and Gulf War Vets. I was a combat engineer during the Gulf War and I wanted to support your article. I am 39 years old and have spent my days since the war in college and now I teach school. I am a non-smoker and live a simple life. In December I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and it spread a bit to the lymphnods. The surgery was hell and now I face a life with cancer. Well thanks for your time and thanks so much for your article on this subject. I am filing a claim with the VA.

Bollyn's Response: This vet is suffering from the effects of D.U. exposure, as are many others. This is an extremely dangerous weapon that should be banned. My four-part series on depleted uranium can be read here: http://www.wagingpeace.org/articles/2004/08/15_bollyn_depleted-uranium-blamed-cancer.htm

Marion Fulk and Christopher Bollyn My research on "depleted" uranium weapons was aided immensely by Marion Fulk of Livermore, California (left). Marion spent most of his working life as a scientist in the employ of the U.S. government, from the Manhattan Project to Livermore Lab. Now retired, Fulk said he wanted to help inform the public of the long-term damage to human health caused by the use of uranium-tipped weapons.

Question: Do you post or send articles to Rense and Jones? Did look, can't find much recent.

Answer: Websites that post my material or links to my articles do so of their own choosing. Two very good sites that re-post my material are RebelNews.org and TruthSeeker.co.uk. Here is the link to some of my material on RebelNews.org and here is the link to my material on TruthSeeker.co.UK: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/columnist.asp?ID=6

Question: Can't even say in words how much I appreciate such extremely rare honest reporting in these dangerous times! Suggestion: Times are tough--can you add a $5 button to the array of PayPal buttons for donations, since even $10 might be too out of reach for some?

Answer: Yes, I will do that.

Comment: Re the black box on Flight 77 shows "cabin doors not open" means nothing since there was no evidence that a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon. There was no released video of Pentagon crash. No recognizable Boeing 757 parts, the penetration of the walls was too deep and too narrow for a 757, no wing or engine marks on building, etc. So, why do you think this story is special? Just curious?


Bollyn's Response: You are quite right. There is no evidence that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon nor do I think that one did crash into the building. We don't know where this black box of Flight 77 really came from but the story is about an independent investigation of the data on the box that is said to be from Flight 77. It is just another small piece of the puzzle showing the massive deception of 9-11.

The War in Iraq - Riley and His Story

May 1, 2010

Riley and His Story is a rare book of photographs about the war in Iraq. Many of the images are disturbing. It is an "ugly book" about an ugly reality that most Americans will never know, but which will affect our nation for generations.

The United States has been at war in Iraq since January 1991, more than 19 years. Started by President George H.W. Bush, the war went through a phase of 12 years of punishing sanctions, no-fly zones, and bombings during the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, until the legally-challenged invasion of 2003 and subsequent war of occupation. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans of this 20-year war now have serious health problems, physical and mental. One of the things I have noticed is the difficulties the men have relating with their families when they are back in the states. As a result of the prolonged and intense psychological stress of war a sense of alienation from their wives and children may occur in some military families.

I recently looked at a very disturbing book about the war in Iraq that shows some of the reality that causes such stress and alienation. The book is entitled Riley and his story. Me and my outrage. You and us. The book was published in the fall of 2009 by Onestar Press (Paris) and Fälth & Hässler (Sweden). The book is not widely available in the United States. One look at the book and you will understand why. The grim reality of the illegal war in Iraq has been kept from the American people since it began in 1991. Unlike the war in Vietnam, actual photographs of the war in Iraq have not been shown to the public as they were in the 1960s on the pages of the popular news magazines TIME and LIFE. Living in the so-called Information Age, we live in a time when the real news is censored and our political reality is based on sugar-coated lies.

Riley and His Story presents the daily life of the Iraq war, as lived and photographed by Riley Sharbonno, an army nurse from Minnesota who served at Abu Ghraib prison from 2004-2005. The book is edited and laid out by Monica Haller. The publisher showed me a copy of the book saying, "This is an ugly book." Many of the images (especially of the wounded) are truly overwhelming, confronting the reader with the ugly reality of war as seen by one who was there. Riley and his story won the Birgit Skiöld Award of excellence at the London Artists Book Fair 2009. A pdf file with photos and text from the book is online at: http://www.rileyandhisstory.com/PDF/riley_excerpts.pdf

One of the photos from Riley and His Story

Monica Haller: Riley and His Story Introduction by Monica Haller. Text by Riley Sharbonno. Published by Onestar Press/Fälth & Hässler Published: 21 September 2009

Title page introduction:

This is not a book. This is an invitation, a container for unstable images, a model for further action. Here is the formula: Riley and his story. Me and my outrage. You and us. Riley was a friend in college and later served as a nurse at Abu Ghraib prison. This is a container for Riley’s digital pictures and fleeting traumatic memories. Images he could not fully secure or expel and entrusted to me. Art can be a series of acts and challenges. Currently the artwork is an object in your hand—organized, mobile, tactile—a stable site to see information once elusive. The artist can mobilize information by provoking, listening, imagining, organizing and reorganizing. Right now, I am the artist. I want you to see what this war did to Riley. Pay attention. This experience happens right in your lap. To make it happen, you must read compassionately, then actively. Then the experience happens wherever you take this container and whenever you respond to my invitation. You and us, yes. Then you and another. This invitation is a model for veterans, families and friends to speak and share openly with each other. The artwork and artist are adaptable; you, the tactical reader, can use this object for your own device, or you can attend to another archive in need of careful attention. This is not a book. It is an object of deployment.

To view images and text from Riley and His Story, click on the following link: http://www.rileyandhisstory.com/PDF/riley_excerpts.pdf

Support Bollyn.com

May 1, 2010

"This is Chris Bollyn's website. He is the bravest and most persecuted reporter in America." - Daniel, Silicon Valley, California

My research and writings are available on this website thanks to the contributions of concerned citizens who donate to my work. Many people visit my website, read, copy and repost my material -- but very few contribute. This is a unique website for 9-11 truth. If you find my material worth reading, such as my recent article on Ehud Barak's role as the mastermind of 9-11, please contribute to help support my website. Donations can be sent by mail or via PayPal to bollyn@bollynbooks.com. Contact details for mail are in the left hand margin.

STATUS OF MY WEBSITE & 9-11 BOOK PROJECT - This website was suspended during the night of April 29-30. This was due, we are told, to a huge surge in the number of visitors - not interference from hostile intelligence agencies. I am very glad to be back online, but can see that there is an urgent need to expand my capacity.

I have decided to self-publish my book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. I am planning to do the layout myself and print a thousand copies or so to be sent as gifts to donors to my research and writing. This will require getting the necessary layout design software, e.g. InDesign by Adobe, and a suitable laptop. This will cost a few thousand dollars (unless somebody donates the software) and I hope to have this done in the very near future. Any support or assistance (such as InDesign software) would be greatly appreciated. Publishing a book is a rather expensive proposition.

HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE - Bollyn.com provides its readers with important information that is simply not available on television, in the mainstream media, or on other websites. The most recent articles are on the front page. The archived articles of more than 8 years of 9-11 research, which make up the second volume of my book Solving 9-11, are being organized and can be found and printed from the Table of Contents. The List of Articles is a useful index that can be sorted chronologically or alphabetically. One can simply browse by subject using the tabs in the left-hand margin. I have recently added the articles from 2007 and articles to a new section about my trial. Photographs will be added.

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Bollyn and Professor Steven Jones examine the evidence of Thermite in the destruction of the World Trade Center at B.Y.U. in the spring of 2006. Jones subsequently found large amounts of super-Thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers proving that the WTC had been exploded using a extremely advanced nano-composite of Thermite. This evidence proves that neither Osama Bin Laden nor the Taliban had anything to do with the pre-planned demolition of the three towers on 9-11. The government explanations for the cause of the three collapses are nothing but fabrications and lies.

A Note of Gratitude

May 1, 2010

I am very grateful to those who have contributed to my research and writing in April, especially T.S. in Oregon, R.W. in California, E.H. in Ontario, T.N. in Australia, N.S.A. in Illinois, S.H. in Virginia, G.S. in Australia, S.D. in Florida, M.B. in Albuquerque, J.R. in Illinois, M.C. in Bristol, T.N. in Australia, M.J. in Washington, J.K. in Kansas City, G.S. in Indiana, R.M. in Novato, A.S. in Texarkana, and M.L. in America. Thank you all very much!

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Switzerland is an important part of my family history. My Bollyn ancestors came to America from Switzerland, where they apparently sought sanctuary after the cruel judicial murder of England's Queen Anne Boleyn, the mother of Elizabeth I, and her brother George. The Boleyn family, which had played a central role in the English Reformation and having the Bible translated into English, was subsequently vilified and slandered. The Boleyn family lost its high position and much of its property after the murder of the Queen and her brother in May 1536.

"No English Queen has made more impact on the history of the nation than Anne Boleyn, and few have been so persistently maligned," Joanna Denny wrote in the opening of her excellent book, Anne Boleyn (2004).

Queen Anne Boleyn - "The Most Happy" (1501-1536)

Try me, good King, but let me have a Lawful Trial, and let not my sworn Enemies sit as my Accusers and Judges; yes, let me receive an open Trial, for my Truth shall fear no open shame; then shall you see, either mine Innocency cleared, your Suspicion and Conscience satisfied, the Ignominy and Slander of the World stopped, or my Guilt openly declared. - Anne Boleyn's letter to her husband King Henry VIII from the Tower of London (1536) http://www.brims.co.uk/tudors/boleynletter.htm

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), the daughter of Queen Anne Boleyn, ushered in the Golden Age of the English Renaissance. Elizabeth was one of the most learned and accomplished women of her age.

Sincere thanks for the donations received in February, especially from V.M. in Canada, J.A. in Kuwait, R.L. in New Zealand, R.D. in Michigan, E.H. in Ontario, T.B. in Saskatchewan, S.Ö. in Sweden, P.C. in Tokyo, S.C. in Tucson, P.D. in Washington, D.C., A.G. in New Jersey, D.A. in Toronto, T.M. in Louisiana, S.R. in Illinois, W.R. in Denver, and M.K. in Hoffman Estates.

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I received Christmas letters from several supporters. One of them penned this message:

Mr. Bollyn:

Keep writing - I find you to be one of the few honest people commenting on the real nature of today's world.

All the best...

I also received this very nice Christmas greeting:

I wish to add some brief words of encouragement for the marvelous work you have undertaken on behalf of all of us who value our freedom. Thank you for your courage, your integrity and your amazing tenacity in exposing the evil which is gripping our planet.

I take whatever opportunities I can in sharing these truths with others - particularly in relation to 911. I was encouraged to read elsewhere today that the spirit of resistance is growing - though I don't expect to see it reported in the mainstream media any time soon!

May God bless you and yours this Christmas and in the New Year ahead.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. - Albert Schweitzer

Human awareness is expanding exponentially thanks to you and people like you. You really are making a difference. - A supporter from Australia

I am very grateful to those who have donated in support of my work in December, especially S.C. in Missouri, A.S. in Panama, G.S. in Australia, T.B. in Saskatchewan, N.R. in New York, E.H. in Canada, P.C. in Japan, J.S. in California, A.S. in London, G.S. in Indiana, M.L. in Maryland, J.B. in Arkansas, S.D. in Aberdeenshire, J.L. in Sacramento, J.R. in Illinois, and T.M. in Germany. Many thanks to you all and those who supported my work in 2009. I couldn't do it without your help.

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I received this encouraging note from a new supporter:

I would like to thank YOU for your brave and continuous effort to bring the painful truth to light. I admire your tireless research and linguistic intelligence. I shared with my husband the other day, that you are the only person out there who writes and explains the tragic 9/11 events so cohesively with plenty of scientific evidence and ‘to the point’, that it will be hard for anyone to dismiss it as yet another conspiracy theory.

Please don’t ever give up Mr. Bollyn and know that we are very grateful for your work!

Don't worry, I won't give up. It is always nice to hear from supporters. We are all in this together and it really is a collective effort to find the truth and save our nation(s).

And a big thanks to those who donated in October, especially J.F. in Colorado, K.D. in New York, T.B. in Saskatchewan, D.G. in Connecticut, V.C. in Ireland, E.H. in Canada, A.S. in Scotland, J.M. in Illinois, R.A. in Philadelphia, and G.S. in Australia. My sincere thanks to you all. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility -- I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it—and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. -John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

This note of appreciation came from a supporter in Canada:

Words can't describe how much respect I have for you and your work. I suggest that everyone look at your history of articles and understand how important you are right now to the pursuit of truth. You are the leading edge.

... from a supporter in Illinois:

Thanks for exposing AFP [American Free Press].

... from a reader in France:

Thanks for your brave investigations to bring light on Truth. You stand out among the best.

... from a reader in Seattle:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! (a million times) for having the courage to help us break through these many walls of lies that are killing our country and the world. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work that you have done on exposing the 9-11 Fairy tale.... We really need to get the people together in this quest for truth and justice.... Until that happens the media and the elites peddling these lies will continue to dominate the world... I hope the battle can be won, and I will continue to do my best to enlighten others, thanks to the great work you have put out on your website.

... from a supporter in Dublin, Ireland:

Many thanks for your contributations to a Cassandra-like society...It is thanks to the likes of you et al that one learns of the manipulation/control of society. May you be protected by the good (especially in the security service). At a time of Depression, which affects all the good (and the stupid), I admire your intelligence in assessing the current debacle.

... from East London, South Africa:

I was with my father watching CNN on the 11 September 2001, when the second plane "hit" the tower. My father's comment greatly startled me at the time. He said, "Americans...How Hollywood! I will bet you my life Mossad is responsible!"

Your book has reiterated all that my father made me aware of, that I mostly dismissed as conspiracy theories. How desperately wrong I was.

I am heartened that people such as yourself have the courage to stand against the demonic Zionazis who control this world. Here in South Africa, they literally forced the President to address their Jewish Board of Deputies (and the country at large) and declare his support for Jews & Israel. No surprise then that the incoming Governor of the Reserve Bank is a Jew, whose family are avowed Zionists, whilst she declares herself as an atheist communist!

The rabid insanity of these people and their stupid lackeys in America and Europe has to come to an end.

Keep up the honorable work.

I am heartened that sincere people consider my work "honorable" and donate to support my efforts. I am very grateful for those who supported my 9-11 research in the month of September, especially D.A. in Toronto, G.W. in Germany, D.M., H.M., and K.B. in California, R.L. in Minnesota, J.A. in Michigan, R.W. in Arizona, K.M. in Australia, M.B. in New Mexico, D.M. in Denver, T.N. in Australia, S.M. in Omaha, M.P., J.A., R.H., and E.H. in Canada, J.D. in England, J.S. in San Marcos, W.F. in New York, J.C. in Long Beach, P.C. in Tokyo, W.H. in The Netherlands, M.P. in Connecticut, D.B. in Wyoming, J.D. in Illinois, J.H. in Quebec, J.M. in Oregon, G.S. in Queensland, L.B. in Tucson, E.J. in Chicago, E.B. in Palm Springs, J.B. in Arkansas, and M.S. in Louisiana. Thank you all very much.

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There is no better place that I can place my money than with you. Dollars become credible currency when placed in your hands. Please keep up the fine, fine work, and accept my gratitude for your devotion to this supremely important part of our lives. Your efforts are unique and singular.

A reader in South Africa sent this note after reading the first 12 chapters of my book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World:

I have just read the 12 chapters of your 9-11 book. I am gobsmacked! Your research is overwhelmingly precise and alarmingly accurate. It took me four days, (with research) and even though I am well researched on the Zionazis, I was flabbergasted at the attention to detail so far. We, as inhabitants of this planet, will be forever grateful for your time and dedication to this cause, and, in time, will owe you a huge debt of gratitude in the future. Thank you for your incredible work. - P., Johannesburg, South Africa

A supporter in Hawaii sent me this nice note:

Aloha, Chris,

After donating to your unparalleled research ... I discovered what you have written about your family's background.

It brought me much joy to realize that your family lineage includes the famous Boleyn family of England, since I count myself as having spiritual connections there as well. I loved seeing the Boleyn family crest, in fact it brought tears to my eyes. I believe you carry the strength and courage of this family, since what you are doing requires not just extraordinary intelligence and determination, but a high degree of spiritual protection. People's essential qualities must shine through, and yours are truly top-class.

May God continue to bless and secure your family, and your dedication to service of the truth. We all benefit from your strength and tenacity. Mahalo nui loa!

Falcon Crest of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England

Note on Las Vegas Radio Show & Ehud Barak's U.S. Visit

April 25, 2010

source: Bollyn

Good News - The AM radio show in Las Vegas aired on Friday, April 23, and was a great success. I was on "Keeping It Real with Mike & Jeff" on KNUU 970 AM Las Vegas, which reaches listeners in 4 states. The 50-minute show is now archived on the KNUU website at http://970knuu.com/archives.htm To listen to the show, scroll down to the section for "Keeping it Real with Mike & Jeff" and click on the 4/23 show. (Their 9-11 truth show of 3/23 with Richard Gage can also be found in this archive section.)

To use the direct link to the April 23 show, click on the following link and allow it to load: http://970knuu.com/Local%20Shows/Keeping%20It%20Real/KeepingItReal4-23-2010.mp3

Mike Levin and Jeff Sawin, and their listeners in the Las Vegas area, are clearly well aware of the 9-11 deception having done an excellent 45-minute show on March 23, 2010, with Richard Gage, an architect from San Francisco and 9-11 truth activist member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. They fully understand that it is impossible for high-rise towers to collapse as the government and media say they did on 9-11. In this show, done one month ago, they also discussed the evidence of super-thermite in the dust. See: http://cms.ae911truth.org/

The tiny red-gray chips of super-thermite found by Dr. Steven E. Jones in the dust of the World Trade Center prove that many tons of this nano-composite high explosive had been applied to the interior surfaces of the Twin Towers, probably to the undersides of the floor pans and the elevator shafts. Cutter charges of thermite were used to cut the core columns, removing any resistance to the collapses. Thermite is mainly composed of aluminum and iron oxide particles. The smaller the particles, the bigger the bang. The particles in the super-thermite used on 9-11 were super small, i.e. nano-size - creating a incredibly powerful heat-producing incendiary - which were combined with an organic compound to create intense gas pressure. Why won't the U.S. government spend a few dollars to find out who made this stuff? What could be more important than solving 9-11? Why does the American holocaust of our time get such short shrift from the U.S. government and mainstream media?

One of the iron droplets found in the dust of the World Trade Center. This photo from the USGS survey of the dust proves that large amounts of molten iron accompanied the demolition of the World Trade Center. The molten iron was created by tons of Thermite incendiaries which had been applied to the interior surfaces and core structure of the Twin Towers. Who put the Thermite explosives in the towers? This is the key question in finding the true culprits of 9-11.

9-11 was a carefully planned holocaust in which thousands of lives were destroyed by incredibly hot incendiary explosives which had been put into the Twin Towers before the planes struck the towers. The explosion seen coming from the left side of the South Tower (the plane's entry point) shows the telltale signs of a Thermate explosion - white smoke and light orange flame. The incredible heat from these incendiary explosives forced hundreds of people to jump to their deaths.

Hundreds of people jumped from the towers to escape the intense heat that was cooking them alive on the upper floors. Remember these lost lives and their souls and stand up for them when you see the arch-terrorist of 9-11, Ehud Barak, in the United States next week - dining and speaking with Hillary Clinton and senior U.S. officials. Protest Barak's visit and demand his arrest! Don't let Barak, the war criminal and mastermind of 9-11, enjoy American hospitality and then escape to Israel with his fellow Israeli terrorists of 9-11!

The blue smoke that rose from the rubble contained large amounts of nano-size particles, created by pools of boiling iron beneath the rubble.

Michael D. Evans embraces Menachem Begin, the terrorist leader of the Irgun who became prime minister of Israel in June 2007. Begin's Likud government talked peace while it planned terror atrocities like 9-11 and the 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

Begin, the well known Zionist terrorist behind numerous massacres and terror bombings, became prime minister of Israel in June 1977. Moshe Dayan served as Begin's foreign minister until 1979. It was during this period that Israeli terror plans for 9-11 were first disclosed to Michael D. Evans by the former Mossad chief Isser Harel.

During the show I discussed the fact that Israeli intelligence had planned the terror attacks of 9-11 for more than 2 decades. Jeff was astonished to hear this and found it to be incredible. It is, however, a well documented fact - by Zionists themselves. This history is discussed in greater detail in "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism" (Chapter 3) of my book, Solving 9-11.

Michael D. Evans here tells his story how the most senior Israeli intelligence chief Isser Harel predicted the events of 9-11 -- in 1979:

On Sept. 23, 1979, the founder of Israeli intelligence over dinner told me that America was developing a tolerance for terror. The gentleman's name was Isser Harel, the founder of Mossad Israeli intelligence-he ran it from 1947 to 1963. He told me that America had developed an alliance between two countries, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and that the alliance with Saudi Arabia was dangerous and would develop a tolerance for terror among Americans. He said if the tolerance continued that Islamic fundamentalists would ultimately strike America. I said "Where?" He said, "In Islamic theology, the phallic symbol is very important. Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit." Isser Harel prophesied that the tallest building in New York would be the first building hit by Islamic fundamentalists 21 years ago.

- Michael D. Evans, Jewish Zionist evangelist in an interview with Deborah Caldwell Is America in Bible Prophecy? August 2004, Beliefnet http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Christianity/End-Times/Is-America-In-Bible-Prophecy.aspx

The 3/23/10 show with Richard Gage, which I recommend listening to, and other archived shows can be found at: http://970knuu.com/archives.htm

The show can be heard by hundreds of thousands of radio listeners in the Las Vegas metropolitan area - and by millions around the world - live on the Internet. This is another indication that the truth of 9-11 is finally breaking into the mainstream media. The discovery of nano-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center (by Dr. Steven E. Jones) and the shocking confessions and revelations coming from people in high places (such as Colin Powell's chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson) indicate that the dam is breaking about the fraudulent "War on Terror" and there is no way to hold back the truth of 9-11 any longer. The official version (of lies and fabrications) about 9-11 can no longer be sustained by any honest person or the U.S. government.

“I have made a personal choice to come forward and discuss the abuses that occurred because knowledge that I served in an Administration that tortured and abused those it detained at the facilities at Guantánamo Bay and elsewhere and indefinitely detained the innocent for political reasons has marked a low point in my professional career and I wish to make the record clear on what occurred.” - Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell in "Wilkerson Demolishes Bush, Cheney, And Rumsfeld’s Lies About Guantanamo," The Public Record, April 14, 2010 http://pubrecord.org/commentary/7416/wilkerson-demolishes-bush-cheney/

The role of government is not to create suffering for its people but to alleviate it. The Obama administration cannot ignore the testimony of Col. Lawrence Wilkerson about the innocence of the detainees of Guantanamo nor can it continue to ignore the crucial discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers. Who made this incredibly powerful explosive using nano-technology and who put it in the World Trade Center? The answers to these questions will identify the real culprits of the mass murder of 9-11. Why is the government avoiding this issue?

Why are innocent people still being held in Guantanamo? Why are the real criminals behind the trillion dollar bailouts of 2008-2009 being protected? Fleecing U.S. taxpayers to pay for the criminal fraud of Goldman Sachs and A.I.G. makes Uncle Sam look like Bernard Madoff, robbing the taxpayer to stuff the accounts of preferred clients. When and where will all this criminality end? Who is behind it all?

Go to the KNUU website to hear the show at: http://970knuu.com/Local%20Shows/Keeping%20It%20Real/KeepingItReal4-23-2010.mp3

Obama is Obliged to Arrest Ehud Barak - 9-11 Mastermind and War Criminal Now in USA

April 25, 2010

Ehud Barak, an indicted war criminal and mastermind of the terror attacks of 9-11 arrives in Washington on Sunday, April 25. Barak will be in the U.S. for one full week. This gives Americans one week to protest Barak's visit - and the government one week to arrest this war criminal and terrorist. Demand Barak's arrest for war crimes and terrorism! Nail the Israeli mastermind of 9-11.

All four of the 1949 Geneva Conventions oblige the United States to search for and try those suspected of grave breaches (which Ehud Barak is due to the findings of the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict) regardless of the suspect's home country or the site of the crime. "Each High Contracting Party shall be under the obligation to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to have committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts," or hand them over "to another High Contracting Party concerned."

War criminal and terrorist Ehud Barak will be speaking at an event with Hillary Clinton on April 29 in Washington, D.C. Hillary Clinton should have this man arrested as soon as he arrives in the United States on April 25. He is an indicted war criminal (based on the UN Report on War Crimes in Gaza by Justice Richard Goldstone) - and the key suspect of the terrorism of 9-11. What is she doing smiling like a silly schoolgirl at this evil architect of terrorism?

Ehud Barak, an indicted war criminal and chief suspect of the false-flag terror of 9-11 is in the United States, again. He will be speaking at a Zionist event in Washington, D.C. along with Hillary Clinton. This presents the ironic situation where the U.S. Secretary of State will be sharing the podium with the Israeli war criminal who is suspected of being the chief architect of 9-11. Why are Israeli war criminals and terrorists coddled and enabled by the West while others are hounded, arrested, and tried at the International Criminal Court at The Hague? What sense is there in allowing war criminals to run a state like Israel - creating an outlaw pariah state that practices terrorism and uses Jews as human shields? Who benefits by the existence of such a criminal state?

Barak flew to Washington Sunday, April 25, to meet with U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. This means that Barak will be in Washington, D.C. for one week, an unusually long visit for an Israeli defense minister. Why is Barak, the mastermind of 9-11 and indicted war criminal spending a week in the United States? Is he fine-tuning plans for another war of aggression with his Zionist co-conspirators in the U.S. government and media?

Ehud Barak was the first person to call for U.S. intervention in Afghanistan - on 9-11. His partner Bibi Netanyahu, who he commanded in the Sayeret Matkal, said the terror attacks were "very good" as they would bring immediate sympathy for Israel. Netanyahu expressed his perverse pleasure with the terror atrocity of 9-11 when tens of thousands of Americans were thought to have perished. These Zionist extremists are stark raving mad. They put all Americans in danger, Gentiles and Jews alike. Israelis and Zionist Jews will find themselves in the greatest danger with such fanatic leaders.

Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak in his military uniform with the red beret of the Sayeret Matkal, the special forces where he was a commander along with Jonatan and Bibi Netanyahu. Barak and Netanyahu created the Jonatan Institute as a think tank/college of terrorism. George H.W. Bush was one of their first students.

Will Americans protest the presence of this war criminal in their nation's capital? Will good Jews stand up against the Zionist terrorists who endanger world peace - and their security? Will the U.S. media ask Ehud Barak what Ehud Olmert was doing in New York City on 9-11 and why that visit has been kept secret? Will the reporters ask who was on the El Al plane that left New York City on the afternoon of 9-11?

The American Jewish Committee of New York announced that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak will address AJC’s Annual Gala on April 29 in Washington, D.C. at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (owned by the Zionist Pritzker family of Chicago).

“We are thrilled to host Secretary Clinton, and Ministers Barak, Moratinos and Verhagen, and look forward to hearing their perspectives on the global challenges confronting the U.S. and Europe,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris.

Americans should protest the war criminal Barak's visit and demand that he be arrested as the U.S. government is obliged to do under international law. The people must lead when the government is weak and corrupt. Barak is the mastermind of 9-11. Doesn't that mean anything to anyone?

Source: American Jewish Committee website http://www.ajc.org/site/c.ijITI2PHKoG/b.5716025/k.D074/Program.htm

"Israel Did 9-11" - U.S. Military Expert Supports Bollyn Thesis

April 3, 2010

"What we need to stand up and say is that not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period . . . And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they're done."

Source: Full Transcript of Sabrosky Interview, March 21, 2010 http://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.com/2010/03/full-transcript-of-sabrosky-interview.html

"9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period . . . And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they're done." - Dr. Alan N. Sabrosky

Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky, an expert author on military and foreign policy matters, is making huge waves in the 9-11 truth community with his interviews in which he says that he is 100 percent certain that 9-11 was a Mossad operation carried out to usher in the Zionist-designed War on Terror - and that he has conveyed this information to the highest levels of the U.S. military. The invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in more than 60,000 U.S. casualties (dead and injured), Sabrosky said. Sabrosky has also recently written an article entitled "Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism."

"Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism" http://sabbah.biz/mt/archives/2010/03/10/zionism-unmasked-the-dark-face-of-jewish-nationalism/

Alan Sabrosky is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO'S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky's teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.

The description of Dr. Sabrosky (born 1941) taken from his 1989 paper entitled, "Of Smoke and Mirrors: Grand Strategy by Commission," shows that he has excellent credentials to support his positions.

Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a military affairs writer and consultant. He was formerly Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and also holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research at the U.S. Army War College. A Marine during the Vietnam War, he has taught at West Point and is a 1986 graduate of the Army War College. He has published ten books and monographs and over 80 articles and reviews on defense and foreign policy. http://www.carlisle.army.mil/usawc/parameters/1989/1989%20sabrosky.pdf

In Dr. Sabrosky's interview with Kevin Barrett on March 30, he explains how he came to the conclusion that Israeli intelligence carried out 9-11:

"When you look at the one thing that could have done it as an organization, Mossad is almost by default the only one left standing. When people in the 9/11 Truth Movement... ask, 'where's the beef'-- the evidence is there. The only piece of evidence lacking is a public confession by one of the architects of the operation, and that is not going to be forthcoming, any more than public confessions by serial capital murderers are common in criminal cases. It's not going to be there."

This is correct. In a highly-secretive Israeli false-flag terror operation like 9-11, which I believe was directed by Ehud Barak, there is a very high degree of compartmentalization, which means there are a lot of people who did and know something about the operation but very few who know the whole thing. Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Shimon Peres would be among those at the architectural level who know the whole picture. It is, of course, unlikely that any of the architectural level planners will be coming forward with confessions any time soon. This is why they have to be publicly shamed, constantly and relentlessly, whenever they travel outside of Israel - and hopefully soon by righteous Jews in Israel.

What I hope will happen is that some one who was involved in putting the super-thermite in the World Trade Center will come forward. This would reveal the source of the extremely advanced nano-thermite that pulverized the Twin Towers. There must be quite a few people involved in the preparation of the towers for demolition.

Whenever any of these high-level planners, which would include Ehud Olmert, come to the United States they should be met by protestors who carry placards asking the key questions. In Olmert's case the question is: Mr. Olmert - What were you doing in New York City on 9-11 and when did you leave? This question should also be asked of Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. No Israeli official should be allowed to appear anywhere in the United States without a protest by 9-11 truth seekers and grilling with all the questions about Israeli involvement in 9-11.

Dr. Sabrosky continued:

"For Mossad to have been the primary actor, given the target - us - there had to have been approval for this-- for the length of time involved, the location, the people who owned and ran security for the World Trade Centers-- there had to have been approval from the highest levels of the Israeli government."

This is quite correct. As I have explained in my book, Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World, the false-flag terror of 9-11 was originally planned during the late 1970s, when the arch-terrorist Menachem Begin was prime minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu and Begin's son Benny are currently at the head of the Likud party. The Israeli logic for 9-11 has always been to force the United States to deploy the U.S. military into the Middle East where it would engage and occupy those states that are hostile to the militant Zionist state of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a disciple of the Zionist terrorist Menachem Begin (and Ze'ev Jabotinsky). The false-flag terrorism of 9-11 was evidently first planned during the reign of Begin in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

As a person who has spent most of his career in military institutions it is not surprising that Dr. Sabrosky calls for a military response against Israel. As he said in the interview of March 21:

I'll tell you - I have a dream, as Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, and my dream is that the 5th and 6th US fleets take Israel and cream it. And that's the end of it.

Here I disagree with Dr. Sabrosky. It would not be correct or proper to "cream" Israel in response to their fanatic leaders (Peres, Netanyahu, and Barak) having committed 9-11. It was not correct to kill innocent Afghans or Iraqis as a response to 9-11 and it would not be correct to kill innocent Israelis or Palestinians either. Such indiscriminate killing would make us no better than the terrorists who committed 9-11. A military response which targeted the Israeli government and military for having committed 9-11, however, would be a proper and just response. A military invasion to overthrow the Zionist regime for having committed the terror atrocity of 9-11 and its long history of aggression and crimes against humanity would be the proper thing to do. Given the fact, however, that the U.S. military takes its orders from the president, this is highly unlikely to happen. But there is another solution - and it is something we can all do.

Many unpopular regimes have fallen in the past thirty years without a shot being fired. The Soviet Union (and the Warsaw Pact communist regimes) and the apartheid state of South Africa, for example, collapsed without any war being fought. The same thing could happen to the racist Zionist regime in Palestine.

A proper investigation of 9-11 would reveal to the whole world the Israeli criminals behind the terror atrocity that changed the world. It would also expose the Zionists in the United States, (e.g. Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein, Ronald Lauder, and Alvin Hellerstein, et al.) who have committed treason by supporting the Israeli criminals. The real criminals then should be arrested, wherever they might be, and tried for involvement in the terror atrocity of 9-11.

This is, of course, what Americans have wanted all along. It has not happened because the institutions that should have done this have all been hijacked by Zionist criminals like Michael Chertoff and Alvin Hellerstein. The investigation was hijacked by Chertoff and the litigation process has been hijacked by Hellerstein. Chertoff and Hellerstein are only the most visible Zionist faces in this crime. There are other less visible Zionists who are also key players in this massive criminal conspiracy. The Zionists who control the U.S. mass media, for example, are also involved in covering up the truth of 9-11.

We should not wait for the U.S. government or military to take action against the real criminals of 9-11 as this may never happen. We already have sufficient evidence that Israel's criminal leaders and their Zionist agents in the United States are behind 9-11. We should expose their treason (e.g. Zakheim, Chertoff, Hellerstein, Silverstein, et al.) and involvement in crimes of terrorism and shame them constantly and relentlessly. We should also demand that our governments and the institutions we are involved in withdraw all support for the state of Israel. This is something we all can do.

The Kevin Barrett show with Alan Sabrosky can be listened to via the clickable link below.

"Was 9/11 a Mossad operation?" Alan Sabrosky on Kevin Barrett Show, March 30, 2010 http://noliesradio.org/archives/14342

For an American military expert like Dr. Sabrosky to openly support my thesis is a very positive development for the 9-11 truth movement -- and very good for me personally. To have a person with the experience and credentials of Dr. Sabrosky confirming my analysis that Israeli military intelligence carried out 9-11, a controversial thesis I have investigated and developed since September 2001, is very encouraging. Many people may now come forward and say that they have known this all along, but I can say that this has been a very unpopular position, one which has not been supported in the so-called 9-11 truth movement. I have, nonetheless, been able to present my thesis and discuss the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11 in numerous conferences across Europe and the United States.

Bollyn at the Axis for Peace conference in Brussels, November 2005

During the 9-11 Truth Tour in Europe in May-June 2005 (funded by Jimmy Walter), I was the only person who spoke about the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11. I was also the only person on the tour who was censored because my thesis was so controversial. In Vienna, Jenna Orkin from New York succeeded in keeping me from speaking by threatening Jimmy Walter and the local promotional agency that the whole Vienna show would be shut down if my "anti-Semitic" views about 9-11 were expressed. Orkin had tried, unsuccessfully, to keep me from being part of the European tour. I have been excluded from most so-called 9-11 truth events because my research has yielded findings of fact that were unacceptable for those who organized the events. Israel was a sacred cow. To blame Israeli intelligence for 9-11 was absolutely taboo.

The BBC interviewed me in London 2005 and asked me why I was the only journalist who did not believe the official version of 9-11.

Later, in 2006-2007, when I was brutally attacked and TASERed by a three-man undercover tactical squad at my home - on my property - not a single U.S. newspaper or media outlet supported me or even covered my case with any sense of fairness. I was maliciously prosecuted for having assaulted the three heavily-armed men who invaded my property and resisting arrest. After a very corrupt legal process I was found guilty of both misdemeanor charges in June 2007 and faced the very real possibility of one year in Chicago's notorious Cook County Jail. At that point we realized that we could not negotiate with criminals and terrorists and were forced to leave our happy home and go into exile.

Christopher Bollyn at the Cook County Court in August 2006.

Rather than discuss my plight, CNN most unfairly tried to smear me as an anti-Semite on the Paula Zahn show the night before my trial was scheduled to begin. The Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald (local newspaper) ignored the facts and gave me the same treatment. Although I had appealed to then Senator Barack Obama, my Congressman, and every member of the Illinois Supreme Court for judicial fairness, not a single word of response came from any of them. (I sent a bound document of some 150 pages to each justice on the Illinois Supreme Court in my effort to obtain a fair trial.) Most telling was the response from organizations that are supposedly dedicated to supporting the free speech rights of journalists. Although I contacted every single one of them, not one responded or offered assistance.

How can it be that an American journalist is brutally attacked by undercover police at his home - in front of his 8-year-old daughter and wife, TASERed while restrained in handcuffs and unable to move a finger, with one 200-pound man kneeling on the temple of his head and another on his back, and has his arm broken - and not a single newspaper, television station, or journalist organization is concerned? This was just the beginning of the price I have paid for my writing about 9-11, but this is why Dr. Sabrosky's revelations are so important to me. Maybe, God willing, my family will finally be able to go home again.

The Bollyn kids in their yard. The heavily armed three-man undercover tactical squad - who refused to identify themselves - invaded the Bollyn home, attacked, handcuffed, and then TASERed Bollyn on the spot where the lawnmower is seen. The loss of their family home has been very hard on the Bollyn kids.

Recommended Sources:

Recommended listening: "Was 9/11 a Mossad operation?" Alan Sabrosky on The Kevin Barrett Show of March 30, 2010 http://noliesradio.org/archives/14342

"The Complicated Faces of Anti-Semitism" by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Salem-News.com http://www.salem-news.com/articles/march192010/anti-semitism-as.php

The Goldman Scam & John Paulson's Links to 9-11

April 20, 2010

The latest news about the fraud at Goldman Sachs confirms what I have been saying all along about the financial "meltdown" and government bail-outs of 2008-2009 - it was a massive Zionist fraud, which I called the Fleecing of America. Will Hutton of Britain's Observer reported on 18 April 2010 in an article entitled "Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – IT WAS A CON" -

The global financial crisis, it is now clear, was caused not just by the bankers' colossal mismanagement. No, it was due also to the new financial complexity offering up the opportunity for widespread, systemic fraud...

Beneath the complexity, the charges are all rooted in the same phenomenon – deception. Somebody, somewhere, was knowingly fooled by banks and bankers – sometimes governments over tax, sometimes regulators and investors over the probity of balance sheets and profits and sometimes, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says in Goldman's case, by creating a scheme to enrich one favoured investor at the expense of others – including, via RBS, the British [and U.S.] taxpayer.

The man at the center of this particular scam is a man named John Alfred Paulson and his company. The New York Times reports that Paulson personally made an estimated $3.7 billion in 2007 as a result of his hedge fund’s performance, and another $2 billion in 2008. The charge is that Goldman's vice-president Fabrice Tourre created a dud financial instrument packed with valueless sub-prime mortgages at the instruction of hedge fund client Paulson, sold it to investors knowing it was valueless, and then allowed Paulson to profit from the dud financial instrument.

John Alfred Paulson

As the Observer reported on April 18:

The reality was that Paulson was frantically buying credit default swaps in the CDO that would go up in price the more valueless it became – a trade that would make more than $1 billion. Worse, Paulson had identified some of the dud sub-prime mortgages that he wanted Tourre to put into the CDO. If the SEC case is true, this was a scam – nothing more, nothing less.


Following Harvard Business School, Paulson began his career working as a Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group from 1980 to 1982 (where Benjamin Netanyahu began his career in 1976) and as an Associate at Odyssey Partners from 1982 to 1984. Paulson's career at Odyssey Partners brought him into a small circle of Zionist finance scoundrels comprised of Stephen Berger, Leon Levy, and Jack Nash.

John Paulson and Stephen Berger joined Odyssey Partners in 1982, the year it was founded by Jack Nash (left) and Leon Levy (right).

The late Jack Nash (in 1995) was a devoted Zionist supporter and chairman of the American Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (AFIM). His wife Helen is currently a vice president of the Zionist organization, of which the Baroness Nadine de Rothschild is the Honorary President and Jo Carole Lauder, the wife of Ronald Lauder, is an executive committee board member.

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress and close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, looks pretty miserable for a multi-millionaire Zionist in his mid-60s (even with his secretive Israeli girlfriend/Mossad handler/art dealer Daniella Luxembourg). Lauder was the driving force behind the privatization of the World Trade Center, a key part of the 9-11 plot. Guilt destroys a person up from inside. There is no escape, Ron.

Lauder's full-time Mossad handler Daniella Luxembourg and "contemporary art specialist" Amalia Dayan, both of Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg. Dayan is the grand-daughter of Moshe Dayan. The world of Zionist terrorism is small and based on certain family ties. The Zionist terrorist regime of Israel today is very much like the Sicarii Zealots of the First Century. The Sicarii were Jewish robbers and terrorists who killed other Jews to further their extremist ends. Facing the power of the Roman army, the Sicarii wound up killing hundreds of Jews in the massacre of Masada. The Israeli terrorist regime of Netanyahu and Barak uses Jews as human shields, which endangers all Jews, Zionist and non-Zionist, in the same way as the Sicarii of Masada in the First Century. Israel today is becoming more and more like one huge Masada.

...AND 9-11

Stephen Berger

Stephen Berger was executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (1985-1990), the owner of the World Trade Center, when Atwell Security, a Mossad company, received the security contract in 1987. The Israel's Mossad attempt to obtain the security contract for the Port Authority in 1987 involved Mossad intelligence chief-cum-art dealer Peter Zvi Malkin. Michael Chertoff's mother, Livia Eisen, was also a Mossadnik art dealer in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

"Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con," by Will Hutton, The Observer (U.K.), April 18, 2010 http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/apr/18/goldman-sachs-regulators-civil-charges

The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9-11 http://www.bollyn.com/the-architecture-of-terror-mapping-the-network-behind-9-11

Bollyn, Christopher, “The Fleecing of America: 9-11 and the Crisis on Wall Street,” Chapter XI of Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World http://www.bollyn.com/the-fleecing-of-america-9-11-and-the-crisis-on-wall-street

Cook County Cops Busted

April 18, 2010

Here is a vivid example of the brutality of the rogue cops of Cook County. This incident happened in Streamwood, a neighboring village of Hoffman Estates, my hometown. In this case the video clearly shows the cop using excessive force on a person. As typical of such cases, the victim of the beating was charged with resisting arrest, although he clearly did not resist in any way. See video here.

Ronald Bell of Streamwood, Illinois (left, note he is handcuffed to the bed!) suffered a concussion and multiple bruises and scrapes at the hands of Streamwood Police officer James Mandarino (right) in a beating outside his home on March 28. In an unusual (and long overdue) move against the notorious police brutality of Cook County, Mandarino has been charged with two felonies. (Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times)

In my case there were at least six similar videos taken by the 7 police cars on the scene showing the illegal undercover police assault against me (by Michael Barber, Timothy Stoy, and Darin Felgenhauer). Evidence of serious police misconduct, all video records of the three-man tactical squad assault at my home in August 2006 were destroyed in violation of Hoffman Estates police regulations. I found evidence that the undercover police attack against me had been planned in advance (for exercising my Constitutional rights) - a federal offense. (See section entitled "The Bollyn Trial" for more information.)

See: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2010/04/streamwood-cop-charged-with-beating-motorist.html

9-11 Activists Investigating Michael Goff Assaulted

April 15, 2010

The AZL, a group of anti-Zionist activists in Worcester, Massachusetts, has come under attack with threats and assaults after calling for an investigation of Michael Goff, who was the founding manager of Ptech and went on to work for the Mossad-linked company, Guardium. The attacks followed AZL interviews done with me last November, which focused on Michael Goff and his role with Ptech. Ptech's enterprise software is thought to be Israeli intelligence spyware which provides unauthorized access to the data on any networks running Ptech software.

Michael Goff was a lawyer working with the Jewish law firm of Seder and Chandler in Worcester, Massachusetts, before leaving the firm to work as the general manager and marketing chief for Ptech in the early 1990s. He later worked for the Mossad-linked software company, Guardium. Both his father and grandfather were highest level Jewish Freeemasons of the B'nai B'rith in Worcester, the real Elders of Zion.

"Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9-11," Singh said. "Their specific job is to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to know that the FAA - that there was a window of opportunity or to insert software or to change anything - it would have been Ptech along with MITRE."

- Indira Singh, a risk consultant and IT specialist who had worked on a Defense Advanced Research Project, and who was employed by J.P. Morgan on 9-11, in risk management, to the 9-11 Citizens' Commission hearings in New York, September 2004. (See: Bollyn article on MITRE below)

The AZL podcasts, including their interviews with me, can be listened to on their website at: http://azlroundtable.podbean.com/

The following 25-minute AZL podcast of April 2, 2010 explains what happened to this group of 9-11 activists and who they know to be behind the attacks and threats. From their website:

“Mossad Death Threats, Assault on Hmura and the AZL”

ALERT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT: Take 1/2 hour of your time to see how far down this country’s gone due to Zionist mafia infiltration. Hear how 87 year old WW2 Vet Anthony Hmura was assaulted, and threatened with death! Hear how a self-described “Mossad Killer” threatened to kill AZL activist, Michael Collins. See the Restore Self Government plan at The AZL, and see how you can help secure a 9/11 investigation of Michael Goff, and GUARDIUM, the Israeli Intelligence-run company which Goff has ties to. STAY TUNED!

April 2, 2010 interview on-line at: http://azlroundtable.podbean.com/

For background on Bollyn interviews with AZL on Michael Goff, see:

"Bollyn on 9-11, Ptech, and Michael Goff", November 15, 2009 (Updated March 29, 2010) http://www.bollyn.com/news-comments#article_11727

"Did Mossad Deceive the U.S. Military on 9-11", April 2, 2005 http://www.bollyn.com/9-11-archive-2005#article_11886

"Is MITRE the Trojan Horse of 9-11?", April 1, 2005 http://www.bollyn.com/9-11-archive-2005#article_11885

Israel Did 9-11 - How to Spread the Truth

April 14, 2010

Zan, a long-time reader and supporter of Bollyn.com from Los Angeles, shows how one man can make a big difference. Zan exercised his fundamental American right of free speech holding a sign which said:

ISRAEL* - NOT MUSLIMS - DID 9/11! (* with Jewish and Gentile American helpers)

Zan peacefully held his sign and handed out a four-page flyer to those who wanted it, while standing on a sidewalk near a theatre in Los Angeles where an event put on by the conservative radio station KRLA (a Salem Communications station) was taking place last November.

The hostile and abusive reactions of some of the people are very interesting and show how difficult it is for many people to accept information that does not square with the Zionist worldview presented by the controlled media in the United States. The Zionist-controlled media defines reality for most people in America. If they have not seen it on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX News, and read about it in the New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, and the Washington Post - well, it must not be true. Many Americans accept and parrot the political point of view of their favorite TV or radio personality (e.g. Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, etc.). You often hear people expressing their opinion using the exact same terms and phrases spewed by these highly-paid talking heads. One of the people in the video below displays this when he says that the official version has been proved - by the media! (The controlled media is the last place to expect to find any truth about 9-11.)

The interaction with the woman who tries to make a joke about "nano-termites" is an example of trying to laugh off the evidence of a very real mass murder. It is similar to the man who tries to belittle Zan by joking that he had lost his mind following a stroke, or the other who said he is "not well." This is the typical use of ad hominem attacks to deny the facts of the message by attacking the messenger.

Zan shows how an average American can exercise his right of free speech, peacefully and intelligently, to shame the real culprits of 9-11 while bringing public attention to the huge deception that changed the world. What a great example Zan is for all free, patriotic, and Truth-loving Americans - and like-minded people around the world. Well done, Zan, well done!

The Dirty Business Behind the 9-11 Clean-up

April 11, 2010

The discovery by Professor Steven Jones of tiny chips of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center has greatly improved our understanding of what happened on 9-11. With this evidence in hand we have a much better understanding of how the Twin Towers were pulverized. The crucial questions about 9-11 remain: Who made this nanotech super-thermite? And who put it in the Twin Towers?

The red-gray chips of super-thermite found in the dust of the pulverized World Trade Center have fundamentally changed our understanding of what happened on 9-11.

Seeing that an advanced nano-composite form of thermite was used to demolish the buildings, we can now understand that the clean-up was actually a well-planned operation to remove and destroy the evidence of the crime. Every aspect of the well-planned false flag terror atrocity of 9-11 was completely controlled and compartmentalized, the hallmarks of a Mossad (Ehud Barak) operation. Every part of the operation is carried out by people and companies that are controlled by the architects of terrorism. They are all essentially part of the same team - the Israeli terror team - and can be controlled and trusted, from the top down. With this in mind, we begin our review of the people who cleaned up the World Trade Center.

THE RESCUE CHIEF - From September 12, 2001 until July 11, 2002, Martin Seigel of Freehold, New Jersey, was "rescue chief" and director of field operations for Bovis Landfill, which won the contract to clear the debris of the World Trade Center. (Photo from Aftermath by Joel Meyerowitz)

"From 12 September until 11 July," Martin Seigel (sometimes written Marty Siegel), "was director of field operations, overseeing the rescue on behalf of Bovis Landfill, which won the contract to clear the debris," The Observer (U.K.) reported on August 18, 2002. How was Bovis chosen so quickly? one might ask. Martin Seigel began working on the pile of rubble already on September 12, 2001? How did a subsidiary of Bovis Lend Lease, a British-owned company headed by Frank Lampl ("Life President" of the company) win the contract in less than one day? What kind of selection process was used? Why such haste to hire companies to remove the debris - before the bodies are recovered and the evidence is examined?

One has to understand that 9-11 was planned well in advance, which means that the removal and destruction of the evidence was also planned to be assigned to companies that could be trusted to follow orders and keep secrets. There is no way that the architects of the false flag terror of 9-11 were going to let honest engineers anywhere near the evidence of the crime. The World Trade Center is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey so it stands to reason that Bovis Lend Lease was chosen by Lewis Eisenberg then director of the Port Authority (until December 2001). Eisenberg, as chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, personally arranged the privatization of the World Trade Center property and oversaw the negotiations that delivered the leases into the private hands of Silverstein and Lowy. (See - "The Zionists Who Gained from 9-11"). Eisenberg is part of the Zionist circle of 9-11 culprits.

Frank Lampl, a Czech Jew, is "Life President" of Bovis Lend Lease

Frank Lampl, the "Life President" of Bovis Lend Lease, is a Jew from Brünn (Brno) who emigrated to Britain in 1968. According to his biography, his son Thomas was studying at Oxford University in 1968 when Frank and his wife decided to leave Czechoslovakia. He joined Bovis in 1971 and rose quickly to become chief executive of Bovis International in 1978. Bovis has done many large jobs in the United States, including the construction management contract for the Atlanta Olympic Games.

Sir Frank Lampl (knighted by the Queen) is the first Honorary President of the Czech British Chamber of Commerce, a position he has held since March 2009. He has also established a branch of Bovis in Brno, his hometown in the Czech Republic. Bovis has two locations in Brno, one at the hospital and another near the technical university, where nanotechnology is developed.

Lampl's Bovis Lend Lease is a company that has long been engaged in nanotechnology research as well. Since the 1990s, Bovis has been involved in the development of nanotechnology labs, such as those in which the super-thermite used on 9-11 was made. Bovis company archives indicate that the company has been involved in nanotechnology production since at least October 2000. (See: Bovis Lend Lease Launches New Pharmaceutical Business, October 30, 2000.)

Did Bovis produce the super-thermite that pulverized the Twin Towers? It's certainly possible. Was the nano-thermite of 9-11 made in the Czech Republic? It's also possible.

The CV of design manager Richard Paley, former Principal Architect at Bovis Lend Lease, indicates that he was designing nanotechnology clean rooms for Bovis Lend Lease for the better part of a decade, starting with a 4 year stint from October 1990 until October 1994:

Senior Architect Bovis Lend Lease (Public Company; LLC; Construction industry) October 1990 — October 1994 (4 years 1 month) [Employed by Tanvec Ltd , bought by Bovis Lend Lease in 1999] - Role involved design of cleanrooms , laboratories and production facilities for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and process industries. Responsible for compliance with planning and building regulations and compliance with MHRA and FDA regulations.

See: Richard Paley CV

Sir Frank Lampl is also a friend of Ehud Barak, the Israeli minister of defense who is responsible for the war crimes committed in Gaza in Israel's operation "Cast Lead" of December 2008 and January 2009. Some 1,400 Palestinian civilians were killed in this criminal assault on the people of the Gaza Strip. In October 2009, Sir Frank Lampl, a partner of Forum 2000, sponsored an international conference in which Ehud Barak was one of the key speakers. Why would Ehud Barak, an Israeli terrorist who should be arrested for war crimes, be allowed to speak at an international forum on "Democracy and Freedom" in Prague in 2009? What is the real connection between Israeli criminals and the Czech Republic?

Ehud Barak, indicted for serious war crimes by the Goldstone Report, spoke at Forum 2000 in October 2009, an event sponsored by Sir Frank Lampl. What a small world.

Frank Lampl's connection with Ehud Barak is most telling. This is the inner circle of 9-11. These are the key suspects in the false flag terror atrocity of 9-11. Barak is the senior architect of the terror attacks and Lampl was the loyal Zionist Jew who helped destroy the evidence.

(...to be continued...)

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The Gang of Czech Jews around the Collapses of 9-11

April 13, 2010

Anders Björkman's article about the collapse of the World Trade Center entitled, "Discussion of 'What Did and Did Not Cause Collapse of World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York' by Bazant, Le, Greening and Benson" is scheduled for publication in the July 2010 issue of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Fig. 6 - "Crush down" between floors 85 and 75. Upper Part C is evidently not visible, nor is Part B - Rubble/debris. It should be clear to everybody that WTC 1 is now blown apart by energy released inside the tower as described here.

In his recent posting "What did and did not Cause Collapse of WTC Twin Towers in New York," Björkman wrote:

The Bazant theory can evidently not be verified in a laboratory or in reality for any structure of any size...

No structure of any size can be crushed by an upper part of itself from top down by gravity...

Question remains why Bazant & Co suggest the opposite? It is insane! Are Bazant & Co part of the conspiracy to destroy the WTC at NY?


Is Zdenek Bazant part of the conspiracy to destroy the World Trade Center? Bazant is the Czech Jew who had a scientific paper ready - one day after 9-11 - to provide an explanation for how the Twin Towers were collapsed and pulverized - without explosives. Frank Lampl is the Czech Jew whose company, Bovis Lend Lease, cleaned up the rubble of the World Trade Center, which had been leased by Frank Lowy, another Czech Jew, who had obtained the lease to the towers with Larry Silverstein just 6 weeks before they were destroyed.

What is it with these Czech Jews and 9-11? Is this an international gang of criminals or what? Are they connected to the Czech Jew Madeleine Korbel Albright (born Marie Jana Korbelová in Prague, May 15, 1937) daughter of Josef Korbel, the mentor of George W. Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice? What a small world.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

"The Dirty Business Behind the 9-11 Clean-up," April 11, 2010 http://www.bollyn.com/index.php#article_12088

"Fire Did Not Collapse WTC - Swedish Structural Engineer," January 8, 2008 http://www.bollyn.com/fire-did-not-collapse-wtc-swedish-structural-engineer

Fearing 9-11 Protests Netanyahu Cancels U.S. Visit

Updated - April 9, 2010

But when it comes to acts of wickedness against men, and sacrilege against the gods, no expiation is possible. So the offenders pay the penalty, not necessarily imposed by the courts, but they are chased and hounded by the Furies, not with burning firebrands as in the plays, but with the torment of their conscience and the agony of their guilt. - Cicero (106-43 B.C.) Laws, Book One


"I am not concerned that anyone would think Israel is a terrorist regime. Everybody knows a terrorist and rogue regime when they see one." - Benjamin Netanyahu, 7 April 2010

The face of a real terrorist - Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem press conference, 7 April 2010 - "I'm not concerned that anyone would think that Israel is a terrorist regime," Netanyahu said.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has abruptly cancelled his trip to Washington, planned for next Monday and Tuesday to attend a conference on the spread of nuclear weapons. The Jerusalem Post writes that Netanyahu had suddenly cancelled his visit fearing Israel would be singled out over its own nuclear facilities. I don't think that is the real reason. I have reason to believe that my calls for Americans to protest Israel's involvement in 9-11 played a role in his decision to stay away. The fact that the Arab and Muslim states are calling for action to be taken on Israel's illegal nuclear arsenal is certainly not unexpected nor is it news to anyone (least of all the Israelis) whereas my call for 9-11 activists to protest his visit and bring public and media attention to Israel's role in the atrocity is certainly a new factor. Netanyahu does not want to face public protests raising questions about the Israeli false-flag terror of 9-11. "I'm not concerned that anyone would think that Israel is a terrorist regime," Netanyahu told the Associated Press on April 7. Most of the world, however, sees Netanyahu's Israel as exactly that - a terrorist regime running a terrorist state. Millions of Americans now know that Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu, and their terrorist cronies in Israeli intelligence were behind 9-11.

Graphic - 9/11 Jewish-Mossad False Flag Archive

The Jerusalem Post reports on April 9 that Netanyahu had said he would attend the conference to underline the dangers of terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons, but suddenly called off the trip less than two days after he announced he would take part. Israel's Army Radio reported that US sources informed Israel that a group of participating Arab countries led by Turkey and Egypt plan to use the summit to demand that Israel sign the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and allow its alleged nuclear capabilities to be placed under international inspection. But there is certainly nothing new about this. It is to be expected at any conference in which nuclear weapons are discussed. In Washington, National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer confirmed that Israel had informed the US that Netanyahu would be staying home, sending his deputy, Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor, instead.

Sources: "Israeli PM calls off trip to nuclear conference", Associated Press, April 9, 2010 http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100409/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_nuclear_summit_israel "PM withdraws from nuclear conference", Haaretz, April 9, 2010 http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1161900.html "PM cancels nuclear summit trip", Jerusalem Post, April 9, 2010 http://www.jpost.com/Home/Article.aspx?id=172707

Note: Israel's prime minister was scheduled to travel to the United States next Sunday or Monday with his accomplices in Israel's illegal nuclear weapons industry. I have made several calls for Americans to protest against these criminal terrorists loudly and point out Netanyahu's and Israel's involvement in 9-11 and call for his arrest. One day after I called for public protests on R.J. Hender's radio show on RBN, Hender was visited by two FBI agents at his home in Utah. The FBI is clearly out-of-line and acting illegally - like the Gestapo or the KGB - by harassing American patriots. The FBI has been spying on Americans, like me, for years. This outlaw agency is a clear danger to the republic.

Netanyahu is a terrorist that should be publicly shamed and never allowed to visit the United States (or anywhere else) without loud and sustained protests from the people. Some questions Netanyahu should be made to answer:

What was Ehud Olmert doing in New York City on 9-11 and why has this visit been kept secret?

Who were the people on the El Al flight that left New York on the afternoon of 9-11?

There are many more questions that I will put together to bring attention to Israel's central role in 9-11.

From: "PM to take part in US nuke summit" by Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post, April 7, 2010 http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=172532

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that he will return to the US on Monday [April 12], to take part in President Barack Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit, just three weeks after he met with Obama in a meeting widely characterized as extremely difficult.

Beyond meeting Obama at a reception for the more than 40 leaders from around the world who are expected at the two-day gathering, no one-on-one meeting is scheduled between the two men.

The prime minister will be accompanied by Shaul Horev, director-general of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, and National Security Council head Uzi Arad.

* * * * *

SOME DAY AMERICANS WILL AWAKEN to the heavy strategic price their own nation pays for indulging Israeli excesses. Israel may be successful in securing all of Jerusalem within its own borders. But it runs the historic risk of making itself, by a ghastly irony, a pariah state.

Max Hastings in "A deaf and defiant Israel is gambling with its future", Financial Times (U.K.) March 26, 2010

"Bibi" Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, is a disciple of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the founder of the most radical, racist, and militant form of Zionism. Jabotinsky was the Zionist extremist who called for an "Iron Wall" to be built in Palestine. The West should know that there can be no appeasement with such fanatics who are devoted to an ideology of Jewish supremacism, racial and religious segregation, and the creation of Greater Israel. The fact that the U.S. and the international community have now clearly condemned illegal Israeli settlements is piling pressure on Netanyahu and his government of extremists. The crucial question now is how will Netanyahu respond to this pressure? This is a dangerous situation because Zionist zealots, when pressed to make compromises for peace, usually react with violence and terrorism.


(CLUE - Remember Madoff's Missing Billions?)

It is said that one can judge a man by the company he keeps. This is sage advice. It is true that one can judge a person's nature by the kind of people he associates with. This is also how one can identify and understand the connections between the members of the Zionist criminal network behind the terrorism of 9-11 and the massive financial scams of the past few years. As I pointed out when the Bernard Madoff scam surfaced, a small circle of people are involved in both 9-11 and the theft of some $50 billion by Madoff and company.

One might wonder how Benjamin Netanyahu can afford to offend and insult the Obama administration so openly? The hubris of Netanyahu comes from his conceit - and the fact that he and his cronies have tucked away billions of stolen dollars, the missing billions from the Madoff scam, for example.


Benjamin Netanyahu and his former commander, Ehud Barak, are both very close friends and business associates with Larry Silverstein. Silverstein was a business partner on his Israeli tax-free zone project with Larry Tisch of CBS and the late Sy Syms Merns (the former Seymour Merinsky), who passed away in November 2009. Sy Syms, a member of the board of the Israeli Discount Bank of New York, was a close business partner of Bernard Madoff. This is the small circle of Zionist masterminds behind 9-11 and the Madoff rip-off.

Bernard Madoff (left) treasurer and chairman of the board of Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University with his vice chairman Sy Syms (center) and Josh S. Weston.

Lev L. Dassin, as Acting U.S. Attorney for New York, prosecuted the Madoff case allowing Madoff's criminal operation to remain hidden and the ill-gotten money - some $50 billion - to remain in the hands of the Zionist criminal network who stole it. Dassin served as Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York from December 2008 through August 2009, and was responsible for all criminal and civil litigation in the district on behalf of the United States. He oversaw a number of high profile matters, including the prosecutions of Bernard Madoff and Marc Dreier, and the representation of the United States’ interest in the Chrysler and General Motors bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, he oversaw national security and terrorism cases. It should be noted that Dassin had previously prosecuted the cases related to the 1993 false-flag terror bombing of the World Trade Center.

April 21, 2009 - Lev L. Dassin, the acting United States attorney in Manhattan, viewing Portrait of a Musician Holding Bagpipes, which was returned by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to the Estate of Max Stern, a German Jewish art dealer who had sold it in a "Jew sale" in 1937. “Each work of art returned brings us one step closer to the goal of repatriating all of the surviving works of art stolen by the Nazis,” Dassin said. Why would U.S. authorities, who are so dedicated to finding the paintings that a German Jew sold or lost in Germany in 1937, be so indifferent to the billions of dollars stolen by Bernard Madoff in the U.S.? This indifference on the part of Dassin and the U.S. Department of Justice to the missing billions only makes sense if one considers that the Madoff scam was actually a well-planned Israeli enrichment project, which brought tens of billions of stolen dollars into a secret Zionist slush fund.

See: "Is the Prosecutor Protecting Madoff's Fellow Conspirators?" March 17, 2009 http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/print.asp?ID=10320

As I wrote about the toothless prosecution of Madoff in May 2009:

[Lev] Dassin, the scion of a family of Russian Zionists, is also handling the Madoff and Art Nadel cases. In the Madoff case, Dassin did not file the most obvious charge of conspiracy. He obviously accepted Madoff's statement that he had stolen the $50 billion all by himself and had no accomplices. According to Dassin's complaint against Madoff, his closest business partners, Sy Syms and Jacob Ezra Merkin, who funneled billions of dollars to his investment fund, were completely clueless and out of the loop. They just invested billions of dollars into a black hole. Is that believable? The conspicuous fact that Madoff's partners are the directors and owners of "private" Israeli banks (privatized under then finance minister Bibi Netanyahu) and have branches in Switzerland that are allowed to make use of Swiss secrecy laws is of no interest to Lev Dassin. Golly Lev, so where did the $50 billion go?

See: The Bronx Temple Bomb Set-Up, May 22, 2009 http://www.bollyn.com/the-bronx-temple

When the massive Madoff rip-off emerged, I pointed out Madoff's close business connections to Ezra Merkin and Sy Syms Merns [born Seymour Merinsky in Brooklyn, 1926], who was a director of the Israel Discount Bank, an institution well-known for money laundering:

The latest massive financial scandal is the giant $50 billion pyramid or ‘Ponzi’ scheme run by a New York Zionist Jew, Bernard Lawrence Madoff. Madoff was chairman of the Syms business school at Yeshiva University with his partner, Sy Merns, a.k.a. Sy Syms, who has been a director at Israel Discount Bank (IDB) since 1991. The IDB bank is well known for its money laundering business.

Syms and the Israel discount bank

The IDB is the Israeli bank at the center of the 9-11 funding matrix connected to the Bronfman family and Israeli military intelligence. IDB is the Israeli financial institution at the center of the Zionist crimocracy. (See: The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11, especially the section on Joseph Ciechanover, the former chairman of IDB's New York branch.)

On January 31, 2006, a controlling interest in the Bank was acquired by an investor group led by Matthew Bronfman and Rubin Schron. The deal gave Bronfman ownership of IDB's wholly owned subsidiary, the Israel Discount Bank of New York. Bronfman is a younger brother of Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group Corp.

A director of Israel Discount Bank (NY), Sy Syms (center) is the man in the middle of the Madoff scam and Larry Silverstein's free-trade zone in the Negev, a project that involved Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu.

See: "Who is Bernie Madoff, the man behind the $50 billion fraud?" by Christopher Bollyn, December 12, 2008 http://www.ety.com/HRP/jewishstudies/madoff.htm

To understand the long-standing relationship between Commander Barak, Bibi Netanyahu, Larry Silverstein, and Seymour Syms [Merinsky], I recommend reading the 2001 Haaretz article entitled "Up in Smoke", by Sara Leibovich-Dar. It reveals that Netanyahu and Silverstein were very close and spoke every Sunday. Why would Benjamin Netanyahu need to speak with Larry Silverstein on a weekly basis - for years - prior to 9-11?

Here a few key extracts from "Up in Smoke":

Shortly after the events of September 11, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called Larry Silverstein, a Jewish real estate magnate in New York, the owner of the World Trade Center's 110-story Twin Towers and a close friend, to ask how he was. Since then they have spoken a few more times. Two former prime ministers - Benjamin Netanyahu, who this week called Silverstein a "friend," and Ehud Barak, whom Silverstein in the past offered a job as his representative in Israel - also called soon after the disaster...

Silverstein is also a member of the joint American-Israeli commission for housing and community development, which was established by former president Bill Clinton. In the early 1990s, he was involved in projects to build housing for new immigrants. The Israeli political world got to know Silverstein when he tried to create a free-trade zone in the country. He became friendly with Yitzhak Rabin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon...

Silverstein conceived the idea of creating the free-trade zone in 1989. He met with Shimon Peres, who was then the finance minister, and with his deputy, Yossi Beilin, and tried to convince them that the project was an urgent necessity. The idea was that he would be given land in the Negev and would establish tax-free industries there. The Negev would benefit by getting new jobs, and Silverstein would benefit by raking in plenty of money. Peres and Beilin objected: Free-trade zones of the kind envisaged were usually created in the Third World and had the reputation of being slave markets. The local workers earn starvation wages, while the entrepreneurs enjoy full tax exemption and make high profits.

Silverstein did not give up. The economic difficulties he encountered in New York forced him to look for an additional source of revenues. In September 1992, he met in New York with the new finance minister in the Rabin government, Avraham Shochat, and again raised the idea of the free-trade zone, claiming it would create 20,000 new jobs and make the Negev flourish. With Silverstein were his partners in the investment group, Larry Tisch, the owner of CBS, and Sy Sims, a major New York discount retailer...

Close ties with Netanyahu

The ascension to power of Benjamin Netanyahu opened a new chapter in the saga. Silverstein is left-leaning in his political views - he supports the Democratic Party - but after despairing of Rabin and Peres, he believed that Netanyahu, whom he called a hero of the free market, would push the project forward.

The two have been on friendly terms since Netanyahu's stint as Israel's ambassador to the United Nations. For years they kept in close touch. Every Sunday afternoon, New York time, Netanyahu would call Silverstein. It made no difference what the subject was or where Netanyahu was, he would always call, Silverstein told an Israeli acquaintance. Their ties continued after Netanyahu became prime minister. They met several times and Netanyahu promised to give the project his support...

However, Sharon's initiative was stopped dead in its tracks by the elections of May 1999. Still, the change of government did not look ominous to Silverstein - on the contrary. He was friends with the new prime minister, Ehud Barak, too. In 1995, when Barak left the army, Silverstein offered him the job of acting as his representative in Israel, hoping that the former chief of staff, with his ramified connections, would be able to push the project through. Barak turned down the offer, but continued to stay in touch with Silverstein. They met at various social events and Barak introduced him to some of the members of his family.

Silverstein had another close contact in Barak's bureau in the person of Isaac Herzog, who handled Silverstein's legal affairs along with Yaakov Ne'eman. "I didn't touch the subject during my period as cabinet secretary," Herzog says. None of this stopped Barak, after his election as prime minister, from trying to help Silverstein advance the project.

"They came to Barak," says Shochat, who was then the finance minister again. "Barak examined the subject with all kinds of confidants and also talked to me about it. I told him that I was vehemently against it." Barak drew on the help of Yaakov Terner, the mayor of Be'er Sheva, the "capital of the Negev," who was an ardent supporter of the free-trade zone.

Source: "Up in Smoke", Haaretz (Israel), 2001


Joe Lockhart, spokesman for President Bill Clinton, described Benjamin Netanyahu as "one of the most obnoxious individuals you're going to come into - just a liar and a cheat. He could open his mouth and you could have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth." When Netanyahu addressed the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. on March 22, besides the usual Zionist lies about Jerusalem and Iran, he told a lie that exposes the fundamental deception of his worldview:

We should be judged by one standard and allegations made against the State of Israel must be grounded in facts. One allegation that is not grounded in fact is the attempt to describe the Jews as foreign colonialists in their own homeland. This is one of the great lies of modern times. In my office, I have a signet ring that was loaned to me by Israel’s Department of Antiquities This ring was found next to the Western wall, but it dates back 2,800 years ago, two hundred years after King David declared Jerusalem as our people’s capital. This ring is a seal of a Jewish official, and his name is inscribed on it in Hebrew. The name is: Netanyahu. Netanyahu Ben-Yoash. That’s my last name. My first name, Benjamin, dates back 1,000 years earlier to Benjamin, the son of Jacob. One of Benjamin’s brothers was named Shimon, which also happens to be the first name of my good friend, Shimon Peres, the President of Israel. Nearly 4,000 years ago, Benjamin, Shimon and their ten brothers roamed the hills of Judea.

Benjamin Netanyahu's name, however, is not really Netanyahu and never was. There is, in fact, no real connection between the Jew who owned the ring and the obnoxious Israeli prime minister, and he knows it very well but that doesn't stop him from lying to the AIPAC crowd. His father was born in 1910 in Warsaw, Poland, with the name Benzion Mileikowsky. Like many Zionist immigrants from Poland and Russia, the Mileikowsky family changed the name when they came to Palestine in the 1920s. Shimon Peres is the same. Peres was born Szymon Perski in Wiszniewo, Poland, on August 2, 1923. The Mileikowskys and Perskis of Poland are, indeed, "foreign colonialists" and have no historical or religious right to the land of Palestine.

The Ashkenazi Jews of Poland are neither Semitic nor related to the Jews of ancient Palestine. Ashkenaz (see Chapter 10 of the Book of Genesis) was the son of Gomer and is not descended from Shem - and neither are the Ashkenazi Jews. The Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Asiatic Khazars, who lived around the Caspian Sea (in what is today Khazakstan) and who converted to Judaisim in the 8th Century A.D. The extremely fraudulent claim by Polish and Russian Zionists that they are descendants of Abraham and have a right to Palestine is truly "one of the great lies of modern times."

The Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Sons of Japhet (pink areas), the people who lived around the Caspian and Black Seas. As they are not descendants of Shem or Abraham, they cannot be called Semitic.


Netanyahu and George Mitchell, U.S. Special Envoy in the Middle East

As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported in 2009, the Obama administration knows very well that Netanyahu is "a liar and a cheat":

Presumably, former president Bill Clinton did not conceal his opinion of Bibi from his wife. If Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has forgotten Bibi's tricks then Dennis Ross, who was the coordinator of the peace process in the Clinton administration and is an advisor to Obama, can refer her to his book "The Missing Peace."

There he quotes president Clinton's reaction to Bibi's retreat from a commitment.

"At times he was tough," writes Ross, "yelling at Bibi when he retracted an earlier pledge on Palestinian prisoners. 'This is just chicken shit. I'm not going to put up with this kind of bullshit.'"

Aaron David Miller, who was Ross' deputy, also documented the days of Bibi and Bill. In his book "The Much Too Promised Land," Miller relates that during their first meeting in the summer of 1996, Bibi lectured the president about the Arab-Israeli issue, prompting Clinton to expostulate when it was over, "Who the fuck does he think he is? Who's the fucking superpower here?"

Most definite of all is Joe Lockhart, who was the White House spokesman at the time. In a recorded interview to Clayton Swisher, author of the book "The Truth About Camp David," he described Netanyahu as "one of the most obnoxious individuals you're going to come into - just a liar and a cheat. He could open his mouth and you could have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth."

Source: "Perfect English or not, Netanyahu shares no common language with Obama" by Akiva Eldar, Haaretz, February 11, 2009 http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1063057.html

Ehud Barak (left) and Benjamin Netanyahu were at the White House on March 23 for two secret meetings with President Barack Obama and his senior staff. These men are the two highest-level suspects of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11. They should both be arrested for war crimes and crimes of terrorism. Why is Obama meeting with the Israeli terrorists who carried out 9-11? This is clearly a difficult issue where the people have to lead their governments. Public protests should meet the arrival of these terrorists in every nation they visit and shame them as the real culprits of 9-11. This is what our democratic rights allow and what truth and justice demand of us.

"I underscored the longstanding American policy that does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlements. As Israel’s friend, it is our responsibility to give credit when it is due and to tell the truth when it is needed," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Israeli lobby AIPAC on March 22. Israel's "new construction" on occupied land is illegal, a fundamental fact and U.S. legal position that cannot be ignored.

The Obama administration and the international community have finally confronted Israel's illegal settlements, its Wall of Apartheid, and the racism inherent in Zionism. The dispute over illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land puts the Obama administration (and the U.N. and international community) into a political face off with the extreme right-wing regime led by the prime minister from the Likud, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. Who will prevail? The U.S. government and the American people need to stand firm against the racism and dangerous fanaticism of Zionists like Netanyahu.

How can any American support a state like Israel that is built on a basis of racial and religious segregation? If apartheid was wrong in South Africa, how can it be acceptable in Palestine? In Israel and the occupied territories only Jews have full rights as citizens. Israeli law discriminates against all non-Jews solely on the basis of race. Only a racist could support the de facto apartheid system created by Zionism. Why does the U.S. support the Jewish racism of Israel? Why are U.S. taxpayer dollars being used to build illegal settlements and Israel's hideously ugly wall of separation? It is high time for the American people to boycott Israeli racism and demand that U.S. foreign policy reflect fundamental American principles and values.

It should be clear to all that the so-called "Two State Solution" to the problem in Palestine is no solution. The only viable solution, and the only solution the United States should promote, is a non-racist democratic state in the whole of Palestine in which Christians, Muslims, and Jews are all allowed to live as equals under the law. International law, a number of U.N. resolutions, and common sense tell us that the Palestinian refugees must be allowed to return to their homes, villages, and land that were stolen from them by Zionist terrorism. The Zionists were allowed to settle in Palestine with the specific agreement that the rights and interests of the native Palestinian population would not be compromised in any way. The racist laws and policies of the Zionist state must be dismantled. It's that simple. To think that any peaceful compromise can be reached with fanatical Zionism, a racist ideology based on religion, is foolish and dangerous.

The idea of a one-state solution is gaining popularity among Palestinians. Dr. Jamil Rabah, Director of the Ramallah-based polling group Near East Consulting, said the growing Palestinian support for a bi-national state was not a result of the potential threat it posed to Israeli Jews.

"I don't think Palestinians see a bi-national state as a threat," he told The Media Line. "I think it's a genuine feeling that one democratic state in which Jews, Muslims and Christians all live together would simply be easier."

Hagi Ben Artzi, Benjamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law and a devoted follower of the aptly named rabbi Kook, told the Israeli press that President Barack Obama is an anti-Semite. “Unfortunately, there is an anti-Semitic president in America,” he said. “As a politician who ran for president, he had to hide it, but from time to time, it bursts out from inside. It’s creating a difficult situation for Israel, but we won’t even consider giving up on our deep interests.” Ben Artzi is a religious zealot who believes in "the redemption of Greater Israel." He was an advocate of the extremely racist policies of the late Meir Kahane. To understand the dangerous fanaticism of the Netanyahu-Ben Artzi clan, I recommend "Ben Artzi's last stand" by Vered Levy-Barzilai in Haaretz of April 28, 2004 http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=421243


The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime." There is no question that Zionism is a racist ideology and Israel is a state that is guilty of the crime of apartheid. Zionism, in fact, cannot exist without apartheid.

The Israeli Wall of Apartheid at Kalandia checkpoint on March 16 - How can Americans support such a blatantly racist regime in Israel? Why is Jewish racism tolerated?


During his recent trip to Israel, Vice President Joe Biden and the Obama administration were insulted and embarrassed by the Israeli government's announcement on March 10 that it had approved construction of an additional 1,600 homes in the illegal Israeli settlement named Ramat Shlomo.

The so-called Quartet of Middle East peace mediators, made up of representatives from the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia, urged Israel to freeze all settlement activity after talks in Moscow on March 19. The Quartet issued a formal statement read by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, which said: "The Quartet urges the government of Israel to freeze all settlement activities… and to refrain from demolitions and evictions. It condemns the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in east Jerusalem."

The following day, Saturday March 20, Ban rejected Israel's distinction between East Jerusalem and the West Bank, noting that both are occupied lands. Israeli settlement building anywhere on occupied land is illegal and must be stopped, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said after viewing some of the illegal Israeli settlements and the Wall of Apartheid near Jerusalem. "The world has condemned Israel's settlement plans in east Jerusalem," Ban told a news conference after his brief tour. "Let us be clear. All settlement activity is illegal anywhere in occupied territory and must be stopped."

Benjamin Netanyahu, however, continues to pretend that there is no legal difference between building on occupied land and construction in Israel. "Construction in Jerusalem is like construction in Tel Aviv and we have clarified that for the American government," Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on March 21. Netanyahu is scheduled to leave for Washington Sunday night with Defense Minister Ehud Barak to attend the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington. Opposition leader Tzipi Livni and Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau will also attend the convention. Netanyahu, Barak, Livni, and the others should all be arrested on arrival in the United States for war crimes and crimes of terror, such as 9-11. These are the senior Israelis responsible for the false-flag terror atrocity that brought us the fraudulent "War on Terror", which is really a war of terror.

An ultra-orthodox Jew from France shopping for a house in Ramat Shlomo

Ramat Shlomo is an orthodox Jewish settlement that has been built on illegally-occupied Palestinian land in what is called East Jerusalem. It is built right next to the Palestinian refugee camp called Shufat, which is surrounded by the Israeli Wall of Apartheid. To understand why the Israelis made such a provocative and insulting announcement during Biden's visit it is essential to understand that the two ministers involved in the decision are both rabbis from the ultra-orthodox Shas party, which is the political party of religious zealots that enabled the extreme right-wing Benjamin Netanyahu to form a coalition government in 2009.

The minister who made the announcement that was clearly meant to embarrass the Obama administration is Eli Yishai, Israel's Minister of Internal Affairs and chairman of the ultra-orthodox Shas party. The Interior Minister position is often demanded by Shas in such coalition governments as it allows them to control the building of settlements like Ramat Shlomo. It also lets them decide religion and state issues such as marriage and immigration laws. The Shas party has a very strong base of support among orthodox Jews in New York City. The son of Alvin K. Hellerstein, the orthodox Jewish judge who oversees all 9-11 litigation, for example, lives on an illegal Israeli settlement like Ramat Shlomo. Michael Chertoff, the Israeli national who oversaw the non-investigation of 9-11 is another orthodox Jew who comes from a family of Zionist Talmud-thumping rabbis. Orthodox Jews are inclined to be extremely racial in their thinking due to the doctrine of Jewish supremacism they are raised in. This is the real wall that blocks any peaceful settlement of the Israeli conflict with the native Palestinians, who live as second-class citizens on their own land under Zionist occupation.

Rabbi Eli Yishai is Israel's Interior Minister

The minister of housing and construction is Ariel Atias, the number two man in the party.

Ariel Atias, Minister of Housing and Construction, actively promotes a policy of racial and religious apartheid.

The Shas party has a history of criminal activity. Aryeh Deri, the former interior minister and chairman of Shas, was sentenced to three years in jail in 1999 for a range of corruption charges and bribery. Here he is seen after his release from prison in July 2002.


Israeli Housing Minister Atias openly advocates segregation in Israel in order to create an apartheid state. Israeli construction policies under Minister Atias are designed to separate Jews from non-Jews, and religious Jews from secular Jews. On July 2, 2009, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported that at a conference of the Israel Bar Association focused on reforming Israel's Land Administration, Atias had called for the segregation of Israel's Arab population from Jewish Israelis, saying that achieving this separation or apartheid state was "a national duty."

Atias, as minister of housing and construction, explained his policy that Israeli land should be marketed to each sector separately, in order to create segregation, not just between Jews and Arabs but also between other sectors, such as ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews. "There is a severe housing crisis among the young ultra-Orthodox couples, and in the general population. I, as an ultra-Orthodox Jew, don't think that religious Jews should have to live in the same neighborhood as secular couples, so as to avoid unnecessary friction. And since some 5,000 to 6,000 religious couples get married every year, a problem arises because they require a certain kind of community life that goes along with their lifestyle."


On March 16, Palestinians from the nearby refugee camp of Shufat protested the illegal plan to build more Israeli homes on their land. News photos from the Israeli military/police response to the protest show how Israel uses undercover police that look and dress like Palestinians. This is important to understand because Israel often uses agents that look and act like Arabs. The Israelis probably used agents like these to create the cut-out for the "hijackers" of the false flag terrorism of 9-11.

I find the Israeli use of undercover police in this protest very interesting because this three man team operated in a very similar way to how the three-man squad of military trained undercover cops assaulted me at my home in August 2006. (In my case, however, the cop with the gun would have had his handgun aimed at me on the ground. It would have been Darin Felgenhauer who, as the lethal officer, was prepared to shoot me in case the TASERing made me go berserk.)

Here the undercover cops are operating with protection of uniformed police. How is one to know that these men without uniforms are actually police? This is what I had to deal with when a three-man undercover tactical squad invaded my property in Hoffman Estates, threatened my family, and refused to identify themselves. I was very soon in the same position as the brave Palestinian in these photos.

With a young Palestinian in custody, the Israeli undercover cops give their victim the same kind of treatment I got from an undercover tactical squad in Hoffman Estates. The cop on top of the victim's head would have been Timothy Stoy, who knelt directly on my right temple for more than two minutes while the second cop (Michael Barber) applied the drive stun TASER shock of 50,000 volts to my lower back. The one with the gun would be the lethal officer, Darin Felgenhauer, prepared to deliver the fatal shot.

The Israeli undercover cops act just like the three-man tactical unit who assaulted me in Hoffman Estates on my property in front of my wife and 8-year-old daughter. After assaulting me, breaking my right arm, and TASERing me while I was pinned down in handcuffs - the undercover cops, who never identified themselves as police, charged me with assaulting them and resisting arrest. With a Zionist prosecutor, judge, and clerk calling the shots, I was found guilty on both charges and faced a year in Cook County Jail at sentencing. In my case, two of the three undercover cops (Stoy and Felgenhauer) apparently do not even have police uniforms. (See "Evidence of a Police Conspiracy to Injure Bollyn")


source: Bollyn


Dr. Nigel Parsons, a Middle East specialist and senior lecturer in politics, explained why the Israeli plan is so strongly rejected by Palestinians:

"This cuts right to the heart of the conflict. This is the essence of the problem - the state of Israel lending institutional support to housing for Jewish settlers while in the same location some of the world's most vulnerable people struggle in overcrowded conditions awaiting an end to the occupation and recognition of their rights…

"Restrictions on movement, unemployment, over-crowding, and separation from the West Bank have generated difficult conditions. However, offers of relocation have been refused by camp residents for fear of undermining the Palestinian right of return, a matter for final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

"In lieu of a final status agreement, Shu'fat captures Palestine in microcosm: an isolated, disempowered indigenous population and an overcrowded refugee camp confront advancing Israeli settlement."

The Shufat refugee camp is inside Israel's apartheid wall on land coveted by Jewish settlers.

Ramat Shlomo and Shufat are on a very large piece of occupied Palestinian land that has been illegally confiscated by the construction of the Israeli Wall of Apartheid. The green line is the legal border; the red and dotted line is the outline of the Wall.

Following Biden's visit to Israel, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, a Zionist Jew, wrote an editorial titled "Driving Drunk in Jerusalem" in which he said that the vice president had missed a chance to send a powerful public signal:

He should have snapped his notebook shut, gotten right back on Air Force Two, flown home and left the following scribbled note behind: “Message from America to the Israeli government: Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. And right now, you’re driving drunk. You think you can embarrass your only true ally in the world, to satisfy some domestic political need, with no consequences? You have lost total contact with reality.

I couldn't agree more. The U.S. government has to end all support for the criminal and terrorist regime headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. These are, after all, the people who carried out 9-11.

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu - What is there to laugh about?


“Palestinians increasingly back one-state” by Benjamin Joffe-Walt/The Media Line, March 22, 2010, Jerusalem Post http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=171559

"Driving Drunk in Jerusalem" by Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, March 13, 2010 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/14/opinion/14friedman.html

"Housing Minister: Spread of Arab population must be stopped" by Guy Lieberman, Haaretz, July 2, 2009 http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1097411.html

Israeli Colonisation Of East Jerusalem Cuts To Heart Of Conflict, March 15, 2010 http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/israeli-colonisation-east-jerusalem-cuts-heart-conflict/5/41743

"Big four tell Israel: Don't build in east Jerusalem" by Amy Teibel, The Scotsman, March 20, 2010 http://news.scotsman.com/world/Big-four-tell-Israel-Don39t.6167742.jp

U.S. Military Video of Massacre in Baghdad

April 7, 2010

This extremely shocking military video footage shows a massacre by U.S. Apache helicopters of a group of about 10 people in Baghdad, including two Reuters news reporters on July 12, 2007. The video was released to Reuters on April 5, 2010 by WikiLeaks, a Swedish-based group that promotes leaking to fight government and corporate corruption. Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen, 22, and his assistant and driver Saeed Chmagh, 40, were killed in the attack. The helicopter initially opens fire on the small group. Minutes later a van comes by, and starts assisting the wounded, and the helicopter opens fire on the van.

This is a very disturbing video of an atrocity in an illegal war. In the longer video, below, the U.S. helicopters shoot the people who are clearly trying to aid the dead and wounded. In firing on the vehicle that is acting as an ambulance, two children in the front seat are shot. This is sickening. When will the people who planned and conspired to invade Iraq be held accountable for starting a war of aggression in which countless atrocities such as this have been committed? Is the United States a nation that abides by the rule of law - or is it not? How is the U.S. occupation of Iraq any better than the regime of Saddam Hussein?

WikiLeaks has the complete video evidence at "Collateral Murder" and the transcript at: http://www.collateralmurder.com/en/index.html

A longer video (17 minutes) showing the helicopter attack on first responders with comment follows:

The Murderous Mossad and 9-11

Updated March 23, 2010


Britain's foreign secretary David Miliband has taken the decision to expel an Israeli diplomat after the UK's serious organised crime agency turned up evidence that Israel cloned British passports. The Israeli diplomat is not the ambassador himself, but the expulsion sends a very strong signal to Israel of Britain's disapproval and anger. The indications are that the person who will go will be the head of the London station of Mossad - Israel's secret intelligence service.

“Expulsion of diplomat sends a strong signal to Israel”, Jeremy Bowen, BBC, March 23, 2010 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8583041.stm The Israeli Mossad murder of a commander of the military wing of the Hamas (the democratically elected government of Palestine) is just one more provocation by the right-wing Zionist extremist government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli provocations on the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem are designed to foment a conflict in which the Israelis will escalate the violence. This is an extremely dangerous and illegal strategy which the United States and world should use every effort to arrest and prevent.

A string of deliberate and egregious provocations by the hard-line Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu (and weakness or complicity on the part of the Obama administration) has resulted in re-igniting Palestinian fury as could be seen in the riots in Jerusalem on March 16. This could be the start of a popular uprising against the illegal Zionist occupation of Jerusalem.

Newspapers from the region are in agreement that Israel is acting to escalate the conflict and foment a war in the region:

Israel's plan to swallow Palestine has reached a peak... its project is to wipe Palestine from the map... an escalation rather than a settlement is looming in the region. – Al-Vefagh editorial (Iran)

The fresh Israeli aggression against the sanctity of the al-Aqsa mosque, and the attacks on worshippers by the Israeli security apparatus, represent the latest in a series of Israeli escalations over the past few weeks... they show that [Israel] is determined to escalate and even expand the conflict. – Al-Quds editorial (Palestine)

The US silence shows that ongoing attempts to resume negotiations have stalled and that those might have to wait until after a new Palestinian intifadah or even war. – Talal Akwal in Al-Ayyam (Palestine)


The Mossad has been at it again: The recent assassination of a Hamas military leader in Dubai looks conclusively like the Israelis' handiwork. No doubt, they hoped for a little more anonymity in the aftermath--they likely didn't expect the Dubai authorities to be quite so technologically competent...Either we are complicit or we are not--there's no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations. - Melik Kaylan, "Mossad Madness", Forbes, February 26, 2010

Dubai's Police Chief Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim identifies eleven of the 27 known suspects wanted in connection with the killing of a Hamas commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel room. Tamim has called on Mossad Chief Meir Dagan to own up to his crime or deny Mossad's involvement in the murder.

The Dubai police have provided details about the stolen identities of the Mossad murderers and their arrival and departure routes. Some of the killers came from and returned to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, and the United States. Will the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and the other nations involved investigate and pursue the Israeli killers that use their nations as bases? As Melik Kaylan says, "there's no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations."

A list of 26 Israeli Mossad agents wanted for the murder in Dubai - At least two of the suspects sought by Dubai police for the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh reportedly entered the U.S. shortly after the crime. One of the Israeli suspects entered the U.S. on February 14, carrying a British passport, while the other, with an Irish passport, entered the U.S. on January 21. Mabhouh's body was found in a Dubai hotel room on January 20. Will the Department of Homeland Security track down the Israeli killers in the United States?

There are lessons to be learned from the murder of a Hamas leader in Dubai. The information provided about the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by the authorities of Dubai has shown the world that their police force is technologically competent and professional. The detailed information provided by the police of Dubai about the suspects involved in the al-Mabouh murder is the result of a police investigation using normal procedures, yet it is far superior to any of the information provided by the FBI about the 19 alleged terrorist hijackers of 9-11, who have been blamed for killing some 3,000 Americans. Are the police of Dubai that much more competent and professional than the FBI or is there another reason why U.S. law enforcement seems so incompetent when dealing with Israeli crimes?

The murder of al-Mabouh is, like the false-flag terror atrocity of 9-11, evidently a crime committed by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad. In both cases there is clear evidence of Israeli involvement. In the Dubai murder case the authorities have come forward with detailed information and begun an international effort to identify and locate the suspects. In the "non-investigation" of 9-11, on the other hand, headed by Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff of the U.S. Department of Justice, crucial evidence was confiscated and destroyed while key terrorism suspects like Dominic Suter and Kobi Alexander were allowed to flee to Israel and were not pursued.

Michael Chertoff, son of an Israeli Mossad agent, oversaw the non-investigation of 9-11 in which prime suspects were allowed to flee to Israel and crucial evidence was confiscated and destoyed.

The response by law enforcement authorities in the two cases could hardly be more different. Unlike the police of Dubai, when pursuing Israeli criminals the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are dogs that won't bark - or hunt. Why is that?


To understand why American Jews are willing to commit and cover-up serious crimes, even treason, on behalf of the state of Israel one needs to understand that most religious Jews in America are first obliged to serve Israel - a foreign state. American Jews are, for this reason, conflicted. Their religion obliges them to make "aliya" and live in Israel but most would prefer to stay in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have chosen to leave "the Jewish state" and now live in the United States. While they are unwilling to leave the comfort of the United States and immigrate to Israel (aliya), most religious Jews in the United States feel strongly compelled to support and defend the state of Israel.

To fulfill their obligation to the state of Israel, Zionist Jews in America have created hundreds of organizations to raise funds and support for the Zionist state in Palestine. These organizations are consolidated under an umbrella organization called the Jewish Agency. The Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization are two parts of the same Zionist enterprise that operates in the United States and around the world. The Jewish Agency was the Zionist organization that became the state of Israel in 1948 when a Jewish state was established in Palestine. The Jewish Agency, then headed by David Ben Gurion, literally became the apparatus of the Zionist state and Ben Gurion became the first prime minister of Israel.

The Jewish Agency, headquartered in New York City after World War II, organized and funded the Haganah, the Zionist militia in Palestine, as well as the terrorist groups known as the Irgun and LEHI (the Stern Gang). Using these groups, the Jewish Agency created the Mossad LeAliyah Bet (the Agency for Illegal Immigration) in 1938 to smuggle illegal Jewish immigrants and weapons into Palestine. The Jewish Agency and the Mossad worked together to bring many thousands of Jews to Palestine - illegally - from Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, and Europe. The Jewish Agency was the Mossad.

The Jewish Agency and the Mossad continued to work together after the creation of the state of Israel to bring Jews to the Zionist state. The hard-line Zionists who run Israel today are actually fighting a losing battle with demographics. The Arab population around them is growing quickly while many Israelis are leaving the Jewish state. The Israeli population has become more Russian, more extremist, and less Western in its outlook than at any time since the founding of the state in 1948. Ariel Sharon, the now comatose prime minister who ran Israel in 2001, dreamed of bringing one million Jews to Israel from the United States. In this effort he worked closely with the Jewish Agency.

The current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is a dangerous extremist who said 9-11 was "very good" for U.S.-Israeli relations on the very day of the attacks. Netanyahu has openly advocated mass expulsions of Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. During a 1989 lecture at Bar Ilan University, he said: "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions of the Arabs of the territories." Later, he stated, "I still believe that there are opportunities to expel many people."


Kenneth Feinberg was the Special Master of the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund. He alone was responsible for distributing some $7 billion of taxpayer money to the families of the victims of 9-11. In this he was supported by some 30 lawyers from his law firm and his wife, Diane "Dede" Shaff Feinberg. Diane is also an executive member of the United Israel Appeal and the Jewish Federation of Washington. She also happens to be a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency - the parent organization of the Mossad.

Diane Shaff Feinberg, Governor of the Jewish Agency

The non-investigation of 9-11 was controlled by Michael Chertoff, the son of an Israeli Mossad agent and an orthodox rabbi. Chertoff oversaw the destruction of the thousands of tons of steel from the World Trade Center - crucial evidence that was shipped to Asian smelters and melted down. While Chertoff supervised the confiscation and destruction of the critical evidence, government appointed doctors "medicated" the grieving relatives with mood-altering Prozac, and Kenneth Feinberg began his war of attrition on the families of the victims of 9-11.

As the sole person responsible for distributing the money from the Victims Compensation Fund, Feinberg paid out nearly $7 billion to families in compensation - if they would sign the agreement not to sue the airlines or the Israeli airport security firm involved in 9-11 (Huntleigh USA/ICTS). More than 98 percent of the families accepted the money from the Feinberg-managed fund. The amounts of the payments and the amounts paid to Diane Feinberg and the 30 lawyers are not known. The American people deserve to know how the funds were used and who got paid.

Diane and Kenneth Feinberg were co-chairmen of the recent General Assembly of the Jewish Federation, which hosted Israeli leaders involved in terrorism.

Feinberg's actions were crucial to removing more than 98 percent of the families from the litigation process. Kenneth Feinberg and Alvin Hellerstein have waged a war of attrition against the 9-11 relatives. Of the thousands of families that could have used the courts to find justice and legal discovery for what happened on 9-11, Feinberg was successful in removing 98 percent. Of the 96 families that chose to go to court, all but one or two cases have settled out of court after enduring years of obstruction in the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein. Thanks to Feinberg and Hellerstein there may never be a trial for a single victim of 9-11.

Alvin K. Hellerstein has obstructed justice for the 9-11 families who chose to use the courts rather than take the fund - or the Prozac.

Kenneth Feinberg is known for wearing expensive Brioni suits, smoking Cuban cigars, and driving his black Jaguar to his home in Bethesda, Maryland, where he has avoided paying taxes thanks to a few legal loopholes he knows about. Kenneth Feinberg was the co-chair (along with his wife) of a recent Zionist event in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, two prime suspects in the Israeli terrorism of 9-11, participated. Feinberg's role in covering up the truth about 9-11 is connected to his relationship to the state of Israel. Kenneth Feinberg wasn't working pro bono on the 9-11 victims fund out of compassion for the victims of 9-11, or for America. He was doing it to serve Israel and the murderous Mossad.

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The Lehman Scam and Fuld's Mossad Connection

March 16, 2010

Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC explains how the Lehman scam worked. In this 10-minute video he explains the fraud at Richard S. Fuld's company and who was responsible. Eliot Spitzer calls for "handcuffs" and criminal prosecution of those who were in the responsible positions at the Fed, namely Timothy Geithner and Ben Shalom Bernanke. As I wrote more than a year ago, the A.I.G. and Lehman meltdowns were not accidental - they were carefully designed crimes. Richard S. Fuld and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G. are criminals, as are the people at the Federal Reserve who allowed their criminal conduct and then bailed them out - with taxpayer funds. Will Geithner and Bernanke face criminal charges?


It should be noted that Richard S. Fuld is closely tied to Menachem Atzmon, the Israeli Mossadnik who owned the passenger-screening/airport security company that was behind getting the 19 Arab hijackers on the planes of 9-11. Uzi Ruskin, Menachem Atzmon, and his Mossad-funded comrades took over the failing United Merchants & Manufacturers, Inc. in 1993 - from Fuld's uncle, Martin Schwab, Richard's mother's brother.

Richard S. Fuld

As I wrote in early October 2008 about the criminal activity of A.I.G. and Lehman, crimes which led to the trillion dollar bail-out:

Lehman Bros. CEO Dick Fuld, the much despised scion of the "Elder of Zion" Jacob Schwab, stole half a billion dollars at the company he ruined. His grandfather's company, UM&M, was later sold to the Israeli criminal, Menachem Atzmon, culprit of 9-11 and co-criminal with Ehud Olmert. What a small world!

The CEOs behind the bail-out of A.I.G. and Lehman Bros. are both devoted Zionist fraudsters. Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G. is dealt with in the following article. Richard S. Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Bros. was paid nearly $500 million according to a recent article by Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times. Kristof wrote that Fuld, the longtime chief of Lehman Brothers, "took home nearly half-a-billion dollars in total compensation between 1993 and 2007." Talk about unbridled greed.

Fuld is the grandson of Jacob W. Schwab, one of the original Zionist fund-raisers of New York. The Schwab family has a long history of criminal activity, which the New York Times has documented. These two Zionist criminals should not be bailed out; they should be arrested! This is the essence of the Zionist crimocracy I have been discussing for years. They are going for the gold in the last act and we must stop them.


New York Times Obituary for Jacob W. Schwab, Richard S. Fuld's maternal grandfather http://www.nytimes.com/1982/03/30/obituaries/jacob-w-schwab-89-textile-manufacturer.html

United Merchants & Manufacturers, Inc. - Company History http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/United-Merchants-amp;-Manufacturers-Inc-Company-History.html

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Bollyn, Christopher, “Americans Outraged by Passage of Bail-Out”, October 4, 2008 http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/2008/10/americans-outraged-by-passage-of-bail.html

The Real Reason for Delaying the 9-11 Trial

Updated: February 8, 2010

On February 7, President Barack Obama acknowledged fierce opposition to his plans to bring accused 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) to justice in New York, but would not rule out such a trial.

David E. Klett, a retired professor of thermodynamics, had the real KSM in several of his classes. Asked about the photo (above) of the person said to be the terror mastermind, Klett said, "I did not recognize that person. I never saw that face before."

The administration says that it wants to prosecute Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants in a federal court in lower Manhattan, close to the site of the World Trade Center attack which killed nearly 3,000 people in 2001.

But the plan has faced opposition from local lawmakers and authorities who have balked at the huge costs of such a trial, while others have warned of perceived security implications.

"I have not ruled it out, but I think it is important for us to take into account the practical logistical issues involved," Obama said in a live interview from the White House on CBS. "If you have got a city that is saying no, and a police department that is saying no, and a mayor that is saying no, that makes it difficult," Obama said.

But he added: "we have not ruled out anything -- we will make a definitive judgement based on consultations with all the relevant authorities." New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg initially welcomed the idea of holding a September 11 trial in New York, but reversed his position last month, saying that a military base would make more sense as a venue.

"It’s going to cost an awful lot of money and disturb an awful lot of people," Bloomberg said. "Can we provide security? Yes. Could you provide security elsewhere? Yeah, and I mean the suggestion of a military base is probably a reasonably good one."


I was not at all surprised to read that officials in New York City took David Axelrod aside and told him that the city could not allow the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other 9-11 suspects to go ahead. I never expected that this trial would go ahead in anything resembling an open court. It is clear that this trial cannot go ahead. The media discussion about the high cost of security is just the cover story. The FBI and the U.S. government do not want it to be exposed that a scapegoat has been used to push the fraudulent "War on Terror."

After a dinner in New York on Dec. 14, Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, pulled aside David Axelrod, President Obama’s closest adviser, to convey an urgent plea: move the 9/11 trial out of Manhattan. Source: "U.S. Drops Plan for a 9/11 Trial in New York City", New York Times, January 29, 2010 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/30/nyregion/30trial.html

The Obama administration will not have an open 9-11 trial because it would expose the fraud that the person said to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed is not the terror mastermind of 9-11. He is, in fact, not even Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The person said to be KSM is a "feeble-minded" man named Ahmed Abdul Qudoos. He has been scapegoated and made to fill in for the real KSM, who was killed in Pakistan.

The real KSM studied mechanical engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University.

The man said (by U.S. officials) to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed is clearly not a bright-eyed and articulate English speaking engineer.

Is the so-called KSM really Ahmed Abdul Qudoos?

The U.S. government cannot hold an open trial in the United States with the false KSM because there are people in the United States who knew and remember the real KSM, such as his former teachers in North Carolina. As I wrote in 2007:

Furthermore, the real KSM was a person who had traveled and worked extensively across Asia and had lived in many foreign countries, from the United States to the Philippines to Bosnia. With this level of education and foreign travel, the real KSM would have a much greater command of the English language than what we find in the transcript.

There were no defense attorneys or members of the press allowed to the secret hearing in which the military tribunal heard the confession of the alleged architect of 9/11.

"The Detainee served as the head of the Al Qaida military committee and was Osama bin Laden's principal Al Qaida operative who directed the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States," the statement said.

“I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z,’’ the detainee said through an interpreter, according to the transcript of the hearing. He also claimed responsibility for the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center.

The detainee sat with an Arabic interpreter to his left and a U.S. military officer who was his official representative to his right.

"I not take the oath…" the detainee said in broken English about why he was not taking an oath in the court. "Just to explain for this one, does not mean I'm not saying that I'm lying. When I not take oath does not mean I'm lying."

"I understand," the tribunal president said.

But how can such meaningless gibberish coming from an unidentified detainee who has not taken an oath be seen by anyone as a credible confession?

No photographs accompanied the release of the KSM confession and there are very few photos of the person who is accused of being the terrorist mastermind of our time.

To see if the disheveled, hairy, and overweight person said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed resembled the mechanical engineering student that studied in Greensboro in the 1980s, I contacted the engineering faculty of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University.

David E. Klett, a retired professor of thermodynamics, had the real KSM in several of his classes. Asked about the photos of the person said to be the terror mastermind, Klett said, "I did not recognize that person. I never saw that face before."

- Source: "The Absence of Justice for 9/11 Victims", Christopher Bollyn, March 20, 2007 http://www.bollyn.com/index.php?id=10665

To understand the real reason for the abrupt cancellation of the planned 9-11 trial in Manhattan, read the following article, especially the articles at the bottom about the identity fraud concerning the real KSM.

"Terror Risk High as Obama Ponders Afghan Fiasco" http://www.bollyn.com/editor/#article_11516

Christopher Bollyn, "Why Afghanistan?" September 28, 2009 http://www.bollyn.com/index.php#article_11438

Bollyn, "The Great Game - The War For Caspian Oil And Gas," October 14, 2001 http://www.bollyn.com/the-great-game-14-oct-2001

Bollyn, "Gitmo Gulag Process Falls into Chaos," July 16, 2009 http://www.bollyn.com/gitmo-gulag-process-falls-into-chaos

Bollyn, "Terror Mastermind KSM is an Imposter - The Confession is Fake," March 16, 2007 http://www.erichufschmid.net/TFC/Bollyn-Ahmed-Abdul-Qadus.html

Bollyn, "The Absence of Justice for 9/11 Victims," March 20, 2007 http://www.bollyn.com/index.php?id=10665

Bollyn, "When and Where was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Captured - or Killed?" March 16, 2007 http://www.erichufschmid.net/TFC/Bollyn-Ahmed-Abdul-Qadus-arrest.html

Dying in Vain - Why Afghanistan?

Updated - February 8, 2010

In Istanbul for a conference on the Afghanistan fiasco on February 5, 2010, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a news conference that the situation in Afghanistan is improving after 'a difficult year' in 2009.

Two Swedes and two Brits were among those killed recently in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, where the real mission has nothing to do with building democracy. Democracy is not built by a military occupation of foreign armies supporting a corrupt regime.

Have the Americans and Europeans killed in Afghanistan died in vain? That is the case with eight American soldiers killed last October trying to defend a remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan that the military did not deem important enough to reinforce or make more secure. What really is the mission in Afghanistan? Have all these people died in vain?

See: "Dying in Vain in Afghanistan", February 8, 2010 http://www.allgov.com/US_and_the_World/ViewNews/Dying_in_Vain_in_Afghanistan_100208

The administration of Barack Hussein Obama II has requested $70 billion (U.S. dollars) more for its war in Afghanistan for 2010 (on top of $230 billion already spent). In comparison, the U.S. will spend only $1.6 billion on Amtrak, the national passenger railroad system. That means that Obama spends about $192 million per day in Afghanistan on a senseless and illegal war, which is more than the U.S. spends in 44 days to provide passenger rail service for 300 million Americans. The U.S. spends more in 9 days on the Afghanistan fiasco than it spends in one year to provide clean and efficient rail service for the entire nation. This is hardly the "change" America wants or needs, Mr. Obama.

After 8 years of the costly U.S.-led occupation of Afghanistan (with forces from 42 nations) there is still no peace or security. The recent presidential poll was as bad as elections in Chicago. The only thing that has improved at all is the opium production. Terror bombings are frequent, like this one in Kabul on December 15, which killed 8 and wounded 40. If the U.S. Army and its NATO allies cannot bring security to the capital of Afghanistan after 8 years, what are they doing there? Conditions under the Taliban were much better than this. Why are American lives and billions of U.S. tax dollars being wasted on the fiasco in Afghanistan?

A graphic from the Swedish Dagens Nyheter shows the number and nationalities of the forces participating in the occupation of Afghanistan as of November 2009. These numbers will increase greatly as U.S. and NATO allies send more troops to the eight-year old fiasco known as the "War on Terror." It should be noted that although the "War on Terror" is an Israeli-designed strategy and the Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak was the first to call for U.S. intervention in Afghanistan - on 9-11 - the Zionist state has not sent troops to Afghanistan (although Israeli intelligence is running the "War on Terror"). The European states, Arab states, even tiny nations like Estonia and Georgia all have troops in Afghanistan -- fighting for the Zionists who dominate their nations.

Note: Jerry Mazza, an editor of Online Journal, has an excellent article, "Ramping up Afghanistan war to control Caspian oil and gas transport routes" that supports my thesis, first published in October 2001, that the war in Afghanistan is a military campaign to secure pipeline routes for the Israeli-owned gas of Turkmenistan. The Mazza article is highly recommended and can be read here: http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_5354.shtml

* * * * *

In a nationally televised speech at the U.S. Military Acadamy at West Point, President Barack Hussein Obama announced that he will send another 30,000 American soldiers to Afghanistan. Why is Obama sending so many troops to Central Asia? What is the U.S. military really fighting for in Afghanistan? Why are we still there?

Obama's December 1 speech at West Point about the war in Afghanistan presented a "false reading of history" about 9-11. The president's speech on Afghanistan featured a repetition of the fundamental lies about who is really responsible for the terror attacks of 9-11. The 2009 scientific paper on the discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center by Dr. Steven E. Jones has exposed these claims to be fabrications and revealed to the world that the Twin Towers were pulverized using an extremely sophisticated and powerful nano-composite explosive. It should be noted that President Obama and his senior staff are fully aware that the U.S. rationale for the invasion of Afghanistan is based on a pack of lies. History will not judge them lightly for such deceit.

Obama repeated the fundamental lies about 9-11. Vice President Biden received the evidence of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center in May 2009. They certainly cannot say they did not know. Nothing good can come from such criminal deceit.

Obama repeated the following key lies about 9-11 and Afghanistan during his speech:

Lie No. 1: I am convinced that our security is at stake in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the epicenter of the violent extremism practiced by al-Qaeda. It is from here that we were attacked on 9/11, and it is from here that new attacks are being plotted as I speak.

Lie No. 2: It is important to recall why America and our allies were compelled to fight a war in Afghanistan in the first place. We did not ask for this fight. On September 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people.

Lie No. 3: If I did not think that the security of the United States and the safety of the American people were at stake in Afghanistan, I would gladly order every single one of our troops home tomorrow.

Why is Obama lying to the American people about Afghanistan and 9-11?

Why Afghanistan? By Christopher Bollyn

Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil. - Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)

The discovery of pieces of an extremely explosive form of super-Thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is of profound importance because it is evidence of the actual nano-Thermite used to demolish and pulverize the Twin Towers. The red-gray chips found in the dust by Dr. Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University disprove the government claims about what caused the destruction of the three towers on 9-11. Fragments of the nano-composite explosive were analyzed by an international team of nine scientists and the evidence presented in a peer-reviewed paper in March 2009.

Fragments of the highly explosive super-Thermite found in the dust of the World Trade Center

The discovery of super-Thermite in the dust exposes the government-funded reports as fabrications created to conceal the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. The 9-11 reports produced by the federal agencies FEMA and NIST were written to mislead the public and media about what really happened to the buildings – and the thousands of people trapped within them. This is to say that the U.S. government and controlled media have intentionally deceived the public for eight years.

The highest officials of the Obama administration have the evidence discussed in the Jones paper but have ignored the discovery of super-Thermite in the rubble and refuse to discuss the evidence of explosions in the towers on 9-11. On May 18, 2009, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden was personally given a copy of the 25-page Jones paper during a visit to Los Angeles and asked about the administration's position on the need for an investigation in light of this discovery. Biden refused to answer the journalist's questions, but took the paper and immediately left the event.

The government and the controlled media claim that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed due to fires caused by the crashes of the two airplanes that hit them. It needs to be clearly understood that the evidence presented in the Jones paper completely disproves the government claims about what happened on 9-11. The publication of the evidence of super-Thermite in early 2009 marked the end of the government version as an acceptable explanation for the events of 9-11. It exposes the official version to be nothing but a pack of lies used to start the Israeli-designed "War on Terror" – and a very real war of aggression in Afghanistan.


The evidence of super-Thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers puts every American in the unpleasant position of having to decide what to believe about 9-11 and the war in Afghanistan. If the evidence of the extremely powerful nano-composite explosive in the dust is correct, as it certainly appears to be, it would mean that the Obama administration, members of Congress, and the media are intentionally deceiving the American people about what happened on 9-11. This deception, which began on 9-11, was used to send U.S. forces to invade and occupy Afghanistan. If this is the case, the officials engaged in this deception are committing high crimes and treason. This is clearly an unacceptable situation that cannot be tolerated. The officials who are supporting the deception about 9-11 and the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq need to be removed from office and held accountable for their actions and crimes.

This is the political predicament that faces every American citizen today. Although this dilemma is most acute in the United States, other nations face similar predicaments. Some forty nations are involved in the U.S.-led occupation of Afghanistan and in each of them the public has been deceived about the real reasons for the war. One can almost gauge the degree to which a nation is Zionist-controlled by the number of troops it has sent to Afghanistan. The United States and Britain have sent the largest contingents, followed by Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, and Romania.


When Joe Wilson, a Republican representative from South Carolina, shouted, "You lie," during President Barack Obama's recent speech to Congress about healthcare on September 9, 2009, it was a perfect example of the expression, "the pot calling the kettle black." Rep. Joe Wilson has been deceiving the American people about the real reasons for the war in Afghanistan since 2001. As a member of the House Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Wilson has access to highest level intelligence and cannot claim ignorance as an excuse for the lies he tells the public.

In an interview with Greg Corombos of Radio America on September 21, 2009, Representative Joe Wilson repeated, once again, the fundamental deception about 9-11 and the war in Afghanistan:

We know that September the 11th, the attacks on New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, were directed from a valley in Afghanistan. We should not have to learn that again. What we are doing is truly protecting the American people by providing for a stable government in Pak… in Afghanistan.

About the war in Afghanistan, Wilson repeated the lie he has been telling for years, using the word "truly," as he often does. "This is truly an issue of protecting American families at home by defeating the terrorists overseas," he said.

If Wilson is correct about 9-11 being "directed from a valley in Afghanistan" it would mean that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida terrorists managed to place many tons of a very sophisticated explosive film of nano-Thermite in the Twin Towers before they were demolished. This would mean that Bin Laden, working from a cave in Afghanistan, one of the poorest nations in the world, had access to state-of-the-art nanotechnology and the wherewithal to secretly apply the super-Thermite and other explosives to the surfaces and core columns of the well-guarded towers in New York City. Like all other supporters of the government deception about 9-11, Wilson can only make such absurd and incredible statements by completely ignoring the scientific evidence of super-Thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers. It should be noted that most members of Congress support the false claims articulated by Rep. Joe Wilson.

Blaming Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida for 9-11 was evidently the master plan behind the false-flag terror attacks. The corrupt government officials and the controlled media cannot address the evidence of super-Thermite presented by Dr. Jones because that would expose the pack of lies about 9-11 and the war in Afghanistan, a deception they have supported for eight years. The first response to 9-11 by the administration of George W. Bush was the military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. This indicates that invading Afghanistan was the real reason for the terror atrocities that ushered in the Zionist-designed fraud known as the "War on Terror." That is to say that thousands of Americans were killed on 9-11 to provide an excuse to invade and occupy Afghanistan.


The administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama II are Zionist-dominated and controlled governments. Rahm Emanuel, for example, the Chief-of-Staff of the Obama White House, is actually an Israeli citizen and the son of a Zionist terrorist from the Irgun, the most radical terror gang in Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s. The Zionist influence in these administrations can easily be seen by the placement of pro-Israel agents in different positions at every level.

Israeli influence within the U.S. military and intelligence spheres is as extensive and deep as it is within the Oval Office. Israeli military intelligence has a great deal of influence in every sphere of the U.S. government which is involved in making the decisions that go into taking the United States to war. That the U.S. government would accept Israeli intelligence on the Middle East from a state that has been at war with nearly every other nation in the region since 1948 is clearly an absurd and biased situation but that is how it is. This is how the United States was taken to war in Afghanistan in October 2001 – and why we are still there.

Although no group claimed responsibility for the attacks, Israeli political and military leaders were well prepared to immediately interpret the meaning of 9-11 and spoke to the mass media with one voice. On the very day of the attacks, for example, Shabtai Shavit, the former head of Israel's Mossad, said: "The attacks symbolize the conflict between extremist Islam versus the Western democracies." The Mossad then provided fabricated evidence to support its claims via its agents in the U.S. government, such as Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff, the key official in the cover-up of 9-11.

The Israeli politicians Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were the very first people to blame Osama Bin Laden for 9-11 and call for military action against the Taliban-led regime in Afghanistan. They used the terror attacks and the controlled media to begin the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror," an Israeli military strategy long promoted by "Bibi" Netanyahu.

Israel's current Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak called for U.S. military action against Afghanistan immediately after 9-11.

On 9-11, Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime/defense minister/military intelligence chief, was the first person to call for the U.S. to attack Afghanistan. Barak told Rupert Murdoch's Sky Television in London that Western governments needed to make a concerted effort to combat terrorism: "Most obviously my guess is a bin Laden organization...We have to stand firm against such terrorism," Barak said.

"We have to coordinate to launch the same kind of fight that our forefathers gave to the fight against piracy on the high seas - mainly terrorists should not be allowed to land at any port or airport," Barak said. "The leadership of the world should be able to take action. It is time for action. The world is not going to be the same place as before," he said.

"Bin Laden sits in Afghanistan," Barak said on 9-11. "We know where the terror sites are. It's time for action."

When Barak specifically called for military action against Afghanistan, he was speaking for Israel's military intelligence establishment, an organization he has headed for many years. Barak is Israel's current minister of defense and has been at the top of Israel's military intelligence organization for several decades. He was head of Israel's Military Intelligence Directorate (AMAN 1983-1985), head of Central Command (1986 - 1987), and Deputy Chief of the General Staff (1987-1991). He was Chief of the General Staff between April 1, 1991 and January 1, 1995.

Barak went on to serve as Minister of the Interior (1995) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1995-1996). He was elected to the Knesset in 1996, where he served as a member of the Israeli government's committees on foreign affairs and defense. In 1996, he became the leader of the Labor Party and was elected to be prime minister in May 1999. He served as prime minister until early 2001, when he went into business, primarily in the United States. An article in the Israeli press entitled "Ehud Barak Ltd." discussed some of the people involved with Barak's business dealings and his penchant for secrecy: "None of them really has the whole picture of Barak's business dealings - in business, as in politics, his policy is strict compartmentalization and secrecy."

Why would Ehud Barak, the most senior member of Israel's military intelligence establishment, call for the U.S. to invade Afghanistan before any investigation of the terror crimes of 9-11 had even begun? How would Israel benefit from a U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Afghanistan?

As Robert Anton Wilson said, "Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence." The war in Afghanistan is certainly no different. The Israelis are determined to use their influence in the United States to advance their interests and influence in Central Asia while limiting those of Russia and Iran. Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, Israeli agents sought to gain control of the strategic assets of the newly independent Soviet republics. In mineral-rich Turkmenistan, a Mossad agent named Yosef A. Maiman was very successful in gaining control of the republic's immense resources of natural gas.

Yosef Maiman, born in Germany in 1946, grew up in Peru and studied in the United States before becoming an Israeli citizen in 1971. As an agent of Israeli intelligence, Maiman heads a network of Mossad-controlled companies that serve Israeli interests. As the chief executive of the Merhav Group, Maiman has long controlled the development of Turmenistan's gas resources, which are considered to be second only to Russia's. Maiman's key colleagues at Merhav are the former head of the Mossad, Shabtai Shavit, and Nimrod Novik, chief adviser to Shimon Peres, the current president of Israel.

Mossad agent Yosef A. Maiman controls the gas resources of Turkmenistan.

Maiman was described as "a leading miner" of Central Asian gas fields by the Jerusalem Post in 2004. Given the fact that he controls the immense gas resources of Turkmenistan, the Israeli Maiman, his Merhav company, and his fellow Mossadniks would all profit immensely -- if and when the U.S.-led coalition were able to "pacify" and control Afghanistan so that the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline could be built allowing the gas of Turkmenistan to be sold to energy-hungry India. The TAPI pipeline project would bring billions of dollars into Mossad coffers every year. This is the real reason for the war in Afghanistan and why the Zionist-controlled Obama administration has increased the war effort in Central Asia. It really has nothing to do with "Islamic terrorism" or 9-11.

The Merhav Group is a private company. Maiman is president and chairman of the board. He is also chairman of Ampal-American Israel Corporation, Israel's Channel 10 (which he owns with Ron Lauder, Rupert Murdoch, and Arnon Milchen), Gadot Chemical Tankers and Terminals Ltd., and Arnon Milchen's agro-chemical company, Milchen Brothers Ltd.

Maiman's Merhav Group is a Mossad-controlled network of companies.

Maiman's network reveals the Mossad-controlled companies linked to 9-11 and the war in Afghanistan. Maiman, for example, is an owner and director of Eltek, Ltd. an Israeli manufacturer of printed circuit boards, along with Eytan Barak. Barak is also a director of ICTS International N.V., the Israeli aviation security company that owns Huntleigh USA, the passenger screening company directly involved with the planes and passenger screening operations on 9-11. Barak is a director of ICTS, a member of the supervisory board, audit committee, and compensation committee. Huntleigh is a key defendant in the 9-11 tort litigation but the Mossad-owned company has been protected by the Zionist Alvin K. Hellerstein, the U.S. District Judge who has prevented any 9-11 trial from finding those responsible for the terror atrocity that changed the world.


Article originally published: September 28, 2009

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The Shanksville Deception of 9-11

Updated February 4, 2010

Something incredibly ugly happened to Flight 93 over rural Pennsylvania on 9-11. A mass murder atrocity could explain why the public was deceived into thinking that a small crater was the crash site while the bodies of the victims and wreckage were actually being picked up from the real debris field hundreds of meters away in the dark woods. How many victims were there anyway? Two hundred? Why was the wreckage of Flight 93 kept hidden?

The scene of the crime. The small crater in the reclaimed mine is a useful diversion. The real debris field is several hundred meters in the woods. Why would the government go to such lengths to keep the press and county coroner away from the evidence? How many people were on Flight 93 when it was shot down - as Donald Rumsfeld openly admitted?

The people of Somerset, Pennsylvania, are loyal and patriotic Americans, qualities that have been exploited by the perpetrators of 9-11 to conceal the truth of what happened in the sky over the woods of Shanksville on 9-11. Shanksville is the nearest hamlet to the so-called crash site of United Airlines Flight 93, a small crater in a reclaimed mine between Lambertsville and Shanksville.

Having been to the area several times since 9-11, I noticed that many of the people were noticably afraid to talk about the things they had seen and noticed around Shanksville on September 11, 2001. Several of them apologized and told me that they had been told by the F.B.I. or other agents of the U.S. government not to talk. From others I got the clear impression that they had been warned not to talk about what they knew. Then there are those who had obviously been told to tell lies. I would consider Bob Leverknight to be a member of the latter group. As I reported from Somerset:

I spoke with Bob Leverknight, correspondent with Somerset's Daily American, at the newspaper's office about how Flight 93 disappeared into the crater without leaving a trace. Leverknight, an active member of the Air National Guard, was assigned by the editor to handle my questions. His answers were quite incredible. About the disappearance of the plane, Leverknight said, "It [the ground] liquefied." One of the plane's massive engines, he said, "bounced" off the ground and was found at a very considerable distance -- in the woods.

The ground did not liquefy and swallow the plane as Bob Leverknight told me at the office of the Daily American and nothing bounced off the ground. These are just some of the lies that surround the deception of what really happened above Shanksville on 9-11.

There was no wreckage of an airplane found anywhere near the small crater that had been made in a trench of the reclaimed mine. The real debris field was several hundred meters in the woods. But why was it kept hidden?


The debris of Flight 93 fell in the woods and covered a large area. This is the real debris field and was kept hidden from the view of the public and the press while the bodies and evidence were picked up. The small crater in the reclaimed mine was most likely caused by a missile fired from the Thunderbolt aircraft that was seen circling the area before and after Flight 93 was shot down over the woods.

The small round crater measured 20 feet in width. The long gash was apparently pre-existing in the reclaimed mine. A clever ruse, but not at all convincing.

The pre-existing trench is visible in this 1994 U.S.G.S (United States Geological Survey) map of the reclaimed mine. The crater was made directly in the middle of the trench, which suggests that this location had been carefully chosen for the Flight 93 shoot down. Were all the passengers from the different planes of 9-11 loaded onto this doomed plane at Cleveland airport?

This crater was made in the middle of the trench to provide a plausible diversion that looked like the scene of a plane crash albeit without any wreckage. The bomb crater was made directly in the middle of the pre-existing trench which indicates that the Shanksville shoot down had been carefully planned in advance. The public was told that the plane had crashed at the site of the crater while the real debris field was located in the woods beginning at a distance of about 100 meters in the woods, around the cottage of Barry Hoover.

Barry Hoover's cabin, where body parts were found according to Rev. Larry Hoover, is at least one hundred meters from the crater - deep in the woods. There is no way that pieces of an airliner, luggage, and human remains flew for hundreds of meters through the thickly wooded forest. The shock wave that devastated the Hoover cottage - and the plane - clearly came from above the woods, not from this crater in the reclaimed mine. One hundred meters of thick woods would have protected the Hoover house from the shock wave and the trees would have lost much of their foliage. Apart from the scorched area near the crater, the trees appear to be in good condition.

The Dayton Daily News of September 12, 2001, described the scene:

The impact of the crash left a crater estimated by authorities to be about 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide. It appeared the plane first hit on the downward slope of a hillside and then slid at least 200 yards, scorching a dense area of trees and corn fields. Officials would allow reporters no closer than 300 yards to the scene. From that vantage point, the crater appeared to be barren. Little debris could be seen, and there were no signs of victims.

"We haven't seen anything bigger than a phone book, certainly nothing that would resemble a part of a plane," said Capt. Frank Monaco of the Pennsylvania State Police.

But one Lambertsville resident, Barry Hoover, who lives a half-mile from the site, said he saw debris scattered at least a mile wide.

"There was stuff everywhere back there. It made you want to drop to your knees and cry for those people," Hoover said.

PENNSYLVANIA CRASH MAY BE KEY TO TRAGEDY - 'Black box' could give clues to disaster Dayton Daily News (OH) - Wednesday, September 12, 2001 Author: Mike Wagner and Ken McCall

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also described the wreckage at the Hoover property:

No people on the ground were killed in that crash. But the shock waves set off by the impact of that crash heavily damaged Hoover's home, which lies, literally, a stone's throw from the crater gouged into the earth by the doomed plane.

"Obviously, I was upset when I saw my house. Who wouldn't be?" said Hoover, 34, whose home off Lambertsville Road is believed to be the local structure most seriously damaged by the crash. "But you know, it's a house and there's nothing there that can't be replaced. The people who died can't be replaced."

...Wreckage was still burning and emergency workers were still speeding to the scene when Hoover neared his house. While it was still standing, every window and door had been blown off and obliterated, its ceilings and floor tiles had been blasted loose and much of the interior was wrecked.

"It looked like what you see after a tornado or hurricane goes through -- a total ruin," he said.

FLIGHT 93 CRASH SHOOK HIS HOUSE LIKE A TORNADO Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) - Friday, September 14, 2001 Author: Cindi Lash, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

To clarify the location of Barry Hoover's cottage in relation to the crater "crash site" I spoke with Reverend Larry Hoover, a Lutheran minister and father of Barry. Larry Hoover owns the two houses on his property that begins with the treeline at the edge of the reclaimed mine.

The cottage his son Barry lived in is about "one football field" (100 meters) into the woods from the crater, Larry Hoover said. Larry's house is about "three football fields" from the crater, he said. He said that luggage had been found around his house while body parts had been found more around Barry's cottage. The Hoover property is about 7 to 9 acres, he said. The debris was found on property belonging to three people, including the owner of the reclaimed mine.

Rev. Hoover said that he noticed that the garage door of Barry's house had been blown inside out and backwards, something he thought quite remarkable.

I wanted to know why the existence of the real debris field deep in the woods had been kept hidden so I asked Reverend Hoover, "Why have you been quiet about what happened on your property on 9-11?"

"We tried to cooperate," he said. I knew what he meant without pressing the point. The FBI agents had given similar orders all over Shanksville and Somerset County. The Hoovers had been asked not to talk about what had happened on 9-11. The public was told that the plane had crashed into the reclaimed mine while the real debris field was cleaned up in complete secrecy in the woods around the Hoover cabins.

Why has the real debris field been kept secret? There can only be one explanation: the truth about what happened to Flight 93 could not be revealed to the public. The evidence indicates that Flight 93 was shot out of the sky with a blast that sounded like "an atomic bomb," as one witness told me:

Nena Lensbouer, who had prepared lunch for the workers at the scrap yard overlooking the crash site, said she was the first person to reach the crater. Lensbouer said that the crater was five to six feet deep and smaller than the 24-foot trailer in her front yard. She described the sound as "an explosion, like an atomic bomb" -- not a crash.

If Flight 93 was shot down with such precision, and the truth concealed with an elaborate deception, there are several crucial questions I would ask:

Exactly how many people were on Flight 93?

Did Flight 93 really land in Cleveland on 9-11 and were passengers from other flights put onto the flight before it was shot down?

Is this what really happened to the passengers of Flights 11 and 175?

Why was Wally Miller, the Somerset County Coroner, forced to turn over the "crash" site to the FBI? Why did he abdicate his responsibility for the site and the recovery of the bodies, his obligation under state law? Why was he not even allowed to be involved in the identification of the remains of the passengers of Flight 93, whose death certificates he duly signed?

The evidence certainly indicates that something extremely ugly happened over Shanksville on 9-11 and the evidence of the atrocity was strewn about the woods surrounding the Hoover property. There was only one small survivor from the catastrophe that occurred at Barry Hoover's cottage on 9-11. Woody, Barry Hoover's cat, survived and is still living, eight years later.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Flight 93 had been shot down.

In 2005, I interviewed Viola Saylor of Lambertsville who had seen an aircraft that looked like an A-10 Thunderbolt over Shanksville on 9-11. The following eyewitness accounts of seeing a Thunderbolt are from my article of July 15, 2005, “Eyewitnesses Saw Military Aircraft at Scene of Flight 93”.

Viola Saylor saw Flight 93 pass very low over her house in Lambertsville, which is a mile north of the official crash site. She was in her backyard when she heard a very loud noise and looked up to find herself "nose to nose" with Flight 93, which she says was flying "upside down" as it passed overhead. It was blue and silver, she said, and glistened in the sunlight.

It was so low that it rustled the leaves of her 100-foot maple tree in her yard. It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a "thud," she said. "It was real still for a second," she said. "Then all of a sudden" she saw a "very quiet" and low-flying white "military" plane coming from the area of the crash site, flying towards the northwest. "It was flying very fast, like it was trying to get out of here," she said. "A second or two" behind the "military" plane were two other planes, which Saylor described as "normal" planes.

Shown a photograph of a Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II, a low-flying combat aircraft commonly referred to as a "Warthog," Saylor identified it as the military plane she had seen. She said she recognized the two engines on the rear and the distinctive shape of the cockpit and nose of the plane. Similar eyewitness reports of military planes over Shanksville on 9-11 remain censored by the U.S. corporate media, although they were reported in two leading British newspapers.

Several eyewitnesses reported seeing an A-10 Thunderbolt circling the area - before and after - the "crash" of Flight 93.

Susan Mcelwain, a local teacher, also reported seeing a white "military" plane at the scene of the crash before witnessing an explosion. Mcelwain told the Daily Mirror (U.K.) what she saw:

It came right over me, I reckon just 40 or 50 feet above my mini-van," she recalled. "It was so low I ducked instinctively. It was traveling real fast, but hardly made any sound.

Then it disappeared behind some trees. A few seconds later I heard this great explosion and saw this fireball rise up over the trees, so I figured the jet had crashed. The ground really shook. So I dialed 911 and told them what happened.

I'd heard nothing about the other attacks and it was only when I got home and saw the TV that I realized it wasn't the white jet, but Flight 93.

I didn't think much more about it until the authorities started to say there had been no other plane. The plane I saw was heading right to the point where Flight 93 crashed and must have been there at the very moment it came down.

There's no way I imagined this plane - it was so low it was virtually on top of me. It was white with no markings but it was definitely military, it just had that look.

The plane Mcelwain describes sounds like the Warthog seen by Saylor over Lambertsville. "It had two rear engines, a big fin on the back like a spoiler on the back of a car and with two upright fins at the side," Mcelwain said. "I haven't found one like it on the Internet. It definitely wasn't one of those executive jets. The FBI came and talked to me and said there was no plane around. Then they changed their story and tried to say it was a plane taking pictures of the crash 3,000 feet up. But I saw it and it was there before the crash and it was 40 feet above my head. They did not want my story - nobody here did." Sources and Recommended Reading:

Bollyn, Christopher, "The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93", May 12, 2006 http://www.bollyn.com/the-hollywood-fantasy-of-flight-93

Bollyn, Christopher, “Eyewitnesses Saw Military Aircraft at Scene of Flight 93”, July 15, 2005 http://www.bollyn.com/eyewitnesses-saw-military-aircraft-at-scene-of-flight-93

The Axelrod Factor: Why Obama Fails to Deliver

Updated February 3, 2010

After one year in office, President Barack Obama has failed to deliver on any of his key campaign promises. Public opinion of the Obama White House has clearly changed. Obama has only succeeded in protecting the outrageous 9-11 deception, wasting billions of dollars in bailing out Maurice Greenberg's criminal enterprise A.I.G. and the corrupt investment banks he insured, and increasing the killing and suffering in the Middle East and Central Asia. To understand why Obama seems unable to deliver we need to know much more about his Senior Advisor David Axelrod -- the man who made Obama president.

After one year, even the New African asks Obama, "Where is the hope?"

"What went wrong?" Pat Oliphant asks the "Great Obama."

"Now what?" Time magazine asks of the president who was elected on promises of change but fails to deliver. He can't even close the outrageous gulag of Guantanamo? What's wrong?

"Who is Barack Obama?" Bob Herbert of the New York Times asks, "Americans are still looking for the answer, and if they don’t get it soon — or if they don’t like the answer — the president’s current political problems will look like a walk in the park."

"Mr. Obama promised during the campaign that he would be a different kind of president, one who would preside over a more open, more high-minded administration that would be far more in touch with the economic needs of ordinary working Americans. But no sooner was he elected than he put together an economic team that would protect, above all, the interests of Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance companies, and so on," Herbert wrote in his editorial of January 25 entitled, "A Credibility Gap."

"Who is Barack Obama?" asks Bob Herbert of the New York Times.

"Americans want to know what he stands for, where his line in the sand is, what he’ll really fight for, and where he wants to lead this nation," Herbert concluded. "They want to know who their president really is."


It is safe to say that the U.S. government today is a far cry from what the framers of the Constitution intended. Congress has lost its control over our currency and completely abdicated its role as the only branch that can declare war. These powers now belong to the president, directly or indirectly. The executive branch has gained immense power at the expense of the legislative branch, our representatives in Congress. The result is that our presidents have much more power than envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The real power of the U.S. government is centralized in the person of the president, who has more power than a king or czar. To control the United States one need only control the president. The president is controlled by the people around him, his chief of staff and senior advisors. This is why it is essential to understand who advises the president because these are the people who shape the policies of the White House.

To understand the Obama presidency one needs to know the people who made Barack Obama president. Chief among the people behind the Obama presidency is David Axelrod, Obama's friend, senior advisor, and chief media and political strategist. If one were to look behind the televised images of Barack Obama, one would find David Axelrod writing the speeches and creating the image of the candidate and the president. While Barack Obama is the face of the current administration, the policies, words, and images are creations of David Axelrod. So overwhelming is his influence on the White House that it would be fair to call this the Axelrod Presidency.

David Axelrod is the man who explains the Obama administration to the world.

Axelrod is Obama's right-hand man and is always at his side.

Axelrod goes everywhere Obama goes...

Axelrod writes Obama's speeches...

and coaches him on how to present them, as he has since 1992.

Axelrod has been with Obama as his advisor and chief strategist every step of the way, creating and shaping the candidate who became president after a short career as a politician from Chicago.

Looking at the Obama White House from outside, one might get the impression that David Axelrod is the real president and Obama is his spokesman.


The most peculiar thing about David Axelrod is that although he is clearly one of the most powerful men in the government of the United States, for most Americans he remains an unknown factor. The controlled media does nothing to help us understand who Axelrod is. How can that be? How is it that Axelrod represents the executive branch of the U.S. government on television and speaks to the media daily about the policies of the U.S. government and nobody cares to explain who this person is and how he became senior advisor to President Obama? Who is this senior political advisor to the president who said, quite incorrectly, in June 2009 that Iran had nuclear weapons - on national television? Who is Axelrod to say that Iran will face consequences for failing to submit to the extra-judicial dictates of the so-called "international community," as he did at the end of 2009?

David Axelrod is a Chicago-based media consultant, advertising man, and corporate lobbyist who makes his living by changing public opinion to support his clients, who are primarily political candidates and major corporations. Axelrod is really a paid lobbyist who uses television advertising to change public opinion on behalf of his clients. Because he has two kinds of clients – political candidates and large corporations - Axelrod started two media companies: AKP&D Message and Media for politicians, and ASK Public Strategies for corporations. While all partners at AKP&D (A is for Axelrod, with John Kupper, David Plouffe, and John Del Cecato) held senior positions on the Obama campaign, it wasn't the only campaign AKP&D worked on. AKP&D also provided services to the presidential campaigns of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.

Creating a positive image to affect public opinion through television ads is one of the basic services Axelrod provides. To do this he writes most of their speeches. Because he has so many politicians as clients, sometimes he re-uses the same speech. When Obama the candidate used the same speech that Deval Patrick or John Edwards had used earlier, it wasn't plagerism – it was simply Obama reading a recycled Axelrod speech.

David Axelrod is described on the White House website as the former "Senior Partner" at AKP&D, who "managed media strategy SourceWatch has information about David Axelrod and his media companies. As a former resident of Cook County who was born and raised in the Chicago area, I can say that the people who Axelrod has helped put into office in Illinois and Chicago are anything but "progressive." Having monitored elections in Cook County, I can say with a high degree of certainty that the Chicago-based political figures that Axelrod has worked with are actually part of a large criminal enterprise.

Why would David Axelrod be involved in promoting candidates who are so easily corrupted? Why is a son of Romanian Jewish immigrants working to promote black candidates in cities and states across the country? Who tells Axelrod who to support and what policies to promote?


David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel run the Obama White House.

David Axelrod works very closely with Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff. Axelrod and Emanuel are the highest level Zionist agents/controllers of the Obama administration. Rahm Emanuel is named after an Israeli terrorist from the Stern Gang and is the son of Benjamin (Auerbach) Emanuel, a former member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization headed by Menachem Begin. The Irgun was behind the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, the worst terrorist bombing in Palestinian history.

Rahm Emanuel with his brothers and his father, Benjamin, who admitted to the author that he had been a member of the Irgun, a terrorist gang headed by Menachem Begin.

Menachem Begin was a well-known terrorist who went on to become prime minister of Israel.

Begin had been a criminal in the Soviet Union (1940) before bringing his terror methods to Palestine.

While still in their twenties, Axelrod and Emanuel began working together to defeat Senator Charles H. Percy (R-Ill.) in 1984. Percy was a popular senator who had served three terms and risen to become the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Percy had become a powerful adversary of Menachem Begin, the former terrorist leader who had become prime minister of Israel. Begin saw Percy as an enemy in the U.S. Congress because Percy was openly critical of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and advised Israel to compromise with the Palestinians. Percy had also criticized Israel's brutal siege of West Beirut during the summer of 1982, saying, "It could turn out to be, if it continues this way, Israel's Vietnam."

Sen. Charles H. Percy

When Begin read a report Percy had called for economic measures to be taken to stop Israel's murderous invasion of Lebanon, Begin fired back. "I would like to tell Senator Percy that nobody, nobody is going to bring Israel to her knees. You must have forgotten that Jews do not kneel but to God," an angry Begin told Jewish fund-raisers in Jerusalem. Philip M. Klutznick of Chicago, the former president of B'nai B'rith International and the World Jewish Congress, who had corresponded with both Percy and Prime Minister Begin, was a key Jewish fund-raiser who conspired with Begin and took action to remove Senator Percy from office.

Begin wanted Percy removed from his position of power in the U.S. Congress and Klutznick made it happen. When Axelrod and Emanuel went to work for the Paul Simon senate campaign (1984) they were taking orders from Klutznick and working as the political attack dogs for Menachem Begin, one of the most notorious terrorists of history. Axelrod was later commissioned in 1992 by Klutznick to make Barack Obama "our first black president," as his daughter Betty Lu Saltzman said.

David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are clearly not working for America's best interest in the Obama White House. They are the highest-level point men in the White House for an international network of Zionist criminals. The candidates that Axelrod promotes are not progressive. They are controlled. The Zionist strategy in promoting candidates who can be controlled is what I call "Control through Corruption."


One of Axelrod's clients was Michael R. White, who was mayor of Cleveland from 1990 to 2002. Mayor White played a key role in the actions that took place at the Cleveland airport on 9-11, when it was reported that Flight 93 and another plane had made emergency landings and that the passengers had been taken into the NASA facility at the airport where they had been interviewed by FBI agents.

Mayor Michael White of Cleveland lowered Sam Miller's property tax by $56 million and played a key role in the deception of 9-11.

Mayor White headed what is described as the most corrupt administration in Cleveland history. Nate Gray, who is currently in prison, was White's "bagman," and collected bribes for contracts. During a court hearing in September 2008, U.S District Judge James Gwin said Gray still refused to testify "to protect some compatriot."

Michael White's "bagman" Nate Gray went to jail for 15 years.

As I wrote in "The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93" in 2006:

On August 17, 2005, White's business associate and close friend, Nate Gray, was convicted of 36 criminal counts relating to bribery of public officials in four cities. Two days after the Gray conviction, Brent Larkin, in an editorial in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, wrote: "Now we know that, at the very least, White presided over a government that will forever be remembered as one of the most corrupt in the city's history."

The central figure in the corruption of the White administration appears to be Samuel H. Miller, co-chairman of the board of directors and treasurer of Forest City Enterprises, Inc., a family-run company with extensive real estate holdings which it owns or manages. The Ratner family, which Miller married into, controls Forest City Enterprises. Ricardo Teamor, one of the co-defendants in the racketeering and extortion scheme with Nate Gray, told the FBI that Mayor White, Gray, and Miller had regular business dinners at the Ritz Carlton hotel for years. According to Teamor, Gray said that Miller controlled White and told the mayor what to do.

Miller was White's biggest financial backer when, as a little-known state senator, White ran for mayor in 1989. Miller is also a national leader in Zionist and Jewish causes. He is, for example, the national chairman of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a past chairman of the Cleveland Jewish Welfare Fund and Israel Bonds, and a member of the board of trustees of the Jewish National Fund. Miller is also the father of Aaron David Miller, who served for two decades at the Department of State as senior adviser to six Secretaries of State, where he was involved in formulating U.S. policy on the Middle East and the Arab-Israel peace process.

The Zionist Jew Sam Miller ran the city of Cleveland...

...while his son Aaron (center) crafted U.S. policy in the Middle East for two decades. Here Aaron Miller talks with the war criminal and genocidaire Ariel Sharon.

When David Axelrod worked his television magic to get Michael White elected mayor, he was really working for Sam Miller. Miller then used White to serve his purposes. Under Mayor White, Sam Miller's taxes for the property he owned (with the Ratner family of Forest City) in Cleveland fell every year to the point where he was paying very little tax. When White took office in 1990, he cut Miller's property tax by 21 percent. In 1991, Miller's taxes fell another 20 percent. In 1992 his taxes fell another 17.3 percent and in 1994 by 12.4 percent - for a tax cut of 71 percent in four years. During the first four years of White's administration, Miller's assessed property value was lowered by $160 million, saving him and Forest City $56 million. This savings for Miller and Forest City lowered revenues for Cleveland schools and libraries. Axelrod also worked on something called the Gateway Committee (Cleveland Downtown Redevelopment Program), which was a project that the Miller family was very much involved in.

David Axelrod is a highest-level Zionist agent controlling the president of the United States. Here he discusses candidate Obama's visit to Israel as he speaks from the King David Hotel. This was the hotel that was bombed by Rahm Emanuel's father and his gang in 1946 killing more than 90 people.

Menachem Begin was the terrorist head of the Irgun when it bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing nearly 100 people. Rahm Emanuel's father was an active member of this terrorist gang at the time and probably was involved in this atrocity given the fact that he lived in Jerusalem at the time.

to be continued...

Sources and Recommended Reading:

Bollyn, Christopher, "The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93", May 12, 2006 http://www.bollyn.com/the-hollywood-fantasy-of-flight-93

"Obama’s Credibility Gap" by Bob Herbert, New York Times, January 25, 2010 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/26/opinion/26herbert.html

Bartimole, Roldo, "How Hypocritical Can Sam Miller Get Before We Laugh Him Out of Town", Cleveland Leader, June 26, 2009 http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/10468

Corporatism vs. Democracy in America

January 23, 2010

"In a day when special interests already hold our democracy by the throat, the court has helped them tighten their grip...The hypocrisy here is striking. And the impact of this ruling is frightening." - "Reckless Supreme Court Ruling on Campaign Finance: Special Interests Win, We Lose" Star Ledger Editorial Board (NJ), January 22, 2010

The Supreme Court has handed lobbyists a new weapon. A lobbyist can now tell any elected official: if you vote wrong, my company, labor union or interest group will spend unlimited sums explicitly advertising against your re-election. - David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times, January 21, 2010

"The Court's ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions around the Nation. The path it has taken to reach its outcome will, I fear, do damage to this institution." - Justice John Paul Stevens in his 90-page dissenting opinion

"The conceit that corporations must be treated identically to natural persons in the political sphere is not only inaccurate but also inadequate to justify the Court's disposition of this case. In the context of election to public office, the distinction between corporate and human speakers is significant. Although they make enormous contributions to our society, corporations are not actually members of it. The cannot vote or run for office. Because they may be managed and controlled by nonresidents, their interests may conflict in fundamental respects with the interests of eligible voters. The financial resources, legal structure, and instrumental orientation of corporations raise legitimate concerns about their role in the electoral process. Our lawmakers have a compelling constitutional basis, if not also a democratic duty, to take measures designed to guard against the potentially deleterious effects of corporate spending in local and national races...

Essentially, five Justices were unhappy with the limited nature of the case before us, so they changed the case to give themselves an opportunity to change the law...

The Court operates with a sledge hammer rather than a scalpel when it strikes down one of Congress' most significant efforts to regulate the role that corporations and unions play in electoral politics."

- Justice John Paul Stevens in his 90-page dissenting opinion in which he wrote that granting First Amendment rights to "corporate speech" would have been "inconceivable" to the Framers of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political advertising is the death knell for democracy* in America. If voting machines killed the democratic franchise in the United States, this decision by the Supreme Court is a dump truck dumping tons of dirt on its grave. This is the legal acceptance of what can only be called the rule of corporatism in America. American voters do not generally elect their presidents and representatives based not on their real merits or political skills but mainly on the image of the candidate received through television advertising and televised debates, which are controlled by the two major political parties. President Obama (my former senator who failed to respond to my letters) was not elected on his proven merits or political achievements (which are very scanty) but on a carefully crafted image of the candidate created by corporate lobbyist David Axelrod, his senior media strategist and political advisor. This ruling gives corporations an even bigger voice than they already have in politics by allowing them to run televised political ads before an election. This is a extremely flawed interpretation of the freedom of speech and cannot be allowed to stand if the United States is to retain any semblance of being a democratic republic.

"Joined by the other three members of the court's liberal wing, Justice Stevens said the majority had committed a grave error in treating corporate speech the same as that of human beings." - New York Times, January 22, 2010

Corporations are not individuals or citizens. They are super-sized entities that are international in scope and size. Many of them are not beholden to any nation. Corporations simply cannot be equated with citizens as they do not belong to any nation. Corporations are concerned with gaining power and wealth and have core interests that are clearly contrary to the national good or public interest. With this ruling corporations will be able to use their general funds to play a super-size role in any political contest in the nation. How can any candidate of the people compete against someone who has the backing of a huge corporation with a war chest of millions of dollars to spend on advertising and television ads? Corporations have business interests in every congressional district in the nation. This ruling will enable them to exercise a massive influence in every congressional race.

“If the First Amendment has any force, it prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political speech.” - Justice Anthony M. Kennedy writing for the majority

Corporations can not be granted the same rights as those enshrined in the First Amendment for citizens of the United States. To rule that corporations have the right of free speech in federal elections and then allow them to spend freely from their immense financial resources on political campaigns at every level across the United States is a most absurd interpretation of the Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech. Justice Kennedy's statement above does not take into account that churches are "associations of citizens" that are fined (taxed) for engaging in political speech. Churches in the United States do not have the right to political speech. Why should corporations, which are often foreign-owned and controlled, be allowed to have the loudest voice in U.S. elections while churches are forced to be silent? This decision destroys the notion that America is a government "of the people, by the people, for the people."

* The term democracy should not be taken to mean that the United States is a "democracy" in the literal or classical Greek meaning of the word. Switzerland is a democracy in the real meaning of the word. The Swiss citizenry is truly involved in making political decisions for the nation. The United States was created as a republic with democratic elections in which representatives are chosen. The right to choose political representatives through open and transparent elections is the "democratic franchise", something which has completely disappeared in most counties of the United States with the use of computerized electronic voting systems.

Recommended Reading:

Kirkpatrick, David D., “Lobbyists Get Potent Weapon in Campaign Ruling,” New York Times, January 21, 2010 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/22/us/politics/22donate.html

Hasen, Richard L., “Money Grubbers - The Supreme Court kills campaign finance reform”, January 21, 2010 http://www.slate.com/id/2242209/pagenum/all/

Understanding the 9-11 Bombing of WTC 6

December 21, 2009

May Allah/God help you in your struggle for the truth. Truth has no religion, no race, no color. - A supporter from London

"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq." - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Bar-Ilan University, April 2008

An amazingly callous Netanyahu told the New York Times on 9-11 (when early estimates were about 10,000 dead) that the terror attacks were "very good" for U.S.-Israeli relations. His subsequent comments about how Israel was benefiting from 9-11 were made in Hebrew at Bar-Ilan University, a religious Zionist school, and were directed at an audience that is certainly well aware of Israel's involvement in the false-flag terror of 9-11. These comments were obviously not meant to be translated for worldwide reading (the original article was published in the Hebrew language newspaper Maariv) and should be seen as a sort of public confession in which the leader of the Likud, Israel's right-wing extremist movement, sought to rationalize the Israeli false-flag terror atrocity on the United States. Joe Lockhart, spokesman for President Bill Clinton, described Netanyahu as "one of the most obnoxious individuals you're going to come into - just a liar and a cheat. He could open his mouth and you could have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth." It's high time for an international arrest warrant to be put out for Netanyahu and Ehud Barak to be tried for terrorism and war crimes.


The split-second precision of the bombing of WTC 6 reveals the sophisticated military planning of the criminal mastermind behind 9-11. The blatant cover-up of this explosion, witnessed by hundreds of gagged members of New York's fire and police departments, is ample evidence of the complicity of the controlled media to hide the truth of what happened on 9-11, along with the mayors of New York City and the U.S. government.

I contacted the archives of CNN during the summer of 2002 to inquire about the precise time of their video footage of a huge dust cloud coming from a mysterious blast that appeared to have occurred at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) at about 9:03 a.m. -- the same minute that the second plane struck the South Tower on 9-11. The raw video material has precise time markings, which they provided.

The mysterious explosion at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) occurred at 9:04 a.m. on 9-11, at exactly the same time as the second plane crashed into the South Tower.

As I reported in my article "What Caused the WTC 6 Crater?" of July 10, 2002, CNN confirmed to me that the mysterious blast had occurred at precisely the same moment that the second plane struck the South Tower:

Despite the fact that the horrible events of September 11 occurred in broad daylight and were widely photographed, significant aspects of the attacks have been completely suppressed by a media blackout. A massive explosion, witnessed by millions of television viewers on CNN, evidently devastated WTC 6, the 8-story U.S. Customs House, although no national newspaper or media outlet has said a word about it.

The unexplained blast occurred between the burning North Tower and the 47-story Salomon Brothers Building, known as WTC 7, immediately after United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the South Tower, at about 9:03 a.m. The explosion at WTC 6 was shown afterwards on CNN. Because it not broadcast as it happened there has been some confusion about when it actually occurred. The large amount of smoke seen cascading around the South Tower in the video led some observers to mistake the blast for a dust cloud from the subsequent collapse of the tower.


I contacted CNN to determine exactly when the footage was filmed. CNN's Public Affairs Department confirmed that the explosion shown in the footage occurred immediately after the second plane had crashed into the South Tower. When asked if the footage was taken at 9:04 a.m., the CNN archivist who could not give his last name, said, "That's correct." When asked if CNN could offer any explanation about what might have caused the blast that clearly reached 550 feet, soaring higher than the 47-story WTC 7 in the foreground, the archivist said, "We can't figure it out."

When I revisited this subject in June 2009, I examined some photos by the late Bill Biggert that showed that WTC 6 had been badly damaged before the collapse of either tower. I also discussed the discovery by Kurt Sonnenfeld, a FEMA photographer, now living in exile in Argentina, that the underground vault of the building had been cleaned out before 9-11. This story is extremely important because it reveals that there was a criminal mastermind behind 9-11 who was able to time the explosion in WTC 6 to coincide exactly with the crash of the airplane into the South Tower. It also reveals that the terror attack was designed to conceal the theft of the contents of the underground vaults - evidence of serious crimes and valuables such as gold. This is identical to the Zionist terror bombing of Jerusalem's King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, during the British Mandate.

The King David Hotel was blown up by Zionist terrorists in a way that was very similar to the bombing of the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) on 9-11. The people who blew up the King David Hotel were known terrorists from the Irgun and Haganah. The children of these terrorists are the current leaders of Israel. Why do good law-abiding Jews continue to support these terrorists? Jabotinsky, Begin, Sharon, and Netanyahu are very much like Bar Kochba and his Jewish Zealots of the past - fanatics who led their people to destruction.

The King David Hotel served as headquarters for the British forces, and housed the evidence that would have resulted in many of these Zionist terrorists being hanged. The destruction of this evidence was the primary reason for the bombing, which was carried out by Irgun and Haganah terrorists. The commander of the Irgun terror gang from 1943-1948 was Menachem Begin who later became Israel’s sixth prime minister in the 1970s and 1980s. The head of terror operations for the Irgun was Yerucham Livni from Grodno, father of Israel's former foreign minister Tzipi Livni (who is currently wanted for war crimes in Britain). The children of these Zionist terrorists from the 1940s are the leaders of Israel today.

The Zionist terror bombing of the King David Hotel in July 1946 was ordered by Menachem Begin and approved by David Ben Gurion. Eitan Livni, chief operations officer for the Irgun terror gang had been arrested in April 1946 and was in prison at the time.

Menachem Begin, a Zionist from Brest-Litovsk, was arrested by the NKVD in 1940

Begin, the arch-terrorist of Zionism, is Netanyahu's mentor and idol. There are no limits or laws to constrain such fanatics.

When Netanyahu became prime minister on March 31, 2009, Begin's son Benny sat right behind him. Netanyahu's father was executive secretary for Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the founder of the Irgun and Haganah - and the Zionist terror group that became the Likud party.

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States and Britain have ignored the evidence of the huge explosion that destroyed WTC 6 as the plane crash distracted cameras and onlookers. This was the plan. It is like a circus where the attention of the audience is controlled by the use of spotlights that illuminate one act while the rest of the arena is in darkness. In this respect, the bombing of WTC 6 is like the huge debris field that is about one mile from the small crater where we are told the plane crashed in Shanksville. The public's attention is focused on the twenty-foot crater while the real evidence is kept hidden from the prying eyes of the press.

The following photographs and analysis by Jack White, professional photographer, reveal that WTC 6 was bombed at 9:04 on 9-11 and that the controlled media is complicit in the criminal cover-up of the truth. These photos can be seen in full size on Jack White's website or here: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79903

A photo of New York firemen fighting the fire of the bombed WTC 6 - before either tower fell

An analysis showing the two different events - one hour apart

The Biggert photo shows the pre-damaged WTC 6 as the South Tower is pulverized with super-thermite.

A photo of the WTC 6 blast

An analysis of the moment that the plane struck and WTC 6 was exploded


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The Jewish Secret Society That Controls the U.S. Media

December 1, 2009

"Thanks to the God of Truth..."

Thanks to the God of TRUTH for giving the world a few brave truth tellers who forsake the easy, safe life to dig out the facts and risk their necks to make it available. Bollyn and others have not been harassed because they are spreading fantasy, but because they are making the enemies of freedom and truth uneasy. They know that secrecy and deception are their tools and that an informed public is their undoing.

- A reader comments on an Iranian news report about Bollyn, November 27, 2009

Article: http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=112178&sectionid=3510203

Tuesday Radio Show on RBN

I was on the Morning Liberty show with R.J. Hender on the Republic Broadcasting Network on Tuesday, December 1, from 7 - 9 a.m. (Mountain Time). The show is on the RBN website: http://republicbroadcasting.org/

Subject: Proof of a Conspiracy - The Evidence that a Secret Brotherhood Controls the U.S. Media

I discussed the key role played by the secret Jewish freemasonic "brotherhood" of B'nai B'rith in the cover-up of the truth of 9-11. This is a very old and powerful Jewish secret society, founded by 12 German Jews in New York City in 1843, which has long had immense influence in the spheres of the U.S. judicial system, government, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and media. The B'nai B'rith is a secret organization that works to promote a foreign and un-American agenda -- Zionism. Many of its members are high-level judges. What does this say about judicial corruption by members of a secret society for Jews only?

In 1878, the B'nai B'rith was already "one of the most powerful secret organizations in the United States." It began when the Jewish population of the U.S. was very small and consisted primarily of Jews of German origin.

The B'nai B'rith - eager to swell its ranks - was instrumental in recruiting and bringing hundreds of thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe to the U.S. in the late 1800s. The illiterate and uneducated Jews from the ghettos of Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, and Byelorussia were sent to frontier towns like Cleveland and became new members of the growing secret society. The family of the Cleveland gangster Sam Miller, father of Aaron Miller of the State Departmen, and the Chertoff family are such B'nai B'rith families. Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel comes from two B'nai B'rith families of Chicago - the Auerbach and the Smulevitz clans. Michael Goff, the founding manager of Ptech, the Mossad Trojan Horse of 9-11, is the son and grandson of the leading B'nai B'rith 32nd Degree Masons of Worcester, Massachusetts. The secret society of B'nai B'rith now has immense influence in virtually every town and village across the United States and Canada. The judge, the clerk, and your lawyer are probably all members of the same secret society. That is the kind of injustice I experienced in Cook County when I was maliciously prosecuted for my 9-11 research in 2007.

The Music, Entertainment, and Media Unit of the B'nai B'rith is a special lodge, created in 1963, for members holding high-level positions in the U.S. media industry. This is the secret organization that allows the Jewish owners of media outlets to conspire and control the information provided to the American people.

Like many other Jewish media moguls, Gerald M. Levin (the head of HBO AOL Time Warner) who took over CNN from Ted Turner in the mid-1990s, is also a member of the Media Lodge of B'nai B'rith. The Zionists wanted complete control of the U.S. mass media and conspired to get CNN away from Turner's control. CNN's live coverage of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 showed that a Gentile-owned media network of such size was a serious threat to the Zionist criminal agenda. In order to understand WHY the U.S. mass media will never address the facts and evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 it is essential to understand how this secret Zionist organization controls the U.S. media. This Jews-only secret society has a distinctly foreign agenda, something which should be of concern to all Americans.

B'nai B'rith used their agent Eddie Jacobson, a personal friend of Harry Truman's, to get the U.S. president to approve the 1947 UN Partition Plan of Palestine and the subsequent establishment of the Zionist state in 1948. Frank Goldman and Maurice Bisgyer, the two heads of B'nai B'rith who conspired with Jacobson to get Truman's support for the Zionist project, were both "zealous" Zionists, according to A.J. Granoff, a B'nai B'rith member involved in the secret meetings held off-the-record in the Oval Office.

FUCHS: Well, now, several men, such as Frank Goldman, who I believe was president at the time we're mainly interested in, of B’nai B’rith, and Maurice Bisgyer, were, it would seem to me, in my limited reading, rather pro-Zionist to quite a degree.

GRANOFF: That's right. But at first they had to sort of cover it up, but they then became openly zealous.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

"B'nai B'rith and Israel: The Unbroken Covenant," 1998, The B'nai B'rith World Center, Israel http://www.bnaibrith.org/unbrokencovenant/

A:J. Granoff Interview from the Truman Library http://www.trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/granoff.htm#transcript

Why Are We Unable to Resist?

Updated: October 20, 2009

I often wonder why young Americans do nothing to protest the outrageous criminal regime that has taken control of the United States. Where is the resistance? Two illegal wars, a growing police state, and several trillion dollars stolen by criminal bankers from the American people in the past year alone -- why aren't they protesting, resisting - burning tires in the streets?

Why are Americans unable to protest against the criminal regime that has taken over their nation? Here French farmers protest low grain prices in Paris on October 16, 2009. Why don't we see such protests against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, or against the trillion dollar rip-off for the big bankers? Why is the resistance in the U.S. completely unorganized?

Having grown up during the Vietnam War, I was immersed in the protest movement and vibrant anti-war music and culture of the 1960s. "Lucky Man" by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer is a good example of the anti-war music of the time. I find it odd that there is no similar anti-war movement or music today. Faced with never-ending wars in the Middle East, today's youth seem completely apathetic and apolitical.

During the years that I attended public school, the United States was engaged in an undeclared war of aggression in Southeast Asia that nobody really understood. Every week, the American people saw actual photos from the war in LIFE magazine and could easily see through the deception that we were fighting "communism". After 8 years of war in Afghanistan and 18 years in Iraq, however, there is no similar photo-journalism of comparable quality coming from the "embedded" journalists covering these wars. Likewise, there is virtually no anti-war music or protest movement against the criminal wars being fought in our name. Why?

We have to look at the media to understand the lack of a similar anti-war movement in the United States. Today, there is no mass resistance because the U.S. media is now completely owned and controlled by Zionist Jews who actually support the fraudulent "War on Terror" and the illegal wars being fought by the United States and its allies. These wars are being waged to benefit Israel and strengthen the Zionist hegemony in the Middle East and Central Asia. The Zionist-controlled mass media in the United States now works full time to promote the war agenda - first Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Iran. In the Zionist-controlled media there is no room for any real criticism of the Zionist war agenda.

Paul Wolfowitz, one of the senior U.S. officials who conspired and planned the wars of aggression against both Afghanistan and Iraq, is now pushing for war against Iran in the pages of the Financial Times (U.K.), for example. It needs to be understood that Wolfowitz is guilty of the most serious war crime, "a crime against peace" as defined by the Nuremberg Principles. That his opinion is published in a leading financial paper illustrates my point that the mass media actively promotes the Zionist war agenda. Wolfowitz has strong connections to the state of Israel. He lived in Israel as a teenager when his Polish-born father, Jacob, worked at the Technion, and his sister, Laura, married an Israeli and lives in Jerusalem.

The controlled media today censors and sanitizes the images and information about the wars and the human suffering the aggression has caused to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. The public is kept in the dark about the true costs of the illegal wars, both human and financial. Most importantly, the U.S. media keeps powerful images like these from the Vietnam and Iraq wars off the pages of our newspapers.

The famous photo of Vietnamese children burned with napalm changed U.S. public opinion about the war.

The photo of a summary execution by a South Vietnamese police chief showed the lawlessness of the war.

The U.S. evacuates after the fall of Saigon

After nearly 19 years of fighting and bombing Iraqis, very few images of the human cost of the war have been published. The ones that have been seen are horrible beyond belief and reveal the criminal nature of the war of aggression.

A photo from the "Highway of Death" shows what happened to one of the thousands of retreating Iraqis who were incinerated by a U.S. gas-air MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) in 1991.

A U.S. Marine killing injured Iraqis in a mosque in Fallujah, November 13, 2004 (NBC/AP)

The Vietnam war was being fought, we were told, to keep Southeast Asia from falling to the communists. Thousands of young men, including several of my relatives, went to Vietnam to fight "communism". Many thousands of young Americans died in Viet Nam. An untold number of Vietnamese died.

Vietnam eventually did fall to the communists and the last U.S. personnel had to flee from the roof of the embassy in Saigon with desperate people being pushed off the over-crowded helicopters. Despite the fact that the U.S. lost the war in Vietnam, the world did not come to an end. As a matter of fact, nobody even seemed to notice. Most people were simply glad the 12-year old war was over.

I have often wondered why today's youth seem utterly unable to resist the blatant lies of the criminal government and controlled media, which are clearly extremely harmful to them and their nation. I can't understand why the young people in America and Europe abuse themselves with tattoos and body piercings. Don't they care about themselves? I have seen people with screws coming through their eyebrows that look like construction accidents that should be sent to the nearest emergency room.

Christopher J. Petherick, the former chief editor of the Spotlight and American Free Press, a weekly newspaper I wrote for in Washington, D.C., had an ugly metal stud sticking through his tongue that looked absolutely awful. I had never seen such a thing. He told me that he was a Satanist. I thought he was just an East Coast trendie. I sometimes told him that we were doing the Lord's work by spreading the Truth.

Christopher J. Petherick, a self-avowed Satanist, was the editor of American Free Press and the former Spotlight, publications of the Liberty Lobby of Washington, D.C. It makes no sense that a Satanist would be the chief editor of a newspaper that is purportedly written for patriotic Christian Americans, unless one understands that the Liberty Lobby is actually owned and controlled by a Zionist Jew named Mark Lane. The paper is a controlled opposition outlet that acts like flypaper to create a list of active patriots -- for the Jewish intelligence organization Lane works for.

Petherick fired me after a three-man team of heavily-armed undercover police broke my arm and TASERed me in front of my family, but only after collecting many thousands of dollars from readers for the Bollyn "legal defense fund," which were kept by the so-called employee owned newspaper. I later discovered that the newspaper and the organization behind it, the Liberty Lobby, are actually owned by the Jewish leftist lawyer, Mark Lane, and have been since the early 1990s when he bought the assets of Liberty Lobby with some of the $5 million he had been paid by Willis A. Carto in legal fees.

I learned this from L.T. Patterson, publisher of Criminal Politics of Cincinnati. Patterson's newsletter is similar to the publications of the Mark Lane's Liberty Lobby, which is what led Lane to sue Patterson in the mid-1990s for some $10 million. Lane, a Zionist Jew, wanted to have a monopoly in the patriotic newspaper business. During the legal process Patterson learned that Lane had acquired the assets of the nearly bankrupt Liberty Lobby in the early 1990s. Manfred Roeder, a German patriot who has been imprisoned often in occupied Germany, told me that such controlled opposition newspapers like National Zeitung are designed to skim the cream off of the nationalist movement. They also serve as outlets of disinformation and have even more sinister purposes.

Jane Fonda and Mark Lane worked closely together in the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War. Lane, who served in U.S. Army intelligence in post-war Germany, owns the assets of Liberty Lobby and American Free Press.

As the U.S. prepared for war in Kuwait and Iraq in the summer of 1990, I began organizing pro-Palestinian students at the University of California at Santa Cruz who were opposed to the war effort. I learned a great deal through my anti-war efforts. I saw how the anti-war movement was taken over by Jewish students from the Hillel organization (B'nai B'rith). The issue of occupied Palestine was pushed to the side. This is what controlled opposition means: controlling both sides of the debate to control the message.

James B. Phillips, a devout Catholic and dear friend from Chicago who served in Vietnam, recently sent me a video from the mid-1980s that explains how Americans have been demoralized and why.

James B. Phillips, (top row, 3rd from left) commanded a U.S. rifle platoon in Viet Nam.

The information comes from a former agent of the Soviet K.G.B. who defected to the United States.

The former K.G.B. agents says: "Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him."

This is exactly the problem we face in 2009. Although Americans have the information that proves that their government has not been elected and is lying to them about 9-11 and everything else, the people do nothing to resist. They have become enslaved to lies. This video explains how this was done.

As the former Soviet journalist Yuri Bezmenov says in the video clip about the KGB's demoralization of American youth through the media, "Ideological subversion is the process which is legitimate and open. You can see it with your own eyes.... It has nothing to do with espionage... in reality the main emphasis of the KGB is NOT in the area of intelligence at all. According to my opinion, and the opinions of many defectors of my caliber, only about 15% of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85 percent is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare. What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American [so] that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country."

Today, nearly every network and news outlet in the U.S. mass media is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews. This is a statement of fact and should not be misconstrued to be anti-Semitic in any way. Zionist Jews control nearly all of the U.S. mass media: television and radio networks, major newspapers, book publishers and leading book stores, and the big film studios and chains of movie theatres. They have taken control of the media for one reason - to manipulate public opinion by controlling the message. It is the same with media as with pipelines: He who owns the pipeline controls the product.

Many of the Jewish media moguls are members of the secret organization of Freemasons, the International Order of B'nai B'rith. Philip Morris Klutznick, the man who made Obama president, was the international president of B'nai B'rith. The Sulzberger family who owns the New York Times was one of the founding families of Lodge No. 1 of the B'nai B'rith, which was started in New York City in 1843. It is through this secret society, which is closed to all non-Jews, that the media moguls and Jewish financiers are able to conspire against the American people while living among them.

The B'nai B'rith also started the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in the early 1900s. The ADL is an organization that protects the Jewish criminal network by attacking those who expose their crimes. The ADL has infiltrated police departments across the United States. The B'nai B'rith also runs Hillel, an organization for promoting the Zionist agenda at every college campus in the United States. Through their organizations like the ADL and Hillel, the secretive Elders of Zion of the B'nai B'rith are able to push their agenda into every community and college campus in America. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is certainly not a "hoary fake", and is most likely the protocols from a meeting of the leaders of the B'nai B'rith.

Bezmenov's statement about the KGB being primarily occupied with disinformation and demoralization efforts aimed at Americans through the media is similar to the analysis by the German intelligence expert, Andreas von Bülow, who told me that 90 percent of the work done by the CIA and other intelligence agencies is disinformation and deception.

It needs to be understood that communism and Zionism are fraternal twins from the same mother -- big Jewish capital of the Rothschild sort. This relationship can be seen in Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, the most senior advisers of President Barack Hussein Obama II. Emanuel, the son of a Zionist terrorist, and Axelrod, the son of Jewish communists, were commissioned in 1992 by the daughter of Jewish financier Philip Morris Klutznick of Chicago to make Obama our "first black president." Zionism and communism are two heads of the same evil beast.

Communism and Zionism emerged together in the Russian Empire in the late 1800s. There were six communist parties, two of which were also Zionist. Although the Rothschild family who created the state of Israel is capitalist, the Russian Jews who emigrated to Palestine in the late 1800s and early 1900s were ardent communists and socialists. Most of the Ashkenazi (Khazar and Slavic) Jews who built the Zionist state and who run it to this day come from the communist and Zionist parties that created the kibbutz and moshav settlements in Palestine. The Jews who were forced to emigrate to Palestine (later Israel) and the millions of people who have lived under communism are similar. Zionists and communists are both merely the pawns of the Rothschilds; foot soldiers for international Jewish bankers.

source: Bollyn